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2023.05.28 22:43 eman8906 Gf thinking about getting her own apartment without me

First let me start off by thanking you for reading this, I’m asking for your advice/ opinions.
I’ll make this a short and quick as possible. My gf and I have been together 3 years, we have talked about moving in together for the past couple of months. Her home now is very toxic but mines isn’t. I don’t really have to move I’m choosing to move so we can continue experiencing life together.
We are 19 and 20( me19) she express to me how she don’t like how I am, I then asked explain please. We sometimes play house at her current home just to get s general idea of how it might be in each other presence. I ask why does her family do a lot of things for ex( her older brother 23M leave his work uniform in the bathroom after showing floor is wet it’s just a mess in their). I ask why is her family dirty leaving their plates around, not cleaning up after themselves , etc. I then proceeded to say we gonna live clean baby she is clean herself but just a reminder.
I’m more tidy and organize but she isn’t. I like thing certain ways, everything had a place! I stayed the night with her last night and she told me she’s having second thoughts on moving in together because the type of person I am and how I’m a judgmental person. I’ll admit I am judgmental person sometimes if I see something that’s strange I speak to her about it. I want to change that I do I want to get better.
Now let me talk about my current lifestyle. I live with my dad rent free and able to save a shitload of money. We talk a lot and says why you want to move out I said to experience everything with my lady.
My concern is idk what to do. Go with someone who is having second thoughts about movi in and make a bad choice or stay where I’m at and let her do her own thing? I already explained to her I don’t want to hold her back she agreed. What do y’all think ?
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2023.05.28 22:43 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Bundle Set)

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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi’s courses, contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.28 22:43 Sgbear06 Copy-cats, Copiers..

I know everyone has at least delt with one person that has knocked at their door, or stood by their plot, wanting a tour or something.
TL;DR - I allowed a player into my plot, she took screenshots of the whole build without permission, I went to build mode to quickly get her out, she stormed off saying "Tu feo" ... "you ugly"
This player named "Bunny" (Idk her actual account name, but that's her roblox nickname) knocked on my door. She started off saying "you're house is so nice!" "Thanks ^ It's not done yet though" - "That's okay, could I have a tour?" I didn't want to because I was skeptical, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. - "Did you get your house from a tutorial video?" "No, I got it from a blueprint" "How?" "By just searching up blueprints online.."
She asked to see the inside of my house again, so I finally let her in. She kept knocking on doors and being a snot about it repetitively saying "Open" "opeen" "OPEenn" . . Even though I explained to her that there was nothing in the room.
I saw her go to a corner of the entrance and just stand there for a second. I immediately knew what she was doing but I wasn't thinking of how to act upon it.
I immediately went in to build mode "Thanks, but no thanks." I didn't know what to say so I just responded in a way that it wouldn't make any sense even with context. - "TU feo"
I hate how gullible I was. And on top of that, I ended up disconnecting shortly after.
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2023.05.28 22:42 Catbunny123 Someone I worked with like 3 years ago gave my number to Cutco 🙃

Someone I worked with like 3 years ago gave my number to Cutco 🙃
I didn’t even know they had my number lmao
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2023.05.28 22:42 Agitated_Skin1181 LPN to RN online?

I'm in PA, have my nursing prerequisites done, weighing options for continuing ahead with my education. My floor in my hospital hires LPNs is the only reason I'm considering taking that route. It would really work for me (mother of 3) if I can get my RN online (mostly at least) I know I can get my RN to BSN online. Does anyone know if that's actually possible? Thanks
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2023.05.28 22:42 xmilar LED Light Help

So I have a LED grow light I got from Costco a few years ago. It seems to work well with some of my house plants in the winter months.
My question is would an LED grow light be ideal for most indoor plants? I'm not familiar with spectrum, compatibility etc. I'm assuming not all house plants would react to this artifical light?
Any input or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 22:41 SquirrelofLIL Logistics Of Traveling For Surgery

Hi folks I'm trying to figure out the logistics of traveling for plastic surgery. I heard Florida is the place to go for large breast implants. I've also heard that flying too soon will cause my implants to explode.
As a result I'm interested in either taking MegaBus or Chinatown Bus, or driving. I'm still figuring out how to drive, so this plan is for many years in the future.
First of all what do recovery houses do. Do they keep an eye on you if you can't qualify for a home attendant because it's out of state.
Secondly is it possible to stay in a regular motel or is that not sterile enough. Also do I have to purchase traveler health insurance or not. These are some crazy questions I have. Thanks for your time.
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2023.05.28 22:41 wantedtobeloved Alker student housing

Hi! incoming student in Bergen. I got a room in Alker student housing. Im curious what room has the balcony in fifth floor? Thanks for answering :)
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2023.05.28 22:41 Necessary_Fun_4657 Am I (F38)doing the right thing moving or expecting too much to change with my partner(M43)?

Having second thoughts about moving in with my (F38) partner.(M43) Am I doing the right thing or expecting too much?
My partner, let’s call him J bought a house beside his parents about 15 years ago. He’s been living there on his own ever since.He’s very close to his family and goes there every evening for dinner after work and at the weekends if we don’t have plans. He also goes for lunch on the days that he’s working from home or home at the weekend.
The thing is that I will not be doing this on a daily basis when I move in. After a long day at the office, I would rather come home and settle in for the evening. Obviously, I will visit his parents, they’re really lovely, but not every day. I felt guilty saying this but I told him that I’d like for us to have dinner together after work. His silence spoke volumes.
I’ve worked from home in previous jobs so I’m aware that even though you’re busy working, there’s more time to do some small jobs around the house like prep some dinner or utility some food in the oven. I love cooking and I’ve mentioned that I’ll be more than happy to prep meals for us to last a few days at the weekends, just like I do for myself now, but I’d like for him to learn a few basics for when we’re living together and he can perhaps help out with that while he’s working from home. He didn’t seem to like that either .
He rarely cooks for himself, his mother looks after most of that. Am I expecting something unreasonable to have dinner together every evening and for him to help out with the cooking. I’ll have an hours commute after work so it would be nice to have some help and not to have to go out after work every day. He’s generally very good with other housework, keeping his house clean etc.
I’m obviously not stopping him from visiting his family whenever he wants but I would like us as a couple to have dinner together. Perhaps dinner with his parents maybe once a week. He’s not an only child and his siblings also live close by so it’s not like his parents are dependent on him.
Obviously I’ll be making changes too after living on my own. I’d like to think that we’ll be working together to make a life together as opposed to me simply having to get used to his family traditions and habits.
TL;DR Am I doing the right thing or expecting too much from my partner?
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2023.05.28 22:41 fallwitch Elevated toilet?

My mom bought a farm house which was built around the 1910-1920s and has been through a good bit of renos already. I am planning on doing a complete DIY project for our half-bathroom upstairs, and the biggest problem I’ve run into is the toilet.
The toilet is elevated by a wooden block which had carpet stapled to it. I already started ripping out the carpet and it smells HORRIBLE. I don’t know what the person who did this was thinking that carpet in the bathroom works well.
I’ve tried to look it up, but cannot for the life of me find the name for this section.
If anyone has run into something like this, what do you think I can do with it? Reapply tile around it instead? Hire someone to take it out altogether?
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2023.05.28 22:41 Ok-Psychology9008 I'm going to sell my sealed Trainer Deck A (Brock's Deck) but am struggling to know what it's worth. There isn't another sealed Deck A for sale in the world! Help me friends 🤔

I'm going to sell my sealed Trainer Deck A (Brock's Deck) but am struggling to know what it's worth. There isn't another sealed Deck A for sale in the world! Help me friends 🤔 submitted by Ok-Psychology9008 to u/Ok-Psychology9008 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:40 IllGeologist9126 Milestone found in the wild-I saw a pre-transition photo and was surprised by my reaction

We're packing to move cross country in just a few days. My spouse's coming out is just over a month old and things have been a little intense with that and my finals/selling our house. However-
Today I was packing and I found a wedding photo of the two of us. I couldn't believe it. It looked like a stanger next to me. Who was this person smiling and dressed in a suit? They had my wife's smile and eyes but everything was so wrong. Like she was cosplaying as a boy.
I couldn't believe it. My wife's male past life feels completely foreign to me, despite sharing 7y with this 'other person'. To me, my spouse is this bubbly, all be it very girly, and glittery girl. To me she glows and is so distinctly HER.
I'm so grateful for this moment, to realize just how SHE she is rn now me. It's been hard with family and friends though we are lucky compared to some. I'm glad to find definite proof I don't see things this way
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2023.05.28 22:40 antiqueue TIFU by accidentally drinking a water bottle filled with fleas and dish soap

So I have a cat who escaped the house and came back the next day covered with fleas. I put on flea treatment on my cat and went to work combing and getting rid of the fleas. I would put the fleas in a water bottle in which I filled with dish soap and water so I could dispose of later. I had it on my table and I had completely forgotten about it for hours, and was thirsty so I drank from it immediately tasting the dish soap and swallowing some dead fleas.I immediately ran to the restroom after realizing what just happened, got on my knees at the toilet and proceeded to throw up about 5 times. Seeing some dead fleas mixed with my vomit was not a good sight indeed. Possibly the most gut wrenching thing that I have done to this day. TL;DR: I had accidentally ingested dead fleas and dish soap thinking it was just a normal water bottle.
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2023.05.28 22:40 Littlepaulio How to jump the housing list by God knows how many years in Galway!

This might be a well-known by now, but I doubt it.
A lady originally from Zimbabwe moved here many, many years ago. She is now 50. If you were to google her name you'd be inundated with results from the national press such as 'fuelled by an alcoholic rage', 'attacked by a woman wielding a duck leg'. To the best of my knowledge she terrorised certain neighbourhoods in Doughiska and it became the mission of a certain Sgt. (I think) to take her case on personally.
She was also allegedly running a ' house of ill-repute', although based on what I've seen of her and her friends, just invest in a blacklight!
She's been in and out of jail for mostly petty theft , physical alterations and vandalism.
But she f**cked up when during a bender she twisted the nipple right off the breast of an officer of the peace. Got 36 months from that, was banned from her home and the Eastside of the city
Interlude- incredibly sometime in the past 14 years or so she married and had a son of Galway's District Attorney. They went on to have a child together.
Back to late last summer. Now as everyone knows, the Guardaí need an address for all released prisoners, not having a half-way house as the UK properly does. The bloke beneath my apartment had sold his apt to the City about a year ago. No expenses was spared in refurbishing this apartment. It has a high-end smart heating system and Simon furnished the place for her.
It's a matter of public record that Edward Condon was overseeing the social housing of the entire city because of a colleagues illness. I spoke and wrote to him several times during those first few weeks. The Guards had been called several times but he claimed that because eventually desk sergeant informed thatb Inhad been misled and due to the GDPR the police can't inform of these call outs. That's a blatant lie and I have emails strongly suggesting he had never imparted this information to me.
Julie Molloy, his successor as director of Social housing on the Western side of the city. I will practice discretion here and keep my opinion of the lady to myself.
Feel free to DM me, and apologies for the details I have inaccuratetly repeated.
Opinions, advice, can I give out these lady's name as it is (certainly was) in the public domain? She has just continued on from where she left off.
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2023.05.28 22:40 xoasp Is this messed up for my bf to say to me?

He knows I struggle with AvPD. He knows the extent of it and idk this just rubbed me the wrong way. He said this because I’m at his house and I never go downstairs to speak to his dad or his dads girlfriends, I just stay in his room. He explained to them that I stay in the room because I have AvPD. I already felt immense guilt for not being able to speak to everyone & this just kinda makes me feel worse
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2023.05.28 22:40 Icy-Assignment-1942 How do I get my mom to stop being so paranoid just when I walk out of the house?

How do I get my mom to stop being so paranoid just when I walk out of the house?
For context, I am a 23 year old female and my mom is a single mother of 7 and she is now 53. Two of her children are girls but the rest are boys. I will only use the two children that live in the same county as her for comparison because I think that’s the only fair way to compare situations. My older brother is a lawyer, but has previous history with alcohol abuse, frequent car crashes, suicidal ideation, etc. we live in San Diego and he frequently takes trips to Mexico, Hawaii, any state that he pleases with little to no communication about it with my mom and they talk everyday. On the other hand my sister is a 28 year old, lives in the same county, single mother with 3 kids. Frequently goes out to party, have random men over and leaves her kids at her house randomly and also frequently talks to my mother. My sister when she was in her early YA years met a man online, ran away from home, joined a cult (yes, seriously) and was missing for 5 years before being returned home.
I have never had any serious problems other than depression and anxiety when I was younger which also had some suicidal ideation, but I’ve been in therapy for 5+ years now. I have also had problems with gambling after my fathers passing in 2021 but nothing that has lead me into dangerous situations. All using my own money. I’m successful and I allowed my mom to move in with me when I was 19 because she was homeless and this was during COVID so I didn’t want her and my little brother out on the streets with no means to survival. It works out for me because she watches my pets and cleans the house. I don’t have the time to because I’m at work for 10 hours a day and immediately after I go to college night classes.
My issue is that everytime I go outside. Literally whether it’s to go hiking with my dog, to the beach by myself, or if I tell her I want to plan a road trip to neighboring states she tells me that I’m going to die. For example I sent her the attached picture as a joke today and she told me not to do that or I’m gonna get followed home by guys that want to take me out for drinks. I just thought the post was funny and I was in no way serious, but it turned into a lecture. It’s not like I haven’t done long road trips before, I drove from San Diego to San Francisco for my brothers graduation from law school by myself. I would like to travel more to Arizona, Vegas, etc. just to see more of the world and have better hobbies than gambling, but I don’t think there’s one day I go without hearing I’m going to die when I walk outside.
I don’t want to separate households because now she’s a flight attendant and our combined income is at least $144k a year and I get perks from her job, but it’s like she doesn’t want me to use the perks unless she is there. We are planning on buying a duplex together next year to gain real estate and save money, but I wonder if that’s a bad idea?
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2023.05.28 22:40 SnuffinL [A3] [Recruiting] [NA/EU] [40k] [New Player Friendly][Heavy RP][Semi-Serious] Knight House Mortan

:: =============================== House Mortan Structure =============================== :: ► House Command ::Unit Lead: High king Jötunn └► House Guard Marshal └► Primus Sacristan :: :: ► Imperial Knight Core :: └► Baron:Leader of the knight corps commands all knights and members on the battlefield while also piloting their knight └►Knight: Seasoned member of the knight corps able to undertake tasks and missions alone also they can take a scion martial under their wing and lead and train └► Knight Marshal: Member of the knight corp which has earned their knight and is charged with assisting a senior knight in battles and also protecting ground forces
└►Squire: Standard member of the knight corp charged with leading the aspirants while on the ground and providing the repairs to the knight also in the beginning stages of training with a knight
└►Apparent: Newest member into the knight corp tasked with following and helping maintain the knight while also providing security for the pilot and knight when the knight is inactive or being repaired. ► House “Cemiara” Guardsmen”:
└► Company Officers
└► Platoon Officers
└► Squad Leaders
└► Mechanized Infantry
└► Medicae
► Sacristans ::
└► FOB Creation
└► Artillery
└►Knight Maintenance
└►Vehicle Maintenance
=============================== :: :: ► Operation Times: Saturdays 12-2PM PST (Still working with Community on this)
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2023.05.28 22:40 orangesoda5p Any yoga studio, salsa dancing classes, or other active community recommendations?

Reposting from BayArea
I’m a 30F engineer and I moved from FL to the Bay Area to WFH. As you can imagine, I haven’t had too many opportunities to socialize or even leave my house.
Since the pandemic I’ve been practicing yoga at home, so now I’m looking for a yoga studio nearby (I live in Milpitas). I’d appreciate any suggestions!
I’m also open to any other communities to meet new people (preferably active). I’m no good at things like rollerblading, dancing salsa, or playing frisbee - I’d be willing to give those a try! Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 22:39 cosmicbrownie27 bestie can I just chill with you at the Wendy’s for the rest of the night I really don’t wanna go back home

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2023.05.28 22:39 BongoFett17 New kitten for the clan

I have a 3 y/o male Tux and a 1 y/o female brown Long Hair Domestic. They are fine together but still stay on their sides of the house unless it’s treat time. I’m going to have some extra time the next few months and moving to a new house, so I’m going to add a kitten to the family. Like a fresh start for everyone. Would it benefit at all to get a kitten that looked like one of them or maybe to get like a white or grey kitty? Thinking it might benefit my 1 y/o more but maybe my 3 y/o may be a good older brother? I don’t know, could just be a crap shoot with the results since every cat is different. Any feed back would help greatly, thanking you in advance.
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2023.05.28 22:39 carson1h Later

I decided to just forget about it and make a new World in creative to clear my Mind. I don't know what the Symbol mean's nor what it is trying to say. The image is a lot more Shitty than i expected, but anyway i made a house on top of a mountain so i could pass time and let my imagination run wild for a little bit. I made this Tree House/Mountain Hose/Cabin ?, whatever i made it looks pretty cool (p.s im not a pro builder but what do you think ?)
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2023.05.28 22:38 AvgHeight510 Dealer didn't put the oil filler cap back on. How worried should I be?

Recently I took my car (2016 Mercedes) in for an oil change at the dealership. When I was driving it home (it's approx. 25-30 miles freeway driving between the dealership and my house) I went to make a stop at the store along the way, and as I was maneuvering into a parking space I realized something was really wrong. Smoke was billowing up from under the car and the HVAC started pulling in a ton of terrible burning-smell. Shut the car off and got out really quick because I thought maybe it was on fire, thankfully it wasn't, but pulled the hood up and found that the oil filler cap hadn't been put back on. There was oil that had sprayed up all over the engine bay which appeared to be the primary cause of the smoke, but you could see that there was also smoke coming out of the oil filler with the engine off (although I'll admit, this may have just been a trick of the light and physics from hot air coming out of the open oil filler).
Called the dealership and they immediately took full responsibility, covered the cost of a tow truck, refunded the cost of the oil change and offered to also cover the costs for an UbeLyft if I had anywhere to be right at that moment, and have provided a loaner car until it can all be fixed up. Their words were, "we're going to do whatever it takes to make this right."
Next day they started working on it, and one of the service managers said that it was 1-1.5 quarts low on oil. The paperwork for it (so far) says that they've confirmed it doesn't leak oil now that the cap has been replaced, they've steam cleaned the engine and all belly pans, found that it may still smoke or smell because oil was baked onto the catalytic converter. To check for damage to the engine, they removed the engine cover, air boxes, "charge air cooler" (it's a V6 engine with twin turbo), and all spark plugs, performed a cylinder leak down test (finding that each cylinder has 8-13 PSI loss, but spec is less than 25 PSI loss), an electronic compression test (finding each cylinder returning 202-215 RPM), and a bore scope test to check for metal shavings and found none. They also checked the undercarriage for damage from the tow truck.
The thing I'm really worried about is that this has somehow impacted the overall lifespan of my engine. I've never had a car with a bigger engine or turbochargers, let alone a German one, and everything I've read is that they turn into money pits as they age, especially if you don't keep care of them. I'd told both the service manager and the general manager of this concern, and had asked how they warrant their work in situations like this; they told me the manufacturer's 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty would apply to all parts that have been replaced. They did say that the amount of oil that was lost would not have starved the turbos while the engine was running.
Is there anything more that I can ask the dealer to do or or for them to check/look into for peace of mind?
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