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2023.05.28 08:30 HumbledAMZNWorker June 15th

Please please please I’m begging you pls hurry up so I can go to work please I’m glad I’m back at my old site for Pick and I’ll never ever leave again I’m going to slave my life away here just please hurry tf so I can hear everything beeps when I scan the product
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2023.05.28 08:28 Balorclub254 The realist news source there it

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2023.05.28 08:28 that-charming-boy I (18M) have feelings for my bestfriend (22F) and am struggling to get over her.

The title says it all. We have known each other for 5+ years. I don't know how to get over her. I get jealous when she finds celebrities attractive, which I'm very well-aware is stupid asf. Like, who tf even gets jealous of celebrities?? But again, when they get her attention which I crave, I get mad. I get jealous when she talks about another friend (25M) of hers. Even though, he's just a friend. I feel like a hypocrite, because I talk to her about my other bestfriend (18F) whom I've known for 15+ years now, too. I'm such a moron that I would always talk about other women with her but when she talks about any other guy I get jealous. I can't take this. I love her so much and only want her to be happy but this shit is overwhelming. My heart hurts every time I miss her. I have never loved someone (romantically) and (sexually) desired someone THIS much. She knows about my feelings and she says that she knows that we're both aware how precious what we already have is, and she can't get into a relationship because she thinks she's bad at that. She always makes it about herself. She says she loves me A LOT and cares for me and tbh it shows. She says she purposely stays away from romantic and/or sexual relationships because she knows she would mess up so she doesn't want it to happen. She has said even if it happens between us she's not sure if we'd be happy because she thinks she sucks at that. She lights up my whole world and makes me feel safe and happy and special. She tells me how I make her happy and feel safe and special. She never makes me feel like I'm not her type or something, she always makes it about herself, but I know it's not about that. Once she is well-settled and is doing good in her career, she would definitely date someone, someone she is into and there's no way it will ever be me. So, I really want to get over her. I want to see her happy. I want to be able to be happy for my best friend in the world, when she's with the love of her life. Instead of being heartbroken that the love of MY life is with someone else. But I just am stuck and it hurts to try to move on and fall out of love. I turn down every other girl and she knows it and she wants me to get over her and find "someone better" because she thinks she's not "good enough" for me, and she wants me to be okay. I REALLY WANT TO GET OVER HER BUT I LOVE HER SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS AND I DON'T WANT TO GET OVER HER AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE BEING ABLE TO LOVE SOMEONE THIS MUCH MAKES MY HEART FEEL FULL AND WARM. BUT THEN IT HURTS AT THE SAME TIME. At this point, I'm literally just talking shit here. I don't even know how to express my feelings well. It sucks.
TL;DR: I'm an 18 y/o boy who's stupid enough to have fallen too hard in love with my girl bestfriend who's 4 years older than me and I've hurt my own feelings and I'm now trying my best to get over her but it hurts to try.
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2023.05.28 08:28 Critical_Abies_1559 Steady Eddie Tonal Dry

Steady Eddie Tonal Dry
Picked these up for 40aud new unworn! Very happy
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2023.05.28 08:28 Intelligent_Grab6006 FREE: balloon arch (Centretown - porch pick up only)

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2023.05.28 08:27 angelifykw i want to die and it's because of my mom

My mom is a manipulator and a gaslighter, she's always gaslighting me about the decisions we have made and truthfully, it's working. I've been feeling miserable ever since she texted me and said all those stuff about everything that has happened for the past month. We're currently having trouble financially, and we asked for her help, well she did provide us with the help we needed and I thanked her for it, even saying that I will return the money to her once we're okay and back on track, but of course.. She has to do her daily manipulating. It's so frustrating and depressing, I just want to die. I really love both of my parents (who are separated, right now I'm with my father), but I hate them at the same time, they're really good with doing this ever since I was little, although my dad has changed, that's why we're with him at the first place. I also hate myself. This isn't the first time she has done this, but it has been affecting me more than it should. Can't she just shut up for once? I've been doing my best being nice to her and refraining myself from talking back, which I still do even after all that. Surprisingly, but not really, she knew about me being suicidal, because me being an attention seeker, posted it in social media where I thought she'll not see it, but someone did and decided to send it to her. The post is basically me simply saying "I want to die" and then she messaged me about it, she asked why I said that on my post and I laughed it off, saying it's nothing and then she went on full manipulator mode again, saying that it's my father who's making me feel like this and us having trouble with money, and that I'm a stupid girl for thinking moving in with him was a good idea, even saying she's right and i never listen to her. This is the first time i actually did what she didn't want me to. I left because it was too toxic, there's just too much assumptions, making up lies and misunderstandings, I just can't anymore. So, yeah, she still doesn't know that she's the reason why I want to die. I wanted to tell her right there and then, but I stopped myself from doing so, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So yeah, mom, I want to die because you keep torturing me. Don't even get me started with the "a lot of people wants to live and you're out here wanting to die", like I asked to be alive in the first place. Should've just aborted me when you got the chance tbh.
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2023.05.28 08:26 throwraFrequentRow2 He’s the only person I’ve genuinely clicked with and now he’s gone

In 2021, I got myself in a position financially, emotionally to be ready for a relationship
And I met a man who had just weeks ago immigrated to this country and had downloaded tinder.
We talked for just over a month until I was so ready to meet him. He was putting it off, I think cause he had just moved here and was unsettled. But he seemed keen, constantly texting me with updates about his day etc
So I set up the first date. I was on a camping trip with friends which happened to be down the road from his house, so one evening I popped out to meet him. We had a great time, instant chemistry and amazing chats. He texted me how much he fancied me and couldn’t wait to see me again
And from that point, we were dating. I had to plan all the dates as I was the one with the car. I would pick him up and we would go hang out somewhere outdoors.
The chats we had were amazing. Shared experiences of grief and interest in music. We would lay in the park and talk forever. He was kind and sensitive and reassured me he was a nice guy as I was cautious and apprehensive with dating.
He was so like me, we had so many shared interests and it was crazy how similar we were
I liked the pace of the relationship too, quick to become comfortable but not rushing things. He seemed very into me, soppy messages, loads of compliments and talks of the future. I felt safe and comfortable.I’ve never had a man I like, be interested back too so my feelings were amazing
At 3 months, I moved closer to his town, not just to be closer to him but to be closer to my work too.
It was at that point, my housemates pointed out I was doing s lot for him and he didn’t take me on dates. I cooked him dinners and planned fun things. I was supportive to help him find a new job etc
I brought up the lack of dates one day. I told him ‘I feel I do a lot when it comes to planning dates. I would really like it if you took the initiative to plan things. It doesn’t need to be expensive or even cost anything.’ He came up with some weird excuses like I was better at planning bla bla bla. Even on my birthday there was no effort
But from that point, I felt a massive change in him. He was no longer super kind and friendly to me. He gave me very dirty evil looks and little criticisms all the time. When I brought up further needs, again in a sensitive way, I was told I was pressuring and manipulative. He talked about his ex girlfriends non stop.
It was one day when I was talking about my future goals and said I’m not certain I want children but I am open to have one child in the future, and that I hope my partner is open to it too.
He said ‘well I wanted kids with my ex but now I’m not sure. But if we get to mid 30s and you still want one and I dont, you can find someone hot and get pregnant.’
I was shocked by the comment. I told him it made me feel he didn’t see a future.
His attitude toward me got worse, he seemed so annoyed by everything. Even accusing me of being bad at planning and unable to understand sarcasm.
He dumped me and told me he dated me because he was lonely and never fe in love
It’s been a year since breakup and I’ve tried to work on myself but nothing has felt right since. I feel like he was the one for me. But I can’t find that connection with anyone else and that’s scaring me
I’m also incredibly lonely. I moved to a new city thinking my new housemates would make friends with me and my work colleagues might hang out, but no. I feel like I’m missing out on my 20s, when I see everyone around me going to music festivals and having a good time and I just stay at home as I never meet people. Even my housemates hang out all together and I’m never invited even though I’m super friendly
tldr I don’t know why this relationship failed.
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2023.05.28 08:26 twinmamab Long post. Cheating advice. 32F and 34M together 7 years and have 3 kids

Look, this is a long post. I am a stay at home mom with no friends and no one to talk to. So if you wanna read all of this and just be kind to me or talk to me or whatever, I would appreciate it more than you probably know.
Background of my relationship: 32F with 34M for 7 years in July. We have kids together. Not married but one day we planned on it. He came to me last night and told me he had downloaded a dating app last week and had been talking to some women. He said he did it because he wanted to “see if he still had it”. He had been texting two women, so he had enough conversation with them to give him his number and was texting them probably in the same room as me sometimes. He only told me bc one of them found out his real name, he was using a fake, and called him out on it bc she found his Facebook, which is covered in pics of us and our kids. So he only told me bc he got caught. He swears it’s only been a week that he was doing it. Swears he never intended on meeting up. The girl messaged me, which I would have seen before he told me if I check fb often but I don’t. She sent me screen shots of all of their text conversations, from when they first got numbers (since they had been talking some before that on the app) and all the way to when she busted him and him apologizing and everything and her going off on him for all of it. When he told me, he asked me what I wanted him to do or if I wanted to see the app, and out of pure anger and sadness I told him immediately to delete the app. Well, now that he deleted the app all of the messages are gone, on her end too. I don’t think I wanna read anymore anyway, bc the texts made me feel sick. But part of me wanted to know everything he was saying to other women. We have been less intimate lately, but we have talked about it and he knows I try, but we have just been busy. I have twin toddlers and an older son and he works long hours, so I’m tired or he’s asleep by the time I settle down for the night. But when he straight up comes to me in bed and says he wishes we could have sex soon, I literally say okay let’s do it now and we do, bc I want to as well and obviously we need to take every opportunity. Sure I’ve turned him down sometimes, but he’s turned me down sometimes as well. So anyway…..I’m a lonely stay at home mom. Who became a full time mom to his son, who’s mom is not around, when he was barely 4 (he’s 9 now). Then we had twins together who are now 3. This man is my best friend. I straight up moved to his town where all of his family lives and he has lived his whole life, to be with him and his son. Closest family I have is an hour away, everyone else is even further. I have no friends here besides his friends, but no actual friends. I’m alone. I do everything for him and our kids. We have a special needs daughter as well and I go to therapy for her 3 times a week and deal with a lot just with her on my own, plus two other kids. I’m lonely. But I’ve never thought about doing what he did. I love our family and would never wanna ruin us. He says he knows he needs to work on himself. He says it was a mistake and he loves me and I’m his soulmate. He said a lot of things. But when I asked him what would have happened if he didn’t get caught? How long would he have let it go on? He says he doesn’t know. I asked if he ever thought about actually meeting up with anyone. He swears he never wanted to do that, that it was all mental/emotional. It was all just fun and exciting apparently. Which, that obviously hurts so damn much. But in the texts I read, they both talked about possibly meeting up and flirting about it and stuff like that. He says he just said everything on there to keep the conversation going. The texts were not totally sexual, but not innocent either. A lot of things he said to her seriously instantly broke my heart and made me wanna throw up. I feel numb.
He’s just walking around the house pouting. I feel sick. I can’t even look at him when I have to talk to him about something about the kids. He keeps trying to have normal conversations with me about random stuff and I just can’t look him in the face or keep up with what he’s wanting to talk about. I want him to feel bad. I want him to regret it to the deepest part of himself. I want to punch him in a lot of places, and then call my dad and tell him, so he can come here and do whatever he feels is necessary. I want to call his sisters and tell them. I want to do a lot of things. But mostly I just want it to be a nightmare and wake up to find out none of this is real.
I don’t know what to do or what to believe from him.
What’s worse, my ex did this exact same thing to me. And he knows that. My ex was messaging other girls, flirting with them, and one of them found out about me on Facebook and messaged me. Again, I am not huge on Facebook and never saw the message from her til after he told me. But if I checked it every day then I would have found out from her first, exactly same way as what’s happening now. That man ended up dumping me and dating my little sister a year later, who had lived with us when we broke up. So you can see how this just cuts even deeper than it normally might, even though I know it’s pretty deep regardless.
I keep looking in the mirror and telling myself how unattractive I am. What’s crazy about that is, I’ve lost about 60 pounds in the last year, I had gained a lot when I had the twins, and gained more after. But I have been feeling so good about myself lately with the weight loss, I get compliments all the time about it with people I know. I actually thought I was pretty. Now I hate how I look. Now my self confidence has disappeared. Which took me a long time to get back in the first place. So with everything, he broke that in me as well.
I know this is a long post. If you made it this far, then thank you. I literally have no one else to talk to. I am afraid to talk to my sisters or parents bc they will lose their minds on him. So I came here and made a brand new Reddit account to post this and get some people to talk to me.
Have you been through something similar to this? If so, how did you handle it? Did you stay together? Did anything else happen down the road if you did? Just any advice or shared sympathy or similar stories would be helpful.
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2023.05.28 08:26 SoleMolestor Risk of deactivation?

Risk of deactivation?
They’re trying to get me for fraud actually, or do they just use blanket verbiage for issues that would all fit within the same reasoning. I definitely don’t steal food, or pieces of food but I’ve noticed that delivering around the college area that customers either tip bait or now I’m starting to think they call the order in as not delivered. Yesterday I waited the 8 minutes for a customer to give me the apartment number and it never happened and after the 8 minutes I contacted support and they told me to mark it as delivered and move on. I did and now I get this. I had a damaged order today too which is not going to look good on my account. But they really do take customers word over ours don’t they?
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2023.05.28 08:26 RangerMan612 27 [M4R] #UK #Online - Let's be that weird couple who kiss in the rain

WARNING: This post is long, full of sarcasm, dirty jokes and innuendos but 100% me. Enjoy the read, please?
Have you ever wondered if you'll find the one? The Neo to your Trinity? The Deadpool to your Vanessa? The Fish to your Chips? Or how about the Mc to your Donald's? (McDonald's reference? No? I thought it was funny lol). Anyway if you have ever wondered that then great, I've been wondering that for a long time (Not that it's a competition haha 🤣)
I've been looking for my perfect partner for so long, I know to a lot of people perfection is impossible or unachievable and you're right, everyone has different views on perfection which is why everyone says they're not perfect, have you ever wondered though, that even though you're not perfect for yourself or the world around you, you're perfect for someone? That there is a person out there who considers you the perfect person in their eyes, it may be difficult to think that way but it's true, we all look for different things in a partner that make them perfect, good looking, funny, nerdy etc.
But if you think about it, while you may think you're not attractive, not smart, not funny etc, there's someone out there who does. In a world of what 9 Billion? There has to be someone out there for you. Though if you don't believe in soulmates or some sort of destiny then that's okay, I do which is why I wanted to provide my view in it.
Anyway though, let's get to the Meat and Potatoes (British thing haha), the bit you're (hopefully here for), me!
About Me
So, hey, hello, bonjour (that's all the French I know apart from La Fentre, which is window?), I'm RangerMan612 and I am seeking my one, I've done a few posts kinda detailing who my perfect partner is to me but so far no luck (maybe I'm just that weird? Or the better answer, my my person isn't on Reddit? Or the worst answer, they don't exist 😱😭)
As you can see I like to ramble, I go from idea to idea and just don't shut up! Sometimes I'm very direct in what I say and inadvertently upset people, other times I'm not very direct and confuse people by rambling, unfortunately there is no middle ground. I like writing though, I like stories, I like going on an adventure through the mind which is why RangerMan for me is a Space Ranger flying through space seeing so many stars but not his star.... Yet?
I would say my mind is the greatest thing about me, always thinking, coming up with new ideas, new stories and how to do things, overthinking, underthinking and sometimes (most of the time) being an idiot lol 😂
Under the helmet though, I'm not Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt, I'm more, Bond, James Bond 😉 I kid, I'm not, I'm 6'0, have short brown hair, blue eyes, a dad bod (without the kid) and apparently a really good bum! (I saw you spit your drink out, weren't expecting that were you? 😂)
Personality wise, I think you've already seen how much I go on about random stuff, here are some more things if you're into the below;
- Open Minded / Kinky (Mind like a sewer)
- Aquarius
- Atheist
- Nerdy (Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man!)
- Gamer (Xbox peasant but do have Steam!)
- Homebody (I like staying home but I also like the below)
- Adventurous (Go for a walk? Bike Ride? Drive? Find a new activity?)
- Sarcastic (Cannot turn it off and I'm always trying to find a good response)
- Mediocre Cook (Spaghetti Bolognese is great but for BBQs I hope you like charcoal!)
- Driver (I can drive you up the wall with my bad jokes 😉)
- Creative (See this post)
- Dog Person (Nothing against cats, just prefer dogs)
- There's probably so many more things I haven't mentioned but maybe you can find out for yourself? 😁
Also I think that's it for about me, if I've missed anything out then contact me and I'll be happy to tell you.
With that, onto the next section!
What I'm Looking For
I think there have been hints of romance in the above part of the post but I will hopefully go deeper into this below.
I would like a partner I can build a trusting, honest, open relationship with, one where we can share our secrets without being judged, share our feelings without being scared, be honest without being made out to be the bad one.
I would like a partner I can share my life with, we tell each other the fun things we do, the mundane things we do, the bad things that have happened so if we're sad we can comfort each other and tell each other it's gonna be okay, if it's an us problem then we can use our trusting honest relationship to work through the problems and fix it to grow stronger together.
I would like a partner I can love and be happy with, we would be silly with each other throughout the day, send memes to each other to make us laugh, send funny stories to make us smile, tell each other we love each other in the most unique and absurd ways, tell each other when we've had a stinky fart because we're immature and love the dirty humor.
I would like a partner that if we can't be bothered to cook that night we order a takeaway and just lay around and have a lazy day / night, at the same time I'd like to cook for my partner and show off my awesome (fairly decent) cooking skills.
I would like a partner where we accept we have flaws and aren't perfect but we work and encourage each other to work through them together so we have a deeper connection.
I would like a partner where we both know what makes the other sad and happy so if the other is sad we can comfort them and make them feel better.
I would like a partner who I can give a ring to and spend the rest of my life with, I'd like us to continue to be silly and adventurous into our later years and never stop being who we are and despite us being wrinkly and grey we still have that trusting honest relationship where we love each other deeply.
I would like a partner that has an open mind, we can experiment and have new experiences together. I'd like us to be totally committed to each other but we're both open to exploring our sexual desires and fantasies together while building trust and learning what we both like.
I would like a partner to have kids with at some point and we can have a little family while still being adventurous and safe.
I would like a partner where we care for each other when we're ill or feeling off, like on a period for example, I'd like to care for my partner and make them feel loved and cared for, I know the pain they're in so I would do everything for them so they felt rested and pain free.
I would like a partner who I can give my love and affection to, someone I can take out to random fun activities, go on a hike or bike ride, go for a drive, listen to music to, do everything with, someone I can love as a lover, love as a friend and have as a soulmate.
I think that essentially sums up what I'm looking for in a relationship though again if you have any questions feel free to message me.
Also with that I'm not sure what else to put into this post? Though if you've made it here, I'm not sure what to say apart from, THANK YOU, thank you for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it and I didn't waste too much of your time. Though if I do sound like your type of person and everything I've written is what you want then let's talk 😁
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2023.05.28 08:25 Lonestar141 21M I'm Alone. Mother just Passed, and my Father passed 3 years ago.

Hello whom ever reads this... these past few years have been quite tough for me, firstly my father passed away in 2020 unexpectedly from a heart attack, we found him in the morning deceased by his bed after a few hours (he worked quite late and always stressed for our family, he was a hard working man that supported his family) he was the best father I could ask for and it took quite around a year and a half to really get back on my feet and looking towards the future. Also Covid was a tough time for us all and really slowed my "progression" in life, I've just always been behind in life however I managed to get a part-time job to help out my mom who was currently sick. However that sickness ended up being cancer and she was diagnosed 4 months ago, she tried really hard to beat this thing and im so proud of her, she could of just given up but she tried her best even when she was sick. She ended up passing away a month ago in my arms, I didn't get to say any words to her, I went to visit and before I can enter her room the nurse told me she was passing away, I rushed to her bedside held her hand and said everything I could as I hear the monitor beeping silence. It took a moment for me really take things in, a moment of denial as I looked up at the monitor to see "0 Heart Rate" I felt everything leave my body as I shut her eyes and cried on her lap. I regret so many things, I was a terrible kid and didn't deserve their love. But now here I am alone.
The first few weeks after my mothers passing was rough but I don't think I really understood what this meant for me. But now I can hardly breath, it feels like I don't even have a moment to grieve, I feel smothered and can't breath. Betweeh all the un-paid taxes, owed credit, family company responsibilites, Lawyer and financial liability I don't know what to do, I'm 21 years old and now myself and the Estate now potentially owe $50,000 - $100,000 or more to government and third parties that were working out, and I currently work part-time minimum wage at a movie theatre. I do have savings and beneficiaries but between insurance prices, rent and the overall cost of living I dont know what to do. Things have gotten quite worse these past couple days, I keep thinking that as long as I finish this estate work and clear all of my mothers debts and taxes that I can finally end it for myself, I don't want to leave behind any debts for my grandmotheaunt. I just want this to be over, waking up every day to an empty apartment knowing that my life is now 'fucked' literally.
Anyways regardless if anyone reads this just typing out all of this really helps. I hope you all have a blessed life. Thank you for reading my senseless writing.
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2023.05.28 08:25 Creative-Dirt-3133 20M[chat] just lonely looking for a pick me up

Looking for anyone to rate a couple pics of me if they so please or just have a nice convo I could also rate you. I’d love to talk interests and just see where the convo takes us.
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2023.05.28 08:24 monicabong [24F] Feeling a bit down, could use a pick me up✨

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2023.05.28 08:24 lafulusblafulus Indy!Tom Riddle

I've been thinking about how most Indy!Harry fics end up with Harry as a dictator worse than the Ministry ever was. Now, this is usually unintentional, and we're meant to see Harry as a benevolent leader that cracks down hard on injustice.
What if there was an Indy!Tom Riddle instead, only, only instead of him being an accidental dictator, it's on purpose? It fits perfectly. Bashing of Dumbledore, worshipping pureblood culture. The harem? Tom Riddle has an ocean's worth of charisma at any given moment. Manipulative Dumbledore? Dumbledore is honestly trying, but Tom is totally the type of guy to leak Dumbledore's history with Grindelwald to the Ministry so the Aurors can arrest him. Just a few whispers to authority figures asking the question of why Dumbledore hasn't gone and stopped Grindelwald yet.
Really, Tom is manipulative enough to spin a narrative of how Dumbledore is the true power behind everything, and how the only reason Dumbledore opposes Grindelwald is because the difference of opinion is on the method of domination. Dumbledore would work his way up politically, and his fame at being the one to "heroically" defeat Grindelwald would make the Ministry listen to his every whim.
This also answers quite neatly how Harry defeats a Dumbledore who can apparently manipulate the entire Wizarding World and has been doing so for years. It's simple. Tom Riddle is just that good at manipulation. It's his entire character.
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2023.05.28 08:24 Signal_System_376 Hocus Pocus (1984) Golden Harvest picked up right where Shaw Brothers left off - Ching-Ying Lam is cinemas premiere ghost buster - Excellent, with just a touch of humor

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2023.05.28 08:24 Heavy-Shop-4381 Disabled and being taken advantage of

I am a disabled man and my health is shit. I had bought a new carburator for my weed eater last fall and it worked great but a couple weeks ago I tried to start it for the first time since before winter and now I couldn't get it to run.
The guy who sold me the weed eater was helping me try and get it running and his friend showed up and he asked his friend if he could take a look at it since he also couldn't get it going. The friend said he had like 7 weed eaters at home hes been working on but he said that I should spray some carburetor cleaner where the spark plug is and then try it but since I didn't have no carb cleaner he said he did and offered to take it home with him and he'd do it and for exchange he asked if he could have a 5 gallon water jug sitting in my garage and I told em sure and that was the deal and that he'd return it in the next day or two.
Almost a week later and no word so I messaged him and he said to give him another day or two and then 3 days later he messages saying he has bad news and that the weed eater was shot and I told him that I appreciate him looking at it and trying but I'll take it back and take it to someone else who might be able to figure it out and he said that he has like 7 weed eaters and that he's done everything he knows to do and he's never had one not respond to a tune up but I just told em I'd take it back either way and then says he had a mechanic also look at it and he couldn't figure it out either. I told em to just bring it back or I could pick it up so I can have someone else look at it and he told me he has like 7 weed eaters again.
So yesterday which is about a week or 2 later I asked him if I can have my weed eater back and he said he was at work but afterwards yea that he would just need to put it back together. Today he calls me saying that he has it running like a beast but that he's gonna have to charge me for the part he replaced but he wasn't gonna charge me for the labor. I told em thats not what we agreed on and if he was gonna put parts on it he should've asked me first and then I asked what's part it was and he said he couldn't remember what it was called but it's the magnet that holds the spark plug and I told em he could keep his part and just to return it to me how he took it and then he offered me $75 for the weed eater but he didn't have the money and hed pay me WHEN he DOES have the money. I told him I was trying to get the weed eater going and had bought a new carb for it because I actually need it. He now is ignoring me and he's a bigger guy and I'm sure he'd beat me up and I feel like he's just trying to keep my weed eater by saying at first it was broken and now he's trying to make money off me when we didn't agree to anything like that.
What should I do? I feel like he's taking advantage of me because he knows Im sick and not intimidating. I read online that I'd have to sue him in small claims court but I don't have money to pay for court cost and that's why I wasn't trying to buy parts for it and especially when I'm almost certain no parts where needed since I had just changed the carb and it was working awesome last season. I really am angry because I hate that people that offer to help end up taking advantage of people they know the can probably get away with.
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2023.05.28 08:23 RaindropDripDropTop Why is the Barbie movie seemingly so polarizing?

Whenever I look at the online reaction to the trailer, it seems like there are a lot of people who are either super hyped up and digging the trailer, while others are saying it looks awful / worst movie ever. Even in real life (while I was watching playoff hockey and basketball with the squad) most people I was with said it looks terrible and were roasting it, while I'm just silently thinking it looks lit.
It has this weird surreal vibe to it, and the music for the trailers have been amazing ("make your own kind of music" is such a banger). Idk I can see why the premise of the movie sounds dumb on paper, but there just seems to be certain vibe to it that they know what they are doing. Plus if you look at the writer / director / casting, etc, this movie is stacked with talented filmmakers and actors.
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2023.05.28 08:23 10throwawayantsy Does he want sex?

I've been friends with him for 5+ years now. We initially met and were initially romantically interested and exchanges nudes, but I kind of called it off and wanted to keep him around as a friend.
We had a good friendship with each other and were always there for each other. I got drunk one time and he held my hand. I kind of went to him for advice and my love life was in shambles, which was probably annoying 4 him. He told me he would be in love with me "if I wasn't a train wreck" but at that time I was a horrific train wreck.
He then got a gf. His gf was extremely paranoid about me, which was weird, bc I wasn't even in the same geographical area as them. He complained about her, they then broke up. Then he complained about how much he missed her for a few years, would send her gifts for no reason, idk.
In this span of time, he has: Moved into the house next door to me, Tried to transfer to my college , Moved to my city, and then after I moved he moved 10 blocks away from me (It's a compact city, it's not as weird as it seems).
I have a bf but he tried to take a solo vacation with me. He tells me about his sexual adventures with other people and talks to me constantly. I never have to reach out to him first, bc he is always reaching out. He says I'm the most interesting person he's ever met, which ig isnt that weird because we've been friends for a rly long time now. He is very quick to introduce me to his friends and bring me on trips with his friends (For a lot of our friendship we weren't in the same area)
He's not really doing anything wrong, I feel comfortable with him. He pays for my snacks and makes sure I get home ok when we hang out. My house had mice so he said I could sleep in his extra bed and that we could have a "sleepover."
Recently he asked me why I'm not getting married to my boyfriend. I explained it was for financial reasons, and then said he really wants to find a wife and that his Arabic family would happily fund it.
I love my boyfriend but feel neglected very easily. I overall require a lot of attention and am difficult to maintain, so sometimes I do feel a little bit of something for my friend, but it usually goes away once I talk to my boyfriend more. Idk what to do.
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2023.05.28 08:21 SergeantMoody Is it just me or are Cubs fans way more annoying than they used to be.

When I used to go to games when I was younger (think 2007-2014), most of the Cubs were chill and unpretentious even if they did drink too much. Now whenever I’m on the Red Line after a Cubs fans, the train gets filled with douchey finance bros who don’t care about anyone else on the train and talk at a yelling volume about the dumbest shit imaginable with the most grating verbiage the English language has ever seen. Genuinely debating becoming a Sox fan because I don’t want to be associated with these losers. The proletariat needs to take the Cubs back from these assholes.
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2023.05.28 08:21 Strange_gainz I bought some starter from the bakery, what next?

I picked up a small cup of sourdough starter from my local bread oven, and I really don’t want it to die. I put it in the refrigerator for now, how would you suggest I feed/store it? Any advice helps, thank you!
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2023.05.28 08:21 N2theGR8wideopen Celestron 8SE or 8” DOB?

I’ve been planning on an 8” DOB for our first scope for the family however I might have a chance to pick up a new 8SE for under $1k. Should I get the 8SE instead?
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2023.05.28 08:21 jambalayabb I’m 37 and still socially anxious as hell. Is it ever going to get better?

I shut down when I’m in a group setting of more than maybe 6 ppl, especially if some of them I haven’t met before. I get so lost in what everyone is talking about all the time and I just feel like I’m sitting there pretending to smile for 2 hours straight. I try really hard to keep up but I zone out so easily. I sometimes even struggle to strike up a conversation with friends I’ve known for a couple years and consider a good friend. I’m overthinking how bad my awkwardness is while I’m still in it, and then hours or days after. It’s crippling my ability to have a somewhat normal social life and is sometimes very unpredictable. I would feel so so so uncomfortable even at a casual group hang out I would text my partner to tell her I want to leave…. And if I don’t get to leave in the next half hour I feel like I’m burning inside.
I’m 37 already and it seems like it’s getting worse and worse. Ever since the pandemic I just lost my ability to socialise in a normal manner… and I’ve lost my enthusiasm to even engage or keep friendships….
When I’m on this subreddit I can clearly see I’m not alone and there are many socially anxious or introverted ppl out there, but in real life, I feel like I’m the only one. Do most other people already have it figured out by now? Everyone else seems to just be able to small talk for hours on end effortlessly.
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