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2023.05.28 08:46 isthatsoman How can I feel loved and lovable without needing outside (3D) confirmation?

I’m 36m, and I don’t have parents (anymore). I haven’t really had any direct family love since my mom passed away about 10 years ago. Even prior to that our relationship was a bit mixed. I knew she loved me, but I also didn’t like that she tried to control/manipulate me and so even then I would distance myself. The rest of my extended family lives thousands of miles away in another country. I talk to them every few weeks, but I haven’t seen most of them in person in over 14 years.
Nor have I had any serious romantic/love relationship. I have yet to say "I love you" to anyone in that way. Would be a first when it happens (hopefully soon).
I give this context because I feel like for the majority of people I know they get their reference of love from how their family treats them (even if it’s one or two people). Or from their partners/relationships.
I instead grew up with a very conditional-love step-father and house hold. And especially ever since my mom passed, I’ve noticed myself internalize the notion that “if I don’t earn it” then I’m not “worthy” –– and the trouble with that is depending on what mood I’m in, there’s always “something more I can do” to “earn it”. It’s a slippery slope.
What can I do to reframe and turn this ship around?
The main thing motivating me to align myself right now is to manifest a relationship. I’d love to manifest someone to love and be loved by. I feel like I have a lot to give and would be a fantastic boyfriend to someone. From my readings I’ve learned that the work to do that though is to first feel lovable yourself.
And I admit... I’m not sure how to do that. Like I don’t sit there and hate on myself or anything, but I admit that whenever I meet someone who appreciates me somehow I feel so much more confident and lovable than I do by default, day to day.
I’ve been actively hoping to manifest a loving relationship for 8 years now and it still hasn’t manifested.
Clearly there are some internal beliefs holding me back – I’m just extra motivated now to get to the bottom of it so that I can move into the next phase of my life successfully and in a healthy way.
"Getting too old for this sh*tt..."
Thank you very much for any input and thoughts! :)
Btw... I have a regular spiritual practice and already meditate frequently, practice yoga nearly daily (legitimately, I'm a fan) – I’m in excellent health overall, I work out regularly, still in college level athletic shape. Objectively speaking I am tall 6'3, got blue eyes, 6 figure remote job, I got music and artistic talent that I’ve been very much complimented on over the years. I’ve traveled and lived in other countries.
Err.. I say all that because I think “objectively” speaking I would make for an amazing partner for someone out there. But... I get it, I get it... this is an internal work.
Any advice?
(+ thank you in advance!)
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2023.05.28 08:45 iiJSpxce Psychology Paper 2 AQA

How did people feel about this? I was much less prepared for this than I was paper 1 but I think it went much better… I really loved the synaptic question with Carol Dweck and her growth mindset and how it links with Hebb’s theory of neuronal growth. I said that they support each other and the whole excitation comes with trying again and the strength between neurons increases with a growth mindset but you’ll have inhibition if youve got a fixed mindset and stuff. Also mentioned plasticity and how your brain can change. Also very annoyed at how they tried to sneak a 9 marker in at the end with Wiles!!
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2023.05.28 08:45 mangyCarl3 Is clustering the right approach in this case?

I have data of around 600 patients. The data includes subjective values about the condition itself (like severity). In addition it includes prophylactic medication intake and evaluates the effectiveness of medications on a scale of 0-10. There are 3 medications that have been recorded. In addition, life circumstances such as working hours, children, educational attainment, etc. have been recorded. I want to find out if the life circumstances are related to the effectiveness of the medication or if there are any correlations. How can I proceed effectively and really do "data mining"? I was thinking of clustering the data by circumstances and then doing statistical tests for each cluster? Does that make sense or is that the wrong approach?
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2023.05.28 08:45 gosh-darnit- I (M34) am thinking of leaving my wife (M32) after spending half our lives together

TL;DR: I realized that I don't have the support I need from my wife and consider leaving after many years.
Me (M34) and my wife (F32) met young and have been together for 16 years by now. We moved away far from everyone we knew together and now have three kids, fourth one on the way. Now I am thinking of leaving and don't know what to do.
Overall we have a good life together and I love being a father to the kids. Me and my wife has always been best friends and never had any serious fighting, not now either. Our relationship hasn't been very romantic for many years due to kids and what not but it doesn't bother me really. What has changed is that I have started to feel that I live my life to make my wife happy and that it's on my expense.
My wife comes from a really rough childhood and have broken all relationships to her family ten years ago. This has of course been really tough for her but it made her free and happier. All that time, I was by her side supporting her. She is still vulnerable as a person and I have encouraged her to go to therapy but she still refuse.
I am also a broken soul, a hypersensitive person with anxiety problems and eating disorders. For a long time, I hid these parts of myself to be strong for my wife. Been through many rough patches but this winter I cracked and that's when everything started to change.
Last year was rough in many senses but the peak of it all was that my wife admitted that she has been lying about money for years. She was responsible for our major savings account, but it was empty due to her overspending and she had lied about. I was fine with the money, the thing that moved me was that she lied to my face about it for several years. She was the only person I believed I could fully trust but it was apparently not true. I was already going into a down-period with anxiety but this made me fall deeper than ever.
For two months I was barely functioning due to anxiety. What made things even worse was the lack of support from my wife. I've been there during all her rough periods but when I crashed she was mostly annoyed by it. I have mostly recovered now but this experience changed everything.
Last week I went to a conference with a female colleague who I have interacted with very little before. It turned out we connected deeply and we had all-night discussions about mental issues that we both faced. There is definitely lots of attraction between us, which we discussed that we should not act on. In those few days, I felt more support from my colleague than I have for the past few years from my wife. This realization moved me and I have struggled to sleep and eat since. I feel strong affection to my colleague but it's not key since I am the type of person to fall in love easily and it has happened before. I don't care if I would end up in a relationship with her, what's important is that I can connect deeper to others compared to my wife.
I have thought about leaving my wife on and off for a long time but I never took those thoughts seriously. Now I am looking for apartments and seriously think of how to do it. Problem is that it will break my kids hearts and I love being a dad to them. What makes things worse is that I have been forced to overwork myself to keep the finances together since my wife's insecurities made her almost unable to keep a job, so our economy heavily depends on me.
Honestly have no clue what I should do. Just wanted to get this off my chest.
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2023.05.28 08:45 Rose_Starr Best friend (22F) Ghosts Me for Two Weeks and Just Replied Today

And for the first time, I'm not as bothered as I thought I would be. Honestly, even writing this is a chore for me because I'm not as invested as I thought I would be.
At first, I was worried and asking if she was doing okay, but it was like talking to a dud number so I just left it at that and went back to my things because she's probably busy and we have our own lives.
Then I get a text today saying how she's doing really really well and is going through her "anime training arc" and wants to focus on herself. Which I can respect, I know that we all need time to ourselves, but I just found it a little hurtful that she could ice me out like that, as she has done in the past. I texted her back and then got nothing again, so I hope her anime training arc goes well, I guess lol?
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2023.05.28 08:44 Particular_Vanilla88 I think the autistic kid has a crush on me

Back in December, I got a job at a fast food chain, It was hard to meet friends but I quickly became friendly with the autistic kid that also works there. We would talk if we had free time and would sit together if our breaks lined up. People caught wind of that and started rumors of us dating after I was only there for 3 weeks. I did spend some time not talking to him at work because of that but that didn't last long... He's always been really nice to me, but lately, I've been putting clues together and it seems like he has a crush on me. He has offered to buy me several things whenever I talk about it (ex1:he offered to buy me chocolates and flowers because I mentioned I was going to spend Valentines alone.ex2:he offered to buy me a bottle of wine when I talkes about trying alcohal to see which ones I like because I recently tured 21). Not only that but lately he's been trying to find excuse to hug me. I'll be stress or upset and he'll randomly be like " it looks like you need a hug" and try to hug me, where I then dodge the hug. And also he has mentioned several times how me and him should hang out outside of work and gets kind of weird when I suggest we invite others.Now the dating rumors has started again and honestly, I can't blame people for thinking that because it really does seem like it. At first, I thought he was doing all this because he's autistic and just doesnt understand social cues but now I'm not so sure. I don't know
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2023.05.28 08:44 Alternative-Pie7940 How can I be sure that a set of wheels fit on my car

Not sure if this is the right subreddit for this question but I just need to figure this out to not miss out on a good deal. I have an 06 dodge charger rt and am looking for new rims and I found a full set but they have 305s in the back and I’m not sure how to be positive if they fit or not. I’m currently 235/55/18 in the back and the new one would be 305/35/20. I’m just wondering how to be sure before I spend the money?
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2023.05.28 08:44 dedmondeantes A major former crush surprisingly came back into my life

So... This is a bit of a vent that will require some backatory. When I started college (UK meaning, not US), on my first day I met this girl. I wasn't really out to make friends, saying goodbye to my HS group was hard enough, so I wanted to be alone and not get attached too soon. But on one of my first art lesson trips, she sat next to me, and spoke to me first. It was nice, similar interests, we got along, even with how socially awkward I am. From there we sat together, had a mutual friend who would go onto be someone I trust with my life, and all my fears about this new phase in my life faded. But, at this time, I was also crushing hard on her. It was impossible not to, she was sweet, absolutely adorable, and talented, way more than me. She succeeded in art where I eventually stepped away. Back then, I was smitten by her, but never said anything, for one I didn't want to lose a friend in that gamble, but for second I wasn't sure on my sexuality either. So nothing happened, and eventually we all parted ways for different universities and drifted away. Well, until last week that was. I was simply minding my business online, messing about on social media and doing fandom things. It was standard fair, until I saw her again. I stumbled upon her own fandom related account, and despite my disbelief at first, it was her. Still as adorable as ever. And she was thriving, she was still doing much better than me creatively. I was so happy for her, everything she mentioned she wanted to try back then, it looked like she did it. I was proud that she was excelling. But, I also had what could only be likened to a panic attack. I was scared too. It's been over five years since I last saw her, yet all these feelings have come flooding back like it was yesterday. It took me by surprise, and I got very overwhelmed. It's a lot, crushes aren't a regular thing for me, so as you can probably tell this hit like a freight train. I... Don't know what I'll do next... Truth is, for the time being I'm not trying to reach out. These feelings have been a lot to handle, and I'd hate to say something rash. Plus, I've changed a lot since then, not in a bad way, but I'm not the same boy I was back then. I don't know if she'd like to be friends with who I am now in the first place, let alone any other relationship thoughts. Maybe as time passes I'll try and reconnect, but not now. For now, I'm just taking solace in the fact that someone I care about to this point is thriving. I'm glad she's done well. If anyone deserves that, its her.
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2023.05.28 08:44 AcanthopterygiiSea40 Profile picture???

I have been trying to put on a custom profile picture, but I keep getting a 512 by 512 issue. This has never happened before and I really want to know how to fix this. Anyone?? I used the Xbox app already.
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2023.05.28 08:44 Loud-Effective9210 i’m leaving

i’m leaving my house in a day and it’s finally hitting me. i won’t be yelled at for leaving my room anymore because i’ll be with someone who wants my presence. i won’t be yelled at for attempting to speak with you because my new family actually loves me. i understand you didn’t want me and i thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a life for myself. but you prioritizing my brother over me day in and day out is killing me. when he hit me you blamed it on me. when he called me those horrible names you said i deserved it. i was 12 mom what did i do wrong for you to start hating me like this. i’m sorry you ended up in a loveless relationship but i found the guy who makes me happy. there is nothing wrong with leaving the house to spend time with friends it does not make a w slur to wear a tank top and shorts. i can finally save my money and use it to buy things i like instead of having to give it all to you. you know i was willing to stay until you disrespected him. the one person in this world who hasn’t ever made me feel less than and you still managed to make it all about you. i’m not sure how to tell you and it’s killing me. i love you so much and i don’t know why. the thought of not being near you makes me physically sick but also so relieved it’s confusing me to no ends. you’re supposed to be the one who kept me safe not the one who hurt me the most. i’m sorry for leaving like this but i know if you start crying i’ll stay and i won’t ever leave. i just hope one day you forgive me and one day i’ll be able to forgive you. i’ll never say this to you because you never listen to what i say. he just texted me and i smiled. when you text me it feels like the world is shutting down and my heart starts to dull. you tell me i need a college education and i agree but you don’t support me in my field. it’s been a great twenty years but i’m done this time. you’ve broken my heart but not my spirit. i will make something of myself and not to prove you wrong or anything like that. but i’ll make something of myself for the little girl you failed to believe in. i’m taking control of my life and i will never let my body, mind or spirit be harmed by anyone ever again. i am not you and i will not let myself become you.
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2023.05.28 08:44 AI0 reddit performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/mothmanapologist1
URL: /Twittecomments/13ttina/why_did_my_whole_conversation_disappea
Title: why did my whole conversation disappear?
ive been talking to someone through twitter dms for months now and today mid conversation i wanted to scroll up to older messages to check something
wouldnt let me scroll further than the messages who got sent a few minutes ago...but i also didnt delete anything
is that a bug? how can i fix it?
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2023.05.28 08:44 amischbetschler How do you slice your beans?

How do you slice your beans?
OK, so changing from a cheapo scale with only .1g precision to a proper scale has made a huge difference for my shots. Getting that weight dialled in really is a game changer. So far, I've sliced my beans with razor blades, but after a few nasty cuts, I changes to a hand forged Nakiri I got for this exact purpose. But I fear I'm missing out: How do you slice your beans? Do you even slice? Or do you sort them by size and keep them in containers, to top up to the desired amount?
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2023.05.28 08:43 worthless_felix I’m going to meet my biological mother after 21 years..

I debated putting this out here, but I felt like talking about this situation might ease my nerves about it. So, this is something that I really didn’t think I would be doing and now I’m not sure how to approach the situation. I (21F) found out when I was 11 that my mom wasn’t my biological mother and that she had in fact adopted me. My grandma (my dad’s mom) was the one who spilled the family’s secret to me because my mom was in the hospital and she didn’t know if she would live or not. I guess my grandma thought it would reassure me that I had another mother out in the world, but it did a lot of damage. It took me years to not hate myself because I thought that I was just discarded at birth because of all the things my dad said about her.
So today me and my brother (23M) were talking about our biological mother, I’ll call her D, and he suggested that I at least meet her once to get some answers. My dad always told me about how much of a horrible person D was and how she chose drugs over us kids. My brother met her when he turned 18 and has said that while she was on drugs at the time that a lot of the things my dad said about her wasn’t true. I just feel so confused and angry about it still to this day because of what I was told growing up wasn’t the truth then I spent my teen years hating someone without reason. It’s got my head in a spin really.
My brother and husband are going with me to meet her and get some answers, but I don’t know if I should ask about certain things or not because I’m afraid to ask about it. I’m expecting it to be an awkward interaction because she left when I was 6 months old and she’s basically a complete stranger to me. However, she did give birth to me and I want to know if the things are true or not.
It feels so unreal that I’ve even considered meeting D, but at the end of the day she did give birth to me and my brother is offering to go with me along with my husband so I won’t be completely alone in this. I’m just still hurt about the fact that for 11 years I was lied to by my entire family about who my biological mother was and when that was out in the open I spent my whole teenage years resenting D for giving me away (even though I love the woman who raised me as if she was my bio mom) and hating myself because I felt like she didn’t care about me.
Just the thought of meeting her brings up all the old feelings I had on the day that I found out that I was adopted. Why did she not want to be in my life? Why did she spend a year with my brother but only 6 months with me? Why did she leave so easily? Why did it take her 18 years to speak up to my brother and then finally me? I have so many questions about who she is and why she did the things that she did but it’s just so difficult to wrap my head around.
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2023.05.28 08:43 Sad-Pipe187 I hate it so much, I wish I never started drinking but I don’t want to stop

First time posting so it’s a bit of a ramble—
I hate the taste of any alcohol at this point, I can’t even have a glass of wine without tasting my organs rotting (exaggerating but sometimes I really feel like I can taste my own decay, does that make sense to anyone?)
I rarely feel all that good when I drink either, I’m more often tense now cause I’m usually trying to maintain a thick buzz while actively hiding it. I model, and sometimes to deal with the anxiety in front of the camera, I drink — well, this used to be sometimes. Although I know, cognitively, that I’m completely capable of and just as good working sober, I have made a habit of packing a flask or a “water bottle” on every single gig.
I used to justify to myself “it’s just to loosen up and show my more bubbly side at work”
Then it became “just a few shots before leaving the house will make the day more fun”
Now it’s (nearly) every time I have an appointment, gig, meeting, plans with friends, flight/train ride and I hate it- I even drank a whole bottle of vodka this weekend just to “make moving out of my apartment funner”. I regularly take a couple shots before going out just to do the groceries.
I hate how it’s destroyed my confidence in knowing I’m capable of feeling happiness without the “liquid support”
I hate most how embarrassing I must look, and how embarrassed I am — what I spend all of my hangovers reeling over isn’t the tension and pain in my head and body, it’s the things I said and had done while drinking. It doesn’t even have to be that bad/embarrassing but if I think I said or did something stupid enough for someone to realise I’d been drinking, I’ll lay in bed awake thinking about it all night. I smoke weed to get me through hangovers which probably makes the paranoia worse but I feel like I really can’t handle a moment being sober so the drinking and smoking is cyclical and sometimes I’ll convince myself they’re cures for each other (I know that’s dumb).
I been having gaps in my memory lately and I hate that so much. It makes me really worried when I am completely unable to remember a whole conversation with my boyfriend, and it makes me feel like a bad partner. I want to tell him I’m struggling with this addiction but I’m so scared how that will make him feel; to realise his partner has been drunk ALMOST EVERY DAY we’ve shared for the past 3 years. I hate that this doesn’t make me want to stop.
And yes, most of all I hate that I don’t want to stop at all — to be honest I might drink even after putting all of this in writing.
I know depression is real and treatable I just feel like I’ve tried (therapy, meds, meditation, microdosing) and I still deeply dislike the whole ordeal of living, and feel like I have to drink just to keep myself interested in living.
Hoping for some support — I feel really stuck in this cycle of hatred with no way out (because there isn’t even motivation for it)
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2023.05.28 08:43 ssevillee i just want to vent a bit

im only a teenager so bear with me lol
everything feels so controlled, so scheduled. I don't know I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm told I can't move out until I'm married and I'm being arranged.
that crap is terrifying. I'm always told how I'm doing things wrong. all I am is an issue that needs to be addressed.
I'm trapped. I'm trapped in a cage and there's no escape, no end. I hate waking up every morning only to expect something to get worse. the uncertainty of everyday life is sickening.
I don't know what I am, what's my purpose. not for living but anything. I try my best everyday but somehow I'm broken down at the end of it. I don't think I can manage more.
I have older siblings that have grown up the same way. that's basically reassuring that my entire time in this household is going to suck.
I always see these other teenagers having fun. sneaking out of their homes to go to parties or see their partners. even though they have their own issues they can escape for even a few hours.
Im not allowed outside. I'm not kidding I have to be with someone. I'm in a completely safe neighborhood. the only things I do is school and chores.
I don't see any purpose for my existence. I hate it. whats the point to anything? it feels like there's nothing beyond the walls of my dysfunctional home.
it's so bland and everyday it gets worse and worse. I don't know if I'll survive. maybe I'm just being dramatic. idk
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2023.05.28 08:43 SabbyOfSableWine Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.

(original story but also a promt I'd love to see other people expand on as well)
Wind howled past the cave opening, and Vr’ocria cursed the cold air for the hundredth time that day. “Volunteer for the away team,” Galek had said. “It’s a great experience,” he said. “You’ll love it,” he said.
Vr’ocria swore she would throw her nest mate right out the airlock the moment they got back.
It was supposed to be a simple survey mission, only lasting a few hours and with only two members on the team.The moon they’d landed on was rich with vegetation and wildlife, but also–as they’d discovered too late–suffered frequent and terrible storms due to a sudden shift in seasons. The two of them ended up having to take shelter in a cave and were pretty much stuck until their shuttle came back for them. Which should have been several hours ago–except that they received word from the shuttle that there was a delay due to an engine malfunction, and that they weren’t expected to be back for them until the next morning.
Vr’ocria was utterly miserable.
“Hey you,” a voice said from over her shoulder, and she was startled when something heavy–and warm-- fell across her back. She turned to look.
“Human Aldrick?”
Human Aldrick laughed. “I told you, just call me Aldrick.”
Vr’ocria reached up to touch the fabric draped over her. “Is this your coat?”
He shrugged. “You seem to need it more than me. I come from a cold climate, I’m pretty used to this.”
Vr’ocria’s scales flushed purple and she tugged the coat closer around her. For the warmth, of course, and not to hide the flush. “Thank you, Hu– erm, Aldrick.”
“You’re welcome.” He sat down across from her, on the other side of the fire. The fire still freaked her out a bit–her people rarely, if ever, used open flame–but she cherished its heat. She had Aldrick to thank for that, too.
Honestly, if it weren’t for Aldrick, she probably would have withered away in misery hours ago. She wasn’t accustomed to such storms, but according to Aldrick, they were fairly common back on Earth. It was thanks to him that they were able to find shelter in the first place, and he was the one to build them a fire and collected edible herbs and roots to supplement their rations–in the off chance they were here even longer.
Vr’ocria shuddered at the thought.
“Are you alright? Still too cold?”
Vr’ocria snapped out of her thoughts. Aldrick’s head was tilted, eyes filled with concern.
She shrugged. “I’m alright. I just can’t wait to get back to the ship.” She sighed. “I miss my stasis chamber.”
Aldrick groaned in agreement. “I’m not excited about sleeping on a stone floor.”
Vr’ocria paused. “Sleep?” The word felt foreign on her tongue.
“Humans sleep, we don’t enter stasis. We can’t rest standing up like you do,” he explained. “Sleep for us is different–when you enter stasis, you’re still sort of aware of your surroundings, right?”
Vr’ocria nodded.
“See, for us, we’re fully unconscious. When I’m asleep, I can’t see or hear anything, unless it’s loud enough to wake me up. And because we’re unconscious, our bodies go completely limp.” He shifted where he sat. “I mean, sometimes we move around a bit when we sleep, like rolling over or something. But because we go so limp, we can’t stand up. Sometimes we can sleep sitting down, but really we have to be lying down.”
Vr’ocria frowned. “But if you’re unconscious, then how will you know if there’s danger?”
Aldrick gave a wan smile. “We don’t.”
She stared. “But…”
“Sleeping is a very vulnerable position.”
Vr’ocria was starting to realize how little she knew about humans. She’d always been told how dangerous they were, how resilient and fearless. She’d always somehow thought that humans barely needed rest at all. But here she was, realizing that when night fell, her crewmate would be in the most vulnerable position a human could be in.
She drew her shoulders up, her scales rippling. “I will protect you,” she declared.
Aldrick blinked, and his cheeks turned–pink? Was that normal for humans?
Who was Vr’ocria kidding, she didn’t know.
“Thank you,” he said quietly.
That night, Aldrick curled up at the back of the cave.
Curled up!
He reminded Vr’ocria of her little rillard she’d had as a pet when she was a hatchling. Her scales were bright purple now. Thank the planets Aldrick’s eyes were closed. She forced herself to turn around and face the cave entrance before entering stasis.
She couldn’t protect him if she was busy staring at him.
Vr’ocria was beyond relieved when the shuttle arrived the next morning. She and Aldrick boarded eagerly, and the shuttle took them to a space station to await their ship.
Upon arriving at the station, they were assigned temporary living quarters.
“Normally we would put the two of you in separate rooms, but everything is full right now,” the attendant said briskly. “I trust you don’t mind sharing for a few cycles?”
Vr’ocria’s scales rippled nervously, but Aldrick replied before she could say anything. “As long as there’s a bed for me and a stasis chamber for her, I don’t care,” he said.
Vr’ocria was sure her scales were permanently stained purple.
She trailed behind them as the attendant led them to their quarters. “What’s a bed?” she asked.
Aldrick smiled. “It’s where humans usually sleep. You’ll see when we get there.”
The room they were given turned out to be small, but not terribly so. There was a stasis chamber in the corner and some kind of large, rectangular thing draped with what looked like multiple different kinds of fabrics.
Aldrick darted to the rectangle and threw himself face down upon it with a loud sigh, his legs splayed out as they hung off the side. The rectangle appeared to give under his weight, almost bouncing a bit.
“Is the room satisfactory?” The attendant asked.
“God, yes.” Aldrick’s voice was muffled from where he lay. The attendant left without another word.
“So…” Vr’ocria began, “is that a bed?”
Aldrick was in the process of kicking his shoes off. “Yep! Basically just a big squishy cushion with blankets and pillows.” He motioned to the two smaller cushions at the top end of the bed. “I slept like shit in that cave, so I’m exhausted and I’m going to sleep.”
Vr’ocria’s scales flushed their deepest purple yet when he pulled his shirt and uniform pants off. But Aldrick didn’t seem to notice, and simply pulled the upper layers of fabric back and crawled underneath. He curled on his side, resting his head on top of a pillow, one arm clutching the pillow underneath and the other hand pulling the top coverings to his chin.
Vr’ocria’s scales rippled and fluttered.
What was that so blasted cute?
Humans are supposed to be scary. They’re dangerous, they’re nearly unkillable creatures! They should not be allowed to be cute!
She found herself creeping closer until she was standing over him. His eyes were closed, his breathing slowing. Was he already asleep?
She slowly reached out and tentatively brushed a strand of hair out of his face.
She nearly jumped out of her scales when Aldrick’s eyes opened to look up at her. His cheeks were pink again.
His lips curved in a smile. “Everything okay?”
“I–um. Well,” she stuttered, and cursed her clumsy tongue. “Just. Checking if you need anything else for your sleep?”
“Well, actually–” he raised his head to look towards the control panel, “if you don’t mind, could you dim the lights? Easier to sleep when it’s dark.”
“Of course.” Vr’ocria crossed the small room to the panel and turned the lights off. Only a tiny emergency light illuminated the bottom of the door now. She turned to face the door and stood still.
There was a pause, and then Aldrick’s voice came from across the room. “Are you entering stasis?”
“But–Vr’ocria, you don’t have to do it right there. Use the stasis chamber in the corner.”
“I want to do it here.”
“Buy why?”
“To protect you.”
Silence filled the room.
“I want to do it here,” she said firmly.
Silence again. Her insides knotted as she suddenly wondered if she’d offended him.
Then, finally–“Thank you, Vr’ocria.” Aldrick’s voice was softer than she’d ever heard it..
At least it was too dark to see her scales, for once.
Hours later, when she had finished stasis, Aldrick was still sleeping. She could hear his slow, deep breaths drifting through the darkness.
Leaving the lights off, she felt for her communicator in her pocket and addressed a message to her nestmate, Galek.
What do you know about human mating rituals?
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2023.05.28 08:43 Igz60 Rant: low balled from Head of

Hi all, just a quick information about my background:
I'm 30, did my military service by 21, completed Masters by 25, and I have 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Apologies in advance if you find some grammar mistakes!
I was hired in December 21' for an American SaaS company as their first digital marketing manager, I was the only team member in the country while the rest were located in the East Coast. Within 1 year, I revoulatnized their business and how they gain leads, Paid advertising became 50% of the leadgen, I created advanced BI dashboards, 3x the Organic traffic - I was really one of the most important people in the company, the CEO made sure to have a weekly with me, he even gave me a raise once without me asking for one. I was earning 80k a year with options (which is totally fine for my country and role). In that company, I was respected and got what I wanted except a role and headcount, I got bored because I did everything, and the company's ICP was tiny. Everyone in our ICP knew who we were by EoY.
On August 2022, the VP of Marketing (who knew my capabilities) left to a huge global cybersecurity company, 3 days in the new company, I recieve a DM from him asking if I would consider moving as he "really needs me" - I said for the right price and role I'll do it, especially when that cyber company is 10x bigger and preparing for an IPO.
"I'll get you Head of Digital", and I asked for 110k a year (knowing I can bring millions in closed won ARR). It was confirmed by him that this would be the offer.
I began my interviews and onboarding, which took 5 months as they had to work on the position description with HR. I started my onboarding with HR from the US, and everything was good, as promised and discussed. 3 months into the process, i find out they made a mistake, and the onboarding should be with the local HR - which low balled me to Digital Marketing Manager with 90k salary. The VP of Marketing that brought me here promised that I'll become head of in no time, I just need to sign up. I was so committed to the process and ignored all the red flags. Eventually, I signed the contract starting on the 1st of February this year.
When I joined the Cyber company, I was shocked by the neglected stuff. I had to work 3x harder - 700 blog posts cannibalising each other, acquisition that happened with broken redirect urls, no PPC whatsoever. In a nutshell, a huge mess that got piled up since 2015. I started working right away, and it didn't take long to the results to show up to the point where I was selected to the Employee of the Quarter while joining just in 1st of February.
As days pass, I find more rabbit holes and more stuff to deal with following years of neglection - stuff that I prefer a junior to work on as my time is needed elsewhere (creating new processes, new blogs, new campaigns). As I ask for Headcount as it also will promise my Head of title, I find out there's no headcount nor promotions until 2024. I got this information from the same person that brought me here, I was shocked and speechless as I felt tricked, never felt so scammed.
It is more frustrating because as soon as I left for the Cyber company, everyone got promoted while I did the move mainly for the title and responsibility. I'm regretting it because now I have the same job title with 3x the work.
I must say that I'm working 220 hours and really my work can be felt across the Marketing department. The current company is about 600 employees and the previous one was 100.
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2023.05.28 08:43 twinmamab Long post. Cheating advice. 32F and 34M together 7 years and have 3 kids

Look, this is a long post. I am a stay at home mom with no friends and no one to talk to. So if you wanna read all of this and just be kind to me or talk to me or whatever, I would appreciate it more than you probably know.
Background of my relationship: 32F with 34M for 7 years in July. We have kids together. Not married but one day we planned on it. He came to me last night and told me he had downloaded a dating app last week and had been talking to some women. He said he did it because he wanted to “see if he still had it”. He had been texting two women, so he had enough conversation with them to give him his number and was texting them probably in the same room as me sometimes. He only told me bc one of them found out his real name, he was using a fake, and called him out on it bc she found his Facebook, which is covered in pics of us and our kids. So he only told me bc he got caught. He swears it’s only been a week that he was doing it. Swears he never intended on meeting up. The girl messaged me, which I would have seen before he told me if I check fb often but I don’t. She sent me screen shots of all of their text conversations, from when they first got numbers (since they had been talking some before that on the app) and all the way to when she busted him and him apologizing and everything and her going off on him for all of it. When he told me, he asked me what I wanted him to do or if I wanted to see the app, and out of pure anger and sadness I told him immediately to delete the app. Well, now that he deleted the app all of the messages are gone, on her end too. I don’t think I wanna read anymore anyway, bc the texts made me feel sick. But part of me wanted to know everything he was saying to other women. We have been less intimate lately, but we have talked about it and he knows I try, but we have just been busy. I have twin toddlers and an older son and he works long hours, so I’m tired or he’s asleep by the time I settle down for the night. But when he straight up comes to me in bed and says he wishes we could have sex soon, I literally say okay let’s do it now and we do, bc I want to as well and obviously we need to take every opportunity. Sure I’ve turned him down sometimes, but he’s turned me down sometimes as well. So anyway…..I’m a lonely stay at home mom. Who became a full time mom to his son, who’s mom is not around, when he was barely 4 (he’s 9 now). Then we had twins together who are now 3. This man is my best friend. I straight up moved to his town where all of his family lives and he has lived his whole life, to be with him and his son. Closest family I have is an hour away, everyone else is even further. I have no friends here besides his friends, but no actual friends. I’m alone. I do everything for him and our kids. We have a special needs daughter as well and I go to therapy for her 3 times a week and deal with a lot just with her on my own, plus two other kids. I’m lonely. But I’ve never thought about doing what he did. I love our family and would never wanna ruin us. He says he knows he needs to work on himself. He says it was a mistake and he loves me and I’m his soulmate. He said a lot of things. But when I asked him what would have happened if he didn’t get caught? How long would he have let it go on? He says he doesn’t know. I asked if he ever thought about actually meeting up with anyone. He swears he never wanted to do that, that it was all mental/emotional. It was all just fun and exciting apparently. Which, that obviously hurts so damn much. But in the texts I read, they both talked about possibly meeting up and flirting about it and stuff like that. He says he just said everything on there to keep the conversation going. The texts were not totally sexual, but not innocent either. A lot of things he said to her seriously instantly broke my heart and made me wanna throw up. I feel numb.
He’s just walking around the house pouting. I feel sick. I can’t even look at him when I have to talk to him about something about the kids. He keeps trying to have normal conversations with me about random stuff and I just can’t look him in the face or keep up with what he’s wanting to talk about. I want him to feel bad. I want him to regret it to the deepest part of himself. I want to punch him in a lot of places, and then call my dad and tell him, so he can come here and do whatever he feels is necessary. I want to call his sisters and tell them. I want to do a lot of things. But mostly I just want it to be a nightmare and wake up to find out none of this is real.
I don’t know what to do or what to believe from him.
What’s worse, my ex did this exact same thing to me. And he knows that. My ex was messaging other girls, flirting with them, and one of them found out about me on Facebook and messaged me. Again, I am not huge on Facebook and never saw the message from her til after he told me. But if I checked it every day then I would have found out from her first, exactly same way as what’s happening now. That man ended up dumping me and dating my little sister a year later, who had lived with us when we broke up. So you can see how this just cuts even deeper than it normally might, even though I know it’s pretty deep regardless.
I keep looking in the mirror and telling myself how unattractive I am. What’s crazy about that is, I’ve lost about 60 pounds in the last year, I had gained a lot when I had the twins, and gained more after. But I have been feeling so good about myself lately with the weight loss, I get compliments all the time about it with people I know. I actually thought I was pretty. Now I hate how I look. Now my self confidence has disappeared. Which took me a long time to get back in the first place. So with everything, he broke that in me as well.
I know this is a long post. If you made it this far, then thank you. I literally have no one else to talk to. I am afraid to talk to my sisters or parents bc they will lose their minds on him. So I came here and made a brand new Reddit account to post this and get some people to talk to me.
Have you been through something similar to this? If so, how did you handle it? Did you stay together? Did anything else happen down the road if you did? Just any advice or shared sympathy or similar stories would be helpful.
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2023.05.28 08:42 Free-Equivalent3988 Any advice for talking to my landlord about moving/payment plan for rent I owe?

TL;DR: I need to move, I have the opportunity to move but do not have enough money to pay my current landlord AND move. I cannot stay in my living situation anymore, moving is nonnegotiable. How do I talk to my landlord about setting up a payment plan for what I owe him in back rent?

I currently live in a much more dangerous neighborhood than I thought. Lots of shit has happened to me and I feel it in my gut that I need to bounce from this place, I've felt it for months now so this isn't just some random spur of the moment decision. This is something I've thought of for a while but just never could save up enough to actually go through with it.
I've had a handful of dangerous shit happen or almost happen to me, enough to spook me into a better opportunity. I have been the victim of a hit and run while walking in this city, pepper sprayed from a car and ran when they tried to get me in their car, hunkered down in my bathroom when someone was in my backyard absolutely unloading a gun into random houses, and narrowly avoided being right in the center of a shooting, simply because I didn't have work that day (someone started randomly shooting people on the street I used to walk down every single day, around the time I usually walk).
My hours were cut at work early this year so I fell behind on rent. I was applying like crazy to get a second job, but to no avail. I have enough to move into a better neighborhood, but I don't have enough money to pay back my landlord and move. I cannot stay here anymore, I see my chance to get out and I am fucking taking it.
I don't want to just completely abandon my landlord with no rent money though. He has been fairly patient with me being behind on rent and I do want to get him his money. But I need to be in a safer environment. I will not pass up this opportunity.
How should I talk to him about this? I want to reassure him that he is going to get everything I owe him (and was even thinking about offering to pay an extra month or two since it would ultimately take a while to pay back, as a sort of interest). What's the best way to ask for a payment plan? Anyone else who has been in a similar situation or has any advice at all, I would very much appreciate it.
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2023.05.28 08:42 frosty_osteo No previous tabs on startup

Hi guys,

I have a problem with tabs on startup. don't load since I changed privacy.resistFingerprinting and set it to true. When set to false still previous session tabs doesn't load.
I used this article
Any ideas how to fix it?
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