Mcdonald's lamb and lake mead

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States in maximum water capacity.

2014.09.20 14:50 syntekz Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States in maximum water capacity.

Lake Mead offers year-round recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, photography, picnicking and sightseeing. It is also home to thousands of desert plants and animals, adapted to survive where rain is scarce and temperatures can soar.

2023.06.03 20:53 Hitch42 links from May 28 to June 3, 2023 links from May 28 to June 3, 2023 is an online directory of audio drama and spoken word websites, with at least one new link added to it every day, and 100 or more new entries created each month. As of this post, there are 9,310 published articles. Here are the newest articles from the past week:
  1. Outlaws of the Cosmos (Narrated Science Fiction Series) Valda Read is the fearless captain of the bulky and powerful spaceship, "The Forgotten". Her crew, consisting of Clifton, Hardboot, Vantas, and Zaine, have been left stranded in the vast expanse of open space, desperately trying to find a way back home.
  2. The Baby Animals Podcast (Narrated Children's Series) Fun and sweet short stories to enjoy on your drive, before bed, or anytime! For the young and the young at heart. Come have adventures with me and my baby animal friends! Let's go!
  3. 97toNow Productions Proudly Presents: (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) A detective-noir style comedy taking place in locals such as Berkeley and New Orleans, follows aspiring Novelist Jack R. Abbott as he attempts to get published.
  4. The Four Boys Club (Narrated Drama Series) The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan "Bandem" Asra, Ankur "Anpag" Benza, and Mompy Arda. Part coming-of-age and part drama/suspense, it has been inspired by Stephen King's The Body (and its movie adaptation, Stand By Me).
  5. Brave New Wild (Role-Playing Science Fiction Series) After a week-long outdoor adventure, you and your fellow Junior Braves return home to find that the world is no longer the same. Your families are missing, there are terrible things roaming the streets and you aren't sure if help will ever arrive. You all need to be brave and use your skills to survive, to adapt and to thrive.
  6. Rolling Dice With Myself (Role-Playing Science Fiction Horror Series) Welcome To Rolling Dice With Myself. A DND podcast centered Around Issac a man of turmoil and pain who awakens in an unknown world. Where earth has become scorched. The sky has been breached by Lovecraftian horror. And The Old Man approaches Please come into the Madness
  7. Ope! Legends of Raspia (Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series) Follow the tale of Feaubear Dongodiere as he explores the fantastical desert oasis of Caltaria.
  8. The Atomless (Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series) The Atomless is a Starfinder Podcast following the rag-tag crew of The Patchwork traveling through the homebrew Aesir system and beyond. Join Ayg, the meek smuggler Ysoki Technomancer; Azhaam, the stony ex-rebel Ifrit Envoy; Theriac, the neurotic xenoecologist Raxilite Biohacker; and Skye, the bold teenage Human Mechanic as they chart their way across the Atomless Sea in this ongoing campaign. What strange encounters await this daring band of space-faring adventurers?
  9. The Trip (Full Cast Mystery Thriller Series) In an attempt to rekindle their marriage, Jack and Amanda take a camping trip in the mountains with their son Lucas. Strange noises in the woods and a mysterious bag found at the bottom of the lake begin them on a dangerous adventure, one that they may not come back from.
  10. Juvie (Full Cast Drama Series) Alana McKenzie an idealistic psychology grad discovers her purpose working in a juvenile prison. Thrown into a world of systematic corruption and rampant chaos, she soon realizes that the classroom was much easier than the real world. Juvie is a gritty Podcast Dramatic Series highlighting the injustices and multiple challenges of juvenile incarceration.
  11. Story Quest (Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology) Original stories for kids and families, suitable for all ages. New episodes every week! Story Quest episodes are perfect stories for the car, bedtime stories, or as a way to unwind.
  12. Enter The House Between (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) Reality is not what it used to be. After consensus reality shatters, and humanity evacuates to mysterious sanctuaries known as smart houses, a group of survivors navigate the uncertain future of the Quantum-sphere. [...] Enter The House Between, and discover a world in which quantum mechanics, the many-worlds theory, Everett branches, human mutation, dark matter, and artificial intelligence shape and inform the everyday reality of all people, everywhere. Six survivors, cast out from sanctuary, find shelter on a seemingly abandoned farm. There, they explore parallel lives, discover hidden secrets, and witness the birth of a strange and mysterious child; a child who may represent the next stage of human evolution. Meanwhile, a sinister cult leader, known only as Father, launches an apocalyptic campaign designed to bring about a terrible agenda; to impose, by force, a singular vision of reality on an infinitely diverse Quantum-sphere.
  13. Riding Around (Full Cast Comedy Series) Join hosts Kelley Quinn and Malin von Euler-Hogan for a weekly recap of the beloved 2000s sitcom Riding Around, the first show ever to be filmed entirely on and around a bus. Never heard of Riding Around? That's because they made it up. Every week, Malin and Kelley welcome a new comedian for an improvised trip down memory lane about the making of an episode of TV that never actually aired.
  14. Hundred Second Theater (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Miniature audio dramas of 100 seconds length.
  15. By Way of the Sea (Full Cast Historical Fiction Series) The year is 1814, and Elena's life is about to change forever. When Elena learns from her father that her past has been a lie, her entire life is uprooted all in one night. Along with a trunk of her mother's belongings, she is dropped off the next day at the pier to begin a voyage to her new home and her arranged marriage. While aboard the ship, she befriends Captain Jeremiah and his wife, Lucia, all while avoiding the condescending eyes of the first mate, Silas. One night, after their ship runs aground in a storm, Silas is left to watch over Lucia and Elena on a tropical island, while the Captain goes to find help. Soon after, Kwesi and Bahia wash ashore, creating a new dynamic among the stranding souls, forcing Elena to determine what she wants for her life, and what she truly considers home. A regency era story, with layers of humor, adventure, love, and self-discovery. A great episodic-series for fans of historical fiction, Jane Austen, Bridgerton, and other 19th century dramas.
  16. Division Rate (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) A thousand years after the advent of biological immortality, civilization has crumbled and humanity is trapped in a technological dark age. In the ruins of what was once a global empire, the surviving immortals rule as monarchs over the mortal commoners, but the winds of change are coming. 'Division Rate' follows the story of an esteemed and influential immortal who wakes up groggy in a ruined laboratory, captive to a mysterious woman who says she is going to cure him of his immortality.
  17. The Freckle Files (Narrated Mystery Series) [Join] investigative journalist A. D. Freckle on a suspenseful journey to revisit her most elusive cases.
  18. The Fire Fades: A Dark Souls Podcast (Narrated Fantasy Anthology) Come rest by the bonfire and share a pot of estus stew with me as I tell you the stories of Lordran, Lothric, and the like! Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.
  19. Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction (Narrated Fantasy Anthology) Love classic, epic fantasy? Wonder what happened to stories of rousing adventure with noble heroes and dastardly villains? Then join Brandon Wilborn, fellow fantasy nerd and indie author, as he reads the unabridged audio version of his novels and stories, starting with his debut novel, The Treasure of Capric. Brandon's action-packed tales with classic heroes and devious villains let you escape to wondrous worlds with noble quests, soul-piercing danger, and a thread of hope.
  20. The Walker Mysteries (Narrated Mystery Series) Meet DCI Charlotte Walker - the Yorkshire Tea-drinking, Tizer-loving, Love Hearts-eating detective. She's confident and creative; fearless and feisty... she's the detective you want on your case. But outside of her job, she's quirky, talks ten to the dozen, easily goes off on tangents and can be a bit flirty at times... This isn't a typical police procedural, it's a trip into the chaotic and witty crime-solving world of Charlotte Walker.
  21. Hell or High Rollers (Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series) From members of Mischief Theatre, creators of the Olivier award winning 'The Play That Goes Wrong' and the BBC's 'Goes Wrong Show; comes this brand new live action role play podcast. Loosely following the rules of D&D 5e join our players as they take on the roles of four heroes attempting to escape eternal damnation in DnD Hell!
  22. Rogue Tyger (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) 5,000 years into the future — in a corner of the galaxy where Earth is no longer known — humans and a dozen other sentient races have forged a civilization. Spacers brave the oceans of void between hundreds of worlds for power, glory, and simply to survive. This is the tale of one band of spacers and their ship: the Tyger. join the crew of the Tyger as they search for adventure, riches, and possibly redemption. You'll travel from the outer planets to the frontier and back to the core systems as they experience victories, defeats, and more than a few surprises. Adventure Awaits!
  23. Retreat (Full Cast Comedy Series) For comedy, history, self-improvement & culture fans. Shannon, is a "Plastic Paddy"; a clueless Irish-American who loves Ireland. She's at the arts residency to collaborate with her Druidic-healer poet cousin. (They met online when their DNA matched on a genealogy website.) The residency is rundown, the lakefront is full of stoats and her fellow housemates put her "positivity practice" to the test. As they prepare to inaugurate the new Megacorp Exhibition Hall, an heiress, a hot groundskeeper, a fairy fort, a famous Russian dissident artist, and an army of frisky stoats have other plans.
  24. Modern Folktales (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Modern Folktales is an anthology of cautionary and twisted short stories that revive the folktale by tackling the moral and social puzzles afflicting today's young adults. We all know the fables well-worn into us as children and it's clear that the stories informing today's ever-questioning minds are in dire need of refreshment. What happens when we go too far? When we trust too openly? When we take too much acid and run through a plate glass window? If you find yourself questioning the world we live in today, Modern Folk Tales might just have the answers you're looking for.
Feel free to discuss any of these shows or comment about Note that the website is currently in the process of being redesigned, so some functionality is limited and pages may look different from one another. I always welcome any questions or feedback.
Compiling these link takes a lot of time and is something that I work on many hours every day. If you appreciate this effort and would like to help support it, please consider visiting the Patreon page. will always remain free for everyone.
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2023.06.03 20:46 AndrobiVibz If you had to pick one, what is the most impactful ambient track in your life and why?

I'll start. Mine comes at a tie. Both Aphex Twin.
The track "I" off of SAW 85-92, and Rhubarb (or #3) off of SAW Vol II.
The track "I" was among the first ambient tracks I ever heard, and it hit me DEEP. Still does. It was like staring out at a serene lake for 2 minutes. I still regularly cry when I hear it, because it reminds me of the joys of tranquility.
Rhubarb hammered the love of ambient home even more. I usually listen to this one at night, when the city is getting quieter and quieter, and the birds, insects, and trees begin their soothing drone.
As for impact in my life, I listen to these songs as a kind of comfort, especially in times of loneliness. It's a warm flame of hope to keep me going.
Now you...
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2023.06.03 20:45 Pongeroid Today the brown truck is expected

Thanks Roland Lamb and cast…. I hope to enjoy this path into joy and frustration!! Now I can try and figure out my shortcomings and odd inabilities. Today is the day your well thought out (TOY for me) sensational instrument will get my oily grimy fingers upon it. Just need to add my choice of sensational studio monitors to hear all those hz. I hope my neighborhood does not have me carted away in a straight jacket when they have to hear all my trial and error soothing (to me) sounds!!!
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2023.06.03 20:45 TacoBurritoChurro Never any deals in App

I have had the taco bell app for a few years now, and taco bell is bottom of the barrel when it comes to in app coupons. I don't think I've ever got a coupon besides the reward once you spend $25 and now they even took the nacho bell grande off. Maybe a steal a game steal a taco once a year.
Compared to pretty much any other fast food restaurants that have many coupons and I'm much more likely to eat at those places because I feel like I'm getting better value like at McDonald's or Wendy's. Long story short they should start giving more coupons in the app or I will pretty much never get taco bell.
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2023.06.03 20:45 Tasty-Beautiful4213 I really enjoy the class fantasy that Necromancer can offer in this game.

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First off pardon my Shit English thank you.
HI, I'm 23 years old, From Egypt! I started working at Mcdonalds call center when since 2018. at my first year at college, I fucking loved it. love working and hard challenges. made some great friends and had money to buy my own stuff, Untill the fucking worst year ever 2022! i WAS AN IT specialist at our new company location it was still being under-construction the IT room was there, at someday I accidentally dropped the shelf which had an MacBook pro was completely destroyed! I DIDN'T FUCKING refuse to pay for it since it was my mistake! i took it like a fucking man.. Now I paid about %60 of its money, My work has shutdown due to Russian fucking war! now either I pay or JAIL ME, WHAT DID I DO? Worked as •coffee shop but I got fired as I suck at counting money math.
•worked at Vodafone UK, but Worked only 2 month but couldn't stand the shit treatment from the managers. as well as other 6 mates did leave.
•worked as security guard, but left due to very very low salary/ and very far to my house\
•worked as toilet cleaner for 3 month but also left it due to college exams and couldn't get back
•now I found an amazon call center but we are keep getting delayed for our training idk why but I still bear with them till now

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2023.06.03 20:37 -ItsNotAboutThePasta Markets where you’re still bullish on?

People love to dunk on the Midwest but I’m most bullish on the Great Lakes area. Still reasonable priced homes with lots of room for appreciation. I’m thinking climate change and the plentiful water will make it very popular in the next 30 years.
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2023.06.03 20:36 Top_Past2997 Just a boy and his lamb

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2023.06.03 20:35 _wishyouwerehere_ Fourth Street extension

I thought we voted in a bond measure to extend fourth Street all the way to Lake Mary road. With all the development on Butler, we need a better way to get from east to west. Lone Tree and the interstate are tapped out.
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2023.06.03 20:35 MadMellyMom Gifted Supplies: are they still good?? 👀

Gifted Supplies: are they still good?? 👀
Someone gave my husband and I some used wine making supplies and he and I would like to start making mead and country wine with fruit from our fruit trees. We are trying to figure out what is salvageable and what should be tossed/replaced, so we can finish buying supplies this weekend. All these items had been sitting in their garage and then in our garage for some time (several years between the two of us). Could anybody help tell us what’s trash who knows how long these things are good for? 🙏🏻 Would also appreciate identification on some random tubes and parts in pic 2
Pic 1: powders Back row, left to right: 1. Potassium sorbate 2. Campden tablets 3. Potassium metabisulfate 4. Yeast nutrient natural 5. Yeast energizer 6. Acid blend
Front row, left to right: 1. Super ferment, one sealed one opened 2. Yeast nutrient salt 3. Go Ferm Champagne yeast D80 yeast 4. Ft Rouge (red color stabilizer) 5. Sodium bisulfite powder
Pic 2: tubes 1. Auto siphon? 2. Weird modified auto siphon? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 3. Straight plastic tube with a small hole in one end and a small piece of rubber tubing on the other 4. Curved piece of hard tube 5. Reminds me of a bong 🤪🙈 6. Teeny tiny tube with black filter on one end, look broken off plastic pink on other end 7. Red clamp of some kind 8. Long rubber tube with hard plastic crooked part on the end 9. Long rubber tube 10. Skinny tube and a small piece of skinny tube clamped off with clothespin
THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2023.06.03 20:31 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury US95 S / LAKE MEAD BLVD 06/03/2023 11:25:48 AM
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2023.06.03 20:31 The_Rural_Banshee Christmas Lake

I’d like to get my paddleboard out to Christmas lake this summer, as I’ve heard it’s one of the more beautiful locations. From what I’m seeing, there are only about 7 parking spots there? Last time I went to the public access at Merry Ln there were a lot of cars, and the parked cars had boat trailers which meant only 3 cars could actually park there, since the trailers took up an extra spot. Wondering if there are any other areas to park and access the lake? I don’t need a boat launch obviously, just a spot where I can park near enough to the lake. Does anyone know of any other spots? Or is it just a situation where I keep driving out and hope for the best, maybe get lucky and grab a spot once?
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2023.06.03 20:31 WMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW Recommend me a cheap fast azure storage layer

Help me out dataengineering.
Recently implemented a reporting solution for some historical data using synapse serverless and parquet and it worked out extremely well. It's fast and cheap! So now I'm going down the dataengineering rabbithole trying to do the same thing but "real time"ish.
I want to copy data from (slow)apis and incrementally update a "cache" for ad hoc reporting(sql).
This is for SAAS software, the customer would own their own storage on azure(thousands of customers).
Need fresh-ish data, would like to update like every 5 minutes but flexible up to 30 minutes, maybe even an hour.
This must be on azure. We deal with lots of Microsoft software and customers use CRM(dataverse) and power BI. Synapse would be awesome for our powerbi customers.
I am dealing with smaller datasets, so a large table is maybe 10 gigs. Basically replicating business software data for reporting for smallesmall-medium sized businesses.
The end users aren't all that technical so need to be able to automate everything myself. Want to build this into software that's all C#, so SQL/ADO and rest apis would be the best way to do things. But not scared of python or scala if required for spark pipelines or something.
The most important things:
I just want to go fast!
Cheap(serverless). If the customer only needs to store a few gigs of data, it should cost dollars a month.
I just need a storage solution that works well with incremental updates. No help with pipelines, data processing, or anything like that.
So basically how would you recommend that I make a cheap, fast, replicated data store on azure that I can do sql on for "medium data"? Is delta lake my solution or merge into?, should I use spark? Or am I confused and should just use a database?
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2023.06.03 20:29 pumpkinotter Week 22: Street Food- Lamb Kabobs and Fernet & Coke (meta: cuisine and cocktail)

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2023.06.03 20:26 Whomstisntyou Got an official answer from HQ about accessing other camps

I emailed them to see if my Good Life wristband could still get me into Lucky Lake and Camp Higher Love, and they said no because it’s access controlled.
Just wanted to confirm for those of us wondering if we can visit friends
(I know we’ve deduced that we can’t enter other sites but just wanted to boost it)
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2023.06.03 20:25 thebear_3 Four seats left for tomorrow's paint & sip @ Astoria Bier & Cheese Broadway!!

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2023.06.03 20:25 Technical_Brush_1762 My McDonald's coke and the my vans cup holder.

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2023.06.03 20:23 cash4yourtreasures Any takers? Classic non tipper..

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2023.06.03 20:22 LakeHarkWatchCo [WTS] Citizen Quartz- NATO

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2023.06.03 20:21 Emmi1882 Anyone got benefit from cold exposure?

I’ve been adviced a few times to do cold exposure to improve tactile sense.
One can take cold showers or spent some time in a cold water tank or iced sea / lake and now I found out there are also Cryo cabins which are supposed to be more effective than the aromentioned means.
Has anyone got any better regarding numbness by doing that?
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2023.06.03 20:21 Ok-Seaweed7173 [WTS] Platinum Little Meteor/Starlets EF, F; Diamine inks including Celadon Cat & Sailors Warning CONUS, hand-made pen pouches

All sub rules apply. Please comment before PM'ing. Add $6 for shipping, CONUS only.
All pens and inks are in A1 brand new condition. I have each color in both F and EF nibs.
Platinum Little Meteors/Starlets. I love these so much more than Preppys; they use the same nib/feed units as the Preppy/Prefounte/Plaisir with same "slip 'n seal" system to prevent drying out even with long periods of non-use. $7 each; comes with slide converter and in original packaging. Add $.50 if you would like a black Platinum cartridge.
Taro purple, Cherry blossom, Strawberry cream, Peach wine, Coral, Mint green, Soda blue (it's really more of a pastel green), Lake blue, and Coastline.
Spare EF nib unit with black ink cartridge $5 each - fits Little Meteor, Preppy, Prefounte, Plaisir

Diamine inks:
Sailors warning 50mL $15; 5mL sample $4
Celadon cat 30mL $5.50; 5mL sample $3
Remaining 30mL bottles $5.50 each: Aurora Borealis, Eau de Nil, Pelham Blue, Mediterranean blue, Kensington Blue, Sapphire Blue, Bilberry, Monboddo's Hat, Graphite, Hope Pink, Claret, Red Dragon, Wild Strawberry, Ancient Copper, Blaze Orange
Pics and verification:

And last but certainly not least, I still have some of my mom's Japanese-inspired hand-made pen pouches available, see details here:

Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.03 20:20 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Debris US95 N / LAKE MEAD BLVD;nb so 06/03/2023 11:18:02 AM
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