Shooting in gainesville ga


2019.07.08 21:16 reubadoob CROSSFIT-MEETS-COMBAT. NO OFF SEASON.

A reddit dedicated to physical and sport shooting competition known as The Tactical Games.

2023.06.05 02:20 InDenialEvie 2024 Senate Predictions

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2023.06.05 02:18 serpentinesiren Found in GA

Found in GA
Best I can figure out is maybe a crab spider. Any ideas on what this guy is?
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2023.06.05 02:18 NotKornel Altis Police Launch an investigation after a possible gang related shooting that happened in southern Altis.

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2023.06.05 02:18 iluvdogs0 18 & homeless

i’ve been homeless for 10 days. ive never felt so alone in my life. for the first couple days i slept outside and then my plugs friend let me stay with him for like 2 days. then i slept in a apartment complex. & now i’m sleeping in my plugs 2nd car which i’m rlly grateful for cause it gets so fucking cold at night even being in the apartment complex. my plug said i could stay with him until i get back on my feet a couple days ago. i’m supposed to be staying with him starting today but i don’t want to cause well i’m not gonna get into detail but basically he has a lotta baby mama drama & i don’t wanna be apart of it. i don’t wanna be put in a position where she’s tryna put her hands on me cause she’s just weird. so i’m just gonna stay in his car. he’s genuinely a good person. he’s not one of those guys who does something for u and expects something in return if yk what i mean.
2 days ago i met these kids on the bus and i jus started hanging out with them & we got drunk & smoked & had fun & it made me feel so good & alive bc i don’t have any friends and haven’t had any in a long time. and i never went out when i wasn’t homeless. but then at the end of the night i go to look in my bag and my 8grams of weed, $8, and vyvanse pills were gone. the vyvanse was for my binge eating disorder. i just started it and it was working rlly well then poof gone. haven’t been binging anyways tho cuz yk. yea it’s kinda my fault for getting my shit stole i shoulda been more cautious watching my stuff. i mean i thought i was. my bookbag was on me most of the time. but i guess i was too drunk to notice. or care. i’m not that upset because the weed was free, i could get a refill, & hey it’s $8 but it’s the fact like..i thought we were all having fun and they liked me & wanted to be my friend. & they know i’m homeless. they also took my deodorant which like wtf. it is kinda my fault tho i shoulda had my book bag on me 100% of the time. at least i had fun ig. for the first time in forever.
my mom lives in texas and me and her don’t talk. she doesn’t know. my dad gives me $ for food but he doesn’t rlly wanna do anything which i get because i did fuck up my stay in the room he was renting for me. and i’m 18 now so he’s not obligated to do shit. it still kinda sucks tho cause he has my clothes and all my other stuff and when i ask him for a outfit or sum he gets really angry and its like u don’t have to give me a place to stay or buy me things but u could at least bring me sum clothes or the things i need from my stuff when i ask. & it’s not like he’s busy 24/7. me and his relationship is down the drain now. when i get back on my feet i want him out my life not only for me but for him to because i’ve stressed him out a lot so it’s best for both of us. it’s just sad how our relationship has turned out. we used to be so close but ever since this year started we grew more n more distant. i don’t wanna get back close with him. at least for now. he’s done a lot to hurt me emotionally and i know i have too.
i had an interview at holiday inn a couple days ago. i think i did pretty good. the lady who interviewed me gave me her personal # and said if they don’t call me by mid day tomorrow to call her. i think i lost her phone # tho so fuck. i should’ve saved it right then & there. hopefully they call. i applied for the front desk night shift. i have insomnia so thought why not put it to good use.
i dropped out of high school. not officially but just stopped showing up after winter break so they unenrolled me. i got rlly depressed & burnt out and jus gave up. seniors graduated june 2. the day before they did rehearsals. i decided to jus go to the school. idk why. no i do. i wanted to feel normal again. i wanted to see kids speed walking in the hallways with their bookbags trying to get to class. i wanted to see kids at the lunch tables chat and laugh with eachother. i wanted to feel like i’m just a normal kid with a home like everyone else and i’m graduating and have friends and life’s been good. i wanted to get a taste of highschool one last time. there were teachers who saw me and i got a buncha “where’ve you been?” and “you just disappeared.” they also asked me if i changed schools or if i graduated and i made some bs excuse on how i did but it was online and that it was earlier then public schools. i shouldn’t of went there. i thought it was gonna make me feel good but it just made me feel worse. everyone’s all excited they’re graduating & hyped for the summer but i’m not and have nothing to be hyped for. it just reminded me that i’m a fucking homeless loser with no degree and no job and nothing going for myself & instead of going to school and pushing thru like everyone else i stayed in bed depressed smoking weed all day.
i hope i get this job. i need this one good thing to happen so i can start making money and get back on my feet . i’m trying to be positive but it gets really hard. i cry a lot. sometimes i wanna die. sometimes i imagine someone shooting me in the head & putting me out of my misery. but that’s not gonna happen. instead the days are gonna get longer and longer and harder and harder and i’m gonna have to deal with every bit of it all on my own.
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2023.06.05 02:18 SirZacharia Rory is always trying catch up to her age

Perhaps this isn’t that groundbreaking but I think it’s why she’s so relatable. A lot of us compare ourselves everyone else and criticize ourselves for not doing well enough. She’s constantly trying to be better and better that she barely has time to keep up with everything she’s leaving behind. She is simply bad at staying in the moment.
Really the whole show seems to me to be about the dichotomy between constant growth and total stagnation. Rory is trying to shoot for the stars, while Lorelai is the polar opposite and will forever be in the same place in Stars Hollow.
There’s nothing wrong with Lorelai staying in the same place. It’s comfortable and she’s happy and that’s great. Though she does wish she could take a few steps forward with Luke who never wants to budge at all.
Just some thoughts from my latest rewatch.
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2023.06.05 02:18 Mediocre_Suspect_203 Terra Classic shoots 30% in a day; Why is LUNC price rising?

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2023.06.05 02:17 tbaz_ Shooting on the run/step down power

How can I improve my shooting on the run power and step down accuracy and power? I’m a sophomore in high school
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2023.06.05 02:16 Jealous_Violinist_84 Thoughts on using 7sage plus bibles to study for the LSAT in 5 months?

I am wondering if this sounds doable based on others’ experiences. I’ve read 7sage is only good for longer term and more in-depth studying, but have also done a lot of research and come to the conclusion that it’s the better resource out there. I’m also planning to get all 3 of the powerscore bibles and possibly Loophole. Would 5 months of use be worthwhile? I am willing to put in 15-20 hours of studying per week and plan to take the test in November. I would prefer to start school in fall 2024 year but I realize the time frame will be shrinking so I’m also willing to spend a few extra months on the test and push back applying until next year.
I’ve done some very light studying with free resources through lsat max and Kaplan. I did take a diagnostic (although untimed and took me like 4 hours) and got a 151. I’m not shooting for the stars and would be perfectly happy with a 160. Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.05 02:15 Hollygo15 Film Theory: John Wick Literally CAN’T DIE!

Film Theory: John Wick Literally CAN’T DIE!
This is the best. I had forgotten about how the doctor told John to shoot him in the exact same places John got shot in the duel!!!!!Yeah!
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2023.06.05 02:15 Bright-Till4250 Custom Xeno-subtype Variant Wasters.

I mess around alot with the custom Xenotype creation tools available in the New colony creation system. Awhile back I wanted to create a spartan like xenotype but wasn't sure what xenotype base to use as a starting point. So I looked at one of the more under utilized Xenotypes, the wasters. Lore wise the wasters were engineered to resettle deathworlds and act as area-denial life-forms, I saw the engineered line and thought to myself that this world be a great Xeno line to make subtypes with.
So with that in mind I started thinking what needed to changing and what could stay, but more importantly what purpose would they ultimately serve. I wanted them to be less dependent on toxic environments but still have a focus on being an tactically designed life-form as the core wasters are but less chaotic. So I removed the tox based genes and altered a few of the genes that made them less than ideal for a general colony, made them more suitable for combat overall while making them strongly disciplined and easy to work with.
The end result are the Hercuux the Gene-list for which is: Strong Immunity, Fast Wound Healing, Superclotting, Unconstrained, Dead Calm, Strong melee damage, Red eyes, Only bushy beards, Gaunt head, Human voice, Standard & Thin body types, Slate Gray skin, Dutiful, Nearsighted, Human hands, Arrogant, Aptitude for spear, Awful Shooting, Strong Melee, Awful Animals, Awful Artistic, Awful Intellectual, Psychite Dependency. With the listed Genes they have a complexity of 18 and a Metabolic efficiency of +3 with a hunger rate of x70% (all genes heritable.).
I would love to hear opinions or get additional feedback from others willing to give it a try.
TLDR: I made a xenotype that has high survivability and immense melee combat capacity.
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2023.06.05 02:14 sthclever013 Guys thinking Kunigami isnt Nagi/Chigiri level, whats up?

I hear some people doubting the only superhuman on the field. Why? My guy was chosen right out of the gate to be an onfield player in Bastard Muchen.
Was top scorer in 1st selection for team Z. Survived the impossible wild card that had like a 0.0000000001 success rate.
Has scored a few times in the Neo League. He is easily on par with his peers Isagi, Reo, Nagi etc. Why are there doubters?
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2023.06.05 02:13 Futurefilmdirector 15k pack in store. Literally shaking rn

15k pack in store. Literally shaking rn
He doesn't fit my team at all, gunna sell him after a few more games. His movements feel silky and shooting is good. I could only get him to 1 chem so in the right hands he would dominate. I only tested Kvaratskhelia in squad battles on semi pro so take it as you will.
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2023.06.05 02:13 ReferendumAutonomic Maine unregulated guardianships; Backstrom

"For nearly 56 years, state lawmakers, county officials and probate judges have rejected plans to overhaul the structure of and increase funding for Maine’s county probate courts...don’t have sufficient budgets or employees to consistently screen, train or monitor the guardians...plenty of instances of that kind of exploitation...most people...are in some states, the probate courts have investigators...bed bugs...missing his insulin and glucometer."

"I am sick of sending the message to my son that there is something 'wrong' with him, something that needs to be fixed...My child is a person, not a meal ticket...why do I have to be called 'autistic' when I'm just me."

"where does psychosis end and 'real' mystical experience begin? here's a summary of Philip K. Dick's 'highest truths'"

"A personality test can’t tell you who you are

The desire to define ourselves, from love languages to Myers-Briggs."

All Vermont cop cars will have softer restraints. Tight handcuffs they refused to adjust, dented my wrists in 2016.

new york assemblymember edward braunstein wants to unconstitutionally poison non-violent people.

"single psychotic symp-
toms occurred in a significant proportion of climbers, and
single endorsed items on the HAPSY-Q conveyed a possible
risk factor for near accidents."

"Aiming to examine the mechanisms which influence (psychotic like experiences) proneness, our findings suggest that proneness to PLEs in people with interest in esoterism is specifically related to group affiliation to esoterism itself and not, on a broader level, to any supernatural „belief framework” including more traditionally and socio-culturally wide held beliefs, such as religious beliefs."

Should the british age of maturity, freedoms be 25? "Autistic adults are adults who have the right to autonomy and self-determination." - Dr. Alex Powell

swedish detective Backstrom season 1 episode 5, "How many days did you stay awake? Three days. I went psychotic I actually saw the boogeyman. They put me in a kid's psych ward for 6 weeks...People are not rational."

Accused (2023) season 1 episode 3 Danny's Story, similar to my parents poisoning foods 2016-2019. He wants to lab test oatmeal but I have photos.

"10 Most Ridiculous Episodes in TV Medical Dramas...'Black Box' (2014) — "The Fear" (Season 1, Episode 12)...Dr. Catherine Black is a brilliant neurologist hiding her bipolar disorder from her colleagues...her medication stopped being effective...Buck firmly believes that the full moon brings chaos."

"video will aim to answer questions surrounding mass psychosis...witch hunts 16th and 17th centuries."

Podcast: Critical Psychology and Psychiatry with Eric Maisel.
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2023.06.05 02:12 Mindofmierda90 That paintball scene…holy shit.

Watched the show throughout its run, with occasional episode watches over the years. Watched the paintball scene on YouTube the other day, and just wow. Forget the fact Ari would’ve been jailed and sued for he had or gotten the shit beat out of him, was this before mass shootings were in the news every other month? There is no way that scene could be shown today.
Rewatching this show not being in my early 20s makes me realize how much of a dick Ari was. And don’t say shit about “growth”. His being a dick was celebrated back then. I once had a boss who was similar to Ari, and he pushed one guy too far and got put on his ass in front of the entire warehouse. We had to pull the guy off.
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2023.06.05 02:11 SandyTips This tickled me...

This tickled me...
Took their lunch with them! 😆
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2023.06.05 02:11 Golduck2023 Doom Eternal begining is a bore fest. i hate it. i hate restarting the game...

the game start to be good only in the halfway. the begining is paintful. boring. empty. nothing but platforms and things that stop you constantly. boring puzzles who belong to a prince of persia game. bearly any good demons. bearly any shooting parts. whenever you get a demon wave you beat it quickly and continue to do nothing. nothing happens litterly in the begining of the game. and the fact that in every reply you have to go through it over and over and over is very annoying.
doom 2016 stormed you with demons from the very start. it was all about the killing spree. no stupid puzzles. no stupid platforming. this isnt prince of persia.
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2023.06.05 02:09 InDenialEvie 1924 by second place Canidates

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2023.06.05 02:07 lessflexiblecheese Confusion in relativity: Gap of arrival time between the object and the light

Lets assume a stationary point A and C. Observer B starts from A in the uniform velocity of 0.8c, heading C, and along his departure, shoots a photon towards the same direction. In this scenario, Will the gap of time between B and the light arriving C be larger or smaller in the perspective of A or B? Can you add explanations?
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2023.06.05 02:06 Nike_JustDontDoIt Want to upgrade 5D Mii

Hi All
I’m new to the subreddit but I have gone through many similar posts and did my homework/research and narrowed down to my upgrade options to 5D MIV, R6 ii, and 6D MII. They are all within my budget.
My reason to upgrade is mostly because of the autofocus capabilities. It only has 9 point focus and no object tracking.
My 5D MII auto ISO is also VERY OFF in both manual or AV mode which makes it really difficult to point at shoot with kids. Id turn my camera 45 degree and have to readjust my iso. And kids already ran off.
Autofocus in video shoot is also pretty bad in my experience. ie I can’t re focusing without video being cut off.
I currently only take pictures of my kids when they are outside of the house (could still be indoor) and want to video and photo shoot when they play sports (soccer etc..) or dance performances in the future.
I don’t need the vlog, webcam, selfies, or cinema video shoot.
Any experience with those cameras listed will be appreciated. Thanks all.
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2023.06.05 02:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 02:04 jacksonrslick [Waybound] Final Power Up/Path Predictions

Lil Blue:
I think she needs the most work of everyone. She has a few of Lindon’s techniques but no real techniques or her own.
Leaning into restoration could be a likely direction but seeing as she also clearly likes to fight perhaps she develops some more potent striker techniques. Being a spirit she has to go the Herald route (if I’m remembering correctly).
Perhaps she’ll learn to incorporate some of the other principles of pure madra that we haven’t learned of yet.
First and foremost I want Orthos to manifest the Dragon Icon, as he’s the most dragony dragon around. But I also hope it’s appearance is a Turtle in the sky, but feels exactly like the Dragon Icon to anyone who can feel the Way.
We saw one of the Black Dragons condense balls around themselves to shoot multiple beams of Blackflame. And I think that’s exactly what our Turtle boy needs. Since he can only shoot from his mouth as it is now. Blackflame beams seem to be his go to attack anyway, so being able to do it from multiple directions at once would be great for him.
I’d also like to see him make a forger techniques, namely one that makes wings like he mentioned in the last book. He could use them to fly, or just explode. I assume any forged Blackflame is easy to make explode.
Lindon may end up giving the Silent King weapon created from its binding to Dross. He’s the most suited to it after all.
This would let Dross find and developed his own Path based on his new weapon, his knowledge of the Path for the White Fox, and overall all the information he has stored. Making him a capable fighter in his own right despite being a Presence.
Equally likely that if gets the Silent Kings binding it just lets his be a Presence for the whole gang rather than giving him combat potential.
It’s all about subverting while simultaneously making use her book. She needs to embrace the unique super OP treasure she has while also getting out of her mothers shadow.
Making use of the remaining techniques is a no brainer. But whether or not she modifies any of them I’m not sure. The mindset of her family is a larger problem than the actual path she’s been provided so it’s entirely possible she makes zero chances and just fully masters her book and the remaining pages.
As far as new capabilities go I think a new bow is on the table using a Dreadgod binding. While I think Ziel needs to take down or majorly contribute to taking down the Weeping Dragon but the binding I think suits a bow with striker techniques more than anything Ziel could use. I have no idea what she’d do with Suu tho, perhaps Lindon could combine the binding to make a bigger super dragon bow.
She also seems likely to go the Sage route first since it was teased she started to feel the ArcheBow Icon. But I also see her as a prime candidate for the Joy Icon and Shadow Icon.
We already know he’s getting time rune powers. That’s an insane power up already, and Ziel without any nerfs is already fairly versatile and got to his rank on his own. So I don’t think he needs much more improvement on his Path beyond advancement and understanding how to use willpower. The Titan/Shield/Rune/Script Icons all seem likely. All encompassing the same thing, protection via script circles and whatnot.
As for Dreadgod weapons, I think the Wandering Titan as a shield would be the most practical. Unless he really wants the satisfaction of having the Weeping Dragon for a weapon himself, but I don’t really see him caring once it’s dead.
Yes I think one of the strongest beings in the multiverse needs a power up.
I’d love if he manifested the Joy Icon to defy every prediction/fate that Makiel and Daruman have seen. Letting both himself and Suriel survive the encounter.
Unless Mercy manifests the Joy Icon which I honestly think is more likely.
Her whole path boils down to one thing: cut stuff real good. And weirdly enough I have the most ideas for her.
For one I think she’ll inherit and use the Red Faiths floating blood dagger set. They’re absolutely perfect for her path, creating blood and sword aura for her to resonate with wherever she sends them. Learning to control them is apparently hard according to Red Faith but I doubt it will be for Yerin.
Second we’ve seen that since fusing with Ruby she’s better at cutting flesh but worst at cutting everything else. So I think to shore up this weakness she’ll learn to, like Tiberian Arelius, draw one aspect of her madra more prominently to the front than the others. So if she’s cutting a big wall the madra would be mostly sword, and some blood/hunger. While if she’s cutting a living being it’d be mostly blood, and some sword/hunger. This would work especially well with Yerin as she uses aura so much in her path she could perhaps use it to balance to madra differently.
Third she needs a consume technique. Preferably one she can use through a weapon. This is fairly simple.
Fourth a new forger technique. She almost never uses Hidden Blade. It’s even been brought up in story before. So I think she’ll simply make a new one for her new path. And the most obvious idea would be a living forger technique. So she can use the Ruby tactic again.
As far as icons go I can see her getting the blood icon and then immediately getting the sword icon. Or a “dual meaning” kind of icon containing both concepts. Like “war” or “carnage” or literally “the wolf” like the Abidan division.
Finally her Dreadgod weapon. The Red Phoenix binding as a sword. Lindon and Yerin both have pretty much confirmed this is the plan. To make the sword I’m guessing they’ll use Netherclaw, the broken pieces of the Sword Sages blade (with both her and her masters authority in it), the binding of course, and a whole lot of Yerin’s own blood.
He is already the most ahead, and the most versatile of the group. So I think his primary focus will be consolidating his new power. Not that he won’t keep working on new stuff, that’s kind of his thing.
Living technique seem like something he’ll make since he already has good willpower control. I’d like to see the Dragon Descends become a literal living dragon. Extra points if he can make a pure madra version too (you reading this Lindon points are up for grabs!)
The armor will finally be completed. I have no idea what the final form will be or it’ll take any inspiration from the 8ME but I can’t see him not finish up his pet project in the time chamber.
The dismantle technique he started to learn in the labyrinth could be combined into his Hollow Domain, increasing its effectiveness.
Mosty I think he’ll manifest a new icon. Whether that’s in the chamber of not, and like many I think it’ll be the Creation or Hammer icon. And that’ll bleed over to improving all his abilities all round.
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2023.06.05 02:03 Crackle_Mackle Wanting to buy an upgrade for my video camera in the future but don’t know what to get.

I film for YouTube and short films and I’m looking to upgrade my set up. My current dslr is a Canon SL3 (24.1 MP 4k) and I’m thinking about switching to either a LUMIX or a Sony. I like the look of them a lot better than Canon especially with the colors. What I’m looking for in specific is a Sony or LUMIX (or Canon but that’s not the priority) that has a full frame sensor, shoots 4k over 20MP, and is affordable. I’ll be using eBay to buy it so the price range is something used around $500. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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