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2023.06.07 01:50 HayPlaceAPlaceforHay Why are there so few performance based incentives for those working in education?

I don’t understand the role of Human Resources in education, at any level. I know three people that work for small companies that were given trips to Hawaii for their job performance, and if they didn’t want to go they were given money.
What exactly are the carrots and sticks in education? Is it really just summers off for the teaching staff and free swag for the professional staff?
Who decided that professional outcomes that are enhanced by giving merit based compensation to educators/staff in education have no place in academia?
Everything about the career model of education - it’s not only outdated, is dead. No one wants job security in a job that leaves them economically insecure that they need an advanced degree for. Not only that the conditions within schools themselves, from student behavior to resources, are deteriorating everywhere you look.
I understand that measuring said outcomes is challenging and inherently un-equal, but what attempts were made to compensate for those difficulties. Like, there’s no “middle.” It’s just, here’s a shitty situation until you die, change careers, or retire. Masters preferred.
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2023.06.07 01:49 Admirable-Remove-931 my brother is an absolute failure.

i am currently writing this listening to my mother bawl her eyes out in her room. my brother (16m) and i (19 m) have never really had a good relationship. he has always been aggressive and inconsiderate. we would often get into physical fights when we were younger, causing him to run to the kitchen, grab dangerous utensils , and chase me around the house, threatening my life. now that we have grown up a little bit more, we’ve learned to just ignore each other. however, my brother still has aggressive tendencies. he is also very lazy and refuses to get a job. he prefers sitting in his room and playing video games all day. every summer he must attend summer school in order to make up all of the classes he has failed. whilst in school, he gets into fights and bullies the kids younger than him. he has caused my mother so much burden and money. my older brother and i both have jobs, apartments near our college campuses, friends to hang out with, cars which we were able to buy ourselves, better grades in school, and had colleges lined up instantly. my brother on the other hand has no car (which means he often tries to steal mine when i’m home), very few friends that also get into trouble, horrible grades, no job experience (not that anyone would ever want to hire him), and just a very negative future overall. he is also extremely rude to my mother, who always bails him out of trouble. i have never seen him do one admirable act. my mother has tried her hardest to help him out by spending the little money we had for therapy, but nothing worked. she has also tried buying him cars, but with little to no money, she can’t do it all on her home. i feel terrible for my mother, as no one should ever have to go what he puts her through, and i feel as though she is slowly starting to give up. i’ve tried to help her out, but there is no getting through that thick skull of my brothers.
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2023.06.07 01:48 vavona Work was late to file for green card

My husband has a visa through his work, and his employer was late to file for green card, even though they promised to do it. We were forced to file for green card on marriage basis, we paid out of pocket, just to keep him in the country. Now his Auth for Employment is expiring as well as the visa, and while we are waiting for a an auth, his job is putting him on unpaid leave until we get the Auth through our green card filing.(which can be 3 months of 10 months) Is there anything we can do to make sure that employer re-hires him and if we can get them to pay for the green card fees that we had to pay? I’m not even talking about how stressful the past two months were, and the unknown of when he can start working again is killing us. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 01:47 AdRude6530 Rant: Got laid off and saw a mediocre ex coworker keeps getting good jobs

This girl, let's call her Abby, got hired as a graphic designer a couple years ago at this company while I was working there. After working for a couple month management transferred her to be an executive assistant (this is of course not put on her resume). I wasn't in the same department with her but I have seen her work and it was quite mediocre. I can understand why management did this. She knows how to use the software but she was not good or fast. She would brag to us (her coworkers) about her sugar daddy and free gift she receives. She told a coworker her Grandma taught her how to manipulate men(especially older men), and made fun of another coworker for not being able to afford new things.
She worked there for about a year and got hired at another great company. At every job she stays for around a year and leaves right when people start to figure out who she is. She has shared her portfolio with us and it was extremely basic. She has about 6 years of experience yet her portfolio looked as if she was fresh out of college. Despite this, she keeps getting good jobs at great companies many people would die for. I just got laid off not too long ago and seeing her get good jobs despite the economy and job market is seriously discouraging. I don't know if she cracked some sort of job applying code or good looks take you a long way.
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2023.06.07 01:45 Jealous-Ad8132 When to tell employer about pregnancy?

I’m 9 weeks and would like to wait as long as feasibly and professionally possible, because we dealt with a miscarriage so I am sensitive on announcing to anyone.
I’m in California, work hybrid and mainly a desk job. The only issue is we’ve had some turnover and everyone who hired me last year has since left the company, so I would have to tell HR since I don’t have a designated supervisor at the moment.
When is a good time, professionally?
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2023.06.07 01:43 CelloMountain787 new boss hates his 21F analyst who is now my direct report. How should I handle?

I recently got a new job through a connection at my last job. I essentially was headhunted by the CEO of a company and now I report directly to him. It’s a great job, good company and it was a vertical promotion. I have a good relationship with the CEO as well, we both have similar interests outside of work and came up through the similar track so we’re both used to long hours, pre-Covid workplace culture, etc. I’m excited to work under him because he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. Since starting, I now oversee the work of two analysts, guy and a gal, both in their early 20s. The girl, we’ll call her “Kate” is 21 and graduated college early and has been with the company for 1.5 which is actually a long time since they’re a new and growing company. Without stereotyping too much, she’s definitely a Gen-z, probably a bit entitled, thinks she’ll be VP in a year, a bit overly confident, comes across as a bit standoffish. Which is fine and I think to be expected. I probably was that way too when started my career. She doesn’t engage with me as much as the other analyst and I think that’s probably due a bit to her overconfidence. I’m 32 so have about a decade of working experience at this point. From what I can tell, she can definitely improve in areas but I think overall she’s a decent employee and I hopefully can help her improve.
Which brings me to the issue at hand. The CEO, does not like her at all. From the day I started, he’s told me how much he and others in the office can’t stand her, how she’s backstabbed the other analyst and even made several comments about her appearance. This has made me very uncomfortable. Being a small company, there’s not really an HR department and the woman who runs HR (among other jobs) doesn’t like Kate at all. I’m not even sure how she got hired if there’s so much disdain for her.
Every time Kate gets brought up, I usually give some kind of short, milquetoast response just to try and change the subject. What doesn’t help is that she is in a different regional office than myself and the CEO so he can talk about her freely without the risk of her finding out.
I’m really not sure how I should handle this situation. I’ve always had my employees backs when I was an equal to them, but I just started and really don’t have a lot of clout to stand up for this girl, or even know if it’s a hill worth dying on. But I don’t want her to quit or get fired because she definitely doesn’t deserve that. I’m hoping I can do my best to subtly improve her overall performance and make her a better team player so that perceptions may change about her but if the CEO doesn’t like her, it may be too late.
TLDR: new CEO doesn’t like young female analyst who is now my employee and says disparaging things about her. What to do?
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2023.06.07 01:43 SMFD21 If I have an email that overrides my signed employment contract from my employer, does it override the signed contract.

My internship agreement says:
“Territory” is confined to the geographic territory that you were assigned to and that you provided services, products and/or services to or on behalf of the Company during the twelve (12) months preceding your separation of employment with the Company.
I’m gonna ask for this clause to be removed before signing my internship employment agreement. They don’t even have full time offers right now so asking an intern to not work in the same geographical area for 12 months is absurd. However, if the hiring manager says to disregard the clause in an email and sign the contract, is that legal? Can I send that to the firm that I’m supposed to have a full time job at?
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2023.06.07 01:42 NoCommute New remote job at Addepar

Addepar is hiring a Sr. Product Design Manager, Design Systems
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2023.06.07 01:42 Quiverydraws My brothers old boss tried to get him fired

Hello all, this is very different from what I usually post but I really need some advice. Recently, my brother (not actually related) left his old job and went to the place I work at because of better hours, pay, and scheduling. This is relevant because his old boss is his new bosses wife. They manage completely different stores and have nothing to do with one another’s jobs. However, today his old boss stormed in yelling at a manger saying that my brother was lazy and incompetent, saying that my department boss was an idiot for hiring him. This caused a huge storm about him possibly being fired but his old boss was never asked how good of a worker he was when the hiring process was being done. Is there anything we can do? His coworkers mentioned something like this might happen since it had in the past but his boss assured us that it would be fine, especially since the two stores are unrelated. Any advice?
P.S sorry if this is a little hard to read I’m just stressed and trying to find a solution to this problem.
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2023.06.07 01:42 Safe-Space-Gaming 3 Security Guards, 1 Night Shift, Will They Survive?!

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2023.06.07 01:39 Calm_Pomegranate8054 Silent quitting

Need ko yung opinion niyo. I'm currenlty on my 11th month sa company and hindi nako masaya and nawala na yung respeto ko sa boss ko sa mga piang gagawa nya lately. I'm just doing the bare minimum and wala na ako pake sa performance ko. Nag hahanap nako ng work ngayon and naka ilang interview na din ako. Should I quit my job now or wait na muna na ma hire ako sa ibang company?
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2023.06.07 01:39 transcribersofreddit recruitinghell Image "Applied for a job, received this in an email. Can they really force this upon me or not hire be based on this??"

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2023.06.07 01:38 Additional_Fox_4460 How do you deal with a roommate who you constantly have to pick up the slack for?

So basically I have moved in to this apartment with my roommate who happened to be a friend of mine granted not my first choice, but I had to take up the offer. I have been having to constantly cover both parts of the rent along with the utilities sometimes because they quit their job because I quit (we worked at the same place but I got offered to work but at my old job in a higher position) and had been out of the job for 2 months. My work place was hiring and I suggested it to them and theyhave been working there for a bit of time now. In those two months I had to take up all the rent and bills. They then adopted a cat that I have to constantly lend my supplies over to because since they “couldn’t afford” anything. i’ve had to dip into my savings constantly and it’s not that much anymore. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried having serious talks with them about it and asking them where their money goes, but they constantly avoid the question. The situation has gone out of control because my partner would like to do something about it but I’m scared of the legal repercussions from this. I’m not sure what to do anymore and I’m really burning out I’m scared I might get evicted because of nothing getting paid and my partner is threatening to leave and stay with their parents if nothing changes soon due to their own mental health declining from the situation. What do I do?
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2023.06.07 01:37 ronyamtapeas What trades take the most skill? And which ones pay the most?

I plan to start an apprenticeship and I can't really make a decision. I want something that is mentally challenging. I graduated from an electrical engineering technology program in college. I really enjoyed learning and lab work.
I need to find a secure position with high pay. I want to start at $30/hour but I understand that not many companies offer that.
Is there a place I can move to make more money?
I've worked construction and labour jobs for the last 5 years, I'm 30 years old now, very strong and active. I'm skilled and precise with tools because I've used them since I was young.
I've had various roles as a technician. Installed phone internet and tv. I was a repair and calibration tech for an electronic manufacturer. Irrigation tech at a golf course.
Woodworking comes very naturally to me, like I was born with the ability. Carpentry or cabinetmaking would be my first choice but I want to explore all the possibilities and make as much money as I can in a short amount of time.
I am easily trainable and I want to learn.
What are the most challenging and highest paying jobs I can aim for? I want to be mentally challenged, I am getting paid $24/hour right now for hard labour most days. I just find it not worth the money, and it drives me crazy that I'm just doing repetitive tasks all day.
Currently, I am a rope access tech and I love climbing but it's not worth it. I can't get myself out of debt and this can't go on for any longer.
I'm really not doing well in life and I need to make a decision in the next year.
If you can give me local unions please do.I am willing to relocate anywhere.
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2023.06.07 01:37 juliegottabooty Do rehires need to bring their I9 documents to New Hire Appointment?

I previously worked at an Amazon in California a year ago. i’m now going to work at an Amazon in Texas. I was wondering if they still had my ID on file in their system. I recently lost my ID and have been having trouble getting a new one out here. My new hire appointment is in almost a week and i don’t think i’ll have my temporary ID in time. I’ve been really stressed about this because i want to get back to work so bad. I have my social security card, old high school IDs and my birth certificate is coming in the mail. If anyone has any info that could help me that would be awesome thank you guys! :)
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2023.06.07 01:34 congressmanlol Is this a scam??

ive applied to over 200 jobs on indeed since i opened my account in 2019, and have no track on which companies i applied to, but i suddenly got this email today.
Dear [my name]
After reviewing your resume on the Indeed site, we inform you that you have been selected for a position at Brandi's Investments.
At Brandi's Investments , we strive to hire the best talent. We believe your qualifications and experience make you the perfect fit for our team.
We are confident that the salary and benefits package we offer will make you an attractive candidate for this position. You will receive a competitive salary, along with health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a 401(k) plan. We also offer generous vacation and sick leave, as well as other benefits.
We look forward to you joining us. Please let us know if you have any questions about the offer.
Best Regards,
Michelle Garner Brandi's Investments Inc

I asked for more details so I was sent this
Dear [name],
I am pleased that you are ready to begin the employment process and become part of our company. Brandi's Investments Inc values each candidate and individually trains them in basic skills and professional ethics in the workplace.
We are currently recruiting for the online position of Remote Invest Manager. - With this email you also received a Job Description. Do me a favor read and familiarize yourself with your position.
Salary and Schedule:
- It is remote job, using your smartphone or laptop. - 48 CAD per hour (bi-weekly). - Full-time: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. - Part-time: 20 hours weekly (selection of an individual schedule). Each candidate is required to complete a probationary period of 21 business days. Note, our company hires Canadian citizens (we do not provide work permits).
Each candidate has a probationary period. During the probationary period we guaranty you a full learning of your main responsibilities and official employment after completing your training (training is paid). During the probationary period you will have 3 test tasks. During this time, you can make 600 CAD -900 CAD for one task. If you complete 3 test tasks in less than 21 days. Then your probationary period will be completed in less than 21 days. And then you will start earning 48 CAD per hour on an ongoing basis.
Employment process:
If you are ready to start a probationary period with our company, you need to fill out the Probationary Period Agreement. Once you fill out the Probationary Period Agreement and submit it, I will receive and review it. Once your Probationary Period Agreement has been reviewed, I will contact you for the further recruitment process.
On behalf of the entire Brandi's Investments Inc team, accept our warmest congratulation, we are excited to welcome you to our team! Contact me if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you
Senior HR Manager Michelle Garner Brandi's Investments Inc. +1 (682) 297-7866 2 Ralston Ave Dartmouth, NS B3B 1H7
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2023.06.07 01:30 EchoJobs Abnormal Security is hiring Sr Software Engineer- Frontend India Bengaluru, India [JavaScript TypeScript React]

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2023.06.07 01:29 SpookyArmadillo How do I express this in interviews without being blunt?

This is regarding how to explain to an interviewer the relationship I had with my previous employer.
Its a lot of complaints and issues so I'll just make points:

How do I explain this without just throwing it out there? Thanks.
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2023.06.07 01:29 Thatbraziliann Husband of a pregnant teacher rant..

My wife is in her 3rd year as a temporary teacher, and it looks like she won't get brought back to her district, even though her Principal and VP are going to bat for her, even though her students have improved more than other teachers in her grade level, even though she gives everything she has to this job. Yet other temporary ( non-tenure) teachers are being returned to other elementary schools within the district. Guess principals want to avoid hiring a pregnant woman?
To top it off, even if she gets hired back: 1) When we have this baby this summer, that will count towards her maternity leave, while schools are not in session. 2) She has to pay for her own SUBSTITUTE!? How do Unions even allow this? 3) She cant collect disability from the state since teachers dont pay into it.. what a joke. ( Luckily we paid for disability insurance through the District, but that ends 1 month after our child is born)
What is the point of even being a teacher anymore? Truly. She gets shit pay, she works longer hours than I do, always spends money on her students and classroom. No job safety until 6+ years of temp teaching for the same district. No state or federal disability/benefits? I mean what was the point of her paying into the union if they wont stick up for her? or even STRS? if she doesnt get a job back then its all a waste no?
Her Vice Principal let her know this is why she didn't have kids. Since she and her husband were both teachers at the time. That breaks my heart.
Im just in shock and disbelief.. Did any of you have similar experiences?
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2023.06.07 01:28 Extra-Pineapple6427 We’ll hire another person…no we won’t… okay we will give you an answer on June 1st. Fuck off.

I was promoted to a position 5 months ago and I accepted it because company said they would be hiring a new person to take my old role. 3 months ago company said they’re holding off and will let me know June 1st. Had a company meeting June 1st and they’re still holding off despite me telling them I cannot efficiently do both roles, especially at the same pay rate. They’re worried about money even though they’re driving $75k+ cars.
After my meeting I got a call for an interview for a company I almost got the job at a year ago and I’m meeting them this week. Godspeed and crossing my fingers.
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2023.06.07 01:28 Remotive [Hiring][Full Remote] 2 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - Jun 06, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Business Operations Analyst Razorhorse Capital - USA
Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Gaming Innovation Group - European timezones
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2023.06.07 01:27 NoCommute New remote job at Eventbrite

Eventbrite is hiring a Product Operations Manager (Contract)
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