Lifeproof carpet

Carpet padding - DMX 1-Step vs Lifeproof

2023.05.17 21:57 M-G Carpet padding - DMX 1-Step vs Lifeproof

Redoing carpet in a basement that has had obvious issues of moisture coming up through the slab. I'm in the middle of a calcium chloride test to put some actual numbers on it, and have been considering my options. I was thinking Ghostshield 440 might be a good solution, but then I came across the two carpet in the subject.
The DMX pad appears to be their regular dimpled underlayment with some waterproof foam. Looks like it may want to retain some curl and could have some 'clicking' challenges underfoot.
Lifeproof now has a waterproof foam pad with channels molded in the bottom. This would avoid the clicking for sure, and I suspect it would be lay better and have a slightly better feel.
The two products are very close in price, and not much more than a premium pad, so I'm wondering if forgetting about the Ghostshield and using one of these pads will provide satisfactory results? Anyone with experience with either pad?
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2023.05.16 20:50 mahershalalhashbazzz Lvp over plank flooring

Hi! We're replacing carpet with LVP. under our carpet we have old plank flooring which I've screwed down to the joists to help remove squeaks. Our current plan is to install 5mm plywood underlayment over the plank subfloor with LifeProof LVP on top of that. My question is, is this a good plan? Do we need thicker ply or would that work? The plank has some flex to it if I put all my weight on a plank in the middle of the joists, and the hallway still has some squeaking despite screwing it down. I've never done a project like this so your help is appreciated!!!
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2023.05.14 18:45 SkullFakt Theater Progression Pt. 2

Theater Progression Pt. 2
Here’s part 2 of my theater room progression. Fireplace removed and dry walled, window removed and dry walled over, ceiling tiles and grid removed and replaced with Armstrong Black Noir tiles, carpet removed and replaced with lifeproof flooring, bathroom gutted, removed flooring, vanity, toilet, etc… all plumbing and water lines replaced as well!!
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2023.05.05 21:53 SoygmaMale Best Casters for Carpet

The default wheels on this thing are not ideal for carpeting, it’s lifeproof patterned carpeting from The Home Depot so it’s not very fluffy or anything and still the wheels don’t like to change direction. Any recommendations on better casters for a smoother experience?
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2023.05.04 16:27 PepeTheMule Pergo Outlast+ and cork underlayment?

My in-laws are replacing the carpet in their condo. The HOA says they need a 6mm underlayment of cork since it's concrete floor. They picked Outlast+ by Pergo but I notice it has an attached underlayment and Pergo recommends as 3mm underlayment they produce. But the Outlast+ underpad is 2mm and their underlayment is only 3mm so we are short 1. Will it be an issue installing an Cork Underlayment that will fufill requirements? I know with Lifeproof LVP, you'd void the warranty if you added an underlayment.
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2023.03.09 21:07 shelbylynn7692 Floor Cleaning Advice

My husband just installed Lifeproof vinyl planks. Now that we no longer have carpet, I’d like to find a floor cleaner concentrate that I can use with my mopnado. However… it seems like a lot of floor cleaners are heavy in the perfume-like smells. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of floor cleaner that’s not going to drive my sinuses insane? Thank you!
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2023.03.01 17:22 Alvarez1124 Feeling miserable in my own home - allergy like symptoms

My family and I are feeling miserable inside our own house to the point that we are thinking about selling the house. We love the neighborhood and the house, so we are desperate trying to fix the issue. We are experiencing allergy like symptoms (runny and stuffy nose, dry burning eyes, air feels dense). It is affecting my wife the most, but my daughter and I are definitely feeling it a as well. It seems to be worse on the second floor of the house. Some days are better than others and some days feel like a nightmare. We also notice excessive white dust even though we are always cleaning, never seen so much dust in previous homes.
We bought the house about 3 years ago. The house was built in 2002 and is located in South Florida. The previous owner was an elderly couple who kept the house in really good shape. As soon as we moved in we ripped out the carpet on the second floor and install new Lifeproof Vinyl flooring and new pine baseboards. The first floor has tiles so we left it alone. I cannot recall exactly when we started to experience the symptoms but I don't remember any symptoms at first. About a year ago we also replaced the HVAC system because the old one had failed, we were already experiencing symptoms before and after the AC was replaced. We also replaced the WasheDryer which are on the second floor right next to the Air Handler and Master Bedroom. I have cleaned the vent that goes through the attic to the roof.
I have checked for water leak and mold throughout the house but I could not find anything at least that is visible. I decided to hire one of these Air Quality Test companies and they came out and tested 3 of the rooms in my house as well as the outside. The test did not reveal anything out of the norm that would be alarming.
I bought 2 Shark Air Purifiers for large rooms, that seemed to help maybe a little at first, but now I dont see any difference. Maybe I should clean the duct next but I am very skeptical of hiring a good company. I bought some cloth filters on Amazon to temporary cover the AC vents just to rule out dirty AC vents. I covered the vent on the master bedroom where we think it is the worst, but that did not make any difference.
I am running out of ideas, we are supposed to feel good at home and this is not the case at least for me. Any advise you can offer I would greatly appreciate it.
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2023.02.15 02:01 sxsilver42 sub floor needed?

I just ripped up a 1965 paper thin kitchen floor. It has a subfloor under it and then plywood or whatever goes into the basement? But the rest of the floors are carpet and instead of this extra subfloor they have a cushion. I am putting the nice cheap Lifeproof floor down so I want everything even.
Do I need the extra subfloor or can I take it out? It would be much easier to take it out of this one old kitchen then two bedrooms, living room, random nook thing, and a bathroom. Not sure what the bathroom has under but the rest is carpet so it would be a lot more work to add more.

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2023.02.05 21:02 Remarkable_Turnip_14 carpet pad suggestions

looking to install carpet with home depot. looking for recommendations on the pad. lifeproof 1/2 inch is 3.8 pounds polyurethane foam rug (they said is equivalent to 8 pound rug) . It has great reviews but very squishy in store, which I am not sure is good as it could wear down over time. Other option is tempur pedic 7/16 inch 8 pound recycled memory foam which was more steady but some reviews stated that it has “hard, crunchy parts of pad” that was difficult to replace. has anyone had any experience with either of these products.
submitted by Remarkable_Turnip_14 to HomeImprovement [link] [comments]

2023.02.04 14:43 Brianstoiber Fixing flooring installer’s shoddy work at home

I just had an installer lay 700 sq ft of LifeProof vinyl plank flooring in my house. Everything looks great except the edges and I’m wondering the best methods to “finish” this off myself.
  1. We have a tri-level house and between the main floor and lower level, there is a railing with metal spindles. There is a wood railing on top and a 6” wood plank on bottom. The vinyl planks look good for about half of the 20 ft. run but the other half has anywhere between an 1/8” - 3/8” gap between the vinyl planks and the wood plank that run’s perpendicular to the flooring. The two colors work well together but I obviously want to hide the gaps. I think a dark brown caulk would be the best option but not sure if that is recommended.
  2. Same as above but there is about 45 lf. of cabinet bases that the vinyl planks have gaps. These are only 1/4” at the most. We are having the cabinet bases refinished in a month. My thought for this would be to use 3/8” quarter round. Cut it to fit and install them. Then have the finishers paint them along with the cabinets.
  3. Thresholds. I have about 20 ft. Of thresholds/traditions that were installed between the vinyl planks and carpet. He used the LifeProof brand thresholds that I purchased with the flooring however it looks like he nailed the bottom channel of the threshold to the floor and then laid the visible part on top of it. Every nail is able to be felt through the top part. They are rough and in some cases poking through and sharp. If you step on them, they also give way and creak so I don’t think they are down all the way. Should I just pull it up, glue the channel down and then lay new strips on top?
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2023.01.10 02:00 IHaveLotsaQuestions1 How much room under baseboards for pad & carpet?

Hey all!
I'm repairing some water damage in our house. As part of that I'm putting in some new baseboards. We have carpet installers coming next week, but I wanted to get the baseboards down ahead of that.
How much space will I want to leave under the baseboards if we're planning on getting this pad/carpet combo. Want to make it an easy job for the installers.
I've seen recommendations of 3/8 inch all the way to 1/2 inch. Since our pad is a little thicker, I'm thinking 1/2 inch is the way to go. Do I need a little more. Would love y'alls input!
Thanks so much!
submitted by IHaveLotsaQuestions1 to HomeImprovement [link] [comments]

2022.12.16 18:50 mongoosedog1 Question about self leveling cement under vinyl plank flooring.

We recently bought a new house, and I've been working on replacing the floors with Home Depot's LifeProof vinyl flooring. So far I've finished three bedrooms, a hallway, and the living room. I'm at the point where I need to tackle a 400 sqft ish bonus room. This bonus room previously had carpet glued to a concrete floor. After removing the carpet and preparing the floor, I realized there were large humps and dips that would make it unsuitable for laying plank flooring down. I tried grinding out as many of the humps as I could and ended up priming the floor and pouring self leveling cement across the entire surface of the room. It's still not perfectly level, but I think it's going to be fine to put flooring on now that the dramatic hills and valleys are mostly gone. My question is, how long do I need to wait before laying my 6mil vapor barrier over the new cement and move forward with my flooring project? I didn't measure the depth of the new pour, but I would doubt that there are any spots deeper than an inch thick. While googling my question I was only able to find the time required for a fresh poured slab of one to two months.
submitted by mongoosedog1 to DIY [link] [comments]

2022.12.16 06:23 bimfave Vinyl plank floor advice.

I am planning on replacing my carpeting with vinyl plank flooring. I live in a condo and have sound restrictions so cannot do hardwood. So far I am liking some of the Home Depot's Lifeproof and Shaw products, 12 mil or 20 mil wear layer. I want to install extra underlay to help minimize sound traveling to the unit below. Anyone have experience using these products and Home Depot's installers? This is a huge investment for me and I want it done right. Thanks in advance!
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2022.12.10 22:05 Remarkable_Turnip_14 new carpet suggestions

we are looking for carpet for our lower level (we live in a split level) which includes hallway, family room and office. we have 1.5 yea old kid, an 11 pound dog and will prob have another kid in a year or two. we are hoping to pick something that will withstand stains and last atleast 10 y. we looked at home depot and thought maybe the lifeproof pet proof would work. we looked at independent contractor and he recommended dreamweaver. any brands i should stay away from. does anyone have experience with either and had a positive/negative experience. is there another brand you recommend? Thanks in advance!
submitted by Remarkable_Turnip_14 to HomeImprovement [link] [comments]

2022.12.08 16:40 Doyouwantaspoon Ripping out carpet on stairs and in hallway.. Unsure of what to replace with.

My wife and I have gotten quotes to get vinyl plank in the hallway and premade stair treads, but there’s no way we can afford to have it all done by pros. I’m a decent handyman, but I’ve never done flooring.
The carpet has to go though, it smells bad and the stairs were done incredibly poorly by the previous owners.
The current stair treads under the carpet are 1.5” thick wood with 1.5” of nose. I think I’m going to have to cut the nose off. I have no idea what the best way to do treads and risers is, at my skill level at least. I’m sure I can figure out the plank, it seems pretty straight forward and there’s tons of instructional material on YouTube.
Is there a brand of plank that stands out as preferable for DIYers? I’ve heard bad things about the Costco stuff. Lifeproof appears to have the most solid click-lock edges of the ones I have seen. Some brands just have cracked corners and crumbling edges but Lifeproof seems like a different material.
I am just looking for advice at this point I suppose. I feel in over my head but professionals are just too expensive for us.
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2022.09.19 18:22 Hilukus Cat Pee Room to Music Room. Love the result and figured we would share:

Edit: I think I posted imgur link wrong - here it is again
This room had a bad odor and some weird things going on. The previous owner had two cats that peed in a corner of the room. You couldn't walk into this space without the smell hitting your nose. Another thing about the room was that there used to be a standing fireplace. The previous owner removed this but left over was a brick facade glued to the wall that was painted a light blue green color. The brick was really odd and off-putting. Last, they put a mirror over the fireplace flute instead of dealing with it somehow.
Things that we did here:
  1. Ripped out the carpet, drywall, brick, popcorn ceiling, and a board on a floating frame that had cat pee on it.
  2. Installed a new board on the floating frame and put up new drywall
  3. Did drywall patches and smoothed up the lines
  4. Concrete retextured the wall where the brick had been
  5. Drywall textured the new walls with watered down drywall mud and sponges.
  6. Kilzed the floor, studs, and ceiling
  7. Painted the walls two new colors (bergamot orange for 3 walls and and 1 light golden accent wall)
  8. Sanded and stained pine trim a dark walnut color. Then installed it with a nail gun and concrete adhesive.
  9. Put up a track light
  10. Threw our instruments into the room, a futon, and a couple of decorations.
The total cost of the remodel was about $1700
Things we used:
Lifeproof Sundance Canyon Hickory Luxury Vinyl Plank ($72/box which covers 19 sq ft) - This stuff is the most expensive LVP at Home Depot and we have had many miles out of it at our last house and wanted to continue to use it here.
Kilz Maximum Stain and Odor Blocker ($200 for 5 gallon bucket) - Worth every cent for pet odors. If you smell pee you must use this stuff.
Behr Premium Paint ( $50/gallon and used 2 gallons)
American Gypsum Drywall - 3 4x8 Drywall sheets ($15/sheet)
USG 3.5 qt. Dust Control Ready-Mixed Joint Compound ($10 bucket)
Hampton Bay 4 ft. 3-Light Black Integrated LED Linear Track Lighting Kit with Round Back Heads ($124) - This is one of our favorite choices for the room. It gives each musician the feeling that they are on stage and there is a spotlight on them. We plan on adding many more lighting elements though like lamps and string lights.
Pine Baseboard ~ 5.5 inches wide ($5 linear ft)
Pine Trim ~2 inches wide ($3 linear ft)
Behr 1 qt. Dark Walnut Transparent Water-Based Fast Drying Interior Wood Stain ($17)
1 2x4x8 wood board ($14)
Locktite PL Premium MAX 9 fl. oz. Construction Adhesive ($11/tube) - This is the most expensive bottle but for holding up large pine baseboards it is worth it. We had a huge gap between the ceiling and the concrete foundation so we had to use large pine baseboards. This adhesive is keeping them in place.
Where we are: Colorado
We bought all materials/tools from Home Depot
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Let us know if you have any questions about the process and if you have dealt with pet odors as well. The smell is finally gone and we have reclaimed this area of our house!
submitted by Hilukus to HomeImprovement [link] [comments]

2022.09.15 23:48 seamercurypieeris Home Depot Lifeproof Carpet Coupon Code

Visit for Home Depot Lifeproof Carpet Coupon Code. This link provides a regularly updated list of coupons, promo codes and discount deals.
submitted by seamercurypieeris to TrendDiscount [link] [comments]

2022.09.10 13:07 watermelonislandd Home Depot Lifeproof Carpet

Click for Home Depot Lifeproof Carpet.
submitted by watermelonislandd to OffersSound [link] [comments]

2022.09.10 11:57 watermelonislandd Lifeproof Carpet

Click for Lifeproof Carpet.
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2022.08.13 23:38 RedditCakeisalie Replacing carpet for hardwood. Not sure what's the best waterproof material and toxic free

I was thinking Vinyl but I also heard about it releasing VOC or other toxic chemicals. I'm thinking of Lifeproof from Home Depot. I haven't looked at it yet but I'm also worried about Vinyl's slickness. I'm going replace the carpets on my stairs also. Will vinyl be slippery? My biggest worry with Vinyl is the plastic releasing toxic chemicals, realistic images of the wood and slipperiness. I have a infant in the house.
I really like this new "hybrid" product from Lumber Liquidators (LL) call Duravana. It's Greenguard Gold Certified. But LL doesn't seem to have a very good reputation. This duravana is everything I'm looking for: waterproof, durable, toxic free, life time warranty. But the product is new, so I'm unsure. Couple of years ago, LL laminates were releasing formaldehyde causing cancer to many customers. That's why I'm also worried about Vinyl above.
Another material I'm looking at are Engineered Hardwood that is waterproof. Only ones I'm able to find are Mohawk from Costco but reviews say a lot are chipped during shipping and their mouldings doesn't even match with the flooring planks. I really prefer waterproof engineered hardwood if it's really a thing but I can't seem to find any locally.
tldr: Can you guys give some suggestions on new flooring? What's the best materials? Is waterproof engineered hardwood a real thing? Where can I get some? Is Duravana legit? Is Vinyl legit, safe for kids, realistic, or slippery? TIA!!
submitted by RedditCakeisalie to Flooring [link] [comments]

2022.07.14 00:23 Dimerien 50% Polyester 50% Triexta Carpet

The wife and I just bought our first house and are looking to replace our horrendous carpet with Lifeproof’s Superiority I in Burberry Beige.
The materials are 50% Polyester and 50% Triexta. I’ve heard great things about Triexta, but not so great things about Polyester.
It’s just my wife and I and are looking to keep the carpet under $3.50/sq. ft.
Is anyone familiar with this combination?
submitted by Dimerien to homeowners [link] [comments]