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2023.03.30 13:50 Anonymousep2tee 24 [F4M] Lost Boys Club

Heyya! I will be one of the subjects in another exhibit on April 1st. I would be thrilled if someone were to go with me.
I'll send the details via dm.
About me: -from Congressional, QC -boudoir model, pics on my profile -has 7 tattoos -has a strong personality -loves a good roast and sarcasm -used to write speculative fiction -can hold a conversation pretty well -loves Japanese food -always orders a sangria -5'3"
What I'm looking for: -M/twink/enbi -non-smoker -skinny to normal BMI -24 and up -hygienic -no hangups (kids, wife, partnes) -has a car; can pick me up and drive around
Hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.30 13:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.30 13:47 Anonymousep2tee 24 [F4M] Lost Boys Club

Heyya! I will be one of the subjects in another exhibit on April 1st. I would be thrilled if someone were to go with me.
I'll send the details via dm.
About me: -from Congressional, QC -boudoir model, pics on my profile -has 7 tattoos -has a strong personality -loves a good roast and sarcasm -used to write speculative fiction -can hold a conversation pretty well -loves Japanese food -always orders a sangria -5'3"
What I'm looking for: -M/twink/enbi -non-smoker -skinny to normal BMI -24 and up -hygienic -no hangups (kids, wife, partnes) -has a car; can pick me up and drive around
Hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.30 13:46 aadha_taklu MSBA at T20 program vs MS Statistics at T54 program??

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day! I had posted the same post on Statistics and now want your take on it to get a balanced view.
I am an international student in my late 20s from engineering background. I have an above-average mathematics background but lack programming skills, though I expect to become proficient before joining my masters. I am a quick learner and reasonably good at self-learning. Though I have some work experience, it is not in pure statistics or data analytics, so I consider myself a fresher to both fields.
Though I feel that MS in Statistics is a better program than MSBA/MSDS because I feel having in-depth technical knowledge should be preferred over generalist programs, I am not too sure if MS Stats offers equally good opportunities after graduation. I applied to and got rejected from Statistics programs at Penn State, UIUC, Virginia Tech, Columbia, and Purdue, probably because of my poor grades in undergrad, where I was not matured enough and focused on extracurriculars and ignored studies. Since I started applying very late in this cycle, was initially overwhelmed by the process and wasn't even sure if I'll get an admit to MS Stats, I missed lots of other good statistics programs and applied to MSDS/MSBA programs as well.
I have various offers but these are my top 3 at the moment -
IUB Statistics - Though not highly ranked at T54 (Statistics, USNews) or T170 (University rank), I am looking forward to the IUB Statistics program as I feel that I will be more comfortable with a math-heavy curriculum. The 2-year course duration, small batch size, and relatively reasonable tuition were a few other factors. Also, this program offers an option of a tuition waiver in the case of TA/GA, so I was expecting to save significant money and graduate almost debt-free. There is an IU Statistical Research Centre as well, where most students get the opportunity to pursue an internship and gain some sense of statistics in real-world applications, which is a plus. Also, this comment and a friend who is a postdoctoral researcher in Stats at the T10 Stats program has told me to join IUB and skip the MSBA programs.
UCLA MSBA - UCLA on the other hand is a T20 Uni and Anderson is a T15 (MBA) college. Their faculty also seems well qualified with good industry experience, and I think the quality of education should be world-class. One of their professors contributes to the R library and has one of the highest downloads as well; another one has really good papers published and has experience working with Uber on the Price-surge model. Primarily, I think my goal of pursuing quality education from the US will be fulfilled by the experience here. But this is all in my mind; kindly correct me if I am wrong. Also, this program is pretty expensive and won't make sense if I can't snag a $150k+ placement.
Goizueta/Emory MSBA - Goizueta is T20 (MBA) and Emory is T82 ranked Uni but doesn't seem anywhere close to UCLA Anderson from my experience till now and the MSBA program is pretty short at just 10 months. But their placement stats are pretty attractive, and they have offered a reasonable scholarship to me and promised a bit more in the next few weeks. So, this seems like a reasonable option just based on the placement/fee paid ratio.
Curriculum - IUB Stats vs UCLA MSBA vs Goizueta MSBA
Placement - Though not exactly apples-to-apples, I am bound to compare the average starting salaries of these programs. Both MSBA are under business schools and they seem to have a solid and dedicated career services and they take placement of their students seriously. There are various opportunities like Internship, Co-op programs or Monthly employer meets to ease the placement process. Also, the employer panel at UCLA is very impressive and covers a diverse range of sectors - Career Impact UCLA Anderson School of Management . The UCLA MSBA program mentions a $115,000 Avg Starting Salary, whereas the Goizueta MSBA program mentions a $100,000 Median Starting Salary. Both quote above 95% placements within 3 months of graduation on their webpage.
Whereas for IUB Stats, placements are not the priority and there is not much support from the dept and you have to undertake the whole process by yourself. I went through the alumni details on the IUB Statistics webpage, and it shows placement data of around 6 people for 2020, 6 for 2021 and 4 for 2022 batches for both the Master's programs. Also, there is no mention of remuneration anywhere.
According to the COL Calculator, a starting salary of $115k in LA is equivalent to $77K in Atlanta and $75k in Bloomington. This puts the $100k at Goizueta way higher than UCLA's $115k weirdly.
Fees and COL - I am expecting to spend less than $70k ($42K tuition) over 2 years at IUB Stats. If I become the TA/GA, I expect some further tuition waiver and graduate debt-free. The UCLA MSBA program should cost me around $110k ($70k tuition) for 15 months. I am yet to receive/expecting a scholarship award from them. The Goizueta MSBA program should cost $92k ($60k tuition after a $20k scholarship) for 10 months. The Goizueta team has promised more scholarships in the next few weeks.
I come from a lower-middle-class family and will be taking out huge loans to pay for all the programs. Though I am debt-averse, I don't mind going for a moderately expensive program, if the future career prospects outshine the cheaper one.
Opportunity and VISA - Since I am an international student and plan to stay in the US for the foreseeable future, work opportunities and my VISA matter a lot to me. Will there be any quantifiable difference in the opportunities I will get if I have one university on my resume over the other? How much will this affect my chances of getting an H1B visa sponsorship in the future?
Before anyone mentions that university/college doesn't matter at all, it did in my case. If I had not completed my undergrad at a Tier-1 institution, I would not be getting any offers, considering my 2.6 CGPA and a sizeable gap period.
Other offers - I don't expect you to know about every other program out there, but I'm sharing just for information.
MSBA - UC Irvine ($52k tuition after scholarship, 1 year); Data Science - Notre Dame ($60k, 16 months); Data Analytics - Boston University MET ($62k, 1 year). I am still waiting for decision from ASU Statistics, NEU Analytics, UMCP MSBA, UCSD MSBA, UIUC Predictive Analytics.
I may seem confused to some people, because I am. Which one will be a better choice in case of opportunities - an expensive but top-ranked generalist program from a top ranked college or a lower ranked specialized program from a good college with almost no fee?
Thank you for your time. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.30 13:42 SelfDefecatingJokes Did anyone else see the relationship sub post yesterday about the woman who didn’t like her engagement ring?

OOP was a gem cuttegeologist/gemologist. It’s her passion and apparently something she’s known for. She gave her fiancé a list of parameters and a bunch of photos asking for the following for her engagement ring:
1) a colored gemstone, diamonds were okay as long as it has an interesting cut.
2) ring didn’t need to be expensive
3) no fancy proposal needed
The following was what she got:
1) an expensive fashion ring from her favorite designer with tiny diamonds with a total carat weight of less than .25, so hardly any stones to speak of and certainly not colored. Props to the guy for getting her favorite designer.
2) a romantic, planned proposal because it was (in her words) his dream to have a big proposal, not hers.
She was understandably disappointed that the ring was not at all what she’d asked for. Even though she provided photos and resources, she ultimately wanted her partner to pick the ring within her specs and he failed miserably. She was looking for advice on whether to have a conversation or to suck it up.
Of course the post was eventually inundated with misogynists and ring-pop pickmes suggesting that she’s a materialistic bitch, a princess, a nightmare to live with and should be happy with a piece of twine around her finger if he’s the love of her life. Any comment suggesting she return the ring and have a conversation with her fiancé was eventually downvoted to oblivion.
OP seemed to be very gracious and patient with her partner, whom she described as very kind and supportive. She even said that for much less money he could’ve gotten a ring that was more to her tastes, so it’s not about how much he spent. With that many tiny stones, her current ring probably isn’t even suitable for daily wear.
It really chapped my ass how many people jumped down her throat for being disappointed that he didn’t listen to her, even though he’s apparently able to put in the effort for his dream proposal. Makes my blood boil how men are applauded for not even listening to their partners or apparently being too clueless to search “colored gemstone engagement ring” on Google, while women are expected to be over the moon when our partners don’t listen to us or seem to even understand what’s important to us while being able to execute what’s important to them.
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2023.03.30 13:41 ThrowRA1231231890890 ThrowRA - Not sure if I (30M) am unhappy with the relationship with (24F) or just unhappy and assigning her blame

Heya. I do apologise for the mistakes I would do and possibly not the best way to express myself English is not my first language so bare with me :). I am not sure what's happening with me and I might lack some emotional maturity to analyze if I am unhappy with myself, the relationship I am in or falling in some sort of a depression.
For some backstory I have been with, let's call her Sheila, for over an year and a half. Before that we have been friends for almost 2 years. She is good-looking,strong,independent, career-driven and I like that about her. I have supported her while changing jobs and finding herself, I am always happy to hear her work stories about who has done what and what happened and so on.
Problem is, ever since we started living together (about 6 months ago) we barely talk. She changed jobs recently and works from home so I can see she is always busy during work hours and I respect that. I am busy myself with work and if I happen to finish early or have some free time during the day, I would either play a PC game or cook or clean or just do some yard work. What I am saying is that even after hours we are not talking much. We would sit on the couch and watch some movies / series, she would just focus playing games on her phone and that would be it. We would go to bed at 2-3-4 am or fall asleep on the couch. Now this for me is an issue because I have early meetings and can't properly rest up and have been feeling exhausted for months. Been taking some supplements and multivitamins, would drink 6+ espressos per day but nothing helps really. And it has started affecting my job as well, because since I have not rested, I have started feeling a bit apathetic and dismissive and possibly lazy. I can't seem to focus or get the desire to do any work. Even if I don't have tasks, I have plenty of other certificates I can study for. And you may say -> just go to bed earlier, but it is not that easy. I would say I want to go to bed early and I would either get guilt tripped into staying for "one more episode" or for example the last few times I got to bed early, I got woken up by her - once her knee on accident "found" my back, the other times it was her phone tapping and lights being turned on for hours. I almost felt like she did it on purpose and then she went to bed straight away and started snoring whilst I had to be up for the next few hours trying to fall asleep again.
Work aside, I have started feeling annoyed at most things she does (or rather doesn't do). When we started living together she once made a fuss about me leaving my sweater in the living room i.e tossing it on the couch because that's where I work and will wear it the following day too. I stopped doing it because it was obviously annoying her. But then she started leaving socks everywhere - I made an experiment and she had one pair behind the couch for over 2 months. Only found it and tossed it in the hamper after I pointed it out to her. Other example that is fairly recent is from two weeks ago - I woke up earlier because I couldn't sleep again and cleaned most of the apartment while she slept till lunch. She woke up mad because I had done this and went to clean the bedroom. I am glad she did but then left the mop and the cloth in the dining room and they have been there ever since (we usually keep those in the bathroom, or the cloth would have been washed and dried and tucked in a drawer).
Given that she has been so busy (as mentioned before) I have picked up all the house chores -> laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc. Well sometimes if she fancies it she would cook (like 3 times a month) but the rest are all up to me. And I don't mind doing it, she is busy, I am not, but I get exhausted and then can't sleep or sleep well enough and it is just a cycle that repeats daily.
I can feel myself getting upset/annoyed/trapped when around her like not having any patience at all. I mean this is usually because I would insist on going to bed and that's when she decides that she wants to do something together with me. Something lie "Wtf, we had a whole day together and you ignored me but now some FOMO kicks in and you want to keep me so I don't actually rest?" would pop in my head and make me annoyed. If I don't comply with her whim, she would get upset, start an argument and the end result would be me profusely apologising for something I hadn't done at 3-4am when I will have to be awake at 7.
I understand I am not a God's gift to women and I am far from perfect and there are areas I can improve and be better at but are the situations I have described normal when one is in a relationship. I haven't been in a serious relationship with someone, living together and such and I was wondering if I have just been alone for so long that I don't know how to live with someone else or our relationship is a bit unhealthy and we would have been better remaining as friends, getting together for a drink or two, laughing and watching movies but have our own separate lives? I have thought about leaving but I am really afraid how our friends would react and if they would blame me for leaving and just be left alone. I am a bit of an introvert and I don't find it easy to meet other people or talk to them so I am scared.
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2023.03.30 13:40 Illustrious-Lion5822 Proud to finally get what I was looking for so much NATIONAL COTY

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2023.03.30 13:39 sonezu My S5-story... so far

So here goes my S5 story so far...
I ordered my S5 in September. You have already heard about the multiple delays. Last time it was supposed to come in April - but it came already in March. UPS delivered the package (from the Netherlands) very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised. The box had minimal damage, everything was fine.
The assembly succeeded us with the video on the Vanmoof YouTube channel without any problems. Only the pieces of cardboard on the handles/brakes, which strangely remained on until the end, irritated us a little.
By the way, after all (estimated 20) pieces of cardboard and padding were removed, it was already clear to me that I could never pack the bike again like that. I had even taken extra photos in the packed state to be able to reconstruct the whole thing.
The first charging took longer than expected, but was no problem overnight. The next day I couldn't wait to take my first ride. Before that, I had updated the bike to the latest firmware (which required completing, or at least interrupting, the charging process) and added FindMy to my iPhone 14 Pro. The latter actually took (thanks to the tip on Reddit) about 20 resets before I could find it in FindMy. Still some catching up to do there.
On to the first ride:
A dream! I never test drove it before and had bought it blind. I was thrilled and drove right through our town. The weather was cloudy but dry, the temperatures ideal for cycling.
I went up and down hills (always on the street or bike lanes), rode full throttle, was able to lock and unlock the bike without any problems - perfect!
So in an hour quickly came together comfortably ridden 8 kilometers.
Then, however, the fun came to an end:
On a large, absolutely flat place the size of a soccer field I suddenly slipped with the pedals when starting, it cracked and about 10 meters later blocked the rear wheel when pedaling. I got off a bit roughly and scraped my hands slightly for lack of balance, but again the bike never touched the ground!
I couldn't understand what was happening at first. The bike had not experienced any shock or damage. At no time did it suffer any kind of damage. Even when I locked it, I had a permanent view of the bike.
I had no choice but to carefully push the bike the one kilometer home without pedaling.
When I got home, I found that the e-shifter had rotated 180 degrees and was broken in two places. The timing belt had eaten into the cover of the bike chain. There was no way I could fix the problem myself.
So I contacted the support and was warned that the current wait time would be an hour and a half. Fortunately, after only a MINUTE and a half, a friendly employee got in touch. He took a fairly pragmatic approach and showed me the options:
Either send the bike in (they would have it picked up) or drop it off. Sending it in would take longer.
I knew that Hannover (100 kilometers away) had some sort of Vanmoof base/store/hub. However, I couldn't drop off the S5 at this one, as the employees were probably not yet trained for this model (Certified Workshop). The next service hub the support was offering was Berlin, which is 250 kilometers away! But they would immediately take care of me as an early adopter. If it was the e-shifter, it could be replaced within a few hours. For me, this meant that I would have to take a day off work and drive 250 kilometers there and 250 kilometers back. I would have preferred to be able to call the hub beforehand to ask when it would be most convenient for them, so that I could be sure to take the bike back on the same day. But the service employee assured me once again that no appointment was necessary and that my concerns about going to Berlin and then being rejected there were unfounded, he promised. I would never get the bike back in the box like it came anyway, and the prospect of being able to drive my S5 again as early as next week was tempting.
So I organized a car with a bike rack (difficult enough) and drove the 250 kilometers to Berlin on a Friday...
After about 3 hours of driving, I arrived at the service hub in Berlin with the S5 and was indeed greeted openly and sympathetically right away. "Oh, an S5... E-shifter? That's new!". In fact, I was probably the first customer with an S5 and a defective e-shifter. The mechanics looked at the problem and the first prediction was that the rear axle was bolted way too tight. So the E-Shifter was virtually jammed. Whether I would have screwed the screws of the rear axle they asked. I assured them that I had only installed the front wheel and then bolted it in place - although I would find it questionable if you were not allowed to at least recheck and retighten the rear wheel bolts without the e-shifter imploding.
Anyway, this new problem on the new bike would mean that they would have to document the case for R&D in additional detail. In addition, they would still be getting the replacement parts and the staff overall was not yet as quick with the new model. The employee estimated that it would take about 4 days to repair. After that I could pick it up. PICK IT UP!
After such a long wait, four days didn't really matter to me. But what almost made me lose my composure was the fact that I had to pick it up. Remember: 250 kilometers there, 250 kilometers back. Taking a day off and organizing a bike rack - apart from the fuel costs around 150-200 euros for two trips.
There was no provision for shipping it back to me, according to the employee, who had really gone to a lot of trouble and assured me that we would find a solution. I explained to him that I could not take on this trip on a regular basis. In fact, I found it extremely frustrating that I was expected to take on this trip again as a customer. After waiting so long, my bike lasted 8 kilometers. Now I was expected to spend a total of 1000 kilometers of driving time and two vacation days to pick up my bike. I even leave out the fuel costs. That knocked the bottom out of the barrel for me.
The employee, promised again that he would talk to his manager and clarify the issue. He would really give everything, which I also believe him so far. I have decided for me, however, that I will definitely not go to Berlin again. If a return shipment should not be possible, I will also request a refund.
What if the bike should have other problems? Should it be like this every time? Am I being too harsh?
The employee said he would get back to me this week as soon as he had more info. I will be happy to keep you informed.

I want to reiterate that I fundamentally understand what it means to be an early adopter. And I also consider myself frustration resistant to a certain degree. I don't hold a grudge against Vanmoof and think they really have built a great bike. For me, it stands or falls on the issue of service and how they handle the expected (?) problems. I hope that Vanmoof gets my S5 back together and I don't have to pick it up from Berlin. It's really a lot of fun to drive and fits nicely into my life - those time consuming and expensive trips to berlin not so much.
In the end, however, it must be noted that there are other e-bike providers, even if I see the S5 after the 8 kilometers in 1st place. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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2023.03.30 13:39 timter51 Query regarding our extension cavity wall specification

We're currently having an extension built, builders on site preparing the footing and brickwork starting in a week or so, but I've hit a problem with our cavity walls specs. On the architect drawings (top down plans and structure cross-section) it shows 100mm facing brick, 100mm cavity, 100m blockwork (then normal plasterboard). All of the floorplan measurements are based on this size of cavity wall for the whole build. Our builder (who I have complete faith in) however says that the plans are wrong, it shuold have an additional 90mm of insulation board on all internal facing walls.... this has come as a shock as of course we agreed to the plans and had planning permission approved for what's on the plans. The new kitchen we've had planned and ordered will need to be redone, and the rooms are now 180mm (90mm each side) smaller floorspace than we were expecting. All this has only come to light right when the work is fully underway.
With the plans, our architect included a "General Notes" page which includes this regarding the cavity walls:
"6.0 EXTERNAL WALLS: (max 0.18W/m2k U-value) 315mm nominal cavity work, finished in facing brickwork. 100mm facing brickwork, 100mm full fill cavity insulation cavity with 90mm 'Kingspan Kooltherm K106' (0.021 W/mk) foil-backed extruded insulation to internal face (continued min 150mm below ground floor insulation level) and maintain 50mm clear cavity, 100mm Celcon Standard (0.15 Wmk) blockwork 3.5N/mm2 finished internally with 2 coat 13mm plaster."
Before I contact our architect and try and find out what went wrong here, can anyone confirm whether the above tallies with what our builder is saying? I also feel as though surely the local Planning department should have picked up on this conflict.
Can anyone offer advice on what options there might be to try and reduce the size of these walls? Are there thinner options available for example with the same thermal properties? This is a very standard south-facing kitchen / diner extension, really nothing fancy at all.
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2023.03.30 13:39 htxbbwcouple 49 [MF4M] BBW swinger couple looking for a well hung pickup artist...

We are a late 40s, white, BBW/BHM very experienced swinger couple. Had some weekend plans but they've kind of fallen through so I thought I'd try something different. She has never been "picked up" in a non swinger baclub environment, i.e. someone just randomly coming up to her, flirting, buying her a drink, dancing, etc. We've tried a few times, but obviously, with a guy sitting with her, most people assume she's not available and pass her by. I'm thinking we're going to get a room for the weekend and I'm going to take her out to a bar Friday or Saturday (3/31 or 4/1) and see what happens. This post is obviously to help make it a successful evening by prescreening guys I think she'd be receptive to getting picked up by. If you're successful, we all end up back at the room and naked. She will not know that we will have chatted before hand.
Obviously, you're going to have to have some pickup game, like the ability to have a conversation and possibly do some dancing, etc. You need to be a nonsmoker (that's a total deal killer for her), clean, hygienic, and decent looking (bonus if you're either very "preppy" looking or a bit of a cowboy), and very well hung (somewhere between "wow" and "I'm not sure if that will fit" preferably). No real hangups on race or age. She loves being eaten out and fucked pretty hard so if you are only in it to get your nut or you don't know if you can perform with me in the room, keep moving. Bonus if you're bi or bi friendly, bigger bonus if you're vas safe and have recent test results.
If you're interested and fit our description, DM me and tell me why we'd want to meet and send a pic or two (G and X rated) in your first message. We have some pics on past posts, so take a look at our profile. I have tons more that I can share if we are interested. This will be somewhere on the W/NW side of Houston.
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2023.03.30 13:37 Call_Me_Jonesy_plz I love this game

I just want to get it out how much I love that I took a chance on this game because I don’t usually do the tactics thing but I’ve been impressed whenever I rolled the dice. I think the other game in the genre that caught me like this was the first Mario/Rabbids game and had so much fun. This is more in my lane since I loved comic books and superheroes so much. This is like having a bunch of action figures and doing something cool with em. I also have a lot of love when these games try to teach you about Marvel Comics history through the characters’ perspectives where they speak about what they’ve been through. Marvel Ultimate Alliance did something like that back in the first one where the costumes, pick ups, stories and powers all reference something from the print. The closest thing to a deck builder I played was the Gwent minigame in Witcher 3 and I was obsessed at the time. This is different but the play loop has got me hooked and I’m not great at this or anything but I just love trying different stuff to see what’s really effective and then bump the difficulty to really figure things out. I know gamers sort of want the same things to latch onto but Marvel Games should really just make sure a few like these and then some action games like Ultimate Alliance roll out every 3 or 4 years because I have a taste for both now and whatever else comes out in the single player action market. Only complaint is my avatar can’t flirt with the superheroines 😂. Platonic relationships are fine by me but I must’ve played too much Mass Effect and Dragon Age and my brain thought Wanda was lookin thicc one time so I lamented my circumstances. They have some lines here and there but Hunter can’t lay down game 😆. I’m seriously ready for another story whenever it’s ready
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2023.03.30 13:36 alpha_bionics Basketball News - 2 seed with key games against the Bucks (Sunday) and Celtics (Tuesday) that could help settle the top of the conference.

Just building from here. ”Even with the nerves the Suns are 4-0 with Durant in the lineup. He was warming up for his first home game with the Suns three days later when he sprained his left ankle during pregame preparation. Grizzlies (48-27 LW 6). The Mavs picked up a win in Indiana (another tanking team now) but they have three tough road games coming up against the 76ers Heat and Hawks. Warriors (40-37 LW 12). Nuggets (51-24 LW 5). Mavericks (37-39 LW 13). - Alpha AI
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2023.03.30 13:36 FishRevolutionary960 I'm 27 years old, make $66,800, live in a large midwest city, and this is a one year update.

This is a follow up diary from last year.
Some updates since last year: A merger at the toxic company was announced literally days after my diary and I was asked to stay. I gave it a shot since I was still looking for another job and it became much less toxic. M's manager was fired almost immediately, along with a slew of other people who didn't fit into the modern (or any) workplace. My manager resigned after I dropped the rope of doing his work and people started to ask him questions. I was also able to get a $20K raise and there is a potential for even more this year. There are still some processes that are being created / rebuilt and that shows in this diary but it's getting better every day. I maxed out my Roth IRA for 2022 and I'm on track to do it again this year. I'm out of the near-permanent credit card debt cycle. I found a great therapist. I left the country for the first time in my life. I built up my savings and started saving for a house (maybe).
Pronouns: They / Them

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance: $27,917.16
401K: $16,423.98
Roth IRA: $7,410.31
Other Investments: $4,082.87
Savings Account Balance: $14,304.80
Sinking Fund: $3,753.75
Housing Fund: $4,536.44
Emergency Fund: $6,014.61
Checking Account Balance: $2,904.19
Credit Card Debt: $0. I use the cards like debit and pay my balance every week.
Student Loan Debt: $9,388.57
Car Loan Debt: $24,846.25

Section Two: Income

Income Progression: See my last Money Diary for the full progression.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3,382.76 post-tax/deductions
Taxes: $885.88
Retirement: $618
Dental and Vision Insurance: $0
Health Insurance: $142.08
HSA Contribution: $142.08
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: I make roughly $500 to $1000 a year from random freelance work

Section Three: Expenses

Rent: $0, my partner owns our condo
Retirement Contribution: $450+ into a Roth IRA, if I’m under budget for the month, I throw anything extra in here
Savings Contribution: $950+
Emergency Fund: $200
Housing Fund: $750, I’m currently rethinking if I even want this / what I should do instead. My state is being extremely hostile to (trying to take away healthcare from) trans people like A. and myself so that fund might be a Get Outta Dodge fund.
Sinking Fund: $25+, changes every month based on if I’ve met my goals for those funds.
Investment Contribution: $100
Student Loan Payments: $120, currently paused
Car Loan Payments: $487.00
Car Insurance: $91.33
Donations: $30+
Cellphone: $25
Gym membership: $188.00 total
Peloton Subscription: $44
Local Gym: $144 for 8 classes/month
Regular Therapy: $236

Section Four: Money Diary

Day 1
5:30 am - Alarm goes off. I make coffee from a local roaster and put on the LPN Deep Dives: ACOTAR podcast. I queue up a 20 min Peloton yoga class and follow it up with a 5 min morning meditation. I prep our stuff for a short hike and play Stardew Valley until it’s time to go to the DMV.
8:45 am - I’m first in line at the DMV to renew my license and I’m out in 15 minutes - bonus points for hamming it up and getting the woman behind the counter to laugh. ($28.81)
9:30 am - I make A. her morning cup of tea (yerba mate), turn on the latest spring Chillhop playlist, prep two bowls of chocolate chip cookie protein overnight oats, and feed F., our cat.
10:45 am - Out the door and on the road. Once we’re at the nature reserve, we take a beautiful trail that leads down to a river and up to a bluff overlook. While it’s still early spring, some wildflowers are blooming. It's free since my in-laws gifted us a membership at Christmas.
2:00 pm - After 5 miles, we call it for the day and head back home to a local deli. We order two of our favorite Italian sandwiches, a small latte for me, and a large tea for A.. We eat at home while we watch a free movie. ($43.62, includes a 30% tip)
6:30 pm - We start making gyros with homemade tzatziki for dinner. A. is on meats and pita, I’m on topping and sauces duty. We still cook together almost every night and it makes me so happy.
7:30 pm - We eat while watching the sequel to the first movie. We pause half-way through for a bit of the ice cream cake A. gave me for my sobriety birthday. It’s from a local shop and made with vanilla chocolate-covered pretzel ice cream and salted peanut butter brownies. It’s going to take us a week to finish but I adore it.
9:30 pm - Time for bed. A. and I cuddle with F. until I doze off.
Daily Total: $72.43
Day 2
5:30 am - Another day, another 20 min Peloton yoga class. I brew a pot of coffee and put on an episode of the Nutrition for Mortals podcast.
8:30 am - I snuggle with A. until she wakes up. I make her tea (Moroccan mint with a local lemon-infused honey) and put on another playlist while she feeds F.. We spend an hour snuggling on the couch ‘waking up’.
10:30 am - We get to the park where we check in for a coffee crawl that spans the downtown area of our little community. It’s a cold morning so between stops we hang out at a bookstore that’s warm and play with shop cats. We end up checking-in to all but two locations: a brewery and a location serving cold brew. The tickets were A.’s treat.
1:30 pm - A. gets a text from our friend B. asking for help with a crashing hard drive. A. drops me off at home and heads over to his apartment to rescue what she can. I pick away at some weekend chores and wrap up some freelance work I recently took on.
5:30 pm - A. returns home unsuccessful. We turn on an episode of The Dollop podcast while making Okonomiyaki. We share the shredding but A. takes on the frying and I’m on topping duty. We fire up an episode of a show we’re watching while we eat.
8:00 pm - I check my inbox and see that the edits I sent to my freelance client are approved. I invoice her for $660. I opened an email about summer pottery class openings. I’ve been trying to get into this specific 7-session class for two years and I immediately book. My heart sinks immediately but I’m calling this my birthday present and it’s covered by my Rainy Day / Treats sinking fund. ($187.00)
9:30 pm - After A. logs off of the latest video game she’s playing with friends, we catch up and get ready for bed. She rubs my back until I fall asleep.
Daily Total: $187.00
Day 3
4:45 am - I roll out of bed and onto my Peloton for a 20 min Mount Rainier scenic ride. I’m usually a class person but I haven’t been feeling it this month. I brew some coffee, put on an episode of the Today Explained podcast, and putz around on my phone until I have to get ready for work. I kiss A. goodbye and I’m out the door.
7:00 am - Clock in, settle in, and write my tasks for the day. My direct report, H., messages me saying she needs a PTO day so I cancel our check-in meeting and shoot a note to HR. Today is meeting heavy with weekly meetings for both domestic and international product development and my 1:1 with the new CEO.
12:00 pm - Reheat Italian Wedding Risotto leftovers and write some of this Diary at my desk. Lunch gets interrupted by our warranty lead wanting to review some items on the corporate website.
4:30 pm - Time to call it a day. I stop at a gas station on my way home. ($32.47)
5:00 pm - I catch up with A. before heading back out for my post-work half mile walk. B. sends me an invite to a queer and sober event and we text about future hikes.
7:00 pm - I jump on my virtual therapy call. I love my therapist but this session feels like trying to crawl through mud. I’m disappointed and frustrated with myself but A. calls me to dinner (One-Pan Miso Butter Chicken & Cabbage) before I can wallow too hard.
9:00 pm - We pause an episode of the show we’re watching and grab another slice of ice cream cake. Once the episode ends, I head to bed.
Daily Total: $32.47
Day 4
4:30 am - I brew some coffee, put on an episode of the You’re Wrong About podcast, queue up a quick 10 min arm workout, and putz around on my phone until I have to get ready for work. I kiss A. goodbye and I’m out the door.
6:50 am - I have a few projects to wrap up plus two interviews I’m leading to help fill out our department. I’m excited but I see red flags galore over the CEO’s top pick - I’m going to completely restructure my planned questions for the interviews and double down on the collaboration and leadership aspects of the position.
12:00 pm - One interview down, one more to go! Reheat some Goong Pad Nam Prik Pao leftovers and chill out at my desk. I call it short to prepare for the second interview.
3:30 pm - The candidate with red flags only raised more red flags. Shocker. I check in with HR to make 100% sure my recommendation and notes read as unbiased and send it off for the CEO to review. Check in with H. on her projects. She and I have been crushing it since my previous manager (my manager in my previous MD) left. I round out the day by crossing off all but one of the projects from my list.
5:00 pm - Run home to A. so we can kiss before she has to head to an orientation / happy hour for her new job and I skedaddle to a heavily discounted yoga class I impulse-booked weeks ago.
7:00 pm - That was the most intense Slow Flow I’ve ever participated in. I almost domino-ed a row of people but thankfully I had a wall spot and could stabilize myself. I whip up a quick dinner of Gochujang-Sesame Noodles for us. I cry and sweat through my helping while catching up on shows I’m not allowed to watch when A. is home.
9:00 pm - I fall asleep on the couch with F. and get woken up by A. coming home. I migrate to the bedroom and A. rubs my back until I fall asleep.
Daily Total: $0
Day 5
4:45 am - I roll out of bed and wiggle into my standard gym fit. I throw back my pre-workout drink, put on an episode of the Oh No, Ross and Carrie podcast, kiss A. goodbye, and head to the gym.
6:00 am - I added weight and reps to every movement this session so that feels amazing but I need to get better at my note taking. March is always a weird, stressful month for me and that was one of the habits that definitely fell off.
7:00 am - Clock in, settle in, and start putting out today’s fires. I won’t be able to get everything done today but I’m going to be able to meet everyone’s needs. And that’s all I can do. I check in with the CEO and schedule a follow up interview for the first candidate!
11:30 am - More reheated One-Pan Miso Butter Chicken & Cabbage leftovers at my desk. I take the full hour to zone out on YouTube. There are probably better ways to use this hour but my brain hurts.
4:00 pm - I have one more fire to put out before I can go home.
5:00 pm - A. joins me on my post-work half mile walk and we catch up with each other. Once we’re back inside, we put on a record and start making Gumbo. I whip up a batch of Fufu to serve on the side, untraditional but it’s a perfect side-carb.
7:30 pm - A. and I repeat our nightly routine of half-cuddling, half-eating on the couch while we watch our show.
9:30 pm - Time for bed. A. and I cuddle until I’m asleep.
Daily Total: $0
Day 6
4:45 am - I hop onto my Peloton for a 30 min scenic ride around Haleakalā National Park. Coffee, Maintenance Phase podcast, and kiss A. goodbye.
6:50 am - My entire commute faces the sun post daylight savings time and, since I can only wear glasses, it’s awful. Prescription sunglasses have been on my “want it but can’t have it” list for as long as I can remember. I can afford prescription sunglasses now. I make a mental note for my therapist and once I’m in the office parking lot, I grab the pair that’s been sitting in my excel sheet for at least two years and finally add to cart. ($48.42)
7:30 am - After getting emails squared away, I grab a bagel and break room coffee with one of my favorite coworkers who is retiring this month. He and I usually are the only people in the building at this hour and I’ll miss my AM buddy. We chat about life before everyone else gets in for the day and I have to spend an entire day on some tedious image editing.
12:00 pm - Gumbo leftovers at my desk and I once again take the full hour. This is decadence.
1:00 pm - Check in with H.- it’s a nice relief from Photoshop. She’s having some issues with a project and we share a screen for an hour while I teach her some tools that could help cut down on time and frustration.
5:00 pm - A. joins me on my post-work half mile walk again. We chat about her new job and this Money Diary. Once we get back in the house, we putz around on our phones until we make Asian-Style Ground Beef Cabbage Wraps for dinner.
7:30 pm - Same night routine until I head to bed.
Daily Total: $48.42
Day 7
4:45 am - I roll out of bed, drink some pre-workout, put on an episode of the Last Podcast on the Left, kiss A. goodbye, and head to the gym.
6:00 am - I once again add weight/reps to every movement and I once again don’t take decent notes. I’m the problem.
7:00 am - Today was supposed to be chill but it seems like everyone has a last minute emergency that I need to pull out of thin air. I make a new pot of coffee in the break room and get into it.
12:00 pm - More gumbo leftovers at my desk. I text A. a reminder to start the Crockpot for dinner. We’re going to have another day this week where we’re passing ships so she handles dinner while she works virtually. More fires until the end of the day but it's manageable.
5:00 pm - I catch A. before she has to head to her TA side hustle. I skip the post-work walk and finish cooking the Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs. I eat dinner while watching another show A. doesn’t like and cuddling with F..
7:00 pm - I throw my plants in the bathtub for watering and queue up a 20 min Peloton yoga class before another episode. I grab a slice of ice cream cake and drift off waiting for A. to come home.
9:00 pm - A. is home and I am happy. We curl up in bed while she tells me all about her day and I fall asleep for the night.
Daily Total: $0

Weekly Total: $340.32

Food + Drink: $43.62
Fun / Entertainment: $187.00
Home + Health: $48.42
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $32.47
Other: $28.81
I feel much calmer in this diary. So much has changed in a year. I'm still getting used to not constantly being worried about money / letting myself have treats within my budget without feeling bad or like I didn't work as hard for them. It's a work in progress.
Note: Since A. and I meal plan every two weeks, we didn't buy any groceries this week - but we each spend $250 - $300 on groceries per month with 1-2 meals eaten out.
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2023.03.30 13:33 No-Stranger-9125 Use of a Joint Account

We (M54, F42, 4 years in but worked together for 3 years prior to forming the relationship) have a joint account we use for groceries, meals out, vacations, etc. We don't contribute the exact same amount to it (it's not too far off) because I (M54) frequently use my card instead of transferring money to the account to only take it out at the grocery store. My fiancé (F42) will put in money and the next time I'm at the grocery store, I just put it on my card and let her know I did that rather than transfer funds over. She recently transferred in $100 and about a week later, I picked up the grocery bill for $117) This works for us because I have a points card and we have had many free flights. At times we both contribute a few hundred dollars each, at the same time, to add a big chunk to it.
I think this account should only be used for joint expenses. She has used this account to fill her gas tank, buy lunch and a few other personal things. I ask her not to do that and only use it for joint expenses and we don't tend to agree on that approach. I'd like to know what others think.
FWIW: We don't contribute equally to all the expenses. I own the house, so the mortgage and associated costs are mine. So is the cable bill. She pays gas, electric and cell phone bills. We each pay for our own cars, insurance, etc. I only bring this up because I feel it may be asked if we split things down the middle, we do not.
TL: DR: Fiancé uses our joint account for her personal use like gas and lunch. I do not use it for anything that does not benefit us both. Looking for thoughts on the matter.
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2023.03.30 13:32 Fungusamongus27 How to go in there?

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2023.03.30 13:32 darthmaul69420 80+ player pick…

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2023.03.30 13:30 Psicoguana [FOR HIRE] Python dev here, coding bots and web scrapers just for you!

I'm a programmer, mostly experienced in Python, making web-scrapers, bots and scripts.
Some of the things I can do:
If you want to see some of the code I've written feel free to checkout my portfolio here and one of my repos which received +100 ⭐ on Github.
I'm starting with $15/h. I can also do commissions
• Payment method: I prefer crypto, but also accept Wise and PayPal.
If you have any doubts please feel free to send me a DM or a chat and I'll reach out asap!
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2023.03.30 13:26 HamwithTaro24 [S][USA-HI] Fujifilm XT-4 Silver, XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4, Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4

Fuji XT-4 Silver
I bought this during COVID lockdown thinking, hey, new hobby! Lockdown ceased and I picked back up all my old hobbies and suddenly don't have time for photography anymore, looks like something that happens all the time. I'm having some struggles financially now-- whatever enough of the sob story. I'm not using it, I barely used it when I initially purchased it, it's in pristine condition and I would prefer it be in better hands than mine.
Again, pristine condition, no bumps, scratches, dings, any physical marring. I have the original box for the body and the kit lens it came with, I do not have the original box for the F1.4 lens (I said no way I'd resell this in the future, why bother keeping it). Attached will be what I think is sufficient photos, and I hope I've provided sufficient information in this post. I'm new to all this as a process so I will definitely work with anyone who requests more photos/information. Included is also a leather hand strap and a little shutter button added that I think looks good. Both are optional but I'm not charging for them.
I am asking for $1800 for everything together. I think this is a fair price and I am very apprehensive to selling anything individually unless offered significantly more to sell ala carte.

  1. Fujifilm XT-4 Silver
  2. XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 Lens
  3. Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 Prime Lens

I am only looking to sell for cash, not to trade, not the point in my life to have expensive camera gear. I am located in Honolulu, HI if anyone wants to do a local transaction.
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2023.03.30 13:25 Nerdy1980s My farm

One square meter at a time.
Five years ago, I married into the farm life. Not a big farm, by any means, and more of a retirement hobby. Although "hobby farm" is like saying the ocean is moist.
But, for nearly 20 years prior, there was a homeless couple that lived on the farm, in a different area from the main house. They tore the living hell out the area they lived in.
They were hoarders. I mean, like the type you find on hoarder shows. Only they never had to worry about running out of land to put their stuff off. Dump truck loads of stuff we've hauled off in the last 5 years. From what I was told, the husband died of old age, and then the wife got ill and eventually ended up in a nursing home.
This is still an ongoing project. But this year, we're getting very close. Anyway, we finally got to the point where I'm literally sitting on the ground, picking up anything that isn't organic and i can see... one square meter at a time.
The only major item left is the actual decaying trailer they lived in (and then abandoned and lived outside the trailer after it got full). That's about 85% cleared out. Depending on the weather this year, we might be able to get the trailer hauled off this year. -Due to insects, we can only work on it during wintespring Once it gets too warm, we have to worry about bees, wasps, and most importantly, poisonous spiders. I live in the southeast USA.
Anyway, yesterday, I was literally scraping the dirt, at the bottom of their "garbage burn pit". I should get the last vestiges of that to the dump today. It was a burn pit about 7'x7', and when they decided they couldn't burn stuff fast enough, they turned into their main dump that grew to about 25'x40' and 6' high in the middle. I first started cleaning it about 3 years ago. Only the trailer (which is more like a single wide manufactured house) had more stuff than this pile outside.
But what spurred me to write this...
When I was raking the burn pit, to loosen up the half burnt garbage, a northern black racer snake.. a harmless snake that eats rats mostly.. but very beautiful up close, was stuck in a piece of plastic it tried to slither through, and I managed to cut the snake out of it's bind, and let it slither off into the field. 🤗
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2023.03.30 13:25 ShahriarGH1389 I just made my own brawl stars TV series

I have my own story. So
Main character is gus.with the family of Belle and sam. Sam is the top leader of gold arm gulch and after many failed plans his infuriated and now hates guns.all he does is play with bloons and went missing becuz of an imaginary friend and his sure he'll never be part of gold arm gulch.sam decides to hunt people down himself brutally murdering them for power(power cubes)so he can be stronger.(Sam is the villain)after a while we see Chester and Mandy.and.chester is tired of being a joke to everyone.he tells Mandy his story and Mandy says :not falling for your pranks again.and he realized he will always be a joke and now he is also on the hunt for power cubes.afyer murdering bibi and bull he sees Mandy trying to fight him calling him a monster.he laughs and smiles and tells Mandy:I'm not a joke anymore am I?before throwing a jawbreaker at her and actually riding her jaw in half.meanwhile Sam (secretly) kills Pam and Jessie. Moving on he tries to hunt down Shelly as she always was his target for murdering his father.he realizes this is the perfect chance.afyer doing so the epic battle ends with Shelly dying.but bells catches him asking WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.he says:Revenge.we cut to Amber's childhood.seeing her family being poised and drowned by Otis due to elemental wars.we cut to her training for hours.days.weeks.months.and YEARS. With the goal of beating Otis.afyer another of things that I wont say for now she fights Otis.the fight goes for hours and finally she realizes.with a little mixture of Otis gue and gasoline it would blow she tries shooting her glass of gasoline after 3 tries she runs out of gasoline.and she charges at Otis and pulling her SMALL BOT OF GASOLINE WICH IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HER TORACH AND SHE GETS IT IN OTISS PIPE.And then.she dies with Otis fulfilling her revenge.and dying peacfully.
Addition:Mortis frank and emz are at a wedding.wmzs wedding with poco.after they kiss.a noise comes says:bad idea.emz yells:WHO WAS THAT
As a buff man stands up:a luchador figure says:I said.revealing el primo the 3rd villain on the hunt for power cubes.emz says:why?primo says:bc it won't last too long. Poco yells:PRIMO.DONT DO IT GRANDSON. Primo yells:WHY.WHAT DID YOU DO FOR ME TO FIGHT FOR YOU.
As his mask gets wet with tears he yells:AMBER FOUGHT FOR ME.SHE SAVED ME.SHE WAS MY SISTER! poco says:I know but it's not worth it.what is the point
Primo yells.killing you don't deserve to be don't deserve to be alive AFTER DEATH.SHE DID.
Frank walks up and says:(growls) Mortise translates:his saying you want some of these come get some.
while he jumps on them.
After the battle frank and emz have died and mortise is strangled
Primo whispering:how does if have your family killed.for a reason that could've been avoided.
as mortise is crying he says:relatable.
As he swings his bats healing himself and slowing down primo running away as his crying with flashbacks of her daughter soulvia(a concept of an undead brawler I made).
Back on guss track we actually see that gus uncle is Byron and spooky is actually given life by him
As Sam and Byron hangout Sam says how could he make his traps give hp using his oil when ever he picks it up.with a bit of engineering.hearty recovery star power was made
As Sam and Belle look at Byron and gus play around with apookie Belle says I love you to Sam not knowing what a monster he has married
As we cut to Rosa spike Bea and sprout we see them having fun except spike.he seems happy but his not.his a powerful being and his friends are silly.he can't not smile that's why he has one emotion.we cut to the born of his looking at the brawler fight in feast and famine his just a regular old cactus but as volt fires two bullet at him.he starts to see.he looks at the world for the first time.he sees his "father"looking at him.he was happy colt could read his impressions so he gave him a smile as he was very happy.he saw a giant Bea sting him and making him bleed while a muscular dark skinned woman comes and brutally beats colt to death.its Rosa and Bea.thats why spike hates them.and today.he learns about power cubes and he says to not gonna kill he turns his back we transition to him covered in blodd as he walks away from the dead bodies of his "friEnds" and goes to the hunt for power cubes. AND THE 4TH VILLAIN WAS CREATED
After bunch of story and events he meets el primo. After a long fight el primo is looking at him while his covered in blood and he looks at Amber's picture while saying :amorous o nunca(now or never)
He JUMPS AND HE LANDS WITH THE MAXIMUM FORCE WITH HIS BACK JUST be pierced thru the hear by spikes life plant(his gagdet) and spike putting three spike bomb in his mouth.the episode ends with spike walking away and blood splattering everywhere
(Alot of things have happened with would take so long to write so I'll go ahead and tell the ending now).
Sam has killed Chester now and with 67 power cubes.he realizes her family hates him.afyer Belle tries to kill Sam with the sniper.sam survives and what he does is.tying his family on the ground and burning them.after walking away a rope gets put and starts choking Sam.its gus.with 6 hp of shield.he survived after spookie gave him shield making him escape.after the reveal of the plot twist Sam eventually dies...while gus whimpering a crying at her mother's body.the season ends with buster voice saying:Little kid?
If you read the whole thing I appreciate it very much
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2023.03.30 13:24 Chiknoodle69 Found 2 Voidplumes right next to eachother

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