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2023.06.07 00:13 physidiot Help / advice for a newbie

Hello chaps. Complete Reddit newbie here. Used the site just once before for studying. A general interest in health, fitness and Derek's YT has encouraged me to give Reddit another go to check out this subreddit.
I'm about to embark on a natty fitness journey to get into shape. I've been documenting my diet and plan on seeing a diet/nutritionist to get advice on that front. Initially, I'm thinking of focussing on cardio (mainly incline treadmill and outdoor jogging) to improve stamina and shed excess fat. I'm going to couple the cardio with weight training to assist with calorie burning.
Overall, I'm hoping you chaps could offer some general advice, tips / tricks for a newbie. There is an abundance fitness content out there, I feel like I need some honest recommendations to filter out some of the rubbish crying laughing emoji face.
Nice one
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2023.06.07 00:07 JoshAsdvgi The Orphan Boy Captured by the Bad Thunderbirds

The Orphan Boy Captured by the Bad Thunderbirds

The Orphan Boy Captured by the Bad Thunderbirds
There once was an orphan boy and his grandmother who lived in a small Ho-chunk village. The boy had a friend of about the same age.
One day they went out to get hickory wood to make arrows for shooting birds.
When these arrows were done, the orphan boy went out hunting hawks and captured a young pigeon-hawk.
He took it home and made it into a pet.
One day he made a small bundle of tobacco and tied it around the hawk's neck.
The hawk flew off and returned after a while but without the tobacco bundle.
The boy tied another bundle around its neck and the bird flew off, returning again without the bundle.
This happened again and again.
The hawk grew to full size, and again the boy again tied a bundle of tobacco around its neck. He thanked the hawk for staying with him so long but explained that now that the bird was fully grown it could do whatever it wished.
The hawk flew away and never returned.
Some time later, the orphan boy and his friend went out to collect dogwood to make pointed arrows.
They were searching through some thick brush and accidentally got separated as a storm was coming up.
The bad thunder spirits picked up the orphan boy and carried him to their home.
His friend looked and looked for him, but finally gave up and went home.
Day after day, the friend returned to the same spot to look for the orphan boy, whom he missed very much.
When the bad thunder spirits reached their home with the boy, they put him on the floor and tied his wrists and ankles to stakes.
They did not feed him, because they would only eat people who had empty stomachs, and they were waiting until his stomach was empty.
They watched him carefully to prevent his escape.
Of course the bad thunder spirits were pleased with their captive, and bragged to everyone about what they had done.
The little Pigeon-Hawk that had been the boy's pet heard about it and went to see what everyone was talking about.
He recognized the boy who had given him so much tobacco and had taken care of him for so long.
Pigeon-Hawk killed some pigeons and roasted them.
Hiding the meat under his wings, he went to see the orphan boy.
When the bad thunder spirits weren't looking, he dropped some meat in the boy's mouth. He did this for several days, until the bad thunders realized what must be going on.
The next time Pigeon-Hawk came, the bad thunders tried to push him out of the door.
He stumbled and let himself fall into the fire to be burned, crying out loudly.
He then went to his brother, Big Black Hawk, who was the chief of the Thunderbirds.
His big brother asked him what the matter was, and little Pigeon-Hawk told him the story of his friend held captive by the bad thunders and about to be eaten by them.
Big Black Hawk was angry with the bad thunders and went to the place where they were holding the boy captive.
He told them that they were wrong in bringing this boy up there to be eaten but he had not said anything.
However, since they had also hurt little Pigeon-Hawk, he could no longer let it go.
He released the orphan boy and took him away.
Little Pigeon-Hawk brought him pigeons, roasted them, and fed him and nursed him back to health because he was almost starved.
The boy got strong again and made a bow and arrows and went hunting with little Pigeon-Hawk and lived with him.
After a while, Big Black Hawk told his younger brother that he would have to return his human friend to the earth.
Big Black Hawk thanked the boy for staying with them, and gave him a war club to use as a model in making one for himself.
Pigeon-Hawk took the boy back to earth and the boy sat down and made a club and gave the original back to Pigeon-Hawk to carry back to his big brother.
The next evening, the orphan boy's friend came to the place where he had disappeared and was surprised to find him there.
The orphan boy told his friend to go home and gather the young unmarried people and build a lodge and scent it with white cedar leaves.
His friend did as he was told, and the orphan joined them and told the young people to go hunting so they could have a feast.
They did as they were told, and soon returned with a large buck.
The orphan told them to invite as many people as they wished to the feast.
When they all were assembled in the lodge, the orphan told them of his time in the land of the Thunderbirds.
They planned a feast for the next day and he told them to go out and get two deer.
The next day he again told them of his adventures.
On the fourth day he told them to get four big bears.
He and his friend planned to travel around the country, and he told the young men they could come along if they wanted.
They all understood that he meant that he was preparing to go to war, and many joined him.
They traveled until noon and the orphan told some of the other young men to go hunting. After supper he told his companions that he was going to attack a certain camp.
The spirit birds and other animals were directing him, so he knew he could find the camp he was looking for.
When all was ready, they started out and found the camp and killed all the people they found there.
They kept on going, killing more and more people.
After they had attacked the fourth camp, the orphan boy had had enough, and he told his friends that he was going to stop.
From that point forward, they would go to war only to attack an enemy or in revenge for the death of one of their own.
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2023.06.07 00:02 purplevanillacorn Referral Rant

I was diagnosed with Type 2 N about 6 years ago. It was pretty clear cut. At the time I tried Modafinil but it only worked for a couple of months and I stopped it. They wanted me to try Xywav or something else but I wanted to get pregnant shortly anyway and none of those meds are safe for pregnancy. Fast forward to being pregnant and nursing for 3 years and now I’m finally ready to investigate treatments further. My health plan requires a referral to sleep medicine every 3 years if you haven’t been seen in the last 3 years.
I ask my primary for a referral and they said no problem. Then they forgot. So a week later I reach back out and request the referral again. They get back to me a week later and say they put it in but wait a week for the schedulers to call me back. I wait and they do but then I’m told that the primary put in for a sleep study not a general appointment with sleep medicine. They message my doctor and ask for the appropriate type of referral on my behalf. While I’m asleep (of course), my primary’s office calls and leave a message that the referral is in as of June 1st and call scheduling not understanding it’s the WRONG REFERRAL.
So now I’m 4 weeks out from the initial request and I just need some relief. I’m so tired and chasing a 3 year old is not for the faint of heart. I’m just sure they’re going to say I need another sleep study which I refuse to do by leaving my kid at home that long without me. I have a diagnosis already. I just need to talk to a doctor.
Rant over (but deep down I just want to cry)
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2023.06.07 00:02 Few_Independence4111 Educational and Marketing Events

I've been asked about participating in a "Health Fair". They want me to do a educational presentation but not for a specific carrier but basically helping people understand how to choose health and medical plans. Does anyone have any experience doing anything like this? Any advice? Any rules to remember?
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2023.06.06 23:57 Top_Relation_3344 Charge nurse woes

So I float and have recently found a unit I love and got an offer to be FT. I want to say yes, the pay is great but there’s a big issue making me want to say no. This isn’t so much about should I accept or not, it’s moreso what would you do if you were already the staff.
The charge nurse is just lazy. I’ve been charge nurse myself. The hospital doesn’t require charge to do audits, any desk work or unit plannings, we have a coordinator who does all of that. The charge generally gets 2 stable patients and later in the day will even accept an admit if their patients discharge etc. basically the charge is a helping hand, gives advice, can help cover during breaks. There’s 3 other charge nurses that rotate during the weekdays.
This specific charge is overwhelmed with just about everything. She gives herself 1patient that is planning to discharge by noon and sits the rest of the day. She doesn’t offer to help and if you ask, she’ll say she’s busy or to ask someone else. Sometimes she says yes, but “forgets” even if you remind her. My friend is on the unit and has really tried everything to attempt getting a new charge. The manager is aware and has had numerous “talks” that go nowhere. Once it’s gotten that bad, with no repercussions, what would you do? A few times the charge has been regular staff with 4-5 patients and has been so overwhelmed she made up an emergency to go home. Her assignments often don’t get done until after 7pm when the next shift is arriving, during STAT calls she’s missing.
What would you do next? The manager is definitely aware
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2023.06.06 23:53 PostKevone Creating a Biotech Product

Due to the ever increasing cost of living, I've been thinking of starting a side hustle to supplement my wage in Biotech. Over the last year or so I've come up with a biotech product that is easy to use that I could sell to consumers. I've come up with a name, sourced my materials, come up with a marketing plan and made instructions on how to use & interpret it. The thing I'm kind of stuck on is the regulatory side of things. I want to make my product in accordance to environmental and health guidelines and regulations in Canada, but I have no legal or regulatory background. I've tried doing research myself but it's very daunting to navigate and find exactly what i need. For the record, for all the components, I only have one or two things that may be slightly hazardous in each product
I have two questions:
Has anyone made biotech products in Canada who can point me in the right direction or give advice on these laws/regulations/guidelines? Non-Canadians are welcome to answer this too, just make sure to state your country!
If you have advice would you give for someone developing a product in general?
Thank you everyone!
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2023.06.06 23:52 PostKevone Creating a Biotech Product

Due to the ever increasing cost of living, I've been thinking of starting a side hustle to supplement my wage in Biotech. Over the last year or so I've come up with a biotech product that is easy to use that I could sell to consumers. I've come up with a name, sourced my materials, come up with a marketing plan and made instructions on how to use & interpret it. The thing I'm kind of stuck on is the regulatory side of things. I want to make my product in accordance to environmental and health guidelines and regulations in Canada, but I have no legal or regulatory background. I've tried doing research myself but it's very daunting to navigate and find exactly what i need. For the record, for all the components, I only have one or two things that may be slightly hazardous in each product
I have two questions:
Has anyone made biotech products in Canada who can point me in the right direction or give advice on these laws/regulations/guidelines? Non-Canadians are welcome to answer this too, just make sure to state your country!
If you have advice would you give for someone developing a product in general?
Thank you everyone!
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2023.06.06 23:51 PostKevone Creating a Biotech Product

Due to the ever increasing cost of living, I've been thinking of starting a side hustle to supplement my wage in Biotech. Over the last year or so I've come up with a biotech product that is easy to use that I could sell to consumers. I've come up with a name, sourced my materials, come up with a marketing plan and made instructions on how to use & interpret it. The thing I'm kind of stuck on is the regulatory side of things. I want to make my product in accordance to environmental and health guidelines and regulations in Canada, but I have no legal or regulatory background. I've tried doing research myself but it's very daunting to navigate and find exactly what i need. For the record, for all the components, I only have one or two things that may be slightly hazardous in each product
I have two questions:
Has anyone made biotech products in Canada who can point me in the right direction or give advice on these laws/regulations/guidelines? Non-Canadians are welcome to answer this too, just make sure to state your country!
If you have general advice would you give for someone developing a product in general?
Thank you everyone!
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2023.06.06 23:37 toxic1245 Advice for 10 month old puppy

This may be a long one as i’d like to include as much info as possible.
Last fall, my bf and i adopted a mixed breed puppy from an oops litter. I already owned a 1 year old male corgi that i purchased after having to put my last corgi down due to health issues. I really wanted a second corgi because i love the breed and wanted a play mate for my current one as he loves other dogs. My bf really wanted something a bit bigger, so I compromised and allowed him to get the dog he wanted as i figured at the end of the day it is still a playmate for my corgi and he grew up sharing a yard with a young rotty and there was no issues. He ended up with a female aussie/shepherd/husky/pitbull/canecorso/lab. All very energetic smart breeds that need a lot of training. While my bf is trying, he is not very knowledgeable about training and he is really busy with work, as am i but i have been trying to help as much as i can. She is crate and potty trained and we are working on loose leash walking. She knows basic commands. He wanted the dog to be a job site dog, as he works in construction in a very rural area. She goes to work with him most days, where she is tied on a line with toys and water. He lets her off 2-3 times a day depending how busy he is, so she can run around and go swimming in the lake.
Now that she is in her teenager stage her behaviour has gone down hill and she is extremely hyper and becoming a bit destructive and has ruined things at work. She also likes to take off sometimes when she is let off and can jump our fenced yard like it is nothing so she has to be tied up at home too. (Were in a rental, cannot change the fencing and its a huge huge yard so would be very costly) We are planning to look for a 10-20 foot lead to work on recall. But i think she really needs more exercise and mental stimulation. I am pregnant ( found out shortly after we got her) and on maternity leave. She is currently staying home with me, and i cannot cope with my exhaustion and dealing with her behaviour. She has kongs, lick mats and bully sticks. I try to tire her out with fetch in the yard but have to be very careful as she will jump the fence if another dog walks by. Last time it took me 10 minutes of trying to catch her, she ran around to hard and went straight into a neighbours fence. (She has gotten so hyper before she will run into walls) the other dog owner had to walk their dog to my house because she would not come to me at all. Last week she ran straight into my knee while playing fetch, i thought my knee popped out and i hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of me and i had to go to the hospital to make sure my baby was okay. I also have to separate her from my corgi because she will grab him by the scruff and pin him and drag him, not letting go even when im screaming at her or the corgi is yelping. Today she made him have a limp when she was tied up and he was loose. Normally he stays out of her reach. So complete separation outside now. The most i can walk her is maybe 15/20 minutes. My bf is supposed to take her on a walk or out with the quad after work but he has been too tired. (Gone 9-12 hours a day) Im having my baby in 3 weeks and im extremely worried about the dog. I told my bf he absolutely has to step up with exercising her and take her to work with him when he is done paternity leave as i am already resenting her due to her hurting my dog and myself. I could possibly see if anyone on our street can walk her for pay at least until im healed enough to walk longer but we dont have any professionals here and we live an hour out of town so no doggy daycare. I don’t know what im going to do the next few months while were both caring for a newborn and a super hyper dog. What can i do to make both her life and my life better ? Bf does not want to rehome even though i think it would be the best thing for her. Please offer advice without judgement. If you think rehoming is the answer feel free to state it maybe bf’s view can be changed. Trust me i know it is our fault and the dog deserves better.
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2023.06.06 23:19 TypicalSugar1978 Joining the military

I am a 25M, I have my degree in environmental engineering and biotechnology with a minor in mathematics. I got recruited but the navy to be a Civil Engineer but I can not join because I am not yet a U.S. I am still interested in joining but now I need some advice. I’m not sure if I should enlist the air force or army. I am qualified to enlist in either branch but I am not sure which one I want to do. I have read Air Force has better quality of life than army but I do want to become a bio environmental engineer (as an officer someday) for the air force but the army as some really good environmental engineer officer positions. Since I am going in enlisted I am not sure which would be best for me?I have looked at the enlisted jobs and I have spoken/started filling out paper work. I know alot of people say they plan on doing 20 years but I want don’t want to work until I’m 66 or whatever retirement age is so I’m keeping an open mind. So enlisted job preferably engineering related don’t mind medically related because of my degrees but open to jobs.
Questions Which branch has the most opportunities/chances for growth? Is it easier to become an officer in the air force or army? Which branch gives a more sense of purpose and pride ? Air Force or army? Which is better for enlisted. The army has some engineering jobs so does the air force. Is it better for me to reenlist or join the reserves ? Can someone explain to me if I choose to enlist in the army I come in with an E-4 specialist but the air force an E-3. I know they do not get paid the same.
Also made a 99 on the ASVAB. No criminal history or even a speeding or parking ticket, good Health and no debt so I do not require any waivers. I also have an engineering job right now. I make $90k in a small town in Texas which makes the money feel like $200k. Don’t mind the pay-cut, my money if it will be valuable in the long run. I have more than one source of income so the money isn’t a factor.
Please I just need some advice. If you in my situation with aspirations to be an officer what will you do ? Thank you so much for your help!
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2023.06.06 23:15 Basic-Marionberry-30 Working as a paraprofessional but want a backup plan

39/F who has been working as a paraprofessional with children with ASD at my daughters school. The hours and commute are great and all feedback I’ve gotten from administrators is positive. However, I know I’m not young and am looking for something to fall back on as I feel like there is a big burnout rate in this field.
I have an associates in Heath sciences; medicine has always been interest but I’m not the best at hands-on. I’ve tried nursing in my early 20’s and dental hygiene school in my late 30’s and failed clinically at both.
I’m looking in to Healthcare management/community health, BCBA, or OT.
I know OT is hands on, but I feel it’s not patient care as much as teaching adls. Still, clinical failure looms large. I’m obviously willing to go back to school, but since I’m close to 40 I’m trying to find something that can be a long-term, fairly lucrative (65k+) career. Any advice or tips?
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2023.06.06 23:00 LilDragon2991 Found a wounded baby crow. Looking for advice

Found a wounded baby crow. Looking for advice
Sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language
I (30f) found a wounded crow fledgling. I looked online at local animal rescues and it stated that this time of the year is the time most wounded birds are brought in because it's around this time they'll leave the nest. They also state that although they hope to safe every animal many times they have to choose which animals have the highest survival rate and let go some of the other that might not make it (euthanasia).
Now a lil backstory. I've loved crows for years and befriend many of them around my city. That recognise me and I feed them peanuts and other stuff. And they call out to me when I enter their territory.
A couple of them had young near my house. They have a nest in a tree which is between a playground and a row of houses. Many many cats walk around here. I was walking there with my dog and the fledgling jumped out at us. He looked pretty battered but still alert. So dropped my dog off, caught the crow with my mom and brought it back (this is where I started researching animal rescues). I just bought a large cage for a cockatiel in which we Put him. I gave him food and he accepted it, first from my hand then he ate by himself. I got a closer look at him and his wings are razzled at the tips and he misses the lower half of them. He also walks with a limp. I let him rest after giving him food and when I checked in on him he looked alert.
I've set up a spare room for him in which i put the open cage with a ladder going in and out. (Cause he couldn't open his wings all the way in the cage). I've given him meat, and cat/dog food soaked in water. Some fruit, boiled eggs and he eats really good. Drinks good as well. But here is my problem. I'm not thinking about keeping the crow. It's very clear to me it's not a pet and should be outside. But I know his parents they call out for him. My original plan was to nurse him back to health with minimal human interaction and release him back into the wild. Back to his parents. But will they even recognize and accept him? Plus, in my neighborhood are a lot of cats... But I don't think they'd go after an adult crow.
Another problem is, I don't want them to euthanise him. Because he's strong and clever and really wants to live.... I've bought a bunch of food for him and put a grassmat in the room he's staying.
I've had him for almost two days now. And I've been reading non stop about crows. But I still can get any wiser or out of this thinking loop by myself. So I hope anyone has some advice. Btw, if I did anything wrong it wasn't on purpose. I love animals so much and would never intentionally do something that would negatively effect them. So if you're going to give advice please explain it as much as you can, so I can learn from it
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2023.06.06 22:59 Gluecagone My father has managed to make me graduating medical school and becoming a doctor all about him

Hi all, I'm 25F and going to be graduating from medical school and starting working as a doctor in just under two months. My father (85 - don't ask) isn't in the best of health. Old age caught up with him and he now has various health issues which essentially have been caused by immobility and of which could have been slowed down (he was in pretty good health up until covid and then he just stopped doing anything active). He also has the worst attitude towards life and refuses to do any of the things suggested to him which could improve things. It's incredibly frustrating and I've had to deal with this all on my own throughout medical school because all his other multiple kids (who are all older than me, some by decades) want nothing to do with him. Today has been a not so great day and I gently suggested that the reason his body aches so much is most likely because he spends all day sitting down in the same position, not elevating his legs like he was told to and not taking his pain medication properly like he's supposed to. His response to this was basically telling me "oh well I don't feel like it I feel like I might die". Now I know this sounds bad but I assure you that he always says things like this and even on his good days he will never actually tell you it's a good day or be more positive. He just redirects complaining to something else (usually insulting one of his other children). He just hurts because every day with no mobility is a day with even more pain. What he then said after rejecting my suggestion that he starts to improve his mobility is that "I'm going to care for him because I'm going to be a doctor". I know that in any other well-adjusted family this kind of comment would be a cheerful joke. In his case he genuinely thinks that me becoming a doctor equals me moving back home and becoming his private doctor once I graduate. Thankfully I live in a country where you're not allowed to treat relatives and I'm also outright refusing to move back to my home region to start my training but the comment still enrages me. When I applied to medical school he essentially ignored the fact that I was doing it because he had a "plan for my life", was unhappy that I got accepted into a medical school not in my home city, once told me I would be a "bad nurse with that attitude" because I was stressed out when he was ill and I had to manage the situation alone, and when I got a job as a healthcare assistant to get work experience and boost my application, he lied to people about what I was doing and that I would be getting a "better job soon". I NEVER wanted to be a doctor because of him, despite having grown up with his health problems because of how old he was when he had me. I wanted to be a doctor because it looked like the career for me and I wanted to help other people. I didn't put myself through eight years of university with no emotional support for him. The only thing I can attribute to him is that now I have no desire to specialise in adult medicine. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for him) his mobility and health issues mean I assume he won't be able to travel across the country for my graduation. Which works for me because I haven't invited him and instead I'll have some of my closest friends with me to watch me get my degree. The people who have actually been by my side through it all and who frankly deserve far more thanks than my father ever will. Sorry I just had to let this all out
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2023.06.06 22:58 ireland1904 I just found out that my boyfriend (25M) has stolen from me (24F). Where do I go from here?

Let me set the scene, my boyfriend (25M) and I (24F) have been together for 7 years this April, and he is the best partner in every way. We have very similar interests, have made many improvements in our communication, support each other through tough times, and love each other a ton.
Currently, we live together and have for 2 (almost 3) years.
My boyfriend, let's call him Dylan, has always had money issues and some significant mental health challenges (depression and ADHD) that flared up about 2 years into our relationship. Obviously, I did nothing but support him, and he has made many improvements over the past few years -- particularly in handling his mental health by getting medicated and seeking professional help.
But money remains a struggle for him.
For example, more than once, he's been late on rent and has had to ask our landlords for extensions which he always handled appropriately and then paid off in full when he could. Previous landlords and I have always been understanding, ESPECIALLY because we are both full-time students who live in a very expensive city.
Another essential piece of info is that he absolutely refuses to discuss money or ask for financial help from his parents, although they have offered and would be willing to help him out of a bind (and they have before)!
He has disclosed to me that money/finances are his biggest anxiety and that often, ADHD makes it hard for him to keep track of his money, particularly if it is just on his debit card, because he cannot physically see it.
I understood this because I know ADHD affects decision-making, processing, and risk-taking behaviours. I generally believed he was improving in this area by seeking specialized help for his ADHD. I also made suggestions that might help him keep track of it (i.e. putting money in envelopes monthly so that he can see the cash). But he never followed through with this advice.
We have had lots of conversations about the future of our relationship (marriage, moving, kids, etc.) and how I need to see improvements in managing his finances before I feel comfortable committing to him in that way. He 100% agreed and has told me that those are efforts and changes he wants to make before we move forward in our relationship.
Last month or so, I've come to find out that he has stopped attending his counselling/therapy sessions (likely due to being unable to pay for them, though he did not disclose that to me directly), but he reassured me he was doing well. He has also recently come off his anti-depressants (per his doctor's recommendation -- if I can trust what he is telling me).
Whatever, these changes were no biggie to me, and it seemed he was still doing well without those supports.
I am currently in a rigorous post-graduate program at a university in our very expensive city, and I have been unable to work full-time hours for A WHILE now, meaning my own finances have taken a dive, and I have been very strapped for cash. I have had to rely on loans, grants, measly savings, and occasionally help from my own family to get by and pay my bills.
However, my partner has been working full-time since September.
A few months ago, my friend and I purchased Taylor Swift tickets which might not have been an excellent financial decision. Still, I never splurge on myself and seeing Taylor would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, paying for the tickets and the Air BNB deposit nearly took all my money.
In the months since I bought my tickets, I have been saving any spare cash that I have toward my trip and expenses in a "safe" location in our shared apartment. Between birthdays, graduation, and a few other instances of my family wanting to send me money, I saved close to $500 for my trip. I was very proud and excited about having some money to put toward a fun trip this summer.
My partner knows what this money is for, how broke I am, and where the money is located because I TRUST him.
Today, I got home from visiting my family (my boyfriend stayed behind) and deposited a bit more cash into my stockpile, only to discover that there was only $100 sitting in the pot...
I was heartbroken and didn't know how even to react. Obviously, my partner has stolen $400 from me without informing me.
I confronted him via text as he was at work, and he explained that he had taken the money to pay off last month's rent without my consent/knowledge. He seemed genuinely apologetic and told me he planned to replace the money before I got home from my trip, as he now has the cash on him.
But I don't know what to do. I feel that my trust is broken, and upset that he feels that he can steal from me without consequence. I am hurt and considering telling his parents that he is financially struggling to the point that he has stolen from me ...
But I also know that he is clearly struggling with mental health and stuff beyond just money ... I know that ADHD can be crippling and make these sorts of decisions seem justified.
What is your advice? Do I forgive, move on, and accept the money he is willing to pay back? How does this bode for the future of our relationship? How can I ensure that this doesn't happen again? Is this normal behaviour from someone with ADHD? Should I reach out to his parents privately?
I am at a loss.
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2023.06.06 22:57 Embarrassed_Race9642 My brief exposure to crypto, working in it, and how it drove me suicidal (THROWAWAY ACCOUNT)

Hi everyone! I've been a lurker here for a while, and I've been reading different stories about people who worked in crypto sharing their regrets and/or spiteful feelings here, so it encouraged me to share my own. I never really post or comment on reddit except in gaming subreddits for help, so this is a first! I hope I don't bore you to death, but I imagine it might feel a little nice venting it out.
In hindsight, I didn't realise this would be such a long, long read, so please forgive the wall of text. This is really really long, but I don't care; I just wanted to get it all out to actual people. Read it if you will.
Lemme get some key points outta the way so we don't start off on the wrong foot
· at the beginning, I was never really "pro" or "anti" crypto
· I didn't lose any money lol
· throughout the whole thing, I was crypto neutral
· I managed to stop the project before it launched
· please do not refer me to suicide hotlines, I'm already going through therapy
· I was ignorant about crypto at the beginning; but now I know, so please, no lectures!
· I haven't "made money" either; in fact, I put a stop to the thing my friends were working on.
· I don't think I'm very smart, in fact, I feel stupid and useless after this whole debacle
· This doesn't really have a happy or "bad" ending, so please don't expect a happy ending. Also, again, please, please refrain from "giving advice." Just hear this out, and that's it. Make fun of this or ridicule it or empathise with it, I don't care; just don't "give advice" or "reassure" or whatever. Have the decency to just read something like this and let it be. Thank you!!
About myself: I don't really have a background in tech, and most of this is rather confusing stuff (then and now). I'm actually never on social media or the internet too often. I'm a writer, musician, and artist (mostly writer and musician), and I've done administrative work, project management, and journalism work to get by. I'm currently studying my undergraduate degree. I'll go about this chronologically.
2021 Jan - Sep: one of my friends got into crypto. He's a programmer (and a good one at that). I observed from the sidelines, and he kept talking about how much money he's made by trading. The concept of it never made any sense to me, but I'm not a programmer and I trusted my friend, so I was like "well, good for you." I never really understood any of that trading hubbub either!
I never really paid attention to any of this stuff, I was usually out with my friends, working, making music, playing games, or just writing. I never even owned a twitter account until late 2021!
2021 Sep: My friend made a whole lot of money one day, and I was pleasantly surprised! This guy always had those chart things on his screen 24/7 (never closed) whenever we went to his house, so we were all like "what the heck, that's hard work, huh?" I was genuinely happy that he's gotten his big break, because I believed he deserved it. He's one of the most talented people I know. Turns out one of his friends ran this crypto project with all these strange buzzwords that I still couldn't quite understand and gave him some "airdrops" before the "governance" token things launched. Oh, this isn't the thing I worked for, by the way!
2021 Oct: I didn't know too much about crypto, but I got it's selling point (or, well, I was dumb enough to fall for it). At least according to them, it's internet money that you can send anywhere at any time that you "own" and no central authorities own whatsoever (now I know that this concept is just incredibly stupid, but bear with me). I mean, I wasn't really an anti-government nut (and I didn't really turn into one either), but my friend's adamant on it, so I was like "well, why not?" and put $1000 in — wired it to this exchange (hint: it's not FTX, Coinbase, or Binance). Long story short, I put some money into that "Sandbox" thing and made a good few hundred bucks when it went up. There wasn't any real reasoning other than "well, Sandbox is a game, and people must use it for things, right?"
Oh, also, sandbox did these giveaway things for some "alpha pass" where you play their game and post a screenshot on twitter and win one of these alpha pass NFTs that you can sell on the market. I lucked out, got one, immediately sold it — I made like $5000 reselling that thing at "floor price." I remember thinking "woah, these guys must really want to play this game," which was naive and stupid, I guess.
2021 Nov - 2022 March: I cashed that out (the exchange wires that money back into your bank account for you) and steered clear later, because the whole thing was too much for me, staring at those dumb charts watching lines go up and down. That was all the money I ever made from crypto. I used it to buy some much needed medical devices, a guitar, and.. well, a new mattress. I donated the remainder away. Every time I asked my programmer friends to explain something or the other, it's always handwaving to "DYOR!" Every source they pointed me to confused me even more, and now I know that's deliberate with these grifters.
2022 March - May: I was still in their group chat so I could see them talk about it every now and then. Sometimes I drop in my comments about real-world news. One day, my friends were talking about starting an actual business. This was something I had experience in, and as far as I've seen, anything tangible that anyone's ever done with crypto was usually with games. I've had this idea for a type of game that I really cherished, and one of my friends had experience as a game developer. It was a relatively simple idea.
Let me tell you though, I really loved this game subcategory. I'm even in a university society for it. It's been one of my lifelong dreams to see my idea come to life. So I pitched the idea in, cause why not? The subcategory was never done in crypto, so at least we'd have the advantage of novelty, I thought. They weren't really sure how to monetise it, so I said "why not monetise the characters?" It seemed reasonable at the time: the characters could act as access points to the game and anyone could buy new characters for like, what, 5 bucks? At least that's what I had in mind. They agreed, so I found a popular NFT project to pitch the idea for (since it made more sense to work under an organisation rather than going full indie into a space we had no reputation in yet).
At the time, my friends said making these characters NFTs would give people "real ownership" and be a way to "support digital artists by cutting out the middleman." I mean, as a writer and musician, that did appeal to me. I didn't really question much of it (and I know I should have, it should have been due diligence, that was careless on my part). I thought "maybe we could make these NFTs customisable, because that's what RPGs are about, right?" and we went ahead with that.
2022 April - June: Here's a reminder: I'm a social media hermit. I never get on it unless it's checking on someone on Facebook or Instagram (or messaging). I never had twitter until 2021! So, I've never heard of people like Molly White, Tante, David Gerard, Amy Castor, yada yada until around this time. One my friends showed me Dan Olson's "Line Goes Up." And man, what a watch that was. It confirmed my gut feelings about crypto, that this is all just... hollow, insane, crazy stuff. My heart sank after watching that video.
I remember googling "responses to Line Goes Up" because I was in denial back then, not because I "believed" in crypto but I just didn't want to admit I've wasted so much time and energy. And I remember how every single "response" was just... idiotic. At that point, I sent that video to that NFT organisation's discord and said "if we're all genuine about this, maybe we should watch this and try to improve ourselves." It was the whole sunk cost fallacy thing, I wanted to believe that I didn't waste my time being a complete dork.
But after a certain point, I just couldn't run away from it anymore. I told my friends "let's just switch to making a steam game, we haven't lost or earned any money yet." It was an idea that was doable with a steam game, like... all you had to do was just change the monetisation bit to having players spend 5 bucks buying it... on steam... lol. Ah, but my friends were like "no." They won't do it. They wanted to make NFTs, and I couldn't understand for the love of god why you would do that. It was my idea, they had never played a game like that in their lives, I was the only one with any exposure in that regard.
Also, I was the one making the art as well, like... the character sprites. I'd spent so much time drawing those character sprites, their features, etc. I spent some time making some music, and even some background lore that fit in with the other NFT project we were working under. I barely checked their stupid discord things or twitter posts since I was so busy actually drawing and writing stuff. This was a passion project for me, and I was focused on making the game. You have no idea how much I love these types of role-playing games (but I'm not going into detail as to what that is because I'm not so comfortable).
Little did my stupid ass realise that these things were a pyramid scheme, and I was right at the middle or bottom. Little did my naive ass realise that none of these people liked my idea or even cared; people like me doing actual stuff gave them legitimacy, so people like me were just... pawns, I guess. Being the idiot I was, I engaged with my real name and my real identity, because that's what honest people do when they're selling a fucking game they'd be proud of, right? What a mistake. And my friends who knew what this stuff is never stopped me from doing any of it while I naively put my name and reputation at the front. After watching line goes up and then reading more and more sources (and eventually stumbling across Buttcoin on reddit!) I reached the point of no return:
Crypto and blockchain were useless in all possible ways, they never made sense as a technology, they're filled with disgusting people with disgusting anarcho-capitalist ideals, and there will never be a point where the "blockchain" will ever find a use-case beyond grifting, speculating, gambling, and money laundering because that is inherent to this technology's design. It is irredeemable. NFTs were never about empowering artists like us and it could never even do that at all because the premise and technology are flawed to begin with!
That was my realisation over time after actually reading about this from critical sources (which, at the top of the hype, I thought wasn't even really there because I had bought into my programmer friends' narrative that this is just like the internet and "everybody is in.")
I only wish I realised it sooner.
2022 June - July: I vehemently begged my friends to stop. I didn't want to make or sell NFTs anymore after realising what it was. I didn't even want the money (and god knows I could use that money since it could pay off my father's debts, but not like this. Not by hurting other people who may just be in the same position as I am by "winning" or "doing really 'smart' stuff.")
No one listened. I was about to quit, until the NFT organisation we were working under announced a grant. I saw this as an opportunity to put a stop to my own friends making their own NFTs, and I grabbed it. I begged and pleaded them to apply for that grant, which they begrudgingly did. I applied for that grant thing and it got approved, and all my friends were really excited about it. They all agreed to not make NFTs anymore and just make a free-to-play game. We worded the grant that way too.
But it still didn't sit right with me personally. I agonised over it still. Sure, it's grant money now... but how did that bigger NFT organisation get that money? Obviously, by selling NFTs and collecting resale "royalties." I guess it didn't matter to my friends, but to me, that's blood money. None of them were writers or artists, by the way. They were just... tech people. Techbros, I guess.
Anyway, the grant thing works by having people vote for it, and you get as much money as the votes you get. Our idea was good and we actually had a skillset, so we got like a little over four digits, which is big to someone like me, at least!
But it still didn't sit right with me.
I agonised over it all the time, thinking about just how I had soiled and shat on my lifelong passion idea, and how my name was out there associated with these people.
I just couldn't stand it anymore. One day, I told my friends that I was fucking quitting (this was in the middle of the grant voting process, that thing dragged on for about a couple of weeks) if they didn't turn this into a steam game instead. They chose to just let me quit, take the project for themselves, and... uh, take the grant money.
My friends got me on voice call and kinda hounded me, saying "well we understand if you want to quit but damn that sucks, it's a lot of money, man. It's been my dream too to make a game like that ever since my childhood." That last line really struck home because it was something I could empathise with, but then I recognised it as just... them trying to justify making fat stacks lol. They never really felt that way, and I'll tell you why I think that in a bit.
Either way, I quit. I got out. I didn't even take any compensation money. I mean, why would I lie about it here under an anonymous throwaway account anyway? I have nothing to gain from it, not even "karma farming" since I'm throwing this account away lol. Just... I couldn't stand it anymore, man.
2022 July - September: I spent this time distancing from these people and this crowd. I grew depressed. I hadn't lost any money, but I wasted so much time. I was left feeling disillusioned about my friends. To them, I was overreacting, I was being a cunt, I was just being so difficult! I just was standing in their way of "making bread" and "hustling!"
I stopped going out or hanging out with my friends.
I stopped going to that uni society out of shame. They don't know about it but I just can't even see the game the same way anymore. I felt so ashamed.
I never played that game with my usual other friends who I used to play it with a long time back either. They don't know about any of this either, but I was just so ashamed and disgusted. It kind of feels traumatic.
I stopped writing and barely made any music. I picked up a new tablet and learned to draw in a new style, but eventually I stopped that too. I just didn't feel like it anymore.
I got burned out. I barely was able to hand in my assignments. I had stopped going to classes because I just couldn't bother getting out of bed and going out there into actual society again. I felt like I was a disgusting, naive piece of shit that would just stain otherwise normal people.
I spent my days agonising about the day someone found out that I made art for this dumb project, that I was out there passionately talking about this idea like a stupid nerdy dumbfuck, and that I am associated with it even though I quit. One of my other friends who quit with me said he'd provide testimony of my side of things, but that's not really comforting.
I mean, it's a fringe thing anyway, we barely made anything. My friends got the grant, and I spend every single day agonising over it. I mean, it's not direct "profits" from NFTs, but where'd that grant money come from in the first place, huh?
My worst fear was that they'd pocket it and not even make the game. And they did. I guess those other NFTbros really didn't notice it since a few thousand bucks is just spare change to these grifter overlords. Again, I never took any money from it.
I can only thank god that I stopped them from making their own NFTs though, otherwise I really couldn't live with myself.
Every single day, I keep checking my old discord account and twitter like I'm obsessed, out of fear. I honestly don't care if it's just me that gets fucked by association, but I don't want my existence to become a burden to my poor siblings and parents just by being associated with me. I don't want their reputations to go to the shitter. They're hardworking, honest people who don't waste their time on stupid things like I have. They don't deserve that, at least. It should be me that should suffer.
Everyday, I agonise over it.
I couldn't really cry or anything about it, I just felt hollow, I guess. I've lost interest in most of the things I loved. Sometimes I play games, sometimes I scribble for the fucks of it, sometimes I read, sometimes I write in my notebook, but that's it. I had stopped going out, and I hadn't seen anyone for a long while.
2022 September - 2022 November: I bought a rope and a pull-up bar. I continually kept writing in my journal to prepare a good, coherent suicide note instead of, like... writing it all incoherently at the last minute and then peacing out lol. The pull-up bar is because my dorm doesn't really have any places I could hang my rope from, so if I attach the pull-up bar to the door, I could tie the rope onto it and hang.
The other way I thought of doing it was heroin, because apparently it just quietly puts you to sleep; but I'm scared of needles and I don't want to buy anything on the dark web. I've never done hard drugs like that anyway.
I kept procrastinating it. Partly because I had grown too lazy to even learn how to tie a hangman's knot, and partly because I was still afraid. The thing is, I've already been diagnosed with a mental health issue that also causes depression for nearly a decade now. This, though, was the worst I ever felt. The part that sucks the most is that the game idea was a passion project for me. It was something I've always dreamed of doing. It was the sort of games I really, really loved. It was the sort of art I loved making and seeing too. It was the kind of music I had fun composing. The story idea was something from my own long-held ideas that I wanted to bring to life, and now that's in the shitter too.
On some days, I woke up with absolute certainty of what I was going to do: learn to tie that knot, hang it up, and be done with it. I got distracted, and eventually I'd forget and doze off again. I spend most of my time chatting online with some of my friends (via text), which was something I rarely ever did a few years ago. I was more known for rarely responding to texts because I was outside so frequently lol.
I decided to see everyone for one last time before I did it, so I waited to get back to my own home country first. I wanted to just see everyone and sort of hang out with them as an unspoken farewell thing before I did it.
2022 December: I went back home, I hung out with my friends and family, and I was my usual self. I don't think anyone really caught on. We all made plans to go places and do stuff, and we did. It was a nice little time with everyone. I even kind of felt like myself again. I went swimming, went to friends' houses, met up with old friends, etc. I even put up a local art page and dropped some of my writings, music, and art on there.
2023 January: It was almost time to go back, but I went on a vacation to this country with a friend by ourselves. We ate local food at the stalls and just backpacked on a budget. We went hiking and sightseeing. We went to night markets, canoed in a river, and went camping in the woods. I actually finished one of my assignments on a train ride to this city. We did so many things, but I don't want to go off on a tangent. That experience made me forget these feelings for a while. It meant a lot to me, but I'll keep it at that for this subreddit.
2023 Late January - Now: I went back, these feelings returned. I've spiralled back into agonising now, but I'm seeing a therapist and a university counsellor now. It hasn't gotten as bad as it was in September last year, and especially now I feel reluctant to do it because one of them told me "your death doesn't happen to you, it happens to the people around you."
I'm kind of just picking myself up from here, trying to forget this ever happened, and working in other industries I used to work in back then. But I know that as soon as anyone finds out I was associated with any of this, I will get rid of myself. At the very least, my family would be spared then, and I wouldn't be such a burden, no matter what my therapist says.
I'm more or less just empty and neutral now. I haven't really done anything other than just study, go to classes, and do my assignments. My daily activities consist of eating, shitting, pissing, sleeping, and repeat. If someone from 3 years ago saw me now, they'd think I'm an entirely different person.
One day I'll move on, make peace with myself, and forget about it. That's what I hope for, at least. I'm at least thankful that I've been able to stop my friends from actually making NFTs or a crypto coin and actually hurting people. I'm just glad. I don't know or care what they're up to now. I couldn't be arsed anymore.
I saw people share their stories, and I felt like doing that myself too. It turned out longer than I expected, but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging, lol, so I wrote about everything from start to finish. Sorry if that turned out to be way too long. Thanks for taking your time getting this far if you have.
I hope no one else has agonised or will have to agonise the way I have.
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2023.06.06 22:53 throwawaytjcl Can I get some advice for budgeting my life after taking out some expenses from my monthly paycheck?

So I plan to move out on my own soon, whether that’s a house or an apartment. I have got a good tracking of certain expenses currently but I need some advice.
Currently, after paying for car insurance, regular insurance (health, vision, dental), A rough estimate of how much I’ll pay for gas each month, and my phone service bill. I will have $3,500 a month left. I also want to contribute to a simple IRA. With that how much should I spend for the rest: rent/mortgage, food, utilities, internet, IRA, miscellaneous/fun, and savings.
Thanks in advance I welcome all advice!
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2023.06.06 22:31 ptorres324 The Story of Finn Balor and how he became The Demon King

The Story of Finn Balor and how he became The Demon King
Finn Balor was a normal human being, until one day he discovered a strange tattoo on his chest. It was a red symbol that looked like a pair of wings and a tail. He had no idea where it came from or what it meant, but he felt a strange connection to it.
He soon realized that the tattoo was not just a decoration, but a mark of a powerful entity that lived inside him. The entity called itself the Demon, and it claimed to be an ancient spirit of chaos and destruction. It said that it had chosen Finn as its host, and that it could grant him incredible strength and speed, but at a price.
The Demon wanted to take over Finn's body and mind, and use him as a vessel to unleash its wrath on the world. It said that Finn had to surrender to it willingly, or it would force its way out. The Demon also warned Finn that if he resisted, he would suffer unbearable pain and madness.
Finn was terrified by the Demon's words, but he also felt a curiosity and a temptation. He wondered what it would be like to have such power, and what he could do with it. He also wondered if he could control the Demon, or at least coexist with it peacefully.
He decided to test the Demon's abilities, and see for himself what it could do. He went to a local wrestling gym, where he met some of his friends who were also wrestlers. He challenged them to a friendly match, and activated the Demon's power.
As soon as he did, he felt a surge of energy coursing through his veins. His muscles bulged and his body became more ripped, his eyes glowed red, and his tattoo spread all over his body. He looked like a demonic version of himself, with horns, fangs, claws, and scales. His clothes transformed into red and black leather trunks with black boots and knee pads. He appeared as a wild demonic warrior!
He also felt a change in his personality. He became more aggressive, confident, and ruthless. He didn't care about the rules or the safety of his opponents. He wanted to dominate them, hurt them, and make them fear him.
He easily defeated his friends, who were shocked and scared by his transformation. They tried to reason with him, but he ignored them. He only listened to the Demon's voice in his head, which urged him to continue his rampage.
He left the gym, and headed to the streets. He saw people running away from him in panic, but he didn't care. He felt invincible and unstoppable. He felt like he was the king of the world.
He was wrong.
He soon encountered a group of criminals, who were robbing a bank. They had guns and explosives, and they were threatening to kill the hostages if anyone tried to stop them. They saw Finn approaching them, and they laughed at his appearance.
"Look at this freak! What are you supposed to be? A Halloween costume?"
They fired at him, but the bullets bounced off his skin. He laughed at their futile attempts, and charged at them.
He grabbed one of them by the neck, and lifted him off the ground. He looked into his eyes, and saw fear and pain. He smiled wickedly, and squeezed harder.
He was about to snap his neck, when he heard a scream.
"Please! Don't hurt him! He's my brother!"
It was one of the hostages, who had recognized the criminal as her sibling. She had been forced to join him in the robbery by their abusive father, who had threatened to kill them if they didn't obey him.
She ran towards Finn, and pleaded with him to spare her brother's life.
Finn felt her touch, and heard her voice. He felt a wave of emotion wash over him. He remembered who he was, and what he had done. He realized that he had gone too far.
He dropped the criminal, who gasped for air. He turned around, and looked at the hostage's face. He saw fear and gratitude in her eyes.
He also saw blood on her shirt.
He looked down, and saw that she had been shot in the chest by one of the other criminals when she ran towards him. She was bleeding profusely.
He gasped in horror.
"What have I done?"
He let go of her, and ran to her side. He tried to stop the bleeding with his hands.
"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."
He felt the Demon's power fading away from him. His body returned to normal. His tattoo disappeared.
He also felt the Demon's anger and disappointment in him.
"You fool... You weakling... You traitor..."
The Demon's voice echoed in his mind.
"You had everything... You had me... And you threw it all away... For her..."
The Demon spat out one last word before leaving him alone.
Finn sobbed uncontrollably.
He had lost everything.
He had lost himself.
But he also gained something.
He gained a new purpose.
He realized that he had been given a gift, not a curse. He realized that he could use the Demon's power for good, not evil. He realized that he could be a hero, not a villain.
He decided to make a vow.
He vowed to never let the Demon take over him again. He vowed to only use the Demon's power when he needed to protect the innocent and fight the wicked. He vowed to be the master of the Demon, not its slave.
He vowed to be the Demon King.
Finn Balor had become the Demon King, a superhero who used the power of the Demon to fight crime and injustice. He had learned to control the Demon's influence, and only unleashed it when he needed to. He had also made a secret identity for himself, as a journalist who worked for a local newspaper.
He had also found love. He had saved the life of the hostage who was shot in the chest by the criminals, and they had fallen in love. Her name was Leah, and she was a nurse who worked at a nearby hospital. She knew about his secret, and supported him in his mission.
They were happy together, but they also faced many challenges. They had to deal with the Demon's resentment and jealousy, which sometimes tried to sabotage their relationship. They also had to deal with the enemies that Finn had made as the Demon King, who wanted to destroy him and everything he cared about.
One of these enemies was a mysterious figure known as the Dark Lord. He was a powerful and evil mastermind who controlled a vast criminal empire. He had a personal vendetta against Finn, because he was the one who had given him the Demon's mark in the first place.
The Dark Lord had been searching for the Demon for centuries, hoping to harness its power for his own nefarious purposes. He had experimented on countless people, trying to implant them with the Demon's essence. But none of them could survive the process, or resist the Demon's will.
He had finally found Finn, who was the perfect host for the Demon. He had kidnapped him and tortured him, trying to break his spirit and make him submit to him. He had also branded him with the Demon's mark, hoping to bind him to his will.
But he had underestimated Finn's strength and courage. Finn had managed to escape from his clutches, and vowed to stop him from harming anyone else. He had also discovered that he could use the Demon's power against him, as it gave him an edge over his enemies.
The Dark Lord was furious and obsessed with Finn. He wanted to capture him again, and make him his slave. He wanted to take away everything he loved, and make him suffer. He wanted to make him pay for his defiance.
He devised a plan to lure Finn into a trap. He sent one of his agents to infiltrate Leah's hospital, and plant a bomb in it. He then contacted Finn anonymously, and told him that he had one hour to save Leah and everyone else in the hospital, or they would all die.
He also told him that he had to come alone, or he would detonate the bomb immediately. He said that he wanted to face him one-on-one, and settle their score once and for all.
Finn was shocked and enraged by the Dark Lord's message. He knew that it was a trap, but he also knew that he couldn't ignore it. He loved Leah more than anything in the world, and he couldn't let her die.
He decided to go to the hospital, and try to find and disarm the bomb. He also decided to activate the Demon's power, and prepare for a fight.
He kissed Leah goodbye, and told her that he loved her. He also told her that he would be back soon.
He hoped that he was telling the truth. ``` Finn Balor arrived at the hospital, and looked for the bomb. He used his enhanced senses to scan the building, and detected a faint signal coming from the basement. He followed it, and found a metal suitcase hidden behind some boxes.
He opened it, and saw a digital timer counting down from 10 minutes. He also saw a complex wiring system connected to a large explosive device. He realized that he had no idea how to disarm it.
He cursed under his breath, and tried to think of a solution. He wondered if he could use the Demon's power to destroy the bomb, but he feared that it would cause a bigger explosion. He wondered if he could call for help, but he remembered that the Dark Lord had threatened to blow up the bomb if he did.
He decided to try to cut the wires, and hope for the best. He took out his pocket knife, and looked for the right wire to cut. He had seen some movies where they always cut the red wire, but he wasn't sure if that was true.
He decided to take a chance, and cut the red wire.
He was wrong.
The timer sped up, and started counting down from 5 seconds.
He panicked, and dropped the knife. He grabbed the suitcase, and ran towards the exit. He hoped that he could get out of the building before it exploded.
He was wrong.
The bomb went off, and sent a shockwave through the basement. The floor collapsed, and Finn fell into a dark abyss.
He screamed, and activated the Demon's power. He hoped that it would protect him from the blast.
He was right.
The Demon's power shielded him from the fire and debris. He felt a surge of energy coursing through his veins. His muscles bulged, his eyes glowed red, and his tattoo spread all over his body. He looked like a demonic version of himself, with horns, fangs, claws, and scales.
He also felt a change in his personality. He became more aggressive, confident, and ruthless. He didn't care about anything else but survival. He wanted to get out of there, and find the Dark Lord. He wanted to make him pay for what he had done.
He used his claws to dig his way out of the rubble. He saw a hole in the ceiling, and jumped through it. He landed on the ground floor of the hospital, where he saw chaos and destruction.
He saw people running away from him in panic, but he didn't care. He felt invincible and unstoppable. He felt like he was the king of the world.
He was wrong.
He soon encountered a group of superheroes, who had arrived at the scene to help the victims and stop the culprit. They had heard about the bomb threat, and had rushed to the hospital as fast as they could.
They saw Finn emerging from the hole in the ceiling, and they recognized him as the Demon King. They knew that he was a hero who used his power for good, but they also knew that he was unstable and dangerous when he lost control.
They decided to try to calm him down, and talk to him.
"Hey! Finn! It's us! Your friends!"
They shouted at him, hoping to get his attention.
Finn heard their voices, but he didn't recognize them. He only saw enemies who wanted to stop him from reaching his goal. He ignored them, and continued walking towards the exit.
They tried to block his way, but he pushed them aside with ease. They tried to restrain him with their powers, but he broke free with force. They tried to reason with him with their words, but he didn't listen to them.
He only listened to the Demon's voice in his head, which urged him to continue his rampage.
"Kill them... Kill them all... They are nothing... You are everything..."
The Demon's voice echoed in his mind.
Finn obeyed.
Finn Balor had become a monster. He had lost control of the Demon's power, and had attacked everyone who stood in his way. He had fought the superheroes who tried to stop him, and had injured many of them. He had also caused a lot of collateral damage to the hospital and the surrounding area.
He had also lost Leah. She had survived the bomb blast, thanks to the quick intervention of one of the superheroes. She had been taken to another hospital, where she was treated for her wounds. She had also learned about what Finn had done, and she was heartbroken.
She couldn't believe that the man she loved had turned into a violent and ruthless killer. She couldn't understand what had happened to him, or why he had changed so much. She couldn't forgive him for what he had done, or trust him again.
She decided to end their relationship, and cut off all contact with him. She also decided to move away from the city, and start a new life somewhere else.
She hoped that she could forget him.
She was wrong.
Finn eventually regained his senses, and realized what he had done. He was horrified and ashamed by his actions. He remembered who he was, and what he had lost. He realized that he had gone too far.
He tried to find Leah, and apologize to her. He hoped that she would still love him, and give him another chance. He hoped that they could be happy together again.
He was wrong.
He learned that Leah had left him, and moved away. He also learned that she hated him, and wanted nothing to do with him. He also learned that she blamed him for everything that had happened, and wished that he would die.
He was devastated.
He tried to contact her, and beg for her forgiveness. He tried to explain what had happened, and how he felt. He tried to tell her that he still loved her, and that he needed her.
He was wrong.
She ignored his calls, messages, and letters. She blocked his number, email, and social media accounts. She refused to talk to him, or listen to him. She rejected his pleas, and his love.
She wanted him to leave her alone.
He was crushed.
He decided to give up on Leah, and focus on his mission as the Demon King. He decided to use the Demon's power for good again, and fight the Dark Lord and his minions. He decided to redeem himself for his sins, and make the world a better place.
He was wrong.
He found out that the Dark Lord had escaped from his hideout, and gone into hiding. He also found out that he had hired a team of assassins to kill him. He also found out that he had a new plan to unleash a deadly virus on the city.
He was furious.
He decided to hunt down the Dark Lord, and stop him once and for all. He decided to use the Demon's power to its full extent, and show no mercy to his enemies. He decided to end this war, and make the Dark Lord pay for what he had done.
He was wrong.
He fell into another trap set by the Dark Lord. He was ambushed by the assassins, who attacked him with advanced weapons and tactics. He was outnumbered and outmatched by them. He was wounded and weakened by them.
He was captured by them.
They took him to a secret location, where they tortured and punished him mercilessly. They beat him up, burned him with fire, electrocuted him with wires, injected him with poison, cut him with blades, lashed him mercilessly with a firey bullwhip on his bare back and buttocks, broke his bones with hammers, ripped out his nails with pliers...
They did everything they could think of to make him suffer.
They also mocked him for being a failure as a hero and a lover. They told him how Leah hated him and wished he was dead. They told him how she had moved on with her life and found someone else. They told him how she was happy without him.
They lied to him.
They wanted to break his spirit and make him submit to them. They wanted to make him beg for death or mercy. They wanted to make him their slave.
They were wrong.
Finn endured their torture with gritted teeth and clenched fists. He refused to give in or give up. He resisted their pain and their lies. He fought back with his will and his pride.
He also fought back with the Demon's power.
He felt the Demon's presence in his mind again, but this time it was different. It wasn't angry or jealous or resentful of him anymore. It wasn't trying to take over him or destroy him anymore.
It was trying to help him and save him.
It said that it had seen his suffering and his courage, and that it had changed its mind about him. It said that it had realized that he was a worthy host and a worthy partner. It said that it had decided to join forces with him, and fight against their common enemy.
It said that it was sorry for what it had done, and that it wanted to make amends.
It said that it was ready to be his ally and his friend.
It offered him its power and its support, and asked him to accept it.
Finn was surprised and touched by the Demon's words. He felt a new connection and a new respect for it. He felt a new hope and a new strength in him.
He decided to accept the Demon's offer, and trust it.
He said yes.
He felt the Demon's power flowing through him, healing his wounds and restoring his energy and health. He felt the Demon's voice guiding him, telling him what to do and how to do it. He felt the Demon's spirit joining him, becoming one with him.
He became the Demon King again, but this time he was different. He was stronger, faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. He was also more balanced, calm, and focused than ever before.
He was ready to escape from his captors, and confront the Dark Lord.
He was ready to end this story.
Finn Balor escaped from the torture chamber, and fought his way out of the secret base. He used the Demon's power to defeat the assassins and the guards, and to destroy the weapons and the equipment. He also used the Demon's power to track down the Dark Lord, and to find his location.
He followed his trail to an abandoned warehouse, where he saw a large truck parked outside. He sensed that the truck was carrying the deadly virus that the Dark Lord had planned to unleash on the city. He also sensed that the Dark Lord was inside the warehouse, waiting for him.
He decided to confront him, and stop him once and for all. He decided to use the Demon's power to its full extent, and show no mercy to him. He decided to end this war, and make him pay for what he had done.
He entered the warehouse, and saw the Dark Lord standing in front of a large screen. He saw that he was wearing a black cloak and a metal mask, hiding his face and his identity. He also saw that he had a remote control in his hand, ready to activate the virus.
He greeted Finn with a cold and sinister voice.
"Welcome, Finn Balor. Welcome to your doom."
He pressed a button on the remote control, and activated the screen. He showed Finn a live feed of Leah's hospital room, where she was lying on a bed. She looked pale and weak, but she was still alive.
He smiled wickedly behind his mask.
"Say hello to your girlfriend, Finn. Or should I say, goodbye?"
He revealed his plan to Finn. He said that he had planted another bomb in Leah's hospital room, and that he had set it to explode in 10 minutes. He said that he had also infected her with the virus, and that she was dying slowly and painfully.
He said that he wanted Finn to watch her die, and to suffer as much as he did. He said that he wanted him to feel helpless and hopeless, and to lose everything he cared about. He said that he wanted him to know how it felt to be betrayed by someone he loved.
He said that he was the one who had given Leah the virus.
He said that he was Leah's father.
He took off his mask, and revealed his face.
Finn gasped in shock.
He recognized him as Leah's father, who had abused her and her brother for years. He recognized him as the man who had forced them to join him in his criminal activities. He recognized him as the man who had tried to kill them when they refused.
He also recognized him as the man who had kidnapped him and tortured him. He recognized him as the man who had branded him with the Demon's mark. He recognized him as the man who had ruined his life.
He was the Dark Lord.
He laughed maniacally at Finn's reaction.
"Surprised? You shouldn't be. I've been watching you for a long time, Finn. Ever since you escaped from me, and became the Demon King. Ever since you met my daughter, and fell in love with her."
He explained his motives to Finn. He said that he hated Finn for being stronger than him, and for resisting his control. He said that he hated Finn for being happier than him, and for finding love with his daughter. He said that he hated Finn for being better than him, and for being a hero.
He said that he wanted to destroy Finn's happiness, and make him suffer. He said that he wanted to take away his power, and make him weak. He said that he wanted to take away his love, and make him lonely.
He said that he wanted to take away his life, and make him dead.
He pointed a gun at Finn's head.
"Goodbye, Finn Balor. Goodbye, Demon King."
He pulled the trigger.
He missed.
Finn dodged the bullet at the last second, thanks to the Demon's power. He reacted quickly, and charged at the Dark Lord. He tackled him to the ground, and punched him in the face.
He fought with all his strength and all his rage. He used his fists and his claws to inflict pain on his enemy. He used his teeth and his horns to draw blood from his enemy. He used his voice and his words to insult his enemy.
He wanted to kill him.
But he didn't.
He stopped himself at the last moment, thanks to Leah's love. He remembered her face and her voice in his mind. He remembered her kindness and her compassion in his heart. He remembered her words and her wishes in his soul.
He wanted to honor her.
He decided to spare the Dark Lord's life, and let him face justice. He decided to use the Demon's power for good again, and save the city. He decided to redeem himself for his sins, and make the world a better place.
He decided to be a hero.
He got up from the ground, and grabbed the remote control from the Dark Lord's hand. He pressed a button on it, and deactivated the bomb in Leah's hospital room. He also pressed another button on it, and deactivated the virus in the truck.
He saved Leah's life, and the city's life.
He smiled with relief and joy.
He also felt the Demon's presence in his mind again, but this time it was different. It wasn't angry or jealous or resentful of him anymore. It wasn't trying to take over him or destroy him anymore.
It was trying to help him and save him.
It said that it was proud of him and his choice. It said that it had realized that he was a true hero and a true king. It said that it had decided to stay with him, and fight with him.
It said that it was happy for him and his love.
It said that it was ready to be his ally and his friend.
It offered him its power and its support, and asked him to accept it.
Finn was surprised and touched by the Demon's words. He felt a new connection and a new respect for it. He felt a new hope and a new strength in him.
He decided to accept the Demon's offer, and trust it.
He said yes.
He felt the Demon's power flowing through him, healing his wounds and restoring his energy. He felt the Demon's voice guiding him, telling him what to do and how to do it. He felt the Demon's spirit joining him, becoming one with him.
He became the Demon King again, but this time he was different. He was stronger, faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. He was also more balanced, calm, and focused than ever before.
He was ready to leave the warehouse, and reunite with Leah.
He was ready to end this story.
But he also wanted to start a new one.
A new story of love and happiness.
A new story of peace and justice.
A new story of Finn Balor and Leah.
A new story of the Demon King Finn Balor of today
The End ```
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2023.06.06 22:26 Yawaworht5121 Issues with my spouse, have drafted a letter, would love an unbiased read through to see if this is worth sending, editing, or deleting.

Hi all, longtime lurker but I (34M) created a throwaway as my wife (30F) is a redditor and knows my handle. I've been having some issues with her not contributing to the relationship for the entirety of our relationship. When we met she was in grad school and I picked up a lot of the slack, but now I decided to go back for my MS and things have been hard. But in my mind, they've always been hard. Anyways, I wrote this last night while laying next to her when I couldn't sleep. Any advice, comments, or stern words will be appreciated. I would like to send some draft of this to her, but if the entire message is rotten, I'll start from scratch with any readers' comments in mind. Thank you.
You told me that when your mom asked you if you were happy, that you couldn't be happier. I am not on the same page. I don't want this to be an airing of grievances but more a cry for help. I am not doing well, I am struggling, I am not happy. I also feel…lost, alone, isolated. Anytime we almost talk about something serious, you put up your guard and sigh deeply and establish that you don't want to talk about it. That hurts and it stops us from solving problems and it makes me feel unheard and unappreciated.
I've been feeling like this for a very long time but I'm too afraid to say anything because I feel like the bad guy whenever any issue is brought up. Even when you agree, you become so self-deprecating that our energy is spent on making you feel better rather than solving the issue at hand. There is never a good time because there is always something on the horizon, or if it is a good time, any change comes at the cost of us having a fight and me feeling like the villain. I can't keep living like this.
You are now older than I was when we met, and yet it feels like you are struggling with things that I struggled with at an even earlier age. I know we talk about having kids soon, but do you think you're ready? Again, I don't want this to just be a list of complaints so I want to focus on healthcare to make my point, but please understand I am trying to hold back so my message isn't lost. This extends beyond Healthcare to other topics as well that maybe we can get into at a later date.
Your health: I'm happy that you made your first Dr appt but I'm so upset it took a huge scary wakeup call for it to happen. And even then I had to step in and get a sooner appointment because you were sitting on an appt 3 months out with no plans to look further. For someone in your field to treat yourself the way you do, I have to ask, why is it so hard to take care of yourself? What is the underlying issue behind not wanting to schedule any appointments? And look, we have lived together for nearly 3 years now, and in that tjme you would not make appointments unless I forced it through a lot of stress and fighting. I have been asking you to make appointments for months and not just for you, for me too, so you could help the household. And nothing. Sure, you had excuses every now and then like exams or trips, but you don't now, and even when you did, making appointments is so low-intensity that it frustrated me to watch you revise someone's homework, make a travel list for a friend of a friend, or do anything else instead of this. How are they more important than your health? Than my health? When we have kids we will need to handle so much more than what we have now, but it feels like you're at your limit of stress on a regular basis with just a 40hwk job.
I cannot sleep next to you for the rest of my life with your sleep apnea. We've identified possible causes but it feels like solving any of them is just not a priority to you. We have been together for 6 years so at this point, more aggressive choices need to be made. It isn't fair to me that I have to sleep on the couch or just have a bad night's sleep and be tired all the time. You don't want to get cpap, fine. No doctor's appointments scheduled, oh well. We've talked about weight loss, dieting, exercise, but because it's such a touchy subject I can't say or do much other than encourage you for fear of being a jerk husband. So I will continue to sleep on the couch until something changes.
2020 was a very rough year for you, I know. But it wasn't easy for me either. I had to work and support both of us, while dealing with everything else. We know how it was for you so I won't get into it here but if you remember, you and I agreed that once you were able you would step up and handle more responsibilities, because I did that for us then and when I would start school, I would need to rely on you more. I am more stressed out and sad and tired and weary now than I was then, and I could really use your help. I am drowning and I feel like... you feel like you are helpless. But all I need you to do is just knock out things that we have listed before, time and time again. Sometimes, I feel like I don't know what kind of relationship you want - do you want a traditional husband/wife team with division of labor or do you want it to be a more equal partnership where we do everything together? In either case, I will be honest with you, I do not feel that I am being treated right.
You always tell me that I'm taking on too much work, and I'm making myself stressed over so many things, but have you considered that you aren't? And that I would be less stressed if you tackled some big items for me? I don't care that we have home cooked food like, 3 days a week - that is not important. We haven't been to a dentist or had a pcp checkup in like 2 years. I have school and work and family stuff hanging over my head all the time - you are right that it's too much and it's self-inflicted. But rather than tell me that, can you help me by handling something without my help?
I would like couples counseling, but I also want you to see someone separately. I will too, I know I could use help with anxiety/depression. We have a lot of dysfunction which is likely caused by our own personal mental health issues so if we need medicine or therapy, we should work on that asap because this is not sustainable. Every day I can't discuss something that upsets me with you or every thing that I feel like I can't bring up out of fear of being perceived as an abuser just drives me into a deeper hole. All I can do is stew and catalog all the issues I am having and it just makes me sad and angry and helpless and crazy and lonely and stuck.
I love you but I'm drowning.
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2023.06.06 22:13 Hwittz Looking for advice on taking a job offer and switching from private to public sector

I have been working for a small land development firm as a project designer for about 6 yrs right out of school in the state I have always lived in. I've been wanting to leave my current job for at least a year now and finally got the confidence to start applying elsewhere. Recently I've received a job offer to be an associate civil engineer for city that's located across the country. I'm looking for advice on what things I should consider (and maybe haven't thought about yet) before making the transition and also what people have felt after making a similar transition.
Here are some of the positive points I'm considering about taking this job: - 15k-20k pay increase (currently at ~80k salary pre-tax) - 13 holidays (currently get 7) - accrew 8 hrs of sick time and 8 hrs vacation time every month (currently get 3 sick days/yr and 15 vacation days, except for the first 5 yrs of employment I got 10 vacation days/yr) - new job would be in a state with no income tax (Currently in a state with ~5% income tax) - would get over double my current retirement match - good health care plan - located in an area with way more outdoor recreation to enjoy in my free time than where I currently live
Here are some of the negative points I'm considering about taking this job: - the new job is for a "2 yr limited term" but they have said it's possible to stay on longer depending on their budget - relocating across the country and moving away from family - my husband and I would be moving together and he'd have to find a new job. He's been applying for a couple months but the industry he's currently in didn't provide the best transferrable skills. - never worked in public sector so don't have the best idea on what to expect
Also just want to note that per my research, the cost of living in both places are very similar. I may have missed some things but any advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.06 21:42 meowycat2 My boyfriend (25m) behaves as if he's my (25f) employer.

Info about past: I was a non functional shut in when we met, would just play games and go about my day. He enjoys spending time with me and so do I. That was 2 years ago, I have multiple mental health issues due to trauma, and I have been seeking help since then, following up on my medications, appointments, Enrolled into a online college, been active about my progress, taking it slow but surely it's happening.
My boyfriend is really supportivea dn understanding. He's seen me through my worst and seen me deal with my issues and walk towards new life. He's a bit reserved when it comes to emotions. He used to flirt with me but not take a step towards asking me out for a long time, in the end I ended up asking him out after making sure that I was in the clear(didn't wanna get hurt). He said he was not sure and still wanted to try after few days. Every emotional decision or anything about our relationship, future of us together, he doesn't like to discuss. But he does care about me and makes effort to make sure I know that. Now the present, when I'm really considering about our future, he says he's worried about having to take care of me if I ever down spiral. I am bipolar and I have been through downsprials with him, and I'm on top of my treatmenta and therapy. He only sees me as I was when we met. There's just so much progress, he doesn't see. I'm moving at my pace, but it's not upto his standards. I ask what happens if we were to be married and I get injured or fall seriously ill, what will happen then? He says as long as it's something you can recover from quickly, I won't mind doing chores for a while. He's quite ashamed of me cause I will graduate when I'm 26 instead of 21 like others. Treats me like a dumb person and cheers me up extremely when I do something that feels like he cares but I can't help but wonder. He has been quite frustrated for few weeks, says what are you doing with your life? I'm grinding my ass every day here while you do nothing, gets irritated when I play something at the end of the day or watch a show or take a day off, to the point that he constantly repeats some random thing until I stop watching or playing. He's been stressed at work, he has some issues he needs to deal with too but doesn't wanna get therapy. Because it's all fine since he's working right. He often did take out his frustration of being overworked on me. And I feel scared when I imagine my life with him. What's the point of in sickness and in health when the other person just wants a diligent worker. It's not like I plan on being a shut in again, I worked my ass towards bettering my life too. I have progressed miles ahead in 2 years compared to my last 10years. I actually look forward living my life, and doing a good job at it. Through bipolar downs and ups, through severe depression and highs, I stood my ground, my therapist and psychiatrist are impressed with my progress and advice me to go at my pace since it's what works rather than pushing to match someone else's expectations who just want those met for their ease. I really loved him, I just don't feel anything past week and so, not attraction, physical or emotional, just spend time together that's all. Sit in voice call in the evening, watch random stuff, play if he asks me to and that's it. He doesn't like to talk about serious stuff, so have to beg or force him to talk about our relationship. I know what I need to do, I know in my gut it's not the guy I am going to spend my life with. I'd rather be alone than with someone like an employer but as your life partner, I'd never feel at home, safe, comfort or peace. It's just hurts way too much and then the voices get stronger about what if he's just stressed at work, what if he just wants to know you deserve to be his life partner, what if he just wants you to be better and succeed in life, he's doing this for you etc etc. I really am confused in this. Tried talking to him, all I get from that is, he still sees me like I was in the beginning. Even after I remind him, he says he's afraid of having to take care of someone. I'd do it if the roles where reversed, when you love someone, you really do love them, it's an issue when they don't accept help or work on their issues. I don't get it when it's like this. Do I accept this as a realistic relationship or think I deserve more and lose it?
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2023.06.06 21:42 Super-Good4507 Fired for being vocal about mental health.

Hello, I won’t use any names or the name of the company for everyone’s safety.
I got fired yesterday. The reasons I was fired is that I had a panic attack after forgetting my medicine for the first time ever, but I wasn’t immediately fired. I was looked into and watched very closely at all my actions for the next week.
The first thing they did was move me. This job requires us to stay and live on site, and I never refused any of my duties and complied with EVERYTHING they said and asked me to do. I will admit I had complaints about the way things were running there, but those complaints aren’t necessary at the moment.
I stayed in a different lodging for 24 hours. In that time I was supposed to rest and I was not confined to stay in, but I was not allowed to speak to my coworkers and colleagues because they had a job to do. I fully agree and I didn’t speak to anyone except for to ask what was going on. That morning I got a call from my supervisor explaining very vaguely what was going to happen. I was told I may have to meet with a physician. I agreed and said I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove I am mentally okay and fine for the job. It is important to note that I was not the only employee who had mental breakdowns. I was the only one reprimanded for it.
Soon after I was in a meeting with my supervisor and HR. They told me that as long as I’m able to “adjust” fine I’ll be okay. I agreed to be more communicative about my mental health to my supervisor. The issue here was I was FINE. I had no issues mentally. I forgot my medicine and have a medical diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress disorder. I forgot my medicine (for the first time ever I would like to note) on a stressful day and had a panic attack. Nothing more. I never forgot it since then and never had an emotional breakdown since then.
Soon after we had a talent show for the staff. I wrote a song for it and before I sang I gave a little about my story and told everyone how it is okay to not be okay and how I will always be there for everyone. I received a standing ovation and everyone told me how thankful they were.
I got called in the office yesterday at 3:30 pm. They told me there that they have a business to think about and they do not believe I am mentally fit for the position. They told me I was allowed to apply the next year but my employment was terminated. On my way out they told me they have a business to think about and that I am not fit for it at my current state.
I am FINE. I have been told by multiple of the higher ups how good I was at the position and that the place would not be the same without me.
Their last request to me was that I stay silent about this. They told me they will be silent about it if I am.
I never once spoke back to my supervisors in any negative way and I did everything I was asked and more. I plan on suing for my job back.
I need advice here. Anything will help.
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2023.06.06 21:32 Businessfeeds Unlocking the Power of Physical Therapy: How Physical Therapists Transform Lives

Are you exhausted from living with chronic aches or limited mobility? Did you suffer an injury recently and struggle to get more robust and flexible? Physical Therapists Fairfax County uses various techniques to support patients in recovering from injuries, managing chronic conditions, and improving their quality of life.
What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy is a component of healthcare that concentrates on helping patients improve their mobility, reduce pain and restore function through exercise, manual therapy, education, and other techniques. Physical therapists are highly qualified experts who function with sufferers from all walks of life, including athletes recovering from injuries, elderly individuals seeking to maintain their independence, and those living with chronic conditions or disabilities.
Physical Therapy Fairfax VA aims to help patients achieve optimal physical function in areas affected by an injury or condition. It means working closely with each patient to develop a personalized therapy plan that addresses their unique requirements and purposes.
Some common types of physical therapy include orthopedic physical therapy for musculoskeletal injuries; neurological physical therapy for conditions such as stroke or Parkinson's disease; pediatric physical therapy for children with developmental delays; and cardiovasculapulmonary rehabilitation for individuals recovering from heart surgery or lung disease.
Physical therapists may use various tools and techniques to help their patients achieve their goals. These can range from therapeutic exercises designed to strengthen muscles and improve balance to manual therapies like massage and joint mobilization intended to reduce pain and stiffness.
The different types of physical therapy
Physical therapy is a chapter of healthcare that focuses on restoring and maintaining movement, function, and quality of life. There are several types of physical therapy, each with its unique focus.
One type is orthopedic Physical Therapy Fairfax VA which primarily deals with musculoskeletal injuries such as ruptured discs, fractures, sprains, or strains. This type also includes postoperative rehabilitation for patients who have undergone surgeries like joint replacements.
Neurological physical therapy addresses disorders connected to the brain and nervous system. Neurological therapists help their patients regain mobility lost due to these disorders through specialized exercises and techniques.
Cardiovasculapulmonary rehabilitation is another type that helps people suffering from heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) improve endurance and overall cardiovascular health through exercise programs.
Pediatric Physical Therapy aims at helping children born with congenital disabilities, or developmental delays overcome their challenges by offering them tailored treatment plans designed to suit their specific needs.
Geriatric Physical Therapy aims at restoring mobility in older adults who may experience age-related issues like arthritis; this helps reduce falls & sustain independence in daily activities.
The benefits of physical therapy
Physical therapy is a valuable form of treatment that can help improve a person's overall health and well-being. There are numerous benefits associated with physical therapy, including pain management, improved mobility and flexibility, increased strength and endurance, and reduced risk of injury.
One of the immediate advantages of physical therapy is that it can help manage chronic pain. Physical therapists use various techniques to address the underlying causes of pain, such as massage or joint mobilization. They also create individualized exercise programs to strengthen muscles and reduce joint stress.
In addition to managing pain, physical therapy can also improve mobility and flexibility. It is essential for individuals recovering from surgery or an injury who may experience stiffness or limited range of motion. Physical therapists function closely with patients to revitalize their ability to move freely without discomfort.
Another benefit of physical therapy is increased strength and endurance. Through targeted exercises tailored specifically for each patient's needs, physical therapists can help build muscle mass and stamina over time.
Physical therapy can also effectively reduce the risk of future injuries by improving balance coordination and teaching proper body mechanics during everyday activities like sitting, standing, or lifting heavy objects.
How physical therapists help their patients
Physical Therapists Fairfax County is essential in helping patients recover from injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. They function closely with their patients to develop personalized therapy plans tailored to their requirements and goals.
One of the ways physical therapists help their patients is by assessing and diagnosing movement dysfunction. It involves identifying any muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, or postural issues that may contribute to a patient's pain or mobility problems.
Once these issues have been identified, physical therapists use a range of techniques such as exercise therapy, manual therapy, and modalities like heat or cold therapy to address them. Then, through regular sessions with their therapist and consistent practice at home, patients can improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and overall function.
In addition to addressing physical limitations directly related to an injury or illness, Physical Therapists Fairfax County also provide education on self-care strategies, which can include advice on proper posture while working at your desk job or how to safely lift heavy objects without causing further damage.
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