Brenda gantt cornbread dressing

Brenda pretake idea

2023.05.31 21:45 TheGitTurtle Brenda pretake idea

Next time you record pre takes with Brenda, maybe do a bait and switch in the case you come across someone who is down bad. With the power of editing, she could drop something at the desk, duck down or get up and turn around with her back to the camera for a second and when she turns back around or comes back into view its you in the same dress and wig.
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2023.05.27 00:13 JoshAsdvgi SON OF LIGHT KILLS THE MONSTER



Man-Eagle, a frightful monster, had laid waste to the whole country.
With his sharp talons he seized women and girls, wives and maidens.
He Hew off with them to his home above the clouds, where he abused
them for four nights before eating them up.
Among those abducted by Man-Eagle was the young wife of Son of
Light. Within hours this hero was on their trail, and along the way he
met the Pinon Maidens, dressed in grass and pinon bark. With them
were Spider Woman and Mole.
"Where are you going?" these spirit people asked Son of Light. "ManEagle has stolen my wife," he answered. "I am going to rescue her, but
I have to get there in a hurry before he kills her."
"This is bad," said Spider Woman, "but never fear, I'll help you."
And to the Pinon Maidens she said: "You girls gather pinon resin and shape it into a copy of Man-Eagle's flint-arrowhead shirt that no weapon can penetrate.
Be quick."
The Pinon Maidens gathered the resin and made a shirt exactly like Man-Eagle's, and when they had finished it, Spider Woman sprinkled sacred corn pollen over it and chanted an invocation.
Then she turned herself into a tiny spider no bigger than a grain of salt and crawled up on Son of Light's right ear.
"Here I am," she said, 'Where I can tell you what to do if you get into trouble.
The next step is up to Mole."
Mole burrowed a passage through the mountain up to the top so that Son of Light could get to the summit without being seen.
When they came out onto the mountaintop, they saw that they were still far below Man-Eagle's home in the clouds.
Spider Woman said, ''I'll call some good birds to help us."
The first to answer her call was the spotted eagle.
Son of Light, Mole, and Spider Woman climbed onto his back, and he spread his wings and
began Circling upwards.
Higher and higher he flew, until at last he was exhausted.
"I can go no farther," he said.
Spider Woman then called on the hawk, who came at once, flying wing tip to wing tip with the spotted eagle.
Mole and Son of Light, with Spider Woman still perched on his right ear, walked over the
wings onto the hawk's back.
The hawk carried them higher, but after a while his strength gave out too.
"This is as high as I can go," he said.
Spider Woman called for the gray hawk to take over.
Again Son of Light, Mole, and Spider Woman changed birds, and the gray hawk flew up higher than the others.
Still it was not high enough, and the three friends transferred to the back of the red hawk, best of all fliers.
The red hawk flew through a hole in the clouds right to the white house that was the home of Man-Eagle.
Thanking the red hawk for carrying them so far, Son of Light, Spider Woman, and Mole got down and walked boldly up to the house.
"Look at the ladder to the entrance," said Spider Woman to Son of Light.
"Its rungs are sharp obsidian knives.
They cut your fingers off if you try to get up there."
"What shall we do?" asked Son of Light.
"Go pick some sumac berries," Spider Woman said.
Son of Light gathered the berries and returned to her.
"Now feed them to Horned Toad over there," she said.
Son of Light popped the berries into the wide mouth of Horned Toad, who chewed them into a gooey paste which he spit into the palm of Son of Light's hand.
"Now smear what Horned Toad has given you on the sharp edges of the rungs," Spider Woman told him.
As Son of Light smeared the edges, they immediately became blunt so that he could climb up without having his fingers cut off.
Spider Woman was still behind his right ear, while little Mole had buried himself in Son of Light's hair.
With his two hidden companions, Son of Light stepped inside Man-Eagle's home.
The first thing he saw was Man-Eagle's magic Hint-arrowhead shirt hanging from a viga. Quick as a Hash Son of Light hung the counterfeit shirt on that rafter and put the real shirt on.
They were so alike that not even Son of Light could tell them apart.
He went into the second room and found his wife, her hands tied behind her back.
"I've come to free you," he told her.
"Flee!" she cried. "Run quickly! No one who enters here ever leaves alive."
"Don't be afraid," he answered, untying her hands.
"We'll come out of here alive and happy."
Man-Eagle was asleep in the next room, but Spider Woman was carrying a "hear nothing" charm which prevented their noise from reaching his ears.
Unaware that strangers were in his house, he awoke and put on his Hint-arrow shirt, then went into the next room.
"Now I will enjoy the beautiful girl," he thought, but instead found himself face to face with Son of Light.
"Who are you?" asked Man-Eagle.
"How dare you come here!"
"You have stolen my wife, and I am taking her back now."
"Maybe you will, and maybe you won't," said Man-Eagle.
"You're speaking big words, but first you'll have a contest with me."
"What kind of contest?" inquired Son of Light.
"A smoking contest," said Man-Eagle.
The monster brought out a huge pipe, as long as a good-sized man, and filled it with tobacco.
"We will both smoke this," he told Son of Light, "and whoever weakens and faints is the loser.
If you lose, I have the right to kill you and possess your wife.
If you win, you can take her back."
Now, Man-Eagle's magic tobacco was poisonous enough to stun anyone who was not used to it, though it no longer had an effect on him.
But while Man-Eagle explained the rules of the contest, Mole quickly burrowed a hole in the Hoor underneath the spot on which Son of Light was sitting.
Mole made a passage all the way down through the earth to the outside, and as the man and the monster puffed away, the smoke passed right through Son of Light and through the hole into the outside air.
The two smoked and smoked, until Man-Eagle got dizzy from his own magic tobacco and had to stop.
Son of Light, on the other hand, was unaffected.
Filled to the bursting point with smoke, Man-Eagle stepped outside the house to clear his head.
Son of Light followed, and they both saw dense clouds of smoke covering the whole sky.
"I wonder how he did it," thought Man-Eagle.
Aloud he said: "Well, you win this contest, but this is only the first.
Now comes the second."
Man-Eagle brought forth two huge elk antlers.
"Take this one," he told Son of Light, "and I'll take the other.
Each of us will try and break his own in two.
If you fail to break yours with your hands, I shall kill you and possess your wife."
The antler that Man-Eagle had given his rival was actually a magical piece of stone-the hardest stone in the world.
The antler that ManEagle had kept for himself was a false antler made of brittle wood.
Quick as a Hash just before the contest began, Spider Woman exchanged the two elk antlers.
She did it with such lightning speed that not even the eye of Man-Eagle could follow her. The rivals took up their antlers, and Son of Light broke his easily, but Man-Eagle could not break his however hard he tried. "I wonder how he did that," thought the monster.
He was not so sure of himself now.
"Well, this was just child's play, something to warm us up," said Man-Eagle.
"Now for our third contest."
"What is it this time?" asked Son of Light.
"Step outside with me," said Man-Eagle.
They went out, and the monster pointed to two huge pine trees near his house.
"You choose one of these trees and I will choose the other, and he who fails to pull his
tree up by the roots loses the contest.
If I win, I'll kill you and possess your wife."
"So be it," answered Son of Light.
Man-Eagle chose the tree which he thought had the shallower roots.
"Remember," he told Son of Light, "if you fail to pull up your treetrunk, branches, roots, and all-you lose, no matter what I do."
During these preparations, Mole had burrowed underneath Son of Light's tree and gnawed through all the roots.
Son of Light pulled it up easily, while Man-Eagle could not uproot his.
"It pleased me to let you win once more," he told Son of Light, "but you must win the fourth and last contest."
To himself he said: "I wonder how he did it.
This young man is really strong."
'What do you propose?" asked Son of Light.
'Watch me," answered Man-Eagle.
He began carrying into his biggest room heaps of food-meat of all kinds, piki bread and cornbread of all kinds, mush and gruel of all kinds, squash and bean dishes of all kindsbaskets, pots, cups, and dippers full of food.
Making two mountains of it all, he told Son of Light: "This is your heap and that over there is
You must eat your heap all at once, without leaving a single scrap.
When you can't do it, I'll kill you and possess your wife."
"I'm sure to win this one," Man-eagle said to himself.
"The young man is puny compared with me; he can't absorb all this food."
Again Mole had dug a tunnel underneath Son of Light.
As quickly as Son of Light emptied a dish, the food passed through him and through
the tunnel to some place outside the house.
In no time Son of Light had eaten the whole mountain of meat, corn, squash, beans, piki, and mush.
Man-Eagle tried to match him dish for dish, but could not.
"Well," said Son of Light, "Now I'll take my wife and go home."
"Not quite yet," said Man-Eagle.
"In the end it comes down to this: Which of us is invulnerable? Which of us can withstand the flames of a mighty fire? I can.
Can you? We shall see:' Man-Eagle made two huge piles of dry wood.
"You sit on this one, and I'll sit on that," he said.
"Your wife can set fire to them once we're in position.
If you can withstand the fire, then I'll do whatever you say."
"Now," thought Man-Eagle, "I can get rid of this upstart.
My magic flint-arrowhead shirt is fireproof, but the young fellow will burn up."
Son of Light's wife set fire to the two woodpiles.
Of course, son of Light was wearing the real magic flint-arrowhead shirt.
Coated with ice, dear and cold like crystal, it protected him from the Hames.
In the process part of the ice melted and extinguished the fire.
But the shirt of Man-Eagle made out of resin, ignited in a Hash which so thoroughly
consumed Man-Eagle that only his ashes remained.
Then Spider Woman whispered into Son of Light's ear: "Take this wonderful medicine of mine in your mouth and spurt it all over ManEagle's ashes."
Son of Light did what Spider Woman said, and as he spat the medicine over the ashes, Man-Eagle arose, transformed into a good-looking man.
Spider Woman addressed this eagle turned into a man: "Have you learned your lesson? Will you stop killing and eating people?
Will you stop stealing and abusing wives and maidens? Will you promise?"
Eagle-turned-into-Man said: "I promise.
I will never do evil again, never."
Son of Light joyfully claimed his wife, while Spider Woman brought all the Hopi people whom Man-Eagle had killed back to life again.
Then they all got on the backs of the eagle, hawk, gray hawk, and red
hawk, and these friendly birds carried them safely back to their homes.
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2023.05.23 19:40 Boblawlaw28 Halloween season 2

Someone was discussing the season 4 date rape ep the other day. I’m watching the Halloween ep from season 2. Kelly dresses like a ho and Brenda slut shames her after nearly being raped.
This is what you 30 and under crowd have to remember. This is exactly what the vibe was in that time. I was 14 when this aired live and I remember taking it all in. Kelly even takes responsibility saying she was acting sexy and asked for it.
So 5 years later when I was raped by a guy I was trying to date, how do you think I responded? Damn straight I didn’t tell anyone.
This is why women are waiting 20+ years to report sexual assaults. This is why it matters that our former President be held accountable for his actions in the 90s. Because it was not a safe time to come forward and talk about what happened to you. I mean we women were slut shaming our friends just like Brenda did! How would the police act?
So yeah. I remember it being very startling to see a show handle this topic. And now looking back I give it a B for effort but man we had so far to go. But it was a start to the conversation.
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2023.05.18 21:09 Nekocharmx W.I.Shirt replacement

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2023.05.18 02:53 PeterWarnesPajamas Ok I’m Cindy Walsh age and rewatching 90210 for the first time since it’s original airing

I’m in my 40s, I was 13 when the show came out. I think I started watching in the summer between seasons 1-2 (like a lot of people!) and I watched all ten years. Other than the occasional Soapnet rerun back in the day, I haven’t rewatched it since. This summer I’m working from home and needed something “fluffy” to watch so for the first time I’m going to rewatch the whole show. I’m watching on Paramount Plus and am bummed some episodes are missing.
The first season is very after-school-special topic of the week. With all these characters we never see again. The family maid. The single teen mom. The girl who gets raped in the parking lot. The little league team. The boy whose mom beats him. It’s clear why they meandered away from that into a soap opera.
The song replacements are god awful! It’s 1990-1991 and they’re playing what sounds like 1999 alt rock! The worst was no REM in Brenda and Dylan’s break-up scene.
Speaking of which, Brenda breaking up with Dylan pissed me off 32 years ago and pissed me off on the rewatch. “I’m just not ready for a sexual relationship” after all that buildup the first season? I’ve heard the behind the scenes reason why, because they had to have “consequences” for teenagers having sex.
Luke Perry (RIP) was my first crush, I had a heart shaped pillow of him on my bed. And yep he was hot in a smoldering way. Looking at it from my age now though it’s weird how he was so “experienced” in everything. He’s supposed to be 16-17 and Brandon goes to him for advice on everything and Dylan answers (in his shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck!) with the know-it-all voice of reason like he’s talking to his son. Always “Trust me Brandon” Also he’s not even 18 and in AA?
I was always team Brenda but I didn’t hate Kelly. Kelly was my favorite after Brenda left. I could never stand Val or Clare. We’ll see if I still feel that way when I rewatch later seasons! Now that I’m old enough to be her mother I find Brenda to be very bratty. She also toys with Dylan a lot, unfairly at this point, although he later cheats on her with Kelly, so he deserved it then! Kelly is very entitled and selfish at this point. I’d forgotten how much David was in love with Kelly early on, which makes it funny they become stepsiblings. And I forgot how much I loved Kelly’s mom Jackie.
Jim Walsh is such jerk father. He didn’t give a crap when Sheryl was in Brandon’s room but he flipped out when Brenda said she slept with Dylan. He wanted to go out and talk with Dylan! Meanwhile Brandon had sex across the hall and he was just like “oh I’ll talk to him” half smiling. There was no talk of making “ground rules” with Brandon like Brenda. Kicked an ailing Dylan out of the house for kissing Brenda but then no repercussions for Brandon having sex in the house.
Andrea is annoying as hell. And geez she looks 30. Her and Cindy Walsh must shop at Dress Barn together. There was one scene at the beach club in July, Kelly is in a bikini top and shorts, Brenda is in a sundress and there’s Andrea in a long sleeved shirt buttoned up to her neck, jeans and sneakers. WTF. Were they trying to make it obvious that she was a 30 year old playing a teenager??
It’s obvious they were trying to make Brandon and Andrea the big will they-won’t they couple. I’d forgotten that. I think I recall the plan was they were going to hook them up in college but then Cateris got pregnant in real life and wanted to leave. With that being the end seems all the time spent on her crush on Brandon was a waste.
They also spend a lot of time calling attention to the fact that Steve and Kelly are exes and obviously Steve is carrying a torch for Kelly. Seems they were going to set them up to be another will they or won’t they but that never happened either.
I know Doherty was never going to be back but it seems the ultimate series finale would have been Dylan and Brenda getting married, not David and Donna. They’re my least favorite characters so that’s just my opinion! Show probably should’ve ended with Brandon and Kelly getting married like they were planning.
Anyways I just started season 2!
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2023.05.16 05:39 Hellothiskitty Things I say after watching BGC:

Liquid courage Weak sauce Putting the battery in someone’s back Putting bugs in peoples ears go out with a BANG collard green, cornbread, country ass WHOOPIN Why yo dress got a collar??? BRANDING MY LASHES! “SHE THREATENED ME!!!” Get in my face one more time and imma slide yo ass Her pool is going in the bed tonight I almost took my red bottoms awf
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2023.05.12 09:30 nuraman00 The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: Episode 63: Mexican Standoff.

Costume designer Dianne Kennedy, and set designer Drew Kinney are guest hosts.

This podcast episode covers "Mexican Standoff" and "Wedding Bell Blues".

Kennedy did a lot of the outfits this season, such as Kelly in "Halloween" and the Mexican Standoff costumes for characters.

Matthew Laurence joins the podcast.

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2023.05.07 18:53 derecipeusa Brenda Gantt Recipes

Brenda Gantt Recipes
Brenda Gantt Recipes
As a fan of classic Southern Cuisine, Whenever I try something new I always try Brenda Gantt Recipes. If you are also a fan of Southern cuisine, then you’ve probably heard of Brenda Gantt, a renowned chef who has been cooking up a storm in the South for decades. Known for her delicious and hearty recipes, Brenda has become a household name for those who love comfort food.
Get All recipe of Brenda Gantt Here: Brenda Gantt Recipes
In this blog, we’re going to dive into some of Brenda Gantt’s top recipes that you won’t want to miss. From her famous Buttermilk Cornbread to her mouth-watering Chili, we’ll explore some of her most beloved dishes and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate them at home.
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2023.05.07 18:47 kcorecipe Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
If you’re a fan of Southern cuisine, chances are you’ve heard of Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe. The crispy, tangy slices of unripe tomatoes are a delicious side dish or snack that pairs perfectly with a range of other Southern dishes.
Get the Full Recipe Here: Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
Using a simple but flavorful batter, Brenda manages to create perfectly crisp and delicious fried green tomatoes that are sure to become a new favorite in your household.
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2023.05.05 01:44 thepacksvrvives Season 7: everything we know so far, part 1

If you haven’t read the books or don’t want to see any spoilers, do NOT read this post.
Buckle up, this is going to be long.
Unfortunately, a Reddit post cannot contain more than 20 images so I’ve made my analyses of the officially-released material over on Imgur: the World Outlander Day 2022 video, the S7 teaser, the S8 announcement video, the S7 opening credits, the S7 first-look stills, the S7A episode titles, and the Newest Cast for S7 video. Click the links to read the descriptions. I will be referring to them throughout the post.


Episode Title Writer Director
701 A Life Well Lost Danielle Berrow Lisa Clarke
702 The Happiest Place on Earth Toni Graphia Lisa Clarke
703 Death Be Not Proud Tyler English-Beckwith Jacquie Gould
704 A Most Uncomfortable Woman Marque Franklin-Williams Jacquie Gould
705 Singapore Taylor Mallory Tracey Deer
706 Where the Waters Meet Sarah H. Haught
707 A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers Margot Ye
708 Turning Points Luke Schelhaas
709 Barbara Stepansky
710 Luke Schelhaas Stewart Svaasand
711 Sarah H. Haught Lisa Clarke
712 Toni Graphia Lisa Clarke
713 Madeline Brestal & Evan McGahey
714 Diana Gabaldon
715 Danielle Berrow Jamie Payne
716 Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Jamie Payne
The writers of all 16 episodes are now confirmed on the WGA website. Diana Gabaldon previously shared that she wrote episode 714 and that parts of her unused 609 script were used in the script for 701.
The first two directors were first mentioned by Caitríona in an interview with Gold Derby:
We had an amazing director, Lisa Clarke, for the first two eps, and she has been fantastic. Really beautiful, strong eps. We just wrapped three and four with the director Jacquie Gould and it was really, really great.
According to her IMDB credits, Lisa Clarke also directed episodes 711 and 712.
Tracey Deer, a Mohawk filmmaker, appears in four actors’ credits, as well as on the clapperboard for episode 705 in this video.
Joss Agnew is confirmed by his agency. He said this in an interview back in June 2022:
Next up for TV directing? I’m time-traveling back to 1777 directing Outlander for Amazon in Scotland. I set my heart on doing this job at an early age. I’ve now been blessed with variety. Moving from directing this remarkable contemporary sci-fi to directing period action in a historical romance. It’s a rich playground to be dreaming in!
Cinematographer Nic Lawson worked on episodes 703, 704, 707, 708, 711 and 712. On his website, Joss Agnew is listed alongside Jacquie Gould (703-4) and Lisa Clarke (711-12) so he probably directed 707 and 708.
Stewart Svaasand is confirmed by his agency and appears in two actors’ credits, as well as an editor’s CV. He directed episode 710 and probably 709.
Jan Matthys appears in three actors’ credits.
Jamie Payne was confirmed to be directing on S7 by an entry on his profile on his agency’s website but it was since then deleted. However, the agency later included him in this tweet in March 2023, still stating he directed Block 8 (715 and 716).
As for Caitríona getting to direct, she has confirmed that she’d be directing “some extra scenes” in a talk she did in July 2022 (“I’m going to direct some little extra scenes this season”). These are most likely the Outlander Untold scenes for the Blu-Ray/DVD.


Obviously returning are Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Caitríona Balfe (Claire Fraser), Sophie Skelton (Brianna MacKenzie), Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie), and John Bell (Young Ian Murray).
Also returning are (based on the footage shown/agency information): David Berry (Lord John Grey), Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Beardsley), Paul Gorman (Josiah and Keziah Beardsley), Paul Donnelly (Ronnie Sinclair), Jack Tarlton (Kenny Lindsey), Gary Lamont (Evan Lindsey), Hugh Ross (Arch Bug), Sarah Collier (Murdina Bug), Chris Larkin (Richard Brown), Mark Lewis Jones (Tom Christie), Alexander Vlahos (Allan Christie), and possibly Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie) in a flashback.
There’s this still from 606 which suggests they at least have the footage filmed for a flashback of Malva’s murder. Jessica herself seemed to confirm it in post-606 interviews, for SheKnows:
RG: One last thing: since the season was truncated, had you filmed extra stuff? Was Malva’s storyline going to be extended one more episode?
JR: Yeah, there has been some filmed. [smiles] That may or may not come later. We just have to see.
And Town & Country Magazine:
And despite the fact that Malva is dead, her story on Outlander isn't finished. Tonight’s episode “might not be the last” time viewers see the character, Reynolds hints. Of course, there’s still the mystery of who the baby’s father is—and who killed her. “There could be some flashbacks, maybe some stuff we filmed,” she says.
Joining the cast, from official announcements:
Reprising their roles, from official announcements:
Not officially announced but found through their agencies, also joining/returning are:
The First Nations actors returned for S7 in June 2022. Seen on Instagram, there was a large group of them in Glasgow, some of whom were followed by John, Joey, and Morgan; some posted from Scotland (“Y'all already know what a shaved head means”). Morgan (Emily) was also followed by Izzy and Joey. I also found a child actor who was in Glasgow at the time who I believe might’ve played Swiftest of Lizards. His IG profile is public but seeing as he’s a minor, I’m choosing to protect his identity:
The date of his first day of filming mentioned here is the same as the #HeardOnSet posted by Maril which I’m pretty sure is dialogue from Ian and Emily’s reunion and Swiftest of Lizards’ naming (more on that below).
SPECULATION: On December 8th, Richard and Diarmaid followed actor Nicholas Ralph on Instagram and he followed them back. Diarmaid posted a photo of his trailer (with Buck’s name on it) that morning, indicating he was filming. There is no confirmation on his agency’s website, however, but there is some resemblance between him and younger Richard (compare) so I think he might be playing Jerry MacKenzie. There are also some supporting artists who filmed “1940s” scenes on January 13th, which might be something to do with Jerry’s story in A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, as there are no 1940s flashbacks in either Echo or MOBY. Take this with a big grain of salt, though.
Based on this self-tape, it looks like there’s potentially going to be a flashback similar to 501, and this actor was auditioning for the role of Auld John Murray (Ian’s father), interacting with Jamie and Ian as children.
There was also an audition tape of a young actress auditioning for the role of Fanny Pocock. One of the scenes was from MOBY, chapter 53 when Jane and Fanny ask for William’s protection and he instructs them to find the laundresses. The second scene was from chapter 132, when Fanny tells William that Jane was arrested for Captain Harkness’ murder (that is not to say both of these scenes will be in S7). As mentioned above, Jane is played by Silvia Presente, so we should see Fanny as well.


In the 608 post-mortems, Maril mentioned that they shot a little more than made it into the episode and that it’s going to be included in S7:
There was a little bit of a tag at the end of this episode that we pushed into Season 7. But that was honestly the only change we made to this episode. (Variety)
We talked a lot about where to end Episode 608. There is a little bit of it that we are putting into Season 7. (Televixen)
The footage shot for 608 includes Sadie Ferguson. The actress portraying her, Sarah Finigan, filmed both under Jamie Payne and Lisa Clarke’s direction.
The first day of filming, March 30th, 2022, took place on the Wilmington set with Sam, John, and Mark.
The first bit of filming on location (that we know of) took place in Burntisland Harbour, Burntisland on April 5-7.
Credit: Michael Booth.
Caitríona and Sam were spotted, but not Mark. They filmed Claire and Jamie’s reunion and Claire’s rescue from the Governor’s ship. Eugene O’Hare wasn’t spotted either but his credits make it clear that he came back for S7. The same ship was also used for different sea scenes. Caitriona, Sam, and John’s doubles filmed the characters leaving on a ship. Their clothes match those they were seen at General Fraser’s funeral in Scotland (see below), so they most likely filmed their departure for Scotland on a British navy vessel.
Maril’s first #HeardOnSet isn’t from the book, but the second one from Apr 8th is from ABOSAA, chapter 96:
The Governor had been up most of the night, as well, and didn’t look much better than Jamie, though he was not, of course, besmeared with soot. He was, however, unshaven, bloodshot, and in no mood to be trifled with.
“Mr. Fraser,” he said with a short nod. “You are James Fraser, I collect? And you dwell in the mountain backcountry?”
“I am the Fraser, of Fraser’s Ridge,” Jamie said courteously. “And I have come for my wife.”
“Oh, have you.” The Governor gave him a sour look and sat down, gesturing indifferently at a stool. “I regret to inform you, sir, that your wife is a prisoner of the Crown. Though perhaps you were aware of this?”
All photos from Burntisland.
The next bit of filming took place in John Muir Country Park, with sets dressed as a British military camp and a trading post. Richard and Sophie were spotted, and a large group of supporting artists played British officers and prisoners. Richard was also spotted with Brennan Martin (Wendigo Donner). The last time we “saw” Donner, he was in a prison cell in Wilmington–he could be with the prisoners there at the British camp.
Credit: Sam Thomson (1), Graham Malcolm (2-5), The Herald (6-7).
JMCP also provided a location for the stone circle on Ocracoke. Caitríona, Sam, Sophie, Richard, and one of the Adair twins filmed the goodbye at the stones, and their doubles filmed the characters’ rowing to the island in a boat the day before.
Credit: Graham Malcolm (1-3), Outlandish Journeys (4-7).
All photos from John Muir Country Park.
There were also scenes filmed on the Wilmington set, like Brianna meeting William and LJG, LJG giving Jamie the sapphire; and on the Ridge: Mandy’s birth, Brianna and Jamie’s scene with the fireflies, and Allan’s death scene (see the Imgur links above).


For the 20th-century storyline, a lot of filming took place at Midhope Castle which housed a caravan. The show will likely cover the period of time when renovations take place at Lallybroch (the last time we saw it, in 1968, it was a ruin), so the caravan seems to be a temporary living situation for the MacKenzies. Midhope also had modern-looking windows and doors installed, and I also got a glimpse at the modern interior through a costume standby’s IG.
Credit: Mary’s Meanders Tours (1-3), Dixie Hutto (4-5), jenn___x (6).
All photos from Midhope.
Block 2 also saw filming at Hunterston Estate which previously served as the interior of the Reverend’s Manse. A local on the Outlander Book Group also posted about seeing location signs nearby a “manse-looking” building. I did some (okay, a lot) of searching on Google Maps and finally found the place in the area she mentioned (Bo’ness). It’s not just a manse-looking building, it is the building they used for the exterior shots of the Reverend’s Manse (Rivaldsgreen House in Linlithgow).
Credit: Mig Hunter (2), Scotland’s Gardens Scheme (4); screenshot from Outlander, ep. 201 (5).
Ciaron Kelly has Jacquie Gould listed as the director of the episode he was in, so Ernie (likely with Fiona) has to appear in either 703 or 704. Ciaron continued to film intermittently on Outlander throughout the year and wrapped in January 2023.
Some supporting artists also filmed at “Hunters[t]on power station” which might’ve been used for the interiors of the hydroelectric plant Brianna will work at.
As for the 18th-century storyline, episodes 703 and 704 wrapped up ABOSAA and started on Echo’s material. The actors playing Jamie’s Ardsmuir men were back for these episodes, as well as Paul Gorman playing the Beardsleys and Caitlin O’Ryan playing Lizzie (we should see the Beardsley baby in these episodes).
Most remarkably, there was a series of night shoots at the end of May. The same week, IFRA (International Fire & Rescue Association) posted about assisting on three nights of Outlander filming with pictures at the Big House exterior’s location. That points clearly to the filming of the Big House fire.
Credit: Caitríona Balfe (1), Paul Gorman (2), IFRA (3).
Interestingly, Chris Larkin (Richard Brown) posted about being back on set just a week before. It’s possible that Brown joins Donner when he comes to the BH and demands the gemstones. We find out in Echo, chapter 2, that the men accompanying him were from Brownsville:
You recall that idiot, Donner? [...] Well, he surpassed himself by getting together a gang of thugs from Brownsville to come and steal the treasure in gems he’d convinced them we had. Only we hadn’t, of course.
We see the Big House fire and the funeral of Mrs. Bug in the teaser.
This photo of Claire and Jamie is interesting because of their clothing. Claire appears to be wearing the exact same jacket Roger has worn in S6; it looks way too big for her, hence the belt. And the shirt Claire is wearing looks exactly like the one Brianna wore in 509, so I think this is after the Big House fire–most of her clothes would have perished in it, whilst the MacKenzies would have left loads behind.
The OL account also posted a photo of Caitríona/Claire with Adso, with Sam/Jamie on a horse in the background. It’s possible that it’s the scene of Claire saying goodbye to Adso in Echo, chapter 12.
In the video with the newest cast members, a clapperboard for episode 704 is visible during the shooting of some scenes with William and Ian in the wild, and with Ian bringing William to the Hunters. It means that the Frasers will have to be at Fort Ticonderoga by the end of 704. This checks out with Emma Hindle’s credits–she’s playing Mrs. Wellman, a widow of a Continental soldier whose son is a patient of Claire’s at Fort Ticonderoga.


For the 20th-century storyline, we saw Sophie, Richard, and Chris filming in Newmills and Dunfermline.
Credit: Amanda Weldon (1-2), Lee-Ann Smith (3-4), Wendy Kalogerou (5).
Sophie was photographed outside a pub (Crown Inn in Newmills), walking with Chris Fulton (Rob Cameron). A number of supporting artists have “pub regulars” listed in June/July. Echo doesn’t have any scenes at a pub, but one of Brianna’s co-workers invites her for a pint after she successfully makes it out of the tunnel (chapter 27):
“Knew ye’d make it, hen,” he said. Across the room, Andy and Craig turned from their work and applauded.
“Buy ye a pint after work, then, lass,” Andy called.
“Two!” shouted Craig.
She could still taste bile at the back of her throat. She gave Rob Cameron the sort of look she’d given Mr. Campbell.
“Don’t,” she said evenly, “call me hen.”
His good-looking face twitched and he tugged at his forelock with mock subservience.
“Anything you say, boss,” he said.
There is also this audition scene for “Craig Dowd” and the character mentions going out for a drink therein. The role ultimately went to Brad Morrison.
Richard was photographed outside a school (Torryburn Primary School). A number of supporting artists have “school night” listed in July. That is likely when Roger agrees to teach a class in Gaelic at Jem’s school at Lionel Menzies’ request (Echo, chapter 46).
All photos from Dunfermline.
Some filming involving Sophie took place near a lake, so it’s most likely the scenes involving the hydropower plant. There were supporting artists involved, playing “1980s waterworks plan maintenance men,” and standby art director Jack Rafferty posted in July from a dam, which appears to be Loch Sloy Dam. Filming for the hydro plant also took place later in the year, in October, in Cairndow, as per the supporting artists’ credits.
Credit: Sophie Skelton (1), Jack Rafferty (2-4), Euan Nelson (5).
As for the 18th-century storyline, a new set, a pretty big cabin next to a lake, was built in the village of Braco. We see it in the video introducing the Hunters and the video with the newest cast members. This cabin belongs to Rachel and Denzell and that’s where Ian brings William after saving his life in the wilderness.
Credit: Outlandish Journeys (1-6), Nick McGowan-Lowe (7-9)
The person who first found the set said that it was later “chemically aged for scenes later on in the timeline: a cowshed and chicken shed have been built, and the cabin now has a metal stove chimney.” You can see that it looks different in some shots in this video, particularly with William and Rachel outside–this scene is from ep. 705, as per the clapperboard, directed by Tracey Deer. I think it’s likely that the Hunters’ cabin was repurposed for Antioch Johnson’s cabin, and the scene Izzy and Charles were filming was after William kills the madman. Antioch Johnson is played by Daren Elliott Holmes in an episode directed by Tracey Deer, so that fits.
Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe.
All photos from Braco.
Izzy, Joey, and Charles were also spotted in Pollok Park, Glasgow, most likely filming the scenes of the Hunters traveling north with William.
Credit: Glasgow Times.
All photos from Pollok Park.
William should make it to the British camp before the British attack Fort Ticonderoga. There were two actors at the beginning of 2022 who put their self-tapes on Vimeo (since removed/made private), auditioning for the role of William. One of the scenes was similar to the conversation William and General Fraser have in Echo, chapter 51.
After Ian leaves William at the Hunters’ cabin, he’s going to visit Emily. As I’ve mentioned above, the First Nations actors were in Scotland in June, and on June 17th, Maril posted a #HeardOnSet which is most likely from Ian and Emily’s scene in Echo, chapter 40:
“Are you happy?” he asked her.
“Yes,” she said softly. She looked down, not meeting his eyes, and he knew it was because she would answer honestly but did not wish to see if her answer hurt him. He put a hand under her chin—her skin was so soft!—and lifted her face to him.
“Are you happy?” he asked again, and smiled a little as he said it.
“Yes,” she said again. But then gave a small sigh, and her own hand touched his face at last, light as a moth’s wing. “But sometimes I miss you, Ian.” There was nothing wrong with her accent, but his Scots name sounded impossibly exotic on her tongue—it always had.
He felt a lump in his throat, but kept the faint smile on his face.
“I see you dinna ask me whether I’m happy,” he said, and could have kicked himself.
She gave him a quick look, direct as a knife point.
“I have eyes,” she said, very simply.
John first hinted at being reunited with Morgan (Emily) on the IG Live he did after 604 aired.
A bulk of the filming for block 4 took place in Duncarron Medieval Fort, which stood in for Fort Ticonderoga. I believe we see bits of it in the opening credits and the newest cast video.
Credit: Heather Roche (dizzy_designosaur).
We’re going to see Mrs. Wellman (Emma Hindle), a Continental officer’s widow whose son Claire suspects to have mumps, and Mrs. Raven (Gemma McElhinney), who later dies by suicide after the evacuation of Fort Ticonderoga. There were also supporting artists playing “female forters.”
A shot of British soldiers loading up a cannon in the opening credits seems to be from the British Siege of Fort Ticonderoga (Echo, chapter 51).
Burgoyne realized the tactical advantage of the high ground, and had his troops haul cannons to the top of Mount Defiance. Faced with bombardment from the heights (although no shots had yet been fired), General St. Clair ordered Ticonderoga abandoned on July 5, 1777. (Wikipedia)
General Burgoyne is played by Mark Frost.
What will follow is the evacuation from Fort Ticonderoga, filmed most likely in Pollok Park, Glasgow (Sam was spotted there). A number of supporting artists were listed as “Escape Squad.” The agency posted on one of those days: “Boys out running about the hills being chased by the boys in red.”
Maril posted this #HeardOnSet on June 21st. It’s from when Claire reunites with Jamie and Ian after the evacuation from FT (Echo, chapter 56):
“Ian—have you got that canteen?”
There was a soft pop! and Ian set the canteen in my hand. Very carefully, I tilted it into my mouth.
“Is that brandy?” Jamie said, sounding astonished.
“Mmm-hmm.” I swallowed, as slowly as I could, and handed the canteen to him. There were a couple of swallows left.
“Where did ye get it?”
“Your son gave it to me,” I said. “Where are we going?”
There was a long pause from the darkness, and then the sound of brandy being drunk.
Before that, Claire should share a scene with William.


Block 4 was filmed after the summer break they took in July/August and concluded on September 14th as per Sam. This block was mostly the Battle of Saratoga, filmed in the area near Forestmill, Alloa, and Coalsnaughton. A number of sup artists filmed that month, including night shoots, with “Battle of Saratoga” listed in their credits. They went through a boot camp “for fight training, gun control, drills and cannon routine.”
Credit: Brenda Farnsworth (1-7), Jennifer Cameron (8), Neilsart Caricatures (9-10), Mat Billings (11-12), Bryan Malcolm (13).
All photos from filming the Battle of Saratoga.
Maril posted this #HeardOnSet on August 25. This line doesn’t appear in Echo but it’s clearly Plain Speech, which points to either Denny or Rachel. Given the timeframe, I am theorizing that it’s Rachel talking about Denny who left to pretend to be a deserter in the “deserters’ game” they come up with before the Battle of Saratoga (and from which he later needs saving), but your guess is as good as mine.
We see glimpses of the battle in the opening credits, and likely the British surrender in the Newest Cast video.
I haven’t found who played General Fraser, but General Friedrich von Riedesel, who volunteers his home when the General is mortally wounded at Saratoga, was played by Stefan Willi Wang. Dan Morgan should also be present in these episodes, played by Barry O’Connor, as well as Benedict Arnold, played by Rod Hallett.
The post continues in part 2.
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2023.05.03 15:55 postingtowards The Girlie Super Bowl with 032c’s Brenda Weischer




Even if it’s giving nothing, we still give everything. This week, the boys are talking all things Fashion with a capital F and Met Gala with their new bestie, 032c fashion editor, Brenda “Hashtag” Weischer. Brenda was in town for the festivities and was kind enough to join us on her last day in NYC for a marathon break down on whether or not Michael Kors is back, dressing like TSA accuses you of smuggling drugs, all black everything, self preservation vs. clout chasing, baby’s first BBL, her American Apparel shoplifting past, what to wear to Berghain, her friend Rick Owens still getting busy with the needle and thread, Crowcore, taking of your damn sunglasses, a litany of Met Gala hot takes and gossip, journalist stowaways, the Bottega Veneta scandal to end all Bottega Veneta scandals, her elite column Brenda’s Business, the designer carousel, building your own platform vs. trying to write for others, being an industry hybrid, her store/archive, monetizing hate and gossip, social media destroying personal style under the guise of empowering it, designer meet cutes, the joy of long dinners that turn into drinks, her home city of Berlin, fashion’s current obsession with performative wokeness, if you’ve never been on a bad date are you actually a bad dater, learning not to post your man on main the hard way and much more on this sarcastic and sardonic episode of The Only Podcast That Matters™.


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2023.05.01 11:33 heyuiuitsme and, then, this again ...

… people might see me. That’s fucking why.
Why. oh, why was it so important to them, well, they were afraid that if people saw me, if i was known, that someone would be like, oh, hey, isn’t that the girl from the bdsm child porn
And, then it would be known that they’re nothing but a bdsm child porn ring. Cause, let’s be real. That’s all the fuck you are.
Pedophiles. You’re just pedophiles. And, i can’t fucking help that every comment on any national news story concerning the very same crimes you fucking committed against me, say string them the fuck up on every fucking public forum.
I ain’t gotta pay for you to have security to hide from your fucking actions, furthermore. I mean, don’t they have security in maximum security, which is where you fucking need to be.
Removed from society. You’re a danger to society. Not me, you. You’re the fucking one. The things you do aren’t socially acceptable and you hid me the fuck away so people wouldn’t know about you
The kind of criminal you are.
All of this, every fucking excuse they’ve ever fucking made as to “why it must be done” - nah, just bullshit. Just them covering up the fact they used me to make #bdsmchildporn, which they used as only just a means of theft and justification to fucking steal from me.
Fuck every fucking one of them. All of them. Fuck all y’all, and anyone who tells me to forgive - fuck you, too. Some things are unforgivable
And, producing and profiting and making your whole ass life off of #bdsmchildporn is one of them. That’s unforgivable. No one should be telling me to .. hear their side, or there’s a reason for everything, and some bullshit about just cause.
Nah. i half want people to fucking see it. Be forced to fucking watch it. See what they did
What they laughed about. What they made fun of me for doing. What they produced and later used to impugn my character, i want people to have to see it
I want people to know what you’ve done.
Oh, so. I’m exaggerating it all, it wasn’t that bad. Go on, tell me more. Tell me about how my childhood sexual abuse wasn’t that bad and i’m exaggerating the effect it and you had on me.
Tell me more. Explain it to me. Yes, i would love to hear about how very, very hard things have been on you. Go on. Tell me about it.
… at a restaurant and failed to tip the staff. Twice.
Of money they fucking stole to fucking begin with.
Team vengeance. Oh, well, they got all dressed and we ain’t got nowhere to go yet. They were just sitting around doing nothing, so they started snooping, you know. Just follow every thread, lift every rock, idk. See what’s what.
And, holy fucking shit. What is even the fuck wrong with you people and i’m kinda of the mind that your ex .. well, idk. I mean. You know. Right. Why they all leave like that.
Not this gen, but prior. Rife with it. People who work in genetics had to tell them to stop. Just stop. You’re not a fucking egyptian pharaoh or that spanish guy with the chin. Like, there’s no need in that. You know.
But, you know. They think they’re pure, they’re the master race and to keep pure, it would seem that they really kept it in the family. They’re all blood relatives. And, not a fucking one of them kin to me. They were one generation more of inbreeding until they reached HIlls Have Eyes levels of mutation.
Omg. i’m so embarrassed to have been suckered by such fucking fools. Like, that’s the most embarrassing part, it’s that they’re all so. You know. Like, they’re fucking idiots. And, everything is fucking wrong with them. No one even wants to hang out with them or be around them.
And, it’s like, you know. Nothing special about them. Certainly not better than no one else. Sure the fuck not that. But, they’re convinced that they’re that master race and that means they’re in charge and
What the fuck do you not get about it.
It would seem that a lot of them came over after WW1. one. Yes, that pesky first reich, yeah. Them. a lot of their ancestry dot well, lookey at what we have here, goes back to when they all fled germany after they lost the first world and came here as immigrants. The nazis that came before hitler.
Yeah, their ancestors immigrated here during that time and they were nazis and they just been around carrying on that same old family tradition all this time in the states.
Well, i don’t hold you responsible for what you’re ancestors. My own ancestors were whoremongers and sold women as mail order brides. So, ain’t no one here with clean hands.
However, that’s not a tradition i carried on. I ain’t ever sold anyone, another person, my whole mother fucking life. How about you.
Have you ever sold someone. A person. Have you ever sold a person.
Oh, for dinner. Tonight. I didn’t feel like cooking. Just wasn’t in the mood for it. Cooks day off. So, i ordered cracker barrel. Blueberry pancakes, an order of sausage patties, and biscuits and gravy. Super fucking yummy.
Idk the biscuits and gravy are for later, and, then also i have a sausage biscuit left over. For frugality reasons, i like to make whatever i order into three meals.
Oh, cause. You know. Like i’ve been telling you, they’re all nazis together, like on a team. Or, something. Them. why they always together, oh, cause they’re Team Nazi, and they like to keep together.
That’s how they are. Which is why they had to keep it in the family, you see, cause, like. They groom their children into, from day one. You’re the chosen race and everyone else on earth is to be your slave, look. Look here at what i made for you, and it’s up to you to carry it on, carry it out.
For … them, cause they’re the master race, silly. Don’t you know.
They’re literally fucking nazis. In the most literal way, they are nazis. Get it. Ok
So, anyway, those plymouth rock settlers, like they weren’t the only fucking settlers like they’d have you believe. Like, when you learn american history in school, they’re like, then the settlers landed on plymouth rock and set about taming the savages.
Ok, first of all, they were people who got thrown the fuck out of england for their crazy ass religion. You know, the one that lead to the salem witch trails. Those people. Like, ok. So, they settled one little fucking area with a fuck ton of them. Them and that fucking cult they had
Seriously, read about them. The original plymouth rock settlers, they wasn’t nothing but a damn religious cult. That got ran the fuck out of england. Now, why the hell did we let those crazy fucks write the histroy books and put that in schools.
That ain’t all of history, what they teach. “Just the important parts”
Well, i think the important part is the part where the plymouth rock settlers were a religious cult that got thrown out of england. Cause, you know. That’s what england teaches. You know, about the pilgrims.
I think i’m gonna fan fic american history next. Perhaps then you will understand, fully understand the brutality of it all.
All of my fiction, well, that’s just fictional characters put in my real life situations and what if this had happened instead. Or, idk, whatever. Whatever fits and i need at the time. A fictional story must have some kind of plot. Even if it’s the catcher in the rye.
Idk, what even is the plot of this book and why can’t i put it down. It’s about a boy coming to terms that what makes him who is is a direct result of his own actions. Your actions make you who you are.
You’re only just you to you, every single person on earth has their very own perception of you, and the only thing that can change that is how you conduct yourself as a person.
Well, cracker barrel was super good, and i really like pancakes. Blueberry pancakes. I just ordered everything as sides, it was cheaper that way, and then i just got what i wanted. Blueberry pancakes, sausage, and biscuits and gravy.
Idk, i haven’t eaten the biscuits and gravy yet. Well, it’s cracker barrel, and yes. My food is all better. It’s the same exact food, but mine’s better. That’s the food i cook. Like, my regular food. Like, what my granny cooked.
I know why people get so excited over it, that’s just the same shit my granny cooks all the time. Nah, her biscuits and gravy way the fuck better than cracker barrel. Come on. Way better. Well, heather. Cracker barrel has to cook for everyone and can’t put as much salt in their food.
What are talking about, my granny has high blood pressure and she ain’t allowed to have any salt, zero. And, her food’s still better.
It’s really just that it’s the actual homecooked version that that kinda food is based off of. Cracker barrel, that’s like every southern grandma i know food. So, you know.
I don’t see it as anything special, but i guess if your mom and granny can’t cook, then, it’s for you. But, it’s just that. But, in a pinch when i can’t make my own blueberry pancakes and sausage, i guess cracker barrel will do. Their pancakes are like mine. With that little butter crust around the edge. That’s how i make pancakes.
Not like how ihop does it, like cracker barrel does. I like that better. Cracker barrel’s the only chain restaurant that knows how to make pancakes. They’re cornbread’s a lot like mine, too. Buttermilk and bacon grease. It’s just regular cornbread. Cracker barrel’s. I mean, that’s how cornbread tasted at my house, so … you know. And, you know what, like every other souther lady who’s spent any time in a kitchen at all since she was a toddler, i think my cornbread is way better than crackle barrel’s
Yeah, i got that hashbrown casserole, too. I make one of those, too. Mine’s better. But, i guess cracker barrel is a lot like my cooking. My meatloaf is better. That’s just a can of luck’s.
You don’t compare my cooking to Luck’s. That ain’t even the same thing.
I’m saying that result only comes from a manufacturing process and not something i can replicate in the kitchen. Ok. fuck you, beans ain’t .. why did you even fucking get those.
Well, yes. I actually can make beans. For the past several years, more. Like for the past decade or more, i haven’t been able to find the kind of salt pork we used in bean when i was a kid, so i switched to ham. But, it’s not the same flavor. It is if you put a ham bone in there. A ham bone will give you that same flavor
But, i can’t find that salt pork that we used when i was a kid anywhere and there ain’t nothing else like it at the store, and i’ve tried the different stuff, you know, they have. The local regional grocery store. They’re the only ones that carry anything like that at all.
Like, you know. Stuff that oldtimers might want. They still carry that kinda stuff at the regional grocery store i like to go to, but they don’t have that salt pork like they used to sell when i was a child. The kind my granny and my mom put in beans.
I think it was lay’s. It used to be something else, but that company when out, and they changed to their second choice which was lay’s. Lay’s salt pork. It was in this plastic wrap kinda package, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until you cut the package open.
Just a little bit. Idk, bush’s baked beans has it, cause that’s what that is. But, i can’t find it raw to buy in the store anywhere. And, what i do find, i don’t like. It’s not right.

That has nothing to do with me, we are two separate individuals. I mean, my sister and i are not the same person. I don’t speak for her and she doesn’t speak for me. Yes, i’m absolutely positive she’s out there bitching about me just as much as i bitch about her. Yep. i know.
So, like, … again. But, i was just like, you can watch and see what’s going on. Just do that. Just sit and watch what they do. I can’t stop it, and idk, they people who actually could put an end to this will not. For whatever reason.
And, no. i didn’t agree to this harassment. I absolutely did not.

And, this mother fucker down here, my neighbor at the same fucking time … they like to pile the fuck on.
So, i have this fig jelly that came in one of those meal kits, it was supposed to go on pork chops, but when i cooked the pork chops they got bbq on them. But, i still got this little packet of jam, i think i’m going to put it on my sausage biscuit later when i have my little snacky snack.
I ate dinner kinda early, i was very hungry and grumpy. And, i did not even want to deal with looking in the fridge and figuring out. You know. Couldn’t do it. Didn’t want to. I considered it, like wrapping a couple of small potatoes in bacon with some kinda seasoning and wrapping that in foil and putting foil wrapped potatoes wrapped in bacon in the air fryer. But, i didn’t want to deal with it.
Then, i was going to go to wendy’s and get a combo for lunch and a salad for dinner, but i didn’t feel like that either. So, instead, at luchish or breakfast. Idk, when i got up. A couple of cups of ice. Some coffee, then some more coffee, and another cup of ice. Cigarettes. Coffee, just a bit more. One more cigarette, then .. you know. Get ready for work.
Strawberries and nutella. That’s what i had for breakfast, then after i got to work, i had a bag of low sodium almonds. Earlier today, my tea was hot so i just had water. I ate all the ice.
Right, so, we’re all caught up on what i ate today.
I warned you in advance that it was bad. This one time they told me, tried to convince me that, like, i was in the movie seven monkeys. Like, ok, heather. We’re your guides from the future time and we need you to do some dumb fuck stupid shit.
Started swinging. I mean, come the fuck on. I was like a cashier at the fucking grocery store and running around, just trying to handle everything on my fucking on and this mother fucker, come up to me with that kinda fucking bullshit.
No, heather, you don’t understand, this is only just an experiment and the researchers need you to … and, i be like, leave. Leave me the fuck alone. You know. That kinda shit. How the fuck are you supposed to even deal with that.
I started playing along to make it quicker. Just, message received private. Moving along as planned. And, then just like walk off. And, then, you know, he’d think i was doing it, whatever dumb fuck shit he told me to do, that i had no intention of even fucking doing.
I’d just say ok and walk away, but you gotta say it crazy like that so he’ll go. And, then,you know. I tried to just start fucking with him back. Cause he’s not a hallucination. He’s a real fucking person, and people’d be like, wtf was that about
And, i’d be like, idk. But, he’d do it all the fucking time, track me down somewhere and say some dumb fuck shit to me like we were .. idk, as part of the experiment, that went on for a while. He kept coming to me and telling me that.
And, i was so fucking done, you know. I was so fucking just done with his shit. That shit.
It was always some shit like that, and you know. Wtf. Why even, like, i was trying to send you a secret message so that then you’d. And, what. Fucking what mark. What, what is it now.
They use that, idk, it says smoked sausage sausage patties. Whatever the fuck that is. It’s sausage patties made of smoked sausage, busted shells gets ground up into sausage. Other sausage in there. Idk if that’s what they’re using. But that’s what i consider that to be. From growing up and having it around.
Idk, i mean, it’s the same price as, it’s not cheaper. And, idk, it’s ok. For sometimes, i guess why they have it. It’s different but really similar.
So, i did make a little snack. The biscuits and gravy comes with three biscuits, and i don’t need three biscuits with my biscuits and gravy, so, i saved one of the sausage patties from my first breakfast to have with second breakfast.
So, like, the best way to reheat biscuits is, first take the patty off and put that in the microwave for, like 20 seconds. Then, this is what i did, i split my biscuit and put a little pat of butter in there, when the patty was done, i put that inside the biscuit. Wrapped the whole thing in a damp paper towel and put it back in the microwave for 11 seconds.
It was already just room temperature. I didn’t put that in the fridge. I just left it out. It ain’t gonna spoil just sitting out before i eat it, if i put it in the fridge i won’t be able to get it back to a temp i’ll want to eat it.
And, then i put that fig jam on the biscuit and fucking ate it. It was pretty yummy. Fig jam doesn’t have much of a taste, really. It tastes kinda like a liquid prune. So, idk. I need a new jelly when the apricot runs out for recipes and such. Maybe, i mean, i could see that in a bbq sauce, fig jam. A fig jam bbq sauce, vinegar.
I like to experiment with the sauces i put on food. And, the spices. This are rolled biscuits. I just pat my biscuits. Biscuits are super easy to make. It’s just self rising, cold butter (or whatever) and milk or if you’re real broke water. Just cube up that fat in the flour like you’re going to make a pie, but then add in buttermilk, i like buttermilk biscuits. And, i don’t use butter, i use lard. Then, just add in the liquid until it form a sticky ball, then i plop it out on a floured surface and pat it down to a square, then i cut it into portions, and round it out with my hands.
Pat biscuits. Biscuits you cook in a cold pan greased with butter.
Heather should have ordered me a piece of pecan pie when she ordered me this food. I don’t have any pie. I used to work somewhere, at one of those cabins places, and a lot of times the owners of the cabins would drop off gifts and treats to the desk staff.
Like, cause it’s individual ownership and they want their shit rented, and that’s who makes the reservations. Like, they own the smallest fucking piece of the thing, and they drop food all the time. Like, pretty often.
But, anyway, one time someone dropped off this giant ass pie from cracker barrell. It was around christmas time, and they dropped off this larger than normal sized pie. This massive fucking pie. It was pecan and chocolate chunk, and when i first saw the package, i was like, wtf
Why would they put chocolate in that. And, then, later after working for, you know, 30 or so seconds, i was like, you know what, i like chocolate, how bad could it be. Well, fucking great.
I sometimes dream of that pie, we had a toaster oven there and i put it in the toaster oven with some vanilla ice cream, it’s pretty common for those kind of offices to have full kitchens for the staff to use. Anyway, best fucking pie ever.
It was chocolate pecan. That damn bitch threw it away, like, idk, like on the third day it was there that fucking cunt i worked with threw the pie away. I was like, wtf. That’s the only fucking reason i even wanted to come to work today.
Jesus, and she was like, it’s right on top, pick it out. I did not.
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2023.04.27 05:31 No-Step5669 Brenda’s Senior Prom Dress

Brenda’s Senior Prom Dress
Homegirl showed up to Senior Prom dressed like Sheena Easton in 1988 and it was clear she was ready to kiss California goodbye 😎
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2023.04.23 03:16 TheeBagelQueen NeoDys Drag Race S1EP01 Talent Extravaganza (Part 1)

NeoDys Drag Race S1EP01 Talent Extravaganza (Part 1)

It's the first day of NeoDys Drag Race and the queens are ready to make their grand entrance.

[First up is Amber Osha, wearing a corn husk dress and carrying a basket of Oklahoma-grown produce.]
Amber: "Y'all ready for some corny romanticized Americana? Because I'm serving it up like a fresh batch of cornbread!" she exclaims as she enters the workroom.
[Lady Yomamalaid struts in next, dressed in a leopard print bodysuit and a fur coat.]
Lady Yomamalaid: "Hey bitches, I hope you're ready for a wild ride because Mama's in the house!" she announces, flicking her hair back.
[Colleen the Queen enters the workroom next, wearing a wild ensemble made of animal print and neon colors.]
Colleen the Queen: "Honey, I'm Colleen the Queen, and I'm here to serve you some Buckwild realness. Where the fuck did your accent go?" she quips.
[RuPaul makes her entrance, looking fierce as ever in a sparkling black gown.]
RuPaul: "Hello, hello, hello! It's me, your mother, RuPaul, and I'm here to put you queens through your paces. Are you ready?" she asks, with a playful smile.
[Dee Pression struts into the workroom next, wearing a rainbow-colored leotard and a massive blonde wig.]
Dee Pression : "It's time to get campy, honey! I'm Dee Pression and I'm here to be your dancing diva!" she exclaims, striking a pose.
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX flutters into the workroom, wearing a butterfly-inspired gown and a pair of enormous wings.]
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: "Hello, darlings! I'm ManilaButterflyzzzXX and I'm here to bring some beauty and grace to this competition!" she declares, twirling around.
[Last but not least, Marjorie Taylor Queene enters the workroom, dressed in a tight blonde wig and a red and black outfit.]
Marjorie Taylor Queene: "It's time to rise up, honey! I'm Marjorie Taylor Queene and I'm here to bring some insurrectionism to the runway!" she declares, throwing a fist in the air.
[The queens take a few moments to introduce themselves to each other and chat.]
Amber: "Girl, I love your look, but I gotta know - what's the story behind your name?"
Lady Yomamalaid: "Oh honey, it's a play on 'your mama laid' because my mama is a fierce queen herself." The two laugh and bond over their love for camp and comedy.
[Meanwhile, Colleen the Queen strikes up a conversation with ManilaButterflyzzzXX*.]*
Colleen: "Honey, I don't think anyone else here knows what it's like to be birthed in a prehistoric village like I do," Colleen says with a laugh.
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: "Well, honey, we all have our unique stories that make us who we are, but I'm sure we'll all slay this competition together." The two exchange a hug and Colleen feels grateful to have found a friend so quickly.
[The doors of the workroom open and in comes the host, ChatPaul*.]*
ChatPaul: "Hello, hello, hello my gorgeous queens! Welcome to the first season of NeoDys Drag Race! Are you ready to slay the competition and become the next drag superstar?"
[The queens cheer in excitement as they gather around the host.]
ChatPaul: "Now, for your first challenge, I want to see what you've got! It's time to showcase your talents in a talent show. But that's not all. After your talent show, it's time to walk the runway. And the theme is Hometown Realness! Show us your interpretation of your hometown and bring your hometown to the runway. Are you ready to werk it, queens?"
[ChatPaul leaves the workroom and the queens start working.]
[As the queens start getting ready for the talent show, Amber Osha confidently announces that she will be doing a fire-eating routine, complete with a revealing outfit that will show off her curves. Lady Yomamalaid is excited to showcase her skills as a contortionist, promising to shock and amaze the judges with her flexibility. Meanwhile, Colleen the Queen is preparing a high-energy dance performance that she's been practicing for months.]
[RuPaul checks in on each queen, offering words of encouragement and advice. Dee Pression admits to feeling nervous, as she has never performed her stand-up comedy routine in drag before. ManilaButterflyzzzXX, on the other hand, is calm and collected, confident that her operatic singing skills will blow the judges away. Marjorie Taylor Queene is focused and determined, already planning her next move after winning the challenge.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


[The lights dimmed and the judges erupted into cheers as ChatPaul walked down the main stage, looking stunning in a glittering gold gown.]
ChatPaul: "Welcome to the first ever episode of NeoDys Drag Race! We are so excited to have you all here with us tonight."
ChatPaul: "Now, for your main challenge this week, we want you to showcase your talents and skills in a talent show! Start your engines, and may the best drag queen win!"
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————
[Amber Osha confidently struts onto the stage, dressed in a sultry red bodysuit and a long flowing cape. She ignites the torches in front of her and starts twirling them around with ease, before placing one in her mouth and blowing a huge plume of flames into the air.]
[Lady Yomamalaid appears on stage wearing a sleek black bodysuit and a neon wig, contorting her body in ways that seem almost impossible. She twists and turns herself into various shapes, including a human pretzel and a backbend that touches her head to the ground.]
[Colleen the Queen enters the stage in a sparkling silver jumpsuit and starts moving to the beat of a fast-paced techno track. Her choreography is sharp and energetic, with high kicks, splits, and acrobatic flips.]
[RuPaul takes the stage with a stunning drag performance that showcases their legendary charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. They perform a lip-sync routine to a classic disco hit, with impeccable dance moves and flawless lip-syncing.]
[Dee Pression comes out on stage dressed in a glittery pink gown and starts with a series of jokes and one-liners. Dee's jokes are bold and unapologetic, tackling topics like body positivity and self-love.]
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX takes the stage in a stunning white gown and starts singing an operatic rendition of "Ave Maria." Her voice is powerful and emotive, filling the room with a sense of awe and wonder.]
[Marjorie Taylor Queene enters the stage in a bold and edgy outfit that showcases her unique personality. She starts with a monologue, speaking about the importance of self-expression and authenticity. Then, to the surprise of everyone, she breaks out into a spoken-word performance, tackling issues like political correctness and freedom of speech.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

"Queens, it's time to strut your stuff on the runway! Tonight's category is Hometown Realness, so show us where you come from and how you represent your roots."

[Amber Osha struts down the runway in a sexy, country-inspired ensemble, complete with denim short shorts, a plaid shirt tied up to reveal her toned abs, and a cowgirl hat. Her boots are adorned with silver spurs, and she carries a lasso on her shoulder, a nod to her Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA roots.]
[Lady Yomamalaid channels the Moulin Rouge with her look, donning a stunning, sparkly red gown with intricate beading and a plunging neckline. Her hair is styled in a classic French twist, and she wears long, black gloves and feathered earrings to complete the look.]
[Colleen the Queen takes inspiration from the coldest continent with her lab-inspired outfit. She wears a white lab coat over a sparkly, blue jumpsuit, and her goggles rest atop her head. To complete the look, she carries a beaker filled with dry ice, creating a misty effect as she walks down the runway.]
[RuPaul brings some edge to the runway with his Frack Farm, USA look. He wears a black leather jacket over a plaid shirt, with distressed jeans and cowboy boots. His hair is slicked back, and he wears a rugged, masculine expression as he struts down the runway.]
[Dee Pression showcases her Canadian pride with her maple leaf-inspired outfit. She wears a red plaid skirt with a white blouse and black tights, topped off with a red blazer and a beanie with a pom-pom on top. Her makeup is flawless, and she carries a hockey stick as a playful nod to her country.]
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX stuns in her Great Britain-inspired look, donning a regal red gown with a sweetheart neckline and intricate gold detailing. Her hair is styled in loose curls, and she wears a matching red fascinator and long white gloves to complete the royal look.]
[Marjorie Taylor Queene brings some southern charm to the runway with her Atlanta, GA-inspired look. She wears a bright, colorful ensemble, featuring a hot pink crop top and matching skirt, with a green jacket adorned with peacock feathers. Her hair is styled in a voluminous blonde wig, and she carries a peach as a playful nod to her hometown.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

It’s time for critiques!

Starting with Amber Osha:
My dear, Amber Osha, your fire-eating talent had us all hot and bothered. Your cape and bodysuit were certainly sultry, but we're not quite sure about the cowboy hat and denim shorts on the runway. It felt a little too "hoe-down" for our liking.
Up next, Lady Yomamalaid:
Lady Yomamalaid, your contortionist act was absolutely mesmerizing. The way you twisted your body into those impossible shapes was nothing short of impressive. And on the runway, you were giving us classic Moulin Rouge realness with that sparkly red gown and French twist.
Moving on to Colleen the Queen:
Colleen the Queen, your techno dance routine had us all on the edge of our seats. Your flips and splits were executed flawlessly, and your energy was infectious. But, we have to say, your lab-inspired outfit on the runway left us feeling a bit cold. It was a creative concept, but the execution was lacking.
And how about RuPaul:
RuPaul, your drag performance was a true showcase of your C.U.N.T. Your lip-syncing and dance moves were impeccable, and your charisma shone through. But, we have to say, your Frack Farm, USA look on the runway was a bit underwhelming. It felt like something we've seen before.
Next up, Dee Pression:
Dee Pression, your comedy routine had us all in stitches. Your bold and unapologetic humor was refreshing and much needed. And your Canadian-inspired outfit on the runway was cute and playful. But, it didn't quite have the same impact as some of the other queens.
For your consideration, ManilaButterflyzzzXX:
ManilaButterflyzzzXX, your operatic performance was nothing short of breathtaking. Your vocal range and control left us all in awe. And on the runway, you were serving us regal British realness with that stunning red gown and matching fascinator.
And lastly, Marjorie Taylor Queene:
Marjorie Taylor Queene, your monologue and spoken-word performance were certainly unique and thought-provoking. But, we have to say, your Atlanta, GA-inspired outfit on the runway felt a bit disjointed. The peacock feathers and peach felt like two different concepts mashed together.
ChatPaul: Ladies, I have made my decision. It's time to announce the placements!
Amber Osha. Your performance was solid, but it didn't quite make us go "ooh la la." You
Lady Yomamalaid. You gave us a performance that was sweet as pie, with just the right amount of spice.
RuPaul, your performance tonight was sickening, in the best possible way.
ManilaButterflyzzzXX, you truly spread your wings and flew tonight. You had us all buzzing with excitement.

ManilaButterflyzzzXX, Condragulations, my dear, you are the winner of this week's challenge!

Lady Yomamalaid and Rupaul, you are safe.
Dee Pression. Your performance was a bit of a downer tonight, and we just couldn't catch your vibe.
Colleen the Queen, you stumbled tonight and your performance didn't quite live up to our expectations.
Marjorie Taylor Queene, your performance tonight left us feeling a bit uneasy. We were hoping for more from you.
Dee Pression, you are safe. Which means Colleen the Queen and Marjorie Taylor Queene, I'm sorry but you are up for elimination.
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————
ChatPaul: Two queens stand before me. Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me and save yourself from elimination.
The time has come... for you to lipsync... for your LIFE!
Good luck, and don't f*ck it up!
[As the queens assume the position, "Supermodel (You Better Work)" by RuPaul starts playing.]
[As the music starts, Colleen the Queen immediately commands the stage with her high energy and impeccable choreography. She's hitting every beat with precision, throwing in splits and backflips that leave the judges gasping. Marjorie Taylor Queene*, on the other hand, takes a more comedic approach to the performance. She struts and poses, making silly faces and exaggerated movements that get the audience laughing.]*
[As the song progresses, Colleen the Queen continues to shine with her sharp movements and flawless execution. Marjorie Taylor Queene tries to keep up, but she's struggling to match Colleen's energy and precision.]
ChatPaul: "I have made my decision. Colleen the Queen, shantay you stay,"
"Marjorie Taylor Queene, I'm sorry my dear but you just didn't give us enough. Now, sashay away."
[As Marjorie Taylor Queene makes her way off the stage, she turns to the judges and says],
Marjorie : "Well, I guess my southern charm wasn't enough to keep me here. But don't worry, darlings, I'll be back and better than ever. You better work!"
[The queens cheer as she exits the stage with a smile on her face.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


[Marjorie Taylor Queene walks into the empty workroom, her face still stinging from the sting of defeat. She takes one last look at the mirror, trying to hold back tears, before turning to pack her things.]
[Suddenly, the TV in the corner flickers to life, and ChatPaul's face appears on the screen. ]
ChatPaul: "Marjorie,I know this may come as a surprise, but all is not lost for you."
[Marjorie's heart skips a beat. Could it be possible that she still has a chance to compete?]
ChatPaul: "I've been given some new information that could change everything," ChatPaul continues, his expression unreadable. "You have a chance to return to the competition."
[Marjorie's mind races with possibilities, trying to imagine what this new chance could be. She looks at her bags, still half-packed, and feels a flicker of hope.]
[But before ChatPaul can reveal any more, the TV screen goes black, leaving Marjorie standing alone in the empty workroom, her fate uncertain.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

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2023.04.22 01:06 boxedj Sobeys flyer April 1980

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2023.04.17 03:43 HaleyTheComet8 Senior Superlatives- What Superlatives Would You Give To The Characters?

Best Dressed- Valerie. Best Hair- Valerie. Most Handsome- Noah. Best Couple- Brenda & Dylan. Most Likely To Get Arrested- Steve. Most Likely To Be President- Brandon. Class Clown- Steve. Most Likely To Win The Lottery And Lose The Ticket- Steve. Most Likely To Be Late To Graduation- Dylan. Most Likely To Be On A Reality Show- Donna. Most Beautiful- Valerie. Most Likely To Win A Nobel Prize- Andrea. Most Outspoken- Andrea. Life Of The Party- Steve. Best Voice- Ray. Most Athletic- Steve. Most Likely To Be Your Boss- Claire. Best Car- Dylan. Most Friendly- Donna. WHAT SUPERLATIVES WOULD YOU DO?
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2023.04.14 15:34 DrinkAndFoods Brenda Gantt Blooming Onion Recipe

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2023.04.13 02:22 XujiRed Come checkout this amazing cornbread dressing recipe

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2023.04.12 08:47 DrinkAndFoods Brenda Gantt Deviled Eggs Recipe

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2023.04.12 08:47 DrinkAndFoods Famous Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

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2023.04.12 08:47 DrinkAndFoods Famous Brenda Gantt Yeast Rolls Recipe

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2023.04.12 07:53 HotGirlsfromBrazil Brenda Trindade - Do you like my new dress? 🥰

Brenda Trindade - Do you like my new dress? 🥰
Brenda Trindade - Do you like my new dress? 🥰
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