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2023.05.28 08:57 coconutinacap Am I the only one who can’t hear the resemblance between Gloria and that horror movie monster Jay and Manny made?

I’m on the episode where Manny makes a horror movie with Jay’s help, and apparently their scary monster is supposed to sound “exactly” like Gloria. They even showed Gloria repeating the same line as the monster (“I’ll kill you”) right after and I still can’t hear the similarity. Am I crazy or am I missing something?
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2023.05.28 08:50 Pyt_roses [TOMT] [MOVIE] Guy with go pro goes hiking on same trail every year

So it starts with 3 people, the main guy, his girlfriend (or fiancé), and the guys best friend. They go to this cabin, or whatever, every year around the same time to go hiking. They have a specific trail, and a map that helps guide them.
I think all of them were supposed to go, but the main guy was talked into going first. The main thing I remember him having is a GoPro.
I think the best friend gives him the wrong trail or something but he gets lost and tries to find shelter.
He’d been gone for days now, and the movie shows clips of him recording on his GoPro giving updates on where he is and how he’s doing. I think he gets injured at some point because he hides in this cave-like structure.
They send out search parties for him, but the best friend leads them in a completely different area. I remember near the end the guy is hypothermic and decided to record his final moments with the GoPro. The search party end up finding him, but can’t remember what all happens after that!
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2023.05.28 08:42 Nanamiestie Arm swatches of Rom&nd & Peripera lip tints on Missha 29 skin tone (South Asian and brown skin)

Arm swatches of Rom&nd & Peripera lip tints on Missha 29 skin tone (South Asian and brown skin)
My exact match is Missha bb cream in 29 , I'm probably NC40 never bothered to get it matched Im warm to neutral olive with very muted skin tone. I use elf tan sand and MUR c9.5 concealer (this is my exact match better than elf actually)
Short forms used:
P: peripera
R: Rom&nd
R-jlt: Rom&nd juicy lasting tint
R-dwt: Rom&nd dewyful water tint
Pic 2-3 : glossy shint lip tints
Pic 4-8: matte tints (marked the first pic the following rest have same order so didn't waste my time marking them)
Also the staining of the glossy tints barely showed up on my hand so didn't post a pic but on lips for me I have to have a thick layer for them to stain.
As for staining for the the glossy tints the order is as follows
R-dwt: if rose > P- brown heaven > R-jlt: nucademia > R-jlt: almond rose = R-jlt: dark coconut > R-jlt: pomelo skin
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2023.05.28 08:42 Thomas_Pandit I have always had this idea stuck in my head as the finale of the show ever since the end of crisis and I really wanna express it. Please would appreciate some feedback

Basically Crisis on Earth X again but this time evil superman and thawne are leading the charge, like i always thought of it as maybe superman became the fuhrer after oliver died and maybe before thawne ran off and before nazi ollie died he gave something to thawne and was like "u know what to do"
in my head i always saw this as like maybe the entire final season of flash focusing on this massive event where earth x is now trying to take over multiple earths and already have with various evil versions of characters. maybe even zoom and savitar join the nazis from some other worlds as well.
Also could have various Earth 1 villains join them as well to defeat the heroes. While Thawne is helping them conquer worlds his main objective is obviously to kill barry allen and torture him. same for lets say zoom and savitar who are helping as well.
And all comes down to a big massive final battle during lets say the final 3 episodes of the flash. With literally all the heroes of every arrowverse show. Heck, maybe have brandon routh return as superman and ezra miller if possible. Have it all end with the a big massive multiverse level battle on earth 1 with evvil versions of characters fighting various other characters.
Would love to see Roy Harper pull of a Oliver like the comics and use his mouth to like shoot a kryptonite arrow at nazi superman. maybe finally have tyler superman (good one) vs thawne that was teased in earth x. Also would love to see the legnds here as well, where maybe sara and laurel could interact with nazi quentin.
Then the final part comes when the earth x people use a similar anti matter canon (lets say from some leftover from crisis) and get it to turn all universes that are too strong for them into barren wastelands for them to rule. Which ends up with turning everything red skies. Barry and the rest of team flash see the red skies and realise whats coming.
Thawne is like: "COME ON ALLEN, LETS FINISH THE WAY IT ALL BEGAN! U AND ME!" and then lead to them fighting across multiple universes and timelines and finally bring things full circle with everything going back to that night in the house. barry saves himself, thawne murders nora and then gets stuck there.
Meanwhile evil superman is defeated and all of the rest of the nazis are taken care of. Wally gets his revenge on Savitar and Jay gets his revenge on Zoom. The anti matter cannon is still working and Barry realises the only way to stop it is if he runs so fast in the wave itself that whatever speed force is left in his body turns into pure energy and stops it (IDK, conjure up some bullshit) and then he passes the mantle of flash onto wally, says his goodbyes to everyone like team flash, kara, sara and everyone. And then finally, we get Barry to vanish during a Crisis.
Oh and maybe as barry vanishes he gets reunited with all his old pals that died. HR, his dad, his mom and a final hug ith Oliver as well.
Maybe have Barry be like the guardian or something of the speedforce. Kind of like how Oliver turned into the spectre
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2023.05.28 08:42 Richman_Cash What movie/TV show somehow doesn't fit with the actor's common roles?

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2023.05.28 08:40 html_lmth Cantonese written in Arabic script BECAUSE WHY NOT

Cantonese written in Arabic script BECAUSE WHY NOT
These are rather straight forward, just one symbol for one consonant. Most of them follow the original Arabic pronunciation with a few exceptions.
I am not going to explain every detail in this table, but there is a few things to note:
  1. Long vowels are always written in full form, while short vowels are written in diacritics most of the time. This is also the reason why I did not use Jyutping here.
  2. For [-p], [-t] and [-k], I chose [-b], [-d] and [-g] instead, mostly because [p] is not a sound in Arabic.
  3. I put [jung] as a combination of [y] and [-ng] here. This syllable only exists when there is no preceding consonant, but it is still possible to have this syllable not at the initial position, for example “作用” would be خاْقیُغ . It is placed in the table only to demonstrate the coherent of the system, as it would be the same spelling if you consider that as [j]+[-ung]
Example 1: Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
« یَنیَن سَغ ی خییَو،خاْی خیُنیم واْ کیُنلِی سعغ یَدلَد پِغدَغ. تامون فویَو لِیسَغ واْ لعغسَم، بِغ یَغ ی حَغدِی قوانحَی دِق خِغسَن وسعغ دٔیُ داْی. »
Example 2: Dialogues from Stephen Chow’s movie “Flirting Scholar”
« حَمقا ثاننَی ثَی خُغسیُ، یُقا ثیتاْغ داْ قاویُ. یُفِی قواْسُق ما لَمفان، نِی لُومُو حَی ثَن حاثیُ. »
I should put the following on top of the tables, but I know how Reddits work, you are not going to read these.
Recently, there is a lot of posts about using alternative writing system for Cantonese, including but not limited to Taiwanese Bopomofo, Korean Hangul, or even just reworking on different way of writing Cantonese in Latin alphabets. Out of the pure love for Cantonese (and because I have no life), I decided to create a series of different writing system for Cantonese, with various level of complexity. For all the linguistic nerds out there, get ready for the numerous treats (or disastrous designs) in the next couple weeks (or months, or years, I don’t know if I will commit to it at all LOL).
Why creating a new writing system? Philosophies behind the design.
The biggest reason is of course “For fun”, but if there is any practical reason behind this, it would be “to allow foreign speakers to learn Cantonese easily”. While Jyutping is simple and logical, humans aren’t. Human tend to learn with intuition and based on what they already knew (I should really cite some pedagogical theory here but this would be taken too far, just trust me). This is also why I start my series from Arabic abjads, because this is the third most widely used scripts by number of users in the world (after Latin alphabets and Chinese scripts).
For this reason, my main philosophy in designing the new system would be “to be as intuitive as possible for foreign learners”. Matching the alphabets and the rules of the original script as close as possible while being logical and consistent within the system would be my goal. It is not meant to be a replacement to the original Chinese script.
Is there any other reason to create a new writing system? For me, not really, but for some it can be political. Although I have no evidence of it, there are hints on anti-Sinitic sentiments behind some of the related posts. Just to make it clear, I am not sold on abandoning Chinese scripts for Cantonese, but that is the story for another time.
Basic feature of Arabic script:
(1) Arabic script, or “Abjads”, is written from right-to-left.
(2) There are no capital or small letters, but each letter has different forms depending on the position. For example, the letter for “B” is ب when standing alone, but “BBB” is written as ببب , which shows how “B” appears in initial, medial and final position of a word.
(3) In Arabic, only long vowels are written, and short vowels are omitted, with diacritics as “backup plan” in case there is a need to clarify the vowels. In the following system, some vowels will be considered as short vowels and are written as diacritics, although they are obviously not negligible.
Arabic script in other Chinese languages: Xiao’erjing or Xiaojing
The greatest difficulty in creating an Arabic Cantonese script is the limited letters for vowels in the script, so I tried to look for reference in how they adapt Arabic script in other languages. To my surprise, or maybe I should not be surprise at all, there is a long history of writing Chinese in Arabic, mostly for the Huis and Uyghurs nowadays.
The system is super messy, especially for the vowels. Some vowels can have more than one form depending on the preceding consonants, and some forms can mean different vowels depending on consonants. That being said, I still find some inspiration out of it, especially on the use of diacritics for vowels.
The writing system is not going to write down the tone. I tried to find examples from other languages, and apparently, they write down the tone in Rohingya language using Arabic script, but my computer cannot show them properly. With all the diacritics flying around the words, I don’t think there is an elegant solution for tone without introducing new stuff, and that would be too difficult to type, so I just completely ignore them.
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2023.05.28 08:38 Worldly-Layer3794 I'm (F21) anxious avoidant and I cannot reason through my insecurities well in my relationship with (M20).

This is a lot. But it is also 2 AM and I am so tired and just need to get my thoughts out and maybe some advice if some are willing.
We've known each other for 3 months and have been dating officially for 1 month now, but since we are both in college and summer just started, we actually recently went back to our respective homes for the summer. We are about 1.5 hours of a drive away.
He was always very eager to spend time with me while we were on campus. He told me I was beautiful each and every day and I saw him unable to contain his smile sometimes when I held eye contact and we loved spending time together. I think he's amazing, and I love him for all the amazing attributes and flaws that make him himself. He lost his virginity to me, and we always had great sexual compatibility. We have a similar sense of odd humor and we love similar movie genres.
Before going home, he spent a few days at my place, and he assured me that we would talk almost every day and that everything would be fine. Everything would be fine. Everything would be fine. He repeated that and his plans to find time for me and see me a couple times, maybe a few. He told me he would miss me so much, and that he loves me so much. And I know for a fact that he sometimes verbalizes things that he is worried about in part to subconsciously try and encourage himself to think positively/mitigate the worry and anxiety that he feels about certain things.
For context: before we got official, we had sex and rushed a bit into it after having hung out with each other alone only a few times while we did spend every day together amongst others to study. I was not ready for a relationship at the time and I let him know that because I have a lot of issues pertaining to my insecurities regarding school and career prospects, my self-image, and my recurring numbness and anxiety. He wanted a relationship with me, and I did not think I could handle my insecurities at the time sufficiently enough to feel like a true and independent partner for him. I voiced this, and we did have an argument because he did not quite understand and he just really wanted us to belong to each other. After a bit of reflection, I recognized that I was just an extremely fearful and cowardly person even if it didn't seem like the case outwardly because I noticed myself constantly catastrophizing, even though this man had done nothing but been supportive and constructive and loving towards me.
And I told him that I want him to ask me again to be his girlfriend near the end of finals so that I can think things over a bit more. He agreed and we eventually got together.
But now I'm scared - I don't hear from him as much (maybe a couple-few times a day) and I feel like he is a person that likes to keep his friends and relationship a bit separate. He doesn't voluntarily tell me what he's doing for the day or anything like that unless I ask him, and he hasn't called me voluntarily either since it's just been me calling. He responds, but I also know that since he has a lot more friends that he wants to hang out with, I feel terrible and insecure calling him even though he says that I can and he'll pick up (because if he's not voluntarily contacting him, what does that say about the priority differences we have regarding engaging with our partner and therefore what does this reflect in terms of our feelings?).
And he knows that I really appreciate him planning things out even if we've done a good job of that together equally, but I had to bring up the idea of seeing him while we were on the phone before he even mentioned it to me after we went our separate ways.
And now I'm beginning to catastrophize (maybe) and think about the fact that while I love him for who he is, perhaps he only loves me because I fulfill certain needs for him.
I hate this being a reflection on my insecurities in my relationships and that this worry of mine dictates my day-to-day wellbeing. I hate the fact that I am not secure in myself (which I am actively working on by working out and staying healthy and working on career development) and I wish that he communicated better about the expectations of our communicating over the summer. I wish he was as curious or showed as much curiosity about me as he did before we left campus, and I absolutely miss him calling me beautiful even though we snap and show our faces to each other here and there during the day. But I don't know how to ask or talk about this. I am fearful of having to work to have my relationship needs met because I have always felt that I have to justify my needs to others if I request something of them, which has oftentimes failed in the past because of past bad relationships I have had. I understand that the past in part becomes our present and I work to be as conscientious as I can, but this just feels debilitating because I do not understand how, as a person who has grown to have to rely solely on myself to take care of myself and be a leader to others throughout my academic career, I cannot feel sufficiently independent in a relationship. I regret having sex with him before our relationship because maybe this is really just him fulfilling his needs. And I also feel so insecure about having to ask someone to adapt or change something in their behavior even though my boyfriend has told me to let him know what I like because either it feels like it is no use (in that he said something about talking a lot and stuff before but now he does not initiate) and to me, there is no use in changing someone and that I should simply allow others to do as they will or desire in order for me to see their true colors as action is more important than words. That is simply how I have lived thus far - to detach and be vigilant in doing so because I only want to surround myself with people that I enjoy being with. Needless to say, I am fiercely protective of myself but try my hardest not to limit my experiences even though they sometimes hurt me. And I don't know whether to be more cautious or less cautious or more cautious in some senses and less cautious in others. It is all mind-boggling.
My conscience is riddled - chock full of cognitive dissonance because of fear - and I don't know where the hell to begin or what I should do. How can I request that he open up and be more inclined to involve me in his daily life, and to what degree is this an apt reflection of how he feels about me? What should I even ask of him - what is reasonable? Is he perhaps experiencing infatuation while I felt love, even though words of love have been exchanged? And he's told me he loves me so many times and compliments me in person and loves doing anything with me - so how do I be a better listener to what I am experiencing in their polarities between when we were on campus vs now in the summer? I have no idea and I just need some help parsing through this whole mess that is me and my place in this relationship, or at least working towards finding out.
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2023.05.28 08:37 zakkalaska Genuinely

"I genuinely believe..."
"That movie is genuinely..."
"This picture genuinely is one of..."
"I genuinely think that..."
If you search the word "genuinely" in the comments and read what shows up, none of the comments NEED that word. The comments all work just fine without it. People must think it makes them sound really smart and level-headed.
In my opinion, seeing the over-usage of the word "genuinely" is more annoying than "literally".
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2023.05.28 08:35 ItCantBe79 43 [M4F] Let's grab a coffee and see if we click

Well, hello there! Looking to meet some cool people out there, and potentially (hopefully) some deeper connections. No expectations, and pretty open to whatever comes out of this, whether it turns out to be friends/activity partnecasual fun/something more intimate or even romantic, or a combination of some of those. I'm a big fan of honesty, so feel free to be honest/open about what you're looking for, to make sure we're on the same page.
Hopefully you're in the same area, as I'm not really looking for something long-distance. I've tried it before, and it usually doesn't work for me. Ideally we can start hanging out in person once we've gotten to know each other online a bit - we can grab a coffee, food, go for a walk, watch a movie, go for a hike... the weather is getting better these days after all.
A little bit about me:
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2023.05.28 08:34 INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS Who asked for this?

Why the hell are they making full length movies and tv shows about these D list characters no one cares about? Ms Marvel was the last ranked show in all of MCU shows, and they’re making a movie with her? Fuck. How did they turn the most badass, fucking psycho antihero Moon Knight (who even the Punisher thinks is fucking insane and bloodlust) and turn him into whatever the Disney+ version was? Moon knight straight up murders criminals and carves moons in the face of their corpse. He’s like Batman and the punisher had a baby with schizophrenia.
I don’t care that the series are about women. There are plenty of amazing women comic characters. It’s that they’re making shows about characters that don’t have a strong following and will be shit. Ms Marvel they basically re wrote for the show, supposedly. I didn’t even watch that one. I stopped 1/2 through moon knight bc of how they massacred my boy, my favorite marvel character was turned into a bumbling idiot.
Fuck. They even fucked up iron heart. A 15 year old badass. And in BP2 they made her a 19 year old, played by a 25 year old who looks 35+. The actress who played iron heart has literal crows feet wrinkles.
What. The. Fuck. Happened to MCU quality control post endgame? There are a few good ones but god damn is it bad.
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2023.05.28 08:32 Krystopher14 Tcl 55C635

Tcl 55C635
Hello so I bought 50c635 but it seems that it has judder in action movies, I want to know if 55C635 will have less judder because it has an 120hz display at 1440p resolution and can I use this hz when I watch Netflix on tv? Thanks in advance, the price difference is about 60 euros in my country, and I bought 50c635 for 305 euros.
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2023.05.28 08:31 Remarkable-Highway65 Sous chef at a casino AMA

Restaurant life is like how it's portrayed in the movies and shows
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2023.05.28 08:29 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!
This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure.



Package Includes:
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2023.05.28 08:28 Pink_inthenightcream I hate Jen (Venting)

I don't care at this point if no one agrees with me but I hate Jen. I think she's selfish, quick to anger(How most of her problems begin by the way ) and ever noticed how from the very beginning up until this moment (Season 2 E 5) everything has been about her grief,her dead husband,finding who run over her husband, killing Judy's fiance Steve just because she couldn't accept some truth he said about her.Her anger and anxiety made Judy buried Steve in such a hurry she didn't even get to have a proper goodbye. When Judy sang a song for Steve my heart dropped. It was one of the toughest scene I've watched. It shows what an aweful friend Jen was. Everything is about her outbursts and what she feels is right for her, god I can't stand the way she yells and treats her children like they have no feelings. Haven't they lost enough? Ted was the only one who took care of them and taught them things. In a course of a day they've lost a father figure they probably won't have again in their life. Judy on the other hand kept giving and giving and giving without almost getting nothing in return. I did like how the series actually captured the nature of women friendship. The truth is one will always love and give more than the other, Equal tread is a rare find. In this case it's Judy. From the very beginning of the movie everything's been about helping Jen and giving up everything she can for Jen that she lose Steve in the process. Steve in my opinion has always been there for Judy,he took such good care of her and even made sure she doesn't get into trouble. But Judy somehow threw him under the bus for Jen. In the current episode, Jen telling Judy they've been spending alot of time together and it's feeling very codependent makes me want to throw dog poop at her. Maybe that's what she told Ted and it made him relay on Bambi for love and respect instead. Ted uffff that no use melon of a man. Stay at home husband? Really? Gross 🤢, cheated on Jen,made her feel worthless,stopped touching her, couldn't understand his worthlessness made it impossible for Jen to respect him as the man of the house, and yet here Jen is asking Judy to go kill herself in multiple occasions? Isn't she the one who hit Ted and drove him away from the house? Am I missing something here? Overall I love how realistically this whole thing is written. But I've been binging since yesterday midnight and I thought I would stop a second to vent here.(Is it bad for me to want Judy to end up with Ben and part ways with Jen? She deserve happiness and I don't think she'll ever achieve that with Jen) .
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2023.05.28 08:28 Jacky_Boy_117 I just can’t with marvel

I’m well passed late to the party, I know, but I just watched Ant-Man: Quantumania and…what is this movie lol.
I want it to be known for starters, this is not a pure hatred post, I did ENJOY the movie. However I am speaking on a more comics focused perspective (much like a book viewers perspective to Harry Potter) and it just doesn’t work for me.
First off, the tone. It tries so hard in the first half to feel mysterious, ominous and frightening. When all it’s met with is mediocrity. The quantum realm is shown with nothing but bright and vibrant pretty colors and creatures and people. Then they reference HIM, the aaaall ominous and terrifying HIM…but nothing goes to show why he is powerful, at least not yet. I’m a sucker for the whole “show, don’t tell” rule as you can imagine.
Secondly, and let’s just get this out of the way, MODOK…why is he even in this movie lol. Say what you will on looks, he just did not hit that FEELING of unrelenting arrogance and power. MODOK is supposed to be full of himself, though in measurable reason-as he is a high level robotics and engineering intellectual mind. In this movie? Dumb as a stump!! He is like the hulk or drax or korg for crying out loud!! His final moments are spent as a joke and each time he’s on screen he’s treated as one because, well, HE IS ONE!!
Now finally, for my final part…Kang. Let me expand on this firstly. Kang? Was the best thing in this movie for me-and all due credit is given to Jonathan Majors (I am more than aware of his current ongoing legal issues, of which I do not support and am horribly appalled by). His portrayal screamed nothing short of all that Kang is: a conqueror. To be a figure of power, sheer confidence, willpower, drive and more is required. And he brings this in spades-not only this but he DOES portray the arrogant and self righteous ruler that he is! To boot, whenever he had moments of heart, moments to reflect and show his true underlying character? I swear he was the only person with true humanity to them, all others felt cliche to me.
Which lies my next problem. This Kang, self proclaimed to be exiled by THE council of Kangs…because they feared him. What this means is he is close to being the most powerful version of Kang…who gets taken down by ants and a guy who shrinks and grows. The figure, who can travel across space and time, dominate entire universes and then conquer the next? THE power house who killed hundreds of versions of the avengers; which do include mind you Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange-arguable massive power houses in the MCU to date…is beaten by ants…and a guy who grows and shrinks. I will leave this final thought: next avengers film-Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Huge, right? Daunting, terrifying, ominous, down right horrifying.
Just go get antman :) if he can’t beat antman, but supposedly can kill all of these avengers? There’s your ace in the sleeve! ANT MAN AND ALL HIS ANTS!!!
For any and all who did love this movie, all the love and wishes and good things in your future blessed on you. Truly. For the causal movie goer who loved this movie? I so hope you win a million dollars tomorrow and you see your grandma.
But for my comic comrades? Look how they massacred our boy.
7.5/10 (clearly IGN inspired rating)
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2023.05.28 08:23 stuball54 Terrifying TV program

When I was a child in the early 2000's I was scrolling through cable television late one evening. I stopped on a channel (I believe it was 'public access') because I was bewildered at what I was seeing. There was no music, no dialogue, only two dark outfitted people eating a dead person in silence for what felt like too long to be a scene from a show/movie. They were moreso licking dripping blood off the limbs than devouring with their teeth. After showing this for a little while, a face (kind of looked like a Kiss band mask) began blinking on the screen talking about some apocalyptic future where people will be lost and would "fuck for drugs."
It didn't feel like a nightmare, but I've never been able to find any evidence to confirm.
Anyone else have strange TV stories?
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2023.05.28 08:22 InalterableUsername Need help with psvr

I've had my vr system for a while and it's been fine so far. Just a little bit ago though, I turned on my vr, and as soon as I did, my tv said "no signal". When I turn the vr back off it'll go back to showing my ps5 screen. On the vr's side of things, while this is happening, there is just a spinning wheel with nothing else on the screen. I've already spent half an hour messing with the cords and using the ol' reliable 'turn it off and back on', with no success. I'm going to sleep now lol, thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 08:18 FloridaFlamingoGirl Linoleum (2023) is a touching yet brutal dramedy where Jim Gaffigan gets serious

Cameron (Jim Gaffigan) is at the sort of standstill that many middle-aged adults face. He lost the rights to the TV show he hosts, and his relationship with his wife is quickly headed downhill. In a desperate attempt to inject some sort of meaning into his life, he rekindles his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. But the focus of this movie is not rocketeer escapades; rather, those are only a backdrop for an exploration of burnout, purpose, disconnectedness, and psychological issues.
With a seething quilt of existentialism and trauma, Linoleum is a movie that sent an emotional asteroid towards me. The film's climax is one of the most surprising and impactful that I've seen in a long time.
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2023.05.28 08:18 AlternativeKey1994 Angry White Men *SPOILER*

Is it just men or is the angry irrational out for self white man a common theme in this show? We see it with Jim on a few occassions, Jade, the white dude that almost fought Ellis at colony house during the party, the guy that came from the bus and now the guy that stabbed Ellis. They are all very pompous at one point or another and feel like they know more than everyone else. This is also a common caricature in many post apocalyptic type movies where the white male finds it difficult to work with a collective and is out for self and becoming very primal.
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2023.05.28 08:16 hideNplainsighht A Love Letter

I am literally sobbing. This story. This show. This experience. means so much to me 🥹. I honestly didn’t know quite how they would wrap this season up (because I felt a few decisions were misguided), but this episode was beyond a home run. This show has tugged on almost every aspect of my being. Though, I am a twenty something proud black woman, I have an affinity for the “simpler” (I know, more racist), but definitely more aesthetic times of the 60s. The class. The jazz. The gravitas. The playful banter. The quick cadence of conversations. I love just about everything in “Hollywood’s Idealized 60’s” except the the year my father was born (I kid 😅). But honestly, in addition to my inclination of the shows artistic direction; so much of Midge’s story has had happened to me.
I fell into music after a horrendous breakup. After nursing a boyfriends dream to rap. After being more dedicated and more disciplined and more neurotic about his passion than he ever was. We had a “mutual uncoupling”. And I tumbled into the same situation playfully and angrily at an open mic. & It just clicked. Like everything in my life had been building to that moment - yet I didn’t even realize it at the time. And the thing is rap is so close to comedy. (I love both) You write your own “set”. That’s typically personal and a very lived in experience. It’s frowned upon if you don’t. You typically are quick witted to have punchy quips. You say things most others would NEVER. How you deliver a bar, most definitely has to be set up correctly. And most men in your field see you as inferior before you even utter a word.
Again, this show had so many real life situations I’ve dealt with in today’s age. My father is a socially dense, super smart engineer from Brooklyn and my mother was a southern, traditional, Christian, overbearing homemaker for a while until she herself found some independence and of course I too am spoiled to a degree. But I’m determined 😆. Moving back home. Starting over. Working jobs you loathe but use as material. Having a mother who constantly asks when you’ll settle down. And your ex (and his parents) reminding you, you’re the one who got away. I truly felt like Midge was literally foraging a way for what I’ve not only experienced but was dealing with first hand. Her four minutes were not only, one of the first times I openly laughed at her set ( I find her witty and more funny in situations/conversations than the actual stand up the show has presented but that’s a conversation for another time); but literally like a come to Jesus, make or break, full circle, showing her growth & maturity to even ask Susie beforehand should she take the leap and risk it all moment - that I cried and laughed almost entirely through. I have never been this pleased with a show’s finale. I so utterly impressed with this show and the execution of the talent, the nods to everything I love about writing, banter, music and characters. This show is genuinely a class act. And I’ve never been this pleased with anything on TV. I’m so happy to have watched this in real time.
So as I close this chapter of not only the show’s finale, but a current depressive episode; this show has made me miss my summers in NYC and because I’m moving in a few months, may very well take the chance to move there on my own while I still have a chance in my (now late) twenties. It has reminded me the intimacy of friendship and having people who believe in you around you. And truly has reminded me how much I DESIRE & I’M DETERMINED TO HAVE A BIG LIFE. I am so undone by this finale. I have such a deep appreciation. And if you’ve made it this far thank you so much for being apart of this ride with me. I pray you have a big life & aspire for greatness in every aspect of your life.
Sincerely, A big fan who will have a big life 🥰
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2023.05.28 08:15 tripleyothreat After the deepest of meditation, I saw this life has nothing to offer us (in a beautiful way) - Thoughts?

I just wrote a post and it got lost. The universe probably has me writing it even better now ~
In the deepest of meditation - I've fasted before, cut out all vices, like movies, tv, etc, dopamine detox, multiple times a day meditation, many of those things
Yet in those spaces, I see nothing. When I was primed to imagine I'd see God and wonderful ideas and visions. and I have at times, but usually, it's a nothingness, an emptiness. Not in a bad way though, a good way. And maybe that nothingness need provide us nothing more than that peace itself
However yeah, it's like this world has nothing to offer us. and we come back to those universes like Marvel or TV and movies and all that, maybe just in a different light or vibration
Do you guys know the feeling? In the deepest of meditation...just, nothing. It's not unnerving though, and I do enjoy Daoism and the nothingness. But where I thought I'd see all these ideas and a different universe..sometimes it's back here. Maybe TV and movies and what not are what this universe has to offer us? or hm, I suppose high vibration can be one of the things this universe has to ofer us. but it has no feeling. no discernable or describable feeling - they say because it's not the feeling or describing mind that feels it, but the soul.
What are your thoughts / feelings?
Peace n luv
Trip :)
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2023.05.28 08:13 IceDalek "I'll chop off a testicle and serve it to my gran in a meatball sub"

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