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2023.06.03 00:08 dlszjg Barely passed Admin but felt kinda stuck

So I started in the Salesforce world 6 months ago. And I just passed my Admin exam by a really small margin... I am really thrilled about passing Admin, but what should I do to get better? Also, based on my exam score distribution, I did the best at Workflow/Process Automation (although it's kinda a cheat with answers mostly been flow...), Service & Support, Data Analytics, and Sales & Marketing (previously but I didn't pass that time).
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2023.06.02 23:21 Formal-Twist-9868 Source-Driven Development in Salesforce

I'm a fairly new developer in the Salesforce ecosystem (about 8 months of professional experience) and I'm wondering how most companies use Github for development. Currently we are just using Github as a code backup device, but I'm wondering if most other teams use it as a more central part of their process.
We're using an Org based development model, so using things like scratch orgs isn't very feasible.
What would make sense to me is to have a Github repo that automatically deploys to a development Sandbox whenever a PR is merged. Each developer would then need their own sandbox to develop in, making the Github repo the single source of truth.
Is this something that other teams have done? How would you account for changes that an admin can make in the Sandbox? How do other peoples' teams set up their source control processes?
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2023.06.02 22:34 intra_venus Will grad worker unions make all PHDs eligible for PSLF, or am I crazy?

Looking for feedback on the plausibility of this idea from others who know PSLF better than I do.
Grad workers at my university recently won a union election and are currently negotiating our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the university's admins. While there is still some ambiguity about when you're a student vs. a worker, we're working to make it the case that as long as you're collecting a salary, you're working. Many people at my university spend upwards of 7-9 years to complete their programs. Many go on to do post docs here. There are a considerable number of people who have been here for 10 years. Different fields of study require you to work more/less hours (largely depending upon the norms for that field at other universities).
My understandning is that to qualify for PSLF you must be employed at a non -profit (which includes universities) working 30 hrs a week for 10 years. (I understand you can have multiple employers over the 10 years, or work multiple part time jobs as long as it adds up to 30 hrs/wk). Where this becomes a concern for grad unions is that it is the university HR department's decision whether to categorize PHD candidates as “workers” or not when they apply for PSLF. So the university has the ability, for free, to do this. Depending on the length of your PHD program, if you've been certified as a "worker" you could have your loans forgiven, or knock a big chunk of that 10 years out. A huge number of PHD programs these days expect you to show up with a previous master's degree, and many folks start their PHD programs with serious debt. Given the salaries of most PHD programs, IBR is something most of us already utilize. I think this might be helpful to a lot of people, especially because these days so many PHD programs expect you to have another masters degree before being admitted.

Am I missing something? If a grad union got it in their contract that all members must be described as "workers" on any documentation pertaining to student loans, would that be enough to qualify? Is there some loophole I'm not thinking of here? I would really appreciate the insight of people who have been through PSLF.
For context: I personally am in a PHD following a masters (and lots of debt) and working in various non-profits for the past 3 years. I plan to continue working part time for a non-profit org while I am completing my program, which should take 6-7 years. I work upwards of 80 hours a week on this program and would love to have it count for something as substantial as PSLF.
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2023.06.02 20:23 Triggr Is lying the only way to get attention or is my resume the problem?

I’m attempting to transition careers from hospitality management to software/web development. I have a college degree and I’ve been applying since November but have only had 4 interviews in that time. I’ve tried the selective custom resume approach and the shotgun apply for everything approach and still nothing. It feels like the only way to get a job in this industry is lie about your qualifications am I too honest to land a developer job? Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m definitely losing hope in ever escaping hospitality. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 19:21 skabsolut Should I ask for raise?

I am an payable admin for this private company for about a year and a half and they hire me knowing I didn't had a diploma related to accouting but about 5 year of experience. They randomly raised my salary of 2% last year saying I do a good job and I got an 8% salary increase after my first year. I just finished an accounting collegial attestation this week. Should I ask for a raise?
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2023.06.02 16:26 geofryphoto Inquiry on compensation & work structure for RE photographers out there

I've been fulfilling the role of a 'Marketing and Listings Coordinator' for a real estate team, composed of two agents, for a year now. The team consists of one buying agent and one listing agent, with the latter being our team lead who receives about 90% of my services.
Our business varies, but on average, we secure about one listing per week. Some weeks see a surge of 2-3 listings, while others might not have any. Each listing requires me to execute a variety of tasks including photography, video tours featuring the agent (typically 4-5mins long), drone videography, measurements, Matterport, writing property descriptions, creating web pages, managing social media postings, and more.
Aside from these tasks, my role expands to include:
The workload fluctuates seasonally - spring is our peak season, fall sees a moderate amount of work, while winter and summer periods are relatively calm.
My compensation is a salary, recently increased from $45K to $50K annually. The package comes with a generous 6 weeks of paid vacation and, during the less busy times, I often get to enjoy extended weekends owing to my boss's emphasis on work-life balance and periods with fewer tasks. In addition, all necessary equipment and a few annual upgrades are provided by my boss, who also funds resources like Skillshare and online courses to support my professional development.
For context, I am 24 years old, holding an undergraduate degree in marketing. Interestingly, my current role offers a higher salary than 95% of the entry-level marketing jobs available in my region.
Does anyone else have a similar work structure? It appears to me that most professionals in this field are contracted on a house-by-house basis. Given the responsibilities and the $50K salary, would you find this setup appealing for its stability? Would you do all of this for the stability & $50K per year?
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2023.06.02 11:35 Mgnr-2506 How good is the job market for a salesforce admin?Are there enough job positions for entry level salesforce admin

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2023.06.02 09:28 Spicepun Should I take this new job offer?

Hey all! I’ll try to keep this concise but looking for some advice. Right now I work as a Jr Systems Admin at a prominent credit union making about 72k a year. The facilities and company are just spot on. Amazing offices and on site cafe, coffee, gym, etc. The actual work I do itself is NOT where I wanna be.
Recently got my CCNA and Sec+ and just now got an offer for a Jr Network Engineer which is the job I want to be doing. Salary is 82k, for an ISP servicing my county. They work on the courthouses, fire stations, public libraries. They do the infra for the county basically.
Problem is I went in for an on-site and the facilities and building are VERY run down and the offices and desks are really old and worn out. Basically the work itself seems perfect for me. But the location is a huge downgrade.
Thoughts and advice?
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2023.06.02 09:19 Icy_Management_1866 My employer told me that I’m not producing enough money so he cut my salary and increased the commissions. Redditors, hear me out please and advise.

So, I have just started working on this company exactly 3 months ago, and last week, surprisingly my employer made ma kind of a probation review.
Before we get into the conversation details, please hear me out.
The company I started working for, is in the Real Estate Industry, basically It’s a real estate agency. Officially, I was hired as a Listing Agent / Administration – Back Office + Social Media Branding (Marketing).
My duties are: Upload + Upgrade details on our all of the company’s website ,reply to any inquiries, by email + phone. (I speak fluently 3 languages and it is ideal with the country’s current buyers/investors).
Long story short, the main purpose of my arrival in this company was to increase the company’s request (leads) + website traffic. Social Media etc. is essential for the branding and the presence of the company. Ever since my arrival, statistically, the company has generated 64% more leads especially the last month.
Now, bear in mind I had no training or relative real estate experience in the past. So, I got introduced in the office, (relatively small. No admin + 2 estate agents). The agents being away for their viewings, and me sitting in the office, trying to understand how everything works, no coaching, no guidance and me trying to adapt into this new environment.
So, in order to do that, I was reading the country’s legislation in the property market, VAT laws, Title deed issues, Planning zones everything that I could find online in the governments website.
At the same time I am all alone dealing with inquires, uploading and upgrading the main website (back-office), creating posts for our social media platforms, oh and on top of that, they expanded to a bigger city with only 1 agent there and I’m supporting that person fully. (Uploads – contracts – viewing – meetings etc.)
Now, back to the conversation, my boss calls me in the office and tells me, It has been 3 months since your arrival and there was no direct sale from you. I’m like: what do you mean? Boss: I cannot afford your salary without having a direct return from you – I was expecting with your introduction to convert our leads into sales. So, I will cut your salary and give you commissions and with that way you can even make more money that I pay you now. (In theory it sounds nice but in reality is not).
I am not an agent, and I’m stuck in the office, how can I make a sale? Through the phone or through the emails? I have to co-operate with agents, rely on them to make a sale, in order to get a commission out of it.
So our traffic and request increased, but we don’t have the power to assist every request, and these request get lost. With that being said, I am now depended on how the agents perform.
So, all my administrative and back office duties all of my marketing and advertising tries, are all worth nothing. I will only make money if agents manage to sell.
It sounds like a teamwork, but these agents, bring properties themselves and they don’t want to share commissions, they try to get the profits themselves.
I feel totally disappointed and I hate myself waking up and coming here but I am in a situation right now that I’m thinking: A) 3 months on my CV as employment looks bad, B) I have to again prove myself into a new employer, adjust again into a new system etc. etc.
I’m totally exhausted, and I don’t have the energy or the power to go again into interview procedures.
I’m writing this while sitting at the office and uploading properties, apologies for any grammar mistakes but i’m typing this super fast as I am ready to explode in here.
Redditors, any advice? What should I do?
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2023.06.02 06:08 AdNorth2252 Special Assistant-ish

Hi! New here. I’m an EA promoted to special assistant when my boss was appointed to a cabinet level position in a tribal government last year. I LOVE my job. I’m his eyes and ears. I’m in charge of so many things and he trusts me fully. I keep him out of trouble and he appreciates that and tells me often.
When we initially were promoted I picked up a lot of slack in duties such as setting up our structure, creating positions, establishing processes, etc.
Now I feel like I need to step back and just support him. I still have many many projects going and I just don’t feel like that’s my role any longer since everything is in place. I’m the fixer of everything yet I make a fraction of the salary that his leadership team makes.
I have created a plan which includes either a promotion for myself and I continue doing extra duties, or hiring someone to manage projects and I focus on supporting him.
What’s the best way to start this conversation and present my idea? I have drafted a job description and a few different plans. I am someone who needs something to look forward to. I want to know his plan for me and I want to be coached for potential advancement. I’m afraid I will be overlooked and pushed aside with no feedback because he just trusts me to handle things since he is new to his roll as well. He doesn’t make a lot of time for me and I have yet to have a performance evaluation. Help me! He gets awkward and fidgets when I start these types of conversations so I shut down. He’s a great guy but also very insecure and feels undeserving of his role. Against my better judgement, he truly has me feeling that he needs me and I’m loyal to a fault.
This may not be the group for me bc my role is a bit different and leans more toward “chief of staff.” I have other admins reporting to me so they support me and my projects while I support him.
In short…help me communicate my worth!
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2023.06.02 04:51 Responsible_Reward52 Consultant jobs?

Hello all, I'm looking to get into consulting but it seems a lot of consulting shops want some experience in consulting before they hire you... Similar to most people struggling to find entry level Salesforce jobs, I'm just looking to switch from in-house to consulting as I'd like a challenge. I'm preferably looking for architect roles, but as willing to go 1 level below if need be, whilst keeping the same salary (125k USD). Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Extras: 7 years experience in SF, Certified PFAB, Admin, Data architect, Integration architect, Sharing & visibility architect, used sales, service, & non profit cloud as well as experience in CRM analytics/Einstein CRM.
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2023.06.02 04:23 Glittering-Share3320 New product manager and a Salesforce Maintenance window coming up!

Hi there - I am a brand new product manager (been here almost one month) and I was recently notified our team has a Salesforce maintenance window coming up. We need to take folks offline.
In previously roles I’ve been on the receiving end of the PM strategy for managing this, but I’ve never been the actual person managing it.
What kind of guidance should I provide our users?
I’ve reached out to our SF admin but have not heard back.
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2023.06.02 00:54 ElectronicReading190 Financial Advisor Salary Reality Check

Just looking to gather other opinions before I head into negotiations.
M 28, 2 YOE, 1.5 YOE at current position Finance degree, sitting for CFP next month
I am the lead advisor at a firm where it's just my boss, four admin staff, and myself. He manages our ten highest asset clients, I manage the remaining ~270 clients.
I am paid a salary of $80k, no bonuses, high COL. I have been offered the option of buying into the business starting my third year.
I am planning on asking my boss for a restructuring of my compensation. I was hired on to essentially be a para-planner, but have performed well and now manage the vast majority of all client interactions, financial planning, and advice giving. The issue that I have run into is that I only have two years of experience in the industry, so I feel my salary is fair considering that, but it does not feel commensurate with the actual role I am serving in.
The book that I manage is ~$150M. My plan is to negotiate for 12.5 bps ($187k) with .25 bps ($37k) behind a vesting schedule so that my boss knows that I am incentivised to stay here.
Does this seem reasonable? Am I completely off base here? Would appreciate some insight before I potentially shoot myself in the foot.
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2023.06.02 00:50 Maleficent-Guard5974 [HIRING] Lead Software Developer - Red Rover Network

Job Title: Lead Software Developer - Red Rover Network Job Description: Red Rover Network, a cutting-edge platform connecting institutional investors and corporate leaders with Generation Z, is seeking a Lead Software Developer to maintain, update, and enhance our iOS and web applications. As our current software developer transitions to a part-time role, we are looking for a skilled professional who can take ownership of the apps and ensure their seamless functioning. This is a part-time position, requiring 4-6 hours of work per week. Responsibilities: - Maintain, monitor, and fix payment API issues within the Red Rover Network iOS app. - Roll out regular updates and enhancements to the Red Rover Network iOS app. - Collaborate with the existing software engineer at Stanford, who will serve as an advisor, for guidance and code-related queries. - Monitor and ensure the smooth functioning of the client-facing web app, built using React and integrated with the Firebase database. - Utilize React Native and Expo for iOS app development, leveraging Firebase for the backend. - Provide technical expertise and guidance to the team. Requirements: - Strong experience in developing and maintaining React Native applications. - Prior experience working on iOS app development, specifically using React Native and Expo. - Proficient in handling payment API integrations and troubleshooting related issues. - Familiarity with Firebase for backend development. - Ability to work independently and efficiently, managing workload within a limited weekly timeframe. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively with team members. - Passion for staying updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. Salary: $5,000 - $10,000 per year Application Instructions: To apply, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your relevant experience to [email protected] . Additionally, include any links to previous work or projects that showcase your expertise in React Native app development. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Note: The Red Rover Network team is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds and experiences to apply.
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2023.06.02 00:34 ntengineer Has anybody here successfully "Double Dipped" being a SysAdmin?

I keep seeing articles about people working from home double (or some times even triple) dipping into the salary pool getting multiple jobs at the same time and collecting 2, 3, or even 400k in salary without any of their employers knowing.
And while I'm reading this, I'm thinking to myself, I've worked more weeks with over 50 hours this year than I have weeks with only 40 hours. I've even had a 70 hour week this year. So how the heck are they juggling 2 or 3 jobs? Not only that, is IT is known for not getting the best salaries already! Not that I have anything to complain about, I'm well compensated.
So it just got me curious. Anybody here a SysAdmin who has successfully juggled multiple jobs during the same working hours?
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2023.06.02 00:20 Hyenaswithbigdicks McFlyer's Metalworks opening on 01/07/2023. I am looking for people to work with me.

First, a little about me:
Hi, I'm Connor. I come from a family of craftsmen. really any kind of craft, I know a relative who's in it. My father was a blacksmith, and so naturally I followed in his footsteps. I love my craft, and have always been good at it. I started learning it when I was 13, and went on from there.
What is McFlyer's Metalworks?
McFlyer's Metalworks is my dream really. I always wanted to own a workshop to do manual crafts. Mostly blacksmithing, but really anything. Got anything broken? Lemme take a look, I probably have the tool to fix it, and if I don't, I'll make it. Need me to make a part for your car? I'll build the part to outlast you.
Who I'm looking for:
I don't require a qualification other that at least being an active high school student. A degree in Engineering or Science will definitely be a plus, but not required.
What I am really looking for is people who are willing to learn this craft, and pour their passion into it. Perhaps even develop it. If you can bring another craft (like woodwork) into my workshop, great, you'll fit well here. I also need people who are willing to stick with me to grow this business. You must understand that I have invested a lot in the equipment and tools of this place, so ROI isn't the best.
The positions are:
3 admins: you will work in keeping track of clients, shipments, inventory and finance. Work schedule is set and rarely changes, You may be called outside of work hours on emergency situation, but I promise not to make it a habit. Pay will be set at the beginning of each month and will depend on the revenue but minimum will be $12.00 an hour
6 Craftsmen/blacksmiths: this is the actual work. Schedule will not be as fixed and will depend on the orders we get. However you have set hours where you have to be in the workshop regardless of work load. As this is a craft, i suggest you practice it in your down time. Pay will depend on how many orders you contribute to. Salary is set at a base of $5.00 an hour + bonus for work done.
Depending on who you are and what you want, your time here can count as ECA hours, vocational training or just regular, full/part-time work.
And finally, how to apply:
On 20/06/2023, The workshop will be open from 8am. A tour of the place will start on 10am, and will go on for however long, and after that, I will set appointments for interviews for all those who are interested. Then I will close the workshop until 3pm, at which point i will start interviews. Please be on time for your interviews, And have your phone out. I will call you in advance of your interview slot. more information on the day. Bring a copy of your CV, a statement of interest and any form of ID.
If you're interested, or have any questions; let me know down below.
See you soon!
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2023.06.01 23:35 Sea_Mouse655 What’s the most painful part of being a Salesforce Admin? What do you wish you could wave a magic wand and make disappear?

Everybody is always shining about how great of a job the admin role is - but I imagine there are some frustrations that get glossed over. What’s the worst part of it for you?
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2023.06.01 22:56 petestl1990 Admin LoginAs monitoring

Our compliance department is wanting a way to audit the LoginAs function that admins have access to. Here are the requirments, has anyone come across this? or have any ideas?
For context - we do have access to the full Salesforce Shield package.
A report showing every instance where an admin used the LoginAs function to emulate another user
An alert when an admin accesses specific communities using LoginAs
The only option I have come up with so far is to create a custom object that is the "log" and then write an APEX class/trigger that fills the log each time a LoginAs event occurs. Then write a flow that alerts on specific criteria.
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2023.06.01 22:35 Hot_Choice_4490 Need help determining salary vs 1099?

Hi y'all,
I recently passed the board exam and have begun working as a BCBA. My conundrum is whether to look for a salaried job or work as a contractor. I have always leaned towards salaried since one of offers I got is the conventional 8-5 pm in one place. I currently work as a 1099 at an agency at $75/hr rate but the hours are all over the place, driving distance is not too bad (5-15 minutes) from my home for most of my cases. The issue is that I get very little hours since the agency staffs most supervision hours with BCaBAs and I am just left with the BCaBAs supervision which is like 1hweek and 1hr parent training which has a high cancellation rate. Also, the company expects me to do a lot of the Admin work like get supporting documentation and liaison between the company and the parents. They don't even inform the parents when they have been approved, I am supposed to be the one to schedule RBTs, provide them documentation for entrance to schools, and so on.
How much money would be considered a decent salary for 40 hour work week? If there is anyone from South Florida that could shine a light on what to look for I would be forever grateful.
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2023.06.01 19:35 Negative_Profit_1337 People who work in Switzerland: Could you help me with salary range?

Hi all,
I've recently received a question about my salary expectation for a job based in Basel. I dont want to lowball it and to be honest haven't thought about it earlier.
For context:
I'll have to relocate to Basel from Eastern Europe, I've got a BSc, 3 years experience in aviation, 4 in total. It'll be an office (engineering) job related to my skills.
According to this site I should expect something between 95-110k gross. Would that be enough to rent a decent flat and live a normal life?
I'll probably bounce back this question to their HR department, but I'm just curious how much should I expect.
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2023.06.01 19:34 Vehlin Salary Sacrifice without Employer input

Are there any worthwhile salary sacrifice schemes other than pensions that are worth doing if your employer wants no involvement?
We’ve tried Bike to Work and electric car leasing but both have been knocked back as involving too much admin work. They’re not interested in anything that involves them doing work or that they have to pay someone to administer (even if it saves them money).
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2023.06.01 18:22 Fun-Art6233 What does being an admin mean to you?

It feels to me that being a Salesforce Admin can mean a lot of things depending on the org, team structure, etc. I'm curious to know...what does being an admin look like to you? What do you do on a day-to-day basis?
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