Live Barn Request

2022.11.28 08:09 CamdennS Live Barn Request

I was wondering if someone with a livebarn account can find this archived video from our state finals 2 years ago. I randomly searched my youth program and found and saw that it showed my team and all of its games from years ago. there are a couple of games that still have the (watch) button next to it and I was hoping someone with an account can send me the vod.
This is a direct link to the page to find the video
The game I was hoping for the the one at the very bottom 2019-03-31 vs Roseville Capital Thunder where the score shows 1-2. (there is a 2-1, that is 2nd from the bottom I do not want that one)

If you have an account and the video is unavailable please let me know because I have from time to time over the years seen if I can find the game and always come up empty handed. If this isn't available then it won't ever be.
If you need to shorten it for whatever reason the part I'm trying to watch is the tying goal at the beginning of the 3rd period.
Thank you!
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2022.01.10 03:47 NYR1MESS1 BEST U16 BOYS HOCKEY TEAM

myhockeyrankings have a list buy hard to judge who is top team.
What teams do you think will make it to Nationals. Some teams already clinched. What's your top 16
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2020.02.24 04:12 BYFUGLlEN With Gage Quinney becoming the first Nevada native in the NHL, 40 US states and the District of Columbia have each had at least one NHL player born within their respective jurisdictions.

The 10 9 states yet to have an NHL player born there are:
State Population (2019 estimate) Best player played as high as _-level # of rinks in state
Tennessee 6.83M AHL 8
Louisiana 4.65M Central Hockey League 4
Kentucky 4.47M ECHL 5
Arkansas 3.02M Junior A 2
Kansas 2.91M ECHL 5
New Mexico 2.10M Southern Professional Hockey League 7
West Virginia 1.79M AHL 5
Hawaii 1.42M NCAA Division 3 1
Wyoming 0.58M ECHL 12
To Tennessee's credit, they have helped produce Blake Geoffrion. UPDATE: turns out there were two NHL players born in South Dakota (played in the first half of the 20th century).
I personally believe that Tennessee will be the next state to get off this list (Simon Kjellberg?), with Hawaii the last state to get off this list.
For non-Americans, here's a map of the states without a player (listed in white).
Sources: Hockey Reference, Hockey-DB, and Wikipedia.
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2019.03.06 21:55 lorenzobongi MYHockeyRankings D1 College Hockey Rankings

Hey all -- I remembered that MYHockeyRankings has a D1 College Hockey rank using their well-developed formula. It's a pretty universally used ranking for those unfamiliar (Used to determine AAA Nationals bids, ACHA rankings etc.). Just another interesting read through for those looking for some content. It's updated on Wednesdays so it's accurate as of today:
Interested to hear some thoughts!
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2018.02.11 04:19 portajohnjackoff ACHA perspective player

My son is a second line forward for a top 10 MI high school team. He is in 11th grade. He has no interest in playing junior hockey but is interested in possibly playing club hockey in college. Does he need to make a video, contact coaches, etc? Or does he simply show up at try-outs once he is in college? We tried googling for more info but have come up empty.
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2016.11.10 15:59 citycouncilorknope ranking math help

Does anyone know how the +/- column is calcuated? This isn't a normal +/- it has to do with expected outcome, but I don't know the specifics of the calucation. Does anyone know?
This is what says about it:
The average "+/-" should equal 0.00, but it is possible that rounding errors of 0.01 will occur occasionally. Larger error numbers indicate that a game scores has been changed or deleted since the last ratings calculation. The points and +/- columns give you an indication as to whether the team did better or worse than expected based upon MYHockey's ratings. Positive +/- numbers mean the team did better than expected and "helped" its rating. Games with negative numbers mean the team performed worse than expected.
Edit: Here's the University of Minnesota Gopher's page for an example. If you go to the "ratings math" or the "last 10 math" tab you can see what I'm talking about:
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