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2023.03.30 14:07 Scratch_Disastrous Firewalla Blue - DHCP mode ping spikes exactly every 5 minutes

So I dusted off my firewalla blue recently and reintroduced it into my network. I configured it for DHCP mode, and followed the guide to reconfigure the overlay network IP range such that it's part of my primary subnet (with IP address ranges separated between primary and overlay).
I had a few devices that I kept in the primary network range, so they skipped Firewalla and went straight to my router. One of those devices is my work laptop (Macbook Pro), however I noticed that I was getting periodic lag in Google Meets. I turned on PingPlotter and monitored ping time from laptop to router, and found that exactly every 5 minutes all through the day the ping time would spike to 1+ second (lasting only for a short moment), enough to disrupt a video meeting. I was able to observe this on a second device as well, so I'm fairly certain it's not something related to my laptop. As soon as I took Firewalla off the network, the ping spikes went away.
I'm confused by this because I verified that my MBP had a primary network IP address (not overlay IP) and its gateway was pointed at my router. I don't think Firewalla is in the network path for this device at all, and I'm not sure how it could interfere with ping times for the device unless it's causing problems with the router's ability to respond to a ping (Router is Asus XT8, and the two mesh nodes have monitoring off).
Can anyone explain this? And also, is there some task/job/process that Firewalls runs exactly every 5 minutes that I could look into? Final question: Is the Firewalla Blue just too old and underpowered? I've got about 70 devices, most of which are just low-bandwidth smart switches and stuff like that. I really like Firewalla's interface and capabilities, but can't live with the ping spikes. For now it's removed from the network, but I'd prefer not to give up on it. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 14:07 Hubter844 how are you paid

Just curious if anyone is getting paid applied time and unapplied time or otherwise known as piecemeal? If so how do you like it? My approach has been since we are a small company I want interchangeable people. I want people that will do install and service and even sales. Anyone who gets a system sale gets a commission. We've always taken care of people like that.
I assume the best way of handling this is thru flat rate of some kind. Just looking to shake things up around the office and get more competitive/creative with how we pay our employees.
We've always just had an hourly wage and we don't lay off guys so if there's nothing going on I tend to take care of them by letting them push a broom or do odd jobs around the office. It's no way to really run a business but the hope is we keep them thru winter, provide training here and there, and they are up and going in the spring. Did all of that and now I've got a couple dudes noping out just as it's fixing to get hot. One of which I won't shed a tear and the other I'd like to keep.
We all know how difficult/taxing this profession can be and yes I'm guilty of not increasing pay accordingly, myself included for anyone curious. Likewise I can completely understand someone saying F- this I'll go work in a warehouse instead of crawling under a house installing duct work for a few dollars less per hour. That's what it's come to. I think when I started we had guys starting out at like 8 dollars an hour and were glad to have it. Now 18 isn't enough.

hvac owner in Arkansas.

For all you dudes making 40 dollars an hour in Portland or wherever. I get it but in Arkansas the salaries are much lower but with this inflation it's getting crazy what employers are going to have to pay up and likewise pas son to the consumer. /rant over
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2023.03.30 14:06 xslasherwife I have extremely dark violent thoughts and fantasies.

Before anything, I'd like to mention the obvious. I'm not acting out on any of these fantasies, nor do I plan to. I'm a 110lbs 5'5ft girl so you can imagine it would take a lot for me to actually hurt someone lol.
Anyways, I just have to get this off my chest. I'm 25, and I've been having violent thoughts for years. It started when I was about 15/16; I'd walk trough my school and have really violent dark fantasies of the things I'd do to everyone there, it has led to disassociation twice, where I could literally see myself walk trough the hallway as if I was looking trough camera behind me. I also used to be obsessed with mass killers & true crime shit, it got me kicked out of school because they were worried.
The dark thoughts became less bad when I was around 19? until I was 22-23 ish. I've always liked true crime, slasher movies, and all those things, but the idea of actually doing something myself was not there during that time.
Then around 22-23, I entered therapy for some other unrelated stuff. I also told my therapist that I constantly think about death, murder, and violence, but she never actually followed up on it, I figured it wasn't that serious to begin with then.
The thoughts come and go like waves, sometimes it's there in the background, sometimes it's an obsession. Lately it's really bad again, I think not only about men hurting me (eventually killing me) but also about hurting people myself. Again I wouldn't do this. But I'm obsessed with the idea of it. Sometimes I look at women and imagine what it would be like to hurt them and watch them bleed. Or I hope that I meet a guy who is violent and abuses/attacks me. I'm not sure if this is like trauma related, or some kind of twisted kink, or whatever really.
On another note; I'm not depressed or suicidal etc. I've had depression from when I was about 14 until I was 21, but I really do enjoy life now. I have a great job and a great relationship.
I just had to get this off my chest because the thoughts are so consuming and I've never had someone to talk with about all of this.
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2023.03.30 14:06 Chaoszerom Raising rent more than once per 12 months on < 12 month contract, legal?

As per the title, is it legal for my leasing agent to raise the rent more than once every 12 months?
I moved down to Melbourne in 2021-10, and re-signed the lease for 6 months (my choice, intend to stay but don't want to be locked in if I get a new job far away) with a $100/w increase in 2022-10. Now, the agent has sent me a notice of a $150/w increase as part of the next lease. Pretty huge, would almost be paying double what I started with when I moved down.
On one hand, VCAT/Victoria Consumer Affairs website seems to say that rent cannot be raised more than once every 12 months on a fixed term lease or more than once every 12 months on a periodic lease. On the other hand, this would be a new lease, so not sure if that applies. On the other other hand, this lease would, by default, lapse to periodic normally, and that would no longer be able to be increased more than once in 12 months. On the other other other hand, they're offering a new lease, so periodic is maybe irrelevant?
Honestly, I'm just confused 😅
I do intend to validate that the increase is at market rates, too, but I suspect it is, given the current situation in the Melbourne CBD.
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2023.03.30 14:06 Boz029 Just when everything felt sort of ok for a while and this happens. It's not much but it's enough to send a shock through the system.

I'm 30 and still living at my parents. Long story short, my mother has been shit faced drunk 3-4 nights per week my entire life. You know the deal. Thankfully I'm set in a new job and plan to save for another 3-4 months and move TF out!
I'll set the scene. It's been 8 days where we haven't had her drunk at night. She was still drinking but it was very timid behavior and she'd go to bed early and that was it. I was starting to feel like wow this is weird, is this a change for once?
Nah. Tonight, I got home from work and then went out for 3 hours. I returned home and she was incoherent in speech and clearly unable to walk straight. I sensed the mood was tense immediately. And so was I. My dad's face said it all as he watched television.
I heard some raised voices and then a loud door slam. Then she was in the bedroom cussing for unknown reasons and then ripped the bedroom door open suddenly and proclaimed that she was having to now sleep alone while her husband stayed up and watched television!
She then angrily had a cigarette, swore some more, slammed a few things, generally just was a real cunt. And then slammed the bedroom door again after proclaiming she was going to bed.
Now I'm sitting here, 20 minutes after this event, my adrenaline is still high, and I want to leave. I'm 30 years old and this still affects me. I have the same physical response to this as I did at 15.
Yeah, I can't wait to move out.
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2023.03.30 14:06 MOTOMOMMA [MA] HR not hiring someone under 40

My HR director is doing the first round of interviews for a receptionist/ cashier (a person that I train and oversee as part of my department in the company, I am a business development manager). Typically, I am included on picking through resumes and sometimes doing first interviews with HR in the room but not this time (very odd). She has made statements saying things like finding people who shows 20+ years experience and wanting to hire someone who is a little older because “they’re less drama”. She did this with our last hire. I felt there were better candidates but she loved the fact that the person we ended up hiring was a little older and just wanted a easy job. I didn’t catch on until this most recent hiring ordeal. I feel she is purposely discarding resumes that show by job descriptions that they are in their 20’s. I don’t know if this is also why she’s not giving me full access to see resumes.
She also took her sweet time even posting an ad for the position even though we knew of a the cashiers departure date on February 1st (she is moving to a different state so she knew the exact date of her last day with the company 60 days in advance). We’re now 1 week away from our cashiers departure and since the ad was only posted a week ago (even though I requested it be put up for March 1st the latest) she has only had 1 interview and when I asked how it went, she said “ok but I don’t think she’s a good fit”.
I guess I’m not sure what I’m asking here; but I wish I could just say “what the f**k” to my HR director for dropping so many balls on this AND skipping over resumes to find candidates that are specifically older. How do I approach this without being accusatory?
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2023.03.30 14:06 Appropriate-Boat-786 Work/life balance

This is primarily to career firefighters. Preferably on a 24/48 sched. Bonus points if you work in the southeastern U.S. How do you manage the job and having wife/kids? And maybe even a second job?. New to this and trying to find a balance.
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2023.03.30 14:06 Spicy_lube 100K a year is more than enough money!

I get so tired and pissed off of these articles and complaining about how the American dream is unaffordable or dead and how 100k isn't even enough money anymore. Outside of LA(which they voted to have this way) that money is more than enough. I graduated college and was disappointed to only be offered a job making 40k until i started working the job, i was paying off student loans, saving 150 a week, not worried about a single bill, and had money for fun and vacations. 8 weeks later i went from contracted to permanent and was making 52k before taxes. Was saving 500 every 2 weeks (13,000 yearly) and was still fresh out of college. During this i was with my then GF(now fiancée) and she was making about 18k a year(didn't work full time and she covered her portion of bills so i didn't care). I then started working overtime and that bumped me to about 60k a year and i was easily making rent and paying off debt, and saving. Skip to today, a whole 2 years outside of graduating, and i make 106-120k a year. My life financial life is easy AF. my car payment (brand new 2023 hybrid) is $355. I literally invest $250 a week into stocks and save $750 a week. That's $52,000 of my post tax income that i do not have to spend on something. The other 30-38k just goes on rent (12k a year for my portion), food, utilities, and just regular life stuff. I will be a millionaire in my 30s if i kept at my current pace. Do not feel sorry for these people, they have spending issues. Like most Americans do. The only difference is the person making 35k is probably doing 5k of wasted spending a year, while the person making 100k is doing like 65k of wasted spending. All while i working keep in mind i have an employer matched 401k working in the background. Don't let these people fool you into thinking "i can't get ahead at any income" they're liars and selling clicks.
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2023.03.30 14:05 BoxTheOutsideThink [NY] Denied Reasonable Accommodation 🤦

WARNING: This post is long..Enter At Your Own Risk!
I will start by start that I know employers get the final decision on what accommodation they want to provide. It doesn't have to be the specific accommodation request and it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be reasonable and effective.
I work for a company (fortune 500). Our department (for my shift) is made up of about 100 employees. The job is done standing up but some where along the way management made it a practice to provide stools or chairs to employees if they want one.
I have a condition(disability) and I asked my manager if I can have a stool or chair for when my condition flare up. He refused to provide me with one. I am understanding that your supervisomanager doesn't have to be nice or fair and it's completely legal for them to be a jerk.
I decided to follow the company's procedure to request a reasonable accommodation for my medical condition. The company has specific people in the HR dept that is designated to handle these requests.
I was provided with a accommodation form for my treating doctor to fill out. I got it done and turned it into HR. The a guy in HR dept said to me within minutes of reading my doctors recommendation -"i can turn this in to the people who handles these things but I can tell you they will deny it".
Well he was correct. I requested this accommodation 4 times, it was denied all 4 times and 4 different reason why my request was unreasonable. This made no sense before almost half of the department has chairs or stools. They offered no alternative accommodation and just kept saying "No, it's unreasonable".
This all start last year April and I'm currently still fighting to get a stool that is still provided to the employees.
I was using my PTO time to cover my hours for my flare ups. Well I was using it faster than how much I was accruing. I decided the only way to protect my job was to apply for intermittent FMLA and I would use that for when I had flare ups. It was unfair that I had to leave work because they didn't want to accommodate me.
After month of doing the intermittent FMLA, I decided to apply for unemployment for the hours I missed at work. If I'm willing and able to work with accommodation then I should be working. I explained to UI the situation when I did my application. The company never contested the unemployment and I never even received a phone call interview.
I keep a paper trail and recorded all the meetings I had with HR when they kept denying me. In the last meeting after they said my request is unreasonable- I followed up and ask what they considered reasonable. Please keep in mind the employer has the ultimate pick of the accommodation. He looks at me and say "well I can't tell you that". That depeats the purpose of the interactive process.
I made a complaint to corporate and now everyone is taking it serious. I told them I want my request approved but they're leery of that. If they provide the accommodation that I was requesting, they would be indirectly saying my request has been reasonable.
What should I do? I told them I am willing to work out an exit to leave the company. This shouldn't have happened, I felt like the decision to deny by accommodation was pre-determined by them and was never properly considered. I had to suffer in loss of pay, & etc. Even if they approved my unemployment, it's not all of the amount I could've made while working.
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2023.03.30 14:05 Kacie5055 Is Target a good first job?

I‘m 19 from Germany and moved to america last year because of my husband. I‘m trying to build my life in america rn. Getting drivers license this week. I love this country and I wanna work here. I don’t have a greencard yet but I got my employment authorization already and social security number. I was gonna apply to target in the summer probably. I‘m in Minnesota. I‘m a little anxious I never had a job before. But I heard target is looking for young people with flexible schedules. I have a very flexible schedule. I have a high school degree. Do you think they would take me? Advice?
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2023.03.30 14:04 vladeckgl7 When can you start working after getting Immigrant Visa?

So my wife got her Visa last month, we paid the permanent resident card fee and it should be on the way.
We still haven't moved to the states yet, we're gonna enter next moth to get the visa stamped, but then plan to relocate in September.
Can she start applying for jobs now, or does she need to get the visa valid first? Or does she need the permanent resident card? Or does she need an SSN (which opens an whole new can of worms- does she get that now or when we have an address?)
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.03.30 14:04 Painicillin Entitled teens try to steal (get caught & their photo taken) and proceed to lose their cool on associates.

I figured this day would come inevitably, but for starters I guess you could say I'm fairly new to retail. I started working at two separate retail shops at an undisclosed mall within the past year after working too many years in fast food. Needless to say, the pay isn't great and having to sell my soul for customers to sign up for loyalty programs is grating to say the least, but it's better than my previous jobs and it hasn't been the worst to manage yet.
One of the jobs I work at is your standard crystal/jewelry store that's bound to be at any mall. All things considered, working here hasn't been too bad and management treats the employees extremely fairly. Something we do deal with a lot (especially since it's a big mall) is theft, mostly from teenagers who probably could just ask their parents for money if they weren't so hell bent on proving to everyone around them how cool they are for stealing a $16 ankle bracelet. A little specific? Well, that's precisely what happened today.
For the most part, our company doesn't allow us to get too involved when it comes to stealing. We're told to be overly kind to the point of bothersome. Aside from that, all the shops on our floor are very communicative about theft, so if someone is stealing and going straight for the door without returning our merchandise, we're allowed to take photos of them to share with mall security as well as other shops that can actually have a more hands on approach to preventing theft. We also have a personal work related app with a chat system, so most of the time we drop pictures there to communicate with other associates to keep an eye out for specific customers who have stolen from our stores.
Today, three teenage girls showed up in our shop. My coworker and I had a bad feeling when they came in because they were carrying one plump bag that seemed to be stuffed with various things, but also they went straight for our biggest blind spot (at least from the registers' perspective): the jewelry towers. Usually when we're dealing with theft, people like to camp there and grab things off the tower and anything surrounding it.
These girls came in quick and spent some time there. I personally don't enjoy kissing customers' asses normally, so like hell I was going to kiss some kids' asses while they were stealing material bullshit they didn't actually even need. Plus, the manager on duty was in the bathroom, so instead I went over to our incense table and started fixing things while keeping an eye on them. It wasn't the best spot, but I figured they'd get the hint if they saw I was keeping them within eye view. This is when I heard one of them say, "F*ggot," presumably at me. They all then proceeded to giggle about it, and I made my way over to my coworker to inform them and to confirm our suspicions.
I ended up changing my location to the front entrance. I pulled out my phone and looked at them very pointedly. The shop isn't very big, so they knew I moved to look specifically where the blind spot was exposed. They very quickly made their way from the jewelry tower to the front entrance, leaving the store with whatever they grabbed. I walked over to where they were standing and noticed that they indeed tore (specifically) an ankle bracelet from the packaging and threw it carelessly onto the bottom platform of the tower. Usually when we find this stuff, we have to mark it as theft and throw it in a bin, and as I walked to the back counter behind the registers to label it, I see them walk past our entrance again in the opposite direction from where they left.
Quickly, I pulled out my camera on my phone and hurried over to the entrance to take a quick photo of them walking a bit farther in the distance. It wasn't a great photo, but I figured it was at least something I could show security and my work chat once I made a report. Plus at the time, they had come in and called me a homophobic slur, so even if it was only one thing I found that they visibly stole, they needed to be reported regardless for harassing staff.
This is when they turn around and spot me.
Most of the time, this is the thief's queue to probably exit the mall, but as I made my way back to the registers inside to make my report, within 5-6 minutes, the three girls come back into our store yelling, "Why the fuck did you take pictures of us? That's mad fucking weird, you're fucking weird! Why'd you take pictures of us?"
I've never really dealt with situations like this, so I was taken a bit aback. I don't really remember exactly what my face was doing, but I definitely remember letting out a very tired laugh because of course today would be the day I'd get jumped at my job by a some teenagers trying to act tough.
I remember looking at my coworker, smiling and asking them to call security, and as I said that, I turn to see these kids walking closer (definitely trying to seem intimidating) and saying, "Go ahead, fucking call them! Fucking call mall security!"
Thankfully my coworker backed me up by grabbing the empty packaging of the item they stole and yelled, "Yeah, I WILL," and followed up with, "Now get OUT of our fucking store."
Once they saw that we actually had evidence of them shop lifting, (plus I'm assuming with the knowledge security would be coming and we had their photos) they must have gotten scared because they started to back up towards the entrance, but not before one of them yelled, "You're just upset because you're a fat bitch," at my coworker.
Then as they all turn around to leave, the other two once again yell and call us f*ggots and left the store for good.
Well, we did call mall security. They sent some dude over who looked at the photos, took a photo on his phone to (I'm assuming) share with the rest of mall security, then asked us a series of questions mostly involving, "Are you going to contact the cops?" No. "Do you want the items back?" Obviously. ect, then left to do their mall cop thing.
They kept coming in and out informing us that they "had eyes on them" and that we could charge them with trespassing (1 year ban from the mall) or have them escorted out, but none of it actually mattered in the end because they inevitably somehow "lost sight of them."
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2023.03.30 14:04 Ponug_Ponug What is “normal” after a plateau?

26F, 5’3, SW: 222.8lbs, CW: 193.2lbs
I had been plateauing for about 6 weeks, so in response I furthered my deficit to 1000 cals and swapped some of my cardio sessions for more weight training. It’s done the job and roughly 3 weeks ago the scale started going down again at a rate of roughly 1-2lbs a week which is my goal. This past week however, I have dropped 6lbs! This seems like a crazy amount to me and way too much way too quickly. I have a lot to lose (my body fat is currently 44%) but ideally I’d like to maintain/build muscle whilst loosing fat.
Am I damaging my progress with my current calorie deficit and should I aim to up it gradually back to my 500cal deficit I was on originally? Or is a jump in weight loss normal after a plateau?
For reference my TDEE is roughly 2200 calories, so my current calorie intake is 1200, this is sustainable for me and I do not feel like I am starving myself etc. Protein intake is always 100g minimum. My workouts also feel sustainable, I don’t feel fatigued and I’m able to push myself a little harder each week.
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2023.03.30 14:03 ColdFederal8714 Buyer Beware - A-Z Property Solutions

On 3/29/23, I posted a Craigslist ad for help putting together an office chair. The posting clearly stated that the job was $25/hour with a maximum of 1 hour. Rich of A-Z Property Solutions in Wilmington, DE agreed to the price before I gave him my address. He came to my house and assembled the chair, but, as he was leaving, he told me that I owed him $55. I rejected that, but he pressed that I should pay him $55 because a different guy canceled on me. One had nothing to do with the other! He was just trying to rip me off. I'm a single woman, I walk with a cane, and I live alone. I was afraid that he would hurt me. I was just an easy target for him. I paid him $30 just to get him out of my house. On the way out, he had the nerve to start telling me things he could fix for me! I hope I never see him again.
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2023.03.30 14:03 ThrowRAGiveUsAKiss My (31M) GF (30F) accused me of cheating after her friend sent her a photo of me hugging my cousin.

I (31M) have quite a large family. My mother has 3 brothers and my father has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, each one of them is either married or divorced and has at least 1 children. Most of them live in the same town I live but one of my cousin, Martha (32F) lives on the other side of the country. I used to get along with my cousin but she distanced herself from her parents over 10 years ago and now she has a job that keeps her very busy, so I basically met her only once or twice in the past 10 years. We call each others at least once a month.
I have been dating Laura (30F) for the past 6 months. She is a wonderful woman and, until recently, we had never argued before. She knows my parents and my sister and, in the same way, I only met her parents and her brother.
Last Saturday something happened: I woke up to a phone call from Martha. She told me that she was on a working trip and would pass by my town that morning and told me we could take a coffee together and chit chat for a bit if I was free. I agreed and we met that morning. Nothing particular happened. I was happy to meet her after a long time, we talked for a bit, hugged and parted.
That afternoon I was supposed to pick up Laura for dinner, so I went back home, prepared and went to pick her up.
When I arrived at her house, she basically blew up on me, accusing me of cheating. I didn't know what she was talking about so she showed me her phone. Apparently Lucia, one of Laura friend, saw me with my cousin, took a photo of us hugging and sent it to Laura and she thought Martha was a woman I was cheating with.
I talked to Laura about my cousin in the past but I suppose I guess I never showed her a photo so she had no idea what she looked like.
So I took out my phone, showed her I was calling my cousin and, once Martha answered, I had her confirm she was the woman I met that morning.
Laura calmed down and apologized. The rest of the afternoon was a bit awkward and we called it a night quite early.
Since then, though, I have been thinking about what happened and don't know how to feel. On one side, I can understand the misunderstanding. On the other side, Laura didn't even doubt I was cheating. She didn't ask me about it, questioned me about meeting someone that morning. She directly blew up in my face.
I don't know if it's something worth bringing up again with Laura or if it's better to just brush it off and let it go.
I also don't know how I should behave in front of Lucia. We never argued before and I don't think I ever gave her or Laura a reason to suspect I wasn't faithful, yet they immediately jumped to that. I need advices on how I should act.
TLDR: My GF accused me of cheating on her after her friend sent her a photo of me hugging my cousin.
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2023.03.30 14:03 bukusnoot Sad way to leave my Q

We were together for almost three years and my dog and I moved out yesterday. I got a mega guilt trip while packing of course and kept engaging even though I told myself I wouldn’t. But the hardest part was as I was about to leave, he cried about how hungry he is and how he hasn’t eaten all day and his stomach hurts and all he wanted was a cup of Wendy’s chili and he’d feel better. I’d been away for a week so there were a few food items in the house left but not much.
He had $0.63 in his CashApp account and $0.43 in his Venmo account. I told him I would not be buying him anything to eat because we’ve been broken up for 5.5 weeks and in that time he has not even applied for a job let alone gotten one, hasn’t applied for any government benefits like food stamps, and pissed away most of the money friends and family sent him for food and other necessities on alcohol. I told him it’s not about the money but that he is 30 years old and these were the consequences of his actions and maybe this is what rock bottom feels like before he makes a change.
I think I did the right thing for myself and for him to stop further enabling but I can’t shake the image of him crying as I left.
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2023.03.30 14:03 matthewjjuk 17M UK looking for friends

Hi, I'm Matthew, 17 from the UK, I'm a college student now and have a part-time job.
I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, going on walks, working out and gaming, one of my favorite books is 'swimming in the dark' and im currently ready 'the jigsaw killer' I have a pretty decent book collection but im.looking to expand it so fell free to give me some new book suggestions!
I enjoy drawing people even though im not that good at it, I usually draw people I know or just random people I see online, I also recently got into working out so we can talk about that too
Anyone is free to message me, no younger tho please
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2023.03.30 14:03 GoldenAham A GUIDE TO KYOTOWSAP TRADING

By Martins. When compared to most swaps, KyotoSwap is incredibly simple to use. You won’t be overwhelmed by charts or technical language, and all computations are explained to you in plain language. Setting Up for Trading You must have a wallet that is compatible with the BNB Smart Chain in order to exchange. Here is information on how to obtain one. Additionally, you will require some BEP20 coins to conduct trades. How to obtain some is explained here.
Trading on the KyotoSwap Exchange
  1. For desktop users, type the KyotoSwap URL into the browser's search window (
NOTE: For mobile users, input this in the "Browser" or "dApp" sections of your MetaMask app or Trust wallet.
  1. In the upper right corner of the page, click the "Connect" button. You can watch the instructions here if you haven’t yet linked your wallet to KyotoSwap.
  2. Use the menu's 'TRADE' area to access the Swap section.
Locate the Trade option to access SWAP section 4. From the dropdown menu in the top area, select the token you wish to exchange. The BNB setting is the norm. Then select the desired token in the "To" area as shown below.
Whether you input a number in the "from" or "to" box, the amount to pay or receive should automatically appear in the other box. You must make sure you have some tokens to exchange with, regardless of the choice you make. Your balance is displayed above the input boxes on the swap screen and in the token dropdown menu.
  1. Review the information and press the Swap option.
  2. A window with more details will appear from your wallet with the ability to sign the transaction. Check if the details are correct. When you have checked the details, click the 'Swap' button. Your wallet will then need you to confirm/sign the transaction.
  3. Your transaction will be submitted, and you will be able to see your transaction details on the chains explorer (BSCSCAN).
Successful kyotowsap transaction PLEASE NOTE That Binance Smart Chain gas costs are reasonable. They typically cost between a few pennies and a couple of dollars. That said, in order to cover the gas costs related to the trade you are attempting to make, you will always need the BNB Smart Chain token in your wallet. You have the option to pay a higher gas charge if you need the transaction to be processed more quickly. Also take note that many Binance Smart Chain initiatives have a tax spelled out in their contracts. This might be applied to the project’s funds, for example. If you want to purchase or sell such tokens, you must be aware of the contact’s tax obligations. When attempting to swap, you might encounter a slippage error message if you don’t modify your slippage to take these taxes into consideration.
For more information, visit
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2023.03.30 14:03 SuspiciousKebab Was it illegal for my boss to edit my job description after I finished my first project, right in front of me without mentioning additional pay raise and such?

I don't work there anymore and it was my first job out of college.
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2023.03.30 14:02 ilearnedlifeonreddit What is/was your experience working for Travelodge ??

Hello wonderful people of Reddit!
I have recently relocated to a new city and looking for a part time job to get some extra cash while I set up my own business, there is an opening as a receptionist at a Travelodge close proximity to where I live which sounds ideal as commute time will be next to 0 and as we all know time is precious!
However, I know 1st hand how hospitality workers get mistreated and undervalued in corporate companies here in the UK which in turn makes me reluctant to go forward with the application.
So with that being said if you have worked or do work for Travelodge what was/is you experience?
In terms of
Any information would be greatly appreciated :-)
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2023.03.30 14:02 jowarley Coworker drama started bc of commission, what would you do? I’ve shortened this as much as I could y’all.

I (21f) the the only groomer and bather at the kennel I work at. At one point I expressed wanting some help every now and then on some departure services, so the dog trainer assistant (23-24?F) expressed she would be interested in taking some services to make some more money on the side. This arrangement works well for a while, whenever I feel I am over booked I’ll ask her if she wants this bath or this nail trim. When eventually I start to notice services being booked under her name when I am no where near being booked full. At first I figured these were getting booked under her name as a mistake (it happens) or the receptionist thought I was over booked when I wasn’t (also happens). I would take these services back, because our arrangement was she would only take if I couldn’t handle it. This caused our first fight- she expressed if a service had been booked under her it’s now HERS. And I felt i was the one that should delegating which services go to her in the first place. This is when my boss enters- the two of us decided we needed to talk with our boss because we couldn’t come to agreement alone. I told her I wasn’t going to give up some services I very well could do- for her. I then express to her my jealously towards her, because she gets to sit behind a computer most of the day for her job while I stand for most of mine. She then expressed she is jealous of me because she knows I make much more money than her in general. This is where our second conflict ensues. This coworker wants services guaranteed to her throughout the week which I can’t do because I never know when there will be extra baths for me to give to her. This coworker lives with a chronic illness and often can’t guarantee when she will be able to perform physically- she has told me in the past she doesn’t want me to treat her differently because of this- but later she tells me how I treat her when she’s having a episode is not enough (I don’t ask if I can help or if she’s okay) I say- you told me you didn’t want to be treated differently and I didn’t feel like I was in a position to help you- i didn’t want to make her feel like I was in a position to help her and that she NEEDSD help. More “I said this but REALLy meant this” from her and then she blames and gets mad at me for taking what she says at face value. My boss takes my side, she says since I am the groomer all services are mine to do what I want with. My coworker expresses she is not “my assistant” and doesn’t want to do things to help me and claims I’ve taken advantage of her because she says “I know she can’t no”. This fills me with so much rage- my boss sees it on my face and immediately jumps between us in the conversation. She brings up past events- from months ago, that I barely even recall. Grudges she had been holding for months over every little thing I have ever done, that she is now throwing in my face, which completely took me by surprise- how long has she hated me and I had thought we were friends??? She says I give her baths that I know are bad, when I always give her a choice to take the bath or not. She is always given the chance to say NO to me , not my fault- she doesn’t know how to say NO. We come to a conclusion that she will take services on Fridays ( my day off). The next day we talk just the two of us, she then tells me one last grudge she was holding she didn’t want to say with my boss there, she was mad when I used to do my home work at work (at one point I worked full time and was a part time college student and often did my homework at work during my lunch or when I had some spare time). I didn’t know what to tell her- I graduated months ago so this was long past.
The next day I PRY and she tells me she had a convo with our boss alone and told me she told our boss about how she was upset I used to do my homework on the clock. Not sure what her intention was here, she tells me she didn’t want to bring it up when our boss was there, when what she REALLY meant was she didn’t want to bring it up while my boss and ME were there. My boss doesn’t express having a problem with this. I’m sure my coworker wanted my boss to have a problem with it.
I tell her I do SO MUCH work here. I am on my feet most days 8 hours a day, most days I don’t take a break, I keep the shared spaces clean, I clean the bathrooms we all use, I clean the hallways and windows and doors clean. I tell her I do so much MORE than she does, this is why my boss is forgiving about me doing hw on the clock and this is why I make more money than her (she admitted she was jealous I made more money) this is when she throws in my face her illness- she can’t do more because she’s sick. I understand, but it’s not my fault she can’t do more.
I decided to give her space, let her come talk to me when she wants. This lead to us just not talking. So after a few days of this I decided I was done and started talking to her like nothing happens, from my POV I’ve gotten all my problems off my chest, if she still has secret grudges that’s her fault. But now I feel her cold shoulder- I feel her not wanting me talking to her when I do. But I ignore it, I continue to do my work and act normal with her even though I know there’s STILL tension.
THIS IS WHERE IM AT NOW. What would you do??? Do I talk to her again? Talking to her is always in so many steps, there’s always the lie- then the half truth- then the kinda full truth. Do I go to my boss again? I don’t want my boss to see me as petty drama person?
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2023.03.30 14:02 Dumbster_Fyre The people who put mudflaps on their IRL base level hatchback are as much "Rally" as this DLC is "rally".

As an avid stage rally game player and someone who spends way too much time streaming a rally game I expect a little more from this franchise. The lack of effort in this games DLC is unfortunately very obvious, map design is lazy, unoriginal, and could have just as well been on the main map. Your "Co driver" is in a helicopter making average calls at weird intervals. Let's not forget the dust that helo kicks up blocking your view from all the blind turns that you have little info on.
The cars (or lack of) is sad. This is a rally DLC and they hand you a focus that's basically already in the game...granted it's one of my favorites of that era, but the point stays the same. The top vehicle to unlock is an electric F150. How disconnected are the devs from this style of racing that it's not a style of WRC car? Or WRC style aero for certain vehicles that have manufactures that compete in those races.
As a predominantly US/ and ESPECIALLY UK fan base you'd think they'd have done a better job showcasing what rally really is by having one of Ken Blocks actual Rally cars in the game (no not his hoonigan cars). Showcase an ARA event. And before you say anything about licensing....I'd bet ANYTHING they didn't even bother contacting anyone about anything.
Co driver's cool. But the whole essence of rallying isn't captured in this game at all. Without the useless calls from your Co driver this is just a dirt map, no tight roads, no real feel of intensity, just open dirt roads.... nothing about it feels like a rally stage other than the name.
All in all you can clearly tell the talent of this dev team is gone and they're scrambling to remain relevant while just lazily throwing the same content at you with a little sugar on top that's basically useless to 95% of the people on here with the "cOoL pOpS aNd BaNgS" fad ends.
4/10 gonna play it non stop, but just continue to be disappointed. FH is only popular because there's nothing really else out there to take it's place. Hopefully someone comes along eventually that actually cares about a car franchise and can make the game experience better.
Thanks for reafing. Happy rallying. 🔥🤘
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