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2023.05.28 20:54 Less_Significance913 House in Phoenix Arizona

House in Phoenix Arizona
Just bought a house and I wanted to enjoy the pool before I drain it. I tested the water and here are the results. I am getting mixed opinions on what to add and how long to wait for. Pool’s 25000 gallons. Could I please have some advice? Also, is it safe to swim in at current conditions?
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2023.05.28 20:52 almostvangogh What could cause seizures followed by facial swelling in a dog?

Please help, I'm very worried and our vet is stumped.
9 year old, medium sized, mixed breed.
My dog has had 2 similar episodes, one last July and one this week.
July 2022 - my dog fell down the stairs in the middle of the night. We rushed to her, she was unconscious and had wet herself.
I called the emergency vet straight away, and by the end of the phone call she had stood up and was walking around as if nothing had happened. We still took her to the vet, they checked her over, gave her an anti-inflammatory for stiffness and suggested it may have been a seizure which caused her to fall. Around 3 hours after the event, her face began to swell as if she was having anaphylactic shock. I presumed this was an allergy to the anti-inflammatory she was given. The emergency vet instructed us to give her piriton, and the swelling dissipated over 24 hours.
May 2023 - in the morning we heard her stagger into the room and then fall to her side. She had a seizure, lasting around 1 minute. The post ictal phase lasted around 15 minutes, she was lying upright and whining but unresponsive to stimuli. Vets advice was to bring her in later that day, in case the stress triggered another seizure. She behaved normally, was taking food, drinking and wagging her tail. Until 3-4 hours later when her face begins to swell. I rushed her to the vets where she was treated with steroids for the swelling. Her blood test only came back with a slightly abnormal liver marker but the vet was not concerned about this. We got her back 7 hours later and by the next day (today) she was back to her full self.
Since her most recent seizure I have occasionally noticed her watching/ following non-existent flies.
The vet could not explain the correlation between the seizures and swelling. I am worried there is something serious underlying, what could cause both these symptoms?
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2023.05.28 20:50 akshatkaush What to do different? Gave PP+, what to do next?

Analysis of quant what I observed- Section 1: 19/20, one question wrong because I moved fast from the question without even evaluating it. Section 2: 14/20 , one question wrong- question was amount of interest is equal, I read it as amount is equal and solved according to it, leading to higher time consumed that too with wrong answer. I do data analysis questions at last so I made 2 more questions wrong before it. Out of these, one seemed difficult so I guessed it and skipped ahead. Now 7 mins are left with 3 data analysis and 1 more question. So now I am in a hurry. In that hurry, while marking the answer I exchanged numerator and denominator with each other. Now coming to 3 data analysis questions, 6 mins left and I am thinking that I have to revisit the last two questions. Now maybe because of timing, I start solving them in a hurry with calculation mistakes, thereby each taking 2-3 iterations to solve and eventually I mark the wrong answer because of calculation mistake, I missed dividing and multiplying by 10 and 10 in both questions. The last data analysis question got wrong for the same reason that I am making calculation mistake, taking 3-4 iterations to solve, couldn't find a matching answer and then finally guessing it.
My verbal score is borderline acceptable provided that I am getting 168+ in quant. My GRE score would be useless if I get less than 167 in quant.
Test is on Saturday and on Friday I have to travel to the test center city. So I have 4 days to prepare or to make any change in my approach. I have taken off from office from Tuesday to Friday. So have full days to make any change.
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2023.05.28 20:50 Elledezi HELP!! Need advice on Soil Health Project

Hello mycologists,
I am currently in Costa Rica for summer research, and my focus is mycology. I have an idea for a project that I want to do but am not sure how to execute it. I want to look at how certain species of fungi here affect soil health. Please take a look at my procedure outline, questions, and limitations, and let me know if this is even possible to do! My backup is just to send samples to a biodiversity survey but that's kind of boring and I would prefer to make this soil project work.
What I'm thinking is to take some soil, and assess it by using nutrient tests and looking under the microscope at microorganism diversity. Then I can set up containers or bags with the same soil and integrate a few trials of some different mushroom/fungi species in them. After leaving it for a couple of weeks, I would test the soil again. That is pretty much the basic outline I have.
Here are some questions I have:
  1. How do I integrate the fungi and soil together? Do I find a live sample in the forest and gather some of the mycelium/soil around it? Do I include the fruiting body/mushrooms? Will I need to include a plant in the soil to get mycorrhizal benefits, and if I include a plant is that another variable that will make the results less reliable?
  2. Do I have to isolate and grow the species myself before putting it with the soil, or can I just take a species right from where it is growing naturally?
  3. Regarding the work I would have to do for each mushroom species, how many should I do? How many trials should I do? Should I only experiment with one kind of mushroom (mycorrhizal, saprotrophic, pathogenic) or multiple? If I focus only on saprotrophic will I not need to include plants in the soil?
  4. What containers and conditions should I put the soil in? Should I leave them outside? Is plastic ok?
Here are my limitations:
  1. I am only here for a bit more than three more weeks.
  2. I have limited materials here: (potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and ph tests, a microscope, test tubes, plastic bags, and Petri dishes. I might have more but this is mostly what I can think of that would be relevant to the project)
  3. I am a college student and do not know much about this topic yet
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2023.05.28 20:49 ereighna The reason why I can't get dx.

The reason why I can't get dx.
This Dr is the only one who will do adult diagnosis in my area, she wants $2,375 - $3,375. Does not include other visits.
No financial assistance available for any reason, you pay or don't get in.
So yeah, self diagnosis is valid.
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2023.05.28 20:49 RegularRoutine88 Is this a nutrient deficiency?

I’m really honestly at a loss, every time I’ve felt like this I’ve always bounced back really quickly, but this has been going on 6 months now.
I’ll start with my nutritional history — beer drinker of about 4-5 per day. OMAD, usually after drinking the beer. Minimal snacking thru the day and OMAD is more or less just a habit. I’m not actually doing OMAD intentionally. Cut back on the alcohol and as of last 6 weeks I’m averaging 3.5.
My appetite is gone, and when I do eat and get an appetite after the beer my diet is usually carry out of some sort. Pasta, pizza, burgers are the mainstays.
I’m a 27YO male, who’s otherwise in OK health with stable weight.
Though I did drop weight quickly from 205 -> 185 in a matter of weeks. I started taking thiamine B1 and got an appetite back and so on.
Basically I’ve felt really unsteady like I’m on a cloud. I’m not falling over or anything like that, but bending down to pick up a bag it feels like I’m floating on a cloud or even drunk. It’s like a weakness that’s not really weakness in the clinical sense, but I feel weak / lack of confidence in movements etc. for example I could ride a bike but that wouldn’t really feel that good, driving aggravates it too.
I have a clean bill of health based on blood tests and physicals. I just don’t know where to go from here cause I can’t keep living like this.
Things I’ve explored vitamin / mineral deficiency and electrolyte deficiency but I haven’t found anything that sticks.
Vitamins B12 level is about 400, but I take a pre workout everyday with a bunch of B12 so my guess is this test isn’t super accurate. Iron/Ferritin are normal.
Could this be protein deficiency? B12, B1, Folate?
Primary symptoms are unsteadiness, cloud like feeling, some brain fog, low energy, decreased alcohol tolerance (6 used to be no big deal, now I’m so drunk after like 2 and don’t really wanna keep drinking). Low Libido (normal testosterone level 500), weak erections, not much morning erections, low mood/empty, not as much sweating, can’t tolerate a sauna anymore, aversion towards running/cardio.
Where do I go from here does this sound like some kinda deficiency or medical condition?
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2023.05.28 20:49 Altraacc Important Document

Hey all,for almost a year now I've been composing a document based on theological and scientific findings related to Human Sexuality and Social issues and their place in the Catholic Church.Since I am writing this based upon a marginalized community it would seem bias and unjust if I published this document to Bishops and Church Leaders without the advice and consul of the community itself.I want to ask for help and even consider co-writers from this community.It may sound naive,but I believe this document and writers like this can inspire the kind of Just and Unrebellious change the Holy Spirit desires,I think there is a real problem in our Church and the decline of Religiousness is a serious threat to the world with Reformation being the solution,May God forgive me if im wrong but what can I do if im right? So please,any and all help regardless of Religion or Self is appreciated,my plan is to send this document out to several Church Leaders and Theologists once this document is well developed and consuled.
I also apologize,this is quite a long document!
Here is the text:
lus corporis A collage of opinions and facts alike on the use of gender and sexuality in today's world and how the Catholic Church can "Listen,Reason,and Propose" as said in "Male and Female He Created"
"What you are now,I once was,What I am now,you will be." -Father Mike Shmitz
This document should not be taken as Anti-Catholic or Heretical,I,the author, fully believe and agree and have Faith in the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church,as of now Current Church Teachings describe Homesexual acts and the "LGBTQ+" Community as sinful,and therefore this should be taken as Christian law,this document is a proposal,rather then a "93 Theses" and should not be acted upon until declared Canonical or False by the Catholic Church.Another fair argument to bring up is that I as an individual writing this may be,in my innocenc,biased towards subjects I consider indisputabl,such as abortion,despite this I will do my best to providea neutralargumentbased on facts and testimony outside of my own self. Additionally,please feel free to criticize or disprove anything stated in this document aswell.I thank you for your time in listening to me, and may God's peace be with You,always.
 Chapter One On Current Catholic Church Teachings 
1.Pope Francis and the Churchs currently teach that God Created Man and Woman,and while Genders role in Society and biology can be distuginshed,they must not be separated,additionally Masculinity and Femininity are created by the body,and are two pillars that hold up society.
  1. Pope Francis has been considered very radical and liberal on the Catholic Churches stances concerning the LGBTQ+ community,while he has condemned abortion,calling it "The same thing the Nazis did but with White Gloves"
3.LGBTQ+ Catholics are not permitted certain Sacraments in the Church,not out of discrimination,but because the Church believes they cannot truly lead a full life of Christ and guiding others to Christ if they continue to deny the Church's teachings and the Word of the LORD.
4.The Catholic Church has been critzied for not taking the opinions of LGBTQ Catholics on certain documents concerning the topic,however until proclaimed Infallibile under the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility,these documents are technically still up for slight discussion as said in Male and Female He Created them,with"Listen,Reason,and Propose",however they are Church Teaching and must still be followed
  1. The lives of every single person from conception to natural death are sacred and matter greatly to the Church,that must be clear as the Church has been accused of discrimination,the People of the Church(Failable) and The Church(Infallibile) must be distuginshed
6.Transgender people and members of the LGBTQ community often feel true disorder and uncomfort on their current identities, and many LGBTQ Christians believe they are acting in the full authority of God,through Jesus Christ our Savior
7.Gender Disorder is something many people go through in life,especially during puberty and teenage years
8.A potential theory for the rise in Transgenderism is the decrease of testosterone due to products that take it away,and an increase in estrogen levels from birth control pills and etc flushed in our water that filters cannot take away,even the US Ground Water Authority agrees with the Estrogen Increase in Public Water via Contraceptive Pills.
  1. The Church teaches that God created man and women and that the sacrament of Holy Matrimony can only be celebrated by a true Male and true female
     Chapter 2 
    A statement on the ex cathedra status of LGBTQ and the Church's stance on Homesexuality
The Catholic Bible has a few mentions of homesexuality, such as 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
"Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes* nor sodomites nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God. That is what some of you used to be; but now you have had yourselves washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God"
However,when reading the footnote given by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops You will find that the Greek word translated as boy prostitutes may refer to catamites, i.e., boys or young men who were kept for purposes of prostitution, a practice not uncommon in the Greco-Roman world. In Greek mythology, this was the function of Ganymede, the “cupbearer of the gods,” whose Latin name was Catamitus. The term translated sodomites refers to adult males who indulged in homosexual practices with such boys.Refers to the boy prostitutes and sodomites,also translated as homesexuals,refers only to the act of lustful homesexuality,and while homesexuality may be lustful,some homesexuals claim the love the feel is true romantic and unified love
However, when reading Romans 1:26-27 St Paul States
Therefore, God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural,27-and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity."
This shows us that St. Paul describes the act of Homesexuality as Unatrual,however, when St Paul describes, "and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity." He does not specify necessarily that the act of true unification of flesh between the same sex as sinful,however he does describes the act of Man and Woman's relationship as natrual,this should be noted as this suggests Saint Paul is saying that a Man and A Man,or vice versa,cannot have true sexual unity,however this interpretation is quite "wishy washy."
In Ephesians 5:31-33, St. Paul states
For this reason, a man shall leave [his] father and [his] mother
and be joined to his wife,
and the two shall become one flesh.”x
32-This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the church.33-In any case, each one of you should love his wife as himself, and the wife should respect her husband.
The footnote given by the USCCB states " prostitute: the reference may be specifically to religious prostitution, an accepted part of pagan culture at Corinth and elsewhere; but the prostitute also serves as a symbol for any sexual relationship that conflicts with Christ’s claim over us individually. The two…will become one flesh: the text of Gn 2:24 is applied positively to human marriage in Matthew and Mark, and in Eph 5:29–32: love of husband and wife reflect the love of Christ for his church. The application of the text to union with a prostitute is jarring, for such a union is a parody, an antitype of marriage, which does conflict with Christ’s claim over us. This explains the horror expressed in 15b. "
This shows that the USCCB belives Saint Paul meant that Marriage demonstrates the love of two flesh as a reflection of the love of Christ and his Church.Testimony from Homesexuals argues that the love two homesexuals feel for each other is real and just love,like Christ and his Church,whether or not this is real or a delusion caused by a psychological disorder,only The Lord knows for certain as of now.
One issue on the approvment and justification of Homesexuality given by the Bible is when Saint Paul states "Female gave up Natrual Relations,likewise did the Males" Saint Paul is specifically referring to the union of male and female as natrual and anything otherwise as unatrual,this could technically be countered by saying that Saint Paul did not mean that the act of homesexual love was unatrual,but the abuse of it was,however this is slightly unclear
The footnote on 1 Timonthy 8-11 by the USCCB states
"Those responsible for the speculations that are to be suppressed by Timothy do not present the Old Testament from the Christian viewpoint. The Christian values the Old Testament not as a system of law but as the first stage in God’s revelation of his saving plan, which is brought to fulfillment in the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ."
This reveals to us that the act of Homesexuality as it is described in the Old Testament as sinful is not necessarily Christian Law, but rather part of God's First stage of Salvation
 Chapter 2 Conclusion Therefore,while definitively not Infallibile,the conclusion of this document is that there is no definitive New Covenant Biblical bases for the disapproval of Homesexuality,however Christ gave the Church the authority to proclaim Christ Teaching,and therefore,just because it is not in the Bible doesn't mean homesexuality is in line with The Teachings of Our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Chapter 3 On "Non Binary," "Third Genders," and "They/Them pronouns," 
Genesis 1:27 states -
27-God created mankind in his image;
in the image of God, he created them;
male and female* he created them
The footnote given by the USCCB states
"Male and female: as God provided the plants with seeds (vv. 11, 12) and commanded the animals to be fertile and multiply (v. 22), so God gives sexuality to human beings as their means to continue in existence."
Also, note that Genesis states that man and women came from each other and were once One.This has potential to theological development, but more time and research is needed to process this.
Based on this,this document can this not justify that the Catholic Church can recognize "Third Genders,or Non Binaryness" as God Created only two Genders Male and Female.A mix of the two sexes may be possible,but more evidence is needed to even consider this seriously.
 Chapter 4 On the Ordination of Women 
You may have noticed Genesis states that "God Created Man and Woman in his image" this could be a reasonable argument for the Holy Ordination of Women,however it should be noted that while Jesus had many Female Disciples,he did not have any Female Apostles.
The following information,Passages, and reference belong to the Catholic.com Website in an article written by Jason Evert
1 Corinthians 12:5-9 states
There are varieties of service, but the same Lord . . . All these are inspired by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills. For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. . . . If the foot should say, ‘Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,’ that would not make it any less a part of the body. . . . If the whole body were an eye, where would be the hearing? If the whole body were an ear, where would be the sense of smell? But as it is, God arranged the organs in the body, each one of them, as he chose. If all were a single organ, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, yet one body. . . . Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. And God has appointed in the church first apostles . . . Are all apostles?” (1 Cor. 12:5–29).
This shows us that while Saint Paul may have said "Women or Man,No matter" he was referring to the role of all of us as the Body of Christ,while not everyone is subject to every role,everyone has a different role in the Body of Christ,this Biblical Passage could also be used to argue that God designated and designed each Humans role in the Body of Christ at Birth and that Role should not be reconstructed
It should also be noted that the Bible refrences a female "Phobe" who is a deacon.Combine that with the matter that Temporary Diaconate is not full Preistly Ordination and the lower case ordination of Women may be possible in the form of temporary Deacons.
Pope John Paul II declared, “Although the teaching that priestly ordination is to be reserved to men alone has been preserved by the constant and universal Tradition of the Church and firmly taught by the Magisterium in its more recent documents, at the present time in some places it is nonetheless considered still open to debate, or the Church’s judgment that women are not to be admitted to ordination is considered to have a merely disciplinary force. Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Luke 22:32), I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful
Therefore, this document is in agreement that the Ordination of Women Onto the Holy Ordination and the Sacrament of Holy Orders is declared definitively incorrect,however, female Diaconate may be Scripturally,Theologically,and Spirtualy possible.
 Chapter 5 On Transgenderism and the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) and Sex Reassignment Surgery(SRS) 
1.The Bible doesn't give any clear insight on the Early Churchs exact position on Gender Ideology,therefore we as the Body of Christ must primarily rely on current medicial and psychological findings aswell as Church Teachings rooted in Scripture and Tradition
2.The Catholic Church currently teaches that one is born and conceived Male or Female,and that to try and change this is an act of disobedience of God's Ultimate Design of Humanity,Catholic and Christian Transgenders claim they are not acting out of disobedience,but rather are medically aligning their "God Given Identity" with their Physical Form.
  1. This should be taken relatively seriously, however,as most medical and psychological institutions agree that "Gender Dysphoria" is not simply a disorder but a realization of one's true identity and a genuine medical concern
4.The use of pronouns that do not align with a Person's God-Given Gender is prohibited by the Church,however a Male living a Feminine life style while recognizing he is still a Male at Birth,and vice versa,is not taken as an act of disobedience toward ones own biological gender by the Church
5.New Ways Ministry,A organization dedicated to building a bridge between the LGBTQ Community and the Catholic Church(not necessarily in full Communion with the Church)seems to support idea of Gender Ideology,however evidence to suggest anything further is low.
  1. Tia Michelle,an openly intersexual and transgender,received support from her Preist at the idea of becoming a Nun,Tia has stated that there is nothing stated in the Bible that undermines the credibility of Christian Transgenders and that,like aerospace engineering,our modern idea of this concept did not exist at the time of the Bibles writing.The Catholic Church has not responded to this case at the time of writing.
  2. Pope Francis famous "Who am I to Judge?" quote on Gay Preisthood suggests his openess to the idea od acceptance of an "LGBTQ" lifestyle,however this quote was directed toward Homesexuals and does not mean the Church support the use of HRT or SRS,additionally Pope Francis was likely referring to the fact that homesexuality in itself isn't sinful,rather the act upon this tendency is the sin in question.
8.The LGBTQ Community,especially the Transgender community revolve heavily around the arguably selfish idea that their attraction and change is based on what they desire and their feelings and what makes them happy.This is contrary to Church Teaching because God's will and Feelings are more important than ours.However it should be noted that some people do feel very strongly about their identity and believe it is in Communion with God's will and The Salvation of the World,and that one's own medical and mental needs are permitted to be fulfilled by the Church.
  1. Something to point out is that all Catholics believe in the Reuninfication of Body and Soul at the Second Coming,this could be taken to suggest that Body and Soul are 2 different things that can be separated in the form of Transgenderism,or that Body and Soul are 2 things that work together in harmony with each other.However,in Catholic Teaching,while on Earth you are your body,and so to separate solid and biological sex with a social "twin",Gender, could be harmful,we may even be seeing the effects of this rapid accepting of this ideology today.
    Therefore,as the act of conforming to one's psychological and medical identity is described as Gender Ideology,the act of using HRT,SRS,and Opposite Sex Pronouns should very much be up for open debate and change in the Church based on current medical and psychological findings.
     Chapter 6 On Abortion and Sexual Intercourse 
The Catholic Churches stances on abortion are very clear,the act of purposeful termination of a human fetus is to commit a serious sin,that of murder.However many people disagree with this as they claim that decision is the right of Woman,and not the Church.This can be proved false,as any Child that has the potential to be born,albeit even with serious medical conditions or without a biological family to support them,has the right to live.Even Science supports the Pro Life Movement,as life begins at conception in the scientific world aswell.However,a Child who ends up in one of these difficult situations is the moral and just responsibility of society to raise and educate,we do not kill people with Cerebal Palsy because of their condition,even if they suffer because of it,do we? We do not terminate the life of someone in foster care,do we not?Also,Groups Like Catholics for Choice seem to have no Scriptural or Theological bases for their beliefs and claim that the majority of Catholis believe in abortion,however likely the majority of lapsed Catholics are the ones who believe in this act of murder,however evidence to prove this is lacking,although likely.However in very rare and specific circumstances,(eg,the mother and child are both in danger) and unintential death of the child may occur.This shows that while abortion is a serious act of murder,in certain very specific situations,some form of "abortion" may have to occur.Also,any Religion that claims and abortion is mandatory is wrong,while religious Freedom is a God-Given right,nowhere should the act of innocent murder be a freedom of humans.Therefore it is with confidence I can conclude that the act of abortion,while in many situations may be desirable as pregnancy is a very,very difficult Miracle to go through,is wrong and the Catholic Church has no right to agree to or support this act of murder unless a very specific circumstance occurs,unintential in this case.
The Act of In Virto Fertilization,while may seem Unitive,is not considered such.The Gift of life in the form of Sexual Intercourse is required for a relationship to be Unitive,as this is what God has desired for us.However the Church must be empathetic with infertile couples and hear their situations and stories out.Using Contraception during Intercourse may be Unitive,but it is not open to the gift of procreation and life,and therefore cannot be supported by the Catholic Church.However,Couples who cannot conceive naturally but do not lack the procreative and unitive intentions could potentially be a reason for just changing of this teaching,and should be listened to,aswell as those who are victims of Rape and Incest so long as the Contraception is not in the form of Murder(abortion).
Additionally,the Sacrament of Marriage is required for two to become one flesh,this is transparently stated in the Bible by Jesus Christ Himself,and therefore the Church must never conform to the Societal acceptance of Pre Marital Intercourse and the related social and medical,including mental, issues caused by such acts.
 Chapter 7 On Asexuality and Aromanticness 
The Catholic Churchs stance on Asexuality is clear,No person is without the desire of the gift of life,to not have any sexual stance is impossible,however the Churchs Clergy practices the desire to not have sexual or romantic relationships,therefore Sexual Aromantancy is fine,However Nonsexual Asexuality is non existent as God made all Humans in his image,even the infertile.
 Chapter 8 A conclusion on these findings 
Therefore Brothers and Sisters in Christ,I believe I can say with confidence that while writing this,I have felt the support of the Holy Spirit through me,whether that means an approval of my proposals,or a desire for this document to be proven false,I am not sure,but with the full confidence of The Most Holy Trinity,I can say that the Church’s stance on Homesexuality,including Lesbianism,is very much up for discussion and Biblical discourse,additionally it may be said that these findings can be proven "Natrual" (However,see section on Saint Paul's "Male and Female gave up Natrual Relations and turned to unatrual relations with their same sex."),Additionally the Church’s stance on Gender Ideology can be considered medically,psychological,and theologically incorrect in certain instances,Being Non Binary(No Gender) on the other can be said as with confidence wrong as God Created just Man and Woman,although certain Catholics and Non Catholics alike disagree with this and should be heard out.Also keep in note the specefic mention of Man and Women coming from each other from One.The Combination of Two Genders/Sexes may be possible if proven Solid based on Medical and Psychological findings.Premarital Intercourse,Non Unitive,and Non Pro Creational intercourse can be said as wrong as Marriage,Unity,and Procreation are required for the proper,just,and God Given use of Sex.Abortion,however I can say with confidence is murder,as there are ways around it and ways to help Children who are saved from the Abortion Holocaust,whether Society has the ethical and morality to take these steps is unclear to Man,unfortunately.Aromanticness,the desire to refrain from sexual and romantic relationships is already practiced by Church Clergy,however the idea that a person cannot have some form of Sexual Drive or Desire,even if smaller than others,is wrong.The Ordination of Woman into the Holy Orders of Preisthood has been definitely declared as outside of the Churches Authority by John Paul and until the Church takes a different stand in this,this should be considered Christian Law,albeit up for some slight discussion.
Therefore Brothers and Sisters,as God has given us free will and reasoning to further the Church in her Glory,I formally conclude this document "lus corporis"(The right of the body),and propose this to the Catholic Church:The Right of the Body belongs to God,however based on Medical,Psychological,Theological,and Biblical findings,the definition of what we consider to be altering God's Ultimate Design for us all is very much up for discussion and debate
I thank you for taking the time to read this letter,and once again emphasize the importance of following current Church Teaching as Christian Law,even if that Teaching or Teachings are debatable,Because the Vatican must listen to the pleas and cries of the Body of Christ,Amen.
 "Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you," 
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2023.05.28 20:48 rgtizzle Issues with m1 mac on aerohive ap230's?

I have been getting complaints as of late where I work from mac users, all of which seem to follow a pattern:
m1 based mac. and monterey or higher
They seem to have random issues where the wireless connection becomes super slow, to the point of being unusable. I did a ping test with one laptop in this state, and a ping of local machine took 17 seconds.
I was connected to the same access point with my older intel mac, running big sur, and everything was fine for me.
And rebooting of the laptop seems to fix the issue. (they got the same IP address after the reboot, and reconnected to the same access point)
Has anyone seen anything similar? (on aerohive or other?)
I have done some tests with a nuc, where I left it in an area where someone complained, and it ran fin for 2 weeks, doing ping tests and the like., no issues
I also have a wyebot sensor, and have been having it run tests in the same room, and it's not finding any problems.
I've put some of the mac addresses in the client monitor, but looking at the output of that, I'm not seeing anything.
Anyone have any thoughts?
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2023.05.28 20:48 laAliesse How not to suck at this game?

I've played around 20 hrs of this game, and really like it, especially first 2 days. As always i started playing competitively and trying my best to improve. I watched videos, practiced, and stuff, i know that you shouldn't disturb your goalie, you shouldn't play selfishly, you should always spread on the map and play as a team and pass the core if possible. But in fact, what i see in bronze is just a stupid ping ponging, no one plays as a team, everyone shove the core into opponents throat like it was a delicious sandwitch. And... It works! xD So that's why i often end up lowest level, feeling miserable and having no fun at all. I get about to do about 2 goals in 5 matches at best, and i havent got mvp in this game even once.
So what should i do? start playing selfishly as well? maybe switch strikers? (i play in field most of the time as X, sometimes Asher and Ai.mi)
I hope there are some expierienced players that could give a good advice instead of "git gud" and stuff
submitted by laAliesse to OmegaStrikers [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 20:47 VirtualDisaster3208 Jobwechsel von Game Designer/Developer zu Software Entwickler

Hallo zusammen!
Ich suche mit diesem Beitrag Ratschläge und idealerweise auch Erfahrungsberichte von Personen, die als Softwareentwickler arbeiten und eventuell von einem Game DevelopeDesigner Hintergrund kommen oder sogar Quereinsteiger sind.
Kurz zu meinem Hintergrund: Ich habe „irgendwas mit Medien“ im Master studiert, wollte eigentlich Game Designer und/oder Storyteller werden, war dann Game Designer und Developer in einem Startup (für ein Jahr) und arbeite jetzt als Unity3D Entwickler (seit einem Jahr, nicht in der Gaming Branche).
Leider mag ich die Stadt, in die ich dafür gezogen bin, absolut nicht. 100% Remote ist leider nicht drin. Eine Wohnung außerhalb der Stadt zu mieten war zunächst mein Plan, aber die Wohnungssituation ist schlecht und wenn ich 40min bei guter Verkehrslage bis auf Arbeit brauche ist mir das persönlich zu viel. Daher möchte ich jetzt lieber den Job wechseln und wieder in meine alte Heimat ziehen.
Seit ein paar Tagen durchstöbere ich Jobangebote für C# Entwickler. Dass C# nicht die einzige Anfoderung sein wird, war mir schon klar. Und hier komme ich nun auch an meine Grenzen und merke, wie mir mein gemischter Werdegang in die Quere kommt. Ich kenne wirklich nur das, was ich bisher auch brauchte. Was zum f* ist Lisp? Angular? Blazor? (Verzichtet bitte auf Erklärungen dieser drei Sachen, das diente jetzt nur als Beispiel.)
Mittlerweile habe ich ein Dokument, in dem ich mir alle „Fremdwörter“ notiere und mir eine Erklärung dazuschreibe, um sie einzuordnen. Damit konnte ich meine hauptsächlichen Schwachstellen identifizieren:
1) Mein softwarebezogenes Vokabular ist (sehr) schlecht 2) Ich habe keine Erfahrung mit Datenbanken 3) Ich habe keine Erfahrung mit Unit-Tests 4) Ich kann nur eine Programmiersprache
Nochmal die Schulbank zu drücken ist schon allein aus finanzieller Sicht nicht drin. Selbstständiges Lernen via Tutorials sowieso ein Muss, aber dann fehlt mir noch immer die „echte“ Erfahrung.
Was würdet ihr mir raten?
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2023.05.28 20:47 Remark-Able Impact from Carpal Tunnel testing?

Curious as to whether anyone else had the full electrical-conduction testing for carpal tunnel and had serious flare/muscle lock-ups for several days following the testing?
For me it wasn't the poke test part that was a problem - it was literally the sending a current through for nerve conduction testing. Everything from mid-back was taut and in pain for the next 2-3 days.
submitted by Remark-Able to Fibromyalgia [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 20:47 bustedflipflops These VEIP Kiosks are great when they work

These VEIP Kiosks are great when they work
But I'm here on a weekend and full service isn't an option. I'll search for another or come back during the week. There's only one kiosk. (Edgewood St, Halethorpe location)
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2023.05.28 20:47 spartachilles Midterms of 1938 A House Divided Alternate Elections

Midterms of 1938 A House Divided Alternate Elections
Rising to the presidency under hotly contested circumstances by rallying the government to legally depose President Howard P. Lovecraft due to his infirmity, the first days of the Hayes presidency were far from smooth. Despite having held office for just 28 days, President Lovecraft and his inner group of supporters had spread their tendrils widely throughout the government, rushing quickly to appoint as many like-minded individuals as possible to positions of power within the government. Even after forcing the resignation of the whole Lilienthal clique the day before swearing his oath of office, President Hayes found himself preoccupied for weeks with comprehensively rooting out the Formicist movement from the federal government and finding enough of his own allies to fill in the many gaps left behind after the Formicist anthill had been scoured. Especially as the vast majority of the Formicists given positions of power in government had been white men, Hayes was particularly lauded for his appointment of substantially more women and people of color than any of his other predecessors. Perhaps nothing else more symbolized his commitment to equal rights than his choice to fill in the vacant office of Vice President, the widely celebrated union leader and Florida Senator Asa Philip Randolph.
Sensing more enemies lurking in the dark than just those in the Formicist movement, President Hayes was also quick to meet with Representative Samuel Dickstein, the longtime chair of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Feeling that their work had been neglected by the Dewey administration, Hayes worked with allies in Congress to ensure an appropriation of more resources to the Committee. The result was a reinvigoration of the White Scare that had followed the Cape Cod Invasion in the earlier decade, with high-profile hearings once again delving into the unsavory history of the DuPont chemical company and making new inroads into areas such as the film industry. Perhaps even more incendiary was Attorney General O. John Rogge’s string of prosecutions of figures implicated in Smedley D. Butler’s Business Plot allegations such as business executive Grayson M.P. Murphy and even former General James G. Harbord. Completing the circle was Secretary of Education George S. Counts, returned to his office after a brief interruption during the Lovecraft presidency, who initiated a nationwide endeavor for a standardized curriculum surrounding the history of Grantism designed to achieve a “social reconstruction” underscoring the “moral equality of man” and critical of societal institutions “inimical to the underlying principles of democracy.”
Once his position had been secured, Hayes hoped to spend the next years of his presidency agitating for the final realization of President Dewey’s Great Community and perhaps even to drive it into further adoption across all facets of American life and the economy. However, another issue would instead come to consume his presidency. Starting as all things do in the Balkans, the disintegration of the Triple Monarchy of Austria-Hungary-Croatia led to a European crisis after the Kingdom of Italy occupied territory claimed by the German Empire. With the pleas of the International Court of Justice falling on deaf ears, the conflict rapidly spiraled into continent-spanning war after successive escalations by the powers of Europe. Even the socialist Republic of Spain, which had professed neutrality as the war broke out was near-simultaneously consumed by a civil war mimicking the patterns of the wider European war. But it was not only Europe that was thrust into the flames of war, Asia too exploded into open conflict in the summer of 1938. After long-rising tensions finally reached a climax, the Japanese Empire launched an unsteady attack that rapidly transformed into a full-scale invasion of China replete with horrific war crimes and massacres of civilians.
Hayes’ position on foreign affairs was nothing if not clear, furiously denouncing the “military madness and tyranny” of the French-Italian Pact of Steel and particularly attacking their sponsorship of the Nationalist rebels in Spain as an assault on global socialism. Likewise, Hayes echoed the sentiments of the late President Bliss in denouncing Japan for “sowing the dragon’s teeth of militarism”. Yet President Hayes did not solely content himself with words, and made several bold moves to counter the threat he saw in international Integralism. After the sinking of two passenger liners carrying American civilians by French naval forces, Hayes successfully extracted an indemnity from the French government to compensate the victims and threatened to impose an embargo of ever-valuable coal and iron if further transgressions were made. Holding a strong affinity for the socialist government of Spain that was under siege by the Nationalist revolt, Hayes also openly fostered the formation of American volunteer units to fight on behalf of the Spanish government, though his efforts to send material aid failed at the hands of Solidarists and Federalist Reformists reluctant to provide such aid to a radically socialist government. However, such skepticism did not extend to the longtime American ally of China (perhaps in part thanks to deeply established commercial ties), prompting the authorization of arms and supply shipments to China through the British port of Guangzhou as well as substantial embargoes on the flow of the same going to Japan. In order to disarm the threat of large-scale strikes posed by longshoremen leader Harry Bridges and mine workers leader John L. Lewis, Hayes met with both and, using the panache of a former union man still extraordinarily popular with the rank and file, credibly threatened to get both of them voted out of their union presidencies if they did not cooperate and thus secured the free flow of goods out of Pacific harbors.
Of course, these issues of foreign affairs did not totally consume the domestic politics of the nation. In August of 1937, the Council of Censors published its first annual report on the operations of the government, producing a document harshly detailing millions of dollars that had been misspent or unaccounted for in federal appropriations and noted dozens upon dozens of instances of incompetent management among the civil service in the administration of the Great Community. Hoping to forge his own identity as the Speaker of the House even after his Formicist allies had been overthrown in the executive branch, Walter Rautenstrauch thus pushed the first substantial civil service reform bill in 50 years through the House of Representatives, designed to enact stringent requirements on newly created positions across the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, and the Interior. Although the bill passed through the Senate thanks in part to public pressure from the Council of Censors, it earned a controversial veto as President Hayes attacked it as an antidemocratic measure designed to lessen control of the people over the government. Economically, the country showed signs of recovery from the depths of unemployment seen earlier in the Depression, but this coincided with increasingly rampant inflation as prices began to skyrocket across a wide variety of goods in the market as well as an increasingly staggering national debt. Yet with the House of Representatives largely deadlocked and the Senate determined to preserve the Great Community, little change was made to the economic policies of the nation aside from the nationalization of the merchant marine after several Federalist Reformist Representatives under the leadership of Royal C. Johnson crossed the aisle on the basis of preventing war profiteering and ensuring national defense. Also notable was the long-awaited referendum on the future of the Congo, in which independence won by a large margin, though Hayes moved to push the future independence of the territory back by another ten years in light of the dangerous international situation.
But as Americans once again head to the polls, several new incidents have brought foreign affairs to the fore of the national election. Following the brutal Battle of Nanjing, the USS Asheville was sunk by Japanese aircraft during an evacuation mission of American nationals and many of the remaining survivors were strafed by gunfire in the open water, among a litany of other acts of violence and brutality perpetrated on American civilians. Furthermore, reports streaming into the country from China detailed crimes against humanity perpetrated on an unimaginable scale by the invading Japanese army. Meanwhile, the House Un-American Activities Committee shocked the nation by reopening the previously cold investigation into the Cape Cod Invasion, announcing that the State Department turned over new documents suggesting that Ulysses Grant III and other ringleaders of the attempted overthrow of the democratic government had had extended communications with the Italian foreign ministry, leading many tabloids to conclude that Mussolini had himself sponsored the effort to return the Grant dictatorship to America. Thus, while weighing these new developments against the myriad other considerations surrounding the ongoing wars abroad, the American people now must decide how to react. As President Hayes has put it while stumping for the Social Democratic Party, “shall we ignore the call of our homeland, of liberty-loving Spain, of outraged and devastated Belgium, of heroic Britain and China, of starving Croatia?”
Social Democrats

On domestic issues, the Social Democratic Party is remarkable for the unity fostered by President Dewey and his Great Community. While there remains much debate on the extent of government control over the economy and the mechanics of how they should be transferred out of private control, virtually the whole of the Social Democratic Party agrees that the nationalization of monopolistic industries such as the electric power, natural gas, and utilities industries are the most immediate priorities for extending worker control over the economy and putting an end to exploitative practices by business. Although largely content with the current regime of large deficit spending, dovish monetary policy, and a hefty taxation scheme, Social Democrats have continued to press for expansions to the land value tax in particular as a means to raise additional revenue to address the national debt while combating the pernicious effects of land ownership. Additionally, thanks to the advocacy of President Frank J. Hayes following many other predecessors, the Social Democrats have mobilized in favor of a system of universal sickness insurance to continue the extension of the expansive social safety net implemented with President Dewey’s Great Community. Blaming the greed of private businesses for the recent uptick in inflation and claiming that they have used the economic recovery as an excuse to extort average workers, President Hayes and the Social Democratic Party have called for the implementation of price controls on basic necessities and essentials of life if the inflation continues. However, while broadly unified on the matter of domestic matters, the same cannot be said of foreign affairs, where there remains an acrimonious split in the party.
The Interventionists are those who broadly support the struggle of the Spanish Republic, the Chinese Republic, and the Anglo-German Grand Alliance against the Integralist powers of France, Italy, and Japan. Framing the ongoing world war as a struggle of the forces of liberty and labor against the military tyranny of the Integralist ideology, the interventionist Social Democrats believe that action must be taken against France, Italy, and Japan lest Integralism once again threaten the United States. To this end, the interventionists have wholeheartedly backed the theory that Mussolini’s Italy were the backers of the Cape Cod Invasion that sought to restore Grantist rule to America, and point to the little-disputed French and Italian support for Nationalist Spain as evidence. Thus, under the leadership of notables such as New Jersey Senator Upton Sinclair, Montana Senator Jerry J. O’Connell, and Minnesota Representative John Bernard, the interventionists have come to support the rearmament of the United States, the sending of arms and material aid to Spain and China in particular, and even the entry of the United States into the war if it proves necessary. Some interventionists, such as Californian Robert A. Heinlein, have even gone so far as to claim universal military training as a fundamentally socialist concept that could be incorporated into a wider scheme of national service. However, many of the Social Democratic interventionists remain uncomfortable with the idea of allying the nation with the authoritarian monarchy of the German Empire, especially due to its repression of left-wing elements, but see it a necessary and lesser evil due to the less expansionist and ideological tendencies of the Kaiser. Broadly speaking, the interventionists tend to be more moderate than their isolationist counterparts, supporting a more limited vision of worker control of the economy and social spending, though there remain some radicals deeply committed to the international preservation and spread of socialism.
The Isolationists meanwhile have harshly denounced international conflict as the “fruit of the perpetual economic warfare of capitalism” and insisted on the strict neutrality of the United States through the enforcement of an embargo on all belligerent powers with no further distinction to avoid sponsoring any type of warfare. Under the leadership of Connecticut Senator Devere Allen, New York Governor Norman Thomas, and Wisconsin Governor Daniel Hoan, the isolationists have attacked any efforts at the militarization of American society, believing that it will inherently lead to the oppression of the working class and return of dictatorship to the country. More than anything else, the isolationists have harshly denounced the thought of entering the war by alleging modern war to be inherently suicidal and causing an incalculable strain on the working class. Moreover, those within the isolationist camp have strongly questioned the underpinnings of the interventionist argument, arguing that Germany is as much of an enemy to the working class as the Integralists and questioning the commitment of Chiang Kai-Shek to any socialist ideals. Perhaps the most controversial position has come from civil rights activist W.E.B. DuBois, who has argued that an intervention against Japan would merely foster a return of European colonialism in Asia. However, with most of the Social Democratic isolationists having an affinity for pacifism, few are content with simply letting the world war play its course. Instead, the isolationists concur that the American government and the wider socialist movement must agitate for a general strike by workers of all the belligerent powers to bring an end to the war, and perhaps realize worldwide socialist revolution. In general, the isolationists skew more radical than the interventionists, often favoring the inflammatory Declaration of Principles authored by Devere Allen that supports wide-reaching nationalizations of much of the economy.

While Solidarity has long held members of both conservative and progressive stripes, the differences between them has become largely diminutive in the face of the sweeping leftward march of President Dewey’s Great Community. Attacking the fiscal policies of the Social Democratic Party as reckless and irresponsible, Solidarity is unified in the demand for federal spending to be drastically cut as a countermeasure against explosive inflation of prices and to avert the looming possibility of a sovereign debt crisis. Moreover, Solidarity argues that the overly expansive size of the federal government under the Social Democratic administrations has lent itself to the rise of governmental corruption and labor racketeering, and thus has come to largely favor civil service reform. Still cognizant of the risk of a return to economic crisis, Solidarity remains supportive of a dovish monetary policy designed to expand the money supply and thereby avoid a slip back into the deflation of the Great Depression, and many of its progressive members favor reasonable antitrust measures and other regulations to prevent the exploitative industry practices. Although the distinction has been encroached upon the Social Democratic Party under Presidents Dewey and Hayes, Solidarity also has a reputation as the strongest defender of civil rights in American politics, with many of its populations favoring greater action to end discrimination in private business and ensure the equality of African Americans and women in American life. Much like their Social Democratic peers, Solidarity has also been beset by a growing rift between two camps of thought on foreign affairs ever since the dream of international arbitration died alongside its champion former President George Foster Peabody in the midst of a world war.
The Interventionists are those that support the struggle of China against the invasion by the Japanese Empire and the Anglo-German Grand Alliance against the invasions by France and Italy. Believing the Integralist powers to be aggressors impossible to reason with who have destroyed the world peace so painfully architected by their party two decades ago, figures such as Connecticut Governor Raymond E. Baldwin, House Leader Charles Phelps Taft II, and former presidential nominee Wendell Willkie see little alternative but to take drastic action to preserve the world order. The interventionists, feeling an affinity towards the democracy of the United Kingdom, have also been quick to frame the conflict as one between the democratic way of life and the aggressive authoritarianism of the Integralist ideology. Thus, they favor a measured rearmament plan to prepare the United States for an eventual conflict, as well as policies designed to contain the war-making abilities of France, Italy, and Japan. Although some hold a distant hope for being able to arbitrate this world war in much the same way as the last, most of the interventionists have become convinced that an American intervention into the war, particularly in Europe, will be necessary to avoid world domination by aggressive Integralist powers antithetical the civil liberties and democratic values which Solidarity has cherished since its foundation. While expressing some hesitancy to the idea of intervening on behalf of the German Empire after its recent dissolution of the Reichstag, the interventionists have a greater faith in the German commitment to the restoration of the Hague system of international affairs and believe that they may be able to pressure for the reintroduction of democratic government in the country. Unlike the Social Democrats, the Solidarist interventionists are skeptical of the socialist Spanish Republic and largely reluctant to commit to supporting it. On the whole, the interventionists tend to be more progressive than their isolationist colleagues, favoring a greater degree of regulation in the economy and more willing to compromise with the Social Democrats to preserve the Great Community.
The Isolationists instead believe that the collapse of the Hague system is the ultimate proof that the United States should turn inwards and avoid foreign entanglements. Rejecting the idea that America is responsible for the preservation of democracy abroad, the isolationists believe that the interventionists are merely intent on drawing the country into a bloody and expensive war that may well invite the very tyranny they claim to be opposing. Instead, as typified by leaders such as Michigan Representative Arthur H. Vandenberg, Ohio Representative Robert A. Taft, and Florida Representative Zora Neale Hurston, isolationists instead support a strict program of embargo on all belligerent powers designed to show no favoritism to either party and ensure that further incidents such as the sinkings of the USS Asheville or the SS Scharnhorst are avoided. Thus, they argue, the country would be able to avoid being drawn into the war and focus on maintaining its prosperity and addressing its many domestic issues. Moreover, they believe that if the United States is able to steer clear of the raging international conflict, it might naturally emerge in a dominant international position after the war has run its course. The isolationists also distrust broad rearmament programs, believing that wantonly strengthening the peacetime military could result in a return of Grantism and military dictatorship in the country. The isolationists tend to be largely conservative, taking a harder line against government spending and believing in a restrained role of government in regulating the economy.
Federalist Reform

Broadly dominated by its New Nationalist wing, the domestic platform of the Federalist Reform Party remains largely centered around the ideas pioneered by its thought leader Charles Edward Merriam though there remain some more conservative skeptics. Although much like Solidarity the party sees the deficit spending of the Social Democratic Party as fiscally irresponsible and philosophically disagree with the nationalization of industry, the Federalist Reform Party holds a markedly different view on the relationship between the government and the economy. United around a belief in the need for a strong executive to successfully regulate the economy and push forward their governmental initiatives, the Federalist Reform Party supports cooperation between government planning experts and the private sector to avert cutthroat competition, direct the economy towards more profitable investments, and regulate the excesses and failures of the market economy. They also support a more limited program of public works spending to help stimulate the economy under the framework of a balanced budget. Blaming President Dewey’s removal of the country from the gold standard for the recent inflation, the Federalist Reform Party has called for more hawkish monetary policies if not an outright return to the gold standard to help control inflation in conjunction with a balanced budget. Hoping to strike a middle ground between a respect for labor and controls against radical leftism, the Federalist Reform Party generally favors the maintenance of many current union protections while also calling for a criminal syndicalism law that would outlaw the advocacy of the use of violence to effect political or economic change. Yet perhaps one of the party’s most defining traits is its stringent denunciation of corruption in government, calling for it to be comprehensively rooted out through civil service reform and anti-corruption efforts while blaming the Social Democrats for fostering the growth of graft and crime from within the government. Unsurprisingly, the Federalist Reform Party has also become bifurcated along the lines of interventionism and isolationism in the face of the global war.
The Interventionists of the party see it as in the nation’s best interests to intervene in the world war on behalf of the Anglo-German Grand Alliance and the Chinese Republic. Displaying a more coldly practical perspective, the interventionists, led by figures such as House Leader Harry Hopkins, former Senator Harold L. Ickes, and newer faces such as W. Averell Harriman have noted that the deep commercial and financial ties between the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany, and China leave it little choice but to intervene in the conflict. Moreover, they argue that if France, Italy, and especially Japan are left to succeed in the world war, they will surely pose a direct military threat that America will sooner or later be compelled to confront. Instead, they believe that the United States should intervene sooner rather than later to ensure that it can better project its influence in whatever new order may result after the end of the war, and have particularly taken aim at the threat posed by Imperial Japan with its formidable navy. Although holding few of the reservations that the other parties do about committing to open war, the interventionists agree that the country is woefully underprepared for an international war after years of military neglect by the previous presidential administrations. Thus, they have pragmatically suggested that the country rely on providing material aid to its future allies while embargoing its anticipated enemies and embarking on an ambitious rearmament program. The cornerstone of such a rearmament program would be the implementation of universal military training compelling all young men into a period of military service in preparation for an eventual war, a program which they hope to maintain in the long term due to other claimed benefits such as the installation of a spirit of discipline and nationalism. Having a certain affinity for more authoritarian government, the Federalist Reformist interventionists have not shied away from aligning with the German Empire, but have been rather critical of the alleged corruption of Chiang Kai-Shek’s China and have ruled out entirely the idea of intervening on behalf of radical socialism in Spain.
The Isolationists of the party, largely ruled by Chicago Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick but also supported by Congressional figures such as Hamilton Fish III, have argued that America has nothing to fear from the global war should it pursue a prudent policy of national defense. Much like the isolationists in the other parties, they have largely called for an embargo on all belligerent powers to avoid offending any particular side or otherwise drawing the country into the war. Yet much unlike the other isolationists, they have nonetheless strongly supported a national program of rearmament and universal military training under a policy of armed neutrality to guarantee the nation’s security and safety from foreign threats. This, they argue, is the best course to ensure that the country is not attacked or otherwise forced into the war. Disagreeing with the assessment of their other Federalist Reformist peers, the isolationists argue that the United States has nothing to fear from any foreign power due to its naturally defensible position with oceans separating it from any dangers. Likewise, they argue that commercial bonds can easily be reforged either with fellow neutral nations or with the victorious powers. On the whole, many of the isolationists are also conservative skeptics of the New Nationalist movement who favor less government intervention in the economy and blame overly powerful unions for the nation’s economic woes. While the political scene has become rife with fiery condemnations for opposing opinions on foreign affairs, the Federalist Reformist isolationists have acquired a more unsavory reputation than their counterparts in other parties. Still lurking within the party are those remaining hardliners and outright Grantists who openly sympathize with the Integralists and have pragmatically backed the isolationist position in the hopes that France, Italy, and Japan can continue to press their advantageous position to victory. With figures ranging from radio priest Charles Coughlin to former Georgia Senator Eugene Talmadge, their political views range from populism bordering on the Social Democratic platform to archconservatism, but they remain united by their admiration for Integralists such as Mussolini and their stringent isolationism.
View Poll
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2023.05.28 20:47 Dramatic-Mongoose-95 Generating a Podcast using Reddit Comments, AI, and Python

Hey all,
I make a weekly, interactive, AI generated podcast using whatever the the top 3 comments on /crowdcast that week!
I think it’s pretty rad!! Give it a listen!
You should come hang out, leave some comments, and get featured!
I’m here to tell you about episode #3 which just launched, and to give you some behind the scenes tech insights.
Of course, all of the code is open source if you’re into that kind of thing - feel free to open a PR, would love to collaborate and get feedback.
Otherwise, it’s pretty simple, I have a script that pulls the top three comments every week, and I run them through a series of prompts in order to build a full podcast script. Then I use Eleven Labs to generate the voice. I stitch it all together with some music using Python, and then publish it using Buzzsprout. I’m currently using GPT-4 to run the prompts.
For episode 3, I did something new to try and raise the quality of content and keep it interesting, I call it Prompt enhancement.
Here are the user comments used for episode #3 both before and after prompt enhancement:
First, liquidhot suggested this:
A segment about the lighter side of the dark web and how dark net criminals can come together to make the world a better place. 
Which became this after enhancement:
The dark web is often depicted as a sinister, secret layer of the internet - a place only for illicit activities. But could there also be instances where this mysterious corner of the web has been a force for good? In this segment, we'll delve into concrete examples of hackers and dark web users leveraging their skills for altruistic purposes. We'll discuss the role of hacktivists like the members of Anonymous who exposed high-level corruption in the Tunisian government during the Arab Spring, and highlight cases such as the ransomware attackers - Phineas Fisher - who claimed to have donated their ill-gotten gains to charities like Kurdish anti-capitalists. We'll also examine how the dark web has provided a safe haven for whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, enabling them to share critical information without the fear of facing severe consequences. Join us as we unravel the complex realities and unexpected positive aspects of the dark web communities, and how, in certain instances, they are contributing to a more just world. 
Second, tango_foxtrot404 suggested:
A debate segment between 2 artificial intelligences on the question: Are we alone in the universe? 
Which became this after enhancing:
A debate segment featuring two cutting-edge artificial intelligences, each presenting opposing sides of the question: Are we alone in the universe? Drawing on the latest scientific theories, findings, and case studies, both AI debaters will tackle key topics including the Fermi Paradox, the Drake Equation, and the potential of microbial life in our solar system. Listeners will also get a glimpse into the current state of astrobiology, extraterrestrial intelligence research, and the implications of discovering life beyond Earth. As they debate, the AIs will also demonstrate their reasoning skills, natural language understanding, and ability to think and learn on the fly, providing unique and profound perspectives on this age-old question. Join us as we push the boundaries of both cosmic and artificial intelligence in this engaging and thought-provoking segment. 
Finally, dramatic-mongoose-95 (me) suggested:
Next weeks episode should have a fiction segment about the dark conspiracy theories surrounding the great British bake-off. The lies, the cheating, the gambling, the calories. 
Which became this after enhancement:
In next week's episode, we dive into the world of culinary intrigue with an exploration of the gripping conspiracy theories surrounding the popular TV show, The Great British Bake-Off. We'll dissect the rumors of lies, cheating, gambling, and the surprising calorie-loaded consequences. Delving into the history of the competition, we'll discuss specific instances where fans have uncovered potential plots to manipulate the outcome--including potential judge favoritism and explosive ingredient scandals. As we wade through these complex webs of whispers, we'll also investigate the claims of a shadowy betting ring operating behind the scenes, and gain insight into the true calorie cost of creating these sumptuous baked masterpieces. Come along with us as we reveal the secrets and scandals behind the oven doors of this beloved cooking competition, and learn how this apparently innocent show has, for some ardent fans, become a field of sinister speculation. 
Thanks for reading, hope you come check it out, and maybe even join in, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!!
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2023.05.28 20:46 SavingsSpare8104 How Might Your Nails Be Strengthened? Five Practices to Abandon

How Might Your Nails Be Strengthened? Five Practices to Abandon
These seemingly benign habits, such as removing gel manicures and using your nails as tools, can seriously harm and weaken your nails. We discuss bad nail habits in this post, as well as advice on how to strengthen your nails and improve nail hygiene.
A vital component of our bodies are our nails. They perform the vital function of safeguarding our fingerprints in addition to being an nail supply warehouse attractive feature. Additionally, they may alert us to certain underlying health problems. Unfortunately, the majority of us do not know how to properly care for our nails, destroying them unintentionally out of habit or ignorance. These are the five things you should quit doing to your nails in order to improve their condition.

1. Quit removing your gel manicures by peeling

Gel manicures are getting more and more fashionable. But did you know that the way you remove your gel manicures can affect the health of your nails? If your gel polish begins to flake or lift, the worst thing you can do is try to peel it off, as this might harm your nails' top layer. The end outcome of this is brittle, fragile nails. But if you want your gel nails securely removed, you might think about going to a professional nail salon rather than pulling them off.

2. Quit using your nails as implements.

The majority of us abuse our nails by using them as implements. People occasionally use their nails to open cans, lids, or scratch-off stickers, for instance. Unfortunately, these practices put your nails in danger by having the potential to cause significant harm. Additionally, your nails were not created to resist pressure; as a result, if you continue to use them as tools, they will become brittle, split, and shatter. In order to prevent hurting your nails, it would be logical to force yourself to use implements like scissors, screwdrivers, and can openers.

nail supply store online

3. Give up using acrylics

Acrylic nails are highly common because of how long-lasting and robust they are, yet they can harm real nails. This is due to the fact that acrylic nails are frequently bonded together chemically during application. Of course, using such chemicals might thin out your nails and eventually weaken them. Additionally, the weight of the acrylics may easily exert additional pressure on your nail beds, which may cause pain and infections. So giving up acrylics in favor of a gel manicure or a natural look would be beneficial for maintaining the health of your nails.

4. Quit biting your fingernails.

One of the undesirable behaviors that can harm the condition of your nails is chewing your nails. In addition to being harmful, there are signs that chewing your nails can result in serious harm, such as infections and ingrown nails. Therefore, if you already have a problem with nail biting, you need to find a way to break this harmful behavior. For instance, you may paint your nails with bitter-tasting nail polish. To prevent access to your nails, you might also put on gloves. You can also look into other stress-relieving techniques, like exercise or meditation.

5. Don't remove any more protruding nails.

Most of us automatically remove our hanging nails. Although we believe it to be safe, it can actually do more harm than good. For instance, removing perfect match gel polish dangling nails may cause damage to the nearby skin, raising your risk of infections. By using good scissors to cut our nails instead, we can break this unhealthy habit. Applying a tiny amount of antiseptic cream or oil to the region will also assist to stave off infections.
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2023.05.28 20:46 Rockateeer 2 positive tests for cdiff but not the usual symptoms

Hello, I suspect I got this infection from when I went on a 14-day antibiotic regimen for Hpylori last November. I got a GI map diagnostic stool test afterwards and found out I had high levels of c-diff toxin A and B. I took the test to my doctor, and he retested me via company called Quest Diagnostics and it also came out positive. I don't know if it was EIA or PCR. It reads on the report [CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE TOXIN/GDH W/REFL TO PCR] TOXIN A B DETECTED. Does it mean its producing toxins?
I also have no symptoms of the typical c-diff case. As strange as it sounds, I have regular bowel movements with no stomach pain just mild constipation sometimes. I do however have POTs like symptoms, painful bladder issues and debilitating brain fog. I am not sure if these symptoms have anything to do with cdiff. I have an appointment with the infectious disease doc in 2 weeks, but I am feeling anxiety. Should I go to urgent care and ask for Vancomycin? Any advice would be very helpful, and I did read everything in the post highlighted green.
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2023.05.28 20:45 RegularRoutine88 Is this a nutrient deficiency?

Genuinely don’t know what’s wrong with me?
I’m really honestly at a loss, every time I’ve felt like this I’ve always bounced back really quickly, but this has been going on 6 months now.
I’ll start with my nutritional history — beer drinker of about 4-5 per day. OMAD, usually after drinking the beer. Minimal snacking thru the day and OMAD is more or less just a habit. I’m not actually doing OMAD intentionally. Cut back on the alcohol and as of last 6 weeks I’m averaging 3.5.
My appetite is gone, and when I do eat and get an appetite after the beer my diet is usually carry out of some sort. Pasta, pizza, burgers are the mainstays.
I’m a 27YO male, who’s otherwise in OK health with stable weight.
Though I did drop weight quickly from 205 -> 185 in a matter of weeks. I started taking thiamine B1 and got an appetite back and so on.
Basically I’ve felt really unsteady like I’m on a cloud. I’m not falling over or anything like that, but bending down to pick up a bag it feels like I’m floating on a cloud or even drunk. It’s like a weakness that’s not really weakness in the clinical sense, but I feel weak / lack of confidence in movements etc. for example I could ride a bike but that wouldn’t really feel that good, driving aggravates it too.
I have a clean bill of health based on blood tests and physicals. I just don’t know where to go from here cause I can’t keep living like this.
Things I’ve explored vitamin / mineral deficiency and electrolyte deficiency but I haven’t found anything that sticks.
Vitamins B12 level is about 400, but I take a pre workout everyday with a bunch of B12 so my guess is this test isn’t super accurate. Iron/Ferritin are normal.
Could this be protein deficiency? B12, B1, Folate?
Primary symptoms are unsteadiness, cloud like feeling, some brain fog, low energy, decreased alcohol tolerance (6 used to be no big deal, now I’m so drunk after like 2 and don’t really wanna keep drinking). Low Libido (normal testosterone level 500), weak erections, not much morning erections, low mood/empty, not as much sweating, can’t tolerate a sauna anymore, aversion towards running/cardio.
Where do I go from here does this sound like some kinda deficiency or medical condition?
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2023.05.28 20:45 mastermetric096 Daily Reflection and Mindfulness for Personal Growth and Budgeting.

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2023.05.28 20:45 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated)

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2023.05.28 20:44 gildedMint A Deep Dive Into Why I Love Kim’s Portrait (and Kim in General)

I started to play Disco Elysium(DE) for Kim. I stumbled across a post about him and how he’s literally the best man ever, and I thought, “he can’t be all that.” And then he was. Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi is simply the man ever created, and his character portrait in the game, I think, is a hidden work of artistic genius. Here’s why:
(BTW, spoilers but probs not too many. I’ve played DE once, but I’m enamored with it all the same.)

The man, the myth, the legend: Kim Kitsuragi
Okay, What the Fuck am I Looking At and Why is it GENIUS?
Kim’s portrait is uniquely his. No other character portrait is like it. At first, this doesn’t seem like much of a statement. If you look through all the beautiful portraits of DE, which you can find here: https://discoelysium.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Portraits, you’ll notice they aren’t the most consistent in style. However, you can find motifs among certain characters that relate to one another.
  1. All the Hardie Boys and most characters related to Evrart have a background divided between a white block on top and a red block below it. This is inverted in Evrart’s portrait to display himself as the figurehead of the Dockworker’s Union or his true intentions with his position of power.
  2. The mercenaries all have a powerful and otherworldly glow to them.
  3. The grounded and more “put-together” characters tend to have a sharper, cleaner look to their portraits, like Jean, Joyce, Lilliene, Garte, and Kim (of course). The backgrounds of their portraits also tend to be very sharp, utilizing clear shapes or intricate line patterns.
  4. The portraits of more eccentric, idealistic, or unstable characters have a more wobbly/blended quality that utilizes a lot of color and pattern. Almost like they are part of the art themselves, lost to the idea of it. Good examples are the Pale Driver, Measurehead, the Mercenaries, EggHead, the Pigs, and the iterations of the corpse.
  5. You can even see these qualities blend together in the portraits of characters like Klassje, Cindy, and Harry. These three are integral to the city of Revachol, seemingly bearing a deeper connection to her; their choices often alter the sheer fabric of the city. Their morality changes by the player's will and viewpoint. As such, their portraits toe the line between flow and solidity, color and simplicity, and even echo each other.
It’s just super, super cool and I could go on and on about it, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to talk about Kim and why his portrait is different. Take a look at all the portraits again. Just analyze them and the one defining quality that unifies each one. Are you back? Good. Then, you’ve probably noticed that the DE portraits are sharp and very rarely round. If I were to mimic a DE portrait, I doubt I’d use anything other than a textured block brush. Every shape is straight, angular, and bold.
And then there’s Kim Kitsuragi: front and center, haloed brilliantly by a circle of white, bright and unmarred. A feature unique from all other characters. From the moment you meet the lieutenant, the game screams: “This man will be set apart from any other you will meet in this entire experience.”
Now, I hear you saying “So what does the circle mean? I mean, it’s just a fuckin’ circle. So what Gilded? We all know Kim is great, but I think you’re overreacting about this.”And to that I say, no no no. There’s a lot that this circle can mean that’s got my brain so thoroughly whipped. So uh, let me analyze his portrait before offering my two cents on what it could mean.
Kim’s portrait gives insight into his character without even talking to him. Using previous analysis, we know the clearness of Kim’s portrait introduces him as a grounded, self-assured man, which is absolutely true. Moving on, his background employs only two colors; there’s practically no iteration in them. You could infer several conclusions from this, but I interpret it as supporting the prior point. That Kim is unshakeable in his demeanor. He’s a creature of habit, doesn’t like to blur lines, keeps himself in tune, and follows his morals to a tee. Rarely do you remove him from his objective and total worldview despite it being somewhat wishy-washy, as moralists tend to be. Kim knows who he is and relies totally and completely on himself. He does or doesn’t; He is the man he's crafted himself to be, or he is not at all; Kim is a man of the black and white.
Okay, So What Does It MEAN?
So, that’s broad and could mean a lot, so here’s what I think all that could mean:
Looking at the circle through a literary lens, it may symbolize that despite being a grounded character, Kim is not a static character. He grows, no matter how you play DE. You, as the human can opener, can persuade Kim to come out of his shell. He changes from a very simple straight man archetype to a disciplined lieutenant, with delightfully dry humor and an idealist heart. His patience is god-like and shines through all the care he displays. Play Harry as virtuous and recovering, and you’ll encourage Kim to open himself up to the world around him, and to you, his friend. Refuse to be better, and Kim seems to lose his faith in Elysium, Revachol, her people, his profession, and in you. He retreats into himself, becomes more independent in his stride, and loses any trust he can and could ever give. He’s also fairly fleshed out as a person. Kim is very, very human, something I believe is essential to DE functioning. He has a ton of small quirks and facts about himself, from being a torque dork, liking SpeedFreaks FM, being gay, having smoked before, the whole pinball thing, only blushing in his ears, etc, etc, etc. There’s a lot behind Kim, and his guarded behavior makes it insanely fun when you get to discover a new thing about him. You gotta admit that Kim is an extraordinary example of a round character.
Kim’s portrait can serve as a foil to Harry’s other partner, Jean Vicquemare. I think these two are pretty fascinating as narrative foils in Harry’s life. Both believe, at some point, that Harry can become better. During the game, Jean gave up on Harry, only choosing to give our protagonist a chance when he doesn’t have to be physically involved. It’s practically impossible to convince Jean to believe that Harry can be better again; Harry had thoroughly burnt that bridge, and it doesn’t seem like Jean was ever in the greatest place to help Harry, being clinically depressed himself. Kim, however, gets a fresh start with an equally fresh Harry, and Kim gives him a lot of patience and kindness. He gives so much, that I had to suspend my disbelief to get past the first few interactions with him in-game. Kim believes, first and foremost, in loyalty; all officers of the RCM are his brothers and sisters. He’ll take that creed to his literal grave. It is the defining point of his character, this devotion. Kim will not give up on Harry unless the player refuses to choose the good cop options repeatedly. The only way to get Kim off the case is to get him severely injured or killed. But where Jean packs up and leaves Harry to his ruin, Kim stays through it all. He believes in Harry’s abilities, sees him as a brilliant detective and genuine person if you play him “good.”Play him “bad,” and Kim dedicates himself to the case, Martinaise, and Revachol. He’s determined to save the case from Harry, never thinking to abandon it. But that’s in the game, and as much as I love the portraits, all of that definitely cannot be crammed in them. But we can still see that concrete structure in both of their portraits. We can see how Kim is pictured among this bright, hopeful white among a sea of black, round and adapting. And then there’s Vicquemare, before a narrow tunnel of pitch black, closed off from the light and RCM blue. Kim focuses on brotherhood and second chances, whereas Jean is jaded against them. I think that’s an interesting detail.
Let’s build on that last one, specifically “...bright, hopeful white among a sea of black…”I’ve already stated how hopeful Kim is as a character. A lot of Disco Elysium wouldn’t work if the player didn’t hope for something like the characters do (excluding the Deserter, but that’s another discussion.) In the first playthrough, Kim provides a lot of this to the player (save for his politics and relationship with cop culture, but again, that’s for another time. Maybe. Probably not.) There’s a reason why so much of the fanbase adores him. He’s a driving force in decision-making; It’s painful to disappoint or hurt Kim. He’s hoping for the good of Martinaise, a fruitful investigation, and a new future for Harry. You want to do right by him. But even looking outside the lens of Harry, we can still see how Kim is this shining hope in a world of darkness. I’ve got to be honest and say, that I’m super biased towards Kim because, like him, I’m mixed. A lot of the story beats about him and his race hit so close to home that they almost made me cry (which means a lot! I don’t cry easily.) Kim shined to me as mixed representation, something that is not oft done and is even rarer to see done so well. We know from some of the Espirit de Corps and Shivers interactions that Kim is loved by Revachol, just as she loves all her people. Kim loves the city back; It’s the home that he puts his life on the line to protect. And yet, Revachol’s people don’t love Kim, and by extension, people like him. He has an extensive history of being othered. No matter what, he’s consistently seen for what he can’t control. For being any part Seolite, a binoclard, not masculine enough, oh let’s not even bring up the fact that he’s gay, but hey! He’s mother-fucking Kimball, the guy who spent 15 years as a Juvenile Police Officer, and so on and so forth. Kim is repeatedly given the short end of the stick in his work and daily life, and yet he continues to fight for his home and the people that refuse to acknowledge that it’s his too. He defies what those around him tell him he can do. But, to do so he wraps himself in an apathetic demeanor of quiet defiance that I know all too well. He hopes only in the confines that he allows himself to. Just enough to push out the shitiness of it all, but not so much that he sets himself up for inevitable disappointment. He rarely lets his empathy trump his loyalty as a defense mechanism. I have to stop here because I have other points and I don’t want to talk about this too long, but god that shit hits so hard.
The circle could be symbolizing Kim’s straightforward demeanor through a design motif, that being his glasses. Kim’s eyes are set on one track; he’s gotta solve the case. No one will break the thread he’s put himself upon. He’s fastidious and gunning for the answer so “Never fuck with Kim Kisturagi.” But his straightforwardness can close him off to more tangentially relevant leads in the case. You know, the ones that Harry finds. It sort of echoes the sad story of Eyes too, Kim still being shown things, still wrestling to make his point of view narrow enough to allow him to keep going but large enough to see things for what they are. A nice tie-in to prior interpretations.
My personal favorite interpretation of the circle in Kim’s portrait like a glowing halo, which is a strong statement within the context of DE. The only other human thing that glows in DE are the lungs of Dolores Dei, the great Innocence of the past, whose ideas changed the course of history. She breathed so much love into the world that the Pale had to make way for a New World to accommodate its breadth. Let me say it again. The only other person to glow is a woman who symbolizes a past so insurmountable and great that we are immobilized before it. That we cannot move forward, because change only comes from great people and ideas and their love. But how does this relate to Kim? Kim’s lungs do not glow. He’s not the embodiment of love. He is just a man. Painfully human in the way he operates and talks about cars, and makes little quips, and gives into small moments of foolishness. No, that glowing halo is about his head, but it’s not his head that glows. He does not embody all of logic and mindfulness either. So, why is it so relevant if it’s not making sense? Because the glow isn’t literal like the painted lungs of Dolores; it’s just the vibe Kim gives off. It’s not on him; it’s just another instance of Kim juxtaposing the forces in Harry’s life. Harry sees Kim as a man because he cannot be anything else. Kim is the kind of patient and steady person that a lot of people need at least at some point in their life. He’s concerned with what is and not what happened or why everything sucks so badly. He’s getting by, and choosing to help others get by too. Kim’s glow is different because it’s one he shares with the world through his presence, not by being necessarily “special.” This holds up part of DE’s central theme too: that we cannot keep waiting for some special person to give us the new key to happiness. No, we as a combined people must revive that hope again and fight for ourselves. Kim doesn’t exemplify humanism because he inspires or creates it, but because he himself is human and cannot see anyone else as less than. He is exceptional in his utter humanity, one that pushes him towards creating a glowing, hopeful tomorrow.
So, uh, let's move on to the next one. Just forget about number 5 for a second. Let's get real. Really real. Remember when I said I like to interpret the circle as a glowing halo? Forget about that; it’s not an interpretation. I’m telling you, straight up, that it’s literally a halo of light. From a ceiling fan. Harry, in and out of consciousness, looks up at a slightly bruised Kim, haloed by the light of a ceiling fan, tending to his wounds after the tribunal. Look at the portrait again. See it? That’s what his portrait really is. From the very beginning, you’re looking at how the story will unfold. P fuckin’ wild, huh? I love that portrait so much.
Wow, That’s Really Neat. Kim is Such A Good Character… Is that it?
Nope! I still have a little bit to say, but it’s more of an informal conclusion than necessary reading to understand my point. This was all a lot of likely circumstantial rambling of mine, but it’s something that I like about art and DE as a piece of media. It inspires so much discussion that it moved me to write all of this about a 368x512 px digital painting of a fictional cop in a fictional world that I could see at any time through the screen of my Steam Deck. It’s just so insane to me how powerful a character Kim Kitsuragi is. He’s kind of like, idk, Barbie to me. A dystopian, middle-aged, vaguely French, Barbie man in that he’s an immortal idea that came down from the heavens and possessed some worker at ZA/UM to bring him to us lowly humans. Fun fact, they drew him one glorious time, and said, “Pack it up boys, we got him. That’s our man.” Fucking insane behavior.
And he’s not some add-on to Disco Elysium either. I’ve made it very clear that I think Kim is fucking integral to sinking your teeth into the game. He’s the gateway to appreciating it all. He’s not just a guiding hand to Harry but to you, the player, in a way that doesn’t break the immersion or world. And he’s not excused from criticism either; he’s a part of the narrative too! There are so many discussions about Kim and his relationship with moralism, the toxic loyalty of cop culture, prejudice in Revachol, and balancing authority, but not in a way that detracts from him still being a good and compelling person. God. He’s a fucking perfect character, down to his flaws. So yeah. I’m done. If anyone makes it through all of this, you’re as insane me. Thank you very much; it delights me to no end that you listened to the ramblings of this silly 19-year-old college student, and I'd love to hear your own interpretations on any of the portraits!
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2023.05.28 20:44 untitledshot Leica Q2 vs Q3

So had the opportunity to test the Q3.
For reference I am a landscape photographer (@untitledshot) on IG - you can also find so, who use the Q2 for travel/street + family. I initially had the Leica Q2 (black). Sold it and got the Q2 reporter - which is a big step up imho - as it's finish is way more durable, no need to worry about wear and tear so far. And today I was able to test the Q3 today in london.
Here are my quick impression.
  1. Leica Q3 is much better for astro/night photography. It allows 60s @ ISO6400! So it's a game changer for me, as it will allow me to get good milky way/low light photography - this is much better than the 4s exposure above ISO3200 on the Q2.
  2. AF looks much better, and AFc looks usable. AF felt pretty close to an A7rV - so it's good. I love how AI tracks and find users in the scene.
  3. IQ is marginally better. To be honest going from 45MP to 60MP is marginal. I don't expect folks upgrading to find it groundbreaking.
  1. Still not impressed by the painting (Q2 reporter look and feel better). I still remember my Q2 getting a lot of paint scratches on the edges after few weeks of use. Now I really hope Leica will release their special edition soon.
  2. Design wise, the flip screen makes the camera less flush (but functionally it's much better, which I like).
I am tempted to move to the Q3, but for me the paint finish is close to a dealbreaker. Thanksfully it's out of stock here, so it gives me some time to think about it.
Any question, let me know.
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2023.05.28 20:43 Severe-Post8740 ACT Practice Tests

Does anyone have some previous ACT test links they could share??
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