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2023.05.28 22:17 ratslikecheese My (26M) girlfriend (29F) is starting to affect my mental health.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years currently. Our relationship requires a lot of effort, mostly on my end but she does pull her weight so to speak but as of lately I’m starting to feel as though the situation isn’t healthy for me or really all that enjoyable.
My girlfriend has had a lot of family drama going on since we began dating: parents who are in a not-so-great marriage, older sister who is actively ruining her own life, and now her nephew (20M) recently came out and announced he has a partner (32M) which peaked all sorts of red flags and concerns with her. She makes all of these things her problems and they’re eating away at her constantly. She also recovered from a several year-long eating disorder before we started dating and constantly struggles with her self-image now that she has gained weight.
We live an hour away from one another. 99% of the time, I am the one making the drive for us to spend time together 2 or 3 evenings out of the week. I work two jobs, minimum of six days a week, and train martial arts two evenings out of the week so very rarely am I ever just doing nothing and enjoying my free time independently. I carve out nearly all of my free time for her.
So for the past several months I feel as though more often than not she’s in a shitty mood when I go down to see her and it’s always some combination of the things I listed above or her job stressing her out periodically (especially now that her job is in their busy season.)
Don’t get me wrong, I have my own gripes in life and so does everybody— but I do my best to not make other people’s problems my problems. I want to be there for her and I’ve left relationships for this reason in the past but I can only produce so much sympathy to the same circumstances or situations until it just starts to annoy me. I feel as though if she just didn’t try to “fix” her family every day or worry about their shit circumstances she would be able to enjoy her life more. Our conversations have turned into her venting to me 90% of the time we communicate either in person or through text. Physical intimacy is borderline non-existent; we have sex maybe once a month and whenever we do I am always the instigator.
I want to be there for her but as I said, it’s the same stuff she has no control over that she obsesses over until she has a mental breakdown. Or it’s her body image issues that she feels bad about but isn’t willing to exercise, consider her diet, etc.
Looking at the situation I don’t see things improving from a logical standpoint. I feel like I’m just watching somebody I care about self destruct and I feel guilty for wanting to distance myself from the situation. I’m supposed to move in with her next year but honestly nothing about the past several months makes me want to follow through with that.
Have any of you been in a similar situation? How did you amend things? Did you just end things?
tl;dr: my girlfriend makes other people’s problems her problems and doesn’t deal with things properly and is self-destructing. It’s hurting our relationship and I don’t know how to be sympathetic or supportive when it’s the same problems she can’t control or doesn’t want to try to solve.
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2023.05.28 22:17 Ok-Boat3619 Long distance communication getting tough

Dx unmediated partner (m, 29) and I (f, 27) are going through a really tough time. With several inconsistencies in the major part of our relationship when we lived together, I’ve developed trust issues and I constantly wonder what’s on his mind. He avoids any issues between us usually and isn’t able to confront them now either. While he does reassure me when I ask for it, he seems to be getting very irritated, frustrated and defensive, when I need reassurance the most. Now, since being in long distance, most ‘serious’ things I express are being responded to aggressively. I think he blames me for his increased anxiety but doesn’t express it. I know my overly expressive nature has caused some harm to us both, but that’s just how I solve issues— by talking about it. It feels like whatever I say now frustrates him. I’m trying to not ask questions, but sometimes when it feels comfortable I just do, and regret it immediately. I cry as soon as I hear an angry response from him and that makes him even more frustrated. When I point out that there’s obviously some anger (which he never acknowledges), he changes his tone immediately and kind of rewrites the last couple of minutes to him not being angry in the least. This makes me feel crazy. Is this an ADHD symptom or am I just pushing him over the edge?
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2023.05.28 22:17 MotorAge9322 Told my friend i like her, she turnés me Down. The day after we kissed and cuddled and now I am confused

Sooo long story short. I went away on this roadtrip with my friend ( been friend for a year ). We was away for 45 days, together almost 24-7.
On day 37 I suddenly got this feeeling in my stomach, no hungry so on, full on crush.
Then on day 41 I confesses that I like her ( we sat next together looking at a water and I just could not hold it in more )
She then replied with “ that’s very cool of you to say”
Then 30 min silence, follow by “ that got me by surprise, didn’t see it coming”
I then asked if just could give some idea what she was feeling followed by 70 min silence! ( wow it was weird haha )
Then I said we could drive on and just can just tell me later. And that we did, little bit awkward but we still had a good time. Then at night she came super close and ended up on my arm sleeping ( I was happpy ghahaha )
Next morning we just talked in the car, and I slowing tried to trap her hand, which she accepted. Then after 1 hour or so I wanted to flirt about, but totally back fired, where she just went silence for a bit and acted abit weird but normal. We continue the day like we normally would.
Then that night. I told her I never gave her “a way out” told her she can just way no, that still would be friends and so on and we have been to much now for it to destroy anything and okay just being friend.
She then said she really have been thinking and she see me more as a friend. That hurt, but I needed it. Anyway I went for a walk to get it out of my system. And then I came back she cried. I told her it okay, I will get over it, don’t feel bad so on. Told her she made me a better person ( she really has ) and she cried told I have her better so on. ( she thinks very little of herself and truly just want other people to be happy, I just wanted to boost her beleave in herself. Also told her I wish she someday could just 10% of what I see in her, I hope she does! )
Next morning she cried comforted her again and had a good time ( it was the last day of our roadtrip ) but I was very zoned out though out the day and didn’t eat at all.
Fastward to the night. We talked. I just a shouting star, and wished haha
Then asked for her hand if it okay to hold just for 10 min ( kinda saying goodbye to her ish ) went for a walk came back then she asked me to hold hands, which turned to full cuddling, where she pushed me closer to her. We ended up kissing for 10 min, and full on cuddling for a few hours where is was very happy and engagted. Then it was slept for a few hours. Talked abit and I told her, she really should think if she really likes me or just the closeness and so on. But still seem abit confused
This wa Ethel last night on the roadtrip. I then told that we can meet 7-10 days after and talk, that we proberly need some space. We said goodbye
And right now it day 4 after the trip ended. And I so confused.
I don’t really believe she likes me like that.
And I don’t know if I even should ask how she feels when we meet or just talk abit like nothing happen.
What do you guys think? My mind gone in defense and pretty much started my heartbreak now.
Sorry for bad English, friends
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2023.05.28 22:16 yldf Good advanced tutorials

I’m casually playing the game on and off for a long time. Mostly on Prince and King, I dabbled a little in Emperor a long time ago, but my question isn’t about the difficulty, really.
I understand core concepts, I settle, I do research, I kill barbarians, promote units, use builders to improve tiles, I build districts, etc.
Combat-wise: I hate most land units, they just don’t have enough movement, some artillery units with high movement is what I use in late game to capture non-coastal cities that are already defeated. In the beginning I conquer with range units and later catapults and some land unit for taking the city. Coastal cities are defeated with ranged ships and then conquered with ranged ships.
As soon as I get to bombers, I just bombard cities and have dedicated conquer units. Sea and other land units are useless to me then.
What I’m sure I’m missing is all the micromanagement. How to optimize cities, how to optimize science boosts. I don’t really use spies, pillage, etc.
Are there any good tutorials that teach those intricacies?
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2023.05.28 22:16 hellokitty284 BF breaks up with me on my birthday

I'm really sorry for a really long post but I wanted to make sure I did not misrepresent anything that happened.
Me (21F) and my boyfriend (28M) have been in a serious relationship for 3 years (currently LDR). Our relationship started in very dire circumstances when he was in desperate need of therapy and medical intervention because he had been suffering from undiagnosed condition (nothing that affects his everyday behavior, had to remove the reference because of the sub's rules). I helped educate him about the it and he sought help from professionals and is doing a lot better now. The first year of our relationship was very tumultuous with daily arguments, ugly fights, near-breakups but we managed to work through our issues and build a stable relationship. For the last year and a half we've barely even been arguing or bickering and were getting along really well. I noticed him changing his demeanor during fights where earlier he would walk out or just try to win the argument to him actually trying to sort out issues. However, I noticed a pattern where since the beginning of our relationship we'd get into really ugly fights right on my birthday. I have always felt a bit morose and dull on my birthday since I was a child which can be annoying for people who want to celebrate the day with me.
Birthday 2: ( I can't remember what exactly happened on birthday 1 but I'm sure a fight broke out and I had to apologise to him)
Last year, he lashed out at me for not wanting to do anything special and being sad as he was trying to cheer me up. He decided to walk out and said he has decided to not speak to me ever again aka break up. I also have a lot of anxiety issues so whenever there's a fight of this intensity and he walks out, I go into panic mode for some reason and bombard him with texts and calls because I can't bear not knowing what's about to happen next (or if I manage to not do that, I still have bad anxiety attacks). We've spoken about how that makes me feel before but I'll admit it we haven't really brought it up again since we haven't been fighting for a long time. I was deeply hurt that he had to lash out like this on my birthday (even though I don't really celebrate it). I don't think he ever apologized for it and even I never brought it up with him again even though I sort of resented him for doing that. I think I ended up apologizing for him for my behavior and asking him to not leave me. He never addressed the birthday issue again even though it was hard for me to get over it but we moved on eventually.
Birthday 3:
Last night, we got into an argument again. It wasn't a serious issue but it snowballed into one. One thing he tends to do during conversations is if he wants to hear me say a certain thing (apology, for example) or answer a question he will not listen to anything else I say UNTIL I say the exact works. For example, his only reply to anything else I say would be "That's not ___. I'll speak to you when you actually say __. I'll be waiting until then." And he really says this over and over for like 10-15m ore more until I either I cave in and do it or one of us leaves the conversation. We've had conversations about this too but I don't know if they were taken seriously enough. So the same thing happened last night which was actually my birthday and he kept on replying "waiting" to every single one of my messages until I got fed up and started mirroring his own behavior to show him how annoying it is. I admit, it was not a good way to handle the situation but he was literally not ready to listen to anything else I said. And in the middle of all that I realized that we were fighting on my birthday again. Then I dropped all this and brought up how he acts like this (probably unintentionally) on my birthday every year and that deeply saddens me. He got extremely mad at me bringing this up and thought I was changing the subject and said goodbye and left. I, as usual, had anxiety attacks because he simply stopped replying to all my messages so I left him a couple of voice notes explaining the entire situation. A few hours later he replied saying he's broken his phone and won't be able to reply to my texts like he usually does-completely ignoring what I was telling him.
I decided to not to let this drag me down and focus on how I could enjoy my day without thinking too much about him (I did not talk to him the entire day) and I managed to do it well for the most part. But I don't know how to speak to him again. I don't want to be the one having to bring up what happened last night since that makes me look like I'm starting a fight again or nagging....but I also don't want to let this go like last year because it builds up resentment. I feel disheartened that he can't let things go for a day (especially when it isn't a huge issue) and let me relax on my birthday instead of breaking up with me for 2 consecutive years. I suspect he'll try to avoid talking about this due to fear of us breaking into another argument again, but in that case, it'll always keep replaying in my mind until I get closure so I'm not sure how to address the situation moving forward.
For those of you who know, I have an anxious attachment style while he has an avoidant one. I would again like to reiterate that we haven't had a single fight in months and had been in a stable relationship for a really long time so these things don't happen frequently.
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2023.05.28 22:15 cloudwastewater Queer Texts for English?

I made a similar post in a couple of other subreddits in case this looks familiar. Does anyone know of any texts about someone pretending to be someone/something your not? It doesn't necessarily have to be queer related. I'd also love suggestions about other things that fit this vibe. I have to connect texts for English under the theme power and privilege and the subtheme that I've chosen is about how people try and blend in with the dominant culture (straight, cis, white, neurotypical). The texts can be short stories, songs, graphic novels. Preferably not anything too long lmao
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2023.05.28 22:14 robinbeans Just learnt how to “play” with my puppy in a fun way. Helped bond with him!

My puppy’s (10 weeks) breed is pretty energetic but we were so worried of “overtiring” our pup that just few days ago realised that he wasn’t getting enough running around - which seems to have been the cause of his tantrum and biting!
We have changed our routine a little bit, so that whenever he is outside in the courtyard for toilet, we will reward him with chase, fetch and lead walking. He recently had a first proper “play” with our family’s dog - It seems like he was being taught how to play by the older dog! It was very cute and made him excited but tired.
This kind of made me realise how dogs play, and how I could encourage/participate in a play time that does not involve biting me but instead is fun for both and expels his energy.
So while this only 1 step forward on a long journey I felt closer to him in the recent day or two. :) Feels great to see bonding happening and to learn ways to enjoy time spent with him, as I have been struggling with quite severe puppy blues.
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2023.05.28 22:14 johnymac8 any experience selling flats recently?

Has anyone here sold their flat recently, in the last two years or even sooner?
Just wondering what your experience was like and how long did the whole process take?
How long did it take for you to find a buyer?.
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2023.05.28 22:14 Crafty_Ad8075 My (18f) boyfriend (22m) spends all his time playing video games and I feel quite lonely and unimportant

So, my boyfriend spends all of his time playing video games. We've been together around 7 months now. My boyfriend works, but as soon as he's home from work he gets on his PC and starts playing video games. He dropped out of college a few years ago, and he still lives with his parents. At the moment, he and I are long distance, and I feel like he priorities video games over me. On his days off, all he does is play video games, and I've mentioned to him that I'd like for him to spend more time with me. He told me that he'd stop playing the one video game he plays a lot, because it makes him feel angry. He said this and a few days later, he returned to it and claimed that it was because the ranked system was easier this season, and he wanted to reach a high level. The other day I got home from my classes and he didn't call me to spend time until it was 10 pm his time. That made me feel like I was just an afterthought, a second priority after his game. Just today, he spent his morning playing his video game, called me so we could watch a movie, and then went back to playing video games until he had to sleep before his work tomorrow. I've started to feel really lonely. I cried quite a bit because of how lonely I felt. I want him to spend more time with me, but I don't know what to say or how to ask, or how to communicate this properly. Also, ever since April he said he lost one of his earbuds and now he can't even call me before his work. Even when he had earbuds, he only used to call me as he was walking to work, because he told me that his family was at home and he wanted to call when he had no distractions. I just think that if he plays games all day, he must be talking to people online, so how can he not call me? He also calls me his wife, says that we're already married and tells me that he can't wait to have children together. I don't know how I feel about this. Say I was to get married to him, and we do have kids, will I be left to raise those kids on my own, because their dad is playing video games? I'm just so confused. I feel like he's not prioritizing me or our relationship, and it's hurting me, and making me feel quite lonely. What do I do, how can I communicate what I'm feeling?
TLDR; my boyfriend plays a lot of video games and i feel lonely and unimportant
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2023.05.28 22:13 Sekh765 Running Throne of Salt's Micro Scenario - Amphetamines and Bad Decisions (LONG)

So I ran throneofsalt micro scenario #1 this weekend for two of my players since our third player is sick and our 4th player is out. Since he said nobody had run one yet, here's my breakdown of how it went + what we added / removed to make it work! Also this was the soundtrack blasting during the entire session.
This is a long write up. Read it if you're bored at work. - The scenario
So with one of my players out and one sick, we had to reduce the number of people in the car down to two, the driver still high as fuck, and the passenger, wounded and bleeding amber liquid. Our sick player wanted to participate so he was "the guy on the phone" they could call to get SIGINT type stuff done. The game was done with new characters that they wanted to introduce to Iconoclasts, so I told them if they survived we could roll them into that upcoming campaign. Since it begins with a bang, we ran it as a very action heavy game with very little breathing room, as befits the original text.
So some changes / additions to make it work. Since we needed something chasing them, and a reason that one of the players is high as fuck, we had them playing as undercover FBI types that DG sent to investigate a sort of neo-nazi germanic inspired biker gang (Czernobog's Chosen) in Albuquerque NM. It fits with the chanting head idea, and also why one of them is super high (forced to take drugs to prove they totally aren't a fed), and why one is injured (shot as they tried to escape with the head). This also gives us a great set of threats to chase the players as they try and bomb down the highway at 120+ mph to get to Truth or Consequences NM, where DG has told them a greenbox awaits that will definitely have something to solve this problem.
So our two players are Agent DRACO (CIA Special Operations) and Agent URSA (US Army Medic), with Agent POLARIS (NSA) on the phone.
What followed was an awesome high speed chase down the highway, fighting off a biker gang armed with shotguns and pistols. The players made numerous navigation checks / drive checks, stealth attempts to throw off their pursuers. To keep action up and to keep the session short since it was a filler action game between our main sessions, I had the bikers all be sort of linked to the unnatural chanting head that was in the trunk and drawn to it so the players could avoid them, but not totally escape them. I also incorporated the blue white lights in the distance to be an unnatural storm also associated with the chanting head that approached and then centered over them to make their checks harder and keep things moving.
They swapped cars twice, once after a crit fail driving check lost their first ride at a big gas station, stealing the first car they could find and losing a tiny amount of SAN from helplessness. Agent URSA decided to try and deal with the chanting head thing and failed a SAN check while dealing with it and we decided he started seeing hallucinations that reinterpreted events around him as Norse / Germanic Myth. I've used this style of hallucinations in another game before and folks always enjoy having their characters seeing weird stuff and trying to deal with it.
The second car they actually had the great idea to call Agent POLARIS and have them search DMV records for a "fast car" and "one that has registered firearms would be great". They found a guy with a decently fast muscle car they could use to hopefully push around bikers and also the guy owned guns so they figure "lets rob him real fast". Queue our high on amphetamines Agent breaking into the place, successfully stealthing the keys and then deciding "lets push our luck". Massive fumble on stealth check leads to a shootout with an armed civilian defending his house, killing that guy and leaving tons of evidence behind for future problems. They definitely lost SAN for that one.
Agent POLARIS helps them avoid some ambush attempts by the bikers, and also helps coordinate highway patrol to take a few of them down. For the most part the players are doing pretty well. I wanted to throw just a little wrench in their plans though and when they drove through the national park right before the end of their journey I just had a plain old deer jump infront of the car. Failed driving check, failed luck roll, passed driving check, and then a 99 rolled for "hey did you put your seatbelt on earlier?" ended up launching the medic out of the car. The car survived, and our main driver only got shook up a bit, but the medic dies on impact with a rock. Bit tragic. But I was thinking about how the scenario wrote that one of the characters tried to commit suicide and failed earlier, and also that weird amber liquid instead of blood sooooooooo....
We decided Agent URSA now has a weird creeping amber "infection" that repairs his injuries, but calcifies that part of his body with amber. So basically, he's got no HP anymore, but is slowly being Amber-ified(?) and thats taking a toll on his SAN and overall just not a great thing to tell your bosses that kill Unnatural things. This let us keep the character, and have some interesting RP stuff to play out with the players that were missing this week.
Final part of the adventure and the climax of our chase ends up at a little shack outside Truth or Consequences, and of course our gang of unnatural bikers has to roll up for a dramatic showdown. Agent DRACO defends the house with their weapons they acquired from the place they robbed + what Agent POLARIS could stash. Agent URSA searches the green box and I used the greenbox generator to make a ton of weird stuff and shoved the item they needed into that and just let them start searching through it. Agent DRACO's extremely high shooting skill pays off and helps keep people at bay, though she ends the adventure with 2hp left (the rainstorm really helped keep the bikers shooting skill low so she didnt just get blown away). Agent URSA eventually located a Trepanning kit with weird germanic looking writing carved into it and Agent POLARIS assists in Trepanning our weird chanting skull, right about the time the Highway patrol respond to the shootout and help deal with the remaining bikers. One massive thunderclap later after a successful medieval surgical procedure and the players can breath easy.
They are able to HUMINT their way out of being instantly arrested using their cover story, but are unable to prevent the highway patrol from interviewing and capturing the wounded, amber-leaking bikers. DG has to send a cleanup crew a day or two later and the poor paramedics / patrolmen that responded to the scene met unfortunate ends. Agent URSA and Agent DRACO leave the country after leaving a fuckload of evidence behind that they probably shouldn't have. Caught on blurry cameras, probably some fingerprints, etc. It will bite them in the ass at some point. URSA lost enough san to gain the Delusion condition. POLARIS got away just fine. Czernobog's Chosen might show up in the future as well.
All in all, a really great 2 hour session for players that just wanted some quick action and gunplay since our normal party couldn't get together this week. Thanks for writing such a scenario with such cool vibes.
Also here's the Greenbox they left behind if anyone is ever running a mission in New Mexico and wants a Green Box.
  • 1x Mossberg 870 with 24 buckshot shells
  • 1x "Elephant Gun", 1 round
  • 1x Trepanning Kit (Runic Carvings)
  • 1x Flare Gun (2 flares)
  • 1x Set of Nunchucks (?)
  • 3x Authentic FBI Badges
  • 1x Vial of unknown amber liquid (Do not Drink! written on the side) - Would probably infect player with same infection as above.
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2023.05.28 22:13 FXDataPanel Scalping forex strategy

Visit FxDataPanel for a brief introduction to Scalping. After you have started trading, it is likely that you have heard of "scalping." Even those who are just beginning to get their feet wet will likely have come across "scalping". It is among the most commonly used terms with forex trading, and one must be aware of the meaning behind it.
Many traders in the forex market use scalping as their primary forex strategy, but most people are not sure of what exactly it is and how scalpers of forex earn their cash in the world currency market. In this post, we'll take a look deeper into this strategy and how forex scalpers can earn money on this scale.
This article will explain the basics of what Forex scalping actually is and the method of operation and how to pick the right trading method.

What Is Forex Scalping?

Forex scalping is a term used to describe short-term strategies that aim to make money from tiny price fluctuations via leveraged trading, referred to as Forex scalping methods. By only placing a fraction of their total asset in the broker's account, investors may leverage forex to boost the amount of exposure they have and also increase their market exposure.
Forex scalpers who utilize this method risk loss and gains if their investment doesn't work out according to plan, which means constant monitoring of market movement to be aware of any unexpected changes.
Breakout Reversal, Breakout, and Reversion methods are three successful scalping strategies for forex. They all can provide long-term benefits in the long run if used consistently. The question of whether scalping is appropriate for each trader is their decision and only them. Not all traders are suited to scalping in forex. Hours spent front of a computer requires attention, rapid thinking and quick actions. To get the best results and minimize errors, you require an effective forex scalping strategy to guide your actions and stop costly mistakes from occurring. Be aware that making transactions throughout the day could be difficult, but having a structured strategy will make the process easier.

Make Regular Profits

The process of scalping forex can be profitable and risky. The risk makes it highly sought-after by traders seeking regular income from it. Thus, many traders search strategies for scalping their currency to ensure they remain profitable.
Strategies for scaling let you identify the best time and place to place the stop loss, which can help keep losses from becoming disastrous.
Confidence in Trading New traders typically are afraid of losing all their money in the event of opening real-time forex trading accounts in the beginning. Hence, making use of risk-reducing measures such as efficient strategies for trading forex can reduce the risk while also teaching risk management strategies to those who are new.

Is Forex Scalping Right For Me?

The length of time commitment plays crucial factor in deciding if scalping Forex is suitable for you.
The process of scalping forex can be an all-time job because of the continuous analysis and multiple orders to be made every day. Additionally, you're only permitted to trade currencies for short durations daily; quick analysis is therefore essential when time constraints hinder trading performance.
For scalping to work, you must precisely predict where the market is headed and act swiftly to open and close positions. In order to make money using this strategy, precise forecasts must be made regarding the direction it is likely to take before taking action quickly to close or open positions.
The scalping techniques used in Forex demand traders to accept both gains and losses when using leverage. If they don't the profits and losses may be unbalanced in the course of time. Your main objective should be making more profitable trades than losing ones, However, you should be able stop transactions that don't bring in enough money fast enough.
Be aware that not everyone is fit to use Forex scalping as a successful trading strategy. Although some traders may be successful using this method of trading, traders who are swing generally perform better when they trade over longer periods of time.
Effective Strategies to Use Forex Scalping To achieve the best results when scalping forex traders should choose currency pairings that have the highest quantity and liquidity. Scalping is a process that requires quick entry and exit times, so the most popular currencies require liquidity, which means traders are able to easily move into or out of the market at any time.
The process of scaling requires focus on only one currency or position at a given time to improve the success rate as it is difficult to keep track of technical charts when managing multiple positions simultaneously, with the attention frequently drifting away too quickly.
Scalpers are prone to have an innate mindset or personality because of the risk inherent to their trading. Scalping demands a lot of focus and analytical skills since it allows traders to take swift actions quickly with the aim of earning profits. Strategies for scaling forex are employed to make money through frequent trades, which have shorter time frames, lower risk and low reward targets. A large gap in bid/ask could affect performance, and trading efficiency and precision are crucial aspects.
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2023.05.28 22:13 A-rip-threw-time Cow & Chicken - The Cartoon !

This is not really about them but this is about a strange paranormal warping of reality pun intended of everything else because of the Mandela effect which is actually a Quantum Thing.
In this reality we seem to have a new Devil this is very important when I was a little kid I used to we all watch cartoons and my eyes were glued to the screen I vividly remember there never being a red devil in the any of the cartoons and then all the sudden much later in my life towards I don't know around 13 14 I think maybe 15 years old it was all the sudden the Red Devil popped up and all the cow and Chicken cartoons and he never existed before then again the Red Devil appeared all around the world and the black devil was gone ?
I'm not going to go in blank at detail of what the black devil was or how it was basically a deity or how it was extremely different in nature I just want to explain a lot of things paranormally and spiritually that now exists that are alien to us and they don't belong to our souls if you're from a different dimension you don't belong anywhere else but from the universe you came from.
. . .
I don't want to make this super long-winded despite it already gave you a bunch of paragraphs. 😣 . . . 😖
You see the new Devil does a lot of strange things a lot of things that shouldn't exist the Old Devil black devil was extremely benevolent to The Souls of demons he tried to lure others to the darkness as well but had a complete raging hatred of all those of the light.
The black devil had white glowing eyes usually you couldn't see them and usually it didn't show them cuz it just didn't want to present them the white eyes were not made of light despite their glowed.
The new Devil has yellow eyes and a red body this is completely alien.
The Old Devil never had any numbers like 666 that's also a Mandela effect even the Christians knew the devil was not read but black the devil was not a goat either.
! Faun, half goat half human.
The new Devil does things that are extremely strange the old devil was kind of like the Demonic version of the Avatar it had all four elements it was omnipotent and omnipresent when it especially when it came to the Darkness. The new Devil is not omnipotent not Omniscient and not Omnipresent and has this thing for the element fire being a fire demon was very well known of Elemental demons or demons are connected with nature deeply, but the devil is known as primordially as a creature of pure fire pure evil fire ? This is a Mandela effect.
The Old Devil did not sit in Hell the devil was never sent to Hell the devil was just the opposite of the light. Even Christians I remember saying God never sent the devil to hell the devil just lives in the darkness and then all the sudden scripture change and then the devil was sent to hell, What the fuck ? Pardon my language.
The Old Devil didn't live in hell the Old Devil lived in the dark Aether, also known as The abyss it's the spiritual place for demons is the Dark Side of creation pure dark purely made of negative energy it's made up of the dark version of the elements there is a total of, 12 versions of the same four elements air earth water and fire.
There's a light version of fire and a dark verse there's a light version of air earth and water and a dark version.
The Old Devil also never make deals that's another completely strange things even Christians would say the devil's coming for you the Christians with in other religions as well, AS WELL AS OTHER RELIGIONS WHO SPOKE OF THE DEVIL IN DIFFERENT RELIGIONS N
They never said the devils will make a deal with you they merely said the devil is coming for you or the devil watches you or when you walk in the darkness the Devil's beside you.
Everyone knew about demons and Shadow People but the colors of the devil were not red and black they were Gray and black 😡 I swear to God the Mandela effect is like a Quantum attack ! At the Nuclear bomb has fallout the Mandela effect is kind of like to fall out of a Quantum Attack. 👿👿👿
Lastly, I don't want to do deep into this but, any curse the devil would cast in the area would always benefit the demon in some kind of blessing evil spirit or Dark Soul people were demons incarnated in human flesh therefore they would never count as truly human neither were creatures of the light, Angels were depicted as creature with wings of bird people but they were also depicted as pure beings of light Christians even tried to say that a real angel does not have the wings of a bird but they are pure beings of absolute light, heaven was also described as a place called : The, Light Aether !
The Mandela effect completely changed and fucked everything up it's like we got fucking backhanded by a Quantum Nuke ?
And, I sometimes wonder we can blame, CERN for all of This I sometimes wonder if we can really blame them cuz a little scientific group somewhere in Switzerland really be responsible for all this catastrophic damage ?
The despite i Gave u like a 1,000 fucking paragraphs to Read through, I think at this point I really want to end this because I just wanted to give you a brief update of how things Really were.
The the devil the black devil didn't need you to sell your soul if the devil wanted your soul you're just fucked you're just really fucked it's like getting attacked by a dragon or a T-Rex but the devil really didn't take any form of any race in the universe it give me anyone or anything and needed to be it was like the Right hand of The Darkness.
The Devil Doesn't have to be in a place called The Heart of Darkness, in this in the strongest part of the force of the darkness that is the center of all Creation and the Multiverse.
And I'll end up I'll end this giant fucking book I wrote for you guys with this an old understanding of Good and Evil was gold in the light silver in the night the gold is actually if gold is actually the light made solidified and into a metal.
And silver is called the devil's metal because it's like Darkness made into solid as well as into metal not just a Rock. My asthma is at the darkness air, or the evil air. Extremely healthy for Demon's to breathe or People who are Extremely Evil who are Really Demon's incarnated in Human Flesh.
Edit : There's now a lot of Proof that the Earth is I think flat but there's proof of the firmament and this proof of Dome I think this is also a Mandela effect, because we know wholeheartedly that the Earth is a ball but it's now a lot of proof that the Earth is now I think of a flat plane of Existence.
I know you didn't what you really didn't want to put this weather stuff in here and I thought the Flat Earth movement aggressively but the more but you have to understand that the world around us feels extremely extremely strange and sickening because I don't think we're on Earth anymore I don't think we're in our natural Universe I don't think we have the natural energies or atoms or protons or neutrons what the fuck you want to call them I don't think we have anything natural around us anymore I don't think we're completely not in our dimension whatsoever and I think the Red Devil to wake up to that because the Red Devil is 100% fucking Alien !
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2023.05.28 22:13 Garbanzeus_ I (m23) hurt my exgf (f24) who broke up with me and I feel terrible.

A little bit of context: My girlfriend broke up with me in February. It was a 2 year relationship. The breakup was intense and lasted a long period. She told me we should get back together, but I didn't feel comfortable with it, I told her we should take some time appart and maybe in the future it could work out. A lot of bad communication put us in a strange place. We definitely were no longer a couple, but we kept talking.
Anyway, yesterday we were at a party, and this really nice girl approached and started talking to me. We exchanged numbers, and she would follow me anywhere I went. In that moment, I knew there would be trouble. I didn't want to tell her to go away, but I also didn't want to hurt my ex. At the end of the day, my ex was indeed hurt. I feel terrible; some of my friends told me I was an asshole. I don't want to hurt anybody, but I also don't want to stop talking to people because of my ex. Should I approach my ex? How should I do it ?
TL;DR: I flirted with a girl in a party and my ex was terribly hurt.
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2023.05.28 22:13 amillefolium11 Old movie about a star-crossed love affair between a woman and a soldier?

I remember watching this movie on TCM late at night many many years ago. I'm pretty sure it's from the late 1920s or early 30s. It may star a famous 20s actress, definitely someone with massive doe-eyes.
Plot (sort of):
A woman lives on a rocky coast, alone or maybe with her elderly father, in a little shack. I think she is being romantically pursued by someone she doesn't like. One day she's walking the shoreline and finds a body washed up on shore--- but he's alive! Only barely, though. She takes him home and nurses him back to health, and it's revealed that he's an enemy soldier in the war that's going on.
So, she hides him and takes care of him and they fall in love, but eventually they're found out by the guy that she spurned earlier. I don't remember how it ends. I think someone dies, but I'm not sure who.
I'd love to see this movie again, does anyone know what it might be?
Edit: it's possible that she's engaged to a soldier on her side, who has gone away to the war, or maybe he died fighting, prior to finding the enemy soldier. I really don't remember, sorry.
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2023.05.28 22:12 vitamin8080 QoL Suggestions

Just hit tier 10 have came up with a long list of QoL changes along the way that could make the game much less tedious and more enjoyable. In no particular order:
Filter Monsters from Bestiaries Whenever there are event followers to get, I usually tap check all my bestiaries to see if any limited ones are available, just scrolling through trying to spot them. Since you cant purchase the same follower twice, there doesn't really seem to be a reason for them to be there anymore other than to make searching more difficult. There should be an option to either hide followers you already have or only show limited time followers.
Filter Spells from Arcanist Same issue and suggested improvement as above.
Leaving Dungeons/Towers and reentering them from elsewhere later should be more consistent I don't believe how to do this is shown in game anywhere, but believe its intended behaviour to be able to store up to 5 dungeons by entering them and then closing the game then when you reopen the game your dungeon will appear on the right and you can tap and jump back into it. If you exit the dungeon using the "Leave" action, this does not happen. Leaving the dungeon should have the same effect as closing the app if you physically move far away from the dungeon. Additionally, there could be a "store" dungeon option when tapping a dungeon beside the "Hold to Enter" option so we can store it for later after checking the dungeon options (hard mode, boss mode etc..). It would also be nice to have a menu area where you could see all your stored dungeons along with the time you have left to complete them that you can use to re-enter them, instead of having them all appear on the world screen on the right taking up already valuable space on the cluttered map.
Show what slot an item goes in I always found it strange that from an item's description it doesn't say which gear slot it goes into. For things like "boots" and "sword" its pretty intuitive, but with some of the event items like "house keys" or "scrolls", right away I wouldn't know if these go in the "off hand" slot or "accessories" slot. Right now you need to open the inventory menu and then go through the gear slot sub menus until you find the item.
Show stats of skills provided by weapons In you skill load out you can see the "power" of you abilities and also what they do, but for skills like "volley" or "arrowstorm" enabled by equipment pieces, the description doesn't really tell you much. Right now to figure out how strong one of these skills are or if they can crit you need to go up against the training cactus, factor out buffs and debuffs and then chart you damage, but then for abilities like "arrowstorm" without looking it up online, I am not sure there is any in game way to know that the damage is split between all enemies. The abilities description from abilities enabled by equipment should show "power" and other information you would expect to see from the "skills" menu
Easier way to see the base stats of equipment Whenever I "view" a piece of equipment from the "Equipment" or "inventory" menu, it compared the piece of gear to what I currently have equipped. This is valuable and expected from the "Equipment" page, but I don't feel like this is needed from the "Inventory" page it just adds more clutter making it more difficult to see an items stats on their own. Additionally, I would love for stats from adornment to show separately. As an example, if I have sword that gives 100 attack and 2 adornments that give 6 attack each, i would like the stats on the sword to show 100 (+12) or something like that to separate these buffs (though this might be hard to implement in a way that doesn't look messy with the gear comparison numbers. Maybe they total adornment stats could be at the bottom underneath all the adornments?) This makes using Oran Assess easier to look up an item's quality if it has adornments as right now if I manually subtract the adornment buffs the Orna Assess on gear often gives me errors because there seems to be some weird math with adornments. The current workaround if you care, is to remove all adornments then use the out of game tool.
Set over-wold tap priority. This game is very cluttered with all the buildings and monsters overlapping on the world map. Right now if you want to tap on a specific monster overlapping a building you need to spin the map around or play with the zoom in and zoom out or hide a punch of layers and then put them back again. Either, I would like a way to be able to set the tap priority, or a way to order which layers always appear on top of each other or at least have quest monsters always take priority/appear on top layer.
More detailed skill descriptions Currently some abilities have different "penetrations" or whatever that you can look up on some google doc out there on the internet, but I feel like this info should really be inside the game. I feel like every description from a skill provided by an item should show the M1/M2 (or whatever these are called), Number of Hits, Crit chance (even if zero!) and any other info that I might be missing so we can compare skills better. Right now you have to either look this info up outside the game, which I am not sure is even up to date or do a lot of testing with the training cactus.
Auto Heal After many months I learned that you could just press and hold your inventory menu button to auto heal, but this feels not very responsive and slow, especially if you need to do this a lot over and over after fighting monsters. It would just be nice if there was a way to toggle "Auto heal" on or off so that you would just automatically heal to full HP and Mana after fights.
Buy maximum amount of potions I have no idea why you can only buy 1000 potions at a time, when you can hold up to 5000. Beyond that though, I would love to just have a 1 tap button that purchases the maximum amount I can carry. For example, if I had 2000 small health potions on me, I could just tap "Buy max" and it would just purchase me 3000 more small health potions if I have the gold. A nice bonus would be if we could up the carrying capacity from 5000 to 9999. I think at the moment there is some janky way to carry more, by putting them in your keep and them being used from there, but again this is just tedious and not explained in game.
More graphics customization I always play on "Low" graphics just because I hate the sprite flashing when you attack an enemy. I wish this could be toggled on or off separately. Additionally, the down side of playing on "Low" settings is that I can not see any "Berserk", "Arisen" or "God-forging auras" on the over world map. I wish there was a separate toggle for these auras as well, since I personally feel like that's a big part of the game and determines which enemies I would want to fight when walking around.
Raids should end once you hit their damage cap Once you reach the damage cap on a raid the boss hits you for 9,999,999 damage and the raid ends, but this attach can be dodged or blocked and if the boss is stunned etc.. it might not even do the attack that turn Improvement would just be to end the raid once you hit the damage cap (and not have the "defeat" screen would be a nice to have, since were we really "defeated"?) or have the big attack always happens at the damage cap and always connect. Additionally, I believe you can go over the damage cap a bit if you do a big crit on the last attack, but maybe the damage cap should just be a hard cap. Not sure if it is this way already or not.
Other realms timer When we have other realms events, it would be nice to have a timer showing how much longer I could remain in the "Other realms" map. Sometimes I get booted out after a very short time like 1 or 2 hours it seems and other times its like the whole day I am still there.
Activate all bonus buff items Later in the game, my current experience is that you essentially have an unlimited amount of exp potions, dowsing rods, torches, silver and gold coins. It would be nice if there was a single button to activate all these buffs at once or maybe a way to toggle on or off have these buff automatically refresh once they run out if you have the necessary item in your inventory. A bonus would be that they would only refresh once you open the game so you don't wast items if you are not playing. Either way, this change would make these items feel more valuable.
Open Guild menu from Territory view When you are in game and tap the bottom right circle to go to the territory view, this disables to guild menu button. Not sure why this is the case and I think you should be able to open the guild menu from that screen.
Push Notifications Maybe its just my phone is set up this way, but it would be nice to enable some push notifications. The ones I would want would be, when an event or other realms even is starting, when a piece of equipment is done upgrading at the blacksmith, when my town hall refreshes its list of quests and maybe some guild stuff. Additionally, I don't feel like the current notification checks do anything. Whether I have every option or nothing checked I still get the ! notifications in game by the yellow bell icon in the top left and always constantly need to go in to view the notification to clear it. Most of these notifications I don't care about at all, but requires me to tap through each sub menu to find the notification to get rid of the !.
Option to hide ally damage numbers I, like many others I would assume, don't play with other people very often. I would love a way to hide ally damage numbers in raids. Specifically in the latest other realms event, ally damage numbers just make it harder to see my own and make the game more laggy it seems. Since their damage numbers don't do affect me in any way I would like to turn them off or even turn off showing allies entirely. I'm not even sure the point in having them is because I don't think you can buff each other or benefit from them debuffing the boss.
Show total rewards from areas One of the funnest parts of Orna is travelling around and capturing areas. I know its not a huge source of income, but I would love to have a page where we could see our total daily, weekly and monthly rewards from captured areas. It would be much more motivating to go out and play if we could see our incomes go up and compare with other party members/friends.
Dismantle all from shops Maybe this one changes the game too much, but currently you can already buy all the items from a shop and then dismantle them for materials. It would be nice to just have a "dismantle all" in the shop that buys all of the item and dismantles them just giving you the materials.
Other realms Show damage thresholds/boss HP. From what I understand, in other realms you need to do 10x the bosses HP to get maximum rewards, but to find this out you need to web search this information. It would be a nice to have to show the bosses HP in the raid or for more fun, show the max rewards % you have reached with the current amount of damage you have done.
View different gear load outs from status page If you go the the "Status" menu, you can view your "stats" from all your different load outs. It would be nice that when you tab through your different loadouts, your gear for those specific load outs would also show below. Right now it always shows your "World" load out. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to view your party member's or guild member's different load outs to see what they are using for different content. Right now I just see view distance gear or farming gear, which is not that interesting.
Put auto dismantle settings back in options Not sure why this got moved to a sub menu in the items menu and very frequently on this sub Reddit I see people asking where this is. The current location does not seem very intuitive, but this is a small thing. Its less of a issue now at T10, but while levelling I would have liked a way to combine quality and tier when auto-dismantling. For example, only dismantle things that are T5 or below that are also rare quality or below.
Obviously some of these changes would take a lot of work and the Orna team seems very small with patches being very few and far between, but it would be nice if some of these could be on the radar for future versions. Most of these changes are things you can already do in game, just with more button pressing. Overall as well, I find the game very unresponsive sometimes, like tapping "attack" often has a 1-2 second delay. I am on a current generation flagship phone and have fast home wifi, but frequently the game just gets slow. Sometimes I can fix this by opening and closing the game. Not sure if this is an optimization problem (again small team) or a money/server speed problem (I did purchase a sprite pack).
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2023.05.28 22:11 PrinceCaramelSkin9 Need Help!

Need Help!
My 2022 Scat was stolen around mid January. Minor repairs we needed as seen in the second photo and third photos. We recovered it fairly quickly as it was stolen around 5am and recovered at 9am but the thieves were able to take out the uconnect system. I towed to my nearest dodge dealership and estimated time to wait was 2 weeks. Reminder this is in January. It is now touching June in a couple of days and my uconnect system still has no ETA after I have been getting pushed back multiple times. I am an extremely patient person but this is starting to bring me to my boiling point. I factory ordered this car in 2022 in June and It came in November. Why does it take longer for this minor repair than to assemble an entire car? This is my first time buying from dodge and I really do enjoy the car but this service is starting to tick me off. The dealership is extremely rude and show no compassion. I get no further details, no offer for reimbursement, nothing. Long story short , is there a way I will be able to get this service discounted for my troubles? Should I try to discount through Dodge or the dealership themselves? This is my first car repair so I would like any help I can get. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 22:11 GhostIsItsownGenre Went on a hike with my dad yesterday. I asked him...

How long until we get to the top?
"Let me summit up for you" he replied.
We made it to the top.
I asked if we could take a break and he said, "I never Everest"
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2023.05.28 22:11 jserrano32 Highly recommend this app!

It's called MyNetDiary
It allows you to track your calorie intake, scan barcodes to get "food grades", helps you with realistic goals and how long they'll take as well!
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2023.05.28 22:10 starlight_darkness 32 [M4F] Los Angeles Socal - Looking for my person. Do you like to try new things and love horror/halloween?

First, this might not be the best place to look but here I am. I've tried dating apps before and it seems like swiping is mostly based on physical appearance, not that this app is any different, instead of who would be a good match.
Second, I have cats so if you're not a cat or at least an animal person, hope you're not allergic.
Third, I'd like to get to know someone first with no lies, games, or pressure and meet in real life, not online or long distance.
Fourth, for those who are bad at communicating or can't hold a conversation for more than a day, its better to just not contact me at all. Communication is a two way street and we all have busy lives, but it literally takes a few seconds to let someone know what's going on, especially in an era where everyone is glued to their phone's screen.
And if you've read this far great! A bit about me, I'm Latino born and raised in Socal. I rarely drink, dont smoke or do drugs, non religious, apolitical, no kids (don't want any) and never married. While I may not have it all together, I have a full time job, a car, good credit, savings account, pay my own bills, do my own laundry and cook my own meals, so that's gotta count for something.
Im more reserved but adventurous, when im free ill be outdoors like the beach or mountains, hiking, street fairs, trying new coffee / tea places, shopping for horror tees, movies, museums, Halloween cons and the occasional concert / weekend trip ( Las Vegas regular). I've been told I have that "elder emo" look, which I hate that phrase, although I don't think so.
My sense of humor can vary. I can be sarcastic and have a tendency to jokingly give someone a hard time especially if i like being around them.
I'm big on music although I'm more into alt, punk, and metal than any other genre but I've been to a wide variety of concerts and can generally listen to anything with good lyrics or beat.
About you:
Single with no kids
Around my age
Has a car and a job
Local to the Socal SGV area
Similar wants, likes, and interests
Positive attitude
Good with communication
Does not base relationships off of qualities out of one's control such as zodiac signs or height
Not looking for a rebound, side piece, enm, or in an "its complicated" situation.
There's a lot more to me and while I'm not perfect, I'm not looking for perfection either. We all make our own choices or decisions and I can honestly say I've got very little to no baggage and am in no way, shape, or form still communicating or holding on to any ex, and expect the same. I don't carry the past into my present or future and don't believe in keeping toxic or negative people around.
So if you think we'd be a good fit for each other and can put in time and effort to see where it goes send me a message with some basic info and we can go from there.
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2023.05.28 22:10 Lington How to get my puppy to tell us when he has to go out?

My puppy (11 weeks) seems to be trained to go outside. We bring him out every couple hours and he pees and poops outside whenever we do, I usually give him treats when he does. But once in a while, I guess if we don't take him out soon enough, he'll just go in the house without giving us any indication he has to go. He literally just peed on the couch sitting right next to me. 99% of the time he goes to the bathroom outside so it seems like he should know to go to the door when he has to use the bathroom? Or whine to go outside? Why doesn't he indicate anything to me and how do I get him to?
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2023.05.28 22:10 starlight_darkness 32 [M4F] Los Angeles Socal - Looking for my person. Do you like to try new things and love horror/halloween?

First, this might not be the best place to look but here I am. I've tried dating apps before and it seems like swiping is mostly based on physical appearance, not that this app is any different, instead of who would be a good match.
Second, I have cats so if you're not a cat or at least an animal person, hope you're not allergic.
Third, I'd like to get to know someone first with no lies, games, or pressure and meet in real life, not online or long distance.
Fourth, for those who are bad at communicating or can't hold a conversation for more than a day, its better to just not contact me at all. Communication is a two way street and we all have busy lives, but it literally takes a few seconds to let someone know what's going on, especially in an era where everyone is glued to their phone's screen.
And if you've read this far great! A bit about me, I'm Latino born and raised in Socal. I rarely drink, dont smoke or do drugs, non religious, apolitical, no kids (don't want any) and never married. While I may not have it all together, I have a full time job, a car, good credit, savings account, pay my own bills, do my own laundry and cook my own meals, so that's gotta count for something.
Im more reserved but adventurous, when im free ill be outdoors like the beach or mountains, hiking, street fairs, trying new coffee / tea places, shopping for horror tees, movies, museums, Halloween cons and the occasional concert / weekend trip ( Las Vegas regular). I've been told I have that "elder emo" look, which I hate that phrase, although I don't think so.
My sense of humor can vary. I can be sarcastic and have a tendency to jokingly give someone a hard time especially if i like being around them.
I'm big on music although I'm more into alt, punk, and metal than any other genre but I've been to a wide variety of concerts and can generally listen to anything with good lyrics or beat.
About you:
Single with no kids
Around my age
Has a car and a job
Local to the Socal SGV area
Similar wants, likes, and interests
Positive attitude
Good with communication
Does not base relationships off of qualities out of one's control such as zodiac signs or height
Not looking for a rebound, side piece, enm, or in an "its complicated" situation.
There's a lot more to me and while I'm not perfect, I'm not looking for perfection either. We all make our own choices or decisions and I can honestly say I've got very little to no baggage and am in no way, shape, or form still communicating or holding on to any ex, and expect the same. I don't carry the past into my present or future and don't believe in keeping toxic or negative people around.
So if you think we'd be a good fit for each other and can put in time and effort to see where it goes send me a message with some basic info and we can go from there.
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2023.05.28 22:09 Ok_Trickyy2555 What Job Should I Get?

I have applied to countless remote and hybrid positions that I honestly lost count. I have redone my resume and cover letter. But idk how many times I can do it when nothing changes? I mainly apply to customer service and secretary positions and I only get rejection emails and the occasional interview offer then nothing back? I feel honestly pressured and that I will have to apply to in person jobs in the fast food service or retail. I by no means look down on people with those jobs. I avoided those positions because of the concern of interacting with a lot of people who don't mask? As well as jobs in warehouses that require physical labor because I fear if I get sick with covid next time that I could end up being too physical while sick and risk long covid. But honestly idk what am I supposed to do? I am 21, no full time job, living with family who take no precautions. I can't be living with my parents forever I dont feel safe I this house. Also I dont want to be a burden to them. So what jobs should I apply to at my age or careers? Remote or in person im at a desperate point and I want to get a job and save enough to move out. Or I will die trying to.
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