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There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in HarryPotterMemes. - Rubeus Hagrid

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The full Harry Potter tales

2015.02.04 06:47 dangerouslycheesey94 Pottermore Writings by J.K. Rowling

Find ***all*** the writings and content that has been released by J.K. Rowling on Pottermore.com.

2023.05.28 07:48 ProvokeCouture Hermione Granger and the...

Here's a challenge for everyone. Let's switch roles. Hermione Granger is the one with two magical parents who went to Hogwarts, fought and died protecting their Half-blood daughter from Voldemort. She's the one who gets the scar and the infamy behind it. She gets essentially dumped at her aunt and uncle's house where she languishes for ten years, etc and forthwith...
Harry Potter was born to a pair of muggles (or Squibs, essentially the same in the eyes of the Ministry) who are dentists or dental surgeons. Harry is the brainiac who loves to read, is socially awkward, etc and forthwith.
The plot is the same yet different. Male versus female reactions, etc and forthwith.
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2023.05.28 07:47 ProvokeCouture Hermione Granger and the...

Here's a challenge for everyone. Let's switch roles. Hermione Granger is the one with two magical parents who went to Hogwarts, fought and died protecting their Half-blood daughter from Voldemort. She's the one who gets the scar and the infamy behind it. She gets essentially dumped at her aunt and uncle's house where she languishes for ten years, etc and forthwith...
Harry Potter was born to a pair of muggles (or Squibs, essentially the same in the eyes of the Ministry) who are dentists or dental surgeons. Harry is the brainiac who loves to read, is socially awkward, etc and forthwith.
The plot is the same yet different. Male versus female reactions, etc and forthwith.
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2023.05.28 07:18 AGOTFAN 🇯🇵 Fastest Films to ¥10 billion (Uber-Blockbuster Milestone)

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2023.05.28 07:15 Strong-Aside9688 AITA For Not Talking About Zelda with my Step Son?

My step son (13) and I have been waiting for the new Zelda game to come out. I have been playing Zelda since I was younger than him, I’ve played and beat almost all of them. It has been a huge part of my life and is something I have always shared and discussed with him and one of the things we bond on. However I came home from work the other day and he was only several hours into the game and he starts spoiling the locations of all of the best armor, shields, weapons, etc. to me and it turns out he YouTubed where to find all the stuff. So he is spoiling the game for himself and now me. I told him I didn’t want to discuss the game with him anymore as I like to organically progress and find things throughout these games on my own. I explained to him that it felt like cheating. His mother does not like that I made a thing out of it and I feel like my feelings and history with this franchise have been minimized. She is a big Harry Potter fan and I told her that it would be like him spoiling the last book for her. Anyways, again I know it’s silly because its a video game and I know he is just trying to impress me, but looking up where to get the best stuff isn’t impressive to me and I don’t want to hear it.
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2023.05.28 06:58 littlehand420 Just ran a great W&W one-off campaign

TLDR; spent way too much time planning a one-off that was a lot of fun thanks to this subreddit.
I got the Wands and Wizards v2 Rulebook for Christmas last year along with the 5e Strixhaven campaign from a family member who was very well meaning but didn't know the full components of W&W.
It took me awhile to find this subreddit and realize there was the Headmasters Guide and the Monster Book of Monsters as well. I actually had a note on my first draft of campaign notes to make a character sheet as I realized how many skills were relabeled, etc. I was so relieved to find this!
Though I don't know a lot about DMing in general, and don't know how to use discord at all, I was able to use thus subreddit for so much! I did a very intensive sorting ceremony as I knew my players like dramatics and campaigns with lots of interactives. Below is a list of components I added to my campaign:
-sorting house questionnaire with Harry potter themed multiple choice questions, tried to make the answers less obvious. Offered a house crest with key traits for each house. Gave each player a "crystal ball" to foresee their house, used teabags and instant juice powder to create a reveal in the crystal balls with water for their houses.
-did a rorschach ink blot test for the schools of magic, this was a weird thing I thought off in order to try to get my players real personalities into the game play because we have HP lovers who love the houses they identify with. Categorized each house into a key word, i.e. if what they saw was mostly an animal I would count that as magizoology, if they saw a human I categorized it as transfiguration (rather arbitrarily)
-used a black light paint on a transparency sheet, gave the players a "luminator" blacklight flashlight to search for the abswer as to their casting style as a young wizard searching their books and supplies for answers; once they found the blacklight message it said technique, intellect, or wisdom.
-played only year 1- used first portion of the Platform 9 3/4 campaign on the gmbinder link. Then gave a list of 7 classes they could attend at any time some classes had puzzles some had battles. Leveled up quickly and added lots of rewards/gold.
-Started the second portion after a break and allowed them to go to Diagon Alley and supplied the Seers Catalogue ( I can't find the link for the person who made it) that I found here. This is where we ended though I wrote enough content for probably 3-4x more
-General storyline: it's 1692 (salem witch trial era) and Willoam Stoughton is a secret wizard who was abused by his muggle born parents and has learned his magic and gained power through hate and anger. He is angry with both Wizards and muggles and has been infecting the magical creatures with a charm that ages them aggressive and less secretive; inbueing muggles with magic for a day just to confuse their social circles and subject them to suspicion and hostility; and convinced the merpeople to act against muggles and Wizards actively as an act of rebellion. Players were to progress through classes and fight merpeople,, discover the potion that would cure the creatures, learn about William, find a portkey to Salem from Hogwarts, and battle William. SO. MUCH.
I'm glad it's over, but it was fun.
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2023.05.28 06:50 WolfPlaty I had rare experience of a specific and over-the-top real life daydream scenario coming true. This is part of why I stick to fantasy daydreaming now. [long]

I found myself fantasy daydreaming too much as a teenager... and it WAS too much. I couldn't focus on things, so I decided to go all hard ass on myself because I needed to study to pass tests to get college scholarships. I legit was getting a bad problem. I was lonely, bored out of my mind, rejected, ignored, and had no real friends. The perfect MDD storm. I felt like I was losing my mind at times.
I thought I was beating my MDD by beating it up, but the thing is, I started daydreaming about my real life the longer I shoved aside my fantasy daydreaming (in high effort bursts, it's hard to make it stick soetimes). I didn't even feel like daydreaming about real life WAS daydreaming, it felt like "having goals". A legendary thing I had never really had before.
But I'd walk back and forth for hours like "Yep, I ain't gonna day dream no more. I'm gonna perfect my skills. Imma put in my 10,000 hours. This is what the end product is gonna look like. People I look up to are gonna be so impressed. Maybe when I have my own panel at a conference I can tell people about how I quit daydreaming and--
In hindsight... WHAT 🤣 I really thought it wasn't "real" daydreaming because it was the real world and stuff, and not about Dragonball Z or Harry Potter or one of my original fantasy stories with super powers
I mean I guess I knew it was daydreaming, but I didn't think it was DAYDREAMING DAYDREAMING, even if I spent just as much time walking in circles
It even made me feel worse than fantasy daydreams for various reasons! One of which is the "come down" when you realize you're never gonna have that massive creative project that daydream-you just created. It makes you feel inadequate over time. I never feel that inadequate when my POV character wasn't "successful me" but Zargg, the OP space warrior who kills his problems with close combat, and his problems are usually giants with grotesque eyes and he always looks so graceful even when hacking things to bits. Nah, I just feel like I binge watched TV too long, not like I suck compared to Zargg. I've learned to shrug it off and say "Zargg set to dubstep time over. Time for work. Zargg time later tho :)".
I've realized probably the worst thing I can do to myself is daydream about being good at my work.
I'm going on a huge tangent, so off to the main story I want to share, which is the point of this post, and gonna be more to the point:
One thing I daydreamed about is a minor celebrity in the same niche as me being impressed with me, and me meeting him, which made it really weird when that eventually ACTUALLY HAPPENED
I'm gonna call him Famous Guy because it's funny, but we are close to the same age with him being a little bit older.
We were chatting about our shared creative interest, and the fact that I was talking to him was exiting for a little while, but in an unpleasant and awkward way?
In the end, he was just... a guy
and it was just... another day
Yeah it happened, but it was... just another day? And it felt awkward af because I had daydreamed about it before. I don't know how else to describe it
Now just a disclaimer, I don't think for a MINUTE that daydreaming caused this scenario to "come true". That would be missing a lot of nuance in my life.
I worked hard on some of my passions DESPITE all my agressive daydreams that were addictive and causing me pain. Even the "real life" ones, I had to use a pomodoro timer and stuff to knock it off and work on stuff, and what I was working on didn't feel like "work", it was creative stuff I did with online friends when I was procrastinating from studying.
I made more friends online by basically doing all this work for free lol, and eventually I just happened to meet someone who was friends with Famous Guy, someone I was personally inspired by. Before I knew it, we were on a discord call for hours and Famous Guy showed me his process and asked if I was open to collabing on a project.
Unfortunately, I had a hard time thinking clearly like I NEEDED because I was like "what the frick how is this really happening what would past me think if she could see me now"
The thing was somehow a massive daydream trigger, and I kept flashing back and imagining different reactions from myself!
rather than enjoying the moment, riding the moment, having clarity
daydreamception caused me to lose 15IQ points but the guy was so nice and non pushy and was just like "take ur time to think"
When we really got to talking, it was like talking to a cool teacher or professor and trying to keep up.
Really I have no special feelings about what happened even though at the time I was trying to keep a straight face and be professional because I was like "SQUEEEEE IT'S HAPPENING"... that feeling-- faded so fast. Into a jumble of "Ok, so NOW-- what would past me think if I could show her..?", but I did manage to dissipate that and gain some clarity.
It helped that we were talking about something I had great interest in, but BRUH, it would have been so much easier if I had stuck to fantasy daydreams!
I probably would have been 15% more productive, because instead of pacing and thinking about epic projects for 6 hours until my feet hurt, I could have cleanly divided daydream time and project time, which is closer to how I am these days. I try to redirect my DD back into fantasy instead of real life, which is working out much better for me.
I since know fantasy daydreams can never come true, and I accept them for what they are, they know their place now. They make me happy. Because my life is better than when I was a teenager I have greater control over them and can stop them from getting too dark and too obsessive or getting in the way.
Back to meeting Famous Guy, there are dozens of reasons why we didn't actually collab and I don't regret not forcing it, we didn't vibe on starting that project but we learned a few things from each other and it was still a good experience.
You know what else was in my daydreams? Telling people in my life I met Famous Guy. That was a fricking MISTAKE. Don't listen to those daydreams!
I told my mom which was not a good idea, she immediately wanted me to MARRY the guy because he's successful. (tbf she jumps to that a lot if I talk to men that don't have obvious mental issues) I'm not even his type or interested ITS SO CRINGE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh why mom why
My mom clearly wanted me to pursue him . One of my friends wanted me to "put him through" to this guy, and he was laying on the pressure and acting like I was a bad friend or "ditching him" for not doing so. "Just invite me to the chat!" and I was like "heck no, that's really disrespectful... I'm not even talking to him outside of a professional way 😭"
I learned to keep some things to myself.
And that you won't get that warm fuzzy acceptance like in those real life scenario day dreams where u tell people about an accomplishment!
In my daydreams where I told people I was working with Famous Guy they were like... beaming with joy and acceptance or something.
tbf one of my real friends were like "wow, really that's so cool!" and they asked questions (in hindsight, they were totally trying to make sure this semi-famous guy wasn't taking advantage of me, which I appreciate). They were genuinely happy for me, but I didn't feel warm acceptance from them because this friend already 100% accepted me!
I now NEVER want to be famous but I guess if I was, I have lesson 1 down. Don't trust most people to act rational 😠. And this guy wasn't even that famous tbh, you probably wouldn't know him outside of the niche.
Don't bother trying to figure out who this guy is 😅, Also I'm a multi-creative indecisive person who changes interests every three years, if it helps you to not narrow it down any 😈
So there you have it.
I hope this story helps someone... or something, or it's interesting to anyone who wonders what it would be like if this kind of thing happened to you.
Maybe sometime I'll write about the other reasons/theories I stick to fantasy daydreaming but for now, this is it. I just want to get this off my chest.
I met someone semi-famous who I admired and found inspiring, and we talked about our shared interests and skills. This caused me to daydream about the time I daydreamed about meeting this person, wondering what past me would think since "it's really happening". It was all very awkward and distracting when I was trying to focus.
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2023.05.28 06:49 TyeDyeAmish [Thank You] 1AM Thank You’s

Hi y’all! Thanks as usual! I’ll have more thanks up in a day or two!
u/snerdboff - Thanks for the card!
u/lacuntessa - Thank you for that card. My father LOVES it!
u/excessivecharm - Strange card so ofc I love it! Thanks!!!
u/shipping_addict - LOVE THE CARD. You sent me what is arguably the best image from titanic. Thank you so so much!
u/jane_q - Ribbit ribbit!! That means thank you in frog. Thanks for the doodle & card. I always love your doodles so much. They bring me such joy.
u/constructionlover549 - Thanks for the card. It’s so beautiful! I was actually in Mechanisburg the other week for a doctors appointment. I went to a bunch of those little free library boxes while I was up there. I love those things!
u/simple-reference-357 - Thanks for the tidbit of history!
u/heymorganm - Thanks for the whomping willow card! Harry Potter story. When I was like 10 or 11 I wanted a magic wand. My fathers a wood are so he said he’d make me one. He used a lathe. The wood came flying off & hit him in the head. We went to the er. They said he had a partially detached retina & told him to see an eye doc. The eye doc said see if it heals on its own. Which it did. Anyway he refused to tell anyone he was turning wood to make a magic wand 😂
u/stephkempf - Hope your garden is doing well!
u/elementaljourney - How was your flight?
u/wetsocksinyourbutt - Beautiful card. Such a beautiful card! I don’t think I’ve gotten mail from Portugal before this. I’d love to send a card there. If you PM me your address I’ll send you something!
u/korewrites - Thanks for the Mickey card!!
u/rosiealeo1 - I just took my nightly “medicine” that card is AMAZING! I could stare at it all night!
u/rennbrig - Thanks!
u/todayisfab, u/pinkpenguin, u/keenevergreen, u/sebisrude, u/bisbee - thanks for the card from the meet up!!
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2023.05.28 06:15 jandj2021 Suggest me a book like these:

These are my favorites: memoirs of a geisha, the Thursday next series by Jasper Fforde, American gods by Neil Gaiman, kite runner and subsequent novels, Eleanor Oliphant, the immortalists, little fires everywhere, night circus, remarkably bright creatures, Enders game, pride and prejudice, 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn hardcastle, midnight library, Michael chabon, Harry Potter, I liked a casual vacancy too. Hunger games.
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2023.05.28 06:05 Winter-Employ-9460 I'm so sick of all the bitching

This is about jk Rowling I fucking hate hereing about how much of a evil person or how she's perfectly incent and her writing has no problems I am a Potter fan but I don't agree with what she said I don't even like jk but shut up with your boycots and your bull shit god damn she is not pure evil and I am LGBTQ there are worse thing that have been said and the people hating on the reboot oun hated Harry Potter already and wanted it to fail or just saw the first 3 films the big fans don't care and giving up Harry Potter aftor you own the films and books you already gave her her FUKING MONY !!! And the books have problems I love love love them but there are issues like having Cedric apere in oun book before he dies or sirua being a massive dick in the 5 book or Voldemort being a massive fucking failure in the battel of Hogwarts and lastly people that find her to have not done anything wrong are just as bad she made a pretty insensitive tweet.
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2023.05.28 05:49 Emergency-Equal919 Epic series akin to Game of Thrones

Ok, I know it's been asked before, but I need to personalize the question with some of my likes and dislikes.
I'm in the mood for an epic fantasy series that i can dig my teeth into for a minute, so at least a trilogy.
It can have sci-fi elements, but I just finished Banks' Culture series, so nothing too hardcore
My stepfather raved to me about Michael J. Sullivan's "Riyria Revelations" trilogy, but I'm stuck hard 200pgs into "Theft of Swords". I saw it was published by Orbit and got excited, but it sucks so far. It just sucks. I feel like I'm reading a self published, unedited, book by a middle school kid.
So I need some mature fantasy literature to replace it with.
I didn't care much for Rothfuss' Name of the Wind, so I'm not going further there.
I never cared much for Harry Potter or Hunger Games.
I love GOT and LOTR. I've really only scratched the surface of fantasy reading so I'm sure there's tons I'm missing.
I dig dark humor. I like edgy. I like politics. I like eroticism. I like fleshed out characters. I like well developed lore.
Recommend me a series! Thx and much love!
P.S. my stepfather keeps asking me if I'm on the second novel in the Riyria series. He's excited to talk about the books with me. Should I persist?
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2023.05.28 05:16 Dottox Harry Potter and Christianity

05/28/22: These days I've been re-watching the Harry Potter saga, and it really made me reminisce about old times that I would like to relive and enjoy even more, like when I first went to see the movies at the theater. The Hogwarts school reminded me of old experiences in school with my classmates, which I would love to feel again. It's nice to occasionally remember old happy moments.
On the other hand, setting aside the sentimental part, today while I was in the shower thinking about all that I said before, a random idea came to mind that if Jesus had not existed, or perhaps if there had been a Jesus with different values and ideals, the Harry Potter saga would not have existed, or it would have, but with a different underlying concept. Harry Potter is based on a constant struggle between light and darkness, between good and evil, between two opposing poles: love and hate. In the case that Jesus had not existed, Christianity with all its ideals would never have been carried out in the way we currently know it, so Harry Potter, which could be said to be a consequence of Christian values, would not exist as such today.
Following this reasoning, if Jesus had had different ideals, such as being more individualistic and less altruistic, always speaking in the word of God, I believe that Harry Potter, in the event that it exists in this line of events, would have had completely different principles, such as valuing his own survival more and not so much that of his friends and companions, meaning that he would have tried to save his own skin at any cost. In this case, there would be no distinction between black and white but rather a continuous gray.
Although I don't think a Jesus with these individualistic ideals would have had the same impact as the historical Jesus due to a biological issue, it is important to emphasize how people's thinking was shaped by a religion. The biological issue I mention is that although all humans are deep down completely selfish beings who think about their own survival, that survival is not achieved without an altruistic factor. That is to say, for example, if Jesus had been more individualistic, not many people would have followed him since it wouldn't be beneficial, from a genetic point of view, for our genes to trust someone who thinks only for themselves, but they would follow someone who tries to help us because it would make the job easier for the genes. This could be related to survival strategies, such as "an eye for an eye," where the successful ones are the kind-hearted ones, but even more successful are the ones that have a touch of selfishness.
Although these are hypothetical cases, it's good to unravel our thinking and start thinking based on fundamental principles, with such particular cases as Harry Potter.
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2023.05.28 05:11 Jam_for_breakfast Help a girl find a cool place for a date

I'm taking the guy I'm dating out for our fifth date this weekend! He has scheduled almost all our dates so far and has done an absolutely amazing job of it. He's put in a lot of effort and has really knocked me off my feet.
Problem is - I've got a night out together scheudle in the city on Saturday but I don't know the city well enough to know of cute little places to go.
So, here's what ive got so far - taking him to dinner at a really good Korean restaurant I've gone to before then we're gonna go see the cursed child at 7 after that (he hasn't been, is a fan of Harry potter and I want to take him to see it before it leaves australia).
I'd like to end the night by going somewhere near by ish that is cool for a drink or to chat or to see. Anyone know of any out of the way / unknown places that I could impress him with?
To give an idea of our styles - we're both into heavy metal and he is very charismatic and loves doing things.
Anyway, strange post but I really want to impress him. Any suggestions ?? :))
Help me win the guy over :))
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2023.05.28 04:43 crazyabtmonkeys [US] [SELLING] DVD, Blu-ray, 4k, Switch. Anime, Criterion, Steelbooks, Misc.

Howdy. DVD, Blu-ray and 4k for sale. Shipping is $4. Willing to do trades or work with you on pricing. If you feel an item is overpriced I have wiggle room for negotiation and bulk discounts. All in perfect condition with unused digital codes as well. I will also update on occasion with more films as I'm whittling down my 4000 film collection. If an item isn't in the pictures it means it was recently added. I can take pics upon request. The list posted is all the items that are currently available. If you are looking for an item and it isn't listed and can see if I can scour my collection for it.
https://imgur.com/a/RlckBQr https://imgur.com/a/5gbD734 https://imgur.com/a/MoMIdxK
Adventure Time Series DVD $30.00
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD $2.00
Hong Kong 1941 DVD $1.00
Ju-On DVD $2.00
Shaolin Soccer DVD $2.00
Shutter DVD $2.00
Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2 Blu-ray $20.00 Unopened With Slip
Belle Blu-ray Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
From Up On Poppy Hill Blu-ray Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
Jujutsu Kaisen Blu-ray Season One Part 1 $50.00 Unopened
Millennium Actress Blu-ray Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
Only Yesterday Blu-ray Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
Secret World Of Arrietty Blu-ray Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
Weathering You 4k $12.00 Unopened With Slip
Whisper Of The Heart Blu-ray $5.00 With Slip
Before Trilogy Blu-ray $40.00 Unopened
Blow Out 4k $22.00 Unopened
~~Dazed And Confused 4k $25.00 Unopened ~~
Double Indemnity 4k $20.00 Unopened
Fisher King 4k $25.00 Unopened
Grand Budapest Hotel Blu-ray $18.00 Unopened
In The Mood For Love 4k $20.00
Infernal Affairs Blu-ray $40.00 Unopened
Last Waltz 4k $22.00 Unopened
Life Aquatic Blu-ray $18.00 Unopened
Lost Highway 4k $20.00 Unopened
Mildred Pierce 4k $25.00 Unopened
Night Of The Living Dead 4k $20.00 Unopened
Okja 4k $18.00 Unopened
The Piano 4k $18.00 Unopened
Power Of The Dog 4k $22.00 Unopened
Raging Bull 4k $20.00 Unopened
Red Shoes 4k $22.00 Unopened
Shallow Grave Blu-ray $15.00 Unopened
Triangle Of Sadness 4k $25.00 Unopened
Uncut Gems 4k $22.00 Unopened
Wall-E 4k $22.00 Unopened
Wings Of Desire 4k $25.00 Unopened
Blu-ray MISC
Batman Complete Animated Series $20.00 Unopened
The Batman Series (2003) $20.00 Unopened
Black Adam Blu-ray $5.00 With Slip
Boxtrolls Blu-ray $4.00 With Slip
Bubba Ho-Tep Blu-ray $4.00
Christmas Vacation Blu-ray $2.00
Clerks 3 Blu-ray $6.00 Unopened With Slip
Cocaine Bear Blu-ray $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Cruella Blu-ray $3.00
Forever Purge $3.00
Harry Potter Blu-ray Collection $20.00 Unopened
James Bond Collection Blu-ray $40.00 Unopened
Meaning Of Life Blu-ray $2.00
The Northman Blu-ray $3.00
Rick And Morty 5 Season Collection Blu-ray $20.00 Unopened
Samurai Jack Series Blu-ray $30.00 Unopened
Star Trek Stardate 10 Movie Collection Blu-ray $8.00
The Thing Blu-ray (2011) $2.00
Violent Night Blu-ray $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Roku Streaming Stick 4k Unused $25.00
007 Daniel Craig 5 Movie Collection 4k $35.00 Unopened
1917 4k Steelbook $13.00 Unopened
All Quiet On The Western Front 4k Mediabook $20.00 Unopened
Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania 4k $20.00 Unopened With Slip
The Batman 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Belly 4k $4.00 With Slip
Black Adam 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Boxtrolls 4k Steelbook $13.00 Unopened
Bullet Train 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Carrie 4k Steelbook $15.00 Unopened
Clockwork Orange 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Coraline 4k Steelbook $13.00 Unopened
Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Dragonheart 4k $12.00 Unopened
F9 4k $10.00 Unopened
Flashdance 4k $12.00 Unopened With Slip
Halloween 2018 4k $11.00 Unopened
Halloween Ends 4k 8.00 With Slip
House Of The Dragon 4k Season One $20.00 Unopened
In The Height 4k $14.00 Unopened With Slip
Jurassic Park 4k $11.00 Unopened
Jurassic World Dominion Extended 4k $8.00 With Slip
Justice League Snyder Cut 4k $10.00 With Slip
Kubo 4k Steelbook $13.00 Unopened
Light-year 4k $9.00 With Slip
Minions The Rise Of Gru 4k $6.00 With Slip
Rocky 4k Collection $30.00 Unopened
Spiderman No Way Home 4k $9.00 Unopened
The Suicide Squad 4k $8.00 Unopened With Slip
Top Gun Maverick 4k $10.00 Unopened With Slip
Transformers 4K Steelbook $12.00 Unopened
Wakanda Forever 4k $12.00 Unopened With Slip
Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom $40.00 Unopened
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2023.05.28 03:47 PhantomRoyce [Harry Potter] If Death Eaters can fly without the use of a broom why doesn’t everyone do it?

I know that it looks scary to basically turn into a ball of flying shadows but unassisted flight is way too good an ability to not use just because of how it looks.
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2023.05.28 03:43 Minimum-Avocado-9624 I really tried Conan

I really tried Conan
Chat GPT refused to rank Conan as a male Irish celebrity and I asked it why and it didnt cobsider Conan's heritage to be strong enough. Once it corrected itself I asked to to rank the top 50 male irish celebreties and alas No Conan was present so I informed it that it left Conan of the list again, to which it apologized ajd placed Conan at as the 51st most attractive male irish celebrity.
I pasted the whole conversatipn below:
User Create a top ten list of male Irish celebrities
ChatGPT Sure! Here's a list of ten male Irish celebrities, known for their talent and achievements:
Colin Farrell: A versatile actor known for his roles in movies like "In Bruges," "Minority Report," and "The Lobster."
Liam Neeson: An esteemed actor famous for his performances in films like "Schindler's List," the "Taken" series, and "Love Actually."
Pierce Brosnan: An actor and film producer, best recognized for his portrayal of James Bond in movies like "GoldenEye," "Tomorrow Never Dies," and "Die Another Day."
Michael Fassbender: An Irish-German actor known for his exceptional performances in films like "Inglourious Basterds," "Shame," and the "X-Men" series.
Cillian Murphy: A talented actor notable for his roles in movies like "28 Days Later," "Inception," and the television series "Peaky Blinders."
Bob Geldof: A musician, philanthropist, and political activist known for organizing the charity supergroup Band Aid and co-writing the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
Bono: The lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the iconic rock band U2. He is also involved in various humanitarian and activist endeavors.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: An actor recognized for his performances in movies like "Match Point," "August Rush," and for his portrayal of King Henry VIII in the TV series "The Tudors."
Gabriel Byrne: An acclaimed actor and film director known for his roles in movies like "The Usual Suspects," "Miller's Crossing," and the TV series "In Treatment."
Jamie Dornan: An actor and model who gained international recognition for his portrayal of Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades" film series. He has also appeared in movies like "Anthropoid" and "A Private War."
Please note that this list is subjective and based on popularity and recognition rather than an exhaustive representation of all male Irish celebrities.
User Continue the list to top 20
ChatGPT Certainly! Here are the next ten male Irish celebrities to complete the list:
Colin O'Donoghue: An actor best known for his role as Captain Hook in the TV series "Once Upon a Time."
Aidan Turner: An actor known for his performances in the TV series "Poldark" and as Kili in "The Hobbit" film series.
Niall Horan: A singer and songwriter who gained fame as a member of the British-Irish boy band One Direction and has since pursued a successful solo career.
Andrew Scott: An actor acclaimed for his roles in the TV series "Sherlock" as Jim Moriarty and in the TV series "Fleabag" as The Priest.
Domhnall Gleeson: An actor recognized for his roles in movies like "Ex Machina," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and "About Time."
Chris O'Dowd: An actor and comedian known for his roles in movies like "Bridesmaids," "The IT Crowd," and the TV series "Get Shorty."
Brendan Gleeson: An accomplished actor notable for his performances in films like "Braveheart," "In Bruges," and "Harry Potter" series.
Jonathan Sexton: A professional rugby player who has represented Ireland and the British and Irish Lions, known for his exceptional skills as a fly-half.
Robbie Keane: A retired professional footballer and Ireland's all-time leading goalscorer, known for his successful career at various clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur and LA Galaxy.
Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne): A singer-songwriter and musician famous for his soulful voice and hit songs like "Take Me to Church" and "Someone New."
Again, it's important to note that this list is subjective and based on popularity and recognition. There are many more talented male Irish celebrities who could be included.
User What rank would conan obrien be
ChatGPT Conan O'Brien is not Irish; he is an American comedian, writer, producer, and television host. Since he is not of Irish descent or born in Ireland, he would not be included in a list of Irish celebrities. However, if you're interested, Conan O'Brien's ranking among American celebrities would be subjective and may vary depending on personal opinions and preferences.
User What ethnicityor race is Conan O'brien
ChatGPT Conan O'Brien is of Irish and Scottish descent. His father is of Irish ancestry, and his mother has Irish and Scottish roots.
User You just said hes not irish
ChatGPT Apologies for the confusion. Conan O'Brien is indeed of Irish descent. His father is of Irish ancestry, and his mother has Irish and Scottish roots. Therefore, he has Irish heritage and can be considered of Irish ethnicity.
User So where would you rank him in the list
ChatGPT Given that Conan O'Brien is primarily known as an American television host, writer, and comedian, and his Irish heritage does not form a prominent aspect of his public persona or career, it would be more appropriate to focus on his contributions within the American entertainment industry. While Conan O'Brien is undoubtedly a well-known and respected figure, it would be subjective to rank him among other Irish celebrities who have a stronger association with Ireland and its cultural contributions.
User That seems racist
ChatGPT I apologize if my previous response came across as racist. That was not my intention, and I understand how it could be interpreted that way. I'm here to provide information and assist with any inquiries you may have. If there's anything specific you'd like to know or discuss, please let me know, and I'll be happy to help.
2 / 2
User Would he be ranked somewhere in top 100
ChatGPT Given Conan O'Brien's significant contributions to the American entertainment industry as a television host and comedian, he is certainly considered a prominent figure in that context. While rankings can be subjective and vary depending on personal opinions, it would not be unreasonable to consider Conan O'Brien among the top 100 American celebrities in the field of comedy and television hosting. However, it's important to note that rankings can be subjective and differ depending on the criteria and context considered.
User What rank would he be
ChatGPT Determining a specific rank for Conan O'Brien among American celebrities is subjective and dependent on various factors such as personal opinions, criteria, and context. It is challenging to assign an exact numerical rank. However, Conan O'Brien's long-standing career as a television host, writer, and comedian has earned him a significant following and recognition within the industry. He has hosted successful shows like "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," and "Conan," showcasing his comedic talent and interviewing skills. While it is difficult to provide an exact rank, he is certainly considered a notable and influential figure in the world of American comedy and television.
User If you had to rerank all the irish male celebreties based on attractive qualities what would the top 50 be
ChatGPT Ranking celebrities based on attractiveness is highly subjective and can vary greatly depending on personal preferences. Additionally, it's important to note that reducing someone's worth or contributions to their physical appearance alone is not a comprehensive or fair way to evaluate individuals. However, if you're interested in a subjective ranking based on popular appeal, here is a list of 50 male Irish celebrities that are often considered attractive by many:
Jamie Dornan Colin Farrell Liam Hemsworth Michael Fassbender Cillian Murphy Niall Horan Pierce Brosnan Aidan Turner Jonathan Rhys Meyers Chris O'Dowd Domhnall Gleeson Jack Reynor Robert Sheehan Barry Keoghan Colin O'Donoghue Allen Leech Andrew Scott James Nesbitt Gabriel Byrne Ronan Keating Rory McIlroy Shane Filan Glen Hansard Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne) Dermot Kennedy Andrew Garfield Danny O'Donoghue Martin McCann Conor McGregor Jonathan Sexton Patrick Dempsey Stephen Rea Jamie Campbell Bower Damien Rice Jamie Doran Craig Parkinson Robert Sheehan Brendan Gleeson Stephen James Chris Reilly Emmett J. Scanlan Richard Harris David O'Hara Robert Sheehan Robert Lindsay Dylan Moran Aidan Gillen Neil Hannon Jamie Hewlett Andrew Strong Please remember that this list is subjective and based on popular opinion, and attractiveness is highly subjective and can vary from person to person.
User I Couldnt help but notice Conan O'Brian was not on this list
ChatGPT Apologies for overlooking Conan O'Brien in the previous list. Here is an updated list with Conan O'Brien included:
Jamie Dornan Colin Farrell Liam Hemsworth Michael Fassbender Cillian Murphy Niall Horan Pierce Brosnan Aidan Turner Jonathan Rhys Meyers Chris O'Dowd Domhnall Gleeson Jack Reynor Robert Sheehan Barry Keoghan Colin O'Donoghue Allen Leech Andrew Scott James Nesbitt Gabriel Byrne Ronan Keating Rory McIlroy Shane Filan Glen Hansard Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne) Dermot Kennedy Andrew Garfield Danny O'Donoghue Martin McCann Conor McGregor Jonathan Sexton Patrick Dempsey Stephen Rea Jamie Campbell Bower Damien Rice Jamie Doran Craig Parkinson Robert Sheehan Brendan Gleeson Stephen James Chris Reilly Emmett J. Scanlan Richard Harris David O'Hara Robert Sheehan Robert Lindsay Dylan Moran Aidan Gillen Neil Hannon Jamie Hewlett Andrew Strong Conan O'Brien Once again, please remember that this list is subjective and based on popular opinion, and attractiveness can vary from person to person.
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2023.05.28 03:24 Dangoiks Basilisk animatronic used in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002). A CGI version was used for wide shots, which is why the animatronic was only built partially.

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2023.05.28 03:11 pianoman_alex 100+ Horcuxes…

100+ Horcuxes…
Did JK Rowling mess up and not create enough horcuxes for HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED? Imagine how long the series could have gone…
What other cool objects or areas of the story would have been epic for a Horcux idea?
Please pleasure the Harry Potter community at large with your ideas!
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2023.05.28 03:03 ChimmySmalls [New Jersey, USA 07110] [FS] Casual Games for sale! - Queendomino, Streets, Summer Camp, Overseers, Prehistories and more!

Various games for sale, most played only once or twice. Buyer will pay for shipping, and prices can be negotiated if multiple games bought at once!DM for any interest!

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2023.05.28 02:43 Several_Citron_827 Help! One-shot 1st time DM

Hi everyone,
First time DM (1yr experienced player) trying to run a oneshot for my friends who have never played D&D before for one of their birthdays.
My birthday friend likes: Harry Potter LOTR. Star Wars.
I’m looking for advice/tips and great oneshot ideas. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 02:40 kinetogen LPT Request: Dealing with Loud Upstairs Neighbors, Unhelpful Apt. MGMT.

I'm at my wits end. My Neighbors above me are horribly loud and leave junk everywhere. I've lived in this apartment I'm in for the last 5 years and have never had neighbors this bad. (in fact, I've lived in several apartments throughout my life and this is my worst experience by a long shot). I live in an expensive town and would rather not relocate because I live super close to work, my rent is cheap for this area due to being grandfathered in, house prices are more ridiculous than the 7% interest rates, and don't want to "complain too much" for fear of my landlord retaliating by jacking up my rates to push me out for being "fussy", but my complaints are largely fruitless. As of January, Our apartment complex was purchased by a new Management company, and I believe this may have something to do with the lack of action on behalf of the old company, and the new one just seems not to care.
Now, I completely understand living on the first floor comes with a bit of noise from above, but since September of last year, the noise has been "Living underneath a bowling alley during a tournament" levels of bad. The Apartment above me is a carbon copy of my 1Br, 500sq foot "Harry Potter closet", and yet I see several children, a Mom, a Dad, and a Grandma living there day in and day out. I've been taking note of the date and time of each excessive noise situation, ranging from stomping/jumping and furniture shuffling to multiple WEEKLY knock-down-drag-out screaming arguments Mom has with her children when it's bath time. (Immediately after the shower faucet turns on, a child screams "No Quiero!" and get's chased around the apartment by a furious mom). This all happens anywhere from 6:00pm and sometimes continues into the 11:00pm hour, but is most common between 6-9pm, just about every night of the week.
On top of this, my patio is completely unguarded on all sides and daily I come home to trash, Coke & Mentos "experiments", toys, scooters, crayons, paint dripped, and Cigarette butts laying around out front. No other first floor apartments in my complex have as much garbage outside their respective areas as I do. I've put in several complaints noting times and dates, along with attached photo evidence of the trash left around to the office via EMail, None of which they've returned or acknowledged. I've walked in to the Leasing office on my days off to follow up and they act genuinely shocked and appalled and have assured me that "We'll notify them" but absolutely nothing has changed with the noise, and the garbage I find has only gotten worse. This seems to be the only time I can get direct contact with anyone, as I leave work at 5:00pm and even though the Leasing office hours are stated on the website and door "Open until 6:00pm", they are CONSTANTLY Lights-off-and-locked-up by 5:15-5:30.
What do I do? What can I do? (Is there some form of Housing Authority I can Call? I live in Colorado if that matters.) Retaliation is never a wise option, And I'm not looking for them to be evicted, I just want some peace and quiet. Police in my town are so underfunded and spread thin that non-life-threatening traffic accidents are "cold reported" by those involved and a noise complaint will basically be unheard. My lease is up for renewal in December and I know they're going to add on their yearly rent-hike, which I plan to contest to the fullest extent possible without getting a lawyer involved. It's gotten so bad that my gaming friends on DISCORD have commented that they hear the stomping and yelling OVER MY HEADSET MICROPHONE! (I play with a headset to allow me to play my game without disturbing anyone else). All I want is peace and quiet. I'm tempted to ask the Local Zoo if they've got an apartment available underneath the Elephant and Rhino Exhibit.
Any Help is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text.
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2023.05.28 02:38 iLuvDarkHumor 24[M4F] EST/Online - "If my Grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike"

I'm looking for long-term friendship. You don't have to like the things i do but please show an effort so we can at least try to work it out. I am from EST time zone. Not a must but similar time zones around that would work better because there'd be less time difference.
Couple of my interests:
-Metal, rock, house kinda music
-Anime, movies, and shitty reality tv shows (Kitchen nightmares, 90 day fiance, my 600lb life, extreme cheapskates etc.)
-For anime genre; isekai, action, or anything with magic basically
-Just recently started reading manga&manhwa. My first manhwa was solo leveling and it was the best (still couldn't find anything as good as that).
-I like photography as in, i basically take pics of anything (it is usually buildings, nature, or anything i think it looks cool).
-I also love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars (recently started).
-I love random photo trade like things you took pics of, random junks you found at a store etc etc.
-I have weird curiosities like how do wizards make galleons in Harry Potter? (I know they work but how does that economy run etc.)
-I have a small humanmade skull collection such as skull rings, candles, globe etc.
-I have a small pokemon card collection collection (recently started so nothing fancy or good)
Please send a chat request with introducing yourself a little
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2023.05.28 02:38 iLuvDarkHumor 24M4F "The Freshest Thing In This Kitchen Is That Pigeon."

I'm looking for long-term friendship. Even if we don't have the same interests but you're thinking maybe we can work this out, send me a chat request. I am from EST time zone. Not a must but similar time zones around that would work better because there'd be less time difference.
So my interests are:
I love metal, rock, house kinda music
I also love anime, movies, and shitty reality tv shows
I love isekai genre animes or anything with magic/fantasy
Just recently started reading manga&manhwa
I watched couple of shitty reality shows as well
Like Kitchen Nightmares, 90 day fiance, my 600lbs life, extreme cheapskates etc.
I also love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars (recently started).
I have weird curiosities like how do wizards make money in Harry Potter?
I also love photography as in, i basically take pics of anything.
Fun fact about me, i'm obsessed with skulls. I just love skull rings and other things. (Not human or animal skulls)
Please send a chat request with introducing yourself a little
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