3717 beach dr sw

Back when ESPN wasn't just 24/7 Football Coverage, i miss the old days of afternoon Beach Hockey. I would watch this and the cap the day off by listening to Adam and Dr Drew.

2023.06.07 02:03 CADIUSBAN Back when ESPN wasn't just 24/7 Football Coverage, i miss the old days of afternoon Beach Hockey. I would watch this and the cap the day off by listening to Adam and Dr Drew.

Back when ESPN wasn't just 24/7 Football Coverage, i miss the old days of afternoon Beach Hockey. I would watch this and the cap the day off by listening to Adam and Dr Drew. submitted by CADIUSBAN to billsimmons [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 01:25 spacecadetbobby We have to go after the Advertising

"Go against the grain" sings the upbeat and vibrant background vocals.
Image of outdoors, animals and untouched wilderness.
Probably one of those shots of a wheel going through a big puddle.
Maybe a kid sees a Moose or runs along a remote beach.
But where in reality is any of this?
Where is the shot of the angry worker moving at a snails pace through traffic, an hour into their commute?
Where is the shot of the financing bill, the insurance bill, the gasoline bill or the municipal/city tax bill?
Where is the timelapse shot of forests clearcut for paved parking or of the convenience of crawling through that parking lot to get a space that's about a two or three block walk away from the actual store anyways?
Where is the cigarette-like graphic image of the physical and biological harm that this product has a high probability of causing it's customer?
Advertising, across the board, is out of control; has become a toxin to civilization. Big Pharma constantly wants to convince me or remind me how unhappy I am and outright manipulates me to try and think what they have will finally make me fulfilled, healthy and happy. Big Tech constantly wants to convince me that *this time*, their product will finally get me that friend group I've always yearned for, and that the reason I don't already have them is because I'm a loser that still has their old product. Big Laundry wants to convince me that my laundry problem is that washing my laundry isn't leaving enough chemicals on my clothes, and that what my nose should be filled with are artificial fragrances all day, rather than clean air and the natural smells of earths and humans. Yet, Big Auto is easily one of the worst offenders, constantly chastising me for not doing more outdoorsy stuff to fend off my malaise, or not doing enough to protect myself or my family in my older model death machine, and that my solution is to be a unique flower by buying a complex expensive machines that'll last 10 years, if I'm lucky, never once telling me that the reason we're all a lot less outdoorsy is because social conformity to their product broke the village, took away all our local outdoors and wrecked the air to boot.
First, a disclaimer: I'm not out to take anything away from those who truly need vehicles, or who are actually enthusiastic about them, but that natural demand for vehicles will still exist no matter what we do, and what I'm talking about is far different from giving people both no other choice but to own a vehicle, and simultaneously allowing this level of deceptive social manipulation that's intentionally meant to hijack human emotion into making uniformed life and civilization altering purchases. Purchases so big for the individual and for society, that it can financially ruin them and their local governments. In reality, if people actually need cars and trucks, they will find them; they know where to look. We don't need 30 second short films every 10 minutes to convince those people to buy a truck. Go, buy your truck, but don't make excuses for companies to so openly manipulate me and create artificial market demand.
Beyond that disclaimer, I think advertising is where we can finally strike a real winning blow against this artificially created car-centric social paradigm we find ourselves in, and thanks to the laws on advertising Cigarettes, I think there is a strong precedent to make action happen, especially if it becomes uncomfortable for lawmakers to ignore the cigarette parallels. I've already started writing letters to send out to my representatives, pointing this out and pleading for the protection of consumers against big auto.
I also say, at the ground level, we fight fire with fire by making "anti car commercials"; the music, the emotions and bombast of stereotypical car commercials, but showing the unvarnished truth of commutes, car-wrecking potholes, bills, municipal/city expense and fatalities. I say we invade the space big auto has taken, rent free, in everyone's brains, and help tear down the faux illusion they created of car ownership. Hell, someone could even make an organization or something that can raise money to make these commercials and actually broadcast them or plaster YouTube with them. Just imagine, Chad Truck Bro sits down in front of his TV and gets excited when a new truck commercial starts, but then blamo: stuck in traffic, trying to park, filling the tank, paying the mechanic, fighting with the spouse over the bills, etc. etc., as the upbeat "going against the grain" music plays...
Anyways, stuff to think about.
Tl;dr: Auto advertising has convinced everyone that car ownership is wonderful, similar to how Cigarette companies convinced everyone smoking was healthy, and there is a precedent for legal regulatory action to be taken.
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2023.06.07 01:08 Kitchen_Ambition_259 Hour Vacation

Swear I'm about to turn my hour lunch next Thursday into a beach hour cause everyone in my crew going to the actual beach but me so just buy a plastic kiddie pool, a beach chair, a cooler, case of dr pepper, bag of ice, maybe even one those small snowcone machine and I'll bring a extention cord all I need outside the store pretty much is a bag of playground sand which I can get from the home depot down the street
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2023.06.07 00:09 bryanfromtejas Samana beach DR excursion!

Got an excursion to samana beach lmk if interested in the DR for July!
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2023.06.06 22:39 TheBig34Ever Interesting authentic non-touristy thing to do in the Cayman Islands?

Hi all. I am heading to the cayman islands soon and will be enjoying the lovely beaches and all the great amenities. I did want to though, for one day, kind of go on the outskirts a bit and see something native to that world, native to the locals. In Nigeria, I visited some palm oil farms, and in the DR, I visited some sugarcane plantations and I actually worked for a couple hours and felt what the life was like for a local and farmer. This was very fulfilling for me. I want to see if I can replicate a similar experience in the Cayman's, depending on what people do there for work that is unique to that island. Another type of farm would be nice, or maybe even visiting some kind of smaller village.
Thank you for all your thoughts.
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2023.06.06 22:37 watermanfla 7 month Renewal OMMU

7 month Renewal OMMU
Today I had my 7 month ommu renewal in the Daytona Beach area. My appointment was for 3:45. I got there at 3:40 and I left at 3:47. They scheduled the new numbers to take effect on the 13th , since I end on the 12th. They also automatically file for the RFE. Right now I have 14 k edible, 14 k oral ,7 k sublingual, 28k inhalation and 3.5 Oz flower. Appointment was my 6th renewal. It was $150. The same price I think it's always been. If you know, you know, it's Dr O!!!
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2023.06.06 21:53 Distinct_Geologist99 Scooped a 50 card lot locally for 30 bucks. These were the best of the bunch, and a few cool keepers. Solid and fun little haul imo.

Scooped a 50 card lot locally for 30 bucks. These were the best of the bunch, and a few cool keepers. Solid and fun little haul imo. submitted by Distinct_Geologist99 to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:49 smoakee How to get from Rhodes Airport to Stegna?

Hi peoples, me and my girlfriend are going for a vacation to Rhodes in August and we are looking forward for our holiday very much!
We have a beautiful place to stay at Stegna Beach and the only problem we are dealing with at the moment is figuring out how to get from the airport to Stegna?
What’s the best and affordable way to transfer? I looked up the buses, but it’s saying me they drive only twice a day and it could take even several hours compared to a car which is there under one hour.
I fail to find any Uber or other transport companies in the area. We are not super wealthy, but at the same time we don’t want to spend 7 hours on a bus if we can be there in 1 hour with a taxi.
Is airport taxi the best option for us? How much we should expect them to cost?
tl;dr: what’s the best way to get from Rhodes Airport to Stegna Beach for a young couple on their holidays?
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2023.06.06 20:17 Outside_Ad_6993 Kansas city hobby challenge tips for next year

Quickly like to say day 3 of the event was great and it was wonderful to meet several amazing people. Unfortunately lost the challenge but was fun regardless and the dioramas picked were great. One thing that was off was the ticket we would get a voucher and pick paints from the shop to keep along with free brushes. We got those, but it was the used brushes and pot from the challenge. Which kinda sucks.
Now, this could all change come the next open as they seem to still be figuring out some details. However I hope some of these will help for future people wanting to take the plunge.
  1. Bring supplies This seems obvious but after hearing how gw doesn’t usually want people to bring certain supplies, I figured it was no supplies. Now non gw paints are probably a no no, but I saw people bring putty, knifes, brushes, glue, etc and been completely a-okay. A part of me feels like it defeats the purpose of using what is there and working from that, but I digress.
Three things I think you SHOULD definitely bring are brushes, hobby knife, and files. With a possible additive of gw paint, plastic and super glue. They don’t have knives for you to use, only a mold line remover. Also the brushes are used by everyone, so they will get furled or battered.
  1. Bring snacks This applies to people also playing, but having good snacks on hand for breaks is a life saver. Granted there is a venue along with being connected to a large market place, but it gets pricey. Just try not having a messy snack, unless you ran out of red and decided marinara is a good alternative.
  2. Pace yourself 3 days with 8 hours is a lot of time. You will burn out if you rush through the stuff day one or make your diorama a mess. Stop, take it a step at a time since a lot of it can easily be done within 2 days. If you are really worried about getting things done due to outside stuff, just take it to wherever your staying and work on it there.
  3. Get creative
    An obvious one maybe, but honestly go wild with the bits you have. Someone made a guard lying on a beach with the vampire lady (can never remember her name) holding apples over a cave. Another guy had a chaplain marrying a space marine to this vampire with a skeleton crowd. Since I found loads of tzeentch bits and horrors, I decided to try that since ive never done daemon stuff and made a tzeentch sorceress conversion with an army of horrors. Unless you just have loads of bits n bobs around you aren’t going to do these wacky ideas often so just go for it.
  4. Set a goal Having a goal helps you stay focused and not worry about other possible out comes. Do you want it to be the best painted? Do you wanna make a fully converted diorama? Do you want a cool or funny story? Will say the best primary goal to have is to have fun. You have access to loads of bits and paint for 55 dollars and can go hog wild.
  5. Talk to people
    Another obvious one but it goes without saying that everyone is there to have fun. If you need help finding bits, they will more than likely help you. They may even lend you some supplies you forgot or give useful tips and advice.
Tl;dr 1. Bring stuff to make modeling easier 2. Bring food, it’s cheaper and less walking 3. Dont rush it 4. Get the creative cap on and go nuts 5. Create a goal and focus on it 6. Be social
Last thing I’ll mention is that there were 4 categories with a prize of a mcfarlane action figure. Best painted, conversion, story, and fan fav.
Let me know if there’s anything else you have questions on. Hope to see more next year!
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2023.06.06 19:39 PanicSwtchd How I learned the value of life-work balance!

Edit: shortened it up a bit and added a TL;DR; Quit job due to shitty raise after 2 years of freezes. New Job bait and switched role and ended up having ageist ladder climbing manager who sucked at their job. Got worked into the ground and had long awaited vacation cancelled the morning of...waited for manager to leave and resigned while throwing them under the bus and getting them demoted so hard they haven't changed roles/titles in 12 years.
I was told to crosspost my comment in another subreddit here as folks may appreciate it here. Got a solid response with the folks talking about an a-hole boss demanding an employee work over a pre-booked vacation. I'll add a bit more context here, but this was about 12 years ago when this all went down. Since then, I went back to work for a previous employer where I was unceremoniously let go for reasons (maybe another post), but have since been working for almost 10 years at another company (folks of this subreddit are not a huge fan of them but they have probably treated me the most humanely and respectfully as I've ever seen). That said...on with the story!
In 2010, after the wonderful failings of the job market leading to salary freezes and sub-par raises, I had gotten my 3 year performance evaluation at my employer at the time. After having been promoted twice, but not getting salary increases due to freezes, I received a whopping 5% increase and told "this was an amazing increase for doing so well"...Sufficed to say, I was not very happy and started shopping around. My manager was sad, but his boss told me to "do what you gotta do, no other company out there will pay you what you're saying is market". Being young, motivated, driven, and damn smart, I went out there and in under 2 weeks I had secured an interview, gone through the process and had an offer in hand. I actually got more than I was asking...nearly a 35% increase in base salary. Took the offer, stuck to my guns of not dealing with counter offers, put in my notice, worked right through to my last day and left on good terms (important later).
The new job was great, I was working in a similar role as a L2 Support Technician but for a different class of product than what I used to work on at my previous firm (middleware). Turns out it was a bit of a bait and switch because 3 months after I joined, my new employer transferred me to the sister team of the support group I was on to support the new version of their middleware product. Prior to this version, the middleware was a free service and as such, received a free service's level of support...No SLA's, Best Effort Service with a small but knowledgeable support team. It seemed like a good opportunity so I didn't complain much.
Within 3 months we were getting overrun by tickets, chats, and calls all day every day... By the end of the 7th month we had 3 senior techs leave...now it was me, my manager, 1 other senior tech and 3 fresh-faced L1 support techs who moved into our team as 'promotions' on the US Team. I had also received a fairly sizable raise and promotion despite only being there for 6 months...which I should have taken as a huge red flag...Our Asia team was down to 2 people and having serious staffing issues due to the real need to take breaks and step away like humans...So my manager started scheduling me and the other senior tech for alternating 'double shifts' to help support APAC hours and 'reduce our ticket backlog'. We were assured that 'help was on the way...just a few weeks'. After a few weeks, the other tech complained because he has family and kids, and now it was just me working doubles...Literally would work from 830am to about 530pm, take an hour or 2 off, and then work from 730 to 430am and then repeat the next day.
My manager at the time was over double my age...by the time of the story. I was working doubles for like 2 months straight due to the staffing issues but I thought it was a light at the end of the tunnel since I had a 2 week vacation coming up. My manager had it out for me as the next promotion I could get was for her job...So she had it out for me regularly by denying my vacation requests or planning her time off after I'd put mine in. Her rationale to put me on the evening and night shifts was in her words "you're a young man and it's more productive to work and advance your career than go out partying and drinking while the rest of us have families and children to spend time with". This time though, since I hadn't been on vacation for months, and my hours worked were racking up she begrudgingly agreed because it was about to start raising flags to higher management that I hadn't been on continuous leave for a while.
Excited for this, I had booked flights, hotels and a bunch of other things to relax...I was originally planning on going with my girlfriend, but the work hours and stuff pretty much killed that relationship...
The night before my flight there was a major outage and series of issues, and as a Senior on the team, myself and a few others had to come in at like 3am. Despite being really new, most of the former folks quit, leaving me the most senior asides the boss after a few months. 8am rolls around, I'm packing up to go home after fixing the issues and the boss walks up and says "I've cancelled your leave request due to the issue, we're going to need you in to cover for the next week or 2 and you can look into taking time off next month."
I say that, "no, I'm going on vacation...this is non-negotiable"...which she did not take well...she flips out saying "I have the next 3 days off, and that means you are required to cover. You do not negotiate. What I say, goes. Go home, you can freshen up but you need to be back in the office by 11am so I'm not late for my bookings."
I don't really know what came over me...something just kind of broke in me. So I just said OK. packed my bag up and went home. I got into the shower, washed up, shaved, combed and gelled my hair and pounded a 5 hr energy. I hadn't ironed my suits in months and most of my shirts were either wrinkled from being worn a bunch or had the crisp fold wrinkles from being pulled out of the package from the department store across the street and immediately being put on so that I could have a different short on from the day before. So I pulled out a clean shirt, and ironed my best suit and threw it on. I hadn't slept in over 36 hours but I never felt so goddamned awake and locked in in my life.
I got on the subway and walked into the office and landed at my desk around 10:59am...I intentionally spent a few minutes in the lobby getting some tea to make sure I got to my desk at exactly 11am.
Fun fact about this company...they are very much paranoid about competition, so if you quit...you immediately get into your exit interview and then get sent home with 2 weeks PTO/Severance + payout of any remaining vacation time. Usually no counter offers, just exit interview, pack your stuff, and enjoy your 2 weeks PTO.
My boss had a smug grin on her face, packed up her stuff on seeing me sitting down and left for her 3 day vacation. I waited a few minutes, told my 2 junior co-workers that I was sorry for leaving them hanging and then proceeded to print out my resignation letter, walked over to her boss and requested an immediate skip-level and requested if we could get a conference room to talk. When we got into the room, he was asking me why I was so late and that he had been checking my morning badge ins and was concerned that I was routinely coming in 2 hours late and that our working hours were 830am to 530pm. Upon hearing this I told him he probably doesn't have the full story and that before I went into it, that I needed to tender my resignation. He was shocked to say the least, but wasn't even remotely prepared for when I told him to check the "out of hours" badge ins and badge outs which is when he realized I had been working 18+ hour days for the past 2 or 3 months straight. Every "Day" of PTO only counted for an 8 hour shift...to take a full day off I had to burn 2 'days'. But every double shift earned me 8 hours of comp time which was tracked under a different allocation...His jaw dropped when he saw they owed me almost 80 days of Comp Time.
After calming down, he let me know that he apparently didn't know half of what was going on...and begged me to stay on and that I could immediately take time off as soon as she returns. I just said, "I'm done...i'm burned out, and i'm exhausted...and it shouldn't have gotten to this point." Once he realized there was nothing he could do, he said, "hey...do you mind if we order in lunch and do your exit interview and you can just lay it all on the table? I'm willing to listen, and we can have HR in to make sure your concerns get addressed." After the 3 hour exit interview where I proceeded to throw my boss under the bus about how poorly managed the team was and why there was so much attrition, they tallied my severance and I went home with effectively 3 months worth of pay from all the PTO/OT they owed me.
I left, made my flights for vacation that evening and laid out on a beach for a while and more or less just slept when i got back from vacation. I went and got drinks with my old boss who got me a position back at my old company for almost the same amount I was making at the new company, and tbh I took it. It was a bad idea in retrospect, but I wasn't really the same after that.
That said...I'm in a healthy and recovered space now. I've been at my current job for 9 years with a number of big promotions, I make over double, almost triple what I was making at those jobs and I have a management team that encourages us to take time off and has not denied a vacation or time off or even a mental health day request in those 9 years. I also only work 40 to 50 hours a week. compared to 80, 90 or 100hr weeks I was doing...
But that required me to take the steps to say "no" to my bosses and managers and setting boundaries. Good management will respect those boundaries and work with you if there's a conflict.
Anyways, enough proselytizing...what happened to my manager?
Well, within 2 weeks of me leaving, she was demoted. I didn't get too many details but she was pretty much trying to maximize her bonus by getting stuff done with as few staff-hours as possible. She found a loophole that she could allocate comp time which was not being tracked and was using that to bundle staff hours into...almost like a overtime ponzi scheme? I don't know how she didn't get fired but I can tell you this...it's been 12 years and she still has the same title...the equivalent of a 2 or 3 year employee getting their first promotion. So Get Wrecked i suppose?
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2023.06.06 19:38 Relative-Professor51 Alienated mother of 24 year old and I just now find out why

I last saw my daughter in 2015. I fought in an abusive court until the very end when she was 17 and I had no more opportunity to do so.
There is so much evidence of alienation in my case. It was all orchestrated by the stepmother.
For almost the last 2 years of our life together I was forced to be supervised for a mental impairment I did not have and even submitted evidence of such a diagnosis. Today, I believe this to be projection of the stepmother's own mental health issues which she denies of course. For example, in a declaration that she always wrote for my ex husband, she said when I met my ex he found a medicine bottle on the counter and it was for depression/bipolar. The declaration then said that I just stopped taking this med. Never happened to me! In 2009 my ex and the stepmother split up temporarily and we were friendly for a few months. I learned a lot during this time. Ex told me he thought the stepmother was bipolar.
Now, I always thought that this happened to my ex husband and her about the meds. However, recently it struck me, he would know, not just think it. He said, he "thought". If he saw the med bottle he would know. So my new theory is this happened with her and her first husband. Projection, don't ya think? There was so much projection, narcissist projection during all those years of fighting to be in my daughter's life normally at that.
Anyway, in January I found her social media. I contacted her for the first time ever with the truth. I started telling her much truth. When she was a child I never badmouthed the stepmother or father. I also never discussed court with her. Also, Dr. Richard Warsack suggests on his website to reach out to the adult alienated child's spouse or friend. That what do you have to lose, absolutely nothing. It can't get any worse. I did this with no reply. I did get a nice reply and had a couple of email exchanges from the soon-to-be mother-in-law. She felt uncomfortable getting involved but was very kind. I said I understood.
From the little information I have figured out since then my daughter was forced to tell anyone knew that came into her life a bunch of lies about why her mother was not in her life. I can only imagine... So, when I reached out to the spouse soon to be, from the little info I have received he was upset as what I said did not match what she has told me all the years. How was I to know? I actually initially thought I was speaking to her as the social media page was her, but he got it. How was I to know that either?
Anyway, the stepmother and I had several emails over a couple of weeks' time. I finally wrote to both of them and said to never contact me again, and we have not communicated again. She goes, do you want to know why she is not in your life? It is because you took those letters to her work (she was 17), you introduced the term parental alienation in them and you told her lies about us.
First, my daughter was almost an adult. I was a mother about to lose my daughter out of my life and did. I was desperate to get the truth to her of what was going on. At one of the last court hearings exes attorney blurted out **** does not want to see her mother ever again." At the last hearing, we were to start seeing each other unsupervised. Of course, this never happened. The daughter was to call me to set up the time to meet. She did and hung up in the middle of her sentence. The ex said I hung up. The phone records show how long I waited. As well, I called back. Not a word from her again on this.
After about 6 weeks of agonizing about the fact she never wanted to see me again, I got brave enough to go to her work. Lets back up. This with the court went down in August of 2015. One month earlier we had a supervised visit that was great as usual. I still have all the supervised notes that show a great time, and a loving relationship, no issues ever.
A couple of months prior in May on Mother's Day for the first time ever I got a Mother's Day card from her that said I love you. This was on her own, no help. And the last one as well.
So, she worked at the box office at the movie theater. I went up to her when she had no customers. I brought her a cupcake from a store that sold them in the mall. She loved it. I asked her if she said she never wanted to see me again. She said, "No I did not!" I was maybe there 5 minutes. When I left I said "I love you," She said, "I love you too"
The next visit was okay. There was a third visit in which I took a second letter similar to the one below. At this visit to her work, I asked if she wanted to go to lunch sometime. She told me to never come back and she had no more time for me. Clearly, the father and stepmother twisted it all when they found out about the second visit and letters. I took her the first later explaining what was going on. Here is one of the two letters I gave her.
I am not going to talk to you now about anything unless you want to.
I do want to know one thing and please tell me the truth. It is okay. Because if you did I will leave you alone unless you come to me in life. I don’t want to. I would be heartbroken. I have fought **** forever for you to be in your life. I can prove how much I fought.
I am done in court. I tried my hardest. Without an attorney very hard. I have been in court 4 years. I am at the end. There is no more I can do.
I am positive 95% u have been told not true.
Don’t you wish to correspond with *** (brother - adult older)? He would love it!! Tell him about your life, your job, your school, your friends, ******* ******* ****** *****.
I want to give you my post office box address so you can correspond with **** that way and no one has to know. So, you can correspond with me if you want. I will give you a key if you want. So it can be for only you to know about. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want.
*** we all love you so much. We want in your life. I have an email I sent to an attorney in 2009, In this email I tell the attorney that my ex husband said if I take it to court so I can see you that he would get you to tell a GAL you didn’t want to see me. And that is what finally happened. I know they are not really your words. Look at all the fun we had playing games and had before I was wrongfully supervised.
I can only imagine what your dad said to make you say what you did to GAL. That is so wrong. Again, I love you. I am not trying to nor ever would talk you out of the relationships you have with your dad and others. I love you too much and would never hurt you.
I don’t know where you got it in your head that I would get you to do things you didn’t want. I never have nor ever would! !!!
Did you tell the GAL that if you had it your way you would not want to see me ever again? I want the truth, it is okay. I won’t be mad. You said in your report you don’t want to feel guilty. If you didn’t love me at all or even care you wouldn’t feel guilty. It is okay. I understand all that has gone on.
Maybe if you want get advice from your friends. I don’t think they would discard your mother. I didn’t abandon u twice nor even once. Your dad hid you from me from 2004 to 2009. I don’t want you to hate your dad. I have said many times before and still mean I won’t keep you from loving anyone. That is a good parent. **** vou said I act like I am not mentally my age. Do you have examples? I have had 3 psychological evaluations, no mental disorders, no personality disorders, no anger. aggression or depression. I am mentally my age. You said you were the mother in 2012. How so? I was hurt about you going to the beach as it was my only 2 weeks ever with you. Can’t you see that? I talked with mostly **** and in the end because I love my kids and a good mother would do this and let you go to the beach.
I want you to know these things. Don’t discard me. If you need to wait 10 months ok I can. U need to put your foot down where your family is concerned. Regardless of what you are told when u r 1 8 you do not have to listen to anyone.
If you want me to leave you alone until your 18 1 will. I don’t want to, but will. **** your grandma said you used to love spending time with her.
***** address or I can get you his letters to you. U can mail them from school or wherever.
How is school?
**** I know your dad probably said tell him of any time I contact you again. U don’t have to. I am unsupervised now and should have been all along per my former psychologist. Please don’t. I am not fighting for me but **** too and all your **** family.
I think maybe you should get your own phone as I am positive yours is being watched over. But that is up to you. I won’t bombard you on it or contact u at all if u don’t want me to, but it lets you communicate with everyone else.
******* U can use my email **** and make one if you want
Use my return address
************ ***************
Love you so much forever *****.
Mom "
The comments about mentally my age and immature were in the GAL report that supposedly my daughter told the gal. I don't think she spoke to her because much of what was said was not true as to how her and I were.
But, in 2012 she came to visit me for 2 weeks. Of course, the ex, his wife caused drama. My son asked if she could go with him to the beach with my family for a weekend. I was torn as this was my two weeks time with her. I kept the conversation away from my daughter. I knew I was being scrutinized during this visit. In the end I did right by my children and let her go for the weekend. How was I immature and not my age?!! Quite the opposite. As well, I find out a year later how horrible I am because I caused my daughter to miss the family photo during the beach weekend that I did not let her go to. I had no idea there was a beach photo planned. Why couldn't they take the photo the weekend she was there?
Tons and tons of alienation over the years. In fact, I have a blog and am writing a book about my story.
The stepmother still interfering and alienating. Yes, it still happens when they are adults. She said it was because of the letters I took to her work. It was because I watched her at work. I did no such thing. It was because she asked me not to come back, but I did anyway. Not true. When she asked me I did not out of respect for her. It was because I lied in the letters about them (ex and stepmother). I did no such thing.
And another reason she does not want in my life and I am alienated is because I contacted her fiance and MIL recently. I was already alienated so that is irrelevant. Furthermore, I had no idea the lies told. If so, I could have found a more discrete way to try to reconnect. But of course, that is all my fault.
My reason for writing this portion of my story is that I would like your opinions on my letter to her. The first one ever as she is almost an adult. I am a desperate mother trying to keep my child in her life.
Are these letters really reasons that a child would want out of their parent's life? I even protect the father and stepmother in the letter. And the rest of her family.
This is just a small part of my alienation story as well. My daughter is 24 and getting married in a couple weeks and sadly I will not be there. But, the stepmother as I call her will be there. She also seemed gleefully happy that my daughter did not respond to my attempts at reaching out. For all the years, it was her goal to eliminate me and she accomplished that goal. Along with an abusive family court. She paid my exes legal fees in the end totaling $150,000.
My daughter now knows much of the truth. How can the alienated adult child not see it all?
submitted by Relative-Professor51 to ParentalAlienation [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:25 anaa2018 Is Marriage Supposed to Be This Hard?

tl;dr: I (36f) have been married to H (46m) for about 9 years now and we have 3 little ones. Marriage has been very hard for me and I feel I put in more than I get. I think about divorce often but I feel life as a single mom of 3 will be just as hard as being married and unhappy. Advice?
I feel there are two types of marital advice: one is that it's supposed to be really hard and you're supposed to continue to work on marriage and that there are long period where you may hate each other, but you just have to stick it out. Then there is the other side which says, with the right partner, marriage should be easy and enjoyable, and shouldn't feel like constant "work".
I'm kind of torn. I feel like my marriage has been mostly very hard. Granted, I'm the one who usually brings up the issues - which sometimes makes me feel like I must be the problem, because he seems fine with how things are. For a long time, I didn't feel like a priority in our marriage (I felt like he would rather spend time away, with friends rather than me; no gifts or any spontaneity, not taking me out on dates, etc., not be super helpful with the kids even when I was so overwhelmed). But he's not a bad person and not a bad dad.
He works a lot and comes home at almost the kids' bedtime. He also has been leaving home super early and he's the one who takes the kids to daycare, so I've been trying to get them to sleep earlier. Last night, I was pretty exhausted after a long day at work, grocery shopping, and picking up the kids from school. So while I was putting the 2 littles ones to bed, I asked him if he can put the older one (5 year old) to bed himself and he said ok. It took a while for me to get the two little ones to sleep. When I came out, I saw my older one was in her room with a phone in her hand watching a video while he was in the bathroom. When he came out, he immediately got on his phone. I went to her room and asked her if she had gone to the bathroom, she said "no, daddy brushed my teeth but didn't take me to the bathroom". He came to check what's going on and I told him, "well, she was on the phone and hadn't gone to the bathroom yet". He said "oh yeah, she's not used to sleeping this early so I let her watch something ". I told him that i had asked him to help me put her to sleep because I was tired, and now it's on me again to put her to sleep like every other night. He got so angry, went in the bathroom with her to help her go potty and yelled "get out!" at me. I said "excuse me?" and he locked the door and yelled "get out!" again. I was so shocked. I just kept standing there. My daughter kept calling my name and when I didn't answer, I heard her tell him "well, you yelled at her to get out and now she won't answer me."
That broke my heart. After she got out she looked for me again and he kept telling her to go to sleep. I finally ended up taking her to bed and sleeping next to her. After she slept, he came in the room and tried to talk to me. He said we shouldn't argue in front of her and that we just have different parenting styles. His way of putting her to sleep is to let her watch a show until she gets sleepy (by the way, that's how my MIL puts them to sleep too), but that if I wanted, that's fine, he'll do it my way. He said if I work so hard to be so strict I'm just going to hurt myself. Finally after he was done I told him all this talk and I still haven't heard you apologize for yelling at me to get out. He said "fine I'm sorry but..." and kept bringing excuses about things I've done in the past too.
Last weekend, his marshall arts teacher cancelled and so he had more time on Sunday to spend with us (that's his only day off). So we decided to take the kids to the beach. He wanted to take a tent he bought a while back, but the tent was at his mom's house so we drove there first to get it. When we got to the beach, he was opening it and then realized a part of it was missing and that he had left it at his mom's house. He was upset but I kept telling him it's ok don't worry. But to be honest, I was kind of irritated why he had kept the tent at his mom's. And it reminded me how he has so many of his things there, including his passport and his shaving stuff (he goes there every morning before work and shaves at his sister's bathroom - she's older than him but still lives with their mom).
I know this is long and all over the place. I just don't know what to do. I feel like like if I get a divorce, the kids will be torn between two places (plus, I know he won't do much of the parenting anyway when they're with him because he will just move back in with his mom and she will do everything). But if I stay, the kids will definitely see two unhappy parents and I don't want them to grow up with that trauma that I experienced myself as a child. I can try my best to let things go more and kind of check out of the marriage, but I know the kids will see that too.
I didn't grow up seeing a healthy marriage so maybe I don't know what it's supped to look like. So I guess my question is - is this just part of normal marriage issues?
submitted by anaa2018 to Marriage [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:23 Ok_Independent_1230 FL STUDIO 21

WIN - v21.0.3 (1.01 GB)
MAC - v20.8
**Use VirusTotal or Malwarebytes if you feel at risk*\*
***Please use ModMail if you are having troubles**\*
Support RandomCracks RC2023
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2023.06.06 18:38 Remarkable_Ant7907 My (26M) girlfriend (28F) was "kidnaped" to a vacation we were dreaming of doing by her best friend

Hi everyone, here is a topic of the vein "should I be okay with that" as the obvious solution to the situation will come through discussion, the question is more how to get on with it.
For a time and background reference: the trip that cause all this mess is currently going on, I'm enjoying my free time to think about how to handle this and write you. This is with my (26M) girlfriend (28F) of 2 years, we've been living abroad our respective country for a while, in a quite shitty place, both of us strongly dislike. We send most of our time between the 2 of us as almost all our friend and families are abroad. In order to have a slightly happier life, we moved in together just before the trip happened.
Now the story, get yourself some popcorn it's a bit long.

Since around 8 months ago, we've been discussing the goal to make a very good travel to the sea together. Nothing precise, just go to a very nice place to enjoy the sun and relax. This was quite difficult to organise on her side. Indeed, her jobs allows her less days of yearly vacation than me, that she (rightfully) wants to also spend to visit her family and friends. On top she also has a lower salary than me. She never wanted me to pay for her vacation despite our salary gap, and this one wasn't different, so that and timing, we agreed to just wait a little for more favorable times.
Months pass (6 to 8), we keep looking for a place, more dreaming than anything while I'm getting quite impatient to organise something, and then appears in another country a music festival of a genre she really like, but also one of her very close friend (M28, let's call him Shaggy) I've never met Shaggy, since he's from her homeland, but she told me quite a lot about it (see later). Good thing is, it's over a weekend in a cheap place, so not too many constraint. Shaggy start to organise something rallying other friend of them. At this point, I'm not really aware the organisation is going on, I know she might go to a festival with friends, over a weekend and I think there's some time before it's set into motion.
A short couple of weeks pass and then and she drop me a bomb. She annonce me that the festival trip is booked, but on top, she tells me (and I think it's true) that Shaggy booked a follow-up trip behind her back, in aforementioned country for 10 days, doing multiple paradisiac beaches along the coast just the 2 of them.
So exactly what we wanted to do. But not with me.
There's multiple things going on here: 1- Before my fellow Redditors go full "she's cheating-dump her": she already went into a 1-1 vacation with shaggy. Actually, her last beach vacation was with him. To be honest I don't trust the guy, he's the kind that doesn't respect your consent. (FI, he once brought her to a naturist place, and got naked despite her being clearly uncomfortable) That's also why I believe is capable of pulling up this kind of booking bullshit. But I trust my girlfriend, our relationship is close to perfect (usual couple fight), love is strong, we know each other family and are planning to move in together.
2- The trip now involves quite some money, so this is not something that can be canceled, especially considering her finances (no it's not refundable)
3- Unsurprisingly, I feel betrayed and disrespected, since this is basically the trip that I've been waiting for her to let us organise, for MONTH and that we've been craving since we hate the place where we live and work.

Now comes the last nail in the coffin. Seeing this, I propose that I might come. I have vacations days, I have money, no problems. She counter argument that she could really enjoy some friend-time and that this might also not be the brightest idea to lock me in a music festival I'm not necessarily fond of, with people I've never met for 10 days.
At this point I really felt bad. I felt overlooked, betrayed, and disrespected beyond measure. But this arguments made sense, and I believed her story and motives. So in front of the fact it couldn't be canceled, I decided to be strong, put on my best poker face, made her understand I was a quite pissed this vacation was happening before the one we've been talking about, (and trust me she understood) and I told her to go and that she will enjoy it and I'll be happy for her. She promised me that we would do the next one together for sure, and tried to be super sweet since then to make up for it (she agreed for a short trip together in the meanwhile just after that)

Now comes today. She's in the middle of it and she's currently having an incredible time. Every news I get gives me a mixed filling of happiness seeing her being so good since a long time, and sheer resentment for the fact that I'm not there sharing it with her.
But also, with every passing days, thinking about how it unfolded, despite my trust, the little seed of "maybe there's something between them" has now started to grow. I have great trust-issues, as I've been betrayed very painfully and very often in the past. I also love her for the fact that she managed to make me trust her. But I must say it's becoming quite hard to not interpret a coincidence, a details, or a less talkative day negatively. And so, in front of my keyboard, I'm telling myself I will wait for her return to talk to her about it. All the while being a bit lost in my feeling, wondering what was the correct way to handle that and what to do next.
Was this really a terrible disrespect or am I telling it because I feel like it ?
What shall have I done different ? Did I disrespect myself too much ?
Should I forbid her to see this friend again, or should I ask to meet him ? (this sound terribly controlling)
Should I forgive and just plan our next vacations together (maybe surprising her ?)

Fellows, now's your turn. Give me your though, opinion, and your best idea to approach the talk, and what I should get out of it.

TL:DR We couldn't pull our dream vacation with my GF because of physical constraint. Then her friend "forced" her precisely into it alongside him by booking it for everyone. They then went together as "friend time".
submitted by Remarkable_Ant7907 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:23 branerX moje povolamie 2 xddddd bug

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2023.06.06 17:07 ResearchTLDR Permissions issues with SMB share from Cockpit mounted in Ubuntu VM using /etc/fstab

TL:DR I have followed guides like this one and this one to mount a Samba share to an Ubuntu VM, and I can see everything in the folders in the share, but even with sudo I can't create a new directory inside that Samba share.
My Setup
I am running Proxmox on a Dell R730xd server, with an SSD boot drive and two separate ZFS pools (one with 4 3.5 inch hard drives in it, and the other with 8 3.5 inch hard drives.) I have an LXC with Cockpit and I have made 3 SMB shares called media, audio, and books. These 3 folders were mounted to the LXC following the guide in this video using zfs create from the terminal in Proxmox and then pct set [containerid] --mp[#]. I made a user with (uid=1000,gid=1002) in Cockpit and put it in two groups, one with access to the ZFS pool with 4 drives, and the other with access to the ZFS pool with 8 drives. This user has a username and password as well as a Samba password. From a Windows 10 laptop, I can open File Explorer and go to //IP.of.my.Cockpit and it will ask me for a username and password, and when I put in the login for the user I made in Cockpit, I can access all the Samba shares, and I can even create a new test.txt file and then delete it. I also have another LXC container on this same Proxmox server, and I also used the pct set [containerid] --mp[#] approach from the terminal in Proxmox, and it can access the Samba shares apparently just fine. So Read/Write seems to be working fine for the Samba shares and for the User I created in Cockpit.
My Proxmox server also has an Ubuntu server 22.04.2 VM, and inside that VM I have Docker, Docker Compose, and Portainer set up. From this Ubuntu server VM, I followed first one guide and then another in order to mount SMB shares to the Ubuntu server, with the goal of then accessing those via Docker containers. I thought something was wrong with my Docker Compose file, so I made a Reddit post here. But then as I was testing, I realized that I can't even make a new directory inside one of those Samba shares from the terminal, not even with sudo mkdir! Sadly a VM apparently doesn't let me use the same pct set [containerid] --mp[#] approach I used in the LXC containers.
Copy/Paste from Console and Relevant File
Here is my latest attempt to fix this permissions issue, based on the comment here on my Reddit post. (I have changed the actually user name to [user].)
[user]@ubuntu-docker:~$ sudo chown -R [user] /media/media/Youtube
[sudo] password for [user]:
[user]@ubuntu-docker:~$ chmod -R 775 /media/media/Youtube
chmod: changing permissions of '/media/media/Youtube': Operation not permitted
chmod: cannot read directory '/media/media/Youtube': Permission denied
[user]@ubuntu-docker:~$ sudo chmod -R 775 /media/media/Youtube
[user]@ubuntu-docker:~$ cd /media/media/Youtube
[user]@ubuntu-docker:/media/media/Youtube$ touch test.txt
touch: cannot touch 'test.txt': Permission denied
[user]@ubuntu-docker:/media/media/Youtube$ mkdir /media/media/Youtube/downloads
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/media/media/Youtube/downloads’: Permission denied
[user]@ubuntu-docker:/media/media/Youtube$ sudo mkdir /media/media/Youtube/downloads
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/media/media/Youtube/downloads’: Permission denied
So even with sudo, I cannot use mkdir in a subfolder of a Samba share I have added.
Here is the contents of my /etc/fstab file (which I'm using to add the Saba shares to my Ubuntu VM)
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid' to print the universally unique identifier for a
# device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices
# that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).
# / was on /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv during curtin installation
/dev/disk/by-id/dm-uuid-LVM-bizajYGnNxhnkcUbXUOxSJH3q10CKOmu2SqhCuBPVzR54tRGrnqGenEmHl0WlFzc / ext4 defaults 0 1
# /boot was on /dev/sda2 during curtin installation
/dev/disk/by-uuid/4a014740-55ba-4cb1-8947-b4741ed9b629 /boot ext4 defaults 0 1
/swap.img none swap sw 0 0

// /media/media cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/etc/netshare-creds,file_mode=777,dir_mode=777 0 0
// /media/audio cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/etc/netshare-creds,file_mode=777,dir_mode=777 0 0
// /media/books cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/etc/netshare-creds,file_mode=777,dir_mode=777 0 0
Note that I have tried various options for the permissions, like cifs credentials=/etc/netshare-creds,file_mode=0755,dir_mode=0755 0 0 from this guide, but same permission denied problem, so I figured I'd try 777, and still getting permission denied. Also, the /etc/netshare-creds file just has username=[username from Cockpit] and password=[password for that user from Cockpit]. I've tried with and without an extra line for domain=domain, but either way I get these permission denied problems.
So I need help trying to track down the cause of this permission denied issue, even with sudo. I can access the Samba shares from a Windows 10 laptop, so it looks like the problem is not with Cockpit, but rather with how I'm attaching these Samba shares to my Ubuntu server VM. I'm following what the guides show, but it doesn't work for me. And it's not just a matter of the user on my Ubuntu server not having the right permissions, because even with sudo I don't have permissions to mkdir or touch. I'm hoping you fine people can help me out.
submitted by ResearchTLDR to homelab [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 16:34 man_overseas Get the Booty You Want with Coach Pow

Get the Booty You Want with Coach Pow

Get the Booty You Want with Coach Pow
My guest is Emanuel Parris aka Coach Pow. He’s a fitness expert with an impressive athletic background. Firstly, he was a 2008 Canadian Olympian sprinter. Not to mention a 2006 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist.
That’s not all—he’s also a former pro drug-free bodybuilder, which means he knows what it takes to build a strong & healthy body without long-term repercussions.
Today, he works as a high-performance coach in the fitness industry—sharing his knowledge & experience to help others achieve their fitness goals.
I learned more about how to get and stay healthy from this episode than any other we’ve recorded (Coach Pow is guest number 91).
We discuss dating, sex, relationships, living in Miami & Mexico. And why it’s hard to find the right girl if you’re an “ass man” and previously dated sprinters.
In the episode, we also discuss:
  • Dealing with scorching heat in Playa Del Carmen
  • Coach Pow’s upbringing & education
  • Joining the Olympics (and why Coach Pow didn’t get a chance to compete)
  • How Coach Pow ended up in Toronto
  • “My mama said, ‘Be careful out there. I’m worried about you.’ And I said, ‘Mama, worry about them'” – @therealcoachpow‘s Instagram post
  • Pleasing people is not going to get you anywhere
  • How Coach Pow got the name “hamstring poppy”
  • Benfits of sprinting
  • The effects of coaching athletes to sprint
  • The Nature of Things: The Perfect Runner by Dr. David Suzuki
  • Most popular exercise among women today–hip thrusts
  • Secondary byproduct of sprinting
  • Start getting into sprinting by running up a hill
  • Backwards jogging
  • Being “too soon old and too late smart”
  • One-on-one personal coaching
  • Gving away too much for free
  • How Coach Pow got into fitness
  • Benefits of working out
  • Fitness compatibility in the dating world
  • Coach Pow’s craziest story when he was in Miami
  • How Coach Pow got from a place like big-city Miami to a small beach town in Mexico
  • Traveling to Bali, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Why Coach Pow’s 6-year relationship ended
  • Why Coach Pow has no desire to start a family for now (his “selfish phase”)
  • How OnlyFans works
  • How many of his neighbors in Miami were on OnlyFans
  • Overcoming the urge for sex & giving up pornography
  • The influence of social media on the fitness industry
  • “Mentors in movement:” Alex Effer, Conor Harris, David Grey, Pat Davidson, Kyle Dobbs, Perry Nickelston
  • Using social media as a business tool
  • Coach Pow integrating funny & fitness together for Instagram
  • Starting the day right by laughing, in addition to being grateful
  • Multidisciplinary approach to fitness vs fitness specialization
  • Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia
  • Collecting & reading physical newspapers
  • Naudi Aguilar’s Functional Patterns
  • Why deadlifts have become increasingly popular
  • Preventing hamstring injuries
  • Grappling sans gi
  • Reality-based self-defense training with KPC Self-Defense (founder Randy King)
  • Street names/numbers in Playa Del Carmen and where to go
  • Renting scooters when traveling
  • Coach Pow’s early ambitions before fitness coaching
  • Motivation vs discipline
  • Meditation & journaling
  • Importance of maintaining relationships
  • Cost of living in Playa Del Carmen
  • Tipping culture in Mexico
  • Traveling to Paris, France
  • New style hip-hop dancing
  • Preparing for the Caribana event in Toronto
  • Brad’s terrifying white water rafting accident in the Zambezi River (Zimbabwe, Africa)
  • Getting Virtual Assistants from the Philippines (no-brainer)
  • Spending money on apps
  • Traveling to Australia, New Zealand, and Africa
  • Enjoying long flights
  • The Kybalion by Hermes Trismegistus
  • “Do it like you mean it” is Coach Pow’s motto
Questions asked:
  • How do you deal with hot weather in Playa Del Carmen?
  • What do you weigh right now?
  • Where are you from?
  • What kind of schooling did you get in Toronto?
  • Tell me about [when] you got into the Olympics.
  • Was your dad ambitious? How did you end up in Toronto from Trinidad and Tobago?
  • Do you have siblings?
  • What is “hamstring poppy?”
  • Do you know Andrew Huberman?
  • How do you start getting into sprinting?
  • Is walking backwards down the hill worth doing?
  • How did you get into fitness [in the beginning]?
  • What’s the craziest story you have from living in Miami?
  • How many OnlyFans models lived in your building in Miami?
  • How do you get from a place like Miami, where the cost of living is probably one of the highest in the world, to a place like Playa Del Carmen, a small beach town in Mexico?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you desire for a family someday?
  • Talk to me about the influence of social media in the fitness industry.
  • How many Instagram followers do you have?
  • Could you explain multidisciplinary approach to fitness vs fitness specialization?
  • Why are deadlifts becoming increasingly popular these last few years?
  • Do you have any thoughts on the fact that so many people can fight nowadays because cage fighting is so popular?
  • Do you have a rooftop pool where you live?
  • Did you ever think you’d be living this life when you were 25?
  • Do you have a meditation practice?
  • What does it cost you to live in Playa Del Carmen?
  • Do you own a car here?
  • Have you been to Paris a lot?
  • Have you been to New Zealand?
  • Have you been to Africa?
  • Are you a crypto guy?
Fun questions:
  • Are you a godly person?
  • If you die, go to heaven, and get a chance to ask God one question, what are you asking?
  • What’s the most you’ve ever spent to advertise a particular post?
  • Have you ever spent money on an app?
  • What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
  • If you could meet one person alive today, who would it be?
  • If I gave you $100,000 and you had to invest it in Spotify, Tesla, or Bitcoin, where are you putting the money?
  • Do you have a favorite book?
  • Who’s funnier–Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor?
  • Eddie Murphy or Dave Chappelle?
  • What’s the most you’ve ever gambled and won?
  • Why do you think men have much less testosterone than they did 15 years ago?
  • Do you a bucket list?
  • If you could get a message out to people on a billboard, what would it be?

Listening options are available here: https://www.manoverseas.com/get-the-booty-you-want-with-coach-pow/
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2023.06.06 16:29 atm0 Why are Single Strike decks not more popular?

For fun this week I built a Single Strike centric deck, so that I would be able to play Umbreon Vmax and Gengar Vmax. I love both cards but never see them played, and I noticed they're both SS, so I put them together with Houndoom and 4x Single Strike Energy, along with a single Radiant Greninja for some extra draw.
Pokémon: 8
2 Umbreon VMAX EVS 215
1 Umbreon V BRS-TG 22
3 Gengar V FST 156
3 Gengar VMAX FST 157
1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46
2 Houndour BST 95
1 Umbreon V EVS 94
2 Houndoom PR-SW 90
Trainer: 19
2 Switch CRZ 144
1 Raihan EVS 152
1 Escape Rope BST 125
1 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156
4 Ultra Ball CRZ 146
2 Nest Ball SUM 123
2 Judge SVI 176
2 Nest Ball SVI 181
1 Beach Court SVI 167
1 Worker SIT 167
2 Trekking Shoes CRZ 145
2 Boss's Orders RCL 154
1 Choice Belt BRS 135
1 Roxanne ASR 150
1 Collapsed Stadium BRS 137
2 Dark Patch ASR 139
2 Energy Search CRZ 128
1 Judge FST 235
4 Professor's Research SVI 190
Energy: 2
8 Basic {D} Energy Energy 15
4 Single Strike Energy BST 141
Total Cards: 60
I think the Energy Searches have generally been redundant and will probably cut those for something else, but overall this list is performing pretty well. I'm winning almost all of my games, and the few that I lost were very close and came down to small misplays on my part in late game.
Is there something stifling Single Strike decks that I haven't run into?
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2023.06.06 15:30 Fair_Bike6548 Info

Info submitted by Fair_Bike6548 to NorrisLakeTN [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:05 JBAnswers26 FLL Airport viewing area is a hidden gem

Over the weekend, I took my toddler daughter to the airport observation area at FLL (off W Perimeter Rd and SW 39th St) and she loved it! Worth the drive down from Palm Beach County. Plenty of space to park, really nice views of the aircraft taxiing and taking off/landing, and best of all: it's free.
Anyone else been here before?
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2023.06.06 13:42 TheMightyRass Should we keep trying with FIL or just let it fizzle out?

My father in law (60ishM) is a widower, MIL (60ish) died 1.5 years ago. Husband (32M) and I (31F) have been a couple for 10 years, married for 2. We previously had a difficult few years with no contact from me towards MIL in particular because she would have unpredictable angry outbursts and I could not subject myself to that anymore. I never confronted her or anything, just would not come around anymore and after a while they noticed that husband would come alone and they did not receive invites to visit. She died from a chronic illness but nevertheless quite suddenly, and we both were in the hospital with them as she passed and helping with the funeral afterwards.
I need to explain that in their family, historically MILs behaviour would be rugswept immediately, and appearances were to be upheld. Nothing is ever talked through, in fear of her throwing a fit. After she passed, we learned that FIL had the same behaviour, when my husband asked something benign about his schooldays. Apparently MIL was just always quicker to react. My husband is very avoidant about talking and asking for consideration or explanations, not surprisingly.
Soon after MILs death, we got pregnant with our first, he is half a year now. It was difficult for my FIL to visit with us as MIL had never been invited to our (not new anymore) house, but a month after the birth of our son he came to visit with my sister in law. They live 40 minutes by car. My sister in law has downs syndrome and lives in an assisted living facility while working as well. She is as involved as can be with our son, asking for frequent updates and photos. We got them both digital photoframes for their houses, and regularly put up photos. We invited them for Christmas as well, and went for our first visit when LO was 3 months old. FIL seems to enjoy holding LO and talking to him, like genuinely happy. The baby hates car rides with a passion though and we obviously need to haul a lot of stuff for a visit, so taking turns visiting would be nice.
We have visited again last weekend for SILs birthday, and it was not enjoyable. No consideration for our sons needs, no consideration for his health or what we as parents ask of FIL (e.g. not letting baby grab SILs glasses from her face, not letting baby touch his or SILs mouth due to cold sores, being excessively loud in the hallway after he literally witnessed and helped us put baby to nap just 2 minutes earlier). So we can’t leave them unattended, and in case of the nap, I had to take baby outside in a wrap and have him contactnap during a walk. Not fun. So there really is hardly any quality time left to spend for them. FIL only ever calls if he needs something from my husband, like a signature. He never asks about our son, never asks for photos, immediately changes topics when we talk about something we or son did, responds vaguely when we ask to do stuff together and never follows up when plans could get concrete.
My husband and I talked about trying to improve the relationship, we’d both like that, but at this rate we will see him with SILs birthday and maybe around Christmas.
Today, the reason why I am posting, is that we forgot the babymonitor at FILs during SILs birthday, and inquired whether he could send it via post. Instead, he said he would come over. Great, we thought, finally he takes initiative to see us/his grandson just because! However, he came by, would not go inside, but said he wanted to make photos at the nearby beach. We asked if he would come by again after. No, no time, apparently, he needs to do something in his yard. So he left. This is not really new behaviour, so I don’t know why we are surprised. He is frequently in the town we live in the suburbs of, or at the beach closeby, but usually we hear about it afterwards, not literally see him turn away after 3 minutes standing on the porch.
At this point, it feels intentional, and my husband and I assume he just does not want to interact with us and our son much. What if our assumption is wrong though, and his distant behaviour is based in grief and boomer-awkwardness? Husband is thinking of asking about clarification on this, as we keep trying to reach out and would then stop putting effort into this relationship that is not wanted by him, getting rejected in the process which kinda damages the relationship further. He thinks he already knows though that FIL will take it badly, misunderstand what he tries to say, tell husband he is ungrateful, yada yada. Husband sadly has a script in his head for situations like this, as they always go the same way, no matter what he asks. It seems as if he (or I) is not actually listened to when we speak. I am thinking of writing a empathic and non-judgmental letter, but husband thinks this is too confrontational and would end the same way. Anger and hurt feelings. We have had a couples therapist in the past to try to sort out the situation with MIL, but never got around to the mediation part with MIL and FIL. Husband was stalling out of fear for months and then MIL declined so rapidly. Both me and husband think there is potential in having a few family sessions with FIL and the therapist, but husband is afraid of even actually touching on the subject in conversation, much less ask for participation in therapy.
I’d like help from the community. Whenever stuff like this happens, my husbands feelings get hurt, and I am brooding all day about ways to improve the relationship without ever saying anything to FIL as husband doesn’t want to escalate anything. Are we delusional here, is there too much buried hurt and grief and should we drop the rope so FIL can live his best life? Should we make one concentrated effort, with clear words explaining how we’d like to have a better relationship and how to work towards that (e.g. no angry outbursts anymore)? The situation is so difficult as well because of lovely SIL and her life long dependancy on a caretaker. However, any care decisions have always been made and still are made without even asking what my husband thinks or wants, which will suck later on.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Tl;dr: Widower FIL is happy when he sees grandson, but does not pursue meeting up to the point it seems intentional. There is a lot of hurt feelings probably on both sides, should we keep trying to improve the relationship or let it fizzle out?
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2023.06.06 12:57 desh2142 My GF loves her pets more than me and gives them more attention.

My GF's animals are the center of her life and she says she love them more than me.
My GF F/29 and me M/24 have been together for over a year and recently she asked me who would I chose if an argument ensued me (meaning her) or my parents. I replied I would chose neither and try be peace maker as I wouldn't want either set of people I love to feel as though I don't love them. She was outraged at this and told me Im not ready for a serious relationship. I then asked her (already knowing what she would say) who would you chose between me or the your pets? She obviously replied her pets and said she would chose them but that she loves them differently. I think this is a bullshit answer and clearly shows the double standards. Her pets draw so much of her time and energy I have to force her to do things with me. She rarely shows affection to me on her own accord, I'm the one who always showers her in hugs and kisses and massages. She massages me as well sometimes to be fair. Even sex is just a task she has to do sometimes, our sex life is completely different now, it's always a matter of get it done then that's that. She would ignore my plans for example to take her to a market instead she would take the dogs to the beach even though I asked her to go to this market with me a week in advance. I just feel like I'm just a convenient thing to have in her life so she can have her animals and a human connection. It hurts and is extremely frustrating. We could be having a heart to heart important conversation and she will stop listening to me to go tuck the fucking dog in bed.
I'm not asking her to not care about her pets or show them attention, all I'm asking is to remember that she has a partner and pets should not be the center of her attention.
Just wanted some advice on how to handle the situation and if I'm wrong or right in my feelings.
TL:DR my girl friend says she would chose her pets over me, her love for her pets is affecting our relationship and she doesnt want to change.
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