Cornerstone moving and storage fredericksburg va

Free moving boxes (South Austin)

2023.06.05 00:47 sethkENT Free moving boxes (South Austin)

Free assorted U-Haul moving boxes. About twenty small (some heavy duty), 20 medium, 8 large. Also have a couple wardrobe boxes and two dish save boxes with the foam inserts and sleeves saved in a plastic bag. Prefer pick up asap!!
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2023.06.05 00:37 CharlesRiverMutant [pourover] Oren's Coffee NYC Kenya Nyeri Hill Estate, dissected

1:16.6 (15:250), grind setting 7, 5-pour method over nearly 4 minutes, distilled water starting at 205 F (96 C) and cooling during the brew. Packaged on 4/24; brewed 6/4.
I'm not writing much now because all of my coffees are collapsing. I don't think it's the time; they were all roasted in late March, which was only about 6 weeks ago. I think it's a combination of the time, the temperature, the humidity, and my storage conditions. We've had a few days in the high 80's (somewhere around 30 C), and even on cooler days, there's often a lot of humidity now that it's spring/summer. (I definitely want to install an AC soon to deal with this.) So the flavors of all of my coffees are becoming flatter, simpler, and more bitter, and at this point I don't think it's particularly interesting to chronicle their decline.
However, I'm still curious to see the flavors extracted in the different fractions of a pourover, so I used some of the last of my Kenya coffee to see what it would taste like when dissected. I used cool (96 C) distilled water to give the coffee its best chance to shine, since this coffee tastes much more fruity, more like tamarind and molasses, and less bitter, when brewed with distilled water. I brewed this relatively thin by my standards, since JH does still recommend this method, and also because it's easier to measure 50 grams than 45 grams of water.
Now, for some reason, this was pouring much slower, so after the first two pours, I decided to switch the cups out after a certain number of seconds instead of after all the water had drained. I should do this moving forward too so that even if the amount of coffee in each fraction is different, the overall brew profile will be correct. And accordingly, the last fraction was the largest.
I tasted them in reverse order so that I'd be able to taste the subtleties in the last fractions.
Pour 5: thin and watery, with a sort of generic coffee taste. This did not taste sour or bitter; it was very nearly pleasant, but very thin.
Pour 4: Still very thin and fairly flat, but quite pleasant. I would happily drink a whole cup of this. the flavor felt very muted and diluted, but recognizably nice coffee, even if it was hard to parse out the Kenya quality.
Pour 3: Now that it's been a few minutes, I don't actually remember what this tasted like. I remember thinking I would drink a whole cup of this happily, and it was much thicker than pour 4.
Pour 2: Like somewhat sour espresso. Rich, thick, sweet, and sour. A bit sour, but very delicious.
Pour 1: Like pour 2, but somehow creamy as well. There's a thickness and richness that pour 2 didn't have.
Next, I added the fractions sequentially. I really need to take notes as I do this, since it's very hard to remember the taste of 10 different fractions!
Pours 1 and 2: Somewhat like a lungo: very thick, rich, sour, sweet, and just a little bit creamy.
Pours 1, 2, and 3: Now we're talking! This is like regular coffee, but very thick, rich, and intense. The sourness is starting to be readable as the distinct Kenya tamarind flavor.
Pours 1, 2, 3, and 4: Now it's starting to be a bit thinner than I like coffee, but the flavor is more clearly molassesy. I'm also starting to detect tones of black tea and peach.
Pours 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: I only added half of this last fraction since I didn't want to dilute the goodness too much. This was much thinner, but now the tones of peach and black tea were clearest.
I also tasted pour 5 on its own again after tasting all of these mixtures. It tasted thin and watery, but more like a very strong black tea than a very weak coffee. It's interesting how hard it is to clear one's palate, and how much the flavor of the previous coffees affect things.
My biggest question here is how much of the additional flavor is due to the dilution and how much is due to different flavors extracting differently. I could add 5 teaspoons of water to a glass of whiskey, and I could describe the tasting notes after each teaspoon, and they'd probably be very different with each one. (Cara Devine of Beyond the Bar tells you to just add as much water as you like until you have a mixture which is delicious to you.) That's not because the water itself adds much; it's because you can taste things differently.
So really, what I want to do the next time I break down a pourover like this is to try that exact thing: to split each pour in half. Since the first two pours are pretty espresso-like, I might well not separate them out. Then to one half of the first two pours, I want to sequentially add more hot water and see how the flavor develops and changes. Then to the other half, I'd sequentially add half of the remaining pours and see how this is different. That way I'd be able to better parse out the effects of the later pours on the whole mixture.
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2023.06.05 00:35 -PM_ME_UR_SECRETS- Instead of buying a new Macbook Pro & PS5, I'm building my first PC to be the best of both worlds.

Long time lurker on this sub and it's finally my time to post my own PC build. Any advice on the build based on the details below is appreciated. Please call me an idiot if there's something that doesn't make sense. Background and PCPartPicker list below. Thank you in advance!
The Build
Background: This is my first PC build. I've started this research/process several times over the last several years, but I have the funds and a good enough justification to finally pull the trigger on this.
Budget: I built this to a $2.5k-$3k budget.
Uses: I'll be using this for a little bit of everything
PCPartPicker: Build List
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2023.06.05 00:30 OrdinaryReading2507 Jesus God, Leah speaks out about her tax lien. She blames past accountants, COVID, her divorce from Jeremy, going to rehab, and her upbringing. It is not her fault!

Jesus God, Leah speaks out about her tax lien. She blames past accountants, COVID, her divorce from Jeremy, going to rehab, and her upbringing. It is not her fault! submitted by OrdinaryReading2507 to teenmom [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:27 nnn999909 Can't delete old boot partitions

Can't delete old boot partitions
Long time ago I bought a new SSD and wanted to move my windows to the new storage disk, I cloned the windows with macrium reflect properly. After switching to the windows on the new disk, I formatted the old C Drive in the old HDD (which was the wrong decision I guess), but I couldn't format the default boot partitions (if they're called like this) of windows on the previous disk.
Today my question is how to get rid of them?
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2023.06.05 00:17 Natures-Ride How to store for long term 2+ years?

I will be attending PA school which I will be moved away from, and cannot access, my motorcycle for at least 2 years. I am familiar with winterizing (garaged, wheels off ground, fuel stabilized, battery tether, etc) but do I need to do more for much longer storage?
For reference it will be stored in a garage and someone with caboat maintenance experience but not motorcycle experience is available if needed.
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2023.06.05 00:15 deezp1 KLWP & KWGT not saving presets or loading properly after reboot.

Hi Kustom Family!
I have been using kustom for many years (at least 5) and love it. however I have a few problems for the past few months that have gotten worse. After countless hours of searching here and elsewhere I can't seem to find fixes, so I come here begging for help!! Sorry, this will be a long post.
ISSUE 1: KLWP & KWGT do not reload properly after reboot
ISSUE 2: After exporting then importing a widget, presets in KWGT are reverting back to the original settings upon reboot.
ISSUE 3: Some CE or BP colors are not being extracted from the wallpaper.
I have spent countless hours working on my wallpapers and widgets and would really hope these issues can be resolved and this great community can help me out.
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2023.06.04 23:57 heyhelenamariee Feeling Guilty

New and glad to be here. I’m lucky that I have irl support but unfortunately they don’t quite… get it, so just glad to find folks who do. Apologies in advance for formatting as I’m on mobile.
Little back story. My relationship with my parents sucks. Thankfully, they aren’t together. My mom has parentified me since I was in my preteens and she’s a bit narcissistic. My dad is fully delusional (conspiracy theorist to the max) and also a total narcissist. I believe they both genuinely love me in their own way but for my sake and sanity I keep them at arms length, my dad more so than my mom (see above re: parentification).
Since I’ve been with my husband, who is so loving and supportive, I’ve been better about creating and sticking to boundaries. Today I had to stick with one with my mom, and I’m feeling extremely guilty about it… Last year she was evicted from her apartment. It was a horrific hoarder situation and my husband and I single handedly moved out everything we could salvage to a storage unit. A few months ago I was finally able to get her into a new apartment. I paid for the storage unit, as well as all up front costs for her new place so she could save money. This is just one of hundreds of times I’ve had to shell out cash for her survival.
This weekend my husband and I finally went on a camping trip we’ve been planning for over a year. We decided it best not to bring our dogs and needed a house sitter. Our typical house sitters were otherwise busy so we asked my mom. We got home today, and she stayed over for an additional 6.5 hours after we got home, making a meal for herself and doing her personal laundry. She’s known for making herself VERY at home pretty much wherever, but this just felt like a lot even from her.
Turns out her electric was turned off so she’s without power. Now, one of my boundaries is that I’m no longer covering her bills for her when she is able (she works full time and makes OK a money, plenty to survive. I’ve reviewed her income via paystubs and bank statements), allow her to stay with us unless extenuating circumstances, and my husband has stated she cannot live with us (which I agree). Since she’s lived at this new place I’ve already covered an electric bill for her once, but only because there was legitimate error with her companies payroll (which I verified) and she never actually paid me back... Her power is off because she chose to spend money on nonessentials, which she admitted and I verified.
The thing is, I feel awful knowing that she’s going home to a place with no power. Her next pay date is Wednesday, so she can have it resolved then, but I feel bad knowing we have a guest room or could pull from our savings. We are not loaded by any stretch of the imagination either, and struggle to keep our heads afloat like most millennials. I also don’t leave her empty handed, and paid her $40 for watching the dogs which is truthfully what I can spare without getting in murky waters myself.
But damn, I really feel like a complete dick.
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2023.06.04 23:53 Ju5t_A5king Minecraft - The Skyblock World

Since this place is for Minecraft fan-fiction, I guess this a good place to get opinions on mine. It is not finished yet, but I am open to suggestions.
Minecraft - The Skyblock World.

This was inspired by a youtube video. I hope the video creator likes my little story, if he ever sees it.
The world was gone, but the oddities still apply. The wondering trader can still show up. The fishing can still give treasure, the mobs still spawn, the good and the bad.
Evo's days had become repetitive to the point that he did not even know what day it was anymore, nor did it matter to him. While each day was not the same, the cycle almost was.
Some days he spent his time mining his cobblestone generator, and other days cutting down trees, making torches, tending to his small garden, or expanding his small island.
In his early days, he had made a infinite water source, and used it to make a fishing place. Thanks to the strange properties of this world, even fishing in a enclosed area would make it possible to catch fish, and sometimes even more.
He had built a mob-spawner, and while he had no access to the neither, he could still get some iron or gold by melting the weapons the mobs left behind.
This had become his life, and it seemed that it would be for how ever long he lived, alone.
Then one day, all that changed. He was adding some more cobble stone slabs, expanding his island more, when he saw something, possibly another skyblock island? Instead of continuing his expansion, he started making a bridge to that island. When he got there, he did not see anyone, but there was another stone bridge leading the opposite way. Stone brick 3 blocks wide instead of cobble stone, and that one had wooden fencing as sides and wooden slabs for a roof. Could there be another survivor? He had to find out.
He followed that bridge till it came to another island, and this one did have another person. It was not as big as he had made his island, but that did not matter to him. All that mattered was that he was not alone anymore. Then he noticed that while this island was not as big as his, it did have stone brick bridges going out in 3 directions.
The stranger was a little surprised to see him, but quickly recovered since he had known there were other people on some of the other islands. He said his name was Brax, and he had been one of the assistants to the scientist who made the sky blocks. He had come to this island for isolation to do research.
Evo asked if those bridges went to other sky block islands, and was told they do. There was a total of 25 islands in a 5x5 grid, and 17 of them are occupied at the time the main land vanished.
To Evo, this did not mean much, just a few of the islands are not occupied. Then he realized that if they collect lava from 10 of the islands, they can make obsidian and make a portal, then light it and go to the neither. That could make a huge difference for them all, and maybe give them a lot more resources then just stone and wood to make their new world better. That was untill Brax told him that would not work. Because they were so high up, the portal would be on the roof of the neither, not in the lava zone. For a moment it seemed doomed to failure, till Brax said he could see one way for it to work. If they used one of the lava, and one water, they could make a cabblestone piller going down from the centeral island. Then after mineing the piller down to Y63, they could make a platform and make stairs going around where the piller had been. That would let them go up and down to the portal with easy. They could also replace those 10 lava with lava from the neither, so none would be lost. They might even be able to get some glowblocks from the neither to replace the centeral piller and not have to use torchs to light up the stairs at night.
In time, they might even be able to make tracks and carts to move around their new world easer.
The bad part of this was that they would somehow have to convince 4 strangers to give up their lava, and if they fail, the lava would be gone forever.
Evo decided to tell Brax that he had found a way to go down under the island without having to swim back up a water fall. He had used the lava and water on his island to make a cobblestone pillar by letting the lava pour over the side, then pouring water beside it. On his island, he has already mined the pillar down a few blocks and has a sub-level to use. He mostly uses it for storage chests, but has also been able to place cobble stone slabs under the island to prevent anything from falling into the void. that had saved him 1/3 of the dirt blocks since they would have fallen if he had mined them without the slabs under them.
Brax was impressed by this and asked if he could go to Evo island to see how it was done, so maybe he could also do it. When he saw it, he told Evo that he did not have to just use the stone as cobble stone. If he baked it, he can use the smooth stone to make stone pillars, walls, and other stone items. It would look better, and give him more options then just cobblestone blocks and cobblestone slabs. This would require a lot of wood to burn into charcoal, and Evo did not have any unused dirt to grow more trees. Between his crops, and the small groups of animals that had spawned for him, he only used 2 blocks of dirt for trees, so he could only grow 2 trees at a time.
He asked Brax about using dirt from the skyblock island between them and Brax said he did not have plans for it, so Evo could use it to grow a lot of trees at the same time. Since he had been using cobblestone slabs to expand his island, he had plenty of room for trees. Evo would have to harvest the trees he had now, to get saplings, so he hoped the 3 trees would give him at least 3 sapling each for 9 trees.
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2023.06.04 23:38 Master_Raspberry_124 My experience with the claim process and a question about an ACE review after a C&P exam - should I be submitting supplemental information

New account because I don’t like talking about personal things on my normal account and Al of this makes me self conscious.
This ended up being so much longer than I expected and I apologize for that. Thank you to anyone who makes it through this. As a bit of a TL;DR for anyone who doesn’t want to read my book, I submitted a fully developed claim with nothing supplemental because I put this off for over 5 years and just wanted to feel like I did something. I had C&P exams and now am having an ACE medical records review on my bipolar claim that was deferred. Should I now submit the service records I have relating to it or should I just let it take its course and submit the records later to contest the decision if it is not favorable. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond!
Just a little backstory:
While I’ve never filed any claims before my doctors at the VA as well as other in my life have pushed me to for quite awhile. One because I know it would legitimately make a huge difference in my life but also to help pursue a discharge upgrade. The whole thing has made me very self conscious for two main reasons. It’s hard for me to justify getting the same kind of benefits as the people who I walk past in the VA who have very serious physical injuries. I also still harbor a lot of shame and am extremely self conscious about the fact that I received a general discharge for problems during my service due to a mental health condition. I was actively seeking medical care and a diagnosis and am also still a little jaded about the fact that the people who pretended to care about me clearly didn’t. It was extremely evident that things behind the scenes were a bit different than how they were portrayed after getting out and receiving my service records along with just how quickly I ended up being pushed out. I was lied to by the medical professional I was seeing for the condition who told me that he never told me certain things the day I told him I found out I was recieving an administrative discharge because of how broken it made me feel. I also had a master sergeant comment to me “I really hope you aren’t lying about all of this” during my out-processing. There are a few other specific examples but I feel like that kind of gets the point across. Part of the reason I put this process off so long is because of how painful of a time this was in my life. I requested and received my medical documents in 2016 but proceeded to put them in a drawer and never looked through them until about 3 weeks ago because it’s just not something I could get myself to do or wanted to relive.
Items claimed: Hearing loss Tinnitus Shoulder injury Bipolar
More on topic to the C&P claim:
After about 6 years of being out I finally have put in some claims and am partially through the process. I originally opened an intent to file in 2019 that I just never followed up on. In February of this year I just decided to do it and start and submitted a fully developed claim (at least I think that’s what I selected) without submitting anything additional. I know that they are able to access military records if you follow some additional steps but while I’m able to do work that requires a lot at one time when I’m in a particularly good mood or place, I just am not good on things that require a lot of follow up.
Knowing that if I didn’t just do something, I would never get anywhere I just said fuck it and submitted it anyways. I proceeded to add absolutely zero information myself and did not seek out help from anyone. At the very least I wish I would’ve found this subreddit first because it has been a wealth of information and I want to really thank the people who both put all of these amazing guides together. I also want to thank the people who just participate and post their questions and experiences here. I’ve learned a ton about things I maybe should’ve done and should do in the future.
I had all of my C&P exams in the last 2-3 weeks now and was and have been stressing out a ton. This last Friday I had a claim letter posted and the hearing loss was listed as not service connected, I was rated at 10% for my tinnitus, 20% for my shoulder, and my bipolar claim was deferred. From this subreddit I learned and expected not to get anything for the hearing loss though I would still like to get it service connected should it get worse later in life. The tinnitus was the 10% I expected, again from this subreddit. I was surprised at the rating for my shoulder however. While the issue was further aggravated during regular duty, I initially injured it on leave while out visiting high school friends at college. Due to that I did not really think it would be covered BUT I was 100% honest about what happened initially both in the claim and with my C&P examiner. I’d love to get as high of a claim on everything I can to a point that’s fair but I have absolutely no interest in misleading anyone about any detail for obvious reasons.
Currently the largest thing impacting my life is the bipolar and due to the fact that I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist at the VA for about 5.5 years now, it was the only thing of my claim I thought would go smoothly. I went to medical for pretty much nothing during my time in the service because, as most others have experienced, that’s just not encouraged. I was lucky to have a pretty great doctor do my exit evaluation and had my write quite a few things down that I didn’t even realize during that outprocessing appointment which I think will be helpful now and for future claims. I have the military records sorted and ready to be scanned to be submitted but I am really unsure at this point if I should be doing anything preemptively or just waiting to see what happens with their decision after the ACE review and responding from there.
While I have been going to the VA fairly consistently there was about a 6 month period of time in the in the 5.5 years where I went through a rough patch and went off of my medication. I have been back on track since but that period concerns me for the review. I also try to be very open and honest with my psychiatrist but I am the type of person that downplays things to try and be positive. I find that the times I don’t and focus on the negatives it really puts me into a downward spiral. That also now makes me concerned that maybe the review could be due to the fact that maybe they feel what I described in my C&P exam does not align with my doctors notes. I still did not even do a very good job of fully addressing my symptoms in the C&P exam if I’m being honest due to my poor preparation. Had I found this subreddit before the exam, I would have taken notes so that I wouldn’t have missed things to mention that I struggle with.
My biggest thing at this point is that I really want to get my discharge upgraded to hopefully get rid of the shame that I’ve struggled with for so many years. Even just getting these few things that were approved service connected have really lifted my sprits. I guess it’s just the fact that it’s officially recognized that these problems I have are real things even though I already personally knew they were. The biggest thing for me is the bipolar claim though. Not only does has it had a huge impact on my life but I want to be able to point to the service connected claim of it when submitting the paperwork for the upgrade.
While overall I’m kind of upset with myself with how this has gone so far for not just doing this sooner, I’m trying to stay focused on the fact that I did finally do it and I am moving forward with it. I’m trying to just push my life forward in general and get seen for things that will improve my life. I recently had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have a CPAP appointment with the VA soon. I’m pretty excited at the idea that I may actually wake up feeling good though I’m obviously not happy about actually having sleep apnea.
Thank you again to anyone who took the time to read what ended up being a much longer post than I expected. It was kind of cathartic to get all of this off my chest and put it out there. I appreciate any advice or input anyone can provide and I’ll be sure to provide updates to this post and in future posts as to how my process goes as I continue to work my way through it. I know how much the older posts in this subreddit have helped myself since finding this place and I hope I can do the same for those who come later.
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2023.06.04 23:36 LGBTQIA_Over50 What hotel chains are hiring now for front desk or night auditor work (USA)

I removed my Masters degree and tailored my former Corporate resume to customer service. Should I also remove the B.S. degree?
I am looking for FT work, first choice, night auditor, second choice front desk. I applied on Indeed to various places, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and I am being turned down.
These hotels are franchised owned. Do the Corporations that allow these franchisees also have a say in hiring decisions or does it work like an independent State Farm agent that uses the brand name and buys the franchise rights?
I have no background issues. I worked in office jobs. And the hotels are turning me down. I am articulate, well spoken, approachable and have computer, cash handling, multitasking skills.
Is it my age? I'm over 50? I'm not getting called for interviews? Should I take off the B.S. degree? Is it due to having worked in prior higher income office jobs and the manager will think I will leave once a better opportunity comes along?
How can I make my resume match the hotel job and would a hotel franchise owner ever move me up to a manager role?
I am in Northern Virginia and can move anywhere along the East Coast (preferably up North, like Connecticut or Delaware or remain here in Fairfax, VA).
Does anyone have tips and feedback and places you know are hiring?
I have an HR background, finance and insurance.
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2023.06.04 23:29 kshades12 I helped my brother in law move some furniture today and we found some of his old cards in storage. He rewarded me with this beauty for helping. Looks like it was just pulled out of the pack.

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2023.06.04 23:16 OverClokx Upgrade Pathing and Next Steps for Plex Server Setup

Hi folks of PleX,
I'm looking to upgrade both the storage array and machine running Plex due to a variety of reasons. I'll cover below what I'm running, and the long-term goals of the setup, mixed with what my potential outcomes are and some questions i have.
Any/all help, guidance, criticism, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Current Configuration:
Lenovo Mini PC - i7 6700T, 16GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Plex Pass. Sabrent 4-drive Array, 2x 12TB Seagate Ironwolf, 2x 8TB Seagate Ironwolf (40TB cumulative). Gigabit Fiber via Ethernet. BackBlaze on entire Plex server including storage array. All content is managed manually, without any plugins as to keep things simple.
Current Use:
Direct Streams locally, including 4k HDR to AppleTV 4k's and Apple/PC local devices via Ethernet and WiFi. External streams (including transcode) for up to 6x simultaneous streams at max of 1080p.
Upgrade/Change Goals:
Note: Cost is 'not an issue'. Performance to relative Efficiency is important to me.
Increase current base C:/ for Plex database as the current 128gb SSD is nearing capacity to at least 512gb. Requirement of new machine (if needed) is that it can run 'headless' - without a monitor and via RDP/CRD/etc. Improve current performance for transcoding by upgrading to a QuickSync-enabled CPU (if applicable). Increase array size 100TB by adding a 5-drive Sabrent external array with 5x 20TB Seagate Ironwolf drives - current array is 98% full and needing expansion. Merge 'current' library into new library using 5x 20TB drives as default and then existing as overflow. Reduce power consumption and temperatures/wear and tear on devices. Future-proofing by increasing RAM up to 32gb. Optional - 10gb NIC-enabled computer for local network transfers to array.
Is the i7 6700T sufficient enough for my needs to justify simply upgrading the SSD in the current Mini PC instead of overhauling to a QuickSync enabled CPU for my current use-case?
I've read that moving to a Mac Mini would mean issues writing to NTFS meaning that I would need to purchase the new array listed above, configure it for a Mac, migrate the Plex database, then migrate the files from the NTFS drives to the new Mac-formatted drives, then reformat the existing drives to Mac-compliant format - is this correct? This seems like a *LOT* of legwork for a bit of power efficiency and I'm questioning if this makes this idea less plausible.
If moving to a Mac Mini makes the most sense, does the M2 Pro or even the upcoming M2 Max/M2 Ultra on a Mac Studio provide any benefit in performance over an M1/M2?
Does it simply make more sense to just purchase a Windows MicroPC (such as Beelink/etc) with a QuickSync enabled CPU to increase efficiency due to the potential of complexity with a Mac-run Plex server?
Thanks in advance for any/all insight!
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2023.06.04 22:52 Eutopic TPS drops if I join my own server, any suggestions?

Server is a Fabric Better Minecraft 1.19.2 BMC1 V18.5 server, we typically have around 15-20 players online at any given time.
TPS remains a consistent 20, with at most drops to 18 or 19 if a lot of players are in other dimensions. I consider this fairly good considering how heavy a lift a modpack server with 250+ mods
I run Aikars flags with 20GB dedicated to the server, it's hosted on my home machine with a Ryzen 9 5900X, 64GB DDR4 3600 and the world / server is on nvme storage. The server runs on a windows machine with Java (Temurin- from Eclipse Adoptium)
However, when I connect to the server from my home machine which also hosts it - I've noticed TPS tends to drop, sometimes getting down to 15. My first thought is that perhaps when I launch Minecraft, for some reason the java process is hitting the same threads that the server is running on, but that shouldn't be the case with 24 available threads.
Playing other games (world of warcraft, for instance) does not impact server performance, it's only when I launch MC and join the world.
The server can have 30 players on and be sitting at 20 TPS until I try to join, it's really baffling. It's got to be something to do with the multiple java processes starting.
I'm connecting via my domain (srv record for MC that everyone uses to connect) and not localhost / LAN IP. I wouldn't think this would matter for server performance though.
Below are the flags in use:
-Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true -Xms20G -Xmx20G -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:+AlwaysPreTouch -XX:G1NewSizePercent=40 -XX:G1MaxNewSizePercent=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=16M -XX:G1ReservePercent=15 -XX:G1HeapWastePercent=5 -XX:G1MixedGCCountTarget=4 -XX:InitiatingHeapOccupancyPercent=20 -XX:G1MixedGCLiveThresholdPercent=90 -XX:G1RSetUpdatingPauseTimePercent=5 -XX:SurvivorRatio=32 -XX:+PerfDisableSharedMem -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=1 -XX:-UseBiasedLocking -XX:UseAVX=3 -XX:+UseStringDeduplication -XX:+UseFastUnorderedTimeStamps -XX:+UseAES -XX:+UseAESIntrinsics -XX:UseSSE=4 -XX:+UseFMA -XX:AllocatePrefetchStyle=1 -XX:+UseLoopPredicate -XX:+RangeCheckElimination -XX:+EliminateLocks -XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis -XX:+UseCodeCacheFlushing -XX:+SegmentedCodeCache -XX:+UseFastJNIAccessors -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat -XX:+UseCompressedOops -XX:+UseThreadPriorities -XX:+OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -XX:+TrustFinalNonStaticFields -XX:ThreadPriorityPolicy=1 -XX:+UseInlineCaches -XX:+RewriteBytecodes -XX:+RewriteFrequentPairs -XX:+UseNUMA -XX:-DontCompileHugeMethods -XX:+UseFPUForSpilling -XX:+UseFastStosb -XX:+UseNewLongLShift -XX:+UseVectorCmov -XX:+UseXMMForArrayCopy -XX:+UseXmmI2D -XX:+UseXmmI2F -XX:+UseXmmLoadAndClearUpper -XX:+UseXmmRegToRegMoveAll -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xlog:async --add-modules=jdk.incubator.vector
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2023.06.04 22:33 Dapper-Confection183 (Advice) Signed a 6 month lease and found a massive german roach infestation at the apartment. Not sure if it's safe to live here. What can we do?

Moved >500 miles, this was a 6 month lease to get our bearings and look for a new permanent place.
But this is the place:
We've found a handful of live infant and middle-stage roaches (when they are shedding their exoskeleton and become translucent) as well as many fully grown dead roaches. We have not yet seen any live adults.
There is bug poop everywhere: behind the stove, in the stove, inside the fridge, on the walls, in the bathroom, on the fixtures. There is an insane amount of very poorly applied caulk cracking off everywhere, and a really large amount of bait of many ages.
It doesn't feel safe to eat or bathe. I can't cook, for sure. I have a neuromuscular condition that affects my mobility and I think it is already affecting my health.
It's still in the first month of our lease, and most of our stuff isn't even here yet (afraid to take it out of storage and bring it here). Are we just stuck here for 6 months? Is there anything we can do?
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2023.06.04 22:32 Dapper-Confection183 Signed a 6 month lease and found a massive german roach infestation at the apartment. Not sure if it's safe to live here. What can we do?

Moved >500 miles, this was a 6 month lease to get our bearings and look for a new permanent place.
But this is the place:
We've found a handful of live infant and middle-stage roaches (when they are shedding their exoskeleton and become translucent) as well as many fully grown dead roaches. We have not yet seen any live adults.
There is bug poop everywhere: behind the stove, in the stove, inside the fridge, on the walls, in the bathroom, on the fixtures. There is an insane amount of very poorly applied caulk cracking off everywhere, and a really large amount of bait of many ages.
It doesn't feel safe to eat or bathe. I can't cook, for sure.
It's still in the first month of our lease, and most of our stuff isn't even here yet (afraid to take it out of storage and bring it here). Are we just stuck here for 6 months? Is there anything we can do?
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2023.06.04 22:21 SameNameAsBefore How do I get this area prepped for lawn and beds?

How do I get this area prepped for lawn and beds?
I'm in Central VA. I'm fairly inexperienced with landscaping beyond weeding/mulching/mowing type stuff, so no experience with machinery, though I do have friends and family who do and who are willing to help.
I moved in to a new build in November. They had only cleared half the lot, with trees right up against the house in the back. They had laid some seed, but I had additional trees removed to reclaim a little more space for a yard.
Now I have a pretty bare area, mostly hard clay and wood chips. Id like to have the area in front of the treeline as my yard, mostly lawn, maybe a few flower beds. I still need to plan out what I want where, but how do I go about getting this to a blank canvas?
Can I use hand tools? Do I need to rent a tiller? Or something bigger to level and regrade? I don't even know where to start. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
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2023.06.04 22:20 ehehehmaniscoolright Little guide i typed out in case you want to get out of rpd 1 pretty fast (kinda long lol)

Get to the Watchman's room while grabbing the ammo in the press room and run back. You should now have the Combat Knife. Go through the shutters on your right. Make your way down the hallway (watch out, there **will** be zombies) and enter the doors at the end of the hallway. Go into the room, grab the handgun ammo and map, then jump out the window. You can enter the West office to get the pouch, but that takes longer. If you decide to, the code is 9L, 15R, and 7L. Kill the zombies in the West Hall, board the windows, and go upstairs. 
Grab the ammo and red herb on the second floor and go upstairs. Grab the ammo on the drawers, then head into the busted hallway to grab the spade key. Go into the Library through the storage room while making sure you shoot down the zombie in the doorway and go down the stairs. NOT the Ladder. Kill the zombies however you see fit, grab the ammo behind the bookshelves, and exit the Library using the spade key.
Get the Lion Medallion (Code Lion, Branch, and Bird). Go through the Reception room using the Spade Key, and head to the fire exit. You can also head left to the art room and get the Weapons locker key for the shotgun, but that takes longer, and it will appear in the N.E.S.T later on. Grab the Bolt Cutters, and move through the two bolted doors grabbing the valve and fuse. Get to the main hall and go to the shutter doors on the other side of the room. Now, you have to go through that hall with the zombies again. If your ammo's running low, you can grab some on the bench to your left. Get to the operations room again, but this time, go through the chained door to the right of where you picked up the map.
Discard the Bolt Cutters, and pick up the Device and flash grenade. Go through the padlocked door to the left of where you came from, and go upstairs. Use the valve in the Shower room, and go through the smoke. There is some ammo on the first locker to your left, and you should probably pick it up. Move through the door, but be fast, because there is a licker "cutscene" that you can ignore and run into the S.T.A.R.S. office to your left. There is a red herb to your right and the Chief's office to your left with a battery on the desk, which you can combine with the Device to create a Detonator. If you're quick enough, you can outrun the Licker, but I suggest walking past him and through the hallway on your left. Go through the door with the padlock, as the other is locked.
You are now in the Lounge. Grab the 2F map and the Unicorn Medallion(Code Fish, Scorpion, Water). Exit the room into the Library, go upstairs using the ladder, and enter the West Storage room. Grab the hip pouch on your left, and put the Detonater onto the C4. Quickly run back into the Library so the door doesn't become blockaded. Once you hear it explode, run back fast because if you're too slow or didn't shoot down the zombie in the door before, you will get hit. Go to the statue inside the C4 room and get the final medallion (Code Girl, Bow, and Snake).
Go down the ladder and exit the Library using the door next to the stairs, go downstairs to the Main Hall, and put in your medallions. IF YOU ARE GOING FOR S, YOU SHOULD'VE GOTTEN HERE IN 25-30 MINS, AND IF YOU DIDN'T, RESTART. I hope this helped!
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2023.06.04 22:17 invisabledj J Dilla Foundation poster. Curious of the value.

J Dilla Foundation poster. Curious of the value.
Not really trying to sell unless it was for some ridiculous amount, but I wonder how much this goes for. It’s not listed anywhere that I’ve seen and I know there are only 1000. I snatched it up when they went on sale and put it in a frame and hung it up. Since I moved 6 years ago it’s just been sitting in storage. The only damage is a little bit of water damage on the bottom right corner that you can see in the photo.
Any one have an idea of the value or where to find it?
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2023.06.04 22:10 jobbyjabber2 Scotland House Purchase, Breach of Missives What Do I Do?

Hi all,
So I completed the purchase of a house in the north of Scotland (just outside Aberdeen, if it matters) on Friday.
It seems the seller hasn't bothered to clear out ANY of their stuff, has left the place in essentially a biohazard condition (animal faeces and urine all over the place), white goods which were meant to be left were not (but all of their other stuff was..), skip blocking entry to driveway, broken Central heating (all bar one radiator works), random holes in walls, flooring badly scraped where they must have attempted to move furniture etc etc - totally not in the condition I viewed it in and packed full of furniture/clothes/personal possessions.
I knew the house needed work and purchased this as a fixer upper however I'm going to have to spend weeks clearing it out and cleaning it before I can even get any of my stuff in. I've had to book a hotel at the last minute to stay in as the house is not suitable and the moving company I used had to put all of my furniture into storage (which again I had to arrange at the last minute on a Friday evening).
I got the keys at half 4 on Friday and so have only been able to email my solicitor who responded to say he's emailed the sellers solicitor and will let me know on Monday what to do now..
One clause in the missives states that moveable items need to be removed so I think I'm probably due some kind damages/compensation however I've no idea what to do here, does anyone have any advice on what to do now?
The other point is the seller is being pursued for AT LEAST 10 different overdue bills for a total of somewhere near 6 figures from various agencies and so I'm worried about their ability to actually pay if I am owed any damages. (I know this due to the massive stack of opened mail they left for me by the front door).
As an FYI - I found out from one of my new neighbours that the seller hasn't died or anything, they've moved to a small flat nearby (so probably just left everything they didn't want).
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2023.06.04 22:07 basicgoats Ubox and another storage?

I am moving, and want to use a service like Ubox where I pack things in a container, then have them transported instead of renting a truck to move everything myself. My question is this: can I have the storage box delivered to another self storage service? I am not too fond of the locations of UHaul self storage in my area.
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2023.06.04 21:55 TheHierothot I have to talk to her. I want to tell her why I went NC,but I don’t think she’ll listen.

I (28f) have a narc grandma who was my actual best friend for years and years. I cannot emphasize how close we were. We went shopping, went to movies, went to restaurants, saw plays, cooked together, played cards, and she taught me how to read tarot and make coffee, both of which I do for a living now.
But she’s an alcoholic. She drinks at least a bottle of wine per night, even though she is a type 2 diabetic—she has switched doctors because they told her to stop drinking. And while I never had a physical dependency on alcohol, I certainly had a drinking problem when we were close (sober 3 years now). We both have BPD, but she doesn’t believe the diagnosis is accurate, while I take a high dose of mood stabilizers to manage mine.
Which brings us to the reason I went NC. I went on antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and I finally got diagnosed and medicated for ADHD at age 25. My grandma is STAUNCHLY against medication, even her diabetes meds (she takes them, but “resents the fact that she is dependent on a medication” at all.
This all happened just a few weeks after I gave up alcohol. As the meds kicked in, I started setting boundaries and saying things like “you’re hurting my feelings, please stop”, when her “teasing” went too far (which it often did). Being asked to stop was received with anger and defensiveness, and we grew pretty distant as a result, even though I lived with her at the time.
The last conversation we had before I went NC was a big fight, and she made a comment about me going on medication. I said something to the effect of “can’t you see that I’m happy now, and that I finally like myself?” And she responded with “well I don’t like you like this. You talk back to me too much.”
This really crushed me. She doesn’t know this, but at the time I went on meds, I actively had a plan for ending my life. The only thing holding me back was not wanting her to be traumatized by finding me.
She later went on to write a letter to my psychiatrist (I have no idea how she got her contact info btw), telling her that my meds gave me a “rage problem” and encouraging her to take me off of them. My psychiatrist immediately saw this as a red flag and directly asked me if she was one of the narcissistic family members I’d mentioned. That is what made me send her a “you crossed the line, and I can’t talk to you anymore, I feel unsafe having you in my life and I feel betrayed by someone I thought I could trust” etc. message, and hit “block”.
Now she’s moving out of the house she’s owned since the 1970s. I have a lot of things in her attic storage that I’m just flat-out not ok with losing, like gifts from my late father and mementos from stages in my life that I want to keep for the memories associated. My sister (24f) told me that if I want that stuff back, I better not put it off too long.
I’ve had an anxiety stomachache since she told me. I have no idea how to approach her. I gave her an opportunity to apologize two years ago, and her apology was “I’m sorry for interfering with your life.” She then blatantly refused to actually address any of the issues I wanted to discuss. She also has called me the wrong name (I’m cis, but I just hate my birth name and changed it years ago) via birthday/Christmas cards delivered through my teenage cousin, who, apparently, had tried to tell her that it’s really rude to call me by my old name, but to no avail. OH, ALSO she frequently deadnames my trans relative when he’s not around, which started shortly before the above-described events, as he came out to her a little later than the rest of us.
Wtf do I do. I have no idea what it’s gonna be like, if she’ll be angry or act victimized by my NC, or possibly just treat me with a Customer Service voice and personality—and I’m honestly not sure which would hurt most. We were so tight, I feel like I will cry as soon as I see her. I also know that she makes me feel terrible about myself, disrespects my boundaries, and blatantly told me that she liked me better when I was depressed. Idk what to do and I’m stressing. Any advice appreciated, including bad advice as a jumping-off point.
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