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2023.06.11 03:53 Orangehaggis Exploiting trauma and the thriving narcissist

None of the flairs seemed to quite fit this post, so I went with one we all surely understand. I'm 38 years old, self (under) employed and I have pretty severe inattentive type ADHD that's been very difficult to manage.
My story might be different to those of most others, or at least that's the impression I got from my trekk through YouTube. I never had a romantic entanglement with my narcissist. She dropped into my life shortly after my father died from lung cancer in his early 60s. I'd lived with him my entire life. In addition to the loss of a parent, I found myself without stability and security. My father's pension died with him. I wasn't coping very well and it showed. After working with the young lady who would become my narcissist for three or four months, she saw my distress and descended upon me.
I'm many things, but delusional is not one of them. My coworker was in her early twenties and attractive, and I was neither of those at the time. I knew she had no romantic interest in me, but I thought she was just a sweet spirited girl who saw a coworker in distress and rose to the challenge of rendering aid. Many of you can see where this is leading. As it turned out, my narcissist's version of altruism required an audience and adulation, but no real benefit to the recipient. After months of her checking in on me, taking me to run errands, we socialised more and if one of us would be at work and needed a kick in the pants, and the other was off, we'd make a latte delivery for whichever one was on the schedule.
My last romantic relationship ended the year before my father's death. His illness certainly placed a strain on it, but I realised that with my ADHD causing so much chaos, not to mention it hampering my ability to make a sustainable income, I lacked the stability for a long-term romantic relationship. My narcissist appeared to be a providential solution to my loneliness. All of the G-rated benefits of a girlfriend without any of the responsibilities.
The lockdown separated me from my social support network on the other side of a closed international border, and my only other friend was dealing with his own mental, and later, physical health problems. I suddenly found myself with nobody else but my narcissist. She was the only person I ever spent time with on a regular basis. I became very fond of her. Very attached. An imbalance in our relationship was already apparent, and it was concerning. Whilst she was the only person I had, she had multitudes of higher status friends. I was not particularly high in her ranking system, either. I knew I was probably just the alternate for when more highly favoured friends were busy. I didn't know what to call it, but I was already aware of being fed breadcrumbs, and I was also aware that I was unduly grateful for them. Desperation can lead us into some humiliating places.
The discard came about a week after she'd sent me an uncharacteristically explicit text message, the tenor of which was dangling something that would never be for me in front of my nose, and giggling about it. I took a degree of artistic license here, but I believe that captures the essence of the message. After several failed attempts at gaslighting me (you always take everything too seriously, you can't take a joke, etc.), she broke off our association and blocked me by phone and email. I hasten to add that this was unnecessary and purely meant to hurt my feelings. She succeeded. My hope at the time, and subsequently, was for reconciliation, but not without an acknowledgement of wrongdoing on her part. An apology would've been too much to hope for.
About six months later, she moved about 150mi away to a larger and more cosmopolitan city. She made a few feeble attempts at reaching out, but none of them were sustained. Last holiday season, well, it was a very, very dark time for me. Probably the lowest I'd ever felt before. I went through my narcissist's social media and found that she'd taken up amateur stand-up comedy in the early autumn. A bizarre plot twist and one that did nothing to improve my mood.
Although it probably does me more harm than good, the combination of genuine curiosity, trying to look for clues to figure out what the hell happened, my ADHD brain with its poor impulse control, and if I'm honest, a degree of self punishment, I just can't help looking her up from time to time. Since last holiday season, she's becoming well known on the comedy scene in her city. She seems like she's making a success of herself, and with her new interest, she's getting more narcissistic supply than she probably thought possible.
I admit that I have a pretty crappy attitude. For 30 or so years of my life, I've tripped over my own brain. A lifetime of people being annoyed with me. Rather than being indifferent to it, it causes me a great deal of distress to keep people waiting, to have memory lapses, and also a great deal of frustration that I can't manage my symptoms better. All the relationships strained, the promises broken, the ADHD taxes (fees and fines) paid, the opportunities missed, the resources squandered, the peers who've left me in their dust. I also had an emotionally neglectful, mentally ill mother, also deceased. All of these things have helped to shape my attitude. I wasn't doing well when my narcissist insinuated herself into my life, and the downward trajectory has continued. She left me with an enduring memento of the time we spent together: panic disorder. I can't blame her for all my manifold ills, certainly not for my own moral failures. What is certain, however, is that I'm less functional now than I was before our paths crossed. I've never been one to resent people who've been successful, whether by the sweat of their own brow, or by their good fortune. I can't help thinking, though, that my narcissist has achieved her success, in part, by using my back as a stepping stone.
So many of the YouTube resources speak of taking revenge on one's narcissist by taking care of oneself and being as decent and successful as possible. Decency, I strive for. Success was already pretty elusive when I only had ADHD to contend with. Now, I have prolonged, crushing grief, and I either just stay in, or if I drive anywhere, it takes a lot of extra time to park and wait panic attacks out. What if all those YouTube videos with titles alleging that the empath is actually doing so much better than their narcissist are mistaken? Or at least, they're mistaken about a few empaths? Whilst losing whom I thought my narcissist to be causes me great sorrow, I know that my narcissist only thinks of me when her Snapchat app regurgitates an old photo from something we did together.
I don't necessarily want my narcissist to suffer for anything she did to me, but it feels terrible knowing that there's no recourse for one person robbing another of his or her inner peace. Many well intentioned people just don't understand why we should take the loss of our abusers so badly, especially when the abuse wasn't even committed by a romantic partner. Whilst we're grieving our hearts sore, few people apprehend our inner confusion, our utter sadness, and the depths of our despair. It's an awfully lonely place to be.
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2023.06.11 03:53 Diligent-Tie-5500 Lessons From Kings

And Yahweh said to David my father, Whereas it was in your heart to build a house to My name, you did well that it was in your heart.
Nevertheless you will not build the house; but your son that will come forth out of your loins, he will build the house to My name. (1 Kings 8:18-19)
David desired to build a house to honor Yahweh, but Yahweh had His own perfect plan. It is certainly a good thing for us to desire to honor Yahweh, but we must not get ahead of ourselves. We must not lean on our own understanding of how to proceed. We must constantly consult with Yahweh in prayer, and wait patiently for His answer. We must focus and hone our desire to serve Yahweh, but balance this Righteous desire with patience. Yahweh’s plan and timing are perfect, so we must be willing to be patient and serve Him how He deems fit, not how we deem fit.
One of the best ways that we can serve Yahweh in this moment is by reading His Word with the intention of applying its lessons to our thoughts and lives. It's important to constantly monitor and refine our own thoughts in accordance to Yahweh's Word. We must focus our desire on obtaining the wisdom to become Righteous and truly humble.
When heaven is shut up, and there is no rain, because they have sinned against You; if they pray toward this place, and confess Your name, and turn from their sin, when You afflicted them:
Then You will hear in heaven, and forgive the sin of Your servants, and of Your people Israel, that You teach them the Good way wherein they should walk, and give rain upon Your land, that You have given to Your people for an inheritance. (1 Kings 8:35-36)
What sticks out to me in these verses is the need to “Turn from our sin” in order to be forgiven and blessed. Yahweh gives us tools and opportunities to escape every sin in every situation. Yahweh knows our hearts. Yahweh knows if we are putting forth real effort and making the necessary changes to depart from sin. Forgiveness and blessings only come once we actively strive to turn away from our sin permanently. We must be willing to be set apart from the world, discipline ourselves, and sacrifice. We must actually walk the walk.
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2023.06.11 03:51 the_silverwastes Is it just me and my lack of job searching skills or are there actually relatively few applied math adjacent jobs nowadays

I'm about to start a master's degree in applied/computational math in the fall and want to focus on numerical math/scientific computing and stuff, while doing research in math bio/mathematical ecology because I'm interested in that too.
I graduated last year and have been working as a part time teacher while waiting for master's admissions, and have an offer at a super nice university, where even tho my degree isn't funded and I'll be taking out a 50k loan, it feels like it'll be an extremely good stepping stone to proper full time jobs in tech/computing areas. But someone tell me why it seems like the market is AWFUL right now 😭 (like ik that this is the case in cs/software jobs but idk it feels like it's the same for math jobs too now)
Honestly it's so stressful because I keep looking for places where I could apply and come up with very very few positions and now I'm scared that if I take the loan and get the master's, I'll be unable to get a job for a really long time and the loan will just start compounding way too much.
Am I just not searching for jobs correctly? Am I missing out on other positions where I can apply myself? Should I just not do the degree right now and work as a teacher or math librarian (yes I saw a job posting for this) for another year because of the lack of positions? What should I even be looking for?
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2023.06.11 03:51 The-Pink-Cupcake23 Losing Motivation

Hello everyone! I'm having a bit of an issue and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out 😊. For the past year and a half, I feel like I've really hit a plateau and a rut that I haven't really been able to get out of in terms of improving on my Korean. I've been studying Korean for the past 5 years and that got me to thinking about how in the first few years of studying, I use to write Korean grammar and vocabulary in my notebooks all the time and how I was so much more hungry to get better than I am now. Since 2018, my Korean has improved drastically and just thinking about the nostalgia I have of being a beginner and being so new to the language and culture makes me yearn for those days again.
I can understand a lot of Korean and can also semi-comfortably have conversations with other Koreans (although I have a long way to go!) and also, I'm really into Kpop and I can understand a lot of what idols say thanks to watching Vlive/Weverse live (and other content) over and over, but I have a HUGE problem with confidence and I feel that that's what's holding me back.
I feel like I'm at this point where I'm in cruise control and all I need to do is just slam my foot on the gas and just GO...But I'm scared. Of what? Feeling uncomfortable with new grammavocabulary that I don't know, I guess. In my mind, I'm like "Oh well I can understand enough Korean so why learn this new, super hard grammar point? Why make myself uncomfortable and feel stupid?". But then once I actually learn how to express myself a certain way, I'm like "Oh...That wasn't that hard. That was easy!". But my head is telling me that I'll never be fluent and I should just cruise where I am and I absolutely HATE that. I wanna get better but I feel like I'm only staying within the limits of my comfort zone. I'm not the type of person who's comfortable with being uncomfortable and I wanna change that or else I'll never get to a level where I'm freely conversating with Koreans (or anyone that speaks Korean) about anything and everything (regardless of mistakes). The other day, I was discussing a really deep topic in Korean about something and it went much better than I expected and I got my point across exactly how I wanted to, so I know that I can certainly get better. But it's just my confidence as well as self discipline. I'm also currently studying Italian at a beginner level too and I wanna become fluent in that too one day, but again, my lack of discipline and self confidence is getting in the way.
So I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that I could escape this slump I'm in and finally hit the next level of speaking/comprehending Korean? Is there also any content that I could watch/listen to? Like, something I could really sink my teeth into? I feel like I consume too much Kpop content and it's not doing anything for me anymore. I feel like there's a limit to how good I can get with that since a large portion of idols say the exact same thing. Also, Kpop content... it feels very..."Safe". Something like Squid Game or Sweet Home or even talking about something extremely deep/controversial...That doesn't feel "safe". They don't feel "cutesy" or surface level. So if something could recommend me some content, that would be cool! Thank you in advance! 💖💖💖💖
Ps. I don't know what level I am in Korean. Like, in terms of A1, B1, C2. I never learned how that works but I would say that I'm a very high intermediate. Like, I can have very deep conversations. I guess that's how I'd describe what level I'm at.
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2023.06.11 03:51 MangoOatmilk The Fashion Show

When it comes to this show , this is one of my favorite extensions in the "of love" universe , but I noticed during one of the episodes that they body shamed Like Dat so much (even when she was on Flavor Flav), even the judges of the fashion show and I thought that it was plain rude and unnecessary. I thought she was very pretty and upbeat and didn't understand why the others bullied her.. I wouldn't say Sapharryi really bullied her but I did understand the argument. Her exit from the show didn't even make sense . I felt like they meant to humiliate her for views which was wrong , she didn't look as bad as they made it seem.
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2023.06.11 03:51 urbrowsertgs Meanwhile we will test such thing on our new TikTok MacBook Pro soon, to see if this really work or is just bullshit.

Meanwhile we will test such thing on our new TikTok MacBook Pro soon, to see if this really work or is just bullshit. submitted by urbrowsertgs to appledatahoarding [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 03:51 ESLTATX Selecting a University

I'm finally ready to transfer to a university.
I'm looking to do online classes since that what I did for the majority of community college.
There are a few programs here in Texas that look interesting, but not entirely sure if they're online or not. I know UTSA has one that is 100% online but it doesn't really have a concentration or anything.
Which university did you select and why?
oh and im studying communications.

thanks for any help or advice
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2023.06.11 03:51 blimp166 Baldy is wrong about astrology it's actually 5head

Okay so I want to start this by saying that by "Astrology" I do not mean the news paper horoscopes, rather I am talking about sidereal Astrology, and vedic and jyotisch astrology.
What is the difference? Sidereal astrology is based on the actual arrangement of the planets in the sky.
The normal system people use did not take into account the slight shift in positioning of earth, people who think they are Aries?
They are actually pisces.
So that's the first problem lol.
Many astrologers are living in a bubble and they would have to admit they had just been making stuff up. And personally, I just go with it and say I am Aries when I know I am pisces cause I don't wanna bother explaining all that.
But anyway long story short I have studied vedic astrology a lot, and studied my birthchart and there are definitely things there that are very very specific. With inside information only I would get... And the more I studied it, the more I started to realize the core idea of it is that you, as you are now are a microcosm of the universe.
At the moment of birth, you become, and the layout of the universe at that time is what you are.
A non polarized understanding of it.
I know he says anyone who believes in astrology he instantly throws their opinions in the garbage but yeah, I disagree. XD I'd wanna debate him on it lol.
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2023.06.11 03:50 AltseWait Flea Market Follies

I needed to buy something, so I hit up the Gallup Flea Market. It's the first time I've been there since before the pandemic. Things (prices) have surely changed.
The number of Santo Domingo vendors has multiplied. I counted at least five Santo Domingo stands. Each sold cut turquoise necklaces and bread. There must be a bread cartel because all of the Santo Domingo shops quoted me $7 for a loaf of bread. Even this little girl chirped "$7," when asked about her bread. I found one Laguna seller who occasionally yelled out, "Laguna bread...$5." Apparently, the Laguna wasn't in on the bread cartel.
The number of Mexican sellers and patrons has increased dramatically. It was lovely because their wagon wheel chips are still $2 per bag. I did not ask about the price of their juices and horchata. I ended up buying a used Mexican cast iron pan for $1! The transaction gave me that delicious mix of adrenaline and satisfaction one finds when buying second hand items.
I realized that the Navajo vendors are good natured and sly. With other sellers, I can get away by openly discussing product quality and price in Navajo. With Navajo sellers, they let on like they don't understand, smiling while eavesdropping on codetalk. Then at the end of discussion, they'll chime in by saying something in Navajo. More than once, I felt my Navajo superpowers dissipate at the futility of codetalk. It freaked me out just how numerous Navajo speakers are. Perhaps our language isn't as endangered as the experts say.
One pattern I noticed is that most Navajo vendors charge premium prices. This is true in jewelry, herbal medicine, corn, metalwork, leather work, textiles, art, and sometimes second hand items. As an example, this Navajo woman priced her used 10 inch cast iron skillets at $25 each. When I learned her price, I thought of the 2 piece 12 inch skillet and griddle combo that Walmart sells for $25. There was also a metalworker selling a $40 discada wok. My eyes glazed over as I thought of tossing stir fry veggies over an open fire. The $40 wok prompted a debate that ended in my wallet winning out over the prospect of true wok hei. Perhaps if the wok did not have legs. Instead, I ended up buying a $1 used lid for my $1 used pan. Seeing the kindness in the Navajo lid seller's eyes was amazing. I bid her kind words and a farewell.
I can't end this piece without mentioning the cute puppy. I saw this young woman carrying a cute puppy. Everyone oohed and aahed as the shy puppy snuggled into her neck. I thought she brought it from home until I saw the puppy stand. I happened upon a huge sign that read, "Free Puppies!" The vendors were Navajo, and I understood their price. In a cage in the shade, I saw a sibling to the puppy from earlier. A relative said, "You should get the puppy. Your dog is getting old." I debated with myself before deciding against it. The puppy will have to wait.
All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I bought what I came for and more. It was great to see some of the old vendors: the Asian lady who sells imports; the Navajo jewelers selling authentic pieces; the food stands selling roast mutton and steamed corn stew; Mexican vendors squeezing fruits and doling out drinks to a line of kids; the ponies under the big tree. In addition, I saw new people: the Navajo buskers singing and playing the uke; all the new native designed T-shirt sellers; the Navajo girl selling awesome, hand-drawn, anime posters and stickers depicting Navajo subjects; the women selling beautiful, Navajo shawls; the grandchildren of the elderly couple who used to sell herbal medicine. I'm happy they are continuing their grandparents' tradition. I'm glad all of these people (the people I saw) survived the pandemic, and I appreciate them, their beauty inside, outside and all around.
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2023.06.11 03:50 StepSpare9662 Not doing well in treatment

About 4 months ago, for the first time I was admitted into an ip edu on the pretence of my ed - anorexia b/p subtype (I think) - which was voluntary because at the time I was very depressed and was making plans to kms which scared me. Problem is, during my admission, I was still engaging in harmful behaviours and so never really learned to cope w/o them, or be ok w weight gain, or even have a normal relationship with food. To be specific, I was purging the meals I had on the ward, faking my weight by water loading, and skipping the meals I was able to have off the ward. After like a week under 4 months, I was able to go home with essentially the same mindset and reliant upon these coping mechanisms as due to only my own fault and willingness to be honest and seek help , I’m unequipped with any others. I feel silly to lament online that I wasn’t given by other people the solution to dealing with life and myself because they weren’t able to catch me in my schemes, but the truth is that I am currently 18 and very much a liar, and immature, and don’t know what I want, and I have also spent my entire sentient life (which I’d say is around 11 lol) unhappy and coping with that in just inherently self-destructive ways (self-harm, ed, alcohol,drugs). Idk why I just gave you my entire biography, idk if anyone would even bother to read this but I swear there is a point to all of this. I got home a week ago into outpatients services. I have not been doing well and have lost a significant amount of weight. I’m so frustrated with myself bc I truly do not want to end up back in hospital but I can’t find any way to not do the same things I’ve always done which I know are bad for me. I have been going on daily walks which I upon reflection I realise are sort of compensatory for me eating (still in a deficit though) and the first day (today) that I didn’t, I spent the entire day i a cycle of getting drunk and b/p. Obviously having entire day in which I have nothing to do is not good for me at the moment so I will continue to try to take up my time with other things but does anyone have any recommendations for like what I should do or at least like some support or validation lol. I realise that ostensibly the best thing I could do for myself is to tell the treatment team about my struggles but something within me rebels so strongly against that I can’t fully trust myself to be able to go through with it; so for the meant time, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks if you read all the way to the end - I know I’ve been ranting but I literally have no one to talk to and it is actually cathartic to just air it all out.
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2023.06.11 03:50 Intelligent_Sundae_5 Blinds/window treatment suggestions

When my husband and I moved into our house 10+ years ago the only thing we did to our windows were some cheap Home Depot blinds.
We're getting new windows later this summer and we'd like to actually get some nice blinds/window treatments/curtains to go with them.
We know we are not good at choosing these types of things, so we need some guidance. Does anyone have a suggestion for a company that will come in, measure and offer some suggestions? We don't want to spend a ton of money on something like this, but are wiling to spend money on decent products and service.
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2023.06.11 03:50 -autisticSunflower I think my friend of 4 months is a narcissist. Probably a lengthy post please read it’s much appreciated. Does she sound like she is one?

Ok so my “friend” contacted me as we were previously coworkers. It was like an angel had been sent to me during the worst time in my life (horrendous workplace abuse which she knew about and it got worse for her when I left) we met for coffee and she was keen for nights out and I was so excited. So our first night out she was all over this guy, to the point where I was often sitting alone. She had also confessed to me that she was numb from her relationship and was seeing someone but hadn’t done anything because she didn’t want to cheat. So she asked my advice obviously I was like well you need to listen to what’s right for you. She decided she needed to live for herself as she has only ever been in relationships. She also divulged a lot of trauma from her mum, who appears narcissistic giving her stories about her childhood. So with the whole leaving me alone on our first night out I kind of ignored it because she was struggling with the breakup, being alone in the house etc. Next thing she is phoning me up and asking me if I wanted to go on a spontaneous night out. This was after my shift and I was exhausted so I said no. Now this should have been another big sign for me but she kept on asking me and saying “please” despite me saying no so I eventually went out. Well I was left again on my own, she was actively eyeing up and flirting with random guys, going between several of them luring them in and it was like I didn’t exist. When only one of them was left in the bar she literally would sit with me while he was using the toilet then as soon as he came back out she would run after him and I’d be on my own again. Anyway I forgave cause I was stupid, she told me she loved me and that she wanted us to get friendship bracelets (another red flag- we didn’t get these thank goodness) and I find out she is seeing two different men from the same car garage. One of them she was seeing first then apparently the other one made a move on her and she just let him apparently. I believe she was actively flirting with them both. Anyway this led to disaster, one of them apparently assaulted her and she now apparently has no contact with either of them. She also phoned me one night saying that her sister had fallen out with her because she was speaking to different men all night. I didn’t say anything cause friendship honeymoon phase but I remember thinking yeah well I know that’s true. So another night out she was once again luring them in, I had a guy talk to me and while I was explaining to him that I wasn’t interested she said she felt she was being third wheeled. She met another guy that night who she has now been dating but apparently he is cheating on her and has been involved in a missing person case. So at some point we booked a holiday and it was 3 months in advance we booked it. Between the time of booking and the holiday she forgot to mention until arriving on holiday that she had given this man £1000 of her money and she is waiting for it back on top of going to Blackpool for a weekend with him, and did not wish to dip into her savings even for a taxi to the hotel which we almost had to get because of late arrival at the airport. She also only wanted to eat McDonald’s and KFC because it’s cheap and she can’t afford anything else because she only had £100 left for the whole month. At this point I’m getting angry and seeing her full (lack of) personality. She would also do stuff like suggest KFC, I noticed it wasn’t open for another 20 minutes so I said why don’t we walk into the centre and see if anything else is there, so she said she needed to go back into the hotel to get her jacket and didn’t come out until coincidentally 5 minutes before it opened. Mind games galore. One night we were leaving a pub and she said she was bursting for the toilet but didn’t want to use the pub one because it didn’t look nice. We then went to McDonald’s because she wanted one and their toilets were closed. I said well we can sit down then get an Uber back she said “it’s too painful to sit down” however when I booked an Uber said “well we will just sit down I’m not eating a cold McDonald’s back at the hotel”. I snipped at her and she was sarcastic as hell with me. I let it go because what’s the point in holding a grudge when on holiday. Final straw was her leaving me alone all night in a club for a group of guys, specifically luring one in then the other and pulling him and grinding on the dance floor etc. I sat down because I felt uncomfortable and when I confronted her nearer the end of the night she flew into a fit of rage, called me a c*nt, gave me the middle finger, every abusive term under the sun all of which in public. I walked away and then she started screaming how dare I leave her in another country as if she hadn’t been doing that to me all night. She also lies frequently and said it was my choice not to be with her that night.
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2023.06.11 03:50 JPGer Someone explain why my weapons suck?

why is it in pvp when i use the same weapons as other people, immortal, graviton lance. ANYTHING when i use it its like tossing wet paper at people, then when I get hit, i get torn thru like I'M wet paper.I got the resil i got the weapons, i know my pathetic reaction time is why i get hit FIRST but why does everyone else hit HARDER. I don't get it.
hell not even my weapons, i shoulder charge a person, boom i get blasted with a shotgun or they get tickled, someone does it to me? dead..isntantly
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2023.06.11 03:50 AstagzBoston Short girls have ruined the scene

I’m a 5’ 10” woman. I have three dealbreakers when it comes to dating: 1) no smoking, 2) no ENM, and 3) he just has to be taller than me, I’m not saying 6’10”, just taller. Before you start preaching to me about how I should give short men a chance, and I’m being too superficial, I’ve dated guys my height (and shorter) and it just doesn’t work for me. That being said, I feel so chastised when I ask a guy his height. They automatically get offended if they are shorter, but I literally put it in my profile how tall I am, and that he must be taller. Like why even swipe and match with me if I explicitly set that boundary?
I get how annoying it must be that a 5’2” girl shoots a guy down because she “requires 6’ or taller) but in shoes I practically am 6’ tall. I don’t want to feel like a giant next the guy I’m dating. How about all you petite ladies shop for a man in the petite section and all of us above 5’9” can shop in the big and tall? Thank you, I’ll now get off my soapbox, but I’m still 5’10”
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2023.06.11 03:50 LettuceEfficient4678 Issues in Masters

Hello everybody,
I just hit Master after playing league since Season 2 (got a coach) and now I just read how much different the demotions system and inactivity penalty works. How are you guys dealing with that going on holidays? Spam games so you get the full 14 days before you demote? I haven’t played that active in a while, what do the ranked season splits mean? Is it normal to get autofilled way more often since hitting master? (Did they remove auto fill protection)
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.11 03:50 Every-Development398 Where did ssh from the network application get moved to?

I remember with the old interface you could start a ssh from the unifi network application it would appear to be either gone or moved in the newer version. Any idea where it was moved too?
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2023.06.11 03:50 Intrepid-Recipe-4268 Shawn’s mom / Kanan’s side bitch

It's really weird but we've hardly seen Shawn's mother twice. The last thing we know is that she was looking for her son and Kanan told her that Shawn was sent by Ghost to do a job.
Why did the cops call Tasha instead of her to identify the body? Why didn't she ever seek revenge on Ghost or at least question him about her son's death? Why didn't she give James' name to the cops?
I have the impression that Shawn's mother's « storyline » has been completely forgotten after S2, even though it could have been an interesting one ...
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2023.06.11 03:50 TheNoobInTheTomb What's up with this sub?

I'm not trying to "troll" or argue, or whatever, I'm just confused. I read everything in the about page, but I still don't get one thing.
Why is this sub Bernie Sanders themed? I saw it said it's not a "Bernie Sub" with the meme, but if that's so, why all the Bernie theming? Almost none of the views align, Bernie barely calls himself socialist and there are a ton of "Maga Communists" here.
Once again, I'm not arguing or trying to insult anyone, I'm just confused on why a sub that describes itself as, "not a Bernie sub", has all the Bernie stuff?? (I might have missed something while reading the noobie stuff BTW so send one of those if I missed it)
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2023.06.11 03:49 sciguy11 Implied NDAs and job searches

Location: Illinois, USA.
Engineer here, looking to change jobs soon. I applied to a job that asked if I had any non-compete, NDA, or confidentiality agreements at my old job. I don't recall signing anything specific, but I did agree to follow my company's policies (in general, code of conduct type of thing) which includes policies regarding intellectual property, etc (we design and manufacture).
The new company has asked for more information such as what the NDA is, a copy of it (if possible), how long it lasts, etc.
How can I get this clarified from my company's HR without tipping them off that I am looking for other jobs? Is agreeing to the company's code of conduct - which references company policies, which include policies regarding confidentiality and intellectual property - equivalent to an NDA and/or non disclosure agreement?
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