Rsps guns with animations

[DayM] A Zombie Survival Minecraft Mod

2012.08.06 05:20 Cup_O_Coffey [DayM] A Zombie Survival Minecraft Mod

A mod similar to the well known DayZ Standalone. However, its not a clone and it has its own unique twist. The mod uses Minecraft 1.9 without changing any Minecraft SRC code. TL;DR: Zombies, 3D Guns and intense survival gameplay.

2023.05.28 08:12 ConsiderationAdept88 Guilt (triggering)

How do you shark off the feeling of shame and guilt for not being able to leave sooner? I have moments in the past 3 years where I know I should’ve left, when he lied at work and got fired, when he would push our son, I was making good money back then, our kid hadn’t picked up so much in all the abuse and his aggressive ways, he was a happy child and now he’s an anxious 6 year old, he’s been through a lot. Then I think if I would’ve left 2 years ago I wouldn’t have to have an abortion, cause I didn’t want more kids with him, and if I would’ve left a year ago I wouldn’t have a miscarriage either, or so much fighting or crying. I would’ve been able to get my shit together all those times, I had the strength, health, youth. I would’ve been a much better mother, focused, present not just trying to survive or depressed, I would’ve done great in my businesses because I wouldn’t have had someone to bring me down. I would’ve saved myself so, so much shit I had left 3,2,1 year ago. I know if I don’t leave now I’m going to be saying this same thing further down the road but I just feel it’s so fucked up now, like the future caught up with me and I’m so stuck depressed, my health has deteriorated so much, my son is harder to deal with and I end up making bad decisions, I feel so pressured to be the best mom and I feel I haven’t been able to, I closed my business ventures too. I feel a failure, worthless, who is going to want me further down the road right? A kid and a narc ex. Ha! Damaged goods. I’ve thought about just putting a gun in my mouth many times but I know I won’t do that so my son. I just wish I could move on, or I wish I could’ve already moved on better said. But when I look at at those moments 3,2,1 year ago I said the same thing. I CANT LET GO. I don’t have the strength to fight him for custody, or what if right? What if I regret it, what if my son ends up worse, what if I don’t find happiness, what if I’m still the same depressed person after he’s left. I’m scared of that too. How do you process the grief of the past that never was and let go of the fantasy of the family and partner that never will be? How does one move on from abuse?
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2023.05.28 08:12 8mouse Feeling bad about shooting an old hunting rifle for practice.

I just bought a hunting rifle. A 50 year old 30.06 Sako. It's been very well maintained and the wooden stock is even in good condition with only a small crack.
I just have this weird feeling of not wanting to shoot it for recreation (practice really, I could use it). It's like I think it's old and fragile and every shot I take must have a purpose (shooting deer). Now it have killed hundreds of deer and have been shot quite a bit.
Can someone make me feel better about shooting this old gun for fun and practice. I know you're not supposed to shoot too many rounds in a row and let the barrel cool down.
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2023.05.28 08:11 Spooty03 Honey Butter's self-tuck

Honey Butter's self-tuck
I volunteer with an animal adoption group. This is how one of our kitties likes to sleep.
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2023.05.28 08:10 dabhard "The Gang Gets Analyzed" proves how absolutely insane day-to-day life at Paddy's is

During Mac's session with the therapist, he says he's gained and lost 60 pounds over the course of three months. Which means that all of S7 and the first five episodes of S8 happen in a three-month period.
So over the course of 90 days... --the gang is temporarily successful and Mac starts gaining weight to match his doppelganger --Frank tries to marry a prostitute --they visit the Jersey Shore --they organize and host a beauty pageant --Dee gets audited --Frank's brother finds him --an incoming storm sends Philadelphia into a frenzy --they gang teaches Frank how to play Chardee McDennis --they go to a gin bar and try to track down the shusher --they break into a house to steal an artifact --Mac tattles to the priest about the gang laughing at him for getting fat, then starts losing weight --they go see Thunder Gun Express --they go to their high school reunion --Pop-Pop dies --the gang scabs during the garbage union strike --they go to the Ponderosa-McPoyle wedding --Charlie and Dee date the rich siblings --Dee hosts a group dinner that leads to group therapy over the dishes
What an absolutely insane pace to their lives
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2023.05.28 08:10 BT7274ismywaifu Is there still room for unserious and non complex action stories?

I've never been a fan of the fact that serious, gritty, edgy and complex stories are what get most attention, especially the ones that don't look serious but actually take themselves way too seriously (lookin at you Miraculous and Steven Universe). It makes me sad and feel like there's no room for unserious action stories. I myself want to make this kind of world inspired by 70's - 90's media and action movies that are enjoyed even with the simplest concepts and story. I feel like I'm the only one who wants unserious comical cartoon-y action
My stories are heavily inspired by cartoons, games and movies like Transformers, The Bots Master, Centurions, TMNT, GI Joe, M.A.S.K, SWAT Kats, Generator Rex, Avengers EMH, Motorcity, Ben 10, Max Steel, Hot Wheels BF5, Slugterra, Storm Hawks, Ninjago, Megas XLR, Kick Buttowski, SRMTHFG, Randy Cunningham, Tokusatsu, Pacific Rim, Robot Jox, Top Gun, Titanfall, Vanquish, DOOM, Halo, etc.
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2023.05.28 08:09 Independent_Pause_32 25 [M4F/T] accompany me on my new journey?

Hey there stranger,
Ill be doing a hugh step in my life and will move to a new city completely alone without knowing somebody due to a job.
I would love to go through this journey with someone and share our days, struggels or anything really with each other.
Im 25 from germany, quite a nerd that is into fantasy, dnd, gaming in general, but i am also a cook and baker by heart, my last roomate thought i was gay at first... I admit I can hit those high notes in take on me and my stayin alive is on point. Sometimes i even want to sing the barbie while you should do the ken voice.
I love studio ghibli movies and they are a big reason for my artistic journey and even the cause of me learning to animate in blender.
I want the kind of love where we are best friends and the first person to talk each other when something is wrong, the kind of relstionship where we even think of each other while having a good time apart, all the small acts of love during the day and so on.
We will have a big dog called muffin or cupcake, there is no debating in that, but i am open to more pets or even kids when we're ready to settle.
I can not move the next 4 years so it will either be a long distance relationship (where i would still love to see each other at least monthly, depending on the distance) or youre willing to move somewhere close to munich.
Thank you for reading this and ill be happy to talk more in dms :)
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2023.05.28 08:09 New-Tradition-634 Questions pertaining to Colorado gun laws

Hello there currently reside in Colorado and had some questions pertaining to the more interesting gun laws here, the questions are as followed.
# 1. There is a ban on high capacity magazines can you buy these magazines online and have them shipped to your house or is that illegal... To be specific I want to buy the cmmg 22LR conversion kit for the AR-15 but it comes with 3, 25 round magazines, also it'd be nice to own 25 and 30 round magazines for my ruger 10/22
# 2. There is also a ban on binary triggers can I buy those online and if not can I go to another state and buy them and bring them to Colorado or is that illegal as well
# 3. Are there any rules/laws pertaining to the creation and or usage of 3D printed parts in the state of Colorado
# 4. It was suggested to me that I could buy things online and have them sent to a friend or family from another state where gun laws are less strict and they could send it to me through the mail is this bad and illegal or all right (nothing sent to family or friends would require FFL this would be Parts and magazines)

If anything you've read here sounds like it the dumbest things that anyone could possibly ask in their entire lives
if that was your thought sorry just trying to learn the laws better and in return get a better understanding so I can continue collecting, building and having fun
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2023.05.28 08:09 UnshakenBastard Body dysmorphia as a mixed-race filipino and racism from other ethnicities preventing me from getting more involved with Asian culture.

Before you read this, I want to apologize if this comes across as scatter-brained. These thoughts have been building for years and only recently did I suddenly have the urge to rant about this.
I have struggled with my identity my entire life. My father is white, and my mother is Filipino. However, my dad is very ignorant of culture outside the US (in a bigoted way) and my mother only recently started to push me to learn Filipino culture (about two years ago, but I am 22).
I have tried to make Asian friends from similar ethnic backgrounds, but they either ignore me or are enamored with American culture so its hard to really absorb authentic Filipino/Asian experiences.
I attribute this to a few factors; my physical appearance and where I specifically grew up.
I have probably struggled with my physical appearance my entire life, from both family and strangers. My father is full white, and my mother is Filipino; my appearance resembles more of a Hispanic person rather than Asian. I used to joke that I can’t fit in among white people, Asians, or Hispanic people, but unfortunately this feels closer to reality every day. Being raised in Texas (and among my white grandparents) I have always felt looked down upon based upon my skin complexion. When I worked in fast food, I once had an elderly white man order me to stop taking his order and have my white coworker complete it instead. Hispanic people often walk up to me speaking to me in Spanish and being shocked I am Asian (though I find this more funny rather than offensive).
What isn’t funny is the amount of disdain I see from Asian people. When I tell Asian people I am Asian, they often deny me or tell me I’m Mexican/Cuban and I don’t know it. I was bullied by a Chinese kid in middle school because my skin was so dark, and he would often call me “cholo” and other derogatory names. However, the worst case came from an ex-girlfriend that I once loved unconditionally and had plans to marry. She told me one night that she wanted “full-blooded Korean children” in her future, and it destroyed me to be judged by someone I cared for so deeply for something I literally could not control. Additionally, her mom once told me that Filipinos have lots of genetic diseases when I had dinner at her parents place. These two traumatic experiences are some of the biggest reasons I have struggled with my identity.
I’m not stupid, I see how both Asian and western culture fetishize fair and pale skin. It is so frustrating that people ignore racism among Asian subgroups. I know Indians and (for lack of a better word) middle eastern people suffer from being called “not really Asian.”
I have tried trendy Asian haircuts/outfits, but there is only so much I can do. And the other day (this is the reason for my post) one of my work acquaintances told me I should stop “trying to look like an Asian” and it really got under my skin.
It sucks when people deny the race that you actually are, it feels like screaming at a brick wall to move and nothing happens. I think because I don’t look Asian I am excluded from Asian events at my college. Asian people are usually dry in conversation whereas I honestly have no issues with college kids of other races. Because of this, I feel locked out from experiencing a huge part of my identity simply because I do not “fit the look.”
Another factor included in this is my geographic location, Texas. Aside from having very few Filipino people in my exact region of Texas, I live in a house obsessed with American culture. I have nothing against it honestly, but when we eat hamburgers three days in a row for dinner, I can’t help but desire some sort of variety with my food. I do my best to eat more Filipino cuisine, but a lot of the filipino food in America is really greasy and it upsets my diet/stomach. Food aside, the Asian community in Texas is obsessed with American culture with a splash of eastern Asian influence. For example, they are obsessed with KPOP and anime to an extent that they are mimicking their fashion style and looks. Everyone is wearing Uniqlo, streetwear, and a pearl necklace/chain. Everyone is drinking Boba or going to raves and it is honestly so tiring.
Additionally, my father is pretty racist when it comes to Hispanics and black people, but most of his insults are based on the color of their skin. These insults honestly feel like they could apply to me and any racist person could direct these slurs to me any day.
Because of this, I have almost zero connection to my heritage or cultural identity. And it is so frustrating to see people connect with others just because they are Asian because whenever I try it I am shot down.
Has anyone else struggled with this? I feel trapped that I will never truly experience my culture due to my dysmorphia and where I live and it makes me very depressed.
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2023.05.28 08:08 DeddCole G&G TR16 308 line: MBR vs. SBR?

I am looking forward for the summer and want to pick up another piece for my ever-increasing specialty (a smoother word for proprietary magazine stuff) gun collection and the G&G 308 looks especially sharp for that purpose. Can anyone tell something from experience about the G&G TR16 308 platform? I know the special capabilities of the G2H gearbox, so that isn't a question. Don't lecture me on that. Also, can I run an 11.1V LiPo with it? If it can run 11.1V, then I won't be buying any batteries as I have those already. The main question is about the difference in the front barrel portion as well as the stock. I know the grip on the SBR is thinner and could be more comfortable. The grips are probably interchangable, so the grip is not that big of a problem. I won't pick up any high-caps either (unless I do find some in my country), so are the magazines the same size as the SR-25/AR-10 mags? Needing to pick up some mag pouches as well as the mags are 40 bbs.
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2023.05.28 08:08 Queer_Queein 😩😩😩

Whenever i open hotstar 😩 i am gently kissed by the opening animation 😩 and when the app opens 😩 my heart skips a beat 😩 i can't help but just stare for a few minutes 😩 because the app is just so beautiful 🥵 everytime the video player glitches 😩 everytime the app crashes 😩 i just fall in love with hotstar even more 🥵 our relationship is so cute 🥵 but recently jio cinema has appeared 😩 i can't stop thinking about it 😩 I'm so tempted to cheat on hotstar 🥵 to taste all of that spicy hbo content 🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵
Now that jiocinema is about to get new clothes (app redesign) 🥵 I'm just so tempted 😩🥵😩😩🥵😩🥵😩🥵😩🥵😩😩🥵🥵😩🥵
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2023.05.28 08:07 Cute_Hair3670 Review !!!

gotta be one of the worst games I ever played 🤣 imma start with the admins. They are the second worst thing about the game besides the hackers. They break every single rule and treat the players like shit but god forbid a player do something back, An immediate ban. Then you have the players who suck the admins dick just to not get rked and banned. But imma skip past that and get on to the constant glitches and bs. For a very long period of time it was almost impossible to not get kicked from the game after 10+ minutes over countless glitches. Fyi unless you want to pay at the very least 80+ US dollars, it is not the easiest thing in the world to get guns. So when you finally do get one youd get kicked over something like getting punched, falling, or getting hit by a car. Still the admins actually might be worse than the hackers. If youve ever met one you can easily tell sl2 is the only place they feel confident and can act like an egotistical dickhead 🤣 niggas is mad sherm irl and all wannabe nyc or london drill rappers. dont let them lil skinny fat niggas fool u they not like that n they outcast losers, Thanks for reading I hope ya take my advice n stay away frm this hoe ass game :D.
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2023.05.28 08:07 Ashamed-Freedom-8837 Old occurrence but still need advice

So tonight I got into an argument with my father while visiting home. I’m 25f and my father is somewhere in his 40s, if that matters. Either way I brought up how my grandparents let their dogs pee in the home I stay with them in and my father proudly said he was a great dog owner because when my childhood chihuahua got old and I left for college they kicked her outside (she has never been an outside dog before) she passed away two years ago but it was really sad to see. He said my grandparents don’t deserve their dogs because they are old and pee everywhere, and I told him he does not deserve dogs either. They currently have a rat terrier that lives outside because he has bad temperament, I think he’s maybe 14 years old and hasn’t been bathed in over 7 years. He lives in a pen outside then let in the garage at night to a crate. They also own a 10 year old boxer they treat well and after arguing and my father getting mad and defensive for me saying he was irresponsible with the chihuahua. I asked what will happen to the boxer when she gets old and unable to control her bowels. He said he will make her live outside as well so his house doesn’t smell like pee. I’m worried about the well being of the dogs. I have no idea what steps I can take to protect them because I can’t take them from my parents. Is there any advice on how to change his mindset and make him see he is in the wrong? How can I make productive change for these animals. Is this an okay way of life for these animals or am I being sensitive?
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2023.05.28 08:06 CumfartablyNumb Long term depression and despair TW

I turned 40 in January and I've been looking back on my life. I've been profoundly depressed since early childhood. I was traumatized early on.
When I was young I was desperate to heal so I could establish a life for myself have friends, and a relationship. No matter how bad I felt inside I always clung to the hope that it would be better.
After 25 years of therapy and antidepressants I can say that the trauma has won. I've lived the majority of my life in pain and anger. I won't bother trying to explain what it's like. You know it or you don't.
I no longer have hope. This isn't going to be okay. There's nothing therapy or meds can do to take away the pain. I no longer have the desire for friends or love. Sex means nothing to me. There's nothing money can buy that I want and nowhere I want to go. I'm not worried about retirement because I don't anticipate living to retire.
I don't know what to do. I think deeply depressing thoughts every single day, all day. I'm thinking them while I watch TV, work, socialize, etc. Even when I used to date and have sex, depression would be front and center in my brain. And I do mean during sex itself. Nothing takes this away.
I'm so exhausted. I can talk endlessly to therapists about this. There's nothing they dan say that will help. At 40 I can say in all sincerity that I wish I had committed suicide when I was a 17 year old. I had the gun to my head but I didn't pull the trigger because I had been conditioned to believe that it would get better.
It's only gotten worse. And it gets increasingly worse with each passing year.
What am I realistically supposed to do? Do people really expect me to endure another 40 years of unhappiness and psychological anguish?
So many others are depressed. I know I'm not alone. That doesn't help.
Writing this ultimately doesn't help, either. Why did I have to suffer for so long? What purpose did it serve?
I'm trying to hold out until my mom passes away to spare her the pain of losing her son, but I don't know that I can hold on much longer. Death is all I think about and I no longer have that voice in my head listing reasons to hang on. I know that I will never anything I want in life because I genuinely want nothing life has to offer.
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2023.05.28 08:06 Luckydvljr For anyone who still has one more day of the event

So for anyone that still has Sunday for the event mainly US players. When Shadow Mewtwo becomes enraged. Stopp ALL attacks and spam your purified gems. I noticed this with my friends the quick attacks stop the purified gem animations. I'm not sure if this is well known but we subdued mewtwo much quicker doing this. Good luck trainers and hopefully this helps
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2023.05.28 08:06 TarzanThePimp (Gamer's IQ Needed) Can anyone help in any way to try to find this long lost PS1 game?

From what I remember from a distant memory of playing this game (And I for sure remember it was an actual game because I had played it multiple times) The graphics were very good for the moment in time I was playing it, maybe 2005/6 or a little up, because it was my dads PS1 I dont know exactly when he acquired the system or the game itself. Along with graphics was the character being a Big chubby looking Pink Pig that had clothes on and guns like a machine gun or something.
And what action in particular I remember and what made it so memorable to me at a young age which was I was able to do experimental things like rpg style gta. In particular I remember walking the streets of the new yorkish style city and entering what looked like a strip club with strippers dancing around stripper poles, and me just messing around and seeing if I could lay off a few rounds inside of the strip club. And I do remember once you shot a stripper or something the cops came and you had to get out of there.
So, thats all I can remember because it was a very long time ago playing and it was at a time where the PS1 was kind of old school but still a playable machine.
All I can offer to the search is that I was able to ask Chatgpt and try to figure some things out and from it's results it gave me the games (Loaded, Postal, and Fighting Force) and I can honestly say these games did not look like the game at all and their graphics are not really in comparison to the game im trying to figure out.
If you guys have any further questions for me if you are willing to help I am happy to respond, its been on my mind for as long as I can remember.
P.S this is my first post and I am pretty confident the minds of reddit can crack this.
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2023.05.28 08:05 KekiGenshin My vid got age restricted during the checking phase after editing it in youtube studio

So after i uploaded a new vid. I trimmed it a bit to remove dull parts then during the checking phase after editing. It age restricted it and sent me an email that it got age restricted. I clicked on the email to appeal but it says "Appeal not available" It got age restricted due to an automation error. Which caused it to plummet from 300 views per minute to 100 views per minute. After the checks the age restriction got removed. And it was only during the checks. But what makes me frustrated is the checks took 1 hour. I lost a ton of potential views from the video due to it. What info i can give is automatic age restriction likes to age restrict videos who have extremely loud audio on specific parts mistakening it as "gun shots" or "explosions" pretty much ear rape. If you don't want to deal with bs from age restriction from automation then avoid that.
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2023.05.28 08:05 SomerandomBumframe For anyone who's thinking about doing Spec Ops

There are a few things you need to know.
First off, they are designed to make you fail.
  1. You need Regenerative Materials, Vengeance and AP Rounds. That means the op you're going to bring needs to be at least level 11. If you have an op at lv15, Shooting Posture or Respiratory Training go in the last slot. If you don't have them, get them, otherwise you're wasting your time and everyone else's who gets matched with you. Bots in SO do more damage, are more accurate and have higher total counts per mission than Sweep.
  2. You need RM so you can bring ammo packs. The game purposely does not provide enough ammo in the majority of them to complete it otherwise.
  3. You need Vengeance. Even Buggy, Karavai and Bard will struggle during the bot rush sections. If you go down, you take a -10 penalty to your total HP. You do not want to get downed.
  4. You need AP Rounds. Not Heavy Barrel. Every bullet needs to count. Canglong is the exception, in which case use Quick Release Mags.
  5. Unless you know you're going to be frequently using you're ability, use Shooting Posture in the 4th slot if you can, for the same reason as 3. Bring Medkits and Ammo unless you're the medic. Use Shooting Posture if you are the medic.
  6. Bots are legit aim bots. Pick a spot, pick a firing line, stick with it. Do not wiggle like an idiot thinking it's going to help you dodge. It won't. It will get you shot accidentally by one of your team mates. Get used to purposely avoiding having your reticle or movement in a position where it's going to line up with an ally. If your reticle turns blue, immediately stop shooting.
  7. SO Support Officers have a ton of armor and HP and do an equally massive amount of damage. Enemy Medics can and will cost you the match if they aren't killed as quickly as possible. APR will help massively with Supports, headshot Medics to stun them. If you have to dump a full mag into a Medic to kill them, do it.
  8. You need to be able to headshot consistently with your op, unless you're using Canglong. A headshot stun is the difference between being dead.
  9. If someone who's around account level lv50+ says something, listen to them. There are a ton of little tricks to manipulate bot spawn patterns, cheese difficult objectives and make each mission much easier in general.
  10. Stick together, do not rush, never start an interactable objective until everyone's ready. If you see someone placing mines or getting ammo, wait. Don't be like the horde of shot blocking suicidal noobs in Sweep who immediately interact with or run into everything they see, you will not win. Every death counts against your time, syringes, hp total, medics stamina and overall resources.
The operators to use... Voron, Koszmar Kit, Prorok Buggy, Karavai, Bard Canglong, Scout, Vidarr
Koszmar are Prorok are specifically for maps that need you to prevent a bot from deactivating something you activated. Emir and Al Malik in particular. The gas tick makes bots flinch out of their interaction animation, and enter a loop where they try to interact, flinch, try to interact, flinch, etc. This will also break the AI of other bots near them, as they'll keep "deciding" which of them goes to try to turn the generator off. Prorok can also smoke the generator at the first part of Emir, turn it off by himself, then continuously keep gas on it.
Voron, Kit and Canglong have claymores/ mines. Use them. The two paths to the right of the control room at the start of Dam, either side of the triple gen room in Al Malik, the paths leading up to the final spot on Al-Rabad etc. Not only will they kill the bots coming through there, they work as alerts, particularly in the triple gen room.
Buggy, Karavai and Bard have the highest healing output per minute. All of their heals can affect everyone on the team in one cast. Buggy also has Iron Curtains, which will save you from insta wipes due to grenades and rockets. Bard also has team wide damage reduction which can save you during rushes. All three also have good guns for Medics, though you need to get Bard leveled to the point where he gets his vert grip.
Scout and Vidarr are specifically for the Mall. They work on Al Malik as well, but you have to go through a lot of Support Officers at the end. Cang is usually a better choice for that, due to his cloak and 4 mines.
This is a lot to keep in mind, but SO is not easy mode. We used to farm these for credits. Now it's nearly impossible to get consistent clears. The in-game requirements for unlocking the mode are no where near high enough to give players a chance at clearing them.
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2023.05.28 08:05 Queer_Queein 😩😩😩

Whenever i open hotstar 😩 i am gently kissed by the opening animation 😩 and when the app opens 😩 my heart skips a beat 😩 i can't help but just stare for a few minutes 😩 because the app is just so beautiful 🥵 everytime the video player glitches 😩 everytime the app crashes 😩 i just fall in love with hotstar even more 🥵 our relationship is so cute 🥵 but recently jio cinema has appeared 😩 i can't stop thinking about it 😩 I'm so tempted to cheat on hotstar 🥵 to taste all of that spicy hbo content 🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵
Now that jiocinema is about to get new clothes (app redesign) 🥵 I'm just so tempted 😩🥵😩😩🥵😩🥵😩🥵😩🥵😩😩🥵🥵😩🥵
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2023.05.28 08:04 throwawayice4 The majority of time, the moment someone calls someone else left wing or right wing on a post is the moment I know they are not worth talking to

This is the weird dumb thing about Reddit. Like if I talk about asking for a nice gun range someone is gonna be like oh why are conservatives so obsessed with guns and pushing to outlaw abortion. Like bro. All you know is I am looking for a gun range.
Even on this sub even if the opinion is not something you agree with you can't just call them something bad make a whole lot of assumptions. What the hell does being right wing even mean..
Similarly it's like there is no nuance. Like if I say that I'm OK with people making gay characters even if it's for gratuity sake it doesn't mean I'm OK with kids on puberty blockers.
Point being. Bring up whether these opinions on this sub is conservative or not is really dumb and pointless
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2023.05.28 08:04 HeresyInc Here's what's wrong with Tarkov's audio. And it's so simple it'll make you mad.

With the exception of guns. None of the audio has distanced recordings. It's the same audio clip at all distances with it's volume level being how you decide the distance of footsteps. Not only is this unreliable, it's straight up not how you do audio design. If you go to any other Triple A fps game and listen to the audio, you will find there is different footstep audio depending on the distance. So Nikita, tell your audio team to go outside and record everything at different distances.
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2023.05.28 08:03 Wallace_B With hundreds of call-outs every day, wildlife rescue services can help us understand the threats to our native animals

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2023.05.28 08:03 Dakodie 🔸Thousands of Movies & Shows on DB's Plex 🔸

Are you tired of spending $50+ a month on streaming services just to watch a few movies you enjoy? Look no further, DB's Plex is a media library with thousands of movies and shows from all years, we have anime, thriller, action, shooter, everything!
If we don't have a movie or show you're looking for, we will have it added in 5-10 minutes if you request in the designated channel. I look forward to seeing you!
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