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Animals that have 'stopped working'

2015.05.27 12:53 Gearsofhalowarfare Animals that have 'stopped working'

Pictures, Gifs, and Videos of animals (including humans and some exceptions of robots and machines) that have Stopped Working!

2011.12.01 00:01 Reaction GIFS: Your absurd responses to everything.

Give a man a gif and he will meme all day, teach a man to REACT and he will be as a GOD

2015.10.14 10:54 overactor I can't stop watching.

For animated gifs and similar formats, that get better the longer you watch them.

2023.05.26 06:44 kierisbetter Just got to work after a fun concert, went by myself.

Now I’m calm sitting here at work and I have no one to talk to about it or anything else for that matter. When the artist asked everyone to hug who they came with I hugged myself. I so desperately wanted someone to see me and want to know me enough to talk to me. But anywho, if I could just not be alone for right now at least, that’d be great.
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2023.05.26 05:31 wishesonwhiskers 31F Pain under tongue, possible ulcers?

I’m a 31F, no smoking, no vaping, no tobacco products. The most pertinent thing to this story is I love salty snacks like chips/popcorn, so I don’t know if that plays a role here.
For the last few days, I’ve had awful pain in my mouth. The worst of it is under my tongue, right at the frenulum. It looks very red, swollen, and seems there may be blister-like pieces on it. Moving my tongue, eating, cold stuff, spicy stuff is all very painful. My gums hurt as well, especially the area under my tongue.
I saw a dentist and they couldn’t address it. They recommended me for a deep cleaning and more flossing, but that doesn’t address where most of the pain is.
So far, I’ve reduced my salt intake and also attempted a salt water rinse based on some internet research. Overall, the internet searches didn’t give me much to go on. It’s very painful and I can’t take it anymore. Any advice or ideas are appreciated!
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2023.05.26 04:51 MrMundee9 I could use some help fixing this Xbox 360 Controller RB Button.

Hi. The RB button in my Xbox 360 controller stopped working years ago and now I wanted to fix it.
Due to the nature of the problem (it sagged down when pressed showing no input) I figured it was the typical "cardboard piece above the button" fix.
I did that and realised that the problem kept on going. After closer inspection, turns out the soldered button itself is loose and its support is sunken (see attached video).
If you have any idea on solutions to this, let me know. I've never soldered so if I have to, some tips would be aprecciated.
btw, sorry for the video quality, my phone won't let me focus manually natively.
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2023.05.26 03:50 Kind_Homework3077 I Dont know?

well this post is a rant slash question for anyone that want to express an opinion.
I am a lonely person. I have nobody in my life to that i want to do anything with hardly. I have like 2 friends at school and im graduating tomorrow so they will prob be gone. So i have nobody people say family but i dont really like them. My brother i have no issues with really, he just kind of move on in life hed got his own place and is getting married later this year. My sistet i just hate she always starts shiy for no reason and i just cant and wont deal with her shit, my brother is the same way. Then my dad is out of the picture he isnt an option, i have never had him. Now my mom, she works so hard for me and my siblings and i apreciate it but i just dont have any feelings towards her. Part of it is that she never has time for me and when she does she is either tired or forgets. And i grt it she works a lot but still, i grew up with no father and pretty well no mother i learned everything from people online. The other thing is I think it has to do with im always getting told off for the little things and if i ever get pumped to do something i get told to do something eltse and it just makes me lose all motivation. I dont think its her fault its just the way i am, it dosent take much for me to go from a good to bad mood if its the right thing. The last thing is all of my online friends have kind of grown up and loged off i have the few but i hardly talk to them.
Anyways im just kind of alone in this world. I have nobody and i dont know what to do anymore. There are people that care about me but its a one way street. Im torn between two options.
Do i just kill myself then i dont have to worry about anything anymore life sucks as it is.
Do i try to rebuild my life from scratch.
Whatever one I pick there are caviots i just dont know what to do.
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2023.05.26 03:42 PieMasterXox 31M Infinity friendship here, come get your brand new best friend ~

Ok. So. Hi. I'm. Me. I'm an odd guy, I don't say that to make myself seem interesting, I say that because that's what people tell me and I'm trying to yeet some condensed peer reviews your way so you don't end up wasting too much of my time. " Why does he keep talking about punting babies, that's rude"
"Well the baby should of moved. "
Anywho. Aside from that you'll no doubt find me to be one of your best friends. I mean. If you value integrity. Compassion. All that useless shit.
I'm single, but honestly, truly, understand. I love it. My friend wants to bring me to a club. My mom is weirdly mad I won't squirt white juice into someone so she can harass the next generation of our family. But I'm chilling. Working on me. Working hard. Seizing opportunities. Yada. Yada.
I love animals. Puppies. Kitties. Squirrels. Although today I saw some squirrel giving me demon time eyes with its mouth open and I thought I was about to have to square up with his entire clan type deal. Birds. I've helped out a few birds so I've received a blessing from the avian god.
In my free time I keep myself fairly occupied, I've actually been procrastinating something all day so after I hit send, I'll try starting it? Unless someone replies to me. Please someone reply to me, I'm tired of studying 😭
I like thick ladies, naps, and a third thing I keep changing.
So today I got some Pokemon cards and I'm gonna give my room mate a refresher on the game so it should be dope. Did I mention I'm a good friend? I mean. Unless I don't like you. Hahaha. But isn't that usually how it goes?
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2023.05.26 03:40 Copingbadly I just found out my mom may have cancer....

I don't even know what to write, tbh. I'm just... I'm not handling it well. We are still waiting on the official test results but the doctor is pretty certain.
I'm really grateful I don't live with her anymore because the last thing she needs right now is me being overwhelmingly emotional. (Please dont confuse this with me not supporting her or being there for her; that's not the case. She just is not an overly emotional person and doesn't deal with others' emotions well and prefers not to in the first place.)
I've been crying off and on all day since I found out. She's one of those people who prefers not to make a big deal out of things, even so much as to not really want to celebrate mother's day or her birthday. So we (my siblings and I) are trying to respect that in the family chat and act relatively normal. But it's freaking HARD and I'm careening uncontrollably between sobbing and trying to act normal in front of my dad (who she doesn't want to know {they are not together}), and feeling guilty for acting normal, but also guilty for crying.
I'm just.... SHE'S the one with the potential diagnosis; who am I to be crying so much? But also, she's my MOM. So shouldn't I be allowed to cry and feel miserable and just want to sleep it away? But also i feel horrible when I distract myself and forget, because my freaking MOM may have CANCER. Why am I smiling and laughing at YouTube like it's a normal day?? (For the record, no one but my anxiety/depression is saying these things.)
Anyways, I'm just.... It's a lot. And I'm having a hard time. I don't know what to do. I'm scared. I'm freaking out. There's a chance it could be nothing, there's a chance they may be able to remove it all, but this is my MOM. She's always been a rock; consistent in my life. She's human and gets sick and stuff, yeah but just UGH. Why her??? She doesn't deserve this!!?
My brain is all over the place and I don't know what to do with any of my feelings and I just needed to get this out before I explode.
Thank you for your time if you've gotten this far. I'm sorry if I impacted or ruined your mood in any way;;;
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2023.05.26 03:39 schrachzamm 21 Charger R/T Fog Lamp Lens

Hey all, The clear lens on one of my fog lights popped off and is loose. I tried popping it back it but can't figure out how it attaches. I looked at the other side and it's still tight over there, so I don't want to mess with it. Any advice on how I can fix this would be appreciated. My Charger has 9100 mi on it and is still under warranty, so I could take it to the dealer, but I don't want to if I can avoid the hassle and do it myself.

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2023.05.26 03:30 Annoyed_Skittle 9mo thrashing like a crazy person

I just need to know if it's normal! These past few weeks, during bedtime, she'll pop on and off and sometimes just wiggle like crazy. Like...Micheal Jackson has nothing on this kids' hip thrust. She'll just fall back into my lap and jirate and it's becoming so hard to try and get her to settle to sleep. I know she's been teething and working on a milestone lately but it's every night 😩 She doesn't seem uncomfortable either and there's no tears.
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2023.05.26 03:22 Mr_Bass69 Engine is (stuck?) after cam and push rods fell out.

I don't know much about small engine, but I know enough about the predator 212 to feel confident in taking out the oil sensogovernor. At least I thought. Today, I was removing the oil sensor because I had already had the oil drained and thought why not. Me, lacking common sense, thought it would be a good idea to take the cam out to get a better reach at the second bolt holding the oil sensor in instead of rotating the crankshaft. In the process, the pushrods and their little head-thingies that contact the cam fell out. I couldn't get the head-thingies into their spot far enough to get the cam back in, so I pushed them until they did (I'm a freaking idiot). It seemed to work, and I got the cam back in and the crankcase cover back on, and I went to pull it to check clearances and what not and to see if I got it working. I didn't. When I pull it, it is normal to a point, but then it gets super hard to pull and then releases with a lot of force. It didn't do that before. I'm not sure, but I think the push rods were knocked out of the rockers or something. What do you guys think? Brand new engine btw, a couple years old but I just opened a couple weeks ago, and have idled it once or twice.
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2023.05.26 02:45 Jade-Emy Kia Rio 2023 vs Toyota Corolla vs alternatives?

Hi there!
I'm currently looking into ordering a Kia Rio5 2023 LX but wanted to know if any of you guys had other suggestions (I'm located in Canada). I like the small hatchback look and want something that'll be as fuel efficient as possible but also cheap and reliable.
I currently have a refundable deposit for a Toyota Corolla 2023 LE Hybrid, but without a decent cash down, the interest over the years get quite scary and does not make it seem worth it (100$/week over 84 month which would end up costing me a total of +/- 8k in interest). In the end, for the Rio, if I put the payment over 84months (67$/week), I'd be paying 4,5k in interest. This still seem unreasonable, but a bit better than for the Corolla Hybrid. I should be able to do a few bigger payments on the loan occasionally, but I don't want to rely on that for my calculations.
At the moment, I drive a 2007 Kia Rio with 262,000km that is starting to go through quite a bit of engine oil, power steering oil along with a few other issues. I got it 5 years ago with 182,000km and have been satisfied with it so far. This is why I'm now considering the newer version of the Rio. I have thought of looking into used cars, but they seem insanely over priced (some being more expensive than ordering a new one).
I have quickly looked at Hyundai venue (but none in the area I could try or even sit in) and Nissan Kicks which my mother owns and gets great fuel efficiency, but I don't feel like the shorter warranty on the Nissan and I don't associate them with reliability and durability.
Was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions?
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2023.05.26 02:23 theguyfromhamilton Civil Court Clerkship NYC

I was offered to interview for a judge in NYC. I just graduated a couple days ago. It pays alright (84k) and has nice government benefits. My goal was to work in entertainment but that has proven to be difficult for a variety of reasons (grades, school rank (T50), current market).
But I have not given up hope. I am determined to achieve my professional goals between now and the next 2 years. In the mean time, I need money and really liked interning with a judge during 1L. I think the courts are fascinating, cool, and the work is valuable. The networking is obviously a huge benefit. Plus, I’ll have more time to plan my next move while being able to feed myself (position is 1 year plus renewal)
I want to ask if there is anything I’m not considering. No, I’m likely not a candidate for big law and probably never will be. However, I have 2 internships in entertainment law already AND have won multiple competitions. Most attorneys I’ve networked with (and agencies I have worked for) won’t hire anyone without 2/3 years experience anyway. How will this fare with them?
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2023.05.26 02:19 Slin71 Airpods pro won't factory reset

So I lost my AirPods Pro case. So I got one from my friend. The number on the headphones are the same so I guess it's the same generation. Unfortunately I don't own an Iphone. By simply holding the button nothing happens. Also the music keeps runnin when the AirPods already in the Case and also charging.
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2023.05.26 02:01 Xarkar NVR - Can i change storage type from Raid 1?

Is there a way to change the storage method? IE lets say i have 2 8TB drives. It auto goes into Raid 1.

What if i simply want 16gb of storage and do not care about redundancy?

If i want more than 8gb, what are my options? Currently have 2, 8tb drives. Can i get more storage by adding a 3rd or 4th or will those just become a larger raid array?
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2023.05.26 01:02 Forward_Camera_3110 Expression (May 14, 2021)

Gone full no contact... Better this way... Even apologies come with accusations... Every "kind" word comes with an admonishment That expressing how I truly feel is "childish"... I imagine her parents did that to her... That's why she does it now... We are products of our past history and upbringing... Nature and nurture... The things I say, Even the things you read here, Were not said to destroy her; They were me expressing my emotions... And emotions aren't logical... They are rarely in sync with tangible reality... They exist, But no one else can touch them other than their author... They are your property, alone... They can make us come to faulty conclusions... Make us hear another's words, but not understand their meaning... They can make us imagine worst case scenarios so firmly That we don't examine the details of extant consensus reality... But we are allowed to have them... Even express them... Describe them in such intricate detail... To feel what we feel for a brief moment... Come close, at least, But description will never fully close the gap between self and other... People develop personal biases against these types of expressions... They hear what they expect to hear, Not what is said... They make assumptions - snip snap... And assume the worst... Honesty is seen by some as nastiness... Bitterness... Betrayal of a love that once was, Turned into hurt... The shear magnitude of it heavy as a collapsing star... It makes you hurt, It's not childish to hurt... It is human... And it is natural to "feel" when you have been Demeaned, debased, and devalued... One can only be "Kicked to the curb" so many times Before the only course of action is to simply walk away... I'm healing... It's necessarily messy... It may seem too messy to some, But that's their trip, and they don't pay my bills... This is my mind... My head and my heart... Emotionally battered... Somewhat bruised... This is not done to destroy anyone... This is done to heal me... This is how I have kept from losing my mind for many, many years... Is it too public for some people? Of course. No more or less so than poetry readings and open mic's back in college... I sprayed my joy and my pain at audiences tanked on coffee (Both they and I...) And even if I wasn't their favorite person, They were always at least mildly entertained... Applause was a nice validation... It didn't always mean they understood, But it did mean they appreciated the effort... I still have some fans... People that were there, listening in person, that are still in my life today... This is reminiscent of those glory days (For them and for me)... It is a part of me... Probably one of the more healthy of my habits... "Wringing out the rot," as a now estranged friend used to say... Words will offend some personally... This taking offense blocks understanding... That's okay... I'm not responsible for how others feel... That doesn't mean that I don't care... It's simply that: each and every one of us, alone, is responsible for how we feel... I can't change that reality... All I can do is what I do... All I can say is what I say... All I can feel is what I feel... All that I am is what I am... I can accept that that isn't everybody's cup of tea... But it's also not my responsibility to be...
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2023.05.26 00:49 Tight-Cow9042 I’m tired of my stomach

A little about myself: I'm a 28-year-old male weighing 145 lbs. I've been diagnosed with esophagitis, IBS, acid reflux, and had my gallbladder removed five years ago.
Typically, I maintain a strict and balanced diet consisting of meat, vegetables, fruits, and so on, along with regular exercise. However, over the past two weeks, my eating habits have been a bit erratic. Prior to this recent diet change, I had no issues with eating a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, I've been experiencing some puzzling symptoms lately.
For the past week or so, I've been feeling intermittent hot flashes and soreness in different areas of my intestines, particularly below the belly button on the right side and around the upper left ribs (rib 7 or 9). Additionally, I've noticed a tight sensation in my rectum during bowel movements. It's confusing because I've incorporated foods and drinks that are usually helpful for regular bowel movements, but they're barely working. I even tried using a suppository, which only resulted in the passage of thin, small stools, and I still felt the need for more to come out. Surprisingly, my acid reflux seems less severe than usual.
I prioritize adequate fiber intake and hydration. I've decided to seek medical attention tomorrow to address these concerns, but I wanted to see if anyone here could provide some insight or assistance beforehand.
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2023.05.26 00:19 yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Is there a way to beat the ambushed of moons court without any weapons

Hi I’m fighting him right now and all my weapons broke while fighting him and I can’t leave. I still have a bow and arrow but no weapons. Is there still a way to beat him?
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2023.05.26 00:10 ogreatgames NCAA Football 2005: Excellent Football Game - PS2 Game

NCAA Football 2005: Excellent Football Game - PS2 Game

![video](wxnww5yu7b591 " Experience a ground-breaking football game with NCAA Football 2005. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #football #sports --
NCAA Football 2005 For Sony PlayStation 2. Experience an excellent football game like no other! Play in authentic college stadiums and wear college team uniforms. New features such as Agile Running System, Create-A-Sign, and Match-Up Stick are a great addition to the game. Play intense matches and feel the atmosphere of a college football game. NCAA Football 2005 is absolutely off-the-chain so don't miss the chance and grab this game now! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.05.26 00:10 Berry_pencil_11 Dog sitting and staring

Hi! I’m dog sitting for the first time for a friend’s little dog… it’s my first time actually being around a dog this much although I’ve always been a fan, and I’m shocked at the amount of neediness this little guy is displaying. Is it normal for him to just sit and stare at me for no reason? I mean there must be a reason but I don’t know it, can’t guess it. I play with him a lot, speak to him all the time (especially when staring as these awkward needy silences are really jarring for me), I know his cues for when he needs to toilet, the water bowl is always freshly filled and he eats according to owners schedule so he shouldn’t be hungry. But genuinely he just stares at me the whole time. I’m literally in bed, and he’s sitting at the end of the bed staring at me rather than going to bed. I’m used to cats so this needy, clingy behaviour is odd to me. Is this normal for dogs or do y’all think it’s because I’m new?
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2023.05.25 23:50 mrpostman17 Ryobi 37cc chainsaw won’t stay running

I bought a Ryobi Chainsaw last year and finally decided to use it. I took an empty gas can, made the mixture, filled the gas tank and the bar oil tank, and tried to start it. After a rough time, it started. I ran it for about a minute before it stopped. I have no idea why, I’m reading the manual for it and everything, and I’m incredibly pissed off because I can’t afford another chainsaw and it’s too late to return this one. Help
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2023.05.25 23:45 seymour47 Observer bug or design?

I recently saw the trick of activating an observer by putting a piece of string in front of it. This lets you create a signal just by moving through the string.
I wanted to hide the observer so I thought I'd try the item frame + map strategy in front of the observer. Even when frame and map are in place running through the string still activates the observer.....once. If I try moving through the string again, it no longer activates the observer.
Is this an intentional design or a bug with the observer?
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2023.05.25 23:26 Shankdaddy_ [WTS] Hk45c threaded barrel, McRae Jungle Boots (10W), ECWCS Lvl VII Parka, DCU M65 field jacket, FILBE Waterproof Bags (56 and 65 liter),DK-5 Riot Faceshield, MLOK 9-slot Rail

Boots - McRae black jungle boots, size 10W (I am an 11 regular in new balance if that helps, these boots fit me well), worn around the house a few times otherwise brand new - $130 + shipping
HK45c threaded barrel - used, I’ve had maybe 50 rounds through it, still in perfect shape, $235 shipped
Paulson DK-5 riot faceshield - fits PASGT helmets, new, $63 shipped
Midwest Industries mlok rail, 9 slot rail for an mlok handguard, mounted once, $18 shipped
Waterproof FILBE bag - new and in unused condition, 65L and 56L, $45 shipped each
Gen III Ecwcs level VII parka - Lightly used but still in great shape, size large regular - $160 shipped
M65 DCU jacket - Nearly new USGI Large field jacket in Large, no liner, $58 shipped
Pm me if you’re interested but comment as well for a flair check, PayPal F&F only, NO NOTES PLEASE!
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2023.05.25 22:57 Poop_in_urinals Is trying to back out of a vacation because “my heart isn’t in it” a valid reason to cancel?

That’s kind of how I am feeling, I’m two days out from a guy’s trip, and I’m just not feeling like I really want to go. I suppose for me, I felt pressured (or, I just couldn’t say no), and now I’m stuck with a $210 round trip ticket. Refunds for cancellation only gives you back 75% of that.
At the same time, I just feel like if I do go along I’ll just be the one who is feeling like I’m just being dragged along, and probably will be the Debbie downer the entire time.
I guess I’m too much of a homebody lol
What would the users in this community have to say about this? If it’s important to provide, I couldn’t get Tuesday off from work, which we come back Tuesday at 2:30 am and work is 8:30 am.
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