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2023.06.09 17:55 yousefsaeb I did my first bomba combo in my life in ARAM would love playing him in drafts later. shout out to the nidalee haters in aram took ur revenge.

I did my first bomba combo in my life in ARAM would love playing him in drafts later. shout out to the nidalee haters in aram took ur revenge. submitted by yousefsaeb to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 08:49 UzumeofGamindustri When you have a really fed carry, just peel for them and they'll win the game for you

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2023.05.30 15:22 Peroniko 42 mins game

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2023.05.28 05:23 spstarr Any reason Nidalee is not nerfed in ARAM?

It's far too many games she just gets too many easy kills with her spear.
Of all the champs in ARAM she really needs adjustments in that damage, it's ridiculous. So, why haven't they nerfed her damage? They nerfed every Vegar, Ziggs, but not her, why not??
Why should she have free poke damage thats so easy?
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2023.05.20 08:22 eyy_gg got haha funny number in ARAM game

got haha funny number in ARAM game
I was able to get Jhin in my first ARAM game (actually, my first game of the day), refused to die, did higher damage and earned more gold than ally Jinx who was able to back, and was somehow able to get 4,444 damage taken from enemy champions...
Jhin is great.
p.s. threading that 4th ult shot to kill Akshan with only a BF sword felt nice
p.p.s. first-time poster!
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2023.05.01 13:30 segments123 Saw recent posts about Trynda, so I present how I beat it.

Saw recent posts about Trynda, so I present how I beat it. submitted by segments123 to ARAM [link] [comments]

2023.04.24 05:14 ibonecats2 Nidalee's "Tiger Tango" Playlist

Hello y’all! I am currently on a mission to get mastery 5/learn every champ in LoL. Along with that I would like to make a playlist that goes with the champ’s theme or gameplay. I was wondering what y'all would recommend for Nidalee, either Tips on how to play or good music suggestions for playing the champ. I can't quite grasp the whole "Switching between two playstyles" and it seems really hard. Even in aram i will rarely go into the tiger form.
But If yall got any ideas on what music would go for nid's playstyle or general theme, I would love to hear them and create the best Tiger Tango playlist on the rift!
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2023.04.21 01:49 New_Mercies HEART OF THE PAKAA

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2023.04.20 07:46 The-Nvm "guys im ditching early because i need to rank up on league" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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2023.04.18 21:06 Mobaster Veigar tank > Full AP Veigar. I will die on this hill.

Veigar tank > Full AP Veigar. I will die on this hill. submitted by Mobaster to ARAM [link] [comments]

2023.04.13 04:17 nag0007 Leaqueoflegends Challenges Google Sheet Vers. 2.0 just an Idea

Leaqueoflegends Challenges Google Sheet Vers. 2.0 just an Idea
I posted in the past version 1.0 of my Idea for a google sheet to visualize challenges in LoL for my brother
Now I expanded this sheet.
Original Sheet =
Screenshot attachedfont: Roboto fontsize 10smallbox size 8Formulas: offsett sort filterChampiondata from:®ion=EUW
thank you for all your request last time and i hope i could helped a lot of you

Progress Challenges

Champs on Matery 7
discord: nag0007#9785 aka Chris

View Poll
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2023.04.01 08:47 Random_Stealth_Ward Nidalee's new VO feels like it continues the same trend that people have been complaining about in terms of quality of newer VOs

Now, full disclaimer, I am mostly just an ARAM nidalee player more than a SR Nidalee player, so maybe my experience is not the same as others, however I feel like Riot's Nidalee update has repeated the same thing of feeling like she talks too much.
These are just my two cents and I will say it as a disclaimer in case people just wanna say I dislike it because it's new: I did not like old Nidalee's VO, so my opinion here isn't me having some bias towards that. While I don't like the way New Nidalee speaks, I could tolerate it if she at least didn't feel like she is talking so much and I think I finally found the reason why so many VOs are hated: why in Teemo's sweaty toes does Nidalee nid so many quotes on spells that don't even feel that important?
Like, I could get it if this was some big, important moment but here's the amount of quotes that nidalee does FOR PUTTING A TRAP.
Now let's look at the heal:
Now ult:
Her throwing a spear quotes are actually fine. she has 2 quotes and 5 huffs/growls - with 3 quotes if she hits and 2 laughs. Since I don't like the voice direction they all sound bad to me, but there's some restrain and marking the important aspect of nidalee imo not shoving Nidalee to speak for something so simple as putting a trap or using spells.
She also has lines for her passive marking enemies.
The problem comes from the fact that these are spells you want to use and are low enough in cooldown and comboing the spells around that you WILL use them and the voice lines just end up coming one after the other, ending up with a Nidalee who is mouthing off a lot for simple stuff like hitting red buff or crab. It feels like it would have been better to just put voiced lines for Q, Q hit, healing and Maaaaaybe reduce the passive VO to 2.
I feel this is also the problem with other complained champions like Ashe: Ashe already can feel lenghty with her movement quotes, but at least the Q, E and R spells have enough CD or importance that you can go a good while without hearing them (you are not spamming Q when enemies are nearby for example for no reason) or when you do, it helps elevate the spell. Oh, but now add the quotes where Ashe is screeching just for using Volley, a rather low CD spell whose visual effect is just some pitiful arrows dealing "ok" damage and one you normally use a lot - Now that becomes annoying and detracts from the rest of the quotes because players don't come out remembering any of these quotes for Q, E and R: "This is the fury of an Iceborn!", "Anivia, guide us", "I am the bow!" (ok, maybe they remember that last one). No, Instead they come out remembering the audio trauma of "ARROWS FLY", "MAKE IT COUNT", "I DON'T MISS" that even as the Ashe player can feel obnoxious.
A champion that I feel balances the spell-to-voice properly imo is Sett. Sett Q and his true damage fist? just grunts and huffs. Sett's stun and his ult? Voiced quotes and facebreaker doesn't even says anything if he misses. IMO, this spread of talking and not talking helps create a better sense of identity or whatever Riot seems to want to give champs, because the few quotes he does feel more important and are on spells that are visually impactful. I can recognize his "now KISS!" (spanish VO) and "now for the finish" or "This is gonna hurt" quotes, and I would argue this is in part because these aren't competing with 6 voices of Sett Q where with variants of "it's clobbering time!" and 3 "MEGA LASER PUNCH" for his mega hit. EDIT: Lillia also does the same, mostly grunts, sneezes, huffs, EEPS, etc. but you know what this means? It makes her "sleepy time!" quote more relevant to Lillia, and somehow it feels like the sneezes and grunts have as much personality as Nida's spell lines despite literally just being random sounds with good vibes.
There's another route less used, and I am not saying everyone has to go this route as he is pretty much an outlier for new champions, but take a look at Pantheon. All his quotes are grunts. Imagine if Pantheon had voiced quotes for Q, the low CD spell he constantly uses instead of the more forgetable Grss and hmmphs. Yes, I can't link a "super amazing Quote that's super cool" to Pantheon stabbing my enemies in one visceral hit which will get spammed, on repeat, for farming and fighting... constantly... but you know what I also don't do? link pantheon to my mental bank of "champs that make me wish to turn voices off" and also champs that talk too much when I am in the enemy team. However, this has the problem of funneling more attention towards Pantheon's voices for walking and attacking, so designers need to be really confident in them and I think that with the usual praise Pantheon gets as a character (rather than a champion in-game), shows it's something they can actually do. Pantheon pretty much uses the way old Champions used to have their voice overs made, but actually having more than 7 quotes for walking and attacking so this isn't a problem.
EDIT: I don't know, it feels like Riot is overcompensating in VOs in areas that would work better with them restrainining themselves and JUST letting the quieter, and simple "HMMPH" and "Hyaa" work. After all, let me ask you people a question: did Melee Fox need to scream "FIRE FOX!" or "FOX STEP!" everytime he used his special moves to captivate us? NO he only needed the exciting "HYAAAAAA", the amazing "TORIYAAAA" and how could we forget the sad "UWAAAAA" - and that was good enough to lead us to the top 10 anime quotes of all time: "MISHUN COMPLET!" and that was good enough to win our hearts and our hatred.
But maybe my opinion is wrong. Maybe I am not wild enough for this new Nidalee and need to go to a few more furcons to understand my animal side in preparation for her new skin. What are your thoughts on Nidalee's current VO? Are you hopeful for Varus update or are you afraid of what Riot will do after seeing Nidalee's ? Do you think Ezreal, Viego and Aphelios need some maid outfit skins?
edited some stuff to add Lillia, and some grammar, sorry if I miss some stuff, I am lacking sleep.
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2023.03.29 04:58 Achtelnote Blue/White skins needs to be addressed on ARAM, they provide unfair advantage to whomever uses them. Especially so against vision impaired/colour blind people.

ARAM is near impossible to play if you get a bunch of sweats against you that go as far as picking skins whose abilities are harder to see against a blue background.. I'm not colour blind, but I imagine they have it much worse on ARAM against these skins.
Some examples of skins that are basically P2W on ARAM
Underworld Twisted Fate Arcanist Zeggs Project Ashe Snow day ziggs Snow day Syndra Snow day other skins Arclight Varus Justicar Syndra Atlantean Syndra Pool party Syndra Pool party skins Elementalist lux (Air abilities are near invisible, imagine SR but much worse) Winter Wonder Orianna Winter Wonder Karma I forgot what other Winter Wonder skins there are Any blue Chromas Snow bunny Nidalee Super galaxy Nidalee Dawnbringer Nidalee Cosmic huntress Nidalee DWG Nidalee Spirit fire Brand
Switching from Howling Abyss to Butchers Bridge seems like a decent solution to this problem.
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2023.03.21 10:15 Skypirate90 Probably isn't easy to have 0 deaths in a 116 kill game.

Probably isn't easy to have 0 deaths in a 116 kill game.
Congrats Soraka on 0 death achievement. 63 kda is bonkers lol. At more than one point I was sweating wondering if we would win without Soraka shopping.

She never had a chance to execute.
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2023.03.20 23:07 4cam10 What Champions that were once popular are no longer popular?

Ever since Nidalee’s VO update, I’ve had a bit of a thought regarding champion popularity, the reason being is if this were only a few years back I get the impression there would be more discussion and/or hype even though Nid’s popularity was in a fair bit of decline then as well.
So the question I’d like to ask this Reddit is: What champions do you feel that were once popular that no longer are? And would it be possible for them to be popular once more?
Please note that what people might consider populaunpopular can be very subjective for that reason I don’t strictly think there’s a wrong opinion here, especially when in game and out of game popularity can be two different things.
Since Nidalee was the champ that gave me this idea, I’ll start off with her, my breakdown might be very long because I had a long time to think about this and hopefully, I don’t accidentally write an essay.
I’ll be going through The Rise, The fall and The future of Nidalee in my post.

The Rise of Nidalee

Pre rework Nidlee

Q, Flash. Best champ in the game.
Jokes aside, I heard Nidalee was an absolute terror on the rift before her rework this was a bit before my time playing league so I unfortunately never got to actually play Nidalee in this state, but I’m aware she was rather popular and somewhat toxic on the rift.
Even after the rework Nidalee was still rather popular and still played for many years after this, she’s a very fun champion despite the high mechanical skill required to play her.

Nidalees large amount of skins released early on

This is probably one of the biggest examples I can think of in terms of Nidalees popularity.
From Nidalee’s full release back In late 2009 to early 2013, Nidalee had received six skins, each skin released (With the exception being Headhunter as it was over a year between it and Bewitching) had released not even 12 months between each other, which by today's standards is crazy.
You don’t get that many skins unless the champion is rather popular. Even when there were significantly less champions in the game. Nidalee currently has thirteen skins in the game with one of those being the DWG skin an impressive feat for a champion that isn’t so popular anymore.

The Fanart of Nid throughout 2010 to 2016

The amount of fanart Nidalee got throughout the early 2010s was crazy, people that weren’t even fans of league or really familiar with league were drawing fan art of her and these days unless that character is someone like Ahri, that doesn’t really happen much.
Additionally, any sort of art contest that Riot ran during the early 2010s you can be sure you’ll see many Nidalee’s within that contest.
The reason I believe that Nidalee was so popular to make fan art of is simply because of her design it’s very simple, doesn’t have a lot of specific details even then you don’t need to be completely accurate as you can still make it look like Nidalee, as long as you’re good at human anatomy you can make a good Nidalee.
There’s also the fact that Nidalee happens to be a rather attractive woman wearing very little clothing, that might also have something to do with why she was so popular.
Unfortunately, most of the fanart of Nidalee from this era is stuck on DevientArt, a site not many people really use anymore and, in a way, kinda feels like a bit of the league fandom that has been lost to time as a result.

The Downfall

Merchandise and Nidalee within LoL media

Or lack thereof, recent years Nidalee hasn’t gotten much merchandise, I did try to research and it indeed does seem like Nidalee did get some collectable statues made of her both official and unofficial but considering what I’m about to mention in ‘Changing Society Taboos’ I doubt we’ll see much more of her. I did find a Head Hunter Nidalee statue but I’m unsure if it’s actually official or not.
The only official merchandise you can obtain of Nidalee these days is a Nidalee poster from the League website and I’m pretty sure I can get that for cheaper from unofficial storefronts.
And forgive me if I’m wrong, this is the first time I’ve really tried to look into League media, but I haven’t really found much of Nidalee being shown, I did find she made a short appearance during The Worlds 2015 video, but not much else beyond that I could really find.

The Jungle role and Nidalees role within it

The Jungle role I feel is one of the most stressful and flamed roles in the game, given that this is the only place that Nidalee is viable this no doubt had effects over her popularity over the years.
Especially when Nidalee is a champ that requires high mechanical skill and you don’t necessarily always get rewarded for it. There are better champions for Jungle that are easier to play and will cause you less stress.
Because Nids not great at the moment you might even get flamed by your teammates for attempting to pick her.
This years recent jungle changes don’t seem to help Nidalee much at all, although a recent patch that has somewhat buffed counter jungling has helped her a bit but it’s uncertain if this will truly help her in the long term.
There is some good news at least, she does at least see significant play in ARAM, probably helps that people just walk into Nids Spears on that game mode for some reason. You’re also not going to get flamed for picking her here, which is pretty nice I guess.

Nidalee in Pro play

I don’t want to try and speak for pros on what they believe is or isn’t strong but considering nearly every team that has tried to pull out the Nid has lost their games this year, I’m pretty confident in her not being good there either at the moment.
Then there was last year with DK vs Gen G, where despite Canyon massively gapping Peanut as Nid and the team getting all 15 tower plates they still lost the game. That does not mean it’s impossible to win with her, it just means there are better champs to pick.

Changing Society Taboos

Sex Appeal is something that has started becoming Taboo in video games and even modern culture over years, the problem is this was a big reason as to why she become so popular to begin with and still is a reason why so many female league champs are so popular. Still Nidalee is probably one of the champions most heavily defined by her sex appeal in the past.
Additionally Nidalee’s skins that change her skin tone have become another societal taboo, as it can be seen as ‘white-washing’ in a few ways.
I really wish I didn’t have to mention Nidalee’s sex appeal as I feel that would overtake all discussion regarding Nidalee but unfortunately it’s both a very important part of her character design and a big reason why she became so popular outside of gameplay. It’s not something you can particularly ignore unfortunately.

Nidalee’s future

I hate to be a downer but I don’t really see a path forward that would in anyway make Nidalee popular again, mainly because of the ‘Changing Society Taboos’ that I mentioned earlier.

Nidalee’s VO change

Despite the VO change, I doubt that those that disliked Nidalee based on her sex appeal to are going to pick her up now, especially when there was no ASU to replace Nidalees more lewd attire and her problems with not getting picked in game seem to have very little to do with her being sexy or not.
I believe the response to the VO change was rather mixed as well and I don’t particularly think it’ll make Nidalee more popular or even less controversial for that matter.
Considering she’s barely been involved in media prior to this point, I doubt she’s going to make much more of an appearance in anything league related.

Any potiential ASU

Considering how long it took us to even get a Skarner rework and even if Nidalee was next in line to get an ASU it would take ages, probably even longer than usual considering they have to make two models for Nidalee, One for her Human form and another for her Cougar form.
The ASU will be rather controversial because given the direction of Nidalee’s VO, a ASU will no change a lot of her skins overall aesthetic, which will definitely make some people mad as again and if the new skins don’t make the skintones all similar to that of base Nidalee that will make another group of people mad.
May some Deity protect whomever has the task of remaking the French Maid Nidalee skin, cause even with Nid’s decline in popularity redoing that skin and potientially less lewd will likely result in a shorter life expectancy.
Speaking of that, since it’s likely any ASU will have Nidalee’s old skins be heavily changed, it could present an issue to players that they’re getting a wildly different skin to the one that they bought. Not that this has stopped Riot in the past but it’s something to think about.


I spent a lot of time than I should’ve trying to explain why I believe Nidalee is not popular anymore. Please give me your opinions on which champions you believe aren’t popular anymore so it doesn’t feel like I wasted my time on nothing.
TLDR: I wrote a post talking about how Nidalee isn’t as popular as she used to be it’s possibly a bit too long and I want to know your opinion on what Champs have become unpopular over the years.
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2023.03.13 20:41 VenomSnake96 The problem with new voice overs

Just finished playing an aram game vs nidalee, and her new voice over is horrible. I would not mind that at all, if I only had to hear her voice lines after dying, or her getting kills, but is it absolutely necessary that she says to me some shitty pun or generic badass shit on a every single ability?? This problem is definitely not limited to nidalee, k’sante is so special that I have to hear him say „heroes are born from crisis” at complete random, bel’veth is so special that every void champion at the start of the game has to hear her, but biggest problem is no doubt with zeri, who has to say the same fucking 5 things every time she uses her attack. Overall, it just makes me wish for an option to mute enemy voice lines that are not ult/important ability sounds.
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2023.03.09 05:10 Peroniko when there's no tank, be the tank yourself

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2023.03.03 00:38 King_Kaiose Aram percentual balancing is the worst thing that has happened to the gamemode in recent times

The idea of aram balancing is good in general. Trying to reduce poke damage and heals/shields in this gamemode is a good idea and absolutely SHOULD be there, but sadly it is executed terribly. Some buffs/nerfs make zero sense and totally miss the point of aram balancing in the first place. Here some examples: Kaisa dmg is buffed by 5% - Why? AP Kaisa is a menace in aram ever since her release and it's inherently unfun to play against.
Nidalee dmg is buffed by 10% - Why? Nidalees spears are not that hard to hit in aram and deal massive dmg to begin with.
Qiyana dmg is buffed by 15% - Why? A lvl 6 Qiyana is probably one of the strongest assassins in team fights and is not disadvantaged in the aram setting.
Furthermore, the principle of Dmg buffs and Dmg taken nerfs is outstandingly dumb. Why should you put a system in place, where different champions DEAL more dmg and some champions TAKE more dmg? This inevitably leads to the dmg and dmg taken changes to be misleading. Let's take Qiyana vs Senna for example: Qiyana: Dmg dealt +15%, Dmg taken -20% Senna: Dmg dealt -6%, Dmg taken +5% Qiyana effectively deals 20% more dmg to Senna, while Senna deals 26% less dmg to Qiyana.
These two systems coexisting is wrong. Riot should change dmg dealt OR dmg taken, not both.
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2023.02.25 08:33 theananassuyu agalar ile lol

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2023.02.24 19:03 FrankTheBoxMonster PBE datamine 2023 February 24: further Azir adjustments, plus nerfs to Grasp, Gangplank, and AP Twitch

Note that many changes cannot be easily datamined, such as functionality changes, bugfixes, or mode-specific balance modifiers. Sometimes changes can also take a couple days to show up, even if Riot has already announced them.

Changes from today:



Jarvan IV:


Divine Sunderer:


Grasp of the Undying:

Changes from previous days:


Jarvan IV:
Tahm Kench:


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2023.02.23 14:16 paulinho125 Playing as Nidalee in ARAM is the most satisfying thing ever

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2023.02.22 22:10 FrankTheBoxMonster PBE datamine 2023 February 22: some sort of Azir rebalancing?

Note that many changes cannot be easily datamined, such as functionality changes, bugfixes, or mode-specific balance modifiers. Sometimes changes can also take a couple days to show up, even if Riot has already announced them.

Changes from today:


Jarvan IV:
Tahm Kench:


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