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2023.05.28 08:39 ISB00 Aether, Nether, and Overworld (1)

Here is my idea for 3 realms. Heaven, Earth, and Overworld analogues. When the universe first began there were only a collections of spirits floating around. Over time these spirits coalesced into two spectrums. One one end were the spirits who believed that eternity should be spent on finding meaning through beauty and aesthetics. Pursuing knowledge and perfecting harmony. Then there were the spirits who believed that conflict and strife alone breath through the monotony of an eternal existence. That only through conquest can one hope to achieve anything. The third group of spirits either agreed with both, neither, or believed that eternity should just be spent enjoying it in its entirety.
The spirits ultimately agreed to split the universe up into their three respective domains. The spirits who kept their original form to maintain and shape the realm that is analogous to heaven would be called celestials. In Earth they would be called elementals. In Hell they would be called infernals.
The other spirits who wouldn't be needed to maintain the various realms would take on physical forms. In the realm known as heaven most of the spirits who took on physical form would be known as angels. A few of the most powerful spirits who took on physical form would be known as gods. In the realm known as Earth most spirits would become animals. Only a few of the most powerful spirits would become titans. In the realm known as Hell, most spirits would become demons. Only the most powerful would be dubbed Devils.
The nature and intent of the various spirits would influence the realms. The heavenly realm desired perfection and their realm and its denizens would burst with overflowing spiritual energy in a paradise of ever lasting energy. Hell sought glory so there realm would be a world dedicated solely for conflict where only the strong could thrive.
The spirits who made Earth only sought to continue their experiences and live. The power of the average animal pales in comparison to demons and devils. The Titans also make the smallest ratio of their realm, especially compared to Gods or Demons.
However, the fact that Earth was made with the intention of new experiences made it the most expansive and encompassing of all the realms. A epiphany the realms of Heaven and Hell would realize, after learning they are being absorbed into Earth. Earth would slowly but surely add Heaven and Hell to it to form a singular realm to encompass the entire universe. Heaven would be absorbed into a series of sky islands, continents, and archipelago, and Hell would be forced under Earth as a massive ever snaking Subterranean world.
The Gods and Devils would realize this and start investing in Earth early to exert control over it for the inevitable merger. They would until the battle and death of the Titans. The Titans would have a largely hands off approach until encourage and supported to rule through proxy by the other realms. However, the various denizens of Earth would get used to their lax approach and be outraged to have new overlords. The Dragons would be the greatest rebels as the strongest animals. A war between the Dragons and the Titans begin that leave the Titans diminished and the Dragons near extinct. The few remaining Titans decide that governing Earth is a folly and invite the various Devils and Gods to try for themselves.
The Gods and Devils try to build followings and power base on Earth, particularly the humans. The humans are the smartest race on Earth and the only one capable of forming the complex cults they wish for, especially after the near extinction of the Dragons even they come to fear. The relationships between Humans and the Deities are complex and that isn't to mention the relationship between Heaven and Hell. Ultimately Hell is beaten back and rejected by most of Earth in favor of Heaven. Heaven also started exerting control over Hell directly. Several Gods descend into Hell to take over vast swaths of it and take command of the Demons from Devils, beating them back and lowering their numbers. Eventually with the help of their angels, some humans, and a few demons the Devils are wiped out entirely. With the Gods as the prominent deities of Earth they began to guide humans to build a variety of civilizations and use them as pawns in their games. However, after millennial of being the toys of the increasingly decadent Gods the humans rebel with the aid of the angels who grow tired being subordinate to the Gods.
As time passes the Demons and Angels grow melancholic as they realize their age is coming to an end. The absorption of their realms also mean the weakening of their powers, which is what made the defeat of the Gods possible for the humans.
Archangel is used for angels strong enough to be recognized by the deities. Archdemon is the term for demons. There isn't an equivalent term for humans but the most common one was Buddha.
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2023.05.28 08:28 ChrisDolemoth 41[M4M] LTR/FWB/Polyamorous - Atlantic County

I’ve tried this previously and talked to some really great guys, but things never materialize because of distance or work schedules. So here I am trying again.
41M looking for my unicorn. I'm looking for what would probably best be described as a polyamorus LTR with another man.
A little bit about my background will put this in better perspective. I'm married to a heterosexual cis gendered woman. We've been together for a very long time and love each other very deeply. There is no desire to change that relationship. My wife and I have discussed this quite extensively and think that me finding a "boyfriend" would be beneficial to me and our relationship as a whole. She really loves and supports my bisexuality, and wants to see me be able to explore that more. Frankly, I do too.
I'm just really tired of the hook up culture. It's not for me. Yeah I've had some hot man on man sex, but for the most part it has been less than desirable. I want to find a guy that I can really build a connection with. Having that closeness will absolutely make the sex much more pleasureable than any hook up could ever be, but it's not just about that either. I want to experience what it's like to be in love with another man. I want to hold hands, I want to kiss, I want to date, I want to make love.
Me: 41, white (German/Swiss/English/Scottish), 5' 10", dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 200lbs, average build, bisexual bottom. Drug and disease free (tested regularly). I have never barebacked and would love to be used like that. I'm not out but I don't exactly hide it either. It just isn't something that I discuss publicly. I'm pretty masculine and straight appearing. You would probably never know I was bi by looking at me. I love the outdoors. I enjoy going to beach, hiking, camping, and biking. I love movies. Not a big sports guy, but I don't hate them. I love beer and whiskey.
You: Around my age +/- 10 years (Not a hard rule, just not old enough to be my father), I prefer white and Latino guys (again not a hard rule), my height or taller, bisexual or gay top. I'm not a size queen, but would like average or better (cut please). I prefer a more masculine man that doesn't mind being dominant. Be drug and disease free (have proof). Non-smoker. Country boys and blue collar types to the front of the line. Live in South Jersey or close to Atlantic County, and must be able to host.
I know this is probably a long shot, but if this sounds like something that you would be into please feel free to message me. Serious inquiries only please.
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2023.05.28 08:08 Alchemy39 Documents required by Brazilian Citizens who got married outside of Brazil

Hi, my girlfriend (Brazilian) and I (non-Brazilian) are planning to get married in my country of birth. The problem is that the Civil Status Office here is requesting some documents from Brazil that she can't find there. Below are the required documents that we are having difficulties to obtain.

  1. Affidavit sworn or any other legal document duly sworn or affirmed by him/her before a Court of law or where unable to do so before the authorized person/body entitled to receive Affidavit (Justice of peace, Solicitor, Notary, Commission of Oath, among others) in his/her country of residence attesting that s/he is in gainful employment or alternatively has sufficient means to maintain himself/herself. + 4 photocopies.
  2. Affidavit sworn or any other legal document duly sworn or affirmed by him/her before a Court of law or where unable to do so before the authorized person/body entitled to receive Affidavit (Justice of peace, Solicitor, Notary, Commission of Oath, among others) in his/her country of residence attesting his/her marital status. + 4 photocopies.
  3. (Note : For countries where affidavits (1) and (2) are not sworn before a court of law, an attestation from either the ministry responsible for Foreign Affairs or its Embassy / Mission will have to be produced to the effect that the procedure of swearing an affidavit before a Court of law is not a legal requirement in their country of residence.
The documents in points 1) & 2) are not the issue here, we have managed to get those from a Notary, however, for the last document, the attestation, neither the ministry of foreign affairs or the embassy under whose jurisdiction we fall under seems to be able to provide us with it. When contacted, the embassy simply provides us with a link to follow to apply for a certificate of non-impediment to marriage. We have tried asking them if they could provide the attestation, but they keep sending us back to the link. Although the non-impediment certificate would be beneficial to us for point 2), it would be meaningless if we don't have the attestation.
We are desperate at this point. Any help from people who went through the same issues would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 08:00 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion - May 28, 2023

Welcome to the Weekly Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating.
Moderation is less stringent on this thread than on the rest of the sub, but people are still expected to behave and respect each other’s opinions.
That said, consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any (coin/trade) information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.
Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take. Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage instead?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams.
The LTO Network team will never ask you to send your coins to them, to get something in return or otherwise.
· Be respectful. Behave with civility and politeness. Do not use offensive, racist or homophobic language.
· Discussion topics must be related to cryptocurrency/LTO Network.
· Comments will be sorted by newest first.
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2023.05.28 08:00 AutoModerator Sunday, May 28 2023 - Weekly Off Topic / Complaints / Pictures / Everything Else Thread

Welcome to the weekly thread that covers everything off topic, fluff, etc!
Feel free to post anything to this thread, as long as it has some relation to Ubiquiti - pictures, rants, whines, complaints, easy small questions you don’t want to make a whole post for, or even just sharing the picture of your cat sitting on top of your EdgeRouter!
Only rules here are to be civil, no personal attacks, etc stuff like that.
Have a great week everyone!
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2023.05.28 07:41 Chrystolis22 To Hurt A Mother Bear

Trigger warning for blood, the violation of the Geneva Convention, dead children, and just a little bit of torture.
"You made a mistake."
"You should have left me alone."
I glare apathetically at the shaking C'ultrina who's exoskeleton clad form stared in horror at the blade dripping with the blood of her drones and underlings.
"Yes I was a 'criminal' under your laws and yes I was taking away other 'criminals'. You however dropped a vacuum bomb on my house and the children I saved. Children in my protection that were almost ready to go through the portal to Earth."
"Trust me I'm not the only one that noticed your heinous act." I leaned on the point of my rapier digging into the stone beside her neck. "There are things far older and more powerful than you out there. Like people with morals and standards."
"To be fair they don't always follow their rules themselves. However it doesn't take long for a revolution or a social movement… that I may have had a hand in. To fix things."
"In other words… unlike you, it's possible to reason with them."
I lean forward and bare my fangs at her neck. "I am a vampire, true, but do you know what I used to be? What the 'psychotic bitch' - if I've done my translation right - used to be?"
I watch as her eyes widened as she realize she missed something. "Yes though I've lived for many millennia as a vampire, and though I am probably the oldest on this planet bar the planet itself… I was born a Human."
I grin as realization dawns on her. I tear my rapier through the stone away from you and stand up when you flinch away from me.
"Yes I stole some of your planet's magic for my own. I was hoping to see what a technomagocricy was capable of past an industrial level of technology."
"It's a shame I'll have to end it all."
"Don't worry I'm not a monster… yet. I still have some mercy to give. I'll call in a few favors and ask them to blow up some of your nukes for you. I think reducing your civilization to the stone age to try again is a reasonable punishment for the genocide you mercilessly purpotrated here."
I chuckle as I turn my back to her. "You probably won't live to see it though… what you did to those children in my care… I can't forgive you for that."
I grin savigly as I hear the sound of an arcane pistol being cocked and laugh as the bullet tore through my chest.
Coughing up blood my voice drops into a snarl. "So you do have a spine after all."
She watches in horror as I use my own blood to yank the bullet from the wall in front of me and turn to face her again.
"What? You thought that would kill me?" I cough up more blood and grin. "Oh the irony that even if you hit my heart I'd just come back! In your hubris you didn't even try to find my weakness. Trusting your superior magic and technology to kill someone who can't die from magic or technology."
"How pathetic. You won't even understand when I call you Icarus."
I glance at the deformed bullet as my blood fashions it into a spike, and Imbue it with a curse.
"I curse you Icarus, for flying too close to the sun and thinking yourself above all others. For constructing a genocide for political gain against the Kaltar who grew up as siblings on this planet with you."
My voice raises in volume as I start to yell through the pain and blood.
"For violating the Geneva Convention of the United Species! I grow quiet again as I choke back tears now… "and for killing my adopted children. I Marqués Vermilion of Earth sentence you to a slow and painful death."
Who knows…" I grin, as your bullets tear through me again.
"Maybe you'll live long enough to witness the end of yours and your Queen's ambitions." I push the spike through your chest like a hot knife through butter and watch the runes light up blue from your blood fueling the curse.
"Seeing as you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell, against the might of a righteous crusade of angry humans that's… surely already on its way." I finish inserting the spike in time for us both to fall. Her from pain and me from blood loss.
As I release my blood magic and let my body start its rapid regeneration I say to her writhing form. "Be thankful I gave your species a second chance."
I close my eyes as consciousness finally flees from me and I welcome the embrace of the dark once more.
This is my first story on this sub I hope y'all enjoy it! If you have any suggestions or criticism I'd love to hear it.
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2023.05.28 07:30 SL13PNIR Cardano Daily Discussion - May 28, 2023

Cardano Daily Discussion - May 28, 2023
Hello everyone,
Welcome to the Cardano Daily Discussion!
The standard sub rules apply here (see sidebar), with the exception that price discussion is allowed in this thread, though we encourage you to try not to make this the focus and talk about the project itself. Please ask questions, help others and be civil - be sure to get involved in Project Catalyst too!
If you're new, please make sure you're read through the newbies guide and share it with others (use the ?newbies comment command to reference it).

⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️

Please read the Cybersecurity guidelines for Cardano Users.
There are ongoing giveaway scams on youtube and many scammers lurking in Cardano's social channels impersonating ambassadors/moderators/official staff contacting users via direct messages.
For example, searching 'cardano' on youtube and sorting by most recent upload date shows several giveaway scams running (all videos in screenshot are scams):

Ongoing 'giveaway' scams on Youtube
The youtube scams are automated; use stolen footage usually of Charles Hoskinson and are restreamed so to appear to be 'live'; appear to have many watchers (which are bots); use bought hacked channels and are edited to appear like official channels.
See this post for more examples of what they look like
Do not be fooled!

To be clear:
  • ⚠️ There is no such thing as a Cardano giveaway
  • ⚠️ Never share your seed phrase with ANYONE
  • ⚠️ Never send ADA to someone promising to send you more ADA back
  • ⚠️ You will never be contacted by ambassadors/moderators/staff
Please report scams on the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau.

⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️

Midnight Subreddit

In anticipation of Input Output's new data protection blockchain 'Midnight', I've managed to acquire Midnight through some negotiation and repurpose it for the Cardano Community (the sub was created for a card game back in 2011 but was mostly unused).
I decided to do this as I thought the project will eventually need a home on reddit and best to setup now before any scammers do. Obviously there's not much to post about on there right now as it's early days as the project is yet to be released, but if you'd like to be kept up to date on the project please feel free to join the new subreddit if the project interests you and I'll be sure to post updates as and when they become available.
Right now the sub is mostly a carbon copy of cardano, I've copied most of the automod and rules over, so certain aspects may seem a little incongruent atm, but I'll tailor and tweak the sub as we go. Feel free to send me or post any input if you want stuff to change.
Cheers all
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2023.05.28 07:04 Fictionarious Quick overview of the ProRights position (and of its compatibility with Reddit's content policy)

Today (well, a few days ago, anyway) marks the second time that polite explanation/defense of the ProRights position on reproductive rights (abortion necessarily included, of course) has been maliciously reported by "pro-choice" users and subsequently censored by mods over on abortiondebate (this time with the assistance of some Reddit admin or another, evidently not doing their due diligence in reviewing the position, any statement I have ever made pertaining to it, and/or Reddit's own policies). In honor of this occasion, it may be warranted to provide a brief restatement of the position, review its general compatibility with Reddit terms of service, and observe its obvious relevance to the aforementioned debate in any (unbiased or free) public forum.

What are the motivations for and intended consequences of the ProRights position?

As ProRights advocates, we believe that nobody should be forced to become/remain a parent to any child (in any capacity) against their present will. They should not be forced into parenthood by the government. They should not be forced into parenthood by their partner. They should not be forced into parenthood by some act of conspiracy between the two. Likewise and therefore, there is no basis for forcing them to undergo or remain in any of the biological processes that typically or necessarily precede parenthood (coitus, impregnation, gestation, or delivery). The compulsion of the initiation or of the perpetuation of any of these conditions/events, either by force or by fraud, is categorically a moral wrong, and the best-of-all-possible-societies are those that adopt reasonable and effective policies specifically to discourage and prevent the occurrence of these varieties of reproductive coercion.
The morally-incidental fact that humans are a viviparous species presents a notable (but not remotely insurmountable) practical challenge to this effort. As a technologically advanced civilization, we have the ability to provide both of the following improvements to justice "according to (or under) nature":
The moral impetus for both of these provisions is, in fact, identical: enfranchising people with maximally symmetric rights under the law. Pregnancy-incapable partners have the effective right not to undergo or remain in a state of pregnancy, by virtue of being incapable of it. Pregnancy-capable partners should, therefore, be granted this same right as soon as is feasible. Pregnancy-capable people have the effective right to be totally confident that their forthcoming children are really theirs, in every case, by virtue of being susceptible to it. If they have also been granted the right to abort said pregnancy, they also have a postcoital right to end their forthcoming parenthood status/role in real terms, in tandem with that. Pregnancy-incapable people should, therefore, be granted these same rights as soon as is feasible.
As a morally advanced society striving to establish a reasonable combination of freedom and justice in a Rawlsian sense (or, justice "over nature"), we have the obligation to provide both of these improvements, to members of both biological sexes where appropriate.
The first of these improvements, of course, runs afoul of the common notion that fetuses and/or neonates should be considered legal persons with their own intrinsic right-to-life. The ProRights position explicitly rejects and refutes this misapprehension, on the basis that neither of these undeniably human entities possess (or have ever possessed) an identified sense of self, of the sort that would allow them to function as a member of any society on even a basic level (use language, form autobiographical memories, self-regulate one's behavior in relation to others, etc).
That is, we recognize that legal rights (including the right-to-life) are a social construct formed via some hypothetically-collaborative estimation of justice, and propose that these rights be formulated with the express purpose of benefiting/protecting present-and-former members of society proper (ie, not exclusively-prospective ones).
We therefore propose that, in practice, it is most reasonable (practical) to ascribe general right-to-life as beginning with the second month of life after birth, to all those fetuses/neonates which have likely reached a level of "situational" self-awareness that necessarily precedes (by a year or more) the emergence of any identified self.

Does ProRights advocacy violate Reddit content policy?

Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.
It warrants our explicit consideration: does formally arguing against the general right-to-life of zygotes, embryos, fetuses, or neonates younger than 28 days, constitute an attack on a marginalized or vulnerable group of people? Does it constitute harassment? Is it a threat of violence?
Perhaps we should click on the link elaborating on this matter:
Marginalized or vulnerable groups include, but are not limited to, groups based on their actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. These include victims of a major violent event and their families.
For each of the examples of marginalized or vulnerable groups cited, the group is distinguished by the configuration of some obviously morally-superficial characteristic. Is sense-of-self such a morally-superficial characteristic? Since this list is not exhaustive, it is hard to state with complete certainty that fetuses and neonates younger than 28 days old are not on it. What we can state, with categorically greater certainty, is that both of these (fetuses and neonates) would reasonably be on this list (or not on it) together.
This is because a conceptus only becomes less vulnerable with the passage of time (it is most vulnerable immediately after it begins to exist, according to the statistics) and both are equivalently helpless/vulnerable from the practical perspective of an adult human being, or even a six-year-old child.
Which of these two groups is most popularly marginalized? Given that the most commonly-occurring debate involves the contested personhood/right-to-life of the fetus (with the right-to-life of neonates being near-universally assumed) the fetus is the human entity subject to the most explicit marginalization (or, dehumanization, in the moral sense of the term humanity).
So, if we are being at all reasonable in our estimation of whether neonates younger than 28 days old qualify as a marginalized or vulnerable group of people, we might look to see whether or not unborn fetuses so qualify (as either marginalized, vulnerable, or people, strictly speaking). The continued existence of both prochoice and of abortiondebate provides a rather clear and unambiguous statement that it is within the scope of the Reddit content policy to discuss and even "promote" the deliberate killing of fetuses, by whatever justification. In light of the aforementioned fact that fetuses have a monotonically-decreasing level of both vulnerability and popular marginalization, we can conclude, by elimination of factors, that an honest questioning (and answering) of whether neonates are people in the first place (of the kind that should be regarded as possessing an intrinsic legal right-to-life, and on the basis of the presence/absence of morally-substantive criterion commonly cited by moral philosophers, such as sentience, sense-of-self, consciousness, viability, etc.) is also within the scope of the Reddit content policy.
If a serious philosophical defense of filicide/infanticide is good enough for Peter Singer and Mary Anne Warren, then it is good enough for the rest of us.

Is ProRights advocacy obviously relevant to the debate surrounding abortion, specifically?

Yes, although we can state this a bit more strongly. The ProRights stance represents a kind of Hegelian synthesis of the extant stances/arguments on the ideal reproductive rights of sexually-mature human beings with functional sense of self (the pro-choice and pro-life stances, respectively). We acknowledge that children younger than 28 days old do not exhibit any of the requisite features/capacities of personhood that would merit any associated right-to-life, and that it is impossible for them to be considered a member of society in any honest or simple descriptive sense. Subsequently, we recognize the prior moral imperative to equalize the naturally-unequal distributions of burdens and boons associated with pregnancy-capability (all of them), via a rising tide that lifts all boats.
As its founder (myself) has discussed elsewhere, the generating impetus for the debate surrounding abortion is fetal personhood. If there were no pro-lifers (that is, nobody that believed fetuses were people deserving of the right to life), there would be no more debate. The debate itself lives or dies on the fundamental contested question of when it is most reasonable to infer that this personhood and associated right-to-life emerges, exactly.
Some assert that it should emerge at conception.
Some assert that it should emerge at birth.
ProRights advocates assert that personhood emerges continuously but in recognizable stages over the course of months and years of early childhood development and socialization. We put forward the conservative stance that the "right-to-life line" should be drawn approximately one month (28 days) after birth, as a extremely cautious lower boundary and gross under-estimate of the actual time required to develop any appreciable identified self, and so as to facilitate the provision of equal reproductive rights (veto power) to the biological mother and biological father, either of which may express dissent to the outcome of remaining a parent to some extant child (for any reason, and in whatever sense).
It is simply the provision of a different (wildly ahead-of-its-time, apparently) answer to the same essential question.
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2023.05.28 06:50 OrganizationNo9819 My personal development(opinions)

Hello there! My name is Siddharth Rai and I live in India. I am a twenty-six-year-old male and I live with my parents. I work at the nearby airport as an electrical engineer. I have a younger sister who is studying zoology in a college nearby and she lives away from us due to her college. My writing style might not be appealing but I would be happy if you read and reviewed my article. It will help me get new interesting things to you. I hope you enjoy reading this.
I have always wanted to write a book. I like to write poems, I like music, I like art and I like to travel. I have never travelled out of my country except to Nepal. Nepal is quite nearby to where I live. I live in the eastern India, Darjeeling. Some of you might have heard or visited the place before. I live in the foothills though- Siliguri but the district is Darjeeling. I have spent around thirteen years of my life in Darjeeling. I miss those golden days that I have spent with my family and friends in Darjeeling. Those days will never come back again. It is a beautiful pain. All the crazy things that we do as teenagers, I did it in Darjeeling- fighting, having girlfriends, forming a band, roaming around the streets- everything. Some of the people I met on the streets are now superstars and some homeless vagabonds. Some are married and some committed suicide because they couldn’t love. I am just a regular guy like you. I think I am below average when it comes to money, prestige, personality and many other things that define us- a lifestyle.
The reason I thought about writing this article is because I want to become a better person as I am approaching towards my thirties. I have heard somewhere that writing makes it easier and effective to do something that we want to do. I hope this article will help you in some way or the other. I will share some of the deepest things that I feel. I will talk about my past. I will let you know about my present and I will also try to show you the future that I have visioned for myself. I will be talking about my personality development.
We have often heard about the word personality. We have often heard about one getting complimented for their personalities and sometimes people finding their personalities not matching with others, mostly to their partners. It’s interesting to see us being conscious about so many things in our lives. Our beauty, physique, clothes, status in the society, possessions, partners and other small things like our fear of facing people, inferiority, pride, love, attachment. Well personality is a sphere where all of the conscious things are confined into.
It is the way we react to the factors that make us feel something- good or bad. Feeling good includes many things- paragliding, completing a trek, listening to classical music, releasing a music video. Feeling bad might feel like thinking about the moment that hurts you- could be anything, you know better.
How are you going to react to the situations-now and then? That defines your personality. If you ask the instructor for your money back after a paragliding session because you couldn’t fly for another ten minutes because of the weather then you need to work on some parts of your life and if you left your girl with the man and her friends just because you missed the party the previous night then you need to work on some part of your life- you might be using your head too much. I am worried about how am I going to handle a relationship in the future because I’ve messed up my previous ones- I need to work on some part of my life. My personality is not balanced.
Personality is a gift- a box of chocolates- it’s tasty but harmful if eaten too much.
It was the last day of 2017 and my girlfriend had come to Siliguri with her friends. I had my aunt come over from a distant place and we had to go visit our relatives, so I was caught up with my family. My girlfriend called me and told me that she was around in the market with her friends and some unknown person gave them a lift back home. I told her to be cautious around and we agreed to meet the next day. Late night she told me how she missed me, and she went to sleep early that night. I thought she was cheating on me, and I sent her some rubbish texts. Cool- the night passed quite fast.
I went to meet her the very next morning just to see a guy in their apartment. He was my old friend. She told me that he had just arrived. And he looked like he had just woken up. Good! She treated me like a kid, and I know I was in the wrong place with wrong people. She tried to be herself, but I didn’t feel her. In my mind I was constantly thinking about she is cheating on me. I left the place early and booked two tickets for me and her to get back home. They came late. I had to travel with them. This guy had a car. An unknown man giving them a lift back home, sleeping early, not wanting to go home with me- I was hurt and mad. I wanted to break up already. But I waited because I wasn’t sure if it was the right reason to leave her. So, I waited and just after two months I saw her with a different guy. This time she had come to visit me, but I went to play basketball with my friends because she wanted to have some time with her cousins. Well, I was late by a couple of hours, and she called up her friend and had him over as a company- this guy was the one whom she met when we had a fight back in 2016. Her friend had introduced them to each other- her friend who wanted her to break up with me because I was a needy, passive and a childlike boyfriend- who always was insecure, quarrelling and a noob. This friend of hers was the one whom I admired back in high school.
We broke up January 2018 for good. It was the third or the fourth time, but we broke up finally, forever. I wanted to break up with her because I thought I wasn’t good enough for her. Well, it was a whole different reason for me because the actual reason why I wanted to break up with her was because I wasn’t feeling loved. I didn’t have the guts to accept it and move on. I used to think it will hurt her badly, she is an innocent girl, and I would give it a new chance. I once put my mobile on complete shut down for a month to get away from her- that was the time she changed drastically because she realized that I wasn’t into her anymore. But we got back together shortly- she loved me after all, and so did I because I realized that instead of roaming around with strangers it was better for me to strengthen my relationships with people who love me- I was wrong. She had other guys in her life now- like that guy in their apartment, like that guy her friend had introduced to her and that addict guy who she had her in her phone list.
I was alone-broken. I put too much pressure on my rational mind and started emphasizing on my emotions. I brought this cloud of sadness over me. I wanted to put her into depression- I did. I was depressed too. Influence. My friend was a depressed person. He would talk about how depressed he was, how his past relationships had failed, how jealous he was of me, how he would talk about suicides and philosophies that I couldn’t understand. Influence! I don’t hang around with him anymore. I don’t meet him. He has a good job now. He is financially stable and has a girlfriend. I have no idea about my ex. We haven’t talked with each other since the day we parted our ways- she is hurt you know. I hurt her more than anybody else and I don’t want to go back to her with my dark shadow over her head. I am fine alone with my personality development obsession and sickness. I hope both of them are safe and sound.
I want to forget about my past but I can’t because I have hurt some of the best people of my life like my parents, family, friends, teachers, girlfriend and even a dog- damn! I wonder if she is alive- Dalli the dog. My friend’s dog. She gave birth to two little puppies. One is with us-a mother now- Lily. Lily makes me happy. She is wonderful. The only reason why I was facing the hardest time of my life was because I didn’t have any purpose in life. I wasn’t fulfilling my duty-studying. I would get high the entire day, miss my classes and sleep after a masturbation session. Food and shelter were available for me as my parents paid for it. They would send money every month and I would eat, get high, sleep- repeat. I did this for two years and my girlfriend was gone, I had failed in my semesters like a dead toad, I was financially depressed, I had lost weight, I was now a little jerk. I wasn’t happy. I never wanted to kill myself though. I wasn’t raised that way. My father was in the army, and you know how it is in the military family- respect and discipline but I packed my bags and returned back home during my third year and a year of my college was still left behind.
When I went back home, I couldn’t find my peace because my aunt was living with my mother with her little daughter- my sister. When I went there to live with my mother there were four ladies and me- one man. I had habits and it was difficult for me to maintain them. The rooms were small, and everything was audible. I had a habit of masturbating before sleep. And my aunt would sleep in the room right next to mine. I sometimes wanted to screw her up, but I knew it was not a moral decision. I wanted to seduce her just to masturbate but I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to. And interestingly I was a virgin until twenty-five years old. That was one of the reasons why my relationship didn’t work out with that girl because I couldn’t fuck. I mean she would say after marriage, but she would also get naked and get missionary, but I was facing mild erectile dysfunction because of heavy marijuana dosage, porn and excessive masturbation. So, maybe that didn’t work out. I left my mother’s comfort and came back to college to complete my education and I did but a year later. My psycho friend had passed his college and I was left behind with another friend of mine- loser no.2. I think he still is a virgin. But I am not. Not anymore!
My friends and I none of us got placed. We were jobless and there was corona virus and lockdown. It was good time for assholes like me to waste life away. I would spend my day by playing Pubg with my friends, watching porn and masturbating. My good time had begun. I was lucky enough to have faced an interview with the army for army engineering and not lucky enough for selection but reaching that spot where I was trying to compete to become an officer in the army. I was lucky enough to have got the chance to spend my time peacefully with my mother and my sister. My aunt had gone back home- her child had a vacation now- due corona and all.
One of my cousins are the in army. He was home for a break, and he motivated me to jog in the morning. I ran for two or three months but quit. But my mind was now looking for motivation to stay fit. One day I was watching porn and masturbation. Right after ejaculation I decided to stop watching porn and masturbating. Oh! Good days! I felt so good that day when I didn’t masturbate. I felt clean and guilt free. I was free now. I would miss my ex though. Her smile, her sadness, the burden she had due to me, the heavy heart that she had because she never wanted to leave me. I hope she is free and happy. I wish her the best and ask for forgiveness for every little thing that I did to her. I never wanted to make you cry but I am sorry. I have realized my mistakes now and I want to see you with a smiling face one day. I have moved on, but I am around, and I hope you too. Take care.
My friends have hurt me too and I have hurt them too. My family has hurt me, and I have hurt them too. People change but you don’t. Things always happen to you. Girlfriend, friends, family, money and etc.
If I could move a mountain, I would try to carry it around on my shoulders. A child, a teenager, an adult, a man, a woman, old, new no matter who, everyone is trying to find something in their lives- focus. If they lose focus, they will never be able to talk. Try not thinking anything and talking- you will notice how your brain coordinates your speech. We don’t care what we talk about because we are focused on something- conveying our message. It’s important to learn how to improve your focus. Thus, in order to improve your focus let’s try:
  1. Meditating: Five to fifteen minutes a day- om meditation or guided meditation. Connect yourself with the inner spirit. Find out how heavy your chest is and how clouded your mind is. You are supposed to be as light the air and as clean as the water in the spring. Your mind should contain natural sceneries and not porn.
  2. Exercising: Your body is a masterpiece of art. A godly creation. The entire human civilization is based on bodies. The entire art and history show how great leaders and warriors and scholars looked like. They had extremely appealing bodies, no matter what nation they belonged to. Romans, Greeks, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Gorkhas, Sikhs, Mughals, and Americans, all of them have an interesting thing to notice- their bodies. Fast and furious to giants and strong. They all are focused. Some ruling the nations, some fighting wars, some creating art, some politics and some philosophies. They have a balance between their and heart and their brain. Have you ever done a chin up? Next time you do try to notice how your heart gets connected to your brain like a hook linking a loop. So, dear friends- exercise.
  3. Study: I study engineering because I want to reach a better position in my career. You can study to be happy or flourish your business. But study something- learn.
  4. Work: Work. Move your body, use your head. Work. Let your body know about discomfort and tiredness. In these modern times we have found new ways to earn our livelihoods- investment especially. If you are not a broker who works, his heart out to analyze and make profit and you are the one who makes money and live luxurious life out of the money your broker made for you then you should at least spend some time trying to make money the hard way- at least a day. I know you have been through a lot, and you have finally found your financial peace, or you were born rich, but I must tell you he is not a man who doesn’t work. You can try house chores if nothing is coming to your mind. So, work just to get yourself in motion.
  5. Hobbies: I play dota2 and I want to play the internationals. I sing karaoke. Do what gets you excited to get back home.
  6. Read: Read books. I want to learn finance, health, relationship, science and engineering. You can read them too. Reading is something that makes time for your brain to rest for some time. It will settle down some of your chemical imbalances there.
  7. Write: Write your deepest feelings, write a short story, write essays. Write. You can’t always be verbally sharing things with others. Some things might have been missed and some left unsaid like the ones in the previous paragraphs. It’s just a good thing to do-write.
If you can’t quit, then it means you are inspired. Inspiration and motivation are two different things. You can’t inspire someone verbally, but you can motivate them. Inspiration is long lasting, and motivation is short term. Motivation is like fuel to your inspiration. You will understand it. Just try to do something that you are interested in for three months. That’s a goal.
I am interested in many things. Interest as I say please refer to skills- just to make it easier for you to understand the difference between hobbies and interests. My interests are in programming, designing electrical circuits, photography and content writing. These are skills that I want to acquire, and I am “interested in”. My interest can’t be lifelong because I have distractions around. So, with a small technique I can learn these skills without losing my interest. The technique is numbering. Just put make a list of things that you want to learn. It will help you not lose your interest.
How to keep your interest alive?
You can try writing them down on a diary. Make a list of your interest. Interests are those skills that can make you famous, rich and happy like painting, programming etc. Show your interests to the world on social platforms to gain fame, sell them or get a job to get rich and master your skills to be happy. Have some interest friends.
Basically, if you have a good body, wealth, character, behavior, manner, education, then you will have a personality that is safe and sound. People below your level will not mess with you and you won’t mess with people that are above you. But you will become someone who can deal with both the types because it’s not every day you get to meet and talk to the president and it’s seldom you need to avoid people that can harm you- rich and the poor.
Thank you for sticking to this post for such a long time. I feel humble enough to present this article to you. I would like to apologize if anybody was offended in this post. I can’t think more than this my friends. I would appreciate it if you left your valuable comments on this. Thanks, and may God bless you.
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2023.05.28 06:17 kqttpxw8jh Representing The Family Of Harris County Inmate Who Died Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump

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2023.05.28 06:00 Karn-The-Creator Sunday Arena Chat Thread

'Magic bleeds into real life. With Magic, I was mainly being driven by the idea that, if people could collect their own cards, there would be a huge amount of variety to the game. In fact, one way I viewed it was that it was like designing a game for a vast audience, dealing out the cards to everybody instead of designing a bunch of little games.' - Richard Garfield, Creator of Magic: The Gathering
Welcome to today's open thread, where /MagicArena users can discuss anything they wish not related directly to Magic the Gathering or the Arena Client.

Want to talk about personal life? Cool things you learned today? Whatever happens to be dominating today's news cycle? Do you have something to talk about that didn't warrant its own thread? This is the place for it!

Remember that the civility rules are still in force, so please engage kindly and pleasantly with each other.

Check out our Discord Channel [here.](
If you have any suggestions for this thread, please let us know through modmail how we could improve!
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Want to talk about non-AB products? Frustrated and need to rant? Can't wait until Friday to share your haul? Found an amazing deal? Post it here in our (almost) Anything Goes Thread! Remember to adhere to general conduct of the sub and keep it civil. Self promotion, research, and no business rules still apply.
All personal or basic questions related to your routine or AB products still belong in the Alter-Daily Help Thread.
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2023.05.28 05:52 MephilesDark [5e][All Ages][online] Dark Matter Homebrew Game known as A 'Verse At War

Welcome to The ‘Verse its a place where all manner of people, monsters, Gestalts run rampant. Let me give you the rundown as to how The ‘Verse is at the moment. Now where to begin, We got the Empire of Man which are a bunch of xeno-hating individuals who have taken it upon themselves to basically go to war against anyone and anything that ain't human that's just one of the factions. Then we got the automatons that are able to change their forms into vehicles and or objects of mass destruction. I think they're called the Confirmative or something. They are in a civil war at the moment I think. We also got pirates flying from system to system wreaking havoc wherever they go. And don't get me started on the demons that begin to parade or throughout the entirety of the Galaxy from all other fronts. But yeah no there's a bunch of other factions throughout the entire galaxy some hate other species while others regardless of your race decide to work together. I don't know who is receiving this message however whether you be a pirate, a mercenary, a war veteran, or someone from one of the many factions it does not matter to me all I know is this verse is going to hit the s****** sooner versus later. So if I were you I would draw the line, find my people I'd call friends and make allies where you can unless you want to get swallowed up in this ‘Verse at War. This is Hekler of the 502nd division of the United Maws signing out.
If you Have questions Then I will give you an answer
  1. We are using Dark Matter rules for the campaign although we do not have the character sheets in roll 20 for Dark Matter the pdfs will be provided if you want to put your character on the Dark Matter character sheet for when we eventual get the Dark Matter character sheet and we will be using the Roll 20 5e sheets for rolls.
  2. We do have a discord and an invite will be giving if you are able to join the game.
  3. Although we will try to have a set day for the sessions the sessions may be on a different day of the week depending on scheduling.
  4. Most 5e Content will be available to use for this campaign, A folder will be given and updated for the books we will be using, If I have the pdfs for sharing because roll 20 has some content that I do not have in pdf form but you can still access it.
  5. In terms of a faction or group that everyone's characters will be in that will discussed once the group is made as you can be a merch at first then join a faction or the other way around that is up to the group.
  6. The aim for this campaign is to be a long term one so the goal is to hit lv 20 and kill the BBEG.
  7. The Dark Matter Rule book will be provided to you if you are invited to the game.
  8. Sessions will attempt to be about 7 hours form 2:30pm - 8:30PM Pacific Time Zone we do have a break around half way for about 10-15 mins.
  9. The games will be held on roll 20 and we have a discord for conversation and scheduling sessions.
  10. Links to both will be provided for those who have been accepted.
Getting to know you The answers can be posted here or if you want you can private massage me the answers that works to 1.What is your age and What would you like to be called? 2.What is your experience with DND and how long have you been playing if at all? 3.Tell me a little about yourself. 4.Preferred Playstyle: (What distribution of RP, Combat, and Exploration/Investigation are you looking for?)
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2023.05.28 05:48 Thelegend153 Wrongfully having gun rights revoked

Doing some research on groundless charges, and if those groundless charges cause your gun rights to be revoked during the case. If the victim can prove they did not commit the crime they are accused of by the county prosecutors and its dismissed by a judge on groundless charges. My question is what rights would the victim have in counter sueing the county? Would they have a civil case against the county? Thus would a defense lawyer be able to sue the county for a set settlement for violating the victims constitutional rights that I would imagine a civil case where the victim was wrongfully charged in the first place. How are these proceedings handled, has anyone had cases as such, if so what was the outcome and breakdown of said cases?
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2023.05.28 05:10 BrownTown427 Inside The Doctor's Office - Episode X: The Impurity Of Decision Making

In the last episode, we saw Dr. Logan Wright meet quite the colorful cast of individuals. From WWE superstar Logan Paul to the beautiful bird known as Logan Flight, the Symposium of the Logang was certainly a fascinating place to be. And now, with IWF superstar “Lumberjack” Logan Lawrence motivating him to stop being so passive, FBE’s Resident Doctor looks to be on the Wright path towards becoming the most focused man he can… without the distractions of his demons…

Blitz XX: Paddy Murphy vs. Dr. Logan Wright
We’ve reached the ten minute mark of this match, and after Paddy drills the Doctor with a To Cork and Back, he starts rising to his feet. However, from the outside, we hear Sensei trying to drill something into his student:

“Paddy-san… Rememberuhhh… Target the headuhhhh…”

With that last piece of advice resonating in his own head, Paddy starts getting ready for perhaps the final sequence of the match, a Give It Some Welly ready to be hit. However, Logan also happened to hear the wisdom from Sensei, dodging the big boot to the face. He gets behind Murphy, quickly dropping him with a Relax and Eat Some (German) Soup-lex. Instead of going for another move however, Wright’s gaze shifts to the outside. He exits the ring, staring a dagger through Sensei:

“Why exactly did you tell him to target my head?”

Sensei backs up a bit, but as he does so, a crumpled up piece of paper he was holding falls to the floor. He tries to pick it back up, but Wright beats him to it, revealing it to be…the stolen medical form from his office… the information regarding his head pains. Wright looks at the paper, a calm expression on his face initially, but slowly, he loses his cool. His hands ball up into fists, his face turns a bit red…and he mouths to Sensei:

“You shouldn’t have taken that.”

Wright gets back into the ring, and though Paddy has risen to his feet by this point, Logan drops him with the Whiplash sling blade. FBE’s Resident Doctor stares at his currently downed opponent, and realizes it’s time for a medical procedure…how about a Facial Reconstruction! Wright begins stomping on Paddy’s face, knocking him unconscious, before finally putting an end to the assault with the PDF Kamigoye.

Dr. Logan Wright def. Paddy Murphy via pinfall

As the ref raises Dr. Logan Wright’s hand, the crowd begins…booing? Wright looks around, confused at the negative reaction. I didn’t cheat, I just found a way to win the match. I didn’t do anything wrong… did I? As he heads into the backstage area, he’s quickly approached by a young-looking intern, a microphone in his hand:
Reporter: “Hello, my name is Ryan St. Brown, and I’m with the-”
Logan Wright: “Hang on, your last name is St. Brown? Are you related to Amon-Ra by chance?
Reporter: “No relation.”
Logan Wright: “That’s disappointing. But go ahead, ask your question.”
Reporter: “We just saw you pick up a strong victory over one of FBE’s fan favorites in Paddy Murphy. However, at the end of the match, you clearly looked more agitated than usual, and some would say you used more force than was needed to win-”
Logan Wright: “Are you one of the people saying that?”
Reporter: “Well, I…uh…”
Logan Wright: “Look, I like Paddy and Sensei. But at the same time, they took privileged medical information from me. Sure, maybe I shouldn’t have used that PDF at the end…but should I regret using one of my standard maneuvers to win a match? No, and I don’t. Next question.”
Reporter: “Ok, fair enough. You’re doing well in the Shining Light League right now, and I have to ask: if you were to win the whole thing, who would you challenge?
Logan Wright: “I don’t like dealing with hypotheticals. I much prefer diagnosing current problems with all the information at my disposal. So I’m not answering that.”
Reporter (muttering): “Man, you’re a lot more boring in person than I thought you would be. Your answers suck.”
This comment draws the ire of Wright, who moves closer towards the reporter.
Reporter: “What? Prove me wrong. Give me a message that’s actually worthwhile, and I’ll be more than happy to rescind that comment.”
Logan Wright: “I know you’re just looking for a soundbite to try and further your career, but you’ve got my attention. Ask away.”
Reporter: “Are you the best pure rules competitor in FBE?”
Logan Wright: “You’re damn right I am. They call Inferno Baba Blitz? They ought to call me Da-Da Blitz, because all these wrestlers gunning for my title… THEY’RE CHILDREN COMPARED TO ME!”
The reporter gives a sly smirk as he walks away, having gotten what he needed. Meanwhile, Wright finds a nearby chair to sit on, putting his head down. However, his moment of silence is soon interrupted by a familiar voice:
Jared Gallagher: “Weird night for you, eh?”
Wright looks up to see his once-cameraman and friend moving towards him. However, with the doctor’s tumultuous year, their relationship became more strained, not having spoken for a while…until now.
Logan Wright: “That’s one way of putting it.”
There’s a bit of an awkward silence for a few moments, as neither man initially wants to speak. Eventually though, Gallagher gains his composure:
Jared Gallagher: “Look, I know you probably don’t wanna speak to me-”
Logan Wright: “Then maybe you should stop talking.”
Jared Gallagher: “Ok fine, but let me ask you something first: what were you doing with that last remark to the reporter? It wasn’t as cool as it likely sounded in your head.”
Logan Wright: “I was doing a play on words, what’s confusing about it?”
Jared Gallagher: “Yeah, but you do realize “Baba” translates to “father” too? So instead of being clever, you were essentially just rehashing Inferno’s nickname.”
Logan Wright: “Fuck.”
Jared Gallagher: “Forget about that though, I wanted to talk to you about something else. I heard from a little birdie that you were taking advice from Logan Lawrence.”
Logan Wright: “Logan Flight ratted on me? I knew he couldn’t be trusted.”
Jared Gallagher: “That’s not the birdie I meant…you know what, forget it. I just want you to understand that being overly aggressive isn’t the key to success. You’ve already been good up to this point, don’t lose your true self by being more of a jackass.”
Logan Wright: “Yeah, being good is fine…but I don’t wanna just be “good” anymore. I wanna be great. I want to prove myself as the pillar of something, and pure rules is the best chance I have at that. But relax, I don’t wanna just be an asshole for the sake of being one either.”
Jared Gallagher: “Ok, that’s fine. But if you want to improve… What's your next move? Gonna do some training with the rest of the Ark? Maybe ask your medical colleagues for some more dieting tips?
Logan briefly thinks about the suggestions, before he remembers something that Sensei told him…
Logan Wright: “No, I have a better idea… I’m going to Nepal.”
And with that, Dr. Wright starts heading towards the exit, a smile on his face, while Jared Gallagher is just left confused. He never even said why he was going there, what in the world is he doing…

One Week Before Unbreakable V: Kathmandu, Nepal
After a long trip, Logan Wright has finally made it into the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. He gets out of the car, paying and thanking the driver who escorted him from the airport to get to this point. He reaches into his pocket, grabbing the “business” card that led him to this location. He stares at it for a few moments, glancing up and down to make sure he’s in the right place. Yep, this is the one…
In front of Dr. Wright stands a worn-down house. It's small, with what looks to be only one story, and the white color is wearing away like the wooden beams supporting it. There’s a window near the front door, but a set of blinds are covering it up. As Logan approaches the entry-way, he smells a distinct odor of soup. Taking a breath, he knocks on the door. As he does so, a crash of glass can be heard on the other side, and there’s some momentary yelling before a tired-looking individual opens the door.
???: “May I help you?”
Logan Wright: “Hello, my name is Logan Wright. I’ve been informed that an incredibly wise teacher of medicine and healing resides here…”
???: “You’re correct, but he’s not seeing anyone today. Come back another time…”
Logan Wright: “Wait, I really need this. And I think I know one of his friends, they pointed this place out to me.”
???: “What’s the name of this friend?”
Logan Wright: “He’s known as Sensei-”
This yelling from inside the house startles Wright, and the man at the doorway sighs, motioning for Logan to come in. As the doctor does so, he glances around the house, immediately noticing the kitchen area. Sitting at a table there is an older gentleman, with a pair of glasses on and a cane at his side, Logan quickly realizing he’s blind. The man from the doorway points for Logan to sit down with him, and Wright obliges, positioning himself in the chair next to the old individual.
Logan Wright: “Hello sir, it’s a pleasure to meet-”
Wright briefly cringes at the yelling of the individual, looking back with a confused look on his face to the figure near the door. He notices a nametag on the figure he hadn’t seen before, reading “Bibek”.
Bibek: “Yeah, don’t worry about that. He’s blind and almost deaf, he needs to speak loudly to make himself sure he’s actually talking. Oh, and he said, “Hello, it is very nice to meet you. My name is Blogan Bite.”
Logan Wright: “Wait, why are you translating for him? He’s speaking directly to me, I know what he’s saying.”
Bibek: “Oh, just so the readers of this episode actually have a clue as to what’s going on.”
Logan Wright: “Wait what readers… oh, we’re doing another fourth wall break, gotcha.”
Blogan Bite: “Y HOV U CUHMM HEAR?”
Bibek: (“Why have you come here?”)
Logan Wright: “I’m looking for some advice. For a while now, I’ve felt an inner conflict in my emotional state and my moral compass. I want to be more aggressive, to try and be the best…but I don’t want to abandon the roots of my existence that helped shape me into who I am. Do you have any advice?”
Bibek: (“Hmmm… A tough problem indeed.”)
Suddenly, Blogan reaches towards his side, reaching into a bag. He shakes it around for a bit, before pulling out something from inside. He triumphantly slams it onto the table, before pushing it towards Dr. Wright. Logan looks at it for a few moments, an incredulous look on his face.
Logan Wright: “Why exactly are you… what is… what do you expect me to do with a copy of Fire and Ice by Robert Frost?
Bibek: (“He is a great poet. Take inspiration from him.”)
Logan Wright: “So… let me get this straight: your solution to my problem is…writing fucking poetry?
Bibek: (“Watch your language young man. Poetry is a beautiful thing.”)
Logan Wright: “Yeah but…surely there’s something that’s more suitable for my situation?”
Bibek: (“I am afraid not. The bag has spoken.”)
Logan Wright: “Wait, do you just reach in the bag and randomly pull out an object for everyone that comes in?”
Bibek: (“Of course. What else would I do?”)
Logan Wright: “Ok, I think we’re done here. Thank you for this… attempt at a recommendation. You’re truly one of the people I’ve ever met.”
As Logan gets up, Blogan extends a hand. Reluctantly, Wright shakes it, before heading to the doorway, acknowledging Bibek, and leaving the worn-down house. As he heads towards the street, he’s just left to ponder what transpired. That was dumb… traveling thousands of miles instead of just doing training was rather pointless. But as he gets in the car, ready to go back to the airport, another set of thoughts come over him. You know what…maybe I can make the best out of this situation…maybe writing poetry actually can do me some good…

Day Before Unbreakable V: Dr. Wright’s Office
With just 24 hours until Unbreakable, Jared Gallagher and Charles Crandall figure Wright is busy with training, or if nothing else, his medical work. However, they’re surprised to receive an invite to his office, and though Gallagher tries to ask him what it’s about, he gets no answer. It frustrates him, but he figures it must be important, so after grabbing a quick bite with Charles, they head over to the office. By this point in time, Crandall is fairly quiet, his eyes becoming increasingly purple for longer periods of time and Wrogan slowly and quietly influencing his personality, but the time to reveal that isn’t here…yet.
When they reach the hall outside the office, they’re surprised to see Logan standing in the doorway, a smile on his face. He invites them in, even having an assortment of pastries and desserts on the table for his friends to snack on. While Jared is quick to grab a danish, he’s also quick to raise eyebrows at this behavior.
Jared Gallagher: “Logan, what is all this for? This feels…too nice…
Logan Wright: “What, a man can’t just happen to invite his friends over for some delicious treats?”
Jared Gallagher: “You’re not fooling anyone man, just tell us why we’re here.”
Logan Wright: “Ok fine, you got me. The reason you’re here today… I wanted you to be the first screenings of my first-ever poem!”
Though Crandall is wearing sunglasses, he and Gallagher are quick to shoot each other a glance of confusion.
Jared Gallagher: “What?”
Logan Wright: “That’s right, when I went to Nepal, the man I met recommended I write poetry to ease my tensions and help me become a better person. I thought he was insane, but as I started to write, I realized…he may be right!
Jared Gallagher: “That’s…but…I’m so confused. You didn’t even get any real training or medicinal techniques? You just got…told to write? What even is your topic?”
Logan Wright: “I’m glad you asked, old chum! I’ve entitled this poem…

An Ode To Jay…

In the garden lived a bird
Who truly loved to sing
It was a beautiful mockingjay
And through the air, its voice did ring

The bird was beloved
And believed to be a Hero
But little did the world know
Of its painful little ego

This bird fought and fought
It did everything to grow
But when abandoned by friends
It was a true low blow

Once upon a time, the group was
United, and forever in-sync
But when the Jay hit the bottle
Oh, did their PROSPECTS ever so sink

And the bird has recovered
It has regained its feathers
But little does the jay know
Of the impending, harsh weathers

For the jay may spread its wings
And fly in the dark
But it doesn’t know
Of its impending, dangerous arc

This bird will fly, and
It truly wants to win
But the true challenge is here
For the Doctor is in!

As Wright finishes his last line, his theatrical reading of the lines now finished, he finally turns towards his faithful audience. He’s met with a blank look from Charles Crandall, the sunglasses still firmly covering his eyes. And Jared… his mouth is agape, trying to process what he just heard.
Logan Wright: “So… what did you think?”
Jared Gallagher: “I… what… how… why… I don’t know what to say.”
Logan Wright: “You can show your appreciation by clapping, I worked really hard on that.”
Jared Gallagher: “I could… but let me get this straight… This is how you’re handling your upcoming rematch with Jay? Making a poem that only we’ve listened to, and not trying to find a way to, I don’t know, not finish the match in a time-limit draw?”
Logan Wright: “Forget about that, tell me if I should improve the language I used and how the poem flowed together. I could probably stand to write a poem for the tag team title match as well.”
Jared Gallagher: “Logan, Logan, Logan… Ok, if you want to live in this strange world of yours, go ahead. The poem was fine, but you weren’t exactly subtle with it, especially at the end. Like I get you want to beat Jay, and I know you were mad with what he said about you in the past…but really, finishing the entire thing about the Doctor being in? That doesn’t even make sense with the vibe you established.”
Logan Wright: “Fair critique, I’ll keep that in mind when I continue writing these.”
Jared Gallagher: “Come on man, it’s cool that you have a hobby, but I know just how much you cared about wrestling. Please, just step away from the paper and train while you still have a little bit of time left before tomorrow. I know we’re not as close as we once were…but if nothing else, do it for the rest of the Ark. Do it out of spite against Wrogan. Do it to prove that you’re not completely crazy, and that you deserve to be where you are in life.”
It’s with this line that something seems to click in Logan’s head. He looks towards Jared, nodding his head, and he moves towards his desk. He stares at all the notes and rough drafts he had been working on for his writings, a frown coming over his face.
Logan Wright: “I wish I was normal… I wish I didn’t go through these personality changes every other day. You’re right Jared…You’ve always been right. Wrestling needs to come first, and I have everything I need to stay energized. I don’t want to be passive, I don’t want to be aggressive…I just want to live. And tomorrow…things are going to get fun.
Gallagher smiles at Wright being reinvigorated, and the pair share a quick hug. Upon Jared and Charles leaving, Dr. Wright takes a quick look in his mirror, and smiles at the expression of confidence now piercing through his eyes. He grabs his coat, turns off the light, and so begins a long and tedious night at the gym…

Night of Death Before Impurity:

Pre-Match Process

The Finals are here… and Logan Wright is in them. After weeks leading-into months of this Shining Light League Tournament running center-stage on Blitz, the Doctor has gotten to where he wanted to be…where he needed to be. As he sits in the locker room, getting himself mentally prepared for the tall task that comes with facing DTJ’s Hunter Maguire, he sees in his peripheral vision someone entering the room. He glances up, smiling to see Jared coming to visit.
Jared Gallagher: “Hey champ, how we feeling about tonight?”
Logan Wright: “Whatever happens tonight…well, what I know will happen tonight… is PURE-ly destiny.”
Jared Gallagher: “Not your best joke, but glad to see you’ve been in positive spirits recently.”
Logan Wright: “Yep, tonight has to be the moment where everything pays off…it just has to…”
Jared Gallagher: “It will… I believe in you. And if you don’t mind me asking…who would you want to face at P.U.R.E. if things go your way?
Logan Wright: “You know I can’t answer that right now, I have to get the job done first.”
Jared Gallagher: “Fair enough, fair enough. I should be heading off…go get em’, champ.
With that, Gallagher leaves the room, and Wright rises to his feet. He looks at his arms, then his legs, then finds the mirror. He stares into his soul…Come on out Doctor…It’s operation time…

Post-Match Press Conference

Dr. Logan Wright did it.
As he’s now backstage, being greeted with a bottle of champagne that was ordered for him, Logan is still trying to ponder what just took place out there. From the match itself… to the seconds after the match realizing he won… to the return of the legend Petite Jupiter, handing him the trophy…
It’s all absolutely surreal, and Logan is at a loss for words. However, as he gets word that reporters are waiting to get a word from him, he quickly gathers his composure. He takes a big swig from the champagne bottle, before heading into the room, waving to the assortment of familiar and different faces. He moves towards the stage, taking a seat and getting the mic setup, ready to hear questions.
Reporter #1: “That was a hell of a match you had, Dr. Wright. What’s going through your head right now?”
Logan Wright: “Honestly, half of it is just my brain screaming and the other half is random gibberish. I can’t fully process either, but when I feel this way… I’m fucking pumped. But I do wanna quickly say… I respect you Hunter, I really do. You’ve been a tough opponent twice now… but that’s all the positives I can really say right now. Fuck DTJ.”
Reporter #2: “We just witnessed the return of Petite Jupiter, and the fans certainly loved it. But what did you think about it? Did you feel as though he was stealing your thunder by returning immediately after your big moment?”
Logan Wright: “Look, I know you’re looking for a soundbite, and I caved in several weeks ago to that one reporter. I’m not gonna do that here though. I faced Petite Jupiter in 2021, and I know just how good he is. He deserved to get that electric crowd reaction, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to hand me the beautiful Shining Light League trophy.”
Reporter #3: “But now Dr. Wright, I think we all have a question on our minds. In addition to that trophy, you have the chance to pick your challenger for P.U.R.E, and that’s a lot of power. So if you can tell us…who are you gonna be facing?
Logan smiles at the question, fully expecting it to have been asked. He glances around the room, noticing Kaze Tanaka, Code Blue, Cactus Mike, and Jared Gallagher all standing at the back. He nods at them, before getting the mic, ready to make the announcement:

Logan Wright:
“In my time in FBE, there have been times where I’ve felt…insecure. Insecure about my talent, insecure about if people actually liked me or not, and insecure about my failures especially. But 2023… let’s just say it’s been a great Spring of Stethoscopes so far. You all know I’ve held the Pure Championship for about four months now, and I’ve faced my fair share of great individuals. But this second title run… it’s missing something. My past, in particular my 2021, was riddled with failures against veterans of this company. Losses to Inferno, to Nate Matthews, to Petite Jupiter… wins were hard to come by. I turned things around in 2022, but even then, my 1st Pure Title reign came to an end at the hands of FBE’s Resident Bastard. It feels like it’s just inevitable, and a running gag…
…But nowadays, I look at myself differently. Other people look at me differently. I’ve grown into what I wanted to be, what I hoped I would be… hell, I’ve even been dubbed as being somewhat of a “Final Boss.” I don’t want to get too egotistical, but not having lost since January… man, the ship I’m on, that being the Ark of course, is on a perfect path. But sometimes, it’s better to go for a different path, a path that stands out…to maybe make history…
So with that, this decision has drifted in my mind, and I’ve weighed all my options carefully. I’ve considered juniors and heavyweights. I’ve considered people from my past or completely fresh opponents. I’ve considered people who would die to win the Pure Championship, or even those who have disrespected it, to show them what it’s all about. But after a while, something finally clicked in my head. I’ve tried to forget that previously mentioned “can never beat a veteran legend” stigma, but until I get a decisive win, it’ll always float right alongside the ocean that contains my thoughts and dreams. So I will be challenging a long-time competitor of FBE, a man who has wrestled here for many years…
But the question of who was certainly a fascinating one…for about a minute. For once this name came to me, it never escaped. This man has held his share of championship gold, This man knows a thing or two about being dubbed a “Final Boss.” And this man has quite the past experience against the Ark… except with me. And to this man, I officially extend the challenge…if he's willing to accept it...

The stage is set…the main event of P.U.R.E…for the FBE Pure Championship…The match you reporters and all the worldwide fans of FBE will get to witness is…

Doctor Logan Wright vs. Apeirogone
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2023.05.28 05:06 per0x1depr1nc3ss Help guessing what our spring musical will be

Okay, this is gonna be a bit of a strange post! So, my school very recently established a drama club, like, just this past school year. It's headed by our art teacher and my choir director. On the last day of school, I was having a conversation with my choir director and she confirmed that next school year, we'll be doing a spring musical! She can't announce what it'll be now because they still haven't sorted out everything concerning copyright, but I asked some questions that might help me guess with a little bit of help.
Does anyone have any idea what show it might be? The 3 shows that have been bouncing around in my head as possibilities are Shrek, Tuck Everlasting, and The Addams Family, all of those shows would be awesome to be a part of! Does anyone think they might know what it could be?
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2023.05.28 05:00 DTG_Bot Daily Questions [2023-05-28]

New player? Please read the New and Returning Player Guide, Destiny 2 Guided Support & Gameplay Guide.

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Season of Defiance (Season 20) key dates:

Top Known Issues List by Bungie

Welcome to the Daily Questions thread! Do you have a Destiny-related question that needs answering? Can't find it anywhere else on the web? Well, You're in luck! Simply ask your question down below, and the knowledgeable community of /DestinyTheGame will answer it to the best of their abilities!
Be sure to use the search in the top right before submitting a question, as it could have already been answered. Also, be sure to check the thread itself!
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We also have an official Discord, which allows for live chatting about the game, LFG, and more!
Be sure to sort by new to see the latest questions!
You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.
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2023.05.28 04:54 urquhartloch What can the head of a thieves guild threaten the players with?

So in my pathfinder 2e game some of my players have a nasty habit of throwing their weight around. "We are godborn, we are powerful, therefore we can and will do what we want." This has caused a number of problems for them where they antagonize everyone and then leave. Leaving them with no allies and no friends. Some of them have been trying to reign it in but to no avail. In our session tonight they were "invited" by the head of the local thieves guild to come and have a chat and to work for them. This thieves guild is also a rather large cult of the chaos god.
He is going to try and bully the players into submission. He knows where the home villages of the thaumaturge and ranger are and will likely threaten to send people there to level them, he is currently suppressing knowledge of a bounty on the life cleric, summoner, and thaumaturge and will threaten to expose them and make sure that every bounty hunter in the land knows where they are at all times. There is also the fighter that I dont have threats for yet. He also has a personal connection with the ranger, being from the same village.
The players are also just coming back from a job where they discovered the source of an illness that had been plaguing the city for generations. The blood hag that was causing it was the founder of the cult and the thieves guild head was the general manager. The blood hag was acting as the cults seer and was advising a slower burn as opposed to most other cults of the Chaos God who tend to explode and do as much damage as quickly as possible. (This cult is also directly tied to the big bad who is looking for ways to fund their search for the body parts of their dead lover. One of which is to smuggle weapons and consumables to the different sides in the ongoing civil war.)
The Thieves guild head is going to want to employ the players and convince them that they should work for him. His thoughts on godborn are "They are just mindless brutes. So you have to train them like wild mutts with frequent beatings and the occasional treat."
Some of the immediate tasks he is going to give the players are:
The first one has a set payment (100GP each on a success, 50GP if they leave no survivors, 50 gp if they leave a clear message). The second one it all depends on what they dig up. The third one is that they get a magic item.

But that aside, Im having trouble coming up with other, less brute force tactics or alternate things to threaten the players with.
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2023.05.28 04:51 Junior_Button5882 11 Terrifying-But-True Horror Stories Reported in the News - From fatal exorcisms to unexplained deaths and devil worship—these are some real-life nightmares.

A terrifying movie or book or show gets your blood pumping in the moment of consumption, sure—we covered our eyes in Squid Game with the rest of the world. But for the most part, you rest easy afterward knowing that what you've witnessed is fiction, deliberately spun up to creep you out. When the real world gets eerier than anything Stephen King could dream up, that's when you have every right to get a little scared of the dark.
Once in a while, a story of a dreadful disappearance, demonic possession, or devil worship will land in the local paper instead of a pulpy old paperback. We've rounded up the most unnerving real-life tales below. In honor of spooky season, here are eleven we can't stop thinking about.

The Axe Murder House

The Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa is a well-known tourist attraction for ghost hunters and horror lovers alike. The site of a gruesome unsolved 1912 murder, in which six children and two adults had their skulls completely crushed by the axe of an unknown perpetrator, was purchased in 1994, restored to its 1912 condition, and converted into a tourist destination. It costs $428 a night to stay at the old haunted home, where visitors always report strange paranormal experiences, such as visions of a man with an axe roaming the halls or the faint screams of children.
But in November of 2014, the haunting took a darker turn. Robert Steven Laursen Jr., 37, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin was on a regular recreational paranormal visit with friends when true horror struck. Per VICE:
His companions found him stabbed in the chest—an apparently self-inflicted wound—called 9-1-1, and Laursen was brought to a nearby hospital before being helicoptered to Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said Laursen suffered the self-inflicted injury at about 12:45 a.m., which is around the same time the 1912 axe murders in the house began.
Laursen recovered from his injuries, but has never spoken publicly about what occurred that day. For Martha Linn, the owner of the home, the incident was very upsetting. "It's publicity, but it's not exactly the kind of publicity you desire to have. I don't want people thinking that when they come to the Villisca Axe Murder House something's going to happen that's going to make them do something like that.” The house remains open for tourist visits and overnight stays today.
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The Haunted Doll

When you think of haunted dolls, it’s likely the creepy old Victorian-looking porcelain kind that springs to mind. None of which you probably have laying around. Still, don’t get too comfortable around any kids toys too soon, though: a Disney’s Frozen Elsa doll that was gifted for Christmas 2013 in the Houston area made headlines earlier this year when it seemingly became haunted.
Per KPRC2 Houston News:
The doll recited phrases from the movie Frozen and sang “Let It Go” when a button on its necklace was pressed.
“For two years it did that in English,” mother Emily Madonia said. “In 2015, it started doing it alternating between Spanish and English. There wasn’t a button that changed these, it was just random."
The family has owned the doll for more than six years and never changed its batteries. The mother says the doll would randomly begin to speak and sing even with its switch turned off.
The family decided to throw the creepy doll out in December of 2019. Weeks later, they found it inside a bench in their living room. “The kids insisted they didn’t put it there, and I believed them because they wouldn’t have dug through the garbage outside,” Madonia told KPRC2 Houston News.

Esquire Select

At that point, Elsa ceased to sing the English rendition of “Let It Go” altogether, speaking only Spanish when pressed. The family then double-bagged the bizarre doll and placed it at the bottom of their garbage which was taken out on garbage day. They went on a trip shortly after, but when they returned, Elsa too had come back, and was waiting in the backyard of their home.
This time, the family mailed Elsa to a family friend in Minnesota, who taped the haunted doll to the front bumper of his truck. It doesn’t seem to have made its way back to Houston yet, as per Madonia’s latest February Facebook update on the creepy doll.

A Deadly Exorcism

In August 2016 in North London, 26-year-old Kennedy Ife began acting strange and aggressive following a pain in his throat. He reportedly bit his father, threatened to cut off his own penis, and complained of a python or snake inside of him before his family restrained him to a bed with cable ties and excessive force.
As the BBC reported:
“The family then set about attempting to ‘cure’ Kennedy through restraint and prayer over the next three days, the court was told.”
His brother, Colin Ife, told police:
“It’s clear that thing was in him, what we believed was a demon because it was not natural. It was clearly trying to kill him,” he said.
“We had to restrain him for himself. It was clear if we didn’t restrain him, he could have tried to harm people in our family.”
Kennedy Ife had been bound to his bed for three days without medical attention when his brother called emergency services, explaining that Kennedy Ife was complaining of dehydration. He appeared to have developed breathing issues, and was pronounced dead at 10:17 a.m.
As The Independent reported:
While police were at the house Colin Ife allegedly carried out an “attempted resurrection” by chanting and praying for Mr. Ife.
All seven of Kennedy Ife’s family members were accused of manslaughter, false imprisonment, and causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult. A post-mortem examination revealed over 60 wounds including a possible bite on Kennedy Ife’s body, and his father, Kenneth Ife, along with four of his brothers, sustained injuries as well.
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below
The BBC reported:
Kenneth Ife told jurors he ordered his sons to take shifts and use "overwhelming force" but denied that an "association with cults, occults and secret societies" played any part in the death.
After a four day jury deliberation, all seven family members were cleared of charges on March 14, 2019.
📷Witches prepare themselves for a journey by broomstick to the Black Mountain, circa 1650. From a 17th century Dutch copperplate by Adrianus Hubertus.Hulton Archive

Dead Animals in the Walls

When the Bretzuis family decided to insulate their home in Auburn, Pennsylvania in 2015, they discovered that it had already been—with scores of dead animal carcasses.
As Fox reported:
The dead animals were wrapped in newspapers from the 1930s and 40s and were among half-used spices, and other items.
After removing the items they sent hundreds of artifacts and carcasses to an expert in Kutztown.
The expert attributed the rotting animals in their walls to Pow-wow or Dutch magic, a ritual originating in the culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch to treat ailments and gain physical and spiritual protection. The Pennsylvania Dutch were a group of German-speaking settlers to Pennsylvania in the 1600 and 1700’s, and are often of Lutheran, Mennonite, or Amish faiths.
The Washington Post notes on the magic:
Many of the spells deal with the care of livestock, finding water, or the treatment of minor ailments, reflecting the conditions and concerns of early American settlers.
But powwow also has within it a tradition of darker spells, and even of such things as conjuring demons.
One notable ritual in their tradition is this hex to create loyalty in a dog:
To attach a dog to a person, provided nothing else was used before to effect it: Try to draw some of your blood, and let the dog eat it along with his food, and he will stay with you.
The mold found on the rotting carcasses in the Bretzuis home has caused illness among the family members, and they say that the odor hasn’t gone away.
This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.Watch on📷Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

Florida Devil Worshipping

Friends noticed that Danielle Harkins, a 35-year-old schoolteacher near St. Petersburg, Florida, started acting strangely in June of 2012, developing an interest in demonic rituals.
Soon after, she was arrested for abuse of seven of her former students, as the Tampa Bay Times reported:
Danielle Harkins told the kids they needed to rid their bodies of demons as the group gathered before dusk Saturday around a small fire near the St. Petersburg Pier. They should cut their skin to let the evil spirits out, police said she told the children. Then, they needed to burn the wounds to ensure that those spirits would not return.
When Harkins held a lighter to one teen's hand, wind blew the flame out, police said. That prompted her to douse his hand in perfume before setting it on fire. The boy suffered second-degree burns, police said.
Another teen was cut on the neck with a broken bottle, police said. Harkins used a flame to heat a small key, which she then used to cauterize the wound.
The police were notified because a friend of one of the students who participated in the ritual raised alarms. However none of the students themselves told their parents about the event or would comment following the arrest of Harkins for aggravated battery and child abuse.
NBC reported:
Investigators said they've spoken to Harkins, but she didn't spell out what type of religion would require such drastic measures.
"She hasn't informed us exactly what she was trying to accomplish with this," Puetz [of the St. Petersburg Police Department] said.

The Death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was last seen on January 31, 2013 in the lobby of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. She was vacationing through the West Coast, documenting the trip on her blog, and checking in with her parents every day. On January 31 those calls stopped. Lam had vanished. Soon the police were involved and her parents arrived to help with the search.
They had nothing. That February, LAPD released elevator surveillance footage of Lam before her disappearance. The footage shows Lam behaving strangely in the elevator, appearing to talk with invisible people, peering around the corner of the door, crouching in the corner, and opening and closing the door. But what exactly is going on in this video raises more questions than answers. Theories range from psychotic episodes, to demonic possession, to unknown assailants just out of the camera's view:
This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.Watch on📷
Around that time, hotel guests started reported weird things happening with the Cecil Hotel water supply. As CNN reports:
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below
"The shower was awful," said Sabina Baugh, who spent eight days there during the investigation. "When you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal."The tap water "tasted horrible," Baugh said. "It had a very funny, sweety, disgusting taste. It's a very strange taste. I can barely describe it."But for a week, they never complained. "We never thought anything of it," she said. "We thought it was just the way it was here."
On the morning of February 19, a hotel employee climbed to the roof and used a ladder to investigate the hotel's water storage tanks. That's where authorities found the decomposing, naked body of Lam, whose personal items were found nearby. After an autopsy, her death was labeled accidental. NBC Los Angeles reported at the time about the strange circumstances in the hotel's past:
The tank has a metal latch that can be opened, but authorities said access to the roof is secured with an alarm and lock.The single-room-occupancy hotel has an unusual history. "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez, who was found guilty of 14 slayings in the 1980s, lived on the 14th floor for several months in 1985. And international serial killer Jack Unterweger is suspected of murdering three prostitutes during the time he lived there in 1991. He killed himself in jail in 1994.In 1962, a female occupant jumped out of one the hotel's windows, killing herself and a pedestrian on whom she landed.
In February 2021, a Netflix doc called Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel explored Elisa's tragic case and the history of the "cursed" Cecil Hotel.

An Exorcism in Indianapolis

Last year, the Indianapolis Star published a lengthy report on a family terrorized by three children allegedly possessed by demons. The account of Latoya Ammons and her family tells disturbing stories of children climbing up the walls, getting thrown across rooms, and children threatening doctors in deep unnatural voices. It would seem like something straight out of a movie–a work of fantasy, except all of these accounts were more or less corroborated with "nearly 800 pages of official records obtained by the Indianapolis Star and recounted in more than a dozen interviews with police, DCS personnel, psychologists, family members and a Catholic priest."
One of the more chilling sections of the report includes a segment about the possessed 9-year-old:
According to Washington's original DCS report—an account corroborated by Walker, the nurse—the 9-year-old had a "weird grin" and walked backward up a wall to the ceiling. He then flipped over Campbell, landing on his feet. He never let go of his grandmother's hand.
Another segment of the piece reads:
The 12-year-old would later tell mental health professionals that she sometimes felt as if she were being choked and held down so she couldn't speak or move. She said she heard a voice say she'd never see her family again and wouldn't live another 20 minutes.
This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.Watch on📷Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

Utah Murder-Suicide

In September of 2014, a Utah teen returned to his home to find his parents and three siblings dead. "In a notebook, a 'to-do list' had been scribbled on the pages ... The list looked as if the parents were readying to go on vacation—items such as 'feed the pets' and 'find someone to watch after the house' were written," The Salt Lake Tribune reported. It appeared to be murder-suicide, but there was no suicide note, no prior indication that they would do this, no explanation. Police could not figure out why two parents would kill themselves and three of their four children.
For a year, no one knew exactly what happened to the family, or what would drive the parents to do something so unthinkable. In January, police released more chilling details in the case. According to accounts from family members and an investigation by police, the parents were driven by a belief that the apocalypse was coming and an obsession with a convicted killer. As the Washington Post reported:
Friends and family told police that the parents were worried about the "evil in the world" and wanted to escape a "pending apocalypse." But most assumed they just wanted to move somewhere "off the grid." Investigators also found letters written by Kristi Strack to one of the state's most infamous convicted killers, Dan Lafferty, who was convicted in the 1984 fatal stabbing of his sister-in-law and her 1-year-old daughter. According to trial testimony, he killed the victims at the order of his brother, Ron Lafferty, who claimed to have had a revelation from God. The story became a book called "Under the Banner of Heaven."Police said Kristi Strack became friends with Dan Lafferty, and she and her husband even visited him in prison.

The Phone Stalker

In 2007, ABC news documented a series of cell phone calls to families with terrifyingly specific death threats. The unidentified callers knew exactly what families were doing and what they were wearing.
The families say the calls come in at all hours of the night, threatening to kill their children, their pets and grandparents. Voice mails arrive, playing recordings of their private conversations, including one with a local police detective.The caller knows, the families said, what they're wearing and what they're doing. And after months of investigating, police seem powerless to stop them.
This went on with the Kuykenall family for months, who reported a caller with a scratchy voice threatening to slit their throats.
When the Fircrest, Wash., police tried to find the culprit, the calls were traced back to the Kuykendalls' own phones -- even when they were turned off.It got worse. The Kuykendalls and two other Fircrest families told ABC News that they believe the callers are using their cell phones to spy on them. They say the hackers know their every move: where they are, what they're doing and what they're wearing. The callers have recorded private conversations, the families and police said, including a meeting with a local detective.

"The Watcher"

After moving into their $1.3 million dream home, a New Jersey family started receiving creepy death threats from someone who identified themselves as "The Watcher." As CBS News reported earlier this year:
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Since moving in, the owners said they have received numerous letters from the mysterious person. "The Watcher" claimed the home "has been the subject of my family for decades," and "I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming," Castro reported.The new owners have several children, and other letters asked, "Have they found out what's in the walls yet?" and "I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me."
The family was forced to flee from their home and later filed a lawsuit against the previous owners.

Issei the Cannibal

In 1974, 24-year-old Wako University student Issei Sagawa allegedly followed a German woman to her home in Tokyo, Japan, broke into her apartment while she was sleeping, and attempted to cut a piece of flesh off her body to consume. When she awoke, she reportedly fought him and he was later captured by the police. According to a 2012 Vice documentary that covered Issei's bizarre story, he was mistakenly charged with attempted rape and his wealthy father paid the victim a settlement outside of court to have the charges dropped.
Seven years later, in 1981, he allegedly committed a murder in France—shooting and eating a fellow University student, Renée Hartevelt. Issei creepily documented the entire experience with photographs and he was captured by authorities once again while attempting to dump the rest of her body in the Bois de Boulogne lake. He was deported back to Japan and committed to a mental institution. For reason unknown, his psychologists in Japan declared that he was sane. Furthermore, a legal technicality involving the French government refusing to turn over the documents from his case meant that his murder charges were dropped completely. He checked himself out of the mental hospital and has reportedly been walking the streets as a free man ever since. Issei has even become a controversial celebrity, writing over 20 books. According to Japan Today, he most recently fantasized about an unnamed TV actress, saying:
"I'll catch a glimpse of her thigh and think, 'That sure looks tasty.' But I don't feel like I actually want to eat it. As I accomplished the act of cannibalism once, there's no meaning to maintaining the desire for it anymore. In my book, I wrote that it [human flesh] was tasty, but that was not really true; I'd much rather eat Matsuzaka (Kobe) beef. But because I'd desired to consume human flesh for so long, I'd managed to convince myself that it would necessarily be delicious."
Issei Sagawa was also referenced in the Rolling Stones song "Too Much Blood," with the lyrics reading: "And when he ate her he took her bones/To the Bois de Boulogne." He is currently 73 years old and continues to live in Kawaski City, Japan. To this day, no one knows why France did not allow Japan to give him a trial.
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2023.05.28 04:48 berdistehwerd Range Day: Competition Shooting (2/5), IPSC

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Mick's pistol because I want a cover image
Mick reference
Random drawing of Finn
Memory transcription subject: “Mick”, Venlil, Former mechanical engineer, Gunsmith apprentice
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 17, 2136

We lined up outside of the facility where our first competition would be held. The official rules would have to be explained to us before we started, as is standard for these events. Finn had already given me most of the knowledge I needed, but I still had to listen to the instructor’s words, unless I wanted to do something wrong and be disqualified.

“Alright, is everyone here?” The instructor shouted. “Nobody unaccounted for? Perfect! I see some new faces here today, so I’m going to have to go over the rules again.”

“First up, the basic safety rules must be followed at all times, no exceptions, ever! Understood?”

The line of about 20 competitors all barked out an affirmative in unison, I followed shortly after.

“Good! Good. Second rule, prioritize safety above all else. If you see someone doing something wrong, or dangerous, or outright stupid, point it out to me or one of the other safety guys around. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” The whole line responded.

The instructor’s presence was quite hard to ignore, it seems this man has a history of yelling at people to get points across to their head.

“Good! Alright, third rule. Have fun, don't die.”

“Yes sir!” we all said again.

“If nobody has any questions, we shall begin! Whoever’s first, go to the line, hands on the door, then wait for instructions. I shall follow suit shortly. When you’re done with the course, make your way up to the catwalk, the view’s great from up there, trust me. For now, sit and wait for your turn.”

Finn turned to me and added onto the instructor’s advice. “Hey Mick, don’t expect to be able to sprint through the whole thing like last time, pace yourself, depending on how they set this up, this course could take anywhere from a minute to 10, we won’t know until we’re both done. They don’t want people to cheat, taking it blind is part of the fun with this style of comp.”

Finn looked a little tense, as if the anticipation was getting to him. I knew it was getting to me too, so no wonder it was getting to him. A while ago, I figured out that I didn’t feel things quite the same as most everyone else did. Things that made others incredibly disgusted only made me a little uncomfortable. I didn’t feel loneliness even after days worth of isolation. All of the time I spent was either working or sleeping, I didn’t feel the need for free time, and I liked having a lot of surplus money, so I worked. That was, at least until I found the exchange program. It paid a decent amount of money, so I was compelled to join up. These humans couldn’t be so bad, plus I needed something new to do. Fortunately, I had previously passed empathy tests, albeit barely. It registered enough of an empathetic response for me to pass undetected. I was legally free of predator disease.

Apparently, a few of the earliest exchange partners had a bug where they could share images, and we had that bug, so I got to see the humans' appearance way earlier than most. Bipedal, tall, forward facing eyes, mostly hairless, wearing textiles to replace their lack of hair. That didn’t bother me too much, unsurprising considering my overall lack of intense emotional response that had prompted the earlier PD screenings.

It had been about [30 minutes], about half the competitors had already gone through the course before us. My turn was up next, and Finn was right after me, we were just waiting for the competitor currently in the course to finish.

A bell chimed, signifying that the last guy had made it through, finishing his run. Finn gave me a pat on the back, a sign that I should get ready to get in there.

“Remember to pace yourself, you know, you can’t run through this behemoth in 20 seconds. Slow and steady will win you the race.” Finn advised.

“Alrighty, next competitor!” The instructor bellowed, almost interrupting Finn’s advice. “Minek the Venlil? You ready?”

“As ready as I'll ever be, I guess.” I said, anticipation and nerves high.

I don’t necessarily like talking to people, particularly the ones I don’t know. Another aspect of why I felt like my home was better set on earth, rather than that sunside town where everyone just had to stop and get to know you. I’m not going back, even under the threat of annihilation, like what nearly happened to all of earth’s inhabitants.

“Make ready, put your hands on the door, your run starts once the timer beeps. If the lights turn red, stop your run immediately, make clear, holster your weapon. Understood?”

“Understood.” I replied.

I seated a new magazine into my pistol, racked the slide, holstered it, and placed my hands on the door. Here was my time to shine, I guess.

“Shooter ready? Standby…”

The moment of silence between the announcer’s callout and the timer’s beep felt like a small eternity.


I popped the door open as quickly as I could, took a high-ready stance, and began steadily advancing through the entrance hallway. There was a door on the left, as I entered it, I see a target standing both behind a target and a hostage. I'm forced to take my time lining up the headshot, KRAK, the target fragments into digital fragments. Another target to the right of it, slam a round through its torso. Move on, 2 targets behind a barricade, one no shoot. Take out both targets swiftly, then take a peek around the next corner. At the last moment, I spot a somewhat hidden cranny in the course right after the hallway, on my left. I backpedal, swing the pistol around the corner, and plant a round square through the chest of a target that was hiding within.

Now actually going down the hallway, there’s another hallway on the right, and a T-junction at the very end. The hallway on the right has 2 targets right next to each other, shoot and no-shoot. I take this quickly, they aren’t overlapped or anything special, just next to each other. I nearly missed because I was still moving when I shot, I needed to take more time lining up, no way I could keep getting this lucky. Left side of the junction has a shoot target, the right side has another hallway to the left of it. The rest of the floor was mostly the same, sending rounds through targets and reloading once, much like the rest of the course, right up until the end of the floor.

I rounded a corner partially blocked by a non-target, to see a small shooting gallery within the killhouse, and a door on the opposite side of the entrance. I have to clear the targets before the door will open, as instructed by the label on it. Two small, circular holograms appear before my eyes, roughly in the middle of the room. Two pops later, my magazine has run out. I haven’t even gotten through my (slightly) practiced reload, when another set of targets appear on the left side of the room. The surprise of more targets caused me to fumble slightly, tapping the magazine against the bottom of the grip. I slap the magazine back into its rightful place within my pistol, tap for good measure, drop the slide, pop the targets. The door remains still, so there are more targets to hit, I reckon. They happened to appear right I thought of them, one close and to the left, the other far and to the right. This forces me to swing my aim across the room, and I nearly missed a target again, barely clipping the right edge of the far target.

Too close, me. Too close. I somehow haven’t missed a target yet, and I intend to keep it that way.

The door finally opened, so I made my way through, and made my way up the stairs that followed the door. At the top of the stairs stood a target peeking over. Almost reflexively, I was steadily advancing past the target, without stopping I put the barrel to the target’s face, then fired. 2 rounds remaining in the magazine. The left side had a familiar set of targets similar to the little practice house. A set of closet like rooms, filled with a couple of shoot and no shoot targets. Bang, round the next corner, bang and a clack. Empty, reload, don’t fumble it this time, another target around the corner, bang.

The next few hallways were similar to the rest, a no shoot around a corner, a shoot target sitting opposite that, then I saw something I hadn't seen earlier. A direction marking on the floor, telling me to walk past the door, to a piece of half-height cover leading into an incredibly long (for this type of scenario) hallway. At the end was a hostage type target, held in such a way that you had to either hit the slightly poking out head, or the very exposed leg sitting out to the right of the target.

I take a bracing pose against the left side of the wall, on the corner. It took me a moment to line it up properly, but I sent a round flying through my target’s lower thigh, causing it to stumble out of line with the hostage, the hostage remaining exactly in its position. That’s interesting, I didn’t know the targets were dynamic like that. I had been “killing” them with direct chest or headshots for every shot that I had hit, so I had never gotten a chance to see these targets actually do their dynamic animations before. I’ll have to ask how that works later. I finished the target off with a nice shot to the chest, after it had fallen to the floor, crippled due to its leg injury. The target fragmented as the holographic display was pierced by my round, double confirming that these targets were still projections.

The door to my left had opened with a clunk a moment after I had shot the target for the second time. I preformed more of the same clearing maneuvers and shooting of targets. A pair of these targets happened to line up, almost perfectly for a collateral shot. I took aim against the target further to the rear, my round propelling itself toward the target with its aim true. It took a path where I thought it would destroy both the near and far target with the same shot, however, the bullet only grazed the first hologram, causing it to stumble backward with its dynamic system. Despite not killing the first target, it still smacked against the rear target with a standard killing shot, fragmenting into its hundreds of red shards that I had become accustomed to.

Advancing further into the labyrinth, I swiftly finished off the wounded target that had stumbled backward into a corner. Just to the right of the target, a sign on the wall pointed me downward, telling me to crawl through a claustrophobic, vent-like passage, about [2 feet] tall. I read the sign, dropped to the floor, and slid down through the little hole in the wall. Out the left of the hole, a target stood waiting for whatever round I planned on giving him, out in the open.

I wonder…

I approached the target, pistol held like a little baton. With as much force as I could for good measure, I slapped the target with the pistol.


Seems I was wrong. I place my aim onto the target that I had unsuccessfully slapped, fired, then went to move on. Another target was in a little closet behind it, so I spun around to shoot that one too. This killhouse seemed to span for an eternity, and I thought I must be nearing the end of it soon.

Round the corner, no-shoot target, keep going around the U shaped hallway, another no-shoot target in the middle of the hallway. Pass it by, another bend in the wall, with a shoot target just beyond it. I go to fire my weapon, and…


The slide is open.

That isn’t supposed to happen, I had 3 rounds left in the magazine!

I take a quick inspection of my gun, a casing got stuck in the chamber, and now was blocking up the entire gun’s mechanism. I had been taught what to do in this situation, the malfunction being called a “double feed,” which could occur more frequently if your gun ran older ammunition, which mine did.

I followed the standard jam-clearing procedure for a double feed, which was to first lock the slide to the rear, remove the magazine, drop the slide and rack again to remove the stuck casing, reinsert the magazine, then rack the slide again to seat a new round. With my jam now cleared, I shot the target in front of me in the face, destroying it instantly. Around the corner sat another set of targets, 2 of them I had to shoot.

I get my aim steady on the first, fire, target destroyed. The slide locked back, alerting me to my state of being out of ammo. I reach for another fresh magazine, and come back empty handed.


I was completely out of ammo, and making good time up until now.

Melee won’t work, I had just figured that out, I'm out of magazines so I can’t reload even if I needed to, which I certainly did.


I had accidentally let the stuck round fall out with the magazine while I was removing it from the gun, so now it was sitting on the floor. I dive over to it, grab the lonesome round off the floor, and carefully insert the round into the chamber of my pistol. This was a technique that you weren’t exactly supposed to do often, as it wears out the extractor much faster, leading to more frequent issues if it’s done too often. I drop the slide, letting the final round I had to my name seat itself within the chamber, ready to fire.


The target shattered, the door on my left clunking open to reveal the light of day, and a catwalk to a platform above the range. I walk out, and hear another voice call out.

“Show clear, then holster your weapon. Your time is…187.87 seconds, nice work in there. If you want, go watch from above from that catwalk, the next run’s boutta to start.”

I walked up the stairs, legs quite a bit more fatigued than I expected them to be, although I had just been speed-walking for 3 minutes straight, and my heart was beating faster than I expected, probably due to that moment of panic after having my gun just jam up on me, compounded by the fact that I totally ran out of ammo. I reached the top, took a seat in a nice spot near the edge of the small congregation of other competitors, waiting for Finn to come waltzing through the course. There was a display on the top of the roof, showing us an overlay of the first floor, which would also show us the second floor once the competitor got to the staircase.

A few minutes passed, and I wasn't paying attention to Finn's run, since a few people had asked for me to take pictures with them, which I reluctantly agreed to. I could barely hear it, but the end timer from earlier had spoke up again; “show clear, holster your weapon. Your time is… 178.92, fastest time yet, good stuff.”

I broke away from the group who were trying to ask me questions to meet my friend at the top of the stairs, who acknowledged my completion with a firm ‘high five’, a human gesture I had been taught over my time with him.

“Phew, nice little course, huh Mick?” Finn offered.

“Yea… It was fun, albeit tiring.” I responded, with a tail wag

“I’d bet, worse stamina especially. Anyway, how’d ya do?”

“Slightly worse than you, 187 seconds.”

Wow! Nice, uhm, that’s actually really impressive for someone who’s never done this kinda thing before, how’d ya manage that?”

“Might be because I only ever had to hit the targets once, except for that really long range one, with the hostage?”

“Yea I know the one, tricky bastard to hit without clipping the hostage.”

“Did you know those targets are reactive? Actually yea, you probably do because you volunteer here, right?”

“Yep, I'm guessing that’s how you figured out they are? Shot em’ in the leg so he’d stumble? That’s the easiest way to do it, i reckon, but just moving to the right edge to line up an easier headshot is the more advantageous way to do it.”

“Yea that’s what I figured out. Oh, after that there was one kinda standing out in a hallway that I tried to hit with my pistol, didn’t do anything but since that one actually fell over earlier I was wondering if I could save the ammo, why didn’t hitting it work?”

“If you were actually in a situation where you were running around a big ol’ building trying to murder combatants inside to rescue hostages, do you think you would have the ability to whack someone in the face hard enough to outright kill them instantly? No, no you probably wouldn’t. The target impact system only tracks bullets anyway, punches or strikes don’t move fast enough to register on the system.”

“Oh, interesting. Say, how do the holograms work?”

“No clue, all I know is it has something to do with laser projectors and some weird illusions, then it has motion detectors tuned to a specific zone in space for tracking hits, quite interesting stuff if I do say so myself, even if I don't know how it works.”

“Yea, it is,” I said, not exactly registering what was said, “anyway, I think we should go figure out what the next event is, I don’t want to go into it blind like I would have if you hadn’t made me try the little version first.”
“Alright, follow me then.” Finn said, then began walking down the catwalk, leading me to our next event of the day, which I had been informed was a “long range vintage” event.

We made our way back over to the range we were at before, now situated with targets much further out than the aim trainer I had been using earlier. There were large signs, telling me distance next to little plates with concentric rings around a point in the middle. Finn walked back over to his car, pulled out a rifle box, and came back over to me.
"Ah, the wonders of long range shooting! You ready to learn about physics?" Finn exclaimed, clearly excited.
"No, not really, why do you ask?"
"Long range shooting, and especially extreme range shooting need a lot of little physics calculations for you to actually be able to hit the target from so far away. Bullets are little more than projectiles thrown at high velocity, but there's still things like gravity, wind, and sometimes even the fuckin' Coriolis effect to worry about while your round is flying!"

"Wait, you have to worry about the rotation of the planet while shooting long range? That's insane!"

"I know, right? that's why I love this stuff!"

The next [20 or 30 minutes] were taken up by a lengthy explanation of how a bullet flies, how a spotter and shooter system functions, how a spotter scope works, how to interpret what the spotter says, the list goes on. This had continued until the whistle blasted again, alerting us of another announcement.

"Everyone come over to the podium, we're having an awards ceremony! Be here in 5 minutes or we start without you, if you aren't already over here!" the voice of the instructor from earlier rang out. Finn and I went over to the podium, where a few boxes labeled 1, 2, and 3 resided.

The ceremony went well, apparently I had gotten third place, Finn got second, and someone who had ran after both of us got first.

After the ceremony, we were each handed a box of differing sizes, the winner got a certificate for a free rifle, Finn got a new 'plate carrier', a thing that was made to hold armor and magazines, and I got a pair of cargo pants.

I walked over to the little station they had set up nearby, got a few measurements taken, then was handed an (admittedly very fancy) pair of pants, clearly set up for humans instead of venlil.

Thankfully, I didn't have to modify them so I could wear them, there was already a little bit of a notch in the top of the beltline that let it comfortably sit just below my tail.

Another announcement came on soon after I got my new pants; "Next event starts in one hour, get some practice in before that, you might need it."
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Author's note: This one took a lot longer than the other ones, although it's released in a shorter time frame, how ironic, i guess? I'm considering making a prologue to the story, probably during the exchange program, if I do, it will also help give some more context to Mick that I tried to expand on with this one.
I hope you enjoyed it, expect the next one... eventually.
Oh, and sorry about any walls of text, that was me trying to fill in to hit my self imposed 3000 word count, and also me not knowing how to effectively write "move, shoot, move again" about 20 times in a row.
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2023.05.28 04:24 Lux_Aquila Which Republican Nominee has the most precise policies for voters to look at?

A couple of days ago, there was a great post here asking the differences between DeSantis and Trump (policy wise). That led me to look into whether or not any of the Republican candidates actually have their policies available for voters to look at. So, I decided to see what I could find on each of their official campaign websites. That list would be: Trump, Haley, DeSantis, Elder, Asa, Vivek, Scott (and Pence, because its looking like he will choose to run). What I found:
Pence: (policy list from 501(c)(4) organization Pence started)
Trump: 15 individual sections that can be searched and are too long to type out here. Some specifics in those sections include adopting a Parental Bill of Rights, congressional term limits, ban on lobbying for former congressional members, and restoring Remain in Mexico.
DeSantis: Had no specific policy page that I could find (if someone does, could they link it?). I am assuming this is because his announcement was so recent.
Elder: 8 topics in his policy section (crime, school choice, inflation, racial harmony, economic growth, China, immigration, restoring America's cities). There were not substantial specific policies under these sections.
Asa: 11 topics in his policy section (energy, border security, national defense, taxes, unity, China, religious liberty, building America, healthcare, Russia, and Criminal Justice). There were not substantial specific policies under these sections.
Vivek: 5 different goals under 5 broad topics (a total of 25 policy commitments he has). While I can't list them all here, those 5 main areas are: reviving American national identity, Unleash the American Economy by achieving >5% GDP Growth, declare Independence from Communist China, dismantle managerial bureaucracy, and end weaponization of government and financial markets). Each section has specific goals, along with associated articles/videos/podcasts. Policy examples include ending affirmative action, make political expression a civil right, incentive trade schools, achieve semiconductor independence, Oppose CBDCs.
Haley:...Had no specific policy page that I could find (if someone does, could they link it?)
Scott: Has a series of 7 videos describing his policies.
Pence: His 501(c)(4) has a 28 page document with specific policies grouped into: American culture, American opportunity and American leadership. Policies include building up the Navy to a 350-ship fleet, halt the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Allow longer timeframes for Congress to disapprove a rule issued by a federal agency, Revamp the World Trade Organization (WTO).
-2 candidates did not have a policy page (DeSantis, Haley)
-2 candidates have generic policy pages (Asa, Elder)
-2 (3) candidates have more extensive policy pages at the time of writing this (Trump, Vivek, (Pence))
-1 candidate has chosen to rely on videos so far (Scott)

With that said, is there enough here for the American voter to make an informed choice between these individuals? Can we parse anything out from how these individuals have chosen to market themselves? Do you think they will become more detailed as we enter the primary season?
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