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A basic income guarantee is a system that regularly provides each citizen with a sum of money. Except for citizenship, a basic income is entirely unconditional. A basic income guarantee would radically simplify the welfare state, and truly ensure that no one has to live in poverty. Its necessity will become increasingly obvious as more human labor is replaced by machines.

2011.12.12 10:05 Xenophon1 Future(s) Studies

Welcome to Futurology, a subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization.

2009.07.02 19:22 ancientworldnow Filmmakers

Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, vfx gurus, composers, sound people, grips, electrics, and more meet to share their work, tips, tutorials, and experiences. A place where professionals and amateurs alike unite to discuss the field.

2023.03.30 13:27 Present_Echidna_5570 Captivate Your Audience with Animated Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Guide

Animated explainer videos have become increasingly popular over the years, and it's not hard to see why. They're engaging, entertaining, and a highly effective way to communicate complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand format.
In this ultimate guide to animated explainer videos, we'll take a closer look at what they are, why they're so effective, and how you can create one for your business.

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are short, animated videos that explain a product, service, or concept in a simple and engaging way. They're typically between one and three minutes long and use a combination of visuals, animation, and narration to convey their message.

Why Are Animated Explainer Videos So Effective?

There are a few reasons why animated explainer videos are so effective:
They're attention-grabbing. The combination of visuals and animation is highly engaging and helps to capture the viewer's attention.
They're easy to understand. By breaking down complex ideas into simple and easy-to-understand visuals, viewers are able to quickly grasp the main message of the video.
They're highly shareable. Because of their engaging nature and easy-to-understand format, animated explainer videos are highly shareable, making them an effective tool for reaching a wider audience.

How to Create an Animated Explainer Video

Creating an animated explainer video may seem daunting, but it's actually quite straightforward. Here are the basic steps:
Define your message. Before you start creating your video, you need to define the message you want to convey. What is the main idea you want to get across? What are the key points you want to highlight?
Write a script. Once you've defined your message, you need to write a script for your video. This should be a simple and easy-to-understand narrative that explains your message in a clear and concise way.
Create storyboards. Storyboards are a visual representation of your script. They help to plan out the visuals and animation for your video.
Record narration. Once you have your script and storyboards, it's time to record your narration. This should be a clear and concise recording that matches the tone and style of your video.
Create animation. With your script, storyboards, and narration in hand, it's time to create the animation for your video. This can be done using a variety of software tools.
Add music and sound effects. Once you've created the animation for your video, it's time to add music and sound effects to help enhance the overall experience.
Publish and promote. Finally, it's time to publish your video and promote it on your website, social media channels, and other platforms.


Animated explainer videos are a highly effective way to communicate complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand format. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a high-quality animated explainer video that captivates your audience and helps to promote your business.
For More Details
Animated Explainer Video
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2023.03.30 13:26 Big_egg_doink SSD Corruption?

So I had finished building my pc a few weeks ago and it worked really well for like a week. I unplugged everything to put in better fans and now when I turn it on, it doesn't register that my Windows is already installed. When I go into my BIOS it doesn't register my SSD being there. When I go try to install Windows again, it comes up with errors and takes me to troubleshooting. Ive tried all the command prompts and system recoveries and all that. In terms of the actual pc, I've taken it apart and tried to reseat it, check cables, pretty much everything and everything I've tried, and it doesn't fix it. Im fine with buying a new SSD if I have to, and there isn't really anything important that I care about on that one. Before I go buying a new SSD though, I'm just wondering if it's actually the SSD thats the problem or if its something else that I don't know about. Also any help on how I would be able to avoid this problem again. I only really know the basics about pc stuff so any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.30 13:26 Heisenberg4-0-4 When your friend works in BPC 💄🫦

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2023.03.30 13:25 Squiggleblort Ambushed while camping: do I need to Enter the Fray?

Long story short, I had a miss on the "make camp" move and got ambushed by a Sabre-Toothed tiger.
I envision this as "I am sleeping and then a tiger happened"
My instinct is that I do not have the initiative (I was asleep...) And the tiger basically got a free hit in... Should I just start off with Endure Harm?
Or, should I have used the "Enter the Fray" move to give my character a chance to gain the upper hand? Should that take place after they endure harm?
Many thanks!
Ps - fairly new player - never had such an asymmetric ambush before! I've always been awake when it happened 🤣
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2023.03.30 13:25 stop2smellroses NYU - record breaking applications!

NYU got 120,000 applications for 5700 spots. They accepted 8% with a median SAT score of 1540. Some of the smartest I know were rejected on the ED round. How could so many applicants at all of these schools be in this top 5%. They have to be the same applying to multiple schools which hopefully means many coming off of the waitlist !
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2023.03.30 13:25 peppered_leopard Had a blow out on the motorway, paid for recovery (RAC) but couldn't get recovered because I had 3 other passengers

First time ever needing recovery so wasn't too sure how to go about it. I've got fully comp cover with Hastings but was told that wouldn't cover what I needed. Rang RAC and was transfered to Hastings to add breakdown cover to my insurance to make the call out cheaper. Ended up having to hang up after paying for breakdown cover so rang RAC back and unsurprisingly got through to a different person from the first call. This person told me I shouldn't have added breakdown cover because details won't be with RAC for a couple of days. I'm then given the option of being recovered at towed anywhere within 10 miles which I agreed to and paid the £160. During this phone call amongst a lot of personal info, location etc I was asked "how many passengers" I had, I reply 4, operator asks "4 adults?" yes 4 adults. Recovery van eventually turns up and says he can't take the car anywhere as he didn't have room for the 4 of us. He also couldn't take my car and myself as it would leave the 3 others stranded on the motorway. He showed me the message he received for the recovery and it had all of the information he needed except for the fact that there were 4 of us. So ultimately I paid for recovery and got told I couldn't be recovered. Do I have any chance of getting a refund for the call out?
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2023.03.30 13:25 bienloco420 How to fix loadout bug?

I’ve been playing for a while pretty clean without many bugs. But yesterday I tried to play and whenever i tried to use my insured gun, I’d spawn with NO gun and after the exfil I’d go and it’s showing my gun needs an hour to cool down…. How do i fix this bug? Insanely frustrating not being able to use my only insured gun
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2023.03.30 13:25 Dyils Would you ever print any security info or recovery info and which ones?

So as an average internet user, as I get more and more involved into anything security related, I find myself having to backup more and more things like recovery keys for financial accounts, recovery keys for various 2FA methods (like Yubikeys, Auth apps, etc) or even password managers.
Maybe I'm just paranoid but I am quite concerned about potentially losing access. I have 3 YubiKeys not because I need that many, but because I'm worried about not having a backup access method in case I lose one or it fails. My password manager will not offer recovery options if I forget my master password, so I'd be screwed if I forget it and I do have some accounts for trading or investing which also have their own recovery keys and stuff.
I have been debating if I should print a single document which will contain my master password and all recovery or setup keys for all 2FAs that I use and for financial accounts. I'd probably only print a template and fill out the keys manually with a pen to be safe, but still... how good of an idea is this? Do you do it?
How do you manage the possibility of getting locked out? Do you just assume the risk of it and completely rely on your memory for things like a master password? What if you're in a car accident and forget the password or you get older and suffer from various memory conditions? Unlikely but I feel like I should plan for the worst if my entire life is behind these passwords and 2FA methods, especially if I'm in it for the long term (How do I know I won't start forgetting random things when I get older?)
Do you write things down and place somewhere secure at home? Or do you just move to a password manager that WILL provide recovery options if you forget your master password even if technically that might be less secure?
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2023.03.30 13:25 ShahriarGH1389 I just made my own brawl stars TV series

I have my own story. So
Main character is gus.with the family of Belle and sam. Sam is the top leader of gold arm gulch and after many failed plans his infuriated and now hates guns.all he does is play with bloons and went missing becuz of an imaginary friend and his sure he'll never be part of gold arm gulch.sam decides to hunt people down himself brutally murdering them for power(power cubes)so he can be stronger.(Sam is the villain)after a while we see Chester and Mandy.and.chester is tired of being a joke to everyone.he tells Mandy his story and Mandy says :not falling for your pranks again.and he realized he will always be a joke and now he is also on the hunt for power cubes.afyer murdering bibi and bull he sees Mandy trying to fight him calling him a monster.he laughs and smiles and tells Mandy:I'm not a joke anymore am I?before throwing a jawbreaker at her and actually riding her jaw in half.meanwhile Sam (secretly) kills Pam and Jessie. Moving on he tries to hunt down Shelly as she always was his target for murdering his father.he realizes this is the perfect chance.afyer doing so the epic battle ends with Shelly dying.but bells catches him asking WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.he says:Revenge.we cut to Amber's childhood.seeing her family being poised and drowned by Otis due to elemental wars.we cut to her training for hours.days.weeks.months.and YEARS. With the goal of beating Otis.afyer another of things that I wont say for now she fights Otis.the fight goes for hours and finally she realizes.with a little mixture of Otis gue and gasoline it would blow she tries shooting her glass of gasoline after 3 tries she runs out of gasoline.and she charges at Otis and pulling her SMALL BOT OF GASOLINE WICH IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HER TORACH AND SHE GETS IT IN OTISS PIPE.And then.she dies with Otis fulfilling her revenge.and dying peacfully.
Addition:Mortis frank and emz are at a wedding.wmzs wedding with poco.after they kiss.a noise comes says:bad idea.emz yells:WHO WAS THAT
As a buff man stands up:a luchador figure says:I said.revealing el primo the 3rd villain on the hunt for power cubes.emz says:why?primo says:bc it won't last too long. Poco yells:PRIMO.DONT DO IT GRANDSON. Primo yells:WHY.WHAT DID YOU DO FOR ME TO FIGHT FOR YOU.
As his mask gets wet with tears he yells:AMBER FOUGHT FOR ME.SHE SAVED ME.SHE WAS MY SISTER! poco says:I know but it's not worth it.what is the point
Primo yells.killing you don't deserve to be don't deserve to be alive AFTER DEATH.SHE DID.
Frank walks up and says:(growls) Mortise translates:his saying you want some of these come get some.
while he jumps on them.
After the battle frank and emz have died and mortise is strangled
Primo whispering:how does if have your family killed.for a reason that could've been avoided.
as mortise is crying he says:relatable.
As he swings his bats healing himself and slowing down primo running away as his crying with flashbacks of her daughter soulvia(a concept of an undead brawler I made).
Back on guss track we actually see that gus uncle is Byron and spooky is actually given life by him
As Sam and Byron hangout Sam says how could he make his traps give hp using his oil when ever he picks it up.with a bit of engineering.hearty recovery star power was made
As Sam and Belle look at Byron and gus play around with apookie Belle says I love you to Sam not knowing what a monster he has married
As we cut to Rosa spike Bea and sprout we see them having fun except spike.he seems happy but his not.his a powerful being and his friends are silly.he can't not smile that's why he has one emotion.we cut to the born of his looking at the brawler fight in feast and famine his just a regular old cactus but as volt fires two bullet at him.he starts to see.he looks at the world for the first time.he sees his "father"looking at him.he was happy colt could read his impressions so he gave him a smile as he was very happy.he saw a giant Bea sting him and making him bleed while a muscular dark skinned woman comes and brutally beats colt to death.its Rosa and Bea.thats why spike hates them.and today.he learns about power cubes and he says to not gonna kill he turns his back we transition to him covered in blodd as he walks away from the dead bodies of his "friEnds" and goes to the hunt for power cubes. AND THE 4TH VILLAIN WAS CREATED
After bunch of story and events he meets el primo. After a long fight el primo is looking at him while his covered in blood and he looks at Amber's picture while saying :amorous o nunca(now or never)
He JUMPS AND HE LANDS WITH THE MAXIMUM FORCE WITH HIS BACK JUST be pierced thru the hear by spikes life plant(his gagdet) and spike putting three spike bomb in his mouth.the episode ends with spike walking away and blood splattering everywhere
(Alot of things have happened with would take so long to write so I'll go ahead and tell the ending now).
Sam has killed Chester now and with 67 power cubes.he realizes her family hates him.afyer Belle tries to kill Sam with the sniper.sam survives and what he does is.tying his family on the ground and burning them.after walking away a rope gets put and starts choking Sam.its gus.with 6 hp of shield.he survived after spookie gave him shield making him escape.after the reveal of the plot twist Sam eventually dies...while gus whimpering a crying at her mother's body.the season ends with buster voice saying:Little kid?
If you read the whole thing I appreciate it very much
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2023.03.30 13:24 Aethaira Why are many of the AI empires I examine completely incompetent?

Negative amenities. Not enough housing. Massive unemployment. Unprotected trade routes generating pirate stations, some of which are far enough away from the star that the AI doesn’t destroy it with its fleet, just the pirates. And don’t get me started on how many rebellions take place because of the aforementioned issues making the happiness abysmal.
What is going on? Why does an AIs homeworld have negative amenities halfway through the game while I’ve easily turned mine into a great place to live?
(AI means computer player, not an artificial intelligence empire)
Please let me know if there’s some setting I’m using wrong to cause this. My game is completely unmodded.
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2023.03.30 13:24 crosslcd Hyperinflation: The Dollar's Kryptonite

Hyperinflation: The Dollar's Kryptonite
The Federal Reserve, led by Jerome Powell, seems to be overly concerned, leaving many puzzled. However, the truth is that the stakes are incredibly high, perhaps higher than most people realize.
During the Great Inflation, which lasted from roughly 1965 to 1982, the Fed's then-chairman, Paul Volcker, induced not one but two recessions - in 1980 and 1981-1982 - in an effort to tame inflation. It was a risky move, but one that ultimately succeeded in bringing inflation under control.
The question remains: why is it so important to control inflation?
Inflation can have a profound mass psychological impact that extends beyond just higher prices. As the value of money declines, people may panic and rush to buy more goods, including essential items like food and precious metals. This sudden surge in demand can cause shortages and drive prices even higher, creating a vicious cycle. If this trend persists, it could erode public confidence in the U.S. dollar, leading people to seek out alternative forms of assets as store of value. Such a loss of confidence could have far-reaching implications, potentially triggering a domino effect of currency devaluation and economic instability. In a dire situation, it could trigger a wider loss of confidence by other nations, ultimately leading to the abandonment of the dollar as their reserve currency.
The consequences of such a scenario are frightening to contemplate. The United States could lose its status as the world's dominant central bank, with devastating consequences for the global economy. Other countries may seek to distance themselves from the US dollar, leading to a shift in power dynamics and potential political instability.
The Persistent Threat of Hyperinflation in the Fall of Nations
Hyperinflation has had devastating effects on many large nations throughout history. In the 5th century, the fall of the Roman Empire was partly due to the government's debasement of currency, which caused increased money supply, inflation, and a decline in trade, production, and economic growth. The military also suffered, experiencing a decline in morale and discipline, which made the empire vulnerable to attacks.
In China, Lien-Sheng Yang's book "Money and Credit in China: A Short History" documents the first recorded "true currency" that appeared in Szechuan during the early eleventh century. The currency lasted for over a century but eventually succumbed to inflationary overissue, primarily to meet military expenditures. Yang also notes several additional paper money issues during the next five centuries under various dynasties, each following the same cycle of initial stability, moderate and then substantial overissue, and eventual abandonment.
In the early Soviet Union (around 1917), hyperinflation resulted from the government printing money to finance the needs of the state, causing too much money to chase too few goods due to low production levels. This led to dire economic and social consequences for its citizens.
Post-World War I Germany also experienced hyperinflation in the early 1920s, with prices changing rapidly, people being paid multiple times a day, and black market trading becoming widespread. Many lost their life savings, and poverty was widespread.
In China during the 1940s, hyperinflation caused widespread social unrest and political upheaval. Workers went on strike, farmers hoarded goods, and black markets flourished. The government's need for financing during wartime, the printing of excess currency, and hoarding of goods by farmers and merchants contributed to the inflationary cycle.
Hyperinflation has had severe consequences in the past, leading to economic and political instability and even contributing to the fall of nations. While there may be different factors that contribute to these events, hyperinflation is a recurring pattern that can exacerbate existing issues and cause significant damage to an economy and society as a whole.
As economist Milton Friedman once said “Whatever its proximate source, inflation is a disease, a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease, a disease that, if not checked in time, can destroy society, as it did in China. The hyperinflations in Russia and Germany after World War I prepared the ground for communism in the one country and Nazism in the other.” This quote highlights the gravity of the issue and emphasizes the need for preventative measures to be taken to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of hyperinflation.
In short, the management of inflation is crucial to maintain the stability of the global economy and prevent devastating consequences such as economic and political instability, social unrest, and the potential loss of confidence in fiat currencies. Historical examples, such as the fall of the Roman Empire, and hyperinflation in China, Germany, and the Soviet Union, illustrate the severe impact of hyperinflation on nations throughout history. Economist Milton Friedman's quote highlights the gravity of the issue and emphasizes the need for preventative measures. The Federal Reserve's role in managing inflation is critical, and failure to do so could have catastrophic consequences for the global economy and power dynamics. The world should remain vigilant and aware of the potential dangers of inflation and be prepared to take necessary measures to prevent its recurrence. In this high-stakes game of maintaining dollar dominance, the price of the recession may be a small price to pay for ensuring stability and preventing a larger crisis.
The Effect of Geopolitical Tensions, Trade, and Inflation
Money supply is a critical factor in managing inflation, but it is not the sole determinant. The crux of the issue lies in the excess of money chasing after limited goods. Efficient supply chain management plays a key role in addressing this by mitigating cost-push inflation, which arises when increasing production costs result in higher prices. Managing supply chains effectively is, therefore essential to consider in the broader context of inflation control.
The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has highlighted the importance of trade in managing inflation. Ukraine is a critical player in the global grain and fertilizer markets, accounting for around 16% and 10% of exports, respectively, while Russia is one of the world's leading oil exporters, accounting for roughly 11% of global exports. The tensions between these nations have already impacted global inflation, and with China supporting Russia and the US supporting Ukraine, the situation is further complicated.
The growing geopolitical tensions between the US and China underscore the need for careful management of inflation and global economic stability. The importance of trade in managing inflation cannot be overstated, as seen in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
The United States' reliance on foreign imports for essential goods, particularly from China, is a critical concern when discussing the impact of trade on inflation and economic stability. The US imports significant quantities of critical goods from China, which exposes it to potential disruptions and vulnerabilities during times of geopolitical tension.
Pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs): China is the world's largest exporter of APIs, supplying around 40% of the global demand. It is also a significant supplier of generic drugs. The US imports about 80% of its APIs from abroad, with China being a significant source. A Commerce Department study under the Trump administration revealed that the US was heavily reliant on China for antibiotics, with China supplying 96.6% of all antibiotics used in the US. The study also found that nine major antibiotics, including penicillin, were not produced domestically. This dependence on foreign imports for essential medicines raises concerns about the US healthcare system's resilience in the face of potential supply chain disruptions.
Electronics and components: China accounts for approximately 27% of global electronic component exports, with a major focus on smartphones, computers, and other devices. Disruptions in the supply chain could impact the availability and prices of these products, which are crucial for various sectors in the US economy, including technology, communication, and defense.
Steel and aluminum: China is the world's largest producer of steel, accounting for around 53% of global production, and aluminum, representing roughly 57% of worldwide output. These materials are essential for various industries in the US, including construction, automotive, and aerospace. A disruption in the supply of these materials could lead to increased production costs and affect the prices of various goods and services, contributing to inflationary pressures in the US.
Rare earth elements: China dominates the global supply of rare earth elements, accounting for over 80% of the market. These elements are crucial for various high-tech industries in the US, including electronics, renewable energy, and defense. Any disruption in the supply of rare earth elements could hinder the development and production of advanced technologies, negatively affecting the US economy and national security.
If a conflict were to arise, how might China use trade to undermine the U.S. economy, and what impact could this have on inflation in the United States?
To conclude this article, I'd like to share an excerpt from Bob Woodward's book "Fear," where Gary Cohn speaks to then-President Trump about the importance of trade with China. Cohn revealed a Commerce Department study that emphasized the US's dependence on China for essential goods: "If you're the Chinese and you want to really just destroy us, just stop sending us antibiotics.” He stressed, "We don't produce penicillin." Cohn then posed a sobering question to the president: "Sir, when mothers' babies are dying of strep throat, what are you going to say to them?"
The study showed that nine major antibiotics, including penicillin, were not manufactured domestically, and China supplied a staggering 96.6% of all antibiotics consumed in the US. In this context, it becomes clear that trade wars can be a concealed front of warfare, particularly during times of inflation. Therefore, Jerome Powell's actions to control inflation may not be an overreaction but rather a necessary response to the complexities of global economic dynamics.
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2023.03.30 13:24 TermBusy1912 Boyfriend (26M), and girlfriend(22F), having issues about money

Hello , I come from a privileged background and of-course still spend money wisely. My boyfriend on the other hand has some responsibilities. We both are students. I need advice on how to deal with money disparity in a relationship as I end up feeling horrible in such situations.
My boyfriend was supposed to get a full time in April but he chose another internship of his keener interest to a more expensive city and that had pissed me off as I was waiting for the money issues to get solved.
We split our groceries to what we eat but that was something he never liked and it started pinching me as well as I was dependent on my parents. He is into gym so he eats more to gain and I on the other hand am always trying to lose weight.
I was honestly waiting for him to get a full time , I don’t even know if it’s going to be a LDR as that is something I personally know doesn’t suit me and I’m always going to be pissed that even after having a good job and life he threw everything for an internship of his choose ( worse part they aren’t allowing him to convert full time and he is paying so much more for other expenses in the new city so he kind of is guilty but doesn’t admit )
Now we are planning to go for a trip, we are having a lot of fights. It is very difficult to get cheap trips to go to the beach in summer months. He doesn’t understand and I am not able to get anything round trip lower than 180 euros I feel like horrible. It’s my bday the next month and I told him I don’t want a gift , don’t pay for me but try to come for a trip, he is even troubling to spend 500 euros just for himself.
I’m honestly pissed as if he planned his career better we would atleast not have fights on this.
I come from a pampered house, sacrificing on gifts abd staying at even a basic place but he still doesn’t budge
I have been telling since months about this trip and we haven’t gone to one since 6 months +
Idk what to do. We do have a lot of fights on money Should I be patient and wait for him to get a full time ( uncertainty if we even stay in same city as he will go where the money takes him- but I believe he will try his best to stay in the same city or should I just breakup )
The worse part is that it is much easier for him to get a job as he has experience but he is so ambitious that he is adamant he wants this particular job. I still don’t have a full time job. I even said we will shit together but he can’t even say which city as he is super flexible
I don’t want my prime years fighting on long distance as already with the internship we have had many fights.
It’s very far fetched with all his student debt and elder sisters wedding on his head ( she is treated more like a baby even though she is 6 years elder ) when he will get a car so that we can meet often and when I will be the priority
We had discussions that we will get married one day but honestly do guys who want to marry behave like this?
I do love him but these things are bothering me Please tell me if I’m unreasonable I just need suggestions
Thank you
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2023.03.30 13:23 Goklayeh Dune Spice Wars Feedback 01 : Accessibility & Ergonomy.

Hello, bought the game just after Air & Sand update, spent some time on it (vs AI), and wanted to share my experience and thoughts.
I enjoy strategy and gestion games, and am a huge science fiction and Franck Herbert fan, so I probably am somehow part of the targeted demography.
I have been testing projects and giving feedbacks for many years, and this hopefully constructive feedback is meant to help the team because I enjoy this game and want it to be awesome.
This is still a personnal experience though, feel free to discuss my points or question them may anything be unclear.
I'm aware that game dev is A LOT of work, and am not challenging the work already done, nor the people behind it. Similarly I know this is a work in progress, that my feedback might be already known or straight up wrong, that many element might change or be added, and that developement resources are limited and priorities have to be set. This is not meant to denignate players currently enjoying the game either.
Before starting, I wanted to say that the game is quite interesting and shows great potential, the design is really cool and the atmosphere well captured. It's really impressive how diverse the map and its regions look, considering sand and rock were the only main materials you could work with.
You'll find below the first part of my (very long!) feedback, focused on the accessibility/ergonomy part of the player experience.
Ergonomy is crucial. Even in a good game, if many elements are unclear, if it is hard to find the needed infos, understand what's going on, navigate the interface and interact with the game, that will generate a lot of friction and frustration (even prevent some groups of people from being able to play the game at all) and then deeply impact the experience. Then that will hurt attration and retention rates, and impact purchases numbers.
A fast yet efficient way to test some of your visual accessibility is to greyscale screenshots of the game and look at the shapes and contrasts to see what is understandable or not.
Spice Wars does have some accessibility issues, the good news is that streamlining and normalising the interface would greatly improve the access and understanding of information, and the ergonomy of navigation.
Tabs on top of the secondary windows would be great for easier and faster navigation between menus (Research, Landsraad, Espionage, CHOM, diplomacy/trading, barracks, etc).
The Spice Report & Guild Fee windows could probably be merged.
What's an interactible button/area (hover on popup or effect on click) isn't always the clearest. The Spice/Solari slider, or the trading/diplomacy icons, or the hover popup for villages upkeep for example.
Beware of popups. They are great to store additionnal details about something, but should be used sparingly and never contain the main information. Also the more there are, the more cumbersome using the interface gets. Every information or interaction hidden behind one or more layers of clicking or hovering adds needless complexity and mental workload (the espionnage window being a primary offender). If you have enough space to display the most important info in the main windows, show it there, and keep details & lore in the popup.
The pause/play UI could be more highlighted. A II and > icons replacing each other would make the different states clearer than the current slight color & contrast changes.
A "Retry" option would be nice: Starting again with the same current settings (faction, difficulty, etc).
What are training slots and is their number clearly/explicitely shown ingame? If not it should. Example: in the main window "Training slots = 2" and the popup on hover "Training slots is the maximum number of unit you can train at the same time".
In the resource popups, displaying all positives and all negatives totals would be useful. +5 gold could mean +10 -5, or +105 - 100, and having these totals would be relevant. Image example here.
There are many cases where the informations given are not relevant, missing, or misleading/confusing:
Map & Villages:
The big icon over an attacked village is more confusing and in the way than helpful. When you have your troop icons, enemy/militia icons, the village name bar, and then the big "under attack" icon plus the pillage/capture/liberate buttons, that is way too much to understand and use easily and it prevents you from selecting or targeting units regularly.
Bigger villages & buildings models would be lovely, I want to be able to look at them (& target them) better.
Buildings being targettable during town assault is confusing. Making clearer that militia/army being gone will stop the turrets and allow village capture would help.
There is a need of visual distinction of villages (and buildings) traits types. Currently local, local + neighbours, all territories, and global effects are all displayed similarly, and that's quite hard to follow.
A window to look at a list of all fremen camps you know of at once could be interesting, as being all over the map it can be quite bothersome to check them all. Sma for all you villages and their traits.
Sietches trading states could be displayed more contrasted/clearer than the current slightly whiter line around the icon.
In the zoom out main view, more contrast between the undiscovered regions and the map limits would be appreciated.
The fog of war system is a bit puzzling at times. Sometimes I keep vision and see everythin on faraway places for a long time, sometimes I see the region but units are hidden, othertimes parts or totality of a region I already explored is greyed out, and I have no idea how this all works.
Militia portaits are used for buying them but not shown in the village interface unlike soldiers? it would be cool to see the nice portraits.
Major buildings & Unique Regions have the same icon.
Factions units icons being only identified by a color is far from optimal in terms of accessibility, lisibility & ergonomy. Green and blue harvesters are really similar, neutral grey and Corrino light grey are quite close, Fremen yellow and Fremen sietches orange, harvesters & milicia being half grey, and then the renegates... It's not simple for the average player to keep track of all this, it is really hard for neurodivergent people or people with bad eyesight, and just impossible for colorblind people. All faction having a different icon shape - and even better texture - would help a lot. Image mockup here (yeah I know I'm not an artist, please have mercy).
Showing the relevant resource icon in the building button that it is associated with it would be helpful. With different icons when the ressource merely gives a boost or is required (minerals/rare elements).
You can't add new building slot in village during combat but you can start building construction. That feels strange.
It might be cool if the buildings choice popup could be always shown in the villages UI (same display system than the Fremen buildings you can craft in allied sietches). Building stuff is all we do in villages, doing this will drastically reduce the number of clicks needed.
Would be useful to have the base production displayed regrouped somewhere, over the main base for example?
I still don't know why some alerts are greens and others grey, and why some can be dismissed and not others.
Alerts you can dismiss and those you can't should have a different shape, color, and place.
The "building complete" alert could tell and show the building in question (/!\ Windrap finished !).
Notification for iddle Ornis (like harverters) would be cool.
Quests starting should trigger an alert.
A notification when a temporary unit joins you would be useful as well, I always discover them some time after their arrival.
Left click on an alert should probably center the camera on it AND dismiss the notification.
Putting the names of the four tech trees (expansion, economic, military, statecraft) in the developments window would be appreciated. Like the corresponding name on top of each tree (and a specific icon for each as well). They are referenced in missions/events rewards and in the Landsraad but not present in the actual research window.
In main screen, current research type is only identified by a colored loading bar. Not easy for newcomers and useless for colorblind people.
Each tree/research type having its own exclusive icon would make that easier and clearer. Bad mockup example here, other symbols would do fine (sword, house, money, etc). These icons should be used in the Landsraad as well when a resolution concerns one of these research trees. And everywhere a research is mentionned really.
In the events interface, the color of the research icon reward is really hard to distinguish even with good eyes. Again using a specific icon per tree would help a lot.
There are little difference between an ongoing research and one that has been advanced by missions/events. More contrast than the lines around the circle icon would be great.
Showing the actual ingame icon of the building or unit unlocked in the research tree node would be helpful.
The same icon is used to show a faction specific research AND also to tell that this is a capital building research. They should be different to avoid confusion.
The espionage window is a bit of a popup nightmare. The same few infos are duplicated in all agents & slots popups. Instead you could have one single line in the window saying "All assigned agents will generate +1 intel" and in written directly after Arrakis "+1 Authority", for the guild "+2 Manpower", etc.
Several things depend of your total level of infiltration, thus it should be displayed somewhere in the espionage window.
"Operations" being called "missions" as well and how both interact is a bit confusing to me.
The Landstraad and voting system takes a good while to get used too, and I'm still unsure about lots of stuff. What are the rules under proposals choices and IA voting? What are the different phases of the voting process? What are the different type of "laws"? Sometimes I would fit the required conditions but it was never proposed to the vote.
Display the cost of changing the scale of a resolution for Corrino (or other faction's actions): The relevant info is that it costs influence, and how much, and that should be visible in the main Landsraad window and not hidden in a popup.
Landstraad standing of all factions should be displayed in the Landsraad window, like the votes & influence.
The Landsraad process time line should be displayed and all its steps explained in the Landsraad window, not just in the main game screen icon where it's unreadable.
That's it for the ergonomy part, next one will be about gameplay.
Hoping this will be useful, feel free to contact me in case of questions or reactions.
Have a good day!
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2023.03.30 13:21 protofeline How did Christianity come to be associated with having many children?

Considering the following points:
1) There are several verses in the NT that talk about how it is better to live as a childless celibate than to marry and start a family.
2) Likewise, practically all venerated Christians, i.e. persons who the Christendom looks up to as model Christians, led lives of childlessness.
3) A foundational premise in Christianity is that this world is a place from which God has to save us. Bringing new souls into it would thus be like bringing new passengers to a sinking boat.
Defenders of procreation are able to refer to verses about being fruitful, as well as God's promise to make Abraham's children numerous, and so on. Nevertheless it seems like these don't really cut it as strong counter-arguments to the above points. So it intrigues me: why do Christianity and big families go hand in hand?
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2023.03.30 13:21 SerpentMind I asked ChatGPT about analog computer design using RC oscillators. What are your thoughts about its answer?

My question: " Can you think of a way to make a novel computer design out of RC circuits acting as oscillators? There would be many circuits generating different frequencies and programmers would collide multiple frequencies with code instructions and then use integrated multiplexers to bring results into digital code that could be further processed by standard computers. Could such design be used to speed up certain scientific calculations? "

Chat GPT answer: "
That’s an interesting idea. Based on web search results, RC oscillators are circuits that use resistors and capacitors to produce sinusoidal output signals. They are used to generate lower frequencies, mostly audio frequencies, and have some advantages over conventional digital computation, such as noise immunity and interference resistance1. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as poor frequency stability and large component values at low frequencies1.
One possible way to use RC oscillators for novel computer design is to build finite state machines or Ising machines using coupled oscillator networks. This approach can leverage the nonlinear dynamics and synchronization phenomena of oscillators to perform general-purpose Boolean computation or solve combinatorial optimization problems2. Another possible way is to use a single op-amp oscillator circuit with two feedback RC-circuits that can produce rectangular or sinusoidal oscillations depending on the time constants of the components3. These oscillations can be used to encode logic values based on their timing or phase.
However, these methods are still theoretical and experimental, and may face some challenges in practical implementation, such as device variability, noise, power consumption, and scalability. Therefore, it is not clear if such design can be used to speed up certain scientific calculations, or how it would compare with existing computing paradigms. More research and development are needed to explore the potential and limitations of RC oscillators for novel computer design."
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2023.03.30 13:21 StarkWines Advice For Maximizing Your Enjoyment With Wine

Advice For Maximizing Your Enjoyment With Wine
Are you aware of everything when it comes to wine? No, and that proves that anyone can learn from this article. What are you curious about? Read on to learn more about this wonderful beverage.
Not all white wines should be chilled when served. Some need to be warmer. Chardonnay and pinot gris, for example, usually taste better when warm.
TIP! Seafood is nicely complemented by a good Pinot Grigio. The flavor of this dish is enhanced by the wine.
Listen to what wine experts say, but don’t take them too seriously. Good experts know that they may not always be right. They also know their tastes will differ from those of others. Therefore, do not let an expert talk you out of enjoying a wine you really do like.
You should learn how to pull a peel off of a wine bottle. Ii is easy–just heat the bottle and then peel the label.
TIP! Go to as many wine tastings as you can. These are fun events that help you step outside the box when it comes to your wine preference.
Enjoy your wine, and have fun tasting the many different varieties available. There is much to learn about wine, from how it is made to how it is paired with certain foods. Enjoy the wine, be creative, wine is a feel good beverage.
Try visiting wine country if you enjoy wine. You will enjoy wine as never before after visiting a vineyard. An added benefit is that you get to learn a great deal about how your wine is made while you are there. You can enjoy your hobby and learn something.
TIP! Proper wine storage can preserve flavors well. Wines can be damaged by extremes in heat or cold, adversely affecting the flavor.
An post dinner drink is the perfect ending to a meal, so choose a nice, rich dessert wine. Some examples of nice dessert wines are French Champagne, California Port or Italian Moscato. Your party guests are sure to love the relaxing ambiance that sipping wine can bring.
The largest difference between red and white wines is the type and color of grape. Red wine is made from purple grapes, which give it a strong body. Green grapes, which are usually crisper and lighter, are used to make white wines. There are many more intricate differences; however, this is a good rule of thumb.
TIP! A great tip if you’re a wine lover is to make a trip to wine country and see for yourself how all of your favorite wines are made. These countries are beautiful to see; you can develop a great appreciation for them and gain some context on their origins.
There are many different message boards you can join to talk about wine. You will pick up a lot of good tips from other Internet users, and you can share your knowledge as well. You may discover your new favorite wine through the suggestion of a friend.
Wine will make all foods taste wonderful, and help you unwind. Understanding wine is a very useful, a fact which this article has illustrated. Keep these tips in mind, and you can begin to enjoy all types of wine in a more profound, nuanced manner.
source url -
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2023.03.30 13:21 Callsign_TwinStar Shadowrun Variety Bag Part 1/? (or how a problem GM AND a problem player are not a good combo)

Hey Reddit. I've been reading this sub for a while, and I figured I might share some of my stories. It has been a couple of years since the events of the story, so I might get a few details wrong. Names of players changed by me. Without further ado, lets meet the cast
Me - yours truly, playing a dwarf hitman named Mouse Hombre - a good buddy of mine I met in a different campaign, playing an elven escort named Siren, moonlighting as a runner. Team's resident mage Dunn - problem player (one of), although he didn't really cause any problems in this game. He might become relevant for some other stories. He played a rigger I think. Maple - not much to say about him honestly. Decent on-the-level guy. Played our street sam. DM - our gamemaster and sadly, the source of many issues. Antagonistic and trying to "win" or otherwise screw us over at every turn
We were hired to capture a rare animal, a 6-legged cheetah to be specific. Sounds simple enough on the surface, but if you're familiar with Shadowrun, you know that easy jobs are anything but. So we do the standard thing of hitting our respective contacts, looking for info. We learn that our target is holed up in the Redmond Barrens and that it just so happens it currently "owned" by some merc sniper who decided to turn the place into his own urban safari. Conviniently there's a bounty on him too.
I'm a little fuzzy on what exactly happened next, but what I remember was us finding the building the sniper was holed up in and watching him use a laser pointer to have the cheetah tear into some poor gangers trying to play tough. The situation quickly devolved as the gangers buddies showed up and decided we're in cahoots with Mr Safari and tried to kill us. We failed the job in the end, since the sniper and kitty saved our lives, so we parted on a live-and-let-live terms. Needless to say, our Johnson was none too happy, but he was willing to give us another chance.
We had some downtime before our next job and the only thing of note happening was cops turning up to Siren's appartment for unspecified reasons and utterly turning the place upside down as the DM gleefully described them finding various "tools of the trade". In retrospect this was probably the first red flag.
Our next job was a hit. There was an international terrorist somewhere in the city, and our client wanted him dead. He had his own crew, which would be a problem, but with a little digging, we found out that they've already made some enemies among local gangs, so we wanted to use that to our advantage. Fast-forward a little bit and we've made a deal with one of the gang bosses to let us use her hideout and provide some extra muscle to deal with the terrorist. The GM noted that the gang hideout had top-notch magical security and a few rusty-looking padlocks. APPARENTLY that was a critical piece of info we failed to act on. More on that in a minute.
We have the gang set up a meeting with the terrorists under a false pretense to burry the hatchet. The rest of the team is disguised as the gangers while Mouse is overwatching the meeting place with a sniper rifle (I know, rule #1 is don't split the party, but he wouldn't be much use down there). As the meeting time approaches and no one shows up, everyone is getting nervous, when Mouse feels some cold steel against his neck as the terrorist and some of his goons de-cloak around me like god damn predators. Meanwhile his other goons went through the gang hideout and killed everyone there because "they lacked physical security" which apparently was indicated by the "few rusty padlocks " yeah...
So the team is on their own without backup and Mouse is getting dragged away. Luckily one of them saw me getting dragged off via astral projection so the chase is on. After a while I try to use the "I need to go to the bathroom" trick to try and escape. I'm assigned a goon to watch me, but I figure one goon is easier to deal with than a whole squad. I get lucky with a hidden knife, but the terrorist somehow catches on and Mouse is swiftly treated to the biggest bullshit of the campaign - apparently the terrorist was fairly chromed rocking a pair of cyber spurs (basically arm blades like Jensen from Deus Ex). But not only that, his spurs are coated in HMHVV (basically a zombie virus for those unfamiliar). Which apparently he's immune to because ???
A few other things happened, but the game ends with the terrorist "winning" half the team goes to the ground, Siren gets captured by the terrorist and Mouse has his fate a little unclear, but not good.
The end.
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2023.03.30 13:20 Careless_Bee6908 Medium sized EU group looking for a few more players

We have for a while been talking about getting a couple more people, we are unsure how many. Most likely just a couple. We are a team consisting of around 8 people (This includes the best electrician rust has ever seen and his gf who functions as our berry/hemp farmer) -
The rest of us knows eachother for nearly half a year now, and some of us many years. So we all know eachother very well.
We are all in our mid 20's. Experienced players in every aspect of rust, we mainly focus on pvp & raids. What we want, is similiarly experienced players, that know their limits and does not have 10k hours with big ego's to live in their moms basement. This being said anyway, we also do not want bricks. We are looking for experienced players only, that pvp well, and is not sitting around afk all day waiting for something '' fun '' to happen.
Anyway, i gurantee whoever is to join us. you'll probably have the time of your life here. We do all sorts of high risk high reward stuff, we always focus having fun, but at the same time we do our best to stay ahead.
Message me on discord if this catches your interest and you seem likeminded Pked2edge#1772
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2023.03.30 13:20 wove_therapy Consultation/Supervision Services in NYC

Consultation/Supervision Services in NYC
Consultation and supervision at Wove Therapy is creative, collaborative, and challenging. It is informed by intersectional, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, feminist, liberation, and relational theories. A truly inclusive practice centers clinicians as well as their clients. Holding space for various identities and pushing clinicians to grow is a delicate process that requires constant interpersonal and structural reflection.
What is the difference between Consultation and Supervision?
Consultation and supervision are considered essential and ongoing practices of gaining insight, perspective, and learning from another clinician with more experience and training. While case consultation is a service that can be offered between any two clinicians, supervision is typically designated as a consulting relationship regulated by a state licensing board and implies legal responsibility for clinical events.
Do I really need consultation/supervision?
Therapists offer themselves as a medium through which clients work through their intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts. No amount of studying or training or can fully prepare you for the real ruptures, plateaus, and transferences that happen in therapeutic relationships. Since we cannot heal or get rid of pain for our clients no matter how much we care, it is so important that we keep our psychic channels as clear as possible for clients to find ways to tolerate their own suffering within the treatment frame.
It is in our nature to seek out connection as social beings. However, real connection is never simple. As clinicians, we are witnesses and co-participants in the therapeutic alliance. What unfolds between you and your clients is a complex interplay of conscious and unconscious material. Consultation can help you unlock the meaning and potential to utilize that material into something clinically productive.
Therapists are human and have blind spots like anyone else. Case consultation is an effective practice to identify and work with them. When done thoroughly, blind spots can be transformed into highly useful clinical material that a therapist can then apply to the treatment. There are many ways to work with blind spots including tracing back the origins within a therapist’s own psyche, and tracking a dynamic that has emerged with a client in response to each other’s emotional output.
How does consultation and supervision work?
Presenting casework is a vulnerable process that requires the supervisee to be as authentic as possible in what is said and done in the treatment. The supervisee dives deep into their own countertransference reactions specifically to delineate their own intrapsychic reactions from the interpersonal relational dynamics that may be emerging between them and the client. By presenting and discussing cases to an experienced supervisor or consultant, they will uncover blind spots, inject novel material into treatment dynamics, dislodge “stuckness” with clients, and develop effective tools for some common issues that arise in treatment scenarios:
  • Strong positive or negative countertransference reactions (ie, agitation, sleepiness, shame, defensiveness, etc.)
  • Late to start or running over allotted session time
  • Overidentification
  • Projection
  • Traumatic triggers
  • Significant information that needs sorting and organizing
  • Insecurity/indecisiveness about therapeutic frame
  • Help with case formulation grounded in theory
  • Burnout
How is Intersectionality relevant in consultation/supervision?
Consultation at Wove is geared toward clinicians who are BIPOC and/or marginalized in identity. It is of particular benefit to solo practitioners and those who are relatively early in their career, though even more experienced therapists benefit from consultation. A consultant or supervisor who intentionally holds space for your identity is an incredible tool to becoming the clinician you aspire to be.
Early career clinicians are especially prone to burnout, especially if we are ourselves tolerating othering parallel to our clients. Good consultation and supervision will help you identify and establish a therapeutic frame, deepen your understanding of psychological theory to ground your practice, and gain the confidence to show up authentically in your therapeutic alliances.
Therapists have never been “blank walls.” We do not need to nor could we erase our identities in order to remain curious and nonjudgmental toward our clients. Rather, we must be attuned and receptive to the back and forth that occurs between people for what is exchanged verbally, through body language, and between identities on the individual and systemic levels.
If you are a BIPOC therapist or a therapist with other marginalized identities, then you already know firsthand some of the crucial gaps in academia and in the psychotherapy field in general. The field has a gatekeeping problem that we are hoping to disrupt by providing high quality consultation and supervision by/for therapists like you.
Contact us now.
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2023.03.30 13:20 LocationOk1668 How Reseller Hosting Can Help You Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

If you're interested in starting your own web hosting business, reseller hosting can be an excellent option. With reseller hosting, you can purchase a hosting package from a larger hosting company and then resell hosting services to your own customers under your own brand.
But what exactly is reseller hosting, and how does it work? In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of reseller hosting and how it can benefit your business.
What is Reseller Hosting?
Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service where an individual or company purchases a hosting package from a larger hosting company and then resells hosting services to their own customers under their own brand. The reseller is essentially acting as a middleman between the hosting provider and their customers.
Reseller hosting typically includes a control panel that allows the reseller to manage their customers' accounts and billing information. The reseller is responsible for providing technical support to their customers, although they can usually rely on the hosting provider for backup and other technical services.
Benefits of Reseller Hosting
There are many benefits to choosing reseller hosting for your web hosting business. Here are just a few:
  1. Easy to Start: Reseller hosting is a relatively low-cost and low-risk way to start your own web hosting business. You don't need to invest in expensive servers or hire a team of experts to manage them. Instead, you can purchase a reseller hosting package and start selling hosting services to your own customers right away.
  2. Custom Branding: With reseller hosting, you can brand your hosting services with your own company name, logo, and other branding elements. This helps you establish your own identity in the market and build trust with your customers.
  3. Flexibility: Reseller hosting allows you to customize your hosting packages to meet the needs of your customers. You can offer different levels of storage, bandwidth, and other features to appeal to different types of customers.
  4. Cost-Effective: Reseller hosting is typically less expensive than purchasing a dedicated server or hosting your own website. This makes it an attractive option for small businesses and individuals who want to start a web hosting business without breaking the bank.
Raksmart: Your Reseller Hosting Partner
If you're looking for a reliable reseller hosting provider, look no further than Raksmart. With years of experience in the web hosting industry, Raksmart offers a range of reseller hosting packages to suit your needs.
With Raksmart, you can enjoy:
  1. High-quality hosting services with 99.9% uptime and fast page load times.
  2. Custom branding options to establish your own unique identity in the market.
  3. 24/7 technical support to help you and your customers with any issues that may arise.
  4. Flexible hosting packages to meet the needs of your customers and grow your business.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Raksmart today at to learn more about their reseller hosting packages and start your own web hosting business today.
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2023.03.30 13:20 ronaes8 I'm really depressed because I can't afford anything

I'm really bad at posting on reddit so please excuse if this is a mess of a post. I, 22F + disabled, live with abusive parents. I really am trapped where I live because I have no money or savings whatsoever. I did have a job for a few months but I was laid off because the small company shut down. I'm really upset today because I can't even afford new underwear or socks. It's 3 for £10 bras at Primark (UK store) and I can't even afford those. I'm tired of panicking so hard about money, and I'm tired of wearing clothes that are old and kinda ruined with holes :(
I can't see myself affording clothes for another 3 months. And even then, I don't think I can afford much. I asked my friend and she said to set up an email where people can send me Primark vouchers. But then I'd feel so bad having money from people. I don't know how to do online banking since my parents don't allow me, so I know the vouchers don't use it and I can just take my phone to the store. I think I'll ask my friends for the vouchers for my birthday. I don't think anyone will send one though because I've been not replying to people because I've been so depressed and tired so no one is close to me anymore.
To go into everything fully would take so long so I will keep it a bit shorter as to why this year has been so horrible. I couldn't afford to help towards my grandmas funeral, which she didn't have, because we couldn't afford it. I can't help towards anything, I can't really travel many places. Most of the jobs are far out and the money I do get is not enough to buy things like clothes. I spent it on rent and food and have to save whatever is left otherwise I'm going into a deficit every month where whatever I have is less. So I'd have £90 and the next month if I bought anything extra I'd have only £80 and so on.
I cried really hard because someone bought me a steam game. That's how bad it's gotten. I grew up very poor my entire life, I never had the cool phone and anything I broke by accident was never replaced. I'd just like some new socks and things to be honest.
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2023.03.30 13:20 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

Get the course here:📷 Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course . FOREX BASIC TO ADVANCED SPECIAL BOOTCAMP TRAINING COURSE STEP BY STEP EASY TO LEARN Learn how to maximize your profit with less than 1% risk and profit target is more that 50% in one trade only. TOPICS YOU WILL LEARN :
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