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2023.06.11 03:49 crosspollinated How do I convince my dog not to sit on the back of the sofa cushions?

He doesn’t know “off” yet. Adopted a few weeks ago. About 1 year old. 20 lbs.
What is currently not working: I pull him down to the sofa seat, mark, give treat. This stops working when the treats stop coming and he gets distracted. If I can anticipate his jump, I prevent it and reward.
Sometimes he will just not settle in the evening unless I let him sit up there. He will vocalize and whine at me communicate displeasure. He will eventually try to jump up again and I’ll prevent him (or remove him from position if I was too slow). Cycle repeats until I lose sanity and give in.
He’s allowed on the couch. Just not in the exact place he wants to be.
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2023.06.11 03:49 ChucklesZanex Starter solenoid problems

I’m currently working on a Yamaha xl700 wave runner and when I got it I discovered it wouldn’t turn over. So after chasing voltage I found that jumping the solenoid would turn over the engine. So I ordered a new solenoid and now I have it all hooked up and it has made no change, I’m getting power through the button to the solenoid, power from the batter to the solenoid, power from the solenoid to the starter and a good ground but still no dice. What am I missing?
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2023.06.11 03:49 Complex-Beat-8226 CALLING ALL PLAYERS WANTING MORE FROM A GAME!

The experience you have been craving and action we all look for out of a private game is coming to select players by way of Georgetown!
Starting soon a reoccurring private game in Georgetown will be looking for players that Will appreciate a Slightly upscale and catered to the players scene with Food, variety of refreshments in private location with Hosts to attend to your needs. Initial buy-in will cover your food and beverages with discounted rebuys.
Once we start we will not stop until the players do and have exhausted our list of standby players that are on call to join when a player drops out. We will be able to accommodate up to 10 players at a time comfortably and Expect all Gentlemen/lady players to be dressed and act accordingly. While there will be no formal dress code we would hope that each player will represent themselves to the high standard that you will come to expect from US.
Please DM me directly to be placed on our initial offering list and feel free to inform any players you feel would be a benefit to the game. Once you reach out via DM and provide your contact info you will receive an email from us which will provide all the details of the upcoming game and in that email we will also provide a direct contact with Hosts, a food/refreshments list and what you can expect prior to attendance as well as additional information and instructions related to the upcoming game.
We look forward to providing a unique experience that our players will appreciate and keep them coming back for more!
Hope to hear from YOU very soon!
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2023.06.11 03:48 MacGuffinAY Returning player from almost 3 years ago... Feels like colours don't mean shit now.

Yeah weapon triangle my ass. Who in the right mind thought it was a good idea to make fallen Byleth? Granted my +10 units are very outdated (and built around favoritism) but still a +10 lance unit should be able to at least not die to a story mode sword unit no? I know I gotta adapt to the meta but it feels like shit not even being able to clear a lunatic story chapter with 4 +10 units. Kinda miss the death blow Reinhardt meta. At least that was easy to counter y'know.
What do I do? :'(
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2023.06.11 03:48 amberwl VA loan questions!

Hi! Sorry if these are dumb questions but I’m super in the dark.
Here’s what I got so far: I’ve been in the national guard 8 years I’m currently on IRR I’ve been deployed to a combat zone (not sure if that matters)
1). How do I even go about applying? I’ve seen so many websites saying they do VA loans so that’s confusing
2). I applied for a COE on the site but they need a different DD214 from me. The one I gave them was is the only one I have and it’s from coming off of deployment orders. Since I’m not “technically” out yet that’s the only DD214 I got, per my unit readiness nco.
3). Will my spouse already owning a house affect the loan at all?
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2023.06.11 03:48 Icy-Grapefruit-4850 Vehicle purchase

I’m thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. For the last 6 months, I’ve borrowed a family members vehicle but I would like to move on and have my own.
I am thinking about the RAV4 Hybrid and just wondering if it makes sense financially. I’m open to other vehicles, but have a preference towards an SUV rather than a car.
Total cost for the RAV4 if purchased new would be around $50k after taxes. (I know the wait time for the RAV4 is anywhere from 6-12 months)
Info about me:
I know it isn’t a 2005 beige Corolla, but would this be that bad of a financial decision? In your opinion, could I afford this?
I can answer any additional questions if needed!
Thanks PFC.
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2023.06.11 03:48 Twiggethy Wanting advice for a first session

I've played in 2 ttrpgs before and wanted to try setting up a DND game for the 2 STs and a few other friends so each of them has a chance to play the different game and also be on a game together. I'm currently at the planning stage and thought it might be an idea to try and get any information or.tipa on things to avoid or to focus on from people who have more experience with running games.
To start with I was just planning on making a very basic one shot to get a feel of if I'm actually capable of running a coherent game that's fun for the players but if possible I would like to make a longer arc for them all later down the line.
Is there any general tips on what to plan, how much to note down, what to leave vauge for improvisation ect. Also are there any tools that can help with visualization, feel or clarity act.
If this isn't the best place for this I'm sorry, this is the first place I found that looked like it might work.
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2023.06.11 03:48 britenightgown I shouted at a stranger for the first time in my life

I grew up in a midwestern rural town and was taught to be very polite. I have also always been the type to inconvenience myself if it means helping other people feel more comfortable. But I’ve been working on changing that more and more as I’ve gotten older (currently in mid 20s).
Last week I was at work. I work outdoors in a tourist destination and have a little cubby area where I put my belongings. It doesn’t lock, but it closes and is right near where I sit and work, so I’ve always been aware of people who walk by my work station just in case they get near the cubby. I only keep my backpack inside, but I hide it behind other things, such as supplies for work to at least camouflage it a bit.
After years of working this job, it finally happened. A man walked behind the stand where I couldn’t see him, near the cubby. I vaguely looked in his direction and saw him casually walking away with my backpack. I did a double-take when he looked back at me and we made eye contact. Immediately, I blurted, “Is that my bag?”
He argued and said it was his. My adrenaline kicked in and I ran up to where he’d walked and snatched the backpack out of his hands. This was in a very public place. I shouted, “what the fuck do you think you’re doing stealing my bag?!” I have NEVER cursed at a stranger or raised my voice. It even surprised me, but I couldn’t help it. Everything I’ve been working for every day, when I’m out here just trying to make money and get by, was in this backpack.
“It’s my bag!” He argued. “I thought it was mine, I put it there earlier.”
“In my fucking stand, you put your bag? Why the fuck would you try to say this is your goddamn bag?” At this point, many people were watching (including kids which I feel kinda bad about), but none were intervening. I think my fight or flight kicked in because I started backing away. I just wanted to get out of the situation. I remember looking at his body, to see if there was a weapon or something, but I didn’t see anything. He seemed a little embarrassed and kept going the other way. I told security but of course they were too slow and the guy got on the train and left before anything could be done.
I am glad I reacted quickly, but I wish I would have said more. I wish I would have done more. I’m scared he is gonna come back, but from now on I’m only wearing a fanny pack at work to keep everything on my person. I think I should also buy some pepper spray, just in case, lol.
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2023.06.11 03:47 spinginftw Can I transition from nonprofit fundraising to a DEI or consumer social responsibility role?

TLDR: I’ve hit my breaking point in nonprofit fundraising. I am a jack-of-all-trades, extremely hardworking and loyal employee. I am searching for new career paths - NOT sales or nonprofits. Hoping I can find work in DEI or Corp. Social Responsibility. I’m neurodivergent and passionate about making an impact in workplace discrimination. I am willing to take a pay cut and/or invest in certificate programs to beef up my resume. I make $100K currently. Advice?!
More info:
I’ve spent my career working in the nonprofit world - doing everything from project management, donor relationship building/stewardship, graphic design/websites/video editing/PowerPoint presentations, staff management. research, risk management, event planning, data mining, entry, and more.
Within the last 2 years, I’ve become involved in nationwide DEI efforts for the org. I lead a disability ERG and serve as an advisor for the field offices. I’ve prepared organization-wide recommendations for making our events more inclusive with short term and long term goals that directly benefit our mission and core values. I’m currently developing a Disability-Inclusion Language Style Guide and later this month I’m presenting to our comms department on digital accessibility recommendations.
I’m a highly motivated, around the clock type of worker. I’ve been with my current nonprofit for 11+ years and have been promoted ~every 2 years. I’m the person that raises my hand to take on the work no one else wants. I’m second in command on a team of 11 that raises $4 million annually. I’m way undervalued in my position and my talents are being wasted on major donors who want to talk about cocktail napkins for their gala for 6 hours.
These donors have also become abusive - keeping me on the phone for 3 hours at a time, texting me all night paragraphs and requests, berating and belittling me to the point of harassment. I’m just done.
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2023.06.11 03:47 AutoNewsAdmin [Local] - FDNY veteran drowns trying to save daughter from rough Jersey Shore current

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2023.06.11 03:47 AutoModerator [] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
I run multiple viral video channels that gross thousands of dollars in ad revenue a month. I have created this course, The YouTube Success System, to help you research, create, and upload viral videos to help generate you a 6-figure income. I will act as your mentor and help you build and grow your YouTube channel. I look forward to having you!
In a recent survey of the students who joined my program and are consistently posting videos, we found that students on AVERAGE:
Had videos go viral within the first 60 videos posted Made $3,000-$5,000+ within their first 30 days AFTER a video went viral Are currently making $150/day since their first viral video to date
And these are just the AVERAGES It also means that half our students who took action performed BETTER
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2023.06.11 03:46 Former_Perspective99 About to be homeless…

Hey guys, this has been bothering me for quite some time now and I just wanted to get it off my chest and possibly get advice.
I am a guy who’s in high school (senior year). My family is not originally from the country we are currently residing in, we are foreigners here and as such, the cost of living for us is many times higher as compared to regular citizens.
We have been living in this country for over a decade now. I have younger siblings who are schooling in privately-funded schools as well, their school fees add up to an insanely substantial amount.
My parents, on the other hand are not doing too well in their jobs and have been facing unemployment regularly, so our net income is very volatile to say the least. We have been living in a studio room (I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s pretty small being able to fit just 3 beds) for the past few years as my family’s income has been cut short (due to Covid and my parents losing their jobs as a result).
About a month ago, the landlord demanded that we evict the room as my parents have been quite late on rent. If you’ve been following the news, property prices all over are exploding right now due to hyperinflation. So finding a new room to stay in is going to be very challenging as our deadline draws nearer.
I know the most sensible thing we could do right now is discontinue our education and move us back to our home country, but my parents would not listen as they believe that their decade long efforts would go to waste. They want to preserve and continue letting us stay under these kinds of shitty conditions, with very low quality food and basic necessities. I do not have access to the Internet at home, I do not have anything “nutritious” to eat other than noodles and cheap leftover fast food. I am starting to feel weaker both physically and mentally and it sucks.
Whenever I bring this issue up, my parents always start an argument with me and always push the blame back onto myself saying that they are doing all this for our good. Yet they fail to realise that I will be the one who will be liable to pay my student loans and so on (for college). I have no formal education qualifications yet and I can’t even get a desk job due to this. I have worked part time before but all the money was spent on my siblings’ school expenses and I really feel that it’s unfair.
I am very depressed because of this issue, I have been for quite a while now although I’ve only managed to notice it more recently. I do not have friends in school because of social anxiety issues and so on which have developed with time. I just hate it here.
Now, as the clock is ticking, time is running out and my parents have done nothing but fight between ourselves and shift the blame onto me as if I have any control over the situation. I do not think any of this is my fault as it was not my decision to bring us here in the first place. I simply want to exist, I just want to eat 3 meals a day like others and be normal. But I’m finding it impossible with my parents.
I do not think any of this is going to end soon either as my parents would start pressuring me for money once I am employed and I really don’t want to have to fund my siblings as I think the prices that we have to pay are absurd and I wouldn’t have made such a poor decision myself.
Anyways there’s that. This post isn’t gonna change anything but I feel better letting this off my chest.
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2023.06.11 03:46 wessleym Yuzu Tears of the Kingdom White Screen

I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. I'm using the current version of Yuzu, the current version of the NVIDIA GeForce driver, and Vulkan. I'm trying to play Tears of the Kingdom 1.1.1. After a second or two of standing outside, the screen turns mostly white. Can someone suggest something for me to try? When I use OpenGL, it works, but from what I've read, Vulkan is superior. Thank you.
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2023.06.11 03:46 TrueKnowledge9934 24F looking for a support buddy or friend

Hiya there! I'm using a throwaway account because right now I'm dealing with a lot and I mean a lot and I can't trust until I'm comfortable enough but for now my name is Scarlett!
I'm recently sober from substance abuse for 6 months and was my first time and it lead me down a dark path and have made some pretty bad decisions because of it and I'm trying to right all my wrongs and be a better person and get my life back, I've been sober for 61 days I cut myself complete cold turkey and it's been extremely difficult to keep it up and doing it all without help from a program (currently in a waiting for a spot) I just need a support person or a friend to help me get through this tough time cause I don't think I can keep doing it alone.
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2023.06.11 03:46 Vaynar The step by step guide of how humans evolved from bacteria to the modern Human

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2023.06.11 03:46 ethanhelo [Service] Powotato's free build service + millmaxing, lubing and breaking in

Hi all, its me, your favorite potato again :)
Check out my instagram here to see my recent work!
Located in Johns Creek, Georgia
(short about me) - hi, name ethan, build boards for 3 years, now i build for u
Info about builds- Free build service (with exceptions on some through-hole kits)- Lube will cost $0.40 a switch, while filming will be $0.10 a switch (price is inclusive of materials)- Will mod and lube stabilizers too!- Shipping will be paid by you, both ways

0305 Millmax Pricing
Numpad $15
40-50% $30
60-65% $45
75%-TKL $65
Anything larger $85
3305 Millmax Pricing
Numpad $25
40-50% $52
60-65% $77
75%-TKL $97
Anything Larger $117
-Builds: 2-3 days from receiving
-Millmax: 1 day from receiving
-Lubing: 3-4 days from receiving
If you are interested in my services or just want to chat about a potential board you'd like to build, feel free to contact me!
My Review Page

I highly prefer you contact me on Discord

Contact Info
- Discord: powotato
- Instagram: potatokeebs
- Email: [email protected]
- Here on reddit!
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2023.06.11 03:45 tiktalyk Random observations post-MCC P23. Feel free to add your own.

Had a couple of random observations during Pride I was just going to toss in here.
  1. Bingo but Fast bingo cards are not very accessible. Unlike Buildmart, where a player can hover over a block in the display and get the name of the item, you can’t do the same with the icons on the map. That creates a barrier for participation for people with vision impairments such as colourblindness and various types of eye damage.
  2. After watching people aim to climb the tower for elytra it occurred to me that it might be more fun and sociable if a bunch of for-fun games were added to the lobby post event. I’m thinking the Minecraft equivalent of party games for silly prizes and little carnival games and challenges, plus maybe small areas where teammates could practice things they learned from each other during the event. The post-event games should exclusively available on the event server to encourage people to sign up to the event in order to get access. It’s mostly to give people a reason to get to know each other and maybe leave the event in better spirits if they lost. It might help keep entertaining but lower skilled players in the event.
  3. It would be really interesting and entertaining if a future parkour remix used horses or camels as part of the game. The camel , horse or other rideable mob would have to cross the line in order for a win to count. It would encourage the sweats to become more knowledgeable about the entire game, not just a narrow cross section of activities.
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2023.06.11 03:45 Tricky-Beautiful-251 Can anyone suggest educational sources for a start up?

Currently in the process of putting ideas into paper - with the abundance of YouTube content creators in the space, I’m keen to hear from everyone who they’d recommend viewing, or any other great sources of education. Everything from, sourcing suppliers and design best practice, to avoid being ripped off on samples, negotiation, materials, marketing and everything in between. Thanks everyone 🙏
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2023.06.11 03:44 jaraldoe Support needs some love

As the title says, support right now feels very neglected and can't perform their duties well with the current system.
I feel there really are 2 main issues with support right now, their weapons and their secondary gadget (ammo)
For their weapons their really is only one big issue I have with them, there just aren't enough. I assume there are more on the way though so it really isn't that big of an issue to me (also why does the L86 50 round magazine take almost 6 seconds to reload AND gives you more recoil when the p90 is about half that time and no extra recoil? it's also only 1 second faster than a 100 round magazine on the 249)
The much bigger issue for support imo is their secondary gadgets, the ammo boxes which have a couple big issues.
  1. You just don't have enough of them, we should have like 20 or be able to resupply them with our ammo kits. We right now can only get 4 of either the small or the large. It's not enough and support players (if there are any) are just hoarding them and not using them. By having a lot more, support players will hopefully be far more likely to just throw them out like candy. We
  2. What is the point of the small ammo kits? They have 1/3 of the supply points in every category, they don't have any explosive supply points to begin with, AND you don't get anymore of the smalls than the heavies. So there is literally no point to them. I would honestly just recommend getting rid of them completely and give us more of the heavy supply kits.
  3. For support players can they have a UI similar to the Medics with teammates health? Just have it show overall supply of teammates in the same circle ui as medics. Or just have it show a red/orange/green colors showing how much ammo they have in their primary.
  4. Last thing, the ammo crates can be difficult to see and are easy to run past. Especially since they need to be interacted with, I feel they need to be easier to see, not the biggest issue but one i feel could help players with their ammo resupply issues.
I love the game, I love playing support, but man they are just awful to play if you want to help your team in Battlebit right now.
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2023.06.11 03:44 cleveraminot My Narcissist Father is Dying of Cancer and it has caused a divide amongst extended family and kicking up intense emotions for me...

I haven't participated here in a while (or anywhere on Reddit as I have a 4 months old keeping me super busy) so please forgive me if I fall outside of any post rules! It's unintentional!
A little background info that is kinda needed to follow the story: my mother and father have been divorced since I 37f was 5. We (my older sister and I) lived mostly with my mother growing up but father had us every other weekend. Father remarried and had a son when I was 10. I don't really remember the divorce from his mother but my father managed to get full custody of my brother but was so unequipped to be a full time single father. He painted my ex stepmother as this horrible person that I don't think she really was. He was awful to my brother but somehow my brother turned out pretty well adjusted. My father has 3 siblings. 1 sister and 2 brothers. One of my uncles passed away suddenly about 1.5 years ago. I used to feel like the black sheep of the family when I was younger but then in later years started talking with my aunts and uncles about my father's abuse and they mostly seemed to get it. Especially my Aunt (dad's sister). But then when my uncle passed away, my aunt all of a sudden started pushing my siblings and I to spend more time with our father. It's so difficult to spend any time with him, I cringe when he calls and his texts always piss me off. He makes everything so complicated just to keep attention on himself. He cuts everyone off when they talk and thinks he knows more about every topic. I completely shutdown when I'm around him and feel small and like a child walking in eggshells again. He is so negative, talks shit about everyone and has let his life fall apart financially, his health has been terrible for years, his living environment is atrocious and he has hoarding tendencies that he freaks out about if anyone offers to help him clean/organize. He makes jokes about things that are serious and constantly brags about himself. Over the past like 8 years his health has been declining. He has never taken care of himself. Overweight. Diabetes. His house turned into a semi hoarder house that was in terrible condition and getting worse because he never cleaned it or took care of it. It was built by my great grandfather so my remaining uncle bought it from him to fix it up and keep it in the family. That turned out to be a nightmare for them as my dad played games with the financial part, didn't pack a single box when we all showed up to move him into his apartment and left such a terrible, disastrous mess for them. My uncles wife said that was the last straw for her in regards to my father. I think my uncle is pretty much done too. So it's only my aunt and her husband that still enable my father and they are pretty well off financially so my aunt constantly gives him money and bails him out.
So- after years of infertility, IVF, early losses and a 23 week pregnancy loss- we finally had IVF success and had our amazing son in January. My Narcissist Father did not ask me once how my pregnancy was going even though he knows of all our struggles. Then, while I was in the hospital going through a 3.5 day failed induction that ended in a C section, my father was blowing my phone up demanding he come see the baby (before I even delivered!). My mom flew to New York State where I live from MB to be with us while I delivered for support. Well my dad starts texting her asking her to go pick him up (he lives 1.5 hours away from where I live) and also texting the big family group chat we have from his sides extended family, asking for a ride to visit the baby. Oh and he doesn't have a car because "the scumbag car dealer screwed me over" or whatever he said. His finances are in shambles because he always over spent and expects everyone to bail him out. Well my Aunt, offered to bring him to visit me in 3 weeks. This pissed me off because she didn't even ask me if this is OK. Since my uncle died she has been making excuses for his behavior and guilting my sister and I to be closer with him. When I told her he has asked about my pregnancy at all she called him and told him to ask me how I'm doing!! Like..... If he needs to be told to ask, then don't bother!!! Anyways, she brings him up to visit baby a couple weeks after I get out of hospital and it was then that we could all see he was declining physically and fast. He couldn't walk up my stairs to get to bathroom and had to crawl. Couldn't get in and out car without assistance etc. So my aunt called me about a week later and said he needs help and my sister and I need to help him find a new doctor. I have a 1 month old baby but sure, I have to help him find a new doctor because he doesn't like his current doctor (he doesn't like anyone and has always been noncompliant with any doctor!!) She also wanted us to look into becoming his healthcare proxy. So I said I would call his doctor and find out about releases (which I did) and call another office to see if they were taking new patients (which I did) but I was also busy with a newborn and my sister lives in GA and has 2 young kids of her own and my brother lives in CO and just got married and was going on his honeymoon. So then my aunt send this fairly nasty text saying my father needs help and since none of us are moving fast enough (I'm paraphrasing) she was willing to become his power of attorney and help him get his health and finances in order. We all thanked her but I was pretty upset with how nasty she was being. She doesn't work, her kids are grown and she has the means to help him more than we do anyways.
So she arranged to speak with his primary care doctor that told her he is the most uncompliant patient they have ever had. Some lab test revealed that he likely had prostate cancer over a year and a half ago so they referred him to like 4 specialists and he never went. He also rarely attended his appointments at primary care office. Surprisingly enough my father did sign paperwork for my aunt to become his POA and all of a sudden she became this person I don't even know. She started a group chat with my siblings and her husband and daughters (husband is an orthopedic surgeon, 1 daughter is a doctor and 1 is a nurse) and my uncle and his wife and the wife of my uncle that passed. And then she just went like kinda crazy. She was assigning us all tasks to help him. Like big tasks such as my uncle was expected to take him to/from all appointments and fill his pill box each week because he wasn't taking his meds (he still doesn't most of the time) I was supposed to apply him Medicaid, she wanted my sister to bring her kids from GA to visit him before he even had a diagnosis, she told me sister and I she needs to be able to reach us at all times when I didn't answer her once because I had been up all night the baby, she kept saying he was experiencing major cognitive decline even though I don't think he was and just started demanding all this stuff from us. She also encouraged my sister and I to talk to him about our feelings about the last which ended up in him blwong up at me and my sister which my aunt just dismissed afterwords.
After a month of this he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and needed more testing to see if it spread. We also were super frustrated with my aunt getting nasty with each of us if we weren't doing exactly what she wanted to help him. She wanted my brother to buy him a Keurig because she said he was unable to make coffee in a brew pot but would take the bus to buy coffee out everyday. He is more than capable of brewing a pot of coffee and cleaning up after it but she lost her shit on me when I told her I didn't think it's fair to ask my brother to buy him a expensive coffee pot when I know it won't get used because he like going out for his coffee everyday. It really pissed me off because I use a brew pot to save money and we are expected to buy him a new pot he won't use?? She lashed out at me and said how good my father was to us and we should be doing more to help him and he is dying and we don't even care. I tried to just view it as her being upset and stressed and not stay mad at her. Then my sister came to NY for like 3 days to visit the new baby. My aunt was in a cruise at this point so my sister asked my other uncle and aunt to go visit my dad with us for support in numbers. We really didn't even want to visit but we lost an entire day of her 3 day trip with baby to drive down and visit with him so my aunt wouldn't make us feel guilty for not seeing him when she got back from her cruise.....
Well, she got back from her cruise and started texting my sister and I that we were ditching her because we visited my dad with our uncle and his wife instead of her. This is when it gets really crazy. She was mad we went with our uncle and aunt even though she was on a cruise!!! Then my uncles wife asked my aunt if she could try to schedule my dad's appointments after my uncle gets out of work so he didn't have to miss so much work providing transportation so then my aunt lashed out on her for asking that! Then my aunt sent these incredibly hurtful texts to all of lashing out saying we are all cruel to my father and hateful and soulless because we aren't helping him. She went on and on saying she was going to block us but then unblocking us to send more cruel texts. We all ended up blocking her except for my uncle who left the line open for her to apologize but we haven't heard from her since. She is now withholding all his medical updates and information from us. According to him, he is to start a treatment for the cancer as it has spread to his bones but this treatment is very taxing on the body. I guess he needs 24 hour care while going through the treatment but his information is always so convoluted and usually a lie or manipulation. My aunt appears to not want him to move in with her so she is supposedly renting him a cabin in the woods to look after him in after the treatment that starts this Mon. None of us know what parts of this are true or not because she won't share any information. I'm in close contact with my uncle and his wife but she isn't informing them either. My dad keeps texting that he wants to see the baby and I would probably bring him for a visit if my dad may not survive the treatment but I have no idea where he will be and I will not be around my aunt at this point so I don't know how to make that happen. I truly feel like my aunt owes us all an apology and I think withholding the information is kind of sick. I get that she stepped in and started organizing his care but he should have been organizing his own care before it got this bad. And to withhold the information and not allow his children to decide for themselves if they want to visit again before he starts the treatments that may kill him is kind of evil to me. So I don't know what happens now. I feel so conflicted. Part of me wonders if we are really heartless children because we aren't doing more for a dying man or if we are simply protecting ourselves and families from his narcassism even though he is likely dying.
If you read all of this.... Thank you! And sorry it's so scattered!! There is so so so much more to the story but I just tried to focus on the current situation. I know I'll never have closure with him or get an apology or any accountability for the abuse we suffered from him.... Just trying to handle this the best way I can for my siblings and myself. And I'm so hurt and angry with my aunt. It's like as soon as he showed signs of an illness she totally forgot all the horrible shit he has done to us and then treated anyone with an opinion different from hers or anyone setting boundaries with her or him so badly I am starting to wonder if she too is narcissistic. It's all just so complicated and unfair!!
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2023.06.11 03:44 AllintheMoney089 Whats the drop rate for this?

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2023.06.11 03:43 marcohessel Navori VS Galeforce

Hi, im at the moment master 500pdl, im main jungle but playing adc at the moment. i love xayah and keep to make her a main adc. Ive seen some ppl do kraken and the second item is the question. When to do navori and when galeforce. Its just a personal preference or is it situational? I have also seen pro players in patch 13.11 do sometimes galeforce and sometimes navori (the same proplayer, in this case Ruler from JDG). Its always kraken rush basically, but the second item i dont get it. Galeforce is way too good for her ik, to make the feathers in a good position when using E. But navori is also a GG item for quick W and E resets. would like to know from high elo ppl what to do and when
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