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This community is open to everyone who wants to let go of diet culture, at whatever stage of recovery you are, at whatever size you are, and regardless of whether you've started practicing intuitive eating. Self hatred, guilt and body stigma are unhealthy. Mental health matters. Eating disorders often start with diets. The $66 billion weight loss industry profits off of the myth that diets are good for us, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence out there that they aren't.

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We believe the browser could do so much more to empower us, and that's why we're building one. We're imagining a browser that can think as quickly as we do, take work off of our plates, and pull our creativity forward. A browser equipped for the way we use the internet in 2020, and foundational for how we hope to use it in the future. If this is as exciting for you as it is for us, don't hesitate to say hello! We're always looking for great people to join our mission.

2023.05.28 07:42 Popsquat Recently bought a 2003 VTX 1300

Recently bought a 2003 VTX 1300
Bought a 2003 VTX 1300 about four weeks ago. Had been sitting in a climate controlled garage and only taken out once or twice a year. Had just over 13000 miles when I bought it and got it for $2000. Changed oil, plugs, radiator fluid, gear oil, and cleaned the carb. It already had a K&N filter on it so I cleaned and recharged it. Got it inspected and rode it for a couple weeks and decided to do a bit more. Found a set of cobra drag pipes on FB marketplace for $150, bought the factory pro stage 3 jet kit, desmog kit from goheen cycles, a crankcase breather from K&N filters, and a velocity stack from TJ Brutal Customs.
Got rid of the smog system, rejected the carb, and installed the velocity stack tonight. Put the crankcase breather between the two jugs. Tomorrow going to get the carb tuned up and see how much of a difference it makes.
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2023.05.28 07:42 FoxDeltaCharlie Oldness Creeps In - Bumper step

So, tonight I installed the flip down tailgate bumper step on the 3500 Longhorn.
Either "Oldness" has creeped into my world, or these tailgates and rear bumpers are way higher than I remembered. I'm thinking it's a combination of both, "oldness" and they're just taller.
Anyway, despite some Longhorn sensor wiring harness complications, the flip down rear step installed pretty straight forward-ly. In other words; it wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard either.
But, what I AM surprised about is how well it works! I'm actually kind of shocked it's not standard equipment on one of these monsters. Some option packages have it, and some don't, but you'd think the Limited Longhorn package would have it, but it doesn't.
Anyway, it's a nice addition. It doesn't cost too much, and it's totally out of the way when retracted. Yet it's very strong to stand on when deployed. Cost is about $179 bucks.
Just thought I'd share.
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2023.05.28 07:42 Material-Drama-5835 How much muscle can I gain on this Cyce

Okay so I’m doing a full transformation on my body and taking it seriously, I’ve been on and off trt and anavar for while I think those the only stuff that I’ll try since it’s nothing too extreme like tren never the less
Plan on running 300 test E for 20 weeks 50 anavar a day for 8 weeks
Any advice on this cycle and want to know how much muscle I could gain in 3 months, I want to measure my progress every 3 months for the year
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2023.05.28 07:41 Myke_Dubs Ndad and alcoholism

Does anyone feel jealous of their friends who’s parent’s divorced? I wonder so much if my childhood would’ve been better if they ended the marriage. Dad got done with work and was drunk by 5. I almost feel like he was an absentee father. He just checked out and the only thing he would do was shush us while the news was playing/ after he passed out on the couch. I just see many of my friends being amazing step parents or parents in general and I wish that I could’ve had that. Mom was good to us but also enabled his behavior and kept him around despite the constant emotional abuse. Idk it’s just sad. I worry about my siblings and how messed up all of us are.
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2023.05.28 07:41 NFNV301 The Duo plushy should be purchasable with lingots.

It already exists so they don't have to deal with creating them. It's a cool, physical trophy that people could work toward. They could calculate how much revenue from time spent earning lingots (ad revenue and super subs) would equal the cost of production and shipping. Make it 100 times that. Make it cost one hundred billion Lingots for all I care. I just want some reason for them to exist. I bought every oitfit for Duo years ago. I have lessons on pickup lines in languages I have no interest in learning and I still have more Lingots than I know what to do with.
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2023.05.28 07:41 Still_Banana_6445 I broke up with my boyfriend (M-28) who I still love and I (F-23) don’t know what to do. How do I get over him?

I was in a relationship with my ex for a year and a half. He is the perfect man on paper and I do have feelings for him. But I have future goals that I feel like he was preventing me from achieving. I need to prioritize my goals but I wanted to put in an effort into a relationship as well. The pressure to achieve my goals was too much and I ended up breaking up with him. I felt like I wasn’t meeting his needs and there is too much at stake for me right now to make a compromise. He also put more effort into the relationship than I ever did, and I felt that was unfair to him. I believe he loved me more than I did him despite how much I loved him. I also have terrible mental health and he made it better when we were together, but I also didn’t want to be dependent on him for my happiness. Now that we are broken up, I feel lost and empty and it is taking everything in me not to reach out to him. We spoke on the phone the other night and I can see how broken he is too. And it is killed me inside to see how much pain he was in. I feel like I’ll never meet someone like him and he told me the same. I just am not in the right place to be in a relationship right now. How do I move on?
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2023.05.28 07:40 Oceaneo Baking soda and potassium?

My nephrologist recommended baking soda for my high potassium levels. How much would 1/4 of a teaspoon do for potassium levels. I can’t seem to find any studies. Also does taking baking soda seem to raise blood pressure because it definitely does for me. Same with lokemla.
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2023.05.28 07:40 honeyiwashedthekidz Boy, am I struggling.

Me and this guy dated for 8 months. Things were always rocky and we were both in dark headspace, he's mostly focused on his job and academic career and I'm trying to recover from failing in college and getting my master's degree as I'm only a couple of exams away but I'm catching up. Every few months he would ask for breaks, telling me how he didn't want a relationship since he's still 23 (I'm older), that he wanted to go on a solo journey of self discovery because he doesn't know what he wants and that he's got limited energy and he just wanna put it on his dream and job and school. Eventually he always came back but resentment grew more and more, I admit I wasn't fun to be around either, I always put my problems on him and never actually changed my manners, I was very selfish. Eventually fights were pretty much frequent, I was always very jealous but we both made our mistake. Last week I lamented his lack of interest towards me and how he never asked about my day and didn't send me cute messages anymore. Long story short we broke up in person, he texted the next day saying he lost romantic feelings, he realized it's now what he wanted anymore and that he was doing what was right for the both of us, but then told me he wanted to stay friends because I'm an important person in his life who left a huge mark. I do believe we're incompatible as romantic partners but I care about him, he was my first. Since then we texted and saw each other everyday but I decided to leave town to go back to my parents as I need to heal and be surrounded by love. We talked in person and I told him I'm scared he's gonna replace me with someone, first he said he doesn't want a relationship, he just wanna focus on himself and that's all, but then said "if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen, I don't know what the future has in store". Last night he texted me again and told me how lucky he is to have me in his life but then when I sent him a cute picture he just sent a heart reaction and that's it. He was working and usually studies at night but still I felt so stupid. I'm scared he broke up because he's already texting someone else and the thought is killing me, I keep checking his online status and I'm not strong enough to block him. I'm gonna come back in town for a few days and then leave for the whole summer, and when I told him we were not gonna see each other he said "it's okay". He still looked at me with love eyes and I do believe he genuinely cares but it Seems like my big heart is never enough. It's getting a toll on my self esteem because I think it's me. I'm always "wifey material" yet nobody sticks's bad because I keep waiting for a text but the thought he doesn't care and perhaps is replacing me already doesn't make me sleep at night. He also doesn't have any friends and that's why I think he was always coming back, as much as I don't think he's a bad person but now everytime he texts I think he's bored and I'm having all these second thoughts and question the whole relationship.
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2023.05.28 07:40 tteokbokkey love language problems

one of my gf's giving love languages is acts of service. when i'm at her place n it's time to eat, she prepares the food for me while i sit idly by on the sofa—scoops the rice n other dishes, n hands me the plate of food. there are times where we eat fried chicken n she shreds it for me. earlier this morning, i told her not to do that anymore, especially when her sisters are around, because it makes me feel bad. i'm scared that her sisters will think of me as a child that needs to be taken care of. after opening up about it, she apologized then asked me to give her space to cool down because she didn't know how to feel about it. now i'm out here overthinking. we, gays, are so dramatic ;A;
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2023.05.28 07:40 New_Corner_1924 Marriage and the Scars to Prove It

At the end of the day this is an appreciation post. It may sound like a scold, particularly as it is coming from someone who is much older than most in this forum. It will also probably over generalize which is always dangerous. Please know these are one man’s reflections with no attempt to judge as I live full-time in a towering glass house.
Times have changed and so much is different; Reddit likely over represents the changing mores, but it seems that for every post craving for love and connection there are so many more that revel in dissatisfaction or self-centeredness. i.e. resentment about kids infringing on sex life, pressing partners for threesomes or cuckolding or sharing. Cheating with younger partners etc. I sometimes wonder what the concept of marriage means to some, why they bothered in the first place and just what their expectations were.
Sexually, my wife was my only partner. She had one before me. I would not be human if I did not consider the opportunities I probably missed out on. But having decided to marry for life at a young age, I am now realizing more than ever just what the payoff is. We are here such a short time. Youth and beauty are so fleeting. It is certainly true that only love endures.
We have had our issues like all couples do. I was a handful, a chronic worrier and pessimist. Money was tight for a long while, but got better over time. Sex ebbed and flowed, but never stopped. Kids were a blessing. A legacy. They made us better. Seeing them now with their own families makes our coupling that much more special.
My wife raised two kids and then got two degrees to both enrich herself and our joint income. She remains an attractive woman who is sexually generous and sleeps naked with me most nights because that is when we physically bond the most closely. It’s also where I see her scars from childbearing, back surgeries and most recently, a mastectomy. I knew her when she was young and strong and love her more as life continues to diminish us. She has been the stronger part of our union. She always had my back, hated when I beat myself up too badly and never started one argument between us that I can recall. Mr. Brightside handled that department.
And now after 41 years for all intents and purposes we have given our entire one life to each other. And each day I appreciate even more how remarkable that is.
We are all searching for happiness, meaning and connection in this world. As this is a “marriage” subgroup, we can quibble about a lot but I think we all have a pretty good idea as to what a marriage is supposed to represent.
While many unions will fail because we are human and imperfect and life is messy, many other unions can be made stronger by simple gratitude and sacrifice.
We make so much so complicated in some quest to get as much as we can. When I think back, it was pretty straightforward. I met a girl, we fell in love, we decided to go all-in and we just did it. Others made more money, had more fun, probably had kinkier sex, whatever. We tried to stay true to each other and did the best we could. Could we each have made better matches? I don’t know, maybe. What I do know is having decided to marry each other and to foresake all others we made a life together. Our life together.
Anyone entering into a marriage really needs to think it through, because it’s not for the selfish or the feint hearted. But if you love your partner and they love you back, the key to contentment will always remain within reach.
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2023.05.28 07:39 IncenseIsUnderrated Rogue or Mage

I can’t pick a god damn class. Leveled a warrior to 70, got to 410 ilvl, decided it’s too brain dead and I want something with a high skill ceiling so I can feel a sense of “mastery” and practice and improve. Love rogue, leveled 2. Demon hunter too gimmicky, warlock too turrety, death knight too slow. So I figured rogue is my class, but then I played some mage and while I suck it seems fun. Like if you know just how to cc and kite it would be super satisfying to launch elemental bolts and burst shit down. Plus mage arguably brings better m+ utility with bloodlust and overall class mobility. Both mages and rogues are glass cannons which I don’t love, I like the warriors self healing, but I guess you can’t be good at everything (unless Druid, which to me is a master of none and feral is too much bleed focus). So what are your experiences with these two classes? Do you prefer one over the other? God I’m indecisive.
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2023.05.28 07:39 kayayem G Tube insertion recovery time?

My dad had a G tube inserted on Monday because he has dysphagia which no one can figure out the cause of (he’s seen many specialists so far). He cannot even suck on ice chips without choking. His eating before the tube was scary I was so worried he was going to choke to death.
It’s now Saturday. Every single meal (bolus feeding) he has had through the tube has caused him to vomit. It is also coming out the other end for almost 48 hours too. Is this normal and how long does it take for the body to get used to a G tube?
He is currently in a skilled nursing facility being monitored around the clock by nurses. A doctor saw him yesterday and prescribed anti-nausea medication which is crushed up and given through the tube, which he also vomits. The doctors and nurses all say he is fine and his vitals are normal and his body will just need to get used to the way he is being fed now. I am trying to believe them but it hurts me to see how miserable he is.
Also he is not allowed to drink any water but with that much vomiting and diarrhea (literally several times a day) it makes me think he needs to replace his fluids. But the doctor has not prescribed an IV and the nurses aren’t worried about it. The only fluids he is getting right now are during flushing and with crushed medication. The nurse said if she gave him more fluids through the tube he will bloat and become even more uncomfortable. This gives me red flags but I also don’t have a medical degree so what do I know.
Thanks for any insight or your experience that you can give me!
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2023.05.28 07:39 holy_vermin95 THE COMPLETE LORE OF SLEEP TOKEN

The complete lore of Sleep Token (as I see it). Bear in mind this is after a sudden urge to understand the lore and create a timeline of events. I know many of y'all have been doing this longer, this is just my interpretation of the timeline assuming every song is in sequence (I'll mention exceptions).
As I've said before in another post, I see the story of Sleep Token as the redemption story of Vessel (the character) who is being punished by some unknown force through a deity named Sleep. Sleep is unaware of this and just sees Vessel as "another vessel" to feast on and ruin, but because Vessel is stronger and wants to improve he breaks free by the end of TMBTE with a new outlook on life. So I'll be interpreting the story with that in mind. Here's the story:
III. JAWS - (Vessel -> Sleep) Now that Vessel and Sleep are entangled, Vessel asks Sleep to show him love by eating him. Now it is unclear whether this is what Vessel truly likes or if Sleep makes him believe that, but either way this is what Sleep wanted so they're okay with it. There's many more times Vessel asks Sleep to "take a bite" of him and many more references to vorarephilia (even a song called "Vore") so maybe Vessel just wants that.
IV. "The Way that You Were" - (Vessel -> Eden) This songs seems to be about Vessel reminiscing about Eden perhaps talking to her in a dream (considering they're probably not on speaking terms after he literally shot her). Eden is a very troubled soul, with repeated patterns of self harm, and Vessel has an imaginary conversation with her talking about it. Vessel shows no remorse for how he treated her and does not comfort her in any way, showing he has a long way to go for his redemption (in "Are You Really Okay?"). He just says all these things in a very stoic fashion.
If you've read this far, thank you so much haha! This is my interpretation of just the lyrics of the songs and the story that they tell. I understand that there's much more lore to be found in Sleep Token. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Worship.
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2023.05.28 07:39 MysticPane Is it over?

I've rolled credits and beat the hollow knight but I've seen dozens of clips of people in areas and fighting bosses I've never seen before. I've only achieved 51% completion, how much more content does this game have? It took me 25 hours to get here but there's more right? If there is, how do I access it? Also, why is the hollow knight still alive even after I beat him.

PS: What the hell do I do with all this geo. I have 5000
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2023.05.28 07:38 taliahlialee Workplace rant

Don’t know if this is allowed if not I guess remove?
So I recently started a new job as a barista and I’m 4 days in and they expect so much out of me and already have bad experiences here…
I have previous barista experience but I’m not a pro at it I only know the basics like how to operate coffee machines and what temperature to heat the milk and how to froth, before I even got the job I was honest with my manager and told him I’m only self taught and only know how to do those things and that I’m hoping that with this job I get the proper experience/training in and my manager wanted to teach me how to open the entire store and how to close the store right away, well today was my 4th day in as I was supposed to have a 10 hour shift, we ended up getting a huge coffee rush and only me as main barista I could only keep up with the rush at first then it started getting chaotic to the point I had to ask my co worker to help me start putting sugar or syrup into cups she isn’t a barista but a waiter and she seemed willing to help out as much as she can as she didn’t have much stuff to do and was standing around, my manager decided to come back into the store as he was outside and comes up to us and says “what is all this” I was kinda confused and I was trying to explain to him we have a huge coffee rush but instead he just starts yelling at me saying I shouldn’t be talking to her because she has her own role she needs to do and I need to do mine I was going to explain that I asked her to help and that she was willing to help me out as she didn’t have stuff to do because he was outside of the store but instead he’s yelling at me that there’s milk everywhere and that it’s messy and my milk that I’m heating up isn’t good and I’m not doing a good enough job and that I should be quick I understand this but I feel like he hasn’t given me the proper training he goes on about how my milk needs to be this certain way or texture and I ask him to teach me how I can do it the way he does but every time he just says you’ll eventually get it I was kinda upset about this because I am new in this workplace and he’s yelling at me in front of all these customers saying the stuff I’m doing isn’t good enough after all the yelling in front of customers I was embarrassed and just stepped away and told him I’m really sorry about not doing the best that I could but he turns around and says sorry isn’t good enough and takes over and ignores me as I just stand back and get all the stares from the customers, my co worker then comes up to me and she’s saying she’s never seen him get that angry before and was comforting me telling me that I’m doing a great job as I’m only 4 days in and I handled that rush pretty well on my own for a bit, my manager eventually then tells me I can go on my break I took everything with me and I start breaking down crying while walking in front of the customers and everyone just staring at me I literally couldn’t take it and had to walk out and leave to go home, I’m not even a week in and I’ve already had bad experiences at this workplace from my co workers dropping desserts on the dirty floor and my manager telling them not to throw them out but instead put the desserts in the display fridge to sell, to my manager washing the entire sink and touching food scraps to not even washing his hands and handling someone’s order without any gloves on and even this morning him telling me I can use my bare hands to handle food but not to do it when customers are around.
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2023.05.28 07:38 djmariah311 Hiiii

Soooo. I'm a lady truck driver. I drink lots of vodka when I'm not driving. It's keeping me just a llliiitttle above FA. If it wasn't for my job I'd be way back in CA territory like I was years ago. (detox,)
today I drank two pints of blue smirnoff, I do it about every three days. Never drive drunk. If I have an opportunity to drink and next day off, I'm doing it. It's my happy place... I feel like when I drink I'm myself.
But then, I get rude and say dumb shit on FB. There are people in my family who cut me off. But really I don't care. I'm fine with it. (I'm not fine with it)
I deleted fb off my phone cause I can't use it responsibly. And when I'm sober I don't use it at all.
When I wake up in the morning dealing with the hatred of myself, I will read Twitter for hours, drink lots of milk, have a sugar free monster, shit a lot, and wait till the dread dissipates, and wonder, oh shit, what did I do on social media.. Spent some money on tik tok, and then delete all emails about how much money I spent drunk.
Then I watch a lot of tru crime so I don't feel so bad about myself. (at least I'm not as bad as Dahmer)
I don't know why I do the things I do but I feel very isolated, like nobody knows what I'm going through. Love you all.
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2023.05.28 07:38 Purple_Reality_7962 Do 12th marks matter in future?Like for placements? In IT companies.

my qualifications are 75% in 10th and 57% in 12th. I know they're very bad but i dont want to risk my future because of it, but if they do matter I'll take a drop and improve scores. I've heard they ask for 60+ in 12th which i dont have , how much does a drop affect your placements too , please help.
Thank You.
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2023.05.28 07:38 GroupNew8709 I’m wish people would stop dismissing people who can’t find jobs

recently, I been seeing a lot of comments from people talking about how it is your fault if you can’t get a job. They blame you, guilt trip you, and attack you. Honestly, it is disgusting.
I can’t even get any engineering technician jobs. I don’t know what I am supposed to do now. It really sucks to work so hard in college to get an engineering degree only to be unable to find an engineering job. I tried the engineering resumes subs, constantly practicing interviews, and working on projects. None of this is helping me
People don’t realize how much this matters too. I have en engineering degree yet can barely put food on my table. It is frustrating how there is so little empathy out there
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2023.05.28 07:37 TheShadowspawn Chapter Thirty-Six - Alcohol

Captain knocks on the door to Human Dave's quarters, and an assenting yell to enter is heard.
Human Dave is seated on the floor, holding a glass bottle that contains a clear liquid, looking very relaxed.
Alien Captain: "Human Dave, are you alright?"
HD: "Captain! Never better!"
Human Dave starts giggling uncontrollably while looking at Captain.
AC: "Human Dave, are you quite certain? You are acting atypical of your normal behaviour, especially as I have noticed you are sitting atop your datapad."
HD: "I am?"
Human Dave looks down and also notices that he is sitting on a datapad; the screen having cracked from his weight.
HD: "Ah, crap. I'll have to fix that later."
AC: "Human Dave, what is that bottle?"
HD: "Oh, this? It's a little present from my dad. He finally managed to make some quality booze and had it shipped to me by courier."
AC: "Booze?"
HD: "Right. Uhh... what's the word again? Oh! Right! Alcohol!"
AC: "Alcohol? Is that not an extremely dangerous substance used to keep surfaces and skin sterile in preparation for surgery? Why are you ingesting it?"
Human Dave takes another swig from the bottle.
HD, slurring: "Coz' this one tastes good. Alcohol is something that humans consume regularly for rec... rec... it's used to loosen us up and help us relax, Captain."
AC: "Human Dave, you appear to be intoxicated."
HD: "I am, Captain! I'm intoxi... in... I'm drunk, Captain!"
AC, unnerved: "...maybe I should go and get Doctor. Perhaps she has something that can remedy this situation."
HD, loudly: "Nooo. I'm fine, Captain. It'll wear off after I sleep."
AC: "..."
HD, trailing off: "Might regret gettin' so drunk when I wakes up, but I'll be fine."
Human Dave slowly leans to the side and slumps onto the ground.
The contents of the bottle spill slightly, but the bottle appeared to be mostly empty when Human Dave fell.
A snort sounds out loudly, startling Captain for a moment, which is followed by loud snoring.
AC: "..."
AC: "Maybe I will get Doctor, just in case."
AC: "What is your professional opinion, Doctor?"
Doctor and Captain stand in Human Dave's quarters.
Doctor is keeping a close eye on Human Dave while using a medical grade scanner to ascertain his current condition.
Alien Doctor: "Human Dave will be fine, Captain. Humans are capable of metabolising ethanol in this form, but excess is not recommended."
Human Dave snorts loudly again but continues to sleep.
AC: "How will we know how much is considered an excessive amount?"
AD: "That depends on the individual human, Captain. I am willing to bet that Human Dave knows his limits and will not imbibe in excess of his body's limits."
AC: "Is ethanol not extremely harmful to sentient beings?"
AD: "It is, however, humans have made many forms that are capable of being ingested by many species in the galaxy. I daresay that this one that Human Dave has consumed is too strong for our biology, but he may have access to weaker forms that are compatible with our bodies."
AC: "You sound as though you want to ingest such a deadly substance."
AD: "... I will admit that my scientific curiosity is considering the idea, as I am somewhat curious as to how our physiology will react to intoxication in this form."
AC: "... how intoxication is somehow a curiosity to you, Doctor, I will never understand."
AD: "However, that is a discussion to take place after Human Dave has awakened from his alcohol-induced slumber."
HD: "... oh, God, my head!"
AD: "Human Dave, how are you feeling?"
Human Dave runs a hand over his face, and it settles over his eyes.
HD, covering his eyes: "... like I just went seven rounds with a Keltiss War-kin."
AD: "Ah. Interesting. Human Dave, drink this."
Doctor hands Human Dave a water pouch, and he takes it gratefully.
HD, between sips of water: "Thank you very much, Doctor. Have you been studying up on human biology and physiology again?"
AD: "I have had a somewhat interesting refresher, especially in regards to intoxication in your species, Human Dave."
HD: "Ah. Did I do anything too embarrassing?"
AD: "Aside from making Captain panic slightly, no. Which is a pity. I have heard that humans make wonderful fools of themselves when intoxicated."
HD: "Well, at least I didn't try to take the engine apart."
AD: "..."
HD: "I didn't try to take the engine apart, did I?"
AD: "Sadly, no. It would have been an amusing sight."
Human Dave continues to sip at his water pouch, still covering his eyes.
HD: "Did you need something else from me, Doctor? You seem curious about something."
AD: "I was curious about something, Human Dave."
HD: "What is it?"
AD: "Do you have a recommendation for alcohol that is compatible with the Cradelian physiology?"
HD: "... what?"
AD: "I find myself curious as to the sensation of intoxication, and would like to experience it myself, for scientific purposes."
HD, quietly, to himself: "'For scientific purposes', she says."
AD: "Yes. Cradelians do not imbibe ethanol in this form, nor do we normally experience intoxication in social settings. The only time a Cradelian would experience intoxication is when undergoing surgery from anaesthesia, as it has something of a narcotic effect on our physiology."
HD: "I'll tell you what: let me get over this hangover, and I'll see what I can do."
AD: "Excellent. I look forward to the experience."
AC: "Remind me again how it came to this, Human Dave."
Human Dave and Captain are carrying a thoroughly intoxicated Doctor back to the ship; one on either side of her, with her arms draped over their shoulders; her feet barely dragging along the ground.
HD: "Doctor wanted to try being drunk. So I took her to a human bar and tried out a few drinks.
AC: "..."
HD: "We found one that was weak enough not to cause any significant damage to her physiology, and she had a blast."
AC: "What is a 'blast', Human Dave?"
HD: "I meant that she enjoyed herself, Captain. She only managed two before she passed out, though. A Mojito and a vodka soda, if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure she liked the Mojito more because of its fruity flavour."
AC: "Doctor is partial to fruits, so that is understandable."
HD: "How come you didn't try anything, Captain?"
AC: "And run the risk of poisoning myself as a result? No, thank you, Human Dave."
HD: "Then I'll just have to introduce you to some zero-alcohol drinks, Captain. They are basically the same as alcoholic drinks, only no alcohol content in them."
AC: "... that seems an acceptable alternative, Human Dave. And Doctor did seem to enjoy herself before she passed out."
HD: "A bit of sleep, and maybe a once-over with the medical scanner, and she'll be fine."
AC: "... that you even have to mention the medical scanner, even in passing, does not fill me with a sense of confidence, Human Dave."
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2023.05.28 07:36 Bubbly_Reflection566 I’m not sure if I’m trans or not (FTM)? So, I’m wondering if anyone could possibly share their experience or give me some advice.

I’m sixteen and since I was a kid, really young, I always knew I wasn’t attracted to boys. So I always just assume I am a lesbian. In the past, I’ve given it some thoughts but a big part of me refuses to acknowledge it for reasons like how much more difficult it would make my life, adding more to my being a person of colour, and the mere thought of telling my friends and family is enough for me shove it aside.
In the country I’m from, in our languages, pronouns are not actually gender specific. Some are more feminine or masculine, use more with girls, but it’s not weird to used them on anyone of any gender, really. So, because English isn’t my native language being called a ‘she’ never matter to me. Though recently when I referred to myself in the head, I felt just a tad uncomfortable. And though, I’m very firm in being only romantically attracted to women. I find myself admiring boys in social media, in a way that is not romantic, I wouldn’t say jealous either. It’s just a feeling I can’t explain.
I think I’m not allowing myself to explore the possibility fully because the implication of it will turn my life upside down and I probably have an internalized transphobic amongst many other issues I have going on in my life, which is a whole other mess. This dilemma is just so convoluted with so many other things in my life and my environment is not exactly ideal to figure this out. I would say I have a pretty different, more “old school” way of thinking compare to other kids in my school, one I would think some people would disagree with, though I’d love to talk about this to other people who’s not my friend. That’s not exactly the point here.
This has been stressing me so much because I’m starting my first year of university in September and that would be a pretty good time to do something about it with a new start.
So now I’m questioning myself, am I trans? Or do I just want the male privilege? Or am I just “confused”?
Do you have any advice for how I could experiment, or something I could try to help figure this out?
Any help would be really appreciated :)
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2023.05.28 07:36 metalheadgamerdude I love working for Trader Joe's. I know this sub hates shit posts but I genuinely wanted to get this off my chest. There is this group of coworkers at Trader Joe's who gets all the praise and recognition and gets to always do the most desirable work. It doesn't matter how hard I work, how funny I tr

Try to be. How nice I am to everyone. How much I want to improve. Whatever I do they are the ones that get all the praise and recognition. One of the mates is an asshole about it too to other crew members. I want to transfer. I think I am.
Either that, or I want to completely change this job because this is starting to affect me.
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2023.05.28 07:36 wannagtfothisreality Dropped my watch and screen lifted

Hello I dropped it face down and the screen lifted a bit but the lcd did not get damaged or anything. Is there anything I can do to fix it or how much does it cost to get it fixed? It's a series 1 but I feel bad because my grandma gave it to me and I want to wear it cause she gave it to me.
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