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2023.03.19 07:42 Affectionate_Net497 Am I missing any creatures?

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2023.01.31 11:56 HardTryernoobTryHard Counters for Panthera Blytheae? (Epic-Legendary)

A lot of people say white snow leopard is power creeped right now and I can agree, I haven't been able to find a good solution to Panthera other than Panthera himself. Obviously there are resilients that have shields and stuff that remove dodge and speed increases, like Kentro, but creatures like Kentro are too squishy and does little to no damage. Armor giants like giant ark turtle (Carbonemys) doesn't seem to work either, and Balances like Ankylodicurus just dies to it if you spam double strike and rampage, it's fruitless. A lot of resilient's long defenses also does damage, which makes it counter strike and immediately disable to shield. Low Level Epic-Legendary flocks melt under double strike so I'm actually curious. What actually counters the white snow leopard?
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2022.12.25 09:03 HistoricSlavicKiwi Help coming up with good C&C themed names for tamed animals in Ark Survival Evolved.

I have a singleplayer game of Ark: Survival Evolved I have been running and have quite a few names already. I am not limiting my names to any specific game in the series though.
For those who do not know Ark Survival Evolved is a challenging survival game where players attempt to survive and thrive on various maps by exploring, harvesting resources, crafting, building, killing, and taming the many creatures with the eventual goal of defeating the bosses.
Some names I am currently using include: Lystrosauruses named Confessor and Initiate (since they can inspire nearby tames to level faster) Crusader Tank for a Rex (since its strong but not that strong compared to some animals) Mechanic the Oviraptor (definitely thinking of changing that one but can't think of a better name for something to boost egg production) A Carnotaurus named Lasher Light Tank. (Fast but not that tough or strong comparatively) 1 Dimetrodons named Weather Control Device. (Since it can regulate the nearby temperature) 1 Parasaur named Mobile Sensor Array (Since it can detect threats from a distance and can be deployed to constantly do that) 2 Paracerathiums named Battlemaster and Gatling Tank (Effective tanks but not the best ones either). 1 Icthyornis (like a seagull) named Rocketeer (Flies and attacks) 1 Pelagornis (kind of like a huge pelican) named Sea Wing (Flies and can swim) 1 Castoroides (big beaver) named M.C.V. (since it harvests and its saddle can be a portable smithy) 1 Doedicurus named War Miner (Tough animal that harvests well) 2 Ankylosauruses named Heavy Harvester and Rig (Harvests well and the resources are useful for crafting and building later game items) 1 Pulmonoscorpius (big scorpion) named Terror Drone (Fast moving and can be a little scary since they can knock things unconscious but not that hard to take down) 1 Beezelbufo (big frog) named Bullfrog (since it's a frog) 1 Argentavis (big vulture) named Apache (strong flying animal and quite big) 1 Pteranodon named Harpy (fast flyer that can effectively harass) 1 Triceratops named Shielded Harvester (good at harvesting and carrying and it looks shielded) 1 Iguanodon named Flak Track (fast animal that can effectively hit weak targets, maybe I should call it Ranger (RA1) or Attack Buggy) 1 Diplodocus named Troop Crawler (Since it is relatively quick for its large size and its saddle can hold up to 10 people) and others...
C&C Names I plan to use: Giant Squid for a Tusoteuthis (Since it is a Giant Squid and it would be capable of sinking rafts) Stingray for a Manta (Since it's a weak attacker that can hit hard and literally is a Ray) Dolphin for an Icthyosaur (Since people call them dolphins and can be as friendly in game as irl dolphins) Emperor Overlord or Apocalypse Tank for a Giganotosaurus (Since it is one of the toughest animals in the game, one of the strongest attackers, and huge) Mammoth Tank for a Mammoth V2, or V3 Rocket Launcher for a Chalicotherium (Since it can throw rocks which are powerful projectiles that can damage tough structures in game (not far though)) Amphibious APC for a Carbonemys (Since it is a turtle that can swim and tank damage well (although I don't remember those particular APCs being tough or all that slow))
TLDR: Looking for fitting C&C name suggestions for tameable creatures in Ark Survival Evolved, preferably unit names but other names are fine as long as there is a good reason.
Also not sure whether to flair this post as OC, Fanart, Discussion, something else, or leave it flairless. Hopefully that can be edited. For now I'll start with Discussion.
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2022.11.29 07:12 Revelationrat Noob here, this game is freaking brutal, I like it

I've heard of Ark before but have never played it myself, thus I never knew how little handholding there is in it. I also got its main premise wrong - dino's as farm animals, battle companions and mounts, is not "just a little extra gimmick" as I initially thought - just getting a single dino under your control starting out makes a massive difference!
While I have experience in a game called Subnautica, its baby flippers compared to this 'Survival of the fittest' raw experience of Ark.
Anyway, here are some of the absurd experiences I had with it for the last...10 hours:
- Spawned on a beach, a weird lizard dog spat on me and I died;
- Stupid ants attacked me, don't they know I can still crush them with my bare hands despite their irregular size? Then I died;
- I saw an Otter! Now that should be an easy meal ri---- I died to a freaking Otter (came really close to closing the game when that happened);
- Hit tree once in the swamps, three crocodiles and four mutant pythons choke me to death;
- I died several dozen times, no joke, before I could even build the damn Bed or be reliably capable of making it back to my own base since there's no map and everything looks the damn same per biome;
- Eventually became semi-decent at 1v1ing the smallest of predators, using a shield, slingshot and later on bow. The shield gameplay in particular reminded me of Dark Messiah;
- My first dino pet that wasn't a Dodo was one of the Ptero camel-like things, which died five minutes after I gave it a saddle as I drove it through the swamps, thinking i'd be easier to cross with it now;
- Speaking of the damn swamp the python things are freaking op, venom that paralyzes you ensures that it is simply impossible to ever fight back alone;
- After hours of masochism I finally managed to make it to the 'goalpost' of building a tiny base with a Bed, and from there on the flow of the game stabilized in my favour.
- As of right now, my base is between two regions, I have a Dodo and three Carbonemys turtles in total: my first and main gal with a saddle, a male I picked up for her, and their offspring daughter that just hatched (good thing I was paying attention, creature births in this case are so much more interactive/demanding).
Edit: I forgot to mention, this is all Singleplayer.
I accept advice from veterans galore.
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2022.11.08 05:32 Hikari-Nogami Do we Mobile Survivor get to have Carcharodontosaurus or is this just a mistake on Dododex?

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2022.10.31 08:57 VCardBGone How to tame a Carbonemys in Ark: Survival Evolved

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2022.07.16 14:46 Irradiated_Coffee What was one of your biggest "Oh s**t!" moments in Ark?

Was feeling nostalgic about Ark and thinking back to moments that genuinely made me freeze up with shock. (Very much an ark thing to have that effect on you.)
What is everyones biggest moments of either freezing up, confused screaming or your flight or fight response telling you NOPE.

Got plenty but one I have in mind always makes me laugh.
Came back to Ark during the beginning of lockdown for a while, hadn't played for a couple of years at this point. We introduce someone new to Ark and are discussing taming, how things work and guiding them through thier first tame on the beaches of the highlands on Rag. (He tamed a carbonemys)
Someone comes to the beach and starts harassing us. We knock them out and take thier revolver off of them. (They were naked by the way)
In the chaos, the person killed our buddies first tame. So we hand him the gun after locking the griefer in a wooden cage and let him get revenge. Shoots them in the head and thier corpse proceeds to transform into spaghetti and create constellations in the sky. (We aren't at the scary part yet)
So this apperently marked us for revenge for I guess killing them. The person comes back with a friend (still naked) and we assume we are just gonna go back and forth knocking each other out with fists and torches. One goes down and the other is just kinda staring at the group.
We are like "So... you gonna run or you fightin' us too?"
He pulls something out and throws it at our feet. In what seemed like a hack at the time from a bunch of pixellated light sprang forth a goddamn MUTANT RAINBOW CLOWN VOMIT COLOURED THERO FREAKIN' SAUR!!
It immediately charges at us as I stood there in shock as my brain tried to process what was happening. I got cold sweat at the sight. (I dread theros in general so this felt like a personalised nightmare)
We hadn't played in a good while and we had NO idea that cryopods were introduced, probably the biggest game changer in a long time. To have a tame just materialise before your eyes was the unknown and made me freeze up with no idea what was happening.
So after much running, confused screaming and swearing, we realised we HAD to make some of these pods. Remember kids, for you own sanity, check any logs or updates so you can avoid a heart attack.
So anyone who's in a reminiscing mood, feel free to share some of your favourite "OH CRAP!" moments.
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2022.07.07 23:35 angvik123 Alright so i just got ark, and im wondering if Carbonemys is a good first creature to get a saddle for, or if i should wait to get a better creature with a saddle

Alright so i just got ark, and im wondering if Carbonemys is a good first creature to get a saddle for, or if i should wait to get a better creature with a saddle submitted by angvik123 to ARK [link] [comments]

2022.06.26 03:53 Particular_Idea9067 Welp, I guess it's confirmed. Therizinos are overpowered demons.

My entire base full of all sorts of early game dinos just got massacred by a single therizino. It killed 2 trikes, 3 dilos, a few pegomastax, a parasaurolophus, a carbonemy, and anybody else I can't think of. All that's left is my raptor and pteranodon I hid behind my house, along with some hidden dodos, 2 lystros, 2 pegomastax, and my sleeping friend.
I tried to build a taming box, but I failed miserably because I'm a scaredy cat and couldn't lead him in there. He literally spawned like a mile down the peninsula where it connects to the rest of the island, BUT NOoOO. He HAD to walk this way, he HAD to block my path to the trees so I couldn't build spikes, and when he finally aggroed my dinos, they all HAAAD to run into the ocean!! I thought my beautiful peninsula sanctuary was gonna be safe forever, but no. I got Ark'd.
i'm bouta load up my backup save and godmode this little shit from existence
EDIT: Me and my friend did it in one try! I built a 3 wall high tower and we climbed up using a ladder. We kept shooting her with tranq arrows, but she managed to knock us off the tower. Fortunately tho, she was focused on obliterating the tower, not us. Once she started to run, we chased her across the river and got her unconscious. Tamed her and named her Luna in honor of my real life doggo, who would eat little kids if she got the chance to lmao
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2022.06.20 19:37 W_E_R_N_E_X Some dinos not spawning

I started playing single-player on The Island some time ago, i got over 80th lvl. There were plenty of trilobites on the beaches when i dodn't need them. I started killing them for silica pearls and chitin. They have been spawning for a while, but now i haven't seen a single one since few irl days (about 15 hours or even more). It is the same when it comes about dilophosaurus, raptors, carbonemys and many other. Literally im flying around the map and in the places i have already killed some creatures, get some materials, there are empty fields and beaches. I don't know the reason of it bc im fairly new to ARK. Is game telling me to go to more dangerous areas or what?
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2022.04.15 16:49 Flatwhite97 A Beginner's Guide to Ark (WIP)

Help is asked so often, and though I don't want to write the same things over and over, I figured I'll just make a guide to link to new people.
It's a long text I know hahah, so maybe just jump to where you think is the info you want.
Note: I am a mediocre player myself, pros can comment their wisdom if they feel like it and it's much appreciated, that way I can learn as well. ♡
* * *
This game is quite lot to take on at first. It'll get easier for you eventually - but be warned, that it may devour all of your freetime. ( ! )
There are so many ways to play and do things, that I don't think there is a one and only true way to go about it, but here's some tips anyway.
* * *
There are many kinds of servers with different variations of each and it can get very confusing. The most relevant types however are Player vs. Player / Player vs. Environment and Official / Unofficial.
Less relevant, but ones I'd like to mention too are Offline Raid Protection (PvP) and Primitive Plus servers.
* * *
There are maps that advance the story of Ark and then there are maps just for fun. It is importnant to understand, that one can travel through Obelisks between MAPS, but not different SERVER TYPES.
Note: I can't tell you a lot about the more "scifi" maps because honestly, I haven't really played on them. All I know is that they are key maps to the story and have incredibly useful things found on them.
Story maps in order are:
The no-mainstory maps:
The main story progresses through finishing boss fights that are in different arenas on different maps. To get to those bosses, one must bring certain trophies and artifacts (found in caves) to the oblelisks and then travel to the arena. Boss fights are no joke, search for info and prepare yourself well. Successfully defeating bosses not only advances the story, but rewards you with element, that is used to power tek items.
Pieces of the Story
Around the maps one can find little bits and pieces of the story "left behind" the story's characters. These are called explorer notes. Finding them gives a nice xp boost.
* * *
Choose a server
Try to make up your mind about what it is that you want to do. It's a bummer to get established and then realize no, I want to play on a different server.
General Advice
These are some tips that I think work perfectly on all servers.
* * *
GETTING STARTED - Surviving in Hell
Other things after those mentioned above really depend on the server you're on. I'm thinking about official PvP from now on, to simplify explaining and because I don't think your choices are so very, very importnant on other servers. You can still use a lot of this info regardless of server.
Note: I think this is the most controversial part. Remember I'm a humble Bob myself, just trying to help out the total noobs. I'd suggest don't mock, but instead enlighten us little people.
* * *
As a long time solo player I have very little info on tribes, but I guess I know some basics. Friends make life a lot easier... but they can also weigh on you. Finding well fitting people is just as hard as it is anywhere.
* * *
Another controversial thing. I want to be careful with this, because I'm no pro. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Always make good preparations. Find info about taming & the creature in question and make sure you know what you're doing. Dododex helps with exact calculating of what you need & when you need it, but bring extra stuff anyway... many things can go wrong.
It is the best thing to tame dinos with, but also requires some work to get it. Different dinos prefer different kibbles, but probably the most importnant kibbles are superior, exceptional and extraordinary. There are charts about kibble recipes and what they're used for.
* * *
Where the base is, how big it is and if there's a base at all depends on your playstyle. To keep this shorter, I wont go into all the little details. It's also not my strong point.
* * *
Not going to even try mentioning everything, bur here are some useful and interesting creatures + some general info.
* * *
SOME MORE TIPS - Useful Tames
* * *
Lastly, here are some random tips. Hopefully this is helpful.
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2022.03.01 01:06 InsertUsername98 I hope some of the older aquatic mounts get some TLC.

As of current the Basil and Tuso far outclass the other aquatic mounts, and honestly I think the jellies are only partially to blame… The Tuso and Basil just have so much going for them, The Basil is completely immune to any movement hampering attacks, provides an insane insulation buff and gains a health regen boost when surfaced, meanwhile Tusos can grab dinos and leech health right off of them whilst also being able to blind attackers and boost its speed in a single button press. Meanwhile pretty much everything else is just purely attack and hp, nothing else.
Here are my ideas:
Manta: Giving them a topor inducing attack could be a simple and nice addition and give them utility as cheap tranquilizers or maybe just full on poison to their attacks. I do also think they should be passive unless attacked personally because rays in general are not that aggressive plus Megalodons already exist with Mantas just being basically a glass cannon version of a shark and isn’t enough of a threat to other mounts to really cause any hard nerfing of the ocean by having its behavior changed. Its HP should be buffed because its current HP is incredibly low even with imprinting at around the level of an Icthy making it unviable for any kind of combat. It should also be able to move up and down while mounted, it’s ridiculous how hard it is to move with these guys.
Carbonemys: (too lazy to spell check) Make them a jelly counter, immune to stings and deal high damage to them with increased bio toxin harvest and a sharp turn radius. Fun fact: sea turtles IRL eat jellyfish so this would fit pretty well. Also make wild Carbos agressive to jellies because fuck those glowy bastards swimming into shallow rivers. Also movement speed buff in water because currently they are painfully sluggish and not good for anything underwater aside from taming squids.
Mosasaur: Completely overshadowed by the Basil and Squid now with jellies being a hard counter to even the strongest Mosas, there is almost zero reason to use these. By virtue of their size and thick scales, they should also be partially immune to shocks by jellies. Needs a way sharper turning radius too because combat on a Mosa is agonizing. For ability it could have a fear roar like the Yuty on land, or maybe a deep sea attack buff, something to fit with its menacing apex predator role, alternatively its stats could just be buffed up to compensate the lack of an ability.
Dunkleosteus: Should probably also resist jelly stings by virtue of its bony armor. I was thinking of giving it a charge up bite attack that costs stamina but lets the Dunky power up a devastating bite attack, maybe even allow it to use gnashed since it has those bladed “teeth” (fun fact: actually not teeth but part of the jaw itself).
I really don’t like the current Dunky design, it looks too much like a regular fish and the head barely stands out. I would love a more exaggerated head with jagged edges with the armor really popping out.
Angler: IMO currently the worst aquatic mount, it’s slower than an Icthy and IIRC squishier than a Megalodon. Some animals with bioluminescence IRL can actually spray out some of their (for lack of a better word) glowy juice to distract predators, so perhaps the Angler could have the ability to shoot out a projectile from its lure that slows down other dinos and allows either a quick getaway or a offensive advantage.
Could be childhood nostalgia talking but I loved the look of the angler fish in Finding Nemo, I still to this day find that design really cool looking with the big messy arrangement of teeth. The 3 lures just looks ridiculous more than anything.
Plesiosaur: Beasts of Bermuda had a cool gimmick with its Elasmosaur which allowed it to auto track targets as it attacked with the head turning around to snap at whatever is around it. A similar ability would give the Plesi good cave clearing potential like the Squid where it can snap up a large amount of enemies distracted by something else. I know IRL Plesis had very rigid necks but Ark has never really been a staunch believer in realism, so a Plesi being able to swing its neck around like a snake would be pretty tame in comparison to something like a Yutyrannus magically increasing the power of surrounding dinosaurs.
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2022.02.24 00:34 ExternalWerewolf7871 My Ark Tames Timeline/Evolution

Going by the days I played ark, NOT ark days!
Day 1: Dodos 🦤
Day 2: Dilophosaurus
Day 3: Carbonemys
Day 4: Raptors
Day 5: Pterodactyl
Day 6: Carnotaurus
It progressed quite nicely I'd say 😄
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2022.01.01 22:25 Sir-Crumplenose Are dododex resource efficiency ratings reliable?

Dododex rates Ark creatures out of 5 stars based on their utility at gathering different resources. However, upon looking at the rankings it seemed incorrect (is the carbonemys really better at berry gathering than the trike? Why is the metal hatchet the third best option for hide collection?) Is it a reliable source?
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2021.11.18 06:52 richman4 Completionist List

I was unable to find any sort of completionist list for ark so I decided to make my own. This is currently just for The Island. Comment below if you think of anything I missed or find any typos/misspellings.
  1. Kill at least 1 of every dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Ammonite
    4. Angler
    5. Ankylosaurus
    6. Araneo
    7. Archaeopteryx
    8. Argentavis
    9. Arthropluera
    10. Attack Drone
    11. Baryonyx
    12. Basilosaurus
    13. Beelzebufo
    14. Brontosaurus
    15. Carbonemys
    16. Carnotaurus
    17. Castoroides
    18. Chalicotherium
    19. Cnidaria
    20. Coelacanth
    21. Compy
    22. Daeodon
    23. Defense unit
    24. Dilophosaur
    25. Dimetrodon
    26. Dimorphodon
    27. Diplocaulus
    28. Diplodocus
    29. Direbear
    30. Direwolf
    31. Dodo
    32. Doedicurus
    33. Dung Beetle
    34. Dunkleosteus
    35. Electropharus
    36. Equus
    37. Eurypterid
    38. Gallimimus
    39. Giant Bee
    40. Giganotosaurus
    41. Gigantopithecus
    42. Hesperornis
    43. Hyaenodon
    44. Ichthyornis
    45. Ichthyosaurus
    46. Iguanodon
    47. Kairuku
    48. Kaprosuchus
    49. Kentrosaurus
    50. Leech
    51. Leedsichthys
    52. Liopleurodon
    53. Lystrosaurus
    54. Mammoth
    55. Manta
    56. Megalania
    57. Megaloceros
    58. Megalodon
    59. Megalosaurus
    60. Meganeura
    61. Megatherium
    62. Mesopithecus
    63. Microraptor
    64. Mosasaurus
    65. Moschaps
    66. Ocyc
    67. Otter
    68. Oviraptor
    69. Ovis
    70. Pachy
    71. Pachyrhinosaurus
    72. Paraceratherium
    73. Parasaur
    74. Pegomastax
    75. Pelagornis
    76. Phiomia
    77. Paranha
    78. Plesiosaur
    79. Procoptodon
    80. Pteranodon
    81. Pulmonoscorpius
    82. Purlovia
    83. Quetzal
    84. Raptor
    85. Rex
    86. Sabertooth
    87. Sabertooth Salmon
    88. Sarco
    89. Spinosaurus
    90. Stegosaurus
    91. Tapejara
    92. Terror bird
    93. Therizinosaurus
    94. Thylacoleo
    95. Titanoboa
    96. Titanomyrma
    97. Titanosaur
    98. Triceratops
    99. Trilobite
    100. Troodon
    101. Tesoteuthis
    102. Unicorn
    103. Woolly Rhino
    104. Yeti
    105. Yutyrannus
  2. Tame every tameable dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Angler
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Araneo
    6. Archaeopteryx
    7. Argentavis
    8. Arthropluera
    9. Baryonyx
    10. Basilosaurus
    11. Beelzebufo
    12. Brontosaurus
    13. Carbonemys
    14. Carnotaurus
    15. Castoroides
    16. Chalicotherium
    17. Compy
    18. Daeodon
    19. Dilophosaur
    20. Dimetrodon
    21. Dimorphodon
    22. Diplocaulus
    23. Diplodocus
    24. Direbear
    25. Direwolf
    26. Dodo
    27. Doedicurus
    28. Dung Beetle
    29. Dunkleosteus
    30. Electropharus
    31. Equus
    32. Gallimimus
    33. Giant Bee
    34. Giganotosaurus
    35. Gigantopithecus
    36. Hesperornis
    37. Hyaenodon
    38. Ichthyornis
    39. Ichthyosaurus
    40. Iguanodon
    41. Kairuku
    42. Kaprosuchus
    43. Kentrosaurus
    44. Liopleurodon
    45. Lystrosaurus
    46. Mammoth
    47. Manata
    48. Megalania
    49. Megaloceros
    50. Megalodon
    51. Megalosaurus
    52. Megatherium
    53. Mesopithecus
    54. Microraptor
    55. Mosasaurus
    56. Moschaps
    57. Ocyc
    58. Otter
    59. Oviraptor
    60. Ovis
    61. Pachy
    62. Pachyrhinosaurus
    63. Paraceratherium
    64. Parasaur
    65. Pegomastax
    66. Pelagornis
    67. Phiomia
    68. Plesiosaur
    69. Procoptodon
    70. Pteranodon
    71. Pulmonoscorpius
    72. Purlovia
    73. Quetzal
    74. Raptor
    75. Rex
    76. Sabertooth
    77. Sarco
    78. Spinosaurus
    79. Stegosaurus
    80. Tapejara
    81. Terror bird
    82. Therizinosaurus
    83. Thylacoleo
    84. Titanoboa
    85. Titanosaur
    86. Triceratops
    87. Trilobite
    88. Troodon
    89. Tesoteuthis
    90. Unicorn
    91. Woolly Rhino
    92. Yutyrannus
  3. Breed every breedable dino
    1. Achatina
    2. Allosaurus
    3. Angler
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Araneo
    6. Archaeopteryx
    7. Argentavis
    8. Arthropluera
    9. Baryonyx
    10. Basilosaurus
    11. Beelzebufo
    12. Brontosaurus
    13. Carbonemys
    14. Carnotaurus
    15. Castoroides
    16. Chalicotherium
    17. Compy
    18. Daeodon
    19. Dilophosaur
    20. Dimetrodon
    21. Dimorphodon
    22. Diplocaulus
    23. Diplodocus
    24. Direbear
    25. Direwolf
    26. Dodo
    27. Doedicurus
    28. Dunkleosteus
    29. Electropharus
    30. Equus
    31. Gallimimus
    32. Giganotosaurus
    33. Gigantopithecus
    34. Hesperornis
    35. Hyaenodon
    36. Ichthyornis
    37. Ichthyosaurus
    38. Iguanodon
    39. Kairuku
    40. Kaprosuchus
    41. Kentrosaurus
    42. Lystrosaurus
    43. Mammoth
    44. Manata
    45. Megalania
    46. Megaloceros
    47. Megalodon
    48. Megalosaurus
    49. Megatherium
    50. Mesopithecus
    51. Microraptor
    52. Mosasaurus
    53. Moschaps
    54. Ocyc
    55. Otter
    56. Oviraptor
    57. Ovis
    58. Pachy
    59. Pachyrhinosaurus
    60. Paraceratherium
    61. Parasaur
    62. Pegomastax
    63. Pelagornis
    64. Phiomia
    65. Plesiosaur
    66. Procoptodon
    67. Pteranodon
    68. Pulmonoscorpius
    69. Purlovia
    70. Quetzal
    71. Raptor
    72. Rex
    73. Sabertooth
    74. Sarco
    75. Spinosaurus
    76. Stegosaurus
    77. Tapejara
    78. Terror bird
    79. Therizinosaurus
    80. Thylacoleo
    81. Titanoboa
    82. Titanosaur
    83. Triceratops
    84. Troodon
    85. Tesoteuthis
    86. Unicorn
    87. Woolly Rhino
    88. Yutyrannus
  4. Kill all bosses on all three difficulties
    1. Broodmother Lysrix
    2. Dragon
    3. Megapithecus
    4. Overseer
  5. Build every structure
    1. Crafting
      1. Campfire
      2. Cooking Pot
      3. Mortar and Pestle
      4. Refining Forge
      5. Smithy
      6. Chemistry Bench
      7. Fabricator
      8. industrial Cooking
      9. Industrial Forge
      10. Industrial Grill
      11. Industrial Grinder
      12. Tek Replicator
    2. Production
      1. Bee Hive
      2. Beer Barrel
      3. Compost Bin
      4. Crop Plot (Small, Medium, & Large)
      5. Feeding Trough
      6. Tree Sap Tap
      7. Air conditioner
      8. Dino Leash
      9. Lamppost
      10. Omnidirectional Lamppost
      11. Cloning Chamber
      12. Tek Trough
    3. Irrigation
      1. Stone Irrigation Pipe (Flexible, Inclined, Intake, Intersection, Straight, Vertical, & Tap)
      2. Water Reservoir
      3. Metal Irrigation Pipe (Flexible, Inclined, Intake, Intersection, Straight, Vertical, & Tap)
      4. Metal Water Reservoir
    4. Storage
      1. Bookshelf
      2. Preserving Bin
      3. Storage Box
      4. Large Storage Box
      5. Wooden Cage
      6. Refrigerator
      7. Vault
      8. Cryofridge
      9. Tek Dedicated Storage
    5. Power
      1. Electrical Cable ( Flexible, Inclined, Intersection, Straight, & Vertical)
      2. Electrical Generator
      3. Electrical Outlet
      4. Tek Generator
    6. Vehicles
      1. Wooden Raft
      2. Motorboat
    7. Other Tek
      1. Tek Teleporter
      2. Tek Transmitter
      3. Tek Forcefield
      4. Tek Turret
  6. Craft Full Tek Armor
    1. Tek Helmet
    2. Tek Chestpiece
    3. Tek Gauntlets
    4. Tek Leggings
    5. Tek Boots
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2021.09.21 10:25 NootnamedLoL Problem/question pertaining to deinonychus taming/breeding

Hello! I've recently begun trying to begin a Deinonychus army on Valguero to try and use them to take down the bosses solo. I've run into a little bit of a problem though and I can't seem to easily find out what to do based on what I'm seeing online.
I spent a long time (probably an accumulated 2 hours across 2 sessions) scouring the White Cliffs for high-level Deino eggs. It was quite annoying and after this much time, the best eggs I'd found were 2 135 eggs and a 145 egg (max level is 150 for organic dinos on this server)
Thankfully, I ended up with a male and a female. After hatching the eggs, though, they did not gain the additional levels, like when you finish taming a dino normally, or when you hatch eggs from other dinos.
Like the Carbonemys, for example, I tamed 2 level 150 ones, and so they end up around 226ish once fully tamed, prior to putting any levels in. And then when you breed those 2 Carbonemys, the baby is around that same level if not higher. But with these Deinonychus, they were 135 and 145 after hatched, no additional levels were added.
I figured, maybe I need to breed these 2 in order to get the additional levels? I did try that but to my utter shock, not only did the baby not have the additional levels, but it was only level 129 when its parents were 135 and 145 base levels. See image below:
I will say that when I was trying to hatch the egg, the temperature changed and the incubation cancelled and I had to restart it. Does that impact the level? I checked the wiki about Incubation ( and did not see anything about that.
The main reason this confuses me is because I saw this video of a guy showing how you can solo the bosses on Valguero with Deinonychus (, and his Deinos were around 226ish, which I figured sounded normal, if the Deinos get those additional levels. Or perhaps he just leveled the shit out of them before taking them to the bossfights? I sure hope that isn't it!
Still would love to know how I can avoid babies being lower level in the future, and also whether or not there's a way for me to get my Deinos to get those additional levels. Thanks for reading!
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2021.07.29 21:15 Kibahime Ark Newbie Chronicles

Some of you tuned in last Saturday to watch and assist during my big move from the spawn point to my new base of operations. We knew we had lost all our hotdogs (Lystrosaurus) along the way, but thought we made it to our cliff with everyone else accounted for. We didn't, pretty early on we lost our trike (Triceratops) and like the absolute jerk I am, didn't notice until I needed them. Sorry, buddy, Honestly you deserve better. My first tame that allowed me to travel off the beach a bit, we go way back, I let you down.I have attached a map [] for reference. We spawned in at W1 near the footpaw. I had collected a little rag tag team to accompany me, with the most exciting park being the tickle chicken (Therizinosaur) I had SOMEHOW managed to tame. ( I posted the video of that, as in Ark fashion, if it can go wrong, it will. I rode my Paracer (Paraceratherium) who carried a lot of walls, foundation, ceiling, stairs, feeding trough, compost bin, bed, fabricator, and more stuff I built ahead of time. When you have a mount that can carry everything, might as well make a drag and drop shelter. I used the whistle command to send the tickle chicken (aptly named Ninja, after a very helpful redditor and viewer, shouts out again to you!) and my raptor, Christoph (another super helpful viewer, the real grown up who helped me with technical issues) ahead of the moving party to kill any potential threats.We landed at our camp with 1 Paracer, 1 Tickle Chicken/Death Turkey/Edward Scissorhands/Therizin, 3 Parasaur, 4 Pteranodon (Don't ask, I love having back up in the form of an air raid), 1 turtle (Carbonemys), 1 Saro (Sarcosuchus), 1 Raptor, and uh, no Trike...I was building along, minding my business, and needed fiber. No problem, I'll jump on my trike! ....Shit, somewhere along the way we lost it. Guess I'll find it later, let's get base going first.Here I am collecting materials when I turn around and notice a Carnotaurus *uncomfortably* close to me. I rush back, and build a trap with wooden door frames. Pop in the ramps. My only very fast dino is the raptor, but I hadn't put much into weight and he really wouldn't be fast with me and the 100 or so tranq arrows I have. I go out on foot, shoot it, and RUN.
It walks right out of the trap :') I believe I ran to my base and all my neutral dinos destroyed it. However, I wanted to try again. I had backed up my save, (don't judge me) so we reloaded, and I built the trap walls higher. Rinse, repeat, fail. It just didn't use the trap this time, I basically had to use it for shelter to take it down. It was low level, I finally managed, but the CHAOS. It could reach me pretty easily so you mostly just see me running in circles in panic.We later use this same trap to try and tame a pair of trikes who also nearly take me out. I cannot to this day explain why I thought I needed two low level trikes when I fully planned to go recover my OG. I see a dino, I wanna take it home. I am essentially using them as a living fence at the moment, we get raptors, troodons, and diplos pretty regularly. My base is set behind many large boulders so I can bottle neck wild dinos who try to approach and they are pretty instantly thwarted.
I left this adventure having recovered my trike, stuck wholly on the worlds skinniest tree, and one of the loyal hot dogs, named Bubblebutt. I set my next big goal to tame my first Argy (Argentavis).
Watch the chaos here: (

I played last night with my favorite Aussie friend (we will call him Oz), who brought along all the skeleton skins. My little dino army is half flesh, half bone. I'm here for it.We go up to the back of the volcano, The Grand Hills area, on Pteranodons, to scope out the area. We find where the Argy live, as I don't have fur armor so snow biome is out. We end up heading to the top of the volcano, just to check it out, and I can't help but try to mine some of the obsidian that's right on the lip. Meanwhile, Oz falls in. I fly in too to bring him his Pteranodon. Let's just say, if it can go wrong, it will. We're trying to get these things to land, but the ledges are narrow. He ends up dying in the volcano. I end up dying in the volcano. Good times. Shout out to Terry the pteranodon for knocking me in with your wings. We respawn at base, and get working on building two more saddles for the remaining two Pteranodon. We head out on Ninja, the tickle chicken, and Christoph, the raptor, to collect chitin, keratin, and hide. We end up taming another Carno, and a Doedicurus. We fly back to the volcano, which takes much longer given the back up Pteranodons are much lower level. After much more awkward maneuvering (just LAND OVER HERE TERRY AND TUNA) we recover our stuff and take the whole crew home. Back out on foot with the tickle chicken and raptor, and a bunch of tranq arrows. I had planned before the move to use dino gates to trap an Argy. Oz is more of a "shoot it and run" type. I figure, he's got thousands of hours in the game, let's give it a shot. The first one destroyed three pieces of my chitin armor. Cool. But it works. We name her Pumpkin. Somehow, we end up taking on two at once. Here is where it would have made more sense to use the gates. In all the chaos, we both hit Pumpkin with tranq arrows. We're also out of food now, and spend a considerable amount of time with me running down the hill to the bushes, finding stim berries for Pumpkin, and berries for us to eat. Then, awkwardly trying to get back up the volcano, getting stuck often, while he babysits the tames in progress and poor Pumpkin. Eventually, the tames finish, huzzah! I name the males Aubergine and Carrot. We all wait an obnoxiously long time for Princess Pumpkin to awake.
We make our way back, our flock of danger birds in tow, half naked and half starving. The next step is to collect all the materials for their saddles. Again, ALL the chitin/keratin and hide. Side note, how do you guys pronounce chitin? I'm US based and when in discussion of insects, the ch makes a k sound, like "kie-tin". I don't know if Oz is wrong, or it's said differently in Aus, but I also wager that most people don't use it conversationally and I probably wouldn't either except that I work with and keep exotic animals. Insect levels of moisture, fat, protein, and chitin are regular discourse. Let me know.We make a plan to hit the Western Plains, there are a lot of stegos and trikes down there. Since it's close to home, we decide to do some leveling on the lower level raptor, FortniteSux (we had to ban some teenage trolls, before they were invited to leave for inappropriate behavior they of course were asking me to play Fortnite. Sorry to Fortnite fans, I hope you'll understand. But it kinda sux, bro). I took the Carno. I had laughed way too hard about it's sausage arms, forever pinned to it's side. It felt appropriate to name her Oz, because it's not her fault and she tries hard anyway, felt like they had that in common.~
Apparently the Western Plains get plenty of snow biome fauna. We got to tango with more Agys and sabertooths. FortniteSux almost didn't make it out alive. We did manage to tame two more Argys, a Seattle Seahawk colored one, notably. We named this one Kiwi, and the other, Plum.
Why would one need five Argys? Because one sucks at killing everything while on a mount, and five Argys can carry more than one. Again, I like my air raid, don't judge me.

I go live with the next chapter in the Ark Chronicles Friday, 11AM PDT, and then Saturday, 6 PDT.
Tune in here ( and/or join the Discord here (

Backseat gaming VERY welcome, honestly I'm hopeless without y'all, haha.

I want to hear everyone's best Ark fail stories, bring 'em on.
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2021.07.13 15:05 WabWab1443 Best dino for newbie

I am very new to ark and me and my friends have just unlocked guns on our private server. I am not sure of what sinos to tame rhogh we have a few Carbonemys's, raptors, 1 iguanadon, dilophasaurs and 3 pteradons.
I am not sure where to go next with our tamjng though. If anyone has any suggestions on what we should get please let me know. BTW we are playing on the island.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.06.16 00:05 Agitated-Ad9990 Cant put narcoberrys in my unconcise carbonemy's inventory

Hello , so I just got ark and I was trying to tame the carbonemy and than when I tried to put some narcoberrys in its inventory it would not go there and I am on ps4 . It is so extremely frustrating please help immediately !!
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2021.06.02 03:44 Hyeguy29 A Very Long List of Tamable Dinos V2

About 2 years or so ago I posted a list of all dinos and their utilities that I made for myself prior. I use it all the time as a personal resource and figured I should share it. Especially now that I have FINALLY finished my goal of taming every creature (and every variant) on here. This list has been updated to include all the TLCs and DLCs that have come out over the last couple years and, with Genesis Part 2 dropping tomorrow, this is probably as good a time as any to share once again. Did my best to proofread it but please let me know if I missed the mark somewhere so I can fix it. Feel free to save, share, or do whatever with this. Without further ado, the list.

Tamable ARK Creatures:

  1. Achatina - generates cementing paste and organic polymer, can store organic polymer and increase its spoil time
  2. Allosaurus - high dps bleed and pack bonus
  3. Ankylosaurus - gathers metal, crystal, oil, flint, and obsidian extremely well, weight reduction (metal), flint/stone in great ratio for sparkpowder
  4. Anglerfish - gathers angler gel and silica pearls
  5. Araneo - web attack slows enemies
  6. Archaeopteryx - passively gathers tree sap and acts as a parachute
  7. Argentavis - high weight/weight reduction (obsidian, metal, metal ingot, polymer, and stone), smithy saddle, can carry creatures in both the talons AND the beak (at the same time), can heal by eating corpses
  8. Arthropleura - acid spit destroys armor durability, can damage all structures even tek
  9. Baryonyx - decent amphibious fighter, has stun attack, no oxygen stat, can sprint underwater
  10. Basilosaurus - generates oil and is immune to shock damage, insulates, damaged by deep water, heals in shallow, can’t be grabbed by squid
  11. Beelzebufo - gathers high amounts of cementing paste from bugs (meganeura, titanomyrma, jug bug, glow bug), great travel mount, and leeches don’t agro
  12. Brontosaurus - gathers enormous amounts of berries, plus high weight and platform saddle
  13. Carbonemys - huge damage reduction shell
  14. Carnotaurus - armor piercing main attack, bleed damage on alt attack
  15. Castoroides - extremely high wood gathering (also does this passively), resource weight reduction (fiber, thatch, stone, wood), and saddle acts as smithy
  16. Chalicotherium - acts as a catapult, gathers berries extremely well, throw causes speed and vision debuff
  17. Coelacanth - none
  18. Compy - can sit on shoulder and have pack bonus
  19. Daeodon - powerful heal of all nearby Dino’s, also gathers cactus sap and rare mushrooms
  20. Dilophosaurus - spit can blind enemies
  21. Dimetrodon - act as air conditioner (increase damage stat)
  22. Dimorphodon - good at swarming enemies and are hard to hit
  23. Diplocaulus - acts as oxygen tank, also kills trilobites instantly for some reason
  24. Diplodocus - can carry up to 11 players in saddle, huge knock back potential, decent speed for its size
  25. Direbear - gathers huge amounts of fiber, can gather up to 15 honey from a hive without damaging the hive, player immune to bees when riding, also gathers meat resources and berry resources, great weight and attack, extremely fast with charge, also small passive insulation
  26. Direwolf - high pelt, leech blood, and angler gel gatherer, pack bonus howl, can sniff out unfound explorer notes, buried/hidden Dinos, and wounded players/dinos
  27. Dodo - livestock for eggs or prime meat (with use of ichthyornis), also expendable suicide dino for alarms, bioweapon, distraction, suicide-bomber, etc.
  28. Doedicurus - gathers stone and sand extremely well with huge weight reductions for them (can also gather passively), fast rolling, huge damage reduction shell
  29. Dung Beetle - converts poop into fertilizer and oil while wandering (must be able to move)
  30. Dunkleosteus - gathers oil, crystal, stone, and metal really well, weight reduction (obsidian, metal, stone, crystal, black pearls), also head has high damage reduction, can break stone structures
  31. Electrophorus - shocks enemies which will slow and weaken damage output
  32. Equus - saddle acts as mortar and pestle and also makes lassos, weight reduction (cementing paste, cactus sap, clay, sand, chitin/keratin, and stone), has back kick that can cause torpor
  33. Unicorn - see equus
  34. Gallimimus - extremely fast land Dino and can carry three people
  35. Giant Queen Bee - can be turned into a beehive structure which consumes rare flowers but generates honey
  36. Giganotosaurus - apex carnivore, hunt alphas, gathers prime meat extremely well, tank, high speed and weight, can break stone structures, rage mode when high damage is taken causes it to kill everything (even rider)
  37. Gigantopithecus - passively gathers fiber, can throw rider high and far, can carry shoulder mounted Dinos, has knockback and can attack armor durability, can act as zip line motor and go up and down zip lines
  38. Hesperornis - gather organic polymer and lay golden eggs that give exp boosts to Dinos
  39. Hyaenodon - saddlebags act as fridge, they heal themselves quickly, and gain pack bonus
  40. Ichthyosaurus - high sprint speed with low stamina drain, also doesn’t take knockback or torpor so great at black pearl gathering
  41. Ichthyornis - send it to hunt and retrieve and it’ll provide prime meat or prime fish from common, small creatures like dodos or coels
  42. Iguanodon - bipedal form for gathering, best at gathering biotoxin, turns berries into seeds, in quadrupedal form no stamina drain and better movement speed
  43. Kairuku - provides hypothermic insulation, also provides organic polymer when killed
  44. Kaprosuchus - can carry small to medium creatures, great leap attack, can rip riders off of their mounts
  45. Kentrosaurus - attacks are armor piercing with recoil damage and can impale enemies on tail spikes while causing bleed damage, also gain pack bonus
  46. Leech - none
  47. Diseased Leech - can be used to infect other players with swamp fever
  48. Liopleurodon - increases rarity and value of loot drop items and lets you reroll crates for 6 hours after leaving dino, also provides reduced oxygen consumption, temporary tame only lasts 30 min before disappearing
  49. Lystrosaurus - provides exp boost when pet
  50. Mammoth - two person saddle includes a rider and a drum player, drum has a song mini game that provides a buff to stamina recovery and immunity to fear roars to all within the radius, can grab small creatures with trunk and throw them, roar debuff to enemy damage output, spray water on rider while standing in water to hydrate, remove fire debuff, and reduce temperature, swipe attack gathers thatch, stomp gathers wood and knock back, weight reduction (wood), fast attack rate, fast, tanky, and high weight
  51. Manta - fastest water mount with fun jumping ability
  52. Megalania - can climb walls and ceilings, infects players with rabies (which can spread from player to player)
  53. Megaloceros - males gather thatch extremely well, females are extremely fast
  54. Megalodon - pack bonus, bleed on bite, decent water carnivore, also has a tek saddle option
  55. Megalosaurus - can carry small to medium creatures (even flyers), weak and slow during day but powerful and fast at night, no sleep deprivation on Aberration since it’s all underground
  56. Megatherium - bug killer buff drastically increases damage, gathers huge amounts of chitin, kills death worms (and even the Broodmother boss) easily, also gathers cactus sap, thatch, fiber, and berries
  57. Mesopithecus - can warn about nearby enemies, throws poop to slow and poison enemies, can open locked thatch and wooden doors from inside, can act as a backpack, also gathers berries passively
  58. Microraptor - can knock enemy players off their mounts
  59. Mosasaurus - apex water carnivore, extremely powerful water tame, huge platform saddle, high weight, also has a tek saddle option
  60. Moschops - constantly runs away, passively harvests... everything
  61. Onyc - destroys armor quickly
  62. Otter - gathers silica and black pearls from common fish, also provides insulation, only dino that can carry an artifact
  63. Oviraptor - increase egg laying of Dinos when wandering, can also steal wild or enemy eggs (won’t steal tamed eggs)
  64. Ovis - can harvest wool from them with shears, can climb extremely steep cliffs, can be killed for mutton (make sure to select “slaughter” In radial menu, incredible food for taming all carnivores, also great food when cooked)
  65. Pachy - attacks do torpor, charge attack can damage structures well
  66. Pachyrhinosaurus - uses pheromones to either make most Dinos passive to you or make most Dinos attack you, carries two players
  67. Paraceratherium - platform saddle with decent movement speed for its size
  68. Parasaur - fear ability that makes small Dinos run, can act as a tripwire, can scan for nearby threats when ridden or on turret mode
  69. Tek Parasaur - see Parasaur but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)
  70. Pegomastax - steals items from players, can act as backpack, can collect seeds passively
  71. Pelagornis - gathers organic polymer really well, can harvest corpses in one hit, can land safely on water, huge attack bonus on fish, can fish while riding
  72. Phiomia - produces a TON of poop when force fed stimberries
  73. Piranha - none
  74. Plesiosaur - platform saddle, high weight, super fast
  75. Procoptodon - can carry an extra player, can also carry babies (imprinting is better when carried) or shoulder Dinos in pouch, reduced food consumption rate when pouch carried by mate boosted female, knock back kick, fast, good weight, good health, reduced fall damage, aimed jump
  76. Pteranodon - extremely fast flying mount, can barrel roll, can grab players
  77. Pulmonoscorpius - capable knockout Dino (wait at least 10 seconds between hits)
  78. Purlovia - can act as a land mine by burying and surprise attacking, also can act as a hidden vault
  79. Quetzal - platform saddle, super high health, weight, stamina, can carry harvesters effectively, perfect taming mount
  80. Tek Quetzal - see Quetzal but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)
  81. Raptor - pack bonus and vocalizations give buffs, very fast, can pounce and pin targets to the ground
  82. Tek Raptor - see Raptor but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)
  83. Rex - best tank/dps for bosses, powerful hunter, roar will force non-allied players and certain Dinos to poop and be stunned, also has a tek saddle option
  84. Tek Rex - see Rex but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)
  85. Sabertooth - gathers chitin, keratin, and hide and pelts fairly well, reduced fall damage
  86. Sabertooth Salmon - can be killed for prime fish when harvested with a sickle
  87. Sarco - can ascend and descend very quickly in water, amphibious mount, doesn’t surface when you dismount, piranhas ignore it, no stamina drain in water and no oxygen stat, has death roll attack that stuns, can lunge forward, can spin 180 to attack behind, can walk on its back like a raft
  88. Spinosaur - good swimmer, gains boost to movement speed, attack damage, and health regeneration while standing in water (turning radius is slowed, however), can switch between quadrupedal (faster movement speed) and bipedal (stronger attacks and smaller turning radius) stances, strong choice of predator (especially in Aberration)
  89. Stegosaurus - plate modes (only when ridden) prevent dismount, hardened gathers increased wood and has a major damage reduction buff, heavy gathers increased thatch and applies a slow to target when struck, sharpened gathers increased berries and increases armor penetration, impale attack that sticks the tail in the target preventing movement of both and applying a bleed, weight reduction (berries)
  90. Tek Stegosaurus - see Stegosaurus but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)
  91. Tapejara - can carry three players, can fly backwards and strafe in all directions, can attach itself to walls and ceilings, also has a tek saddle option
  92. Terror Bird - can glide down, fairly fast mount
  93. Therizinosaur - gathers wood, fiber, and meat extremely well, can also gather hides and berries (can also gather all things passively), high dps due to each attack hitting multiple times, most big carnivores ignore it, fast mount with good stamina, gains a harvest level with every normal level achieved, can also gather black pearls extremely well
  94. Thylacoleo - decent speed and stamina and can climb vertical surfaces, good health and attack, can pounce on targets which will immobilize them and kill them without resistance, light attack applies bleed
  95. Titanoboa - can climb one and sometimes two high walls
  96. Titanosaur - temporary tame, knock it out and toss on the saddle, will only live ~20 hours since it can’t eat unless otherwise changed in settings, enormous platform saddle, excessively high in all stats, can break metal and tek structures, mainly for wiping enemy bases
  97. Triceratops - enemy Dino’s can trigger a rivalry buff (increase to health and damage) for all tamed and wild nearby trikes, good for berry gathering, high knockback, head takes seriously reduced damage, great charge attack
  98. Trilobite - can be killed for silica and black pearls, oil, and chitin
  99. Troodon - increased aggression radius and movement speed at night, pack bonus, can upgrade scout ability instead of leveling up to locate players, tames, traps, and wild Dinos within a radius, can use venom to drain stamina and knock out players
  100. Tusoteuthis - can carry large Dinos, constantly inflicts torpor while holding, generates oil, can gather large amounts of organic polymer from penguins, can harvest large amounts of biotoxin from jellyfish, immune to shock
  101. Wooly Rhinoceros - charge attack is highly damaging even to large creatures, running will knock down trees automatically and it won’t slow it down, has high weight, gathers thatch and berries very well
  102. Yutyrannus - courage roar boost the attack and decreased incoming damage by 40%, intimidation roar will cause Dinos to run in fear (even when mounted) and causes a debuff that increases damage taken and decreases attack by 50% in addition, the feared Dinos will poop themselves constantly and not respond to commands, knockback and all around decent damaging mount

Scorched Earth Added:
  1. Jerboa - can detect what weather is coming, can also act as a backpack
  2. Lymantria - has slowing gas ability, terrible speed but niche use thanks to incredible stamina (can outlast wyverns)
  3. Mantis - can equip tools so it can gather any resource, increase damage, or apply torpor, also great jump ability, produces eggs far more often in “unknown” areas of map (called “wilderness” on Ragnarok)
  4. Morellatops - acts as water tank, gathers berries, thatch, and cactus sap, also pretty fast jack-of-all-trades mount
  5. Phoenix - super fast flying mount, burns golems easily, acts as campfire and forge cooking food and metal alike, and poops silica pearls
  6. Rock Elemental - natural 50% damage reduction, can throw rocks like a catapult and damage stone structures, can hide in the form of a rock, will sink to ocean floor but has no oxygen stat, can collect most base resources including stone really well
  7. Thorny Dragon - gathers wood extremely well, weight reduction (wood, thatch, fiber, stone), saddle acts as a smithy (can feed it focal chili to make it craft faster), can shoot quilts to inflict torpor and keep enemies at bay or knock out Dinos
  8. Vulture - can attack from shoulder for extra protection, meat has 4x spoil time in inventory but must be gathered by the vulture, passively harvests meat when on shoulder and standing next to corpses
  9. Wyvern (Fire, Lightning, Poison variants) - gathers wood, thatch, and cactus sap well, can carry many Dinos, very very fast with low stamina drain, fairly maneuverable, powerful bites and specialized breath weapons, Fire shoots a cone of fire directly in front of its head dealing high damage to all targets in cone and leaves a burning DoT, Lightning shoots a beam of lighting directly at whatever the head is aiming at which deals extremely high damage and some torpor, Poison shoots a ball of poison gas that travels for a long distance in a straight line that is hard to aim but explodes on contact leaving an AoE gas cloud that damages the rider as well as the mount

Ragnarok Added:
  1. Dire Polar Bear - see direbear
  2. Griffin - extremely fast flyer with powerful divebomb attack, dive increases its speed, can carry two players and small Dinos
  3. Ice Wyvern - see wyvern for basics, ice shoots a cone of frost breath similar to the fire except it causes the target to be slowed rather than applying a fire DoT

Aberration Added:
  1. Basilisk - high torpor attack, extremely high weight, high damage, high speed, and has no oxygen stat, can also burrow, also shoots same ball of poison that poison wyverns have
  2. Bulbdog - provides charge (best capacity) and detects players and max level Dinos
  3. Featherlight - provides charge (low capacity but best range) and detects players and max level Dinos, also only flying Dino that can wear a helmet
  4. Glowtail - provides charge (low capacity, best recharge rate) and detects players and max level Dinos, also cannot fight back
  5. Karkinos - can traverse Aberration well due to massive jumping, can pick up two creatures at once (tamed or wild), no oxygen stat and straight vertical jump in water, immune to radiation, can carry harvesters, little to no fall damage depending on distance
  6. Lamprey - can unclaim for it to attach to you and provide charge and radiation protection
  7. Ravager - decent stamina, decent speed, can use zip lines, excellent jumping, weight reduction (wood, fungal wood, thatch, metal, green gem, fiber, crystal, obsidian, stone), also pack bonus, little to no fall damage depending on distance
  8. Reaper - apex Aberration carnivore, super powerful, fast and can jump, it floats on water, immune to radiation, can burrow making a super charged tripmine or hidden vault with a powerful guardian, acid attack can slow enemies, huge innate damage reduction that disappears when exposed to charge light
  9. Rock Drake - extreme mobility thanks to gliding, swimming, AND climbing walls/ceilings, can turn invisible with camouflage ability, the feathers on their head will stand up when reapers are nearby, can be used to easily gather more rock drake eggs, can carry an extra player, also has a tek saddle option
  10. Roll Rat - gathers wood well, weight reduction (wood, fungal wood), rolls quickly and can carry multiple players, can quickly remove trees and rocks by rolling through them, keep in mind that the saddle can break, also produces poop like a phiomia with the use of stimberries (but only when ridden)
  11. Shinehorn - provides charge (balanced charge capacity and recharge rate), detect players and max level Dinos

Plus the Aberrant versions of the following Dinos (they have 4% less health, 6% more damage, immune to radiation, and glow in the dark). They have the same utilities, however, so they will not be listed twice. See above for details.
  1. Achatina
  2. Anglerfish
  3. Ankylosaurus
  4. Araneo
  5. Arthropleura
  6. Baryonyx
  7. Beelzebufo
  8. Carnotaurus
  9. Carbonemys
  10. Coelacanth
  11. Dimetrodon
  12. Dimorphodon
  13. Diplocaulus
  14. Diplodocus
  15. Direbear
  16. Dodo
  17. Doedicurus
  18. Dung Beetle
  19. Electrophorus
  20. Equus
  21. Gigantopithecus
  22. Iguanodon
  23. Lystrosaurus
  24. Manta
  25. Megalosaurus
  26. Moschops
  27. Otter
  28. Ovis
  29. Paraceratherium
  30. Parasaur
  31. Piranha
  32. Pulmonoscorpius
  33. Purlovia
  34. Raptor
  35. Sabertooth Salmon
  36. Sarco
  37. Spinosaurus
  38. Stegosaurus
  39. Titanoboa
  40. Triceratops
  41. Trilobite

Extinction Added:
  1. Enforcer - fast, agile, wall-climbing AND teleportation, also AOE knockback attack, don’t take fall damage, deal 4x more damage to corrupted creatures, can harvest Metal remains for resources
  2. Gacha - solitary (can’t have another within 12 foundations of each other unless mated, ONE mate), this negates the following, transmutation, fed stuff and creates resources after dropping crystal from back, crafting skill to increase quality and speed of this, feeding snow owl pellets provide buff to speed and resource amount, also amazing at harvesting a variety of resources, weight reduction (metal, stone, wood, fungal wood), will pick up anything lying around on the floor so it can gather poop and stuff for you, however, will eat literally anything but poop so be careful
  3. Gasbag - high weight, can fly in an odd way, sucks in air and can release it to jump and float away, increase oxygen to increase flight time, increase speed for flight speed, won’t take fall damage unless gas meter is empty, also takes 80% less damage when full on gas
  4. Managarmr - by far the squishiest of the draconic tames, meant for support/travel, has ice laser breath with good range but weak dps to freeze targets, extremely fast walk/run on ground, can chase down literally anything, can launch itself into the air and glide, extremely maneuverable, can dodge midair, no fall damage, note: nerfs have left it with only one dash, three jumps, and six dodges before it needs to land (still pretty good though)
  5. Mek - literally a giant suit of armor for killing Godzilla, uses element for fuel, has a heat meter when overused and must cooldown, can’t level, has a sword and pistol, has different modules that can be attached, 1, MDSM allows deployment of a forcefield that blocks projectiles but not mobs from entering, when retracted enemies inside get debuff and take more damage, 2, MRLM allows firing of a barrage of rockets, 3, MSCM allows firing of a single cannon shot at a target (best way to tame a Titanosaur), 4, MOMI allows merging with three other meks to form a megamek to kill the alpha king titan ONLY, also 9x sword damage and 3x pistol damage multipliers on enemy tamed titans, also high weight
  6. Snow Owl - can glide by flying directly downward like a griffin, can also dive swipe like a griffin, can freeze itself and any creature nearby (friendly or otherwise) to stop movement and rapidly heal, also provides damage reduction while frozen, doing this while midair will cause it to drop like a rock and affect a larger range for slightly longer, has heat vision, vomits owl pellets which are great for Gacha or fertilizer
  7. Titans - world bosses that can be killed (4) or tamed (3, king can’t be tamed), destroy corruption to knockout, then just activate to tame, spawns with its own saddle, temporary in official, can’t heal or feed, permanent in solo but can only have one of each at a time, literally tamed bosses with stupidly high levels and stats, desert titan, largest platform saddle in game, can fly, weight of creatures/players/structures not added to titans weight, also buff allowing movement even if overencumbered, best support titan, forest titan, best tank titan for killing the King, cool/powerful attacks, can freeze itself in place with a block that reduces damage, ice titan, best dps titan, can jump large distances, all three necessary for King Titan but know that they take 5x damage from him
  8. Velonasaur - similar to raptor in speed, health, stamina when leveled, swing attack can damage enemies around it, can act as a machine gun by shooting its spines to shred enemies at a distance, can be set to turret mode and used for base defense

Valguero Added:
  1. Ice Elemental - see Rock Elemental
  2. Deinonychus - similar to a raptor but they can latch onto large Dinos and bite them while hanging on causing huge bleed damage, can pin down small Dinos, can latch onto walls and jump to climb them, pack bonus and vocalizations, can glide a little bit, boss killers with huge bleed potential
  3. Chalk Elemental - see Rock Elemental

Genesis Part 1 Added:
  1. Astrocetus - warp ability to teleport a short distance through anything (creatures, structures, terrain) and works like enforcer teleport, only saddle is a tek saddle with three turrets and a bomber mode, level speed to increase “cosmic power” for more warps and bombing, level melee for increased bomb damage, will take damage when dismounted outside of lunar biome for no reason, can viably kill titans with bombs, extremely high weight
  2. Bloodstalker - provides “spider vision” when ridden and works like tek helmet outlining nearby dinos with red if hostile, white if neutral, and green if allied, note that this doesn’t work through walls or on structures but does work on turrets, web slinging for movement is tricky to control but very fast and can latch onto anything for momentum, can web small creatures and players to feed off of them for health and food, can pull out weapons while riding, can walk on water, walk on walls/ceilings, and swim, will drain player health (or consume blood packs from inventory) when health drops below 40%, note that when breeding eggs can’t be moved so mate near air conditioners
  3. Ferox - shapeshifter, can sit on shoulder when small and be ridden when big, when small will occasionally bring player element dust, feed element to change to big form, can climb surfaces like deinonychus, powerful jump, has rock throw, can wear helmets (in both forms), provides insulation like an otter (in both forms), very powerful, element addiction mechanic, higher addiction means higher element cost for transformation, better stats when transformed, and shorter transformation time, each transformation increases addiction by 5% but will decay slowly over time, only breedable at max addiction
  4. Magmasaur - searing spit ability uses metal ingots and shoots a giant ball of lava that damages on impact and cluster bombs (can be charged up for more damage), charges faster in hot biomes/lava but much slower (or not at all) in cold biomes/water, if charged but not shot, it will explode shrapnel around head with small self damage and damage to surroundings, can taunt with gas, acts as a forge/campfire but consumes food super fast, can do full damage to rock elementals, gathers same resources as anky but with higher health, weight, and is ignored by dangerous dinos, weight reduction (metal, metal ingots, ambergris), immune to all fire damage, players can survive the volcano eruption while riding this, can only breed while immersed in lava pool
  5. Megachelon - can build on shell without saddle, provides constant oxygen, can shoot bubbles that force targets to float to the surface, super high weight but no special reductions, powerful but slow, passively produce rare flowers/mushrooms and azulberry/amarberry seeds with no limit (more flowers and mushrooms increases the amount of foliage on its back), can swim and walk on land, automatically irrigates and plots on its back, shell has damage resistance, only breedable at the deepest parts of genesis, ragnarok, and the center
  6. Tek Triceratops - see Triceratops but slightly more powerful (spawns with a max wild level of 180 instead of 150)

Plus X creatures that deal 250% more damage and 60% damage resistance from all sources (including torpor) and have very unique, biome dependent skins. Once tamed, they have 5% more damage, 3% less health, can be leveled 88 times (vs 73 for all other dinos on official), have hard level cap of 500 (vs 450 for all other dinos on official), and provide 2.5x the experience for killing them. All other utilities are identical to base creatures so see above for details.
  1. X-Allosaurus (volcanic)
  2. X-Ankylosaurus (volcanic)
  3. X-Argentavis (arctic)
  4. X-Basilosaurus (ocean)
  5. X-Dunkleosteus (ocean)
  6. X-Ichthyosaurus (ocean)
  7. X-Megalodon (ocean)
  8. X-Mosasaurus (ocean)
  9. X-Otter (arctic)
  10. X-Paraceratherium (bog)
  11. X-Parasaur (bog)
  12. X-Raptor (bog)
  13. X-Rex (volcanic)
  14. X-Rock Elemental (volcanic)
  15. X-Sabertooth (arctic)
  16. X-Sabertooth Salmon (lunar) (also has rare variant, just bright green glow, no name change or icon after taming)
  17. X-Spinosaurus (bog)
  18. X-Tapejara (bog)
  19. X-Triceratops (volcanic)
  20. X-Wooly Rhino (arctic)
  21. X-Yutyrannus (arctic)

Crystal Isles Added:
  1. Crystal Wyvern - (Ember, Blood, and Tropical variants) see Wyvern for basics, note that these can be tamed passively, also faster and tighter turning radius than normal Wyverns, lower bite damage and slower attack speed than normal wyverns, breath will not hurt allies, can eat crystal if hungry, can be fed and healed by sweet veggie cakes, Tropical shoots long range jet of water for low damage but applies “scolded” that reduces target health and stamina, also buffed by water like Spinos, Blood shoots blood stream mid range, inflicts “blood curse” DoT on enemy and adds “blood curse recovery” HoT to self, Ember shoots tighter stream of fire long range which does a ton of damage and increases damage with rage, rage meter increases with breath uses
  2. Tropeognathus - acts as an industrial grinder, saddle has a jet with two speed modes and consumes gasoline and stamina, evasive maneuver flips direction while jetting, has a turret that shoots grenades, has knockback like Wyverns but can be used in air and on ground, can pick up small dinos and players, otherwise acts exactly like a tapejara

Genesis Part 2 Added:
  1. Astrodelphis - acts as an upgraded tropeognathus or mini astrocetus, tek saddle that has thrusters and laser cannons, costs element to run, can fire a heavy homing blast of energy, can shoot grenades from its inventory, same evasive maneuvers as a tropeo, can reveal nearby creatures underwater with sonar ability, killing a creature drops a glowing buff that increases damage, damage resistance, and movement speed for 60 sec when flown through, buff can stack with a second fly through for an upgraded buff for 40 sec
  2. Exo-mek - smaller mek, acts as a tek replicator, four modes, (1) combat mode with punch attacks, not as strong as a normal mek, (2) storage mode with ability to pick up structures and store them in virtual module for placement later at different locations, (3) carry mode with the ability to pick up structures (not foundations) and place them elsewhere, this includes storage containers with all items still inside, (4) RTS mode that literally turns the gaming into an RTS, enters a birds-eye view allowing highlighting and moving creatures like troops far more effectively than whistling
  3. Maewing - nursing ability acts as a trough for babies when appropriate food is in its inventory, leveling nursing effectiveness increases range, can carry/steal babies with saddle equipped up to 99.9% maturation, automatically pop out at 100%, eggs of random quality can make kibble of that quality, can breed two despite being genderless, extremely fast when gliding and can slide on the ground or water surface after glides, weight reduction (berries, meat)
  4. Noglin - can temporarily mind control other players and creatures allowing control of them as if they were tamed creatures, target is automatically killed (10mil damage applied) when time runs out, mine controlled players can open doors and activate generators, wild creatures different than tamed ones act as tamed ones when controlled (like gigas), can only mind control enemies with at least 50% health and lower level than noglin, short list of creatures exempt from mind control on wiki
  5. Shadowmane - saddle-less but have natural armor, powerful charged jump ability (both genders), no fall damage after jump and reduced fall damage in all other cases, basic attacks fill bar that allows for power attack when full, if power attack kills a target then it will automatically refill and allow for another use (both genders), invisibility (solo for males, all creatures nearby for females) with slowed movement speed, dash attack that damages and briefly stuns target (hold to target multiple creatures, both genders), courage roar (male only but only usable when mate boosted), enemies poisoned when attacked causing damage reduction and a DOT, both stack up to 5 times, hydration buff boosts damage, speed, health regen when touching water and for 30 sec after leaving water, no oxygen stat, stays when dismounted underwater, super fast swimmer, can jump underwater, can carry a passenger
  6. Stryder - mobile tek transmitter but no creatures, mobile bed, can recharge batteries in inventory, can change settings to always/never charge or always/never use the batteries, can be set to replant foliage when walking by, can be linked to a dedicated storage which will transfer all of that resource from its inventory to that box from any distance, changing storage resource type will update the stryder automatically, excavator rig will only mine storage resource when setting is turned on, two rig slots for head (H) and body (B) that cannot be unequipped or changed, all rigs use charge which generates over time or used batteries, (H1) Excavator will harvest every resource in the game except extinction light poles/benches/tables, (H2) Pulse Cannon will shoot tek laser blasts, (H3) Silence Cannon which prevents all roars for 30 sec, (H4) Radar detects nearby living creature distance and levels and can track a detected creature, (B1) Phase Cannon shoots concentrated tek blast, (B2) Resource Attractor provides weight reduction for every item in the game by 65% (all resources, structures, gear, etc), allows setting for resources harvested nearby with a mining drill to go to stryder inventory instead of player, (B3) Shield Generator drops a shield that acts similarly to a tek shield generator, (B4) Shield Projector displays a shield in the direction the stryder looks and is directly related to health rather than charge, note that ONLY the stomp attack scales with melee damage, mining and attack rigs are not affected
  7. Voidwyrm - a tek Wyvern so see the Wyvern entry for basics, the breath shoots a short range flat triangle of electricity that deals heavy damage, dismount riders, and stun lock creatures, breath can also damage tek structures

Plus GEN-R creatures that have very unique skins. Once tamed, they have 5% more damage, 3% less health, and have hard level cap of 500 (vs 450 for all other dinos on official). All other utilities are identical to base creatures so see above for details.
  1. R-Allosaurus
  2. R-Brontosaurus
  3. R-Carbonemys
  4. R-Carnotaurus
  5. R-Daeodon
  6. R-Dilophosaurus
  7. R-Direwolf
  8. R-Equus
  9. R-Gasbag
  10. R-Giganotosaurus
  11. R-Megatherium
  12. R-Parasaur
  13. R-Procoptodon
  14. R-Quetzal
  15. R-Reaper King
  16. R-Snow Owl
  17. R-Thylacoleo
  18. R-Velonasaur

  1. Zomdodo - see Dodo. Only claimed after defeating the Dodorex
  2. Zombie Wyvern - combination of scorched Wyvern and crystal Wyverns. Same three variants as scorched wyverns (lighting, fire, poison) but the same size, speed, and turning radius as the crystal wyverns. Can be claimed after defeating the Dodowyvern
submitted by Hyeguy29 to ARK [link] [comments]

2021.05.18 11:24 startingbark035 Ark survival evolved very fast carbonemys

Ark survival evolved very fast carbonemys submitted by startingbark035 to ARK [link] [comments]

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final volume: 0.020898908440457067", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.68, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-28.9, -1.9 -> multiplier 1.33", "lower_3rd_dur": 23, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'fortnite in ark'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 55}#11 [04:25] 2021-05-08 07:46:03.677000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.039491569801432855 - final volume: 0.034550139268655994", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.57, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-26.1, -4.7 -> multiplier 1.09", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 12, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Can you look up Clown ?', ' curator: tomkill115'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 30}#12 [04:55] 2021-05-10 07:14:33.463000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.029534257680859346 - final volume: 0.029301665752006767", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.41, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "lower_3rd_dur": 16, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'finally i get recognized'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 48}#13 [05:17] 2021-05-10 07:14:29.553000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.036212725231046634 - final volume: 0.024085298839971153", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.77, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-26.7, -2.1 -> multiplier 1.31", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 41}#14 [05:38] 2021-05-09 05:57:26.782000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.07826915264613432 - final volume: 0.05273980132570276", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.7, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-22.1, -2.3 -> multiplier 1.29", "lower_3rd_dur": 12, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Stalker'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 32}#15 [05:54] 2021-05-08 07:46:12.418000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.24204570374276096 - final volume: 0.12341202900853229", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.6, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-10.9, 0.0 -> multiplier 1.52", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "chat_error": "No messages.", "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Ma gaucheter dans toute sa slpendeur XD', ' curator: qcdiva'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 40}#16 [06:14] 2021-05-08 07:45:57.236000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.18790101566082654 - 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final volume: 0.04547503633186445", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.75, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-17.3, 0.0 -> multiplier 1.52", "lower_3rd_dur": 14, "chat_objs": 3, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'tf just happen', ' curator: 123paat'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 35}#20 [08:11] 2021-05-10 07:14:00.132000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.021693224832664077 - final volume: 0.04443144130256283", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.44, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-30.4, -13.5 -> multiplier 1.68", "lower_3rd_dur": 21, "chat_objs": 6, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 1, "<3": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Pizza Time', ' curator: ts_cryptik'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 32}#21 [08:38] 2021-05-10 07:13:54.044000 {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.04064533114623424 - final volume: 0.06019242895145339", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.64, "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-26.9, -9.8 -> multiplier 1.3", "lower_3rd_dur": 29, "chat_objs": 37, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 8}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Ingls sin barreras!', ' curator: marr_83'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 55}

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