Are audi suvs reliable

The new perseverance rune is utterly broken

2023.05.28 09:24 Sir-Bartholomew-97 The new perseverance rune is utterly broken

Am I salty? 100 percent, this rune counters my entire champion, I’ve mained vi ever since i first got this game, she relies heavily on her burst damage combo which consists of knockups from her first ability and ultimate.
I used to be able to build high damage and reliably be able to take out a squishie if i found one isolated and landed a fully charged first ability on them followed up by the full combo with ult. But now every squishie runs the perseverance run making them all feel closer to bruisers than squishies. Not to mention every adc runs sheildbow first item now so they are basically impossible for me to kill now even if i have a gold lead.
16 to 30 magic resist is just too much it makes me wish i could turn off the knockup on my abilities so that i can actually do damage again.
The werst part is that you cant even tell what secondary runes the enemy is using in game, only the keystone rune is displayed. So essentially you have no idea whether or not this guy is gonna magically get 30 armour and magic until u go onto him do no damage and die.
Bottom line is the stats this rune gives are just way too nutty its almost comparable to the bonus armour you get from aftershock and thats on a 20 second cooldown. The only good thing about the addition of this rune is that now players have stopped spamming bone plating in lane.
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2023.05.28 09:18 Capable-Squash-5071 Hire a hacker if Someone is having sexual content of mine (WhatsApp video recording). Now she is blackmailing me by asking for money. She has details of my family and friends on Facebook. What should I do?

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[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) can be of help to you as well they are fast, reliable, trustworthy and honest and you’ll never regret working with them. If you need a perfect and untraceable work for all hack jobs both ethical and unethical.
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2023.05.28 09:15 ChiliSwap Is buying a 90k mile coyote a bad idea?

I’m looking into getting a mustang GT as a fun daily driver. From what I’ve heard coyote engines seem to be very reliable and well built. I know there are some cars where high mileage is a no go, and some cars where it’s fine. And i know it’s not about the miles it’s about how hard the car was driven blah blah blah it’s a mustang GT of course it’s going to have been driven hard. So if the car is in good condition but has high miles, is it even worth looking at or no? ‘15+ btw
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2023.05.28 09:15 froggie94 Looking to upgrade to a more reliable car

Hi all, I currently own a Holden Trax 2013 and it seems to always have something wrong with it, fix one thing then something else needs fixing.
I'm looking for some recommendations for reliable cars (brands or models) I prefer hatchbacks and small SUVS but open to any recommendations.
Thank you
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[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.28 09:12 MagicalPeachGarden Recommendations on faster than Gigabit Ethernet adapters for Mac?

What do you guys recommend that’s reliable and Mac compatible?
My needs: Preferably no drivers needed , if drivers are needed they need to be both Intel and Arm Mac compatible
Preferably USB A or USB C but thunderbolt is fine as long it’s backwards compatible
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2023.05.28 09:12 Adam-hanks Do You Recommend WD_Black SN850 For PS5?

Hey fellow gamers!
I'm currently in the market for an SSD upgrade for my PS5, and I've been eyeing the WD_Black SN850 SSD. However, before making the purchase, I wanted to seek advice and gather insights from the community regarding this specific SSD and alternative options that may be worth considering.
Here are a few points I'd appreciate your input on:
  1. Compatibility: Has anyone used the WD_Black SN850 SSD with their PS5? Were there any compatibility issues or challenges during the installation process? It's crucial for me to ensure that the SSD is fully compatible and functions seamlessly with the console.
  2. Performance: How does the WD_Black SN850 SSD perform in terms of speed and loading times? Have you noticed a significant improvement in game loading times, especially with graphically demanding titles? I'm particularly interested in understanding if the SSD enhances the overall gaming experience on the PS5.
  3. Reliability and Durability: Have you encountered any reliability issues with the WD_Black SN850 SSD? How long have you been using it, and has it shown any signs of degradation or failure? Reliability is a significant factor for me, as I want an SSD that will last in the long run.
  4. Heat Management: Given the PS5's design, heat dissipation is a concern. Have you experienced any notable temperature increases or heat-related issues after installing the WD_Black SN850 SSD? It's crucial to ensure that the additional SSD doesn't adversely affect the console's internal temperature and performance.
  5. Alternatives: If you've explored other SSD options for the PS5, I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Are there any alternatives that you would recommend over the WD_Black SN850 SSD based on your experiences? Please share any alternatives you think might be worth considering.
I value your experiences and recommendations, as they will play a significant role in helping me make an informed decision. Feel free to share any insights, pros, cons, or personal experiences related to the WD_Black SN850 SSD or any other SSD options for the PS5.
Thanks in advance for your assistance, and happy gaming!
Looking forward to your valuable advice!
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2023.05.28 09:11 workingatthepyramid Gnucash import stock prices via google sheets

It seems like the yahoo_json library broke for me again. I have alphavantage setup but being limited to 5 quotes a minute is kind of annoying .
So I thought google finance quotes seem to be pretty reliable why not use those. Not sure how googles api are setup, but since no one has seemed to use them before I didn't think it was possible to get quotes directly like Finance::Quote would like. So I made a google sheet and use that to create a csv that can be imported into gnucash.

Namespace Gnucash Symbol Date Price Currency Googlefinance Symbol
NYSE VT =TODAY() =googlefinance(F2) USD VT
above is the basic format of the google sheet. I have a seperate column for Googlefinance Symbol and Gnucash symbol since the symbol I had used with yahoo_json is sometimes different that the symbols that googlefinance uses.
The simple way to do this is to load this spreadsheet whenever your want to pull in prices. then select download as csv. in the file menu. You can use this file in gnucash File->Import->Import prices from csv. setup the dialog box so that you can import the fields, the namespace and gnucash symbol must match exactly what you have setup in your Security editor.
If you want to over complicated this a bit more you can avoid navigating to the google sheet and use the google api to generate the csv. Not sure if the googlefinance data will get updated this way. Will need to try when markets are open. this guide has a pretty relevant example of pulling data from a google spreadsheet programmatically.
There also could be some way of importing the csv data using the command line or through the gnucash api bindings.
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2023.05.28 09:10 ramilol123 Corolla 04 vs civic 04

Which one do I buy considering both are good? The corolla has around 100k miles on it and the civic similar.
They both look clean, however i still didn't test drive them. Corolla is $5500 and civic is $4500.
I am leaning to the corolla just for the reliability and I heard that this generation of the civic had transmission problems, even though it was mainly in 2001 and 2002 models.
What do you guys think, which do i go for?
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2023.05.28 09:10 Ok_Translator_5022 Which SUV is the best option for under 40k

Hello I am 23 years love to road trip cross country looking for a new car to buy it will also be my daily driver the cars am considering are the following:
1-Honda Cr-V Hybrid or Normal
2-Toyota Rav-4 I think the current model is kinda outdated and will be redesigned entirely in the next year
3- Mazda Cx-50 My only concern it is a Mazda
4-Subaru Crosstrek or Forster
5- Jeep Compass Trailhawk Reliability concerns
5-Golf GTI Because I am in my twenties and appreciate a fun car but afraid it will be not a good car for cross country roadtrips, especially in off-roading or snow because I live in the Northeast
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2023.05.28 09:10 Joshy3911 Diesel mechanic?

Most likely buying a used semi truck in Sioux Falls this coming week. Will be flying out there and driving back home which will be a 1600 mile trip. This sub showed up in my suggestions probably since I’ve been searching for flights and hotels to Sioux Falls these last couple of days, but anyway just wanted to see if anyone knows of a trustworthy mechanic that can check out a used semi truck for me, just want to make sure I’m buying something reliable that won’t leave me stranded on the way home. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 09:09 Sheperd_CZ "Borrowed" Lt. vz. 38 with german squad.

,,Pzkpfw 38t ?! they really want to take the credit..! "
This is my first diorama so it isnt a master piece. So any tips and opinions are welcome. :)
Description :
It is made out of cartboard, ceramics clay and real stones, I have also used a special "artists puty" that looks like a gravel to achieve that surface. It is more reliable than making it out of sand and glue. The grass is made out of sponge.
For ground work I have used combination of acrylics, temperas and modeler paints, all fixed with matt coat varnish.
I havent really used a pinwash on the tank, only a brownish glazure.
All is sealed with varnish.
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2023.05.28 09:05 ForsakenSwordfish T-Mobile 5G Home Internet - Lone Mountain

Anyone use T-Mobile 5G Home Internet in Lone Mountain area? If so, what kind of speeds are you seeing? Also, how reliable? TIA!
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2023.05.28 09:04 Adam-hanks Should I Get WD_Black SN850X SSD For My PS5?

Hello fellow gamers!
I'm currently a proud owner of a PS5 and have been thoroughly enjoying my gaming experiences so far. However, as many of you may already know, the internal storage capacity of the PS5 can be somewhat limiting, especially considering the large file sizes of modern games. To address this issue, I've been considering upgrading my PS5's internal storage with an additional SSD.
After some research, I came across the WD_Black SN850X SSD, which seems to be highly regarded for its speed and performance. Before I make a final decision, I wanted to reach out to the community and gather your insights and experiences with this particular SSD.
Here are a few specific points I'd appreciate your input on:
  1. Compatibility: Has anyone successfully installed the WD_Black SN850X SSD in their PS5? Did you encounter any compatibility issues or challenges during the installation process? I want to ensure that the SSD is fully compatible and functions seamlessly with the console.
  2. Performance: How has the WD_Black SN850X SSD performed in terms of speed and loading times? Have you noticed a significant improvement in game loading times, especially with graphically demanding titles? I'm particularly interested in understanding if the SSD enhances the overall gaming experience on the PS5.
  3. Reliability and Durability: Have you experienced any reliability issues with the WD_Black SN850X SSD? How long have you been using it, and has it shown any signs of degradation or failure? As this would be a long-term investment, it's crucial for me to understand the longevity and reliability of this SSD.
  4. Heat Management: Given the compact design of the PS5, heat dissipation can be a concern. Have you noticed any significant temperature increases or heat-related issues after installing the WD_Black SN850X SSD? It's crucial to ensure that the additional SSD doesn't adversely affect the console's internal temperature and performance.
  5. Any Alternatives: If you have explored other SSD options for the PS5, I would love to hear your thoughts on them as well. Are there any alternatives that you would recommend over the WD_Black SN850X SSD based on your experiences?
I appreciate any insights, personal experiences, or recommendations you can provide regarding the WD_Black SN850X SSD or any other SSD options for the PS5. Your feedback will play a significant role in helping me make an informed decision. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Happy gaming!
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2023.05.28 09:03 Historical-Ad-1787 Why Dehydrated Garnish will change your beverage program.

Why Dehydrated Garnish will change your beverage program.
When it comes to adding that extra touch of elegance and flavor to culinary creations, garnishes play a vital role. However, the process of sourcing, preparing, and using fresh garnishes can be time-consuming and often results in wastage. This is where outsourcing dehydrated garnish comes into the picture. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous advantages of opting for dehydrated garnish over making your own or using fresh garnish.
Extended Shelf Life:
One of the primary advantages of dehydrated garnish is its extended shelf life compared to fresh alternatives. Fresh garnishes are perishable and require constant replenishment, making it challenging for restaurants and culinary businesses to maintain a consistent supply. Dehydrated garnish, on the other hand, can be stored for extended periods without losing its flavor, texture, or appearance. This saves time, minimizes waste, and ensures you always have a garnish on hand when needed.
Convenience and Time Efficiency:
Preparing fresh garnishes can be labor-intensive, involving washing, cutting, and arranging delicate pieces. By outsourcing dehydrated garnish, you eliminate the need for time-consuming prep work. With pre-packaged dehydrated garnish, you can easily sprinkle or rehydrate the garnish, saving valuable time in the kitchen. This convenience allows chefs and cooks to focus on other critical aspects of food preparation without compromising on visual appeal or taste.
Consistency and Uniformity:
Achieving consistent results with fresh garnishes can be challenging, especially when factors like seasonal availability and product quality come into play. Dehydrated garnish offers a reliable solution by providing consistent quality, appearance, and taste throughout the year. Whether you're serving your signature dish in spring or winter, the dehydrated garnish ensures that each plate is garnished uniformly, enhancing the overall presentation and dining experience.
Intensified Flavor and Texture:
Dehydrating garnishes concentrates their flavors, resulting in a more potent taste profile compared to their fresh counterparts. The dehydration process removes moisture while preserving essential flavors, allowing the garnish to impart a burst of concentrated taste to the dish. Furthermore, dehydrated garnish can add an interesting texture, such as crispy or crunchy elements, which can elevate the overall dining experience.
Versatility and Diverse Options:
Outsourcing dehydrated garnish opens up a world of possibilities, providing access to a wide range of garnish options beyond what might be available locally or seasonally. Whether you need vibrant herb powders, intricately shaped vegetable flakes, or colorful flower petals, dehydrated garnish suppliers offer a diverse selection to suit various culinary styles and presentations. This versatility allows chefs to experiment and create unique garnish combinations to enhance their dishes.
While the initial cost of outsourcing dehydrated garnish may seem higher than using fresh alternatives, the long-term cost-effectiveness becomes apparent. Dehydrated garnish eliminates the expenses associated with sourcing fresh produce, wastage due to spoilage, and labor costs involved in preparing fresh garnishes in-house. By streamlining the process and minimizing waste, dehydrated garnish offers a cost-efficient solution without compromising on quality.
Outsourcing dehydrated garnish offers numerous benefits for culinary businesses seeking convenience, consistency, flavor enhancement, and cost-effectiveness. By choosing dehydrated garnish, chefs and cooks can save time, reduce waste, and explore a vast array of garnish options throughout the year. So, consider the advantages and give dehydrated garnish a chance to transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces while simplifying your kitchen operations.
If this article speaks to you please check out the best dehydrated garnish companies I have yet to come by
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2023.05.28 09:02 gezzastar Where to use an extra day?

Itinerary gurus and Icelandic experts I need your help!
I've seen many itineraries trying to cram everything in and if I'm going to be perfectly honest, it is entirely likely that mine is no different. However working out my itinerary I've come to the realisation that we have a day spare and I wonder where it would be best utilised by giving us a bit more time to explore a certain region/area or just kick back and soak it all up (if this is even possible).
My trip is booked from Sept 17 - Sept 28. My current itinerary is planned for 10 days but I have 11 days available. Please feel free to punch holes in my itinerary and suggest where this extra day would be used best.
My partner and I are hiring a 4x4 SUV and being Aussies, are comfortable driving long(ish) distances.

Day 1 - Reykjavik, Blue lagoon, Sky lagoon. Overnight in Reykjavik
Day 2 - Golden Circle incl Thingvellir (snorkelling), Haukadalur valley, Gulfoss waterfall, Langjokull glacier. Overnight in Selfoss.
Day 3 - Dyrholaey peninsula, Reynisfjara beach, Seljalanfoss, Gljufrafoss, Skogafoss, Solheimjokull Glacier, Mydralsjokull glacier. Overnight in Vik.
Day 4 - Fjoarargljufur Canyon, Svartifoss waterfall, Skaftafell Glacier, Jokusarlon lagoon and Diamond Beach. Overnight near Höfn.
Day 5 - Drive to Eastfjords, Seydisfjordur. Overnight in Egilsstadir
Day 6 - Studlagil Canyon East Side, Namafjall Geothermal area, Krafla, Dimmuborgir, Skutustadagigar pseudocrater, Myvatn Nature Baths. Overnight in Myvatn
Day 7 - Dettifoss, Hafragilsfoss waterfalls, Asbyrgi canyon, Husavik, Godafoss waterfall. Overnight in Akureyri.
Day 8 - Long day driving to Kirkfujell stopping at Stykkisholmur, Kirkjufell mountain and waterfall. Overnight in Kirkfujell.
Day 9 - Explore Snaefellness peninsula including Arnstappi. Overnight near Stadarstadur.
Day 10 - Borgarnes, Deildartunguhver, Barnafoss waterfalls, Vidgelmir Cave, Thrihnukagigur Volcano tour. Overnight in Reykjavik.

I initially had an overnight stay planned midway between Akureyri and Kirkfujell which meant breaking up the long drive on Day 8 but I'm worried that this is wasting a day that would be better utilised elsewhere.
Many, many thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 09:01 800ASKDANE FFMPEG Thumbnails on Windows - broken as of 4.3.10?

Hi Martin,
I was noticing today that FFMPEG-scraped thumbnails are no longer working. I used to reliably get thumbnails generated when none were available online, but that stopped working around 1st May. I don't recall when I updated, but the release date timing seems close.
I check the release notes, and you mention a tweak in the FFMPEG code at that time, can you please take a look?
Thanks and have a great Pfingsten!
*** update ***
I watched it with process monitor, and see that FFMPEG is being properly called and maybe 10-11 thumbs per film are generated & written to the appdata/local directory - but for some reason not being loaded into tinymm after completion. Pls look at this part of the process.
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2023.05.28 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread May 28, 2023

Please refer to our Wiki for more information on COVID-19 and our sub. You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ, where there is valuable information such as our:
Vaccine FAQ
Vaccine appointment resource
More information:
The World Health Organization maintains up-to-date and global information
Johns Hopkins case tracker
CDC data tracker of COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States
World COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker by NY Times
Join the user moderated Discord server (we do not manage this and are not responsible for it)
Join COVID19 for scientific, reliably-sourced discussion. Rules are enforced more strictly there than here in Coronavirus.
Please modmail us with any concerns.
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2023.05.28 08:57 Ok_Willingness1735 Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing tracking your partner phone best way to track your wife’s phone how to trace a phone hire a hacker.

It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough. Occasionally, you may need to resort to other methods like how to track a phone or looking into and tracking your partner phone to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful.
Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can track your wife’s phone. However, the most reliable way is through a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should be able to track iPhone and Android smartphones.
Best of all, these lets you track everything that goes in and out of her phone secretly. This happens regardless of how far you are from your wife. This mechanism makes tracking your wife easier than ever before!
Besides, some apps are superior to others and deliver more functionality. Also, they can conceal themselves and all the activities from your wife’s attention.
The best way to track your wife’s phone is through [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
we have established that Helpanonymous is the best to track a phone. Above all, it is equipped with mobile gps tracking features that set it apart. So, if you are looking for convenience, Helpanonymous is the best bet for phone GPS tracking and much more.
If you need further help and have questions about how to track a phone, then feel free to send us a mail [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.28 08:55 supadupagangsta [Vietnam] Teachers in Vietnam, how would you do things differently if you could start over?

Hi! I am looking for some input from experienced language teachers that have taught in Vietnam. I am hoping to teach English in Vietnam as the next step in my career but with no real connections in Vietnam, I hope to gain some insight from your advice!
I am a native speaker from the US, with a CELTA and bachelors degree. Unfortunately I have no official ELT experience as I’ve held a corporate job since I’ve graduated from my University.
Some inquiries that I have are:
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2023.05.28 08:54 More_Amphibian_6539 A Platform for Freelancers and Employers

Introducing SproutGigs: A Platform for Freelancers and Employers
Are you a freelancer looking for new opportunities? Or perhaps you're an employer in need of talented individuals to help your business thrive? Look no further than SproutGigs, a dynamic online platform connecting freelancers and employers in a seamless and efficient manner. With its user-friendly interface and vast array of gigs, SproutGigs has become a go-to destination for both freelancers and businesses alike.
SproutGigs ( is revolutionizing the way freelancers and employers interact in the gig economy. Whether you're a graphic designer, writer, programmer, or marketer, SproutGigs offers a wide range of opportunities across various industries. By creating a profile and showcasing your skills, freelancers can gain visibility and attract potential clients.
So, what sets SproutGigs apart from other freelance platforms? For starters, the platform's intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate and find suitable gigs. The search functionality allows freelancers to filter gigs based on their preferences, such as job type, location, or payment structure. This ensures that freelancers are presented with gigs that align with their expertise and interests.
Moreover, SproutGigs places a strong emphasis on transparency and safety. The platform incorporates a rating and review system, enabling freelancers to build their reputations based on the feedback they receive from clients. Employers, on the other hand, can rely on these reviews to make informed decisions when hiring freelancers. This mutual accountability ensures a trustworthy and reliable environment for both parties involved.
SproutGigs also simplifies the hiring process for employers. Businesses can create detailed job listings, specifying their requirements and expectations. Freelancers can then submit proposals, highlighting their skills and experience, allowing employers to choose the most suitable candidates. The platform also facilitates direct communication between freelancers and employers, fostering collaboration and efficient project management.
In addition to its core functionalities, SproutGigs provides a range of additional features to enhance the user experience. These include integrated messaging, secure payment options, and the ability to track project progress. Furthermore, SproutGigs regularly updates its gig listings, ensuring a constant influx of fresh opportunities for freelancers.
Whether you're a freelancer seeking new gigs or an employer looking for top talent, SproutGigs offers a platform that caters to your needs. Join the SproutGigs community today by visiting their website ( and create an account. Empower your freelance career or find the perfect freelancer for your business. SproutGigs is where connections are made, skills are valued, and opportunities flourish.
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2023.05.28 08:50 UnlikelyBig8221 Volvo - my next car?

Volvo - my next car?
I recently bought myself an old v40 2003 in mint condition and absolute love that car! With 110k miles on it and super clean it brings me a lot of joy to drive. Now, that car is supposed to be my sort of a daily and I’ve been looking for a nice fun car for awhile. Not a car I want to put away during winter but more of a car I truly feel is special in terms of driving and looks.
I’ve searched for options and Golf R, Audi S3 and Audi TT (Mk3) is so far the only options I really has thought about.
I’ve been hesitant to the Volvos of the newer generation even though I think this car in the picture is stunning. My personal thoughts about the Volvo is that they are a bit.. boring? They’re not so playful if that makes any sense? I do not like the cockpit due to the colours in the display and also the numbers and letters looks.. dull? It looks too elegant, proper and it bothers me.
I am very picky with my cars as you now read through my text, but I really want something special and I also want to make sure I give all the canditates true chance.
I want a car that I enjoy for its driving, for its looks and also I want it to be a headturner. It doesnt need to be the fastest where I rather choose something that sounds good, but I seem to chose bigger brands over for example Nissan, Ford, Honda etc. I still want premium feel.
Sorry about the long post🥔
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