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2023.05.28 07:11 autotldr Russia accuses Japan of ‘cynical speculation’ after Tokyo’s nuclear rebuke

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 19%. (I'm a bot)
Russia on Saturday accused Japan of "Cynical, unscrupulous speculation" over Tokyo's comments around the nuclear threat Moscow poses and promised to respond to Japan's latest round of sanctions imposed over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno on Friday said Japan would place additional sanctions on Russia after the Group of Seven summit Tokyo hosted last week agreed to step up measures to punish Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.
Matsuno also condemned Russia's plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, saying it would further inflame the situation and that Japan would never accept "Russia's nuclear menace, let alone its use".
The ministry also took issue with Matsuno's casting of Russia as engaging in "Nuclear blackmail".
"The desire to attribute the non-evident intention to use nuclear weapons in relation to events in Ukraine to Russia is nothing more than cynical, unscrupulous speculation," the ministry said.
Russia earlier on Saturday dismissed criticism from U.S. President Joe Biden over Moscow's plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, saying Washington had for decades deployed such nuclear weapons in Europe.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russia#1 nuclear#2 Japan#3 ministry#4 weapons#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.28 07:10 dank_boi144 bad luck with guppies?

Hello! I only recently started keeping fish a couple months ago, and I really have not had the best luck.
I have kept only guppies, but they keep dying. I have been wondering if it is my fault, or if the guppies I have are just genetically weak. I've gotten almost all my guppies from my natural science class at school. They are very imbred and the tanks are not in very great condition. The other guppies I've gotten have been from PetSmart.
I make sure to acclimate them and keep the water parameters in check +all the other basic care.
With the first batch of guppies, it was going well until 1 from PetSmart killed 4 other guppies in just a couple days. I re-homed him.
The second issue was when my filter literally broke. Like the motor propeller inside broke through the plastic during the night. I guess this shocked my guppies, and most of them died. The filter was still functional, but not as much. I replaced it immediately.(the motor not the filter itself)
I've just started slowly re adding guppies to my tank, it's a 10 gallon and I plan on having a group of around 6. I don't have any other fish in my tank, just some bladder snails.
Anyways I just added 2 guppies a week ago (i have 4 total) and it was going alright until i saw one dead just now. The parameters were normal and I just did a water change yesterday so idk how he died. He looked completely normal and was acting normal this morning. I didn't see any aggression between them either. No torn fins, and was eating properly.
So, are these guppies I'm getting just very weak, or am I doing something wrong and unaware? I was really excited to start keeping fish but I'm getting really stressed out about it. Honestly might just do snails and shrimp instead.
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2023.05.28 07:10 thenamesyu am I about to be cheated on?

Yeah…so I’ve known my partner (bf) since January. We started out as friends and admitted we liked each other a bit after we met on Bumble and started dating since. I’ve met their parents, been over their house to have dinner with them more than once, and both of our friend groups know we are a couple. I’ve even met most of my bfs friends. We are both college students in our 20s and are a gay couple.
They have a lot of friends, one of them being a guy they also happened to match with on Bumble around the same time as we matched. For the sake of this story I’ll name this guy ‘James’. Apparently James and my bf were friends prior to matching on Bumble. I know this bc it’s been implied and bc a few weeks ago, my partner and I were joking stupidly about killing any person who gets any ideas about ruining our relationship. My bf said “hopefully none of my old matches get any ideas, to avoid any murders, or James” but back then I brushed it off as nothing, especially because I am just not the kind of dude to be insecure/insanely jealous and don’t like being a weird controlling bf. I’ve been on the other end of that and guys like that are just weird. But I do remember sort of pausing in the moment.
Anyways, I know they bump into James often because they’re both into the same gaming communities and see each other at different arcades sometimes by chance. I know sometimes they go together in a friend group they all have which is always nice to have, I am genuinely happy they have a cool hobby and made friends out of it. Bf has tried to get me into their community slowly but it’s just not something I’m good at yet. What threw me off today was my partner just came back from being at an arcade with James and a few other friends. My bf texted me “idk why my friends are so gay” and i asked what they meant by that and they said, “we just constantly saying gay shit to each other, I think that just means me and James are best friends”. I haven’t even opened the message because this entire post has been my thought process for a good hour.
Am I being weird and jealous? I know queer friendships are always a bit funny in the sense where you say lots of playful things with your friends. I am also just wondering if I will look stupid denying the coincidences I’ve mentioned. I don’t want to drag this out and get hurt in the future after we’ve been with one another for a while more. I already feel stupid not realizing how close they are and it would make sense to be cheated on or dumped for James since they’ve known each other longer. I have never felt insecure about my relationship until today. Please help lol
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2023.05.28 07:10 SunilaP Roommate’s recently evicted friend is staying with us in the guest room. He said “1 month” then “I don’t even know.” When is a good time to mention how utilities will be split?

My roommate literally told me three days before that his friend is in a bad situation. Got recently evicted. Recently divorced. All that. He’ll be staying in the guest room. I said “sure”
It’s been two weeks. Good thing is his friend literally stays in the room ALL DAY. I’ve only seen him in the kitchen twice. So thats good.
But the man is UNEMPLOYED. Watches tv all day, probably has the fan on, who knows.
After a month, if he is still there, what should I do? Say that utilities should be split by 3? Whats the best route to go about this?
The man is unemployed, not even looking for a job, or apartment. Stays in the room all day. This kinda worries Me that he’ll eventually move in.
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2023.05.28 07:10 swishswash93 Bungie Pls: Reduce the Cost of Raid Weapons from the Monument of Lost Light

Currently the old raid weapons (anarchy, Legend of Acrius, tarrabah) cost 240 spoils EACH to unlock from the monument of lost light. This cost is prohibitively expensive when a current raid run provides 10 spoils and those spoils are necessary to progress deepsight weapons each week. The amount of farming and time required to unlock these guns is completely out of line. Especially considering they aren't even the best exotics in the game. Players who never unlocked these guns at the time or during times with prevalent spoils will never be able to justify spending that amount again. I am fine with Always on Time costing so much, but the guns need to have their spoil cost removed or HEAVILY reduced.
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2023.05.28 07:09 garlak63 Chartered Accountants Discord server

Chartered Accountants Discord Server Link : (If this link is not working check the "about section" of the sub)
There are various channels in the server covering course related aspects and "well-being" aspects.
Here only CAs have access to chat. Rest can only read what is being discussed. So if you have recently qualified and are confused about campus placement portal/process, job offers or membership process, CPE hours or talk about the career path you might have if you choose a particular job, this is the channel for you.
Separate Subject Wise Channels
Faculty taking time or not responding to subject doubts? Doing self study and not being able to solve a doubt? Use these subject related channels to ask technical questions like what head the income will it go to, if you buy a luxury car and sell it for a profit or how to solve Minimum Variance Portfolio.
Here the discussion ranges from taxation to audit to economy to finance and everything in between. Read an interesting article? Share here to discuss with others. Anything in the world which is remotely related to the profession can be discussed here.
Seniors at articleship firm not answering your quires? MCA, Income tax or GST portal giving you trouble? Use this channel to solve practical doubts and problems faced during articleship and CA practice.
A mini Indian Street Bets (ISB) for CA folks. If you like capital markets, this is the channel is for you.
Study VC's
If you like group studying there are study channels available where you join others (with or without cams) and study. You can also make your own private VC and add only your friends. There are also pomodoro channels.
Well Being channels of the server, they are the most active channels in the server.
#off-topic don’t let the name fool you, a lot of "on-topic" stuff gets discussed here. #weekly-column to share your writeups and drawing. #sports (mainly F1 and football), #bibliophiles, #pets, #memes and #music-suggestions are also there.
Study Mode
Have exams coming up and don’t have time for all this? Take the "study mode" (including permanent study mode from mods where you can‘t get out of it without mods) so that you have access to only the subject wise channels (rest of the server will be blocked from you). The well-being channels can be a time drain hence this mode is useful before exams.
Discord now has a feature where you can hide channels you don't want to see, which you can use to avoid distractions/topics you dislike.
Discord and reddit mods are different. There is no overlap between them.
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2023.05.28 07:07 AHoppyPixie I know my resub & it's delicate

I'm very aware who this subs is IRL. I've been at his birthday party and he's watched my dog 2 years ago. He unfriended me on FB 6 weeks back because I called out their anti drag BS. Now he subs after being gone for months.
The issue deepens as his new wife is no longer friends with me in Facebook, maybe in the last 6-9 months. 3 years ago I was aware she was uncomfortable with his infatuation with me so I worked on building that trust.
Him subbing off/on probably didn't help and I didn't initiate once I knew it was him. Don't get me wrong, I don't get involved in the business of my subs and I don't judge their situation. This feels different. I'm considering restriction or blocking. I don't think he knows I'm aware of his identity. I want to be careful because he's historical unpredictable. How's the best to handle it?
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2023.05.28 07:06 Ventingshit Broken Brain

Some reason my brain doesnt want anything. I see people wanting… desiring things in their life. It maybe relationships, food, electronics, clothes, drinks, or certain lifestyle. My brain wants nothing. It looks at things and yawns. It wouldnt care if it were homeless or not. It has feelings but it is very fleeting.
During early college/university my brain would tell me “oh please oh please. Lets get a apartment and have no furnitures. It would be so cool!” Where would I sleep? “On the floor. With blanket and singular pillow.” Where would I sit? “You wont. You can just lay down and look at the ceiling.” What about stove and fridge…? “None. You can just walk to grocery store and get something you dont need to cook.” It is a dream to come to an empty home… abandoned home.
My brain always craves nothingness… emptiness. Always seeks extreme lack of existence. This applies to human interaction. Doesnt want any.
I would ask my brain time to time “What are you trying to say to me?” and it would respond “What do you mean? I am not sure what you mean.“ It is almost like it knows something is wrong but doesnt know what. Everytime I ask to clarify, I just get an error message. ————————————
My parents would say I am the lucky one. Can accomplish month worth of practice for average person…in 2-3 days. Blessed with a gift, I guess. Ability to just magically understand something and when someone asks “how did you do that?” I would respond “It just makes sense. It is well balanced that way.” Always stand out as “smart one“ or “skilled one”… always someones pick.
My parents would always tell me “I wish you and your brother switched.“ Yeah, I guess. My brother always want to achieve and create things. Sadly he received “bad genes” where he would spend all day doing something for months and wouldnt improve at all. He feels useless and untalented as he sees me create something and clearly flourish every step while making it look easy.
My parents would also comment how I am so confident and standing tall… always trying new things and exploring while my brother is ”stuck,afraid, and going nowhere.”
Kind of funny. Kind of unfortunate. Funny for blaming me for their misfortune. Unfortunate for them not realizing. Oh, well. That is life. ——————————-
Here I am… existing. Technically capable of doing… achieving anything due to blessing but my brain just yawns. “For what?” it wonders.
“Hey lets read 30-45 textbooks a month. We have the proof that we can.“ I say.
“Then what?” It says.
“Why not achieve something brilliant? We can technically understand anything if we actually cared about it.” I say.
”Why…? Whats the point when we are going to have the same dilemma?” It says. “Why go for things when…… dont technically exist? I cannot tell the difference between $3 meal and $30 meal. I cannot tell the difference in value. Everything seems same to me. You talk about brilliance and becoming this… person you think is extraordinary… when in reality that person is no different than any other person on this earth.” It says. “Its all in your head.”
Every time it hits me with these responses I become speechless. I dont have anything to say back to it. All I can mutter is… “then what…?” Which then my brain responds “thats what I am trying to figure out. I dont want to engage in the fluff you try to talk to me about. You are wasting time with those ideas. Dont drag me into it.“
The emptiness. The confusion. Trying to find the truth. Trying to do the right thing. The perspective. Consistently changing brain space. Seeking something that doesn’t exist. Not wanting things that already exist. In a weird limbo that I cant seem to escape from. Opening a gift box with nothing inside. Not able to see something that is right front of me. Not in right condition to properly notice.
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2023.05.28 07:05 TriangleHatMan Travel friends with bad taste in music and movies?

Hi, I'm 33/M/Ire, and interested in making some new friends. Location doesn't matter to me.
I'm interested in travelling, just back from visiting Edinburgh and last Summer I spent a couple of weeks island hopping and scuba diving in Greece. Would like to try cliff diving but I think I may need an adventurous friend to give me a push. If you're into marine life or exploration and travel I'm sure we would have something in common.
I like to practice martial arts, mostly kickboxing and karate, hoping to try MMA this summer. I find martial arts are a really good way to de-stress and they teach discipline, focus and humility. I'm not a big gym person, mostly because other hobbies take up too much time, but I have been known to embarrass myself in the odd half marathon and I like running outdoors. I try to do a 5k a day... which is good because I could also eat my own body weight in pizza if the mood strikes. I used to do fencing and would like to pick it up again at some point.
I finished a STEM PhD a couple years back so if you're into science nerdery and you want to geek out about some article you found about particles or planets or plants and photosynthesis let me know! I worked in Italy for about half a year shortly after my PhD which is probably where I developed the habit of eating my own body weight in pizza.
Into horror movies and sci fi and 80s music (everything from the goofy hair metal of Motley Crue to the electro-pop weirdness of Peter Gabriel). I like to go to concerts and gigs last gig I went to was a Japanese Punk band.
If any of that resonates and you think we might get along then send me a message. Tell me about your travels and your adventures (or misadventures), send me your best 80s playlist or just say hello if I seem like somebody you would wanna get to know.
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2023.05.28 07:04 issokay_01 Will I get a decent MBA college with these acads?

Female, General, Non Engineering, Graduated May 2023
10th - 98%, 12th - 97%
UG - 7.5+ (last semester results are not out but this is my best guess)
Graduation in BCom Honours from a Tier 1 college, North Campus, Delhi University
I know I screwed up in my undergrad. What all are my options now?
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2023.05.28 07:04 Low-Refrigerator2799 How far can I make it if I dominate on a community college team?

I was playing intramurals a few weeks before finals and as I was leaving the coach introduced himself and asked if I’d like to play for the team next season. I told him I’d consider it and wondering now if it would be worth my while. I obviously don’t see myself making it to the nba or something crazy like that but what is the most I can achieve if I play very well. Is it really worth taking time that I could be using to study or work if I won’t gain anything other than being able to tell people I played college ball? I’m in Canada as well so I highly doubt any scouts from American schools would even bat an eye. What is the best case scenario if I was to hypothetically play amazingly? I’m also only 6’4 so I’m not gonna magically end up going pro because of my height like Embiid or Boucher.
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2023.05.28 07:03 OtherRefrigerator371 Do you guys believe the was rude what my coworkers said?

So there was a new person who got hired and he's been working with me for the past weeks. And honestly, he works very well almost like he's been at the job and works better than I do at some points. For lunch, my boss ordered pizza and there was plenty for everyone. Everyone was coming and my coworkers sat in the conference room and ate it. The guy I work with, he was getting pizza too. My boss wasn't around when this was said, but my coworkers didn't like that he was getting pizza. They said that he can eat their leftovers or he can pick it up out the garage. I told them "don't say that about him, he's a hard worker!" When I got in line to get my pizza, he asked me what did they say. I paused because I didn't know if I should tell him. I made something up and told him they said he'll have to pay 20 dollars for each pizza but they were just joking. He agreed and left it alone. Would you have told him what they really said?
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2023.05.28 07:03 salt-sanctuary-good 1 week to craft armor

I made a post earlier about this, so I went ahead and started working on the armor that said it would take 2 seasons to make. Like I was told, the proficiencies needed went up and the time requirement (when I checked the item in the crafting menu) went down to 1 week. But it certainly feels like it’s been a lot longer. Not helping things is that I’m losing a lot of weight because of the intense labor and to combat this I starting eating a lot of my food; going through my quickest to rot first. Now that’s become a problem since the best things for that are fruits that I scavenge, but those are generally low calories and will often rot before I’m able to finish them.
I’m at 66% and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to continue. I feel like I should just debug the armor in at this point. It feels like I only get 1 percent done every six hours.
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2023.05.28 07:02 Lazy_Artist27 I’m in need of advice as a future art major

I’m 3 weeks away from finishing my high school junior year and I want to fall into something in the art field for college but I my options constantly change from tattoo artist to film to the gaming industry. I’ve looked at a few art schools such as Ringling, Moore, or Full Sail, and just regular ones like Rutgers, Rowan, or Stockton. I want to stay on the east coast but I don’t know if I should go to a community college before transferring to a bigger one for my major or if I should just go straight to the big one. Does anyone have any advice? I think any pointers or tips would really help give me some direction for any preparation I need to do this summer
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2023.05.28 07:01 AutoModerator Weekly Success & Erg Screen Thread - May 28, 2023

Welcome to the weekly Rowing achievement thread!
What was your achievement this week? It could be anything! A new 2k PB? Get a good lift at the gym? Or even your first time capsizing a single!
Got a erg screen or a regular training shot? Curious what your 2K will be based on a workout? This is the place for it!
Side note: 99% of erg screens should go in this thread. A separate post with an erg screen should be something that happens once or twice a year, at most. Big PR's, that kind of thing.
Also, please check our wiki pages:
This thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") to see the newest posts.
This is a judgement free zone, so be respectful, positive and keep criticism constructive.
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2023.05.28 07:01 chrismatic13 Anyone Else Feel Like TNT Is Blatantly Rooting For The Heat?

Ok, I know it’s cliche. Every fan base thinks the media is against them and there’s some evil vendetta but man, the entire game it was just “Miami Heat are only down x” and I understand it’s because the Heat played abysmal and had no help from their two best players yet the game was always close to shooting distance. But to a certain extent, Tatum didn’t really play exceptional after the 2nd quarter. Celtics shot in the 20% mark while the Heat were knocking down so many big 3’s. Heat won the turnover margin. Celtics should’ve been up by more but the game was 95% what the Heat weren’t doing and 5% about what the Celtics were doing to have a lead on the road in an elimination game.
If you listened to the halftime, you’d swear Miami were winning by 10 or it was a tied game and the Heat had 4 made 3’s that half. Charles Barkley didn’t give a single bit of credit to the Celtics and although he picked the Celtics to win, he seemed saddened they won Game 6 because it wasn’t sexy and switched his pick to Heat to win Game 7.
The officiating portion - Refs were horrible this game for both teams. But, there was a specific instance where I believe Jaylen got pushed in the back by Gabe Vincent. A clear foul by any seeing eye. SVG said that there was “barely any contact”. And there were multiple instances of a foul where because it wasn’t manslaughter, the commentary crew believed it shouldn’t be called. Meanwhile, every Celtics foul never got any pushback.
During the postgame Kenny Smith said the interference by Bam shouldn’t be called. Shaq is a Miami Heat homer, understandably so, and even he disagreed because it’s clear as day that Bam held onto the rim. Only reason it shouldn’t be called is if you want the refs to just let the Heat do whatever.
The Call - One of the biggest plays in recent NBA time (honestly it might be the biggest since Kawhi’s shot depending on the Game 7 result) and it was a horrible call by the TNT crew. I understand not knowing at first what was going on and it was a crazy play but, I believe it was Stan who was automatically saying the shot didn’t count without even seeing the replay and the level of excitement wasn’t there for such a big play. But guarantee if the Heat move on, it would sound like a championship game 7 winning call.
I’ve never heard a broadcast so one sided. Every 2 minutes it’s them complaining about the Heat getting screwed, not giving Celtics defense credit for shutting Jimmy down but instead begging on their knees for Jimmy to become LeBron James, and absolutely no enthusiasm for a team on the verge of making history.
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2023.05.28 07:00 RNH00 Should I go through with ending my friendship?

Hi all, I [M22] have been friends [F22] with someone since we were sixteen years old, and I think I should end the friendship with them completely. I'm going to keep this as simplified as possible, but it can get confusing at times. We were long-distance friends, as we met on a penpal website, but we have seen each other in person, and we have another trip planned this summer. About a year and a half ago, I let her know I had strong feelings for her, which were not reciprocated, which is fine, but I felt awkward and kept doing stupid things on my part. She tried to go back to normal entirely afterward, and I did too, but it was very uncomfortable to hear her talk and see her date other guys. I came close to ending it last year, because of this as it was very anxiety-inducing, but ended up not as I enjoyed the friendship.
Fast forward to the end of 2022, and I transferred from my CC to a university. I began to start getting over her and came close to it. Around this time, our friendship took a worse turn as she became very hot and cold, with her being all in and then out depending on if someone new, friendship/or relationship-wise, came into the picture for them. After one night out drinking with her work friends, came close to texting me something very out of pocket. When I pushed her a bit a couple of days later out of curiosity, she asked whether I would be ok if we were still virgins by the next time we saw each other, would I be down to lose it to each other? This brought me back into it with her, but again she was still very in and out of it with me and, at times, what seemed to be very inconsiderate of my side. A month later, she told me about how she ended up losing her virginity to one of her work friends instead, and it was a very uncomfortable moment for me and I told her it felt a bit unfair to do all that when I was just getting over her, and the apology they gave me felt a little lacking and more, not condescending but the tone of voice was they did not seem to take it seriously enough. I began again trying to get over her by going on a couple of dates with a few girls, but those never worked out. This continued with her doing some other things that came off similar to the virginity thing, with us at one point talking about if I got into grad school near her, we could move in together and also started half-jokingly looking about what the apartment market was around the area. Recently though, I've had quite enough of it, with them again going from texting me every day, talking about how they wished I was there with them at their brothers' wedding one day and being very talkative wit me for a couple of weeks and at one point begging for me to a get a haircut she finds attractrive, to now compelely stopping talking to me and ignoring my texts as she's now dating a new guy they met on tinder.
I talked to my therapist about this, and I think the best route would be just to end the friendship now, as she doesn't seem to have much respect for my own feelings and treats me as what seems to be a friend of convenience. There is a good amount I have left out as well, like her only texting me during these periods of cold for stuff they need my help with. I really kind of want to know if I'm being irrational here to end the friendship. I tried texting her Wednesday if she wanted to call this weekend, as I wanted to talk to her about this, but she never responded and has been MIA for a week now. The most frustrating part is I have a plane ticket to go out and visit her, as I said earlier, we planned for a second trip this summer. I have already written out a long message to send over to them, letting them know I would rather not be part of the friendship (I'll leave the message below and let me know what y'all think), but still have anxiety that I may regret it if I do, as I definitely have my own part that played to make this friendship not what it used to be. What do y'all think? Sorry for the long story.
Message: "Hey, I wanted to tell you this over the phone and not text, but since it doesn’t seem like you’re able to, I’ll just tell you here. This friendship is not working for me anymore. It feels like we’re not putting in the same amount of effort as the other. I have felt more as a friend of convenience for you for a while now, with you being hot and cold. It goes back and forth between you being fully invested In this friendship to suddenly being someone completely distant and incredibly dry to talk to. It has become a constant cycle that makes me feel as though I did something wrong whenever the 180 occurs.
It also seems we’re not on the same page within this friendship. I still do have strong feelings for you, but it’s very obvious you don’t, and there is nothing wrong with that, as no one can control their feelings. However, after I told you how I felt earlier last year, it seemed you were more focused on minimizing how I felt, and it completely made me feel as though I created a problem between us. That awkwardness for myself still hasn’t stopped because you kept talking about stuff later on, like, if we’re still virgins by the next time we see each other, we could lose it to each other. It’s made it very hard for me to move on, and I think it’ll be better if we just stop being friends, and I will be canceling the plane ticket."
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2023.05.28 07:00 AutoModerator Friend Zone: Mobile Friend Code Megathread! - Week 22 2023

Feel free to post your friend codes in this thread! A new Friend Zone will be created every week, on Sundays.
If you wish, you can also add your codes in the Discord Server #fc_sharing or the Wiki page.
Please include your region (e.g. Asia/Australia , EU, SA, NA) when posting your friend code and update your comment (strikethrough would be the best option, ~~markdown uses 2 tildes to use this format~~) when you have filled your friend list. That way people will not try to add you unintentionally.
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2023.05.28 07:00 InternationalHunt738 A History of 1st Overall Trades and what we can expect for Lafreniere as time goes on.

Nail Yakupov : He was traded to the Blues for a 4th round pick/prospect, plus a additional 2nd on a condition he scored 15 goals for the blues. The condition was never met, and Edmonton only got a 3rd round pick. Which then turned into Stuart Skinner the same Skinner from this past season because Edmonton traded that 3rd to Arizona plus a 5th to get Skinner. Cameron Crotty is what that 3rd round pick turned into. And he is still struggling to even break the AHL level. Overall the Blues didn't really lose anything and neither did the Oilers. And eventually you could say Skinner was the result of the trade. Even trade and Yakupov was out of the league 2 years later. Funny thing is Yakupov was making 2.5 million at the time ....the exact salary most of you predict Laffy will get and probably why there was such little return for him. It was too late and he had cemented himself as a bust at that point.
Taylor Hall : He has been traded multiple times. He first trade was to the Devils from Edmonton. The trade was as follows....Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. Initially this trade seemed like just a good swap. Edmonton needed defense, and the Devils needed some offense. Then season 2 happened and Hall won the Hart Trophy and Larsson, well just looked like a good stay home defenseman. But then Hall would never play more then 30 games in a season for the Devils again. All the while Larsson put steady efforts in for Edmonton. Hard to say which is a clear winner at this point.
But then the Devils traded him for an absolute HAUL. I mean just raped the Coyotes. They got a 1st in the 20 draft, and 3rd in the 21 draft plus a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round prospect/player. N. Merkley, N. Schnarr, Kevin Bahl, the picks ended up being Dawson Mercer, and Ryder Korczak. Not like anything special came out from this trade. IT is a joke. While Edmonton ending up letting Larsson go to Seattle in the expansion draft. Clearly the Devils won this trade.
Erik Johnson : The trade was to the Avs from the Blues. (Side note this was 3 years after he was drafted) Blues had already found their number 1 D man so had time to shop Johnson around. The Blues sent Johnson, j. McClement, and 1st round pick which turned into Duncan Siemans. In return the Blues got Chirs Stewart, Shattenkirk, and a 2nd round pick. Stewart was a 18th overall pick, Shattenkirk was a 14th overall pick, and the 2nd round pick was 32 overall and Ty Rattie was selected. On the Avs. side McClement was a 2nd round 52nd overall journeymen Center. Siemans never amounted to anything. But Johnson has had a long and fairly decent career as a 1st pair shutdown defensemen. Obviously Ranger fans know all about Shattenkirk. Stewart was a decent defensive minded center. 3rd or 4th line ability. Ty Rattie outside of his amazing name never really panned out and is out the league today. At this level of diving into this is clear the Avs won this trade. I am sure if I dive deeper it starts to even out with the returns of Stewart and Shattenkirk when they are traded later on. Shattenkirk got the Blues a 1st and 2nd and 2 prospects from Washington. Stewart got traded and got the Blues Ryan Miller and Steve Ott. Not such a clear win for the Avs anymore.
Marc Andre Fluery : Essentially played his first 13 yrs of his career for the Penguins. Covering his trades at this point when a 1st overall Pedigree or label had long worn off and the 2 x Cup Champion had taken over his reputation. Becomes very mute. So I skipped him.
Rick Nash : Again his 1st Overall Pedigree had mostly worn off by the time of his trade to us. He was already a Pro for 9 years in Columbus when they decided to move on. All though.... he did get us quite a haul back when we traded him to Boston.
Ilya Kovalchuk : Again traded after 8 seasons with the Atlanta Thrashers. Not exactly worth covering. Only notable thing is Kevin Hayes was apart that trade to the Devils. Which I then assume the Devils traded that pick away to Chicago. Essentially the Thrashers got on the prospect level...... a 1st round pick 23rd overall, A 2nd round pick 54th overall, and a Journeymen defenseman in Oduya. Plus a 1st and 2nd round pick in the 2010 draft. An the Devils got a 2nd round pick, and undrafted player who never played in the league. The first pick ended up being Kevin and the second ended up being Justin Holl. Who plays for the Leafs now.
Patrik Stefan : One of if not the worst first overall picks in the history of the league. Never lived up to his potential in Atlanta. And should have been traded well before he actually was. He played 6 years for Atlanta before they finally traded him to Dallas for a bag of pucks. He netted Atlanta a 6th and 7th round pick/player. Too late and I am amazed anyone gave Atlanta anything at that point for him. He was gone and out of the league the next season.
Now take what you want from all of this. But typically players lose significant trade value the longer you hold onto them. 3 years into a first overall's playing career is the deadline for a decent to good return for even the so called bad 1st overall picks. After that ....they must already be pretty elite and the team just feels it needs to move on from the player. The worst players on this list .... arguably should have been moved sooner. Stefan and Yakupov, both struggled mightily early on in their careers and that was the clear calling sign to move on. People on here often use Thorton as the example of why you should just hold onto to Lafreniere. But his 3rd year he put up 60 points. He wasn't traded til his 8th year in the league and the GM was rightfully fired 1 year later for that trade.
Look there are always going to be doubters. People who are too scared to cross that road. Too afraid of the what ifs. To me the chances of Lafreniere having success on this franchise at this point are the same as Patrik Stefan and Yakupov. And both Franchises held on too long and got nothing in return because those players were long past the expiration date.
I would love to be wrong! I would love for Lafreniere to go out there and prove all of his doubters wrong. And have a massive season and dominate the league. It is never going to happen. I will give a very clear example of why....both Kakko and Chytil went to the World Championship and played for their respective teams. Why didn't Lafreniere? What is Lafreniere doing right now? Nursing an unknown injury? Or more likely fucking off like a typical 21 year old in NY with millions in his bank account? It is not like there wouldn't have been a roster spot on team Canada if he wanted to play. But notice no one is asking this question in the media. Why not?
If someone can point to something about his game that stands out...I would listen. Can anyone tell me something about his game that truly stands out besides he puts up the most points at even strength? Yet no one includes with that little tid bit of information that he also has the 3rd highest 5 on 5 ice time only losing to Panarin and Trocheck on our team. I not saying Quinn, Gallant, Drury, and Gorton didn't mess up his career. I am not blaming just him. But if Drury doesn't see the same thing I do, what the hell is he looking at?
I get why the majority of this toxic sub doesn't want to move on from him. They are afraid they are going to lose a top talent for nothing and regret it in the future. Or the other common argument is he is at his lowest value why trade him now? I say trade him now because look at what you get if he doesn't pan out or prove his doubters wrong. There are 2 very clear examples of players that struggled just like Lafreniere in the beginning of their careers right above. And ultimately those teams waited too long and got nothing for those players when it was clear as day they weren't nhl players. If we can trade him for a top 10 pick with say an addition of our pick ....I say why not? That is a great return.
I honestly want to see Lafreniere succeed. I like him as a player and wish him nothing but the best. No one has ever come out of the QMJHL to have success in the NHL with the one exception of Crosby. I am sorry, but this kid is not Crosby. He doesn't show that same work ethic/desire to be the best. If you doubt this point just go look at all the players who have led the QMJHL in scoring since Crosby and see what level of player they are. There is 20 years of history surely I am wrong.
I will end this with...please give me a valid reason to believe in this kid. Give me a reason if you don't agree with me on why? And don't give me a recycled answer of look at his 5 on 5 stats or he has never gotten a chance in ice time. Corey Perry as a 37 yr old has less even strength ice time then Lafreniere but has more points. What do you see from him that says..... given the proper ice time/ line mates he will succeed? What is it exactly that you see in him...that people like me don't? And any who point to his trade is only going to keep decreasing with time. I am not an optimist. I am very practical. If you have an opinion that he will get better..... show me a player who had similar stats/ice time issues who then suddenly turned it on in their 4th, 5th, or 6th year? I will take anything. I am not talking about a guy who struggled with injuries and never got a look at the NHL level. Lafreniere has 200 games plus of nhl ice experience. Show me a player who meets that criteria. I don't care if you go back to the 1920's to find them. But I honestly don't know of any player 200 plus games into their respective careers that suddenly became an impact player and doubled their point production. Hell I would take a 60 point winger at this point. 20 to 25 goals and 35 to 40 assists. I don't think we will even see that from him because of where he is on our depth chart at LW.
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2023.05.28 07:00 Ok_Needleworker_4764 My (32f) SO (34m) is concerned about BM's feelings

Hi. I just want advice/thoughts on this. Im currently in a 1 year relationship with my SO who has kids and has divorced 3yrs ago. Custody is with him but the kids would go to BM on a scheduled weekend every 2 weeks. Im okay with it at first but recently he is planning to move closer to BM's place since currently they are like 2 hours drive away. He paid for her call plan so she can call the kids anytime. What i find uncomfortable is he always do the adjustments. When BM cant do to pick up the kids during her sched, SO would leave from work and drive the kids there. I asked about it and the reason according to him is she doesnt want BM to gets upset. Sorry i just want to vent.
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2023.05.28 06:59 starstruckfan7 help f17 m17

hi redit i’m losing my mind over this so pls help. so recently i’ve been having dreams about this guy in my class who i know and have talk to a bit. he’s had a girlfriend for three years and i just found out the broke up. we have a mutual friend we are both close to and she has told me multiple times this year that he wants to hang out with me and get to know me and that he thinks i’m super funny and cool. this dude has only come up to me a couple of times. so we’ve kinda talked but not really. recently my class went to the beach for the day. my best friend and i decided to go by our self’s and leave earlier then our grade was. i got a call from the mutual friend we will call her lily. lily is asking where i am so i tell her i’m already at the beach and i’m might meet up with them later. four hours later my bsf and i are leaving the beach and we drive past them so i send lily a pic of the group from the road and she immediately face times me. she’s saying like “hey stop by we wanna see you” well then the guy takes her phone and is like “ emily we really really want you to come hang out. we want you here” and i was like sorry maybe next time i felt really bad but we were supper tired. well fast forward to two days ago which was a week from the beach, i was at a bible study with the girls from my grade and i was catching up with lily and she was telling me during the whole day the guy, we will name dan, kept saying how he really wanted me there and he just couldn’t believe i didn’t want to come. and then he heard that i was there earlier and he “lost it” couldn’t believe i didn’t want to hang out with them. so the whole day he apparently kept saying he couldn’t believe i didn’t come out with them. remember this dude has talked to me maybe five times by choice. well i had a dream about him that week of the beach. a romantic dream. and i’m so freaking confused. i didn’t want to dwell on it bc he had a girlfriend and i felt really bad about it. then the night that i talk to lily abt the beach( that was the day i found out he and his girlfriend broke up)i had another dream abt him. like what does this mean?!? also when my class went on a class trip to rome we were in florence and a couple of girls got roses from the other high schoolers we met from spain(i wasn’t one of them). we are walking to the train and dan comes up right next to me and ask if i thought i’d any of the boys were cute and if i got any of their numbers. i said no then he offered to give me the numbers of the guys he got and i was like “no thank you none of them were my type” and so he goes what is your type? i proceeded to tell this man australian’s were my type. like wtf? so then i think he was naming some famous australian’s but i didn’t know who they were so i told him luke hemmings from 5sos was my type. ANYWAYS. super embarrassing but yeah. does anyone have advice or a solution or peace of mind or literally anything. like am i going crazy or does this guy kinda sound interested in me? cause idk. thanks!
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