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2023.05.28 08:20 AMDFrankus MVD Question

OK, I've lived here 8 years but my license from my old state, which are valid for 10, just expired.
I've heard they don't actually issue your license or ID at the MVD like literally everywhere else I've lived and they mail it instead.
Is that true, and if it is why is that?
It's nowhere near as secure, people break into mailboxes all the time, postal service is far from perfect and sometimes loses stuff, and really, it just sounds like an excuse to waste time and make work for a contractor that someone at MVD's mothesistecousin/dog owns.
Pardon me for sounding conspiratorial but that makes no sense any other way. If even a backward hellhole like Florida can and does issue your license in the office what's the reasoning to not do it here?
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2023.05.28 08:20 nutellablanket Girlfriend (27f) got upset after I (29m) met one of her friends (27f) for the first time

To start off, I'm on the autism spectrum, so a lot of social norms are kind of "over my head", and in social situations, I typically just default to asking people questions - I genuinely like to get to know people, and this is the best way I know how. I'm hoping you all can help me figure out what I'm missing and how I can make future friend meetings go better. My (29m) girlfriend (27f) and I have been dating for roughly 18 months now. Yesterday, I met one of her (female) friends for the first time at my partner's place, where we all sat around and just talked. I asked them both what they both had been up to, if my girlfriend got anything fun at the vintage shop, how they liked their lunch outing, etc. I then asked the friend different questions - how her life in LA was and if it was nice to get a break from things there, how acting and her stand-up acts were going ("Because my gf tells me it's going well!"), and other random things... stuff I thought was just genuinely getting to know this person my girlfriend has known and loved for nearly two decades. This friend -- given the kind of career paths she's pursuing in acting and stand-up -- also liked to talk a lot and tell stories, so I just kind of listened and gave little comments. Her friend asked me questions back like how I'm enjoying law school, what I'm doing on my summer break, if I have tattoos, etc. All random stuff I thought was someone... getting to know me? After a few hours of hanging out, the friend suggested we all watch a movie we talked about, to which my girlfriend said, "Yeah, but girls only," in a joking manner, but even I got the memo. Anyways, later that night my girlfriend texted and was upset about the whole hangout - she said I: completely ignored hedidn't include or talk directly to her at all
- I thought I did with the above plus responding to some of the friend's stories, comments, or questions by tying things back to my girlfriend and things she told me or that we did together
was mean by poking fun at her - we were all making little jokes about one another's eating habits at one point, but I thought this was all in good fun
was just trying to win over her friend - I wasn't - I was just trying to converse with someone my girlfriend insisted I meet. I also have not had any sort of attraction to this friend or the others... Maybe it was because I laughed at the friend's stories and jokes? Which should be understandable because she's an up-and-coming comedian right?
made her feel like she could just be anyone - this stems from me asking other people about themselves; my girlfriend said it just looks like how I was with her on our first date and asking her all of these "get to know you" questions. The point being: if I'm able to so easily converse and ask meaningful questions with anyone, how special is our relationship? Note that this has only been problematic with my gf's female friends - it's likely a combination of her guy friends being less chatty in general, and maybe she doesn't hear me asking the same questions to her guy friends? I did, in fact, get similar talks like this from my girlfriend the two other times I met her close (female) friends. I don't know if there's something I've been missing in all of these interactions, or how to be less inquisitive? I also don't know exactly what to be asking my partner in these situations - I have no problem tying her into the conversations or referring to things my girlfriend has told me (or that we've done together), but I don't know what to ask my girlfriend in these situations to include her or what to even talk to her about that would be new ... we already see each other every day and talk/text a lot, so there's not much to be filled in on. I want to be more inclusive, but I don't know how to go about that right now - the only thing that comes to mind is not asking much or responding in-depth when I meet these new people? But then I feel like I'm shutting down a part of myself and not being genuinely me. TL;DR: Each time I've met one of my girlfriend's friends (F) for the first time, she gets upset with me after for how it went / how she felt like she was treated or ignored even though I thought the times were good, inclusive, and we all had fun.
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2023.05.28 08:20 SoftBallOfYarn 28 [M4M] Rare4Rare?

Lately, I've been feeling beaten up by the universe and its rejection towards my attempts on manifesting a life partner. Then, I remembered that there's this one video I saved on my insta that has been my guiding light since. It was an interview where a female personality said that she wanted a relationship that would make her life better than it already is. She then, continued that she doesn't want to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. She then, finished it with an acknowledgement that what she wants is rare and rare things doesn't come often, and that's okay. Like her, that's what I want too. So, with this, I pray for grace and patience, not only for you but for me as well.
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2023.05.28 08:19 BannockBnok Is it me or are the people who play vrc really weird?

I'm not sure, with friends the game is fun as hell, but then I go to public lobbies by myself and people are just so difficult to hold a conversation with. For one example I was playing that murder mystery game, and after the murderer won some random just went on and on about some "I'm gonna dox you and track you down and beat you" joke to the guy. It hit me as just weird, not funny in any way, and the person when on for a full 45 seconds thinking they're the funniest human alive. And what made me more uncomfortable, some other person then joined in discussing how it's more fun to torture than beat the guy. Is this really the community? Are people's social skills so underdeveloped that this is the best conversations we get? Nearly every experience I've had in public lobbies are similar; It's either little kids who are always yelling, or people who's voices sound mature, but they have the humor of a 13 year old and the social skills of a hamster. Am I looking in the wrong places for others to chill with, or is the community just odd like that?
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2023.05.28 08:18 LuquinXIII super rare hollowsquad x yungshiva hoodie for sale. dm me if interested.

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2023.05.28 08:18 DrScallyPenis Want to see more of Tilak Varma

I have a strong desire to witness more of Tilak Varma's performances. I derived great pleasure from observing his batting skills, as he possesses an aggressive playing style and exceptional cricketing technique, which is quite rare. I am eagerly looking forward to the next IPL season, as I am excited to see him in action once again. I hope he receives the opportunity to represent India and earn his national cap, as this would allow me to witness his batting prowess. Given his immense talent, I am confident that he has a promising future ahead. I sincerely hope he gets the chance to showcase his skills in the upcoming series against Afghanistan or Ireland. What do you think , when will Tilak get his India cap?
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2023.05.28 08:15 SupertoastGT Does anyone know where captain construct 1s & 2s are late game?

I've been flying around the map for SIX HOURS or more trying to find them. Most enemies scale to how many hearts/stamina wheels you have, so all I find are the stronger 3s and 4s. Not the 1s or 2s. I'm trying to find their horns to upgrade the Zonai armor.
There have already been a few posts here about it, but they had nothing. Every location I find on Reddit or Google has scaled up or was incorrect. Does anyone know ACTUAL locations for captain construct 1s and 2s in the late game where nearly everything scales up? All I can do in the meantime is aimlessly fly and search for the rare red lights, only to be disappointed by more 3s and 4s... Thanks in advance for any useful info. :D
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2023.05.28 08:15 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper The Ultimate Guide to Performance Anxiety Download

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2023.05.28 08:14 h0va4life Love it or rent it out and buy another

I was thinking about finishing my basement but with the costs I figured I can probably afford another mortgage and rent out my house. I’m in the Atlanta, GA metro area
My neighborhood is mehh. We have cool neighbors but still much to be desired. The house isn’t bad, I especially like that I have a nice yard. Also the schools are decent as well. We got tired of looking and bought this since it checked all the boxes - I just see mortgages and money in a different light now that it’s hard for me to put more money into the upgrading the house besides maintenance items.
In order for me to move the following conditions must be met:
  1. Finished basement
  2. Big neighborhood or walking friendly streets - our current location has sidewalks and such but it’s near an industrial setting so don’t feel safe walking.
  3. A subdivision with a pool - we are near a public park with a pool but thing is crazy busy in the summer time plus we gotta drive to it.
We refi during pandemic so the rate we have is very low. Im pretty confident we can qualify for an additional mortgage- the house we have was purchased well within the budget.
I’d definitely take my time in the next house - maybe wait until the “slower” fall/winter months to see how prices and rates goes - I’m not expecting rates to be like they were during pandemic.
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2023.05.28 08:12 Timeless166 Being groomed

In addition to sexual abuse, have you been groomed or attempted to be groomed by your mother into being her "pet", "slave" or her "doll"? What was your experience like, if you feel comfortable sharing?
I feel like talking about it helps gain a voice and a perspective. I often feel desperate that none of this stuff gets talked about and it is as if there is not even a possibility that this stuff can exist. I wrote about my experience of being groomed by my mother, it is too long to post on reddit, so I share it in a blog post: https://timelesspaths.substack.com/p/laceration-7-processed-further.
Apart of what I mentioned there, my mother also had full control over what I wore. She had a lot of time so she arranged it in such a way that she bought clothes for me and I could not go and buy the clothes I wanted because, technically, I already had clothes to wear and it would have been selfish and a waste of money. It was also made clear that in her opinion I would choose the "wrong" clothes, anyway. My mother was always adamantly against me wearing what I wanted, for any occasion. She didn't just dislike it. When I did not guess correctly what she wanted me to wear or when I did not want to wear what she wanted, she'd either throw a tantrum and scream how I am stupid and "do not understand" how to look pretty, or she'd go iceberg cold and tell me to wear what I want and have others shun me for looking ugly if "that's what I want". She'd act like I have some sort of brain damage that makes me a terrible dresser and that it will never be corrected, I just need to go along with what she wants me to do. Later on, she'd go further and suggest I never wear a bra. She'd act displeased when I wore it at home, telling me that I do not need it even when I go outside and that I am once again acting "weird" by making a choice to wear it. She'd also say that only a certain type of bra is "good for health", and it was extremely difficult to find, so I often had just 1-2 bras to wear for years. I'm pretty sure she was trying to get me to give up and not wear a bra that way.
One of the most damaging things about all of this is that my mother would act like something is fundamentally wrong with me for not "naturally" wanting any of the things she wanted me to do. She'd imply, over and over, that I am insane and just at certain times have my moments of "lucidity", which is the only reason why she's still around me and does not abandon me. She'd make sure I know it for sure it is not possible to be more weird than I am. Whenever it would seem like I "forgot" that I am a nobody, she'd do one of her screaming sessions to "remind" me. She'd indoctrinate me into feeling l am not okay and never will be unless I do what she says and follow her lead in everything.
She told me nearly every day all my life that she gave birth to me to do what she wants to me. That I was born to be hers. I disagreed, and she called me mentally ill for that. It took so much energy for me to keep my sexual abuse from getting worse, to keep resisting my mother and her indoctrinations, at least partially. I had hardly any energy left for anything else in life. That was my childhood and especially my teens where I felt deadly exhausted all the time. People saw it and BLAMED ME for "looking like I am ill". Fuck them.
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2023.05.28 08:12 TickleToeJo No matter what, every modlist breaks the game.

I've tried everything I can imagine, having Skyrim installed near the root (C:/Games), completely clean installs, following A Dragonborn's Fate without mistakes, trying to rebuild it a second time just in case, using Wabbajack lists that are lightweight like Dragonborn, trying heavier lists like Lost Legacy, deleting every instance of MO2 before new installs, changing refresh/framerates from 60, 240, 144, back to 60 while changing my monitor's refresh rate itself as well as vsync bVSyncInterval=1/0, tried both AE and SE editions, not launching from Skyrimlancher.exe, over the course of 4 days off and without fail, as soon as the game starts and i enter an exterior cell, the game will freeze and go black with ambient sounds in the background. Alternative starts, vanilla starts, if i'm outside, it breaks the game.
The only instance of the game that works is without any one single mod installed, and at 60fps there is massive screen tearing.
My hardware is as follows:
-R9 5900x
-16GB Ram

Please, someone help me :(
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2023.05.28 08:12 No-Sea1173 BF and kid have moved in before I am ready

I've (32F) been in a relationship for nearly a year with my bf (36M) and I'm really struggling with my bf (and his kid) moving into my house.
My bf lost his job in November, and since has worked odd jobs through his home based business for 10-15hrs/week. He makes enough for groceries and bills but isn't saving, and ends meet because the house he rents is owned by his parents. He also will inevitably be back in mediation or court with his ex over custody, but is too overwhelmed right now to even consider rebuilding savings toward this.
I've finally managed to get him to talk about finances properly - previously he would shut down or dodge conversations. He's now acknowledged he had a lot of shame / low self esteem from being unemployed, has been in this situations a number of times before and finds the knock backs and rejection really tough. Since talking about it he's saying he now feels more supported (emotionally) by me, and has a made a number of concrete steps to increase his clients (no actual increase in work or income yet).
In the meantime I've said I don't want us to move in together until he's capable of supporting himself and child, so that I don't feel like I'm taking on dependants. There are also a couple of other reasons that I'm not ready to be a (potential) step parent, and want more time where are I'm just dad's gf. However, over the past fortnight they've both stayed at my place every night, and multiple items from their house are in mine.
I can have the conversation to reset boundaries around my space. I'm just struggling to be clear and hold the line when I feel as though I'll be direct and clear, he'll appear to agree / understand, and then toys and school wear creep in and it's suddenly just easier to be at mine.
Any thoughts with this? Any big topics aside from finances/work that I should iron out before we move in together?
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2023.05.28 08:12 mama-mochi Next Door Neighbor Dumped Water On My Dog

This happened a couple weeks ago, but I realized it still made me anxious/annoyed. I have a doggy door that my dogs have access to starting from about 8am to 11pm. Around 9:30pm one night, I noticed one of my dog's back, tail, and head was wet and thought it was suddenly raining, so my husband went to shut the back door only to find out there wasn't any rain.
We have quite a big backyard and have a camera set up that thankfully angled it enough where we can partially see the neighbor's side. The neighbor's house is at more of an uphill, so their pathway from the front to the back is where our fence connects and they can quite literally look fully into our yard.
When I scrolled through the footage, I saw my neighbor go outside to grab a towel that was out drying, go back inside, come out a few minutes later, and looked down at one of my dogs and quite obviously dumped it on him bc my dog was barking at him.
My husband went to confront the neighbor and we found out it was their extended family who lives in the back section of their house. The wife comes out and says it can't be them bc they ate dinner at 7pm and went back inside. Even when my husband showed her the video, she says she doesn't know where we got it or when that was and was ofc shut down since it's obviously their house and had a day/time stamp. THEN she blames us and says that he's scary and barks at them and would jump on the fence, which we did apologize for but made it clear that what was done was still not okay.
Just to be clear, he isn't constantly barking and lunging at the fence. I checked our cameras and it rarely happened.
I understand that it's frustrating on their end to have a dog bark at them, but I feel like that's something they could have came to talk to us about.
I'm not sure if he'll do anything again since they know we have cameras, but I'm worried it can lead to him trying with something worse than water.
Any advice on what I can add to or against the fence to block my dogs from seeing the neighbors? From the neighbor's pov, our fence's height stops at their waist level.
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2023.05.28 08:11 CantThinkOfSumthin [16M] Not even gonna try with an interesting title tbh

I've written quite a few of these cuz I just like meeting new people, and I've yet to figure out what exactly catches people's attention. Is it the title? The post itself? Hobbies listed? Personally shown? Fate? Coincidence?
Anyway, like I said, I enjoy meeting new people, so it'd be pretty neat if you dm'd me
Some things about me:
I go by Jay
I'm big on music, lots of alternative/indie and rock but I listen to a large variety of genres and nearly always up for hearing a new song, so feel free to send me some recommendations!
I read a lot, books, comics, poems, all sorts of genres though I've found I'm not big on realistic historical fiction (Now medieval magic is a different story... literally)
I unironically love bad jokes. I find genuine amusement in overdone puns and my friends are increasingly enraged by this. Thankfully they're not musicians, otherwise I'd be worried they'd resort to violins. (Ba dum tss)
Anyway that's all I feel like sharing, hopefully one of you lovely people are entertained enough to introduce yourself
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2023.05.28 08:10 07VSN 22 [M4M] Help a bro ig

Hi I am looking for anyone that I can vibe and fool around with. I'm literally down for anything. Just please don't be a creep, man.
About me: 22, Slim, plays PC, from big 4, has a place in españa, loves walking and working out, prolly a 7/8??? (or so ive been told lmao), and into films.
Please be near me or something I wanna hang out.
If you find any of the aforementioned traits interesting (or similar w you) just hmu. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 08:08 sibbyink I just had a white winged dove fall out of my tree, hit my shoulder, and die the second I walked out in my backyard

When it landed on the ground it moved once and immediately died, Im not nearly far enough in my practice to understand what this means or if it even means anything. My mom started singing the Stevie nicks song after it happened and it reminded me that I should ask the community what y’all think. I already had a supremely emotionally charged and frustrating day, so with how wrong my own energy has felt today it’s almost an uncomfortably fitting end to the evening.. Im gonna try to do my own looking into it but any thoughts & opinions are extremely appreciated.
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2023.05.28 08:07 Dapper-Jellyfish-460 I’m (34f) pregnant and have become obsessively jealous of a friendship my partner (36m) had 4 years ago

I’m 37 weeks pregnant and struggling with my mental health due to the hormones, especially during this final trimester. And for the past week or two I’ve become obsessively jealous over my partner’s ex best friend (28f).
Rewind to 2019. At the time it’d only been a couple of years since I’d come out of a relationship where my ex had cheated on me with his best friend. I had a new partner, Sam, and things were going well, but we had been together a year or so when I noticed on Instagram that he had commented “😍” on a picture of his (then) best friend and colleague, Hannah.
I’d previously felt a bit uncomfortable about their relationship. She was undeniably gorgeous and he mentioned things like sleeping in the same bed as her when he stayed round hers once. But I challenged this and was very aware of my anxiety due to my past relationship.
Something about the emoji comment tipped me over the edge though. I was triggered and acted totally out of line, searching his phone for evidence that he had feelings for her.
What I found is that he was potentially once attracted to her, when they first met. It seemed like her been on the edge of trying to hook up with her, and had found her physically attractive. All of this was pieced together from somewhat flaky evidence, e.g. a friend had texted him saying “any updates on you and Hannah?” “we’ll find you a Hannah lookalike.” He’d also told a friend he’d sleep with her in a “shag, marry, cruise” scenario pitched at him - worth noting I don’t know who the marry person was.
What I think probably happened is that when they first met he was physically attracted to her and then perhaps as they got to know each other the attraction faded, to the point where they became just good friends. This is just me guessing as he’s always maintained he never had romantic feelings for her at all.
Unfortunately I didn’t do that kind of rationalisation at the time and I insisted he cut her out despite his protests that the comment was harmless and that he didn’t have feelings for her.
Anyway cut forward 3 years and we’re now pregnant with our first. I thought we’d worked through all of this and I’d got better - I’ve not felt as much anxiety or jealousy when he’s had female friends, we’ve been to couples therapy, I’ve reflected internally and talked with my partner about how wrong it was of me to pressure him to end the friendship. I’d even suggested he get back in touch with Hannah and explain what happened (which he chose not to).
But in the past couple of weeks pregnancy hormones have got my anxiety rocketing, and all of a sudden out of nowhere I felt that pang of jealousy, about Hannah again.
I’ve thought about her and the messages I saw two years ago nearly constantly, to the point where it’s distracting me from focusing on my own well-being, the pregnancy and upcoming birth of the baby. I’ve had to work so hard to stop myself taking his phone and checking it again.
I’ve just come here to get a bit of advice on how I can put these feelings aside. I’ve tried meditation, rationalising it, exercise to distract myself. Nothings worked. I’m devastated that what I thought had been progress and maturing on my part has seemingly disappeared. I’m anxious that I might spend the last few days of my pregnancy obsessing over something I know is so pointless. I’m also very worried about these obtrusive thoughts disrupting my labour, birth or first few weeks with my new baby.
I feel ashamed and ridiculous and I don’t really know what to do. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
TL; DR: I’m 37 weeks pregnant and have become obsessively jealous with someone who I think my partner was attracted to a few years ago. I don’t know how to stop myself obsessing and move on from the jealousy which damaged an important friendship for him and has the potential to affect our relationship, my labour and birth, and precious first few experiences with my first baby.
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2023.05.28 08:05 Suitable-Airport-640 Sendai with kids

Hello! I’m starting echange studies in Sendai the coming autumn. My family will be joining me during christmas break. I’m looking for an apartment close to Senzan Line. Is there good playgrounds near any stations? It would be helpfull for my wife and kids if there was a place to spend time during days. Thank you for any replies.
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2023.05.28 08:04 Superkates Is reliving your trauma during therapy retraumatizing for you?

I have heard about retraumatizing when you are retelling the story. How true is this for you?
I don't usually talk about what happened to me. I also don't have a lot of people to talk to. And I am ashamed to be questioned if it's true or if it's my fault as it has happened to me within the family. Also, it's just always easy for me to be called stupid for letting it happen. I also think that talking about it to people seems selfish of me, like I am being a burden.
But when I find the safespace and the people who I think is really genuine to listen.. I start talking. Which is very rare.
I'm so looking forward to talk to my therapist about all of this. I don't feel it's retraumatizing. Because it's been kept on me for too long.. and it weighed me down.. and I haven't really processed it.. so talking about seems to be appealingly therapeutic and weightlifting.
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