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2023.06.03 07:31 wittykisses Schedule vs. Going with the flow

FTM to a wonderful 13 week old. Dad and I have differing opinions on the general approach for day to day management of our son.
Dad thinks LO doesn’t need to be on a set schedule or specific routine. He thinks we should just go with LO’s flow and follow our parental instincts.
Dad thinks that following a set schedule isn’t good for my mental health because when things don’t go according to plan, I have a breakdown. He thinks that I read too much on the internet and set unrealistic expectations and standards for LO.
From my perspective, I think both LO and I would really benefit from the consistency of a schedule. I have anxiety and ADHD and I struggle with remembering things and managing my time. I use the Baby Tracker for everything to help me keep track of LO’s eating and sleeping habits. LO is currently switching up his sleep habits and becoming more difficult to get to sleep and it’s my biggest stressor at the moment.
Today I was very overwhelmed and Dad took over for a few hours so I could take a nap. He knows that I keep track of feed and sleep times and amounts and I request that he does the same when he takes over for me. But he doesn’t think it’s necessary, so he just didn’t do it. He was able to describe everything he and LO did while I napped, but no specific times. I felt frustrated.
Am I being too uptight? I am the default parent and SAHM (about to be a WFHM) so I feel like I should have the most say because I’m with LO 90% of the day. But I also want to be fair to Dad because he’s LO’s parent too and his input should matter too.
The other part of this puzzle - what is reasonable to expect from a 13 week old in regards to a set schedule or routine?
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2023.06.03 07:23 SlimyItalian Update: Honeymoon phase seems to be ending

Update: Honeymoon phase seems to be ending
Little update to my last post, I guess after 2 weeks Uber is done giving me the new guy rides lol last few days 90% of the orders are no tips, today I caved and took a $3.62 order, and the genius leaves this note.
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2023.06.03 07:23 Necessary-Ranger3276 North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Capture the timeless beauty of North Yorkshire weddings with Angela Waites Photography. Our talented team will provide breathtaking and everlasting moments that will capture your special day. For outstanding wedding photography that genuinely captures North Yorkshire's charm, visit our website.
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2023.06.03 07:22 Acceptable-Friend-92 From Night Owl to Early Bird: My Incredible Transformation

Main aaj apni life ka ek bada change share kar raha hun. Picture ye hai, jab raat ka bawaal chhod ke, maine subah ka zamaana apna liya. Aur BC, duniya hil gayi mere routine ki change se!
Pehle main raat jagte rehta tha, subah uthne ka concept kya hota hai, mujhe samajh hi nahi aata tha. Par fir ek din, menei kaha, BC why can't I be in more control and have a f***ing routine. Maine socha, ab raat ke dhol ko bajane ke bajaye, subah ke naye sur mein ghusega. Aur jaisa socha tha, vaisa hi hua hai, boss!
Toh ab takki baat, here's my detailed minute-by-minute routine that's turned my life around:
Toh ab takke baat, here's how this epic routine has transformed my life, BC:
Yeh hai mere subeh uthne ki kahani. BC, jab tak tum khud na try karo, tab tak pata nahi chalega ki Dilli ki subah ka mazaa kya hota hai! Bas yaad rakhna, har roz zindagi ka ek naya episode shuru hota hai, aur Dilli ke streets mere sapnon ko jeene ka mauka deti hai.
Keep rocking, keep hustling, aur BC, kabhi bhi subah ka pyaar nahi chhodna!
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2023.06.03 07:22 Rumsys San Mateo Commute

Hi everyone,
I recently received a job offer in Downtown San Mateo and am trying to sanity check what the commute would be. I live in the Laurel/Redwood Heights area and will be driving into the office ~4 days a week.
I’m not overly worried about the drive in because I’d plan to leave by 6am and join a gym somewhere near work, but I’d be driving back around ~5:30 at the peak of rush hour.
From Google Maps it looks like the drive is around an hour on a good day and 90+ minutes on a bad day. Can anyone shed some light on whether that’s realistic? And if getting an HOV Lane compliant vehicle would make a noticeable impact on drive time?
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2023.06.03 07:20 Necessary-Ranger3276 Professional Wedding Photographers In The UK

Angela Waites Photography is your top option for outstanding wedding photography in the UK, capturing love and treasured moments. Our professional wedding photographers in the UK capture your special day with timeless beauty and an artistic eye for detail. For more information please visit our website:
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2023.06.03 07:19 Newtographtheory How do you keep the upper floor cool?

In my house, I spend around 90% of my time in a room. It has my PC in it so the temperature is quite hot.. For example yesterday when it was 86F outside, it was also 86F in my room.. I turned the AC and set it to 74F in the house, and the result is that in my room it's 81F, even if the rest of the house (ie main living room) is at 74F. How do I "move" the cool air better into my room if I'm on the 2nd floor? I'm by myself 90% of the time in the day so it also feels wasteful to turn the AC on just for the rest of the house, while my room is still super hot.
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2023.06.03 07:16 Legend5878 9 more days for the exam

I have completed AIO cover to cover and i have been reading reviews of it and i have done think like a manager ,11th hour and cissp passport .Planning to do one more read of 11th hour before the exam.Done Thor peterson bootcamp.Using the PPT as a revision material.Doing Boson (avraging75) and learnzaap(90+,done more than 2k).I’m under lot of stress due to procimity of the exam.Now i have to revise the things i read ,can u suggest me the appropriate steps i have to take for the upcoming days
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2023.06.03 07:16 Due_Dimension6544 [WY] Possible retaliation and discrimination

Okay this may be long but I’m just at an absolute breaking point. And I know I probably need to reach out to HR but I’ve seen HR situations throughout my career end terribly for the person reporting the concern so I truly am hesitant.
In December my DM left the company and my store was reassigned to a new area and district. I now have an area manager and DM. Things were going well at first and then I had someone in my store who was gunning for my job and she sent in information about my past struggles with addiction and criminal conviction for something that happened prior to me even working here. This was already something that my previous DM and HR had known about so it wasn’t anything that could get me in trouble. But because it got brought up I had to explain to my new DM and AM that I had struggled with addiction in the past and that because of that I had faced criminal charges and it was all super public because I live in a small town and it was on the front page of the newspaper and all over social media. So yes, there were people in my store who knew about it but it had never been an issue until just now and I had never said anything to this employee about it because she came onto the team way after that had happened. I was reprimanded for divulging too much personal information to my team and thought that was the end. After that it felt like I was constantly being reprimanded for something. My store schedule, an endcap not being in the right place, my personal schedule, random calls to the store to see if I was there. I needed to take some time off for a family emergency. I communicated my plan of when I would be back, and had said if anything changed I would let them know. Another manager in my store covered my shifts in the scheduler just in case I did end up being out, and I received a call from my boss not even 30 min later. I was accused of lying to her and was not even given a chance to say anything. Then while looking for a corrective action date to refer to in a coaching doc I was doing, I found that I had corrective actions entered into my file that had never been communicated to me. Specifically from when I had to explain my past, referring to me as “a drug user” and also from the schedule miscommunication that specifically stated I lied to my boss. Shortly after we went to a work conference and I was pulled aside by my DM and was accused of being under the influence of drugs at work. I told them to test me and they refused. I brought up the inappropriate documentation and let them know I felt like they were trying to use my past against me and that because they know I struggled with addiction they now incorrectly assume I am a person of poor moral character. They had the documentation removed from my file and had apologized and I thought things were finally going well. My last few store visits have been good and my boss was actually helpful. My end of yr review went well and my store is performing very well also. A position in a store I’ve had my eye on in a different district opened up and because I do still want to get away from them I let them know of my intent to apply. I was told that I have their support and that they’d be sad to see me go but that they have known that location was on my career path.
On Tuesday I received a call to jump on a teams meeting. In that meeting I was told by my DM that I am struggling too much in my current role, that my store is in an unacceptable condition, and because of that they have let hr know that they cannot recommend me for the transfer to the new location. I also received a writeup for poor job performance outlining things that should have just been in the opportunity category of my store visit recap.
I’m devastated and it honestly feels like retaliation. If they had concerns it should have been a conversation three weeks ago when I informed them of my intent to apply. Not on the back end after I’ve applied. Their reasoning was because we had trash in our back room and that my brand new managers (all less than 60-90 days in role) don’t seem to have had practical on the job training. So this means I’m struggling with basic day to day store operations and am not a candidate for a higher volume location. I know there are other stores in my district and I’m close with the GM’s and they do not get the same type of treatment that I do. The one store was absolutely filthy and had shipment boxes sitting in the back from February. They’re not meeting basic kpi’s but their GM doesn’t get harassed in the same way I do.
I guess I’d just like some input on where to go from here. Do I call hr and report the retaliation and hope they don’t just assume I’m mad about the transfer denial? Or do I apply for a support manager role at the store and take a demotion just to get out from under their thumb before I escalate the issue to hr??
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2023.06.03 07:16 Weekly_Ad_3665 Captain America Relaunch

So it seems that after the Cold War event and after the Sentinel of Liberty and Symbol of Truth series wraps up, there’s going to be a new Captain America title dropping in September 2023. The one detail that caught my attention was the writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Yeah, that’s right. JMS. As in early-to-mid 2000s JMS. I don’t know how to interpret this. On one hand, it seemed that the majority of his Spider-Man run was revered with reinventing his mythos and status quo in interesting ways. On the other hand, he also ruined Spider-Man’s reputation with Sin’s Past and One More Day. What do you think about this?
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2023.06.03 07:15 Weekly_Ad_3665 Captain America Relaunch

So it seems that after the Cold War event and after the Sentinel of Liberty and Symbol of Truth series wraps up, there’s going to be a new Captain America title dropping in September 2023. The one detail that caught my attention was the writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Yeah, that’s right. JMS. As in early-to-mid 2000s JMS. I don’t know how to interpret this. On one hand, it seemed that the majority of his Spider-Man run was revered with reinventing his mythos and status quo in interesting ways. On the other hand, he also ruined Spider-Man’s reputation with Sin’s Past and One More Day. What do you think about this?
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2023.06.03 07:11 rdot1479 Cant believe after many attempts. I'm 90 days

Did a 28 day treatment programme 6 years ago. Thought I was cured. Some problems in my life became a little manageable again. I substituted my substance of choice and stopped going to meetings. 1 serious suicide attempt and many years of pain and suffering later, I finally surrendered. I have an allergy to all mind altering substances and cannot use successfully. Ive attended more than 90 meetings in 90 days. I got a sponsor I trust. I'm taking up a service position. I'm connected to Na members everyday. I talk with my higher power everyday. Somewhere over these past 90 days the desire to use and destroy my life has left me and Im one grateful addict. In my eyes this is nothing short of a miracle. All I have to do is the suggested things. Its very simple but its not easy. One day at a time
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2023.06.03 07:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Alen Sultanic – Automatic Clients & Bonuses (

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2023.06.03 07:09 boopinmybop Pizza pizza

Pizza pizza
This is my Denver mile high Trader Joe’s pizza.
It’s Trader Joe’s dough that i cold fermented in my fridge for 1-2 days, after shaping into 9-10” pizza sized dough balls. 1 pack of TJ’s makes 4 of these size pizzas.
Day of, broil oven for 30min+ w cast iron pan inside or 500 for at least an 45min.
Take out dough ball, flour it on both sides, and use ur hands to lightly press into a circle, without pressing too much air out. Then I grab a small roller and get it to about a 5-6” diameter circle, evenly thin. When I roll, I flip and turn 90 degrees after each roll to get a really even thinness to the dough.
Once I hit that size I use my hands and gravity to establish a crust, then back on the table and use my hands to stretch it out to about 9-10 inches.
Now I remove the pan and drop a tad extra olive oil, but turn on vent fan cuz of the smoke point of EVOO. Then carefully place the dough into the pan. We want to par bake the dough for 1 min.
Remove and then use a spoon to pat down any bubbles. Get a teaspoon or 2 of EVOO and sprinkle it across ur dough. Then sprinkle on some oregano, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder. Then I use 2 slices mozzarella cheese preferably whole milk. Then I top with whatever I want, I keep my toppings frozen and they cook out perfectly.
Then into the pan, and back into the oven for 6 minutes. Take it out, and voilà, pizza pizza
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2023.06.03 07:03 AdFine2280 Fast Filling

Anyone else get sick of only focusing on filling fast?? Call me old but what happened to making sure it was a finished product when it left the filling station? Now it’s just slap a label on a vile and throw it in a bag! No calling the patient, no finding the best price, no questioning the qty (ins pays better on a 30 day vs 90 or pays same on a 100 day vs 90 day) and certainly don’t make sure there’s the appropriate or any syringes in the bag!! Plus who seriously wants to sling pills as fast as you can 8 hrs a day? But I swear if you can then you’re treated like the rock star of the pharmacy and never have to do things that everyone hates like work drive-thru! It used to make you feel good to be able to help people, to take the time to find their meds or make insurance calls or search for a manufacture coupon or make sure you kept the brand they preferred, etc now it’s just an assembly line and it’s no dam fun!
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2023.06.03 07:02 tawthea Started incubating the wild abandon quail eggs tonight..

So I brought in the abandoned quail eggs (i believe they are gambel's) and put them in the homemade incubator. There are 11 of them and I positioned them small end down (Is this the right way?); Now my biggest concern is which direction to turn them.. It says 90 degrees 3-4 times a day..but which direction do I turn them? Do I just flip them upside down or do I turn them sideways ? Exactly how do am I supposed to turn the eggs? Please help.. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 07:00 Mlliii Leaving for 5 weeks - what should I do?

Hello! I’ve taken trips of 2-3 weeks before but always with a house/pet sitter. My pup passed last year and we’re taking the cat to the in-laws.
I’m wondering if I should turn off all water to the house or just turn it off to the fridge?
I’m in Phoenix and wondering if i should turn the AC up to 90-95, leave a few lights on etc.
I’ve spent the last few days cleaning the front yard, gonna install some solar lights and just wondering any other advice you’ve got?
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2023.06.03 07:00 fugma_69 It says to take one a day not noticing much can I take more

It says to take one a day not noticing much can I take more
Bought from chemist warehouse Australia brand is called GO healthy
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2023.06.03 06:59 ColeMorrigan Feeling invalidated when I’m having a seemingly “good” moment and people assume I’m not struggling anymore/never was

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, I already got a bad response from someone trying to vent about it in another sub, but I just wanted to vent about how I feel and see if I wasn’t alone. I feel invalidated when I’m trying to have a better attitude about something or I’m literally just existing in my day and someone will come up with “wow you seem happy I guess you’re doing better now”/“I thought you couldn’t do xyz because of your (insert problem).” Even though I’m not doing better at all or that thing is still really affecting me. It just kind of throws me off.
Like I’ll be actively suicidal but because I laughed or I smiled to be polite or because someone said something funny they assume I’m better and then point it out. It makes me feel like I have to act out my crippling mental illness to be taken seriously (which I would never do, I really just want to be nice to be around so I try not to act sad even though I am. I mean that figuratively—like that’s what it would take.) 90% of the time I’m alone in my room having mental breakdowns, I just chose to not affect them with that energy in that phonecall or that interaction because I don’t want to be awful to be around.
Or I’m dealing with my agoraphobia, and I finally push myself to go outside after an hour and a half and the person doesn’t understand what it took for me to do that, they’ll use it against you to “jokingly” imply you don’t have a problem since you were able to “do the thing. “ It almost makes it hard to make progress, I’ve never felt acknowledged for the things I’ve went through and for some reason it hurts because it feels like rubbing salt in the wound.
I don’t want this to be taken like I’m saying my struggles define me, that genuinely has nothing to do with it—it’s the crippling feeling that there’s something wrong with me no matter what I do. Like I’m not allowed to struggle or have feelings, or like I was overreacting in the first place and my struggles are so minuscule that it should be that easy to be better. I really want someone to understand.
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2023.06.03 06:54 lastwrods what is the system for mapua shs stem?

hi! transferring to mapua soon 🥹 i’m wondering lang how po ba yung system sa mapua? like yung school days, grading system, when nag-qquiz, mahirap po ba makakuha ng 90+ grade, and such. also, yung sa top 20 scholar po ba kahit sino pwede makasali doon? thank you po!
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2023.06.03 06:53 Ambitious-Sleep929 Messages disappearing?

Got a message from the customer before I arrived at the store requesting that I get them a $100 Vanilla gift card as a graduation gift and that their order from yesterday was delivered to the wrong address (the previous days conversation showed up in the thread with me where they requested a gift card). Immediately give them the prohibited item spiel and went on shopping.
I was working a double batch and was about 90% done when I get a message from the gift card customer saying they see me working their order but to let them know about the gift card. I responded saying you must've not received my original message and copy and pasted what I said. They then responded saying something along the lines of what's the status? I asked them if they've been getting my messages and they say that that was the first message of mine they've received. Then, I noticed all of my messages began disappearing. I was taking screen shots during all of this to cover my butt should customer care get involved down the line. The customer asked me to send a screen shot. I didn't. I instead said, "gift cards are prohibited, I cannot add this." Boom the message disappears. Then they ask have you even tried adding it. I respond with, "no and I won't". Then I say "prohibited item". I then get on the phone with Care to remove the batch. Well I'm home now and I'm telling my boyfriend about it and I go to pull up my screenshots AND THEY'RE GONE. I am 1000000% sure I took the screenshots. I was even planning to share them here to show how they were disappearing. I don't get it. What the hell is going on here?
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2023.06.03 06:49 rockaleta2049 I'm graduating college and I feel useless

I just finished my last semester. My family is coming to visit and celebrate my graduation. I'm torn about looking for full-time employment at the moment, because it'll take away time that I could spend with my family once they're here, but being unemployed makes me feel useless.
My friends gave me a lot of shit for being the only one without a part-time job while we were still in school. I guess that contributes to my feelings of inadequacy, now that I have all the time in the world.
I've thought about setting up a Fiverr profile to sell motion graphics, but the thought of someone complaining about my work being subpar makes it very daunting.
It also seems that since classes ended I've been forgotten about by just about 90% of all people I met in college. Sitting alone in my room on a friday night, looking at other peoples Instagram stories is also not doing me any favors.
So here I am, broke as shit, no plans for the weekend other than helping a buddy build his PC. I don't date, I don't get invited to parties, I don't work. Every passing day I feel the pressure of time slipping by, of being single, of being unemployed.
I hope this shit passes and I can enjoy the rest of my twenties, but at the present moment life looks like a mountain that I'm ill-equipped to tackle. My only safety net is my mother, who lets me leech off her.
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