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2014.03.18 00:13 HULKx Drumkits


2020.07.23 21:50 ADHD.CLT - Peer Support

This is a space created by and for local Charlotte adults with ADHD. Let's connect.

2013.11.22 19:40 evul_muzik Real Legalization

Real Legalization is working to fix some of the problems with 502 in Washington state. The petition we're currently working on would allow every adult to grow 15 plants with no tax, license, fee, or permit.

2023.05.28 07:39 Waste-Consequence-18 My Instagram account got hacked and then they put 2fa

What the title said, I got my account hacked and the person who hacked it removed my phone #, email then put 2fa and now I don’t have access to it. Does anyone know a way I can get back in or can help me? If so I would really appreciate it because I have some conversations and memories I would like to keep.
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2023.05.28 07:39 strrdust Sunjoe spx3000-xt1 leaking… but not from the hoses…

So, first time pulling the ol’ girl out for the season and I’ve had nothing but issues. What started this off was that it wouldn’t start, so I hopped on chat with Sunjoe and they had me walk through a few things. Wish I had known to just press and hold the button thing. Anyway, that went fine, started right up. I get it all set up, turn it on, excited to drift into a mindless and cathartic pressure washing session to clean the siding of my house when I notice the water pooling on the grass. I squeeze the trigger and the water pressure is incredibly disappointing, it does spray but not like it did last time I used it. The leak isn’t coming from the hoses, though. It’s like somewhere inside, I think? What should I do next? Halp!
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2023.05.28 07:39 Kiba-Da-Wolf Write or Die, hosted by authors Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho, is a weekly podcast that aims to share the real stories about what it takes to become an author – the gritty, infuriating, pull your hair out because it’s been years stories of writers who didn’t give up despite it all!

Write or Die, hosted by authors Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho, is a weekly podcast that aims to share the real stories about what it takes to become an author – the gritty, infuriating, pull your hair out because it’s been years stories of writers who didn’t give up despite it all! submitted by Kiba-Da-Wolf to SpeculativeFictionHub [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 07:39 Lazy_Palpitation8566 Scent buying guide for my dad(60)

Hie all, M(28) here and a dummy for fragnance world. So, I'm planning to send a gift to my dad(scent on apparel). Guys, can you suggest me some good options which smells like really expensive, long lasting and can be applied for daily usage like work and travel for grown ups. My budget is not much like 2k +,- .
Reference: I can recall, when I was little, he used to purchase Passport(something in black) a lot.These days, my sister buys random stuff from Airport for him and to my suprise, he likes them.
P.S He hates my choices and decision(typical indian dad😑) I bought him The man Company - Black after reading reviews online, but he didnot liked it.
Looking forward to your suggestions. PEACE.
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2023.05.28 07:39 dreamcatcher1124 Employment advice

Hi there! I am currently in my penultimate year of law school. I'm interested in pursuing a career in M&A and Corporate restructuring. I have a lot of experience in litigation, but all my applications to firms go nowhere. I have tried sending follow-up emails and cold calling without any results either.
A friend suggested working on more publications, but that seems like putting the cart before the horse. If there are any professionals in M&A, I would be thankful for some advice to secure good internships and a placement offer eventually.
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 07:38 djmariah311 Hiiii

Soooo. I'm a lady truck driver. I drink lots of vodka when I'm not driving. It's keeping me just a llliiitttle above FA. If it wasn't for my job I'd be way back in CA territory like I was years ago. (detox,)
today I drank two pints of blue smirnoff, I do it about every three days. Never drive drunk. If I have an opportunity to drink and next day off, I'm doing it. It's my happy place... I feel like when I drink I'm myself.
But then, I get rude and say dumb shit on FB. There are people in my family who cut me off. But really I don't care. I'm fine with it. (I'm not fine with it)
I deleted fb off my phone cause I can't use it responsibly. And when I'm sober I don't use it at all.
When I wake up in the morning dealing with the hatred of myself, I will read Twitter for hours, drink lots of milk, have a sugar free monster, shit a lot, and wait till the dread dissipates, and wonder, oh shit, what did I do on social media.. Spent some money on tik tok, and then delete all emails about how much money I spent drunk.
Then I watch a lot of tru crime so I don't feel so bad about myself. (at least I'm not as bad as Dahmer)
I don't know why I do the things I do but I feel very isolated, like nobody knows what I'm going through. Love you all.
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2023.05.28 07:38 dumbfoundedpoet I'm losing my love for theatre

For background, I've wanted to do theatre ever since I was a child (like 5). I've always loved everything in it, and I went to a performing arts high school in my city to try and make my experience even better My first year was everything I've dreamed of, even though I was on tech crew, but this year has been completely awful Something changed in my drama teacher and he went from this cool dad figure to a nightmare in months. During our fall production it was constant yelling at us for the tiniest mistakes, we practically weren't allowed to have fun. It was fine, but this spring production? We had multiple casts, which normally I wouldn't have a problem with, but for this play it was hell. We only got one practice before we were expected to be off book. And for my final dress rehearsal one of his favourites forgot every single one of his lines, guess who got blamed? Everyone else. He called us embarrassing, and a handful of other insults just to rub it in. There's been so many things wrong with that show, but that was the final straw for everyone. I want to love theatre so badly but I've grown to become almost fearful of it. I went to my first audition yesterday and when the director asked me to do the scene again with some changes I froze up completely, thankfully it went away before the scene but I'm scared for what my future in theatre will be because of it. I also can't exactly drop his classes in theatre because I'll need them for post secondary. It's just a frustrating situation, and I don't want it to ruin my future. I've already decided I won't be in any part of the spring production. But im terrified this will ruin my chances at a lead in the spring musical. He is the only teacher I feel this way about. My band teachers are incredible, and my dance teacher has taught me so much about not just hiphop moves. But every time I step into a rehearsal under my theatre teachers direction, it feels like a chore I need to complete before being able to feel relaxed.
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2023.05.28 07:38 HistoricalAd6321 Brushing curly hair

I have a confession to make. I brush my curls every single day. I know it’s curly hair blasphemy but my hair is super tangly. I brush it out in the morning, it poofs up like you would expect and it goes back to normal after half an hour. Does anyone else brush through your curls regularly?
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2023.05.28 07:38 dougyoung1167 flight joystick help

a damn good while ago i used a flight style joystick to play half-life and i find that it just works better for me, hell just twist for looking around and regular joystick for character movement plus dedicated buttons for given tasks. hat sw and all worked well. fast forward about ten yrs (2015 +-) of not playing and new pc made me want to again. bought a new joystick for whatever later half-life was around then on new to me steam and H-L would not recognize it, so i was stuck with keyboard+mouse and it turned me off from it. I only just heard of black mesa and would love to try it but if i cannot use my JS (8 yrs and still in box) i'll have to pass, so to my question of whether or not i would be able? all my google inquiries just bring up the now normal for all but me xbox etc style controllers. can anybody help me with this or if there is a workaround to enable it? thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 07:38 Pornlessthrowaway I’m back unfortunately

last time I posted on here was over two months ago, and wow a lot has happened.
I met a girl who actually, just by being there, helped me abstain from porn. my mind was so full thinking about her 24/7 I didn’t have any room to think about porn. that was until we separated, and I took it hard. binging pornography day in, day out. It’s been a week since then and I’m trying to better myself again, got back to my gym routine, started reading again, and I’m going to frequent this subreddit hoping to make things go back to the way they were..
This is day 1 complete, going to bed and tomorrow will be day 2, I still think about her all the time but instead of serenity and happiness it brings me sorrow which makes me wanna relapse even more. somehow I’ve ended up in a worse place than I was two months ago
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2023.05.28 07:38 Sharpie-Productions Need suggestions for learning

I used to record, mix and master for clients years ago. Now I want to learn to produce music for fun. However, I need help to know where to learn. I am taking a few courses on Coursera, but none of them teach what I am looking for.
-I would like to learn how to create baselines and when and where to use different types.
-I want to learn how to make good drum patterns

I've watched youtube videos, but I would like them to go more in-depth. Could anyone point me to some resources/books that I could read to learn more about this? (I would like to make trap, rap and Lofi beats) I only have the book music theory for computer musicians. I don't want to give up like I did last time because not knowing where to start. My dream is to be able to articulate my feeling into the beats and music I create.
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2023.05.28 07:38 endagein Am I crazy or????

Am I crazy or????
I swear it looks like she took the second half of her sandwich out of the wrapper and attempted to seal it back up so she could say “I got a half sandwich and a salad” meanwhile the other half is just out of view of the camera. Like look at the difference between how hers is wrapped and how neatly her moms is
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2023.05.28 07:37 Initial_Jackfruit850 What is the best Madden for a beginner?

I’ve always been more of a Fallout, Assassins, RDR kind of gamer. This is my first time playing any EA game, specifically Madden 23, and I can’t seem to pick up some aspects, even in rookie practice mode. Pass rush and kick/punt blocking have proven the most difficult. Am I an idiot? Is this Madden gen just super shitty? Or is practice harder if your favorite team is shitty?
Appreciate any input
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2023.05.28 07:37 delbertgrady1921 GS350 drive modes dial sometimes sticks

Sometimes I can't switch between drive modes because of some kind of sticky substance that someone must have spilled on the drive dial. Depending on the weather it can be fine or barely work at all. Is there something safe I can spray in to break up whatever it is?
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2023.05.28 07:37 TheShadowspawn Chapter Thirty-Six - Alcohol

Captain knocks on the door to Human Dave's quarters, and an assenting yell to enter is heard.
Human Dave is seated on the floor, holding a glass bottle that contains a clear liquid, looking very relaxed.
Alien Captain: "Human Dave, are you alright?"
HD: "Captain! Never better!"
Human Dave starts giggling uncontrollably while looking at Captain.
AC: "Human Dave, are you quite certain? You are acting atypical of your normal behaviour, especially as I have noticed you are sitting atop your datapad."
HD: "I am?"
Human Dave looks down and also notices that he is sitting on a datapad; the screen having cracked from his weight.
HD: "Ah, crap. I'll have to fix that later."
AC: "Human Dave, what is that bottle?"
HD: "Oh, this? It's a little present from my dad. He finally managed to make some quality booze and had it shipped to me by courier."
AC: "Booze?"
HD: "Right. Uhh... what's the word again? Oh! Right! Alcohol!"
AC: "Alcohol? Is that not an extremely dangerous substance used to keep surfaces and skin sterile in preparation for surgery? Why are you ingesting it?"
Human Dave takes another swig from the bottle.
HD, slurring: "Coz' this one tastes good. Alcohol is something that humans consume regularly for rec... rec... it's used to loosen us up and help us relax, Captain."
AC: "Human Dave, you appear to be intoxicated."
HD: "I am, Captain! I'm intoxi... in... I'm drunk, Captain!"
AC, unnerved: "...maybe I should go and get Doctor. Perhaps she has something that can remedy this situation."
HD, loudly: "Nooo. I'm fine, Captain. It'll wear off after I sleep."
AC: "..."
HD, trailing off: "Might regret gettin' so drunk when I wakes up, but I'll be fine."
Human Dave slowly leans to the side and slumps onto the ground.
The contents of the bottle spill slightly, but the bottle appeared to be mostly empty when Human Dave fell.
A snort sounds out loudly, startling Captain for a moment, which is followed by loud snoring.
AC: "..."
AC: "Maybe I will get Doctor, just in case."
AC: "What is your professional opinion, Doctor?"
Doctor and Captain stand in Human Dave's quarters.
Doctor is keeping a close eye on Human Dave while using a medical grade scanner to ascertain his current condition.
Alien Doctor: "Human Dave will be fine, Captain. Humans are capable of metabolising ethanol in this form, but excess is not recommended."
Human Dave snorts loudly again but continues to sleep.
AC: "How will we know how much is considered an excessive amount?"
AD: "That depends on the individual human, Captain. I am willing to bet that Human Dave knows his limits and will not imbibe in excess of his body's limits."
AC: "Is ethanol not extremely harmful to sentient beings?"
AD: "It is, however, humans have made many forms that are capable of being ingested by many species in the galaxy. I daresay that this one that Human Dave has consumed is too strong for our biology, but he may have access to weaker forms that are compatible with our bodies."
AC: "You sound as though you want to ingest such a deadly substance."
AD: "... I will admit that my scientific curiosity is considering the idea, as I am somewhat curious as to how our physiology will react to intoxication in this form."
AC: "... how intoxication is somehow a curiosity to you, Doctor, I will never understand."
AD: "However, that is a discussion to take place after Human Dave has awakened from his alcohol-induced slumber."
HD: "... oh, God, my head!"
AD: "Human Dave, how are you feeling?"
Human Dave runs a hand over his face, and it settles over his eyes.
HD, covering his eyes: "... like I just went seven rounds with a Keltiss War-kin."
AD: "Ah. Interesting. Human Dave, drink this."
Doctor hands Human Dave a water pouch, and he takes it gratefully.
HD, between sips of water: "Thank you very much, Doctor. Have you been studying up on human biology and physiology again?"
AD: "I have had a somewhat interesting refresher, especially in regards to intoxication in your species, Human Dave."
HD: "Ah. Did I do anything too embarrassing?"
AD: "Aside from making Captain panic slightly, no. Which is a pity. I have heard that humans make wonderful fools of themselves when intoxicated."
HD: "Well, at least I didn't try to take the engine apart."
AD: "..."
HD: "I didn't try to take the engine apart, did I?"
AD: "Sadly, no. It would have been an amusing sight."
Human Dave continues to sip at his water pouch, still covering his eyes.
HD: "Did you need something else from me, Doctor? You seem curious about something."
AD: "I was curious about something, Human Dave."
HD: "What is it?"
AD: "Do you have a recommendation for alcohol that is compatible with the Cradelian physiology?"
HD: "... what?"
AD: "I find myself curious as to the sensation of intoxication, and would like to experience it myself, for scientific purposes."
HD, quietly, to himself: "'For scientific purposes', she says."
AD: "Yes. Cradelians do not imbibe ethanol in this form, nor do we normally experience intoxication in social settings. The only time a Cradelian would experience intoxication is when undergoing surgery from anaesthesia, as it has something of a narcotic effect on our physiology."
HD: "I'll tell you what: let me get over this hangover, and I'll see what I can do."
AD: "Excellent. I look forward to the experience."
AC: "Remind me again how it came to this, Human Dave."
Human Dave and Captain are carrying a thoroughly intoxicated Doctor back to the ship; one on either side of her, with her arms draped over their shoulders; her feet barely dragging along the ground.
HD: "Doctor wanted to try being drunk. So I took her to a human bar and tried out a few drinks.
AC: "..."
HD: "We found one that was weak enough not to cause any significant damage to her physiology, and she had a blast."
AC: "What is a 'blast', Human Dave?"
HD: "I meant that she enjoyed herself, Captain. She only managed two before she passed out, though. A Mojito and a vodka soda, if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure she liked the Mojito more because of its fruity flavour."
AC: "Doctor is partial to fruits, so that is understandable."
HD: "How come you didn't try anything, Captain?"
AC: "And run the risk of poisoning myself as a result? No, thank you, Human Dave."
HD: "Then I'll just have to introduce you to some zero-alcohol drinks, Captain. They are basically the same as alcoholic drinks, only no alcohol content in them."
AC: "... that seems an acceptable alternative, Human Dave. And Doctor did seem to enjoy herself before she passed out."
HD: "A bit of sleep, and maybe a once-over with the medical scanner, and she'll be fine."
AC: "... that you even have to mention the medical scanner, even in passing, does not fill me with a sense of confidence, Human Dave."
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2023.05.28 07:37 rabbitzi Time capsule moment! Summer 1992

In the last Paris episode, when they're having their little going away soiree at the boarding house (and had all those men who looked in their 30s over to flirt with the teenage exchange students 🥴), the ditzy blond girl with the glasses tells a couple French guys she's from Texas, and one very excitedly asks her if she knows Ross Perot 😄
Talk about a blast from the past. That's back when it was odd for a random rich businessman to run for president claiming he was standing up for "joe 6 pack."
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LADS ITS TIME TO BRING BACK THE CLASSIC! HEAT IN 7 GET YOUR SPIRITS UP! submitted by captainsauce123 to heat [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 07:37 jontebula Bad content

Bad content on PlutoTV for sweden. Take time to build up content with license in new country?
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2023.05.28 07:37 thegiddyginger Test on June 12th and took my first practice today NBME 30 (63%). Looking for advice?

I got to a DO school with very limited help with Step 1 prep and would love some advice!
We had a mandatory full length COMBANK test on 4/28 69%. then a half length COMSAE on 5/16 544 (somewhere I read that translates to a step 1 of 230 something but tbh I dont buy that). Both of these made me feel very good about my chances of passing comlex but I've still been worried about Step 1.
Anyways... I've been doing Uworld questions since around March so my overall correct is kinda low (58% w/ 80% completed) but the past 2 weeks my average has been closer to a 66-67%. I was doing some reddit research and stubmled upon NMBEs (thanks school for not telling me about these) and thought I should do one. So I did my first NMBE (30) today and got a 63% which I think is an 89% chance of passing w/i one week. That isn't bad by any means... but I would like to get up to at least a 65% or even 70% before I test.
So far I've been doing Anki (about 500 daily) and Uworld (making cards for missed Qs). Not much else... but I bought NBME 31 and plan to do the Free 120. Aside from that, does anyone have advice for the next few weeks?
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2023.05.28 07:37 MattDr02 i have no one and i feel so alone

i’ve been spiraling and i literally have no one to talk to or anything and i’m just tired of feeling alone. i just woke up from a 6 hour nap and fucked my sleep schedule all because i’d rather sleep than be awake. i fucking suck and wish i never existed.
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2023.05.28 07:37 Gamer555589 Seems like a pretty good deal. Should I pick these up for steam deck?

Seems like a pretty good deal. Should I pick these up for steam deck?
Website is called fanatical if anyone is interested. Got some good deals there.
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2023.05.28 07:37 Mantis_Shrimp47 Blackberries in an Open Grave

There’s an abandoned steel skeleton on the other side of the cemetery. It used to be a cell tower, or maybe it was for power lines; there’s no way to tell now. The blackberry plants are still there, though. They twist around the places where the metal still disappears into the dirt, the beams sunk deep into the ground despite the way the whole structure has fallen sideways into the grass. The graves are in almost the same state of disrepair, with most of the names scrubbed away by the rain and the wind. But there’s one heads tone that still gleams like it did on the day it was made, the marble cast with shifting shadows from the sugar-maple tree that looms over it. Charlotte Telor is etched into it, along with beloved.
Charlotte’s mother, Ida, my grandmother, is eighty-three now. She can barely walk from all the cancers that have left her body weak, and she hobbles along with one hand on her husband's shoulder and one hand on mine. She kneels in front of Sharon’s tomb and prays over it, then puts down new flowers to replace the old ones. She comes here so often that the previous flowers still look almost fresh. When Ina gets up, she has a stinging nettle rash on her right knee and an oak gall stuck to her sweater.
They’d pick the blackberries, Charlotte and Ida, back when the tower was still standing proud over the cemetery. Charlotte loved to gather up a handful of berries and put one at the foot of every grave, with a pause between each to eat one herself, of course. She thought that each patch of dirt contained an angel, and she could gain their favor by feeding them. She picked up bits of tombstones and tried to fit the puzzle pieces back together, even when the graves looked like nothing more than a bare patch of dirt.
Ida goes to church every Sunday and puts her whole heart into it, singing as loud as her throat can manage, even when it hurts her. She bakes bread once a month to share at the community dinners, donates candles for Christmas service, and is generally a pillar of the Spartanburg community.
“They all came over when Charlotte died,” Ida told me. “All of my friends, every single one of them.” She didn’t spend a moment alone, and she didn’t have to cook for herself for a month. There was a collection sent around, the following Sunday, to pay for Charlotte's medical bills.
It started when Charlotte started walking around hunched over, her arms wrapped tight around her stomach. When she started vomiting and didn’t stop, Ida took her to the emergency room in their old car, rattling over the potholes at seventy miles an hour. They were sent away at the emergency room, though, because Charlotte wasn’t crying and it was busy. Another day passed. Charlotte grew more and more sick. They went back to the emergency room, and finally talked to a doctor.
The doctor looked her over, pressed on her belly, and then went silent. He picked her up and took her into the next room without a single word, except to brush off the secretary.
“They need to sign in,” the secretary said.
“No time,” the doctor answered, his voice still deathly quiet.
Ida doesn’t remember what happened after that. It’s lost to her in a haze of grief and people running. All she knows is that her baby died from a burst appendix because she was sent away the first time they went to the doctor. Charlotte was two years old. She was buried in the same cemetery that she used to hunt for blackberries in.
“She didn’t cry,” Ida said. “The whole time, she didn’t cry. The doctors told me that she must have had such a massive tolerance for pain.”
But my grandmother tells me something different.
"I saw them take her," Ida says. "The demons. They crawled out of the graves and killed Charlotte's blackberry angels."
According to Ida, she didn't cry because the demons had stuffed their claim into her mouth, gagged her on their rotting flesh and planted their poison in her.
“The God that I know is a loving God,” Ina said. "I don't know how he could let that happen. It just slipped by his notice, I guess."
She is eighty-three years old and losing a child is still the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Her confession to me, in an ashamed whisper, is that she can only keep going because she knows that she will see Charlotte again, one way or another. She's been catching glimpses of the demons out of the corners of her eyes for decades.
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