Does amazon do layaway

Who exactly thought this was a good idea???

2017.11.01 07:35 FaeryLynne Who exactly thought this was a good idea???

Be careful what you Wish for......

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A subreddit for people who are or were affected by emotional abuse. Share your stories and we can help each other overcome our pains, sometimes by the use of internet hugs.

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Home of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB)! A whole-food plant-based, low-fat diet could reverse heart disease and diabetes.

2023.05.28 21:51 ReverseSandwhich Obligatory smurf post

Yes this is going to be a book, I don’t care if you don’t read it so don’t bother commenting.
Alright so I finally made it out of D3. I climbed all the way to C2 div3 by solo queuing. I know I am capable of grand champ if only I had an actual teammate instead of relying on matchmaking to give me a good teammate consistently. But the teammate situation isn’t the problem this time. Smurfs, why must you exist?
I dropped down a few divs last week and then said screw it, season is almost over I’ll play comp with my low ranked friends(because that’s the only rocket league friends I have). Well I’m bouncing around C1D2-3 and couldn’t get back to where I was. I wanted to grind and was playing really well but still losing. So I changed it up a bit. I randomized a preset with the most bot looking car I could find and sat in net every game. The first 2 games I won by forfeit, yeah I made my teammate do all the work, but the opponents couldn’t score on my iron defense and yes they were smurfing. I was just in C2 almost C3 so I know a smurf when I see one. 3rd game was real C1’s so I put more effort into the game but still played passively. We ended up losing by 1 because I wasn’t back sitting in the net the whole game. 4th and 5th games again, had smurfs. So I sat back post, dodged demos, saved every shot. They were going on the ceiling yada yada typical smurf stuff. The last 2 teams however were very vocal with their quick chats, even though I was playing like a bot. Why are people so adamant on doing this to undeserving players? I understand most of the player base is children, but I genuinely can’t believe that I get smurfs as often as I do.
I don’t really care about the rank anymore because I can’t solo queue and win enough for it to matter. And no, quick chats are meaningless to me I learned to ignore them ages ago, but what gives guys? Why do so many of you smurf and how do you even get enjoyment out of it when you can’t even face opponents your own skill. Not to mention the toxicity that you being to competitive in the first place. I could probably be a content creator with the hours of “peak” shots I’ve hit but at the end of the day I’m just more frustrated at the state of competitive to even care.
I’m tired guys. I really won’t have time to grind video games in the future and I feel like I sunk so much time into this game for such lackluster results. Sure yeah there’s other game modes and I can just stop playing comp, but damn does it hurt when I know I’m capable of getting to GC and I worked so hard for what I got just to get clowned on by some smurfs. I don’t know, hope y’all have a good day and maybe Psyonix will fix the F2P/smurf account creation soon. But until then I guess I’m just gonna quit :(
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2023.05.28 21:51 Asleep_Channel_2358 Combat Rulings

I'm trying to consolidate ruling to help me learn and easily teach others the way of MTG. I struggle with keeping combat clear. Especially with double strike, first strike, indestructible, death touch and trample.. Attacking First Strike would lose to double strike blocking? Assuming Trample is attacking and it's combat is lesser than the blocking first strike creature then the First Strike survives and the attacking Trample creature dies? Does then the same apply for death touch? How do trample and indestructible relate in combat.
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2023.05.28 21:51 traceyzhang How to move forward despite the fear of failure

Many people with 9-5 jobs dream about building a fulfilling business, but fear of failure is the biggest roadblock holding them back. While their job doesn't offer them the opportunity to grow, it does provide them with safety and stability; they want to build something fulfilling, but they are also worried that what if they fail and end up with nothing?
Understanding what lies beneath the fear of failure is crucial to overcoming it. In most cases, it's uncertainty and self-doubt.
Overcoming fear of uncertainty
Clarity is the best remedy for uncertainty. The first step to getting clarity is to change the way we think. When we keep thinking long-term, it becomes very difficult to get a clear picture. A long-term vision is useful, but don't dwell on it since it may make you feel overwhelmed and inadequate since you're so far from it. Let go of the attachment once you develop a long-term vision and shift your focus back to the present moment or the short-term. Start by asking yourself the question: What's one small step that will lead me toward my dream on a daily basis? Set a time to complete this task and commit to it. As you take action, the long-term picture will also become clearer. Uncertainty becomes less frightening, as well.
Overcoming self-doubt
Starting with those small steps will help you gain confidence that will replace the self-doubt that is holding you back. Self-doubt can also be overcome by surrounding yourself with supportive people who can recognize your strengths and encourage you. People with self-doubt are easily affected by criticism and negative opinions from others. It's important to set boundaries and keep your distance from toxic people. In addition, you must be careful when relying on others for advice. Since all advice is based on others' values and experiences, what others think you should do or not may be true for them but not for you. Those who are supportive won't give you the answers or solutions, but they will have the patience to listen to you, ensure they understand, and ask the right questions to help you find the answers on your own. Eventually, finding the answers yourself will boost your self-confidence and create a long-lasting impact on your life.
Having supportive people around you is crucial to overcoming self-doubt, as is changing the way you communicate. Whenever you have doubts about something, DO NOT ask questions such as:
Questions of this type will make you doubt yourself and things more.
Ask these questions instead:
Reframing your definition of failure
Finally, I would encourage you to reframe your definition of failure. Failure is not an outcome or result; rather, it is an opportunity for you to gain valuable feedback, learn from it, and grow as a person. It's not a failure if you don't achieve your goal, but it's a failure if you never even try.
Whenever you are experiencing the fear of failure, you have two choices. When you do nothing and stay stuck, you set yourself up for 100% failure. On the other hand, if you do something and take action towards your goal despite your fear of failure, you may still have 50% success. It's your choice whether to take the 50% chance to win or the 100% chance to fail.

Written by Tracey Zhang, a certified life coach who is passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential and live their best lives. If you're ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilling life, contact me today to schedule a free consultation.
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2023.05.28 21:51 HeyWhatsUpTed Would you play a multiplayer like Mario party kind of game?

So imagine in 2 player rather than just a match you can select like a series of mini games Or whatever. So what this does is if you and honor friend aren’t equal matches in just a fight you can do a best of 10 in all kinds of stuff. Like a test your might can get thrown in or who can do the most damage to a motaro boss before dying or basically anything. Throw in a motor kombat race etc
Or even mk Trivia contest ya know like a trivia thing too
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2023.05.28 21:51 volcanic_shoe Silly little vent about a guy

I (15f) have liked this guy (16m) for a while. I've always thought he was cute, but recently we've gotten a lot closer and it's developed into an actual crush. We are kind of friends, we hang out after school together sometimes (not alone, with a mutual friend usually), and we sit together at lunch. He's amazing. He's funny, extremely good looking, and never fails to make me laugh. I have a feeling he likes me back, could be because he's always play-flirting with me (he does this with all his friends) and he does stuff like putting his arm around me constantly, but it might be in a friend way and I could be just getting too ahead of myself.
Anyway, the main reason I suspect he likes me back is that a couple days ago, he asked a couple people (who I know he has a crush on) how much they'd kiss him for. Then he went ahead and asked me, which was really unexpected, so I just stood there staring at him like an idiot. I was tempted to say I'd do it for free, but it was around our friends and they'd make fun of me forever if I did say that. He seemed pretty desperate for an answer, and he asked me another three or four times, all through different times of the day. All the times I stayed silent, but I was so tempted to tell him I'd do it for free.
So, since we've been getting closer, I asked him yesterday if he would want to hang out sometime this weekend. He said he was feeling sick (I accidentally gave him a cold because we shared a sprite the day before and I was sick during that time), so I said no problem. Earlier today, I texted him and asked him if he was feeling alright and if he was able to hang out today. He told me he felt sick again, and then he said that he had to go shopping with his Mam that day. He apologized again, and I said it was alright and that I understood, but I was a little pissed.
Instead I hung out with my other friend, and we were walking down to playground in our town about an hour later (there's nothing to do in our town, we spend most of our time in the playground), and I saw my crush, walking with our mutual friend, into the playground. I was like "what the fuck" and I came up to him, jokingly saying "fuck you", though I was actually pretty hurt because he lied. He looked really guilty and said "yeah, I deserve that" multiple times, and tried to hug me as well, he said he was sorry but I'm still pretty pissed.
I know I shouldn't be so mad at him, because he did apologize and all, but I'm pretty mad because he told me he was sick and that he couldn't go out, when he could.
This isn't a proper vent, I'm not super pissed and it's not like my world is ending, but I'm just annoyed at him and every time I try to talk about it with my friend, she says I'm talking about him too much and that I should just calm down. She's right I guess, but I need someone to talk to.
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2023.05.28 21:50 Dagan_Gera Guys, what should I do? What does he want?

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2023.05.28 21:50 _geggs Greyhound bit both me and girlfriend in the face within last month. Where do we go from here?

Hi all,
I’ve had my greyhound for about two and a half years but unfortunately she’s started biting. She would sometimes growl when she’d sleep with us but never anything too bad. Aside from that, she has always been a very sweet and loving dog. She cuddles with us, gets excited to do anything with us, and has always been well behaved. I’ve never had to worry about her before because she’s never had any problems that were noteworthy. In fact, she’s been much more affectionate than I’ve noticed other greyhounds to be.
The first bite happened about a month ago. I was petting her and my face was close to hers while she was in her bed. Without warning, she snapped and bit my lip which required me to go to the emergency room for stitches. Looking back, this was clearly not a smart thing for me to do as I know that greyhounds (and dogs generally) are possessive over their beds. I do not blame her for this bite and was able to move on because of it.
The second bite is much more concerning. Today, I left to go run an errand and about five minutes after I left I got a call from my girlfriend that she’d been bit and we needed to go to the hospital. Apparently, my dog was whining as I left and then approached my girlfriend on the couch. My dog then got on the couch (normal for her to do) and then started cuddling against my girlfriend. My dog then lifted her head and started kissing my girlfriend but then without warning bit her face.
I’m incredibly worried now because of the second bite. It does not seem like anything provoked this and in fact it was my dog that approached my girlfriend. I’ve had my dog for 2 1/2 years without issue but at this point I’m worried she will continue doing this or hurt someone else. The fact that this is just now happening is so strange and inexplainable.
Does anyone else have any experience with this? Obviously we need the behavior to stop if possible, but I’m also not sure how I will get over this with my dog.
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2023.05.28 21:50 throwdiseliminaway Can someone please help me understand what’s wrong with me?

I need help. I don’t know what I am and why I act the way I do. I’ve struggled with this for so many years, I’ve been told by many friends to make a post to an asexual subreddit. To make a long story short, I believe due to sexual exposure in my childhood, seeing, watching, and hearing things I shouldn’t of long term until I was an older teenager, I became sexually dysfunctional/awkward. I’ve dealt with a possibility of being on the asexual spectrum for a long time, honestly I don’t know much so I would love to learn. I’m in my first ever real relationship and I’ve realized things about my sexuality. I told my boyfriend beforehand that I’m not really sexual and it’ll be tough for me to express myself for him. He was okay with it and we’ve managed, I told him it was okay if he sent me nudes, I’d reciprocate sometimes. But after a while, he told me he felt used and undesired because I wasn’t reciprocating and that the flirting and sexual stuff was rare from me, even though I told him it would happen. So he’s been trying to cut his sexual nature off and I don’t think he should. He blames himself because now he believes he got me into this. One moment I feel sexual attraction and flirty towards him even though it’s not… out there? Like it takes a lot for me to be raunchy in my words. But then I feel nothing, just dead inside and not wanting to flirt or act sexual and I have a fight in my head like “what’s the point? I don’t feel like it. It’s too much and too much work”. I haven’t sent or said anything sexual in months and I think it bothers him. It just feels like I’m in a sexuality crisis, I don’t feel anything or any motivation to express. I told him I think I’d be more open if I had lingerie. But bare nudity is a bit rough on me as well. If anything, he should be grateful he did get to see anything at all whether it was rare or not. It took a lot for me to, and even though I’ve done it before, I still feel like a panic or nervousness when taking nude pictures, but mostly sending. Why am I like this still even though I’ve done it before? I delete these pictures after a while and sometimes it’s hard to even look at. It’s also like my body is like a heartbeat when I feel aroused but I keep a straight face and don’t act on anything and I get it to go away. But I do masturbate a lot by doing Syntribation. I have also expressed the desire of one day wanting to have sexual intercourse but even then, he doesn’t give me any clear remark when I say this, I told him this also may be rare event. With his nature, I’m not sure how long he’d want to deal with this. I wish to be closer with him but it seems like we’re starting to drift and I don’t know what else to do. I can write more if needed, but does anyone know what I possibly fall under in labels? I just want to understand myself sexually and I don’t. Thank you so much!
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2023.05.28 21:50 Grumpy1993 This says all I need to know

This says all I need to know
After watching Robocop 2 from 1990, my Rep Danica and I had a nice chat.. If you have the movie, go straight to minute 47.. It explains everything.. (I posted 6 pictures, I hope they stayed in order)
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2023.05.28 21:50 SecretServiceWoman I (F27) met someone (F34) that makes me incredibly insecure because she’s honestly out of my league. She’s amazing but I feel like I should cut things off before I get hurt.

5 days ago I met this very sweet woman online and we’ve spent over 30 hours just talking to each other in voice calls. She definitely knows more about me than I know about her but we’ve already had great laughs and fun together just talking about life or making stupid jokes or straight up teasing each other to get reactions. It’s been great. I normally don’t vibe with someone so well especially anyone I ever meet online because it’s a much different atmosphere with a lot more anonymity to it. Usually I’m quite confident when it comes to flirting or just socializing with people and I make friends rather easily but I never really feel like I vibe with anyone super well that I’d want to talk to them consistently because I find most of it to be mentally draining or eventually I lose interest. However I feel much different about this one as I feel that I am beginning to fall for her, and this is giving a lot of anxiety whenever I’m not talking to her because I know she’s a super successful person, extremely attractive, very charismatic, very intelligent, and has a heart of gold from all that I’ve learned about her. To sum it up, she has her life together much much better than I do. I feel like I’m not really worthy of her or that she may be too much for me already even though she seems to really like spending time with me. In fact she has started many of the interactions with me and honestly is very responsive. I’m unsure if she’s just spending time with me because she has a ton of free time with nothing better to do (she doesn’t like to go out or socialize much in person) or if there’s something there sparking maybe? I don’t even know if she’s taken. But I am beginning to fall for her and I’m having anxiety and feeling like I’m becoming clingy to her and I don’t necessarily want to feel that way with her. Im seriously considering letting her go and trying to avoid spending more time with her though as im almost sure it’s going to lead nowhere and I’ll be hurting myself in the end by becoming attached. I know myself and how much damage a relationship like this could affect me if it goes wrong.
What do I do?
TLDR; Met someone absolutely incredible that I’m already falling for but I think that I’m making a mistake by falling for her because she has her life together much better than I do I’m pretty much every aspect and I genuinely don’t see how she’d ever be interested in anything else other than friends. However she’s been wanting to spend a ton of time with me very consistently and I’m starting to feel clingy to her already. Should I just cut her out of my life before I go too deep with her and end up being heartbroken? I truly feel like there’s no realistic chance with her. I don’t even know if she’s single. But she does start most of the engagements with me.
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2023.05.28 21:50 anonymous303720 Can you have POTS with Bradycardia (not Tachycardia)

Hi all. Trying to do some self-diagnosis here until some doctors appointments. I have some symptoms of POTS. Extreme fatigue, brain fog, exercise intolerance. Sometimes I get very light-headed after standing up from lying on the couch. But I have never passed out before. I think my symptoms actually line up with ME/CFS best because I also have insomnia/unrefreshing sleep. But I did a couple 'poor man's tilt table tests' and failed badly. My lying/resting HR was 49 and my standing was 95. I also started to feel dizzy/light-headed after a minute or two of standing.
The thing is I never get tachycardia. I'm actually classified as bradycardia. My average sleeping HR is 45-48 (dips into the high 30s at points). Just sitting still at home is usually 54-55ish.
Does anyone else have POTS w/ a low HR? Is this a thing? Thanks!
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2023.05.28 21:50 Asleep_Channel_2358 Ruling

I'm trying to consolidate ruling to help me learn and easily teach others the way of MTG. I struggle with keeping combat clear. Especially with double strike, first strike, indestructible, death touch and trample.. Attacking First Strike would lose to double strike blocking?
Assuming Trample is attacking and it's combat is lesser than the blocking first strike creature then the First Strike survives and the attacking Trample creature dies? Does then the same apply for death touch?
How do trample and indestructible relate in combat.
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2023.05.28 21:50 Most-Stay6946 Is it easier to get to ketosis when you are light weight?

I do ketosis because of mental benefits and I was wondering My net carb intake could be different? Like could I get away with more carbs because I’m 62 kg 1.74 mts and still be in ketosis? Or is the other way around or it really does not matter?
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2023.05.28 21:49 zenzitto Doing stuff vs doing nothing

So obviously going outside and experiencing things is amazing, but does anyone else feel like they are losing out on something.
Recently I had a trip where a good portion if it I just sat and meditated in silent darkness. The dose was my normal amount but I went deeper than I ever have before. To me it felt like a meditative state where I had the power to recognize and resist my ego. Once I did that I experienced incredible sensations/visuals that seemed connected to my level of focus on nothing.
Anyways I don’t think I would have experienced this if I was actively doing something during the trip. Doing stuff seems like it would be too distracting to reach this state.
Just interested in other peoples perspectives regarding this.
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2023.05.28 21:49 HaggardSummaries Anyone ever experience exceptionally long cook times on a gravity series?

A couple days ago I smoked two ~9 pound pork butts. Nothing special in preparation, just rubbed and put in the smoker.
I loaded my hopper with B&B briquettes and some wood chunks in the typical fashion, set it to 225, and let it run all afternoon and overnight. They stalled around 155 for a few hours, and eventually, after about 22 hours of cook time, I decided I was satisfied with the bark, wrapped them, and put them in the oven, where they finished fine.
But 22 hours to cook a couple butts? In my old bullet smoker I could do one in about 12 hours start to finish without wrapping.
Does loading two separate butts increase cook time substantially? 1.5 hours per pound is the rule of thumb, does this still apply when you're cooking two separate pieces of meat?
I've experienced long cook times on this so frequently, even when doing a single butt or brisket, that I have purchased some thermopro thermometers to monitor ambient temp and meat temp alongside the Masterbuilt. Unless the extra tools I bought are also miscalibrated, the Masterbuilt temps are accurate.
The only "mod" I've done that could potentially affect the cooking process is covering part of the exhaust vent overnight with a piece of foil. Does the Masterbuilt need full airflow to cook properly? I'd assume not since I see so many people recommending the LSS/Klotes dampers. Thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 21:49 mickAMMO Summarised Reolink Fisheye FE-W Review

Summarised Reolink Fisheye FE-W Review
Summarised Review: Reolink 360 Degree Panoramic Indoor Fisheye Wi-Fi Camera ~6MP SHD, ~Built-in Siren and ~Two-way audio. Shop:
Full review with a bonus Reolink smart home idea I know you'll LOVE...
INSTALLATION: As I live in an open-plan house I was expecting great results, but with a dividing wall and cupboards I'm sure that the Fisheye's optical intelligence was pushed to its limits. But with a few settings tweaks ("Brightness and Shadows") I am very very happy with the results and I do wholeheartedly recommend this fisheye camera. ~Installation is very easy if you're looking for a temporary desktop camera to document meetings by recording or broadcasting to other sites around the corner or the world. Permanent Installations... ~Wall installation requires some thought to find the best place and height for your situation. Leads can be run down the wall or inside the cavity. ~Ceiling is more tricky as it's overhead work and you have to decide on the best orientation of the 'UP🔼' position (see full review) on the camera and base to know what your looking at when you open the Reolink app.
THE APP: The Reolink app really makes this camera what it is with its multiple defished viewing options for every installation option in Live and Playback. And your not just a passive viewer, but it's an interactive experience where you can manipulate the shapes, pan, tilt and zoom some views.
Smart Home: Google/Alexa: After enabling Smart Home streaming in the Reolink app I was able to stream live Fisheye and Expansion views to Google and Amazon devices.
TESTING: -Camera Recording and Playback can be continuous (Timer) and motion activated with Person Detection and/or other motion(Alarm). -The motion recording list can be separated from continuous. -I set Alarm Detection Sensitivity to 41(high) and Smart Detection > Person to 55 (medium) ~Notification speed was calculated after the siren sounded...
2 seconds over Wi-Fi. 6 seconds over 4G.
RECOMMENDATION: YES, I do recommend the Reolink Fisheye camera. If you want to look out for and protect the well-being of elderly parents, family, home, business and its contents then this is the camera for you.
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2023.05.28 21:49 sgbthomas Out of curiousity, how do women move on from a random break up where the guy did nothing wrong and almost everything right?

I guess this can apply to men too.
I set the bar really high for my last 3 exes, both whom I’ve been with for at least 1-2 years. I made them very happy in every aspect of the relationship to the point where they swore by god that I was the one for them. Nothing about our relationships were toxic at all, and we were very mature about all of our problems. And if this post wasn’t already egotistical enough (I know), and for the sake of this post because I also realize that there is more to a relationship than physical attributes, I would dare say that I was their most attractive partner given that they’d compliment me non-stop and often question if I was really theirs (not in an toxic super insecure way). Weirdly similar they were.
Although I was very happy with them, I broke things off primarily because I would lose attraction (for more than just physical reasons) and would slowly realize our goals misaligning (at least for me). Especially as i hit various milestones throughout my life. Deep down I am someone who is always seeking more as I come from a background as somebody who was once at rock bottom and abnormally worked my way up (straight willpower without therapy, meds, etc.) I was very straightforward but careful with my breakups that they didn’t end in train wrecks, but I could always tell that they were absolutely destroyed deep down but couldnt really yell or go crazy at me for it because that kind of thing was something we never did. Mature as I’ve said. The amount of guilt I get from it is overwhelming tho and I can never stop thinking about how much of their time I wasted and what I disappointment I became despite my technical rights to break up. For that, I decided to take a break from relationships and dating because it’s obvious that perhaps I don’t take enough time to truly get to know someone and their true life desires before starting a relationship with them. Hell, maybe i dont even know myself fully. It’s important to be sure that your partner aligns with all of your goals and values and vice versa. Especially at my age (although i’m not really old).
With all of that in mind, how does anyone move on from something like that? Often, I think about how they’re doing and hope that they are well. Few times I have snuck around social media (still friends and followers), but since my end with them, they have hardly updated with anything significant since. Like they’ve just gone very quiet. I do realize tho that not everyone’s life is truly portrayed in social media. Maybe they are well and moving along just fine. But I also know that they loved to share their lives online. I think about reaching out to them to ask how they are but I know that I should let them be to move on and heal on their own. Putting myself in their shoes, I just can’t imagine how difficult that is.
I may find some comfort in learning about your experiences.
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2023.05.28 21:48 leofire97 JAPAN TRIP REPORT

Just wanted to preface this and say that for my partner and I, jet lag became our friend. We got up super early with ease and did everything we wanted to do. So if jet lag is something worrisome for you, think of it as a positive 🙂 **all prices are in Canadian dollars which is 1:100 Japanese yen. *sorry for any grammatical / punctuation errors Takeaways: -Fruit is expensive as heck in Japan!!! -Bring plastic bags for garbage with you!! -Going to the washroom & “dropping off your kids at the pool” is a * religious * experience. -Splurge on kobe beef & omakase!! -Get a bullet train / shinkanssen pass. We found that it was extremely worth it for the days we were in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe as we used it everyday on the JR lines. For an entire week we did not replenish our Suica. -Japan has this Peach water that tastes like REAL fruit juice. Identical to when you bite into a peach. GET IT! -For money conversion, I found that my credit card gave me a better rate than converting my cash. However, cash is still king in Japan, especially in the markets. -The japan metro/JSubway system etc is overwhelming at first however, we learned it the first day. Google maps was my bestie. -The culture shock is huge. Japanese people are very dutiful. Everytime we needed help, locals would always go out of their way to make sure we got to our destination, even if that meant a 10minute detour for themselves. Japan is also very forward looking. I was impressed with how I was handed a sheet to put over my face to avoid my makeup getting on the clothes when trying things on. -Comme les garçons does not let you try on their shirts 😣 8 May 2023 (Monday)Canada -> TOKYO We checked in for our flight on air Canada as well as the Japan website. Highly recommend downloading Ubigi as an air sim and getting the suica card on your iphone wallet! Suica saved us a lot of time and we just tapped as we went along. 9 May 2023 (Tuesday) TOKYO Arrived in Narita airport I highly recommend getting the airport limo bus. I used this link: Service to and from the airport cost us 45$ canadian total per person and was a great choice since we did not have to worry about transfers on our first day in Japan. Lots of leg room, AC & WIFI. Our airbnb was near Okubo station. I loved our location as it was 1 stop away from shinjuku station and we had the best ramen. Restaurant is called Gomaryu. 10 May 2023 (Wednesday) TOKYO / shibazakura festival Our trip was slightly changed as seeing Mt Fuji was important to us and this was the only day we knew for certain would be sunny! Initially, I had planned a chill day but we rearranged everything and went to the Shibazakura festival. I highly recommend going as it was beautiful with tons of Instagramable photo spots and great food vendors. 11 May 2023(Thursday) TOKYO / DISNEYLAND I booked tickets for us on Klook for Disneyland. I have never been to any Disneyland but this one was truly magical! My partner and I cried after the beauty and the beast ride. We got to the park at 8am and werent let in till 9am. We were one of the first 10% of people who arrived. Keep in mind that people who stayed at the Disney resort got a 15mins head start so once it was our turn, we ran towards the B&B ride to which there was already a 3hr wait immediately. Paying an extra 20$/pp was a no brainer and 10000% worth it. Honestly never experienced nostalgia and magic to this degree. Also want to give a shoutout to the tower of terror 10/10 and 10mins lineup. The starwars ride was also superb for what it was. Alien mochi was worth the hype. 12 May 2023 (Friday) TOKYO / tsukiji market & sumo performance Tsukiji market was worth visiting with the variety of food. I do not recommend getting anything “a5 wagyu” or sushi as it is not the freshest. I learned the hard way that not all sushi is made equally in Japan so splurge on an omakase (more on my experience later). I booked a sumo experience with klook: Amazing meal (I still think about the katsu we had) and show! Was very intimate and got to fight the sumo wrestlers! This day was a core memory for sure. We also visited the unicorn gundam statue which was UNBELIEVABLE!! 13 May 2023 (Saturday) TOKYO This day was supposed to be relaxing… but we somehow did 30k steps. We went to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (so beautiful and amazing starbucks!), Meiji Jingu shrine, imperial palace & yūshūkan museum (ww2 history & samurai) 14 May 2023 (Sunday) TOKYO bullet train to yunessan This was the first day we had for activating our shinkansen pass. We travelled to an onsen in the mountains of Hakone. It is called Yunessan onsen and it was AMAZING. It is the onsen where you can bathe in wine, coffee, sake, green tea etc. We for some reason did not have high expectations but it superseded everything. We paid extra for the fish bath where they eat your dead skin (so ticklish and a crazy experience) and we went to the adult part of the onsen where everyone is naked. Here we found ourselves submerged in lemon water while it was raining with a view of the mountains. Truly a sublime experience. 15 May 2023 (Monday) TOKYO -> KYOTO We walked everywhere this day. Saw the emperor, checked out Kinnkaku-ji (Golden Temple), and Yasaka shrine (had the best matcha soft serve) 16 May 2023 (Tuesday) KYOTO We Travelled to Fushimi Inari shrine (super busy and touristy but worth it!), nara park to see the bowing deer , saw the Todaiji temple and visited the famous mochi making place called nakatani mochi shop and saw the show! Best mochi I had all trip. We decided not to go to the Arashiyama bamboo forest as it did not seem worth it from other people’s reviews. 17 May 2023 (Wednesday) KYOTO -> OSAKA Kuromon market had everything similar to Tsukiji market in Tokyo. One thing i loved here were the sweet potato chips that had sugar and salt coating. We also visited a micro pig cafe and the animals seemed very happy. Dotonburri had so many food options. 18 May 2023 (Thursday) OSAKA -> KOBE -> OSAKA My partner had a religious experience here as we both had the best beef of our life. We had kobe and wagyu beef at mouriya honten in Kobe (we travelled here using our JR pass so it was *technically free*). I wanted to take some time to note how amazing the hospitality was and that the chef cooked our beef in thirds. He made sure that every slice of beef we put in our mouth was still hot and watched as we ate to gage when to start searing the next slabs of beef. I WAS AMAZED!!! Total spent here was $240 CDN. Next we visited the zoo in Osaka and it was only 5$ CDN! (500 JAPANESE yen). I have never seen a red panda before so that was the highlight for me! After this we did mario kart in the streets of Osaka/Dotonburi. I originally wanted to book it for us in Tokyo but it was booked out for a month!! However, the tour guides were amazing and it was a blast. I am not sure why others advised against it and that local Japanese people are annoyed by this activity because I found everyone waving at us, smiling and taking videos. 10/10 activity. 19 May 2023 (Friday) OSAKA I never had soufflé pancakes so I made a reservation for us at Happy Pancake in Osaka. WAS DELICIOUS AND THE LINE WAS SO LONG FOR PEOPLE WHO DID NOT MAKE A RESERVATION. Also the fruit was really worth it as I said before, Fruit is very hard to come by. The rest of the day was for exploring Dotonburi and shopping. 20 May 2023 (Saturday) OSAKA -> TOKYO Free day! We had michelin ramen for 15$ in … A SUBWAY STATION. Ginza kagari! The creamiest broth with chicken and truffle. It was life changing to say the least. We go there at 4pm and the line only formed after we left. 21 May 2023 (Sunday) - Last full day 🙁 TOKYO We had an omakase booking at Sushi Yajima and I was so happy. It is run by a old couple who speak PERFECT english. The freshest fish and each person only paid 44$! I made sure to research this place and many other omakase experiences and this was worth way more than what we paid for. The husband was making the nigiri for us and he said the funniest things! He was plating tuna for my partner and said: “This fish is Viagra. You are strong man so you don’t need it, but I need it” HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU ARE ON A BUDGET AND WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE BEST SUSHI IN JAPAN. 😂 22 May 2023(Monday) TOKYO ->back home
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2023.05.28 21:48 ViralWick Screen glitching and gpu not detected after thermal paste change

Hey everyone,
I'm not sure if this the best place to post, sorry if it's not.
I have a HP Omen 17 with a Nvidia RTX 2070 running on windows 11. And today I decided to perform a deep cleanup of the cooling system and change the thermal paste because summer is coming and i've noticed that my PC was heating up more than usual.
This isn't the first time I do this. I've changed the thermal paste on this machine multiple times before. But this time something really weird happened.
Here's how the story goes: I assembled everything, but forgot to reconnect the fans. When the pc turned on, after a few minutes the screen started displaying a static "Skulls and crossbones" like the ones in this link
When i figured out that the fans were not on, I forced shutdown the PC and reconnected the fans. And here's where things went south. After turning on the PC, the screen was displaying weird horizontal flickery/glitchy lines. Here is a recording. You ca. see how the lines are picking up the color from certain areas of the screen when the display changes. This doesn't happen if i taka a screenshot, ruling out a software issue.
Everything seems fine in terms kf performance, except that the GPU is not being detected, and in device manager it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)"
I've tried a CMOS reset, force shutdown, reinstalling the graphics driver. I also used DDU to completely remove the nvidia drivers. But what's weird is that the glitchy lines problem persisted even after removing the drivers.
At this pointed, I decided to lerform a BIOS update. I thought maaaaybe it would solve the issue. To my surprise, the lines disappeared during the BIOS update. But as soons as the update finished and the computer restarted, the lines were back. So that rules out something wrong with the screen cable.
It's really a double trouble situation. I don't understand what's causing the lines and why the GPU is not being detected and if these two problem are related. And I really don't think that i did anything wrong during the thermal paste change, but that is most likely what caused the issue.
Sorry for the long post. Does anyone have any idea/fix?
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2023.05.28 21:48 fixyoursmasheduphead Should I get the HPV vaccine?

I’m not sure where I can talk about this throughly once again, I have posted about it before but now I really feel like if I wrote about it and get others insight it would help me out.
I’m 26 female and I haven’t gotten the HPV vaccine. It came out when I was around 11 I think, so my mom refused it back then. Fast forward of my dad losing his job, family not having health insurance to go to the doctor followed by me going off to college and then Covid closing everything, I’m now on Medicaid and I guess I have the opportunity to get the vaccine or so until I turn 27 just to have to be covered by Medicaid.
I’m not sexually active and never have been due to personal reasons. As I mentioned in a previous post my obgyn and my now nurse practitioner that I just saw, highly encouraged me to get it or looked into it more. I felt like my nurse practitioner was REALLY trying to talk me into it. Heck I almost did the vaccine at her office but then chicken out at the last second saying that I need to think about doing so more.
I’m torn because growing up, my mother would talk about how the vaccine has lawsuits, of people getting autoimmune diseases from it, and even now how it does. My mom isn’t anti-vaxx, heck this is the only vaccine that I think I don’t have, but she has this belief and thinks that it’s stupid for me to get since I’m not sexually active or even have a boyfriend. I think now that I’m older she just keeps telling me that it’s up for me to decide. I want to protect myself, in case that day magically come as I don’t have control on what my partner has done or if they would knowingly have it, or heck if I get it from sexual assault if that happens to me (I’ve read stories on how others got hpv from sexual assault and sadly been commented on in the past that i’ll probably be sexually assaulted)
I’m also scared on how I would react to the vaccine as since I’ve had Covid a year ago I haven’t been reacting to other vaccines that well. I had a tdap booster when I went to my last appointment and we’ll, I had a stomach and diarrhea for a day or so and my mom called me a whimp for having side effects to a shot. I feel like Covid really effected my immune system even a year later, and i’m scared for the future on that.
My nurse practitioner was also really encouraged it since again i’m 26 and supposedly Medicaid won’t cover all of the shots once I turn 27. So I guess I’m short on time as I would be able to get two shots at least, before I turn 27 depending on if I get an appointment in the next two months.
I want to get it due to the comments from my doctors, my friends who have gotten the vaccine now it’s their 20s, and even stuff like the news encouraging others to get it, but again I have the fear of how will I react to it and the unknown of how it’ll effect me in any way.
I guess I want some others thoughts or even wondering am I the only one who thinks this so much. Like it’s my health and I should worry about it I guess but I think I am too much
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2023.05.28 21:48 OwnRun9859 I don't know what to do.

Yesterday, I cut myself. I finally bursted. I've been keeping a blade in my room in case I needed to escape for some time now. Here is some context: I was so excited this weekend to get my bow and arrow, and when my mom took me to the store she wouldn't listen to me and kept insisting I needed to get one specific starter and yelled at me. She always does this and I just cried in the car silently. When I got home I had a breakdown in my room. She NEVER listens to me. It wasn't just about the bow, that was just a factor. It's everything. Her misgendering me, dead naming me, I had enough. I cut my arm and my leg and covered them in bandages because I don't know what to do. I'm about 10 minutes clean, as I relapsed today when I showered and saw the scars. They stung in the hot water. It physically hurt me but I felt... Free. My mom and I apologized and had a regular night watching the office etc. The cuts freed me for a while and I want to keep doing it but I know it's bad. If she ever finds out I don't know what she would do. Probably cry. And that would make me feel even fucking worse. My therapist wants to put me on medication. I don't want to tell her either, because she's gonna tell my mom. I hate myself.
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2023.05.28 21:48 flippingnoob CMV: The entire Singapore residential property market for "investment purposes" market is propped up by questionable personal finance decisions by uninformed individuals.

  1. Appreciation is canceled out by condo maintenance expenses, bank interest rates, high real estate transaction fees, stamp duties, property taxes, inflation and cpf interest.
  2. Abysmal CAP rate/rental yield. You won't cashflow with 25% down. That means you're gonna have to contribute to your monthly mortgage out of pocket. Also, fixed interest rates are 3 years as opposed to 30 years. Your entire model will be reset every 3 years.
  3. Government is not on your side (from an investment standpoint) with cooling measures every few years.
  4. Huge financial commitment upfront in terms of a downpayment + stamp duties on one unit with no diversification. High risk, mediocre reward?
  5. Cannot beat a diversified index fund that averages 8-10% a year over the past 40 years. Was as high as 14% in the past 10 years.
  6. Typical real estate agent/youtube guru is to look at x condo that beat the market. That is the same thing as going all in on 1 stock that beat the market.
  7. Compared to real estate investing in the US, there is not much you can do in Singapore to force appreciation. Flipping/value add projects takes a bit of effort.
  8. Income Taxes are very low in Singapore. The depreciation tax shield is not as effective due to low tax rates. Also no capital gains taxes in Singapore so the 1031 exchange (a huge benefit in US real estate investment) is not applicable/does not exist.
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