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2023.05.28 08:55 Accomplished-Ask-390 this is insane someone look into this, its not ok this is allowed

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2023.05.28 08:53 MyFairGoatee Hate my dog

I just hate my aggressive little dog. She gets overstimulated so easily and then she attacks my other dog.
Today my girl (20 lbs) was sitting next to me and my (now ex who still lives with me) tossed me some Jerky and went to let the other 2 dogs in since there was a thunderstorm. She led the big one (70 lbs) to the kennel but the 10 lb girl attacked my girl. The big dog ran up to join the "fun" but luckily I caught her by the collar right as she was getting growly and trying to bite my girl and i dragged her to the bathroom then came back to break up the fight.
I've learned I can't stick my hands in because I've gotten bitten before cause the little one will continue to attack, so I grabbed her by the scruff and put her in my son's room. I couldnt stop it early enough to protect my dog from the little one because the big one took priority to restrain.
My girl had puncture wounds for the first time because of this aggressive little dog. I'm so thankful she is only 10 lbs and can't do more damage or else I would have out her down a long time ago. I want my ex to move out with her dog before she learns to be as shitty as my dogs because she would be dangerous and probably adds to the overstimulations of the little one. I wish I could get rid of the little one but my son loves her. I can't rehome my dog because she has a health condition that costs a bit extra to maintain and she has food aggression and low tolerance for mistreatment or people invading her space. I don't trust anyone else to manage her. She listens to me and i understand her body language really well. She's only ever growled at others but she would absolutely bite if someone didn't listen to her warning. My mom has offered to take either of my little ones but I don't trust my mom to handle my girl with her health problem and food aggression and I can't rehome my son's dog.
I imagine there will be less stimulation once my ex and her dog leave but I feel guilty pushing that. I'm not sure how to bring it up.
I just think all the people who say "adopt don't shop" and bash breeders are so unrealistic. Same with the ones who say "if you get a dog you have it for life." I should have rehomed the little dog immediately when I noticed the problem but I thought she just needed time to adjust. If i didnt feel like i was a bad person for giving her back to the spca immediatelt then i wouldnt have been dealing with this for the last 4 years. I'm stuck with this dog who causes problems.
It makes me never want to get a pet dog again.
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2023.05.28 08:48 ConstableDong What would my car be worth?

Hi, just looking for some advice as to what my 2004 Toyota Camry SE would be worth if I wanted to sell it. I’m not too familiar with cars in general so help would be appreciated!
I’m in Canada for reference.
It has around 390000km (242334mi) on it, and I have two sets of tires with their own rims, a regular set and a studded winter set.
It drives perfectly, no engine troubles or noises at all. Eats a small amount of oil, enough to notice over a few months but not even close to causing problems.
Check engine light is currently on due to an issue with the knock sensor (was quoted about 850 CAD to fix - will not be doing this) and an evap code that requires a gas cap replacement (will be doing this as it’s inexpensive).
The physical status of the car is not perfect, but okay, given it’s age: - Some rust spots on the body, nothing too major, the largest one has resulted in a hole near the front left wheel. - One of the windshield wipers is attached to the car via a metal wire instead of what usually locks the wiper in place. Not sure what happened to the original connecter but I’ve only had an issue with it once in the and reattached it as soon as I parked. - Some minor chips and cracks on the windshield.
Interior has aftermarket speakers and head unit installed by previous owner. The cloth roof lining is detached by the rear window. Rest of the interior isn’t in terrible shape (cracked leather, some of the plastic trim isn’t firmly attached etc) and nothing is broken.
I’m not in need of selling it quite yet but since it’s getting up there in mileage and age I wanted to know when I should start looking for a new car before I get stranded on the side of the road.
I can’t imagine it’d be worth much at all, maybe a grand or two CAD? If I could get some advice that would be fantastic!
As a side note when should I start looking for a new car? I was thinking once I get a repair quote that’s worth more than the car is worth I should start looking. Preferably I’d be able to start looking before it dies so that I have time to shop around without immediate purchase.
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2023.05.28 08:46 Amazing-Information1 Organic Germanium Ge-132

What do you think about Organic Germanium Ge-132?
This Supplement seems to bei highly controversial discussed because there are deadly metallic and healthy organic Germanium compounds.
But still even the organic water-soluble Supplements are not allowed to sell in Parts of the EU:
"According to the European Directive 2002/46/EC on the approximation of the laws of the member states regarding food supplements, germanium should not be used in food supplements. The addition of germanium as a source of minerals in food supplements is therefore not permitted in many EU countries. The competent authorities expressly warn against the consumption of Ge-132, since serious damage to health and death cannot be ruled out.[29][30]"
Description from Supersmart Shop:
"_Organic Germanium Ge-132 is an organic germanium supplement typically used for its reinvigorating benefits. Naturally present in a number of foods, this trace-element has exceptional properties and is very well absorbed by the body.
What exactly is organic germanium? Number 32 in the periodic table, germanium has the chemical symbol Ge. In its mineral form, this metalloid is found at very low levels in the Earth’s crust as well as in certain types of mineral ore.
It was first identified in 1866 in a Frieburg silver mine by German chemist Clemens Winkler, who named it ‘germanium’ after its country of origin. But it was only in the 20th century that the semi-conductor properties of the germanium mineral were discovered, opening up a new era in the field of optics, infrared, electronics and photovoltaic cells.
Far removed from these technological applications, the discovery of organic germanium followed a quite different trajectory. In 1955, Japanese professor Kazuhiko Asai became interested in medicinal plants with an age-old history of use (reishi, shiitake, Korean ginseng ...) and their germanium content. His painstaking investigations produced striking results: all displayed the particular feature of having a significant germanium content.
The scientist was quick to understand the key role this trace-element played in the growth of these plants as well as in maintaining their cellular integrity, and predicted similar effects in humans, particularly in supporting immunity._"
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2023.05.28 08:43 SabbyOfSableWine Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.

(original story but also a promt I'd love to see other people expand on as well)
Wind howled past the cave opening, and Vr’ocria cursed the cold air for the hundredth time that day. “Volunteer for the away team,” Galek had said. “It’s a great experience,” he said. “You’ll love it,” he said.
Vr’ocria swore she would throw her nest mate right out the airlock the moment they got back.
It was supposed to be a simple survey mission, only lasting a few hours and with only two members on the team.The moon they’d landed on was rich with vegetation and wildlife, but also–as they’d discovered too late–suffered frequent and terrible storms due to a sudden shift in seasons. The two of them ended up having to take shelter in a cave and were pretty much stuck until their shuttle came back for them. Which should have been several hours ago–except that they received word from the shuttle that there was a delay due to an engine malfunction, and that they weren’t expected to be back for them until the next morning.
Vr’ocria was utterly miserable.
“Hey you,” a voice said from over her shoulder, and she was startled when something heavy–and warm-- fell across her back. She turned to look.
“Human Aldrick?”
Human Aldrick laughed. “I told you, just call me Aldrick.”
Vr’ocria reached up to touch the fabric draped over her. “Is this your coat?”
He shrugged. “You seem to need it more than me. I come from a cold climate, I’m pretty used to this.”
Vr’ocria’s scales flushed purple and she tugged the coat closer around her. For the warmth, of course, and not to hide the flush. “Thank you, Hu– erm, Aldrick.”
“You’re welcome.” He sat down across from her, on the other side of the fire. The fire still freaked her out a bit–her people rarely, if ever, used open flame–but she cherished its heat. She had Aldrick to thank for that, too.
Honestly, if it weren’t for Aldrick, she probably would have withered away in misery hours ago. She wasn’t accustomed to such storms, but according to Aldrick, they were fairly common back on Earth. It was thanks to him that they were able to find shelter in the first place, and he was the one to build them a fire and collected edible herbs and roots to supplement their rations–in the off chance they were here even longer.
Vr’ocria shuddered at the thought.
“Are you alright? Still too cold?”
Vr’ocria snapped out of her thoughts. Aldrick’s head was tilted, eyes filled with concern.
She shrugged. “I’m alright. I just can’t wait to get back to the ship.” She sighed. “I miss my stasis chamber.”
Aldrick groaned in agreement. “I’m not excited about sleeping on a stone floor.”
Vr’ocria paused. “Sleep?” The word felt foreign on her tongue.
“Humans sleep, we don’t enter stasis. We can’t rest standing up like you do,” he explained. “Sleep for us is different–when you enter stasis, you’re still sort of aware of your surroundings, right?”
Vr’ocria nodded.
“See, for us, we’re fully unconscious. When I’m asleep, I can’t see or hear anything, unless it’s loud enough to wake me up. And because we’re unconscious, our bodies go completely limp.” He shifted where he sat. “I mean, sometimes we move around a bit when we sleep, like rolling over or something. But because we go so limp, we can’t stand up. Sometimes we can sleep sitting down, but really we have to be lying down.”
Vr’ocria frowned. “But if you’re unconscious, then how will you know if there’s danger?”
Aldrick gave a wan smile. “We don’t.”
She stared. “But…”
“Sleeping is a very vulnerable position.”
Vr’ocria was starting to realize how little she knew about humans. She’d always been told how dangerous they were, how resilient and fearless. She’d always somehow thought that humans barely needed rest at all. But here she was, realizing that when night fell, her crewmate would be in the most vulnerable position a human could be in.
She drew her shoulders up, her scales rippling. “I will protect you,” she declared.
Aldrick blinked, and his cheeks turned–pink? Was that normal for humans?
Who was Vr’ocria kidding, she didn’t know.
“Thank you,” he said quietly.
That night, Aldrick curled up at the back of the cave.
Curled up!
He reminded Vr’ocria of her little rillard she’d had as a pet when she was a hatchling. Her scales were bright purple now. Thank the planets Aldrick’s eyes were closed. She forced herself to turn around and face the cave entrance before entering stasis.
She couldn’t protect him if she was busy staring at him.
Vr’ocria was beyond relieved when the shuttle arrived the next morning. She and Aldrick boarded eagerly, and the shuttle took them to a space station to await their ship.
Upon arriving at the station, they were assigned temporary living quarters.
“Normally we would put the two of you in separate rooms, but everything is full right now,” the attendant said briskly. “I trust you don’t mind sharing for a few cycles?”
Vr’ocria’s scales rippled nervously, but Aldrick replied before she could say anything. “As long as there’s a bed for me and a stasis chamber for her, I don’t care,” he said.
Vr’ocria was sure her scales were permanently stained purple.
She trailed behind them as the attendant led them to their quarters. “What’s a bed?” she asked.
Aldrick smiled. “It’s where humans usually sleep. You’ll see when we get there.”
The room they were given turned out to be small, but not terribly so. There was a stasis chamber in the corner and some kind of large, rectangular thing draped with what looked like multiple different kinds of fabrics.
Aldrick darted to the rectangle and threw himself face down upon it with a loud sigh, his legs splayed out as they hung off the side. The rectangle appeared to give under his weight, almost bouncing a bit.
“Is the room satisfactory?” The attendant asked.
“God, yes.” Aldrick’s voice was muffled from where he lay. The attendant left without another word.
“So…” Vr’ocria began, “is that a bed?”
Aldrick was in the process of kicking his shoes off. “Yep! Basically just a big squishy cushion with blankets and pillows.” He motioned to the two smaller cushions at the top end of the bed. “I slept like shit in that cave, so I’m exhausted and I’m going to sleep.”
Vr’ocria’s scales flushed their deepest purple yet when he pulled his shirt and uniform pants off. But Aldrick didn’t seem to notice, and simply pulled the upper layers of fabric back and crawled underneath. He curled on his side, resting his head on top of a pillow, one arm clutching the pillow underneath and the other hand pulling the top coverings to his chin.
Vr’ocria’s scales rippled and fluttered.
What was that so blasted cute?
Humans are supposed to be scary. They’re dangerous, they’re nearly unkillable creatures! They should not be allowed to be cute!
She found herself creeping closer until she was standing over him. His eyes were closed, his breathing slowing. Was he already asleep?
She slowly reached out and tentatively brushed a strand of hair out of his face.
She nearly jumped out of her scales when Aldrick’s eyes opened to look up at her. His cheeks were pink again.
His lips curved in a smile. “Everything okay?”
“I–um. Well,” she stuttered, and cursed her clumsy tongue. “Just. Checking if you need anything else for your sleep?”
“Well, actually–” he raised his head to look towards the control panel, “if you don’t mind, could you dim the lights? Easier to sleep when it’s dark.”
“Of course.” Vr’ocria crossed the small room to the panel and turned the lights off. Only a tiny emergency light illuminated the bottom of the door now. She turned to face the door, standing between it and the bed, and stood still.
There was a pause, and then Aldrick’s voice came from across the room. “Are you entering stasis?”
“But–Vr’ocria, you don’t have to do it right there. Use the stasis chamber in the corner.”
“I want to do it here.”
“Buy why?”
“To protect you.”
Silence filled the room.
“I want to do it here,” she said firmly.
Silence again. Her insides knotted as she suddenly wondered if she’d offended him.
Then, finally–“Thank you, Vr’ocria.” Aldrick’s voice was softer than she’d ever heard it.
At least it was too dark to see her scales, for once.
Hours later, when she had finished stasis, Aldrick was still sleeping. She could hear his slow, deep breaths drifting through the darkness.
Leaving the lights off, she felt for her communicator in her pocket and addressed a message to her nestmate, Galek.
What do you know about human mating rituals?
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2023.05.28 08:39 NikoMora411 Bike help.

Bike help.
I bought a bike off Facebook marketplace a while back, the seller posted vintage bike for 20 bucks. I have been replacing parts and fixing it up and took it into a bike shop the other day to get new tires. The service man said that even though it has Schwinn stickers the body is not a Schwinn style, but every other part on it is a Schwinn part. Could anyone possibly give me some information on this bike body? If more pictures are needed let me know.
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2023.05.28 08:34 bodyshopindia Buy Blue Musk Online- The Body Shop India

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2023.05.28 08:22 Weight-Original Missions on the shop any better now - space engineers

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2023.05.28 08:19 peachy_exe how does one know?

im not sure where to post or what to say without sounding like im having an identity crisis.
for the longest time, ive considered myself to be straight. i dated and only slept with men, cis-men i suppose to be specific (is that okay/important?) and it was a running joke in my old friend group that i was the “token straight friend” as all my friends identified as queer. my old coworkers joked that i was a “fruit fly”. i just went along with it because i never had experiences with women and since my old friends were so insistent i couldn’t be attracted to women, i never bothered addressing it. i stayed as the “token straight friend” and took their jokes about me being straight, supported their coming out stories, one of them began performing in drag and i supported them as much as i could. i rallied next to them at protests and made more conscious decisions to shop from businesses owned/operated by the LGBTQ2IA+ community.
one year, i really wanted to go with them to pride, i had never been to pride in a bigger city and they were so excited to go (i had recently moved to a smaller, more conservative town and had not been able to fully hang out with my old friends for quite some time) and i was excited to be able to see my friends and be able to hang out with them and celebrate them they way they wanted to during pride month. but a week before they told me that i wasnt able to go, and said there wasnt enough room in the car going down (this was found out to be a lie) and that pride was THEIR thing, for them as queer people to be themselves and not for straight people to invade.
i didn’t want to overstep; i know only a fraction of struggles the LGBTQ2IA+ community has faced over the decades, and i didnt want to cause a fight or any tension. so i said okay and stay at home and just liked their instagram pics and complimented their pride outfits in the group chat. ngl my heart hurt back then but i figured i didnt really have a reason to be upset because it ultimately wasnt about me.
but ive always had this feeling. i dont know how to explain it, maybe im just weird or a creep but ive always found myself interested in women’s bodies, and their curves. i feel like i would always stare a little bit longer than probably appropriate, i was always interested in porn that focused more on the woman’s experience. i hope this isnt cheesy or cringey, but there was that tingle when i thought about girls or women that looked really pretty to me, or that i thought had a really nice body. i just brushed it off as me wanting to support other women and if they felt confident, it must have been rubbing off on me. sometimes i’d see a really hot girl and wonder what she was like in bed, what would turn her on, or if she would turn me on.
lately more and more ive found that i’ve daydreamed about being intimate with women, or at the very least feeling like id be more open. i wont lie and say i havent been consuming more spicy content that only starred women, or focused only on the woman. ive found myself feeling the same sort of turned on feeling thinking about a woman that i would get when i would think about my boyfriend or be intimate with him. i love my boyfriend dearly, i have no intention on leaving him, or exploring these feelings without addressing everything i feel and ensuring theres consent from him (if it ever comes to it). i still feel a strong attraction to men, it just feels like over the past year and a half, ive felt a similar attraction to women.
im wasnt sure if it was a product of my environment, the whole “you live in england long enough you start to get a british accent” kind of deal. since so many of my old friends were queer, and some of my current friends are queer, i just kinda figured i thought i was because i was always hanging out with them. but i havent spoken to my old friend group in 3 years, and only talking off and on to one of them every few months or so. and when i sat down and started reflecting and addressing these feelings, i realized i had them since before i knew my old friends.
the last thing i want to do is come across as that straight girl who thinks shes bi to be part of the crowd, i feel like i probably overcompensate to really avoid coming across that way. i know bi erasure is a very real thing so thats why i tell myself if i feel like this may be a possibility, i should address is and allow myself to accept whatever i feel. but i also know that i have come from a privileged environment, and never had to go through the coming out struggles like so many have. i have been trying to discuss this with my therapist but we only just began exploring this a few sessions ago.
am i just delusional? i dont mean to trauma dump or come across as patronizing but im not sure how to address these sort of feelings. i know that if these are genuine and i am truly attracted to women as well as men, my boyfriend and friends would be supportive and accepting. i know my family would be as well and that nothing would change these.
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2023.05.28 08:19 bodyshopindia Shop British Rose Range Product Online- The Body Shop India

There’s nothing better than the smell of a British rose garden. So naturally, we decided to capture the scent and create a range of British Rose body care products – shower gels, body butter, hand creams and soaps.
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2023.05.28 08:18 Awexiaway 27F [Chat] Hi. Happy Sunday. Weekend coming to an end! I bet my effort in writing this will be all for nothing! Trying again after failing last time.

The first step is to see if anyone would read this whole thing! Hello. I was born in Alabama. I have a degree in Biochemistry and I’m closing in on my PhD. Covid is my excuse but honestly just been very lazy to achieve it. I’m a streamer. I do twitch full time streaming video games. Mostly current titles but on weekend is the games that I want to play that has been in the back log. I’ve made it full time since 2018 when I gained traction and consistency. I make a pretty decent living.
My parents would like me to play less video games though lol. But it’s for work! I lived in Texas and New Jersey before. Currently living in Florida. I enjoy cooking. I’m a vegan. Not many options when going out. I like to make my own jam spread for bread. Learning to also make my own bread. Sometimes I do cooking streams.
I’m a tomboy, I don’t find myself dressing up or wearing any make up. It always feels heavy, if that make sense. I also feel like my body is weird because I can never find the right fit. Just right on the stomach but to tight on the chest. Right on the chest but loose on the stomach. It’s a struggle so I prefer the oversized t-shirt or hoodie option.
I’m on here for a mission! A very important mission! But along the way I guess if anyone wants to converse, I’m here for it. Just be sure to actually write! No idea why people think short one word messages makes for a good chat lol. Let’s see what I’ll get!
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2023.05.28 08:13 alphamoonstar Kerbal challenge

I would like to submit a challenge to Matt for a KSP 1 video (not to derail your new moon series. I quite like hearing/learning about real space history (planned or actually executed) so this series really does pique my interest).
BUT since it has been discussed that Eve is the most difficult body to take off from and Tylo the most difficult to land on… could you do both within a single mission, without refueling, and without leaving space debris for the space dolphins or solar bears or whatever to choke on?
Just an idea. Love your content my friend. ✌️
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2023.05.28 08:08 Alchemy39 Documents required by Brazilian Citizens who got married outside of Brazil

Hi, my girlfriend (Brazilian) and I (non-Brazilian) are planning to get married in my country of birth. The problem is that the Civil Status Office here is requesting some documents from Brazil that she can't find there. Below are the required documents that we are having difficulties to obtain.

  1. Affidavit sworn or any other legal document duly sworn or affirmed by him/her before a Court of law or where unable to do so before the authorized person/body entitled to receive Affidavit (Justice of peace, Solicitor, Notary, Commission of Oath, among others) in his/her country of residence attesting that s/he is in gainful employment or alternatively has sufficient means to maintain himself/herself. + 4 photocopies.
  2. Affidavit sworn or any other legal document duly sworn or affirmed by him/her before a Court of law or where unable to do so before the authorized person/body entitled to receive Affidavit (Justice of peace, Solicitor, Notary, Commission of Oath, among others) in his/her country of residence attesting his/her marital status. + 4 photocopies.
  3. (Note : For countries where affidavits (1) and (2) are not sworn before a court of law, an attestation from either the ministry responsible for Foreign Affairs or its Embassy / Mission will have to be produced to the effect that the procedure of swearing an affidavit before a Court of law is not a legal requirement in their country of residence.
The documents in points 1) & 2) are not the issue here, we have managed to get those from a Notary, however, for the last document, the attestation, neither the ministry of foreign affairs or the embassy under whose jurisdiction we fall under seems to be able to provide us with it. When contacted, the embassy simply provides us with a link to follow to apply for a certificate of non-impediment to marriage. We have tried asking them if they could provide the attestation, but they keep sending us back to the link. Although the non-impediment certificate would be beneficial to us for point 2), it would be meaningless if we don't have the attestation.
We are desperate at this point. Any help from people who went through the same issues would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 07:58 Significant_Post9125 My first free Sony Wega Trinitron CRT. 29”. Was a mission and a sore body to get pick it up and get in the house. But definitely worth it.

My first free Sony Wega Trinitron CRT. 29”. Was a mission and a sore body to get pick it up and get in the house. But definitely worth it.
Picked it up from a oldish lady in a small flat. Was supper hard to get it. Took me and my mate 1h to put it in the car. It was pitch black in a little drizzle of rain. Also her outdoor light was blown. Had to walk up 43 narrow steps in darkness (I counted) to put it in the car. When I took it out of the car we had to walk around to the back sliding door because the my front door was too small. Was very heavy like extremely heavy considering it was me and a kinds strong guy carrying it.
Sorry for the long
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2023.05.28 07:16 Softly_Goth Quick newbie help? Explain some things on my screen for me please.

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2023.05.28 07:08 PracticalVolume8182 Trading this GLB IOS acc, dm if u interested

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2023.05.28 07:03 Depravedhijab Open your garage because I’ve ignored government guidance to keep everyone safe!

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2023.05.28 06:56 rockinguy123 What's the need of this?

It feels so uncalled-for. Not only heightist women try to body shame short guys, they also enjoy doing the same for other women and their friends preferences. It's like they are in a mission against us or something, a persecution, it's fucking insane.
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2023.05.28 06:32 _Cassasaur Beginner-friendly workouts for toning/building muscle?

Hey guys, Today was my last day working at a local coffee/chocolate shop and while I’m thrilled to not be on my feet as much anymore, I liked what it did for my body. I gained more muscle and generally felt healthier? If that makes sense? Like it was easier for me to be on my feet for more often. Either way I don’t want to lose that going into my new (desk) job.
What are your favorite beginner-friendly workout plans that focus on toning/building muscle and general exercise? I’m a bigger dude (5’6” and 240lb) and would prefer something I can do in my apartment, though I do have access to a gym. I also want to work on regaining my cardio as I want to get back into running again.
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2023.05.28 06:29 RealtdmGaming Passat almost totaled at the front end. How do I go about this?

Passat almost totaled at the front end. How do I go about this?
I got brake checked in my Passat at 1pm this morning, and whilst the brake checking car got no ticket, no damage to there car, and my insurance info. I got both fender, hood, core support, and AC condenser + recharge to do. This car is my favourite car and I have dropped like 3 grand on it. As you can see in the photos, its a pretty unfortunate accident and I have decided (due to having alot of time on my hands and some experience) that I will be repairing all the damage myself. Now I have found a company that I will be buying from my fenders and hood both OEM and painted, but as of know since its a Saturday and no body shop or insurance company is open except claims.
I just want some guidance on what to do next, I do plan on buying and printing the entirety of erwin for this car, since well that's like a need at this point.
For the curious the guy in the photos is the tow truck guy. (That I did not need, the police forced me to. I drove straight to the tow truck yard with my dad (he came to help me) and I had to pay 200 to drive my car home which (It still drives!!!!) I could have done from the accident site. :/)
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