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2023.05.28 09:29 CattusVakarian This game is fully instanced right?

Hello, This is more of a discussion than question post but I am genuinely curious as to title question. I assume it is 'fully instanced' (in case I'm using that wrong I mean the whole game map is loaded in all the time rather than just the bit you're looking at), it certainly feels like it. That feeling of full instanced makes for some cool feelings in itself.
I was going for the 'Reef the Main' achievement today and I successfully rushed in basically the same way I did for the third island. My knight destroyed the last portal and my boat wasn't far behind. I had built up my defences on the other side pretty well for the following blood moon but I wasn't going to watch the fight - it was unnecessary since I am just jumping on the boat, I've already got a full sack of coins. So I knew the greed were washing against the walls as my bear stood idle, waiting for the workers to drag the boat along. My eyes were always fixed west (we were heading east) as I imagined the fight and anticipated failure. The big guys normally destroyed a wall but I had a backup - it was uncertain. That feeling of anticipation, knowing that the fight is happening and the tense music and ambience, contrasting with the 'calm before the storm feeling' in the quiet forest with just the boat creaking was just really cool and its a feeling of immersion and ambience this pixel game (with a fantastic art style) does uniquely well.
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2023.05.28 09:28 BLKN8v IM DISSAPOINTED!

I am a super rosh fan and I'm sad to say its obvious he was/Is botting his streams there's no possible way the Twitch streams get 300 viewers and the kick streams get 5-25k which was exactly what he had on twitch before the switch and there's no possible way that only 1% of the audience is still only watching on twitch after and the other 99% went to kick send hate and wait for later today and ill show proof
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2023.05.28 09:28 ink-bird First Launch of INKBIRD 5Ghz Wifi Meat Thermometer with 4 Colored Meat Probes IBT-26S! (US ONLY)

Deal Price: $53.99 (Original price: $89.99), everyone can directly apply the 40% Amazon page coupon, which will save a lot.
PS: Compatible with 5GHz wifi and 2.4GHz wifi, also supports Bluetooth 5.1 connection.
Brand-new Champagne gold & Stadium-like frame design combines technology and art.
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2023.05.28 09:27 Proletlariet Wan

Respect Wan

First time for everything, right?
Though his life began as a simple street urchin scrounging for food 10,000 years ago, Wan became one of the most legendary figures in the world. After obtaining the ability to produce flame, Wan lived in the wilds where he communed with spirits and learned their ways. This lead to his mastery of fire in the bending arts, a skill he obtained from the dragons, and the legend of Wan began.
As Wan journeyed the world, he made a grave error in freeing the spirits Raava and Vaatu from their 10,00 year struggle, unleashing Vaatu's chaos on the world. Wan traveled to other villages where he obtained 3 additional elements that, with Raava's help, Wan mastered: air, water, and earth. With Raava's spirit joined to his, Wan became the master of all 4 elements and imprisoned Vaatu to restore balance to the world. Declaring himself the bridge between spirits and humans, Wan became the first Avatar.



Avatar State

With Raava's assistance Wan could wield the 4 elements simultaneously while increasing his power. This later became known as the Avatar State, and Wan only fully mastered it once Raava fully combined with him.
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2023.05.28 09:26 Tygress23 My two collections collide!

My two collections collide!
I collect the hedgehogs and the defects. This Bowie was found in the UK and posted on eBay. I spent 2x what it is worth but on the off chance ANYONE else in the world wanted it, I had to buy it. So happy to add it to my collection. 🫶
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2023.05.28 09:26 WrongNinja i5 13600kf - bios configuration

Hello, recently I bought an i5 13600kf, B760M Steel Legend (I flashed the latest BIOS 4.07), DDR5 6000mhz 1.35v, and Fortis 5 dual fan cooling. I'm a bit confused about the BIOS configuration:
Should PL1 be equal to PL2?
If PL1=PL2=181W, during CinebenchR23 stress test, I get 4.8GHz for p-core and 3.8GHz for e-core. The score is around 22700-22900. However, in all the reviews, they mention that by default, p-core should be 5.1GHz and e-core should be 3.9GHz, with scores around 23700/24000. Is there something wrong with my processomotherboard?
I noticed that if I set PL1=PL2= at least 235W, then indeed, p-core reaches 5.1GHz and e-core reaches 3.9GHz, and CinebenchR23 scores around 23700-23900.
I tried experimenting with undervolting, but it doesn't work quite well on my B760M. I read that Intel blocked (limited?) undervolting, and it supposedly works with microcode 104, while mine is 115.
Setting vcore to fixed 1.2v significantly reduces performance in CinebenchR23. The best option seems to be Level 2 in CPU Core Voltage Compensation.
I also tried setting an offset of -100mv. During CinebenchR23, with PL1=PL2=265W and Base Freq Boost=180W, vcore dropped from 1.28v to 1.24v. The CPU Package Power result was 195W, and the temperatures were around 89 degrees. However, the performance was lowered because although p-core reached 5.1GHz, e-core dropped to around 3.8GHz.
I'll be completely honest: I haven't noticed any differences while gaming, maybe slight ones in Warzone 2 (built-in benchmark) when PL1=125W, PL2=181W compared to PL1=PL2=235W (around 2% difference in FPS).
Temperatures while gaming: Warzone 2 around 60-63 degrees, Cyberpunk around 70 degrees. Do you think it's worth replacing the cooling with a water cooling system like Navis F280? Or maybe a better air cooler? As for temperatures during the test (CinebenchR23), for the configuration with PL1=PL2=181W, it doesn't seem too bad at 76-79 degrees with CPU Package Power around 145-150. However, for PL1=PL2=235W, the processor gets quite hot, around 95-98 degrees, unless I lower it by -100mv (which has minimal impact on performance).
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2023.05.28 09:26 milotic03 Niantic about mewtwo 1 hp bug: We've been receiving similar reports regarding this issue affecting Shadow Raids. Also, restarting the app and rejoining the raid while it is still active might help.

Niantic about mewtwo 1 hp bug: We've been receiving similar reports regarding this issue affecting Shadow Raids. Also, restarting the app and rejoining the raid while it is still active might help. submitted by milotic03 to TheSilphRoad [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:26 Proletlariet Iroh II

Respect Iroh II

My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct. So will I.
History: Born to a prestigious line of firebenders as the grandson of Zuko and the son of Fire Lord Izumi, Iroh bore the name of the Dragon of the West who mentored Zuko in the days of the Hundred Years War. Iroh II proved himself a capable leader in military service much like his namesake, becoming the youngest general in United Forces history.
Iroh II became a valuable ally to Avatar Korra and a pivotal piece of the resistance against Equalist forces during their attempted coup of Republic City. Although he seldom took part in battle firsthand he was a capable fighter and a tactical leader.
Note: All feats come from S1E11 & S1E12 of The Legend of Korra and the Art of the Animated Series
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2023.05.28 09:26 SamBorgman Idea for dust control

Idea for dust control
Just bought M2 Pro version 3 days ago. Instantly I started worrying about dust. This thing is pretty much a Roomba, sucks up dust from the surface.
Is elevating it going to be enough to lessen the dust that goes into it?
I was thinking what if I lifted off the bottom plastic plate and put one layer of material from surgical masks all over that grill? Would it put too much stress on the fan? Or just tape a thin strip of the material on the outside of the plastic bottom, just along the circular opening all around it?
My only concern is the fan experiencing too much stress and burning out or something. Anyone ever did something like this?
I've found a transparent plastic stand with dust filter for Mac Studio but none for Mini. Could it work for Mini?
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2023.05.28 09:24 villianrules New Coke

Here's my theory on The Amazing Spider-Man.
Just like New Coke in the 1980s, the current run is purposely trying to sour fans so when it "goes back to normal" the product is cheaper but still 10x better than the new.
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2023.05.28 09:23 Significant-Sign-920 Fans spinning very fast for no reason.

Fans spinning very fast for no reason.
I have a Asus ROG G513QM-NH027 and my fans for no reason started spinning very fast. The only app that I had open was My Asus. i closed the app and that changed nothing, so I restarted the laptop. It was silent, but i wanted to see if that happens again. I opened MyAsus and it was silent, for a time, then the fans started again, and i opened Armoury Crate to take a video. I have to mention that the fan curve I noticed was a square one, with very high steps, climbing from 0 to 4000 then to 6000, and stuck there. I waited for a while, thinking it will stop. It didn't.
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2023.05.28 09:23 Vivid-Particular-460 I don't like people but I don't want that to stop me from enjoying life

I'm not one of them. There are a couple of things I've lived through that make me totally unrelatable. People are either confounded by me or see me as easy prey. Honestly socializing is a form of self-harm for me at this point, like some drug. I crave it but it always makes me feel bad. Maybe I'll catch a temporary high but more than likely I'll just be drained of life and have my own alienness thrown in my face.
But I like nature, I like animals, I like art and learning and writing and playing guitar. I like going camping and taking road trips. I like eating at nice restaurants and browsing bookstores and going to the movie theater.
I don't need other people to experience these things. I keep waiting for other people to be kind, or to understand, or to just validate that I'm allowed to live. But they're not gonna do that - this world is traumatizing, and I'm an orphan in it. So I just wanna have fun while I'm here, even if it's by myself. I don't want anyone's treatment of me to stop me from experiencing the world, because it's made of so much more than humans.
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2023.05.28 09:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Arts] - Best quotes of Hong Kong’s ‘girl next door’ Karen Mok to the Post over the years, from views on her Leslie Cheung love scene, to why nudity in films ‘isn’t necessary’ South China Morning Post

[Arts] - Best quotes of Hong Kong’s ‘girl next door’ Karen Mok to the Post over the years, from views on her Leslie Cheung love scene, to why nudity in films ‘isn’t necessary’ South China Morning Post submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:23 LittleDumbF-ck Introducing. . . My OC, The protector of children; SWIFTBIRD!

Introducing. . . My OC, The protector of children; SWIFTBIRD!
(ART BY moi)
He is no warrior— he lives in the nursery, caring for children, for that is his passion. He cares for his sister’s children when she’s away, gently encouraging her shy Mothkit.
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2023.05.28 09:23 ManicMills 28/F/USA LOOKING FOR LONG TERM FRIENDSHIP

hey howdy hay hey how the heck are ya sunshine???
looking for a best friend to share down time with
im into western and alt med, prepping, survival, and homesteading, music, art, spiritual studies, and self improvement.
if youre interested please be funny, talkative, and 25 or older
thanks =]
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2023.05.28 09:23 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2023-05-28

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!

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The Crown and The Flame 54
The Elementalists 95
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Trystan-F3 28
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Tyril 773
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Zig 413
Zoey 161
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2023.05.28 09:22 maybeATrapIDKman Dortmund.. 😂

Dortmund.. 😂
So, I spoke a little in the Dortmund subreddit. Just simple criticism of their terrible fanbase, which is quick to abuse their own team and manager and blame Bayern for every problem they have instead of criticizing Dortmund and pushing Dortmund to fix their issues. I outlined what I see as some of my biggest issues with Dortmund, as well as come classic banter because I really do hate Dortmund. And they banned me from the subreddit. No reasoning, nothing. Keep in mind I did nothing wrong here. This just goes to show how Dortmund fans are salty, insufferable assholes.
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2023.05.28 09:22 adam2696 Risk Vs Reward Update...

Ok So on Tuesday before Game 3, I created a post to see what our Dallas stars fans would risk for the reward of a single game win, series win, or Stanley Cup win. Here is how it currently sits. I think we need more from the group for these next 2 wins!

I, u/Adam2696, promised to get a Stars tattoo of some sort if they win the cup
I also promised to shave my head with a 1 blade if they won the next 2 games (at the time I was tlaking about game 3 and 4, but it didn't read that way, so pic below.
u/CrinkledStraw promised to get a Stars tattoo for a series win, and cut his hair very short for a Cup Win
u/Voodoo1285 promised to let somebody swoop in and steal the chick he was going after. I was unsure what conditions but it was something about Game 6, he also promised himself to the winner.
u/EskimowGamer promised to shave his head if we win cup.
u/Lucretzia37 promised to detransition if we win the cup.
u/clintwillsoar followed that up saying "Shit I'll chop mine if they make it past this round". Not really sure if he was offering to transition or cut his hair.

**DISCLAIMER** I am not attempting to conjour the dark arts.
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2023.05.28 09:22 Dead_or_Drunk The physicality of Keanu Reeves and other 55+ actors inspires me to be better.

Finally watched John Wick 4 yesterday. Keanu Reeves is 58, Donnie Yen 59, Hiroyuki Sanada 62.
Being their fan, seeing them move with such swiftness, skill, endurance and agility never ceases to amaze me. But yesterday, with JW4's incredible cinematography, choreographies and music, it was outright touching watching these three veteran artists still at the top of their game.
It happened to me too with Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick too. Watching Tom them with that music score and the emotional beats of the story gives me strength not just to work on my health but to keep fighting to improve on my career, personal life, etc. I know I must accept I will slowly decline but they're such great examples that you don't have to "go gentle into that good night"!
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2023.05.28 09:22 Due_Mark_1477 Organizations at the end of the series

Which organizations do you think will have the most influence on the world at the end of the series? Will they share it or Will the author leave plotlines open for influencing disputes?
I'm not focusing on just one organization since the author wants to leave plotlines pretty open for other authors if they want to continue the series.
And even if I understand the enthusiasm of some people for considering the Tarot Club and the Church of the Fool as the strongest organization, I must be objective and not leave the Church of Evernight and Twilight hermit order in the shadow.
I do not consider the Churches of the three traitors since it is more than likely to be assimilated uby the future God Almighty.
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2023.05.28 09:22 akingisa why is jeonghan so popular in Japan?

ive heard that jeonghan in particular is very popular in Japan. i love jeonghan a lot and i'm really happy to hear he has sm jp fans. <3 but im curious why? is it because his looks fit the jp standard for beauty more, or is his humour? i would really love to know!
also, if any japanese speakers are here, how good is jeonghans japanese? i've noticed he always does the jp thank you speeches.
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2023.05.28 09:21 Lewrian ND Devs Bishai and Sammy seem confident it's not cancelled, so are people jumping to poor conclusions?

Sammy on twitter says "I can assure you it smells great in this kitchen" and Bishai said yesterday "Everything is great, still working hard on multiplayer with a talented team" so it seems like they're still making the multiplayer project. It really sounds like they just don't know how to monetise what they've spent 4+ years making. Neil Druckman this year said they'd been working on it since before TLOU P2 and that they're excited to reveal it. Y'know, before live service was a thing. Some of the devs on twitter have referenced it over the past few months, saying it's fun and they're excited etc.
Insiders with succesful leaks history say it was suppose to be apart of the showcase. Neil said they want to launch games close to reveal. Part 1 was launched 3 months after reveal. Bloomberg said they had people moved onto another project. That DOES often happen when a game is finished. Then Naughty Dog come out and say it's been delayed. You can't delay something that never got dated. Weird. It's almost as if they're saying they had hoped to talk about it (as Neil Druckmann refernced on KindaFunny interview and SGF last year) that they'd talk this year. Also been reported by other devs and job resumes from staff that there would be a AAA unannounced game launching this year. Factions never got a name officially. So I honestly think Bungie came in and questioned their monetisation strategy and Naughty Dog was forced to hold back and rethink how they want to launch this thing. Will they launch it Free to Play? Will they re-work it's montisatin or DLC content? Will it be bundled with Part 2 PS5 re-release. Will it be a full priced stand alone release with DLC expansion packs every 4-6 months? (I personally hope it's a full priced release, make their money and if it's a hit they can always put it on PS plus alongside expansions and such or make base game free down the line if it needs community but I doubt it because TLOU is the hotteset commodity asof HBO) There are so many ways this could go that I don't think the rumours of cancellation are warranted. This isn't an early project, it's 4+ years old, it's been discussed in public. You can see the devs on twitter talk about it. They're all employed still.
There are a lot of questions around this, It's caused a lot of drama and stress for people. Media jumping to bad conclusions and clicks, non-mp fans ragging on mp fans, console war stuff. All a lot of ignorance. I really hope Naughty Dog devs take it on the chin and come out on the June 14th anniversary and clear this up. It would do wonders for them to come out with confidence and reveal some more meaty details about this game and just be upfront and honest about the issues IF THERE EVEN ARE ANY AT ALL. Like, I would love to see this trailer and if it ends with "2024" I think it'd still do wonders for people confidence in the game and put a lot of people at ease and generate some good will for Naughty Dog, it's not been seen so people ssume it's not made but we know thats not true. They been playing it. They got something. Ever since Part 2 it's become more toxic and more sad with each passig news/event/ND reveal and the team and it's community deserve better.
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