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This is a subreddit dedicated to Rimuru Tempest from "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime". Feel free to post fanart and discuss things related to Rimuru here.

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2023.06.03 06:00 chrisnas1 RECURRENT SYMPTOMS OF INFLAMMATION.

Male , 32, Sydney, Aus.
I was diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis after receiving my first pfizer vaccination in sept 2021 (has been by the worst decision of my life)!!!! Symptoms included a cold burning feeling left side of the chest and down my left arm with associated pain, resolved with rest and colchicine/ibuprofen for 4 months.
Finally thought i was in the clear with no more pain, undertook unltrasounds, ecg, stress tests etc with all results coming back clear and symptom free.
In august 2022, similar symptoms returned but with additional symptoms of palpitations & chest pressure. Went ti hospital and saw my same cardiologist who rules out recurrent pericarditis or myocarditis , i went back on the colchicine and ibuprofen for 3 months but only minimised the symptoms had to stop taking due to it causing GI issues. I am still battling with these symptoms daily and have undergone numerous chest xrays, blood tests, ct angiogram, cardiac MRI, ultrasounds, endoscopy, stress tests and continous ECGs, holter monitor for 4 weeks (only showed ectopic beats) all tests coming back clear. My cardiologist advised he does not believe it is cardiac related otherwise something would have shown on the tests and it is something else that is causing the effect, he is not able to treat anything as he can't see anything concerning on the tests.
Working with my other doctors to find a solution or at least what is causing these recurring symptoms
I am sure with a lot of other people in this forum, it has completely taken over my life and physical and mental health!!
Current treatment & vitamins - antinflammatory diet, magnesium taurine, curcumin, quercetin, PEA, vitamin b12, just recently started fermented Natto and fasting until 12pm every day. Started accupuncture this week after reading positive results for the nervous system and have had some relief so far.
If anyone has any successful results with treatments or supplements, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated??
Hope everyone can recover from this soon!!
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2023.06.03 06:00 BooksAreGreat21 Am I the only person that hates Jem Carstairs?

I've been thinking about the epilogue of Clockwork Princess recently, and remembering how much I hated it, I loved the series as a whole, but I literally could not get through the epilogue because it made me so angry (and it made me cry a lot). I feel like nobody shares this opinion of hating that epilogue, but I feel like everything wrapped up perfectly before the epilogue, and Cassandra Clare just ruined it. I also have never heard one person say anything negative about Jem, but for some reason, I really, really, hate him with a burning passion. I don't know why but I have never liked Jem at all, and I just need to know if there is anyone out there who shares this opinion with me. I've only read the Infernal Devices, and the Last Hours, not sure if that makes any difference. Please let me know if you hate Jem too.
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2023.06.03 06:00 WiseAce1 Real Estate Investing: Class 103

REAL ESTATE 103: Down Payment and Financing
Sorry for the delay, I tried to do this for the weekend thread but I was busy with the Holiday’s last weekend and out all week for work. On to business.
Purchasing a single family home can be categorized a few different ways and they each have their own PROS and CONS on financing, tax consequences and etc. It’s important to understand your goal so you can pick the proper path. I am going to cover the financing side of things in this posting thread.
I am not going to spend much time on single family residential home financing on homes that you plan to live in (Primary Residence) because that’s the most common thing and the internet has a ton of resources out there.
You can still buy a residential house that you rent or a vacation home and those are treated completely differently than a property you live in. Primary Residences get special tax treatments, low down payments and qualify for the lowest interest rates. Here is a good resource ( to learn the different types of mortgages for primary residence I will still be glad to answer any specific questions on them if you want but I am going to focus more on the “investment homes” aspect.
Any residential “investment homes” or ones you don’t live in (rent out or vacation) are considered “Investment Homes” and require different financing as well as tax treatment. Because of that you have more options open to you but also some restrictions and another set of variables to deal with on analyzing a good decision.
Unlike financing a primary residence where you can get a down payment as low as 3%, you will NOT get that for an Investment Home. Expect to pay between 15-35% depending on your lender, credit rating, type of rental, location and a host of other factors.
For Investment Homes, your lender may use an acronym/term called “LTV” or “Loan To Value”. If your lender says the maximum LTV is 75%, that means the max loan is 75% of the property purchase price and you are required to come up with 25% for the down payment. Lenders want to know you have skin in the game since this is not your personal residence and it’s easier to walk away from if things go bad. The more you put down, the better the rate and terms you get as well.
Let’s say I am buying a $100,000 Investment/rental home. The Max LTV is 75%. That means I need to come up with a down payment of $25,000 ($100,000 x 25%).
One of the advantages of purchasing a rental property with a tenant already in place is that the existing rental income may be used to help qualify for a rental property loan.
As a rule of thumb, a lender will apply 75% of the property’s reported rental income to a borrower’s total income. For example, if a borrower earns $100,000 per year and a rental property generates $18,000 per year in gross rental income, a lender will add $13,500 to a borrower’s total income used to qualify for a rental property loan.
According to Fannie Mae (November 3, 2021) guidelines:
If the rental property is vacant and waiting for a new tenant, some lenders will count 75% of the potential rental income as part of a borrower’s total income, based on a rent analysis performed by an appraiser.
The better your credit score is, the more attractive and flexible a lender may be when offering a rental property loan. In general, the minimum credit score required to finance a rental property is 620.
Borrowers with a credit score above 620 may be eligible for a down payment of less than 25% and a more attractive mortgage interest rate. However, the interest rate on a rental property loan may still be higher than the interest rate for a primary residence.
Debt-to-income-ratio (DTI) compares a borrower’s monthly gross income to the monthly debt payments and is expressed as a percentage. A lender will normally look for a maximum DTI of 45%.
For example, assume a borrower’s total income (including qualified existing rental income) is $113,500 per year or $9,458 per month. The maximum debt payment would be $4,256, including the monthly mortgage for the rental property being financed:
· $4,256 monthly debt payments/$9,458 gross monthly income = 45% DTI
An investor applying for a rental property loan will usually be required to have enough cash in reserve to pay for 3-6 months of operating expenses and mortgage payments.
Even though investors do their best to forecast income and expenses, sometimes repair costs are higher than expected or it can take longer than anticipated to find a qualified tenant. Having cash reserves lets a lender know the money is there to maintain the property and pay the mortgage even if there is no rental income being received.
The good news is that almost all of us have some sort of broker account or retirement account. Lenders will take this into consideration when calculating your “Cash Reserves”. Depending on the equity, they can give you as low as 50% credit or up to 100% credit.
The biggest challenge to any investor to get started is to have the down payment funds. If you don’t have the “cash”, here are some options for help raise the down payment funds.
Some people invest in real estate by offering private loans to other investors, similar to what a bank or credit union does. In exchange for loaning a fellow investor money for a down payment, a private lender accepts a second-position loan and receives a monthly payment of principal and interest until the down payment loan is paid off.
Although a private loan may carry a higher interest rate and a shorter loan term, it’s an option for raising a down payment that an investor may find worth considering, especially if the investment cash flows.
Hard Money lenders are just like “private loans” above but they actually specialize in doing deals for Investors, specifically the “fix and flippers”. If the deal works, they may even provide 100% of the deal or 125% in exchange for a second-position and monthly interest payments until it’s paid off. The negative side of hard money lenders is that they usually have a much higher interest rate and are short term (less than 2 years, sometimes sooner). But that gives you time for either the down payment or to refinance once you have a year’s worth of rental income.
Family, friends, and other investors can be another way to raise an investment property down payment. One popular way of group real estate investing is to form a limited liability company or LLC. Instead of owning an investment property as individuals, the LLC owns the rental property and each investor owns shares of the LLC.
Depending on how the operating agreement is written, a member may choose to be reimbursed for the down payment from the property’s monthly cash flow. Or, a member may opt to remain a silent partner in the real estate venture in exchange for a percentage of any net operating income and profit when the property is eventually sold.
Sometimes a seller may be willing to lend a buyer money for a down payment in exchange for a second mortgage on the property being sold. Why would a seller offer to help a buyer out with the down payment?
If a property requires a significant amount of repairs, qualified buyers may be few and far between. So, a seller financing a down payment serves as an incentive for a buyer to purchase the property. As with a private loan, the interest rate on seller financing may be higher than a traditional loan, and the repayment period may be shorter.
An IRA or 401(k) is another option for finding money for an investment property down payment, although making a withdrawal before retirement age may result in hefty penalties.
However, an investor may convert an existing retirement account into a self-directed IRA to buy an investment property. There are some hoops to jump through, and a retirement account should have enough available cash to pay for the property and have excess funds available if cash flow is negative or capital repairs need to be made.
Withdrawals from a retirement account can also be made penalty-free when buying a home. However, the property must be a first-time purchase and the maximum withdrawal limit is $10,000.
One other option is that you can generally take a loan from your 401(k) or brokerage account up to 50% of the balance and you just pay it back by making additional contributions which are treated as loan payments. Your 401(k) doesn’t lose any value, you get access to a portion of cash and the 401(k) collects interest from your loan. The biggest benefit is that this will NOT show up on your credit report either as an additional loan.
Another option you have that doesn’t require you to actually “buy” the house but it can allow you to raise capital for your own purchase on another deal is to act as a “Wholesaler”. Also gives you the ability to learn the process until you take on the risk yourself.
You can act as the “middleman” by finding a good deal and securing the property under contract and assigning it to the investor once you find one. "Assigning" isn't normal contract language for presonal residences or standard state contracts so you have to need to make sure you execute this properly and get advice from someone to help write your offer.
You put a small escrow or due diligence deposit down (also called EMD earnest money deposit) while you start your DD like getting property inspections and etc. During that same time while you are doing your DD, you are hunting for an investor to buy it. If everything checks out, assign the contract and go find another deal (I will talk specifics about assigning later on). In exchange for finding the deal, you take a cut of the profit to help start building your bankroll. This is called “wholesaling” and it's how a lot of big investors get their start. Real Estate Investors also will look for wholesalers to find them deals all the time. You can find one in advance and go on the hunt for the property.
Unlike personal residences, this is where financing can get creative. Believe it or not there are more people and programs out there to finance rental properties than personal residences. I am going to touch on several of the main ones.
Conventional loans offered by banks and credit unions follow guidelines set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Depending on a borrower’s credit score, down payments range between 15%-25%. Loan costs and mortgage interest rates are usually competitive, and many will consider qualified rental income from the property being financed when calculating a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio.
Available for properties with 2-4 units, these loans are backed by the FHA and may be a good option for a borrower trying to raise a down payment or with negative markets on a credit report.
Down payments are as low as 3.5% for a borrower with a credit score of 580, and just 10% if the credit score is between 500-580. However, a borrower will be required to live in one unit as a primary residence for at least the first 12 months to qualify for an FHA multifamily loan.
VA multifamily loans are available for active-duty services members, eligible spouses, and veterans. Down payment is 0% and there is no minimum credit score. A VA loan can be used to purchase a multifamily property with 2-4 units, although a borrower must live in one of the units as a primary residence.
Portfolio lenders and small, local community banks keep the mortgage loans they originate on their own books instead of selling them to agencies like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Loan terms and conditions may be more flexible and designed to meet the needs of both the borrower and the lender. A portfolio loan for a rental property may be a good option for a borrower with a lower credit score or a high debt-to-income ratio.
Private lenders are fellow real estate professionals who prefer to invest in debt instead of equity. Rather than owning real estate directly, they provide funds for investors seeking to finance a rental property. A borrower looking for creative financing, such as acquiring a property to rehab and rent, may wish to speak to a private lender to learn more about approval requirements and faster funding timeframes.
Some investors bypass banks altogether and form a real estate limited partnership (LP) or limited liability company (LLC) to raise money to invest in real estate. Instead of an individual borrower owning a rental property, the LLC owns the real estate and investors own shares of the LLC as members.
An LLC operating agreement can be structured to make monthly principal and interest payments to members who contribute capital, similar to the way a mortgage loan works from a conventional or private lender.
A borrower with a primary residence or other rental properties may be able to turn accrued equity into cash with a home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC is a second-position mortgage on a property and works similar to a credit card.
A lender will generally allow a borrower to access up to 80% of the equity in a property to use for the purchase of a rental property, including any needed repairs. A credit line from a HELOC does not have to be used right away, giving an investor access to funds when and if they are needed. Monthly repayments are often interest-only at first, with either fixed for variable interest rates.
Investing in a rental property may be a good way to generate monthly rental income while building equity over the long term. However, as with any other type of debt, financing a rental property does come with some risk.
A real estate investor may wish to shop around for the best loan terms and conditions, make a large enough down payment to keep LTV and DTI ratios low, and take the time to research different real estate markets to find a rental property that meets an investor’s goals and objectives.
As always, you have some homework below and feel free to ask any questions.
Everyone should have picked a property and have an idea of buying power. After reading the above, put together a plan that you think you could apply to buying the house you want and run some basic numbers. Generate the following things:
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2023.06.03 05:59 AliencreatureOnearth It sucks that they only wanted to fuck me, not know more about me.

I have been in this lifestyle for a while, had an exap, several paps, talked to bunch of guys. After going through all of these, I felt like most of them were only physically attracted to me. They don’t care who I am really. It was kinda annoying to hear them saying “ you are so hot” “ baby you are god damn sexy” , like I am a trophy and have no brain.
I need a connection, an Ap who’d like to know more about me as a person, interested in my daily life, like what I read, what I did, what food I like , and my strength and weakness, not only my kinks and taboos, my horniness, my bj skills.
I guess the rant is over. Happy weekend, fellows.
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2023.06.03 05:59 constants_changing I'll Be Alright.

I had this great post written up yesterday about how calm I was feeling...but then I accidentally deleted it. And I was too lazy to rewrite it lol.
Next journey is in about a week. I'm actually looking forward to it.
I've been coding lately. Working on some personal projects in python. It's been fun making stuff again.
So my post yesterday...what I can remember is that I was calm, and I think it had to do with that Thais webinar thing. And the last time I felt that calm was on Vyvanse years ago.
And I realized that I was clinging so hard to Z because the pain of being alone felt unbearable for me. But I also realized that in trying to ease my pain, I was hurting him, a lot. I didn't really understand just how much pain I was putting him through until yesterday. So that was eye-opening for me.
And I remember saying in the post that whether we reconcile or not, I have to change my ways.
I was in a high state of stress and overwhelm each and every time I hurt him. It doesn't make it right though. Nothing ever makes that right.
And I'm so so sorry, but I know there may never be enough I'm sorry's in the world for him to forgive me.
And it doesn't bother me at all if he reads these posts. I'm just processing my thoughts, there's nothing for me to hide.
And lastly, I don't know where to go from here, but at least I made some progress.
That's all I remember. That's probably most of it.
New stuff...
I want out of this country so bad. I gotta get crackin' on my side hustles so that when housing prices globally start to fall, I can make the move.
I'm itching to read that somatic IFS book some more. Someone on a podcast said that it was the best IFS book she had ever read.
I wanna do an Ayahuasca retreat.
I want to start playing music again. I miss it.
Did I mention I want a cat? I think I did.
BB10 is fun. The new season of big brother will be starting in August instead of the usual July. Noooooo :(
I'm listening to lofi as I type this.
I texted Jake back the other day and he texted me today. He's gonna go back to the zoo for a new otter exhibit. I have to tell him that otters are my absolute favorite animal! I saw a cute little exhibit of them at the Houston Zoo once. They're so playful and cute, and they hold hands with each other so they don't drift apart in the water 😭💕
Anyways, I kind of have a thing for otters.
My mom just talked to me about trains for a half an hour. Yay.
I don't really care for trains in the U.S. because they suck compared to the rest of the world. But she loves all trains, so I listened before kindly escorting her out lol.
I want a simple, simple life. That's all I've ever wanted. I hate rushing. I hate being busy and tired all the time. I hate unnecessary stress.
I'm dreaming of a slower pace of life. I think I can achieve it.
Okay, gonna finish this BB10 episode and go to sleep.
I'm alright. I hope he's alright, too. Stay strong, okay? You're gonna be just fine.
Idk why, I just felt like maybe he needed to hear that, and me too. Ugh I'm a dork lol.
Night 🌙 🌉 🌌 😴
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2023.06.03 05:58 AvidTh1nker 27M If you giggle you owe me a chat!

Hey y'all, thanks for being here, I want to thank my parents, my friends.. Oh, sorry, I dont know how to start writing those things, so I guess I should start from the beginning? Here i go:
It was a sunny day in 1996, when a sweet young lady had a contraction and... Oh gosh, sorry again. I will fast forward a bit.
Well, as the title says, I am 27, and I'm brazilian. Let me cut the chase and answer the top 3 questions I get all the time.
  1. Yes, we are forced to play soccer from an early age. You need to play at least 1 soccer game every week or else... oh boy, things get messy
  2. Yes, all South Americans learn how to dance at the age of 2, I may have missed a few classes, tho.
3 No, not every brazilian has a big booty, I know you weren't ready for that, I'll give you some minutes to process it, and then we can go on.
Ok, now a bit about me, what do I like? Great question, let's see, I love movies, specially thriller, some of my favorites are Shutter Island, final destination, the pursuit of Happiness, inception and a lot more, we can talk about movies for, like, 30 minutes then I will get bored and change the subject but you got the idea.
I love series too, especially comedy, Friends are my favorite ones, and Ross and Rachel shouldn't end up together. Do you think you can change my mind? Try it, I dare you!
I like to work out and stay active, probably because of all those years forced to play soccer at school, now my body needs it. I have a cute border collie too so if you read all this and thought "omg he is so boring, I can't stand anymore" then just bear with me a little longer and you can see Loki in all his glory once you pm me.
I like to go out with my friends, and play some games together, I own a small collection of boardgames so if you are into that we have something to talk about too, my favorites are single player rpgs but I love playing coop games as well.
If you want to get an idea of what I look like, I'm 5'10 (177cm), brown eyes, and hair, and we can exchange pictures at any time.
You read this far? OMG, ME TOO! Send me a chat request, and let's see how it goes. Just behave yourself cause I am legally allowed to handcuff you.
See you soon! :)
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2023.06.03 05:58 Inevitable-Place6077 AITA for writing a fake love note in class and signing someone else's name on it?

I did this in my writing class. I've wrote fake love notes in other classes but it was done with students and had someone else's name on it that's not from them. I decided and had an idea to write one to the teacher. And the thing about this, my writing teacher is male and I'm signing another male classmates name on it. The note was saying he likes him and is asking him out to a fancy restaurant. I wrote the note in a different class so I didn't get caught with it in class. I folded the note up with both their names signed on the front of it. I couldn't think of anyway to give it to the teacher, so I sat it on a random desk hoping someone would give it to the teacher as they saw the name. So it did happen, it was on my classmates desk and she gave it to the teacher.
He looked at it in a shocked way, but he didn't read it until 5 mintues later. When he picked it back up he read it. I sit in the front, I kept turning around looking at him. His eyes huge, he looked extremely uncomfortable. I could tell he read it multiple times. He set it aside and he still had that uncomfortable look. He later called him over to his desk and asked him if he wrote this. He crumbled it up and said he didn't. The teacher laughed. He said he wanted to take that up the the principal because that's inappropriate. The teacher told him it wasn't that serious. He blamed somebody else in the classroom for doing it.
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2023.06.03 05:57 TheType95 How can I move the Steam install folder on my c:/ drive without transferring it to another drive?

Hi, thanks for reading.
So to clarify, I'd like to relocate my Steam library folder. I do not want to send it to another drive, I want my games on my fastest NVME drive where they are already, just in a different folder on that same drive. I want to transfer my Steam library folder out of "program files (x86)" and into another folder that's also on my c: drive.
Attempting to make a new library folder via Steam didn't work, it came up with an error message. I've tried editing some setting files to force Steam to acknowledge the new folder I've created, that also didn't work, not surprising as the informatio was a wee bit obsolete and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing.
All I want is to get the game library out of program files, and into another folder, to eliminate a couple of niche stability/compatibility issues (think modding).
Is there a way to do what I'm describing please?
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2023.06.03 05:57 LoveMangaBuddy Read Irregular Empress - Chapter 115 - MangaPuma

“Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?” A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien. Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird. Undercover Empress, Irregular Worker Empress, Temporary Empress, Temporary Positioned Queen / 비정규직 황후 ... Read Irregular Empress - Chapter 115 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.03 05:56 Revolutionary_Bird67 My Manager Gave Me An Anxiety Attack

Hey I just wanted to see what you think of this situation
Today I went into work at retail a customer got a floaty for 10 dollars but it rung up for 12. I called my new manager that was promoted I asked her if she knew how to change a price. She said no I knew how to granted I shouldn’t have changed the price but my other manager was in the car on lunch. I changed it she told me in front of a customer “you can’t do that” I understand but the customer was waiting. With some stuff we need a managers number and password sometimes we don’t need it. She said “I’m not fussing but don’t do it again” ok she brought it up again just let it go. Both of my managers were at the front and the manager asked again about how I did it I showed her and she told the other manager about how I don’t need there numbers to change the price. She argued with me about it I said “whether or not it was the wrong price you still have to honor the price that the customer said it was.” I saw it the strip said 10 dollars btw
She got mad and said “I’m gonna walk away” then my other manager started to chew me out about it and I told her what I said to my other manager I was getting mad I turned my back to her because I was getting mad. She told me she was talking to me not my back I tried to talk but she shut me up I put my head up and smiled I was getting mad. She told me my attitude needed to change right now I said “or what it sounds like your threatening me” she says she wasn’t so I told her I will leave I don’t have to be here. She told my other manger to come to the front and she told me to clock out and she’ll let my general manager know when I can come back in.
I clock out as I was walking to target I realized I had the walkie and they were talking about me I went back in and put it on register 1 I went to wait outside of target I then hear “another name manager wants you to come in and go into the office.” I told her no she said yes I then said “I’m not going since I don’t feel comfortable and I told my general manager I quit” she than called the manager that wanted me in the office she starts to follow me into target and she told the manager I was in target all I hear from the phone “ok” I walked away so I couldn’t hear it.
After awhile I get a call from my manager I didn’t answer and blocked her as right now I was scared that the target people were coming after me. I began to have an anxiety attack my body heating up my hands are shaking and my chest being super tight. I am now scared to go in public even tho I have a taser. A couple days after this the manager that followed me said she suffered from anxiety at age 16 but she gave me an anxiety attack. Well I guess I’ll be getting a call from my general manager so that’ll be fun. I’ll also contact hr about her following me. We’ll just wanted to get this off my chest thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 05:56 Lazy-Tourist-6325 The WoW Discord chat, you will get banned if you don't agree with admins.

If you don't belive me i'll tell you what happened, and nobody can pull any logs to prove me wrong because if they did they would just show proof of what i am saying, they will keep my messages deleted and take no blame or accountability for their actions and mark me as a ''troll' Disgusting.

So one of the admins, not gonna say her name. was in general chat saying how EVERYONE who does not support the LGBTQ movement is a homophobe, of course when i read this i was put off a bit and felt a slight irritation boil inside me, after all this is a very simple minded and wrong way of thinking! in my opinion of course.
So i wanted to try and change her perspective just a tiny bit in the most polite and non triggering way i could think of without starting a fight of any sorts. So i told her this exactly

''I don't agree with that, sorry'

What comes next is very disgusting behaviour, she flat out says i must be a ''Idiot'' because i don't agree with her opinion

So obviously i could tell right away that i am dealing with a very hostile person that may or may not be a little mentally unstable, so i decided to quickly try and end the whole conversation before it got out of hand, it was a lose lose situation for me either way, so in my attempt to de- escalate the conversation before it started i replied with this

'' We will just have to agree to disagree'' I even put a cute little bear emoji next to it

Within the next 5 seconds of posting this i get BANNED, not muted but banned from the entire server that i've been in and talked in for a while, never causing any drama at all. Always been super polite and friendly only to get shit on like this.

And if that's not enough, just 5 minutes prior to this she was all in the chat preaching about how LGBTQ does not judge people and they are all so nice! They just want equallity and peace, no more fighting... Only to literally Judge me as a Homophobe and hate me on a personal level instantly and ban me because i don't agree with a opinion she had.

I'll have you all know that i have nothing against gay people, in my opinion love is love and nobody can tell you who you can or can not love. But i do not support the LGBTQ ''Movement'' partly because of people like that moderator.

I repeat they will not pull the logs even if they see this post because they know they will look bad, it's really sad that this happened but i'm gonna move on, i just wanted to let people know because i don't want them too get banned as well for disagreeing about something. I also wanted to vent a little bit because to me this was very unfair irritating.

Have nice day ^^
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2023.06.03 05:56 IngeniousEquivalence 24M. You open your phone to talk to someone. You have a notif from me. you are happy

Disclaimer - if you already came across this post but feel we didn't hit it off last time, why not another attempt (as long as you didnt ghost me last time - then booo)?
Think about this. The guy on the receiving end is funny. He cracks bad jokes (jokes are frequent, them being bad is very rare tho), he is a great listener to your rants, also gives amazing advice if you want (he follows none of them), has interesting takes on multiple topics and, most importantly, you connect with him. Wow right? He games, he watches tons of series, he used to read books (who has the time these days), he has lurked a lot on this sub and hence knows what exactly to expect, a lil (lot) clingy but gives space whenever required and, most importantly, since he is very afraid of horror movies, he doesn't ghost (but is very afraid of being ghosted)!!!
So? You have an amazing offer at the palm of your hands, what are you waiting for??!? The setup process is so easy as well. You click on the profile on top of this post, click on view profile, quickly stalk him to ensure he is not crazy, tap the message button and chat away? Sounds easy right? Right? RIGHT???? (guess there's only one way to know)
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2023.06.03 05:56 LoveMangaBuddy Read Can’t Go Too Far with the Unrelenting Duke - Chapter 50 - MangaPuma

How can her one-night stand be her student’s guardian? Amelie escaped her life as an abused housemaid and became the youngest professor at the Royal Academy. When a prophecy reveals that the person she marries will die an untimely death, she decides to spend a passionate night with a handsome stranger before succumbing to her destiny. However, she is shocked when she comes face to face with her on ... Read Can’t Go Too Far with the Unrelenting Duke - Chapter 50 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.03 05:55 IngeniousEquivalence 24M. You open your phone to talk to someone. You have a notif from me. you are happy

Disclaimer - if you already came across this post but feel we didn't hit it off last time, why not another attempt (as long as you didnt ghost me last time - then booo)?
Think about this. The guy on the receiving end is funny. He cracks bad jokes (jokes are frequent, them being bad is very rare tho), he is a great listener to your rants, also gives amazing advice if you want (he follows none of them), has interesting takes on multiple topics and, most importantly, you connect with him. Wow right? He games, he watches tons of series, he used to read books (who has the time these days), he has lurked a lot on this sub and hence knows what exactly to expect, a lil (lot) clingy but gives space whenever required and, most importantly, since he is very afraid of horror movies, he doesn't ghost (but is very afraid of being ghosted)!!!
So? You have an amazing offer at the palm of your hands, what are you waiting for??!? The setup process is so easy as well. You click on the profile on top of this post, click on view profile, quickly stalk him to ensure he is not crazy, tap the message button and chat away? Sounds easy right? Right? RIGHT???? (guess there's only one way to know)
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2023.06.03 05:55 InsertSmthngQuirky TW: Miscarriage /// Is it normal to feel sad after one despite not wanting/knowing about kids?

Tw/cw: miscarriage, abortion
Please let me know if this needs to be deleted or something, other wise, I just need somewhere to vent other than to friends
Little backstory, I've noticed my period was late 5-6 days. I wasn't getting any typical pms symptoms and I was getting concerned, as normally my periods are late at times but for almost a week (only once did it happen but that was 4-5 days). The past few days I've just been getting little spotting and bad cramping, been keeping an eye out for any pregnancy symptoms as well but I couldn't tell much I think
Today was when I woke up and moved around the cramps were worse, especially when biking to get tests (wrong ones but didn't realize till a bit later). Sitting didn't help as much either as the cramps were still there.
Earlier, when coming home today, I took 2 right tests. 1 coming out pregnant, the other not pregnant
The instructions said if you got those two results, you most likely had a loss. It took a bit for me to finally register that I actually was pregnant and it died. There was some blood for a minute as well when I was finishing up in the restroom
I know for sure if I actually was and didn't get a miscarriage, I would've chose for an abortion cause I know for sure no way in hell I'd be ready to be a parent, I'm not even sure if I'd even want kids in the future. I'd rather just want myself to regret not having kids than regret having them cause I'll be a shitty parent due to anger issues, impulsivity, and in general incompetence, I'd want to be an uncle figure as well.
The idea of carrying a parasite my body chose for me makes me dysphoric. Why was I given this ability when it could've been given to someone else who ACTUALLY WANTS kids??
So why am I crying over this?
Yeah I'm relieved yet also sad. Miscarriages are traumatic. Why did I feel like maybe I would've wanted it, having a little shit version of me running around? Uhgh fuck idk why couldn't I just been relieved cause now the idea of me wanting kids is probably true, when I don't want it to be
I got an appointment for tomorrow, so getting checked out is already there I think some support is nice idk, thanks for reading
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2023.06.03 05:55 MischiefManaged1975 World feels real and I feel fake

I known all about depersonalization and how it makes the world feels fake. However, I've always felt the opposite. The world does exist and it's humming with life. It's just me who feels out of place - like I'm simply Not Supposed To Be Here. Almost as if in fictional character and sometimes I'm just playing a part. And maybe that's why I can't connect with the world or people around me like I'm supposed to.
Maybe its because growing up, reading was my coping mechanism for my very confusing trauma. Or maybe its me being autistic. I don't know. All I do know, is that sometimes I'll look at people who are happy, or just even random strangers on the street, and can feel the life pouring out of them and I get a sad sort of envy. I want to be apart of the world like them. I'm not an active player on the board. I'm always going to be the bystander.
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2023.06.03 05:54 Alita_the_lily Why are so many therapists so bad with trans topics?

I just had a session with someone who knew I was trans and proceeded to misgender me repeatedly and when I corrected him, he then started referring to me like “he she whatever” whenever he needed to use pronouns. And then proceeded to describe my experience as a trans woman to be that of a gay man. Ugh why is it so hard to find mental health practitioners with even like the most basic understanding of trans issues.
Anyway thanks for reading my lil mini rant
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2023.06.03 05:53 LoveMangaBuddy Read A Fairy Tale for Villains - Chapter 39 - MangaPuma

Despite being born as the daughter of a nanny, I considered myself blessed. With my loving mother, caring masters, and their three children, I couldn’t have asked for a better life.However, this all changed during the year my mother and masters died of a plague. That was when I remembered who I was before this life.Somehow, I was reincarnated as a side character of an angsty reverse harem romance ... Read A Fairy Tale for Villains - Chapter 39 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.03 05:53 Tasty-Organization52 When you leave a cult, some don’t know they left a cult. I left a cult.

It has been almost ten years since I have served a mission for the Mormon church. Many years now after an incredible experience on mushrooms and a healthy recent life with weed. The walls have crashed down. I have overcome my fears that I have left off of doubt and that I’m lost. I know that is my cult upbringing manipulating my own thoughts. I have left a cult. I have finally done it.
I’m proud that I finally did it. I managed to beat this unhealthy life depriving entity. This cult.
Recently a couple missionaries somehow found my home address. My fiancé invited them in. She’s never been affiliated with the church. After a brief visit by them. We treated them respectfully. And they were very kind to our boy. I told my fiancé I know it’s a cult. Because during their visit for a split second I was doubting my own assertion that they belong to a cult. All the dogma and indoctrination came flooding back. And I reasserted in my mind that I was right. This church destroys individuals and families.
Mormonism is a church of man. Another cult. For any Mormon reader reading this. If you are reading my post as if I’m blaspheming the church, or that I am in the devils grasp, and feel attacked by me. These are all clear signals in a sane world that you are immersed in a cult. They will make you doubt your doubts. They will tell you not to search the truth. To trust the leaders. They will tell you anyone who strays is unhappy and living lives in sin.
I’m the happiest I have ever been. My world full of love. This testimony stands as a direct contradiction to everything they say about leaving. Leave and live your life. If you must believe in a God. Then trust God alone. And love your neighbor.
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2023.06.03 05:53 DudeThatsErin Best blogging platform that connects to Obsidian and allows me to publish from iPad?

I know there is Obsidian Publish. That is on my radar but I’d rather save the $100/year on the hosting I already have.
WordPress is okay but the loading times of websites are super slow so while I can use it and I can use the Obsidian -> Wordpress Plugin on Desktop that plugin doesn’t work on mobile so I’d have to use the WP app. Plus, I can’t decide on a theme. Nothing stands out and is like “oh yeah, that’s what I want my blog to look like”…
Ghost won’t work cause I don’t own a VPS (though I wish it would even though the plugins (again) only work on Desktop).
GitHub Pages is okay but then I’d have to have a separate vault for my blog and that is annoying. It isn’t out of the picture cause I like how my wiki turned out:
I don’t know of any others. I don’t need comments.
Honestly, I want my blog set up just like Obsidian’s new blog…. You can read, see when blogs were published, share the feed (and there is probably RSS), and it is easy to navigate.
I will be posting reviews on apps & software I use as well as devices I use and tutorials on how to do things.
Is there something I’m missing?
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2023.06.03 05:53 HoldMines_15 How does one becoming a conversationist?

I can’t talk for shit. I know how common this sounds but my case is different. I’m so bad at conversation my only responses to anything are “mmm” “I see” “or “that’s crazy” basically just agreeing with everything and giving emotional responses. Which comes off as boring or predictable to most people I talk to. I’m trying to come up with different responses or even think of outlets quick enough to keep a conversation going.
Are there any books I can read or YouTube/discord channels I can follow that benefits what I’m searching for?
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