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Sword swinging, beer swiggin' rocker Uncle Buck of the Cuck Sockers, and mouthy Wrestling ManagePromoter Joel Chaco hash out topics they DON'T GET on a weekly podcast for your enjoyment.

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2015.08.25 05:27 pouscat Dedicated to all things Armie

Armand Douglas Hammer had various small parts, before being cast as the "Winklevoss Twins" in The Social Network. He has since played "Clyde Tolson" in J. Edgar, "Prince Alcott" in Mirror Mirror, and starred in the title role, John Reid, in the 2013 version of The Lone Ranger. In 2015, Hammer starred in the spy thriller The Man from U.N.C.L.E, playing Russian spy Illya Kuryakin.

2023.05.28 08:05 1AMDG How do I toggle off visibility of the light source but keep it's casted lights? Like a fake light

my vray light sphere, I don't want to see the sphere itself, but i want to keep it's lighting? I believe there is a toggle for that, but I'm not sure where. Object display > visibility, is turning off everything
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2023.05.28 08:05 SomerandomBumframe For anyone who's thinking about doing Spec Ops

There are a few things you need to know.
First off, they are designed to make you fail.
  1. You need Regenerative Materials, Vengeance and AP Rounds. That means the op you're going to bring needs to be at least level 11. If you have an op at lv15, Shooting Posture or Respiratory Training go in the last slot. If you don't have them, get them, otherwise you're wasting your time and everyone else's who gets matched with you. Bots in SO do more damage, are more accurate and have higher total counts per mission than Sweep.
  2. You need RM so you can bring ammo packs. The game purposely does not provide enough ammo in the majority of them to complete it otherwise.
  3. You need Vengeance. Even Buggy, Karavai and Bard will struggle during the bot rush sections. If you go down, you take a -10 penalty to your total HP. You do not want to get downed.
  4. You need AP Rounds. Not Heavy Barrel. Every bullet needs to count. Canglong is the exception, in which case use Quick Release Mags.
  5. Unless you know you're going to be frequently using you're ability, use Shooting Posture in the 4th slot if you can, for the same reason as 3. Bring Medkits and Ammo unless you're the medic. Use Shooting Posture if you are the medic.
  6. Bots are legit aim bots. Pick a spot, pick a firing line, stick with it. Do not wiggle like an idiot thinking it's going to help you dodge. It won't. It will get you shot accidentally by one of your team mates. Get used to purposely avoiding having your reticle or movement in a position where it's going to line up with an ally. If your reticle turns blue, immediately stop shooting.
  7. SO Support Officers have a ton of armor and HP and do an equally massive amount of damage. Enemy Medics can and will cost you the match if they aren't killed as quickly as possible. APR will help massively with Supports, headshot Medics to stun them. If you have to dump a full mag into a Medic to kill them, do it.
  8. You need to be able to headshot consistently with your op, unless you're using Canglong. A headshot stun is the difference between being dead.
  9. If someone who's around account level lv50+ says something, listen to them. There are a ton of little tricks to manipulate bot spawn patterns, cheese difficult objectives and make each mission much easier in general.
  10. Stick together, do not rush, never start an interactable objective until everyone's ready. If you see someone placing mines or getting ammo, wait. Don't be like the horde of shot blocking suicidal noobs in Sweep who immediately interact with or run into everything they see, you will not win. Every death counts against your time, syringes, hp total, medics stamina and overall resources.
The operators to use... Voron, Koszmar Kit, Prorok Buggy, Karavai, Bard Canglong, Scout, Vidarr
Koszmar are Prorok are specifically for maps that need you to prevent a bot from deactivating something you activated. Emir and Al Malik in particular. The gas tick makes bots flinch out of their interaction animation, and enter a loop where they try to interact, flinch, try to interact, flinch, etc. This will also break the AI of other bots near them, as they'll keep "deciding" which of them goes to try to turn the generator off. Prorok can also smoke the generator at the first part of Emir, turn it off by himself, then continuously keep gas on it.
Voron, Kit and Canglong have claymores/ mines. Use them. The two paths to the right of the control room at the start of Dam, either side of the triple gen room in Al Malik, the paths leading up to the final spot on Al-Rabad etc. Not only will they kill the bots coming through there, they work as alerts, particularly in the triple gen room.
Buggy, Karavai and Bard have the highest healing output per minute. All of their heals can affect everyone on the team in one cast. Buggy also has Iron Curtains, which will save you from insta wipes due to grenades and rockets. Bard also has team wide damage reduction which can save you during rushes. All three also have good guns for Medics, though you need to get Bard leveled to the point where he gets his vert grip.
Scout and Vidarr are specifically for the Mall. They work on Al Malik as well, but you have to go through a lot of Support Officers at the end. Cang is usually a better choice for that, due to his cloak and 4 mines.
This is a lot to keep in mind, but SO is not easy mode. We used to farm these for credits. Now it's nearly impossible to get consistent clears. The in-game requirements for unlocking the mode are no where near high enough to give players a chance at clearing them.
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2023.05.28 08:05 Former-Difference108 Legal heir for niece

I was born and raised in my mothers house and my uncle (mother’s brother) raised me as his own daughter. He did not even marry so that he could take care of me and my mother. In 2021 I lost both my mother and my uncle to Covid. I was able to get the legal heir certificate for my mother from the block office but for my uncle they asked me to go to the court. Can anyone help me with the process of becoming the legal heir of my uncle? There is no one alive in my family ( grandparents passed away and my mother and uncle were the only siblings).
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2023.05.28 08:04 BeaDND Rune of Binding

Rune of Binding
Wondrous Item, Rare
This shield-shaped rune is engraved with magical symbols and ribbons of light play across its surface.
Rune of Binding
Powers: As you place the rune of binding on a restrained, incapacitated, or unconscious creature you can activate it using a command word. The Rune of Binding is a one-use item.
Once activated the creature it is attached to has significant issues casting spells and does not regain expended spellslots until the rune is deactivated or removed.
If the creature the rune is active on attempts to cast a spell, they must first make a DC15 Int Save. On a failed save the spell simply fizzles and is not cast (though the spell slot is expended) on a successful save the spell may still not function as attempted. The caster must make a second DC15 Int Save – on a failed save, the spell will either fizzle or if a damage spell will rebound on the caster.
The rune can be deactivated using a second command word or by the successful use of a dispel magic spell. When the second command word is used (or a successful dispel magic spell is cast) the rune crumbles to dust as its magic is deactivated.
Flavour text: ‘ Seems like a small thing that glowing rune does, but I saw a mage once disintegrate himself when he had one attached to him. I will never forget the look of surprise on his face as his spell backfired.. even if the look was only for a moment.’
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2023.05.28 08:03 nocturnavi VCT 2023 — Pacific League / PRX vs DRX (Grand Final) / Live Discussion Thread


VCT Pacific is one of three international leagues where teams play to qualify for Masters and Champions. It features partnered teams from Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.
Coverage: Liquipedia THESPIKE
Official Information: Website VCT 2023 VCT Pacific
General Resources: VCT Ruleset Global Contract Database subreddit guide to VALORANT Esports
Pacific League:


PRX vs DRX 4:00 PM 3:00 AM 9:00 AM 12:30 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM


Broadcast Talent

Host Commentators & Analysts
Victoria "Chubbyninja" Cheng Seth "Achilios" King
Clinton "Paperthin" Bader
Nicolas "Tasteless" Plott
William "chobra" Cho
Brendan "valdes" Valdes
Kentrell "heyimquack" Kwek
See Liquipedia for talent from non-English streams


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2023.05.28 08:03 SlimySteve2339 How does auqa pura not exist in fallout 4?

I know fallout 4 is just set 10 years after fallout 3, but in fallout 3 merchants and pack Brahmin can be seen carrying the stuff. I feel as though caravans would easily be able to be moved in or around the Boston area. I mean it’s a near infinite source of water, it would make sense those who receive a lot of it would want to make a buck selling it. This leads me to believe that the canonical ending to 3 has someone fuck up aqua pura and project purity somehow.
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2023.05.28 08:02 Dense-Baker-2254 My dad got a new girlfriend and I hate her

Ok i'm not really sure where to start. Im 16 and non-binary and I know this sound really rude. Heres some backstory. Just over 2 years ago my mom passed away unexpectedly. Now i'm not new to loss in the years previously to losing my mom i've lost multiple other family members and friends including my uncle and grandfather, who were my only friends for a long time. Just after losing my mom my grandmother(Who we lived with at the time) decided to sell the house and we were homeless for a short period of time before finding the apartment we live in now. The first few weeks after the passing of my mom my dad(38F) was in and out of the psych ward. My Aunt(35F) helped a lot with taking care of us (things like doc appointments, school stuff, ect) and even has partial guardianship over me and my sister(14). Up until my dads current girlfriend(31F) there wasn't anyone she consistently dated. To make this easier to understand i'll call my dads girlfriend Jane They have been dating for a few months now and we (me, my sibling, and my aunt) finally met Jane. We meet up for lunch and everything went great. My sister loves her and she gets along well with my aunt. She's great and i can tell that she loves my dad and she makes my dad really happy but despite all that i cant help but resent her and i feel terrible for doing so she's done nothing for me to hate her to the point that i do. I guess in someway as stereotypical as it is a resent her cause it feels like i'm betraying my mom. Jane was in an accident as a teen and as such has memory issues. She tends to just say things without thinking because she doesn't want to forget it before she can say it and because of this there have been some really awkward convos and she has said some stuff that really upset me. The day that we met her, Jane, my dad, and my sister went to the store and stopped at the apartment. A rule that we have had set previously to meeting Jane was that she wasn't allowed to come to the apartment so that it would be a kinda "safe place." I went and hung-out with my aunt because she got a new game that I wanted to see(we are both gaming nerds) and my dad texted and asked if Jane could come up to the apartment when they stopped to grab something for my sister and I said it was alright as long as they stayed out of my room. Because the rule of Jane not being allowed over isn't in place anymore my dad has had Jane over multiple time as she was over today from about 10am - 7:30pm. It was great. She helped clean(my dad and sister struggle with hoarding), we walked to a little cafe nearby, went shopping, and Jane, my dad, and my sister went swimming. Like I said it was a great day and I can tell that my sister loves her and Jane makes my dad so happy but despite the great day I still just don't like her. It's really hard because Jane, my dad, and my sister get along so well and i just feel like an outsider. Before we lost my mom I had struggled a bit with feeling like an outsider in my own family but now I literally feel like i'm a stranger living in their home. She hasn't done anything to make me hate her but just doing anything with her feels wrong, like when we went to the cafe today. I don't know how to explain it but there was just this underlying feeling of wrongness i guess and i just don't know how to handle it. I don't really know how to explain it but thats it I guess I just really needed to admit it somewhere cause i felt like crap for hiding it. um I guess if anyone has any advice that would be nice. Im not really sure how this works. ive never posted on redit before but I just really needed to talk about it.
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2023.05.28 08:01 LeleklatoSugar Why is it so rare to see first gen kids born out of Africa dating and marrying each other?

It’s insane to me, but I’ve actually never seen this in my life. African-Americans date and marry. Africans from the continent date and marry. But on most occasions, first gen men of African descent either treat first gen women like they do not exist (no prom invites, no date invites, no hang outs, nothing) or we should not expect their love, as they would rather date and marry any other woman. On numerous occasions, such men will sit with their white girlfriends directly in front of me and appear to hold such distaste at even acknowledging my presence, much less giving any eye contact to me. Their partner will literally acknowledge my presence more than them. Love anyone, but animosity to your own race, to someone who has done no harm to you and who selflessly acts as your advocate at times, is uncalled for. And it’s not just me. I’m an average woman, but I know many beautiful, succesful, even tempered first gen women who are are almost always single, if they’ve even dated at all deep into their 20s and even 30s. When I see a first gen guy put together an elaboate prom proposal for their white girlfriend, even if I find their pics beautiful, it makes me then sad to see the other first gen girls having to go alone, with friends, or not at all, because one of the few first gen guys at their school decided to uplift a woman from another heritage that cannot even provide a man to uplift the women of the first gen guy’s heritage in retun
Sometimes, I wonder if our parents left Africa for their bloodlines to just disintegrate abroad. Why do we wear African clothing to events if sons, brothers, uncles cannot be educated on the importance of protecting and loving their own women? Are men from the same cultures and countries robbing from Africa supposed to be the same men wanting to love, honor, and respect our women in marriage? Because I can think of many more mixed marriages initiated by first gen men than the reverse, resulting in women losing their prime years of fertility to a man who is just having a fling with someone “exotic” not deemed suitable to marry by neither them nor their families. Look at the hell even Meghan Markle goes through, despite being of mixed heritage and not a double minority first gen within the American black community. One shouldn’t have to forge their way into a racist family to find/forge love because of their unilateral rejection from their own kind
I was genuinely shocked the first time a first gen guy tried asking me out. I regret declining his request on first impulse. He was attractive, but he was a random guy on the street, not someone of any social relation to me. I felt I was in a dream, because they are the LAST men to show interest out of everyone. It’s sad to me. Imagine a white American girl saying the same about a white American guy. It would be unheard of.
I worry about the future of the first gen overall. If we are not cohesive, if we do ever have children, they will be less likely to benefit from the warmth, love and community our African born parents had provided us among their extensive networks of African friends and family. Too many of us think we’re American or we’re French simply by our accents and birth countries, but the reality is that we have rich heritages to take pride in and if we cannot support each other and build each other up, divided we fall to adversity as minorities in our respective countries. black lives matter means nothing if we cannot even love each other
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2023.05.28 07:57 JHuttIII Thoughts on Cast Iron Pot Decision for Camping

I’m looking to upgrade my chili camping pot from a granite ware enameled steel pot to possibly cast iron, but wanted so pro thoughts on the topic.
I’ve been using this enamel pot for about 10 years, and I’ll admit there’s sentimental value there but it’s a little impractical for camping and how we use it. This pot gets sit right above a campfire, and gets reheated the same way about 2-4 times over the course of a weekend. Only once a year.
The problem with this pot is there’s no good way to keep it secure over the fire, and every year the pot or lid almost falls in. We’ve tried grates and what-have-you, but nothing seems to work too well.
I’m thinking of replacing it with a cast iron pot that has a handle so I could use a tripod to hand it over the fire.
My concern is that the pot wouldn’t get cleaned for a couple of days and I’m wondering if that might have any I’ll effect on the raw iron. Could I leave food in the pot to reheat a couple of times? I’m concerned about possible rust getting in the food.
I would expect to do a full cleaning and reasoning after the trip, but I’m wondering if it’s the most practical for my use like this.
Thoughts? Anyone use one in a similar fashion? Any brand recommendations on a pot like this?
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2023.05.28 07:56 JosueW4 Help Please, Am I balding?

Help Please, Am I balding?
Each photo before the 10th one is at the pure start of this year, and the ones after the 10th are today.
I am only 19 and I am really worried about losing my hair it's really really important for me, my father really didn't start losing his hair till his 50's and most of his hair loss has been in his crown which still is full of hair for me, but my uncles from my mother side although not bald do have a level of significant baldness in their hairline and mainly temples even in their 30's or early 40's, and one of my grand aunt's from my mother side does suffer from some hair loss now in her 70's and I believe at also her 60's (though also that loss is mainly from her crown not the temples).
So yeah based on that and those photos do you believe I am balding or just have a big hairline? And if so what should I do to stop losing my hair? I am still 19 so I am really confused.
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2023.05.28 07:55 Wise_Hat_8678 Star Trek (2009) is a Masterpiece

I always felt the magic of the original Star Trek cast was best captured in Voyage Home, The Final Frontier, and Undiscovered Country, when the actors began to subtly play into the comedy of their characters, for instance here. Star Trek (2009) is a touching tribute to that magic, while gently teasing the various quirks of the original characters. We got plenty of McCoyisms, Scottyisms; Chris Pine played perfectly exaggerated Kirk, plus Nimoy returned as Spock 2.0. There's a (perfectly scored) emotional scene of Spock trying to explain to himself the lasting impact of his friendship with Kirk, and we got this (perfectly scored) tribute to the cutest lass in all of Star Trek, in pure classic Star Trek: The Motion Picture fashion. The movie even begins with this perfectly executed (perfectly scored) scene. And then there's this. Everything beautifully scored. Scene after scene of cinematic perfection.
And for desert, a (again, perfectly scored) Nimoy voice-over giving us the best version of the ST lines that will ever exist. And, of course, immediately before we were treated to a touching scene of Old Spock looking down on the Enterprise and reminiscing while New Spock tries to deal with a Kirk he hasn't gotten used to yet. This movie (and JJ) doesn't get the appreciation it deserves!
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2023.05.28 07:55 Guilty-Whereas-8196 All Stars Cast Selection

All Stars Cast Selection
You are a writer for Fresh TV back in 2013 and it's your job to select the cast for the newest All Star season. Who would you choose and why?
Cast members can be from all the seasons except the Ridonculous Race and the 2023 reboot.
Still don't know why they picked SAM of all people...
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2023.05.28 07:54 mmillington Actress in the House Group Read, Week 2: Chapters 1-4

Sorry it’s a little long.
Chapter 1
We begin with the slap. Bill Daley and his (girl?)friend Helen attend “a halfway mediocre” play during which a male character viciously strikes a female character, drawing (real?) blood. Daley spends much of the chapter interpreting and analyzing the responses of the other members of the audience and dissecting the blonde actress Becca Lang’s and the male actor’s motivations and responses. Much of his analysis focuses on who is or has experienced physical abuse/violence, as well as assessing threat levels. We see Daley express frustration with members of the audience for interrupting his analysis.
We learn a little about Helen: She travels frequently for work, she and Daley often attend plays together, and Daley sees her as someone he could be with, “the whole package.”
At intermission, the cast of characters in the audience share their responses to the slap.
We find out Daley booked the tickets after receiving a phone call several days ago from the actress, Lang.
Chapter 2
This chapter is a flashback several days to the phone call. While sitting with Kid Knox, a drummer, Daley answers the phone, expecting it to be a call from one of his long-time legal clients Lotta, but it’s a woman who says, “It’s you.”
Daley, his interest piqued, talks with her for some time, being told he was recommended to the woman by a Mr. van Diamond to address a housing issue she’s facing. She’s an actress subletting a place, but she spends significant time abroad, raising questions over her “primary residence.” She mentions “threats” against her.
Daley repeatedly thinks she doing a “voice-job” on him. We get frequent references to acting, drama, playing roles, performances.
Daley, while they’re talking, tracks the behavior of pigeons and an “out-of-place” brown dove outside his window.
He tells her he’s not a real estate lawyer, but he gets sucked into finding out more about her case. She tells him her name and that she’s a stage actress. The conversation grows friendly, and they joke with each other. She tells him van Diamond called him a good listener, a giver, a fool. Daley thinks she has “a gift for toil.” She mentions Daley’s “employment agency.”
Becca tells him, “We’re of the same blood, you know?” She mentions van Diamond’s “vile cufflinks” and gets Daley to agree to a short meeting.
Donna, Daley’s secretary comes into his office to check on him, having overheard the conversation, especially the mention of “threats.”
He stops at the supermarket on the way home to get a paper and track down the play Becca is in. He talks with his next-door neighbor about the mugging of a young boy on the playground at night. When he gets home, he books two seats for Becca’s play.
Chapter 3
The play resumes, and we’re filled in on some of the plot and character dynamics. The play features periodic pauses for voice-overs of Becca reading letters her character sent to her brother in Connecticut during her time in Nepal. The had a close relationship until he got married to a “noisy” redheaded woman. Becca then joined the Peace Corps and left for Africa.
The brother has developed “noise-cancellation technology,” but he faces potential legal problems for “professional improprieties.” He’s also having an affair with his secretary, whom the sister (Becca) knows.
The brother summons Becca home from Nepal, where she’d had a “spiritual experience” and been involved with the son of a Sherpa. The redhaired wife, leveraging power over Becca, pulls out the letters Becca wrote to her brother, at which point Becca tells her of the affair. She then runs to her brother to let him know she outed him, at which point we get the slap.
Chapter 4
Flashback 12 years to an earthquake in Manhattan. Daley wakes up around 3 a.m. to a phone call from his client Lotta, asking if she can sue Connecticut—which she claims was the origin of the quake—over the damage to two figurines that fell during the tremor. He tells her there’s no case to be had.
At this time, Daley is married to Della, a dancer in the process of retiring, and she is out of bed (reading, he thinks, but later thinks she went for a run instead).
He calls his little brother Wolf in Seattle to ask a structural engineering question related to one of Daley’s clients. We learn about Wolf’s history of error-proneness/unluckiness. He was literally blown out of the water when a nearby ship exploded in a harbor in Osaka, Japan; he collided while riding a dirtbike with the contents hanging off a moving truck. Daley was on vacation in India with his wife at the time of the Osaka harbor explosion, and the trip was cut short so they could attend to Wolf in the hospital.
On the phone, Wolf invites Daley to join him as legal consultant on a trip to inspect a dam in Australia in a week.
Daley gets up to check the house. He sees their house guest, a European financier Della hopes will fund a business that helps creative people find day/night jobs, lying in bed with his eyes open a slit. Daley answers a second call from Lotta, during which he hears the front door, and his wife comes upstairs. He had been thinking about how she would smell. They talk for a while; she encourages him to go on the Australia trip. He thinks about the letters her received from Wolf’s associates during his many travels.
Della says she thinks Lotta has been abused. Her rationale is that Lotta is abusing Daley: “No, she’s over the line, she’s abusing you, why does she do that?”
The couple turns sexual, we see a scar that runs from Daley’s wrist to elbow. As the couple gets going, the house guest is standing in the doorway. Possible implications of an affair?


So far, we see McElroy establishing a number of key themes: acting/performance, house/housing, violence (slap, jolt, explosions), absorption. As in Hind’s Kidnap, McElroy plays on the multiple usages of many words:
Absorb dominates the first chapter and appears in the other three, characters in the novel and in the play within absorb one another, absorb blows, are absorbed in their work
Chapter two builds on voices in terms of accents, playing characters, and being out-of-place (reflected in the dove outside the window.
Chapter three explores noisiness in the redhead, the brother’s “noise-cancelling technology,” the “noise” of industrial warehouses (a callback to Daley’s observation of the poor acoustics in the renovated warehouse in which they’re watching the play). I also see it as a reference to the noisy aspects of the character’s lives, the affair, messy relationships, professional indiscretions.
Chapter four focuses on premonitions, Daley’s “prophetic” gift. I first noticed this in chapter two. Having begun the book with the slap, we get a flashback in chapter two that makes multiple references to a “jolt.” I don’t know of a term for this technique. Post-facto foreshadowing? But in chapter four, dreams, memories, fears (of physical danger to people he knows), and hopes are blended in the narration, and we have a chapter set more than a decade in the past, but the text remains conscious of present.
McElroy’s prose feels smooth, even in the play chapters when he’s transitioning between the stage action, audience associations, and meta-commentary on the action and devices of the play.
We also see the beginnings of McElroy using intratextual intertextuality: Within the novel, we get interplay between the “real” people and the characters. Daley analyzes the relationship between Becca and the male actor through the performance on stage. We see multiple analogues: the secretaries both referred to as “girl Friday,” characters face legal trouble over professional improprieties, a sibling leaving with the married one staying at home, and I suspect more of the play’s plot elements will appear in the “real” character’s lives.


  1. Blood is mentioned multiple times. How do you see the interplay of violence drawing Becca’s character’s blood with the slap, the family ties, and Becca’s insistence she and Daley are “of the same blood”?
  2. How are you tracking McElroy’s persistent use of layered meanings?
  3. What do you make of the numerous points at which the narrative shifts to the second person?
For next Saturday, we will be reading chapters 5 through 14, up to page 118.
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2023.05.28 07:54 dumbasfood Are there better English translations of The Temple of the Golden Pavilion?

I just started reading Ivan Morris's translation, which seems to be the only one available for English. I think that's a shame because I find some of his choice of wording to be pretty awkward or confusing.
For example, in the first chapter, he uses the word "invisible" to describe the temple. However, based on a Chinese translation that I'm using for reference, I'm apt to believe that the original Japanese text would better translate to "never before seen" rather than "invisible." To illustrate by quoting from both translations:
When I saw the surface of the distant fields glittering in the sun, I felt sure that this was a golden shadow cast by the invisible temple.
Another example, also from the first chapter, would be when the narrator is describing his stutter and likens his speech impediment to that of a bird. To illustrate by quoting from both translations:
When a stutterer is struggling desperately to utter his first sound, he is like a little bird that is trying to extricate itself from thick lime. When finally he manages to free himself, it is too late.
Before anyone asks why I simply don't read just the Chinese translation, please note that I'm only referencing the Chinese translation because I am of Chinese heritage and can read a little Chinese. Since English is my dominant language and my Chinese reading skills are rather limited, I would prefer to consume the novel in English rather than Chinese. As mentioned before, I am only using the Chinese translation for the time being to help clarify some of Morris's awkward word choices.
To any Japanese speakers who have read The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, please let me know if my assertion holds any water!
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2023.05.28 07:52 Benjamin_Dover PTS

I’ve been playing the game a few weeks and finally added mods. While I was blaring the siren on the fire truck herding the zombies out of rosewood, it attracted a small herd onto a survivor, and all I could do was just drive by while continuing to blare the siren.
Long story short it flashed me back to when my uncle dropped a bale of hay on himself with a forklift. I know I’ve needed to address this with a professional for a couple years now, but now I can see how extreme it is.
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2023.05.28 07:52 ComManDerBG [TotK] I was hit by a drunk driver, things are going pretty badly but TotK came in just in time to really help me get through things

Was hit by a drunk driver swerving into me, he was in a lifted pickup so he was completely fine of course, fortunately he was arrested, and no one else was hurt, im the only lucky one. I was life flighted to a trauma center but overall I wasn't that badly hurt. Only needed two surgeries, one for each leg. Left leg broken tibia and fibula, right leg is just fibula. Otherwise just scratches, bruises, a slipped disc (which led to a huge scare because I couldn't feel my legs, but that was just temporary nerve stuff thanks to the slipped disc). Also a sore neck, concussion, sprained wrists and fingers all from the airbag alone. Oh, and I chipped a nail. Overall it could have been a lot worse given the size of the alcholic fuckhead's truck, only spent a short-ish time in the hospital.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I dont have any more pictures, im not one to really chronicle my life, I only wanted to share how much this game is genuinely helping me, distracting me from the pain, the nausea, the stress, the sweat, and worse then all, the itchiness.
Im also playing Metroid Prime Remastered for first time blind and its just as incredible. What do other people think of that one?
Does anyone have any cast tips? Especially for sweat, the nausea is leading to a lot of perspiration, and the sweat is leading to a lot of itchiness. The doctor was just like "keep them dry" which isn't super helpful.
My username is in the picture to prevent reposts.
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2023.05.28 07:51 HumanPerson952 I need a lil bit of help, anyways, comment a funny joke and i'll rate it, i need something to lighten up

I got no clue of this is gonna get taken down or if anyone is gonna pay any attention to this at all but shi, I need some help, and hoping some of you out there can spare a buck or two. Basically, HS senior right here, about to graduate, woo-hoo and all that, except for the fact that graduation also comes with the fact im getting kicked to the curb. Thankfully, I was blessed with a scholarship to the university of my dreams, and even tho its four hours away i got incredible friends that can help me get there. Now the biggest problem that i have is that my phone is on its absolute last breath, and for reasons id rather just not disclose, i am not able to work in order to make any money in order to get a new one. It's truly screwed, more info on the actual go fund me page. So shit, i took a shot in the dark and made a go fund me, then i came here in hopes of getting some support. if not then whatever, at least drop a funny to make me laugh.

oh yeah, heres the link to the gofund me
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2023.05.28 07:48 ProvokeCouture Hermione Granger and the...

Here's a challenge for everyone. Let's switch roles. Hermione Granger is the one with two magical parents who went to Hogwarts, fought and died protecting their Half-blood daughter from Voldemort. She's the one who gets the scar and the infamy behind it. She gets essentially dumped at her aunt and uncle's house where she languishes for ten years, etc and forthwith...
Harry Potter was born to a pair of muggles (or Squibs, essentially the same in the eyes of the Ministry) who are dentists or dental surgeons. Harry is the brainiac who loves to read, is socially awkward, etc and forthwith.
The plot is the same yet different. Male versus female reactions, etc and forthwith.
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2023.05.28 07:47 ProvokeCouture Hermione Granger and the...

Here's a challenge for everyone. Let's switch roles. Hermione Granger is the one with two magical parents who went to Hogwarts, fought and died protecting their Half-blood daughter from Voldemort. She's the one who gets the scar and the infamy behind it. She gets essentially dumped at her aunt and uncle's house where she languishes for ten years, etc and forthwith...
Harry Potter was born to a pair of muggles (or Squibs, essentially the same in the eyes of the Ministry) who are dentists or dental surgeons. Harry is the brainiac who loves to read, is socially awkward, etc and forthwith.
The plot is the same yet different. Male versus female reactions, etc and forthwith.
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2023.05.28 07:47 zaddar1 determined versus non-determined

casey neistat on procrastination
i do think there is a hidden advantage to procrastination which is to gather more information before committing to action
phishing emails always have "give-aways" if you look carefully, especially take a close look at the source code, i have just received one, its an account query from a company i don’t have an account with, but the source shows it comes from a marketing email platform, ("tradeboss" in this case) whereas a genuine account query would come from the account website
you can’t be suspicious enough and its only going to get worse
you can read about it
its not you
you can write about it
its you
chanting is for people with nothing upstairs to fill the vacancy
the problem the screen writers strike faces is margins in the industry are being compressed with competing content like youtube
the strike itself may force a shift in public viewing habits (that has already occurred in generation Z) onto informal net content, it is a structural shift into something that is a different : more fractured, specialized and intellectual paradigm that would normally take a very extended period to happen
my feeling is good riddance to their rubbish, however writers have been subsidizing the industry for quite a while so there are going to be some big changes, similar to what has happened in the music industry
bad explanations are easy to vary, good explanations are not
sorts out excuses and projections doesn’t it !
huh, fixed a zipper for the first time ever
easy peasy
saved a cheap jacket i liked
the wall of being
turns out to be transparency into non-being
makes this so
the brain is nobbled
by what i’m not sure
a virus ?
aging’s worse
you just have to look at "twelfth night" and its familiarity with upper class/ aristocratic life to realise shakespeare never wrote it
a very lithe ana luísa negrão in a superb performance of les ombres du temps (luca branca) for the prix de lausanne 2023 prize finals
blueberries lower the firmicutes/bacteroidetes ratio of the intestinal microbiota which supposedly is beneficial
“ the study found that blueberry dosage significantly impacted the firmicutes to bacteroidota ratio, which decreased as the dosage increased. the ratios were highest in samples without blueberry diets and gradually fell in samples with increasing blueberry concentrations
additionally, comparisons of diversity in the gut microbiome in each sample exhibited a considerably greater variety among samples having higher blueberry treatments ”
they can have relatively high pesticide levels which putting in a jar and sprinkling some baking soda on and then pouring hot water over helps with (denatures the pesticide)
meditative thinking
the flux of the indefinite
can crystallize out
the reality it forms in
simulated attack on the kerch bridge, its all about delivering and dodging missiles
it really does give a feel of what it would like to be a pilot making such a flight
waterbrain (2002) by aboriginal artist rusty peters for an explanation, check out "about"
rusty is a very abstract thinker, a bit like andy warhol
the chinaman’s garden massacre (2000) painting is based on stories from his uncle , the only survivor of a massacre in the western australian kimberley region
versus non-determined
our life
is a
fluctuation of these
just be honest about the flaws, going to an extreme of total rejection doesn’t work for a lot of things and won’t work for you
there’s a toxicity in chanting, you can see it in religions, i think its problematic from its hypnotic/ mind numbing effect and the total bullshit of the meaning, why would you willingly engage in that sort of nonsense ?
“ I’m sure plenty of people feel the same way about meditation of all kinds . . . ”
yeah, there are meditations that are crazy too, counting, visualization etc, however shikantaza has something to offer, but that also has limits as it tends to engrave
even in zen the chanting is absolute brainwashing nonsense, really off putting except i quite liked the korean chanting, i didn’t understand a word of it
chanting is a religious art form, just a vehicle for propaganda and reality disinformation
bound together like furniture
looked under
there’s nothing there
the filter of others
always a distortion
words wrapped into a snare
the same wherever you go
what fixed point is there in a net ?
the uncorrectable world
correct it and you’re sunk
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2023.05.28 07:47 AdwinMC Do you think the next pokemon movie will be for Horizons, or will it continue with Ash?

In my opinion I’d be really disappointed if they keep using Ash in the movies, the Horizons cast is so charming and they deserve to have their own movie. I feel like the last few movies with alternate universe Ash have been struggling to tell stories with him. Ash hasn’t evolved as a trainer since the reboot timeline began and none of the adventures built on what came before. It felt like the writers were struggling on what to do with Ash. With the Horizons cast there’s a blank slate to do whatever they want, Liko hasn’t experienced hardly as much as Ash, having her learn about some of the big lore moments like the birth of Mewtwo would be really cool.
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2023.05.28 07:47 wishiwasarobot1 I have trouble starting and I never finish stories

I world-build, create an entire story and cast of three-dimensional characters, and then get 5 pages in and give up
Advice is always welcome but I really want some violent motivation to sit down and write crap, because being somewhat insulted always helps
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