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2023.06.05 03:15 batardo What money do you lose if you back out because of issues found in inspection?

In the standard contract in my state (NJ), the inspection contingency says you get back deposits/earnest money if you back out due to inspection, but it doesn't say anything else. So unless that clause were to be modified, I think I couldn't get back:
Appraisals can be pretty expensive. Does this suggest that I should push for the inspection as quickly as possible and hold off on paying for the appraisal? And what sort of title work would be done before the inspection completed, if any? I assume I wouldn't get title insurance yet, and that would only be relevant closer to closing.
Anything else I'm missing?
It seems from this like I'm out easily $3k+ of various costs if I need to back out because of inspection issues. Obviously I'd be willing to eat that if I needed to, but trying to understand how much I'm in for if something serious is discovered.
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2023.06.05 03:14 Savage-Monkey2 College is jerking me around

Tldr: people suck, college doesnt like people who dont conform to their cookie cutter plan, and I cant seem to get ahead of constantly changing degree requirements.
So I, 25M, have been trying to finish my bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. It is a dual bachelors program that codenses 2, 4 year degrees into a single 4 year period.
I did 2 years full time. One year on campus, the other off.
My first year was already off to a rockey start, as the college wanted to put me in remedial math and english classes despite my 32 ACT score. I couldnt afford the english exam, or any of my AP test fees as my family made more than the allowable limit even though they refused to pay for it.
I argued with admissions and had to take a placement test to be placed into calculus 1, even though I had already taken AP cal in Highschool. They refused to change my English asignment so I was stuck in remedial English.
Towrds the end of my first year, my GPA went from 3.5 to 2.8 because I contracted mono and was down for 3 months while on campus. My family didnt want to drive and get me during holidays including summer, so I ended up having to stay on campus alone for the better part of a whole year. I had to pay a bunch of fees etc to stay on campus.
After setting up time with my advisoteacher to make up for workI missed while sick, he flat out told me that I would never be a engineer because "I dont think like his kids who are engineers".
I elected to work through the summer as a RND intern at a stove manufacturing company to get a car. My dad was charging me 200 a week to live with him while I worked and required me to pay for my own food and work on his farm. I worked 48 hours a week and tilled and plowed 5 acers of land, including bushwacking a small forest to make room for a horse pasture. He held onto my money to keep it safe till I had enough for a car. Only giving me enough for food.
By the time I had enough for the car, I found out he spent it all.
I kept working as a intern at the facility, changing my direct deposit to my own account. After being there for 2 months, I was fired, because the department had exceeded its budget for interns and I was the last one hired.
I got my money back from my father. I bought and fixed up a beater, and got my own place. My second year, I kept my apartment and switched from on campus to off.
I was met with excessive hostility from my college. They told me that I was required to still have the food plan and pay for a deposit on a dorm incase my apartment fell out. I wanted to live in a apartment off campus to save money. I did the math out and I was spending 30$ a meal for the meal plan the college offered, and was dropping 2k a month for housing. The meals offered included 5 day old recycled brisket pizza and still forzen broccoli.
I moved my girlfriend of the time into my apartment, and was working part time at a manufacturing facility down the road while going to school. The moment the dean of my college found out I was working there, he called the facility and requested them to let me go because he was concerned for my academic performance. I had a 2.9 GPA with a 21 credit corse load while working part time. The company was sponsoring some of the colleges equipment, and had intern programs for the manufacturing and engineering degree students. I was let go from the job, being told that they want me to come back once it was summer.
After I was let go my girlfriend at the time had a emotional break down and was sending me pictures of self harm, nooses etc. She quit her job and I had to take a full time night job at a restaurant to keep my apartment.
I was only taking 21 credits to try and expedite my degree, as my family was not paying for my college. My mother said she would cosign only for 2 years, but if I missed a payment she would sue me. I did everything I could to finish the bulk of my classes in that year.
Managing taking care of a apartment, two full grown adults, doing 21 credits at college and a full time job became too much. I finished my semester with a 2.0 gpa and reduced my course load to 13 credits. The moment I dropped below 16 credits, my student loans dropped from deferment and I was required to pay 800 a month to cover them. I called to see if they would go back into deferment if I went above 16 credits and they told me they wouldn't and if I couldn't pay I shouldn't have taken the loan.
My last semester of my second year, I had to take on another job and I finished the year at a 1.8 gpa.
Since then I have worked at a as a line cook and baker. I then got a job as a draftsmen and field analyst at a cleanroom certification and OEM equipment manufacturing company. After my first month there, they fired the lead engineer and I took on his role, without title or pay. I was running multuple multi million dollars projects. Part of my employment conditions was that the company would pay for me to finish my degree but when the time came, they didnt want too.
During covid my position was downgraded to contract only, so I left and got a job at one of my vendors companies. I was the youngest person ever to have this upper level management job at this company. The company was over 50 years old, and I got the highest position possible besides being the owner. I was doing aerospace engineering, project management and the company promised to pay for me to finish my degree. I had companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics praising my work.
At this point I was taking 1 to 2 classes a semester and was almost done getting my associates degree. I changed my major to get the associates degree so I could transfer my credits to a different college. I was told by my academic advisor that none of my classes would be transfered to a different college unless I finished my degree.
The company I was working for never followed through with their promises, and I was stuck working 50+ hours a week managing 300 jobs at once. I had to be infaulable and a expert on every part and I was good at it. I formed a really positive mentopupil relationship with one of my coworkers, but any time I would make a slight spelling mistake or error on one of the thousands of pages of paper I was generating daily, he change and scream/berate me.
I ended up leaving my girlfriend from my college years, as the relationship never improved and I felt like I was a parent. I ended up reconnecting with someone who had always been by my side during college, but my girlfriend at the time made me choose between her or this friend, as she made her uncomfortable.
I only cut contact because I did have feelings for this friend, and I felt it was my duty to put my gf first. Once we re-connected I confessed my feelings to my friend, and she told me that she had the same feelings but wasnt going to be a homewrecker. We have been dating since and it has been wonderful.
She had a relative die, and I took time off from work to go with her to the funeral. On my way to the funeral, my co-worker found a large mistake that he thought was my doing. He called me up and berated me for it, and when I hanged up on him he texted me paragraphs. Turns out the mistake was his not mine.
That job never did pay for my classes, and I was fed up with the stess. I took a job at a corporation that offered me a lot of money and was going to pay for my degree. I gave 4 weeks notice, even though they required 6 months, and I got told I was a horrible human being and the worst kind of man by this coworker.
I have been working as a automation and controls technician for the past year now. I have gained a multitude of certificates on PLC, wireing and controls and have been enjoying the 120k salary. I finished my last semester with a 3.5 gpa, and am trying to finish the last two classes required for my degree.
Except my college just did a merger and now my degree requirements have changed. My new advisor has just informed me that the college would not recognize one of my english classes, and I now am required to take pre-algerbra 1 and 2 to get my degree ontop of the two classes I have yet to take. I have already taken calculus 1 and 2.
They told me they would wave the capstone project requirement for my degree if I can show them one of the not for your eyes military gun systems I worked on.
I just wanted to get a degree that would reduce the cost of a aerospace engineering degree. I am paying for college myself, and the only support I have is from my best friend and my girlfriend. This college feels like a waste of time and money, especially since every engineer I have worked with I have had to fix major flaws in their designs or implementations. I just want to make rocket engines. I have been developing one as a hobby since I was 12 but no one is going to even look at me if I dont have a degree.
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2023.06.05 03:14 Particular-Cry-778 Condottieri should give massive opinion and diplomatic boosts.

It's absolutely insane that renting out Condottieri to a country that hates you doesn't make them like you even a little bit. It's stupid and unrealistic.
Case in point (and the one that made me need this rant): I am Byanztium. I've restored a lot of the Empire and am the 7th world power. Bosnia was being invaded by Austria, so I lent them Condottieri to stop Austria from winning. They were losing, fully occupied, and about to surrender. My troops were single-handedly responsible for saving them. Not only that, but my troops occupied Ragusa and Herzegovina, and they fully annexed both- now they are the strongest Balkan nation by far, except for Bulgaria who are my vassals. I knocked two of their enemies out of the war, giving them 7 new provinces, and they still dislike me for being allied to their rivals. Serbia and Wallachia were early allies of mine (but now they need to go, they have Bulgarian lands I want).
So even though Bosnia had no army whatsoever, even though Austria would've fully consumed them, even though I single-handedly saved them, even though I gave them roughly a 35% size boost, they still don't like me or want to submit to vassalization.
In reality, when a smaller nation was in that situation, they would absolutely be vassalized, or at the very least ally with, the power that saved them. Plus, it wouldn't be like they had a choice.

I think that there should be an event that you can send, based on the power disparity. If the army of Condottieri you gave a country is more than their force limit, or if it is more than 3x of their standing army, you should be able to demand that they either pay you, submit to vassalization, or choose to be gracious and get a huge opinion/trust boost from them.
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2023.06.05 03:14 deepajm College

People start over all the time right? I’ve been in college for 4 years trying to graduate with a BS in Biology. I have a year left, but now I’m like… what am I supposed to do with it? I have no job experience, no internships, no connections, nothing. I’m in debt, I can barely afford rent, I’m two hours from home, I can’t afford to be a failure. Do I be honest to myself and drop out and pay my debt? Do I finish and fuck this shit and just work a regular ass job to pay off this degree… Do I go back and get a nursing degree instead so I can at least make bank? I’m stuck.
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2023.06.05 03:14 FairyOpal69 Living multiple realities

My friendships and relationships are so shattered and outside of each other that I have developed a (probably unhealthy) way of keeping my friends, family, sexual relationships, and secrets apart from eachother. In fear of disappointment for being myself. I don't meet many people with emotional ineptitude like myself often. And when I do I keep them to myself, damaging a future because of secrecy. Everyone thinks we are flighty fucks but in all honesty I just magnetize to those who are highly emotional. And then see everyone outright, live them for themselves, but never want to intermingle them
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2023.06.05 03:14 Weak-Bookkeeper1793 Joey should of declared her love to..

Joey should have declared her love to pacey by writing on the wall he rented for her; saying “It’s been you all along pace”. Or Rented/ she could have possibly owned a boat and tell him to met her there and should would say “Pace would you believe the man I’m still in love with had my hand at sea”. Something along these lines lol. He would the smile at her and wrap his hands around her hair and they would share a passionate kiss
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2023.06.05 03:13 VeterinarianHappy429 My boyfriend (19m) is 7 months older than me

But, he acts like hes much older sometimes.
For example, when we spoke about childhood cartoons. I told him about one that i was trying to remember the name of, and i showed him a picture of a cartoon that may be the one i was looking for
He didn't recognize it, and said that maybe it's newer than his time, and he missed out on it. But we're only months apart?
I told him that, and he laughed and joked like i was from another generation than him and was pretending to relate, or like we had an age difference more than a few months
He's done this before, not in a demeaning way, like making me seem lesser. But like he honest to god believes im much younger than him? He knows my birthday and our age difference so im not sure why he's doing this haha
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2023.06.05 03:13 Tony_Stork_ Any hijabis want their ass eaten ?

Submissive Muslim Girl Who Wants Her Ass Eaten Out
That's my dream.
To find a loyal and faithful wife, a good girl who is shy and modest, but secretly a horny diva. A gorgeous hijabi with a kinky twist.
After finishing a long and tiring day, when I come home, you need to be ready. I won't look at other women because I'm saving it all to enjoy you.
Make sure hot and fresh food is prepared and that you're wearing as little clothes as possible so I can drink in your beauty. Just underwear is good and butt naked is ideal. Walk around our lush apartment, so I don't have to lower my gaze and I can enjoy you as much as possible.
You're just mine, no one will know how delicious you are except me, just like no one will know just how veiny and hard I am except you.
I won't need any aids, or any pills, I'll be rock hard at your touch and probably even before then. In fact don't worry about me at all, worry about yourself because you're going to get it hard.
I'll pick you up, do you in mid air, pin you against a wall, bend you over. Whatever you can imagine, we'll do it. I'll put you in your place, tell you dirty things in your ear with a soft whisper and make you feel things you couldn't even put into words.
Modest and good women are rare and deserve appreciation. After dominating you, I'll kiss you so much, give you poetry, massage you and eat your ass like a buffet. On all fours, or sat on my face, I don't care, I'll suck your soul out through your forbidden hole.
Be a good Muslim wife to me, keep me satisfied and I'll make sure you don't want for anything. Physically, financially , emotionally, you'll be taken care of.
If you're a well behaved Muslim girl who's a bit cheeky then drop me a message. If you're a non Muslim and you salivated at the idea of being treated like that by a strong man, don't worry you can always convert for me :)
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2023.06.05 03:12 WaffleBone Missionaries knocked on my door, I asked about J Smithy marrying a 14 year old and they said he never had sex with her

Disclaimer: I was raised in the methodist church so I know very little about mormonism but I enjoy reading this sub, just wondering about what they said and what I should have said in response. Also sorry for bad formatting im buzzed and never post.
2 Missionaries knocked on my apartment door and asked if they could share scripture with me, I declined but heard them talking to my neighbors for a minute. When they were done I stuck my head out and asked if I could ask them about something. The conversation was generally-
TBM: well what do you want to ask about?
Me: I was just wondering about Joseph Smith marrying a 14 year old
TBM: (kind of chuckled) well what do you want to know about it?
Me: I was just wondering if that is acceptable to yall
TBM: Well do you know what he did with her?
Me: Raped her?
TBM: (Gets defensive) No, they were sealed in the temple, and based on all of the evidence and documents that we have they never had sex, you should do more studying before you accuse us of things
There was a little more than that and he mentioned polygamy and something else. After that I said alright I’ll do some research and if youre still around I might come out and talk more.
From everything I’ve read I thought it was a given that they had sex, and the only sources I can find are straight from LDS websites so Im not sure what to believe. Can someone help me out?
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2023.06.05 03:11 VeganTheo Quiet and Clean Couple Looking for Room

My partner (26f) and I (27m) are looking for a room for rent in primarily the Arden/Arcade area. I work Full-Time and she works a combination of part-time and individual business from home. Positive couple with great energy looking for an environment to match. Please feel free to PM if you have anymore questions!
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2023.06.05 03:11 Starrrshine Type1 in need of help ❤️

I am trying to get my son some supplies to hold him over until payday because I was unemployed for a month and it seems like my whole world is falling apart! Would anyone have it in their heart to help with a little big of money in order for us to obtain some things? The regular script has a copay of $80 but he doesn’t even have a transmitter or bgm at the moment and the last time I could read it, his sugars were in the 400s! He was in the hospital but now since we are home, we need to be able to closer monitor him again properly. I am a total failure of a parent, and it hurts but this too shall pass!
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Speech to a overwhelmingly supportive crowd in Charleston, WV.
"Citizens of the mountains, of our great state of West Virginia.
I have won the governorship.What will this mean? What does our future entail?
I will tell you, a new era for our people's state. Public works, educational reforms, labor reforms, and health reforms to raise our people's welfare in both the spiritual sense, and in the materialist sense.With this new victory, we will clean the streets of trash, people who wish to tear apart the unity of the culture of West Virginia.
We will among these things work to provide housing and employment to ever citizen of our nation, using the ample funds that our new lackeys at the top of the economic triangle will now be forced to pay for, no more shortcuts, or loopholes, they will pay their fair share!(Applause, cheers)With my new Lieutenant Governor, TheDimosiografos, we will together work to reform the state of West Virginia into a worker's commonwealth. What do I mean by this?
When I mean a worker's commonwealth, I mean in the sense, we will at every chance we have, crush unneeded bureaucracy, institute workplace democracy, and more direct forms of democracy in local elections. In every sense of the word, give the people of West Virginia the democratic means to achieve their liberty.(Applause)
Among all these great benefits (and more), we will provide to the West Virginian state, what former Governors could not.. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. From economic oppression, oppression that has for too long been ignored by our state, until now.
Onto the decree of my short address speech, to push forward the new state flag of West Virginia, as seen here in my hands, a blue background, with one center white triangle (to represent our fair Appalachia's)with the symbol of a pickaxe, and an axe to represent the large and main industries of our state, our state's being of prosperity, to represent the people who have built it. Finally marked by a star, representing one West Virginia, one above all.(Applause) "
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2023.06.05 03:11 lemm1ng_lord Advice needed, my girlfriend keeps thinking I’m going to murder her

Some context: just over a month ago I contacted 911 when my girlfriend seemed to be having psychosis, she was very detached from reality. She ended up in a mental hospital for 3 weeks before being released AMA due to pressure from her parents.
Her parents are extremely controlling and abusive. Her mother literally tried to kill her and her sister, still says things to them like “I wish you’d never been born”, once slammed her head repeatedly into the concrete, etc. these are just the highlights. During her stay at the hospital while she was in the midst of psychosis they told her that the hospital staff were going to hurt her which started an extreme paranoia that they were planning on murdering her.
She was released a week ago and came back home. Now she’s constantly afraid that me and my coworkers, the fbi, etc are plotting against her. The worst is that she sometimes look right at me and with all seriousness asks me to just get it over with and kill her. She sometimes seems to have other fears like that the whole world hates her, she’s done something horrible she can’t remember, etc. but I’m better at dealing with those than her fear of me.
She’s on some antipsychotics and antidepressants but they don’t seem to be doing much. The fear has just kept getting worse and I’m at my witts end. Reasoning with her at best works temporarily. Has anyone dealt with this kind of situation before? It’s kinda tearing me apart
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2023.06.05 03:10 BubblyMud1504 Me (F19) may want to break up with my bf (M19) and im at a crossroads. What should I do?

From the beginning, I jumped into a relationship with my bf, because I was in a bad place, and was seeking validation from just about anyone. I didnt like the way he treated me from the beginning, from leading me on at the start, to being overly sensitive for my taste. I was not initially attracted to him, but I liked that unlike the other guys I had slept with, he was consistent and wanted to keep talking to me, and texted often. So I settled. There wasnt anything particularly special about him. Hes average height, 🍆 size, and an overall average person when it comes to achievments. Hes not particularly passionate about anything and more recently complains that “im allowed to be lazy but he isnt” he is effiminate, immature, lazy, and distracted, and I knew all of this going into the relationship. I am also out of his league in attractiveness but not by a huge margin. However my wants and desires in a relationship have changed greatly after realizing what a relationship is supposed to entail, and he does not fit that criteria. Since the incident where he physically abused me, he has made significant efforts to be the person I need such as spending around 1k on my birthday trip. Still he complained about going to the mall which was apart of my birthday plan. But other then shelling out money to me, there hasnt been that much improvement. This, of course, is to be expected because maturity doesnt happen overnight. Knowing this, however, it is still hard for me to decide whether or not to be with him anymore because he loves me like I feel like no one else ever will. He is extremely passionate about me and talks about me to his friends and family. He got tattoos for me because he knows I like tattoos. He also argues that love in and of itself is enough to keep a relationship together, which I disagree with. What complicates whether or not I break up with him, is all of the plans we have for our immediate future. Were in a lease together, and we have plans on starting a very potentially lucrative online business together. He tells me he wants to marry me and be with me forever, and I want that too, but I cant overlook everything in good conscious. When we are good, we are really great together, and I mean like amazing, but there are several red flag moments where I become very concerned about our future. Were also young and should be experiencing life. Should I stay with him and gamble that he changes like he promises he will, decomplicate our lease situation, and not feel as lonely? Or should I break up with him and risk losing someone who may never love me and be as passionate about me as he is and lose the chance to make a huge amount of money with him?
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2023.06.05 03:09 A_Skyer How to deal with my house while leaving Canada

Hi folks, I’m looking for some suggestions on how to deal with my primary residence as I plan to leave Canada temporarily (possibly 10 years). Apparently there are three options:
  1. Sell it. I’ll lose agent commission and welcome tax as I bought it quite recently.
  2. Rent it out. I’ll not choose this option as it’s a house which means it hard to rent out and to maintain as well.
  3. Leave it empty. I’ll have to pay property tax each year. There is no empty tax in my city. My only concern is that keeping a house in Canada may make me a tax resident and it’s definitely a much worse thing from a financial perspective.
Overall I’ll prefer option 1. Should I put it onto the market before or after I leave Canada? Will I be considered a tax resident of Canada until I close it? Appreciate any suggestions and similar experience sharing! Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)
PS: to young people, especially first generation immigrants, buying a house here in my mid twenties may be the most regrettable financial decision. Things and ideas can change quickly at this age. I would suggest you think twice before going into the market!
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2023.06.05 03:09 hannab912 how long do withdrawals last?

i tapered off 30mg twice a day - i took it only at night for two weeks, prozac in the morning instead. now i’m on prozac twice a day and no cymbalta. this started a couple days ago - aka a couple days with no cymbalta at all. i’m currently going through withdrawal symptoms so bad i can hardly function. pins and needles in my hands and face, dizzy, can’t see straight, so thirsty but water feels gross. it’s horrible. i just moved into a new apartment and i need to be functioning. how much longer is this going to last? should i just go back on it?
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2023.06.05 03:09 hannab912 how long do withdrawals last?

i tapered off 30mg twice a day - i took it only at night for two weeks, prozac in the morning instead. now i’m on prozac twice a day and no cymbalta. this started a couple days ago - aka a couple days with no cymbalta at all. i’m currently going through withdrawal symptoms so bad i can hardly function. pins and needles in my hands and face, dizzy, can’t see straight, so thirsty but water feels gross. it’s horrible. i just moved into a new apartment and i need to be functioning. how much longer is this going to last? should i just go back on it?
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2023.06.05 03:08 ImpressiveAd6557 A pattern of being set up to fall behind

A pattern of being set up to fall behind
Apart from now charging 10 diamonds for (what use to be a free) energy box every day (which also doesn’t even give 100 energy any more) I’ve been noticing patterns over the past week.
Most of what my clog buckets spit out is blue tubs, but not when I need blue tubs.
6 of these blue tubs (pictured) came from 2 buckets.
As soon as I need something specific I get a whole lot of something else that gets in the way. More than previously. And it’s a pattern
The developers are obviously focusing on manipulating the player into buying more energy. Rather than just making the game fun like it use to be
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2023.06.05 03:07 2Sonder Abandoned (potentially stolen) vehicle on private property. Is there a way to claim ownership in some form?

I recently moved in with my girlfriend who has been renting a parking space around the corner due to a lack of parking on the road & no drive. This space is in a small car park behind a block of flats (owned by the same landlord) and is all on probate land of course.
I first notice the car around 6 weeks ago and asked about it, here is what I have found out:
-The car hasn’t moved in a long time (minimum 1 month I can confirm, tenant at the property has told me it’s been there a lot longer than that)
-The car is in a state of needing repair (body damage, mould, exposed wiring/parts etc)
-The car appears to have been stolen (screwdriver left inside car, wiring exposed, dash emptied, window permanently open, unlocked, appears to have been somewhat parted out)
-The landlord is unaware of who’s car it is (tenants complained, landlord tried to get the car removed but cannot find owner even after reporting to the police)
It is a shame to see such a nice vehicle go to waste and I’d like to take ownership, repair and put it back on the road if possible. Is there a way for me to do this?
I’ve seen some suggestions of applying for a logbook to become registered keeper, though not owner. Are there any potential issues with this? I’ve seen terms such as adverse possession thrown around and don’t want to see any legal trouble.
Edit: Upon doing a carcheck, it was had an accident causing Cat S in October 2021. The car has changed owner 3 times in the last 6months, last changing 69days ago. And was taxed 35days ago with last MOT (passing, no advisories) 01/06/22
Edit 2: This is in England
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2023.06.05 03:07 LloydLindell Is there a better Batman than the Arkhamverse?

I love the Batman universe, but apart from the films, the old cartoon and the Arkham games, I haven't had much of it
I loved Batman's development in the games, the character, his relationship with the Bat-family, his relationship with the Joker and the end, in short, it remains my favorite version of Batman
Is there a comic book series that develops Batman better? I'm looking for something very dark, gothic, with a very lonely and tortured Batman if possible
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2023.06.05 03:07 Hot_Subject_1338 StarFox Alternate Timeline Story Dialogue Part I: Bill’s First Adventure & Falco’s Transformation story

Fox “I like you better without your helmet on, Bill.”
Bill “Thank you Fox! But wondering to ask, how did you receive your merman form?”
Fox “Well I tried to go scuba diving at the different world, but got hit by a sudden wave and saved by a Prince of an underwater kingdom.”
Bill “Did you see anything while being underwater?”
Fox “Well had a tour of the kingdom before meeting a king, while Krystal discovered that the Corrupted Mayor had a stolen artifact hidden from the unaware townsfolk!”
Bill “Wow! Sounds like a great adventure you had…”
Fox “Hello General Pepper, is there any new missions for us?”
General Pepper “Actually there’s no mission objectives available, so you can just go to whatever you’re planning to do.”
Fox “I was thinking of bringing Bill along to see the underwater kingdom.”
Bill Grey “I don’t know if I should go with you and I might just drown when going there.”
Fox “Don’t worry, Bill! Andorf can open a portal for us and Slippy can give you a modified diving suit to wear.”
Bill “Well I guess I can come with you then…”
General Pepper “This will be your first exploration adventure to the underwater environment, so I will be waiting to debrief you later!”
Bill “Thank you General! Are you ready… Fox?” startled to see merman Fox
Fox “I’m already prepared and ready to go for a swim!”
Slippy “Hey Falco, how was the underwater excavation?”
Falco “Oh, we found some interesting artifacts at the underwater ruins, and Leon was helpful fending off those sneaky thieves!”
Leon “Happy to help out my partner and I’m still envious about your merman form…”
Female Lombax “I’m glad you were able to help them, my love!”
Leon “And I’m guessing you found your new beloved girlfriend from the enemy’s stronghold?”
Falco “Yes Leon! She does almost look familiar to Katt, but she is still perfect for me.”
Leon “If you’re done hugging her, how did you become a merman?”
Falco “Morning after visiting Fox at the Warlord’s floating fortress yesterday night, I took one of the dark-crafted smoke bombs from Maku’s apartment.”
Slippy “He brought five smoke bombs back from the visited seaside city. You must’ve taken one for personal reasons!?”
Falco “Yeah, sorry about that Slippy…”
Leon “So what happened after you took one of the smoke bombs?”
Falco “Well, I went to the beach shore near Corneria and was waiting for a few soldiers to arrive. Few minutes later as they arrived, I threw down the smoke bomb that released a transformation mist in a mile round radius.”
Slippy “What happens next?”
Falco “When the mist was released and spread out quickly from the smoke bomb, our uniforms were quickly shredded into pieces and we were instantly transformed into mermen. It’s like a sudden tsunami washing over our bodies as it twists and merges our legs into fishtails below our waists.”
Slippy “It’s just like what Maku described when he saw the human civilians transform into merfolk!”
Falco “That’s right! We couldn’t stand back up, but quickly crawled into the shallow water of the beach shoreline. Then, I used my functioning wrist communicator to call for transport to the Tower Headquarters.”
Leon “Did you ever have second thoughts before deciding to transform into a merman?”
Falco “Not really, but I did have an infiltration plan to get into the enemy’s underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold.”
Slippy “Maku debriefed us about your situation and crazy idea!”
Falco “So moments later after Maku arrived at the Tower h.q., I explained my infiltration plan to the frustrated young wolf. Then one of the servants of the Shredder slipped a stealth sleeve on my right arm and buckled a slave collar around my neck.”
Leon “You wanted to look like a captured slave? Interesting…”
Falco “After being carried to a fountain at a high populated area in the city, I asked Maku and the silent servant to find a high hidden place to observe from.”
Leon “Guessing you don’t want them to be seen or the plan won’t work easily, right?”
Falco “Yeah, the Abductors will flee from capture when they walk into a big ambush!”
Leon “So, what happened next?”
Falco “With the General’s soldiers fake sleeping at the city, the Octillean soldiers came through the portal throwing dark magic crafted smoke bombs at the fleeing civilians. While they are collecting the transformed Cornerian victims, one of the Octillean soldiers found me already prepared and waiting in the fountain’s shallow pool.”
Leon “So he picked you up and carried you through the portal to the underwater stronghold?”
Falco “Yes, I was carried into the underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold before the transformed Cornerian soldiers and civilians came through the portal to be sorted into different prison rooms.”
Leon “Okay, so what happened after that?”
Falco “After arriving at their underwater smuggling hideout, the dark Octillean mastermind recognized the enemy in front of him and appointed me as his observation guest. Good thing I didn’t get killed and I got my own private bedroom within the underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold.”
Leon “I’m guessing you also met your new girlfriend while exploring the underwater stronghold?”
Falco “Yeah, but I’ll tell you that story for another time. Anyway, where did Fox went from here?”
Slippy “He went to Maku’s underwater kingdom with Bill, so they’ll be back at HQ later.”
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2023.06.05 03:07 SherbetAcrobatic8454 my mom wants to move away from my hometown and i don’t know what to do

for context i (16F) have been living a pretty normal life till my father (41M) got a job offer a few hours away from my hometown, so my mother (38F) has been taking care of me and my two siblings (6F & 7F) alone for the past few months. but just recently my mother had gotten the idea to move to where my father is currently living, keep in mind that they still saw eachother every weekend, it’s not like they have been apart for month without seeing eachother at all. but she had gotten this idea and quite literally everybody she has told has disapproved of the idea, including my father, he doesn’t like the idea because he has friends and family in our hometown and i do aswell. but just recently summer break started so i no longer have to go to school, i was looking forward to spending time with my friends and my boyfriend but my mother had other plans, ever since summer break started i havent been able to visit or see any of my close friends, family or boyfriend because my mother chooses to stay in the city with my father. as much as it may seem that she is being so sweet for wanting to be with my father, she forgets that me and my siblings also have our own lives. today i asked my mother if we could go back to my hometown just for 1 day so i could visit my friends and my boyfriend and she said “no” because not everything can go my way. i get that not everything can go my way but i just found it a bit sad that she has kept me 2 weeks without having any physical contact with my friends or boyfriend. i just really need some advice currently because sm her excuse for all of this is that i’m “giving her an attitude” and “i don’t pay attention to what she says” when in reality she tells me to do multiple things at once and i tend to forget things easily, so i do half the things she tells me to do but i end up forgetting 1 or 2 things that i have to do and she says that i never listen to her. and this whole time, she has been calling ME selfish for not wanting to move, its her choice if she wants to move or not, but it still makes me sad, i rarely complain about things and have been keeping this bottled up inside for a while, just today i just couldn’t hold it in anymore and i burst into tears and started telling my boyfriend but i just need some advice and i don’t know if i’m in the wrong.
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