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2023.05.28 08:27 Hey__Martin Kullervo lore speculation

So I have tired to piece together the lore pieces they've revealed about Kullervo from devstream 171 and I have a hypothesis: Kullervo is linked to Ordan Karris, the beast of bones, the former personality of Ordis, whose lore can be accessed from cephalon fragment screens.
  1. The update is called Kullervo's seven crimes and people have been speculating what that means. There are also seven Orokin executors. In Ordan Karris lore, he was honored as a warrior by the "orokins" and at the ceremony, he sacrificed himself and attempted to murder these "orokins". It was not clearly stated whether these orokins were the emperors or the seven executors, but we could infer that it was likely the seven executors. This is because in the lore, as he was dying, all the "orokins" that he tried to kill laughed, and then Ballas was "above him" and in particular laughed, and said the following line: "you rejected our gift, bathing in our death, your punishment is eternal life." This makes it pretty clear that Ordan Karris tried to kill the seven executors, including Ballas. Therefore the seven crimes could be his seven counts of murder of the executors. Of course he didn't actually kill them, and eventually most of the executors were actually killed by the Tennos.
  2. Possible connection to Duviri. This part is mostly speculation as a lot of Duviri lore hasn't been flushed out yet. According to Ordan Karris lore, by the time he was dying, Ballas gave him Kuva and he took it, and then he was made into cephalon Ordis. We know from the end of the war within quest that Kuva has some kind of connection with the void, as messing with Kuva made the man in the wall briefly possess the Tenno's body. We also know that the void can manifest real entities from strong emotions of people that are somehow connected to the void. So Kullervo could be a void manifestation that's related to Ordan Karris. Or he could even be the part of Ordan Karris that was stripped away when being made into a cephalon.
  3. In devstream 171, an orokin-like figure (looks a little reminiscent of Ballas) can be seen as the warden guarding Kullervo. They also hinted "I don't know who it is but I don't like him." Well the most hated character in the game, the biggest asshole, is definitely Ballas. We also know that Ballas made Ordan into cephalon Ordis. Could it be that this is some void manifestation of Ballas that is guarding away Ordis' other missing half?
  4. Another clue is that when they showcased the secret cave, there was a zariman style quiz on what is "what is conceptual embodiment" and the correct answer was "the creation of cephalons". And then Pablo started to talk about how this is definitely a hint at the lore. Could they be referring to the process of making Ordan into a cephalon?
  5. You can see from the design of Kullervo, he's pierced by many daggers. Ordan used his bone daggers to kill the executors, and a fitting eternal punishment would be for him to be forever pierced by many daggers?
  6. And some more speculations: the idea of a Duviri warframe is impossible. Warframes don't exist in Duviri, as Duviri never experienced the old war. We also know from the sacrifice quest that the Tenno can control warframes not just because of their void abilities, but because they were able to sympathize with the warframes and forge a symbiotic bond with them. Ordan Karris was a tortured man who died with a lot of shame. So in this new update we could be trying to sympathize with and tame Ordan's void manifestation and make him a controllable warframe, the first warframe born in Duviri that can walk in the origin system, who never fought in the old war.
Anyway these are just wild speculations. I could be completely wrong. Just some pass time thoughts to think about before the next update.
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2023.05.28 08:24 Tashido12 The only REAL ways to make consistent kinahs (classic eu)

Hey, making this post because im tired of bullshiters. And yes you can downvote me i don’t give a f**. But if you are struggling with making kinah in this game you don’t have 36000 solutions. Because i read so many reddit posts and tested a lot of methods and wasted hours to get to this conclusion and i am sharing it because im not a lying piece of sht. Excuse my language but in this game and even inside my legion people are very afraid to share their experience since a majority of people think it’s a race and are blinded by fomo and fake competitiveness (im not saying competition is bad, everyone can play however the f they want. It’s just that it creates a feeling that makes ppl not wanting to share their techniques in order to stay in the top for a long time). So long story short : Don’t give up ! As there is some ways to make consistent kinahs. I say consistent because YES blue quests give you kinahs but you can’t repeat them forever.
NB: This ways are NOT ranked by importance.
Buy with money: - buy kinahs with real money through game shop - buy kinahs with real money from gold sellers (illegal, but it’s on the list since a huge amount of cheaters do it.)
Do it yourself: - do solo elite runs - gathering/alchemy/cooking (takes a lot of time but very rewarding. I did not test it and i don’t need to. Everybody knows it.) - stick with a legion that does world bosses (it doesn’t take a lot of time and if it’s a 2 groups party you still have a good chance to get the loot and sell it in AH) - do LEGIT weapon selling dungeon runs (not scammy ones like some ppl do. This is hard because it supposes that everyone is geared) - 5 times SR a week will give you around 70-100k per run - Duo/Trio roah & asteria chambers for scales (we are averaging 6 scales each for a duo run. 50k for each scale.. Do the math) - don’t buy soul healing
Methods that didn’t work for me : - farming Centaurs and the undead in Burshtonin (drop chance is very low because of bots) - farming solo dungeons for stigmas (it’s completely RNG to get a good one, so it can’t be considered consistent)
Some answers to some retarded questions that i might get:
What do you need kinah for ?
In my case i need 4kk to complete buying all the books + stigmas (and I have to help my cleric duo for his stigmas too) + scrolls + potions + financing future alts. And you don’t have to no life all those methods. It’s just a tested guide of what to do in case you need kinahs consistently in this version of the game. You can easily survive with one or 2 of them.
If you care to share other techniques PROVEN to work please share. Enjoy your game however your pace is.
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2023.05.28 08:11 Disastrous-One3335 How do I "get over" a girl? (personal rant)

As a 17 year old who is about to finish his junior year, I've gotta say; this is the worst I've felt yet.
First, when I say, "get over", I don't mean moving on from a breakup because lord knows I've never been on (and never will be) a relationship.
"Get over", as in, cutting off these feelings that I hold for a girl who literally doesn't even know I exist.
The school year is about to end, yet I can't help but think about her every fucking day. I don't love her because I don't know her, and I don't have a crush on her because I don't blush nor get extremely nervous around her and I actually honest to God hope to spot her kissing another person so that my brain can finally accept this reality and I can move on from this stupid phase.
I try hard not to look at her and (here's the weird part) I've tried my damnedest to make myself dislike her too, but none of it is working.
What makes ZERO sense is, just a year prior, I doubt I would have felt this way- hell, just around 5 months ago, even though we shared the same classes, I held absolutely nothing for her!
What's ridiculous is that this all changed when my teacher (for one of the classes we share) decided to change our seats and have us both sit together.
"Ok, cool, whatever. Idk her and she doesn't know me so, what the hell? Let's just get this over with."
One day, however, she asked me a question for something related to our assignments, and the second I turned to her to look at her eyes and respond, I literally felt myself fucking freeze on the inside.
I was flabbergasted! I was fucking stunned, I was- fuck, dude, I don't even know WHAT I was actually feeling at the time, but her eyes were so beautiful and unique. They were they kind of eyes you'd only see in celebrities, and while I'm not going to get into any specifics, all I'm gonna say is that they were a beautiful color that less than 10% of the US population has.
Afterwards, I started noticing all of her features and all of these pretty little details that made her unique and gorgeous in my eyes. The way she presented herself, her confidence, her sense of fashion (as in, her clothing fit her perfectly and looked very nice), her hair, her naturally good looking face, her voice which wasn't overly feminin and annoying nor was it deep or anything like that (it just simply sounded good and, again, it suit her perfectly), her laugh also sounded pretty nice, etc.
It feels weird yet right to say this, but she's, in my eyes, the most beautiful woman I've seen in my life. I can't believe I'm typing these words, but it's true, idk man. She's just so alluring to me, and it's so fucking weird because she's a tomboy who I'm 99% sure is a lesbian.
Yes, you read that correctly, the same girl who I've been praising and acting as if she was some sort of goddess is actually just a tomboy who probably isn't even into boys.
It's just a whole mess, and I wish I never looked at her eyes. No, I'm not blaming it on her eyes, I'm just blaming it on my idiocy for looking at her eyes.
I could have simply just responded to her question, which was (no specifics) literally 2 words, without having to look at her. Just a casual answer, no need to face her.
But nah, since my confidence is low, and I can't find it in me to respond to people's questions without having to at least stare at their direction, I just had to look up and now I'm here.
I just need help shutting down these feelings, I really wanna stop thinking about her. Shit's gonna be a pain in the ass if we get the same classes again next year, and it's most likely gonna haunt me throughout summer if I don't get some sort of confirmation that there's a negative chance I could ever "be" with her before school ends.
It just sucks, I don't like her, I just find her very interesting and eye catching, but these feelings for her are not real. These are annoying thoughts I never once held for anybody, never.
I've had crushes before, and all pale in comparison to this girl's looks, however, at least I actually RECOGNIZED that I had a crush on those people and they seemed to fit with what I thought were my preferences.
This person is so different from them, just so in contrast to what most people think I would like, and I DON'T want to think about her, but, Jesus, man, I don't even know anymore.
I had to let this out, because it's affecting me at this point. For example, in the two classes that we share (yeah, only 2 out 8) I'm just...I never noticed it before until last week, but I get very fucking nervous. Ik I previously said I don't get extremely nervous, but like, this is different. I get a tick, where I tend to scratch my head or sigh a lot, not like with the others where I tended to fidget a lot and glance at them every now and then.
I also just feel sad, ok? I just feel sad, like, "damn, why the hell did I have to share these classes with you?", and at home, I just find myself laying in bed more often, thinking about futures that can never happen and scenarios that won't happen due to me not wanting to act, and because Ik I don't have a chance.
She's so fucking cool, dude, she's the best girl I've ever laid eyes on and I just wanna leave it at thst, just some girl who I really liked but not in that way.
God damn it, this is so fucking stupid, I actually feel like I ended up gaslighting myself into feeling some sort of way towards her because I also distinctively remember that the feeling didn't start out this strong immediately after I looked at her eyes.
I vividly remember thinking, at that moment when I saw her eyes, "what the fuck? Those eyes are so weird [in a good way], I've never seen them before", and then after turning away, "she's so pretty, what the fuck? How did i never notice? Oh my god, what am i thinking? Fuck, whatever"
Yeah, "whatever" Alright.
Again, I just had to let this out, I'm so sorry. I promised myself I would never feel this way towards anybody as I realized it's a way of time and energy, yet, this is so frustrating and shitty.
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2023.05.28 08:04 rjpatel712 Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing with the Millionaire Track Company's Course

Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing with the Millionaire Track Company's Course
Are you prepared to embrace the limitless possibilities offered by digital marketing and soar to new heights in your professional journey? Look no further than the cutting-edge digital marketing course offered by the Millionaire Track Company. In today's era of digital transformation, businesses are in search of skilled professionals who can navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. This article delves into the exciting realm of digital marketing and explores how the Millionaire Track Company's course can revolutionize your future.
Decoding Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is not just a passing trend; it's a game-changer. It encompasses a wide range of strategies and techniques aimed at connecting businesses with their target audience in the digital realm. From mastering search engine optimization to harnessing the power of social media marketing, digital marketing offers endless opportunities to promote products and services. It's the art of creating captivating online experiences that enchant and convert potential customers.
The Vital Role of Digital Marketing
In a world where everyone is constantly connected, digital marketing has become a lifeline for businesses. Traditional marketing methods simply can't compete anymore. Digital marketing enables you to reach your ideal customers precisely when they're actively searching for your products or services. It's about building meaningful relationships, amplifying brand visibility, and driving conversions. Neglecting digital marketing means forfeiting countless opportunities to grow your business and stand out from the competition.
Discover the Millionaire Track Company's Digital Marketing Course
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Revealing the Comprehensive Curriculum
The course curriculum leaves no stone unturned. From laying the foundations to exploring advanced strategies, you'll delve deep into every aspect of digital marketing. Uncover the secrets of effective search engine optimization and learn how to leverage the immense power of social media platforms. Master the art of content marketing, create compelling email campaigns, and gain expertise in pay-per-click advertising. Unleash your analytical skills and unearth the insights that drive meaningful results. The Millionaire Track Company's course ensures you're equipped with a versatile skill set that's in high demand.
Benefits of Enrolling in the Course
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: Is prior experience in digital marketing necessary to enroll in the course? A: Absolutely not! The course caters to individuals with varying levels of experience, including beginners.
  2. Q: Will I receive a certification upon completing the course? A: Absolutely! The Millionaire Track Company provides a prestigious certificate of completion that carries significant weight in the industry.
  3. Q: Can I participate in the course from anywhere in the world? A: Yes, the course is entirely online, allowing you to join from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
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2023.05.28 07:56 AbleBird9647 Make an Impression with Luxury Living! M3M Sector 94 Noida

M3M Code 94, M3M Code 94 Noida, M3M Noida, M3M Luxury Projects in Noida, M3M 3,4 & 5 BHK Premium Apartment in Noida, M3M Projects Noida, M3M Sector 94 Noida, M3M Projects Noida, M3M Noida, M3M Sector 94 Noida Price List, M3M Sector 94 Noida Location Map, M3M Sector 94 Noida Floor Plan, M3M Sector 94 Noida Payment Plan

For More Details, Visit:

M3M Sector 94 Noida is one of the most sought-after real estate projects in the city. Located in Sector 94, it offers an array of luxurious residential options to choose from. The project features 3,4 & 5 BHK premium apartments that come with all modern amenities and facilities that make life comfortable and convenient for its residents. Apart from this, M3M also provides a wide range of luxury projects located across Noida which have been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of today’s buyers.

M3M Sector 94 Noida One can find several attractive features at M3M Sector 94 Noida such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, gyms etc along with other recreational activities like shopping malls or sports complexes nearby making it a perfect destination for those looking to purchase property here. Additionally there are various payment plans available for buyers who want to invest their money wisely without any hassles or delays while buying their dream home at M3M Projects Noida .

M3M Sector 94 Noida Apart from these benefits , what makes this project stand out is its commitment towards providing quality construction with superior safety standards so as to ensure peace-of-mind among customers when they buy property here . Furthermore , being strategically located close proximity to Delhi NCR region makes it even more desirable option amongst potential investors looking forward investing into real estate sector . M3M Sector 94 Noida All these factors combined together make purchasing properties at M3m Sector 94 noida an ideal choice whether you are looking for peaceful living environment or lucrative investment opportunities
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2023.05.28 07:46 TheSecularist1967 Please remember to always stay anonymous when criticizing or denouncing Islam

I notice that there are more and more threads where young ex-Muslims from Muslim countries report that they are being threatened by Islamists because they criticize Islam, some even knowing where they live.
You can save yourself all the stress by remaining anonymous.
Some basic rules:
  1. ALWAYS use a VPN when you go online. I recommend the free version of ProtonVPN.
  2. NEVER!!!!!! use your private social media profiles (such as Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp or Instagram) where information about you is linked or can be traced back, such as where you live, what you look like, which places you visit and who your family members are, etc. Do not follow any pages and do not comment or like any posts that criticize Islam or promote atheism.
  3. Completely separate your private accounts from accounts you use to learn about ex-Muslim media. You need a account which is completely empty, has 0 information about you, no profile pics etc. Give a wrong name, wrong place where you live and overall use pseudonyms for everything. Wrong gender, wrong age, wrong ethnicity. And make your accounts completely private, so nobody can see what pages you like. Do not accept friend requests from anyone.
  4. completely disable your inbox. Never engage in chats with strangers online, you will most likely get malicious links and what not. Most of the people who text you will be hostile, there is not point in risking that.
  5. Do not save any pictures or videos which can be classified as blasphemy. Do not leave any evidence or traces on your devices. Use a safe privacy browser like Tor or Firefox and always use privacy mode on to not save any search history.
  6. Use a Password manager for all your different accounts.
I also recommend you go to to learn more about online privacy.
The same goes for real life, as well. Never admit you are a Ex-Muslim and never question Islam in front of Muslims around you. Got a friend who keeps telling you about the scientific miracles in the Quran? Just pretend you agree with that. Otherwise you are putting your life in danger for nothing.
Stay safe.
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2023.05.28 07:17 feistyen I (F27) Confused with this guy (M27) giving mixed signals. Before masipag pa sya magreply but suddenly biglang hindi magpaparamdam

Please do take your time to read. Your advice would really help me a lot. Thank you!
I (F27) met this guy (M27) sa Omegle last year mga November taga Batangas DAW sya lol hindi constant yung communication namin since "busy raw sya sa work nya" tamang "Ingat ka" Goodluck sa work mo" lang kami umabot kami ng February this year ng ganyan kami. After Valentine's hindi na sya nagparamdam so naiisip ko na baka hindi sya interested sakin. Btw sa TG lang kami naguusap at hindi ko alam talaga real name nya. Mga March, nagdelete na ko ng mga convo sa TG ko ng mga nakachat ko before included na sya ron.
Mid April, nagmessage sya ulit sakin tho deleted ko na both convo namin. Nandito raw sya sa Manila dahil may training daw sya sa work and gusto nya makipagkita sakin. Tumawag sya sakin at umabot kami til morning magusap. Nasabi ko sa kanya kung bakit nya ako ghinost, sabi nya nasira raw yung phone nya. So okay nalang naniwala nalang ako. Haha.
Naging consistent sya sa pagcchat at call nya sakin after that night. Kesyo magbabawi raw sya sakin. Hindi na raw nya uulitin yung ganun. Phone call lang kami sa TG, nakapagsend na ko ng picture ko pero sya hindi. Wala akong idea kung ano itsura nya. Pero okay lang since he's nice naman and hindi malibog.
Earlier May, he decided to meet up with me, biglaan lang super. He visited me near my office. Medyo kabado ako since di ko alam itsura nya at all. Actually, hindi ko rin talaga alam real name nya. So yun, nung nagmeet kami, tamang kain and usap lang about life. What I like about him is napaka wholesome nya lang.
Dito na medyo nagstart yung hinala ko, ang alam kong name kasi is "J", after ng meet namin we decided to go home na since may work ako pa kinabukasan and si guy may training pa. Nagbook na sya ng Angkas pabalik sa hotel kung san sila nagstay. Nung dumating na yung rider ang sabi "L po?" Kumbaga iba name na sinabi ng Angkas sa alam kong name nya. Nagkibit balikat nalang ako kasi baka first or second name nya yun. Nagusap pa rin kami paguwi ko para alam nyang safe ako so dedma nalang s ate gurl haha. TG pa rin kami naguusap ha.
The same week (Friday), we decided to meet again, the day before he asked me ano gusto kong gawin, sabi ko never ko pa natry magmassage. So nagpamassage kami. Okay naman. After nun okay naman. Nung naguusap pala kami nung mga nakaraan napagusapan namin about sa FB wala raw sya ron hindi ako naniniwala kasi lahat ng tao may fb ngayon kahit nga di pa nga napapanganak may fb na eh. Pero hindi ko nalang pinilit sa kanya. 2nd na nagtataka ako, sabi nya wala syang fb pero nakita phone nya may pinicturan sya sa messenger nya at may sinendan di ko lang nakita kung sino kausap nya. Pero dedma nalang din. Go with the flow nalang ako.
Nung ihahatid na nya ko sa sakayan, nasabi ko sa kanya na kung gusto nya sumama sakin magiinom with friends and para mameet sya. Sabi nya try nya raw kasi may gagawin pa raw sya related sa training nila. So okay lang sakin di ko na pinilit.
Nung kinabukasan na (Saturday), inaantay ko if magcchat sya para malaman ko if sasama sya. Walang chat the whole day so naisip ko na baka busy nga. Nagchat sya around 8pm na, kesyo nakatulog daw sya. Dedma nalang ulit.
Tuloy tuloy pa usap namin, til nagnext week na, Monday na yun medyo di na sya nakakareply kasi busy raw sa training para assessement the nila so okay lang sakin wala naman kami label and wala ko karapatan magdemand and work related naman yun. Nagchat na sya mga Wednesday na kesyo tapos na raw sa training and luluwas na sya ng biglaan kasi may magsasabay raw sa kanya na taga Laguna. Medyo nasad lang ako kasi biglaan and I was about to ask to him if gusto nya magdinner with me same night or Thursday night kasi sa Friday magleave ako ng 5 days for a vacation. Nagsabi sya na luluwas nalang daw sya ng Thursday hapon para makapagkita pa kami. Balikan nalang daw. Natouch ako sa part na yun kasi mageeffort sya lumawas for me. So yung mga doubt ko sa kanya nawala na naman. Hahaha
Thursday night na, late na sya dumating 9pm na, sarado na mall. So kumain nalang kami sa fastfood na open 24hrs. After nun naglakad lakad nalang kami kasi ang saglit naman kung uuwi sya agad di ba. Around 11pm wala na talaga kaming mapuntahan, so nagdecide nalang kami mag check in. Nung nasa room na kami, hindi naman sya nagiinsit magse kami. Naka cuddle lang kami.
Naisipan ko nalang maligo kasi nung umaga pa ko naligo nakakahiya naman amoy work pa ko. Haha. After maligo nakatowel pa ko nun I sat sa bed side, he started kissing my back/body. Bumigay na si ate gurl then nagsex na kami. haha Nagout kami sa hotel 4:30 kasi babalik pa sya kung saan man sya galing.
Friday na, so vacation day na. til May 23 yun. Nakakapagusap pa kami pero di the whole day. Pero kahit papano okay naman. Umabot na nakabalik na ko Manila, medyo nabawasan na chats namin sa gabi nalang sya nakakachat nag field na kasi sya baka busy na naman naisip ko.
Ito umabot na ng weekend walang paramdam sakin. Sobrang nalilito na ko, Pag magkasama naman kami he's sweet , he holds my hand and chivalrous as well. Pero sobrang mixed signals talaga. Haha. I really liked tho kasi same wavelength kami. Ang sus lang kasi wala talaga akong alam sa background nya.
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2023.05.28 07:15 Pony_Baloney [WTS][US-CA][H] Burson Soloist 3XP + Super Charger [W] $950 PayPal

[WTS][US-CA][H] Burson Soloist 3XP + Super Charger [W] $950 PayPal
I'm selling my Burson Sololist 3XP and the SuperCharger 3A to go with it both for $950 and that includes PayPal fees and CONUS shipping.
This comes with all original parts and accessories for the Soloist 3XP as can be seen in the pictures, as well as the SuperCharger 3A and its accessories as well.
I am actually selling my entire setup (LCD-5, Schiit Yggy, Soloist 3XP, Norne Cable, USB cable, XLR interconnects, power cable) as it takes up too much space and I want to downsize to the Warwick Bravura. Not interested in trades, only cash thanks!
Note that the weird "black bars" on the screen in the pictures are just a product of taking the pictures on my phone for some reason. They don't exist in real life and the screen works great. Sorry that there are no "isolated" pictures, as I'm selling everything I didn't want to take apart my entire system to take pictures of each component since I still listen to it. I did my best to show all angles of it though and again it is in great condition.
If you're interested in any of the other pieces I'm selling or have any questions in general, feel free to reach out. You can view my profile on headfi for seller history as well:
Burson Soloist 3XP + Super Charger Headphone Reviews and Discussion -
Photo gallery:
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2023.05.28 07:12 HLongYT Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar productivity system

Okay, lemme introduce my context first, I'm a 17-yrs old STUDENT, currently studying in a SEA country. I have use Notion, ClickUp and Google Calendar to mange my life. For nearly one year, I have made and continuously improve my productivy system but I think it still has some downsides. So I decided to share it here hope for a comment from you guy to continue improve it (And use it if you want.)

Note that: It just a support tool, most of the outcomes are by yourself discipline and perseverance.

Okay, Let's head into Google Calendar first, I have 2 separate Gmail to plan and evaluate my life each day. I'll call it GG Calendar 0 and GG Calendar 1.
Both of them has same calendar ammout and type:
Other: For things that can't fit in above calendar: Moving from place to place, doing other stuff,... or you can't use it when you can't decide time fit which calendar.
Well, let's head to ClickUp, I think this is the best task-management system I've use, becuz I can't find better app. Free plan gives you 3 space, too enough, here is my spaces and how I use it. In general, after plan in Notion, I convert it into tasks in ClickUp then create a time block for that tasks in Google Calendar
  1. Life: Manage thing in daily
  1. Learn: Only for learning
  1. Work: This folder also depend on you, for me, I have:
This is where I put my task in and prepare information (Prioritize, classify and set due date) so I can do it most effectively.
Time to go for Notion I guess, I think my Notion is not too complex nor simple. It's a place where I put information, write diary, put my ideas, write down my future plan and break it down, manage differrent aspects in my life:
  1. Home Page: First apge into Notion, use to navigate to other pages. I put my diary database here.
  2. Daily Bucket: When I have ideas, I'll catch it and write it here by Notion's note widget in mobile devices.
  3. Plan & House: this page sub page
    1. Time Management : Some rule that I use to manage my time: Game only 1 hr a day, how much time for ... activities is enough, social media limit...
    2. Finance: Things I want to buy, monthly subscription i need to pay...
    3. Goal: Write down the goal and stick with it.
    4. Habbit Tracker: Write down the habbit and stick with it too. I've created some time period and write the report about it weekly in this page.
  4. Reading Library : Just a database of Books, Manga, Novels,....
  5. Entertainment: 3 sub-page include Game, Watch and Exercises. I use this page and sub-page to plan what i'll do next in each activity. E.g: What I'll do in GTA Online, Which film i'll watch next ... and exercises schedule
  6. School & University & Course: It's a database where I store information about each subject in school. Note, unit document,...
  7. Self-Learning: Database where I story what I'm current self-learning: Coding (Python, C++, Java ), Designing (Photoshop, Canva), Drawing,...
  8. Self - Working: Database for each things I'm currently working on E.g: Future post for Blog, Content for Youtube video
  9. Note: This Page has some special Sub-page: Plan Guide, General Rule, Saved Web Resources. Plan Guide help me create an effective plan for tomorrow. General Rule I've to read everyday to use this system to it full potential on organized way, Saved Web Resource is where I store saved web thorugh Notion extension. \
These page isn't just separate. All of them were linked to my Daily Diary by some attribute. My Diary has some attributes like: Priority (Where I write priority task), Tags of day (Usual things happen in that day), Day Feelings, Self-learning (Linked with Self-Learning page), Daily Habbit (Linked with Daily Habbit page), Game, Read (linked with Game, Reading Library), What I ate today,... Make I sumarize and enjoy my day to the full-est.
Let's jump into how do I use this system
You can think each tool has there own specialization.
So I create a workflow with diagram, it's easy to understand and follow: (IDK how to insert image without a link to outside, any suggestion?)
There's a lot more thing about my system that I want to share but it's too long now. Guess I'll share it later. Hope to receive a comments from you guy so I can improve it.
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2023.05.28 07:04 athletic_in_texas 30 (M4M) GL Athletic Switch Asian Guy looking to give head/worship an Athletic Switch White Bro - Curious to explore raceplay theme

I am a good looking, fit, masculine, educated, down-to-earth professional curious Asian guy who has been super curious to get on my knees and worship/give a BJ to a fit masculine white dude in my age or younger (must be 18+) . I can switch if you are into it!
I've felt so ashamed and guilty about my secret fantasies..., but I really wanna explore with a nice guy! Discretion is a MUST because I want to keep this separate from my real life.
Me: 5'11" 165lbs, 4.5"uc, short black hair and dark brown eyes, smooth, lean, masculine and good looking. I'm DDF and vaccinated. NGL: I am even curious to explore kink / raceplay power dynamics with the right guy at some point (*For kink / raceplay, FWB is ideal as it would help me feel more comfortable /safe for me to explore the dynamics and submit.).
You: Please be a masculine and normal and European White.
Please send me your height, weight, hair and eye colors in your first reply. You must be DDF & vaccinated. I can travel or host in Midtown, or do car play!
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2023.05.28 07:00 LowPerspective9 Lost sibling

My father was 30 years older than my mom when they met. After she had me, they went to court for custody. It was then revealed that he had another child with another woman when he was in the service ( Vietnam war). He found out she was pregnant and had faked his death, had his military buddies go to the woman and tell her he was dead. My mom told me this when I was 19, I'm 25 now, and my father passed away 2 years ago. Apparently my step mother and aunt knew what he had done. The information is in the court documents but I can't bring myself to read them. My father was a hard man to love and yet I still have happy memories. My mom has been a constant star in my life, guiding me, helping me. She told me when I was ready. I have a step brother who I've known for 20 years, he was 1 and I was 5. I bathed him, fed him, played with him, grew up with him, he's a man now, and will forever be my brother. But I have a sibling out there, half sibling but I don't care. I want to find them, contact them. They would be twice my age and have families of their own, they probably grew up thinking their father was dead. What right do I have to interrupt that? To turn their world upside down? And what if they're dead? I don't even know if they're in the states or another country. Should I tell their next of kin? If their mom told them he was a war hero who am I to tell them the truth? All for my selfish reason to know them to meet them to tell them he wasn't a man worth missing. I feel I've been robbed. My father would never tell anyone the woman's name, I guess not aknowlging it or talking about it was the same as it never happening for him. He was ashamed as he should be. I know I can find the woman's name in the court documents and I can find my brothesister I just don't know if I should. Maybe they won't want to have anything to do with me or maybe they would. Even if their mother was alive I would like to apologize on my father's behalf, and tell her that he was selfish horrible man and ask forgiveness. I just want to find them, should I do this? Or just let it be? This has been weighing on my for 5 plus years, somebody please advise me. I know it's selfish and arrogant but I want to find them, they're my blood, my family. I've always wanted a real brother or sister, even though I have my step brother. Even if they break my heart and turn me away, I'll take it. I just don't want to break theirs with the truth. The truth will set you free. That's the saying. I guess it goes both ways, huh? Should I interfere or stay put always wondering?
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2023.05.28 06:58 Light04112001 I tried to get out of mdd but I’m having withdrawal effects

I’ve probably been mdd for over 15 years or so it started when I was around 5 or 6 I suppose I was always a dreamer from birth always had huge dreams huge ego high expectations for myself never set low standards always aimed high. I must’ve been traumatised by the fact that my parents used to fight even on my birthday (I still remember that) when my mom was away from me not at home she was in the hospital giving birth to my younger sister she had to be there for a while I felt so alone and my mom told me she noticed my depression at that period of time. Maybe at that time my brain’s only way to cope was by maladapting this way I didn’t have the knowledge to think of anything else. When I discussed it with some of my friends they told me that they’ve done this when they were small but discontinued naturally when they grew older. I felt odd , I felt like a woman child who hadn’t discontinued from some childish adaptation , I think it was a habit no one corrected me my parents let me live my life however I want they don’t interrupt , I used to think that everyone mdd when they’re alone but after talking to my friend who has depression , and hearing that she doesn’t do it nor does anyone she knows. I realised who rare this disorder is , it’s either a disorder or a habit. It stems from having poor emotional regulation or control, no maturity , no wisdom about what the real world is like , acting like a victim or too sensitive to the whole world , seeking validation or third party opinions feed your brain more because you’re used to it , you fear rejection that you talk to yourself either daydream talking or directly to yourself instead of processing it quickly and easily in your brain. Too weak of a brain that you want love and attention from others to feel worthy other people affect you way too much. All of the above are some of the flaws in myself that I’ve found out about … working on these may allow me to slowly forget that I ever mdd.
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2023.05.28 06:55 123mitchg Looking for a gaming laptop

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: $1700-$1900. Been looking at Costco and Sam’s Club as well.
•Are you open to refurbs/used? Potentially if the value is great.
• How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Will be a gaming laptop for moderate-heavy duty, so performance is very important. Will spend most of its time on a desk with an external monitor and constant power connection, so battery life and build quality are not vital but should still be C-level quality. Form factor is not very important but a decent-sized screen is preferable (16” or more).
• How important is weight and thinness to you? Not very, but I don’t want a brick either.
• Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put NA. 16” or more.
• Gaming/CAD/video editing: moderate to heavy gaming. Recreational CAD but nothing serious. No plans for any real video editing.
• If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? Madden 23 (and 24 when it comes out), Skyrim Special Edition with moderate mods, Halo MCC and Infinite, the new Forza game when it comes out. Also occasionally NBA 2k and GTA V. Medium or better graphical settings and 60+ FPS.
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Touchscreen and fingerprint reader is a plus but absolutely not a necessity. 1.5 tB of internal storage is desirable as well but can be supplemented with an external drive.
• Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. Again, also looking at Costco and Sam’s, prices should be somewhat lower there. Willing to sacrifice some performance to save a couple hundred bucks, but would like it to still be capable of running new games in 3-4 years at the same settings as above.
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2023.05.28 06:53 Chels9051 How do your remember your stillborn positively?

I want to remember my beautiful girl but she was still born and I have either the worst day of my life or my pregnancy with her which I was expecting to meet her any minute- she was stillborn at 39+5. I don’t want to forget her because she was important and real and special but maybe it’d be easier to try to forget.
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2023.05.28 06:47 Namesarehardplease 25 [M4F] PA/US/Anywhere - Night Owl Seeks Late Night Person Whoooos Interested in Something Meaningful.

Hello reddit! Did my title catch your attention? Cute right? I’m somewhat of a funny guy. Punny and attractive? What a score right? Ok, so I mean I’ve lurked for a while and sent some messages out but now instead of me sliding into y’all’s dms, you’ve got the chance to slide into mine!
Now a little bit about me? I’m a guy who’s far from got his life together! I’m definitely laid back, I have a general “go with the flow” attitude 80% of the time. I don’t sweat the small stuff, and hope you don’t either. I enjoy the finer things in life, like reading, writing and art! I’ve got an artsy side to me and can definitely show it off if you’re interested! Like most guys my age im definitely into video games and comics! Xbox and pc are my main platforms and I’ll fight over the dc vs marvel argument all day long. (DC is better)
I work full time in a bar, and I enjoy it but mostly im looking for a career change here soon. I’ve got a few ideas on what that’ll be but I’m oh so indecisive about that. Im also fairly active. I love playing soccer and hiking around on trails and in state parks when the weathers nice! Im definitely a mountains guy to a beach guy, winter is by far my favorite season. Can’t beat a nice cozy night snowed in with a warm fire. My dream one day would be to own a little homestead, with some animals and a nice little slice of paradise where the woes of the world won’t find us, sounds nice right? Im fit and I work out, so that’s something we can do together if you’re interested! My mom tells me I’m handsome so that’s a plus right?
Ideally what I’m looking for? Friends first and foremost. If we vibe, I’d love to move off reddit to somewhere that I get consistent notifications. Let’s be long term chat partners. If the connection is there and we both agree, maybe we move forward from there? Let’s build a life together? How fun is that? I don’t really have any real dealbreakers. Location, age, body type, race, etc. As long as we get along and there’s a mutual attraction, I’m coolio. Height is definitely something I find attractive in a woman. I’m 5’8 so like, if you’re taller I’ll swooon. I’m also generally attracted to people much older but neither are dealbreakers by any means.
So if you read this far and like me even ever so slightly shoot me a chat or DM, I’m waiting to hear from yoooou! :)
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2023.05.28 06:34 bimbo_wannabe_ [I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 5: The Dead Are Especially Nosy Down Here

[I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 5: The Dead Are Especially Nosy Down Here
Previous Part:
These last few parts have taken a lot longer for me to write than I thought. A lot of shit has gone down in the last two months, and a lot of it, frankly, is kind of a blur. But I figure, if you've stuck with me this long, then you deserve to know how it all ended up so I'm going to try my best to remember every detail of what happened.
Me? I've spent every free hour I've had, just lying in bed. I've got a lot of healed wounds that still hurt me pretty damned badly.
Blood loss from multiple gunshot wounds and then drowning in the East River, dying and then being brought back while still human, incidentally, takes a lot out of a guy.
But… I'm getting way ahead of myself.
Where were we, again?
Oh yeah, that's right. The funeral without caskets, inside of a Ukrainian restaurant just off the boardwalk in Brighton Beach. That's where I left off at.
Antoni's corpse and I had spoken together for a while longer, about Beccs and their baby, actually, sitting there in the floor in front of the three empty bathroom stalls. The next moment, as usual, he was… just gone.
It took a while to slow the bleeding, and it took even longer to try and clean myself up with just hand soap and paper towels and the water from the sink. Nobody came into the bathroom again, and as I left, I saw why. There was a sign on the door that read 'Out of Order' with something printed below it in Cyrillic that I imagined probably said the same thing as the English.
My new winter coat had been left on the floor in front of the door and the Emergency Exit at the end of the hall had its alarm disabled and had been left propped open with a brick.
I took that as a clear message that they didn't want me rejoining the party, so I exited into the alley and sat on a milk crate chain-smoking until 2 PM when the funeral ended.
The weather app on my phone said it was 10 degrees outside, but oddly enough the cold air felt soothing on my bruised face. My eyes were nearly swollen shut, and every now and again I had to pull some of the toilet paper out that I'd stuffed in my pocket to wipe another trickle of blood from my nose when I sniffed a little too hard and moved the clots loose.
At 1:57, I started to hear people exiting the restaurant, so I moved onto the sidewalk to wait for Becca. The people leaving the funeral only glanced at me for a second and then looked away with a bored expression, like I wasn't even there. Finally, only Becca and Toni's immediate family were still inside.
Tatiana gave Becca a hug, Igor, a gentle handshake, and Antoni Sr. bent down, cupped his hands around Becca's face and pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead. I could see that his right hand was bandaged and he was holding it straighter than his left. Good. I hoped the fucker had broken it when he'd punched me in the jaw.
As Becca exited, I could tell she was angry even before she stomped over to me and shoved me three times in quick succession. Like Jimmy, Becca was a lot stronger than she looked, but now I knew why. I couldn't do much but ball up and take the hits.
"Where the fuck did you go? You just took off and left me there by myself. 'He wouldn't have left without saying goodbye if he had a choice.' You knew, you cocksucker, you knew, you knew he was dead!"
"Yeah, I knew! Antoni was in the news. But we gotta get the fuck out of here, Beccs, you're making a scene, another one, and I gotta get outta this neighborhood before something worse happens to me."
The high color of anger in her cheeks dropped away immediately into a pallid white. She'd been so pissed she'd never once registered the state of my face.
"Jesus Christ, Tony, what the fuck happened to you?"
"Your little Polish sausage's Daddy Dearest just beat the fuck out of me in the men's bathroom, that's what the fuck happened."
"Why would he do that?" Becca asked, but I didn't answer. She looked back to Skovorodka, following my gaze. Antoni Sr. was still standing there, just inside the front door, watching me with narrowed eyes, his hands folded neatly behind his back like a soldier at ease. It reminded me a lot of how Antoni used to stand while we were waiting for the train together.
"Fuck," she muttered, then "Shit," and grabbed me by the arm. "Come on."
"Why would he do that?" She asked me again as we climbed the stairs to the train platform.
"Antoni was Mob, Becca, Bratva. His whole goddamned family is. Him and his brothers and his father and his fucking Russian uncle, and I'd say your Mama Tatiana probably isn't in the dark about what her brother and her hubby and his sons do to make a living, either. I don't know why the Zabrowskas were on the Avenue, but suffice to say it was probably for nefarious reasons, and Jimmy found out about it and took care of business.
"Only I don't think he realized exactly who he was taking out at the time he did it, or else he never would have put the body in the River for somebody to find. And then the other three showed up to avenge their brother, only two of 'em never made it past Bianchi any farther than Antoni did."
"The fuck are you trying to say?" Her tone says she already understands just fine and doesn't want to.
"I'm saying your dear sweet Mamma killed your boyfriend, Becca. She removed all the identifying marks from his body, ate what she wanted, then pulled all his teeth out and chewed off his hands and his feet. They dumped the body in the East River and they found him about 5 days ago, floating off of Battery Park."
"Oh God. That's why. I asked Tatiana where Antoni was going to be buried and she told me in the public cemetery on Hart Island. They're not claiming the body because they don't wanna go to the cops. For the last week I been cussing him for everything he was worth, and he's been laying in the fucking morgue." She pressed her hand to her mouth, and I saw her bloodshot eyes filling with tears again.
"Please don't cry, Becca, cause I'm gonna start crying again and I've cried enough for today."
She sniffed back her tears and swallowed hard.
"But I don't understand, Tony, what the fuck does that have to do with you?"
"They knew, Beccs, they knew how the Zabrowskas died, who killed them, and they knew I helped Moretti get rid of the bodies afterwards. That's why Antoni's father went after me. The uh… the fucking Pakhan thought Jimmy sent me there to rub it in their faces that they weren't going to be able to bury any of their boys."
"How the fuck would they know that?" She barked at me.
"Somebody's feeding them information and not some asshole on the street, somebody from inside the Camorra."
"Who would do that?"
I saw her eyes darting about wildly as she tried to think of the answer to her own question.
"I don't know, uh, the driver that brought Moretti, he didn't look like he was too fond of Bianchi, maybe he's a fucking option."
"Frankie? I mean, him and Ma have never gotten along. He's never liked her and the feeling's mutual but… that doesn't make any sense, Frankie's always been loyal to the Camorra. Rossi always said he practically muttered the Omerta in his fucking sleep, that he was a soldato down to the bones."
"I have no idea, Becca, but it gets worse," I said quietly. If it didn't hurt so goddamned bad, I would've squeezed my eyes shut.
"How the fuck could it possibly get worse, Tony?"
"First you gotta promise you're not gonna hit me again."
Her hand balled into a fist, and I couldn't help but flinch.
"I'm gonna knock you the fuck out right now if you don't stop wasting my time, Cipriani."
"I sold her out, Becca. Bianchi. I told them where she lives and how to find her tonight."
"You what!?"
"I had to! He was gonna cut my fucking fingers off, and I don't know if he was going to take all four or just three but I wasn't about to fucking find out. I kind of need those fingers seeing as I'm a fucking southpaw!"
I held my left hand out to her, curled my fingers inward, but the third finger just… stayed straight. "Ah, fuck, I didn't even notice that."
"Jesus Christ, the tendon's been cut," she whispered, and when she pressed her hand to her mouth again she looked less like she was swallowing back tears and more like she was trying to swallow back vomit. I couldn't really blame her. I felt pretty nauseous myself.
"You know, I'm, I'm not worried about Ma," she said, finally. "It wouldn't be the first time somebody's tried to take her out. She's harder to kill than they think."
"Would, uh, would cutting her head off work? Cause if so I think they're already pretty aware of how to get the job done. They… they know Bianchi's not human, Becca."
Her face got paler, if that was even possible, and her eyes were the size of saucers.
"This is a goddamn nuclear disaster. Jesus fuck."
We stood the last few minutes waiting for the train in silence. As the doors slid shut and we sat down, Becca began laughing wildly.
"So you're in hysterics for real, huh?" I asked.
"You're gonna have to forgive me, I'm a little slow on the uptake today, but I just got it, Polish sausage… only, he wasn't little, you know, he was hung like a fucking horse, and it's a goddamn tragedy for women everywhere that the man isn't on this earth anymore. And he knew how to use it, too. Best sex I ever had in my life… only sex I ever had in my life, but that's not the fucking point." A short, barking sob tore out of her.
I groaned. "You know, that is way, way more information than I ever wanted to know about you and Antoni's sex life. You couldn't, uh, you couldn't let that one pass by, huh?"
"I never pass up the opportunity to make a good dick joke. And he had Good Dick."
I laughed and regretted it as it tightened muscles in my stomach that were still a little angry about being used as Antoni Sr's personal punching bag.
"Touché, Miss Rebecca, touché."
"The two-faced bastard, I gotta give the motherfucker that much, you know, it's a uniquely personal way to say Fuck You to the Underboss, getting his teenaged daughter pregnant. I am so, so goddamned tired of being a pawn in other people's games. He's lucky he's already dead or I'd kill the bitch myself," she whispered.
"It wasn't a game, Becca, what happened between you and Antoni," I whispered back. I knew because Antoni's corpse had told me as much. "Don't ask me how I know, cause I don't wanna talk about it, but it wasn't a game. You didn't know about him and he didn't know about you and it was a big, fucked up coincidence. You loved him, and he really, truly loved you... he worshiped the ground you walked on." Actually, he had said he worshiped the boots she walked in, but I figured it was a translation issue. "It was a regular old Romeo and Juliet: Brooklyn Edition."
She squeezed her eyes shut, snorted and at the same time choked on another sob.
"Yeah, but Romeo and Juliet ended in a double suicide, not a murder and a single mother." Her tiny hand went to her mouth again, and she wasn't able to hold back the tears this time. "I miss him, Tony, I miss him so fucking much."
"You know, Beccs, I miss him, too." I miss him when he was alive, not looking like a walking nightmare, and talking my goddamned ear off half the time, but I wasn't about to tell her that. "He was the first friend I made down here."
"It's fucking stupid. I still remember every single thing he said to me those first few times I met him."
"Odd as it is, I do too, Beccs. He was that kind of guy, I guess, he didn't have to work hard to make an impression on people. It was, uh, three days after I moved in, I think. I was in the basement, getting ready to do my laundry that morning, fighting with the stuck knob on that machine down at the end? And he walks in with his clothes basket balanced on his hip and reaches past me and just… turned the fucking thing, like it wasn't even stuck to begin with. 'It has an attitude, but it likes me,' he says, and I say, 'I can see that.'
"And he, he told me his name. 'Zabrowska,' he says, 'Antoni.' And I laughed and said, 'Nice to meet you, Toni, I'm Tony.' 'Really?' he says, and I say 'Yeah. Really. Antonio Alessio Gioele Cipriani, the third, if you please.'"
"Goddamn, that name is painfully Italian. No wonder you tell everybody 'Just call me Tony,'" Becca snorted.
"Thank you, Miss Rebecca, I can assure you I didn't pick it myself. But, 'Ah,' Toni says and kind of taps his hand in the center of his chest, 'Junior.' And I laughed again and said 'Our parents were goddamned creative when it came to the baby naming, right?' And he laughed, too, and shook my hand.
"And uh, a few days after that he showed up outside of my apartment and asked me if I wanted to go watch a game with him and his brothers at the sports bar down the street. It was Poland vs Korea. I still don't know shit about soccer, I've always been more of an American football kind of guy, but I did learn quite a few Polish swear words that day. Apparently they'd all bet money on the home team winning that game."
"I bet you did. Poland kept catching red cards that whole game. I bet on Korea, of course, and altogether I won 8 grand from four extremely pissed off Polish dudes when we stomped their ass all over the pitch. I had no idea how seriously the four of them took soccer. Antoni wouldn't even talk to me for three days. Probably didn't help I made an ass of myself laughing at all of them. Course, I woulda bet more if I'd known they were good for it. Dry cleaners, my ass," Becca spat.
"Well, in Antoni's defense, he probably did work at a dry cleaners like he told us, just like you work at a bodega, and Jimmy and me work at a restaurant, and Pops works at a hardware store. We all got day jobs. You know, I hate to bust your balls, Becca, but did it… never occur to you to ask Antoni if the tattoos meant something?"
"No," she said weakly. "I mean, I knew they were prison tats but Jesus Christ, half the people I know have been to prison. You've been to prison, half of my cousins have been to prison, hell, Pops has been to prison. You weren't here then, but all of 2016 to 2020 I was wearing a 'Free Rossi' t-shirt everyday, a lot of people in this neighborhood did. Ma got him off on the Murder 1 charges but numbers are numbers, and she couldn't get him out of the Tax Evasion. But I figured, if Antoni didn't wanna talk about it, then it was none of my business what had happened before we met each other."
She'd minded her own business a little too hard this time.
"What did you and Antoni talk about, Becca?"
"Everything! And anything, and nothing, all at the same time. He'd complain about living with his brothers, about Misiu always leaving hair all over the bathroom, and how Ciech always left sugar all over the kitchen counter after he made his coffee. And I'd complain about having to pick up all the empty bottles of makgeolli after my Dad in the morning. I'd help him wash all the dishes his dirty ass brothers would leave piled in the sink, and fold everybody's clothes.
"We got along well, me and Antoni, we were actually very compatible, we were both neat freaks when it came to our housekeeping. We even folded our towels the same way. And he'd bitch about how Igor could never balance the register correctly at the end of the day, and I'd bitch about how my Dad never checked our invoices correctly, and I was always having to cuss out the distribution reps for shorting us on our deliveries myself.
"And we'd watch TV together. He always made fun of me for the lame ass old Chuck Lorre sitcoms I loved to watch, and I'd make fun of him for all the stupid cop dramas he watched, every Law and Order known to man, and Blue Bloods and shit. We just… talked to each other, like we were two regular people, just living our lives. It was simple and it was easy, and it was enough, it was goddamned enough for me. Our relationship was the one normal thing I had going in my fucked up life."
She cracked at the end, sobbing brokenly. She turned her head to the side, pressed her face into my bicep as she wrapped both arms around mine. Tears filled my eyes, as well, and now I was wiping snot out of my nose as well as blood. I felt goddamned sorry for the kid, and I felt like she had a right to cry, but I had to distract her, for my own sake.
"So tell me, when was the first time you talked to Antoni? Was that the same day he asked you out?"
"No, there was some time between the two. He'd been there about a week, I guess, after they moved in. They got there back in like April. I'd fucked with him the first day, you know, asked him where the hell the accent came from, and he said Poland, and I told him welcome to America cause I felt like being a dick. And he said that he'd already been in country five years and I laughed at him and told him, goddamn, I couldn't tell cause he still sounded like he was fresh off the boat. And he got this look on his face, like he was trying to decide if he needed to be offended or not, so I told him I was just fucking with him, that he was doing better than my Mom, God rest her, cause it was seven years after she got here from Seoul before she even learned a word of English and my Dad was the one that had to teach her."
"Makes sense. I moved in in June, Toni mentioned he'd only been in the building about two months hisself."
She nodded, I could feel the movement in the sleeve of my coat where her cheek was pressed to my arm.
"Him and his brothers started coming in every day after that and you know, I kind of had my eye on him from the first time I talked to him. He was goddamn gorgeous, quite literally the walking definition of 'tall, dark, and handsome.' He had those incredibly blue eyes, and that fucking accent, man, shit put me in knots everytime he came in. I learned them all pretty quick, and Antoni was easy. He got the same thing everyday, box of Newport 100s and a pack of Russian Cream Backwoods with a large slushy. You know I gotta keep the cups behind the counter because motherfuckers'll fill it up and walk out when I get busy. I saw him when he came in, and went over to the ATM, so I had his shit sitting on the counter waiting for him."
Becca had a talent for memorizing all of the regular's orders, it wasn't unusual to see a long line of cigarettes, blunts, medicine, sometimes even crack pipes and Chore Boys, and anything else she kept behind the counter, set up neatly next to the register. She also had a talent for running both registers at the same time when the line got overly long and she was there alone. Sometimes I had no idea how she kept up with it all, but that was just Becca.
"And this drunk asshole came in, right after, he didn't even belong in the neighborhood, he stayed in Bed-Stuy, but he was with his cousin, and his cousin I knew and he was shooting me apologetic looks so I was already on guard. I was in a bad goddamn mood that day, anyway. And the drunk bitch, he walked over to the bathroom and tried to open it."
"Key's behind the counter," I said, and she nodded.
"And the key costs five dollars cause people make a fucking mess in the bathroom and I ain't cleaning that shit everyday for free. Well, drunk fuck got pissed and started talking a bunch of shit and threw his five dollars down on the counter, and you know, I can't stand that. You don't throw money at me, I ain't a goddamned stripper, you can put that shit in my hand or you can get the fuck out my store. And, I said 'Naw, son, for you it's gonna cost ten, five dollar Drunk Dick surcharge for being an asshole and cutting my line.' And the motherfucker… he called me a fucking stupid little bitch, and he told me people like me needed to be sent back to my own country."
I made a sound of disapproval, already seeing where this was headed.
"I hate that stupid shit. Where the fuck am I getting sent back to? The fucking hospital in Manhattan where I was born? Everybody in the store just kind of stopped and stood there, and dude's cousin? He just shook his head at me and walked right out the store and left him there."
"He wasn't gonna get involved, huh?" I asked.
"Fuck no. He wasn't stupid. I… uh, I was seeing red by that point so I balled up his money and I threw it across the store and told him to get the fuck out. I don't even remember half the shit I said to him, but I was yelling and he was yelling back and all of a sudden Antoni was… just there. I never even noticed him walking up. He was a big motherfucker, but goddamn he was quick and quiet when he wanted to be."
Becca laced her fingers through the fingers of my right hand and I gave them a squeeze as she readjusted her head against my shoulder. I turned mine to press a kiss to her hair. She was short enough that I didn't have to worry about bumping my nose. As I turned back, I noticed that there was a puddle of water on the seat across from us, and a pit formed in my stomach immediately. My face felt cold as the blood drained from it. The puddle of water made me more than just a little nervous to see it.
I had new enemies stacking up quick, and the last thing I needed was a pissed off, jealous ghost because his grieving fiancée was getting a little handsy with me. But… Antoni never showed himself, so I could only assume he approved of my offering her comfort in her time of need. Either that or he was waiting till I was alone to express his displeasure.
"'Is there a problem here?' was all he asked and the drunk bitch turned around and he got even more pissed. He goes 'Man, fuck you, white boy. Mind your own goddamned business.' And Antoni kind of got in his face, and goes, 'I have made it my business. She told you to leave. Either remove yourself or I will remove you.'
"And the liquor must've given him a bigger set of balls than he actually had, cause he took a swing at him. And Antoni, he just kind of… leaned back a little to avoid the swing and then leaned back in and… he knocked that bitch out cold with one punch. And then he picked him up, literally picked him up, and threw his ass out on the sidewalk, and kind of dusted his hands off afterwards."
"Well, if he's anything like his father then he could throw a hell of a right cross."
Becca laughed weakly.
"Yeah, his Dad boxes, they all did, you know, from when they were young. Antoni told me he got in his Dad's face once when he was about 16, and Old Papa Zabrowska coldcocked him in the kitchen, and when he woke up on the couch, his Dad dragged him out back in the alley and beat him bloody. Told him if his little grown ass thought he was a man, then he was grown enough to get his ass stomped like a man."
That made me feel a little better, to be honest. At least I wasn't the only one I knew who had caught an ass kicking from Antoni Sr.
"I bet he didn't talk shit to his Pops again after that, huh?"
"I asked him that exact question, he said 'Oh no, no, never again. I learned my lesson.' Toni and his brothers, though, were always getting in fights, even when I knew them. He told me it was hard on their Mama, back in Kraków, having four hormonal, teenaged boys with just shy of a year between each of them, you know cause… us fucking Roman Catholics ain't too fond of any method of contraception."
"I didn't know you was Catholic, too, B."
"Of course. Rossi is a devout Catholic, and that's how he raised me, and Nia, she's an Angel, you know, a Fallen One, that's what they call themselves, but she's even got real wings. A little more leathery and less feathery, but… same thing. She goes to Mass daily, turns out demons are actually very religious. Both of my parents were atheists, and that's how they raised me, but after some of the shit I've seen, you know, it ain't too unbelievable that there's a Big Guy upstairs."
She sniffed again, wiped at her nose and I offered her a bit of toilet paper from my pocket.
"That's how it all got started, the War in Heaven. God created Adam, the first living human body, and he told all the spirits in Heaven to kneel to him. And at least half of them weren't too fond of that idea, and the Morning Star stepped up as representative and said they wouldn't kneel to anyone but God. And they, uh, they lost the War, and He banished them all to Earth, to wander without bodies of their own while the other side got to come to Earth one at a time, to live their lives.
"But… then there was the first murder, Abel. Cain beat him to death with a rock, and the blood on the ground, the first human blood ever shed in violence, it called to God, but He wasn't the only one it called to. The blood, it gave him a way inside of a body. Lucifer. He was the First One. He's still here, you know, I've met him. He has a particular fondness for Nia, he calls her Young One, cause according to him 1607 wasn't all that long ago."
"I guess it isn't when you're that old."
"But, back to what I was saying about Toni, all of them were packed into one place together like fucking sardines, the four boys sharing one bedroom in a two bedroom apartment, and all having vastly different personalities. Tatiana is little, like me, and I don't imagine she could do much to break them up when they got to fighting about everything from who ate all the leftovers to who got the top bunks on the beds."
"Probably not," I answered.
"I mean, I could practically smell the testosterone in their fucking apartment whenever I walked in, and it was probably even worse back then. And apparently, that had been their Dad's method of keeping them from tearing up his wife's house all the time. Whenever a problem inevitably developed, he'd just take them down to the gym and throw them in the ring without any gloves and tell them to fucking handle it, and whoever was still standing at the end was the one that won the argument.
"Uh, but, uh, when Toni hit the guy, all, all I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open like a fucking fish. I mean, I was in love, right that fucking second, standing there. The hormones were running on overdrive, my head was practically spinning with how fast all the blood rushed south, you know? Everybody was still standing there and Antoni tried to get back in line and I said, 'Uh-uh. Take your shit and go on.' And he goes," Beccs began laughing again, laughed so hard there were tears in her eyes once more.
"He goes, 'Am I in trouble?'''
I had to wrap my left arm tight around my stomach because I couldn't stop myself from laughing either. The makeshift bandage on my left hand that I'd wound out of paper towel had soaked through, I was going to have to change it soon.
"He didn't say that, Becca."
"Yes the fuck, he did. And I went, 'No, you dumbass, it's on the house, and in case I gotta translate, that means it's free. Small price to pay for a security detail.' And he just kind of blinked at me for a second, before he nodded his head and grabbed his things off the counter, went and filled his slushy up."
"You probably scared the piss out of him for that second, he probably thought he'd been found out. That's what they call it, what he was, Obshchak, Security Group."
"He stopped before he left, and told me thank you. And I said 'No, dziękuję', thank you. And then I winked at him and said 'Miłej nocy, piękna.'" She straightened up as the train began to slow for our stop.
"And what did that mean?"
"Have a good night, gorgeous." She said with a watery grin.
"Smooth, B, real smooth. Nothing quite like hitting on a man in his native language. "
"I mean, you know us, Tony, we got Southern Hospitality down here. As long as you're not an asshole, I do everything I can to make sure everyone feels welcome when they come inside. That's why there's a sign on the door that says 'DMZ.' They might have beef on the streets but don't nobody take that shit inside my store. And that means asking the Mexicans down the street if they need a bolsa, and making sure I ordered Farid's miswaks so he didn't have to walk all the way down to the Pakistani store, and sometimes it means learning a little bit of Polish so I could flirt with the new guy downstairs the next time he came in."
We exited the train, made the switch, and stood on the platform waiting for the next to take us back to Avenue U. As I glanced to the side, I could see a puddle forming on the platform next to me, drip by drip. It was already freezing around the edges. As it turned out, I wasn't the only nosy fuck around here.
"And apparently the flirting was well received by our dearly departed half-Russian friend."
"Apparently, cause about a week later I was having a busy fucking Friday night and my Dad had already gone home, and I was trying to shut her down but motherfuckers kept coming inside right up until 11. I made DeAndre from downstairs stand at the door and tell people we were closed and that he was the last customer for the night and after I rung him up I told him to flip the sign on the door and I'd lock it when I finished my cigarette count… only, I forgot to ever lock it, and DeDe's traitorous ass, he fucking set me up. He knew I had a thing for Antoni, and when he saw him coming down off the platform and rushing down the sidewalk, he let him in and told him he was the last customer for the night and to flip the sign on the door."
She closed her eyes for a moment.
"It took me… exactly 16 minutes to notice he was there. I know, cause after I was done pissing myself when I figured out I wasn't alone, the Polish smart-ass showed me his watch. He'd set a timer when he realized I wasn't paying any attention to him, and then just stood there, waiting to see how long it would take. I had my earphones in, and it took four songs," she held up her hand and ticked them off with her fingers. "'Savage Like', 'Money, Sex, Drugs', 'Proud' and 'Only.'
"I turned around and screamed like a little bitch when I saw him. And then I got pissed, cause I was embarrassed, I'd been singing along to all the songs cause I thought I was alone in the store. I started screaming at him. 'What the fuck, you can't read? The sign says Closed.' And he goes 'No, it didn't. It still said Open. I turned it myself.' I hadn't counted down my register yet, so I just went ahead and grabbed his shit and rung him up, cussing DeDe the whole time and I asked him how long he'd been standing there, and he showed me his watch. And he says, 'You shouldn't wear those, it's dangerous,' talking about my headphones, and I said, 'What are you, my fucking father?' And he got kind of a funny look on his face."
I released a weak snicker, holding my stomach tight again. I couldn't resist fucking with them both a little bit.
"He kinda had a point, Becca. Although, I can tell you he was probably less concerned about being your father and more concerned about becoming your Daddy."
"Oh, so now you got the dirty jokes," Becca said flatly.
"What can I say, B, you're a bad influence on me."
"Eh," she said after a moment, "You wouldn't be the first. You know, months later he told me that he'd stood there that long because he didn't think he'd have the nerve to ask what he wanted to ask the next time if he left, which, you know, what the fuck? What am I, scary?"
I couldn't help but laugh again.
"Yes, Becca, you are, you're fucking terrifying half the time. You might be a short fuck but dynamite comes in small packages, you know? He was probably afraid you'd tell him to suck your dick and ban him from the store for a month like every other poor motherfucker I've seen ask you out, and he probably didn't want to go through your particular brand of ridicule in front of an audience, on top of that, with all the other customers laughing him out of the store."
"It ain't my fault I'm this size," she said after a moment, shooting me a perturbed look.
"No shit, Sherlock. It's genetics."
"It ain't even that. It's the blood. I mean, my parents were both tall, you know, for Koreans, anyway, my Mom was 5'6. I probably would've been too if I'd had the chance, but, you know, the blood it… stops things. Why do you think Jimmy looks the way he does? I mean, Pops believes in 'aging gracefully,' as he says, but old Giacomino is a vain fuck, and he's got more of a taste for 'the Stuff' than Rocco ever had. He turned 65 this year, he's only two years younger than Pops, he was already 34 years old when he met Nia for the first time. He tells people he's got a good plastic surgeon, when they ask. And the same thing happened to me. My body wanted to stay 8 years old, forever.
"Rossi had to get hormones, fucking estrogen and progesterone and HGH, off the black market to force my body to start puberty and to fucking grow. It's not like we could go to a doctor and explain why I needed the prescription. I mean, these tits aren't even mine. Ma bought 'em for my sixteenth birthday so I wouldn't feel so goddamned self-conscious. Nia's not exactly flat-chested, as you know, neither was my Mom, and it kind of gave me a fucking complex when I was growing up."
"I mean, is she? I haven't really noticed," I replied, evasively.
"Yes, you have, you lying fuck. There isn't a straight or bisexual man, or a lesbian or bisexual woman for that matter, that comes within fifty feet of Appolonia Bianchi that doesn't notice all of her unnatural charms. It made for some interesting 'family' trips during the summer when we'd leave the city, lemme tell you. I asked Pops once, you know, if he ever got jealous when she'd show up with some random dick she'd run across, cause I used to think it was pretty shitty of her.
"I said she could've at least kept things on the downlow and not throw it in Rocco's face every few days. But he told me no, he loved her, he understood her nature very well and he'd accepted what she was years before I was even born, and that she loved him too, and more importantly, respected him. She always introduced the men to him because that was what he'd asked of her. That it was the one aspect of control he had in the situation, giving his 'permission' for her little liaisons. That it made him feel better to let them know they might be getting a piece, but she'd be ending every night lying in his bed, regardless of what they did."
I nodded. "I guess I can kind of see his point."
"But, the blood, that's how I ended up pregnant. I mean, I'm not a dumbass, I know how babies are made, but I wasn't worried about using condoms with Antoni, neither of us wanted to. I told him if he gave me anything I'd cut his dick off, and he knew I was serious, too, and he considered it a proportional response. I didn't even think I could get pregnant.
"I stopped the birth control when I was 16 because it was making me gain weight and my cheer coach bitched me out in front of fucking everybody, and Rossi's guy said I needed to keep taking it to keep my hormone levels even. So I told Antoni I didnt want to get into my medical history, but suffice to say I was probably fucking sterile anyway, so he didn't have to worry about it, and he told me he wasn't worried about it at all. But apparently my fucking parts work better than I thought."
"Or maybe he had some damned determined swimmers, who knows."
"I don't know why I was even concerned about not using condoms anyway. Technically we were all excommunicated as of 2014. Pope said the mafiosi lifestyle isn't compatible with the Catholic one. You know, I wonder how Antoni would feel about all this, I wonder if he'd be pissed, think I lied to him about not being able to get pregnant."
"You're just gonna have to take my word for it, B, but he's not angry in the least, he's pretty fucking proud of hisself." I'd say his chest was stuck out but he didn't have much of a chest left these days, so I just kept that part to myself. "Pretty sure he said he wasn't worried about it because he was hoping you were wrong about being sterile."
Beccs gave me a strange look but the train arrived at just that moment. The people exiting did quite a bit of staring, unlike the people leaving the funeral, but I just tucked my arm around Becca and shouldered my way past them and found us a seat. The drops of water followed us into the train.
"What's with the present tense, Tony? Is that some kind of cliche 'he's lookin' down on you' bullshit?"
I snorted and wiped the bubble of blood from my nose, staring at the puddle of water that was starting to form in the seat next to us. I could feel the cold emanating from Antoni all along my left side. Oddly enough, it was easing the intense ache in my nearly severed ring finger.
"He ain't looking down on us, B, I can tell you that much."
"So it's a Hell joke?"
"No, not really. But then again, I'm pretty sure we're all in Hell right this second, Miss Rebecca, so yes, yes it is."
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2023.05.28 06:33 BiggieBastic [Hobby] Game Idea

Hello, I want to create a game,
The Games name I'm thinking will be called Project Red Tide or Red Tide.
I am currently working on my 3d modeling skills and much prefer modeling over programming, I dabbled into unity and unreal for about a week each trying to hone my skills in both engines and realized that I'm not the best programmer out there. I'd much rather focus on making the characters for the game/designing the concepts for the characters and enemies and environments.
The game will be heavily inspired by Risk of Rain 2, while having the item mechanics of Binding of Isaac and Enter the gungeon. Go down to each level kill the boss get items, rinse and repeat till final boss is killed, the main gameplay loop is pretty simple. for the beginning of development, I'd like to keep it pretty simple. The game will also be third person like risk of rain 2, and characters will feature their own abilities, passives, and downsides (Which can come later, keep it simple).
Concept 1 - The Infection: I'm heavily interested in epidemiology as well as microbiology and biology. with the recent craze with the cordyceps fungus I'd like that to be one of the aspects of this made-up infection I'm creating. it's simple the infection is like cordyceps fungus hybridized with red tide as well as slime mold. the infection will have all the Properties of these organisms.
Concept 2 - The Characters: These will be people from an intergalactic prison assigned with a warden (who will be playable) each having a unique character trait assigned to them. think of them almost like the suicide squad. they are tasked to go to a planet with a mysterious infection. said planet is a hollow planet, the further you drill through this planet you'll reach new Enviromint's filled with infected fauna and flora.
Concept 3 - Items: when you load into the map you are tasked with finding the driller and repairing it. this will work like risk of rains teleport event, except you will fight set waves of enemies and then a boss. after those waves, the warden from his ship will drop you a drill pod (or multiple depending on if you did something special), which contains an item (items can be stacked, it's just harder to do so). then it's on to the next level.
Concept 4 - enemies: The enemies will be based off of real-life insects and sea life (sea life will be converted to look more terrestrial). The enemies will show signs of infection such as red slime on them, red eyes, and a fungus sprouting from there body (kind of like a pikmin). I want a lot of enemy variety and already have a set concept of a few, such as a Horseshoe crab with little fly wings that jumps at you, it has a red fungus sprout coming out of its body. this is just the baby. The mother which is the boss that can appear on level one, will be a giant floating manta ray/Horseshoe crab with red slime pulsating from her and a fungus sprouting on top of her, you can only see here underside, but it will have a giant eye that will shoot red slime. under her shell you can see swarms of babies ready to fly at you and eat you alive. that is just one of the enemy concepts I have. the fungus is a major weak point of the enemies. shooting it is like the equivalent of a headshot. some enemies will protect this weak point, others will not.
Concept 5 - The style: I know this really just depends on my art skills but as I learn more about animation and 3d modeling I'm becoming more confident in it. one of the main styles of the game is a toon shader (I already know how to program this), making the game more cartoony with blood and guts being prevalent or a combo with a slightly more 3d pixelated look, either of those two shaders will work. sorry I also want that simplicity that risk, binding, and gungeon all have.
Final thoughts
most of this stuff is pretty down the line but for now I want to focus on
one map
one character (with abilities)
three enemies
ten items
level song
one boss
assets (such as the driller)
environmental assets (rocks, and basic foliage)
Ui design can be extremely simple for now (emphasis on extremely)
I just want to see that game in a playable state.
also, the game will be multiplayer with up to 4 people.
or solo.

I just really need someone who's as passionate as me except on the programming side of things,
I think I'll dive into sound design myself; I already dibbled a bit. but a programmer is all I need at the moment either with unreal and blueprints or unity.
also sorry for the wall of text.
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2023.05.28 06:29 MinigunGamer_YT Finchinator vs Hyper Offense (Diss Track)

Verse 1: Hyper Offense Players
1You say you’re always tryna keep the balance
2Then why’s stall all I see whenever we challenge
3You’re always talking bout these broken threats
4Spend so much time online you done forgot the rent
5Your girlfriend might as well be toxapex
6Because you stalled so long she became your ex
7 As a stall player you’re afraid of sun
8 On your birthdays you become a turn count!
9 You’re like 5’5 and I’m the terminator
10 You’re only alive from degenerator
11 In highschool you were the leftovers
12 Scared to change the meta till godamn october!
Verse 1: Finchinator 1 Oh hey 12 yr old, talking bout my paychecks
2 You elo is so low you couldn’t even get recs
3All my stall loving’s just an overblown meme while
4You play matches too long you’ll start to dual scream
5 All you do is bring out ninetales and set screens like a bot
6 But you’re so predictable you get predictably dropped
7Been playing shoddybattles before you could VGC
8Been the leader of two tiers while your elo is 3
Verse 2: Hyper Offense Players
1Just like your playstyle, your action is slow
2Arbitary rules made Houndstone stuck in limbo
3You act like you’re better just because you got more elo
4You’re a disease to the community, and that’s for sure (like lavos)
5In OU, you claim to be the number one
6 But like the Christians, you started a crusade against fun
7You banned King’s Rock, Bright Powder, Quick Claw, and Sand Veil Too?
8 But didnt bat an eye when they banned Chi-Yu
9You’re as toxic as the move you love to spam click
10Spend a minute per game, not an hour you dick!
11Like your stallmons, your verses are weak
12They call you Finchinator but your future looks beak
13You sit and do nothing, real life and in game
14Your lack of action even puts politicans to shame
15 All you do is sit still and complain like a loser
16 Where My mons hit so hard people call me an abuser Finchinator: Verse 2
3Ho players dream of a meta that can’t exist
4One that’s rooted in OHKOs rather than skarm and bliss
5And for all the talk of garbage and how the leadership is trash
6 Least we haven’t had a meta BW OU bad
7 My lyrics regenerate while yours always go mudstale
8 Your so blind to the meta you probably need Braile
9 Your stupid while my metagame knowledge is off the rails
10 When faced against my mental prowess you know you’ll fail
if this gets 500 upvotes ill make a full video on yt
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2023.05.28 06:29 yunepio Analysis of all religions (2/3)

Posts in the series:

Brief recap

In the previous post, we analyzed then eliminated the religions that didn't reference any God. Again, I am not claiming that any religion is true or false, simply that it can or cannot be a communications from a judging and fair God. The religions that we eliminated in the last post cannot possibly be communications from a judging and fair God. How can they be when they don't reference any God or Gods?!
In this post, we will continue our analysis. This time, we will analyze many religions, starting with those that do not have any known founder or messenger. We have already seen that a judging and fair God would choose indirect communication through a human messenger over direct communication with everyone (*). This makes the religions that do not have a founder or messenger susceptible to elimination, but let's analyze them correctly still.
(*) Please don't challenge this again here, we have already talked about it in previous posts! I shared all the arguments I had. If you're still not convinced, I have no more arguments for you. That said, in this reality, no God is communicating directly. So you can either choose to conclude that a judging and fair God doesn't exist, or you can evaluate the indirect communication possibility, which you should, based on the drawbacks of direct communication.
Let's begin!
Last time, we were left with the following religions:
The religions that do not have any known founder or messenger are: Hinduism, Voodoo and Tengrism.


Let's apply the message criteria to Hinduism to see what it passes and what it fails.
(1) From WorldPopulationReview: ...Additionally, about 95% of the world's Hindus live in India. The majority of Hindus in India belong to the Shaivite and Vaishnavite denominations...


(1) From Wikipedia: ...It arose through a process of syncretism between several traditional religions of West and Central Africa and Roman Catholicism...


(1) From New World Encyclopedia: ...Tengri is the supreme god of Tengriism. In ancient Mongolian cosmology, the Sky-Father (Tengri/Tenger Etseg) and Mother Earth (Eje/Gazar Eej) were the central beings of a group of 99 deities. The ancient Turks believed that Tengri was the leader of the seventeen deities who ruled the universe: Tengri, Yer-Sub, Umai, Erlik, Earth, Water, Fire, Sun, Moon, Star, Air, Clouds, Wind, Storm, Thunder and Lightning, and Rain and Rainbow...
This eliminates 3 more religions leaving us with the remaining religions that both reference a deity or deities, as well as have a known founder:
6 of the remaining religions above (the ones with an "x") reference the same God, the God of Abraham. Being related, we will analyze them together last. Let's move on with the others.


Let's analyze the message of Sikhism.
Now let's analyze Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.
It is extremely unlikely that Sikhism represents a communication from a judging and fair God. It actually says so itself.
(1) According to Wikipedia
(2) From Wikipedia: ...The Sikh scriptures use Hindu terminology, with references to the Vedas, and the names of gods and goddesses in Hindu bhakti movement traditions, such as Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Rama, Krishna, but not to worship. It also refers to the spiritual concepts in Hinduism (Ishvara, Bhagavan, Brahman) and the concept of God in Islam (Allah) to assert that these are just "alternate names for the Almighty One"...
(3) From Britannica: ...Nanak’s authorship of these works is beyond doubt, and it is also certain that he visited pilgrimage sites throughout India. Beyond this very little is known. The story of his life has been the imagined product of the legendary janam-sakhis (“life stories”), which were composed between 50 and 80 years after the Guru’s death in 1539, though only a tiny fraction of the material found in them can be affirmed as factual...
(4) From Britannica: ...Sikhs claim that their tradition has always been separate from Hinduism. Nevertheless, many Western scholars argue that in its earliest stage Sikhism was a movement within the Hindu tradition; Nanak, they point out, was raised a Hindu and eventually belonged to the Sant tradition of northern India... Their tradition drew heavily on the Vaishnava bhakti (the devotional movement within the Hindu tradition that worships the god Vishnu), though there were important differences between the two.
(5) From Britannica: ...Nanak composed many hymns, which were collected in the Adi Granth by Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh Guru, in 1604...


Let's analyze the message of Caodaism.
Caodaism has multiple prophets: Ngô Văn Chiêu, Phạm Công Tắc, Cao Quỳnh Cư and Cao Hoài Sang. They fail most criteria.
It’s extremely unlikely that Caodaism is a true communication from a judging and fair God.
(1) From Wikipedia: He was born in 1878 and raised by his aunt. He developed an interest in Chinese folk religion during this period. Later he served in the colonial bureaucracy and developed a fascination with spiritism.
(2) From Wikipedia: In 1925, Phạm Công Tắc and two colleagues (Cao Quynh Cu and Cao Hoai Sang) tried to contact spiritual entities. Using table-tapping, they supposedly got messages: from their deceased relatives first, then from Saints, and then from God.
(3) From Wikipedia: Ngô Văn Chiêu, who had never intended Cao Đài to become a mass organization, left the movement and eventually established in 1932 an independent, esoteric branch known as Chiếu Minh, headquartered in Vĩnh Long, which still exists and only admits a limited number of committed adepts


Let's analyze Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, the founder of Spiritism.
Spiritism is extremely unlikely to represent a communication from a judging and fair God. It implicitly says so itself.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...The movement has become widely accepted in Brazil due to Chico Xavier's works. There, the number of self-identified Spiritists accounts for 3.8 million, according to the 2010 national census...
(2) From Wikipedia: ...Rivail was in his early 50s when he became interested in séances, which were a popular entertainment at the time. Strange phenomena attributed to the action of spirits were considered a novelty, featuring objects that moved or "tapped", purportedly under the control of 'spirits'...


Let's analyze the founder of Cheondoism.
It’s extremely unlikely that Cheondoism is a true communication from a judging and fair God.
(1) From Britannica: There is no concept of eternal reward in Ch’ŏndogyo, because its vision is limited to bringing righteousness and peace to the world.
(2) From Britannica: ...Korean religion that combines elements of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, shamanism, and Roman Catholicism...
(3) From Wikipedia: ...Although educated in Confucianism, he partook of Buddhist practices, rituals, and beliefs, including interacting with monks, visiting temples, and abstaining from meat. In 1856, he began a 49-day retreat in the Buddhist monastery of Naewon-sa, but had to leave on the 47th day to attend the funeral of his uncle. The next year he managed to complete the 49 days at Cheok-myeol Caves, but did not find the experience spiritually fulfilling.
(4) From Wikipedia: According to his own account, he was greatly concerned by the public disorder in Korea, the encroachments of Christianity, and the domination of East Asia by Western powers...


Now, let's analyze Nakayama herself.
There is no doubt that Nakayama Miki was deeply changed by her experience, as her life considerably changed after. However, Tenrikyo cannot be a communication from a judging and fair God. It misses the mark on critical criteria, and it says it itself that God’s purpose isn’t to judge humans.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...In her childhood, Miki became familiar enough with Buddhist prayer so that by the age of twelve or thirteen, she was able to recite from memory various sutras as well the hymns from the Jōdo Wasan... At that time, she expressed an interest in becoming a nun... but eventually she consented, on the condition that even when married she would be allowed to continue her Buddhist prayer...
(2) From Wikipedia: ...However, as the woman who regularly served as his medium, Soyo, was not available, he asked Miki to serve as medium instead. In the middle of the incantation, Tenrikyo's doctrine asserts that Miki had her first divine revelation...
(3) From Wikipedia: ...For the three years or so following the revelation, Miki secluded herself in a storehouse. In the 1840s, Miki gradually gave away her personal belongings and the possessions of the Nakayama family. Then Miki requested that her husband Zenbei dismantle the main house, starting with the roof tiles at the southeast corner followed by the tiles on the northeast corner and the gable walls...
It has been a long post! However, we have evaluated a bunch of religions and all that remains for analysis are the Abrahamic religions, specifically:
Let's do that in the next post!
Note: What the hell happened in the 1800s? A lot of religions appeared near that time! If someone has an answer or a theory, please share in the comments. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 06:21 No-Understanding8969 I am a travel bug who has always wanted to live abroad and finally have the means for us to, but my husband says he's up for it in maybe 5-10 years but not sooner.

Okay so I met my husband at 19, while I was in college and initially had plans to join the Peace Corps after college or study abroad for a few years. My now-husband at the time was not interested in leaving his parents solely out of guilt of leaving them. Then it turned into we could never afford it. Well every 1.5-3 years I get insanely burnt out on whatever corporate job I have at the time and wind up getting a whole different job, which my husband has done the same a few times but he usually is just content living day-to-day doing things he has no passion for. I always make sure the bills are going to be paid before I make a sudden life change though, and more than anything I've found that remote work and freelance work makes me the happiest. I've started freelance, online work as a content creator in the last few months and now make as much as my corporate job AT THE SAME TIME and I could work it literally anywhere. And I came across a TikTok video about digital nomad visas. I then went down the rabbit hole of researching for weeks IF this is something we could even do. And it is. We both love the idea of Spain after knocking a few other countries off of our list. He sounded on board with it and I said don't worry I'm not booking flights asap, it's like a year to even straighten out passports, visa paperwork, and our lives here. Also we own our house where we live and just bought it last year, but we could rent it out with short-term rentals that way we still own the house as a backup if we have to come back, and local real estate agencies could manage the property for us in the mean time. I've been getting very very excited and even putting more hours in at my freelance job because my passion is finally motivating me again, taking Spanish lessons, and connecting with expats in Spain. But tonight, he made the remark of "well it's not like you're trying to move right now, it'd be like another 5-8 years, maybe even 10, before we even start the process". Sorry if I sound dramatic, but it literally felt like a punch in the gut, and like I was drowning and felt trapped. We have a 2 year old and I was so excited for us to be over there together, but it's feeling like if we do move on my timeline he'll resent me and be miserable the whole time, but if I get trapped here (PS we live in shitty little Arkansas where it's getting more backwards by the minute) for another 5-10 years I'll definitely resent him. I'm a firm believer that life is short and I absolutely hate the concept of not actually LIVING our lives, just going to work, coming home, and literally nothing else.
Sooooo not sure what I'm asking here, but anyone with or without a travel bug and have some perspective to offer for either one of us?
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2023.05.28 06:17 Ok-Driver-1666 Need advice on how to handle toxic, racist in-laws

I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask. I also posted this on interracial dating.
I (29F) am a Filipino-American and am married to a white American (29M). All names included have been changed.
I’m posting to ask for advice on how to handle my in-laws/his family, who are very toxic, enabling, condescending, and racist (but obviously claim to be very progressive and have called each other “the most liberal people”). This has been an ongoing issue the whole 5 years we’ve been together, and it’s only gotten worse. We’re now finally going to pursue couples therapy but I’m desperate and wanted to ask for advice from anyone who’s been through it (none of my friends have).
Important to note, my husband and I have a very solid, healthy relationship. We are very communicative and hold our own selves accountable. We apologize when we’re wrong and never condescend the other’s feelings (for ex, “you’re being dramatic,” and “you need to get over it” are not ever things either of us say to each other).
So, where to start.
My husband is the youngest in his family, and their family culture is very much just saying awful things disguised as jokes, and then when someone is offended, they essentially get bullied into getting over it. No one apologizes. And they consider you to be sensitive or dramatic when you don’t agree with the unwritten rule of just keeping the peace.
When he and I first started dating, it was really difficult for him to even tell me if I did something that hurt his feelings. It was like he always thought it was just him that could be wrong and never me, because that’s pretty much the message his family raised him with. Any time he’s upset, his parents pressure him to just getting over it and that he should know his siblings didn’t mean it that way.
I wanna be clear that the whole family tolerates just insane amounts of disrespect and rude behavior, especially from the oldest brother (Jack) and his wife (Jill).
Some examples of the things I’ve just heard in the short time I’ve been around:
1.5 to 2 years ago, the two who again NEVER TALK TO ME OR LOOK AT ME, sent me Filipino trinkets in the mail. And I felt so disgusted. They didn’t look at me or talk to me, but dehumanized me down to the only thing they consider worth thinking about, which is me being Filipino and being a token of their liberalism. They patted each other on the back about “celebrating my culture.” These are the same people who pat each other on the back for paying their POC maid enough money so she can go to school, like they’re giving charity when they’re just paying their god damn employee fairly.
We’ve been pretty much low contact since then.
At that time, I finally started going to therapy about it because I didn’t know what to do. I was having growing feelings of resentment, not only towards to them but towards my husband. At the time, he didn’t really stick up for me. He was very much under the impression of “they’ve never listened to me in my life, why would they listen now.” Very defeatist given how they’ve treated him. I’m not saying it was wrong of him to feel that way, but I felt very alone and that he expected me to just deal with it. He still wanted me to go to family gatherings, even though it was upsetting every single time. But I also didn’t want to minimize how difficult it must be for him to be learning how unpleasant his family is and how toxic they’ve been to him his whole life, so I felt it important to give him grace and support.
Fast forward a year, his family is discussing holiday plans. My husband says “if anyone is considering sending my wife racist trinkets in the mail, DON’T.” And that set EVERYONE OFF. And now it became blatant. It was like an SNL skit on white liberals, but it was real life. Jack said “well it’s racist that you gave me sunscreen because I’m white.” And Jill and SIL said “wow, can you imagine getting such a special, considerate gift and reading it as racist.” And SIL also said “black people don’t like being called POC’s” when my husband used that shorthand for something completely unrelated, it was actually insane. “Well, let us apologize to the entire Philippines for our gift. The Etsy seller said it was a GREAT gift.” That actually made me laugh.
Since then, we’ve gone no-contact with the siblings. And ever since then, his parents, especially his Mom, has made so many passive aggressive comments about how my husband needs to get over it, and how everyone else is over it so we should be too. They’ve never apologized. They’ve never reached out to him to talk about it more. NOT A SINGLE TIME. He’s asked his mom to stop including him in their group chats, and she won’t. He and his dad bike together, and he now has insisted the sister comes along. And when my husband declined the invitation, he got a call from his mom.
At this point, I’m not asking for his parents to understand, but can they not respect the boundary my husband has implemented? Every time they do this, we think about and lament for DAYS. It has ruined our day today. She hung up on him when he refused to go. Like, I get it, you don’t give a fuck about me or my feelings, or him or his feelings, and that still just fucking hurts every time.
The thing is, over my god damn dead body would I allow any children we may have to go to any family gatherings with them to just not be looked at or to be made to feel as though they’re annoying (they’ve said the most disgusting things about kids; they’re the animals are better than people type). We would never allow them to be treated how they’ve treated either of us.
Idk what to do. It feels too much to go no-contact with his parents too, but they keep pushing and making us feel so guilty for not wanting anything to do with the siblings. There’s also a part of me that’s like…well, everyone has in-law issues I hear, am I supposed to just fall in line? But my friend recently said to me “yeah, but normal in-law issues are like oh they’re kind of annoying, NOT dehumanizing you.”
What do I do? I don’t know what more I can do if they keep not respecting our boundaries. It’s currently so hard not to hate his mom when it’s so clear to me that not only does she not get it, but she’s chosen her allegiance and she doesn’t give a fuck at all how much they’ve hurt me. I’m desperate for advice.
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2023.05.28 06:10 Unique-Back7713 Please help: Unwilling Money Mule

Dear Reddit,
I'm reaching out to all of you lovely people because I have nowhere else to turn at this point. I have spent the better part of the last 2 days cold calling attorneys, and the ones that were willing to talk to me for more than 5 minutes, without a retainer, basically said that they couldn't help me, because I have yet to be charged with anything. I spoke to one that was actually pretty kind and gave me some advice, but I am scared of following through with his advice, for fear of the varying repercussions from the human being that now seems to own me.
Here is the situation:
I initially contacted a vendor on the DN looking to buy a small quantity of "stuff", but his available listings were too high, so he instructed me to go on an encrypted messaging app to negotiate. I went on this app, and was repeatedly unable to to procure from him, because I just didn't have the money.
I feel like and idiot, so please spare me the commentary. I'm at a real low point in my life, outside of the scope of this, and hadn't slept for 2 days when this happened. It felt nice to be validated. I clearly wasn't thinking straight, and misconstrued manipulation for a much needed dose of kindness.
Long story short, he schmoozed me, and I fell for it. He offered me an opportunity to make a bit of money. I knew what this was, but out of desperation, I sent him my personal Venmo account, CashApp account, and a couple others to receive funds from. I was explicit with whoever this is, that I only wanted to do 2 transactions or so, so my accounts wouldn't be flagged, and then I was done. He agreed to my terms, or so I thought, and then he had one last request. He sent me a link to a website and said to fill out my information on it. I clicked the URL, and immediately got cold feet. It was a sketchy website, like craigslist, but for the purchase of something random but specific. (I'm omitting any specific details for fear of this post being found my this person, even though thats highly unlikely) In any case, I saw the website for what it was, basically an online form for my personal information, so they can come find me or doxx me, or do whatever it is that they do to suckers like me that fall for this shit, and run away with the money. Again, knew what it was, and told him I wouldn't fill it out, and we left it at that, or so I thought.
The next day, unsolicited, I get a deposit for a small amount on my Venmo, and a subsequent message from him saying he sent a test sum. Before I could reply I get two deposits to the sum of 850$ and in my delirium, I accepted them. Part of me also just thought I could complete these transactions and be done with it. I instant transferred both deposits into my personal checking account so I could get the bitcoin he wanted off of CashApp. I didn't account for the fact that it would be a pending charge, and wouldn't be able to fund my CashApp account, and so it began. This turned into a 7 hour ordeal, trying to figure out how I could get him his BTC. At the end of the 7 hours of jumping through hoops, I was able to get him his BTC, and sent him a message saying I wasn't interest in doing this anymore, and that I would "let him know" if i was interested in the future. The next day, I wake up to another 400$ in my Venmo account, and for some reason accepted it again. Long story short, Venmo flagged the account, and his money was now stuck in the account. I explained to him what happened, and he got very cold on me very quickly. I did everything I could, but the funds were still trapped in the account he flagged with his unsolicited payment.
I've been trying to make his money back delivering food, but I can't make the 400$ he says I owe him now in less than 5 days, and he keeps demanding it and saying he needs it now. The whole situation has done a number on my psyche in light of all the other fucked up shit going on in my life right now. He's gotten in my head to say the least. I get a message roughly every 30 minutes, from him, demanding it. He has been so degrading and I feel so worthless and used. For fear of him doxxing me, or finding me / hurting me or my family, or reporting the info he has on me to the authorities, I feel the need to get him whatever he thinks he is owed. Needless to say, I'm very scared of the potential repercussions of this entire situation. I'm not entirely sure what he can do, really, but I also don't want to risk any of it. I also can't come up with whatever he thinks I owe him though, I have to feed myself, and expenses, so the 5 days it would take is really more like 10-15 days.
I haven't been contacted by anyone yet regarding this, but I'm sure the 3 accounts that I mentioned are all flagged at this point, and I fear that it will all be investigated. I realize the 1200$ he sent me in total really isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the 400$ he says I owe him now is way more than I ever have to my name at any given time. I don’t want to further incriminate myself, but I'm really just tempted to report it and face the consequences at this point.
How do I handle this at this point ?
Do I block him, and face the consequences he has for me?
I haven't explicitly asked him what he would do if I don’t get this to him, but I also don't want too, for fear of prompting him to act upon whatever he can do to me.
Who do I notify that this happened?
Do I go and report myself for this? Do I notify my bank and implicate myself further in all of this?
Is there any way to get back in good standing with these financial institutions ?
They were all of my personal accounts.
Is there any way to ameliorate the situation without any serious repercussions ?
I just want it all to end, and go away.
Please help. I realize what I am asking for really isn't legal advice, but I wasn't sure where else to post this.
Lastly, thank you to all that have read this. And extra thanks to anyone that offers their 2 cents. Reddit is my last hope.
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