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2023.05.28 22:41 Ok-Psychology9008 I'm going to sell my sealed Trainer Deck A (Brock's Deck) but am struggling to know what it's worth. There isn't another sealed Deck A for sale in the world! Help me friends 🤔

I'm going to sell my sealed Trainer Deck A (Brock's Deck) but am struggling to know what it's worth. There isn't another sealed Deck A for sale in the world! Help me friends 🤔 submitted by Ok-Psychology9008 to u/Ok-Psychology9008 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 22:40 Littlepaulio How to jump the housing list by God knows how many years in Galway!

This might be a well-known by now, but I doubt it.
A lady originally from Zimbabwe moved here many, many years ago. She is now 50. If you were to google her name you'd be inundated with results from the national press such as 'fuelled by an alcoholic rage', 'attacked by a woman wielding a duck leg'. To the best of my knowledge she terrorised certain neighbourhoods in Doughiska and it became the mission of a certain Sgt. (I think) to take her case on personally.
She was also allegedly running a ' house of ill-repute', although based on what I've seen of her and her friends, just invest in a blacklight!
She's been in and out of jail for mostly petty theft , physical alterations and vandalism.
But she f**cked up when during a bender she twisted the nipple right off the breast of an officer of the peace. Got 36 months from that, was banned from her home and the Eastside of the city
Interlude- incredibly sometime in the past 14 years or so she married and had a son of Galway's District Attorney. They went on to have a child together.
Back to late last summer. Now as everyone knows, the Guardaí need an address for all released prisoners, not having a half-way house as the UK properly does. The bloke beneath my apartment had sold his apt to the City about a year ago. No expenses was spared in refurbishing this apartment. It has a high-end smart heating system and Simon furnished the place for her.
It's a matter of public record that Edward Condon was overseeing the social housing of the entire city because of a colleagues illness. I spoke and wrote to him several times during those first few weeks. The Guards had been called several times but he claimed that because eventually desk sergeant informed thatb Inhad been misled and due to the GDPR the police can't inform of these call outs. That's a blatant lie and I have emails strongly suggesting he had never imparted this information to me.
Julie Molloy, his successor as director of Social housing on the Western side of the city. I will practice discretion here and keep my opinion of the lady to myself.
Feel free to DM me, and apologies for the details I have inaccuratetly repeated.
Opinions, advice, can I give out these lady's name as it is (certainly was) in the public domain? She has just continued on from where she left off.
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2023.05.28 22:40 Vaitos-V-Miles Any idea where I can get international/JP merch?

I’ve been on the hunt for all of Pyrrhas official merch, which has met a sudden stop as I’ve gotten to the international portion of my search. I’ve gotten my hand on her IQ keychain, her chibi pin and acrylic keychain, but I would absolutely DIE if I could get ahold of the JP cafe coasters or other items not for sale from it.
Anyone have any ideas where I can find these items at (Outside of Ebay and the like, which I’ve searched through tremendously.)
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2023.05.28 22:40 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete Course)

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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
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2023.05.28 22:39 cheerstonewdayz He put me in a dangerous situation, and I am still shaken up about it.

Hi all! So this happened two months ago, and I’ve been needing to get this story off my chest for a while because I’m still in shock with what happened so I figured here would be great.

Back at the start of spring break, my then-boyfriend, Maverick (fake name, 22m) invited me (21f) to take a bus over to his college city to visit him for the weekend and then drive back home together that following Sunday since I work weekdays. I was hesitant about going mainly because the bus ticket was a little expensive. I explained this to Maverick, but he then offered to buy the bus ticket for me. I was still a little hesitant but said sure since I would still be able to see him! He said he would pick me up once I arrived therefore, I wouldn’t have to worry.

Fast forward to that Friday before spring break, I get on the bus. My hometown to his college city was roughly a 3-hour bus ride, and it was late at night. 30 minutes before I arrive, I let him know that I’m 30 minutes away and to get ready to pick me up. He says okay. I also texted him to let me know when he was here to which he texted back 15 minutes later saying “I will be near x street”. It was further down where I was dropped off so I took my luggage and tote back and walked over.

I couldn’t find his car, to which I called and asked where he was. That’s when he said he hadn’t left his apartment yet. WHAT? He said he was waiting for me to get dropped off and then he would come. I try to stay as calm as possible because I didn’t want to come off as nagging. There was also an event going on in his city for spring break that I had no idea about until I got there. So he’s about to drive and asks where my drop-off spot was, even though it was emailed to him. He still asked me anyway so I tell him and he starts driving so he hangs up.

He calls back again and tell me he was just going to turn back and call an Uber for me because there were so many road closures due to the event. He only lives about 10-15 minutes away from my bus stop. He claimed the whole city was closed off as well. Note: Maverick hates driving and gets anxious whenever he drives, which is why he tends to avoid it at all costs. Although I wasn’t surprised he turned back, I was still a little hurt because how much do you have to dislike driving that you’re willing to turn back and leave your significant other in a large city nearing midnight? It was around 10:30 pm at that point.

So he gets home, and I text back the screenshot of x street he said he would be near and said “Next time, actually mean it or don’t say anything at all about being here when you were not”. He then texted back “I tried being there” “Can’t because of closures” and “Why are you abusing me?” What…? I was confused because I was just stating a fact and he worded it as he was already here. He then told me to be grateful and acknowledge that he tried to pick me up and then went on to ask "How can you expect us to be in a relationship when this is how you are? Verbally abusive.”

We go back and forth arguing. I admit I was getting petty and said “So what? Are you gonna block me again? Like a man child? Like a baby? And not face these things like adults?” (He’s had a habit of blocking me mid-argument in the past). He texted back “You’re a fucking b*tch”, “verbal abuser”, and to “go to hell”. At that point, I didn’t want to stay in his apartment and tried finding a hotel instead even though he had already sent an Uber for me. And I couldn’t find that either even when I walked up and down the area looking for it. The Uber driver eventually canceled which made Maverick even angrier. He demanded I pay him back $45 for the bus ticket and $10-15 for the Uber.

It was 11 pm and all the passengers were gone. I at first managed to stay in the hotel lobby (since my bus dropped us off at a hotel) but was eventually kicked out since it was after a certain time. So I’m sitting on a bench outside, by myself, freezing while trying to find somewhere to stay in. In the end, I couldn’t find anywhere since the city is normally expensive so hotels/motels range anywhere from $150-$200 a night. I’m getting petrified because my hometown is knowingly one of the most dangerous cities in my state and is known for having a lot of crime, especially for human trafficking so naturally, I was watching my back 24/7.

Maverick then told me he told his friend, Ramiro (early 20s m), and that even Ramiro said that I was a manipulative a**hole, who deserved to be called a b*tch and to be left out there. He’s not only allowing Ramiro to talk badly about me behind my back but to also harass me. It gets messy and Maverick then says he’d gonna tell my best friend, Edwin (22m) about this. I was so done at that point. For a moment, I genuinely thought something was gonna happen to me. Homeless men were trying to talk to me, and I didn’t feel safe at all. Maverick did offer to get me another Uber, but I declined because I didn’t feel safe staying with him.

I then decided to call Edwin, not intending on telling him anything about the situation but to ask if he knew anyone in the city I could stay with. It's past midnight. Edwin said he know no one asides from Maverick and asked what was going on. I didn’t want to pour everything out, so I gave him a short summary trying not to go into detail. I think Edwin took it as “Maverick forgot about her” because he called Maverick demanding he picks me up. I told Edwin that I didn’t feel comfortable staying with Maverick, to which, Edwin explained that it was the best option since I was his responsibility the minute I got off the bus.

I felt bad because I did not intend of dragging Edwin into it, but I did. I was getting even colder, so in that moment staying with Maverick was my only choice. Maverick came to pick me up 10 minutes later. Because of how cold I was, I could barely walk properly. When I got in his car, I was shaking and didn't even look at him. We went straight to his apartment, and the only amount of energy I had left was to take my makeup off and pass out on his bed (as in sleep btw lol). I remember looking at the clock and it was almost 1 am.

The next day, I woke up at 1 pm after Maverick demanded I wake up. Even though he normally wakes up around the same time or later. We kinda talked things out, but there was no coming back from this. He pretended like nothing happened and took me out to a nice restaurant later that night and paid for both of our meals. I was still in disbelief. And the thing is, he still believed I was in the wrong and took it as if it was both of our faults due to a "miscommunication". Even when I tried talking about it, he would get angry and expect me to move past it.

I think my feelings for Maverick died that night. It was the most dangerous night of my life, and I don't think I've ever been more shaken about a situation than the one he put me in. I am no longer dating Maverick, so he's long out of the picture. The fact that he still thinks I deserved what happened and that I was at fault is scary. I initially made an AITA post about this situation shortly after it happened and was voted NTA. I showed Maverick the post and even the comments calling him out on his behavior. All he said was and I quote "I feel like they're not getting the whole story". Then he went on to say that the AITA post ruined our relationship and demanded I made another one showing the chat logs instead. I genuinely feel like anything could've happened to me that night especially as a woman alone at night in a city.

I apologize for this post being a lot longer than intended. It was just a lot to unpack.
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2023.05.28 22:39 Mango9990 Falsly accused of academic dishonesty on a Sunday. Having an emotional & physical breakdown.

I received an email at 1am last night stating my midterm was flagged for cheating. I woke up to this email. This midterm was done online with zoom cameras on. When I joined the online exam room, no one had their cameras on. I sent an anonymous question to the teacher through zoom asking if we need our cameras on. I sent it anonymously just because I was embarrassed I guess. I got no response for 5 minutes. The exam "open" time had already begun so I began writing the exam.
I was afraid if I didnt start the exam right at the time THEN I would be flagged for dishonesty because then the opportunity for other students to send me answers could be accused. From my point of view no one had their cameras on. I began writing the exam, and periodically checked back to the zoom tab to see if the prof had responded to my message. After about 5 minutes he responded. Then I turned my camera on. From that point on I never left the exam tab.
I now got a message saying Ive been flagged. I'm assuming its because I switched to the zoom tab to see if the prof responded.
Since this is a summer course im afraid the prof wont meet me In person. I need to meet in person to get this cleared up ASAP. My small apartment is underground and right next to my landlord so im terrified if I do the meeting over zoom I wont be able to express myself correctly and the connection may cut out.
I cant eat. My brain feels like its blowing up. My heart rate hurts. Ive been shaking. I feel like ive done 10 lines of COKE. IM FREAKING OUT. IM ANGRY. I FEEL OFFENDED.
What if he cant meet me in person since its a summer course and im forced to shitly defend myself THROUGH ZOOM IN A BASEMENT WITH NO WIFI AND A LANDLORD LISTENING NEXT DOOR.
The fate of my future is in the hands of a random person.
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2023.05.28 22:39 Homelander88 *SPOILER* Ichigo as Soul King

So, for those who finished the Manga and CFYOW only. SPOILERS.
So, we know that the 5 families beseeched the Soul King to split the primordial world into the 3 worlds it currently is. The Soul King created the dangai and precipice worlds, made Heuco Mundo, the living world, and soul society. He also preserved and placed Hell where it is. presumably, he also built the infrastructure keeping the world running smoothly. we assume that the mechanism through which souls move from the living world to soul society was made by him. Through obvious deduction, we can say that the reason souls go to soul society instead of heuco mundo upon their death is because the soul king made things that way.
This leads to the question of whether or not the soul king was the one to setup the rules of who goes to hell or not but that is a question for another day and post.
We know the soul king made all this and that for a time all was good. We know that one of the clans (the tsunayashiro) were very paranoid and fearful of the soul King's power. we know that they eventually conspired and convinced the rest of the 5 clans into attacking and butchering the Soul King in order to limit his power. They attacked and we know from Ichibei that the soul king did not fight back. We can assume they would all be creamed if he wanted to kill them. No Ise family sword would stop the soul king if he wanted to destroy the clans.
Things moved on and the soul king was cruelly, and brutally butchered. They severed his limbs and took out his internal organs leaving him half dead and half alive. We do not know if the soul king even has a brain left.
However, the soul king was the "Soul King /Reio" for a while and was keeping the world and everything working before they butchered him. I want you all to remember this very important point. The soul king was butchered due to paranoia and fear of his power. NOT because it was a requirement.
So, having established that, why would Shunsui and Ichibei be acting as if butchering ichigo was a necessary step in making him king? shunsui acted like he wanted to not do it but that he had no other choice. Why plan to butcher ichigo? Ywach was soul king for a while and was walking around fine. the worlds were not falling apart while he fought Aizen & Ichigo.
Why couldn't ichigo be perfectly fine and living normally while holding the soul king position?
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2023.05.28 22:38 Stupidusername094 Is contacting my rapist after a year a bad idea?

So I think I want to try and contact my rapist but I can’t speak to friends about it as I know they’d probably discourage me. Basically, I never got to speak to my rapist about what happened, I wasn’t even the one that told him my ex bf did and he wasn’t very adamant about keeping us apart. I think this has left me feeling in a strange bubble for the past year as I never actually got to speak to him face to face about it. I have a lot of irrational fears associated with him, like thinking he’s there etc and I’m not sure if seeing him in person as a real person will make those feelings lessen or worse. I never went to the police but I don’t believe he’d harm me or anything like that. He never apologised to me and I know it’s really wishful thinking but part of me thinks if I can speak to him in person or on the phone he’d apologise and he just didn’t do it in text as it would be an admittance of guilt. He apologised to the other girl he did this to and I think I’m jealous of that. I just wanna know he’s sorry so I can move on but I don’t need it like that’s not the sole reason I want to speak to him I just kinda want to say it to him myself . I want that autonomy back? Is this a terrible idea?
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2023.05.28 22:38 tiffanybredfeldt Tiffany Bredfeldt Tiffany Bredfeldt TCEQ Tiffany Bredfeldt Phd Images

Tiffany Bredfeldt Tiffany Bredfeldt TCEQ Tiffany Bredfeldt Phd Images
Tiffany Bredfeldt TCEQ Phd
In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art, certain individuals possess the ability to capture our imagination and leave an indelible mark on the artistic sphere. Tiffany Bredfeldt, with her distinctive vision and remarkable talent, has emerged as one such rising star in the world of contemporary art. This article delves into the captivating journey of Bredfeldt, exploring her artistic approach, inspirations, and the impact she is making within the art community.
Tiffany Bredfeldt TCEQ Phd
Unveiling a Unique Vision: Bredfeldt's art is a mesmerizing fusion of colors, textures, and emotions, which transports viewers into a realm where reality meets imagination. Her ability to reimagine and reinterpret the world around us sets her apart as an artist. Each brushstroke and composition carries a profound sense of purpose, inviting audiences to explore the depths of her creative vision.
Pushing Boundaries: One of the hallmarks of Bredfeldt's work is her fearlessness in pushing artistic boundaries. She fearlessly experiments with different mediums, techniques, and styles, constantly challenging herself to evolve as an artist. Whether it's through mixed media, abstract expressionism, or multimedia installations, Bredfeldt's versatility showcases her willingness to explore uncharted artistic territories.
Themes and Inspirations: Bredfeldt draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, ranging from nature's beauty to the complexities of human emotions. Her artworks often delve into themes of identity, spirituality, and the intricate connections between individuals and the world they inhabit. By infusing her creations with elements of introspection and thought-provoking narratives, Bredfeldt compels viewers to reflect on their own existence and the world surrounding them.
Recognition and Impact: Bredfeldt's rise in the art world has not gone unnoticed. Her innovative approach and artistic prowess have garnered critical acclaim and earned her a growing number of admirers. With exhibitions in renowned galleries and international recognition, Bredfeldt is making a significant impact on the contemporary art scene. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike are drawn to the evocative nature of her work, cementing her position as a rising star to watch.
Future Endeavors: As Bredfeldt's artistic journey continues to unfold, the future holds great promise. With each new creation, she pushes the boundaries of her craft, challenging herself to reach new heights of artistic expression. Exhibitions, collaborations, and ventures into new artistic mediums await, offering an exciting trajectory for Bredfeldt's career.
Conclusion: Tiffany Bredfeldt's ascent in the world of contemporary art showcases the power of a unique vision and unwavering dedication to artistic exploration. Her ability to captivate audiences through her thought-provoking creations has solidified her position as a rising star. As Bredfeldt continues to evolve and push boundaries, her artistic legacy is poised to make a lasting impact on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.
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2023.05.28 22:38 HorusApl ExeosCraft SMP McMMO Friendly Economy Semi-Vanilla 1.19.4

If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” that tries to bleed your wallet dry (oMg gUyS wiCk3d sAle oN tHe weBstOre), annoy you with their strange rules or unfriendliness, this is the place for you. We've designed our server to include lots of features to enhance gameplay without taking away from the classic Minecraft experience. Our welcoming and respectful community make the server worth the effort, we promise.
At ExeosCraft, we believe in creating a server that's built to last. Our server has been up since June 2020 and will never reset. Ever. We also have a 0% Pay-To-Win policy, ensuring that every player has a fair chance at success. Any donations offered to ExeosCraft that are not allocated to our ~$90/month operating costs are either given away to charity, or used to fund community giveaways. Neither the owner or staff will ever profit from the server. Ever. Not a single dime will reach their pockets, we do it for the love of the game and will continue to do so.
We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate speech, making ExeosCraft a safe and inclusive space for all players. Much of our staff is made up of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as many of our community members. We’ve also developed a firm chat bot that denies all forms of hate speech, without staff intervention.
Java IP: Bedrock IP: Discord:
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2023.05.28 22:38 HorusApl ExeosCraft [SMP] {McMMO} {Friendly} {Economy} {Pets} {1.19.4}

If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” that tries to bleed your wallet dry (oMg gUyS wiCk3d sAle oN tHe weBstOre), annoy you with their strange rules or unfriendliness, this is the place for you. We've designed our server to include lots of features to enhance gameplay without taking away from the classic Minecraft experience. Our welcoming and respectful community make the server worth the effort, we promise.
At ExeosCraft, we believe in creating a server that's built to last. Our server has been up since June 2020 and will never reset. Ever. We also have a 0% Pay-To-Win policy, ensuring that every player has a fair chance at success. Any donations offered to ExeosCraft that are not allocated to our ~$90/month operating costs are either given away to charity, or used to fund community giveaways. Neither the owner or staff will ever profit from the server. Ever. Not a single dime will reach their pockets, we do it for the love of the game and will continue to do so.
We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate speech, making ExeosCraft a safe and inclusive space for all players. Much of our staff is made up of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as many of our community members. We’ve also developed a firm chat bot that denies all forms of hate speech, without staff intervention.
World will *never* reset
0% Pay-To-Win
Level-up system to unlock all manner of perks
Land Claim
Strong economy
Monthly and All-Time Leaderboards
Hard Difficulty
Players majority vote on new updates/revised features
Java IP:
Bedrock IP:
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2023.05.28 22:38 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 696

Capes and Conundrums
The problem with playing Bane on the Venom, was that you had to let some things slide. If they got on your back they had a fifteen second countdown until you can get them off. And you’re not allowed to simply fall backwards to crush them. Slam them against a wall or scrape them off with something. Or teleport, or call in your nearby backup or any of the thousands of other things you can do when you’re the size of a van and someone’s on your back.
The feather-light punches of the kid venting all his fury and frustration feels more like a light massage than anything else. Santiago is FAR from a weak enough to be really hurt by this. There had been a bit of a miss-scheduling and they had to shuffle things around a bit. But since the tests were still in a prototyping stage all they had to tell him was that after the third test things shifted fast and hard.
So after the kid had proved that his cloaking skill made him functionally immune to anything the patrolling robots could use to find him. The more elite guards could actually spot him, but the normal sensors couldn’t so he triggered the false alarm flag and eventually the wailing elite bots were just following him without effect. As after five to ten alerts without results and the other bots would start to randomly ignore the elite ones.
He finished up just as the hunter would begin their sweep and now he was having a big, dumb wrestling match with Bane. The emphasis was on Big and Dumb as Albin could very, very easily maintain his cloak without issue and Bane canonically cannot see the invisible.
He manages to throw off the kid after the countdown but as Albin is sent away he grabs a ‘venom tube’ and it’s torn away. That’s the last tube and he’s in a ‘vulnerable’ state and here comes the next to last part.
“You think this will bring you victory batman?! Do you think that this will stop me!? No! It has merely...” Santiago begins to rant before he hears a slight creak he has to ignore. He braces himself anyways and the prop light slams down into him and shatters.
“Over here Bane!” Albin announces from nearby, fading into visibility with a big smile on his face. Right now the last thing on his mind is how much things suck and he’s clearly having a hoot.
Santiago, as Bane, charges and the boy vanishes in another cloak to disguise the dive away from the charging behemoth and ‘Bane’ slams into the wall and hits the ‘power cable’ a blow that actually wins the kid the fight as Bane staggers back and falls to the ground.
Albin then spends a minute waiting for him to get up. This forces Santiago to break character a little.
“You won, confirm it by tying me up.” He whispers and Albin rushes out and grabs one of his still overinflated wrists and starts trying to drag it to his chest before trying for the other one. He’s under cloak the whole time until he rushes off and grabs some chains in the warehouse setting. He then ties up ‘Bane’s’ wrists and confirming the win.
There is a chime and Santiago sits up and pulls off the mask.
“Well done. We’re definetly going to have to retool the tests to accomidate species beyond Humans and Sonir, but you’ve shown us some more weaknesses for us to patch over.”
“Getting things perfect now?” Albin asks.
“Nothing is perfect, unless you count perfectly deluded. Which is where most assumptions of perfection come from. We didn’t consider the sheer stealth abilities of a Yauya, even one that’s not much for hunting. This last test was supposed to be a huge challenge, you made it into a joke.”
“Am I in trouble?”
“Oh no, remember, you’re a civilian consultant here to help us poke holes and test the test. You did your job exactly as requested, why would you be in trouble?” Santiago asks as he easily slips off the chain and tosses it away even as it fades away and the holo-chamber begins to reset. “Still, you did pass all four levels. The badge is yours if you want it.”
“... I think I do. It would make an interesting souvenir. At least...” Albin’s mood visibly falls. “At least it would be a happier one compared to...”
Santiago puts an arm around his shoulders.
“I know. But the sad part about life is that death is tragically a part of it.” Santiago says. “But... would you like to know a belief of my people?”
“Of humans?” Albin asks.
“Of Mexicans, the kind of human I am.”
“Oh... alright.”
“The dead live in paradise, so long as they are remembered. It is only the forgotten who are gone.” Santiago says before grinning. “And I am unsure which day it is here on Skathac, but there are even days where the departed have divine permission to visit. To see those they love, to aid them even...”
“That... that sounds nice.” Albin says and Santiago pats him on the shoulder before pulling away.
“It is. Now, let’s see what our official observers thought of everything. And that rather big hole you poked in our testing parameters.” Santiago says.
“Thank you all for joining me. I am Doctor Malaise, I am a psychologist and family councillor. I have been hired to help sort out the issues with your family. Now before we begin, do be assured that your brother Albin Shadow is safe and in good physical health while also receiving a level of help for his issues.”
“What kind of help? Where is he?! What’s going on? How angry is he?” One of the older sisters immediately asks and Doctor Malaise holds up a hand for silence.
“He is currently working as a civilian consultant to The Undaunted branch in this city. This is helping him psychologically by distracting him as he also vents his frustrations. As part of his payment, I’m here to help sort things out.”
“Oh... uhm... what’s he doing?”
“That’s not important at the moment. What is important is my hearing your side of the story. From all of you as you can.” Doctor Malaise says and there’s some nodding. The five girls across from her have their parents behind them and the rest of the sisters are looking in from the next room. With a touch of Axiom Doctor malaise sends a swirl of energy to activate the button needed to close the door.
“Now, I’ve been made aware that Albin was suffering under Gurana’s Syndrome when he was young. How did this effect your view of your brother?” Doctor Malaise asks and all five girls try to speak at once and after a moment Doctor Malaise holds up a hand and then points to the right most girl. “You start please.”
“He was just so fragile! When he was small he was going to break and I was so worried when I learned that normal boys weren’t always that frail! And then... then he’s just not... he’s not getting much stronger. He’s going to be eaten alive and pushed down into nothing in the future! He may have shaken off the Gurana but he’s going to be broken like a twig when he leaves home! He needs to be stronger!” The first sister says and Doctor Malaise holds up her hand to stop anything more from coming out.
“So in summary you’re afraid that your brother’s gentle dispossession and relative frailty means he’ll be badly hurt or abused later in life?”
“And what is the intent of your actions? Trying to force him on a hunt by kidnapping his pet is more than a little extreme.”
“If he can get good at hunting he’ll be able to get some respect. If he can keep up with us he’ll be strong enough to dictate his own life. Yes, it’s bad. But I’m his older sister. I need to help him.”
“Vusira...” One of the mothers states.
“It’s true though! I’m his big sister! It’s my job to...”
“Vusira we talked about this.” The mother repeats.
“Perhaps that conversation can be saved for later. But suffice to say, trying to toughen someone up rarely actually gets positive results. It almost always leads to nothing but resentment and a damaged relationship.” Doctor Malaise says. “Now, if you could tell me about the incidents with Beaky?’
“Incidents?” Vusira asks.
“The finding of Beaky, the numerous kidnappings and this final, fatal incident.”
“Not much to say. We went Tharaso hunting and instead he comes back doting on a freshly hatched one. It was weird, but it made him happy so that was fine. After that it was the best way to get him hunting, the best way to get him stronger. Then... then the dumb thing dove off the rented ship without a damn shield and now everything went to hell.”
“Did you mean to hurt the animal?” Doctor Malaise asks even as her phone buzzes to indicate something is happening. She resolves to check it in a few moments.
“What? No! If there was anything that could get Albin outside it was the silly thing! I liked having it around. I don’t get it. Tharaso wings are food and prey, not family, but he liked it so I was fine with it! I really didn’t think that it would do something like that.”
“So you didn’t hear the shield device clatter to the floor? Or didn’t hear Beaky fussing with it?” Doctor Malaise asks.
“No, no I couldn’t hear it over the rumbling steam or the grinding sound of the Lava Serpent below.” Vusira says.
“I see, and why wasn’t Beaky in the pilot’s cabin?”
“The pilot was a local that really didn’t like Beaky. I didn’t think this would happen! I don’t want to hurt Albin, I want him stronger! I want him strong enough that whoever he ends up married to won’t just sit on him and crush out anything but what she likes!”
“And what if you making him stronger does that instead? Will it still be alright?” Doctor Malaise asks and Vusira looks haunted.
“I just... I just wanted to help. I don’t want to hurt him, but he’s so fragile that everything will.”
“I understand. It can be very, very hard to find a balance. Though please excuse me a moment, I have received a message.” She says before pulling out her communicator and she reads it twice to be certain. “How interesting.”
“What?” Vusira asks.
“As I said, Albin is serving as a Civilian consultant to pay for these services. In short there are a series of four tests that need to be tested. We didn’t expect him to go beyond the second. But he’s passed the fourth and final exam. Which is a massive stealth and evidence gathering operation followed by a fast paced brawl. He’s outright won.” She requests more information with a quick text back.
“How? Is he alright?” Thalison asks.
“I would have been informed if he was hurt. But I just requested more information. But this leans into what I was about to tell your daughter Vusira. You see young lady, there are many kinds of strength. Some of them are far more obvious than others. You and your sisters have one type of strength that is vastly praised and appreciated in many Yauya cultures.” Doctor Malaise begins. She receives her response to her inquiry but ignores it for now so she can continue this train of thought.
“Your brother very clearly has a different kind of strength. Because it takes immense patience, force of will and ability to learn and adapt for a person to rear and tame a wild animal. Most tamed species have been bred to encourage more passive or companionable behaviour. Beaky was not. Beaky was a wild Tharaso Wing and your brother likely got nipped, clawed, slashed and attacked in many other ways by the animal until he was able to teach it otherwise. Even a newborn beast can and will lash out. Your brother endured that and more, eventually turning something wild and dangerous and making it something, if not safe, then at least friendly.”
“... and I ruined that.” Vusira says lowly as her eyes widen. Oh boy, if this is going to go the way it looks like... “I’m a terrible sister...”
She has to cut this off. “You made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between making a mistake and being something terrible, is what you do with that mistake. Are you going to keep making it? Or are you going to do something different now?”
“And what could I do?!” Vusira asks.
“Well, he likes taming animals. You could help him get his next one. Or next several even. You can also take the time to help him with his passions. Be a part of it rather than someone who just stays apart. It may even encourage him to go hunting with you normally. But above all else, even if you do nothing else, you have to stop taking what’s his and holding it hostage to get him to do what you want. That is THE WORST thing you can do and to be frank, I’m shocked it took coming to Skathac for it to finally have such a terrible consequence. Beaky could have easily been eaten or injured in any of the other forced hunting trips.”
“However, you’re still alive and so is Albin. Which means you still have time to repair the relationship. It’s never too late to try again, no matter how terrible the situation may seem.”
“You really think that?”
“I believe that yes. I believe that of all things and all people. No one is beyond saving, and nothing is beyond help. So long as you’re willing to keep trying to be a better sister for Albin and try to be a better person overall, you’re not without hope. Understand?” Doctor Malaise asks and Vusira nods. The doctor then turns to the sister to Vusira’s immediate right “Excellent. Now miss..”
“My name is Fyline.” The girl says.
“Now Miss Fyline, could I get your part of the story. What did you think about your brother when he was young and suffering from Gurana’s Syndrome?”

First Last
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2023.05.28 22:38 wiredraz Concerns and advice about taking a kitty to my pet friendly apartment

TLDR: my family wants me to take a playful cat into a pet-friendly single room apartment while I am at college.
So, I have a sweet, friendly and playful “family” cat who is two years old now. I use the word family loosely, as the cat was essentially taken in by my sister at the worst possible time in our family life. Long story short, when at my parents home, the home is almost always empty. The poor guy gets very little attention, play time, and sometimes even care.
Now, I am in college. I have an apartment that I occasionally take the kitty to in order to pet-sit from time to time. I have always been his favourite of my family members as I am an introvert and am able put the most effort into caring for him. The apartment does allow for pets, and don’t mind a tenant having a kitty explore the hallways of the apartment.
As you may have guessed, my family wants me to take the kitty to my apartment forever. Of course, I love cat sitting him, he’s a little sweetie that keeps me occupied when I don’t have much work to do. This being said, I am still concerned about taking him in for myself completely. After all, I AM in my second year college. My work load will likely be higher, and I’ll likely need to spend more time campus. Additionally, my parents home is much larger than mine with a backyard that he loves walking around in.
Some info about the boy and the situation:
  • he is a half Maine coon and ragdoll cat, making him very social.
  • the apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom “studio” (In the sense that there is an open layout, as the kitchen and “dining room” are the same space)
  • There is a chance that if he does move in with me, he will not be totally alone, as my boyfriend is planning to move in by the middle of second to the start of third year (whom the cat loves very much.)
  • A MASSIVE concern of mine is the small complications that can come with a playful and hyper kitty in a small apartment. For instance, the room becoming covered in steam when cooking.
Thank you so much for any advice <3
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2023.05.28 22:38 rhpurdue77 Table has multiple positions per employee and I need a formula that returns the highest position

Hello guys,

I have a table of IDs, Positions and Payments.

There exists several of the same IDs with different positions knowing that certain people got promoted; for example ID #1001 can have Finance, Junior, - Finance, Senior, ID #1002 Can have HR, Senior, HR Junior, Head of HR,

So something table is: (Lets omit the payments for this example):

#1001 Finance, Junior

#1001 Finance, Senior

#1002 HR, Senior

#1002 HR, Junior
#1002 Head of HR

#1003 Sales, Manager

#1003 Sales, Junior

#1003 Sales, Senior

#1004 CEO

#1005 CFO

#1006 Engineering, Junior

#1006 Engineering, Senior

#1006 Engineering, Manager

#1006 Head of Engineering

The ranking is "C*, "Head of..", "Manager...", "Senior... ", "Junior..."

The return should be:

#1001 Finance, Senior

#1002 HR, Senior

#1003 Sales, Manager
#1004 CEO

#1005 CFO

#1006 Head of Engineering

In a new table, how do you solve this ?
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2023.05.28 22:38 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (2023)

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2023.05.28 22:38 Hefty-Walk4545 Stains on wall throughout apartment building

I’ve lived in this apartment for 5 years and have noticed these stains appearing in our unit and throughout the entire building (outside of our unit i can probably go find about 50+ of them in different hallways). They don’t really feel any different than the sheet rock but I’ve always been curious if I should be concerned. It’s an old wire factory in Rhode Island that was remodeled into apartments.
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2023.05.28 22:37 bondkiller Dealer overcharged us

Hello all, my partner and I purchased a Toyota and finalized financing yesterday. We agreed upon an OTD price with the sales person weeks ago when we placed the deposit on the car, but upon reviewing the contracts at home today we noticed we were overcharged on the OTD by $200. When I reviewed the financing paperwork I noticed they charged everything but the taxes separate from the OTD. No one informed us this would be the way it was and I’m not happy with the fact that we were misled.
We have not taken delivery of the vehicle yet, is there any recourse for us?
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2023.05.28 22:37 CattiDaddi [Artisan] Nick Artisan Keycap Sale

Whats going on familia! Another random ass sale, Nickelodean style! I plan on making some more characters with clay but I wanted to do these logos first. Brought out the KRUMM keycap I made from my earlier days for this one! Let me know if you'd like to see a certain character! Have a fun Sunday. Love yall!
🌮Ends: June 1st @ 12pm MST
🌮Fulfillment Sale
🌮Shipping: $6 CONUS/ $18 International
🌮Price: $35-60
🌮Grid profile Keycap w Cherry Stem
🌮Resin made and designed by yours truly
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2023.05.28 22:37 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (bundle edition)

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The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
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2023.05.28 22:36 Capital-Elephant-200 I (20M) need advice on how to ask one of my college sports team teammates (19F) on a date

I'm in college (20M) and I'm on the school triathlon team. I've been talking to a girl 19F who is on the team as well. I've known her for about a year and I like her. She asked me to her sorority date event (she called it her "sorority event" when she asked me) at a bowling alley which didn't go all that well. The environment/situation was a little bit awkward. A few days later I asked her if she wanted to hangout just the two of us, so we went for a two hour walk and talked which went moderately well; she seemed a bit guarded/standoffish but we had plenty of good conversation and there were defiantly moments where things were going well.I didn't really know what to make of that hangout/date and I didn't want to make the dynamic on the team weird or awkward if I played the situation wrong. So I just didn't talk to her about it/bring it up again (basically ghosted her) (facepalm).I really couldn't read her. I couldn't tell if she liked me or was just waiting until she had an excuse to leave. I could feel the rift in our friendship at practice over the next few weeks. We had a race and we avoided each other, the few times we interacted, it felt very clinical/utilitarian (no joking or anything like normal). Then 3-4 weeks after that race and with one of our bigger races and national championship coming up where we travel 15+ hours together and spend a few days together we got back to having fun/joking interactions with a little light flirting. During the championship race where we (the whole team of 20ish people) spent a few days together out of state, she seemed to have opened back up, she tried watching a movie with me and didn't have any issues joking around with me/talking to me. When we got back to the city where we go to school around midnight we got a ride from a friend back to where we live. Her and I sat in the back seat together and it just felt a bit awkward. After the championship we kept having good/somewhat flirty interactions (end of year party, practices, other social events). I had her bike pump, so when I was moving out of my place, I dropped it off at her place and I really wanted to talk to her about everything before she went to her hometown for the summer, but I wimped out. A few weeks into not seeing her over this summer (3-4 weeks), I texted her to ask how her summer was going and we've been talking (texting) everyday for the last week.
A few other things:
  1. She comes from money (sorority girl, drives a jeep, the whole nine yards), I'm the son of a carpenter and corporate recruter, both my parents went to college. The only reason I'm in school is because I got a scholarship (my family isn't poor by any means $100-200K/year two income family in a bigger city where that money doesn't go super far, but we have a house and two cars). I always though my family was very well off (which I still think we are, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have) I've spent the last few years of my life working on an ambulance and the last eight years building houses with my dad (homeschooled and worked full-time) which has given me a real view into how lucky I am. But to be honest, her family's money intimidates me a bit; she's pretty well adjusted for the kid of a hedge fund manager (or some kind of finance job). But the whole sorority thing scares me a bit, when I went to the date event, I didn't really know how to fit in or talk to the other guys there; they were talking about their houses, the private schools they went to and their fancy vacations. A whole nother level of rich I didn't know existed, apart from the redneck rich construction company owners that I knew, I never really knew or interacted with many people who's family had real money (worth 10 or 20 million or more). But when I went to this sorority event you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting 5 BMW driving, private school kids. That environment just seems fake to me, and I can tell that she acted different/more reserved around her sorority friends.
  2. When she's around her sorority friends, she's so proper, she doesn't talk as much, and she's more reserved. She seems like she's trying to fit in with them more instead of being herself. Same thing when we went on that walk, she seemed shy and more reserved than when we're together with the team. I get that it's a comfort thing; she's more comfortable around the team, so she's more relaxed and feels like she can be herself. I like her when she's who she is, so it makes me sad when she hides that.
  3. She's never been in a relationship. That's totally ok with me and I can relate, I didn't start dating until the end of my senior year. She hasn't ever had a boyfriend, or had sex or really done much other than kiss a guy. Again, thats totally ok with me, but its a bit intimidating. I care about her, I don't want to go to kiss her if thats a really big step for her. Or, I don't want to touch her at the wrong time when she's not comfortable with it. I've had sex, kissed women, all that, and I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. When we rode in the ride share together to the bowling alley, all the other guys sat next to their date and I left a seat between us (which I sort of regret), I didn't know if she meant for it to be a date or if she was just asking me as a friend so I left some space which later on seemed like a mistake. I just don't want to be creepy or make her fell uncomfortable.
How do I approach this situation? I like her, and I want to ask her out again/talk to her more, but she's out of town until school starts back in mid August. Do I just keep texting her until we get closer to school starting or would it be good to talk to her about how I feel more immediately? I don't want her to loose interest if I'm just texting her everyday for three months without it going anywhere. I don't really know what to make of the situation.
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2023.05.28 22:36 Last_Nights_Memories 31M[Friendship][Chat] Lazy Sunday where we look for interesting chats

Do you enjoy having something to eat when drinking a cup of coffee? Do you prefer milk or creamer? Thin crust or deep dish pizza? Tell me about the random things you find interesting or new stories you've come up with while going for a walk. Small talk is cool and all, but I've learned that you don't really make any lasting connections starting off that way. Telling me that your favorite color is red doesn't particularly set you apart unless you have some crazy story to go with it. "I once dropped red paint on this girl during prom and then made her have a mental breakdown so now my favorite color is red." Damn. Way more interesting.
Anyways, I'm sure you're also wondering about me. I'm a nerdy guy that enjoys gaming, tcg, stories that were drawn at some point. I am totally a homebody that would prefer to order some food and watch a movie, but I'm down to go out to explore the world with friends. I'll sing karaoke when comfortable, I'll stream my shitty gameplay for strangers on the internet, I will try spicy foods knowing I'll sweat like I ran a mile and then regret it 30 minutes later. Show me your pets, your cool hobbies, etc.
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2023.05.28 22:36 That_GuyIshere What to bring along

I've seen a couple of people make posts like this, and I was under the impression they'd be giving us a packing list, but there's a few specific things that have been bugging me.
What is the best phone plan to be on over in Japan? I've had a couple of people tell me you're going to want to switch (I'm on Verizon right now btw), but I was under the impression I'd have coverage so long as I slapped a regional SIM card in my phone. Kinda confused about that.
An extension of that, how readily available is WIFI? Will my apartment come with a plan typically or will I have to set that up myself before or after arriving there? I've heard some people talk about using pocket wifi in the interim and I've been considering that.
How much cash Yen am I going to want to bring with me? I've heard people toss around figures from 3500$ to 4000$ in terms of back savings as a cushion for the first month or so, but how much should I have on hand when I walk off the plane?
How readily available is allergy and dermatology medicine over there? Most of the stuff I use is OTC in the states but I've heard some of it isn't even offered in Japan or is prescription required.
What is the overall packing limit? I haven't seen anything in the documents yet or if there is I've overlooked it. Are we capped at a specific weight or baggage limit?
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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