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2023.05.28 08:30 phallicide Incredible camouflage on this grasshopper!

Incredible camouflage on this grasshopper!
This is an unedited photo I took of a grasshopper who lives and eats the plants near my house. I was stunned by the amazing colors and use of camouflage.
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2023.05.28 08:30 Naren_Baradwaj123 Title Announcement of upcoming movie "The India House" starring Nikhil Siddhartha and jointly produced by Abhishek Agarwal and Ram Charan Teja.

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2023.05.28 08:30 something-wrong1234 Poll games: choose your adventure #2 (day 11)

Results of previous poll: start conversation with "about your daughter"
Story: The school bell rang. You went through the halls to your locker. Being a fire hydrant isn't so bad. You get to shoot water at people you don't like. The school bully Mark came up to you with a half eaten sandwich. He tossed it at you and started laughing. His laughing ceased immediately when you threw the sandwich back after getting it wet and soggy. Enraged, Mark threw a punch at you, forgetting that you were a literal fire hydrant. He clutched his fist in pain and ran off. Many people were giggling, but you focus on one person. You make eye contact with Mr. Ham, the teacher who let's almost everything slide. He nods and gives you a thumbs up. People are patting you on the back, sharing it on social media. It's time for 1st of 5 classes. Math. When you walk in, your teacher, Mr. Ham, starts smirking at you.
Chapter 2: "let's give it up to Hydrant for retaliating against Mark!" Mr. Ham shouted. A few people clapped, others stayed silent. After class, you decide to go to a vending machine. The drink vending machine. You needed to refuel somehow. You tor a bottle of water and emptied it. You then filled the bottle with boiled water which was in a faucet in the cafeteria. It's almost time for class 2. Your least favorite class, Language arts. As you walk in, your teacher Mr. Kang walks up to you and shows you your essay. You got a 30/95. Mr. Kang ordered that you explain it. You apologize and say you'll do better next time. Mr. Kang orders you to sit down. The class dragged by, but there was only three weeks left of school.
Chapter 3: In the halls, a girl comes up to you and asks you out on a date. She's pretty. She asks you where you want to go. You asked if she wanted to go to the mall. She gleefully accepted. You walked to her house and knocked on the door. Her dad came outside. He told you to come in. It was awkward when you sat down, so you thought of a conversation starter. You think of three ideas. You decide to talk about your date, Jenny. You tell her dad how kind she is, and her somewhat high popularity in school. Her dad just nods and dismisses you when Jenny comes down. The two of you go outside and you want to think of something to say. What should you say?
View Poll
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2023.05.28 08:29 Sure-Vegetable-8457 My mom (F44) wants to divorce my dad (M46). What do I do?

My mom and dad have been married for 20 years. They've loved, cared and always supported each other through every part of life. They're literally perfect for each other and were incredibly happy together.
For context both are in the militart but my mom left 5 years ago and joined a good mnc. Now ofc since they were inilitary we have stayed apart a number of times, sometimes even for a year or 2 but have always in between, called n still been there always. But this time dad moved caus ehe got posted somewhere when I was in mid 9th grade, he has constantly called and vists us whenver he gets a holiday. But my mom kept on insisting him to leave the army and join some company so we could all stay together.
My dad loves his job a lot and even all my family members opposed this as he is a veru high ranking official and would head on to be a head soon. My mom is ofc under a lot of pressure. Being a single mom, drinving me to classess, attending school functions, pfa's, getting groceries, sometimes cooking and being in a very hard position at her job. Earler I know I was a typical teen, didnt help out much around the house n constantly bickering but I have gradually improved A LOT. Now I do most of the stuff. But she cracked under pressure earler n said she cant do it alone n she will divorce him if he doesnt leave his job. We convinced her about it and it was all fine. Now he had a 2 month old leave so he came to stay with us and I had exams going on. She n I got into a minor fight over somwthing very small which soon after spiralled into something huge n she started fighting everyone. I said a lot of mean hurtful things to her n so did she to me and dad. My dad remained as ca as he could to sort it out but the next day they both got into a fight. Now she is saying she cannot do it anymore, she will ofc be a mother to me always bjt she wants to divorce her my dad n doesnt want anyhing to do with him. My dad had always cared n sorted things out but he couldnt take it either, he got tired of it and fighting. He asked a few times to help but then kept quiet n walked away. My mom n I have made up hut she is still stuck on the divorce thing.
[Just to clarify I am 100% sure there is no one else in either of thier life]
What do I do to help and not let anything happen and let things go back to how it was?
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2023.05.28 08:29 osh_cc Questions regarding time, drying process and dust

Hi there, I've been doing acrylic painting since maybe a year and a half but I feel like it is not the right paint for me.
I have a question regarding drying process. I'm the kind of person who can only paint one day per week which with acrylic puts a lot of pressure on me. As it dries really fast, I don't get the opportunity to pause and come back, makes also blending very complicated even with slow dry mediums. I always heard oil paint dries a low slowly and that it can even take months for your painting to fully dry. But I never got to experience it and I was wondering... To what extent? Would oil paint be what I am looking for? I'm a very slow painter, I love taking my time.
My other question is regarding dust. I live in a city, in a house surrended by construction sites producing a lot of dust, I have a dog, the floors are covered in carpet. You get it, it's paradise for dust and little hair. If oil paint is so slow to dry, how do you keep your artwork dust free? I've looked online and I don't really find the answers I'm looking for.
Thanks for that Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes or if I'm asking doesn't make full sens, english isn't my first language
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2023.05.28 08:28 Pink_inthenightcream I hate Jen (Venting)

I don't care at this point if no one agrees with me but I hate Jen. I think she's selfish, quick to anger(How most of her problems begin by the way ) and ever noticed how from the very beginning up until this moment (Season 2 E 5) everything has been about her grief,her dead husband,finding who run over her husband, killing Judy's fiance Steve just because she couldn't accept some truth he said about her.Her anger and anxiety made Judy buried Steve in such a hurry she didn't even get to have a proper goodbye. When Judy sang a song for Steve my heart dropped. It was one of the toughest scene I've watched. It shows what an aweful friend Jen was. Everything is about her outbursts and what she feels is right for her, god I can't stand the way she yells and treats her children like they have no feelings. Haven't they lost enough? Ted was the only one who took care of them and taught them things. In a course of a day they've lost a father figure they probably won't have again in their life. Judy on the other hand kept giving and giving and giving without almost getting nothing in return. I did like how the series actually captured the nature of women friendship. The truth is one will always love and give more than the other, Equal tread is a rare find. In this case it's Judy. From the very beginning of the movie everything's been about helping Jen and giving up everything she can for Jen that she lose Steve in the process. Steve in my opinion has always been there for Judy,he took such good care of her and even made sure she doesn't get into trouble. But Judy somehow threw him under the bus for Jen. In the current episode, Jen telling Judy they've been spending alot of time together and it's feeling very codependent makes me want to throw dog poop at her. Maybe that's what she told Ted and it made him relay on Bambi for love and respect instead. Ted uffff that no use melon of a man. Stay at home husband? Really? Gross 🤢, cheated on Jen,made her feel worthless,stopped touching her, couldn't understand his worthlessness made it impossible for Jen to respect him as the man of the house, and yet here Jen is asking Judy to go kill herself in multiple occasions? Isn't she the one who hit Ted and drove him away from the house? Am I missing something here? Overall I love how realistically this whole thing is written. But I've been binging since yesterday midnight and I thought I would stop a second to vent here.(Is it bad for me to want Judy to end up with Ben and part ways with Jen? She deserve happiness and I don't think she'll ever achieve that with Jen) .
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2023.05.28 08:28 Jacky_Boy_117 I just can’t with marvel

I’m well passed late to the party, I know, but I just watched Ant-Man: Quantumania and…what is this movie lol.
I want it to be known for starters, this is not a pure hatred post, I did ENJOY the movie. However I am speaking on a more comics focused perspective (much like a book viewers perspective to Harry Potter) and it just doesn’t work for me.
First off, the tone. It tries so hard in the first half to feel mysterious, ominous and frightening. When all it’s met with is mediocrity. The quantum realm is shown with nothing but bright and vibrant pretty colors and creatures and people. Then they reference HIM, the aaaall ominous and terrifying HIM…but nothing goes to show why he is powerful, at least not yet. I’m a sucker for the whole “show, don’t tell” rule as you can imagine.
Secondly, and let’s just get this out of the way, MODOK…why is he even in this movie lol. Say what you will on looks, he just did not hit that FEELING of unrelenting arrogance and power. MODOK is supposed to be full of himself, though in measurable reason-as he is a high level robotics and engineering intellectual mind. In this movie? Dumb as a stump!! He is like the hulk or drax or korg for crying out loud!! His final moments are spent as a joke and each time he’s on screen he’s treated as one because, well, HE IS ONE!!
Now finally, for my final part…Kang. Let me expand on this firstly. Kang? Was the best thing in this movie for me-and all due credit is given to Jonathan Majors (I am more than aware of his current ongoing legal issues, of which I do not support and am horribly appalled by). His portrayal screamed nothing short of all that Kang is: a conqueror. To be a figure of power, sheer confidence, willpower, drive and more is required. And he brings this in spades-not only this but he DOES portray the arrogant and self righteous ruler that he is! To boot, whenever he had moments of heart, moments to reflect and show his true underlying character? I swear he was the only person with true humanity to them, all others felt cliche to me.
Which lies my next problem. This Kang, self proclaimed to be exiled by THE council of Kangs…because they feared him. What this means is he is close to being the most powerful version of Kang…who gets taken down by ants and a guy who shrinks and grows. The figure, who can travel across space and time, dominate entire universes and then conquer the next? THE power house who killed hundreds of versions of the avengers; which do include mind you Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange-arguable massive power houses in the MCU to date…is beaten by ants…and a guy who grows and shrinks. I will leave this final thought: next avengers film-Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Huge, right? Daunting, terrifying, ominous, down right horrifying.
Just go get antman :) if he can’t beat antman, but supposedly can kill all of these avengers? There’s your ace in the sleeve! ANT MAN AND ALL HIS ANTS!!!
For any and all who did love this movie, all the love and wishes and good things in your future blessed on you. Truly. For the causal movie goer who loved this movie? I so hope you win a million dollars tomorrow and you see your grandma.
But for my comic comrades? Look how they massacred our boy.
7.5/10 (clearly IGN inspired rating)
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2023.05.28 08:28 ThePoeticRevert Is this common for you guys (born Muslims)?

I (a white male revert) live in a very LEFT leaning city in the US. I used to live in a closer in suburb and wear shalwar kameez a lot even at night. Never had ANYONE say anything about it in a negative way. Now I moved to a farther out suburb of the same city. It's residents are still quite left leaning but it's close to several rural communities who have to come here if they want certain amenities (movie theatre, non american/mexican restaurants, certain grocery stores etc). I'm in the same area just like 5-10 miles away from my old house.
I have walked around town the past two nights (9-11ish) wearing shalwar kameez. Yesterday somebody yelled something unintelligible at me (I know it was directed at me since they leaned out the window and looked at me while going 40-50). Then today someone yelled "Bin [email protected]!" at me from their car. I was not expecting it. I usually receive random yelling ([email protected], f-slur, queer, b-slur, etc) from people in cars 2-4 times every year or so. But never this much. I wasn't expecting this to happen. Especially since it didn't when I lived a few miles away.
My question is does this happen to born muslims in the US often??? I'm just shocked how many times it happened in the past few days. How often do you experience people yelling weird things at you??? So weird
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2023.05.28 08:28 ElectronicEnforcer26 What if Mike Myers starred in The Mask instead of Jim Carrey?

Would the film have been better?
I can't be too certain since the sources are a bit sketchy but apparently, Mike Myers, already on top of the world with his legendary run on SNL and Wayne's World, was one of the original choices for the lead role in The Mask, the 1994 comedy (very loosely) based on the comic book of the same name. The role, instead, went to a then-unknown Jim Carrey, and the rest is history. But it really makes you wonder how Mike Myers would have handled the role.
See, both are completely different performers. Myers is more about wit and character while Carrey is more slapstick and gross-out. Not to say Myers doesn't dwell onto that occasionally but he's not famous for that as much as Carrey is. Carrey was clearly going for a Tex Avery style. I don't think Myers would have went with the slapstick but he would have been wacky in the way Chuck Jones' work was. Subtle yet effective.
I don't know, what do you think?
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2023.05.28 08:27 18257dragon My brother broke into a friends house with a group of friends armed with nerf guns

I’m not necessarily looking for legal advice but my brother, who is already on probation, went to his friends house with a group of friends and with no parents home forced open the garage and forced their way into the house to prank the friend. Given that everyone in this incident was age 14, even if the friend had allowed them to force their way through the garage there was no legal guardian to actually approve and so me and my mother explained to him that the parents of that child would be fully in the right to call the police on him. My brother refuses to acknowledge that what he did was illegal, even after telling him that technically since they broke in with nerf guns which could be mistaken as guns, they could be tried for breaking and entering with a deadly weapon. I’m seeking a point of view of what could actually happen to him if those parents were to actually seek to call the police on him, or anything else that could show just how in the wrong he is, thank you for your help
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2023.05.28 08:27 deathkindlystopped 24 [F4F] let’s go on a date! ✨

Hello, friends! I haven’t gone on a date in fifteen thousand years and I would like to just have a nice evening talking with someone, enjoying good food, a long walk, maybe a fun little movie and a makeout sesh jk… unless??
I’m a zealous devotee for the church of horror films. I love the eerie and the spooky (haunted house date, anyone?) But I also love teen romcoms and cooking! I’m a writer and a lover of the literary arts (currently reading Cleopatra and Frankenstein by Coco Mellors!) and I would love to hear about your favorite books. 🩷 Huge fan of Our Flag Means Death and What We Do In The Shadows. Also a huge fan of being kind and gracious and an even bigger fan of people who are too!!
I love all the girlies, masc or femme or neither or both or somewhere in the middle please message me!! Let’s be friends and plan a date! 💃🏻🕺🏻
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2023.05.28 08:27 staylor13 What’s your pool maintenance routine?

Last year I bought a house with my first ever pool, and after a few months of overwhelm trying to figure it all out, I’ve realized that the simplest way to stay on top of my pool maintenance will be to schedule the things that need to be done into my calendar.
I’m curious to know, what does your routine look like? What things do you do on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis?
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2023.05.28 08:27 Uneik9 New rule of adding personal information information to post items for sale?

Is it true that in order to "sell" items, like you would at a yard sale; you now have to provide your social security number to Facebook marketplace? So it can be reported on your taxes? Or the little birdie who told me this just twisting my arm? I do not have Facebook and no real way of checking. I've asked my friends who have it and they say they don't sell anything on there so they don't know either. Just wanted to sell a few items around the house that are perfectly fine but no longer need. Just wanted to know of this is true or not. Any help would be great! Thank you!
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2023.05.28 08:27 Humble_Honeydew this is blasphemy long live the empire and the Kaiser

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2023.05.28 08:27 I_Demiourgos Suggestions for Japan trip.

Is 150 dollars a day enough if I want to rent 4-5-star hotels or traditional houses and eat decent meals on the lower luxury side? Local transport and activities I'll be staying in Japan for 20 days, for a total of 3000 dollars, excluding the flight tickets and visa expenses. I'll be going with my friend with the same budget, so we are looking to share the expenses. 300 dollars per day for two people. Do we need to increase our budget? Any suggestions for activities, places to visit, or food recommendations? We are both non-vegetarians, so there is no restrictions.
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2023.05.28 08:26 SingleMrPringle I'm curious if anyone can help give me some information on this map.

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2023.05.28 08:26 throwraFrequentRow2 He’s the only person I’ve genuinely clicked with and now he’s gone

In 2021, I got myself in a position financially, emotionally to be ready for a relationship
And I met a man who had just weeks ago immigrated to this country and had downloaded tinder.
We talked for just over a month until I was so ready to meet him. He was putting it off, I think cause he had just moved here and was unsettled. But he seemed keen, constantly texting me with updates about his day etc
So I set up the first date. I was on a camping trip with friends which happened to be down the road from his house, so one evening I popped out to meet him. We had a great time, instant chemistry and amazing chats. He texted me how much he fancied me and couldn’t wait to see me again
And from that point, we were dating. I had to plan all the dates as I was the one with the car. I would pick him up and we would go hang out somewhere outdoors.
The chats we had were amazing. Shared experiences of grief and interest in music. We would lay in the park and talk forever. He was kind and sensitive and reassured me he was a nice guy as I was cautious and apprehensive with dating.
He was so like me, we had so many shared interests and it was crazy how similar we were
I liked the pace of the relationship too, quick to become comfortable but not rushing things. He seemed very into me, soppy messages, loads of compliments and talks of the future. I felt safe and comfortable.I’ve never had a man I like, be interested back too so my feelings were amazing
At 3 months, I moved closer to his town, not just to be closer to him but to be closer to my work too.
It was at that point, my housemates pointed out I was doing s lot for him and he didn’t take me on dates. I cooked him dinners and planned fun things. I was supportive to help him find a new job etc
I brought up the lack of dates one day. I told him ‘I feel I do a lot when it comes to planning dates. I would really like it if you took the initiative to plan things. It doesn’t need to be expensive or even cost anything.’ He came up with some weird excuses like I was better at planning bla bla bla. Even on my birthday there was no effort
But from that point, I felt a massive change in him. He was no longer super kind and friendly to me. He gave me very dirty evil looks and little criticisms all the time. When I brought up further needs, again in a sensitive way, I was told I was pressuring and manipulative. He talked about his ex girlfriends non stop.
It was one day when I was talking about my future goals and said I’m not certain I want children but I am open to have one child in the future, and that I hope my partner is open to it too.
He said ‘well I wanted kids with my ex but now I’m not sure. But if we get to mid 30s and you still want one and I dont, you can find someone hot and get pregnant.’
I was shocked by the comment. I told him it made me feel he didn’t see a future.
His attitude toward me got worse, he seemed so annoyed by everything. Even accusing me of being bad at planning and unable to understand sarcasm.
He dumped me and told me he dated me because he was lonely and never fe in love
It’s been a year since breakup and I’ve tried to work on myself but nothing has felt right since. I feel like he was the one for me. But I can’t find that connection with anyone else and that’s scaring me
I’m also incredibly lonely. I moved to a new city thinking my new housemates would make friends with me and my work colleagues might hang out, but no. I feel like I’m missing out on my 20s, when I see everyone around me going to music festivals and having a good time and I just stay at home as I never meet people. Even my housemates hang out all together and I’m never invited even though I’m super friendly
tldr I don’t know why this relationship failed.
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2023.05.28 08:26 GratefulBackroom26 Hugs are better than 1st place IMO

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2023.05.28 08:26 twinmamab Long post. Cheating advice. 32F and 34M together 7 years and have 3 kids

Look, this is a long post. I am a stay at home mom with no friends and no one to talk to. So if you wanna read all of this and just be kind to me or talk to me or whatever, I would appreciate it more than you probably know.
Background of my relationship: 32F with 34M for 7 years in July. We have kids together. Not married but one day we planned on it. He came to me last night and told me he had downloaded a dating app last week and had been talking to some women. He said he did it because he wanted to “see if he still had it”. He had been texting two women, so he had enough conversation with them to give him his number and was texting them probably in the same room as me sometimes. He only told me bc one of them found out his real name, he was using a fake, and called him out on it bc she found his Facebook, which is covered in pics of us and our kids. So he only told me bc he got caught. He swears it’s only been a week that he was doing it. Swears he never intended on meeting up. The girl messaged me, which I would have seen before he told me if I check fb often but I don’t. She sent me screen shots of all of their text conversations, from when they first got numbers (since they had been talking some before that on the app) and all the way to when she busted him and him apologizing and everything and her going off on him for all of it. When he told me, he asked me what I wanted him to do or if I wanted to see the app, and out of pure anger and sadness I told him immediately to delete the app. Well, now that he deleted the app all of the messages are gone, on her end too. I don’t think I wanna read anymore anyway, bc the texts made me feel sick. But part of me wanted to know everything he was saying to other women. We have been less intimate lately, but we have talked about it and he knows I try, but we have just been busy. I have twin toddlers and an older son and he works long hours, so I’m tired or he’s asleep by the time I settle down for the night. But when he straight up comes to me in bed and says he wishes we could have sex soon, I literally say okay let’s do it now and we do, bc I want to as well and obviously we need to take every opportunity. Sure I’ve turned him down sometimes, but he’s turned me down sometimes as well. So anyway…..I’m a lonely stay at home mom. Who became a full time mom to his son, who’s mom is not around, when he was barely 4 (he’s 9 now). Then we had twins together who are now 3. This man is my best friend. I straight up moved to his town where all of his family lives and he has lived his whole life, to be with him and his son. Closest family I have is an hour away, everyone else is even further. I have no friends here besides his friends, but no actual friends. I’m alone. I do everything for him and our kids. We have a special needs daughter as well and I go to therapy for her 3 times a week and deal with a lot just with her on my own, plus two other kids. I’m lonely. But I’ve never thought about doing what he did. I love our family and would never wanna ruin us. He says he knows he needs to work on himself. He says it was a mistake and he loves me and I’m his soulmate. He said a lot of things. But when I asked him what would have happened if he didn’t get caught? How long would he have let it go on? He says he doesn’t know. I asked if he ever thought about actually meeting up with anyone. He swears he never wanted to do that, that it was all mental/emotional. It was all just fun and exciting apparently. Which, that obviously hurts so damn much. But in the texts I read, they both talked about possibly meeting up and flirting about it and stuff like that. He says he just said everything on there to keep the conversation going. The texts were not totally sexual, but not innocent either. A lot of things he said to her seriously instantly broke my heart and made me wanna throw up. I feel numb.
He’s just walking around the house pouting. I feel sick. I can’t even look at him when I have to talk to him about something about the kids. He keeps trying to have normal conversations with me about random stuff and I just can’t look him in the face or keep up with what he’s wanting to talk about. I want him to feel bad. I want him to regret it to the deepest part of himself. I want to punch him in a lot of places, and then call my dad and tell him, so he can come here and do whatever he feels is necessary. I want to call his sisters and tell them. I want to do a lot of things. But mostly I just want it to be a nightmare and wake up to find out none of this is real.
I don’t know what to do or what to believe from him.
What’s worse, my ex did this exact same thing to me. And he knows that. My ex was messaging other girls, flirting with them, and one of them found out about me on Facebook and messaged me. Again, I am not huge on Facebook and never saw the message from her til after he told me. But if I checked it every day then I would have found out from her first, exactly same way as what’s happening now. That man ended up dumping me and dating my little sister a year later, who had lived with us when we broke up. So you can see how this just cuts even deeper than it normally might, even though I know it’s pretty deep regardless.
I keep looking in the mirror and telling myself how unattractive I am. What’s crazy about that is, I’ve lost about 60 pounds in the last year, I had gained a lot when I had the twins, and gained more after. But I have been feeling so good about myself lately with the weight loss, I get compliments all the time about it with people I know. I actually thought I was pretty. Now I hate how I look. Now my self confidence has disappeared. Which took me a long time to get back in the first place. So with everything, he broke that in me as well.
I know this is a long post. If you made it this far, then thank you. I literally have no one else to talk to. I am afraid to talk to my sisters or parents bc they will lose their minds on him. So I came here and made a brand new Reddit account to post this and get some people to talk to me.
Have you been through something similar to this? If so, how did you handle it? Did you stay together? Did anything else happen down the road if you did? Just any advice or shared sympathy or similar stories would be helpful.
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2023.05.28 08:26 23mwdf Any suggestions for crunchy texture MM snacks?

Hello everyone, me again.
I was browsing this Amazon shopping list from MM about pantry items Medical Medium's Amazon Page and this list of foods on the MM site Medical Medium: Foods & Healthy Snacks but there's so many items that it's pretty overwhelming to browse through hundreds of things. Does anyone who's purchased from these lists before have any suggestions for crunchy textured snacks? Due to (1) my son being very picky about what he wants to eat and (2) having him avoid certain things due to trying to heal his Eczema we've only been able to feed him baked fries or Bare apple chips. (BTW if you didn't know he has a medical disability and we have to give him majority of his feedings blended or juiced through a tube).
I saw that there's 3 different types of grain free chips from the brand Siete but I believe they might not be good for our son's Eczema due to having avocado oil or sea salt. If that's an incorrect understanding then please let me know.
I also saw Bare sells banana chips that MM approves of. Assuming the banana chips are like apple chips which are crunchy texture, we'll try these out.
Thanks everyone!!
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2023.05.28 08:25 Junior_Cress2828 Fruit was a luxury growing up poor,

Fruit was a luxury growing up poor,
Now that I have a full time job......I'm still poor. But I'm not straddled with the burden of 4 children and a spouse to feed like my parents were when they were just a few years older than I am now. This week, strawberries, mango, and blackberries were extremely cheap, so I stocked up good. Now I have a lot of fruit to eat within the next few days, something that I would've gotten in huge trouble for when I was a kid. My parents used to yell at me for eating more than 4 strawberries at a time because "you and your siblings are eating us out of house and home!" Now they can't stop me because I paid for this fruit with my money. "All that's going to go bad in the fridge. It's too ripe." That's why all my overripe berries are chopped up in the freezer for smoothies and lemonade, and the rest are covered in lemon juice.
This big bowl of chopped berries would have been meant for all 6 of us to share when I was a kid, and adding honey to it would've been "too fancy, what are we, rich people?" For my family.
It's nice to indulge myself in luxuries my family couldn't afford when I was growing up. I understand why I couldn't have eaten a big bowl of chopped berries and mango with honey when I was a kid. But there's something about doing it now that I'm an adult and know how to manage my money to afford little things like this that really feeds my inner child. And yes. I did eat this whole bowl with a spoon while cleaning my bedroom.
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2023.05.28 08:25 adivenk93 1st Episode of Collision

Opening Segment : The House of Black open challenge for the AEW Trios Championship
The House of Black vs Jericho Appreciation Society (Hager , Meynard and Parker) for the AEW Trios Championship
The House of Black def Jericho Appreciation Society to retain the AEW Trios Championship (12 min)
After the match , Malakai Black cuts a promo saying that The House of Black is coming for all the Singles Championship of AEW
2nd Segment : Jade Cargill vs Yuka Sakazai (Thunder Rosa joins Commentary as a Guest)
Jade Cargill def Yuka Sakazai to retain the TBS Championship (6 min)
Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa have a stare down
3rd Segment : FTR (c) vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (AEW Tag Team Championship)
FTR def Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship (16 min)
4th Segment : Orange Cassidy open challenge for the AEW Intercontinental Championship
It is answered by MIRO
Orange Cassidy vs MIRO for the Intercontinental Championship
MIRO def Orange Cassidy to win the AEW Intercontinental Championship (7 min)
5th Segment : Tony Schiavone makes an announcement that there would be Gauntlet Match to determine a number 1 contender for the AEW Intercontinental Championship
The Participants are : Ricky Starks vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Buddy Matthews vs Rey Fenix vs Andrade EL Idolo vs Scorpio Sky
6th Segment: ROH Women's Champion Athena vs RIHO
Athena def RIHO (8 min)
(After the match Julia Hart of the House of Black signals to Athena that she is coming for the ROH Women's Championship)
7th Segment : The King of Television Samoa Joe vs Lance Archer for the ROH TV Championship (Zach Sabre Jr on Commentary)
Samoa Joe def Lance Archer to retain the ROH TV Championship (16 min) , Joe retain via Coquina Clutch
8th Segment : MJF makes an announcement . MJF's opponent for the AEW World Championship at ALL IN
MJF comes out to the ring and says he is glad that he is not having a match at Forbidden Door and shits on the Chicago Crowd and its heroes
CM Punk's music hits: Punk confronts MJF and says he is coming for the AEW World Championship and he was never defeated for the AEW World Championship
MJF refuses to give CM Punk a match for the AEW World Championship. He would blame Punk himself for getting injured twice when he was the AEW World Champion and he has fragile body and even more fragile ego
CM Punk would mock MJF about the loss in the Dog Collar Match and Punk has always had MJF's number and unless he defeats CM Punk nobody would take him seriously as AEW World Champion
MJF accepts the match at ALL IN
The Main Event for ALL IN : MJF (c) vs CM Punk for the AEW World Championship at ALL IN
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