Fannie mae approved condos miami

FTHB condo in GVA or single family house in prince George ?

2023.05.28 08:34 Hungbullhorn FTHB condo in GVA or single family house in prince George ?

Recent Journeyman in my trade and now making decent money Got approved for a $500k mortgage Currently renting in surrey GVA is definitely the place I want to live but $500k for 1bed condo/apartment compared to $500k single family house in prince George, most part of my apprenticeship I’ve been working outta town(camps/hotel) and I’m really looking for an investment property. Get tenants to pay mortgage while I’m outta town working for the next few years. Would a Condo in GVA be better choice or single family house in prince George for better ROI ?
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2023.05.28 00:10 ZaBaronDV Beyond Red, Blue, and Yellow: The 2012 Confederate Dixiecrat Convention

  1. In the six years since the last election, things have been significantly shaken up in the Confederacy.
True to his campaign promise, even amidst cries of partisanship, President Bill Frist pushed hard for Confederate Congress to push forward articles of impeachment against former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Edwin Edwards. It was tough; Even Frist's own Dixiecrat Party was somewhat divided on the matter, but between the Dixiecrats' Majority in the Senate, Plurality Major in the House, and a combined effort with the Farmers Party, articles were drafted and passed, officially impeaching the former President and Vice President, charging them with everything from perjury and sexual assault against Clinton to perjury, racketeering, extortion, money laundering, mail fraud, and wire fraud against Edwards. The only one to be actually convicted was Edwards, with Clinton being acquitted as none of the charges against him got the votes necessary for conviction. Edwards is currently in jail in his native Louisiana.
Things swiftly turned sour, however. The Confederacy was finding itself increasingly isolated from its Three Brothers allies in the U.S. and Frist was blamed. The economy entered into recession, and Frist was blamed. Hurricane Gustav hit the Deep South in 2008, and Frist controversially committed national funds to the relief effort instead of the traditional use of a network of donors and volunteers requested by the President and State Governors, though he did enjoy good optics for personally being there to assist. In 2009, the Israeli Social Republic's actions towards its Palestinian minority population became impossible to ignore, and though an embargo and sanction actions were passed, they only passed because Frist neither signed nor vetoed them, something that has drawn harsh criticism from the Farmers especially. This situation only worsened when it resulted in a shortage of electronics, which affected nearly the whole of the Confederate economy, and did nobody any favors. In general, the Presidency of Bill Frist was rife with controversies and problems, hardly encouraging for a man whose nomination was a risk in the first place.
Simply put, when the time came that President Frist formally petitioned Congress to be allowed to seek a second term as Confederate President, he was shot down. Bill Frist will become the first one-term President since Jimmy Carter, and the first President since Dwight F. Davis to fail to secure Congressional approval to seek a second term.
The Dixiecrats are, to say the least, in a bad position. Since the midterm elections in 2009, they've lost their Majority in the Senate, reduced instead to a Major Plurality barely ahead of the Populists, and are now in the Plurality Minor in the House of Representatives behind the Farmers. The Dixiecrats need a win, badly. It's time to choose who will replace Bill Frist, and the Dixiecrats need a strong choice to have any hope of staying in the Confederate White House for the next six years.
Thus do we come to the Dixiecrat National Convention in Miami, Florida...

Vice President Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

Bill Frist's Vice President was the first to put his name forward, and has been campaigning hard. He's reminded everyone at the Convention that Frist was instrumental in the gains the Dixiecrats made between 1994 and 2006, and says that now, more than ever, is a time for multipartisanship. He's already committed to restarting the fight for Frist's health reform plan that has been met with scorn from the conservative wing of the Dixiecrats.
Ultimately, Graham's words seem to be falling on deaf ears. Given that Frist is already on his way out the door, and Graham is his Vice President, Dixiecrat leadership simply sees him as damaged goods, and running him would require a miracle for him to win.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama

Finding a resurgence in popularity as one of Frist's first and earliest critics if the Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Already a man of note for being a Dixiecrat Senator in a mostly Farmers or Populist State, Sessions has become the standard bearer of the conservative wing of the Party. He's called for tax cuts across the board to get the economy back rolling, repealing the embargo on Israel (though he voted for it himself), and instead take what he vaguely describes as "more direct action" against Israel, which has made some nervous as to what he might mean.
Sessions is a hugely controversial figure, however. He's got a mixed reputation even in his own State. And while he's certainly no Pat Robertson, his conservative views fall more in line with Robertson than more modern conservatives and certainly moreso than the more moderate wing of the Dixiecrats.

Fmr. Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia

Back for another try after failing in both 2000 and 2006 is the former Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore. He's notably more moderate than Sessions, but is still broadly palatable to conservatives. He's called for a cut to much of the national expenditures to try and build a surplus for a "rainy day fund" as well as to invest in infrastructure to help get the economy going. He's also pushed for greater use of technology in the Confederacy, and has been using the Internet to build support. He also has the unique advantage of having a certain degree of appeal to the black vote, which could offer a lifeline for the Dixiecrats if properly used to their advantage.
So what holds the Convention back from choosing Gilmore? Well, his fiscal record in Virginia is mixed. His tax plan in Virginia put a drain on the States own rainy day fund, something that makes his own calls for a rainy day fund... rich, to some. That appeal to the black vote is also mixed, as to date, Virginia is still the only one to celebrate the defeat of New Afrika back in the 60s, something some black voters might see as provocative. As well, he's been out of government for over a decade at this point, making some wonder if his ideas are even still up to date with the Confederacy's needs and situation.

Vincent K. McMahon of Florida

If the Dixiecrats were looking for a wild card option to bet on, this is it. Businessman Vincent McMahon from Florida has been a Dixiecrat ally for many years, and is well-liked by some of the Party's leadership despite a reputation as being socially moderate. Make no mistake, however, McMahon is a fiscal conservative, calling for taxes to be cut across the board. He's a firebrand of a speaker, and his core supporters, though small in number, are fiercely passionate, to say nothing of the considerable financial resources and experience he could bring to the table.
But McMahon has quite a few issues, and almost all of them to do with shady dealings that his wrestling company and he himself have engaged in. The impeachments of Bill Clinton and Edwin Edwards are still very fresh in the Confederacy's mind, and McMahon's history of legal trouble is lengthy and well-known. There's also doubts that this is a serious run for the Presidency and just a publicity stunt on McMahon's part to promote his planned WWE Network. As well, he's known to be friends with the deeply controversial former U.S. President Donald Trump, raising questions about both the company he keeps and his integrity in general. If nominated, and that is a large if, he would have to walk a thin and precarious tightrope to pull off a win...
The speakers have spoken, the candidates have stood to be counted, and the Dixiecrat's position in the government is more precarious than it has been in a long time. Who do the Convention's delegates choose to hopefully save the Dixiecrats in 2012?
View Poll
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2023.05.27 23:34 NSFWhunta Multiple Loan Officers and Banks?

Hello! My wife put in an offer for a condo in a HCOL market over a month ago. We went through the loan process with Truist Bank and got all approvals, or so we thought. About 10 days prior to closing (early June), they shocked us when they said that their condo approval team denied due to HOA issues. With that, we had about 10 days to close with the sellers not willing to budge.
So now we were so scared of losing our home, we’ve been working with multiple loan officers from different banks who have greatly expedited the process for us, with one actually pulling through with a full acceptance and a confirmed closing!! We felt so scared that we’d be denied late in the process, that we worked with multiple folks with tight turnarounds all the way to the end. However now that it looks like we’re at the finish line at the very last possible moment, we’re loathing telling these other mortgage loan teams that have moved mountains in such a short amount of time that we’re not moving forward with them. Is something like this typical? Or did we commit a home-buying feaux pas? We’re thinking of getting gifts for the mortgage loan folks that we worked with but didn’t end up going with. Is that too much?
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2023.05.27 22:28 felitopcx Just want general feedback. I'll begin applying to WFH cybersecurity positions soon (health issues).

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2023.05.27 19:57 _Goldieee11 Will my transfer arrive on time?

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2023.05.27 17:33 sjtstudios Investing in a second property

Hey all,
Looking at buying a 2nd property. I bought a condo for $200K back in 2021 with an FHA loan and want to convert it into a rental. I was making 60K and got approved for 250K. I’m now making $100K and hope to get approved for 300-400k.
1.) Are there any restrictions or required filings with your mortgage company when the property is no longer your primary residence?
2.) How do I calculate the rental income that would pay the mortgage for my current property and then “sell” that to the bank? So I can maximize the amount I get approved for on my 2nd property.
Thanks in advance and please let me know if this is the wrong page for this!
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2023.05.27 14:28 Late-Mycologist-6176 Incredibly lucky to find my first two Treasure Hunts and Godzilla at the same Dollar Tree. Some nice mainlines too.

Incredibly lucky to find my first two Treasure Hunts and Godzilla at the same Dollar Tree. Some nice mainlines too.
They hadn't restocked in a while, but when they did. Wow.
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2023.05.27 12:30 Humble_Novice Buyers of Trump-Developed Condominiums Haven't Done So Well

Article: Here
Whether self-proclaimed real estate “mogul” Donald Trump is actually the tycoon he proclaims to be is up for debate. But according to a new report, people who have purchased apartments in Trump-developed condominiums haven’t done so well, at least not in the last few years when prices have skyrocketed.
A look by at transactions in the properties that carry the former president’s brand found the numbers to be decidedly underwhelming. Prices for the apartments in his buildings “have either declined or appreciated at a slower pace than the local markets they’re in,” according to the official listing site of the National Association of Realtors.
Citing data from the CoreLogic analytics firm, the study found that while the median price for condo sales between 2019 and 2022 rose 38%, the median at Trump-developed properties declined 14%. Not one of the properties the ex-president built outperformed the market where they are located.
The issue: Likely because of Trump’s multiple legal problems, the name no longer commands the prices they once did. In response, some buildings have taken steps to remove the Trump name from their marques in hopes of separating themselves from the Republican standard-bearer.
But at the same time, the report notes, the buildings, which are said to be some of the best managed in the Big Apple, are so old that they have a tough time competing with newer properties offering all the trimmings that come with more modern places. Trump hasn’t built anything in years in the city.
Take Manhattan: Since just prior to the pandemic, prices at Trump buildings have slid about 16%, according to the analysis. Over the same period, the value of all condos in the borough have risen roughly 11%.
In South Florida, owners of the condos he built have done better. They went up by about 15% between 2019 and 2022. But during the same period, prices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties shot up 50%.
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2023.05.27 05:45 lanceypanties Fairness overshadowed by deep cultural sexism.

On mobile, sorry if there's any mistakes.
This is primarily about my mom and maternal grandparents indirectly affecting me.
My parents recently sat me down last night after we had a fight a month back about them still viewing me as a child. During that fight, they said I don't know half the story and it's been rough this year without elaborating. Well, here's how the story goes and I haven't been able to sleep well since.
My mom's younger brother - my uncle "John" the SIL - my aunt "Serena" My cousin "daniel" My grandparents - "XY"
A few years ago, mom was applying for XY to immigrate to our country since both mom and John's family are here. XY are fairly well off and so mom, John and XY decided to put away 170k in a joint savings bank account for XY to use when they finally decided to come. The immigration process has been delayed because XY don't want to leave China and technically may never be able to due to their age.
Fast forward to Feb 2023. Mom didn't get the tax slip from the bank account to do tax returns. Strange, banks always send out tax slips as soon as the account's interest is over $50, less than won't need one. She then asked Serena if she has seen it as they might have mailed it to their house by mistake. Serena said "no, best to ask John." So mom asked John, he said "probably the interests didn't give back more than $50. (The math doesn't even add up)
Mom didn't think much of it but was still curious so she logged onto the account. The 170k was gone. Mom flipped her lid. She called XY asking, "wtf is going on?!"
The truth is John and Serena borrowed the money to buy my cousin Daniel a condo that is over 1 million dollars. Their excuse was, they bought a big enough place for XY to stay when they visit or move. Another option was they would sell if XY need the money.
Mom said, "I was so mad in that moment that I was trembling. They knew I wouldn't approve and that's exactly why they went behind my back. John and Serena invited us to their house (not apartment) for CNY dinner and lied to our faces. I told XY that I can't talk to them right now, I will when I'm ready." Mom eventually did start communicating with XY again after a few months since they kept on calling but she has never responded to John since.
The side story is that within the last year, mom and dad's house needed extensive repair and forked out 40k. Mom then indirectly asked, "are you going to help me out with this then?" XY only agreed to give 20k. The rest will have to come when John returns the money.
Mom can smell BS a mile away and so can I.
The whole family spat went on until XY finally relented and said when the 170k comes back, they are going to split 50/50. However, there is no timeline. Anyone with more than a single brain cell would know that money is never showing face again. This doesn't even get into the equity of the apartment if they do sell or the possible interests they would get by having the money sit in the bank.
To note, this is not the first time that John and Serena have asked money to buy property. They have asked when they bought their single family home. That's not to say XY didn't help mom and dad with their house either.
My response to mom is below: "Growing up, XY and yourself pride that they have always been fair and will be when they pass but the fact is it's not the case. It will never be the case. Part of the reason even more so now is because I'm your daughter and John and Serena have 2 sons. When XY said they will split the inheritance 50/50 is a lie simply because of 3 grandchildren with 2 sons in 1 olive branch. Not only so, Daniel is the closest to them. He is a natural kiss ass and that's ok. I'm closer to my paternal side, it's only natural. You need to accept it as well because culturally and almost genetically, that's how it will always play out. You don't need to worry about not telling me these things so I can maintain a relationship with Daniel, Serena, and John. I simply don't have a relationship with them to the point where I won't invite any of them to my wedding. I don't need them in my life and I certainly don't need the drama."
Parents and I haven't had the best relationship recently but it still hurts me to see sexism this deep embedded and to see mom so defeated. In truth, she was a lot more attentive to XY over the years compare to John as he is naturally aloof. While this story is about money, it's the actions that have plagued the multigenerarional distain for one another.
I'm sad because I have the right intuition and I had really hoped that I was wrong.
Thanks for reading my rant.
TLDR: uncle/aunt took $170k shared with grandparents to buy cousin a $1 million condo for male cousin.
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2023.05.27 04:18 GloomyMelons How much of a benefit would I be gaining using CHFA 1st time home buy assistance?

Hi, I got a preapproval w/ my gf for 300k from my local bank. Wondering if I should get preapproved with a CHFA approved bank but I would like to know what exactly I would be getting.
We have a 300k preapproval, both around 110k/yearly together. Our preapproval stipulated an 8% down payment, which we can afford. I am looking a condo that is FHA approved and wondering what kind of benefits I would gain.
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2023.05.27 03:11 maplemew When should I apply for another credit card again? High credit score, short credit history

Looking for some advice here, admittedly a bit ignorant to all of this because of how I was raised so bear with me.
My credit score is nearly 800 (793-798 roughly). No student loan, auto, or home debt. I've always paid in cash for everything I own (car included). I make $70k a year.
I have one CC, an Amex Gold. I put everything on it except my rent and I have paid the full balance every month.
Here's where it gets tricky. I didn't use credit until last year (I will be 31 this year). My dad put me as an authorized user on one of his cards earlier last year to help with my credit score. A few months ago I applied for a Best Buy CC and got denied due to insufficient credit history.
I would like to explore other CCs, particularly for Target and Amazon because I like to shop there. I'd also like to buy a house or condo someday.
What can I do to get approved? How long should I wait before applying for another CC again?
Any help and advice is much appreciated.
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2023.05.27 02:58 Inside_Pangolin_8171 Blacklist for HOAs with issues related to insurance, structure, and reserves

Has anyone been following the emerging stories about a blacklist of HOAs that is preventing conventional financing?
See this story for more, google can find more stories in this.
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2023.05.27 02:33 goldfishills Condo sublet rules?

Does anyone know if condos are allowed to set rules around subletting? I sublet my room in Toronto from May 1st until September and the concierge of our building is giving her trouble, saying that she has to stay for at least 6 months and my landlord should have told us this before approving the sublet. Any advice?!
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2023.05.26 23:43 txredbird26 Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Attorney

Seriously, this is an odd situation so hear me out. I’m not sure what to flair this. Sorry for the novel.
TL;DR- real estate agent friend insisting we need to use agent, real estate attorney friend saying no we do not. See last paragraph for questions.
So a friend of a friend (FOF) purchased a home in a suburb about 45 minutes away to get out of the city during COVID. Now that life is going back to normal they completely regret it and desperately want out (nothing technically wrong with the house, just location and commute related). We happen to be looking for a bigger place in that suburb to get out of the city with our kids. FOF has found a condo in the city and needs to sell house fast we are willing to buy house and move immediately.
Another friend (RA) is a real estate attorney and we already have a lender. We’ve basically done the work, are approved through the lender with a 40% down payment. RA is doing the contracts and legal stuff for FOF and to help guide us.
I have already inspected (I am a CE) the house and had a work friend take a look at the house for issues I was not qualified to inspect. Like I said everything looks good other than dated interior and two accessory structures that need to be removed and have plumbing capped and a driveway repair.
Enter third friend (TF), this friend is a real estate agent. They are insisting we each need to hire an agent and list the house. He said he is willing to represent the seller for less commission. He is also stating he could just broker the deal to make sure “everything goes smoothly” and give us a discount rate. Okay, so we have a quick discussion because after all we are all friends(FOF, RA, TF and us): 1. TF immediately stated that FOF needed to list house for 10% more than the agreed upon price and put it on the market at least for two weeks. Which okay, fair enough, home is in competitive area and neighborhood doesn’t have houses come up very often even before competitive market. He will need time to stage it since interior is dated so tack on at least another two weeks. 2. TF says we need to put down $20k in earnest money (?) and wait the two weeks to see if FOF gets better offers. 3. TF said we can’t use chosen lender and need to pick from a list he provided us. At this point RA says we absolutely do not need to do that and TF says it will slow down the deal if we don’t. 4. TF pulls out contract for FOF to sign, there is something in there about TF representing FOF in purchase of condo but FOF has that deal worked out so he declines. TF says “big mistake.” RA said he’s acting like a dick and needs to stop.
RA is saying that TF is being a jerk and just trying to make money but he stands to benefit also if FOF uses his law services. This has caused a riff between RA and TF and not everyone in our group knows why. I don’t think either friend would mislead us and both are successful professionals.
So my question is: what would be the advantage of hiring a realtor over a real estate attorney in this situation? It seems like the deal was pretty much done before this meeting and all that I see happening is this slowing down the deal for a month at this point meaning FOF may have to pay two mortgages or risk losing the condo. Are we missing something? Is there another service being provided (for either party) that I am unaware of? Apologies, we are new to this process but I am just trying to gain some understanding of what my husband and I are missing.
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2023.05.26 18:51 Rennekevin Officially greened after 380 days - May 2022 filer

Officially greened after 380 days - May 2022 filer
I485 and I130 got approved on the same day! Waited a year for my EAD and a month later this happened.
Married to USC and adjusting from F1. I live in Miami but I don’t think my case was ever transferred to a filed office. Didn’t have an interview either. Be patient guys, yours will come at the most unexpected time.
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2023.05.26 18:20 Queued-Up Looking for deals South Fl (Miami)

I have a cash buyer looking for fixer uppers, beach condos or multi family near Miami - looking for subject to deals mainly DM if interested!
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2023.05.26 16:03 coco289 Favorite and least favorite brands?

I just got approved and am excited to go to my first OK dispo. Probably going in the Miami area but I’m interested in what your favorite brands are and which to avoid regardless of location. Specifically thinking about concentrates, flower, edibles and large pre-roll packs. Feel free to throw in some specifics about favorite strains and which one are closer to ditch weed.
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2023.05.26 15:44 iamdeirdre ➡️Before Asking Questions about Moving to St. Pete Read This!⬅️

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2023.05.26 08:11 stormy001 Maybank: Secure2u on MAE is the only way to approve online transactions effective 1st July

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2023.05.26 04:48 ajaffa What to do with 350K?

Hi everyone, looking for some financial advice on what to do with our money
My wife and I live in a small 1 bedroom condo. We are expecting our first child later this year and we need to get a bigger place. we live in the GTA and would like to remain in York Region as we both work here and have family here.
We expect to make about $350,000 after selling our condo and we have an additional 100K in savings. We plan on putting as much money as possible into a downpayment for a new home to reduce our mortgage as much as possible.
Last time we applied, we were able to get a 700K pre-approval but we definitely don't want to buy a very expensive home. now that we are expecting, it feels like a time crunch to sell the condo and buy a new house. I don't want us to buy out of desperation. My wife suggested that if we are unable to find something we like, we can rent a place in the meantime.
if we go down the rental route, what should I do with the money we made on the condo? I don't want it to depreciate in the bank. I'd like to put it in some safe investments that'll guarantee growth but also have it accessible to purchase a home within a year or two max. how should I go about this? I currently have investments through my TFSA and RSP but I know there are limits on deposits.
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2023.05.26 04:04 cosmasterblaster Problem Selling Condo Unit

A fellow owner is trying to sell his unit in our building, but all the interested buyers cannot get financing because of the ratio of owners to renters living in the building. I was wondering if there was anything we could do to help him sell his unit. Are there any changes we can make to the condo's bylaws, or steps we can take to help buyers get approved?
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2023.05.26 03:41 ChampionSSJ Airbnb Host scammed us out of a refund and Airbnb Support was unhelpful. Host agreed to refund us upon checkout within our Airbnb chat and did not honor it, then left a defamatory review about us. Airbnb support acknowledged the agreement but allowed the host to deny a refund. What can be done now?

I booked 4 nights at a condo in Thailand with my girlfriend under her Airbnb account. We arrived after a long flight to find that the bed and mattress was actually broken and not like the photos at all. The mattress was severely damaged and sunken. It had springs jabbing into us and wobbled like a waterbed with the slightest movement - we could not sleep at all. The photos showed a bed with a luxurious cushion headboard and cushion box. Instead it was sliding on a plank of plywood atop a metal frame. I complained to the host via chat at around 4am on the first night and he offered to cancel and refund us for our stay upon checkout - this is in writing within our Airbnb chat.
Absolutely exhausted from a sleepless night, we packed up and searched for a hotel in the morning while the host gave us written checkout assistance and assured us again of going forward with the refund process. We sent photos of returning the key and checked out by 11am. However, after we left, the host went silent for more than 24 hours and did not respond to my messages inquiring about the refund status.
I then went to Airbnb support and a back and forth engaged where support would “request” the host to approve the refund and the host would deny the request. As part of the investigation, a support “ambassador” acknowledged that they indeed read that the host promised us a refund for the remaining nights on our reservation but stated that there is nothing they can do to enforce it without the host explicitly approving the current resolution request. Here is proof of this acknowledgement as one of the infuriating responses we’ve received from Airbnb Support:
(Screenshot link in comments) It reads: “Hi X,
I cannot escalate this claim as we are the team who handles this kind of cases. Base on our record the Host agreed to refund you the remaining nights on your conversation with them.
However, for verification the Host must confirm this agreement to us as well. We cannot force the Host to confirm the refund that he promised to you X.
As for your documentation, I would like to inform you again, base on our thorough investigation we cannot verify that your claim for the broken bed is in line to our Aircover policy...”
A series of more appalling and unbelievable responses from Airbnb support about how sorry they were for us but could and would not do anything about it ensued. Support then closed the ticket offering 10% off our first night and no refund for the remaining 3 nights that we weren't there for.
This is an scam and bad faith mediation by Airbnb who appear to be complicit in helping the host scam us even in the face of direct acknowledged proof of a written agreement to refund.
As of today, the host has left a defamatory, slanderous review for my girlfriend’s Airbnb account about us - completely and untrue - claiming that we attempted to scam him with a plan to stay for free, that we threatened to leave a bad review and that we were rude! Never did we ever threaten to leave a bad review, nor have we attempted to stay for free or were less than cordial! I simply complained about the bed and state of the condo, then the host offered us a cancellation and refund, we agreed and then we checked out in the morning with the hosts guidance to leave the key at the mailbox. The host pocketed 3 nights of a reservation that we didn't stay for and is calling us scammers in review!
Short of posting this publicly on reddit for the fat chance that it can be shared and someone in a position of power at Airbnb can see it and escalate, I don’t know what else to do now other then get a lawyer, which may yield nothing as well. Perhaps people can help by tweeting this story or sharing to get someone at Airbnb to see it and actually recognize the wrong-doing here and remediate for us.
Such an unfair mediation damages the reputation of Airbnb as a platform and has been an unjust and miserable experience for us.
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