Barndominium garage with living quarters


2013.01.13 23:38 ACE ON BASE

The World's best Sunglasses .

2023.06.03 19:33 master_a_skywalker69 Can a Jedi Padawan convince the avatar world that he’s the Avatar and/or beat all the Avatar villains?

When I mean Padawan I mean like TPM Obi Wan or early Rebels Kanan level of power. The rules are they are transported into the world at the time of TLA season 1 and somehow live another 75 years without aging to be the “Avatar” in Korra’s time. Let’s say Aang never gets thawed. Also if word gets out he’s not the Avatar he loses but he can kill or mindtrick people who witness him use UnAvatar like powers. Also presumably to win he’d have to defeat Korra’s uncle before he bonds with the evil spirit because that’s some wack ass fuckery.
Round 1: He can’t break the Jedi code.
Round 2: He can experiment with the dark side.
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2023.06.03 19:33 Lamoron Phoenix run done.

This was not as hard as expected, but dear God it was long and boring. I finally closed the gate in 2080, with a 104 year old Spymaster, and an enormous totalitarian Caliphate (104 regions) having "freed" the world.
It took so damn long after the Aliens won and took the planet, before I got the first region to break away, and to be honest once the AI learns to actually play and fix the AA, I think this achievement might become impossible. I had 50.000 points saved up to do Unrest missions, and it was nowhere near enough.
One thing you will need is to let the Protectorate Councillors live and thrive, because they have a lot better chance and doing things to the AA than the Resistance does, so when I gave them a bajillion Command Orgs, and Administration Orgs, it started working.
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2023.06.03 19:33 MrsFrankweiler Pondering the cat poop story

Pondering the cat poop story
It never pays to try to understand why the Baldwins do what they do and why they constantly sabotage any efforts to rehabilitate their image. But it's hard not to.
Take for example Alec's hip surgery. His wife notified the world that he finally had the surgery he so desperately needed for his chronic pain. Did it generate a lot of sympathy for Alec? No. Because his wife sprinkled the message with a generous helping of ESL, many headlines ridiculed her "long time necessary" broken English, in effect reminding everyone of the Spanish grift all over again. Par for the course the message was more about her than the patient — "as your partner, I want you..." She also filtered her face beyond recognition.
Okay. So she could've done better. She gets another chance to when Alec's back from the hospital. What does she do? She shares a grotesque story about a cat poop room in which her husband will be recuperating. She lays on her accent , vocal fry and filters, basically mimicking the mannerisms of a 14 y.o. So media focus shifts from Alec's recovery to their filthy apartment. Note that her sharing this story is particularly bizarre and inexplicable because they have been trying to sell their Hamptons house since September. Wouldn't the story make potential buyers wonder about the state of that house. More sabotage?
Which brings me to my question. For over a decade the Baldwins have tried to position Hilaria as a health and wellness expert and a yoga superstar. Interested in healthy living? In weight loss? In one week baby bouncebacks? In bendy yoga? In miraculously speedy recovery from broken ankles and hips and wrists? Hilaria IS your GO TO source.
So why on earth did she share this puerile cat poop story instead of creating a "yoga" segment about how to heal from a hip replacement? Why not share a video showing off how she's helping Alec with his recovery exercises and tracking his progress. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to flaunt her very special skills that they've been bragging about and trying to monetize for years on end?
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2023.06.03 19:32 the1dats Naiintindihan ko na sila

So for context, yung mga pinsan ko, di na dumadalaw sa lola ko and as timea goes by, naiintindihan ko na sila. We live on the same roof pero di kami nagkikita kasi sa 3rd floor ng bahay namin sya nakatira, iba yung pinto pa-3rd floor, and ibang pinto naman sa akin na 1st-2nd floor. Bale ayon, before, dinadalhan ko sya ng ulam minsan kapag may sobra and nakikipag-chikahan sya, pinagbibigyan ko naman out of respect saka para di sya masyadong ma-lonely.
Kaso naman, ang toxic nya. Like ang dami nyang unsolicited opinion na offending na. Yung tipong, sya lang pwede mang-real talk pero kapag sya sinabihan mo, kahit sa maayos at magalang na paraan, sasabihan kang bastos at walang galang tapos may dagdag pa na, "Ganyan ba sa church?" (religiously active kami ng fam ko pero ibang religion si lola).
Tapos ayon, may instance pa na sasabihin na "Ang panget ng katawan mo, masyadong deretso." which affected me so much kasi I've never been insecure about my body kasi yung katawan ko yung kinaiinggitan ng marami. Pasado pa nga ako as Size 0, di lang gaano kahalata since modest akong manamit aaka mas prefer ko lagi ang over loose shirts.
Tapos meron pa na, namasyal kami sa MOA and yung sister ko, na elementary, she just decided to wear simple shirts and pants since maglalaro lang naman sila doon sa seaside while ako, I decided to try my new blouse kaya medyo nakaayos tapos harap-harapan ba naman sinabi na, "Ang panget ng damit ni ----." stating my sister's name. Like wtf?? Ang baba na nga ng confidence ng kapatid ko kasi binu-bully sya sa school tapos ipaparinig mo sa kanya yon? And what's wrong with shirts and pants??? Pati bata walang kawala sayo.
Tapos there was one time na sinabihan yung isa sa amin na, "Mukha kang adik." Like srsly?? Sinong gugustuhin na dalawin ka kung ganyang mga salita maririnig sayo la?
There was even a time na nagtatampo sya sa pinsan ko kasi yung pinsan ko, may anak na then nung binyag ng anak nya, konti lang sa fam namin yung invited tapos bumoboses ang lola na bakit daw hindi invited yung mga kapatid nya, na komo hindi na naman daw dapat sabihin yon kasi matic na agad. Like lola, ikaw ba magbabayad? 😭
So ayon, I'm thankful na nagdo-dorm na ako kaya medyo nalayo ako sa kanya ngayon at sa kanyang mga unsolicited remarks. She's just so full of herself kasi nga matanda na sya kahit minsan wala na sa hulog. Gosh! Kaya ngayon wala nang bumibisita sa kanya kasi pati ako na nag-iisang umaakyat sa kanya doon sa 3rd floor, lumayo na rin sa kanya. Kahit na nauuwi ako rito samin, di ko na sya dinadalaw kasi baka kung ano na naman marinig ko.
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2023.06.03 19:32 The-Bluejacket Investment Advice

Just started 2 separate investment accounts not long ago: a Roth IRA and an automated investment account, investing in Moderate diversified ETF’s.
For my Roth IRA, I’m currently investing in VTI, VXUS, VOO, BND.
My automated account I’m investing in SPTM, SPAB and SPDW, with accounting rebalancing occurring once every quarter.
My question is: Is this a solid, balanced investment portfolio to start with? Should I keep any other stocks or ETF’s on my watchlist?
Any tips, advice or insight is SUPER appreciated
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2023.06.03 19:32 DTFinDF I feel no compunction to come out as a bi man

I've expanded a little on my situation in a previous thread but to recap I'm married to a woman, I'm in my 40s and have a young kid. I self-identify as bi but I cannot see any benefit in this being public knowledge, or even something my wife need know about. We are in a monogamous relationship (username predates all that) and I wouldn't ever cheat on her.
She has a track record of suspicion despite having no grounds for it so I feel that opening up about my sexuality could only be detrimental in terms of adding to her insecurities and widening the circle of people she would feel jealous or suspicious of. I feel it would not add any new positive dimensions to our lives.
I'm comfortable being in an exclusive relationship; if I were straight or gay I would also not be looking elsewhere, and I could only really see publicly coming out if I were once again single and looking for a new partner. Currently the only thing my bisexuality affects is my masturbation habits (or porn viewing choices, at least)
My wife would probably - maybe? - accept my sexuality if I were to tell her but she would also very likely feel a sense of betrayal that this is something I kept from her, which would be detrimental to our relationship and could potentially end it. So for no real gain I don't see the point in taking that risk.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I consider my sexuality to be solely the business of myself. I do not feel that I am living an inauthentic life and am reasonably happy with my situation.
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2023.06.03 19:32 jeezlouise_B Hello and happy Saturday!

I'm new to the area and giving this a shot! I'm familiar with all the FB and Meetup community pages but have had success with Reddit meetups before (y'all are more of my people anyways!). Seeing if there are any females in my age range (I'm 28 female) who would want a buddy to do all the fun Central Oregon stuff and things with! Bonus points if you're into disc golf or if you're wanting to learn, I have lots of spares. Some other things we could check out could be the farmers markets, live music venues, hiking / swimming spots, or any shady & cost friendly summer activities. I live about an hour from Bend but I figures that's not a problem since there are so many parts of this area worth making the effort to travel to. Or let's meet halfway and play a game of scrabble at a coffee shop!
Cheers to living life, taking risks, being open minded, and making new connections wherever life takes us 💜
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2023.06.03 19:31 MoreCatsForMePlease Ticketmaster haven’t delivered what they’ve sold me and are ignoring my questions

In England
Please note, I have autism, so I’m sorry if any parts of this post are unclear.
In Nov 2018, I purchased two tickets for a concert. As the tickets were a gift, I bought them as paper tickets with postage and a gift box. I paid £180 for the two tickets, £4.95 for the gift box, plus a £1.50 handling charge, £22.50 service charge, and £2.60 facility charge. £211.55 in total.
The concert was scheduled for November 2020, which was rescheduled to October 2021 due to Covid.
In Sept 2021, Ticketmaster contacted me again saying that the concert was being rescheduled to 3rd June 2023.
The tickets on my Ticketmaster app had “Sent by mail” on them up until last Saturday (May 26th). I have a screenshot of this.
Later that day, they changed to e-tickets. I received no e-mail about this change. Upon logging into my account, my receipt for the order had changed from £211.55 to £206.60. Again, this wasn’t communicated with me.
As I bought the tickets as a gift (hence the gift box), I knew I’d have to transfer them to the recipient, but the “transfer” option wasn’t available for this event. I immediately contacted Ticketmaster via their live chat (the only way it seems) to be repeatedly fobbed off with generic “We can’t transfer your tickets” responses. I asked several times about a refund gif my postage too, but they didn’t respond.
Finally, today, the day of the event, they have offered to refund my postage, but only to my 2018 bank account, which is long closed (I wasn’t in the Uk at the time). They still haven’t allowed me to transfer the tickets to the person I bought them for, but they said that the person could collect them at the box office. I was sent this one hour before the event is due to start so way too late! I have had to give the person the login details for my account to use the e-tickets, which I’m not at all comfortable with!
I have asked Ticketmaster several times how to raise a formal complaint about all this, but they keep ignoring the question! What should I do next?
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2023.06.03 19:31 FOCOMojo Housing Question

My daughter owns her home and lives in it with her 2 year old and dog. She's recently divorced. She wants/needs to rent out part of her home to help make ends meet. I sent her a website devoted housing for traveling nurses. While she very much liked the idea of having a professional person share her space, she thought it seemed like there would be a constant turnover of tenants. I'm NOT here to find a roommate for her; I'm here to ask y'all to give a little insight into how you find housing, do you sign a lease; how long is a rental lease usually for; etc. Anything at all you can share would help my daughter decide if this is the right path for her roommate search. I also have no idea if there's a big demand for this kind of thing, or if she would possibly go long stretches with no tenant/roomie. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 19:31 Sweet-Register3628 Recommendations For Small Handguns?

I want a handgun I can easily conceal, for 2 reasons:
1) I live in an extremely liberal state & city, so people get extremely uncomfortable when they see a gun
2) I'd like to bring it with me where ever I go, so something that is easy to carry around is a huge plus
What would you guys recommend? I heard one person say they bought a P365 and were pretty happy with it. I have very little experience with fire arms.
To be clear, it's not, the smaller the better (giggity). Something around the size of a P365 is perfect for me.
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2023.06.03 19:31 kittyntitty Laid off in [Virginia] and moving to [Utah]

Hi all, I was laid off in Virginia. My lease is ending so I’m moving back to Utah to live with my family.
Should I apply for VA or UT unemployment benefits?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 19:31 alm1688 Yeah, thanks for reminding me that all my friends are dead.

I’m currently living in a nursing home and rehab facility recovering from a hemmorhaggic stroke that has paralyzed my left side and left me wheelchair bound. I’ve been here nearly three years (thanks for that curveball,2020!)& have made a handful of sweet old friends in their sixties, eighties, and ninetie. On the weekends we would get together so that I could show them movies that I thought they should watch- ‘Hook’,’Jack’, ‘Lilo&Stitch’, ‘Frozen’,’Encanto’,’Moana’,’Jumunji’, the entire‘Harry Potter’ series and whatnot. Unfortunately my friends have been dying one by one, starting last June with my sweet66 year old friend and neighbor, Daniel- he had a health crisis last May and was hospitalize, his wife said that she would have him come back to this facility once he was released from the hospital - I’m unsure of what actually happened with him but I do believe that it was something to do with his blood sugar (though he was not diabetic-but his family brought him a lot of sweets and sodas that he would go through at an alarming rat)& then once he consumed all of his goodies, he would constantly ask the staff for snacks and whatever so I believe that his wife was worried that the staff would not stick to his new diet or something and took him to another facility where he ultimately passed away at, then in at the beginning of March, my fellow stroke survivor and neighbor who was young and either in her thirties or fourties’ passed after having another stroke, later in March, my new friend, Joan passed away after a stint in the hospital I was told that she didn’t die but that she would not be coming back to the facility- I assumed that she maybe needed more care than this facility provided but after a week in the hospital, she did in fact return here but was a mere shell of who she had been- to me she already looked dead, her face was sunken and she couldn’t close her mouth so she just gasped and wheezed instead of talking - I didn’t think she would survive the night she returned but she did and she passed a few days later. Early April my 99 year old friend, Ellen passed unexpectedly in the night, she was always a bit depressed but she was in good health and always ready to mock my hiccups the moment I got them lol. Late April, my 85 year old diabetic friend, Lisa was hospitalized with liver failure and passed a week and a half later- the last time she had called me from the hospital, her tv was blaring so I couldn’t stay on the phone with her because it was hurting my ears and I couldn’t hear her anyway- her text to m a mere12 hours before she died was gibberish and I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say, so I tried calling her but it just went to voicemail, I was told the next morning that she had passed that morning… anyway, the housekeeper was in my room this morning wiping down my footboard and sadly said “oh you don’t have anyone you can talk to now.” - I don’t think she meant any harm in saying that I think she said it because she was sad thinking of all of the deaths. But damn, now the reminder has made me sad because I don’t have anyone to watch movies with on my iPad on the weekends and my old, younger friends have their own lives and better things to do than come visit their “old”friend in a nursing hom, jezee lady, thanks for the dose of depression today …
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2023.06.03 19:31 Mando992 Can i be part of the family now ? 😅

Can i be part of the family now ? 😅
I ordered a Model 3 this week and the App just updated to show VIN and an estimated delivery time. I am super hyped for this car. I hope it wasnt a mistake. I can charge at work every day but have no ability to charge at home for now. ( i live in an apartment).
But with the range of the Model 3 i think i should be fine on weekends. On vacation i might have to charge at a station once or twice a week.
It is the standard range version
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2023.06.03 19:31 GrandMasBushidoBrown How much to charge

My girlfriend is going to start watching/help around with a kid who is special needs(autism). We live in the metro area of Atlanta. No clue how much she should ask for by the hour or flat rate
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2023.06.03 19:30 AutoModerator [Get] Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO Download

[Get] Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO Download
Get Course here :
With the Premium Package you get the Basic Package with the Strategy Class on Saturday, PLUS 2 days of Live-Trading!
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2023.06.03 19:30 trackkidd16 Advice? Brujería?

I am hoping someone can maybe give me some advice. First, my family is Mexican. We grew up in a dominantly white area, and didn’t grow up with many roots to our culture. So long story short, my narc mom cheated and abandoned my family. It’s been a crazy few years. My siblings said when they were living with her, they found a necklace she had, that was in the shape of a circle with a triangle in the middle, and signs on it, green colored, and heavy. They’ve found writing on her palms, and they’ve caught her doing some type of rituals alone. They don’t live with her anymore, but was wondering if anybody knew where to point me in the right direction to figure out what she generally may be doing? I don’t have much info, as they said it scared them when they found that stuff. My dad I know, hired someone to put a protection spell (I believe that’s the term) on us a while ago. I have her blocked on everything, so she never sees me or my gf, as I believe she would wish bad upon us. Her bf is I believe Peruvian and she wasn’t Into this until she got with him. We are no contact. Should I find someone to help put protection over my family? Any info is helpful, thank you for reading.
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2023.06.03 19:30 cerankaw tips with buying edibles in europe?

I live in poland and wanted to buy some delta 8 edibles online since i think i can buy them legally in eu, any european(or american) friends with shop recomendations or at least some tips or wheter its even worth it
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2023.06.03 19:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (

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The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.

Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

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2023.06.03 19:30 John-Smith-24 [Web Dev] Just published my first responsive website. How long until I can be a digital nomad?

Hey guys, so I just published my first fully functional responsive website. Been studying for the last few months. Graduated with a physics degree, unfortunately, not a CS degree. So I've been looking to get into the freelance web dev scene. Can anybody offer advice on where to look for remote jobs? Or even unrelated remote jobs for when I look for web dev remote jobs? Sorry if stuff like this get asked a lot, but just want to get an idea of how much more time I am looking at before I can live and work fully remotely. Thanks a ton!
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2023.06.03 19:30 zz99xx66vv33 Budget Assistance

Single Don’t want a relationship
Age 32.5 Male
No kids Don’t want kids
No pets Don’t want pets
No roommates Don’t want roommates
Annual Pretax Income with no overtime available: $54,516.80
Annual Income with no overtime after Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare and 3% Roth 401k Company Match: $41,504.49
Annual expenses . . . including sinking funds and maxing Roth IRA: $41,089.75
Annual income without overtime minus annual expenses: $414.74
Annual Expenses below: *$7,913.51 Healthy Food (I eat 100% healthy for $21.68 per day for 2,930 calories)
*Principle and Interest on fifteen year fixed rate $90,000 3.625% mortgage. Bought March-2022: $7,787.16
*Roth IRA: $6,500
*Home Maintenance Fund: $4,200 (4% of home appraisal to be conservative)
*Heat: $1,535.18
*Vehicle Replacement Fund (I drive 4,672 miles per year. Bought new vehicle on May 2, 2016): $1,428
*Yardwork Outsource: $1,387
*Water, Electric and Sanitation: $1,386.44
*Vehicle Maintenance Fund: $1,200
*Home Insurance: $1,013.03
*Upgrade Macbook Pro every 4 years Fund January 24, 2023: $881.45
*Verizon least expensive unlimited plan: $844.80
*Property Tax: $778
*Gas Money (30 mpg on $4.76 per gallon to be conservative): $741.29
*Doctor Copays: $720
*Filing Taxes with CPA: $411.25
*Three pairs of shoes Replacement Fund: $396
*Umbrella Insurance: $341
*Extra Dental Cleanings beyond insurance: $288
*upgrade iPhone every year fund: $287
*car insurance: $232.66
*air pods max headphones upgrade fund: $214.82
*dental insurance premiums through work: $122.50
*PMI gone after Year 3: $90
*foot insert replacement fund: $88.44
*car tabs: $87.25
*medications: $80
*safety deposit box rental: $50
*cell phone cleaning wipes: $21.72
*lip balm: $18.84
*mouthwash: $15.17
*toothbrush: $14.45
*toothpaste: $11.19
*driver’s license renewal: $6.60
*Disability insurance premiums through work: $0.00
*health insurance premiums through work: $0.00
*life insurance premiums through work: $0.00
*drinking water: $0.00
No debt to my name pardon the mortgage.
Median annual pretax income from my 11-years with my employer: $62,497
Average annual pretax income from my 11-years with my employer: $68,826.81
I am required by my employer to be free: Mon-Fri: 9:30am-10:00pm Sat: 4:45am-11:00am Sun: 1:15pm-10:00pm *Paid Time can be anywhere from 40-74.5 hours per week depending on business needs.
I am on Baby Steps 4 & 6. I believe I contribute 14.92% towards Roth retirement with no overtime available.
My overtime money I have not been consistent: -sometimes I put more money into Roth 401k
-sometimes I put more money into Brokerage Account index fund VTSAX
-sometimes I buy Series I Savings Bonds to replace part of my emergency fund
-I have not made any additional payments on my mortgage besides minimum payments so far.
I would like to make $70,000+ pretax minimum each year ideally for more wiggle room financially. Time is a bit hard due to my obligations towards my employer. I am basically free Saturdays 11:00am-10:00pm and Sundays 8:00am-1:15pm. Right now I just sit home and play Minecraft: Java Edition, Single Player, Hardcore, Newest Update in my free time. I feel guilty and feel I should find a way to earn $70,000 guaranteed income per year.
***168 hour workweek allocation with max overtime available: 74 hours paid work 3 hours unpaid lunches 10.5 hours driving to and from work, including waiting to punch in 70 hours laundry, hygiene, going to sleep and sleeping 10.5 hours free for hobbies
***168 hour workweek allocation with no overtime available: 40 hours paid work 2.5 hours unpaid lunches 7.5 hours driving to and from work, including waiting to punch in 70 hours laundry, hygiene, going to sleep and sleeping 48 hours free for hobbies
Not eligible for HSA.
Will live in my home until Max Age Social Security checks (then build a new elderly friendly home on Lot B; I own 2 Lots next to each other).
I will take Social Security at Max Age.
100% Stocks. 0% Bonds (for retirement; part of my emergency fund is Series I Savings Bonds).
My worst “reckless spending” is my food budget. Last year I spent $40.22 per day on food. $21.68 per day today is a huge improvement (I realize it is still a lot for 1 adult). Otherwise no other addictions.
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2023.06.03 19:30 bobobobobobooo Has anybody been able to connect meowapps' ai engine to zapier?

I built a custom model with ChatGPT using meowapps' AI engine to replace the live chat on our wordpress site (which is staggeringly better than any of us humans who use to operate it lol). It stores the messages/conversations that occur, but I'd like to trigger a notification.
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2023.06.03 19:30 SmallCampaign8070 Can I have help with TLF the pw is 123454

Help with the living failures
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