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2010.01.05 12:01 Mentatjuice Dreams are messages from the deep.

Dune is a landmark science fiction novel first published in 1965 and the first in a 6-book saga penned by author Frank Herbert. Widely considered one of the greatest works within the sci-fi genre, Dune has been the subject of various film and TV adaptations, including the 2021-released film directed by Denis Villeneuve.

2012.02.29 03:59 vigilantpa1adin Celiac

All things related to living with celiac disease/coeliac disease.

2023.05.28 22:24 ramblinroseEU72 Chain weapons in 40K

Ok so I work with Chain saws for a living, and while I was cleaning and maintenanceing my saw the other day, I got thinking about chain weapon's in 40k. They get a ton of use in battle especially when they are being used my Space Marines, but never once have I read about a marine or a guardsmen, cleaning their weapon or sharpening their chain.
Chain saws need tons of maintenance, especially if you are using them alot, they fill up with sawdust and grim and bar oil, I imagine much the same would happen in battle with bone and meat, I have read many times about chain weapons getting clogged up with gore, but never about the marine cleaning their weapon after that happens.
Also fuel, saws are thirsty, especially when you are running them hard, like you would be in battle, and they not only need fuel, but bar oil to oil the chain so it runs smoothly and doesn't sieze up. Never once have I read about a someone refueling/oiling their saw. The chain weapons in 40k have pretty small engines and look like they have an even smaller fuel tank, so they would need to be filled up a ton, which would leave a marine pretty exposed in the middle of a fight, and encombered by carrying a tone of fuel for the battle, and fuel is not light and supper impractical to move around.
What I'm saying/wonder is, chain weapons are cool as fuck but so incredibly impractical and would take so much time and resources to maintain and supply, them in the field. But does anyone have any lore/book references about the maintenance and fueling of chain weapons in the lore?
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2023.05.28 22:24 iforgotmynametoday D&D for educators

I‘m a DM and recently started a job as an educator (not an actual teacher) at a sort of youth support facility. we help kinds get what is basically the equivalent to a GED in my country. It’s a pretty small organisation, maybe 30-40 kids around the ages of 16-19 and the staff is encouraged to come up with stuff to do over the holidays.
I’ve been thinking about suggesting a dnd club! I could do a „class“ on how dnd works and I know a few PG13 oneshots that I could easily run. I also came across the digital „dnd educator kit“ which I’m pretty sure I qualify for if I do start the club, which would be pretty cool to have tbh.
I’m genuinely not sure if it’s a good idea tho, since a) it might be incredibly awkward to pitch this to my boss and b) the kids are very flaky when it comes to attendance (we don’t reprimand them for it, since it’s their decision if they want to show up or not) wich makes something like dnd quite difficult, even if it’s a one shot, like if 5 people commit and only one or two show up? c) I’m not even sure if anyone would be interested and d) I would (probably) have to force sessions into 90 minute blocks with multiple in between breaks, since the kids can’t take any more than that (this is a guideline we’re expected to follow, im not sure how far I’m allowed to bend this rule since it’s not a typical school activity, I’d have to make sure it’s ok with my boss to run longer sessions)
Does anyone have experience with running dnd campaigns in a school setting? Are „kids these days“ (haha) even into in this kind of stuff? How did your employers feel about this? Any issues you ran into that I should consider? Would appreciate any advice!!
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2023.05.28 22:24 curlycattails So proud of my sweet little girl 🥹

My daughter is 13 months old and today I dropped her off in the church nursery for the first time. When I picked her up, they told me she played happily for the entire time, and that when other babies were crying, my daughter went up to them and gave them a toy 🥹
I’m not surprised because she’s been sharing her toys with us for a few months now (she’ll hold them out for us or hold them up to our faces), but it blows my mind that she is able to understand how another person is feeling and she can change her behaviour to make them feel better. She did something similar a couple days ago when she pulled my hair and accidentally hurt me. I always pretend to cry when she hurts me, so then she started to cry a little too. Then she gave me a kiss 🥰 She knew she hurt me and she tried to make me feel better! I think she’s quite understanding of other people’s emotions, for her age. I think she’ll be a great big sister someday ❤️
Apparently scientific studies say that kids can’t really learn to share or to have empathy until around age 2, but I’m not so sure if this is true? Does your toddler share or comfort people?
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2023.05.28 22:23 ninjamom0920 I F 20 and M 23 have been talking for 2 years and some change. is it okay for me to want to pursue other men ?

okay to start it off, I F 20 and He M 23 have been talking for 2 years and some change but we've known each other for 3 years. we're long distance and at first i suggested that we would wait to put a title on us until we meet. The only reason why we haven't met is because of financial issues. but this august i am planning on meeting him.
As time progressed i began to feel that we should officially be together. we've known each other for so long i didn't understand why a title would be so bad before we meet each other. but sometimes he posts on his story lusting over Female Celebrities and i've voiced how it makes me uncomfortable but he still does it …occasionally.
recently he made a tiktok and about struggling to stay off of dating apps while being out of town/ vacation. and he told me he was going to florida for his friends birthday along with his other friends. so it really did hurt my feelings. i confronted him about this and he kept telling me it was just a joke and not serious enough for me to take it personally. He began to apologize after he noticed how hurt i was but he still hasn't taken the post down. i then brought up the trip and he claimed to not know what i was talking about and that he never said he was going to florida. so i guess the plans fell through unexpectedly.
after that I couldn't see him the same anymore and had to take some space from him. before this i have repeatedly asked what our relationship is to him and how does sees me and he avoids answering by saying that he loves and cares for me but after 2 years he doesn't seem to be in a rush to claim me. so i've decided to explore my options and talk to other people because of this. he wants me to be loyal but doesn't want to claim me but he told me it’s okay for me to claim him. What should I do ?
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2023.05.28 22:23 newaccount0077 How to join columns based on a condition and then how to get a count please?
Does anyone know how I could create a condition to join together any of the columns where the rows have A and C present in any of the variables? And how to change the name of the combination of A-C or C-A to, for example X?

Also does anyone know how I could get a count of the number of rows where F appears? Thanks, I would appreciate any help

I was thinking an if statement would be beneficial and to use the unite function but I'm not sure
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2023.05.28 22:23 Johannes_P "What they don't want you to know about Goldwater - Don't be fooled, vote Democratic" // Alabama, United States // 1964 // ? // Local Democratic Party listing reasons why to vote for unpledged electors and not Goldwater (his opposition to TVA, Social Security, his support for civil rights, etc.)

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2023.05.28 22:23 imaprofessional42069 Is the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 memorial day sale a good deal?

I just came across this bike today while looking at Pelotons, and currently there is a Memorial Day sale with the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22 on sale for $599. It seems to be normally $1300. I havent been able to find many reviews on this bike, but the current sale seams like an absolute steal. Does anyone have any experience with this bike, and would you recommend it at this price point? Thank you!
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2023.05.28 22:23 nuraman00 The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: 9-OH! News Episode 26.

This aired in May 2021.

They discuss the podcast episode they did on "Commencement", and other news.
You can read the recap on Commencement, including the bomb scare, here:

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2023.05.28 22:23 FrankTheTank107 Kirko's personaliy is so bland it almost tilts me

1: "Hm. Where I'm from, the foxes fight back." What does that even mean!? What foxes? Japan doesn't even have foxes. Magic foxes???
2: "Can't change the world by following all the rules." What do you even want to change about the world? You express no interest in anything except some dohnuts.
3: " Wait 'til you see me on my bike." WHAT BIKE!?? This was and is never brought up. What even is meant to happen if you get a bike while you and your friends are shooting people?
4: "I run with blades all the time." Ok, edgelord.
5: "Lure me out... I dare you." Ok, edgelord.
6: " Just needed a dash of mischief." Ok, edgelord.
7: "Last week, my friends and I sunk a Hashimoto party boat." Ok, edgelord.
8: "Make like Odysseus and get lost!" Ok, nerd.
You know how most characters in overwatch kind of apeal to a certain personality for players to relate to? I bet Kiriko was made for those people who post uninteresting Tik Tok dance videos. get a lot of views, and ride that hight believing they must be the coolest person imaginable.
She's Japanese, from the same Shimada clan as Genji & Hanzo, yet her Japanese just sounds like some bitch from Michigan.
Anyone know any redeeming qualities about her, besides her "fan art"?
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2023.05.28 22:23 Eclipsing_star Pressure like pain all over body

I have been suspecting POTS for a long time and am trying to bet a referral to a cardiologist from my pcp.
I have had chronic fatigue most of my life and feel tired standing super easily. I feel much better lying down.
I also get dizzy easily.
One big symptom I am not sure is POTS though is:
-Vague feeling of pain and pressure all over my body all the time. It’s unrelenting.
Another is: -shakiness- I have been diagnosed with essential tremor but my body shakiness seems to be getting worse and I feel unsteady a lot.
A doctor has suspected fibromyalgia before but it’s a heavy pressure sensation.
I feel exhausted all the time and never relaxed/settled
I get nauseous a lot too.
Does anyone else get the pressure pain in the body and the shakiness?
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2023.05.28 22:23 Zero22xx Sound Quality

I say this as a huge Impact fan, it's basically the only wrestling show I watch these days. The sound quality in this show is borderline unforgivable. Funny thing is, the quality is actually better in the weekly show than the premium events. That's not saying much though because the sound quality in the weekly show is garbage too.
Visual stuff can be cheap and B grade and turned into an aesthetic but you can't turn garbage sound engineering into an aesthetic. The commentary sound levels are perfect. Entrance music sounds like they have an old portable cassette player jimmied into the aux port, using a casette that's been dubbed over a bunch of times. And the audience sound is practically non existent.
This is true for the weekly show but Under Siege sound quality was actually fucking atrocious. And if this is the same venue and setup for the next round of tapings, I guess we're in for a rough next few weeks in that regard.
I just want to know, wtf is the issue here? Why does this one aspect of Impact seem to never improve and in fact sometimes actually get worse? They put on such a good show it's just a pity that you can't fucking hear it. I just don't understand why they don't seem to give a single flying fuck about this one aspect of the production and it's kinda infuriating as a fan. It's the kind of thing that makes this show hard to recommend.
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2023.05.28 22:22 SweetandSaltyFruit Child support vs 50/50 custody

So this post about my sister, A, hoping I can get some insight. A had her 1st baby this year on News Years day. Exciting addition to the family but of course I’m not looking forward to the baby daddy drama. Unfortunately, the father, F, fits the bill of an absentee father. He rarely sees my nephew and when he does it’s only for a few hours every week or so. My family, I included, have to help A out so she doesn’t developed resentment and depression taking care of a newborn. My family has been giving A advice that she can’t let the issue continue and should take F to court. But idk what is the best option possible or what is legally possible. Whether F can be given a court order mandate to pick up his kid or putting him on CS. Advice or feedback would be great
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2023.05.28 22:22 Liberaces_Isopod Terminating a thread in a pool

I have a need to run a function and get back results, but sometimes the function being run may take longer than I want to wait, so I'd like to kill it completely and return a specified error message.
This code does work, and returns correctly, but the function in question (do_check) continues to run in the background. Id like to know how to kill it when it "times out". I may be barking up the wrong tree here though. Do I need to use some other method like asyncio?
import time import functools import concurrent.futures import multiprocessing.pool def timeout(max_timeout, message): """ Timeout decorator, parameter in seconds. """ def timeout_decorator(item): # Wrap the original function. @functools.wraps(item) def func_wrapper(*args, **kwargs): try: # Closure for function. pool = multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool(processes=1) async_result = pool.apply_async(item, args, kwargs) # raises a error if execution exceeds max_timeout return async_result.get(max_timeout) except Exception as error: # If the call does timeout, catch and close the pool pool.close() pool.terminate() return message return func_wrapper return timeout_decorator def do_check(): """Long running function to kill""" print('Started long runner') time.sleep(3) print("Please kill me, damnit") return "Finished normally" def get_all(): futures = [] with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(8) as executor: futures.append(executor.submit(timeout(1, "It all timed out")(do_check))) for future in concurrent.futures.as_completed(futures): print(future._result) 
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2023.05.28 22:22 According-Boss-8661 Exact directions from LSE to Lakefront Trail

I struggle immensely with directions. I get lost even using the maps app…
I have read that there is a new pathway that leads from LSE directly to the Lakefront Trail without having to go on any roads. Apparently it is located near Cascade… does anyone know the exact name of this pathway? Or have an exact location so I can find it on a map?
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 22:22 David198777

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2023.05.28 22:22 DontFeedTheRedditor Getting cold feet about my upcoming surgery...

I have surgery scheduled in two days (Robotic Simple Para Esophageal Hernia Repair w Mesh), and I'm getting nervous about it after finding this subreddit. I'm looking for advice on whether I should stick to the plan and go through with it, or whether I should cancel...
I'm 31 years old, and I've been having bad acid reflux daily for maybe 6 years or so now. My HH seems to be pretty small... Only 1 cm. However, I get bad acid reflux every day, even if I don't eat anything. PPIs help a bit, but not enough IMO. It often leads to me coughing and occasionally vomiting. I haven't had any chest pain or shortness of breath. I have bad anxiety, but I don't have any reason to believe it is related to the HH.
My father (early 60s) had surgery for his HH a few years ago and spoke very highly of it. It stopped his acid reflux. He says he has to pace himself eating now or it will feel like food doesn't want to go down into his stomach, but if that's the only lasting side effect, I'd gladly take that compared to my normal acid reflux. I'm not sure how big his HH was, but I know he dealt with it for a good chunk of his life.
After looking through this subreddit for a bit, my symptoms seem more manageable than many others, so now I'm starting to doubt whether I should go through with this. My father and my GI doctor seem to think this is the right thing for me to do, but I'm getting cold feet about the surgery... Hopefully this isn't just my stomach talking since I'm on a low sugar pre-op diet right now and am getting non stop cravings!
Does anybody have any advice? Any words of encouragement for either decision? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 22:22 bearseatbeets89 My husband has Type 2 Diabetes

My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes almost a year ago. He’s taking meds and I’m proud of the progress he’s made so far! Since his diagnosis, we both have been tracking our calories using My Fitness Pal and exercising daily. We both have been losing weight and just trying to have an overall healthier lifestyle. He demonstrates impressive self control when it comes to sweets - he occasionally indulges but will only have like a bite of whatever it is.
Here’s where one of my concerns is: his weight loss has more/less plateaued over the last 6 weeks or so but he seems ok with it since he’s lost a lot of weight already, but he is still overweight. He still eats large portions usually at dinner time. He always comments that he feels so full and ate way too much, but that doesn’t stop him from doing the same thing the next day. Like, a big bowl of pasta that is like 2-3x the amount of a normal serving. But I think he feels like it’s ok to overeat b/c it’s whole wheat pasta and we’re using ground Turkey instead of ground beef for spaghetti sauce and he had a big salad with it - and I don’t think he puts in honest serving sizes into My Fitness Pal, so to him, he’s stayed under his calorie limit.
I love him so much and don’t care about his size just his health. He seems much happier since he’s started taking better care of his health, but I’m concerned he’s not being as careful or taking his condition as seriously anymore. He hasn’t done much research on his condition, just takes his meds and does what the doctor says. I want to see his health continue to improve rather than regress or get worse.
My questions are:
1) How involved in his business should I be? Like, how can I be supportive but also help to hold him accountable without being super annoying/nagging?
2) What kind of routine care is normal for T2 Diabetics? His Dr. (PCP) never scheduled a follow up after his initial diagnosis/when he started his meds or referred him to a specialist. My partner just went in for bloodwork last month (after almost a year) to check his levels b/c he wanted to know if they’ve improved (they have) but he initiated the follow up, not the Dr. Is this normal, or should he find a new doctor? Should he be seeing an Endocrinologist instead of his PCP?
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2023.05.28 22:22 enemma_ I Don’t Like Myself

I struggle with this feeling a lot. Without sounding pompous, I’m told I’m a nice person frequently. But I really don’t feel that way. Anytime I voice my opinion I feel as though I’ve hurt someone, even when I haven’t. Anytime I’m even slightly reprimanded at work, I take it incredibly personally and it deeply hurts me for days in my own personal life. I don’t handle criticism well at all. I could get a million compliments, but one critique makes me feel entirely worthless. All in all, I just don’t like myself. I feel like I’m an attention seeker and I’m obnoxious and play the victim. I am my own biggest villain and am constantly annoyed and frustrated hearing the things that come out of my own mouth. I know if I were someone else and I met me, I wouldn’t like me at all. I just feel as though I have always let people down and that I am undeserving of anything that comes my way. I try my best to change or mask parts of my personality, but then I feel even grosser and more annoying. Does anyone else feel similarly or have any advice? Thanks guys :’)
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2023.05.28 22:22 truckaxle Repeated crack to female adapter to Orbit Pressure Regulator

I have installed an Orbit pressure regulator for drip irrigation system, and it is connected to the domestic water system via a female PVC fitting. This is at a remote location, and I noticed a massive leak via a camera (in the desert no less).
I hired a plumber to go have a look and he sent the attached image showing the axial crack on the fitting. He replaced that female fitting with a schedule 80 fitting, and it worked for a couple of days, and it blew again creating another oasis in the desert. I have a feeling that we both over tightened that fitting and that it is problem putting undue stress on the fitting or maybe water hammer from the irrigation valves closing fast. Does that sound about right? This is PVC to PVC and maybe the taper on the Orbit pressure regulator is too great.
I want to have the plumber fix using an iron coupler to the Orbit regulator and then use a male PVC adapter connecting to that. Does that sound like a solution? Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 22:22 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch7

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put my fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle), Also to the editor # Fan Beta Readers and KLiCkonthat
As always comments, complaints, and suggestions are welcome.
This is a fair use notice. Any and all aspects of this may be used on and within this subreddit only, with attribution. All other uses are exclusive to the author.
PO Jyhnex led Robert to the conference room where he had set up a paper and pencil for him, as per his request. She had also set up a digital whiteboard in case Robert needed it. Robert began drawing the first thing on his mind, occasionally expressing pieces of his thought experiment as he allowed himself to disconnect from the world around him. This was different from meditation as it was inwardly directed and allowed him to fly into the universe.
Closing his eyes, he imagined himself walking on the surface of the sun, feeling the solar wind as if it were a gentle mist of water from a sprinkler. The magnetic field lines reacted to his touch like the strings on a harp, playing the music of the stars. This was the place where Robert could start any journey he wanted. He remembered the quote about a demon that lived in the air, which people believed would kill anyone who challenged it. They had long ago slain that demon, but there was a new one that lived in the void. Many had challenged it, but all had died, leaving behind only the simplest of atoms as a result. Robert was not there to challenge the demon, but to understand it.
He willed himself to warp spacetime and move among the stars. As he passed the stars, the light they emitted danced and flickered on the boundary of the warp field, creating a distracting white noise, it demanded his attention, but it would have to wait for a later time. He was here to observe the gravity waves generated by objects moving in the universe, such as planets around stars, stars around each other, and the dances of colliding black holes. They created an endless discordant white noise on the fabric of the universe. The universe had a frequency, and the phase field had a frequency. When they aligned, phase travel became efficient and easy. Many parameters made up the phase frequency, but mass and warp field distortion rate were the two most important. The warp field distortion rate was by far the largest factor. The sweet spot for phase travel was between 0.35 and 0.55 against the Keriverax Barrer Scale, which was the brick wall at the end of phase travel. It was also the home of the demon that lived in the void.
At 0.4KBS, the gravity waves would slide around the warp field like the flow of air over a wing. At this speed, there was almost no distortion from the turbulence in his wake. This was his starting point. In his mind, he pushed up to 0.57KBS, where the gravity waves began to stick to the warp field for just a moment, maybe one or two picoseconds at most, before releasing like a stretched rubber band. He slowed his perspective of time to watch the interaction between the warp field and the gravity wave, playing with the different aspects of the warp field. He repeated his runs over and over again until he defined four quantitative pieces that, if applied correctly, could move the sweet spot up to 0.65KBS, maybe even 0.7KBS.
Pulling back from the warp field and examining it from the outside perspective, there was nothing left that he could alter from inside the field. On the outside, he left the gravity waves, and there was nothing he could do to alter them, but they were definable. It was time to go home, and he would explore more next time.
PO Jyhnex: Sorry about that. It's my fault.
PO Jyhnex: (private mode) Lt Cmdr Ashix, grab Dr. Norroe. You both are going to want to see this.
When Lt Cmdr Ashix and Dr. Norroe arrived, there were already a few others watching through the conference room windows. Robert was standing at the main table that had been dragged over to the far side of the room. He was using the digital wall screens like a whiteboard. PO Jyhnex moved over to stand between them., "Commander, we were told to let him do this, right?" She asked, just be sure that they had the confirmation of the orders to allow Robert to have limited access to the things he needed to continue his work.
Lt Cmdr Ashix licked her lips, not really understanding what she was seeing. "Yes and no. We wanted to guide him in the direction of what we think we understand. I do not know if this applies. Doctor, what do you think?"
Dr Norroe stood in delighted amazement watching Robert work. He was writing with his eyes closed, moving his head as if seeing or listening to something that was not there, and sweating heavily. She understood what he was doing. He was visualizing the problem in his mind and was trying to express it as fast as he could. Then he switched hands just as Lt Cmdr Ashix interrupted her and asked, "I am not sure, Petty Officer. Have you noticed that he was switching hands?"
PO Jyhnex pointed to an area away from where he was working and said, "Yes, and he changed languages every time he does."
Lt Cmdr Ashix asked, "What do you mean?"
Dr. Norroe slowly smiled and said, "In theory, he is working on the problem in both sides of his brain, as an analytical and a spatial awareness problem."
PO Jyhnex said, "I know this is going to sound like a complete turox shit question, but has anybody held a mirror up to these undecipherable symbols?"
Dr Norroe and Lt Cmdr Ashix just looked at the Petty Officer. "Your report said he has a human learning disability where his brain interprets symbols backward. Maybe he is writing them backward."
Lt Cmdr Ashix sent a private message to her colleague, "Vevreix, please join me over at Congress Room 3 and bring your glasses." A few moments passed when she received her reply.
C. Vevreix: "On my way, ma'am.”
As soon as Ishani arrived with En. Tha’xur in tow, Lt Cmdr Ashix asked Ishani, "I need your glasses." Ishani handed them over without question. Lt Cmdr Ashix held her glasses up to her data slate so that the image from the screen was reflected on the surface of her glasses. "Ensign, crewman, please tell me what you see," she said.
Ishani spoke first, "The symbols are inverted, both flipped horizontally and vertically."
En. Tha’xur interrupted, "Not only that, the whole block of the equation is written right to left, not left to right...Ma'am, we are going to have to redo most of the translations. I think some of our core assumptions were wrong."
Lt Cmdr Ashix said, "No, you two work with what is right here. I do not want to throw away all of the work we have done so far unless we have to. Get me something by tomorrow morning with just what is in the room. I need to speak with CMDR Vashini."
Handing Ishani back her glasses, she said, "Get on it, you two. Everybody else, back to work."
Robert opened his eyes to see what he had done. He knew what he had written and what it meant, but understanding it all required filling in the missing pieces. This was way more complicated than making the Charger fly. Turning, Robert saw around a dozen Shil’vati watching him through the windows of the conference room.
"Fuck me…" he resignedly thought to himself. He had to get down from the table, but why have the fun end on a boring note?“You shits want to gawk at me? Fine, gawk at this!” Robert thought as he launched himself into a front aerial, landing in the center of the room. Turning to face his work, he walked backward until he hit the wall and allowed himself to slide down and sit on the floor. With one more defiant move, he flipped each marker up onto the table, not caring where they landed.
From outside, he heard a commanding voice, “Alright, ladies, the show is over.” Sitting on the floor, studying his equations, he started to taste the iron tinge of blood in the back of his throat. Always the bloody fucking nose, he thought. The bloody nose was a small price to pay for the ability to define the problem. He needed aspirin and Tylenol to take care of the headache that was starting. His mother had taken him to a neurologist about three years before the first time he had learned he could control his little trick. Bloody noses and migraines were the results of what he called "flying". He had gotten the idea from reading about Einstein and his thought experiments, and it was the best way to conceptualize the problem. His mother had thought he had a brain hemorrhage, but the neurologist found it was brain fatigue.
This diagnosis was the doctor's way of saying that she really did not have a good idea of what had happened. The tests had ruled out many conditions that could cause the symptoms including epilepsy, though there were several parrals. The change in blood chemistry and electrolyte imbalance resembled heat exhaustion and was more than enough to trigger the migraine and nose bleeds. Everything else seemed to be within the ‘normal’ ranges for a human, but in Robert’s case, he was at the upper end of normal. The doctor did not think it was worth exploring further. No reason to waste resources on a child labeled as defective.
“Robert, would you please get up and sit in the chair, so I can check you out medically?” He looked up to find Dr. Norroe standing over him, holding out a hand to help him up. He took her hand to stand, though sitting in Shil-sized conference chairs was comical at best. With him standing only 5 feet 4 inches tall, and the average Shil’vita being 7 feet tall, he needed a booster seat. Dr. Norroe asked about his medical history as she did her examination, and he filled her in on what the neurologist had told him and his mother. She handed him a bottle of something that was not water. It tasted like sweet saltwater, and it was disgusting. The doctor made him finish it before giving him a couple of cleaning towels to get the blood off his face. His shirt was a lost cause; the blood had soaked through and was still wet and sticky. He needed a clean shirt and a trip to the bathroom to clean up but had to wait.
While the doctor was checking out Robert, PO. Jyhnex was cleaning up the blood that had dripped onto the table. The table was a mess, and as he had worked, he had stepped in it and tracked blood everywhere, even on the floor. Robert felt guilty that the Petty Officer had to clean up his mess.
Before Robert could apologize, PO. MunRhoe arrived, holding a large yellow bag and five extra-large pizza boxes. “You went and had a party without me. That is not fair.”
Shrugging, Robert smiled weakly. “You went for the beer run and missed all the fun. Now, Petty Officer Jyhnex gets cleanup duty, and I'm stuck with the hangover,” he said, reaching up to rub his temple.
Dr. Norroe finished treating Robert as PO. MunRhoe placed the pizza boxes and the yellow bag on a clean section of the table. "Hangover is right, you are dehydrated, borderline hypoglycemic, and low on salt. What you need is food, fluids, and sleep. Since you were under my authority as a medical doctor, I am putting you on light duty for 48 hours. So, I will tell your security detail that he is to treat you as if you are on restricted duty for that time and watch out for any signs of distress. Understood, ladies?" Both petty officers responded affirmatively with "Yes, Ma'am."
"Now, what in the Deep's name were you doing to get all that?" Dr. Norroe pointed at the digital whiteboard. She thought she knew what he had done but wanted to verify his conclusions.
"I call it flying. Albert Einstein called it a thought experiment. It is a way of visualizing the problem in the mind," Robert said and began to rub his temples again as the room started to rock back and forth.
"And how long do you usually do this for?"
Leaning his head and taking several long, slow deep breaths, Robert replied, "Most of the time, 30 minutes to an hour, tops. Then I go eat like a hobbit." Despite the room rocking, he was really hungry.
Hearing Robert's stomach growl, Dr. Norroe asked, "I have no idea what a hobbit is, but I will presume that you eat a great deal more than normal?"
Leaning his head again, Robert thought to himself, "Why the f**k am I so tired? It is never this bad." Meanwhile, Dr. Norroe continued, "Robert, please look at me. How long do you think you were 'flying' for?"
Robert took one last deep breath before sitting up. "An hour, maybe a little more. Why?"
Dr. Norroe looked concerned. "Robert, you were in it for almost five hours. This is very serious. If you push yourself like that too often, you will kill yourself. Please do not do this again without supervision unless there is a way to set a time limit."
Robert took what she said to heart. Solving the problem today was not worth dying over. "Physical touch has worked before. Is that good enough?"
Dr. Norroe replied, "Yes, that should be good for now."
Seeing the yellow bag on the table, Robert asked, "Petty Officer MunRhoe, did you get that food item I asked for?"
PO. MunRhoe had finished cleaning the mess and was opening the first pizza box. "Yes, it is in the bag. That Playwell store was an interesting place Do you need it, or do you want a slice of pie?"
Smiling, Robert said, "Both, but I will need a couple of spoons or a medicine cup first, and more water, please." He pulled the jug of 100 percent pure natural maple syrup out of the yellow bag, thinking, "A couple of shots of this, and about ten minutes, and the shakes should be taken care of."
PO. MunRhoe set up a slipe for Robert and PO Jyhnex, “That Playwell store was an interesting place. My brother's younger kids would love some of those kits. But why would you want something like that.?”
Incredully Robert shook his head, “Because they are fun.” showing just a hint of sadness “ I still know how to have a little.”
The Navy technician arrived with a stack of small Dixie cups and several bottles of water. PO. MunRhoe watched as Robert poured himself about three-quarters of a dixie cup of maple syrup and downed it, going so far as to lick the inside of the cup clean. Robert savored the flavor, wishing he had some real vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream to go with it. The idea of vanilla ice cream with maple brought back a memory of his childhood Friday night storytime. Maggie would read first with her book, then he would try with his, but he relied on his mom for a lot of it. Looking back now, it was a good memory.
Grabbing a monster slice of the deepest deep-dish pizza he had ever seen, PO. MunRhoe asked, "What is that stuff you just drank?"
"It is maple syrup," replied Robert, reaching for a bottle of water to clean out his mouth before he started in on the pizza. "It is tree sap that has been rendered down into basically liquid sugar. And where did you get the pizza, and how did you even know about it?"
Shoveling a forkful of the pizza filling into her mouth, she began speaking. "A year ago, I had a detail up in Chicago. I was there for a month and fell in love with deep-dish. This came from a place called 'A Slice of Chi-Town,' and it's called Big Blue's double-stacked deep dish. Both marines and militia swear by the place, and I agree, this is good. Try some."
Robert grabbed a slice after helping PO. Jyhnex reset the table and chairs. It was good pizza, but sadly Robert could only finish one slice.
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch6 : Sexyspacebabes (
Chapter 8
Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: Vision from Zy'Verila : Sexyspacebabes (
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2023.05.28 22:22 Queen-of-Arab 23 [F4M] #Alberta - Hopeless Romantic Submissive

I’m 23 years old; I grew up in Canada but I’m ethnically from the East.
I’m a researcher in the medical field. I simultaneously graduated from two programs having had 13 classes in one semester. Besides the many other things I have going for myself, my hobbies and volunteer position in the hospital keep me busy too.
A substantial part of me is the poetry I write, I love to travel, go on long drives, late night walks and star gazing. I'm an only girl that grew up with boys so my vice is video games. I love exploring new places and going out in the city. I’m a big foodie so I cook and bake as well and my nieces and nephews take up a big place in my heart too.
Besides being a super fast texter I’m a badass that can whoop your ass in call of duty. I’m also a psychiatrist in the making and I’m publishing a poetry book. You can mostly find me in the kitchen making your favourite food while I whine to afrobeats. Submissive by nature & by practice.
Now that I’ve gotten the basics down we’ll take this the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” route haha.
The following will show you exactly why I'm the perfect wif- I mean submissive for you.\viewer discretion is advised, you may possibly fall in love*
I truly believe that the way you present yourself defines who you are hence I dress to impress. I have an incredibly feminine vibe and you’ll mostly find me in skirts, dresses, corsets and heels. I do usually quiet a room when I enter so you can imagine on your own.
I love to collect lingerie so there is no in between of what I wear to bed, it’s either that or your t-shirt and thigh highs because I have an obsession with socks.
I cannot see (-3.75) so when we wake up in the morning its a plus point for you that I won't be able to make out your messy self- hence you have enough time to fix up before I pop my lenses in haha.
I do wear glasses but only at night or when I plan to tease you with a glasses acquainted outfit.
I have three tattoos all around my upper thigh and hip area; as you can see in the attachment above.
My level of emotional intelligence is very high and I'm very in tune with my emotions. I'm someone that wears my heart on my sleeve so if you have my attention there isn't anything I'm not willing to do for you whether that's dressing in your favourite colours or waiting for you at the dining table after I've set a beautiful table with a yummy dinner.
I may be 5’3 but I’m feisty and can pack a punch so get ready to tussle in bed when you try to restraint me because I rolled my eyes at you. That being said I might take a completely different route sometimes and just tippie toe as I tug your shirt and pull you down so I can whisper what I want in your ear and make you melt as I give you doe eyes. You won’t even know what hit you until we’re on our way to get Nutella ice cream and Boston pizza way past my bedtime Daddy.
I can't do math. sorry can't be your dream mathematician sub "What's 37+56 you ask? I don't know love & I don't plan on finding out so unfortunately if we ever have a budget, you're handling it."
I'm very attentive and I pay attention to detail and I'm not afraid to go the extra mile to show you how much I care.
My love language is physical touch and quality time
I don't have a lot of hands on experience but I have been in D/S relationships before. Most derived from long term relationships so I'm not into casual or short term things for mere sexual activity. I like to understand you as an individual before I pursue you as a dominant.
Submission Style:
Domination Style Preference:
Could be one of any above..
*24-45 years of age
I belong to you in mind, heart, body & soul. I would exist for your pleasure in turn I would want someone that could read me before I can even understand how I feel. Someone that could lay one gaze on me and put fire within my soul. From across the room, in heavy gathering or the mere distance of me standing before you, our bodies must speak before your tongue eloquently guides me. Someone that could understand the happiness that resides in a rainy night for me. How I imagine us intertwined in the sheets, your hands in my hair, your gaze on my every move and your response to every moan that leaves my mouth. For you could be looking at me for the hundredth time and I would shy away like it’s the first because you’d gaze into my soul every time.
I’m looking for someone established but that doesn’t mean you can’t approach me if you are on your way there. I want to build a life together.
*location doesn’t matter as I’m willing to relocate
“Every night when silence draws near I would stand in prayer and thank my god for writing them in my destiny. Climbing into bed, pecking their lips soft enough that they feel me in their presence but not enough to wake them from their peace. I’d trace my fingers around their mesmerizing features, memorizing every inch of their face like it’s the last time I’m seeing it. There is no part of me that wouldn’t belong to them. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I would be that one possession in their life that even if they lost everything they would still think they have the world at their feet because they has me. I’m a simple women, I prefer a rose over expensive gifts or even a small gesture like their smile when they hold my hand could make my day. They and I.. we’d be two pieces of one heart and soul.”
Wilting Love 🥀 (a long time ago)
If any of this resonated with you, don't hesitate to message me with a picture of yourself and whatever it is you’d like to say ☺️
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2023.05.28 22:22 GangsterXX100 Helmet question

I have a Axxis racer GP helmet and im trying to find a new visor for it. i am having a hard time finding any visors that says it goes with the racer GP.
Does anyone know where i can find visors for this helmet and/or is there a different name other than racer GP that will fit?
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