Waikiki massage and foot spa llc

Enjoying a nice bath and giving myself a foot massage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! <3

2023.06.05 01:08 TootsiesGoneWild Enjoying a nice bath and giving myself a foot massage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! <3

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2023.06.04 19:20 BeyhiveMrsN Day spa suggestions

Hi everyone, I moved to Ireland less than a month ago and I’ll be celebrating one year of marriage with my husband later this month. I’d like to spoil him with a day spa package (massage, sauna, pool, cocktails, etc). Are there any good places you’d recommend in and around Dublin? My budget is approx 200 per person, hopefully much less. I’d be willing to go outside Dublin if accessible by train/bus. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 19:02 sadlamb1001 I want to go back to school to become a massage therapist, should I change my mind?

Throughout majority of high school and a little bit after, I was convinced I wanted to be a massage therapist. It spoke to me as a flexible career where I could help heal others in a nontraditional way. If I wanted to pursue further training and education down the line (esthetician, yoga, etc), I figured the flexibility and experience would help me out.
During the pandemic, I chickened out. Everyone told me that going into this field would be a huge mistake and I wouldn’t make enough to survive. I got scared, especially seeing businesses close during the pandemic. Instead, I went into a traditional 9-5 job. I absolutely hate it and am always searching Indeed for something different.
When I went to tech school, I worked part time at a spa that did massages and skincare, and I loved it. I had the most fun at that job, despite it just being front desk. The only reason I didn’t continue to do that part time with my main career is because of the drama at that particular workplace.
I’m debating going back to my original dream of doing massage therapy, but idk if I’m not thinking things through.
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2023.06.04 18:41 wyvwyv Inspired by the “Onion” headlines post, I asked for ten “Weekly World News” headlines.

Certainly! Here are ten fictional headlines in the style of Weekly World News, a tabloid known for its outrageous and often fictional stories:
  1. "Elvis Presley Spotted Alive and Working as a Pizza Delivery Guy in Small Town!"
  2. "Aliens Invade Earth to Steal All the Peanut Butter: Scientists Baffled by Extraterrestrial Cravings!"
  3. "World's Oldest Woman Reveals Her Secret to Longevity: Eating Only Cheese Puffs!"
  4. "Bat Boy's Secret Life Revealed: Turns Out He's Been Training as a Superhero!"
  5. "Giant Mutant Squirrels Found in Suburban Backyards: Residents Stock Up on Acorns for Defense!"
  6. "Bigfoot Opens Chain of Luxury Spa Retreats: Offers Deep Forest Massages and Mud Baths!"
  7. "Man Discovers Portal to Alternate Universe in His Basement: Now Commutes to Work via Wormhole!"
  8. "Zombie Apocalypse Averted: Boy Scouts Defeat Hordes of Undead with Wilderness Survival Skills!"
  9. "New Species of Talking Plants Discovered: Warns Humans About Fashion Disasters!"
  10. "Scientists Create Genius Chimp that Solves Complex Equations: Now Works as a Math Tutor!"
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2023.06.04 18:22 Ralfop Bath Massage Pad Perfect for your feet, promotes foot circulation Durable and easy to use, hang it up and let it air dry. Generous amount of cleaning bristles, long and soft enough to comfortably clean your feet. Suitable for man that always in flip flops. It gives a great massage as well as cleanin

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2023.06.04 17:02 Trialman AITA for on-the-clock WooHoo?

I’m a YA male who lives in Brindleton Bay with my close friend/potential WooHoo partner (The Watcher apparently is uncertain on where to take us), and her dad.
Since I haven’t had much to do without Watcher intervention, I eventually decided to take up a job at a clothing optional spa in Oasis Springs, handling a massage chair. It’s not a bad gig, even with that odd club of painters across the road who visit quite often.
On the subject of said painting club, things got quite bonkers during one of their visits. One of their members is a werewolf, and he was in his rage state at the time, and started to break the plumbing. I tried to read a book to distract me, when Father Winter suddenly showed up for a pedicure. I try to keep myself professional, even under the odd conditions of working in a clothing optional facility, and as such, was quick to oblige. At this time, a YA man with white hair and a large bald spot was watching, which was very weird, but I kept my composure and finished the job for Father Winter.
Afterwards, the white haired man introduced himself to me, let’s just call him Jim. He wasn’t much to look at, yet somehow, he managed to get me going, he was probably in a flirty mood. He was apparently the leader of the painting club, and I get the feeling he had purchased club benefits to make seductive easier. Eventually, he convinced me to WooHoo in the sauna with him.
After the action was done, Jim mentioned he had done enough to get the next emotion club benefit, so maybe WooHooing with everyone was a club activity. Either way, at this point, Father Winter came in and yelled at Jim for cheating, they were apparently married and one of them had an alien baby they were working to raise. Since they were preoccupied with each other, I headed back to my station, where the lady who lives next to the spa was waiting for service. I apologised for keeping her waiting, making up a quick excuse about another customer, and got back to work, trying to ignore the sounds of fighting from Jim and Father Winter, and the running water from the werewolf ruining the plumbing for the fourth time this week.
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2023.06.04 16:35 Affectionate_Room662 The Winx Club they Massage The Sailor Scouts

The Winx Club they Massage The Sailor Scouts
The Winx Club gives The Sailor Scouts a Massage
The Sailor Scouts they are Dismiss in School, After there school activities, projects, exams and more, Then the Sailor Scouts are very tired of school they think to go in massage parlors because there bodies are so tired of School activities, but the massage parlors are closed or else not available, Then they find the Winx club house and the they saw the tarpaulin a "Winx Club spa Free Massage", Then the Sailor Scouts they are enter inside the house and they saw the Winx club in the living room sitting in the couch The Winx club said "hello ladies do you want free massage on us we are massage therapist" the sailor scouts said "yes we want massage because our bodies are so tired in school activities" Then the sailor scouts and the Winx club they introduce each other, After that the Winx club they free to choose who is there costumer.
Bloom she choose Usagi Tsukino
Musa she choose Rei Hino
Stella she choose Minako Aino
Tecna she choose Ami Mizuno
Flora she choose Makoto Kino
Then they go to the five massage rooms and the Winx club they gives Sailor scouts a Sensual and gently massage
The Winx club they massaging Sailor Scouts Body, Back, Breasts, Shoulders, Head, Neck, Arms, Hands, Stomach, Belly, Legs, Thighs, Feet, Knees and Butt cheeks
Bloom she massage Usagi Tsukino
Musa she massage Rei Hino
Stella she massage Minako Aino
Tecna she massage Ami Mizuno
Flora she massage Makoto Kino
Then The Winx Club they put a massage oil or massage lotion gently to the sailor scouts body and the Sailor Scouts are feeling good in massaging there tired bodies
The Winx Club they gives a Extra Service of The Sailor Scouts
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2023.06.04 15:43 daryyyl My Personal Experience: A Singaporean Living in Bangkok

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.
Recently seen a lot of posts about moving from Singapore to another country and thought I would share my own experiences about moving from Singapore to Bangkok and some pros and cons of each location.
Please kindly take note that this is all from my personal experience and knowledge and may not apply to everyone.

I (30M) first experienced living and working in Bangkok due to an internship. The internship was mandatory but the location was not specified. I chose Bangkok having never lived there before and ended up liking it so decided to do another internship in Bangkok the following year. After completion, I managed to land a full time job in Bangkok and have been living in Bangkok for 7.5 years now. I am in the hospitality industry.

In order to stay legally in Thailand, you’ll need to be on the proper visa. You could come in on visa exemption and then do visa runs, but in the long run, it is not a viable option especially since immigration is cracking down on visa runs.
I have listed essentially the easiest visa’s to obtain to live in Thailand legally.
- Non-Immigrant B: Get hired by a company in Thailand, where they will issue you with a work permit and you are allowed to legally work in the role that is written in the work permit. The visa will be valid so long as you are employed.
- Non-Immigrant ED: Enroll into a language school to learn Thai or join a Muay Thai gym. Typically the visa lasts for a year. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O-A & O-X: Retirement visa, you need to be 50 years and above. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse): Get married to a Thai national. The visa is valid as long as you are legally married. Working on this visa is legal.
- Elite Visa: Essentially a paid visa that allows you to stay legally from 5 years up to 20 years. The price starts at THB 600K (one-time fee) up to THB 2M. Working on this visa is illegal.

Work Opportunities:
From the above mentioned visas, I only have experience with the Non-Immigrant B visa as I am employed in Bangkok. I may decide to change to the Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse) visa when I get married to my Thai partner next year.
Getting employed in Thailand is a route that a lot of people choose when first deciding to move to Thailand. There are essentially 2 options that someone could choose:
- Employee: Get hired by a Thai company. There are a list of prohibited jobs for foreigners in Thailand such as hairdresser, Thai massage, tour guide, legal services (you can be a consultant though). Legally there is also a minimum salary for foreigners to earn. For Singaporeans, the minimum salary / month is THB 45K however there are also loopholes in order for employees to avoid paying this much. This minimum salary does not apply to teaching. Some of the most popular jobs for foreigners are in education (teacher), tech, marketing, consulate / embassy, diving instructor, hospitality and work for an MNC.
- Business Owner: Opening your own business is another way to work in Thailand. The most popular registration choice for foreigners is to open a limited company. You will only have ownership of 49% of the company, and the remaining 51% needs to be owned by a Thai person. Many foreigners will put the 51% in their Thai spouse’s name. It is also possible to have 2 Thai’s own the 51% (25.5% each) so that the foreigner still has majority ownership. You can also then apply for a work permit however need to have four Thai workers per foreigner employed and THB 2 M in capital.

Salary & Income:
In general, the salary in Thailand is significantly lower than in Singapore, however the cost of living is also more expensive. My first salary in Bangkok was gross THB 45K / month, take home pay was around THB 38K. That is roughly S$1,500. I lived a mostly Thai lifestyle, with little to no savings each month. Thankfully I am now on a salary higher than if I was in the same position in Singapore. I would advise that a salary of THB 50K / month is the minimum that any Singaporean should be willing to take in order to move to Bangkok. Anything THB 100K / month and you’ll be able to live comfortably on a mixed of local + foreigner lifestyle so long as you have no kids or don’t intend to send them to international school.
The best is if you end up on an expat contract and you will have your basic salary (usually paid in USD) + housing allowance + yearly flight tickets back home + international school fees for your kids paid for. Obviously this is subject to the company but I have heard of people also getting transport allowance, grocery shopping allowance, company car and driver, live-in maid, etc.

Working Life:
Tasks in Singapore get done. And they get done fast. Singapore is efficient and as much as Singaporeans love queuing (for food), they also don’t like waiting. However, working in Singapore can be very competitive. The so called ‘rat race’ starts the moment you enter working life. Depending on the industry, overtime is often expected. The “kiasu” mentality in Singaporeans often causes the over-competitiveness at the workplace.
Working life in Thailand is quite the opposite of Singapore. Thai employees generally take things slower. Decisions that can be made in 1 day in Singapore, can take 1 month in Thailand. Many Thai workers just want to do their 8-10 hours a day, grab a beer after work, go home to sleep and then repeat the next day. Thai employees are also generally less competitive compared to Singaporeans, thus as a Singaporean working in Bangkok, I am able to stand out amongst my Thai colleagues and was able to progress much faster in my career compared to if I was working in the competitive Singaporean environment. In Thailand, “saving face” is very important especially at the management level. The practice of “saving face” is not something that many westerners understand and are used to, thus is often a disadvantage to them.

Condo, Apartments & Houses:
To be honest, I cannot speak about the Singapore property market and prices because I have no firsthand experience. I have never bought or rented any property in Singapore before. I can only share the prices in Bangkok for you guys to compare.
In Bangkok, a typical 1 bedroom condo (30 SQM to 35 SQM) can be found for THB 10K (S$388) to THB 15K (S$582) per month. These condos are typically within a 10 – 20 minute BTS/MRT ride into the city center. The further out you go, the cheaper condos are. Alternatively, the closer you are to the city center, the more expensive the condo’s get.
Local apartments are even cheaper and can be rented under THB10K per month. Some apartments even have rooms for rent that are THB 3000 (S$116) per month, however the room is usually quite small (20 SQM), has no kitchen, sometimes no hot water, sometimes no AC, and is in a very local area of Bangkok. It is literally a room with a bed and a bathroom inside.
There are also houses for rent in Bangkok. There are 2 major types of houses: the first are standalone houses and the second are called townhouses (essentially a house in a gated community). These can range from THB 25K (S$970) to more than THB 100K (S$3880) per month depending on the size, location, age, etc.
Alternatively, if you decide to, foreigners can also legally purchase condos under certain regulations. Every condo has a foreigner quota which essentially every condo need to be 51% majority owned by a Thai national. So if a condo has 100 units, minimum 51 units need to be owned by a Thai national. If the current condo only has 50 units owned by a Thai, then a foreigner is unable to purchase a unit in that condo project until 1 more unit is owned by a Thai. Condos can be bought starting from THB 1M (S$38.8K) to THB 100M (S$3.8M) depending on the size and location.
Owning land in Thailand by foreigners is not allowed. There are some ways and loopholes of getting around it such as setting up a business in Thailand. Lots of foreigners who marry a Thai national end up putting the land under their partners name and by getting a usufruct / right of superficies, it protects the foreigners in the sense that their partner would be unable to sell the land without the permission of the foreigner. It is honestly quite complicated and I personally went through this route.
The townhouse that I purchased cost around THB 12.5M (S$485K) and is roughly 250 SQM (2690 SQFT), with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with a decent sized garden and garage large enough for 2 cars. It is in a good location (not in the city center) with a 20 minute drive into the city center. With S$485K, I am not sure if you could even buy a 2 or 3 bedroom HDB in a not so desired district in Singapore.

Singapore has hawker centers while Bangkok has street food. Street food in Bangkok is cheap, usually starting from THB 40. Singapore hawker centers are relatively affordable although there have been a significant increase in prices over the past couple of years. There are also a wide variety of eateries from food courts to Michelin Starred restaurants, with lots of different types of cuisines in both cities. Prices in both cities can range from cheap to crazy expensive, so it really depends on what kind of budget and lifestyle you have.

Cost Of Living:
It is well known that Singapore has an expensive cost of living, while the cost of living in Bangkok is cheaper. It is not S$1 for a one beer kind of cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than Singapore. I have not lived in Singapore for the past 9 years so I am not in touch with the current prices in Singapore. So I will just share the prices in Bangkok.
Gym memberships in Bangkok are usually around THB 1000 (S$38) to THB 1500 (S$58) a month. A foot / Thai massage cost THB 250 (S$10) to THB 350 (S$13) per hour, a ticket in the cinema is about THB 250 (S$10). A drink in a bar is around THB 150 (S$6) to THB 250 (S$10) depending on the type of establishment. I could go on and on but in generally most things are cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore.

- Public Transport: Public transport in Singapore is reliable. Living in Singapore, it is generally convenient to take the bus and MRT for transport.
In Bangkok, if you live in the city center you will have no issue using only the BTS & MRT to get around. Buses are not reliable due to the sheer amount of traffic. Alternatively, using motorcycle taxis are also a viable option for short to medium distances. If you lived in the suburbs or even other provinces such as Chiang Mai & Phuket, you’ll either have to buy / rent a car or motorcycle, use Grab or a songthaew (shared pickup truck).
- Motorcycle Ownership: Purchasing your own motorcycle is also a popular option. A new Honda Click 150 can be bought for around THB 61K (S$2.3k).
- Car Ownership: The cheapest first hand car in Singapore is roughly around S$80,000 to S$90,000 (THB 2M to THB 2.3M). On top of that, Singapore’s COE in May (1st bidding) for CAT A closed at S$101,001 (THB 2.5M).
In Thailand, cars start around THB 500K. An entry level Mercedes Benz A-Class will cost around THB 1.9 M (S$74,000). Cheaper cars in Thailand do come with a price and that is the traffic in Bangkok. During peak period, expect your 15 minute car ride to extend to 1 hour or even more depending on your location within the city. Traffic in other provinces is generally much better compared to Bangkok.

Social Circle:
In Singapore, you generally already have a group of friends that you met since high school / university / army (for guys).
Unless you have family or friends already living in Thailand, you’ll need to start from scratch. The easiest way to make friends is usually from your workplace. Another popular option is to use apps such as Meetup.com and Tinder for dating. Some may find it hard at first to make friends with Thai people due to the language barrier if you do not speak Thai and they do not speak much English.

In Singapore, English is widely spoken. Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay are also used. It is easy to communicate with 99% of the population.
In Thailand, English is not widely used by everyone especially in the areas where there are no/less tourists. Signs (food, road, etc) can often be only written in Thai.

Domestic Travel:
Unless you consider taking the MRT to Sentosa domestic travelling, Singapore does not offer much domestic travel. In Thailand, a 1.5 hour plane ride can take you to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Khon Kaen, etc. While a 2 hour car drive can take you to Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, etc for quick weekend getaways. Singapore however, is a major hub in Asia and many international flights use Changi Airport as a hub. I also personally prefer Singapore Airlines to Thai Airways.

Safety & Crime:
Singapore is generally extremely safe. Chances of you getting robbed by knife are slim to none. In Thailand, it is also generally safe. Be smart and do not put yourself into dangerous situations and you’ll generally be fine. I have never gotten pickpocketed or robbed or scammed or anything of similarity over my years of living here.

This is the topic that I prefer not to talk about. In short:
- The Singapore government is stable.
- I have no comment regarding the Thai government, except let’s see what happens in the next couple of months.

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.

And that’s pretty much it. I do apologize for this being so long. I tried my best to share as much as possible without overdoing it. This post got taken down in askSingapore , so hopefully it doesn't break any rules of this subreddit.
If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to AMA.
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2023.06.04 15:15 BodyCareTech Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck and skin, body care, self-care, health care, massage therapy, spa day, skin care, self care

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2023.06.04 15:14 BodyCareTech Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck and skin, body care, self-care, health care, massage therapy, spa day, skin care, self care

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2023.06.04 14:31 sunil00021 My massage experience.

My flight landed late night yesterday, and i was too tired from the flight as well as my early morning work, so i decided to get a massage (it was my first time). I live in Jbr, Shams cluster. There are a few massage centers, so i went to one of them and got charged aed 180 for 60 minutes full body massage. Someone came in and told me to remove everything, i did, and i was only in my underwear, and the girl told me to remove that too in front of her. I was a bit hesitant and told her to turn around and get on the bed.
She started, i told her where to focus but she did not said a single word and keep doing whatever she like for around 40 minutes and the only word i heard from her mouth is if i want extra, hell no. I only want you to help my muscles get realx.
The rest of the 20 minutes again, a dead silence, i tried to talk to her to make the situation comfortable, but no response again.
Is it how the massage centers work here? Can someone please point me out to a more professional spa or company? I plan on getting a massage once a week due to workload and constant computer work on my chair for hours.
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2023.06.04 13:55 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-05-21 to 2023-05-27) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

Views Channel Video
587459 Latte ASMR Sleep Well Tonight🌙 ASMR
500558 Gibi ASMR ASMR | XXL Ultra Long Nail Tapping
446499 beebee asmr ASMR | Mic Gripping, Rubbing, Fast Aggressive Mouth Sounds w/ Mix of Soft Spoken & Upclose Whispers
428432 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 【ASMR】韓国旅行の購入品で音フェチ😴🇰🇷(囁き雑談/タッピング)
415285 Noel Ch. 白銀ノエル 【ASMKU100】5月病を吹っ飛ばせ♡お耳から元気注入!極上ASMR!【白銀ノエル/ホロライブ】
411370 ASMR Glow ASMR Goth Girl in the back of the class falls in LOVE with you
370835 뷰티포인트 Beauty Point 🧙 죽은 화장품도 살리는 마법사가 나타났다! ✨ | 힐링타임즈 EP.30 [ASMR] Satisfying Cosmetic Repair
330694 ♡Necoma Ch.♡猫羽かりん 【けもりふ】 【KU100/耳舐め】この舌技には抗えない♡絶対的にキモチイイ耳舐めASMR♡【音圧、密閉感、高音質】EarCleaning,Earlicking,Mouthsound,힐링,귀 핥기,舔耳
312259 Gentle Whispering ASMR Mirrored Touch • Soft Spoken • ASMR
310720 Brazilian Adventure ASMR Beach - Brazilian girl fishing and having barbecue on the beach
309580 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ASMR】※寝落ち注意!脳から癒されものすご~く眠くなる。不眠解消・炭酸・マッサージ・耳かきBrain Melting Triggers To Put You To Sleep【周防パトラ】
309159 Cleo Abrahams ASMR: I Tried a SMARTPHONE ADDICT Hand and Neck Massage!
307727 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Talking to You Until You Fall Asleep 😴💕 (long video!) ~almost~ 1 HOUR!
305436 DRIFT KING TELEVISION 【公式】土屋圭市、碓氷峠 ASMR 'USUI TOUGE initial d’
297742 [ASMR]nara_나라 ASMR(Sub✔)잠들 때까지 노곤한 이어테라피 샵 Comfortable Ear Therapy Shop Until you fall asleep Tonight
288560 RaffyTaphyASMR ASMR A Perfect Night for Good Sounds (Rain, Thunder)
276592 Ecuador Live Esperanza's soft spoken relaxation massage & energy cleansing for ASMR tingles, stress & anxiety
274307 Jojo's ASMR ASMR for people who DESPERATELY NEED sleep RIGHT NOW
273026 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Sleep Inducing Luxury Flight Attendant
268625 beebee asmr Visualization ASMR ( Hand Movements, Mouth Sounds, Personal Attention, Focus Triggers )
261723 ASMR Glow ASMR All Up in Your Ears
259703 ASMR PPOMO ASMR Make Your Eyes Heavy😴💤(For Sleeping, Brushing, Hand Movement, Inaudible whispers)
256553 asmr zeitgeist ASMR DREAMY TRIGGERS 💤 You Will Sleep to these Soothing Sounds and Gentle Whispers [Ear to Ear]
254851 uise iu.憂世いう ❤︎ ASMR / KU100┊ちゅぷん♡濃厚たまんない♡♡ご奉仕耳舐め♥ [ はむ/マッサージ/ear cleaning/ear licking/Mouthsound ]
247121 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Beard Trim + Barber Shop 💈♥️(roleplay)
243561 MaimyNyan ASMR ASMR Tingles down your spine
237055 FredsVoice ASMR Bob Ross Barbershop ✂️(Haircut & Shave)🪒💈ASMR💈
229979 FLO ASMR asmr puedes llegar al nivel 10 sin dormirte?
223113 Mol ASMR. ASMR diseño una casa en ASMR español
215887 edafoxx ASMR ASMR Mexico Hotel Room Tour 🇲🇽 Whispering, Lens Tapping, Scratching
215220 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR Sleep Like a Baby in 40 Minutes 😴🧡 (No Talking)
208985 ASMR Anil Çakmak ❄️FROST Asmr Massage In Real Barber Shop | Asmr Barber Massage
208704 TOKYO ASMR MASSAGE ASMR 眠れるヘッドマッサージ・ヘアカット・肩マッサージでストレス解消
207055 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR Twin Scientists Examine Your Alien Ears 👽 Unintelligible Whispers, CLOSE Ear Attention
206266 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【KU100 ASMR】 Onomatopoeia & fluffy ASMR triggers ♡ Whispers, ear cleaning, brushing
204279 Goodnight Moon ASMR Invisible Triggers (odd personal attention edition)
202567 ASMR KALI Tu es tombé, l'infirmière fait un check up pour vérifier que tout va bien | ASMR chuchoté
200581 LunaRexx ASMR ASMR click this if u don't know which asmr video to watch ✨ fast tingles for SLEEP in 10 minutes
199222 FrivolousFox ASMR THE *BEST* TYPES OF KISSES 💝(ASMR) (How did I forget these?!)
198879 RaffyTaphyASMR ASMR Can't Sleep? Good sounds will help.
198674 Moona ASMR 😳 150 TRIGGERS IN 10 MINUTES / АСМР 150 ТРИГГЕРОВ ЗА 10 МИНУТ 💤 Triggers For Sleep
196639 Mol ASMR. ASMR para dormir en minutos con ASMR español
193731 valoulette asmr. skincare but every trigger is mouth sounds💆‍♀️ [Custom Video for Adam]
190283 Chiara ASMR MICROFONO DA 1€ contro MICROFONO DA 2000€ | ASMR
189408 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Searching For Bugs!
189166 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Wet Mouth Sounds and Lipgloss Application
187471 edafoxx ASMR Weird Girl Clips Your Hair Back & Scratches Your Itchy Scalp ~ asmr personal attention 💚
183542 ASMR Anil Çakmak ZERO Stress Asmr Massage In Real Barber Shop
179711 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【ASMKU100】キチンとヒトリダチできるようにむっちりお手伝い♡ 【はみっ/耳かき/安眠/Vtube수면유도/掏耳朵】
175342 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR Ultimate Brain Melting Triggers 🤤 "3Dio" VS Dummy Head Mic "SAMREC 2700Pro"
174356 Celaine's ASMR ASMR FAST Eye Exam, Lens 1 or 2 Test 👓 Glasses Try-on, Light, Orbital, Eyes Closed Cranial Nerve
173629 Gibi ASMR Study & Work with Me (Thunderstorm, Dog Buddy, Timer Included!) Pomodoro
173547 Macoto ASMR まこと。 🔴[ASMR] 脳から癒す最強睡眠。疲れが取れる囁き/癒し/耳かき/マッサージ Triggers for Deep Sleep【睡眠導入/1300万円機材KU100】
172931 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Inaudible Whispering But With ECHO!
172213 Whispering Willow ASMR ASMR Getting Your Ready For Bed | Tucking You In ✨ (hairbrushing, skincare, layered sounds)
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2023.06.04 13:31 boredLeopard4587 Best Massage Chair Reddit in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for the best massage chair Reddit in 2023, you might be wondering how to choose the right one for your needs and preferences. There are many factors to consider when buying a massage chair, such as your budget, space, health conditions, and personal taste. You also want to find a massage chair that has good reviews and feedback from Reddit users who have tried it.

In this guide, we will help you find the best massage chair Reddit in 2023 by giving you some tips on how to choose a massage chair and recommending some of the top-rated massage chairs that have received positive feedback from Reddit users. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about massage chairs and provide you with some resources to learn more about them.

How to Choose a Massage Chair

When choosing a massage chair, you need to consider four main factors: your budget, space, health conditions, and personal taste. Here are some tips on how to evaluate these factors and find the best massage chair for you.


Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a massage chair. Massage chairs can vary widely in price, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the quality, functionality, and design. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a massage chair and what features are essential for you.

Generally speaking, the more expensive a massage chair is, the more advanced and comprehensive its massage functions are. For example, some high-end massage chairs can offer full-body massage, zero-gravity recline, air compression, heat therapy, music synchronization, and voice control. However, these features may not be necessary for everyone and may not fit your budget.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can still find some good massage chairs that can provide basic massage functions such as kneading, tapping, rolling, and vibration. You can also look for discounts, coupons, or refurbished models to save some money.


Another factor you need to consider when buying a massage chair is the space you have in your home or office. Massage chairs can take up a lot of space and may not fit in small rooms or tight corners. You need to measure the dimensions of the area where you want to place your massage chair and compare it with the dimensions of the massage chair you are interested in.

You also need to consider the clearance space around the massage chair for reclining and moving. Some massage chairs can recline up to 180 degrees or slide forward to save space. You need to make sure there is enough room for these functions without blocking any doors, windows, or furniture.

If you have limited space or want to move your massage chair around easily, you can opt for a portable or foldable massage chair. These types of massage chairs are usually lighter and smaller than regular massage chairs and can be stored away when not in use.

Health Conditions

The third factor you need to consider when buying a massage chair is your health conditions. Massage chairs can offer various benefits for your physical and mental health such as relieving stress, pain, tension, fatigue, improving blood circulation, posture, flexibility, mood, and sleep quality. However, some massage chairs may not be suitable for certain health conditions or may require medical consultation before use.

For example, if you have any injuries, inflammation, infections, fractures, or wounds on your body, you should avoid using a massage chair or consult your doctor first. If you have any cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease, you should also be careful with using a massage chair or seek medical advice first. If you are pregnant or have any other medical conditions that may affect your sensitivity or response to massage therapy, you should also check with your doctor before using a massage chair.

You should also pay attention to the intensity and duration of the massage sessions. Some massage chairs can offer adjustable levels of intensity and speed for different parts of your body. You should choose the level that is comfortable and safe for you and avoid overdoing it. You should also limit your massage sessions to no more than 15 to 30 minutes per day or as recommended by your doctor.

Personal Taste

The last factor you need to consider when buying a massage chair is your personal taste. Massage chairs can come in different styles, colors,
and designs that can match your personality and preferences. You should choose a massage chair that appeals to you aesthetically and functionally.

Some people may prefer a more traditional or classic look for their massage chair while others may like a more modern or futuristic look. Some people may prefer a more soft or plush feel for their massage chair while others may like a more firm or sturdy feel. Some people may prefer a more simple or minimalist design for their massage chair while others may like a more complex or sophisticated design.

You should also consider the user-friendliness and convenience of the massage chair. Some massage chairs can offer easy-to-use controls such as remote controls, touch screens, or voice commands. Some massage chairs can also offer smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, speakers, or memory functions. You should choose a massage chair that is easy to operate and customize according to your needs and preferences.

Best Massage Chair Reddit in 2023: Recommendations

Now that you know how to choose a massage chair, here are some of the best massage chairs Reddit in 2023 that we recommend based on our research and experience. We have selected these massage chairs based on their features, quality, performance, reviews, and feedback from Reddit users who have tried them.

Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair is one of the most popular and best-selling massage chairs on the market. It offers a full-body massage with zero-gravity recline, air compression, heat therapy, and six pre-programmed modes. It also has a user-friendly remote control, a built-in speaker, and a timer function. It is available in four colors: black, brown, charcoal, and cream.

Reddit users who have tried this massage chair have praised its comfort, quality, and functionality. They have also reported that it helps with pain relief, relaxation, and stress reduction. Some of the drawbacks that they have mentioned are its weight, size, and noise level.

This massage chair is suitable for people who are looking for a comprehensive and advanced massage chair with zero-gravity recline and heat therapy. It is also suitable for people who have moderate to high budgets and enough space in their homes or offices.

Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

This massage chair is another great option for a full-body massage with zero-gravity recline, air compression, heat therapy, and four pre-programmed modes. It also has a computerized body scan, a three-stage foot massage, and a spinal decompression feature. It is available in two colors: charcoal and chocolate.

Reddit users who have tried this massage chair have complimented its comfort, quality, and performance. They have also reported that it helps with pain relief, relaxation, and blood circulation. Some of the drawbacks that they have mentioned are its weight, size, and customer service.

This massage chair is suitable for people who are looking for a full-body massage chair with zero-gravity recline and heat therapy. It is also suitable for people who have moderate to high budgets and enough space in their homes or offices.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

This portable and foldable massage chair is a great option for those who are looking for a relaxing massage without breaking the bank. It features a variety of massage modes, including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and rolling, as well as heat therapy. The chair is also adjustable to fit different body types and can be used on any chair, sofa, bed, or car seat.
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2023.06.04 12:35 Expert-Ad-6339 Uncommon Heel Pain

Chronic pain in both heels at least 2 years now. Starting at the same time, no trauma to blame. Tests and treatment done so far with no luck. *Orthopaedics custom made. *Acupuncture in Calf’s *U/S *Mild Bursitus discovered *U/S guided steroid injections *Cured Mild Bursitus but did not cure the pain. *Bone scan, radiation injection *MRI *CT Scan Saw a foot and ankle specialist and he has referred me to a pain specialist because he has no idea what is causing the pain. Pressing on heel with massage will not cause pain. Pain is instant when standing or walking. Worse when in bare feet on hard surface. Pain gets worse the longer am on feet. Registering pain in back of heel also when resting foot. Pain is an 8/10 by the end of a 8hr work day on my feet. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers in Advance.
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2023.06.04 11:56 lifelog_ Trip Report- Day 1 - Pattaya, thailand (solo)

24M - Was getting bored of the day to day and the heat back home in dubai is just too much. So decided it was time for a mix up. So decided on going to start my travels for 1-3 months and just taking it day by day. First destination on the list… THAILAND.
Note: I will be super blunt and sometimes explicit, outlining each individual day to give you a strong feel of what this trip was truly like.
Saturday - June 4th
Flew in on a red eye, and checked into my hotel, “The one patio hotel”. Nice hotel, great AC and awesome location. Spent the first few hours just trying to get my bearing. Dubai and thailand are very different.
Although it almost seems like thai people fear westerners. Anyways, decided to pickup some weed for later. Went to some dispensary down the street. Was then recommended to get BOLT, made getting around much cheaper then apps like grab.
Then decided it was way too hot and I’m gonna need to get a bike, got a basic bike for 500baht (per day) after checking several places and them all being out of stock, I just settled on overpaying. Knew I was getting way ripped off.
After then realizing how bad the traffic on pattaya beach decided to go to the mall (attached to Hilton hotel) and park up and grab food.
I was starving, didn’t eat for like 8 hours since before my flight.
Went to the food court, got one of those cards where you load a balance. Ps. The food sucked. Got like a wonton soup and it tasted like water.
Then went on to shop and pickup some socks and a pair of shorts because my idea was to pack 4 day worth of clothing and figure it out as I go. (This mall looked like something straight out of North America)
After decided to go get a massage next door, which was only alright. Definitely had better.
Went back to the hotel to change, was too hot and then thought lets go do some touristy stuff - so the sanctuary of truth sounds interesting lets go.
Arrived at 5:30 via BOLT and found out I missed the last tour, so paid 50 baht to just see it from a distance and wow was it gorgeous. Definitely a place worth checking out.
Now realizing it was starting to get dark I headed back to the hotel grabbed my bike to head back to pattaya beach to chill with a beer and watch the sunset.
To be real the beach was only alright. Kinda subpar, and dirty. But still a great sunset the sky turned like a solid purple after for like an hour. Very cool, never seen that before.
Now time to eat again got some amazing fried chicken in front of the same mall as before at this place called yummy fried chicken. This is probably one of the highlights of my day. Then went on to the terminal 1 market (don’t recommend) and had some shitty noddle dish. Very unmemorable and thats saying much being I decided to smoke my joint from earlier and it was still bad 😂.
On the list next, walking street. Apparently what pattaya is famous for and guess what it was closed due to Buddha day according to locals.
So read on reddit I have to try something called a “soppey”. This was subpar, maybe the girl I chose but Saigon does it better 😅.
Then decided i was hungry got some street food across from my hotel - kababs, was awesome. Spicy as all hell though. Grabbed some mango sticky rice. My favourite!!!!
Then went for a foot massage and headed home and watched Netflix and ate the sticky rice.

Overview: Crazy busy day as a solo. Sucks it was buddha day but made the best of it and had a blast. Although Pattaya is not for me, too wild west for my taste and not much thai local food and way touristy.

Tomorrow: Off to Bangkok! 🙃
P.s. would love feedback, new to this so the style may be way out of wack!!!
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2023.06.04 10:37 yvanylf what's the best spa (or high-end hotel with a spa) in shreveport? I'm from out-of-town and want to treat some friends to massages

money isn't really an object, just looking for a place that would have the best experience
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2023.06.04 08:19 hesitant--alien Recap - MBMBaM 662: The Consequence Race

As table setting, I haven’t listened to MBMBaM in three years, give-or-take, so I have no clue what the modren era (😎) of the show is like. However, I have been hate-listening to a movie podcast enough that I’ve actually turned a corner into liking it, so I feel spiritually ready for this. Plus I’m a little drunk, which has never been a bad decision for anybody ever.
0:00 - I’ve always kind of disliked the intro, especially the “cool baby” part, and sadly that has not changed with time.
0:20 - First time hearing the new theme song, which is fine if a little twee for my taste. I weirdly hate how they deliver the “1, 2, 3, 4” up top, but that’s just nitpicky. We can’t all be DeeDee Ramone, you know?
1:10 - Introductions. Travis introduces himself as “noted intellectual and middlest brother”, and Griffin just says “…And I’m Griffin… McElroy”. I didn’t laugh, but I did actually find that slightly funny, so I’m optimistic for how this goes.
1:35 - Justin has invented a new game that he wants to play called “Simply the Guests” where he tells them who guested on a celebrity’s podcast and they have to guess the celebrity. Travis points out that the title is a touching tribute (to Tina Turner, he clarifies a few seconds later) and there’s a bit where Justin and Griffin pretend not to know she died that Justin interrupts with a parody song. Is this too soon? I can’t tell, but I also only get my celebrity death news from Simpsons memes.
2:31 - I’ve had to pause and restart enough times that I’ve realized how shitty the web player is, since I have to click like three times before it registers as being on the page and actually trying to play instead of just highlighting the button, and if I try to click the 15 second rewind button it usually skips to the ~11 minute mark right above the button. However, I refuse to actually download the episode because if I do that, Jesse Thorne wins.
2:58 - Justin only has one round prepared, but expects it will take longer than they expect. Griffin rightly questions if it’s actually possible to play this game based on the information that will be provided. Travis says that sometimes when he comes up with a game, it’s like when you start off at level 1 fighting Sephiroth and die, but it just takes you to a cutscene and is all part of the game. I’m struggling to think of games he’s come up, which is maybe a metaphor for how I never finished FFVII. Justin says it should be easy if their heads are on a swivel, and 50-50 if they’re half paying attention.
4:30 - Justin is giving the guests in order as they’ve appeared: Billy Ray Cryrus, John Carter Cash, Billy Bush, Albert Pujols. Griffin laughs and makes a joke about how his head is on a swivel but it hurts, and I’m shocked and a little disappointed that it wasn’t a joke about how one of the greatest Cardinals of all time has a name that’s pronounced “Poo Holes”.
5:00 - The next guests listed Adam Carrolla, Clint Black, and Gary Busey. Travis incorrectly guesses Blake Shelton. Justin says Katie Couric was the next guess, and Griffin’s postulation of Kevin Sorbo is apparently pretty close.
6:10 - Dr. Drew is the next guest. Travis asks if they would be willing to guest, and Justin says he likes to think they’d have a nice long talk about it. Griffin guesses Randy Quaid. Justin neither confirms nor denies, but instead finishes listing the guests - Sharon Stone, Martin Short, Mike Lindell (the MyPillow CEO), Jim Brown, and Anthony Fauci. I actually kind of like this game, because what the fuck?
8:40 - Justin says he’ll give them an episode title for any celeb mentioned. Travis picks Sharon Stone, who covered “Pandemics, Social Justice Movements, and Animal Actors”. Griffin picks Pujols, who covers “Baseball, Downs Syndrome, and Living the American Dream”, and asked if there were other baseball players on the list.
10:05 - Justin admits he skipped Jimmy Morris because he didn’t know who that is. I didn’t either, but I have the power of Google and in the time it took him to explain why he was skipped, learned that he starting playing for Tampa Bay Devil Rays when he was 35 and The Rookie was based on him.
10:30 - Travis and Griffin discuss “Sorbo adjacent” celebrities and Justin scolds them for not talking to each other, saying that’s what a podcast is and that he’s trying to do a podcast. To paraphrase a joke from Jon Gabrus, it’s three straight white men talking, we already know it’s a podcast.
11:30 - Travis suggests Dennis Quaid, since he has a strong connection to baseball and Christ. Griffin agrees and Travis is in fact correct. Ironically, that means that Jimmy Morris was probably the most helpful clue, since Dennis Quaid starred in The Rookie. Justin offers a bonus for naming the show, and says it’s something with “Dennis”. Griffin accurately guesses “The Dennissance”.
13:45 - Justin mentions Morris was the titular rookie, and claims that people forget Dennis Quaid. They discuss the Quaid siblings a bit and advise Dennis to get back in the podcasting game.
15:15 - First question of the episode: “My boyfriend and I were looking for a bar before your Columbus TAZ show and walked by one that looked empty and not our vibe, but it had tinted windows so it was hard to tell. We walked to another bar and inside the door person flagged us down and said someone was looking for us. We were already inside this other bar when the woman who was working at the first bar said she saw us looking in and said “Please come into my bar - we have cheaper drinks. We were confused and startled and decided to stay at the bar we were already at, but we weren’t sure if we regretted it because this person went to the effort to chase us down half a block, cross a busy street, went through a revolving door to get to us. Also, the drinks at the bar were expensive. Should we have gone back to the other bar instead?” - Confused in Columbus. Not to brag, but I’ve been to a lot of bars in my lifetime and can say with some confidence this didn’t happen.
16:05 - They immediately answer that, no, they should not have gone back to the other bar. Travis accurately points out that weird pursuit aside, if they have that little business then 100% of the focus would be on them. Griffin thinks they would have had a tremendous amount of power and would get their drinks immediately, and the bartender might have cool stories. They discuss how bad the design of this bar is that it’s impossible to see inside, both because they crave attention and so that someone will notice in case they go missing.
18:45 - Travis says if he ran a restaurant across from another restaurant, he would go up to patrons at the competitor and try to lure them away. Apparently Tom Green did this with pizza delivery as a TV show, and Justin thinks he would have Shark Tank’d it if it was a viable option.
19:36 - Travis says Tom Green would’ve probably called it “Shart Tank”. I laughed out loud.
20:00 - Griffin says in Austin they basically have to have barkers for the various bars given the amount of competition for foot traffic and Justin thinks they should just go for hyper-local advertising.
21:00 - Travis offers Griffin an investment opportunity, claiming he needs angel investors. Justin is incensed that he isn’t offered the chance, and Griffin says it’s because he has no money but maybe his “crypto shit’s gonna pay off some day”. Justin says he doesn’t have “crypto shits unless I’ve been eating cryp-tacos” (Griffin pitches crypto-salsa) and that Superman hates cleaning up Krypto shits.
21:44 - Travis points out that Superman named his dog after a thing he hates. I swear this had to be a Seinfeld joke at some point, since the two things I know about Jerry Seinfeld are (a) he loves Superman and (b) he’s not funny. Actually, I know a third thing, which is that he dated a 17-year-old when he was 38. Anyway, fuck that guy.
21:50 - Travis pitches having a long stretch of connected bars by buying all the existing bars and knocking down the connecting walls. Griffin and Justin point out that’s essentially the Disneyland model, and Justin mentions the Goofy sour balls.
21:51 - I Googled “Goofy sour balls” and thankfully it was a real candy. Griffin indignantly says that they stopped making them and that “Goofy took his sour balls away”. Travis says “He washed them” and they ignore him. I laughed out loud again, man’s really winning me back. They continue on this riff, making more and worse versions of the same joke.
24:07 - Question 2: “I’m enrolled in summer college courses. In one of my classes, a guy in front of me likes to stretch backwards over his chair with his eyes closed. His head basically ends up right on my desk and he will breathe in my face. I’ve had to move my laptop to stop him from laying on it. Am I the weird one for staring at the guy as he disrupts all my belongings and my personal space? He does it more than five times a class. It’s very awkward and makes it hard to focus on the lecture. Should I say something? Help me brothers, how do I stop this stretching bandit from stealing my peace of mind?” - Cramped College Co-Ed in Canada.
24:57 - Justin has an immediate suggestion. I assume it’s the actual solution, which is to say something like an adult or just switch seats, but nope, it’s the old chestnut of put some jelly on it. Griffin suggests surprise massage. Travis clarifies that they’re definitely ignoring the “excuse me, could you not do that” option, which Griffin confirms because it’s not very funny. This takes me back to when I used to regularly listen, since part of the driving force for me stopping was the sheer number of questions that could be solved by two seconds of slightly awkward conversation. I totally get it, social anxiety is a bitch and I’ve absolutely been there, but the lack of funny kinda stems from the question. They all agree, and Travis suggests adding broken glass to the jelly.
26:57 - Griffins goes back to the massage suggestion, with “dual percussive massagers”. Justin suggests hovering over them and saying “There’s my sweet boy” and Travis suggests a “little kiss on the forehead” which, thankfully, they immediately shoot down. Still, I’m uncomfortable.
28:00 - Justin points out that, if someone actually followed the advice they give, the problem would be solved, it’s just a question of consequences. There’s some more discussion of the Quaids but my spirit is a little broken and I can’t bring myself to rewind to accurately transcribe any of it.
29:43 - Money Zone: Travis says, “Well Justin,” and Justin misidentifies him as Griffin. So far, hardest laugh of the episode. The ad is for Zocdoc, which Justin mispronounces a lot. I assume any service that advertises on a podcast is actually just a money laundering scheme, medical stuff doubly so, but it does remind me that MaxFun podcasts are the only ones where I can tell the ad copy was done in a single take with no edits. I admire it, in a way.
32:45 - A MaxFun ad for “Just the Zoo of Us”, which is apparently a podcast where they rate animals on their “effectiveness, ingenuity, and aesthetics”. It kind of worked on me, which is to say I’m debating the merits of getting a Zoobooks subscription as a childless woman approaching her thirties.
33:30 - A MaxFun ad for “Feeling Seen”, where the editor likes to play the game of taking a sip of coffee anytime the guest says how good a question is, how smart the host is, or cries unexpectedly. I cannot stress enough how much this makes me not want to listen. I don’t even have anything snide to say, I’m just genuinely put off by it.
34:19 - Griffin introduces the Wizard of the Cloud: How to “Talk Nerdy” to someone, which is meant to help you talk to the “cute nerd in your science class” by becoming more adorkable to them. Justin and Travis are disgusted by the word “adorkable”, which feels like a real split with their brand of appealing to mid-2010s Tumblr users.
36:00 - Travis points out that this article presupposes that nerdy people only want to be seduced with nerdy things, and will shun all other romance. The original pickup line is “Are you a carbon sample? Because I definitely want to date you. If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory, you already know science and physics nerds are the best” Travis punches it up with “I’ve got a theory that we should Big Bang.” Currently he’s batting a thousand for me.
36:55 - Wikihow asks “Can math be sexy?” They talk about how sexy 8 is and Travis makes a 69 joke, so I retract my previous statement. There’s a gross astronomy-based pickup line saying “Do you mind if my comet enters your solar system” and “Hey, nice asteroids”. Mercifully, no “Can I touch Uranus?”
38:30 - More bad pickup lines, now about computers. Apparently “You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop” is a good come-on. The video game lines are equally impressive, and Wikihow recommends that distracting gamers away from their games is easier said than done. These are more sexually charged than before, but no more clever.
43:30 - We’ve arrived at Star Wars. Wikihow says “Jedis are tough nuts to crack, so you may need to use the Force to woo them effectively.” It’s been a while, but I’m fairly certain Jedis aren’t allowed to fall in love and that’s kind of a whole thing with the prequel trilogy. Also, are we not doing phrasing anymore? Cuz Jesus, they should take a second pass at that.
43:46 - Wikihow suggests several “Yoda-approved pickup lines”, and they do some bad Yoda impressions like “pull down some trim, you will” and “wet, you will get”. This is apparently a thing they’ve done before called “Clipping Yoda”. Justin makes a “something something something, I thought they smelled bad on the outside” joke.]
46:08 - They discuss the very limited situations when the suggested “I find your lack of nudity disturbing” is acceptable, then move on to the Lord of the Rings lines which are equally questionable. Travis brings up the theory that Frodo doesn’t know Legolas’ name, and now I wanna rewatch LotR.
50:09 - Justin suggests coming up with their own lines, which results in “You make me feel like John Rhys-Davies in Sliders, cuz I wanna climb in those holes” and Griffin looking up “nerd movies”.
51:40 - Question 3: “My bank has been advertising a home ownership service to help folks buy and sell homes. I usually ignore them, but this time they’ve been offering a chance to win a flattop grill package with a $100 gift card to a very expensive butcher. I’ve been really wanting to get my dad a new grill. Brothers, I have no way of buying a house, let alone sell one. They’re contacting me, trying to help me buy a house. How do I explain to them I’m only entered to maybe win the grill and have no interest in the service?” From the Poor Hopeful in B (?).
53:00 - First of all. Second, they suggest the asker (a) admits they were only in it for the grill or (b) saying they have a budget of $750 for a furnished home. It devolves into a riff about Bobby Flay and pitches for “Flay Bobby Flay” and “Bob Bobby Flay” to see if he floats.
56:15 - Plugs for stuff and the end of the episode.
Closing Thoughts: I actually enjoyed that, although with a lot of stopping and starting to write this. Also anyone who likes Clipping Yoda may also like Action Boyz, because pedophile Yoda is a surprisingly rich vein to mine. I don’t think I’ll ever actually pick up listening again, since I have about 280 episodes of Off Book to get to first and this whole recap has made me really contemplate my mortality, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it
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2023.06.04 07:42 Edwardthecrazyman Hiraeth or Where the Children Play: Dog-meat and the Whipping Boy [6]

If I were to guess, I’d imagine they took Andrew to Boss Harold before anyone else and the rumors around Golgotha seemed to support this supposition; the Bosses enjoyed their personal retribution away from the eyes of citizens, maybe it was talking or maybe more, and although there were whispers of the boy being strung up on the wall or maybe he’d be violated in the stocks for all to see, I imagined that the council I held with Boss Harold might’ve had something to do with that never materializing. When I was allowed to the boy’s cell, it was dark, and his face was bruised and the bandaging I’d applied to his severed wrist had been removed probably for amusement. The room was small and there were no windows and only a single doorway let out into the hallway which contained other cells and further, near the exit, there was the office of wall men. The guard that’d let me in locked the door behind me and Andrew sat on a metallic cot without cushioning, and he stared at the grimy floor through swollen eyes.
“Hello,” he said. And I was taken aback by the comment because he spoke it as quickly as he might passing a person in the street. He'd been through so much that the word was abrupt, skittish. I nodded and moved to him, reaching for his arm where he’d been nearly fatally wounded. It was infected. Without fighting me, he allowed me to tend to it without even a question; I wiped it and applied salve. Once it was cleaned and rewrapped and only after I’d settled on the cot beside him, he spoke again, “I heard stories about the cells, but I never thought they’d smell.”
I withdrew a handful of antibiotics, and he took them without putting them to his mouth. “You should have them,” I said, “You might lose the whole arm if not.”
“I might lose my life.”
“Maybe not,” I offered a grim smile and water with for the pills. “You’re alive still.”
“How much longer though?” He took the medicine and grimaced hard. The boy looked older than he was. “It smells like blood here. I can smell the people that’ve been here before.”
I patted him on the back and removed myself from the cell and he did not call after me, not even to ask for the return of his hand and I hoped that I could stave off whatever tortures the Bosses might have in store for him.
It’d been two days since I’d returned with Dave and Andrew and quickly after our arrival, I’d tried departing from the man and hoped he’d drop whatever revenge he believed I could assist him with, but it was to no avail for he attended everywhere with me since our return to Golgotha. Although he’d not been allowed to enter the cells alongside me, he was waiting for me outside as I stepped through the wall men’s office and into the noonday sun; I deftly plucked a pre-rolled cigarette from my pocket and tried at lighting it but before I’d even gotten the chance, he was there at the stoop of the office, pestering, “We should go somewhere quiet,” he said.
“What do you take me for exactly?” I asked while maintaining eye contact with the flame off a match.
“You’re capable enough. You could be a hero. I’d do it with you. We could scrounge up a handful of people and change things. We really could.” Dave was casting sidelong glances at those that passed us in the dirt street just off the stoop, but nary one seemed to care about our conversation.
“Leave it.”
“I won’t.”
I sighed.
He put a hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off.
Felina’s was a structure partially built from ancient shipping containers directly in the heart of the hydroponics towers in the center of town; the chicken shit smell from the base of the towers came with nauseating stagnation and could make a passerby sick, but upon entering Felina’s, the smell subsided and was replaced with the smell of body sweat. The older barwoman stood behind the counter and me and Dave took up on the far corner where we sat around an old card table, using crates as chairs; no one else was there—the smell of the hydro towers probably had some hand in that.
Dave took in close to me so that I could feel the moisture off his breath, “I’ve been talking to a few others over at the towers and they feel the same way I feel—but with you—well without you I don’t think I’d want to do it.”
“No, please go on without me,” I slanted my body across the table to push my face away from Dave’s; with me positioned with my back against the wall, I spied Felina beyond the counter, arms across her chest and watching us with an air of suspicion. She came to our table, slowly with her club foot and upon reaching us, she used our table for mild support with her big hands and greeted us without excitement.
Dave asked for water and her gaze shifted to me and I dismissed her, and we were alone till she limped back over with a pitcher and glass and Dave drank it greedily while Felina watched on from beyond the counter—her eyes suspicious but pretty blue too. She kept the haft from a dismembered axe behind the counter and was known to throttle unruly patrons with it.
Although some might have called Felina’s a bar, it was just short of it because of the rarity of spirits—besides, it was the upstairs brothel portion that the establishment owed to its popularity. Anyone might brave the smell from the street for companionship and if the noises from the rusted overhead support beams were anything to measure, the clientele was content indeed. A man descended from the stairs by the bar, gave a brief nod to Felina then to us and disappeared through the front door; a waft of the outside air rushed in, and Dave scrunched his nose.
“It’s a funny thing, I’ve passed by here all the time, but I don’t think I’ve been inside since before—” he paused, “Well, since before anyway.” He took a drink of water and rubbed his palms against his cheeks. “I know someone that works underground and could get us some gunpowder.”
I merely laughed at this. “Gunpowder, huh?”
“Well sure. The Bosses have reserves in the basements. We could blow them sky high.”
“More likely that you’d blow your hands off.”
“What’s it going to take to convince you?”
I thought, “Could you promise no one would die?”
Dave seemed baffled at the question. “Who cares?”
“These things hardly ever happen quietly—or without collateral. How’s this? Could you promise that no innocents get caught in stray fire?”
“Then you are as ill prepared as I’d imagined.”
“What’s that mean?”
“The meek are intended to inherit, but many will die before all that.”
“Nothing. I wish you’d leave it be.”
Another patron stumbled down the stairs, a scrawny tall man with a thin beard came charging into the chamber without clothes and a voice followed him, crying loudly, “Sonofabitch tried choking me!” A pair of arms and legs came stumbling down after—the source of the cries. There was a topless woman, a belt secured around one of her wrists and a pink mark around her throat. The naked man protested and put up his hands as the woman swung the arm with the belt and whipped at him with it, striking across the forearm he’d shielded himself with.
Felina moved carefully from around the counter, raised the haft, then brought it down across the man’s back. He stumbled to his knees, pleading. The barwoman raised the weapon once more and the sound was like wood against wood as it met the man’s head and his body was taken to the ground completely, perhaps dead, perhaps unconscious. The two women lifted the man out the door and Felina spat through the opening. Outside wind came again and Dave scrunched his nose once more before the door shut. The topless woman removed the belt from around her wrist, tossed it to the floor, then secured an arm across her chest before hurrying upstairs.
“So, gunpowder?” I asked Dave.
He nodded and took another drink of water while eyeing Felina as she took herself back to the counter and stowed the makeshift club into whatever place she kept it. “Yeah.”
“Go for it then and leave me out of it.” I fiddled with my thumbs across the table. “I’ll even make you a deal for when you come running to me for help later. If you blow your fingers off, I’ll try and help you find them. How’s about that?”
“I’ll wear you down.”
Another gust of wind came from the far door and I half expected to see the man that’d been removed there in the doorway, standing on his feet and ready for another round of punishment, but there was no one there in the hollow spot; as my gaze drifted from person-face level, I saw a medium sized mutt there in gray fur, pushing the door in with its nose and then sliding the rest of its starved body through—each of its yellowy sad eyes peered in and I could not tell the breed but Dave lifted himself from his seat and Felina went to the dog too.
“No dogs,” stated the woman.
Dave, the indomitable sweetheart that he was knelt to the dog’s face and touched its snout; it licked his hand and Dave said to Felina, “He’s not mine, but have you got some water for him?”
“No dogs inside. I don’t like repeating it.”
“Fair enough,” said Dave, “I don’t know who he—” he froze and then examined the rear of the dog before petting the dog on the head, “She belongs to, but I’ll take her outside. Just. Please some water, won’t you?”
The barwoman first drummed her fingers against her leg then went to the counter and I noticed Dave flinch as she reached under there, but she came back with a bowl and he took it and ushered the dog out; as he exited, he called to me, and I sighed and moved with him.
Remaining in the street was the man that’d been tossed out, face up, half-opened eyes, and flies buzzed about, and I touched him with my foot, but he didn’t move. Blood leaked from his ears. “Dead,” I said.
Dave took the dog from the body around to the side of the building and the feces smell was strong with the hydro towers, but he sat the water down and the dog went at it quickly, without restraint and spilt half before the man went to steady it with his hand; he knelt by the dog and pushed a shoulder against the wall of the brothel.
“There you go,” I told him, “You’ve found someone dumb enough and maybe loyal enough to follow through with your little gunpowder plan. Strap a handful of dynamite to him and watch him go boom in the Boss’s faces.” I genuinely did try it as a joke.
“You can be very mean,” said Dave.
Once the bowl was dry besides dog spit, he returned it to Felina, reentering briefly, and it was just me and the dog and the dog looked up at me and I turned away while its voice whined in the back of its throat and I took a piece of hardtack from my pocket and tossed it on the ground—the dog went after it, assuredly snapping up dirt in the process. Then the creature made a dry and throaty sound from swallowing too quickly, but moments after the thick cracker was gone. It licked my hand gently, and I scratched its chin and Dave returned and upon seeing me with the dog, he gave me a look and then brought himself to the height of the dog in a hunker.
“Hey there,” he said to it, “Someone’s beat you up pretty bad, huh?” It was true; scars stood out in places where the dog had no fur.
In response, the weathered mutt hoisted its forepaws onto his knees and pushed its nose into his.
“Yeah, girl,” he took one of the dog’s ears between his forefinger and thumb and rubbed it gently and the animal looked up, sad eyed, “What’s a good name for you?”
“Dog-meat?” I proposed.
Dave shook his head. “What sort of sick joke is that?” but he was smiling, “No. I’ll come up with something to call her. Isn’t that right?” He asked the dog, massaging the face of the animal with his thumbs; the dog stared dumbly at him. “Maybe a Beth or a Patty might suit you. How do you like them?”
The dog licked his face but couldn’t speak.
“Well,” I said, “It’s a shame it got you, you’ll pick a person name for it and that’s strange. Why not call her Mary if you want a person name?”
“Bah,” said Dave, rising to a full stand; momentarily, even with the other folks passing us in the street, he took a moment to see the dead man we’d passed on our way out of Felina’s and for a moment he remained quiet. “I’ll come to you again Harlan. Maybe when I’ve got more of a plan. I only hope you’ll listen to the stuff I’ve said about it. I really do. I really hope you’ll be on the right side of this thing.”
“Sides are overrated.”
Dave put a hand on my shoulder, “Of course,” he nodded, “Whatever you say.”
He left with his new friend—the dog following him traced from left to right close behind Dave and I watched him take off and around the nearest hydro tower and I was alone on the street and evening wouldn’t be far away, so I took to home while staring at my moving feet and speaking to no one. A few people along the way tried nodding at me or saying a small greeting here or there, but I was absorbed in my own head, and nothing took me from it once I got going. Maybe that was one of the reasons I enjoyed the wastes; there were no pretenses out there and with the constant thought of death there was no other thing to think about than each passing moment. I could not shut my thoughts up. I could ramble more about the motivations of a scavver, but I don’t think I should—leave that for someone that cares.
Upon taking the catwalks where I could look out on a swatch of Golgotha with the sun beating down and the constant hum of people going about their business, I was frozen on the railing and wishing I’d taken my own life and wishing that Dave had not found me out there; maybe if I was faster or smarter or better in whatever way that mattered.
I pushed into the door into my small abode and cool blood pushed through my body on seeing the robed girl there on my mattress, holding a shotgun with its barrel angled directly at me; she donned a flowy mess of dresses and kept her head wrapped in garb so that only her eyes shone through, but her arms stuck from the mess of cloth and I could see they were skinny with long scab marks like a blade had drawn across the flesh.
“Harlan?” asked the girl.
“Is that mine?” I nodded at the pump-shotgun in her hands. The slowness of the world was gone, and I could think again; if things were different, I’d have been a dead man, but it was unloaded, and I knew it.
“It was hanging on the wall—I don’t know how to use the thing anyway. I don’t know what I was doing with it,” she said, “You just scared me, and I didn’t know who you might’ve been.”
“This is my place.”
She laid the shotgun on the bed and unwrapped her face; it was Gemma, “You were with Andrew.”
“I was.”
“You said he was dead.”
I brought in air slowly through my nose. “I did.”
“You lied.”
I nodded, letting the air come out.
“I needed to find you.”
“But you found us both then, I guess.”
“Not on purpose.” A thought occurred to me, “Does you father know where you are right now?”
She shook her head; although rest had done her good, there was still a fair amount of fatigue present on her. “I snuck out.”
“Would’a though you learned your lesson on that front.”
“Is Andrew okay? No one will tell me anything about it.”
“He’s locked up right now, but he is alive. For how long? I don’t know. I figured your pop paid a visit to him already—wouldn’t you know about that?”
She shook her head again. “Woo,” Gemma slumped onto the side of my mattress and gathered the robes around her, “I’m feeling faint.”
I moved to the bed and gathered the shotgun, putting it back on the hooks in the wall. “You shouldn’t break into people’s homes.”
Cupping her brow in a hand so that I could only see her mouth and the bottom of her nose, she said, “I just needed to know he was alive. These past days I’ve been so worried about him. I knew you told me he was dead, but I knew you were a liar too. So, I had bad thoughts about what might’ve happened to him out there. If what happened to me was anything to go off.” Her voice broke for a moment and then she pulled her hand from her face and blinked a few sudden times. “I just.”
“I get it. You love the boy.”
She nodded without looking at me.
“So, beg your dad to let him go.”
“Everyone’s so mad at him. It’s funny that everyone’s so mad at him, but it was my idea, and they all treat me like a darling little flower. Like I couldn’t have been the one with the idea of running away. I had more reason to run than he ever did.”
“You should leave.”
“I don’t want to. Can’t you see that’s what I’ve been saying? Judge all you like. Call me rich all you like, but I can tell you this: I don’t feel like it.” Gemma grabbed the edge of the bed as her head wavered on her shoulders. “Dizzy spells are awful.” She shook her head. “Like no sickness ever.” Her eyes locked on mine. “Help me.”
“I’ve already tried convincing them not to kill him.” Taking a pause, I thought to add, “And I personally saw to his injuries. Please go and leave me be.”
“Oh, but you’ve asked for it,” she said, “You put yourself in the business of it.”
“Look. All’s I wanted was to save you if I could and get the water running again. That’s it. Now go.” I put my arm up to wave her out the door and she stood to make her way there, catching herself on the frame, then out on the catwalk railing before turning and looking at me over her shoulder.
“Bastard.” she said.
“Yes.” The door shut between us, and I took myself to sitting on the bed’s edge and reminiscing over how Dave reminded me so much of Jackson. Jackson was a real tough one; whatever happened he always kept a cool head (so I reckon him and Dave would be different in that way) and the idea of being a hero was so big for him. It’s a curious thought: whether Dave would have such ideas if hadn’t been for the tragic loss of his family.
The shotgun sat on there on the wall, and I took it and looked over it, putting the stock in my left hand then my right and laid it across my legs; the woven strap on it had gone thin so that the place I’d once worn it over my shoulder was mostly threadbare. I moved to the cabinet by the sink where I kept a few essentials and in the very back there was an old box of shells—it was a surprise they still seemed good, but with old ammo you never could tell, and the shells were just as likely to fire true as they might be to never send pellets from the barrel. I took a knife and began whittling into a shell I’d plucked from the box. Pellets spilled between my feet as I sat on the bed and they rolled across the floor and then I found the gunpowder and rose again, sprinkling it onto the cabinet top into a neat pile. Dave said he had a fella’ he knew that worked in the underground—the sort of person that could get him all the gunpowder he needed. Was he familiar with its destructive force; had he ever fired a gun? He promised me no one innocent would die and I knew that was a lie and there’s surely a piece of him that knew it was a lie just as well.
It was just then as I took a forefinger and thumb and pinched up a bit from the gunpowder splat that I remembered a thing that Jackson told me all the time when he thought none of the others were listening. The gunpowder rained from my fingertips as I rubbed them together and I sniffed the place where they’d become sooty, taking in a smell I’d not smelled in a long time. Jackson would say, “Whoever fights monsters should be sure that he don’t become a monster.” It wouldn’t be for a long time—after I’d visited the libraries in Alexandria or Babylon (take your preference)—till I realized it was a quote that Jackson stole from some guy named Neet-chee. It seemed like a good thing to adhere to, and it was certainly something I wasn’t good at keeping with and if I couldn’t then there was little certainty that Dave would keep to it either. Maybe I had become a monster; morally dubious anyway.
Jackson was a hero, and he was dead as was Sibylle as was Billy as was John and all of them. We’d tried heroing and it got all of us dead. Almost all of us.
I hung the shotgun on the wall and left it there and swept the gunpowder into the floor with a flat palm where the pellets were and chucked the box of old shells into the cabinet again.
Ringing of bells came from the hall of the Bosses and it was time for a display. Denizens gathered in the front square by the gates and awaited while they trotted out Andrew; perhaps the words I’d passed to Boss Harold rang hollow after all. The Bosses were there just as always, drinking their wine on the platform, and Maron was out front with his wall men in the semicircle of gathered Golgotha residents. Of the population, only a hundred or two gathered for this poor boy’s execution. The guards had, at some point after my departure, removed the bandage on his empty wrist and he looked more sickly in the face than before and his cheeks were swollen and he wept, seemingly not from the terror of it but from the skin around his eyes having been so damaged; tears came through swelled eyelids and a wall man kept him by the elbow and Maron marched to the boy and lifted the boy’s face with his hand to look into it and maybe he whispered something to him.
I weaved through the crowd, moving to the steps that led to the stage where the Bosses stood with their foods and wines and their plenty and upon approach, I was stopped by a wall men, but upon catching Boss Harold’s eye, he told the guard to let me through and I took the stairs and from the platform, I could see over the crowd—Dave was far in the rear of those gathered, totally disconnected from the others for he hunkered by a set of crates, patting the head of the dog we’d found just earlier in the day. For a moment, I wished I was there with him and not on the stage at all.
“Dear boy!” Boss Harold shouted at me over the excited jeers of the others, “It’s so good to see you again. You are quite the hero, and it’s always good to be in the company of those.”
I nodded at him and within a flash, he’d slammed his cup of wine into my hand, telling me to drink, and only moments passed before his own cup was replaced by a nearby servant. “We spoke about this?” I tried.
His face was red, and I could just make out the miniscule veins vibrant along the corners of his nose; the man was far gone drunk. “That boy’s been a thorn in my side for too long, so I know you understand it when I say that he needs punishment. I took all that you said into account,” his words slurred, and the sweet sick came off him in a breath of hot air when he pulled me in, resting his ear on my shoulder. “Nobody dies today, but ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’,” the Boss paused. “You’re not a father yourself, are you?”
I shook my head.
“Ah! Then you might not be familiar with that proverb required in bringing a child up in this world.” Boss Harold laughed. “I’d never take my sweet Gemma out in the square like this, but God there’s been times I’ve wanted it. ‘Spare the rod’.” He repeated. “But we’ve something a fair bit more interesting than a rod for that boy.” Boss Harold swayed on his feet and took the fist containing his cup of wine, pointing with his index finger at the open place by the wall where Maron and Andrew and the wall men were. “Speaking of!” Boss Harold was giddy, and he took a magnificent gulp from his cup, throwing his head far back. “You’re a learned man, yes?”
“You know how to read? Maron said something about your reading. That’s a rare quality! I’d love to talk about books with you sometime. I’ve my own personal collection.”
The wall men stripped Andrew of his clothes then threw them to the ground and a gasp escaped the audience and the boy shouted and Maron moved to a nearby bucket and reached into the mouth of the container, coming back to a full stand; a whip was coiled around his arm. The Bosses didn’t even look on. The punishment was for the benefit of Boss Harold, and not even he looked on. He jabbered on about how he’d like to speak with me over an old philosophy called Objectivism then he went on about how he’d learned long ago the greatest achievement of man was his own happiness and I listened to the drunk man and when the whip broke skin the first time, I’m sure Andrew felt every bit.
Blood exploded in violent dew off his back and the crack of the whip struck the boy till he couldn’t stand and then several times more. Splatter reached onlookers each time Maron lifted the whip over his head, and it was only once the boy stopped moving that the Boss Sheriff swaggered over to inspect him; Andrew had fallen face down and Maron took his boot to the boy’s side so that the boy rolled onto his back and seconds passed without movement and even Boss Harold quit with his talking. The prone body just lay there and for a moment Andrew looked like the body I’d seen earlier out front of Felina’s. Then the boy spasmed and gasped air and Maron shouted about how he was still alive before giving the toe of his boot to Andrew’s ribs.
“What a show,” said the Bosses—what a show indeed.
The crowd dispersed in clumps, taking back to their jobs or leisure and I left the platform only after agreeing that Objectivism sounded good and Boss Harold laughed and stumbled in pivoting to take on in conversation with the other Bosses and I briefly imagined giving him a nudge, so he’d fall off the stage, but refrained from doing so.
When I met the boy lying in the dirt there, there was me and Dave moved in too and Maron had taken to his station where there was a table by sandbags, and he was engrossed in a game of solitaire; it seemed the man was totally unfazed by the justice he’d dealt. There was a time when that body could’ve been a hero and yet there he was, poisoned.
I called out to the Boss Sheriff, “Ain’t you going to put him back to his cell?”
Without even looking over, Maron swept his mustache with his fingers and waved me off, “Harold was real clear on letting the boy out of custody once it was done.” He lifted his cowboy hat and scratched his head while looking at the cards on the table then he laughed. “He’s a free man. I’ve heard that was your meddlin’ that did it.”
I moved to the boy and snatched up the clothes they ripped from him and Dave, not saying a word with his new mutt by his side, helped me to return some dignity to the boy.
We took him to my small apartment and washed him and tended over him while he lay in my bed.
Gemma came soon after Andrew had been draped in a sheet—she was there in disguise as she’d been earlier and upon me opening the doorway, she began to ask me if the boy was with me. I merely stepped aside, and she rushed to Andrew’s side; if he was aware of her presence, there was no way to tell.
“They killed him.” She’d taken to her knees to be nearer his level. “Oh. Oh, he’s dead.” She touched him and he shivered at the touch. Gemma removed the wrappings of cloth around her head and looked at her sweetie closer and she put a hand to her mouth. “They took his hand!”
“No,” said Dave, “He’s going to live.” The man looked to me and I shrugged. “Yeah,” his voice didn’t sound sure, “He’ll live.”
I moved to the catwalk and Dave came with me, the dog following behind him—the timid mutt looked over the edge of the catwalk to the city below then stepped away and returned to my room. When Dave took up beside me, leaning over the railing, and the sun hit his face just so, he looked exactly like Jackson and maybe that was why when he raised eyebrows then cut his eyes at me with a question—the question was everything and I finally nodded.
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2023.06.04 06:54 Sea-Bobcat2916 Looking for good resorts/retaurants

Hey guys I am looking for a good resort/restaurant to stay for a couple of days with family. Location is Chennai and surrounding areas like Mahapallipuram/Pondycherry. Should provide atleast half board(2 meals) included. Maybe a good massage place also if possible at reasonable rate. Ofcourse the food has to be great as well.
One place I went to and liked was Novotel OMR. They provided half board along with room. Spa was costly but food was good.
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2023.06.04 03:00 yellowumbrella How the Agent Behind the Biggest Sports Stars Stays in Shape

How the Agent Behind the Biggest Sports Stars Stays in Shape

Casey Wasserman keeps a three-year-old photo on his iPhone. In it, he's standing next to NBA star Russell Westbrook.
Westbrook boasts the jacked arms and chiseled body. Wasserman? He's 200 pounds of out-of-shape PR maven. "I saw that picture," he says, remembering the moment, "and I'm like, 'I'm done. I need to make a change. '"
The photo is Wasserman's inspiration, and it's driving him right now, as he takes off for a 20-yard sprint up his driveway hill on this sunny morning in Beverly Hills. It's the final run in a 45-minute hill session. Yet Wasserman, 46, is just starting his workout. Five days a week, he wakes before sunrise, then pushes through workouts with trainer Christine Khuri that may last three hours. "As difficult as it is sometimes to get started, I just know how much better [I'll feel] and how much more energy and focus I'll have when I'm done working out," Wasserman says.
He needs that focus because he spends the workday pulling double duty, as chairman and CEO of Wasserman-a company that brokers endorsement deals for people like Westbrook and Giancarlo Stanton-and as chair of LA 2028, the committee tasked with prepping the city for the 34th Olympiad. That means overseeing deals that land NFL safety Malcolm Jenkins two clothing lines one moment and studying Olympic venue plans the next. And no, the Olympic prep isn't all fun, especially when Wasserman gets a brief on rush-hour traffic flow. Training clears his head. On this day, he goes from hill to home gym-a1,150-square-foot sweat zone that looks like a mini Equinox-and knocks out five sets of wide-grip pullups. TRX rows, dumbbell rows, and biceps curls follow, leaving him massaging his arms.
Until three years ago, Wasserman wasn't training like this. He'd played tennis when he was young and had always been active. But he kept an intense travel schedule, frequently flying to Europe, Asia, and South America. "I used to wear this badge of honor that I traveled a lot and worked hard," he says.
Then, just before the Westbrook wake-up call, his doctor told him he wasn't in great shape. Wasserman knew he had to make some adjustments. He hasn't missed a training session since and has dropped to 165 pounds, a weight he's maintained for 18 months. "I don't want to find out what happens when you take your foot off the gas," he says. Wasserman constantly finds new ways to drive his body. Some days he pushes the bounds of his breathing and flexibility with yoga. Or he does more hill sprints. Soon after social distancing was ordered in , Wasserman mapped out and ran his own half-marathon course through Beverly Hills. Anything, he says, to prevent reverting to his pre-Westbrook days. "In anything, that anxiety and that fear means you care," he says. "I care about my health. "
When Wasserman travels, he keeps his workouts simple but intense. Do 100 reps of these 5 exercises as quickly as possible, resting when needed. 100 pushups
100 squats
100 dips
100 burpees
100 bicycle crunches
This story originally appears in the October 2020 issue of Men's Health.
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2023.06.03 23:07 Livin_Life7 21 day July-August itinerary check. Traveling with fiance (first time to Japan)

(7/20-8/10) Tokyo - Hakone - Nagoya - Osaka (Nara/Kobe) - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Okinawa - Tokyo
The above is our finalized route. We are hoping to do lots of food adventuring and checking out some fairly mainstream tourist attractions. Is the below itinerary well spaced out and will it give us a lot of flexibility to explore and rest in between? We know July/August are the hottest and most humid months so we want plenty of wiggle room to rest if needed.
Looking for help with:
  1. Anywhere we can hike to see bodies of water and/or waterfalls. I love to swim and it would be really cool to be able to take a splash near some awesome falls. Or any really beautiful beaches!
  2. Really neat crane game districts - we may have addictive personalities for games/casinos.
  3. Massage/spa recommendations to get some relax and pamper
  4. Really good Kobe beef / Wagyu.
  5. Is it recommended to buy travel medication insurance?
Thursday July 20 FLIGHT Arrive Friday July 21st NRT.
Saturday July 22: TOKYO
Sunday July 23: TOKYO
Monday July 24: TOKYO
Tuesday July 25: TOKYO
Wednesday July 26: TOKYO HAKONE
Thursday July 27: HAKONE NAGOYA
Friday July 28: NAGOYA OSAKA
Saturday July 29: OSAKA
Sunday July 30: OSAKA (DAY TRIP NARA)
Monday July 31 : OSAKA
Tuesday August 1: OSAKA (NIGHT TRIP KOBE)
Wednesday August 2: OSAKA KYOTO
Thursday August 3: KYOTO
Friday August 4: KYOTO HIROSHIMA
Saturday August 5: HIROSHIMA
Monday August 7: OKINAWA
Tuesday August 8: OKINAWA TOKYO (Arrive HND 3:30PM)
Wednesday August 9: TOKYO
Thursday August 10: FLIGHT BACK HOME 6:40PM

  1. We plan on getting a 14 day JR green pass and activating once we leave Tokyo for Hakone, it'll cover us until we return to Tokyo from Okinawa.
  2. We are also going to be taking 1 larger check in luggage (for souvenirs and shopping) and 2 smaller carry-on luggages + backpacks for intra-city traveling. We will likely be shipping the larger check in luggage between most larger cities using luggage shipping services.
  3. We're hoping to find lockers at major stations and using those to store as needed.
  4. We've got a list of restaurants/food stalls/small eats seen on instagram that we want to tackle. Suggestions are always welcomed!
Thank you for all tips and feedback!
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2023.06.03 22:14 BigOldTomcat Lots of Drama - DHC and OPI merger

Has anyone else been paying attention to the drama surrounding the proposed merger of two REITS:
DHC - Diversified Healthcare Trust
OPI - Office Properties Income Trust
For those who don't know, DHC is primarily a SHOP (Senior Housing Operated Portfolio) REIT that also holds some medical offices and facilities and has been allegedly horribly mismanaged for years by an allegedly greedy self-interested outside management firm small shareholders seem to despise with its share price falling as low as $0.65. On paper it may have a net asset "book value" of $10 or $11/share - it owns some valuable real estate. However, DHC has some bad loan debt and its SHOP portfolio had not been very profitable, at least not in the wake of COVID, though that seems to be turning around with the demand for senior living housing from an aging population projected to increase.
OPI is a commercial office REIT that had seemed to be healthy in the past, paying a $2.20/share yearly dividend. It's also managed by the same allegedly greedy self-interested outside management firm. That outside firm, RMR, has been accused of crashing the share prices of all or almost all of the REITS it manages via horribly incompetent mismanagement (see the histories of some of the REITS it manages).
Imagine a marriage of the two...a merger of DHC with OPI. OPI could use its good credit to help prop up DHC while paying a dividend to DHC shareholders and DHC's improving SHOP outlook could help with OPI's crashing commercial real estate portfolio. Problem is that DHC shareholders only get 0.147 shares of OPI while OPI gets all of the real estate value held by DHC while DHC investors end up being exposed to the crashing commercial real estate market just as SHOP performance is anticipated to improve and become more profitable.
Many DHC shareholders feel they are being ripped off. In the meantime it would also mean that OPI would need to lower its dividend, and with the commercial real estate market crashing, it did down to $1.00/year from $2.20/year causing its share price to crash. DHC's price crashed some, too, after the proposed merger announcement.
More recently a large DHC investor, Flat Footed LLC, published a screed arguing convincingly against voting for the merger. So a campaign may be gearing up to convince voters and most importantly large institutional investors to oppose the merger. (Many OPI shareholders don't seem real enthusiastic about it either, having suffered the dividend decrease and share price crash.)
In other news, supposedly the owner of RMR started buying up millions of DHC shares this week, possibly in an attempt to have more votes for the merger, possibly causing its price to spike up to as high as $1.70/share. Sadly DHC is heavily tied to RMR by a long term management contract that would be expensive to break. Some DHC shareholders are hoping for a white knight investor to come along with a tender offer and buy them out of this mess ala Travelcenter.
Has anyone else been paying attention to this? Any DHC or OPI shareholders out there besides me?
Personally, I have 1600 shares of DHC with an average basis of $1.05 though I did recently receive a $16 dividend ($0.01 per share). (So, I guess I'm really at $1.04/share.) I started with 500 at around $0.66 as a gamble as a noob investor, then later bought 500 more for around $0.92, then later made the mistake of buying some more around $1.50 and $1.30 to get up to 1600. I thought it would keep increasing. Then I woke up one day to see that the share price had dropped down into the $0.80's / $0.90's and read about the merger announcement.
Now that it's back up to $1.70, I'm not sure if I should start selling some or wait and see if that supposed $10-11 "book value" ever gets realized. If I sell 800 shares at $1.70 I'd recover $1360 of my $1680 total investment leaving me with $320 invested or $0.40/share on the remaining 800 which seems low risk. Selling 1000 shares at $1.70 would bring in a $1700 for a $20 total profit with 600 shares remaining at a basis of $0/share as "house money". On the other hand if the merger attempt failed, the share price could shoot up even higher.
One thing is for certain; I don't trust this RMR management team and its Board of Director puppets to look out for the best interests of DHC shareholders.
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