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2023.06.07 01:41 Meatpaste1729 Better Sniper Balance: In response to the Hanzo/Widow One-shot update and post that is currently front page

Here's the post
I think the changes are a bit goofy and won't fix the issue, (see top comments on linked post) and I want to ask about my own ideas and if/why they'd work or not instead. Scroll to the bottom for those~
Before I proper start, I'm biased and hopefully that's okay. I was briefly a 3500 tank main and hopefully that's enough credential to be seen as having a decent sense of the game over the years
Snipers in fps games can always be some level of contentious, because their gameplay often revolves around headshots, and a cycle of either broken or unplayable gameplay balancing. This is not an easy problem to solve, I'm not an expert, I just want to throw my spaghetti into the wind about it
I've always found Widow to be the least 'fun' champion, mostly through what she asks of other players on her team implicitly: -Low damage output means players have to either pick up dps slack or wait for a headshot. -Extreme backline position means I had to do the most work to peel for one, and had the most difficulty 'feeling out' if I was providing good frontline pressure to open up better shots -One shots are less fun than combined damage kills for almost everyone involved except the shooter; The healers don't get to heal, the tanks don't get to shield, and even the other dps on the team doesn't get to assist. (This is a little bit hyperbole, there is pressure and positioning to think of, snipers just do it the least visibly and thus most frustratingly)
Hanzo I don't personally mind as much because his burst is higher (i can play around a hanzo air jumping in with his 5 quick shots easier than a widow's aggressive grapple) and he's often more midrange, i.e. interactable, but he can certainly spam at head height and farm tilt. He has very similar problems to Widow, I just like his playstyle more
So what are the changes going to do?
Widow is getting her long range nerfed, bringing her more midrange if she wants headshots. Good! We can interact with her! And also, bad! Horrible! Her dps is already so low that my shields will always break before my fellow opponent tank's, now it's even worse!
Hanzo's Sonic arrow is now 'more visible' to enemies, good, i like this one, it's been needed for a long time.
Hanzo can't one-shot 250hp targets thanks to a slight dps nerf. Good? Who cares? Isn't the problem squishes dying from casually tossed cross map log spam?
I don't think these changes will fully fix the issue, and I do think they risk pushing the sniper class from op to bottom tier for most Elo tiers, so here are my own custom oc do not steal but please do if they're any good, suggestions:
Widow needs a DoT poison shot on her primary sniper. It's wild she only has poison on her mine and terribly unthematic. But, it can't be all DoT because that's Anna, and her iconic sniper shot sound wouldn't match viscerally with the damage type or the hero.
So, take a portion of the total damage of the shot, and convert it to a poison DoT that ticks over the next few seconds. And tie that ratio to the distance the shot was taken at! Or even the speed at which the dot ticks, maybe with a small window of grace for a healer
Examples: Fully charged widow headshot at -200m: 300 damage, 50 instant and 250 over 3 seconds after a delay of 0.5 seconds -100m: 300 damage, 150 instant and 150 over 2 seconds after a delay of 0.5 -50m: 300 damage, 190 instant and 110 over 1 second after a delay of 0.5 -10m: 300 damage, 240 instant and 60 over 0.5 seconds after 0.5 seconds
The main reasons to like this is how modular balancing widow becomes, because you may not like these numbers but each can be changed! The damage of the shot, duh The instant/dot damage ratio at any specific range The time it takes for the dot to deal its full damage The grace period before the 'poison' sets in that allows a healer to save the day
Unironically Widows damage could be buffed under these conditions. Her damage at long range could be increased if needed, with the stipulation that it's a long range DoT that will tick over a longer time. I'm not saying i want that, just that this damage system allows for it without making it an instant one shot, which is pretty cool I think!
Okay so hanzo gets the same treatment, but different flavor and a little simpler. He always talks about marking people by dragon, so why not actually have that as a core mechanic:
First shot marks, deals ~70-90% of it's total damage, adds a mark Second shot procs the mark, deals ~70-90% of it's total damage plus the 10-30% of the first shot, plus a new mark Third shot deals ~70-90% of it's total damage, plus the first shot mark damage, plus MAYBE the second shot mark damage as well! This accounts for shots having different amounts of charge and damage, so it won't promote a playstyle of having to shoot one limp arrow to mark and one big boi to nuke.
Simple as, don't get hit two or more times How do I know I'm marked? Maybe Hanzo says something, maybe there's a UI indicator How long does the mark last? Maybe its only who you hit last, and it's permanent until you hit someone else, maybe it lasts 3-10 seconds and you can apply it to whoever Can any of his other moves mark? Storm for sure but numbers would need to be shifted so the average damage is about the same. Maybe sonic arrow, if the mark duration was shorter? Definitely ultimate damage should mark! Tagging people with follow up shots after the twin dragons tickle them could be fun.
Point is, all the suffering is on the first shot, so just shuffle that pain over a bit, suddenly its a mechanic and you can play around it or be rewarded for chaining arrows together!
Thanks for reading however much of it you did~
TLDR: Why don't we take Hanzo and Widow, and push their damage somewhere else?
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2023.06.07 01:40 murrajes Upcoming doctor appt.

Will a primary care doctor prescribe naltrexone for me? I really want to try this for my alcohol addiction but I’m afraid to ask.
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2023.06.07 01:39 shishk4bob Kind of confused and I need advice or some kind off reality check

Am I being mentally abused or am I the problem??
Im asking this question because I don’t know what to believe anymore.
My older sister seems to always want to pick a fight with me.
For example, I’m watching TV and I have my laptop while eating breakfast by myself. She comes home with hot food and doesn’t ever ask me if I’m hungry. I always ask her if she wants anything when I’m out and most of the time she says yes.
Anyway, she comes in and says “Do you know I pay for the electricity”
and I said, “What’s the problem?” My laptop is running on battery so the only thing on is the tv. Then she says, “Well pick one unless you want to pay for electricity.”
I pay for the internet which is three times more than electricity. But I don’t bring it up or cap her data usage. I learned from the past that it’s better to just stay quiet because it’s not worth fighting. So I turned off the TV.
She goes to the kitchen took look for anything she can blame me for. She opens the microwave, and asks, “Have you seen the microwave?” I said, “What’s wrong with it?” She said, “It's dirty ass hell.” I replied, “Well if I saw it was dirty I woulda cleaned it.”
Then she replies, “No you wouldn’t you don’t do shit. You wait for me to do everything. When do you mop the floor?” What she doesn’t know is I do all of these things but I just don’t report it or tell anyone because I’m an adult. I’m 31 years old. It’s’ probably 11 AM I don’t want to start my day like this.
She never has anything nice to say. Yesterday, she got mad that I parked my car in the garage. She said, “Why did you park in the garage?” I usually park on the street but I just got back from the doctor and I could barely walk. My foot was swollen doctor said to lie down as soon as I get home and keep my feet elevated.
So she comes downstairs (knowing I just got back from the doctor, I asked her if she can take me and she said I can't take care of you. All I wanted was a ride. had it been the other way around I wouldn't let her drive herself to the hospital, I would take her and stay with her.
So she tells me, ugh you're useless I always have to do everything!
Which is not true.. she actually has beef with my cousin right now because my cousin told her the same thing. She said.. “we moved grandpa here to my house because you guys don't do anything to help him. Only we do when we visit”
So she and my cousin are not speaking because of the same reason that she’s mad at me. Supposably, I don't do anything. I do so much for her especially before I was diagnosed with a disability. It was only when I stopped working she started being more violent toward me.
We use to have a joke in the family that we were born in the wrong order because I use to pay for all her cell phones, cell phone bills, and food, and when she was on the run cause my mom kicked her out when we were teenagers I was the one helping her survive by giving her and her bf money which I know they used for drugs maybe. She's not an addict but her ex-bf is an addict.
So I’m at the dinner table and I decide I don't want to have this conversation because it's not worth the fight. My home is a lot better when we are getting along. Then she chases me and tells me to put my food away and I said I will but I don't want to be near you right now. You’re being violent.
Then she follows me up the stairs and tells me that I’m going to end up a lonely man and no girl is ever going to want to be with me because I'm such a pig. Her boyfriend comes in the house and tells me to just go in my room then she proceeds to take the dishes that I left on the table and placed them in front of my door.
I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm asking for evidence or some kind of idea about what I’m doing. Am I really the problem? Why does she hate me so much? I told her once that I loved her and whatever it is that changed the way she looked at me, I told her I apologize. I said Im sorry I wasn't a better brother.
I’m not asking for who is right or wrong. I don’t think that matters. But I feel like I’m being mentally abused, gaslighted, or maybe Im being too sensitive. She literally will find anything she can around the house just to bitch as me about. I think she gets happy when she finds out I fucked up somewhere in the house and she just loves to point it out.
I remember when I bought her an iPhone X when it first came out and she destroyed the phone within hours of having it because we unfortunately had to change her number. She said its all my fault and she threw the iPhone to the wall and shattered it. I felt bad because I didn't know we were getting new numbers. I apologized.
I called Sprint and figured out a way to get her old number back. It took a few days but I was able to. and I had to buy a new iPhone X because she destroyed the first one. When I told her her phone came in the mail and her number was restored. She pulls out an iPhone X and says she got her own now. I was furious but I just said whatever as long as we’re getting along that's what my mom would want. mom passed away years ago.. she never apologized. She didn't even give me her new number for maybe two years.
I guess what am i asking is…
what can I do to be a better brother?
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2023.06.07 01:38 4n6ridge Primary care doctor near Silver Spring

Trying to find a new primary care doctor that people actually like/would recommend.
Ideally, they would be part of a small group so you can get same day appointments when sick with SOMEONE there even if your usual Is unavailable. Some weekend hours would be nice. Someone who listens to you, doesn’t assume you’re an idiot, and is knowledgeable enough to either figure out problems or refer to the proper specialist.
I’ve been looking for months with no luck — does such a thing exist?
United HealthCare insurance.
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2023.06.07 01:37 One-Pomegranate5373 How to get diagnosis and meds without insurance

I was previously prescribed Adderall but this was many years ago in a state I no longer live in and I no longer have access to the information I need to show it to another doctor.
I live in WA state (Auburn, WA) and so far I’ve spent 300 dollars trying an overly expensive clinic to see if they could help and they couldn’t without a primary care or previous doctor information (which I can’t get). I’ve called multiple clinics to no avail and I just want assistance.
I know what I’m suffering from and I know what helps I have money and time and all I need is help getting a doctor or service that can help me get back on medication. Can anyone help I have no idea how to work the healthcare system.
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2023.06.07 01:32 contentcreat Tips for Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Digital Age

In today's digital age, where we spend countless hours typing, scrolling, and swiping on various electronic devices, it's crucial to prioritize our hand health and prevent conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). CTS occurs when the median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel in the wrist, becomes compressed, leading to pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and fingers. To help you maintain healthy hands and prevent CTS, here are some essential tips to consider:
  1. Maintain Proper Ergonomics: One of the key factors in preventing CTS is maintaining proper ergonomics while using electronic devices. Ensure that your workstation is set up correctly, with your keyboard and mouse at the right height and angle. Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse if possible, as they are designed to reduce strain on the hands and wrists.
  2. Take Frequent Breaks: Prolonged and repetitive use of digital devices can put excessive strain on your hands and wrists. It is essential to take regular breaks to rest and stretch your hands and fingers. Incorporate short breaks every 20-30 minutes, during which you can perform simple stretching exercises for your hands and wrists.
  3. Practice Wrist Exercises: Simple exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles in your hands and wrists can go a long way in preventing CTS. Consider incorporating wrist rotations, finger stretches, and wrist flexion and extension exercises into your daily routine. These exercises help improve blood circulation and reduce stiffness in the wrist area.
  4. Use Proper Typing Techniques: When typing, avoid excessive force and striking the keys forcefully. Instead, adopt a light touch and use all your fingers to distribute the workload evenly. Typing with a flat wrist and keeping your hands relaxed can also help alleviate strain on the wrists and reduce the risk of developing CTS.
  5. Support Your Wrists: Providing proper support to your wrists during computer use can significantly reduce the strain on the median nerve. Consider using an ergonomic wrist pad or wrist brace to keep your wrists in a neutral position while typing or using a mouse. This additional support can help prevent excessive bending or extension of the wrists, reducing the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  6. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: General health and lifestyle factors can impact your susceptibility to CTS. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and engaging in regular exercise can help improve circulation and reduce the risk of developing conditions like CTS. Additionally, managing underlying health conditions such as diabetes or arthritis can also contribute to overall hand health.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining the health and flexibility of your tendons and ligaments. It helps keep your joints lubricated and reduces the risk of inflammation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure proper hydration and promote optimal hand health.
  8. Seek Professional Advice: If you experience persistent symptoms such as hand pain, numbness, or tingling, it's essential to seek medical advice. A healthcare professional, such as a doctor or occupational therapist, can provide a proper diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment options based on your specific condition.
By implementing these tips and incorporating hand and wrist care into your daily routine, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Remember, prevention is key, and prioritizing your hand health in the digital age is crucial for maintaining long-term well-being.
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2023.06.07 01:26 doublesidedcentpiece I need some help/ reassurance

Hi everyone, I hope what I am about to type out doesn't offend anyone or upset anyone but I am drowning in worry right now and could use a place to let it all out. I'm 33, married with no children, my husband and I had been thinking about trying again a year ago but then my mom suddenly passed away. My poor little brother (17 at the time) who has Down Syndrome was alone in the house with her for 10 hours. I talked to him multiple times that day but he never mentioned what happened just that "mom was being annoying," she had been talking about switching his room around so I thought she must have been touching his things. My stepdad, his real dad (I lost my real dad at age 12) found her when he got home from work. Today it was traumatic for all of us is an understatement. Especially, when it comes to thinking about what he went through that day. Fast forward to a month later, my stepdad got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the esophagus. They were hopeful they could treat it and they got right to it. He started to drink to cope with losing my mom, 4 months later he moved a random lady into the house because he wasn't coping well being alone, which is a whole can of worms in it of it's self. It 's just been a year of so many changes.
We got some exciting news in March that they believe that he was going into remission. My husband and I drove back to see my brother with down syndrome graduate highschool, it was so cute! It fell on the year Anniversary of my stepdads diagnosis. The first doctor told us he wouldn't make it a year. So.we kind of laughed it off. The next day he had a seizure. Long story short he had a brain tumor, we brought my brother home with us so that he wouldn't have to see my dad with a scar and so that he could focus on recovering since they decided to operate on it the following Thursday (last Thursday). They were able to get most of it but not all of it and they now aren't sure if he will ever be able to go into remission. This will likely take him from us which I find devastating in itself. Then I think about my brother and what he has already had to endure, it breaks my heart.
I always told my mom if anything happened to them I would take care of him. I never though in a million years I would be barely into my thirties. I feel so unprepared and there are parts of me that just want to escape my life entirely. I'm the oldest living sibling, our oldest brother passed away in 2018 and I feel so responsible for all of my younger siblings. My dad doesn't have much and he isn't coping well. I'm scared how this will financially impact my husband and I. I'm scared my husband will leave, even though he loves my brother more than me, I swear. They are best pals. I know this sounds so selfish but I'm also so scared to lose my life both the way it is and I fear that I will die young too and my brother won't have any take care of him. I don't even know where to begin to start being okay with all of this. I have resentment towards my parents, my brother, my other siblings. I love them, I know I do.but all I feel is anger right now. If I'm honest, I'm not even sure at who or what, I'm just so angry.
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2023.06.07 01:26 Educational_Reach351 Caring for again parents in your home

My sibling, of her own accord, not asking for my opinion on the subject or thoughts about it AT ALL, decided to have our aging dad move in with her and her husband when she bought her new house.
Has she asked me, I’d have said not only is this a terrible idea but WTAF, are you even thinking??
Growing up, or alcoholic dad was never emotionally available. It goes much deeper than that. He was essentially an inconvenient piece of the furniture. He’d get home from work, crack the top of his first of twelve beers for the night and go to his chair in the living room to read the paper and watch the TV shows he wanted to watch. This would leave our mom with all the rest. She’d come home working the same amount of hours at work but then have the house to clean, laundry to do, dinner to make, and in any time left, to care for me and my sister. Ask if this without the help, thanks, or even basic acknowledgment…. Let alone a “thanks “ from our drunk dad. His contribution… he’d berate our mom if she burnt the food because she was tired or multitasking like doing the laundry while cooking. Because she was a saint, she’d always take the burnt food for herself saving the very best for dad who would never notice her sacrifice or praise her efforts. As I grew older and began to grow a conscience, I’d say mom I’ll eat that one. She’d say no, honey, I like it cooked like that. I want that one. Of course it was a selfless lie. She did it because she loved us. Always putting others first. As we grew my sister and I would help around the house ultimately doing most of the housework and laundry etc. meanwhile dad would just sit there. Drinking his beer. Never offering to help. Never offering a kind word of encouragement. Never offering to take us to a game at school. Never participating in PTA events. Never offering to help with homework. Never asking how was our day. This was our childhood. I can actually say it changed my outlook on life. I vowed to never be a woman like my mom. Please know I love my mom more than anything ever and respect her sacrifices and hardships she endured. But I feel it safe to say she was never given the option to “live her best life”. Hers was a lie a service. To her husband. To her family. To the duties of earning an income at a menial minimum wage job she hated, then raising the children by herself minus the income our dad provided. His only value or contribution to our family was that income. Otherwise, he was the furniture. Moreover, while he wasn’t “violent” there were occasions that where he was drunk he’d yell at us and our mom and once while we were crying while looking out the window, witnessed him throwing a heavy trash can on our mom while she tried to defend herself. (As an aside, our mom never drank but had to endure a drink partner every night of her life.). He would occasionally beat my sister and I with his belt or weeping willow branches if we failed in some way. We were good kids (hell we were fantastic kids— straight As, hard working, respectful… all that). I can’t remember the minor infractions that caused a whipping but I sure remember the terror of the act. The drunken yelling, then the fumbling unbuckling of his belt, seemed like time would virtually stop waiting for the belt to whirl out of his jeans and then he’d double it over and advance. Almost foaming at the mouth as he’d come to hit us. Oh, I forgot to mention… the reason he was beating mom that night… it’s because she was trying to protect us so he’d aggress towards her and spare us. Anyhow, that was our childhood. That was what living with our dad was like.
It changed me. Fundamentally. I chose not to have children. I worked hard to support myself independently and never be reliant on a man for my financial support. I even struggle with trust. I’ve learned that people you let into your life, intimately, Matt not have your best interests at heart and may wish to exploit your kindness and generosity. I can’t say these life lessons have helped me to be the best I can be. But here we are.
Our mother passed away leaving only our dad. Fast forward to now. Now where my dad lives with my sister. He’s now advancing quickly with dementia. Other than now being completely paranoid and generally having tantrums where he hates everyone and everything. He’s so racial. So angry. He hallucinates. He thinks people are stealing from him. He thinks his doctors are terrible. He wants to move back to his old house. He’s generally his same old insufferable self just now with the added grief of dementia and paranoia.
My struggle is this…. My sister is increasingly angry with me for not helping her more with his care. She constantly complains about his insensitivity, his arrogance, his disrespect. She wants me to sympathize. She wants me to be a sounding board. She wants me to take him on outings. Take him to breakfast and lunch. To give her a break and some help. I get it. And I do. Not as often as she’d like. But I do. Not every week. Mentally I can’t. I don’t like the man. Honestly, I can’t stand him. Taking him on outings I have to mentally rally and prepare, dread and eventually just come to the thought of “just do it and get it over with” so I can try and forget about it until next time. To say I dread it… having to pretend to care about what he has to say, care about his thoughts… when he has never cared about ours…
I’ve encouraged my sister to put him in a home. He’s not destitute. She refuses. “He’d hate that” she says. I counter with “He hates everything so what’s the difference?” Still she refuses but increasingly demands my help. It’s increasingly harming our relationship. She’s resentful of me for not participating in his care on her terms. She’s withdrawing and becoming bitter towards me. I don’t appreciate being made to feel guilty over participating in the care of this man that has shaped my life for… the worse… hard to say… But definitely not for the better. My achievements have been in spite of him. My decision to not have children which was so strongly colored by him in my childhood now a question in my mind. Had I made the wrong choice? Too late now.
Ultimately this man, my dad, is not yet done taking from me and shaping my life. Now he’s destroying my relationship and friendship with my sister. I only engage with him for her. Increasingly as his disease progresses she wants more and more from me while continuing to draw away from me. I hate this man. I’m also resenting my sister for taking in this burden when she did so on her own but now demands my help. I don’t know what to do. Am I just the asshole? How do support my sister on this crazy journey she never should have tan on? Letting this man continue to destroy our lives.
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2023.06.07 01:20 LucidIsntHere IT'S NOT FAIR (ranty text warning)

IT'S NOT FAIR (ranty text warning)
It's ridiculous. My brother only has to take the trash out every week, bring in the mail, do the dishes every so often (that's more of a joint effort) and help mom if she needs it. I have to feed the cats, clean their literboxes, trim their claws, do the dishes (again joint effort), run the roomba, sweep the bathroom, dust, clean the bathroom, make dinner for mom, help her get things from under her chair, and at times buy the groceries because she will forget and lose the shopping list.
It's dumb. There are some things my brother could do if mom just told him how to do it. Instead everything else is delegated to me because he doesn't know how to do it or he doesn't want to do it.
Mom says she's not going to enforce a sexist environment like grandma/her mom, and I don't entirely believe that but I think it's more just convince or something.
She also loves to say how the cats are our cats until they need to be cared for then it's my job "Oh I'll help you" no you won't you're so inconsistent and like I get you have chronic pain but how can I expect to rely on you when you have to cancel my doctor's appointments because you weren't feeling well enough to drive?
I can't even tell her how frustrated I am with doing almost everything because she'll just bring up several other things she's told me/wants me to do that aren’t done yet because I can't read her mind I don't know when she's going to be available to let me help. Don't just say "you need to do xyz" and not give me any instruction. When do you want it done? Do you want it now? You said not right this second so when do you want me to do it. Do you want me to do it tomorrow? A month? I'm going to forget about it because you don't tell me what to do other than "get it done" and I'm SICK OF IT
I'm literally bending of backwards for her (her room is a safety hazard but she keeps piling things up and just says "[deadname] we need to work on getting this straightened up. I causes me physical pain to try toget on the floor to look under her recliner because there's not enough room for me.) and she's never satisfied with me. I used to just want to make her happy but now I just want to leave her.
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2023.06.07 01:16 gosiph The day my son was born.

My wife had postpartum hemorrhaging from a piece of the placenta that was holding on. She told me early in our relationship that a doctor told her that she would die if she were to have a baby. That was always in the back of my mind. She used to live in a second world country that doesn’t have as good of medical care. We got into huge fights about how and where our son would be born. She wanted to go back to her home country which I easily convinced her otherwise. Her only other thing was having a home birth. I reminded her about what she told me when we were still a new couple, and she agreed due to my heavy concerns. The moments after delivery were short but intense, because my instincts were telling me something wasn’t right. I kept my cool in the moment whilst trying to get as much information, without alarming my wife of the situation. I looked at the doctor, looked back, and my wife had turned pale. We are a black couple so the level of distress in that moment, was nearly unbearable. After the doctors/ nurses did what they needed to do for my son, I held him for the first time. My mom walked into the room, I watched her face as she saw my son for the first time. I looked up, and they were rushing my wife out of the door. All I could think about was I didn’t get a chance to tell her how much I loved her one more time. As optimistic as I can be, I didn’t have anything left in me. I felt empty,lost, and alone. I nearly forgot that I had my son in my arms, when I looked down at him. He filled me up with love and hope. I remembered everything my wife had told me throughout her pregnancy. I still had such pain, but I had to be strong for the both of them. I was with him though everything, didn’t miss a thing. I fed him his first bottle. I changed his first diaper. Every second with him felt like the happiest dream but I couldn’t escape the nightmare. After the OR, they took my wife to the IR; which led my wife to cardiac, since the nurses are always on steady watch. Once she finally made it to postpartum, I met her in there. I she looked exactly like I saw her in the delivery room. Pale, frail, and moments from death. She looked like my wife but… empty. I rushed down to the nursery to get my son. I, for some reason, was uncertain if they would let me take him to the room by myself (a big black man). They reminded me that I was his father, and had no reason to be asking them. I was happy to hear that, but also embarrassed for questioning myself. I took my son into the room, and life jumped back into my wife. she sat up and began to speak. There was a struggle in her voice, but also a strength. She ended up pulling through, and we are able to share the experience of raising our son together. I am happy that I convinced my wife to go the hospital route. When things turn critical everything happens so fast, and every second counts. I 100% believe if we went the home birth route like she wanted, I would have been a single father and that still haunts me. I’m not saying anything against home births, because that was something that I wanted to do as well. I just advise that you make sure that you take your woman’s health and safety into consideration. Thank you for reading my story.
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2023.06.07 01:07 MountainNovel878 Guide to Sourcing Peptides 2023

This community was inspired by our own frustration in navigating the unregulated peptide research community. In doing so, we have compiled information about sourcing peptides, their legality, and the regulatory paradigm that surrounds the actual transaction (payment) for research peptides. When the broader peptide research community also learns about these facets, it will contribute to maintaining the legality and thus availability of research peptides.
Peptides sold, obtained, and possessed for laboratory, research, and analytical purposes are generally legal. Laws and regulations will vary based on country and geographical location.
It is illegal to sell, buy, possess, and utilize peptides for purposes other than the aforementioned.
We’ve noticed that many peptide researchers are often inspired by information they hear about on social media, blogs, or in videos. However, oftentimes inadequate research is done in advance of acquiring or attempting to acquire peptides. This puts risk on the individual and on the broader peptide research community.
Research peptides can be obtained from online sources. They can also be obtained by a licensed professional at various clinics (both online and brick and mortar). It is very important to note that just because a clinic prescribes and/or sells peptides, they are almost invariably still sourced from overseas and there is no assurance of quality control. .
For the purposes of our research and this subreddit, we only do laboratory testing on US peptide suppliers. We also only use US testing laboratories (currently, we use two of them).
If you found this subreddit but are interested in peptides for medical use, please consult with a licensed medical professional.
The reason that many people appear not to do this, is that it can be very expensive, difficult to qualify, and not all peptides of interest may be available or indicated.
There are many online research peptide vendors, particularly lately. This is not inherently a good thing as it dilutes the pressure on any given vendor to perform rigorous quality control. Without third party testing, it is virtually impossible to know what you’re getting. Again, this was one of our primary inspirations for starting this community.
The vast majority of vendors are sourcing their peptides from China. A very small number of vendors are manufacturing them in the US. Small batch peptide synthesis has an approximate equipment (not including trained personnel) cost of over half a million dollars. Smaller or less experienced (newer) vendors are unlikely to be doing this. However, if one can identify vendors who are doing this, it is a very good idea in our experience.
Unlike testing one’s luck by ordering small-ish quantities of peptides from overseas, US vendors will provide some of the following additional benefits:
The vendor does all of the work – they do customer service and fulfil orders much more quickly than any sort of international import. They (hopefully) provide replacements when things go wrong. This gives the customer some assurance because there is an entity attached to the order.
They are also less expensive than when obtained from a clinic.
Fortunately or unfortunately, due to research peptides being unregulated, anyone can essentially be a “vendor” without oversight. At the same time, the customer is still likely receiving the same peptide they would have otherwise obtained from overseas themselves. Note – many people think that reliable overseas vendors will sell retail quantity numbers of peptides directly to consumers. This is rarely true, and often leads to being scammed.
This has left a gap for many bad actors to enter the space.
This doesn't mean that all vendors are getting quality peptides from China/overseas either. Some have been shown by researchers to either be dosed in inefficacious amounts, contain none of the actual compound that it should, and/or have completely different compounds than it claims to have.
You can read more about buying from Chinese suppliers here.
Even when a COA is posted by a vendor, it’s important that it is somehow verifiable. There is a large percentage of photoshopped/fake COAs posted online by vendors and affiliates. For this reason, some legitimate vendors do not post COAs on their website, but make them available upon request.
When reading a COA, purity tells you about the quality of the peptide. This confirms that they gave you the correct product.
Purity is usually more than adequate when comparing or testing peptides. It will give you a general idea about what is in your product and it can still be cost effective.
When also testing for quantity, it gets a lot more expensive. Vendors most typically rely on the tests they received from their Chinese suppliers instead of doing it themselves through a 3rd party lab. These tests cost several times more than purity-only tests, and are not often done.
It is easy for vendors to fake test results that they say they performed themselves. Others fake test results from labs to make it seem like they are 3rd party tested. This makes it important to be able to verify test results.
The lab tests that we have performed are done with testing facilities in the US who we can trust.
The next best place to find information about vendors would be on forums. Namely this subreddit and our website.
Search through Reddit and see what others have said about their experiences with brands. Namely the customer service, scams, and shipping. These are anecdotal reports, and while we make a strong effort to hedge against vendor solicitation influencing these anecdotes, it is still possible that “recommendations” made by users are some forms of solicitation.
We don't see anecdotal posts or comments as a credible source for dictating the quality of a vendor. There is no way to prove their suggestion.
We have been doing our own anonymous buying from vendors and sending those samples in for testing. You can view these test results on our forum here.
We prefer to keep everything evidence based and let the COAs and tests speak for themselves.
While you are looking for where to source your research peptides, you are more than likely going to see ads, chat requests, and comments/replies from vendors trying to manipulate users.
We advise you to be smart with engaging with anyone that engages with you for the aforementioned purposes. Check their post history and karma at very minimum (not always indicative of anything, but helpful).It’s likely best to just avoid blindly taking any random suggestions, particularly if made via “DM.”
A rule of thumb is that if anyone pushes in favor of, or against a vendor to a strong degree, likely has a vested interest as a vendor or affiliate.
Some vendors are not happy with the work we have been doing. They know they may be selling low quality peptides and they fear that we will randomly run a lab test on their products.
Many peptide researchers do not understand that it can be difficult to obtain peptides from a payment perspective. We have an article about this here. In short, banks are the intermediary between merchants (vendors) and the credit/debit card brands. Based on rules and guidance from the card brands, banks make policies on what types of product/service types can be offered by merchants (vendors) for card transactions.
Many vendors who offer direct traditional card payment options for research peptides are engaging in what is called transaction laundering. This is the act of misrepresenting, in one or more ways, what they are selling to their bank/payment processor. This comes with serious legal risks that in some cases, can extend to the customers unknowingly.
When customers insist on using their card to buy research chemicals, they are creating the need for vendors to heavily focus on the huge hassle of payments, instead of things like customer service and quality control. All of the payment work-arounds like CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, etc. are also unsustainable. Once those companies realize that their apps are being used to facilitate the sale of these items, the accounts will get shut down. The only sustainable method for vendors and for customers is cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is not difficult to use, and it removes middle men from a transaction so the customer and vendor can transact without requiring “permission” from an intermediary. You can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or bank account easily. You will notice that vendors often incentivize the use of this payment method with discounts or by other means. Many vendors also add fees to be able to use some kind of card payment method. There is a reason for this.
Any peptide researchecustomer should be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We don’t want a community of peptide vendors who are fixated on payments to lure in buyers versus fixated on quality control, sustainability, regulatory compliance (legal, and banking/payment compliance).
We hope that you find this community and its content valuable and helpful.
If you have had any good or bad experiences, please write up a review and post it to the subreddit.
There is a review tag you can use to help others find it easier.
Peptide Source
While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our posts, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider. You should always consult a licensed healthcare/medical professional. The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. Peptides that are available to the vast majority of consumers are for research and laboratory use only. Only vendors that strictly adhere to this legal framework should be trusted, and NO VENDOR that insinuates or promotes (directly or indirectly) human use/consumption of peptides should not be supported by anyone in the peptide community, period. Particularly if the community would like these peptides to remain legally available for research and laboratory use without further regulatory intervention.
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2023.06.07 01:06 Son0fHecate What doctors do you use for medical accommodations?

So, my work is pretty difficult to work with at times when it comes to accommodations. I already asked for an ergonomic chair as a non-medical ergonomic accommodation, and was denied. I'm having a lot of back pain and really need a different chair, so I'd like to just submit a medical ergonomic accommodation request to avoid another headache, but I need to know what kind of doctor to go to to get the order for an ergonomic chair, as I can't afford to go to several doctors for this, and I don't have a primary care doctor.
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2023.06.07 01:01 DankaDane 11 days post klonapin jump… DP/DR is sooo bad. Question…

So I just took a half of a .5mg Xanax. I couldn’t take the dpdr. It’s was so bad that I had to do something as I’m also a single mother and starting a new job on Friday. I have a doctors appointment with my psychiatrist on Thursday. She knows I want completely off of klonapin but I’m not equipped to go through the mental torment I was currently in. It’s like I’m a complete stranger to the world while in dpdr and THAT I don’t like! I also have borderline personality disorder so of course, my anxiety is all over the place due to being in my head these last days. My question is, how do I approach my doctor with getting me on something to cross taper with? I need to retry all this with a slower taper because I have to work and take care of my girls…in the state I was in an hour before I took the .5 Xanax, that would not be possible😓Any help would be so appreciated and thank you for taking time to read and help :)
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2023.06.07 00:55 Artistic_Pie216 How to approach boss about added responsibilities??

So I’ve been at my new job now going on four weeks. It is a new clinic offering an array of services like primary care, weight loss program, IV nutrition therapy, hormone therapy and integrative medicine. The CEO my boss has successful clinics in other e locations and is part time. He has two other physicians one in charge or primary care and another doing the hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine but they are also part time and more like consultants than clinicians. He has the integrative medicine and IV nutrition therapy experience which he expects me to learn all of these including aesthetics and helping out the plastic surgeons when he starts in a few months. He expects me to have weekly meetings with each doctor and the staff and basically put the foundation for all the programs including the financial side of things. I don’t have e experience in this but I am for the task and willing to learn. Right now my salary is decent for primary care and there is plans in plans to make more money such as 6% salary increase each year for 3 years and 6% of profit. He basically told me I have right to make all decisions without getting permission from anyone basically I’m in charge since I am the only full time provider. Yet he didn’t give me any official title or discuss compensation. I don’t even know if staff has been made aware of my new role which is a bit confusing. I want to meet with them and clarify what my titile should be the job duties and fair compensation since none of this was in my contract and really caught me off guard. Thanks for your responses. I’m a PA with 8 years experience in primary care urgent care and occupational health by the way.
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2023.06.07 00:55 embunting Possible PVCs, undiagnosed heart issue?

Hello! I am a 25 y/o female, 5'0" 183 lbs. For the past few years I've been having some worsening symptoms and also heart palpitations. The symptoms are as follows:
It's getting to the point where I'm waiting for the day I'm out in public and finally pass out onto the ground. :( I spoke with a friend who manages an urgent care clinic, and a doctor there suggested possible PVCs or POTS, as well as getting an ANA panel done. I do have hypothyroidism, but my levels are normal now with synthroid. My A1C and fasting blood sugar are also normal. Although, whenever I get a urinalysis I always have slightly excess amounts of protein and blood. I am also on Zoloft and birth control and have been for 8 years. I have a physical in July, but am wondering if I should schedule a visit sooner. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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2023.06.07 00:53 SpideyFan914 I Just Caught Up on ASM: A Rant

Really, I just need to rant. I know most of this is old news now. But no one I know IRL reads these comics, so I gotta let it out somewhere...
I tend to binge comics every so often instead of reading month-to-month, as I find it easier to keep up that way (and single issues are no longer substantial enough to feel worth it honestly). So I last left off after Spencer's run. Read Beyond in two days, and then Wells' run (including most Dark Web tie-ins) in another two days.
So, first off...
I didn't hate this actually. There are times when it's a bit dull. I wanted more of a focus on Ben and Janine's daily life, but the story was primarily interested in plot plot plot. Even then, Ben's personality shines through and I really liked him for most of it.
The villains were pretty lousy. Doc Ock and Aunt May teaming up did not work at all, I'm sorry. I just don't buy that Aunt May would do that (and also I keep forgetting that she no longer knows Peter is Spider-Man, like I could've sworn she found out again at some point).
Queen Goblin is okay though, and I like that they play up the therapy angle here. The whole "Norman's Sins" thing is weird magic mumbo-jumbo, but if you just swap it around and use some basic science experimentation / brainwashing instead, it would work pretty well.
Benching Peter was ballsy and done in a pretty lame way. It doesn't really make sense he'd be in a regular hospital to be honest, like they should've figured out he was Spider-Man from every blood test. But at least they didn't pretend to kill him off or whatever.
Ben ultimately losing his memories... was an interesting idea for an issue or two.
Anyway, Janine is my favorite character for some reason. I've never heard of her before this (I thought she was an MJ clone for a minute). I understand she had a few appearances back in the 90s, probably in the Clone Saga. (I've read most of Spider-Man history, but the 90s Clone Saga is my biggest blind spot. Too many crossovers which I didn't have access to when I read all of ASM as a kid, so I just skipped it rather than stopping. Then as an adult when I did get access to those other books and read them up to the Clone Saga... I just didn't have the patience haha. I'll get back to it one of these days.) But yeah, Janine kicks ass here. I love the internal conflict, the genuine devotion to Ben, the willingness to throw down when shit hits the fan... She's great.
The best though was the single one-shot when Peter fights some weird demon thing in the hospital. It made no sense and came out of nowhere and I'm still not sure why it happened. But it was cool and the art was good and I like horror stuff, so that was neat.
Okay, main event...
I'm not above being able to compliment some things.
I like how he wrote Tombstone. Tombstone's plan to make Spider-Man beat up Rose for him is surprisingly solid and a well-done twist.
I also like Vulture's brief appearance, and how vicious he is. I'm a Vulture stan, and hate it when people treat him like a joke. So it's nice to see someone recognize just how terrifying and ruthless Vulture can actually be.
Hobgoblins... are okay. He kinda neutered Kingsley, but it's fun seeing Ned get brainwashed again.
Um, let's see, there's some other positive...
Black Cat shines throughout. I did not need Peter and Felicia to get back together, but at least I buy it when it happens. Even aside from that though, she does feel like an actual character in both this and Beyond, and not just Peter's ex who writers don't know what to do with.
Uh, the Celestial Gwen bit was interesting... I don't know how the main event is, but for a tie-in this was an interesting idea. The execution was kinda lackluster though. Like Peter sees Gwen and just acts like a good guy, and she approves, and that's it. It's not really surprising and doesn't say anything interesting about the character that isn't obvious. And then "bringing her back" for five seconds... I don't know how I feel about that, kinda weird... I wish Peter had stood up for humanity in general, instead of just showing how he's a good guy. Like, he should've told the Celestial to bugger off, and let it know that it is the villain here. It's weird that he doesn't defend humanity at all. Even his own good actions feel weirdly filtered through the need to impress a Celestial, which is just weird.
Hmm, that wound up being more of a bad than a good...
Oh yeah, there was that Living Brain story for the 60th anniversary. I like the idea of that story. Again, it kinda flopped in execution, coming off more as a parody than anything. Peter's friends definitely should've realized he's Spider-Man. And all the villains are so... odd. It's a parody that isn't funny, even though the idea is decent. Ock doesn't even reference that the Living Brain was once his minion! (Does he remember that?)
Okay, that was more negative as well... Okay.....
I'll start small. In that Tombstone story, there's a scene where Tombstone kidnaps Peter (not Spider-Man), and Peter jokes and makes fun of him, and then Tombstone goes, "You're weird." Tombstone should've figured out he's Spider-Man. I swear, I thought that was about to happen. Peter is not acting like a regular person, and Tombstone's not a goddamn idiot. I was waiting for him to be like, "Oh, it's you. You're Spider-Man. Good to know." That could've been a great moment, Peter's own loud mouth outing his identity, but naa...
Also, though Wells gets Tomby and writes him okay, Wells also dunks on my boy Richard Fisk. Why has no one taken Rose seriously since the 80s? He was such a great character back then. Now he's just another mobster. Has Wells even read those stories? He must have, since he uses Hobgoblin a bunch, and all those things were happening at the same time. Sigh...
Nothing with Norman works at all. I mean, look, I get it, this was a thing Spencer did. And it didn't work then either. And I do respect that they're actually exploring the concept and trying to make something out of it. But it just fundamentally doesn't work. When Ock became Superior, it worked because he still read like Otto. But this Norman... this isn't Norman. This is a new character who so happens to look like Norman and technically has his past. But it's just... not Norman.
While I'm at it... since I did read that Gold Goblin series as well.... Queen Goblin immediately loses all the intrigue she had in Beyond when she goes up against Norman. This just emphasizes the "Sins" thing, which is too woo-woo magical to make any sense or feel real or tangible at all. The stakes are unclear. It just doesn't work.
(On the other hand, the Mary Jane & Black Cat series is the most fun I had during all of this. Like, the plot is nonsense and it's a bit tied into the Paul stuff to really be recommend-able... but the writers there made the most of the shitty stuff they'd been handed and wrote a fun five issues. Good art too. S'ym is great.)
Oh yeah, the art is terrible. I'm not a JRJR hater -- he's hit-or-miss, for the most part. His work on Daredevil in the 80s is brilliant, and his Mephisto redesign is excellent, the only Mephisto that really feels like some otherworldly Eldritch horror. But this run... this is JRJR at his absolute worst. It's not good art.
Okay, so... Like Beyond, I didn't hate this. I didn't like it much either, but it had its moments.
Rek-Rap is great. Just... just everything about Rek-Rap.
I like all the X-Men tie-ins too. In Dark Web, I mean. That one-shot issue shortly before Dark Web where fights Moira or... or whatever that was... That was dog poop nonsense boring shrug. But Dark Web has fun ideas that organically incorporate the X-Men.
I mean, it's really weird that you have a story where Goblin Queen and Queen Goblin are running around at the same time... They, uh, probably should have found a different name for Queen Goblin....... Can she just be the new Red Goblin, since the old one isn't coming back anytime soon? Or a new Menace? This is such a weird naming thing, and letting Peter (or was it Ben?) make a joke about it did not assuage that confusion...
But yeah, teaming up the two most iconic Marvel clones is such a natural move that built for some good drama, even if that drama is built on, um, completely character assassinating Ben...
Okay, here's a positive: the Chasm suit is cool. It's a good suit. I like the suit.
But holy hell Ben (literally?), this is waaaaaay off the deep end. Remember that time in the 60s when Peter lost his memories and teamed up with Doc Ock, but at the end he came to his senses before getting his memories back, because he's inherently a good person and knew this wasn't right? Why can't Ben get that treatment? I mean, okay, I guess he didn't just lose his Uncle Ben memories, but also kept a bunch of traumatic ones... except, apparently, he still forgot about getting killed and resurrected twenty-something times. I thiiiiiink that one's gone too... So he lost his most traumatic memories as well... So he really just has the, uh... mid-memories?
I like when Jean helps Madelyne. That was a good moment. Just gives her memories back, and then Madelyne helps them. Well done. Love it.
So, um, she can totally do that for Ben too right? Like, she's an omega-level mutant and just showed that she has this ability? Why didn't they just do that again? It's not like Peter would've been against it. Really doesn't make sense.... Heck, they could still do this. Ben is right there. Just... just ask Jean to give him his memories back. It's that easy.
Janine still rocks. I love the bit when she almost runs away, but gets recognized, and then comes back more committed to Ben than ever. Janine is an awesome character.
It's funny that there are like five redheaded women in this story, and they're all drawn exactly the same.
That was stupid.
This most recent arc literally opens with a note from Nick Lowe, promising that they all really do care about these characters. See that, guys! They do care! Don't mind everything you're about to read, they promised us that they care! Not sus at all...
Making this whole thing a flashback was stupid. Like, there's this whole mystery box storyline... Then when you get to the reveal, it's just 90% an extended flashback, because there isn't really a good way to tie it into present day. It's almost like they should've just done this chronologically to begin with. None of their teases actually made me care. It's all just shallow "hype." (I mean they wanted it to be hype, but I wasn't hyped, so... Like I said, shallow.)
Who the hell is this villain? From the editor's notes, I've definitely read the story arc where he first appeared. I do not remember it. I do not remember him. He is so beyond forgettable that my brain hasn't even stored him as a footnote.
And he isn't fleshed out here either... Most of the time, I was just confused by who he is and what he wants. I'm not even sure how many of these villains there were. Are Rabin and the God the same? Wait, is Rabin the bearded guy? I think they said Rabin was someone else, Paul's dad or whatever... I don't know, I couldn't really follow it. It feels like remembering that forgettable story from Brand New Day era is essential to understanding this one, and I just... I don't. Bring back Freak. Bring back Paper Doll. Those guys I remember, not well but they were fun enough and had cool powers. But this guy? Who the hell is this guy? (And is it racist? It feels racist.)
At least set up the Mayan stuff earlier in the run... Like, with all the mystery box teasing, they didn't actually tease anything. Spider-Man vs Mayan Gods? That's your big story? That feels like something the 60s cartoon would've tackled in its weaker seasons...
Oh, and they Amy Ponded MJ. That was just dumb. This is the kind of random scifi poop that has nothing to do with reality. Good scifi challenges characters and forces them to reveal character in a way that relates back to the real world. Like Into the Spider-Verse uses Peter B Parker to mentor Miles and has both characters grow. The glitching rule is added in so that Miles will have to be the one to stay, so that it can remain fundamentally his story without snapping away the problems by having the more experienced Spider-Men do all the work. Or that Amy Pond story I referenced -- that's an amazing episode of Doctor Who (Season 5, "The Girl Who Waited," strongly recommend), because it challenges the Doctor's readiness to play with the timestream and bring along a string of companions, and it also challenges Amy's readiness to trust the Doctor and assume he always has everything under control. It feels organic to the larger scifi rules in play, and reveals a ton about both characters, with this tragic underpinning that is earned and emotional.
But this? This is just more pettiness. This is just the Spider-Man team not caring about the character (no matter what Nick Lowe says) and wanting to mess things up with MJ... because reasons. It doesn't tell us anything about Peter or MJ that we didn't already know. Heck, they don't even feel in character half the time. Or rather, MJ doesn't really feel like a character at all.
There's this one part where The MJ Who Didn't Wait and Paul get super bulk and Terminator-y during the flashbacks... and then like a page later they're normal sized again. What was that about?
The whole thing is also rushed, not that I wanted them to stretch this out any longer. None of the beats in the MJ flashbacks are fleshed out at all. We're watching a snippets montage of some story we'll never read. We don't get connected to any of the events.
I felt nothing when the kids vanished. I felt nothing when freaking Mary Jane Watson was stabbed to death. And I felt nothing when it was revealed to not be MJ but Kamala. Like, these are characters I traditionally care a lot about... and I just feel nothing and don't care what happens to them in these stories.
That Kamala Khan bait-and-switch? Damn, that was trash writing. I'm not up to date on Kamala's books either (I haven't been since Wilson left -- couldn't get into the following run). But to kill her off in someone else's book??? With none of her supporting cast, none of her villains, heck not even a real Spider-Man villain for that matter... (Again, who the hell is this stupid boring Mayan God guy? What is actually at stake right now? Does he have a personality? Motivation? Is he a racist concept? I'm still not clear on these things.) Kamala "dies" in the dumbest way possible. Well done, Mr. Wells. You aimed to write an incredibly stupid book, and you succeeded.
Heck, Kamala wasn't even a character in this arc. The last time I recall seeing her was during Dark Web. She isn't in ASM 21-25. She just shows up in #26... to die. That's so stupid. This character deserves more than that.
Also, MJ deserves more than this.
Peter deserves more than this.
Heck, even that Mayan guy deserves more than this. At least give him a personality.
If any of you actually read all this... uh, I'm sorry? I just needed to vent and mark down some thoughts. Curious on other people's thoughts. I mean, I think I know most of them (I don't live under a rock and did have some spoilers going into all this).
Can we please just retcon all this already? Just do some time travel shenanigans and pull in MJ from before all of this. It worked for Doctor Who.
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2023.06.07 00:51 dasTintinDing Hi... well... i think i am like 1/5 of you

I am 36. Not an angsty teen anymore. I am a former "gifted, but troubled" child, deeply traumatic childhood, than saved by catholic, narcissistic grandma and shown around like a curiosity... couldn't play the unbothered, happy, genius little girl she wanted for long.
My life was chaotic with many hospitals, substances, people I fucked.
I was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, with BPD, later got that changed for asperger's with CPTSD.
I think that's not everything wrong with me, but I can't trust any doctor.
Can't trust ANYONE.
I never had any kind of true, meaningful bond to anything human since I can remember, nor to something like a "home".
I have the most brutal fantasies in my head since I was a child.
I like dead things.
I love blood.
I like the dark.
I can't remember half of my life.
I change my appearance, voice, attitude and hand writing involuntary.
People hate me one day and I don't know why.
I think I am like, 5 people. Or better, fragments of who I should have been, and one... shadow.
The smallest one is deeply afraid of one of the others... And please, don't hate me, so is the rest of me , at least most of the time
Or ... disgusted. Or ashamed.
It clicked only 10 years ago.
But I can't stand to hurt people I care about having around me anymore, just because "the thing" lashed out.
I try to manage it. I am more successful with every year i live.
I hope to learn more about my triggers by reading here.
I don't know if anyone here understands what is going in my disturbed mind... But I hope it's ok to stay here and watch.
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2023.06.07 00:46 hasura1001 relationship triggering my BPD

so pretty much i started seeing this guy and he made it clear he didnt want a relationship, but so he started saying things like "i love you" and it triggered me and i got really angry at him. we kept seeing each other and one day he called me his girlfriend and i was like "we are in a relationship?" and he said "well i dont care about what you do with other people and you dont care what i do" i told him i did and so now we are in an open relationship where he tells me everything he does with other people but he doesn't want to know anything i do with other guys.because he wants "to move freely " i told him i wanted to be his primary girlfriend the one he loves and he said "i want to be able to say i love you to someone else if i feel like it, and im open to whatever comes on my way" he mentioned about the possibility of things changing and im not being his only primary girlfriend anymore. we spend a lot of time together and we always support eachother on everything, he always patient and understanding about my symptoms and when im splitting,its a good relationship but the situation bothers me. this whole situation is triggering me, im constantly paranoid and upset and i keep telling myself im just being dramatic and crazy, i need outside point of views on it. he also says he doesn't want to get anything more serious than it.
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2023.06.07 00:45 hasura1001 relationship triggering my BPD

so pretty much i started seeing this guy and he made it clear he didnt want a relationship, but so he started saying things like "i love you" and it triggered me and i got really angry at him. we kept seeing each other and one day he called me his girlfriend and i was like "we are in a relationship?" and he said "well i dont care about what you do with other people and you dont care what i do" i told him i did and so now we are in an open relationship where he tells me everything he does with other people but he doesn't want to know anything i do with other guys.because he wants "to move freely " i told him i wanted to be his primary girlfriend the one he loves and he said "i want to be able to say i love you to someone else if i feel like it, and im open to whatever comes on my way" he mentioned about the possibility of things changing and im not being his only primary girlfriend anymore. we spend a lot of time together and we always support eachother on everything, he always patient and understanding about my symptoms and when im splitting,its a good relationship but the situation bothers me. this whole situation is triggering me, im constantly paranoid and upset and i keep telling myself im just being dramatic and crazy, i need outside point of views on it. he also says he doesn't want to get anything more serious than it.
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2023.06.07 00:42 ichibanjim Verbal dismissal + data breach + deliberate attempt to hide data breach

Employer fires me verbally without giving the termination in writing, which is in breach of the Fair Work Act.
Employer mistakenly breaches highly confidential information by finally sending my written notice to my emergency contact instead of me (my mother), which has seriously affected relationship between my mother and I.
Employer then doctors and falsifies the To: field when forwarding me the exact copy of the email he sent to my mother, in order to try and attempt to cover up the fact he breached my confidentiality to her. My mother who is old and unwell now feels I lied to her and is upset and mad at me.
The story….
I have worked for a medium sized company with c. 50 staff for the last 3 months, on a full-time permanent basis. Let’s call them X.
The company is highly profitable and stable, been going for over 25 years. I am a very experienced and successful salesperson, was exceeding targets and already generating the business more profit than it was costing to employ me.
X verbally dismissed me on 18/05 out of the blue without any warning. X did not give me written notice just verbally told me they won’t continue with my employment and sent me home.
After realising X never gave me written notice, which is required by law under the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA), I phone the MD the same day and ask them for written notice confirming when my last day of employment was and details of my final pay, accrued leave etc. as per FWA. The MD says the written notice will be sent to me the following day but still doesn’t send it.
I contact the MD on 3 more occasions asking for my written notice and only after sending a very stern email on 06/06 highlighting their breach of the FWA and then following up later that day, they finally send me an email giving me notice that my employment ended on 18/05, and informing me that they will make a payment the same day on 06/06 for my salary up until 18/05 (the day they expressed intention to dismiss me and sent me home) plus my weeks’ payment in lieu of notice (PILON) and any unpaid leave I accrued.
Section 117 of the Fair Work Act
According to Section 117 of the FWA an employer cannot terminate an employee’s employment without giving written notice of the day of termination, and cannot provide a termination date which is before the day the notice is given.
Am I right in thinking that them only verbally expressing they wish to terminate my employment on 18/05 is therefore invalid and the earliest possible date their written notice could be is 06/06 (this was the date they issued written notice to terminate my employment, although with a termination date which was prior – which is in contravention of the FWA, so the earliest termination date should be 06/06.
I believe I should be entitled to be paid my salary up until 06/06 plus the weeks’ PILON, instead of salary up to 18/05 plus the weeks’ PILON.
Why do I care/Why bother? Why don’t I just let it go and go and get a new job, why waste my energy?
This is because X SCREWED me over, BIG TIME. I already found a new job right away – but I won’t be able to start there until July because of the Visa arrangement which I have directly with X.
X has sponsored me on a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS 482) visa. This means that I can only work for X and only them no other employer. I legally cannot work for any other employer until they take over my TSS 482 visa from X, the process takes minimum 1 month due to labour market testing requirements but in fact more like 5-6 weeks is the real length of time I will be out of work.
I now realise since speaking with 3 more companies that almost all decent companies that employ people on such sponsored visas, voluntarily offer 4 weeks’ notice periods to 482 visa holders.
In addition, my termination was literally out of the blue. The company were singing my praises every week, I was exceeding all targets and generating more profit than I was costing already. Their unexpected and abrupt decision has left me in an incredibly difficult position financially.
The MD who is the sole shareholder of X who make around $300k PROFIT (actual net profit after all employees, taxes, expenses, lease, lights etc paid) each month does not give a sh*t and isn’t even willing to give me 4 weeks’ notice ex gratia.
Whilst I accept that firing me for no reason and only giving a weeks' notice is not illegal, I give this context purely to depict how they operate from a moral standpoint, and demonstrate how they have screwed me over and hence why I am now looking to take action against them for their breach of the FWA 2009.
As if it wasn’t already bad enough, X has now caused me even more issues.
The MD of X accidently emailed my written notice detailing my termination of employment, with my final payslip and all my personal details including my salary, my home address, etc. to my emergency contact who was on my HR record, instead of to me. This happened to be my mother who is back in the UK and is currently very old and sick.
This has now caused me serious distress as it has affected my relationship with my mother. My mother constantly worries about me being in a different country and I did not want to cause her any alarm by telling her about my dismissal, so when she recently asked me how my work was going I said it was totally fine. I also had to ask her to borrow some money for rent because of this (I used a different excuse).
Now, she has seen that my employment was terminated 3 weeks ago even though I recently told her work was fine, and she also saw my payslip and wondered why I asked her to lend me money. My mum is old and unwell. I hold X to blame for breaching my confidentiality, revealing to her details that my employment had been terminated, my salary etc.
It gets worse…. Blatantly doctored and falsified email in an amateurish attempt to cover up data breach?
X keeps on digging themselves a bigger hole. I found out that they emailed everything to my mother when I chased the again at the end of 06/06 about getting the written notice and they came back to me and said they sent it to the wrong email.
Instead of holding their hands up and apologising that they sent it to my mother by mistake, the MD of X forwarded the exact email sent at exact time to my mother but doctored the email address to change it to one very similar to my mother’s.
He has even forwarded the copy of the email which corresponds to the exact time my Mum received the email from him, but he has doctored the bit where it says To: janetbloggs20@ to To: jbloggs20@.
This demonstrates that he knows he screwed up by breaching my confidentiality, but is doing his best to cover his tracks rather than holding his hands up and apologising.
Actions to take – Termination Date
Given their clear breach of the FWA 2009 I want to ask them to pay me up until 06/06 plus the week PILON. But if they reject this, can I likely do anything about this? Would I have a case against them seeing as in accordance with FWA 2009 they did not technically terminate my employment until 06/06.
Actions to take – Confidential Data Breach
I want to pursue damages regarding the confidentiality breach, the stress that has been caused and how it has affected the relationship between my Mother and I.
In my eyes its so much worse that X didn’t just admit it and apologise but falsified the email to make it look like it was sent somewhere else, and it made things with my mum worse as once she saw that email (which I had absolutely no idea she had received) she asked me again how work was and I told her its fine.
The fact the MD went out of his way to doctor the forwarded email only made the issues with my mother worse, and also shows he knows he was in the wrong for emailing her, whether intentionally or not, and he has made efforts to try and cover his tracks.
TLDR - My Questions
  1. Is their verbal termination of employment on 18/05 invalid as they did not give it in writing?
  2. Can I demand them to pay me up until 06/06 when I finally got written notice? i.e. if it went to court would I stand any chance of getting this?
  3. What damages could I seek to be compensated for, for the problems their breach of my data has caused me?
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2023.06.07 00:40 After-Significance53 My bottom dysphoria is fucking terrible at the moment and clinics stress me out

I've always had bottom dysphoria, bad dysphoria at that but it's especially awful right now. Why can't I be a normal cis man? The whole healthcare process is also getting to me. I feel like I have to prove myself and shit just to get any type of care. Like I'm being interrogated. It's dehumanising, it sucks, it feels awful and all I want is for me to feel comfortable in my own damn body. I also told this to the therapist in the gender clinic and she told me that she wasn't fucking testing me but afterwards she said she needed to know the exact details of when I found out, my previous history, etc.. Then she said she knew I was already a dude but she has to do it anyways. I know it's not her fault but I just hate the system. Every single doctor I've visited treated me like a woman. I literally fucking pass and they still after finding out I'm trans started treating me like a fucking woman who wants to become a man in the future. NO I'm not a fucking woman, I'm a man currently, my body just makes me want to off myself. Even worse is that I've already been in the whole clinic process scene for a whole shitty year. Nothing came of it. I'm also a minor so I'll have to wait years till I'll be allowed to get phallo and remove this damn pussy. I'm also not on hormones and I don't know how long it'll take till I get the green light to start. I'm grateful that I'm stealth in public and at school but that just puts more focus onto my physical dysphoria. The whole time while I was venting my frustrations about the process she looked like she was pretty pissed at me. The rage I have inside me makes me wanna beat someone up. I can't talk about my dysphoria with my family since trans is a taboo topic even though they all know I'm trans and are okay with it, using my pronouns and name with ease. Thinking about cis men makes me even sadder. Even when I do get phallo I won't be able to ejaculate. Why do I have to go through so much just to have a normal man life. I want to be a normal cis man. The transphobia online and offline is also getting at me. I hate everything. I can't even jerk off. Having the parts I do downstairs makes me disgusted. Not having a penis makes me depressed. Not being far in my transition sucks. I know everyone says minors shouldn't medically transition but there's only so much a teenage boy can take. My dysphoria makes me doubt I'll even make it till I'm old enough. I feel like quitting life entirely. Can someone offer some kind of support?
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2023.06.07 00:34 unremarkablestudent Something about the 90 Day series and Match Me Abroad…

Not sure if it’s been brought up before, but after going on a 90 Day binge and starting Match Me Abroad I am left in utter shock at the unpreparedness of some cast members. I have such a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that so many of the cast members traveling to countries outside of their own for love, have practically zero knowledge of the cultural norms and actual laws that exist in the place they are planning on visiting. For example, the doctor on the current season of Love In Paradise, who seems like she has no clue that the rest of the DR was not like her luxury resort with lavish amenities all around. I’m not even going to start with how offensive and out of touch her behavior is. Another example, the man on the Match Me Abroad series who travelled all the way to Morocco, a conservative country with traditional values, in search of women who are independent, family focused, will cook/clean/take care of him, AND pay half the bills. Come on, seriously???? All it takes is a quick google search 👀 I could list off soooo many other examples. I guess I’m just wondering if the cast members are playing dumb for the cameras or are they really just flying off to places without doing a single internet search?
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