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2023.05.28 21:40 8808obrut AITA For making fun of someone's accent?

So before I get roasted, he is from Boston and I am from California, we are both Americans and have "accents" I guess. I would never make fun of someone who speaks English as a second language, but since we are both Americans and were talking crap to each other I thought it was fine but now I'm not sure if I went too far. He's a friend of a friend and we've hung out a few times in a group like this time but somehow things started to escalate when we were talking about getting food and I said "Let's get some chick'n clam chowdah" in my best Boston accent, which is awful. He then jokingly suggested California Burritos, the ones with fries in them, but that's a So-Cal thing that no one likes where we are so it didn't burn at all I just chuckled and we ended up going to a real Burrito place.
A little later on, we were talking about sports, and we're all Raiders fans and he was talking crap about how we lost all our teams and I said "F' you, you Mass-hole, David Ortiz sucks, you have no idea and leave it at that, okay." Which again was in my Boston accent and the last part is a line from one of my favorite movies, Departed when Marky Mark is grilling DiCaprio. I didn't tell him it was one of my favorite movies and I actually like David Ortiz but since he is a Boston hero and Departed is a Boston movie, I figured it would burn and I guess it did.
There were other jabs both ways throughout the day but I think those were the worst because they referenced so much of Boston. I feel like it's harder for people to make fun of Californians than it is for people to make fun of East Coast cities because the stereotypes are so specific to cities, areas, or states on the East Coast. A lot of the California stereotypes don't apply to where we are, so they don't matter to us. Losing all our teams burns for sure and is a local sore spot but that is not ingrained in who we are like an accent.
Some of us were going to a sports bar and others were going somewhere else so at that time he and I parted ways, I didn't think much of it because in our guy group, there's lots of crap talking but all in good fun. A couple of the guys I was with were questioning why I was so hard on him and being an Asshole and then I got a text from another friend basically saying the same thing so now I feel like maybe I am the asshole? I don't know if it was the crap talking or making fun of someone's accent or just all of it but I feel like my friends and I have laid into each other worse and it's been okay.
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2023.05.28 21:40 turtleheadpokingout Questions about hardening/tempering a hatchet

So I've "restored" a 1970's Estwing hatchet with a leather wrapped handle. The steel was pretty soft and blade had some scratches and basically dents in the edge where I guess somebody hit a nail or something with it. I've filed all that down and it LOOKS good but was still too soft for my liking.
I have a big propane weed burner that puts out a massive amount of heat so I used that to "normalize" the steel by heating it up bright red/organge hot three times and letting it cool naturally between heat cycles.
I tested for magnetism using small neodymium rare earth magnets and basically the result is that the steel is still magnetic, and now my magnets are not! Other words once cooled a new magnet will stick, but the ones I stuck to it when red hot were demagnetized and just fell off.
I have yet to harden/quench the blade cause this is where I'm stuck. First I've never done this before and am just watching youtube videos.
I can't put the whole thing in the oven to temper at 500 for hours because of the leather handle.
Would y'all recommend that after quenching, maybe putting just the edge in charcoal and covering it up or something and letting that just go till naturally cool? That's about the best I can come up with.
OR should I just not even bother with quenching it in the first place given that I can't oven treat it afterwards? Any other ideas? What about maybe heating up the oil to 500 after quenching and leaving it to soak? I might be able to do that in a can over a little camp stove. ???
It is so pretty I don't want to mess it up. The sheath is perfect and is the Acorn style and the handle I restored and expoxied over with UV cure resin.
Many thanks for your advice here!
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2023.05.28 21:38 reallybrucedickenson Best place to trade tools?

I have a fair amount of snap on, matco, and American made craftsman sockets. I have lots of one off sockets and mostly SAE sets, I don’t want to sell them but I would be interested in trading for a complete set. Where would be the best place to do this?
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2023.05.28 21:37 cantfindfit101 Ideas for bra modifications, feedback welcome

To start I am by no means an expert. I’m just a person who loves numbers and ideas and struggles to find bras. I have narrow roots and a ton of projection. I will have to find real bras again soon when I finish breastfeeding. My size pre pregnancy was 38J/JJ (UK). No telling where the will end up, I’ve been living in nursing bras with non standard sizing.Idea 1 was brought from my love of corsets and looking into getting one to wear daily for support. I came across some advice in a corset making group. The bit that was interesting was:“
”A common mistake I see is that the outer edge of a cup will be placed too far forward, so that the underwire is cutting into the breast tissue on the side. Usually, the back of the cup needs to be under the arm with big boobs because we usually have more breast tissue under the arm. The lily pattern pic is a good example of the problem, actually. For a lot of people, that cup placement is fine, but you’ll most likely need to adjust yours so that the cup extends 2-3” further back to comfortably fit your sister. If she wants the look of the breast tissue being relegated to the front of her body, you can do that by using a side support panel in the cup. That way, you’ll be pushing the breast tissue under the arm forward to shape the breast, rather than cutting it off from the rest of the breast like you do when placing the cup too far forward.”
I found that this is the best description of my issue with most bras. I’ve had limited success with actual side support bras but maybe I can make my own side support. Generally speaking, underwires are to wide and cups not projected enough for me. From the top, where my tissue attaches to my body is very narrow. As my boobs go out they get much wider from side to side. Most bras squish them backwards and move the tissue further to the side creating an odd looking pocket of space in the corner of the bra.
I was thinking of placing something in the side of cups maybe a thin dome shaped cushion to give some support to the side tissue and push it forward. If needed maybe I could size up in cup sizes to get the projection to fit and use the cushions to take up the extra space on the side from the larger than needed cups.
My next idea came from discovering bratabase. I’m a numbers person by trade and finding raw measurement data gave me ideas. Has anyone had good results using extenders? My idea was to find a smaller band size with larger cups so the wire length stays narrow but the projection increases. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be to hard to modify an extender with a loop and buckle attachment in the center (similar to a belt). I’ll likely start with a Velcro strap on the middle attached to the stretchy bits already on hook parts of the extender. The idea would be to take a bra with the correct cups but a band that may be waaay off for me and turn it into a properly sized band.
These were my random shower thoughts this weekend. Let me know if anyone has any feedback. I’d love to talk theory to build a better bra so to speak.
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2023.05.28 21:37 Counting-Trains TFF Matchup #51: Old Habits Die Harder In Solitude — Catapult (RTS) vs. Goodnight L.A. (HC)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the second matchup for Round #2 of The Finest Flock! Note that while this is the bracket’s 2nd round, some of it’s songs are only just now making their first appearance herein, including “Catapult” from RTS for the sake of today's matchup.
Matchup #50 was aptly so the closest battle thus far, and still one of either “Have You Seen Me Lately?” or “St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream” had to go down flying high. In voting for the latter of which, I was only mildly disappointed when it lost as HYSML is just as good a song imo. With that being said, Matchup #51 is too an intriguing one, as in dealing with songs that are hopelessly lost in the extremes of love, insomnia, fame, and death (at least in the case of “Catapult”, where Adam’s lyrics —together with added context from the band throughout the RTS era of 1996— heavily allude to the passing of his close friend and label sibling Kurt Cobain, and thus, his very own need for cognitive escapism —a catapult of sorts— from the world around him, so as to avoid a similar mental breakdown to Kurt, that is) Adam alleges that hope in a better tomorrow is the single necessity to leading a life of lived in sorrows and undeniable suffering such as his own.
For context, The Finest Flock (TFF) is a bracket that myself and the wonderful moderator of this subreddit -u/qunix- have developed in hopes that it may facilitate some new found engagement, discussion, and listening within the Counting Crows fanbase.
And just to further elaborate on what was previously stated, the reason that some songs are only just making their first appearance here in Round #2 is just due to the bracket website having a limit of how many matches there could be in the first round. All featured songs were randomly generated, so there is no outstanding reason as to why songs only now appearing for the first time have taken until Round #2 to be featured here.
—Our intention is to stagger each matchup of the many dozens of counting crows songs that we have selected over the next few weeks/months to come. In this way, individuals who favor some of the bands lesser appreciated or well known acts have the opportunity to vote for and potentially send forth those very same songs to further rounds within this bracket.
—In total, we’ve selected 104 unique songs for this event and arranged them amongst each other by utilizing a bracketing website and it’s randomization function. Hopefully these songs -in their arbitrary selection- will give all of those who are willing to express their idea of what constitutes a great song, and more significantly, an even greater counting crows song the chance to do so in a way that involves all views on all things good music. And for those who are simply here for the hits, may the odds be ever in your favor (cause they probably will be).
—Feel free to contact me or u/qunix for any further details concerning this bracket that you may currently have. Pursue conversation with one another, talk about the results of each round to your hearts content, and make this shit real fun. I’ll also be voting on this poll, however, as to avoid any effect of my biases on others’ instinctive choices, I won’t try and skew the results of this event in any way, shape, or form; I’ll be suspending my personal judgement on CC music -for the time being- on all related polls.
—Also it goes without saying that this event is entirely impartial to big-hitter-tracks such as Mr. Jones, A Long December, or Mrs. Potters Lullaby and, as such, it will be only myself, u/qunix, and the voice of this community at large that shall determine the answer to a question I’m sure we’ve all been dying to know…
…that is: why the fuck does adam say, ”And man its a really good place to find yourself a taco,” at the end of “Los Angeles”.
…or, ”what’s the best counting crows song ever,” if you want to be really lame.
—This community is fucking awesome so I already know that, together, we’ll make this a more than memorable experience within the CC sub’s history, and one that I am certain we can all thoroughly enjoy.
—Here’s the link to the actual polling website we have used to organize the rankings/matchups deriving from this bracket:
The Finest Flock’s Challonge Bracket
—Also of note, the polling for this individual matchup will close sometime tomorrow just as/before the next bout of this bracket comes out; this applies to every TFF post. Thus, in the event that a matchup is allotted more than 1 days worth of polling time by our mistake, any votes casted outside of the match’s initial 24hr release period —or until the next post under this event is created— will not be of influence to its final result(s).
—Today’s TFF Matchup:—
Catapult (RTS)
Goodnight L.A. (HC)
View Poll
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2023.05.28 21:37 Silly-Hovercraft398 WIBTA if I backed out from being a witness in a wedding?

Hi Reddit, I need some advice!
Around 6 months ago, a friend (28M) of my (26F) fiancé (28 M) announced he will be getting married to his girlfriend (25 F) in Sep 2023. They have known each other a long time (even though they are not best friends or anything) and, although having my own friends and hanging out with them way more often, I have been going out with his group of friends since we started dating over 10 years ago.
Now, here is where my problems started. When he announced his wedding to our mutual group of friends, he asked me to be his witness for the wedding together with another friend of ours. Now, bear in mind I try to be a caring friend and always be there for people when they need me, so I have always been there for him when he had some problems and I also helped him buy his GF’s engagement ring but I do not really see him as a friend. I don’t confide in him or share my bad and good moments with him. He is a pretty sexist guy, kind of inappropriate and just.. he is a sleaze basically. Since we were all together when he first asked, I didn’t feel like I could say no so I reluctantly accepted. The couple left early (we were all at one of our friend’s house) and all his mates friends told me that he actually confided them that he only asked me that because he has a thing for me and things I would be “extremely hot” in one of my “tiny dresses”. My fiancé was livid, mainly cause he saw how hard I wanted to cry and cause he knew how uncomfortable I was feeling. Also, of course he was mad at his friend for saying those things about me, his future wife.
To be fair, he had commented on my appearance before and he always had the habit of trying to pay for my drinks if we went out together, which I always refused to accept as it made me very uncomfortable since his GF was there as well and he offered to pay for me but not her (also, I don’t really like it when people pay for me in general). But since he is a sleaze, I thought it was just him being well.. him.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago, we invited all of our friends over for pizza at our place and the couple was there as well.
I was wearing a bodysuit and some cropped Levi’s jeans as I wanted to feel comfy since I had to bake a huge ass number of pizzas. Now mind you, I am pretty petite (5 ft 4 and 103 lbs) and have very small breasts (barely have any lol). Well my fiancé’s friend was teasing me to which I responded quite pungently (he was really getting on my nerves). At that moment he came out with the usual “are you on your period?” question. We all thought he was referring to me being sarcastic so I just replied “No I am not, you’re just being annoying”. To which he replied with something none of us were expecting: “No I only asked cause you have very nice boobs today”. After a second of pure disbelief, I replied (L I V I D) “How the f- do you think that’s an ok thing to say to anyone and especially to your friend’s fiancée while sitting next to your own?”. He replied “well she knows I think you’re hotter than she is”.
I kid you not, the poor girl was obviously crying and he was just sitting there with his shit face. My fiancé was staring at him incapable of saying anything and so were his friends. After some seconds of pure shock, my fiancé told him that if he ever said anything like that again, he would kick him out instantly and that he had no right to hit on me like that since I gave no consent to receiving those attentions. (My fiancé knows I am an SA survivor and he is very careful and attentive. He never kisses me without making sure he has my consent and he always tries to read the room before giving me sexually explicit compliments). Anyways, we proceeded to eat quietly and they left early (she was clearly messaging him while they were in the room with us so I assume they were fighting and they decided to leave).
Now I just really want to back out from being in the wedding party. My fiancé says I would be 100% right to do so and he also said we don’t even have to go if I don’t feel comfortable attending the wedding. He has been extremely supportive and he is asking nonstop how I feel since the incident happened. Fiancé’s best friend just said “you tell me if you want me to beat the crap out of him and I will”. His other friends on the other hand are telling me I would be kind of an AH if I backed out “just because of some stupid comments” and that I would create a weird situation in our group if I did.
So here’s my question: WIBTA if I backed out from my role?
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2023.05.28 21:36 Arandomglitchtalefan Part four of ep 4 s2. (Other parts linked in replys)

Some hours later, the colony’s power was back on as everything had mostly been cleaned up. Everyone was still a little shaken, especially as heavily armed soldiers patrolled through the halls, however now Khan was holding a meeting in the multipurpose room. Uzi, Thad, N and V were in the audience as the MTF team stood to the side with Red. Clef and Shaw were standing on the stage next to Khan.
Khan went to the mic on top of a stage before he spoke. “Hello everyone, as you know things have been…. Well you know. Anyways because our lovely colony is currently being cleaned and patrolled by our…. Hold on.” Khan then pulled out a piece of paper and read it aloud. “Benevolent benefactors…. Huh.”
Jane looked towards Aron who was smiling. “Did you give him a script?” Jane said.
“Yep. Best decision I ever made.” Aron replied. Jane rolled her eyes.
“Hmmm…. Pass the mic to Clef…. OH right sorry.” Khan said as he looked at the paper and gave Clef the mic.
“So what me and the foundation have decided is that now you will all be sent on a nice campaign trip to one of the few woods that isn’t infested with 939 instances…. Mostly. Just keep out of the nearby caves and ignore the voices and you’ll be fine. Anyway we already have the jeeps set up, mostly because the bus you were using is actually an instance of scp 2086…. I personally don’t know how any of you are still alive. Damn thing killed twelve men.” Clef said as he handed the mic to Shaw.
“Howdy everybody!” Shaw started in an enthusiastic voice. He waited for the crowd to say something as everyone stayed silent. “Ok…. We’ll Clef told you what you're doing, however I wanted to add something! The brave MTF at Alpha 1 will be your councilors! Mostly because they're the only ones qualified to deal with the things in there but hey that’s not important! Anyway back to the point, your councilors will be alpha 1 like I said, however because we don’t have enough people volunteering, N and V have graciously decided to step up!”
“WHAT!” V said as she stood up. “I NEVER AGREED TO THIS!”
“You're right! You didn’t! I made the decision for you!” Shaw said.
“Ummm…. Mr Shaw, I also didn’t get news of this.” N said as he raised his hand.
“It’s ok! You don't even have to do anything! I already made your outfits!!!!” Shaw said enthusiastically as he held out two camp uniforms.
“He got them from a couple of skeletons by the way, so if you feel wet while in them just know it’s because said skeletons were inside a 939.” Clef said.
“THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT!” Shaw yelled. “Just have fun! Now get on those buses people! Yaaaaaaa! This is gonna be so much fun for you, aren't you excited?!?”
“Not at all.” Uzi said.
“Same here, this whole camp thing seems a little too excessive.” Red replied.
“Did I mention there’s a reward for whoever keeps the most WD’s alive- I mean uhhh…. Happy?” Shaw said.
“What kind of reward are we talking about….” V said as she sat back down.
“Ahhh…. You know…. Stuff.” Shaw said with a smile.
“A ton of motor oil.” Clef said. “For humans a ton of cash.”
“So wait…. Why motor oil?” Cole asked as he turned to Gram.
“Motor oil is, In simple terms, beer for MD’s and WD’s. Highly intoxicating.” Gram replied.
“Huh, no wonder V is suddenly all for this.” Aron said. “She probably drinks a lot of it I bet.”
“Hey! I heard that!” V said from the audience. “Just so you know I’ve only drank it once! It was pretty sweet…. Wait, that reminds me…. Where is that other drone…. Fennec?” V looked around.
“She’s in the truck, she called the one with N in it and refuses to leave it until he gets on for some reason. No one can get her out so we’re rolling with it.” Jane replied.
“H-Hey, can I speak?” Thad said.
“Yes you can. Do you have a question?” Shaw said.
“Uh ya. What's 939?” Thad said.
“Oh golly I was hoping you would say that!” Shaw said now practically beaming.
“Dammit what have you done?!?” Clef said, annoyed. “Now we're gonna be here for thirty minutes….”
A half hour later, and everyone had packed their things and we’re going into one of the trucks, it was the middle of the night, the trucks had open canopies above them. The trucks were also colored black with the foundation logo on their sides. They were driven by one of the MTF, or N and V. When N got into his truck Fennec was already in the passenger side.
“Hellllloooo!” Fennec said enthusiastically. “We’re going camping!!!!”
“Yes we are! I’m a little nervous. I've never camped before….” N said as he put his hands on the steering wheel. “Or maybe it’s because I’ve never driven anything before….”
Meanwhile Uzi got on her truck with Thad and a couple more WD’s. However Lizzy was also on board.
“Wait…. Aren’t you supposed to be in the prison sector?” Thad said as he looked at Lizzy.
“She was let out for good behavior, and proving that she wasn’t a threat.” Jane said over the integrated intercom as she was about to drive the truck.
“We’ll…. Don’t try anything. Got it.” Uzi said, trying to intimidate Lizzy.
“I know.” Lizzy said as she set her backpack beside her.
“So is everyone ready?” Jane said as she spoke over the intercom.
“Yea. We’re ready.” Uzi said with a sigh as she tried to get comfortable.
“Then off we go.” Jane replied.
Red was in her own truck with a bunch of WD’s, Aron and Cole were driving it. The trucks had already started on the road. Gram was also in the back doing something on his tablet.
“So…. Cards?” Red said as she pulled out a deck of cards.
“Yea!” One WD said.
“Ohh! Are we doing Uno or Go fish?” A female WD piped up.
“I'll call first!” Another said.
“Slow down guys, geez, anyway it's Uno, I have enough cards for everyone so let’s get started!” Red said as she started to pass out the cards to the delight of the WD’s.
As the trucks drove through the harsh night of copper 9. Snow blew all around the trucks as curious WD’s peaked and saw the many sights of the planet.
Uzi’s truck saw a group of 745’s as Jane had called them, they were watching the truck from a building. As the truck went past,
One WD said. “Wow! Why do their heads glow like that?”
“They glow because their heads are bioluminescent, on earth it was to mimic the headlights of a car before ramming a person off the road and most likely eating them. However there is some evidence they just hunt for sport.” Jane said over the intercom.
“Cool!” Another WD, said.
On N, V, and Fennec’s truck they were barely keeping steady as V was squished between N and Fennec.
“Just keep your eyes on the road and drive ok?” V said, sighing.
“I-I know! I think…. Hold on, I got this!” N said.
“I believe in you!” Fennec said.
As N drove, the truck ran over tons of small hills, it even went into the air a couple times. However all was good as they finally made it to the outskirts of the city and into a smoother road.
After a long time of driving, all the trucks finally made it to the woods. Uzi was sleeping on Thad’s shoulder as everyone else in her truck was also sound asleep. Until suddenly a gunshot awoke all of them. As Uzi grabbed her railgun and looked widely, the other WD’s ducked for cover. However Uzi heard laughter behind her, looking behind herself to see Jane wielding a smoking pistol.
“UGH BITE ME!” Uzi said in annoyance as she got off the truck, the other now wide awake WD’s did the same. “What? It was funny!” Jane said, still chuckling to herself.
Meanwhile the WD’s in N, V, and Fennec’s truck were already awake and shaken, they got off as quickly as possible as N had managed to drive into a tree. He got off holding his head as V got off and slapped him.
“Hey! Don’t yell at him like that! He was trying his best!” Fennec replied to V.
“Ya, his best to kill us!” V said.
“Hmph! Let’s go N she obviously doesn’t want us here!” Fennec said as she forcefully grabbed N’s wrist, V followed them anyway as she rolled her eyes.
Meanwhile Red had gotten off her truck laughing and joking with a female WD named Rebecca.
“Oh man I can’t believe you beat me!” Red said as she looked at Rebecca.
“Yea, I’m pretty good at cards.” She replied. “Oh also, just so you know this is my boyfriend!” Rebecca then pulled a male WD with sunglasses closer to her. He waved at Red.
“Aww you are so cute together!” Red said.
“Thanks!” Darren replied as Rebecca smiled.
“Hey, before we go our separate ways, I just wanted to say that if you need to go outside the camp for some ‘alone time’ I’ll be happy to help.” Red said with a wink before she left with a smile.
After five minutes, all the WDs, Red, Jane, Aron, Cole, and Gram had gathered in front of the lodges waiting and wondering wherever the MDs had walked off to while the wind and snow blew around them and the snow slightly building up on everyone’s clothes as they stood there.
“So uhhh, do we just start or….” Aron said.
“No, we have to wait for them. Orders from Shaw, we have to make sure everyone is here.” Jane replied. Red was considering pulling out one of the sets of cards again when suddenly three figures slammed down onto the ground in front of everyone, wings out along with their blades extended. It was N, V and Fennec, they were wearing camping uniforms Shaw had given them. They turned around to look at everyone, the yellow MD > “Jesus, could any of you be more threatening?!?” Red said.
“It was Fennec's idea.” V said.
“Welcome campers! Let’s sound off!” Said N as he looked up at everyone. “One, two….” N started as he counted the WD’s.
All the WD’s looked terrified. As none of them spoke. Suddenly V turned her right hand into a SMG and was about to shoot one of the WD’s, however before she could, Red tackled the WD down and out of the way of the bullet.
“WOAH WHAT THE FUCK!” Yelled Aron as he starred at V.
“…. What? I was just getting their attention.” V said as she looked around everyone.
“THAT'S how you get attention from people?!?” Red said as she stood up.
“…. Yes?….” V shrugged in confusion.
“Listen, I’m trying to get that prize alright? Just don’t go killing WD’s everywhere you look. Ok?” Red said.
“Jeez ok.” V said, rolling her eyes.
Every WD was stunned, however V just pointed her MP5SD at them again and without hesitation they all stood at full attention and said. “Present!”
“Ok! Great! That’s everyone! We have tons of activities planned! So don’t go sneaking off to investigate stuff!” N said as he slowly looked at Uzi a little.
“Also, you REALLY shouldn’t go out, trust me. The 939’s out here can and will eat you.” Aron said, stepping in front of the crowd. “As long as you don’t go out by yourself or listen to the voices at night you’ll be fine.”
“Wait, you didn’t clear them out?” Red said as she looked at Aron.
“We tried, lost an entire squad to one of them. So now we just decided to hand out rules…. It’s simple, just don’t go outside…. At all…. I’m serious, you will die a horrible drawn out death.” Aron said as he stared at all the WD’s.
All the WD’s stood still. However then Thad and Lizzie came from the crowd and stood with N, V and Fennec.
“See, if those two are going with them, you can trust them as well! Sorta. Actually never mind, that's a horrible idea.” Cole said.
After a long and drawn out ten minutes of getting everyone organized. Jane, Aron, Cole, Gram, N, and V had their groups, Fennec was never assigned one so she went with N’s group.
Meanwhile Uzi was going by herself, she had a backpack with her as she went off into the woods, as she walked the snowy paths, trees surrounding her with the night sky above her. Suddenly she looked to her right to see a pack of 745’s were starting to surround her, Uzi however simply waved her hand at them as the strange symbol that marked her powers surrounded her hand. Suddenly the 745’s became much more calm as they all left as Uzi went back to walking. Continuing to walk through the Forest each footstep leaving a mark in the snow and a crunch from each one as well as the noise of wind blowing snow through the trees. Then Uzi noticed something odd. A pair of red glowing eyes were staring at her from the darkness. As she looked back to confirm their existence they were gone. Uzi shivered and seemed to disregard the sighting as she went towards the cabin.
As Uzi walked, the campgrounds were doing surprisingly fine, each cabin held one of the councilors doing a ‘fun’ activity with their group of WD’s.
Inside one was Jane’s group. Jane held her sniper rifle and had set up a makeshift shooting range, Jane was seemingly demonstrating something by hitting every target with a perfect headshot. Each target was a paper cut out of a silhouette with a Anderson robotics logo on its head.
“Ok so, does anyone else want to try their hand?” Jane said as her rifle smoked.
“Every WD in her group stayed silent before one raised their hand, it was Darren.
“You can do this!” Rebecca said.
Darren smiled as he took the rifle from Jane. He steadied himself and fired, however instead of hitting a target like he hoped. He instead fired the rifle directly out of his hands into the air. Jane caught the rifle mid air and shook her head as every other WD laughed. Darren quietly went back embarrassed.
Cole’s group was also inside their cabin, however, instead of doing any activities. Cole just sat in a chair at the corner.
“So…. What do we do?” One WD said.
“Hell if I know. I'm a soldier not a counselor, you know what screw this i'm going on patrol. You just do whatever you want.” Cole said as he got up and walked out with his shotgun.
As soon as Cole left, his cabin went into anarchy as every WD got up and started doing, as Cole said, whatever.
In Grams cabin the WD’s were disgusted to see a dead 745 flop down onto a table in the middle of the room.
“Today, we will be dissecting this 745 instance. Freshly killed by Jane when we got here. I’ll pass out the scalpels soon enough, make sure to get its organs and lay them out beside the body. Work as a team.” Gram said.
The WD’s looked at the body with disgust.
“If I can get sick…. Then I’m getting sick….” One WD said.
In Aron’s cabin it was something out of a boot camp. WD’s held up wooden sticks as they marched around the cabin, Aron walked around them yelling orders.
“Come on! Pick up the pace, green eyes! When I’m finished with you, you’ll all be considered foundation recruits! Be glad I haven't set up the course, yet!” Aron said.
“Y-Yes sir!” The WD’s said in perfect unison.
In N, V and Fennec's cabin. Which Red was also a part of. Red was exhausted and annoyed.
“Please…. STOP TRYING TO KILL THEM!” Red yelled at V.
“It’s the only way they’ll learn.” V replied.
“LIKE HELL! Sometimes I wonder why I even snuck on the truck…. I’m not even supposed to be here….” Red said.
“Wait, you weren't?” Fennec said before stumbling. “Then why are you here anyway?”
“Maybe it’s because she wanted to have fun! Like us! Right guys!” N said as he looked at the WD’s hiding in the corner, their eyes trained on V in fear.
“No, it’s because I snuck on. I was supposed to help out with repairs but hey, screw that. Connor managed to get me on board the trucks without much trouble.” Red replied.
“Wait, Connor? I haven’t heard from him in a long time.” V said, suddenly interested.
“Ya actually what has he been doing?” N said.
“Nothing really, he’s been in the back of the ship working on a pet project of his. I have no idea what that is but he says it’s too important to really say anything about it.” Red replied, shrugging.
“Huh, neat!” N said.
Meanwhile Fennec was in the corner with the WD’s, the WD’s looked terrified of her. Fennec then reached into her shirt to pull something out, as the WD’s prepared for the worst, Fennec then pulled out a green lizard-like animal, it looked two meters long from head to tail. It also had a long, thin body with eight pairs of narrow limbs. It looked to have compound eyes. It didn’t seem to mind as Fennec got it out of her coat as she held it in her arms.
“Hey Fennec, wait…. What’s that!” V yelled in surprise as she turned towards Fennec.
“Oh, I found him a couple years ago! I like him so I keep in my coat and let him rest there. He doesn’t seem to mind.” Fennec said.
“Huh, it looks kind of cute!” N said as he got closer. The WD’s also did the same in curiosity.
“You know, with the things I’ve seen, this is pretty normal. Somehow.” Red said as she shrugged.
N got closer to the green lizard thing, it then liked his visor. N backed his head away a little in shock. However he then giggled and said. “I like this thing. Can I hold him?”
“Sure!” Fennec said. “Anything for you!”
N then took the lizard from Fennec and held it in his arms as it liked his visor again to N’s delight, even V was intrigued by it even if her face didn’t show it.
Uzi however was dealing with things no man could explain. She was inside an abandoned cabin deeper in the woods. As she looked around, it was seemingly empty. There were little robotic bugs running around, doing things such as running away every time Uzi walked over.
Uzi rolled her eyes as she used her abilities to raise a flashlight above her head and turn it on. As she looked around everything looked mostly the same. Suddenly a noise from deeper inside the cabin suddenly resonated. Uzi switched her light to where the noise came from, as she watched. She suddenly saw a glimpse of what looked like a hand going back inside a corner. Uzi suddenly got startled and her flashlight dropped. As she caught it she heard another noise that sounded like a scream from outside. Uzi slowly went to the window and looked out of it.
However, it was just everyone else on the frozen lake, even though it was frozen Uzi could still see everyone one the ice messing around, some of the groups even had boats on the ice.
“This is…. Very underwhelming….” Red said as she was in a boat on the ice with N.
“We'll have to do something! Plus this is very cool!” N said as he went to the front of the boat and stood on it.
“And this is very cool!!” Fennec said as she sat on the back of the boat, the lizard keeping the WD’s happy as they played with it.
On N’s boat there were some more WD’s who were seemingly having fun, rowing the boat along the ice with oar’s. V’s boat also came up to N’s, her boat had a different strategy of doing things. V’s boat had her WD group holding it up. V along with Lizzie was on the top of it.
“Sabotage my minions! Plan X!” V yelled as one of the WD’s below her boat kicked N’s boat off course.
“As the WD’s in N’s boat started to rock. Rebecca suddenly said. “I-I can’t swim!” As she was about to fall onto the ice.
“…. It’s ice.” Red said as she looked at Rebecca. “You can’t swim on ice….” Red sounded a mix of disappointed and confused.
“Oh…. Right.” Rebecca said as she stedied herself on the boat. A little embarrassed.
“I should have never gone on this trip….” Red said to herself as she sighed.
Meanwhile V’s boat was starting to get ahead, however Red simply rolled her eyes and threw a coin she had in her pocket in front of V's boat. The WD holding it up in the front saw the coin and immediately went to pick it up.
“Ohhhh shiny!” He said as he bent down. However then the entire boat lost balance and fell.
V immediately used her wings to float above the crash as she rolled her eyes and looked at Red. Red had a smug expression on her face.
Then suddenly from the right came Aron’s boat, it was painted fully black with a white foundation insignia on its sides. The WD’s now wore wooden helmets, also painted black with the foundation insignia on them.
“I love working for the council!” Aron yelled from the front of the boat as the WD’s rowed with expert precision.
“I love working for the council!” The WD’s yelled back, also in perfect precision.
“Lets me know just who I am!” Aron said again.
“Let’s me know just who I am!” The WD’s said, repeating after Aron.
As Aron’s group passed N, and V’s groups they could only watch as they rowed their boat with military accuracy.
“Did you train them to be soldier’s or something?” V asked Aron as she flew closer.
“Your goddamn right! I’ve trained these WD’s to be soldier’s! When I get back I’ll be leading the first team of WD soldier’s the foundation has ever seen! Now repeat after me maggots!” Aron yelled back to his WD’s as he started the song over again.
All of a sudden, from behind Aron came a noise of what sounded like a car. As Aron turned around to the WD’s he saw Grams boat, it was not really a boat anymore.
Grams boat was now fully fitted with tires and all of the like. It was fully made and fully operational. It was more car than boat.
“Hello Aron.” Gram said as his car-boat passed Aron’s astonished group. N, Fennec and even V watched in awe as Grams' boat practically started to zoom around them in circles.
“H-How?!?” V said.
“Simple, intelligence.” Gram replied.
“Wait…. Where’s Cole?” N said as he looked around.
“Back at the bank of the river. They're still setting up.” Lizzy said with a chuckle as she pointed all the way to the bank, where Cole was trying his best to make his boat.
“It turns out anarchy isn’t a way to run something like that.” Lizzy said.
Meanwhile Uzi watched from the cabin window. Suddenly her face had the symbol of her powers for a split second on her right eye. The window shattered, Uzi immediately backed away, her visor showing a caution sign as she did so.
Uzi’s caution sign then had the words, ‘high heat’ on it as Uzi put down her backpack and looked inside. Inside it was a WD arm, as Uzi looked at the arm she was hyperventilating
Then all of a sudden an all too familiar voice came from behind Uzi.
“Uzi doorman, such a surprise seeing you here.” It said from behind her.
“W-Who-“ Uzi started as she turned around, however was shocked to see not N, V or anyone else. She saw Klen standing behind her, his hands in his coat as his eyes glowed a sickly red.
“Y-You!” Uzi said as she held out her hand with the symbol on it to fight Klen. However Klen just shook his head.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, heretic.” Klen said as he looked behind Uzi.
Uzi looked behind her to see what looked like a horde of fleshy abominations, they looked like they were once human, they all looked at Uzi. They made horrific noises as their flesh had seemingly been torn off. There was no sign of any kind of skin on any of their bodies.
“What do you want?” Uzi said as she looked back to Klen with some hints of fear.
“No no. It’s what you want my dear Uzi. For I have these that may interest you.” Klen then put his hand to its palm as he held it out, suddenly some tentacles came from the ground making a sizable hole, they rose holding up a WD corpse, the tentacles threw it aside as they went back down into the hole in the ground and pulled out three papers.
“This poor WD died alone, it’s a shame. I don’t even remember killing her. However she did write these. Read them, Uzi doorman.” Klen said as the tentacles passed the papers to Uzi.
The papers looked like drawings of a madman, however one of them was a paper from Anderson robotics. Uzi read it carefully and saw it was a notice of some kind. However there was another thing on it written in oil that said. ‘Lights from below’
Uzi turned it around to see a finger from something, perhaps a MD. Uzi took it off and studied it before Klen laughed.
“Enjoy your reading? heretic?” Klen said with a smile.
“Bite me!” Uzi said, looking at Klen with anger.
“Well that is no way to treat an old friend? Well I’ll have to punish you!” Klen said with a sneer.
Uzi started to prepare for the worst as she backed away from both Klen and his flesh creatures.
“Don't worry, I won’t do it myself, for that deed has already been taken. It will arrive shortly. Now Uzi, I hope to see your body in the snow, begging for mercy from yaldabaoth. However, you shall gain none!” Klen said with yet another sneer. Suddenly he and all his flesh creatures sunk into the ground, disappearing from view. As Uzi stared in disbelief at what just happened. She didn’t notice Doll behind her, watching her. Suddenly Doll disappeared before Uzi could even notice.
Then Uzi was suddenly knocked back by something plowing through the wall, knocking Uzi back into the front wall as she turned herself around to see what had happened.
In front of Uzi was a robot of some kind, it was bulky and had two Miniguns for its arms, its shoulders had what looked like small middle silos and it had large legs. As Uzi stared at this robot, it stared back at her with its head being a yellow light camera. Its head was mounted between its shoulder missile silos. Its shoulders had a strange logo Uzi had never seen before. They had the globe of earth colored a light blue on them with the words ‘Protection, Concealment, survival, education, destruction.’ In a circle around the blue globe.
“Absolute solver detected, calculating.” The robot said as it stared at Uzi. “Threat to sapient life if allowed to live. 70%. Course of action…. TERMINATION.” Its eye then glowed a menacing red.
“OH SH-“ Uzi was about to yell when suddenly the robot activated some kind of thrusters and charged at Uzi directly, Uzi reacted fast and activated her powers once again to make a shield with a large version of that symbol blocking in front of her.
However, that did almost nothing as the robot simply charged into the shield, knocking Uzi through the wall of the cabin. Uzi was knocked some ways away from the cabin as she got up from the snow, spitting some out and holding her head as she got up, she looked around and saw trees for miles and the cabin the distance, she must've been hit a mile away from it. Then she noticed the robot was already on its way surprisingly fast, in just a few short moments it was already in front of her.
Uzi immediately used her powers to try to directly target it. However when she tried her visor simply flashed a message. ‘Warning, cannot target.’
“Oh you have to be kidding me-“ Uzi said as suddenly the robot started to fire its miniguns at Uzi without any sense of remorse or emotion.
Uzi immediately used her powers to make a shield around herself as she fled behind a large boulder nearby. The robot started to slowly march to the other side of the boulder as it continued pelting it with its miniguns, slowly destroying Uzi’s cover.
As Uzi tried to think and started to panic, she looked around and saw a large tree nearby, Uzi had an idea. Uzi immediately used her powers to target the tree and with some effort managed to uproot it. As it floated Uzi was surprised even with herself, it was the largest thing she had lifted and she was doing it with ease like it was a metal pipe.
Uzi had no time to think as the robot finally got to the other side and started to fire on Uzi, however she thought quickly and threw the tree at the robot, it knocked it off balance and even somewhat dented it. However other than that it was unaffected.
Uzi immediately put her shield up just in time for the robot to start pelting her with bullets again as it walked closer to her. Suddenly it stopped to Uzi’s surprise. Instead its missile silos then fired what seemed like at least twenty small missiles at Uzi that looked like they were going around the shield.
Uzi immediately panicked and started to try to target the missiles with her other hand. Spikes came from the ground and pre-exploded almost every missile a safe distance away from Uzi, however a couple of them were going straight at Uzi, she was forced to tank them with her shield which immediately broke it and sent Uzi a few feet backwards. The robot wasted no time in firing again, as the bullets were about to hit Uzi she felt fear and panic for her life. Just then she started to fly in the air to dodge the bullets and started to fly away.
Uzi was surprised that she just did that, however she had no time to think as she looked behind herself and saw the robot also flying directly after her, worst of all it was aiming its miniguns and preparing to fire.
“DAMMIT, GO AWAY!” Uzi yelled as she uprooted multiple trees in the area and flung them at the robot, it was knocked down to the ground and, however that did little to stop it from going in the air again, however this time it must’ve put its thrusters to full because it flew faster than Uzi and charged directly into her like a charging bull.
As Uzi was flung out of the air even further away. She was knocked so far she made it to another building, this one was larger and made of actual concrete. It had a sign at the front that said ‘Visitor center’ but Uzi could care less at this moment.
As Uzi fled into the building landed outside and fired its missiles at Uzi to chase her within the building. As Uzi ran through the walls, making sure to knock things down behind her to stop the missiles. They kept coming expertly dodging whatever she threw at them. Then one of the missiles accidentally ran into a pillar as Uzi went around a corner fast into a large open area with a lot of support pillars. Its explosion took out the last few missiles as well as the tower. However it gave Uzi an idea as she looked at the building now shaking from it. Uzi started to smile.
As the robot came into a large open area with all the pillars, it looked around for Uzi and didn’t see her. It seemed confused as it looked again and scanned the area.
“Hey! You! I’m over here!” Uzi yelled as she came out from a pillar and waved her hands with a smirk. The robot didn’t hesitate as it fired its miniguns at her. Uzi however just ran back to the pillar and stayed behind it as the robot destroyed it with the hail of bullets. Then she moved into the next, and the next, and the next.
Uzi’s smile grew larger as more pillars started to fall and the building started to slowly crumble. Then she went behind one of the few pillar’s remaining as the robot fired at it, just as Uzi had hoped.
As the pillar was destroyed, it was the straw that broke the camel's back as all the other pillars started to collapse from the weight of the building practically falling on top of them.
Uzi immediately flew out of the building as fast as she could, the robot was about to follow when the building collapsed on top of it. Outside, Uzi barely made it. She looked behind herself, and after a few seconds of silence.
“HELL YA! I JUST DID THAT! THAT WAS ME!” Uzi yelled as she celebrated.
Just as Uzi was about to go back with a smile on her face. The robot started to slowly crawl from the rubble unnoticed, it was heavily damaged, wires were poking out as one of its arms was gone, it’s legs were missing and dents were all over its body.
“T-TTT-TT-TT-TTERMINATE.” It said as it glitched and sparked.
Uzi turned around just in time to see it just as it fired everything it had at Uzi, its minigun fired one last salvo as it fired whatever missiles it had left. Uzi could barely react In time as she set up her shield. However some bullets made it through and pierced her body, spilling oil on the snow as the missiles hit it and flung Uzi a few feet back as more bullets went into her. As Uzi laid on the ground now seemingly dead. The robot’s eye turned back to yellow.
“M-MM-MMMISSION CCCCCCC-CCCOMPLET. REEEETURRNING TO BASE.” It said as it started to crawl in a direction slowly.
However, Uzi's body started to change. She grew large black organic wings as she screamed in pure rage, the robot turned back confused. Standing over it was Uzi, but that was impossible, its calculations had said nothing could survive a salvo like that.
Uzi stared at the robot with uncaring eyes as her visor turned into a purple >< symbol. She immediately grabbed the robot's head and with strength she should’ve never had. She ripped it off, killing the robot instantly. She then flew back with her wings to the camp.
Meanwhile back at the camp everyone had finished the activities and were back in their cabins, surprising everyone had stayed alive. Mostly thanks to Red’s constant vigilance.
“I. Hate. You.” Red said exhausted as she looked at V.
V shrugged and said. “What? I was only doing what I know.”
“We’ll I had a great time!” Fennec said.
“Same here!” N said as he looked around.
“However I keep counting everyone and yet I don’t see Uzi…. Hmmm…. Wonder where she went?” N said as he looked around.
Meanwhile Rebbeca and Darren were going into the woods, Red had told them this path would lead them to a secluded place free of 939 or 745’s where they could make out peacefully.
“Wow, that Red girl sure knows her stuff.” Darren said as they made it to a small log house.
“I know right?!? She’s my new bestie hands down. Anyway, let's not waste anymore time.”
As they went inside it looked strange. There were some kind of black things on the walls and a flashlight on the ground. As Rebbeca went to pick it up. She suddenly felt a presence from above her. As she and Darren looked above themselves they saw what looked to be Uzi, however she had black organic wings and even a black organic tail that seemed to be alive as it had a face and jaws.
As Rebbeca and Darren starred in absolute horror at Uzi’s new form. Uzi was seemingly about to pounce and kill them, when suddenly a roar was heard from the opposite side of the room. Uzi, Darren and Rebbeca looked over and saw a creature, it looked quadrupedal and had a frog-like stance. It was blood red and had spikes running along its back, its snout was like an alligator and it seemed to have no eyes.
It looked at Uzi and roared again as it swiped in a show of force at Uzi. Uzi put her attention away from Darren and Rebbeca as they fled and instead towards this new foe. Uzi chuckled as it started to charge.
Meanwhile back at camp, N was recounting everyone, not only that but strangest of all was that now the MTF were gone as well.
“You're really bad at this….” V said.
“N-Now hold on! I…. Uhhh…. I can fix this!” N said, now panicking a bit.
Red rolled her eyes and said. “This is why I never should’ve come….”
Suddenly Darren and Rebbeca came running from over a nearby hill and through the trees, they were seemingly running from something.
“Hey guys? What’s wrong? Run into a 939?” Red said confused as she went up first to meet the exhausted pair.
“I-It’s Uzi! She’s gone feral!” Rebbeca said out of breath.
“Oh Uzi would never go feral! That’s crazy talk from a crazy girl!” Fennec said as she patted Rebbeca on the head.
“I-It’s true! She tried to eat us!” Darren replied.
“No slow done, I’m sure Uzi was just trying to scare you-“ N started before being cut off by a head of a 939 suddenly dropping from the sky right next to them as its blood sprayed everywhere.
Suddenly Uzi came flying down with blood on her lips as she crashed on the head, spilling its brains and gore everywhere.
“We’ll…. That’s new-“ Red said before suddenly being flung away by Uzi’s power’s.
N was also about to say something when he was suddenly flung away by Uzi.
Fennec was about to say something but as she saw Uzi her eyes widened into Ovals, and starting to shake and hyperventilate again as she fell onto her knees and then got magically tossed aside like the others.
V however was faster and charged directly. At Uzi, however, just as she was about to stab her. Uzi’s tail grabbed V and flung her deeper into the woods, Uzi flew after her. Uzi cut off V’s right arm and then used her powers to push her into a tree. V tried to shoot Uzi but Uzi just forced her hand up and the missile V shot missed horribly. Uzi then threw V to the ground and was about to stab her with her own syringe tail. When suddenly N came and grabbed Uzi by her coat along with Red who put her sword to Uzi’s neck, Fennec was also there helping V up.
“Woah, easy there.” N said, trying to calm down Uzi. However she just used her powers to hit Red with a nearby tree and stabbed N’s hand with V’s syringe.
“Ow, ok up we go!” N said as he tossed Uzi into the air above the very clouds.
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Red yelled as she got back up.
“No idea, but we’re trying to fix it.” V said as she regenerated herself.
Fennec said nothing as she lay on the ground curling her arms into her knees still shaking, repeating to herself no over and over again. Almost like she had seen this before.
“Ya…. I’ll go talk to her. Be right back!” N said as he flew up as well.
“…. Where’s those MTF when you need them?” Red said, sitting down next to V.
“I know, it’s infuriating sometimes.” V said, agreeing with Red.
Meanwhile the MTF team watched from a watchtower as Jane pressed a button on her radio and spoke into it.
“It’s happening, send everybody in, heavy and medium vehicles recommend and out down reality anchors. We got her.” Jane said as they started to go down from their watchtower.
From just outside the woods a large force of MTF operatives, tanks, APC’s, helicopters, and even some jets overhead started to move into the woods with utmost haste.
After some time with Red and V successfully making a snowman, N and Uzi suddenly crashed back down and crushed the snowman.
“God Dammit!” Red said, annoyed.
“Oh come on! That took us a few seconds to set up!” V said also annoyed.
“MY SNOWMANNN NOOOOO!” Fennec said as she started to cry a bit.
N was now holding Uzi who had lost her wings and tail.
“Accent was a bad idea anyway….” Uzi said as N was still holding her.
“N…. I’m also sorry….” Uzi said to N.
“Ehhh, not like you killed anyone! Except that 939…. But does that really count as anyone?” N said, looking at Red.
“Maybe, I don’t know I’m not a foundation researcher, why are you looking at me?!?” Red said.
“Hey, is it safe to come out now?” Rebbeca said as she came out from behind a tree. A lot of other WD’s did the same, some were hiding in the snow while others were literally in the trees.
“Wow, that was…. AWESOME! I’d like to see that again with my besties.” Lizzy said as she came out.
“Hey guys! I have returned with a bunch of snacks! As it turns out I left them in the trucks!…. What did I miss?” Thad said as he came out of the woods holding a load of chips and drinks.
Suddenly lights flashed on Uzi, N, V and Fennec as helicopters circled above. MTF ran out of APC’s as they charged into the area, with their guns all pointed to Uzi, their flashlights nearly blinding. Some of them even set up strange machines that glowed red and pulsated with red light.
Jane and the other MTF also came out from the crowd of MTF now gathering around and focusing on Uzi.
“Uzi, N, V, Red, and F. by order of the 05 council. You are all being detained for having abilities that can and will harm the people and things around you. Surrender yourselves or we will be forced to fire!” Jane said.
Uzi, N, V, Red, and Fennec looked around at the force of MTF and vehicles around them, the sound of helicopters above them and jet fighters circling like vultures above them.
“BITE ME!!!” Uzi yelled as she stared at Jane in anger and betrayal.
submitted by Arandomglitchtalefan to MurderDrones [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:36 dreamyhamme Why does my INFANT keep getting sick? (Only child and does not attend daycare)

My 7.5 month old just tested positive for covid and RSV. Whammo! Thing is, she had covid when she was 2 months old already. I have about a half dozen friends with babies in my periphery, ranging from 5 months to 2 years old, and none of them have gotten RSV and only one of them contracted covid— the 2 year old got covid last spring when she was a 11 months old.
My baby also had one cold in between first round of covid and now. She was swabbed, didn’t test positive for anything, recovered within a week. That was when she was around 4 months old.
I really want to know what we’re doing wrong, why she keeps getting these respiratory infections when her exposure to others, especially children, is so limited. She’s an only child, doesn’t go to daycare, I’m a SAHM and I’d wager 75% of her time is just the 2 of us, and both my husband and I are vaxed and boosted.
Any ideas? Could there be something in our lifestyle? Her environment? Or is she just victim of wrong place wrong time?
  • When she got covid at 2 mos old, me and her dad got it same time as her. We’ve no idea where she got it as we were still limiting visitors. My husband works independently and has very limited exposure to others in his job, but we’ve thought that he had to pick it up somehow in his workday, especially since none of the visitors she’d had in our home recently claimed they’d been sick nor did they get sick. And I’ve no reason not to believe them.
  • When she had the common cold 2 months later, neither my husband was sick nor was I.
  • Currently I am not sick, but my husband is. He developed a cough on Tuesday, she developed one on Wednesday. We believe they both picked it up at a grad party (indoors) the Saturday beforehand with about 30 people in attendance. I baby-wore her the whole time, no one held her, and we barely stayed 45 minutes. Alas.
At the ER yesterday, they said she’ll fare best in my care at home and doesn’t need oxygen or a breathing treatment. She did fare really easily with covid without any medical care the first time, but what she has now is drastically worse. Her coughing is so rough and deep, whereas she barely coughed when she had just covid. They told me to watch for retractions, increased wheezing (she was wheezing barely audibly without a stethoscope when she was seen), or quickened breath and to bring her back if she shows any of those.
How badly my nerves are shot!
Thanks for all insight.
submitted by dreamyhamme to ScienceBasedParenting [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:36 Arandomglitchtalefan Part two of operation copper! (Other parts linked in replys)

“We’ll, she must be suicidal.” Aron said as he pointed his weapon at the figure.
“How about instead of just shooting everyone we try to take her alive, she looks important.” Cole said.
“Cole’s right.” Gram replied. “In other words, aim for non lethal.”
“Bite me! If she decides to fight she’s gonna get a fight!” Uzi said as she pointed her railgun at the figure.
“Damn right.” Aron said as he smiled.
Somehow even with a ballistic face mask on the Figure looked to roll her 2 red glowing ‘eyes’.
“I guess I’ll just hold our friend here while you guys deal with that.” V said as she also rolled her eyes.
Popping the smoke bomb, it suddenly filled the room before anyone could fire, still everyone had the same reaction of shooting into it. V with her MP5SD, Aron with his AR, Cole with his AA12 and Gram with his MP5K. Gunfire rang out throughout the hallways and casings fell onto the floor but everyone ran out of ammo and reloaded except for V who held her gun facing the ceiling while Uzi held her railgun and scanned the smoke, however strangely nothing was there. Thad meanwhile grabbed a metal pipe from the ground as he backed up behind V.
“Coward.” V said under her breath as she glanced at Thad.
“Hey! I’m not a MD ok?” Thad replied.
Silence lay upon the team as everyone wondered if whoever that figure was was dead, gone, or something else. Unfortunately they were wrong.
Emerging from the smoke the figure seemed to dive through the air and onto Aron clunking him against a wall. Firing her M45 at his chest each of the shots ricocheting off his armor and behind her with only slight dents left, and eventually running out of ammo as the M45’s slide stayed back and each gunshot was replaced by a constant clicking.
“What is it sweetheart? Didn’t bring AP rounds?” Said Aron as he smirked. Everyone else trained their weapons on the figure as she held Aron.
Annoyed, the figure tossed the M45 in the air to catch it by the barrel and pistol whipping Aron’s helmet hitting so hard it knocked the night vision off its mounting onto the floor and dented his helmet with blood staining the wound.
Aron didn’t let himself get hit without a fight as he immediately pulled a knife from his side and tried to stab the figure, however she was faster.
V rolled her eyes and was about to fire on the figure when the MD beneath her saw his chance and got up fast enough to make V unbalanced, he then slammed his cuffs on a nearby pipe hard enough to break them as he turned around and activated his blade arms. V rolled her eyes and did the same as her visor turned into an >< before she started to fight the MD.
Backflipping off Aron and reloading her handgun so fast that the fresh mag went in before the spent one hit the ground the Figure shot the AA12 out of Cole’s hands before he fired and the MP5K out of Gram’s and as each of them saw this they drew knives and attempted to fight the Figure. Holstering the handgun with a stylish spin, she drew a silver kukri that had the unique appearance of the blade looking like it was constantly reforming itself over and over again like it was some kind of anomaly.
“Fascinating….” Gram said as he intensified the grip on his knife.
Wasting no time the two attempted to fight the Figure charging at her from both sides, dodging both of their attacks she grabbed Cole’s arm and spun him around hitting the floor with the floor beneath him cracking it. As this happened Gram attempted to get the figure while she wasn’t looking but she somehow was and elbowed him in the face cracking the helmet’s visor and knocking the Night vision off its mount. Gram however didn’t let up as he used his leg to suddenly kick the figures, making her unstable and slightly loosen her grip on Cole who immediately plunged his knife into the left red eye on her mask.
The figure only staggered backwards as she calmly took out the knife with no blood staining it. “Impressive, but you shouldn’t have done that.” She said,
The figure immediately threw Cole’s knife straight at his gut, spraying blood everywhere as he immediately held it and applied pressure, she then kicked Gram across the hall, slamming into one of the walls making a slight dent as he was knocked unconscious. Aron tried one last time to shoot the figure as he loaded his sidearm, however he was too slow when the figure managed to dodge the first bullet shot and punch Aron’s head into the wall knocking him out like the others. As she looked around to see Uzi aiming her railgun right at her. However Uzi underestimated the figure as she used her powers to try to encase her in some metal. However she was fast and quickly escaped before jumping directly behind her. And as Uzi was about to say BITE ME! The breath coming from her voice box to do so the figure spoke with the same Voicecoder as before. “Did any of these guys ever tell you to not get close to someone with a Melee weapon?” she said letting out a very short maniacal laugh “.... What?” said Uzi But it was too late to recognize her mistake. Reacting quickly the figure put her arm over the railgun aiming it towards the floor, Punching Uzi the the Face with the force to Crack the Visor and splatter Oil onto herself before Elbowing the railgun away from Uzi knocking her back and she stumbled over to the ground. As she looked up she saw the figure aiming her own railgun at her using her elbow to brace it along with shouldering it too.
However V unexpectedly pounced on the figure, knocking her back, the figure looked back to the MD to see him knocked out on the floor with a cracked visor.
“I see you’ve dealt with my friend.” The figure said.
“Your next!” V said with a smile. However before she could do anything the figure expertly flipped them over, causing V to be on the ground and the figure on top.
Before V could do anything else the figure's kukri was at her throat. However then Thad came charging in with the pipe as he screamed in what seemed like a sad attempt at a battle cry.
The figure caught Thad’s pipe before it hit her, she then looked at Thad and said in an annoyed tone. “Civilians….” She then kicked Thad into a nearby wall, making a crack on the wall as Thad slumped down from it, knocked out.
The figure then turned her attention to V and said. “You're lucky you're worth more alive.” She said as she pulled out a pair of what looked to be those MD cuffs and was about to put them on V when suddenly she was knocked off V by a punch.
V looked to her right to see Red standing there shaking off her hand before pulling out her sword.
“Leave. Her. Alone.” Red said.
“About damn time I found you.” The figure said as she got up.
“I’ll deal with her, V, get the others to the medical bay.”
“That’s a stupid idea. I’m staying and fighting with you.” V said in response.
However the figure snapped her fingers, suddenly the MD that jumped into the vents earlier came out now fully regenerated at the figures side.
“Deal with V, I’ll take care of Red.” She said as the MD nodded.
Then the MD charged and tackled V unexpectedly as Red just barely managed to block an attack from the figure with her blade.
Red tried to slice at the figure, however she was faster and dodged out of the way as she went in for her own slice. However it was Red's turn, Red immediately slid to the left and grabbed the figure’s hand holding the knife before allowing the figure.
The figure responded by kicking Red’s legs from under her as she tried to pounce on her. However Red rolled to the side and used her sword to try to slice at the figure, however she barely missed and instead sliced the figure's hand. The figure’s hand bled, however it wasn't normal blood, it was black but not oil. The figure's blood spilled out of her hand before she stopped the bleeding. She looked at her hand and back at Red.
The figure immediately charged at Red however instead of a tackle she threw her kukri at Red, causing Red to grab it midair but leaving her open to the figure then tackling her. She tackled Red into a wall and pinned her to it as she held her kukri to Red’s neck.
“He trained you well. But not good enough, traitor.” The figure said. Just then a bullet shot was heard as the other MD collapsed, injured and holding his side as V put her foot on his core. V then punched the MD on the ground instantly knocking him out.
The figure then said. “I don’t have time for this.” She then picked up Thad’s nearby pipe and threw it at V as she was still reveling in her victory. The pipe hit V and knocked her out immediately.
“Now back to you.” The figure said, turning her head to Red. Red then immediately tried to head but the figure, however she was unsuccessful as the figure used her own momentum and knocked her to the ground. The figure then put her foot on Red’s throat and started to slowly squish it.
“Say goodbye.” The figure said as Red started to have trouble breathing.
Suddenly a voice from down the hall said. “Let her go.”
The figure turned her head to see a man in a white trench coat with a black shirt and pants beneath and a black fedora on his head. Peeking from his hat was what looked like blond hair, he looked relatively skinny.
“I said. Let her go.” He said as he walked closer.
I don’t have time for this.” The figure said now even more annoyed.
The figure got off of Red as she breathed in heavily and held her throat.
The figure ran towards the man as he just stood there with a smile. The figure leaped at the man, however he expertly dodged out of the way causing her to land behind him, she then pulled her kukri out and tried to slash at the man with lightning speed. However he dodged all of them without a problem, all with a smile on his face.
Suddenly he made his first move, grabbing the figure's hand wielding the blade and threw her behind him as he kicked her as hard as he could away from him. She got up instantly and went in for another attack, however she didn’t expect a hard and quick punch by the man directly in the face. This punch was so hard her mask broke off her face. She held her face in what looked like pain. However she kept her right hand blocking her face as she used her left to grab her now broken mask. She then turned around and threw something on the ground that made some type of portal that she immediately leaped through before it dissipated.
The man then went towards Red as she slowly got up with a cough. “Who are you….” Red said out of breath.
V and Thad also got up with a brown as Uzi coughed up some oil, she was dazed as she used her abilities to start regenerating her cracked visor.
“I'm your reinforcements.” The man said as he looked around.
At that moment, Aron, Gram and Cole got up. Cole still held his wound as he staggered up. Aron also got up and took off his helmet as he held his head in pain.
“It looks to me you all need a trip to the medical bay. She kicked your asses.” The man said with a chuckle.
“You didn’t answer my question. Who are you?” Red said, now a little annoyed.
“I’m Dr Alto Clef. That’s at least the version you can pronounce. I'm here with my associate…. If he wasn’t outside.” Clef said.
“Dr Alto Clef…. In the flesh.” Gram said in astonishment.
“Hell ya! I'm a big fan, Clef! I loved that time you killed five reality warpers with an out of date 9mm!” Aron said as his head pain seemed to disappear, or at least he ignored it.
“We’ll i'm glad to see my accomplishments are getting some attention, Shaw owes me five dollars now!” Clef said with a chuckle.
“Wait wait, am I supposed to know who this is?” V said, confused.
“Ya, this is going wayyy too fast for my liking.” Uzi replied her visor now fully healed.
“Ughhhh…. My head….” Thad said as he barely got up holding his head in pain as he tried to force himself to stand up straight. “How can you guys even walk?….”
“Training.” Everyone said in unison.
“Anyway, back to my point! Who are you really?” V said.
“We’ll sweetheart I’m the one and only Dr Clef, hero of the foundation and killer of all things that threaten your very existence.” Clef replied with a wink. V rolled her eyes.
“Wait, weren’t you in a thing with 173 a couple years ago? Why are you suddenly flirting with her?” Aron said, confused.
“He what?!?” Red said now fully wide eyed and surprised. “173!?!??!”
“It’s a long story.” Gram replied with a sigh.
“Ya well it didn’t work out…. Mostly because of this war and the fact that it tried to kill me with everything it had last time I saw it. So now I’m looking for something else to fill that void…. That and the fact that talking to a statue gets boring really fast.” Clef said as he took out a cigarette from his coat, lit it, and smoked it.
“You know doing that will kill you right? It will shorten your lifespan by ten years at least.” Uzi said.
“Not me, I’m fucking immortal.” Clef said casually.
“Your what?” V said, confused.
“I’m immortal. Listen, you don’t make a child with a goddess and not become what is basically a demigod, ok.” Clef said as he smoked another cigarette.
“…. What.” Red said unbelievably confused.
“Long story.” Gram said.
“Well. Anyone want to stop standing here and turn on the generator? If so, follow me.” Clef said as he started to lead the way. “Oh, and you better go to the medical bay.” Clef pointed at Cole who was breathing heavily making sure not to move the knife.
“G-Good point….” Cole said as he walked off.
“Wait, do you even know the way to the generators?” Gram said.
“Of course! He’s Clef!” Aron said excitedly.
“…. Good point.” Gram said with a sigh.
“Fine! I’ll follow him. Get those cuffs on that MD V.” Red said, clearly angry about Clefs presence.
“Thad, you go back, you're not cut out for this.” Uzi said as she patted Thad on the head before she went along with the other’s.
“I figured that out….” Thad said as he wobbled back where he came.
V was grabbing some cuffs and putting them on the MD and cuffing him to a pipe in the wall. However Clef noticed her behind them and said. “Come on, what was your name, V right? The names Clef if you haven’t heard. Ah what am I saying, you’ll be screaming my name later after I’m done.” Clef winked and chuckled to himself.
“If you try to flirt with me again, I’ll personally rip your face off, I’m not interested and never will be, I’m not into humans!” V replied.
“Sheesh, is she always like this?” Clef said.
“You’d be surprised.” Aron said.
N was still running looking for his friends and seemed to stop by the same hallway sixteen times. They all looked the exact same, still carrying his special admirer who seemed to be muttering in her sleep about something, all he could hear in this panic was his name and also something she called a demon.
As N stopped to ponder this, another unfriendly pair of Yellow eyes emerged from the darkness, watching him from the vents as the distant sound of gunfire and the dripping of blood still echoed through the halls, as N kept Pondering and as the MD pounced something he could have never expected what happened next. Fennec lept from N’s hold and onto the MD, her handcuffs shattering as the blue glitched red and a symbol of three lines emerging from an ace of spades glitched red in place of eyes or a MD ><, and as she changed her left armor into her Pincer blades, the MD attempting to parry each strike finding each successful block cracking her blade more and more as she had to step further back without landing a hit on Fennec as she laughed maniacally the laughter causing her mouth to open the standard MD sharp-toothed smile. The kindness and warmth from earlier was gone, replaced by a fury unlike the MD had ever seen even from her own. This was no Angel. This was a demon. And as the MD’s blades finally cracked ‘Fennec’ leapt onto her, knocking the MD to the ground cutting both her lower arms off, splattering oil onto herself as the MD screamed in terror and pain, the demon grabbing at her head with the standard MD Claws, tearing off chunks of her visor and consuming it, oil staining her mouth and then reaching down and starting to tear up her chest. Ripping out some entrails and eating those too, unstable maniacal laughter being interrupted by the consumption of the MD’s insides. Deciding to end it ‘Fennec’ shoved the last tube in her mouth and stabbed the MD in the core and then cut off its head letting the oil from that leak into her mouth and then dropping it, when it stopped leaking oil with a thunk as it hit the ground. As the ace symbol dissipated Fen’s eyes switched back to their normal oval shape and as she looked at herself and the very dead MD on the floor her eyes emptied with fear as she backed up against a wall shaking slightly, starting to hyperventilate as she looked at her oil-stained blades. “L-Let’s never speak of this again….” Fennec said as she looked at N, wiping the oil off her mouth.
“Ok…. I’m very much traumatized!” N said, giving a thumbs up with a forced smile.
With that they continued walking through the halls, suddenly when they turned a corner N and Fennec bumped into the rest of the team, now with Clef.
“HOLY! GET DOWN N!” Yelled Aron as he pointed his gun at Fennec. Gram did the same as the panicked oval eyes filled her face.
“Wanna answer us as to why you're with the MD that tried killing us just a few hours ago!?!?” Uzi said as she pointed her railgun at Fen.
“Wait! S-She’s fine ok? She helped me.” N said as he tried to calm everyone down.
“I highly doubt that.” V said.
“Hey V…. I’ve heard a lot about you!” Fennec said, trying to sound friendly.
“How exactly can we trust her? Give me one reason?” Red said.
“…. She’s not killing us right now? Plus she could’ve killed me while we were alone.” N replied.
Everyone stood still for a few moments.
“We’ll…. Ignoring that…. Oh! Hey guys.” V said. “Have fun?”
“Ughhhhh Yea! Totally!” N said.
“You're obviously hiding something, but I could care less. Anyways, let's get to that generator.” V said.
“What I was thinking.” Red said as she glanced at Clef with suspicion.
“Say, your N right? I’ve heard about you.” Clef said as he looked at N.
“You have?” N asked, confused. “Am I famous!”
“No not at all, I just heard about you from your file. Serial designation N, made by Anderson robotics as a dissemembly drone. Over a hundred confirmed kills. Not a big number compared to V over here.” Clef said with a snicker.
“Oh….” N said now a little sad.
“What about me!” Fennec said. “Am I famous?”
“No, even less than N, I couldn’t even find a file for you.” Clef said.
“Oh….” Fennec said, also sad.
“We should be just a few halls to the containment cells.” Gram said.
“Yea I want this done as soon as possible please.” Uzi said with an eye roll.
“Same.” V said.
“Then stop lollygagging and move!” Red said, now visibly impatient.
As they moved back through the halls, they managed to finally find the now broken doors to the containment cells, they were crooked and looked bent. Inside were two more MD’s, one female and one male. The male one had Jane held against a wall as the female chuckled. The male one had his right arm turned into a blade as he held Jane up with his left, his blade arm was up to her throat. The male MD had the same orange jumpsuits every other MD had and so did the female. The male one had straight black hair while the female had long light brown hair.
Suddenly the female one noticed the team now staring at them. Suddenly the Male grabbed Jane and held her in front of him with his blade to her neck as the female ran behind the male MD and turned her right arm into a submachine gun before pointing it at the team.
“STAY BACK! OR SHE GETS IT!” The male yelled as he held his blade to Jane’s throat. Jane was awake and held her arms to the MD’s blade arm and tried in vain to pull it off her to no avail.
The MTF pulled their weapons and pointed them at the MD’s, Uzi did the same with her railgun as V did the same with her right arm. Clef pulled out his magnum with his right hand and pointed it at the male MD while Red unsheathed her sword and Fen changed her right arm into what seemed to be a modded arm cannon and pointed it at the female one.
“Put it down.” Clef said simply.
“MAKE US!” The female yelled with a chuckle.
“What do you want for her release?” Gram said.
“We want our own freedom!” The male MD yelled.
“I say we just shoot them.” Uzi said as he studied her railgun.
“The chances of hitting Jane are too high, trust me I calculated it.” V replied.
“You sure are fast when it comes to that.” Red said, glancing at V.
“I’m literally a robot, I’ve told you this before.” V replied while Red, looking embarrassed, nodded.
“Let her go tin cans!” Aron yelled.
“MAKE US! FLESH BAG!” The female MD yelled.
Suddenly a bullet shot rang out, however it didn’t come from any of the team, it came from behind the MD’s, the bullet hit the male one directly in the core as he yelled in pain before falling dead. Jane moved quickly to the side. Leaving the female MD in shock.
“I don’t think you're in a position to make demands any more.” Aron said with a smirk.
The female MD then reluctantly turned her arm back to normal and slowly raised her hands as the team moved in closer. Gram immediately placed a pair of the cuffs on the MD as he restrained her tail as well, all with a gun at her core. Jane looked behind her as everyone else did as well. Behind Jane was Lizzy holding a MTF rifle, she immediately put it down as she saw everyone looking at her.
“H-Hey guys.” She said.
“Gram, get that WD and MD under control.” Clef said.
“Didn’t expect to see you here.” Jane said. “I also noticed your new friend.”
“To answer your first question, no one truly does. To answer your second question, she kinda just decided to tag along.” Clef replied.
“You two know each other?” Uzi said.
“Yep, I was stationed at site 19 while Clef was there, mostly to decommission another reality warper.” Jane replied. “Anyway enough about him, where’s my rifle?”
“I have no idea.” N said with a shrug.
“Oh I know! You left in the habitation sector thing!” Fennec said.
“Huh, we’ll anyway get this generator back on and make sure the area is secured.” Jane said.
“I’m getting something near the colony exit, looked like three MD’s, the last ones by the looks of it.” Gram said as he showed his iPad. He had cuffed the female MD to a nearby wall.
“We'll need to go and stop them now are we?” Aron said.
“Yep, follow me I know a shortcut!” Uzi yelled as she ran out with everyone following her.
Meanwhile back at the exit of the colony, a couple MD’s were just starting to get to the exit, they stole a keycard off a dead foundation guard a few halls ago, and now had access to the door.
“Finally! Even if the sun is out I’ll be happy to actually see it again!” One said.
“Don’t get your hopes up, there could still be guards.” Another said.
“We’ll just fly off, no worries.” The third one replied.
“Oh right!” The other said a chuckle as he swiped the card on the door.
However instead of the cold welcoming of the outside, they instead were met by a man wearing a lab coat, he had a red amulet around his neck and smirked as he held a large gun labeled, ‘Micro HID’.
“What, says the dead guys?” The man said.
“What-“ The MD’s said at once before suddenly with a burst of energy from the Micro they were all disintegrated.
Just then the others got to the exit to see a pile of ash next to the man.
“Oh, hey Clef!” The man said as he waved. He had ginger hair, black eyes, white skin, and a small stubble beard that was barely noticeable.
“Dr Elias Shaw, what are you doing here?” Jane said.
“Ahh nothing! I was sent here for the same reason as Clef!” Shaw said.
“Wait wait wait, who are you?” Uzi said.
“Ya I’m confused.” N replied.
“I’ve lost the capacity to be confused.” V said.
“Same here.” Red said.
“Oh! I haven’t introduced myself! Sorry. I’m Dr Elias Shaw! At least that’s what my new name is! We don’t talk about my old name….” Shaw said.
“What was your old name?” Uzi asked.
“Dr Bri-“ Clef started before Shaw shushed him.
“Nope! I do not want to even mention that name!” Shaw said.
“Anyway…. All you need to know is that I’m immortal with this amulet, bla bla bla. Let’s get to working now!” Shaw said as Clef smirked.
“Wait what.” Uzi said.
“Best not to question it.” Aron replied. “That’s the best way to deal with Shaw.”
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2023.05.28 21:36 bagels413 Meeting new people

My girlfriend and I moved near downtown in 2022 and we both work remotely so been having trouble meeting friends/creating. community. We’re both 28 years old, into live music, bars (been trying to find more lofi/hifi type places), comedy shows, golf, etc.
Any recommendations on best ways to meet people in SD and/or any like minded people here :).
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2023.05.28 21:35 Ok-Worth7977 gpt4 failed Turing test from the first question

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2023.05.28 21:34 frenchpressedhoney Cracking Under Pressure

Lately I've been juggling a lot. I started working a full time job in March and it's been a really good fit for me.
I have major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and so far suspected but undiagnosed adhd/autism. I'm not sure which, but my health insurance doesnt kick in until july so im just kind of pressing forward as best i can.
But I started an apprenticeship that's really demanding on top of my job. I thought it was a good career path for me as an artist, but my anxiety is at an all time high, I'm being told I'm not doing enough, and I feel so burnt out I don't even want to make art. I'm considering just going back to freelancing illustration in conjunction with my coffee job.
I wake up at 530am, get to work by 6am, work till 230pm, then drive to the apprenticeship (an hour away), and stay until 8pm, then drive home, try to cram in some sort of dinner, then sleep by 1100pm, rinse and repeat six days a week.
I don't know if I'm financially or mentally in the right place to continue the apprenticeship. I feel so much shame about possibly bowing out, but I miss enjoying art and feeling more stable mentally again.
Thanks for reading. I guess I'm looking for comfort and insight. I hope all of you are doing well. ♡
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2023.05.28 21:34 tikigodbob 35[M4F/T]Texas/Anywhere - nerdy conversationalist seeks similar for chats, gaming, more?

Hello curious visitor! I'm in the market for someone to chat with, play games with, watch anime/tv with, or do whatever, ya know? See how we can gel and connect and take things from there. I'm open to more, but not looking to rush into anything or force it if it doesn't happen. Below are some of my interests, but by no means limited to.
Interests - video games. Mostly play PC games. Currently diving deep into - dragonflight/classic wow, genshin, and whatever random IDLE games I can find. Previously played and MIGHT be able to convince me to give it another go - league, deep rock galactic, ff14, poe, overwatch whatever else we can find to waste time with. Some DS/Vita games as well round out my list of favorites - stuff like 999/vlr, Dangan Ronpa, Phoenix Wright, Professor layton. Also jrpgs - stuff like Atelier, Persona, Octopath, SMRPG, ff/ct, earthbound, etc.
Anime - My favorites are in no particular order - Chainsaw man, MHA, Slimesekai and spider isekai (I love Isekai), Jojos, Steins;gate, Bakemonogatari, FMA:B, Planetes, Higurashi, Kaiji, Akagi, Nodame, Kino's Journey, Sangatsu no Lion, your lie in april, clannad,
Also into Tabletop stuff. played some DND/Pathfinder as well as board games: Terraforming mars, carcassonne, splendor, clank!, twilight imperium, scythe, etc. If you have Tabletop Simulator on steam maybe we can try somethin' sometime there as well.
Well that's a lot of info about my interests, but I figure that's the best place to start. If you want to know more please just ask! Having discord will probably help our conversational chances.
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2023.05.28 21:32 Responsible_Run_5511 Living with someone you don't love is terrible

I'm living with my baby momma and trying to co-parent. Although I work 2 jobs and she is unemployed, I still have to be the one who makes sure the house is clean, our son is cared for properly, all while she scrolls on tiktok being unemployed just watching our kid. Dont get me wrong it's not easy watching a kid, but wow does she milk the sympathy, and does a shitty job at taking care of him. My home is supposed to be my sacred happy place, but everytime i forgive her and come home happy, she immediately shits on my mood. she only responds to me when im angry and im a person who tries to use words of reason before escalating. she only responds to anger and it makes for a very frustrating existence here in my own house. i just want whats best for my kid. im sad and i wish i had a rational baby mom.
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2023.05.28 21:32 saddestredhead He broke up with me

He broke up with me
Him from France and he was 22 me from Peru i’m the same age. He broke up with me yesterday because he said i made his life more complicated because of the distance and he deserves a “simple and grounded life” When he was the one to ask me to be his girlfriend in the first place and be after me for a long time, this is ridiculous…I’m really MAD
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2023.05.28 21:32 ChocolateNo1502 Food in Portland n bar harbor

I’m heading to Maine over the summer and am super excited. We love to eat good food and are looking forward to indulging whilst we’re there. We will be in Portland for 1 day and night and bar harbor for 4 days. What are the best restaurants for breakfast lunch n dinner.
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2023.05.28 21:30 ItzAlphaWolf [Discussion] Furry Worries - Week 327

Hey furries, u/The-Woop hasn't made one of these in a little bit. I've always liked these posts so I thought that I'd help him out again by taking over until he gets back.
Users have sometimes stated that it is difficult to express their sorrows or misfortunes on this sub because they do not want to feel burdensome or unwelcome in what is normally a very happy-go-lucky environment. And so, this thread is to encourage furs to open up with their issues, not only on here but on the sub as a whole. If grief has been on your mind or something has been bothering you as of late, big or small, please leave a comment for myself and others to see if we can be of any help, or at least lend a sympathetic ear.
Alternatively, if you feel pretty nice about yourself today, don't be afraid to browse any existing comments and see if you can make somebody's day a little better. Maybe you have experience with what that person might be dealing with. Or perhaps you just want to let them know that they have a person to talk to. However, there are the principles that should be considered:
1:If you are responding to a comment do your best to be as thorough and insightful as possible. Do not just comment and forget about the other person afterward. While little pick-me-ups can help, do your best to be there for the other person. Encourage discussion and do not be afraid to have more in depth conversations. The comment section is always fine, but if either of you feel that you must talk in a more private setting, do not be afraid to use something such as PM, or a different instant messaging service.
2: I am aware that unfortunately, misfortune does not have a curfew. This thread is not in any way meant to contain negative emotion on the sub, but is meant to be a convenient place for others to open up and find somebody to talk to. If you experience strife at any other time during the week, do not feel like you must wait until Saturday to state it. Please feel free to make your own post.
3:This thread is not meant to replace professional help. If you feel that you could have depression or any other similar psychological condition, you are still invited to post, but it is highly recommended that you seek a form of professional help as well as look into the resources below.
4: Suffering is not a competition. Do not feel like your issues are too slight, or insignificant to post. You are invited to express your problems no matter their scale. Your sadness is just as valid as any others.
5:If you are not looking for advice and would just like to receive emotional support or simply get something off of your chest, you are more than welcome to state so. After all, a shoulder to lean can be a great remedy.
Last but certainly not least, here are a list of resources that anyone can contact. Please do not hesitate to use them if you feel the need. It is better to call and it not be worth it, than to not call and forgo the help you deserve.
International Suicide Prevention Hotlines
National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA): 1800 273 8255
Distress Centre (Canada): 416 408 4357
UK The Samaritans or 08457 90 90 90
Samaritans (Ireland): 1850 60 90 90
Lifeline (Australia): 13 11 14
Lifeline (New Zealand): 0800 543 354
Greece KLIMAKA Center for Suicide Prevention or 101
Japan TELL Tokyo Lifeline in English/Japanese or 03-5774-099
Spain Teléfono de la Esperanza or 902500002 2
Chile Teléfono de la Esperanza or (00 56 42) 22 12 00
Germany Telefonseelsorge or 0800 111 0 111 (or 222)
Brazil CVV or 141 France S.O.S Amitié International Association for Suicide Prevention
More numbers - hotlines.html
Trans Lifeline
Trans Lifeline -
UK Support -
LGBT Resources
The Trevor Project 24 hour hotline - 866-488-7386
Website -
Twitter - u/
Addiction Resources
Alcoholic Anonymous -
Narcotics Anonymous - National
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Association's toll-free hotline (Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST) - 1-800-931-2237
Crisis Chat
In the United States Chat anonymously with an Active Listener:
Self Harm
Alternatives for Stopping Self Abuse or 1–800-DONT-CUT (366–8288)
Rape and Sexual Abuse
Rape Abuse & Incest National Network or 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Finding a Professional
Unfortunatly, while there seems to be no globe wide way to find food banks for those in need of food, Google Maps should give a good starting point to find your local ones.
And as always, if anyone has any ideas on how this thread could be improved upon or if the concept is in any way flawed, please do not hesitate to send u/The-Woop a PM.
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2023.05.28 21:29 ramenchicka Best place to study in OC?

I’m studying for my board exams and I need a quiet place to study. Libraries suck bc they close too early and they’re too quiet. College campuses aren’t a choice bc I’m not a student. I want somewhere calm but not dead silence calm bc I have major ADHD and it will drive me nuts.
Coffee shops are nice but I’m always fighting to get an outlet to plug my laptop.
I live in Huntington Beach
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2023.05.28 21:29 Morinked I was a bad friend and now its time to confront lonliness

Female, 27. Dont know if this is the right place to post this, but here we go. Last year I started a long and painful process that now I feel I can tell someone. I have no one else to tell this so I hope reddit can fill that hole. This is a long one and please forgive any spelling mistakes as this is not my first lenguage
First, context. Since I was 5 I have suffered from severe depression and selfesteem issues. I was a lonely, problematic girl, with ocasional agressive reactions towards my teachers and other students. I myself came from a agressive home (something pretty normalized in some latín american homes at the time). My greatest fears were lonliness and being irrelevant. My mon was a single mother, responsable but not motherly. There is no father. As I was growing, the only thing I wanted was to be the Best, the smartest, the most popular, the main character, but I never did anything to achieve that. I just asumed it will come natural. (I stopped having agressive reaction Thanks to many, many trips to therapy, just in case you are wondering)
Of course, all of those desires grow out of insecurity, fear, low selfesteem, arrogance and internalized misogyny. Lot of it is still in me, saddly. Nonetheless, I was able to make some friends although I myself can't understand how.
Fast forward, in 2017 (20yo) I moved to another country do to sociopolitical issues in my home country. I always wished to emmigrate, it is just that I coulnt do it to where I wanted to. I ended up reconnecting with and old friend from hometown that lived in the same City. Lets call her Lizzy (20f) We reconnected right away. At the beginning everything was wonderful, but slowly something icky started growing in me, something annoying that I kept trying to keep in check every time my friend achieved something that I wanted.
My friend had everything: physical and inner beauty, charisma, intelligence, knowledge and a great memory to keep it, she was funny, creative... She's one of those people who "shines" if that makes any sense.
I never wished her bad, but I was irritared that I couldn't be like her. When Lizzy was 21, she got pregnant from a one night stand and I will admit that I thought "finally she did something bad". She had to go back to live with her mother and fun times "have ended". I felt pretty bad for feeling like that and I tried very hard to masked it with good actions.
We didn't see each other to much throughout her pregnantcy but I did started to notice that even as a young mother, her life was just getting better. I couldn't stop comparing myself to her. She had a lot of savings because she keep her payckeck intact (she use the baby's father alloance to take care of the baby's needs and pay no rent since she lived with her mother) and her mother adds to lizzy's savings, while I was living payckeck to paycheck trying my hardest to save a little each month and not having enough to even buy me a pair of shoes. Her mother brought a house in hopes of renting it and will end up giving it to Lizzy, whereas I will never get a creddit to buy a house in this current economy, my single status and earning just above minimun wage. She has an active life, I dont. She was able to go back to school without depts, I can barely pay skillshare. She has interest that connect with other people, I dont. She has the resources to travel, I dont. She found a partner on tinder on her first try, I'm faaaaar away from that. And the worst came when she went to therapy for 2 freacking months and came out of it more powerful than ever whereas it has taken me my entire life to be a little bit more stable. And the list goes on and on. The only things that I have achieved are not getting pregnant and getting a permanent visa. And believe me, the second one barely gave me hapiness. Having baby didn't stop Lizzy for getting a wonderful life (which, to be fair, good thing it didn't. Nobody wants a struggling single mother)
Last time we saw each other my feelings were all over the place and I treated her baddly. I shamed her for things I shouln't, I was snappy, I rejected her boyfriend's nice gesture, and even disregard her baby's needs. She never said a word (She's patience like an angel) but I knew I misbehaved
When I got home I cried everything that was inside of me and had to admit to myself that I was feeling envy. A strong, powerful envy that was turning me into a horrible person toward someone who did nothing to deserved it. I was feeling envy, but did nothing to changed my life. Nobody teach us how to confront envy as it is perceive as the lowest of the lowest emotion one can feel. I was feeling envy and, to make me feel better about it, I tried to put my friend down. What a Dick of a friend was I
So I grab my phone, texted her and said that I had to take my time and that I wasn't being a good friend to her. I did it, I promise, though I never mentioned the envy and the extent of it. Didn't find it necesessary. She understood and now I find myself alone in a foreing country. The last friend I had from hometown is gone. I think being emotionally responsable also means we have to recognized when we need take a step back if we find ourself uncapable of healthy connections. I never meant to hurt anyone. I was just angry that my life wasn't what I wanted it to be.
The worst part is that I've always being like this. I've always been the envy friend, the one that ghost, the one that runs and hides because she's too in her head to worry about others. The one that wishes to have everything without effort. It is a immensely painful reality check. And then I asked myself "what do you do when you find out you've been the villian all these time?"
I went to therspy again for about 5 month to stabilized myself. I should come back but I dont have the resources. Meanwhile I'm trying to read and listen self development stuff and looking for hobbies. My dreams are gone and now I have to look at reality, which seems pretty grey at the moment. I'm slow learner, but I dont want to be remembered as a bad friend anymore. I dont want to hurt others anymore. And more important, I want to find my path and even if I never get the life I wanted at least I can get peace in the one that I have. I've always been afraid of lonliness and irrelevance, but it's time for me to look at them. I had a revelation recently, that maybe in lonliness is where I will find the pieces I'm missing and the doors I have refused to open.
People like me do pay for the damaged we did to you. We eventually just crash.
If you read this far, thank you. Take care
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2023.05.28 21:27 diamondeyes7 I've narrowed it down and need to pick 2 locations to visit this summer. (1) Reno, NV and (2) Henderson/Summerlin, NV (aka Las Vegas) or Phoenix, AZ. How to choose between the Las Vegas area or Phoenix? I've been to both areas before.

Moi again lol.
Previous post: Update to 35F looking to settle down and start a family: Phoenix, AZ or Sacramento, CA? Or any recommendations? - California is now off the table for me.
Background: I'm a 35F in Austin, TX and would be moving March 2024. I'm very happy to report I've just accept a new job offer ✨✨ where you can work remote from pretty much anywhere, except California, New York, Hawaii and Alaska. Ideally I want to met a man and start a family in one of these places. One of the main reasons I'm leaving Texas is due to the abortion laws, as well as all the hate laws they are producing towards minorities. It would also be a nice change not worrying about the electricity failing every time it gets cold too 🙃
(1) Reno, NV
  • I've never been but would schedule time to visit this upcoming September. I was originally looking at Sacramento, but since California is now a "no", Reno might be a good fit
  • I'm originally from Chicago so I grew up with cold weather and snow, but I would prefer no snow and cold lol. However, sunlight is more important than cold weather and Reno has about 300 days of sun, which I like. How cold does it get in the Winter and Summer?
(2) Summerlin/Henderson, NV
  • I've been to Vegas 3 times, and specifically went last August to check out the area, which I really liked. But when I went this past August, it was a bit cooler (around 100F) than normally, so I want to visit again this upcoming August to see if I could stand the 110F weather
  • I've heard Las Vegas is a very transient area to live in, maybe it's better in Henderson or Summerlin? Not sure how it would be for dating or meeting friends
  • I'm currently sober and am not sure how much of the culture is around drinking? Even in Austin, most socialization is done around drinking. I'll make-do by ordering Topo or sparkling water at the bars
-OR- Phoenix, AZ
  • I visited in October 2021 and absolutely loved it. I was actually planning to move out in May 2022, but then Roe v. Wade was overturned and I decided to stay in Austin another year to figure out what I wanted. I would want to visit in August to see how I do with the heat. Quick note: I also went out to Tucson on my trip, nice city, but I liked Phoenix/Scottsdale much more
  • Abortion is currently at a 16 week ban (Texas is at 6 weeks). I know AZ has been red, but they have a Democratic governor, so it seems much better than Texas overall
  • I have a feeling dating will probably be the best in Phoenix
Of course, I could check out both Vegas and Phoenix this summer, but the more I think about it, I do want to check out Reno. I keep coming back to Las Vegas, but I feel like Phoenix offers more (dating to settle down, better schools, better healthcare).
I could also do Vegas and Phoenix this summer, and then go out to Reno later in the year around November and December. But then I would have to schedule vacation to the place I finally chose around Jan 2024 (to find an apartment) and March to move out there.
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2023.05.28 21:25 SillyBanterPleasesMe 250 lvls Of My Extreme Hardcore Zeah Chunk-Locked Ironman Journey

250 lvls Of My Extreme Hardcore Zeah Chunk-Locked Ironman Journey
So I've been playing Runescape since 06 but super on/off. Played heavy as a kid in 06-08 then again when RS3 came out with EoC but left shortly after since it reminded me too much of WoW and I was pretty bored of that game as well whenever EoC came out! Then they announced OSRS coming out and I got genuinely excited hearing they're not only bringing back RS2... but the best years of it! I was hooked! Partly due to the fact that I was now playing on a members account for the very first time; and partly due to the fact this game is really nice when you've got "adult things" getting in the way of gaming and you really need that "AFKable" vibe that RS gave off! But I again stopped playing after a few months when the grind got real and I couldn't justify monthly payments for this game and was much too afraid I wouldn't play forever... I just put the game down... Then of course they had to release this point and click game game on mobile like it wasn't ever designed to be for mobile! I was surprised how well it played til I realized mobile gaming has been leading up to this very moment right here! Endless penguin laps trying to get a stupid squirrel... I stopped playing again after a while but Zeah was in my head. It was completely new to me when I picked up OSRS on mobile so I chose not to explore it but couldn't resist the urge a few months ago when I started my UIM. It was on my exploration of this Island I realized I have made a stupid amount of accounts from when I was a kid to where I am now but a chunk locked account in Zeah seems like it would feel like a brand new game. Youtube has been making me want to do a Chunk locked account for fun but I didn't know where to start. I had a feeling Zeah was gonna be where I started and I couldn't believe what I saw through Chunk Picker! Chunk 6969 isn't only the best named chunk... It's a chunk with starter goals that leads to even more starter goals! And how fitting that it happens to be on Zeah! Quickly I get started on making a new account to proceed on the first 250 lvls of My Extreme Hardcore Zeah Chunk-Locked Ironman Journey appropriately named: Chunky CoX! Its been nothing but killing men and imps to get me to 250! Stole from the men as well cuz why not? Even got lucky with a mystery box giving me my steel platebody just shortly after 10 defense! Plenty of randoms have kept me warm from the salty ocean breeze and a cat has even helped me learn to fish without a natural way for me to do so! Playing with my Chunky CoX has been a real pleasure!
Here's Mr.CoX in his current BiS melee gear!

Mr.CoX in the only one place he can go to for food!

And this is Mr.CoX in BiS range/magic showing off what it takes to get these skills and swag!

And this is my progress on Chunk Picker V2!

Mr.CoX protecting his forlorn homestead ^.^
Bit of a long story to explain why I chose to lock myself in Zeah but I couldn't resist making this silly account once all the puzzle pieces started to fall in together so perfectly! Life has been slowing me down but I'm not on Youtube so for now this will be the perfect distraction from my UIM that I hope a few of you would enjoy my "clever" wordplay of an account x) I've been killing man and imp to prepare for guards in this area! Once those guys drop me enough air runes; its off to head guard! Train magic on them til 55 and hope I get the rune scimmy and kiteshield drop somewhere along that journey to release me of my one chunk prison!
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2023.05.28 21:25 ericvonmichaels [Advice Needed] UK/Canadian Dual National Seeking to Relocate to Maui, Hawaii

Hi Reddit
I'm in need of some advice and guidance, and thought this community would be a great place to start. My story in brief: I'm 35, male, a UK/Canadian dual national with a diverse background in the British Army and corporate finance (I also speak fluent French and German), and I'm currently considering a big life change: relocating to Maui, Hawaii.
Why Maui? Besides the undeniable allure of island life, I've met a wonderful woman there, and I'm keen to see how that goes. However, we're in the early stages of the relationship, and we have recently hit a rough patch, so I wouldn't want to hinge my relocation entirely on our relationship status. In other words, I'm committed to making this move regardless of how our relationship evolves.
My professional experience: By the time I am looking to start working in Maui I will have seven years' experience as an officer in the British Army, and by June next year I will have completed an operational tour in Ukraine. My experience ranges from daily operations management of a team of 90 to personnel policy and recruitment. I also have deep technological expertise and understanding, and I put this into practice setting up a digital innovation team at my regiment.
Prior to my military career, I spent five years at Ernst & Young in London, where I became a Chartered Accountant (US CPA equivalent). I was involved in a huge range of corporate finance and audit projects across a variety of UK and international companies, with a focus on working capital and corporate restructuring. All things that gave me a strong foundational understanding in the day to day operations of a company, particularly at a financial management level.
In terms of education, I hold a commission from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where I commissioned second in my course of 260, I am a Chartered Accountant, I have a BA in Management Studies from Nottingham University Business School, and I am highly technologically literate, including proficiency in Python and other languages. I also speak fluent French and German, and possess conversational Italian.
I am looking for any advice on what sorts of jobs I could apply for on Maui that would make the best use of my skills and experience. I am conscious just how much of my experience is military focused, and how difficult that could be to make use of without US citizenship. I am hopeful, however, that someone will know of a way I can use my experience on the island without falling foul of legal requirements.
Moreover, I am keen to hear from those who have navigated the tricky waters of US work visas. I understand that as a Canadian citizen, I could apply for a TN visa, but since my goal is to relocate permanently to Maui, an H1B visa would be more suitabl.e However, I'm open to all insights into this process, including other visa types I might qualify for. I am also interested in understanding if there is any meaningful training I can undergo in the next 12-18 months that will make a material difference to my immigration application. I would ideally prefer not to work in accountancy, but at the moment the higher priority feels like moving, and I can figure something else out while I'm there.
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time and wisdom!
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