2012 buick enclave serpentine belt replacement

Possible engine issues?

2023.05.28 06:43 Brilliant_Menu7754 Possible engine issues?

Possible engine issues?
OK, so I've never had my own car before so I have very little knowledge on cars in general. I've tried my hardest to understand how stuff under the hood really works but all the info I try to soak in just gets jumbled and ends up making absolutely no sense to me. So with that being said, I beg anyone who knows anything to help me with some advice. I ended up taking out a $2000 loan to buy a car and ended up finding a 2002 Dodge Stratus Se with a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine with only 120,000 miles and it was only $15,000(i thought it was a steal!). I realize now I kinda jumped the gun, and just got too impatient to wait and look for other cars. Off the bat there was a Crack in the oil pan and the serpentine belt pully system had seized up, so I knew those would need replaced, but both were relatively cheap fixes and I was just so happy to have a taste of freedom that I almost didn't care. Well fast forward a couple of months of driving with no issues, and I have a new oil pan and a gasket to replace the old one with, but still haven't gotten a new pully because I've been told I'll have to go to a junkyard for it. Well the car started making a weird tapping(?) noise and is low on oil, so I just assume that's why and I add oil, the noise persists, and no I'm not due for an oil change yet. I was driving in a town and came to a stop sign, so I come to a complete and the car just dies. I ended up having to turn it off and just start it again and it drove, but the sound definitely got worse. And that brings us here, I need advice on what I should do. Should I rebuild the engine, swap the engine, or just cut my losses and sell it for what I can get and try to find something else? I'm willing to put work into it and I'm aware all options will cost me money, I just need help figuring out what option is best for my current situation of not a ton of money and the loan was taken out just this past February(2023). Here's a video of the sounds just before the car died at the stop sign to hopefully help, and thank you all in advance
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2023.05.28 05:04 ted_im_going_mad 2014 Mazda 3 Water Pump Stretch belt

Hi All, hoping someone can give me some advice. 2014 Mazda 3 GT. What is the deal with the stretch belt from the crankshaft pulley to the water pump pulley. I am trying to change belts (accessory serpentine was bad) thought I would replace both at the same time. Good grief I cannot get the stretch belt to ride up and take its place on the pulley. Have tried the "zip tie" trick among other things. It seems like it needs serious effort to get it installed. Anyone here have any tips or tricks for installing? I have been through the net and youtube and everyone makes it look so easy. Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.28 04:33 hoer17 Bad water pump?

Bad water pump?
Does this tensioner pulley seem ok to you guys? Also is that too much play in the water pump? It has a chirp at idle sometimes and has a whine as you get up around 2k rpm(I posted a video from the cab driving on here a couple days ago). 2012 F150 5.0. I replaced the belt that didn’t do it so I bought a stethoscope figured it can’t hurt for trying to find the noise. Any help is appreciated very much!
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2023.05.28 00:43 Ominhoo_10 Whistling/screeching noise when foot is on the throttle.

Whistling/screeching noise when foot is on the throttle.
I’m stumped on this one. I replaced the serpentine belts hooding the horrible whistle sound goes away but It didn’t, it only happens when I’m accelerating and as you can hear it gets louder as you press the throttle. I’m thinking the alternator??
2007 Sierra classic 1500 5.3 vortec
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2023.05.27 19:06 arbiterrecon 3 cans of Freon seems like a lot.

I have a 2012 Buick Enclave and the sticker is missing under the hood for Freon capacity and it’s not in the Manuel. After some research and asking Autozone they said my car takes 36.8 oz of Freon or 3 cans and 6.5oz of PAG oil
I can only fit 2 cans before the pressure is too much and 3 can won’t fill it anymore so I am stuck with coolish air. I have tried filling it liquid form while engine is off on high side and the traditional way with low side port and clutch engaged. Both methods only allow for 2 cans to suck In. I use a manifold gauge and YES I vacuum the system down to -30 psi.
With clutch engaged my low side reads 100 psi and high is 220 psi. My low side is extremely high but I’m not sure if it’s because of front and rear AC and the large capacity. I ensured the rear ac is on full blast as well. If the psi goes over 100 on low side then the clutch will stop due to over pressure.
I have already replaced every component in my HVAC system including expansion valves. I really don’t want to go to mechanic but I can’t buy ac machine so I might have to bite the bullet.
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2023.05.27 19:06 CuriosityOnly Repair shop mistake? Advice needed.

Hello, my parents from out of state left their car with me while they flew international. I told them I’d get it tuned up because the brakes were in rough shape. I brought it to a local repair shop and they mentioned also replacing the serpentine belt as it was a ticking time bomb. I said okay, tack that on to the total (~$1500 total). Two weeks later my parents drive the car home with no issues. 2 weeks after that, the car dies on the side of the road. Their local repair shop said the belt was missing. I have no evidence that the repair shop I used made a mistake but it seems like too much of a coincidence. If the belt was missing is it strange that the car worked at all? Anything we can do in this situation?
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2023.05.27 18:30 Radio64x7 2003 envoyXL 8cyl suddently wont start

Drove it 3 miles to the convenience store to get coffee, was inside for 3 minutes and when i came back out the car wouldnt start despite having no issues before this.
After poking around for awhile i noticed the battery was from 2018, replaced it, the serpentine belt had snaped in such a way that it still looked whole and complete until i pulled on it, and the battery terminals looked like if an evil electrician decided to curse my car... (just bought it a few months ago i definitely should have noticed but they covered it all in electical tape so i just glanced over it...)
I replaced all of this, but my car still wont start. When i crank it it whirs and the engine moves very slowly. The wires on the negative side are getting kind of warm, they were doing that before i replaced them too so im unsure if thats a deeper issue or if i fucked them up.
Ive been fucking with this for a few days now and im still exactly where i started... any common issues that could be causing all this that im missing?
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2023.05.27 03:06 dipbump88 RATTLE

Replaced tensioner in my 2012 2.5l ford escape after it threw my serpentine belt out in the highway . After getting it back from the shop I noticed that when in gear (d) and (r) with AC on it rattles like crazy at idle only , but when taken out of gear the rattle goes away or when ac is turned off the rattle disappears …any clues ??
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2023.05.26 22:04 peppapigoink95 Feeling disappointed with my mechanic (serpentine belt and starter replacement)

I have a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, automatic transmission (specifically a CVT). Recently, I replaced my own front brake pads, which were completely worn out and squealing. The new replacement brake pads were quiet at first, then began squealing again when braking but only at low speeds. My serpentine belt had also been making a rapid, high pitched tick-tick-tick-tick sound, like a cricket chirping very fast. So I took my car to a local mechanic who worked on Japanese cars.
They recommended replacing the serpentine belt, which I agreed to have them do. They told me my brake pads were fine, but my rotors were thin. So I replaced the rotors myself, and really made sure to clean everything really well and grease it up like ChrisFix instructs on his video for brake replacement. After all that, my belt and brakes were both quiet and I was happy.
THEN not a week later, the belt starts making the high pitched tick-tick-tick-tick upon starting the car, and also when accelerating from a dead stop. It wasn't constant like it was before I'd had the belt replaced, but it was still annoying. Additionally, when I come to a full stop, unless I do it very gradually and I'm not facing downhill, I hear a weird noise that sounds like a deep, rumbling, drawn out bass drop. It almost sounds like a very low pitched grinding noise. I don't know if this is the front brakes (disc) or back brakes (drum). The drum brakes have never been replaced, to my knowledge. Car is 126,000 miles, I bought it used at 36,000 miles. I've been ignoring the noise, until now that I'm writing this post, but I'll get to that shortly.
A few days ago, when I was at the gas station, my car was off at the pump. When I turned it back on, it wouldn't start. Wouldn't even turn over or crank at all. I called AAA and they brought a new battery and fitted it. Car still wouldn't turn over. So I had it towed home, ordered a Duralast starter online, and had the mechanic I'd seen for the serpentine belt install it because I couldn't be bothered to do it myself. I also asked them about the belt being noisy again, and the receptionist said it might be the bearing. Well, the mechanic who inspected it didn't recommend replacing the bearing, but they did adjust the belt.
Now, the car starts, the belt is quiet again, but the new starter cranks SO slowly. I don't know if it's because the starter I bought online is bad quality, if it's a bad connection, or something else. I don't have anything to measure the Ohms or whatever at home, I know nothing about car electronics, and my car is very small and it's difficult to reach very deep into the engine bay. The weird bass drop noise when braking is really starting to bother me, because it just sounds so loud and sketchy when I'm braking down a hill, or even a little bit hard. Lastly, the brakes feel weaker ever since I redid the front ones myself, but that could just be me being paranoid. My boyfriend says it feels the same. But he also isn't bothered by the slow starter, and wasn't bothered by the squeaky brakes, or anything really unless it's actually broken and not working.
I am feeling very drained by this car giving me troubles and being so finicky to drive. At this point, it's worth probably under 3k and I just want to get it off my hands and get something newer. With the mechanic, I'm wondering if he's just doing the bare minimum and fixing what I ask him to fix without really looking deeper. Because while he does fix my problems (the serpentine belt squealing, and the starter not turning over), it hasn't been to my liking - serpentine belt started squealing again a week after he replaced it, and the new starter sounds like shit. Is this normal? Any advice at all?
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2023.05.26 16:33 arbiterrecon Recharging AC system questions for vehicle with front and rear AC

2012 Buick Enclave 2WD.
It has front and rear AC control panels and uses an expansion valve system.
So to start, I have replaced every component in the AC system. Compressor, some hoses, front and rear expansion valve, in-line filter, and desiccant tube (receiver drier).
I also ran compressor air through the system to clear and blockage and ensure I got a flow of air on other side, no issues.
My system takes 36.5oz of Freon (3 cans) and 6.5 PAG oil. I put the proper amount of oil in and then put a vacuum on the system for an hour. The vacuum held overnight as well.
I setup my manifold gauge to take in freon, it will take in half of first can. AC clutch will engage (car turned on) but it’s like it won’t take any more once it’s gets to 75PSI on low side port. Also my high side port won’t go past 150 PSI.
I recently found my rear ac control panel And turned it to cold on high. Before I was not messing with rear control Panel, only the front. Could that have been my issue?
Also I think I am rushing the Freon too much. I will shake the can and turn it upside down and it will push liquid out. I do this because it seems like it just won’t take it as a gas. I’m at a loss here
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2023.05.26 12:57 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 21: ALL THEM WITCHES

Let me ask you a question. If you haven’t listened to Kyuss, are you even a QotSA fan?
I suppose it is possible. Some people can be Peter Gabriel fans without being Genesis fans, or Ozzy Osbourne fans without being Black Sabbath fans, or Audioslave fans without being fans of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. And I am pretty sure that there are Foo Fighters fans out there who are not fans of Nirvana -- probably because Foo Fighters are a way better band than Nirvana.
Yeah, I said it. Come at me.
Nothing like an unpopular opinion to separate the feral from the tame.
But QotSA without Kyuss? I can’t see it. Maybe I am biased because I just love the low desert sound. Heavy riffs, lots of fuzz, and earthquake-inducing bass are my jam. That’s why I love Self-Titled so much and why I feel 18 A.D. is chronically underappreciated as a song, and it is an absolute crime that they don’t play it live.
I know I am not alone in this. Kyuss were a genre defining band that created what we now call Stoner Rock. Bands like Valley of the Sun, King Buffalo, Truckfighters, Stonerror, Sleep, Clutch, Mother Engine, Mondo Generator, Duel, and Fu Manchu all continue to write and perform Stoner Rock today. If you haven’t taken a dive into this scene, I totally envy the fact that you get to experience this music for the first time.
Today we are going to check out a great Stoner Rock band that you just gotta listen to. They have more fuzz than a five day backwoods fishing trip. They have bigger jams than Smucker’s, Welch’s, and Kraft combined. They will make your one-hitter hit a home run. You are gonna want to roll down the windows of your low riding caddy and drive all night through the desert.
Yep, you are in for a treat. This week’s band is ALL THEM WITCHES.
About Them
You are familiar with the Hero’s journey, right? That is the literary trope where our protagonists leave their comfortable little world, are mentored through a series of increasing challenges, find themselves at a low point, overcome obstacles, and return home greater and wiser than before?
As with every story of heroes, our group of adventurers from Nashville Tennessee went on a truly epic journey. Drummer Robby Staebler had just arrived in Nashville from Portland, Oregon and was looking for some buds to start a band. He had rolled up at his new home in the back of a moving van, because his mom had decided that he was just not good enough to ride up front. His dad was conspicuously absent. After meeting a sketchy male role model with a Smashmouth-esque chinstrap beard, he was forced by this would-be academic to enslave a small animal. He then ran away from home to engage in a series of escalating gladiatorial fights for money.
Wait. Shit. That is the plot of Pokemon Emerald, not the story of All Them Witches. Damn free emulators. Such a massive time sink.
Mudkip for the win. You are damn right I’m bringing back that meme.
Where was I? I kinda got distracted there. Oh yeah. Robby Staebler was looking for a band. He met guitarist Ben McLeod in a bar (remember when we could meet people in bars?) and then met aspiring drama student Charles Michael Parks Jr. when he took a job at “a corporate hippie store”. Parks Jr. turned those theatre aspirations into being a great frontman and bass player. The band rounded out their membership with Allan Van Cleave, a friend of Staebler, on keys. All Them Witches took the inspiration for their name from the set-prop book entitled All of Them Witches in the 1968 Roman Polanski Spawn-of-Satan movie Rosemary’s Baby.
Let’s get something else out of the way: Yes, I said Nashville Tennesee. The Buckle of the Bible Belt. The Protestant Vatican. The Athens of the South. The Hot Chicken Capital. Yes, the self-proclaimed Music City is perennially associated with Country music, Gospel music and, to a lesser extent, contemporary Christian Rock. There is a Jazz scene. There are active Barbershop groups. The city is the home of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Hee Haw was shot there. It is a city that, until a few decades ago, still had strong ties to the Confederacy.
How the hell did a Stoner Rock band start there?
Quickly, that’s how.
The band were officially formed in February of 2012 and released their first album, Our Mother Electricity, on December 6th, 2012. Being from Nashville, the album was of course released on the German heavy psych label Elektrohasch Schallplatten. So just so we’re clear: Stoner Rock was born in the California Desert and then adopted by a band from Tennessee and released on a German label. I just have one question: Where the fuck is Carmen Sandiego?
To be fair, All Them Witches characterized their debut sound as being ‘psychedelta rock’...which kinda sounds like a knock off version of an X-Man. The album is full of heavy jams. Listeners can expect to hear the influence of the blues mixed with deep fuzz and highly compressed vocals. Until it Unwinds is over eight minutes of rolling swagger that will have you thinking about 50 Million Year Trip. Heavy/Like a Witch has some definite Stone Temple Pilots vibes and is a great opener. The true standout on the album is The Urn, a dark and twisted fable that is really the antithesis of everything one associates with music in the Bible Belt. The album was a declaration of war on everything cheery and pleasant to be found in the Music City, and a bold statement from a band finding its feet.
The band were not entirely happy with the production on Our Mother Electricity. In order to assert themselves, they went ultra low-tech. The released the Extra Pleasant EP in July of 2013. It was recorded on a 4-track cassette tape using only two microphones. Production-wise, it is a step back - but when you listen to it on headphones, you can appreciate the raw talent. It is a weird low-fi follow up and almost like listening to a debut rather than the first album. Listening to this EP is like hearing a Pink Floyd cover band’s first original songs that have been mashed up with Clutch and recorded on an iPhone 4. Even with those limitations, tracks like Sludger will stay with you and are worth your time.
While their first two releases had some modest success, All Them Witches really did not get widespread acclaim until the release of their second full album, Lightning at the Door, in late 2013. Every band that has ever released anything on Bandcamp wants to experience the kind of underground word-of-mouth sensation that this album generated. The album is part-concept, part-thematic and has narrative threads that tie it together (e.g. the two tracks The Marriage of Coyote Woman and The Death of Coyote Woman - clearly, not a happy ending for the titular character). If you loved Songs for the Deaf and Rated R, then this is the album that you are going to want to start with as an introduction to the band. It has some amazing tracks - Funeral for a Great Drunken Bird and When God Comes Back are great on their own - but it is best experienced as a complete album. Do yourself a favor: Find a great set of headphones and listen to it front to back. You’ll thank me.
How do you follow up a concept album that gives you unforeseen popularity and access to a broader audience? Do you, say, create a dark follow-up to it, and find the title for that album in a lyric from a hidden track?
Who the fuck would make a weird choice like that?
All Them Witches took a different route and decided to instead channel their inner Beck. The Effervescent EP came out in June of 2014. There are only two songs, each clocking in at about 25 minutes long. Side A is Effervescent and Side B is Tnecsevreffe. The EP is a Rorschach blot of instrumental music in multiple movements that channels incredible musicality and allows you to superimpose your own meaning on it. It is like listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin have a baby, if that baby was raised listening to coyotes howl and instrumental Kyuss tracks all mashed together on one continuous loop. Fans of the German band Mother Engine will hear definite parallels. The weird thing about Effervescent is its length: it is hard to think of it as an EP, because it is 50 minutes of music. But it has only two tracks, so it can’t really be an album...can it?
Yes, before you start in on me, I know about Sleep’s Dopesmoker. That 2003 one-song album may also have influenced our boys from the Hee Haw city.
So after playing around with longer and more intricate multiple-movement songs, it is no surprise that All Them Witches dropped a 57 minute ‘EP’ in 2015. A Sweet Release hit the airwaves on April 20. Yep, 4/20. No, that was not a coincidence. No, I’m not going to explain that to you. If you gotta ask, you’ll never know. Yes, if anyone doubted at all that this band was a Stoner Rock band, fuck all y’all, the release date is proof. Tracks on the EP range in length from almost 2 and a half minutes to over 24 minutes. It is a spacey, laid-back jam that is at times hypnotic and far-reaching, and equally urgent and immersive.
I’m not saying that you need to be high to appreciate this EP. I’m just saying that listening to Interstate Bleach Party and Howdy Hoodee Slank in the right…mood ...can make you see the color Octarine.
Lightning at the Door and Effervescent cemented All Them Witches as true underground masters of Stoner Rock. 2015’s Dying Surfer Meets His Maker saw them broaden their musical scope and refine their sound. The album (yes, it is an album this time) leans heavily into the Blues with layers of grunge and psychedelia and celtic strings and even harmonicas. (Side note: the last time I heard harmonicas used in Stoner Rock was never. So good on them. I will say this: the hook brings you back.) All these influences were mixed in one big bowl and smoked out the top of a giant bong for full effect. It is at the same time a more technical and more mellow album. Stand out tracks on the album are the hard hitting Dirt Preachers and El Centro and This is Where it Falls Apart.
All Them Witches found themselves touring the small club circuit and then playing bigger and bigger stages. They got invited to festivals like Bonnaroo and were greeted by enthusiastic fans (and clouds of fragrant haze). There is nothing like performing live to hone a band’s edge. By the time Sleeping Through the War dropped in 2017, the boys had been together, touring and recording, for five years. The album is tightly crafted by a tight band. There are even guest vocalists to add texture and harmony to the songs. Less mellow than its predecessor, the album roars right from the opening track - Bulls - through to the closing track, Guess I’ll Go Live On The Internet. 3-5-7 is probably one of the best Stoner Rock tracks you will come across. And when you recognize the tonal mirroring of Am I Going Up with Alabaster, you feel smarter than you actually are. Lots of albums have made me bang my head; very few have made me stop and recognize the musical structure that underpins the melody. That is Tool-level composition right there. Long story short: this is an album put out by a band in its prime and it does not disappoint.
If you remember what happened in English class, what follows the apotheosis for the main character is the falling action or denouement. All Them Witches had peaked with Sleeping Through the War and had nowhere to go but down. The 2018 Lost and Found EP was four (comparatively) short covers and remixes that seemed more like leftovers than an actual meal. Sure, leftovers can be tasty, but All Them Witches fans were used to getting new and better breakfasts, luncheons and dinners and instead got last Tuesday’s reheated bean burrito. Which is fine, if you dig burritos, but it is still not as good as a nice, juicy steak.
Goddam, is anyone else craving a meal? Why is it so smoky in here, and why do I want to eat burritos and Doritos?
Hehe. Dorito. Burrito.
Fuck. I need to focus. Moving on.
Any fan of the band could tell that something was up, and that Lost and Found was at best a B-Side. It soon became evident that something really was up. Keyboardist (and part-time violinist) Allan Van Cleave was out of the band. This left a gigantic Ray Manzarek-esque hole in the band’s sound. The breakup was not a good one, and left some scars.
Van Cleave was replaced by Jonathan Draper, and the band released the album ATW in Sept of 2018. Sonically, the album is sound, but seems to lack the spark of greatness that was in everything prior to Lost and Found. The technical skills are there - Draper knows his way around a keyboard, and that is clearly evident on Fishbelly 86 Onions - but it kinda (IMHO) sounds more like an amazing All Them Witches cover album than an actual effort by the band. It is kinda like Bryan Cranston dressing up in a Walter White mask. It is super close to previous efforts but just not the same, somehow. 1st vs. 2nd is a jam and so is Diamond, and the album has an unrelenting energy, but it is just a bit off the mark.
The band must have felt something similar. Draper was turfed from the group just a month after ATW dropped. Instead of trying to recreate the four member sound that had anchored them since John Cusak and Amanda Peet’s landmark film, they decided to choose a new direction entirely.
When bands shuffle their lineup, it tends to be adding members (like our very own ancient monarchs) or replacing members. Very few bands successfully delete members. Well, OK, that band from Liverpool did successfully delete Stuart Sutcliffe from its lineup and they went on to do alright. Genesis made a successful transition from a 4-piece to a 3-piece when Peter Gabriel left. Oasis got 100% better when Liam Gallagher and his ego both quit. But losing an integral part of your sound - and the keyboards were central in so many songs - would be a tough transition. The band’s fanbase-not-so secretly worried that the lack of keyboardist would spell the end. Thankfully, we were wrong.
All Them Witches took that leap. Digging into their nomenclature and lore, they released a single as a three-piece band on Halloween of 2019. 1X1 is an angry, powerful Stoner Rock jam with a video that is an homage to Jesus Christ Pose. It is a Kyuss-meets-Tool-meets-Led Zeppelin-at-a-Black-Sabbath-concert song that made everyone simultaneously applaud and exhale.
They were back.
The new LP Nothing as the Ideal just dropped on September 4th, 2020. It is a leaner, meaner iteration of the band that seems to have lost no momentum. Everything resonates with power. Saturnine and Iron Jaw evokes Tony Iommi riffage. The Children of Coyote Women is a direct callback to the album Lightning at the Door. 41 is a thumping tune and Enemy of my Enemy is a relentless sonic attack. But most importantly, we get to see All Them Witches evolve as a band but hang on to the core of their sound.
You’re never going to hear this band on your local top 40 radio station. You might catch them on College radio, if the DJ is cool enough. Like most great music nowadays, you have to go looking to find it. But when you do find it, what an amazing experience it can be.
So now you have completed your Hero’s Journey (Twist! It turns out that YOU were the hero all along!) According to the trope, you are now older and wiser because you have ventured out of your comfortable little world.
Now prove me right, hero. Go listen and awaken your inner stoner. And bring me some goddamn Doritos. Cool Ranch for the win.
Links to QOTSA
Josh has included All Them Witches on The Alligator Hour and is known to be a fan of the band.
A recent review of Nothing as the Ideal stated that Charles Michael Parks Jr.’s voice was “Fantastic...like a bassier Josh Homme”.
More importantly, All Them Witches are a Stoner Rock band...and Josh literally invented the genre. It is clear that while the band has grown and evolved and are taking themselves to new places, their music has been inspired by that downtuned, low desert Kyuss groove.
Their Music
Until it Unwinds
Heavy/Like a Witch
The Urn
Extra Pleasant EP
The Marriage of Coyote Woman
Funeral for a Great Drunken Bird
When God Comes Back -- Live and badass
Interstate Bleach Party
Howdy Hoodee Slank
Dirt Preachers -- Live in 2016
El Centro
This is Where it Falls Apart
Fishbelly 86 Onions
1st vs. 2nd
Under Pressure -- yes, that song.
Open Passageways
The Children of Coyote Woman
Enemy of my Enemy
Show Them Some Love
Previous Posts
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2023.05.25 21:40 _aero-14 What is this noise?!

What is this noise?!
I have a 2007 chevy cobalt 2.2 auto and I have this noise coming from it. It's when I first start the car, not moving or in gear or moving the steering wheel. I replaced the serpentine belt and the belt tensioner early last year. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this would be great! Thanks
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2023.05.25 15:56 canoefishwater Advice needed with apparent oil leak

Advice needed with apparent oil leak
2008 Mazda CX9 with 240k miles. Had an oil leak back in January of this year. Took it to the shop, they replaced the valve cover gasket. Everything fine until yesterday. I found a fair amount of oil on the ground by the front p/s tire, opened the hood, found oil had been sprayed around the engine compartment in the area around the serpentine belt. Checked the dipstick, oil level was on the low end of the dipstick, I'm assuming around a quart or so low. The oil looked good, has around 3k on it - I usually change at 5k. Coolant looked fine, no forbidden milkshake. I took the oil cap off before taking the video to see what was happening in there.
My questions are:
Is it likely that the oil is spewing from somewhere else, besides valve cover gasket?
Can I continue to drive it as is as long as I keep a daily check on the oil and for how long?
Any other advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.25 15:01 jambo2016 Chirping/cricket noise when accelerating - just had MOT and Service done

Mitsubishi Colt 2007 Car failed it's MOTa month or so ago so it's been sat on the drive. Finally got all the repairs sorted and yesterday it passed its MOT and had a basic service. Have noticed a chirping noise on acceleration - seems to sometimes go away at higher speeds but noticeable at low speeds. Hopefully l've linked the sound clipping correctly. How would go about finding the source, as a complete novice? I had serpentine belt replaced about 3/4 years ago
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2023.05.25 10:09 jambo2016 Chirping noise after MOT and Service

Mitsubishi Colt 2007
Car failed it's MOT a month or so ago so it's been sat on the drive. Finally got all the repairs sorted and yesterday it passed its MOT and had a basic service.
Have noticed a chirping noise on acceleration - seems to sometimes go away at higher speeds but noticeable at low speeds.
Hopefully I've linked the sound clipping correctly.
How would I go about finding the source, as a complete novice?
I noticed that the plastic bit of cover on the bonnet (between windscreen and bonnet) one of the sides where it bolts down has been snapped off. Wondered if that could be at least glueing down and seeing if it was just something loose.
Had serpentine belt replaced about 3/4 years ago
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2023.05.25 07:48 telifone Check Engine Light Question

Hey all, just wondering if you think this is cause for concern or not.
My check engine light came on halfway through my drive back from work tonight, about a 40km drive, so I'd driven roughly 60km already before light came on.
The engine is not making any strange sounds while driving or at idle, and feels the same as always to drive.
Just recently changed the oil, recharged the AC line, (which did not get my AC working), replaced starter, and tightened serpentine belt to eliminate squeal on startup. My assumption is the light being on is related to one of these, as I've been driving this car for almost 5 years, with no check engine light.
Just a bit paranoid maybe, since I was planning on taking my car on a road trip in 2 days, so this is kind of bad timing for mechanical issues to pop up.
Car is 2008 Toyota Yaris, manual transmission, 400k km
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2023.05.25 03:24 DiscombobulatedGooch Battery Charge Service (2018 Chevy Cruze)

So I drive a 2018 Chevy Cruze, no previous owners (25km at the time of purchase.) No issues what so ever, but a week or so ago I started my car up after being off work for a couple days, and my battery light came on, and on my dash it said Battery Charge Service. So I checked my voltage on the dash and it was reading 11.8v
Since day 1 my voltage has always been around 14.5v. Once I started driving the battery light went out and my voltage started to go back up to where it normally hangs out at. But every time I’d stop (My car has the built in Auto Stop feature.) my battery voltage would slowly drop from 14.6 to 13.5 to 12.6 etc and hangs around 12v
So I took it to the shop and they checked the battery and such, and came to the conclusion that there was some corrosion build up on the positive cable to the alternator and that the tech cleaned it the best he could and said if it comes on again. Bring it back to the shop, and they’ll replace it, but it would cost $860(CAD)
My voltage is still fluctuating, mostly when I’m idling/stopped. Sometimes when driving it dips a bit, but only around .2 to .4
After googling “Positive battery cable alternator” all the cables that come up range from $30 to $110 and I haven’t gotten a parts number for the cable just yet, I should in the morning.
I would just hate to replace the cable, pay that much and still have an issue. Nothing has changed in my car, no light dimming, no trouble starting. My dad was wondering if it’s the voltage regulator or the serpentine belt(I think that’s the one)
Just looking for some help.
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2023.05.24 22:36 shhhpark Help with Recent Car Issues (2014 BMW 428i xDrive)

Hi All,
Hoping to get some insight into my recent car troubles. So it's a 2014 BMW 428i xDrive coupe. I've heard a major issue with the N20 engine is the timing chain guide goes out and can cause an engine to blow. I've heard this usually occurs around 50-60k miles and I had just hit 60k so I brought it into my usual independent shop. The checked it out and stated it was fine but noticed a few other issues that I ended up getting replaced.
I ended up getting a new oil filter housing gasket, emergency brake cable guide, serpentine belt and had the oil changed. Everything seemed fine but the next morning while driving on the highway my motor just shut off. I had to ghost ride to the shoulder and my car wouldnt restart. The screen shows an igition/starter error message but nothing else. I had the car towed to the shop and they rechecked all their work. They also put in a new igntion, battery and checked the alternator. They cant seem to pinpoint the issue. I now had to get the car towed to a dealership and they're charging me 550 to check the work because the work had already been done from another shop.
Any idea what the issue could be? Thanks for your time!
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2023.05.24 21:08 azgli AC Spool Down Noise

My 2012 GTI started making a spool-down sound when turned off. I thought at first it might be the turbo bearings, but if I turn the AC off the sound goes away. I think it's the AC compressor. I don't hear any additional sounds when the car is running with the AC on, but I haven't listened with the hood up.
Has anyone heard this type of sound before? It sounds like a fan running fast that gets turned off and stops turning in about 2 seconds.
The serpentine belt and tensioner was replaced in March. The car has about 85K on it.
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2023.05.24 20:38 duffenough Serpentine Belt

Serpentine Belt
I went to replace my serpentine belt because the rib closest to the front of the vehicle was entirely missing. For the life of me I could not get the new one on. The packaging the new Dayco one came on was labelled “7PK2120” but the belt itself was “7PK2120S”. Any thoughts on this?
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2023.05.24 18:42 Jroocan1 Dealership work quote 🔧

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2023.05.24 07:51 lionfangs Project Epoch WoW - An Azeroth of Quality.

Project Epoch is a Classic+ project in active development for the past year with the simple goal of bringing you the world we all love with thematic, tasteful and high-quality additional content interwoven between a Blizzlike foundation.
Built on the Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5 client with extensive edits to far more closely reproduce a Classic world.
Website: https://www.project-epoch.net/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq0WV-ykwwrWcc-MdU_xhw
Discord Share Link: https://discord.gg/YvrpMwXaHT

Features and Content




As a base all classes have been restored to use TBC Talents and Abilities, any additional changes labelled below should be viewed with that mindset. Any abilities that would normally come above level 60 in TBC have been added at lower levels to the trainer or class quests.












Based on Eye of the Storm base gameplay with terrain edits to both give it a Stranglethorn aesthetic as well as tweak key gameplay elements via Line of Sight breaks and more. Available post launch in the Call to War patch.



Here's the links again for your convenience, thank you for reading about our amazing server.
Website: https://www.project-epoch.net/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq0WV-ykwwrWcc-MdU_xhw
Discord Share Link: https://discord.gg/YvrpMwXaHT
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