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2023.06.03 19:21 TowyTowy 35,000 DISCORD MEMBER GIVEAWAY

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2023.06.03 19:21 uh-oh_spaghetti-oh Boosted Pick 'em for $0?

Boosted Pick 'em for $0?
Not seen this before. Nikola over 27.5pts is boosted and my pick is for $0. Think the $0 is a glitch but how does a boosted entry impact the pick 'em ticket?
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2023.06.03 19:20 EddieSwagVolt I put custom Raiden keycaps on my keyboard!

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2023.06.03 19:20 AbsolutusVirtus [Blue] Sony A7RIV + 35mm GM Lens - 100 spots at $30.00/ea with NO spot limit.

Item Name: Sony A7RIV + 35mm GM Lens
Price: $3,000.00
# of Spots: 100 @ $30.00/Spot
Price Justification: Camera Sold for $2,000.00 on May 2023
Price Justification: Camera sold for $1,700.00 in March 2023
Price Justification: Camera sold for $1,900.00 in March 2023
Price Justification: Lens sold for $1,100.00 in March 2023
Price Justification: Lens sold for $1,145.00 in May 2023
Spot limit per person? No
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA ONLY
Timestamp/pics: Album + Timestamp
Escrow: I am for edthegrt1
Description: Up for raffle is this amazing camera that my wife thought was too hard to use. The Sony a7r4 comes with 61megapixels and cutting edge tracking technology. I installed a skin on the camera to protect it. The 35mm lens is the best 35mm in Sony’s lineup as it comes from the GMaster line. The camera has a low shutter count of 3100 shots. This raffle will be for the camera and lens only (no SD card). SD cards of my feet are 50 bucks extra.

PayPal Info: PM if you really need PayPal.
Cash App Info: PM if you really need CashApp. Venmo is @kelvin-kwan. Use private and send as emoji.

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 100
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.

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2023.06.03 19:20 LargeCrateOfCarling 79 wins. Approaching 100. What are you guys on?

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2023.06.03 19:20 BichtopherColumbitch Improving in the sport - how to get serious about riding?

Hello reddit equestrian community! I've noticed you're all keen as heck on your horsey know-how, and I'd like to pick your brains on some concrete riding instruction.
I would love your recommendations on books, and theories, and possibly hearing about your personal journeys to reaching ribbons for your riding.
I just signed myself up for lessons and after two lessons I feel like I'm just getting the usual "get them heels down" comments. Sometimes it feels like I'm riding a spaceship and I don't know what to do with my hands (LOL).
What I have is over a decade of theoretical knowledge with holes. I'd like to go to a concrete rubric and start checking off boxes to become a proficient rider.
The thing is, I'm beyond the simple instruction phase. I've been riding for a long ass time. I know everyone says that, but I've been trotting around plopping over jumps in lessons since I was about 10, where I had the chance to be indoctrinated into the sport by riding all kinds and manners of horses at a sort of summer-camp-sale-barn type of situation. Wheeling and dealing horses with the help of slave labor, I was able to live as a full-fledged barn rat. My farrier recognizes I'm worth my salt for having done all sorts of cowboy shit to ride with those people...he says he worked for them for a short time before he stopped answering their calls, but at least I got to ride literally everything under the sun. Not only ride but deal with the plethora of health problems that come to a farm with 60ish horses! When I was old enough to recognize the sketchy shit going on I moved on to some better instruction where I dabbled in pony club, showing, and even got some Provincial "rider levels" under my belt. I took a break when I was 20 just to go to school, and when I came back I bought my horse; a green 5 year old Clydesdale with about 3 months' start under saddle by a reputable licensed and registered trainer in my area.
Even though I've owned my horse for 6 years, I still feel like I'm just coming back into the sport aspect of riding. Owning a horse without owning an endless budget is a sport all on its own - tack fitting, nutrition, and horse fitness and general animal husbandry are all their own disciplines. It would be nice to just have my horse at a barn with a wise coach who could critique everything I do, but I think I do well with what I have. My guy gets the whole winter off which amounts to 6+ months. Our arena is fallowed fields, laneways and forest trails! I try to do more than trails, I do try to teach him skills in self-carriage and body awareness, but I am well aware that I'm not a seasoned professional with ribbons to show for it (although we did really well at a county fair a couple of years ago I still attribute it to cuteness points :p). He exhibits nice bend when asked, is aware of his hind and fore-end and turns on either; on the ground and sort of under saddle. When he's back in shape he rides into a nice frame. He's a pleasure to ride, and I think that says something! But that's all him.
I realize that warming up an unfinished horse and reminding him how to move every spring may actually be a detriment to my riding. Green and green don't mix, but I'm in this annoying place where I know quite a few things in theory, just haven't really worked with a professional or been able to school on a finished horse to put my money where my mouth is and get that critique.
My riding is OK. My riding is at about a level 4 according to this rubric (since that's where I left off before I went off to school) https://ontarioequestrian.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/EC-EDP-ENG_RUBRIC-COMPILATION_2016.01E.pdf I think my time is best spent setting some achievable goals, taking a specific set of riding theory seriously, and actually think about pinpointing what's not working with my position.
Someone once told me that "when learning an art, people get stuck practicing the wrong technique really hard for many years and wonder why they have never improved". I don't want to be in an endless cycle of "keeping my heels down", I want to build off of my knowledge and succeed in my goals, or if I'm not achieving them, know how to change courses to make sure that I do eventually achieve them!
I know we have the whole internet at our fingertips so I am never without potential resources, there are some great videos on youtube that we didn't have when I started riding. Beyond simple instruction though, please let me hear all of your thoughts, share your resources, and tell it to me straight! I will read and value any ideas or experiences you are kind enough to share.
Thanks for reading :) please feel free to share
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2023.06.03 19:20 SymphonicResonance Pre-Match thread New Mexico United vs El Paso Locomotive June 3, 2023 7:00 PM

Pre-Match thread New Mexico United vs El Paso Locomotive June 3, 2023 7:00 PM

New Mexico finds itself below the playoff line again. But the club also has at least a game in hand vs everyone in the West; including El Paso. But New Mexico is also eight points behind El Paso. So this match needs some fireworks.
El Paso is on a six match win streak. They have scored 18 times this season and have been been scored on 12 times. New Mexico has scored 16 times with a conversion rate of 22.2%. I think that conversion rate needs a slight asterisk due to the lack of shots we are taking. What do you all think about that conversion rate?
New Mexico / El Paso matches tend to get fiery. In part thanks to Yuma. The 37 year old defender hasn't played in El Paso's past two matches, so will we even see him tonight? If we do, what minute do the boos start up?
What are your expectations for this match? Are you attending? Remember, it is Devon Sandoval Night! Will he stand with the supporters behind the goal? Will we light up the the score board? Will Old El Paso Salsa be as disappointing as ever? Red cards, get your red cards here?!
Let's get fired up!

Ways to watch/listen:
  1. In Person
  2. Youtube (International Viewers only)
  3. ESPN+
  4. Estrella TV (KOAT-TV2) 7.2 (Comcast 386, Cable One 28)
  5. ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM (Stream)
Follow the match stats live at the USL Match Center and watch all the pretty graphics.
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2023.06.03 19:20 MichaelBluthANiceKid I'm so sick of automated calls

I feel like most of us in 2023 know that we can find a lot of our answers online. Most of us, when we call, either have something we know we can't do online or have a question that can't be answered online. A lot of the times it needs a quick reply. I am so tired of calling a business and then being on the phone for 40 minutes to ask a simple question because I need to go through the song and dance of clicking a million buttons and the machine not hearing me, etc. Moving this week especially has been hell. I called Xfinity when their guy didn't show up. Of course, the call itself took 40 minutes. By the time I got to a person, it was too late for them to dispatch another person (by the way - to get a person, you literally have to cuss out the machine) I called my credit union and their phone system is BROKEN. It says "If you want to talk to a representative about something else, press 6 or wait on the line." If you wait, it repeats the whole menu. If you press 6, it hangs up. They acknowledged it when I went in. So fix it? I keep thinking for large businesses, sure, in theory it makes sense. Except I truly believe they're not rerouting calls that would waste their time; they're basically just answering less calls because people hang up. The people still need help, but no one has time to sit for 40 minutes for a conversation that would take 5. And it's not just larger businesses anymore. Why does an athletic club have an automated call system? There's a guy sitting at the desk when you walk in. They're not busy. Just have the guy answer the phone! And good lord the messages are sometimes so long. "Please listen as our options have recently changed" and then a 3 minute preamble about how you should call back, though, and not leave a message because they don't check messages. All that so I can ask someone hey, did you find a pair of sunglasses? No worries if not. And don't even get me started on putting in your information and then the person that DOES answer the call asks for your information? What is this game? Customer service has gotten really bad. I say that fully knowing it makes me sound 1,000 years old, but it has. But that's a rant for another time. This one is just about how I should not have to press 12 buttons and input my account number and scream at your machine to tell you the secret password for my discount that isn't an option on your godforsaken machine (the options are 'do you want to hear more about the discount program' or 'do you want to know if you qualify for the program' I qualify! This is the number you gave me to tell you the info about qualifying! WHY THEN would you not have an option to GIVE YOU THE INFO?? Thank you for your time. That's my rant.
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2023.06.03 19:19 ImpossibleFinding417 Is Danilo the best option for cb? Or is Bremer better?

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2023.06.03 19:19 newton19185 Hont Clean Factory Daytona

Hont Clean Factory Daytona
Hont Clean Factory Daytona
  1. Dealer name: Hont
  2. Factory name: Clean Factory
  3. Model name (& version number):
  4. Price Paid: 738
  5. Album Links: https://imgur.com/a/TNng5IZ
  6. Index alignment: looks good
  7. Dial Printing: looks good
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: looks good
  9. Hand Alignment: looks good
  10. Bezel: looks good
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): looks good
  12. Timegrapher numbers: unsure
  13. Anything else you notice: I think everything is okay about unsure on the timegrapher should I RL?
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2023.06.03 19:19 mudgts Question. Do these have any value?

Question. Do these have any value?
I’ve had these for YEARs with big plans but I never did anything with them. The only one that’s identifiable says “Ms Pac-Man” on it I can provide more photos if needed but I’m going to sell them. You can make an offer here if you’re interested or I’ll eBay them. I just didn’t want to price myself out of the market I’m unsure if they even work but here are some details if that helps There are 5 boards 1. NEC D780C-1 chip Bigger IC’s are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6
  1. No ID except a board called “BR-0125-B”. Has two “Sound AY-3-8910” chips.
  2. Labeled “Ms Pac Man” with a Sharp Z80 CPU. Also has numbered IC’s
  3. Looks like a daughter board with a female EIDE style connector. No toggle switches unlike the others. Toshiba TMM2016-2 CPU?
  4. Has a small daughter board on it. Has 4x NEC D780C chips as well as a NEC D2732 Green board shows a DG-09-2 on it
I know zero about these so any input is welcome.
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2023.06.03 19:19 CreeperJigg New and Confused

New and Confused
Hello im new to aquascaping and im trying a dark start on my first 5g tank. My goal is to add plants, shrimp, and snails in 3-6 weeks. In the meantime im trying to nail my Gh/Kh numbers for neocaridina shrimp. We have super harsh well water so we regularly get RO water for drinking.
I was expecting the ro water to start with a low tds and have a near 0 Gh/Kh boy was i wrong!
The RO water peramiters are: PH 7 TDS 237 Gh 5 Kh <1
I started my tank with quick start and stress coat as well as salty shrimp gh+/kh+ becsuse i assumed i had to remineralize. Unfortunately now im too high. In Gh and still not enough Kh.
New rank parameters: PH 7 TDS 465 Gh 14 Kh 4
How can i fix this before i spend $200 on plants and fish? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA 🦐
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2023.06.03 19:18 darkmaster25304 HOW TO WIN WAR SOLO 99% GUIDE

  1. Choose middle income family, Be pro-sollist in storyline, preserve national values.
  2. Promote Planned economy: Promote Planned economy: Remember, Self-sufficiency always helps!
  3. Emergency Decree: Get you sollist and conservative support, more security and stability, Soll and old guard support and most importantly gets stronger decrees and Soll in war meeting.
  4. Visit all affected towns: reduces unrest mostly.
  5. Ban organizations: Ban Bludish and Communist party, ban young sords if you aren't nationalist.
  6. Choose the Mega infrastructure: Choose H3 Highway, this helps you with agnolia.
  7. Fund Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Law enforcement. Maintain Healthcare. Defund Education.
  8. Choose SSC for first megaproject if you have budget give them additional money if don't, replace managers.
  9. Veto Workers right act: useless and need budget.
  10. Bailout People: Increases public support.
  11. Agnolia Average trade deal: Wave at crowd, shook hands and hug him, gift him constitution and etc. then accept the first deal. DONT recognize island and DONT enter alliance.
  12. Send frank to Military school: you will need it at War planning meeting.
  13. Wehlen Good trade deal: do whatever, decline at his first offer and then accept second deal (tighten up immigration)
  14. Enlarge the armed forces: you can't win war without large force that can sustain large front.
  15. Keep conscription and Enlarge Air Force: Keeping Conscription is needed for large frontline, and we need Air superiority.
  16. Invest in Lorren: Increases Morna port and Valgsland trade deal effectivity.
  17. Tax raises on large corporations and Decrease on Small and medium.
  18. Invest into Ministry of Interior and Establish SSP, focus on opposition and detain Frens ricter.
  19. Build Morna port: Increases Lorren region and Valgsland Trade deal effectivity, also boosts infrastructure to max
  20. Nationalize HOS and BS fully.
  21. Keep Gendarmerie under military.
  22. Choose SSC: they will deliver on time. (not 100% sure, they might need additional support if you hadn't replaced managers)
  23. Accept whistleblower: he will reveal sensitive information and is needed for AN sanction.
  24. Sign Trade deal with valgsland, don't recognize island and don't enter alliance.
  25. Invest in Military production: Needed for supplement and max production.
  26. Be diplomatic at first when they close consulate, send diplomatic message.
  27. Pass Anti bludish bills to anger them and make them revolt. (This is better than nationwide revolt)
  28. when revolt happens, use SSP and do it quickly and do not cause robust.
  29. When airplane incident happens: Start the sordish war machine and prepare for war.
  30. During kyrute interview, be as diplomatic as possible! it is necessary, to show if it worked or not, look to Geopolitical newspaper: if it shows "Rumburg Expelled from OMEC" then its successful.
  31. During AN meeting, be very "Pro peace", blame Rumburg for arming BFF, and most importantly show them information about nuclear arms provided by whistleblower. that will result AN sanctions and cripple Rumburgian economy.
  32. During the War planning meeting, reject Wisci and accept SOLL (NEEDED), this will provide moral boost. during planning go for dig down (valken plan) and then assault dome, your economy is stable so when it becomes war of attrition you will win. when general ask you about your son, DO NOT DO ANYTHING AND HAVE HIM FIGHT (this boosts morale)
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2023.06.03 19:18 Neat-Mathematician-8 Asking a lore question here. Cos the mods keep removing it from the main sub: How the fuck does the NPP work?

So the new NPP unlike the old one, isn't actually a party but more of a coalition between a dozen smaller parties. The largest being the nationalists and progressives.
But how does it actually work in practice? Because the actual goals of these parties are so far apart, and so contradictory, that they really shouldn't last even a moment together. I'm not sure even anti-establishment fervour could keep their seperate parties united. And i know IRL tje democrats of the 1950s-1970s had much the same problem but the IRL democrats had to deal with a number of insurgent candidates and electoral revolts in the south.
And we know that in the Senate the NPP rarely votes together and seems to devolve back into its respective parties. So is the NPP just a vessel to get presidents elected? And even then, how the hell do they get their parties to agree to vote for one candidate when they are so ideologically opposed. Like does the progressive party suddenly decide to go stump for George Wallace if he wins the nomination?
The only I can really reconcile it is that the NPP is more like a conference were different 3rd parties can meet during election season. They nominate one presidential candidate from one of the parties and the others pledge to not run their own candidates to avoid a vote-splitting But they are under no obligation to campaign for, or even endorse the nominee.
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2023.06.03 19:18 Key-Paleontologist45 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
Chloe (Gavin G’s ex) was battling Jwren. He was saying that if you’re sensitive don’t be on tiktok. He also called someone a nobody and she got upset basically called him a bully. Here is Shitney’s mom in the comments again enabling bad behavior as always. No wonder those two are shitty humans. Also, Whitney and Christen talked so bad about Konnor’s mom because they felt she was always getting involved in his drama but this woman is always in the comments! It’s weird!
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2023.06.03 19:17 DrTraxex Average Number of Sexual Partners by Country 2023

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2023.06.03 19:17 TwentyOneDays [Zee Frags/Updated Daily] Excellently presented, promptly shipped, 100% authentic decants!!!

***EDITED 6/3/23*** It's been quite a while and I have received one too many messages asking if I am still active, so here is a new thread. Thanks for looking!
Yes, this page is active and updated daily. Absolutely everything listed here is still available. Please send a Reddit chat or PM to inquire - I do not respond to inquires made on this page!
  • Buy with confidence! I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the delivery of your package in the United States, until tracking number says delivered!
  • Prices already include USPS First Class shipping in the USA. Alternatively/optionally, USPS Priority/UPS Ground available for $5 or free over $129. UPS not available for HI, PR, PO boxes, INTL. $2 Will be deducted from the total for each additional item.
  • Ordering: Simply send me, twentyonedays your order via Reddit chat (preferred) or private message - I'll reply ASAP with a total and payment info. Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp are accepted for US transactions. PayPal is accepted for Canadian/INTL transactions.
  • Canadian/INTL: - CAN shipping is $10USD up to 30ml, $15 otherwise and usually takes 5-12 days. Other INTL is $15USD up to 30ml, $25 otherwise and may take 3-4 weeks, very possibly longer depending on the country. I take no responsibly whatsoever for non-US orders (duties, delays, loss, etc.). My INTL delivery success rate is 99%+, but again, its buyers risk. Some locations I don't ship to include UK (sorry, new VAT laws), South America, Africa, France, Italy, Israel, India, Russia, China, Middle East, and Mexico. Forwarding services are encouraged.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • (1) "Hi, i'm new here. I'm very interested in these fragrances but have no idea how this works. What is a decant? Are these fragrances authentic?" Yes, every drop of fragrance listed here is 100% authentic - no question or dispute. These are the same 100% authentic fragrances you buy from retailers, however they are no longer in their original bottles. Decants are 100% authentic fragrances taken from the largest manufacturer size available (Creed 500ml flacon is an excellent example), purchased in bulk, then hand-filled into smaller, more affordable sizes. This is the most efficient way to experiment with a large variety of high-end fragrances!
  • (2) "Do you have (insert fragrance) available?" If you see something listed here, it's available! If you don't see said item listed here, that indicates that I don't have it and there's no need to ask.
  • (3) "Are 5ml sizes available? Do these come with sprayers? Are they glass or plastic?" 10ml is the smallest. Yes, they have sprayers and the vials are glass.
  • (4) "Do I need to pick 1 of each brand for your qualifying 3/$62 10ml Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly deal?" No, you can choose any combo you’d like of the 3 brands (1 of each, all Creeds, 2 TF and 1 PdM, etc.).

Creed - Aventus

  • I do not discuss Aventus batches
  • Batch F000463 (default option) or 22B11B available
  • 10ml $26 (applies to 3/$62 10ml Creed/Tom Ford/Parfums de Marly deal)
  • 25ml $59
  • 50ml $105
  • 60ml $125
  • 100ml $195
  • Retail products:
  • New in box 100ml 10th Anniversary retail bottle batch 20C01N $299 shipped

More Creed - Aventus new!

Please note items listed here in the "More - Creed Aventus" section do not qualify for the 3/$62 10ml Creed/Tom Ford/PdM deal. I do not discuss Aventus batches - thank you for understanding
  • Batch 19S01, 19P11, 19U01
  • 10ml $38
  • 25ml $89
  • 60ml $195
  • Batch 20L01, 20B01N, 20E01N, 21N01, 21W01
  • 10ml $28
  • 25ml $65
  • 60ml $145

Creed - Aventus for Her

  • 10ml $28 (or add $2 for 3/$62 10ml Creed/Tom Ford/PdM deal) back in stock!
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Creed - Viking

  • 10ml $26 (applies to 3/$62 10ml Creed/Tom Ford/Parfums de Marly deal)
  • 25ml $59

Creed Les Royales Exclusives

  • Spice and Wood
  • Sublime Vanille
  • White Flowers
  • 10ml $36 (does not apply to 3/$62 deal)
  • 25ml $85


  • Bois du Portugal
  • Cedre Blanc
  • Himalaya
  • Love in Black
  • Love in White
  • Millesime Imperial
  • Original Santal
  • Original Vetiver
  • Royal Water
  • Silver Mountain Water
  • Spring Flower
  • Tabarome
  • Virgin Island Water
  • White Amber
  • 10ml $26 (3/$62, add more for $19 ea.)
  • 25ml $52 (2/$99)
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly 3/$62 10ml combo is fine!


  • Fate Man
  • Figment Man
  • Imitation Man
  • Jubilation XXV
  • Meander
  • 10ml $26
  • 25ml $60


  • Bal d"Afrique
  • Slow Dance
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Christian Dior

  • Dior Privee - Feve Delicieuse
  • Dior Privee - Granville
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Frederic Malle

  • Carnal Flower 10ml $38, 25ml $89
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  • Cuir Beluga
  • Tonka Imperiale
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  • Addictive Vibration
  • Rehab
  • Side Effect
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  • Oud for Greatness
  • Oud for Happiness
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  • Vodka on the Rocks
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  • Musk Oud
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Le Labo

  • Another 13
  • Bergamot 22
  • Oud 27
  • Rose 31
  • Santal 33
  • Thè Matcha 26
  • Thè Noir 29
  • Vetiver 46
  • 10ml $36
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Liquides Imaginaires

  • Dom Rosa
  • Fortis
  • Ile Pourpre
  • Sancti
  • 10ml $24
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

  • Baccarat Rouge 540
  • Gentle Fluidity Silver
  • Grand Soir
  • L’Homme a la Rose
  • Oud Satin Mood back in stock!
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  • Aqua Celestia EDT
  • Aqua Universalis EDT
  • Aqua Vitae EDT
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  • Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum
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  • Irish Leather
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  • Ani back in stock!
  • Ege Extrait
  • Hacivat Extrait
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Ormonde Jayne

  • Ormonde Woman
  • Ta'if
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Parfums de Marly

  • Byerley
  • Darley
  • Galloway
  • Herod
  • Layton
  • Pegasus
  • Percival
  • 10ml $26 (3/$62, add more for $19 ea.)
  • 25ml $59
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly combos is fine!
  • Carlisle
  • Habdan
  • Haltane
  • Oajan
  • Layton Exclusif
  • Pegasus Exclusif
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Parfums MDCI

  • Invasion Barbare
  • Chypre Palatin
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  • 25ml $89

Roja Dove

  • Elysium Pour Homme Parfum Cologne
  • Scandal Pour Homme Parfum Cologne
  • 10ml $34
  • 25ml $79

Tom Ford

Check out the other Tom Ford offerings in the sections below!
  • Black Orchid EDP new!
  • Cafe Rose
  • Costa Azzurra EDP
  • Champaca Absolute
  • Fougere d’Argent new!
  • Grey Vetiver EDP new!
  • Jasmin Musk
  • Jasmin Rouge
  • Lavender Palm
  • Lys Fume
  • Noir Extreme new!
  • Oud Fleur
  • Shanghai Lily
  • Sole di Positano
  • Velvet Orchid
  • Vert Boheme
  • Vert des Bois
  • Vert de Fleur
  • White Suede
  • 10ml $26 (3/$62, add more for $19 ea.)
  • 25ml $52 (2/$99)
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly combos is fine!

Other Tom Fords

  • Beau de Jour (Private Blend)
  • Ombre Leather EDP
  • Oud Wood
  • Tobacco Vanille back in stock!
  • Tuscan Leather
  • 10ml $32 (Or add $5 each for 3/$62 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $69
  • Tubereuse Nue
  • 10ml $34 (Or add $10 each for 3/$62 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $79


  • Casamorati 1888
  • Casamorati 1888 - Bouquet Ideale
  • Casamorati 1888 - Dolce Amalfi
  • Casamorati 1888 - Fiero
  • Casamorati 1888 - Mefisto back in stock!
  • Erba Pura
  • XJ 1861 - Decas
  • XJ 1861 - Naxos
  • XJ 1861 - Renaissance back in stock!
  • XJ 1861 - Zefiro
  • 10ml $29
  • 25ml $68
  • Accento Overdose
  • Join the Club - More than Words
  • Kemi - Hayat
  • 10ml $34
  • 25ml $80
  • XJ 17/17 Stone Label - Homme
  • XJ 17/17 Stone Label - Irisss
  • 10ml $45
  • 25ml $109
  • XJ 17/17 Stone Label - Symphonium
  • 10ml $55
  • 25ml $134

10ML Add-on Section

Items below can be purchased as add-ons for the listed prices, or may be purchased alone for $4 shipping and packaging (no need to add another $4 after the first item)
For 25ml prices, multiply the 10ml prices below by 2.4
  • Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo - Fico di Amalfi ($12) back in stock!
  • Armani - Acqua di Giò Absolu ($12)
  • Armani - Acqua di Giò Profondo ($15)
  • Armani - Acqua di Giò Profumo ($15)
  • Dior - Dior Homme ($16)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Intense ($16)
  • Chanel - Bleu de Chanel EDP ($19)
  • Dior - Sauvage EDP ($15)
  • Diptyque - Do Son EDT ($16)
  • Diptyque - Tam Dao EDT ($16)
  • Dolce and Gabbana - The One EDP ($10)
  • Dolce and Gabbana - The One Gold EDP ($10)
  • Frapin - Speakeasy ($15)
  • Hermes - Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver ($14) back in stock!
  • Hermes - Terre d’Hermes Pure Parfum ($14)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Autumn Vibes ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Beach Walk ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - By the Fireplace ($16) back in stock!
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Coffee Break ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Jazz Club ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Matcha Meditation ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Under the Lemon Trees ($16)
  • Mancera - Cedrat Boise ($15)
  • Mancera - Cedrat Boise Intense ($17)
  • Mancera - Instant Crush ($15)
  • MFK official 2ml carded sample - 754 ($6)
  • MFK official 2ml carded sample - Aqua Universalis ($6)
  • MFK official 2ml carded sample - A la Rose ($6)
  • Mont Blanc - Explorer EDP ($10)
  • Mont Blanc - Legend EDP ($10)
  • Prada - Luna Rosa Carbon ($14) new!
  • Versace - Eros EDT ($10)
  • Victor and Rolf - Flowerbomb EDP ($17)
  • Victor and Rolf - Spicebomb ($13)
  • Victor and Rolf - Spicebomb Extreme ($17)
  • YSL - L'Homme (2022/$13)
  • YSL - La Nuit de L'Homme (2022/$14)
  • YSL - Supreme Bouquet ($15)
  • YSL - Tuxedo ($24) back in stock!
  • YSL - Y EDP ($17)
  • YSL - Y Le Parfum ($20)
***EDITED 6/3/23*** This page is activate and updated daily. Please send a Reddit chat/PM to inquire - I do not respond to inquires made on this page! Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.03 19:15 Feewe_ [Online][GMT+2][5e][21+] Two experienced players looking for an RP-heavy campaign

Hello there!
We are two people, Filip (24M) and Alex (23F), and we’re looking for a DM and 2-3 more players around the same age or older (let’s say 21+). We’re both from Finland (UTC+3).
Platform: Voice chat via Discord + D&D Beyond. Optionally, we have some experience with Roll20 as well. Theatre of the mind is heavily encouraged (except for combat). We're open to new platforms if needed :)
Availability: Preferably Saturday or Sunday evenings, weekdays are negotiable (Sundays and weekdays on the condition that the sessions don’t end late at night). We're looking for sessions that are about 3-4 hours long. Weekly or biweekly, both are fine.
Experience: We've been playing 5e for 3 years, and have been a part of an ongoing campaign for 2 years now.
Player Descriptions: Filip: I'm very fascinated by history and mythology, so naturally, I'm very interested in the lore aspect of D&D worlds. I'm a bit of a Swiss-army knife when it comes to picking classes, so I'll gladly fill any role - my previous characters have been mainly negotiators or problem-solvers. I'm keen on exploring different aspects of the game and interacting with NPCs and other players.
Alex: I’m a recent university graduate and have a degree in game design. I’m very interested in all aspects of storytelling, and I love to draw my own D&D characters :D I tend to create characters that are curious and outgoing, and would love to play a charisma-based class for once.
What we look for in fellow players:
Gameplay Preferences:
We'd be open to testing group compatibility with a one-shot first if it seems like a fitting idea. If you’re interested, you can contact Filip via direct message or through Discord: Feewe#7616
May your world-building document and your character backstories be as lengthy as this unnecessarily detailed LFG post. Thank you for reading :)
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2023.06.03 19:15 No_Sandwich3431 Was watching Carry's Charity stream

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2023.06.03 19:15 BryanEliteEssays Looking for 2-3 Volunteers

Hi, Everyone.
This is my first time posting on Reddit. I hope I'm not violating the rules with this request.
I've created an SMS/WhatsApp-based "MBA Goals Development Crash Course" based on my 20+ years of MBA admissions consulting experience. I'm seeking 2-3 MBA hopefuls to test it and provide feedback. It's a six-day course, during which you'll receive brief audio lessons from me accompanied by daily assignments. At the end of the course, I'll provide you with actionable feedback on your homework. Of course, there is no charge.
The course explains the three elements that comprise winning goals and helps you generate ideas for those three elements that will eventually form the heart of your goals essay and by extension the core of your entire application.
Please message me if you are interested and I will send you the information to get started.
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2023.06.03 19:15 iwasdusted WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023

WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023
Here is this week's weekly roundup post!
  • See a list of all the movies playing at Regal this week at the link above!
  • There are lots of new promos ongoing, including one that can get you free digital copies of new release movies, and one that gets you bonus points for purchasing Oppenheimer tickets by June 7.
  • Oppenheimer tickets are now on sale -- check it out in 70mm & IMAX 70mm at select Regal locations.
    • Standard 70mm - Bridgeport Village, Edwards Long Beach, New Roc, Union Square, Waterford Lakes
    • IMAX 70mm - Edwards Ontario Palace, Hacienda Crossings, Irvine Spectrum, Mall of Georgia, Opry Mills, UA King of Prussia
    • Have a hard time hearing Nolan films? Check it out in RPX Open Cap/Eng Sub at Bricktown Charleston!
Here's this week's PLF chart!
As always, formats and bookings are subject to change and local availablity.
Here's the link to our ongoing Chapter 11 roundup.
  • The Eighth Omnibus List of potential closures was filed in court on Wednesday, May 31 with a targeted lease rejection date of Friday, June 23. The following 25 theaters could potentially close if Regal is unable to successfully renegotiate their lease:
    • Regal Avenues, Jacksonville, Florida (#0241) - 4DX, RPX
    • Regal Binghamton, Binghamton, New York (#1732)
    • Regal Columbia, Columbia, Missouri (#1621) - RPX
    • Regal Division Street, Portland, Oregon (#0851)
    • Regal Edwards Brea East, Brea, California (#1028)
    • Regal Edwards Camarillo Palace, Camarillo, California (#1009) - IMAX
    • Regal Edwards La Verne, La Verne, California (#1012)
    • Regal Edwards San Marcos, San Marcos, California (#1034)
    • Regal Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek, Ohio (#0389) - RPX
    • Regal Fossil Creek, Fort Worth, Texas (#1317)
    • Regal Germantown, Germantown, Maryland (#1710)
    • Regal Governor’s Square, Tallahassee, Florida (#1857)
    • Regal Hollywood @ North I-85, Chamblee, Georgia (#0745)
    • Regal Live Oak, Live Oak, Texas (#0795) - RPX
    • Regal Longview, Longview, Texas (#1638) - RPX
    • Regal New River Valley, Christiansburg, Virginia (#0671) - RPX, ScreenX
    • Regal Interstate Park, Akron, Ohio (#0163)
    • Regal Poulsbo, Poulsbo, Washington (#880)
    • Regal Rancho Del Rey, Chula Vista, California (#0361)
    • Regal Royal Park, Gainesville, Florida (#1860)
    • Regal Spartan, Spartanburg, South Carolina (#1888)
    • Regal UA Galaxy - Dallas, Dallas, Texas (#1306)
    • Regal Valley View Grande, Roanoke, Virginia (#1867)
    • Regal Virginia Center, Glen Allen, Virginia (#0165)
    • Regal Warren East, Wichita, Kansas (#1444) - Warren 21, Warren Grand
  • At the beginning of 2022, Regal had over 515 locations. Regal has 455 locations currently.
  • Since Chapter 11 began in September 2022, Regal has rejected 51 leases (excluding theaters that stopped operating before bankruptcy, but had active leases).
Here's the link to the MoviePassClub Discord server, for spoilery discussion of new release movies, general movie discussion, and to chat with fellow Regal Unlimited members. Many of our mods and members are active here. (This Discord is shared across RegalUnlimited, MoviePassClub, Cinemark, with some overlap with AMCsAList.)
And don't forget to check out this week's pinned movie discussion post for spoiler-free discussion of your recent Regal experiences!
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2023.06.03 19:14 WAIDGirl Looking for hope

I'm so sad/frustrated/hopeless right now and I'm looking for some stories of hope to keep me going.
40F, AMH 3.5
1st ER 8 retrieved, 4 fertilized, 2 blasts, both aneuploid 2nd ER 10 retrieved, 8 fertilized, 6 blasts, 5 aneuploid, 1 mosiac 3rd ER 4 retrieved, 2 fertilized, 1 blast, euploid
For my 4th retrieval I added all supplements from It Starts With the Egg including 400 MG COQ10, 50 MG Metformin and also cut out sugar (already cut out caffeine and alcohol) and reduced dairy for 5 months.
Increased Gonal F to max dose and added Omnitrope through stims.
4th ER 13 retrieved, 10 fertilized, 2 blasts, both aneuploid
I know at my age it's a numbers game but I'm so disappointed with my results and I see such better results from others my age. I plan to do 4 more ERs but cannot start until August 1st due to clinic scheduling.
I was taking 100 MG of Metformin but it gave me horrible side effects.
Stories of hope/advice from women in their early 40s with similar results and later success welcome. I was really hoping the Omnitrope/supplements/Metformin would be the magic ticket. 😔
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